Zoom in a sentence | Use of the word zoom examples

It’s then possible to zoom in further and analyse when some users stop posting and others start.

But let’s zoom out a little bit.

“It is a very favorable market at the moment,” zoom Chief Financial Officer Kelly Steckelberg said in an interview.

Some sequences zoom in to speed up time, or expand to show how small our hero is amid the grand scope of the universe.

Let’s zoom all the way back to 2012 in a world where we’re sitting around a little table right now.

When you zoom out and you say how many people are there in the world, billions.

::: shaky cam zoom in on Olivia’s alleged cankles ::: Olivia is this season’s villain.

He’s now a civil litigator and founder of Legal zoom.

You can zoom in, go back in time, and watch fishing activity all over the world.

They can then move around the magnifying window and zoom in and out with the X and Y buttons.

zoom in on the title of the article she’s looking at.

But it takes a certain person to zoom in and deal with the minutiae.

zoom in on a digital image, and it’ll turn into a grid of pixels.

zoom back out, and you’ll discover—and better appreciate—the full composition: Triumph of Bacchus, design overseen by Raphael, ca.

zoom out to the very big picture.

Then, tap on zoom and turn it on.

Make sure that “zoom Region” is set to “Full Screen zoom.”

In the Accessibility Shortcut menu, tap zoom.

My iPad rests on a movable device, allowing me to zoom in for detailed viewing of my working images.

zoom into just about any part of the map, and it’s clear that there are racial divisions across most of America.

But let’s zoom out for a moment and Talk About Mannie Fresh.

Protix employs 130 people, half of them at the Bergen op zoom farm.

But if you zoom out a bit from the Democratic race, I think even that assumption gets called into question.

Let’s now zoom out and ask a larger question: Why do Americans keep falling for this kind of rhetoric in the first place?

Let’s zoom back and talk about the constitutional justifications for ensuring civilian rule over the military.

In the iPhone X, a true 2x digital zoom will create sharper details and better low-light photos.

On the other end of the spectrum, the most ambitious work is “North Star Fading,” an “infinite zoom” animation by Karrie Fransman.

If you zoom in on particular ecosystems, like freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers, you see even more frightening drops.

When the lens doesn’t zoom in on individuals we’re shown the scale of loss as lines wind through carless streets.

Supernatural loves to zoom in on Claire’s wary face, just in case you forgot her main character status — or her ever-present death wish.

This one, co-developed with Hasselblad, turns any Moto Z into a point-and-shoot camera complete with a real flash and 10x optical zoom.

But let’s zoom in for a moment on the individual market that the bill envisions.

But zoom out on the night, and the picture looks a little bit better for them.

And after one block is filled, you can zoom out, and keep filling the grid with congestion.

I didn’t know when to use a short lens or the zoom lens for the first two days of the festival.

Cameras can zoom in, but the microphones can’t.” Cade gives the example of filming a wolf hunting from a helicopter.

Aries wants to zoom ahead, but things are going to move slowly at this time—which can be a good thing!

And I think it’s just visible to the human eye and you’re not using a zoom lens and all that.

To do that, we need to zoom in on a nerdy subject: research methods.

Let’s zoom in on the resolution of the Iron Throne plot, the show’s core concern over eight seasons.

It’s really fun to zoom in and go— “What is this stuff?”

Recent enterprise software IPOs include Crowdstrike Holdings Inc and zoom.

zoom through our gallery of snowmobile stars to see who’s sleighing this season!

You can use this map to zoom in on which areas currently have it worst.

The bodies climb out from the depths of the bowls, which one needs to bend over to see, as their lives zoom into focus.

Well, for better or worse, the Mooch has flamed out, so let’s zoom back and talk about the administration.

There, you can zoom in, go through different years, and look at significant milestones.

To account for the huge increase in snowfall, the researchers needed zoom out and look to climate models, too.

[Kurt Wagner / Recode] Pinterest and the video-chat service zoom prove that maybe the sky isn’t falling for IPOs in 2019.

Players are then able to rotate, zoom, and change exposure.

I want to talk more about Trump, but it may help to zoom back a bit and talk about Nietzsche’s broader political thought.

This full moon also wants you to zoom out a bit—don’t worry about the details.

A steep downround, as the workplace tool battles Slack and zoom.

So I did think that both the market reaction and the zoom, the big increase in confidence, was somewhat overdone.

To zoom back out to sort of a more macro level of — we’re through the crisis.

Instead, they tend to zoom in on just one of Telegram’s functions: its secret chats.

The hyperloop is a concept for a magnetically levitating, tunnel-bound high-speed train — theoretically designed to zoom across the nation at 760 mph.

(Mouse over the portrait to zoom.)

A startup called Light is making a camera with more than a dozen smartphone imaging modules to offer features like optical zoom.

What do you think BuzzFeed’s brand is if we zoom all the way to the present tense?

zoom is expected to start trading next week on the Nasdaq under the ticker “ZM.”

zoom‘s IPO valuation is many-times its last valuation of $1 billion.

zoom set its IPO price range at $28 to $32 per share in an updated filing on Monday.

At the midpoint of that range, zoom would be worth $7.7 billion.

In addition to the price range, zoom disclosed a $100 million private placement from Salesforce at the IPO price.

zoom way out, 30 years of work, that’s all started in 1988.

pic.twitter.com/PB7PWl1kYJ The video uses 200,000 satellite images to zoom through the US–Mexico border very quickly.

Maybe you haven’t heard of zoom.

zoom will make Yuan worth probably about $2 billion.

That explains why companies like Pinterest get a lot more media coverage than companies like zoom.

My fourth wish is for some sort of optical zoom that doesn’t require a heavy telescoping lens.

“I think it’d be pretty exciting to skim the surface, go real close, then zoom out far then go back around,” Musk said.

Soon, perhaps beer will zoom through pipes beneath a city near you.

#DTX pic.twitter.com/hRmp6RdWsm He asked cameras to zoom in on his face, and they obliged.

Let’s zoom out and talk a little bit about the current political moments.

At around the 1:50 mark, the camera begins to zoom in on Spicer and Spiering.

Let’s zoom back a bit and get a broader sense of the American psyche as revealed by Google.

If you have a Mac and you have ever used zoom video conferencing, you might have a problem.

This zoom vulnerability is bananas.

This is a big deal: The flaw could expose up to 750,000 companies and the millions of people who use zoom.

Part of zoom‘s response below.

So zoom added a whole damn, undisclosed, running webserver to your computer to Save You A Click.

Since zoom hasn’t fully addressed the vulnerability in its software, Leitschuh outlined how to patch it yourself.

Basically, you can disable by default zoom’s ability to turn on your webcam when you join a meeting.

zoom, which was founded in 2011, went public in April — after Leitschuh first flagged this flaw.

You can zoom in on your area of interest to see the storm surge prediction.

Let’s zoom in Obamacare’s three biggest trouble spots right now.

If you zoom out, you get the sub-web of a given service (Instagram account, Homeland Security profile, medical history…).

But it’s a shrewd tactic when you zoom out.

And PDF handling has been improved so that you can jump to pages, zoom and pan and scan through thumbnails more easily.

However, you can also zoom out and take in a more global view.

You can look at the full graphic here, or you can simply hover over it to zoom in.

These streaks are actually contrails — the condensation left by planes as they zoom through the sky.

zoom in, and there are clever footnotes to the dialogue.

Workfit integrates with major meeting hosting players like BlueJeans, WebEx and zoom.

In this embedded version, you can zoom out and look at the whole planet.

Instagram added one-finger zoom to Stories last month so you can do comedic zoom effects while shooting video or quickly line up a shot.

Moore’s all-black, Kawakubo-inspired getup is one of those looks that definitely benefits from Instagram’s zoom feature.

ESO also compiled several videos based on the images captured by VLT, like this dizzying “zoom in” of the nebula from a wide-field shot.

Instead, it’s the kind of comedy where you have to zoom out, see it as a bigger picture.

Are we going to zoom out in the next arc?

Jeremy Haun: zoom out?

zoom in on the face of the apparently male doll in a dress, and the heavily blushing, worried look appears ominous.

Or it can zoom in on a menu that’s difficult to see from the user’s perspective and read the items off.

In this GIF, I’m using the database to zoom in on the heart of the Milky Way.

Chris Cillizza at CNN points out that when you zoom out of the narrow frame here, there are actually a few women around.

zoom: The video communications business posted its first earnings report this week.

As you might have guessed, things are looking great for zoom.

Not bad zoom, not bad at all.

We’ll be back on Friday with IPO news regarding zoom and Pinterest, and we can’t wait.

Now that the Lyft IPO has wrapped, we’ll be shifting our focus to Pinterest, zoom and, of course, Uber.

zoom out a little bit and show some of the rest of your body.

When we look from far away there is nothing, then when you look through a camera zoom it’s different.

Like the iPhone, the Mi 6 includes a bokeh-style photography option, alongside 10x digital zoom, 2x lossless zoom, and optical image stabilization (OIS) technology.

We zoom in on the characters.

I played Hidden Folks on my iPhone, which has a vertical interface that you zoom over.

I zoom in on pictures of her hands to see if I have the same ones as I’ve gotten older.”

At $1,249, the zoom is also $200 less than the Pro.

Speaking of which, if you zoom in on the pupil of each person, you can see the Night’s King in their eye.

This has a zoom range that covers the standard Canon photographer’s kit of 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 lenses in a single lens.

Cameras could have features turned on for an extra charge, such as increased resolution or a wider zoom range.

When zoom hit the public markets Thursday, its IPO pop, a whopping 81 percent, floored everyone, including its own chief executive officer, Eric Yuan.

But that’s just what you’ll end up doing if you need to operate a zoom lens.

On the other hand, a prime lens – one with a fixed focal length that can not zoom – will make you a better photographer.

Prime lenses also tend to be much cheaper than comparable zoom lenses.

He didn’t want to risk getting powder in his camera so he stuck a zoom lens on it and shot from the periphery.

For me as a CEO, my number one role is to make sure zoom customers are happy.

Riders are suspended 375 feet above the ground and zoom down the line at 55 mph.

It has support for gestures now, like double-tapping the edge of the pencil to zoom way in or out in Photoshop.

All three runners will be sporting a variation of the zoom Vaporfly Elite.

“Super Res zoom” will give you better close-up photos without losing the detail.

zoom had triple-digit growth for the last four years in a crowded, mature video conferencing category.

zoom embodied the real magic formula: know your market + build great product.

And you can kind of zoom out a little bit but you can’t move around like you can in Google Maps.

It’s rumored the next iPhone will feature a pioneering dual-lens powered zoom.

You can zoom to an incredibly precise level in case you want to set a cue point at the exact time.

zoom in and you can see the difference between the new and old maps.

It’s pretty significant zoom in and you can see the difference between the new and old maps.

Some big changes, but no major surprises: It has a better camera, including more color capabilities and better zoom.

Or it would let you use an optical zoom with two different angles.

Unfurled at Comic-Con International, it’s called Bubble zoom and does just that — zooms in on text bubbles in comics with one touch.

So, if we zoom out, we can frame Manafort’s importance to the larger scandal in terms of two major questions.

The web developer and filmmaker shot the moon using various zoom settings on his Sony RX10 III camera.

“If you go really close, if you can zoom in, the edges are completely spread out,” he says.

Here, you can also zoom in on the works, when supported.

Next to me, a man snapped a photograph, the shutter clicking loudly as “zoom BACK CAMERA” flashed on the screen.

Their first company, zoom Interiors, paired college students and young professionals who wanted their space designed at a low price point.

The company has apparently cracked the code on bringing 5x zoom to the back of a handset without adding a massive camera bump.

zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, an early engineer at WebEx, which sold to Cisco for $3.2 billion in 2007.

Before launching zoom, he spent four years at Cisco as its vice president of engineering.

zoom is backed by Emergence Capital, which owns a 12.5 percent pre-IPO stake, according to the IPO filing.

But I want to zoom in on something that’s sort of flown under the radar.

They now have a phone with a touchscreen and tech like zoom, features which make it easier to use the device.

If you zoom out from the idiosyncrasies of my social circle, this product could be a perfect fit for a lot of people.

Another update entails zoom capabilities on photos and making it so that you’ll see less white space on the screen.

AMLG: I’m curious to zoom out for a minute on your self-identification as an An-Cap.

zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS.

zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

Munson said if you zoom out again and take a look at the entire spectrogram, there’s something else going on.

You can also head to Roser’s site to zoom in and filter by region.

Go to Google Maps and zoom out.

zoom all the way out and the Earth is presented as a globe with landmasses of the appropriate size.

Successful givers are people who zoom in and say, “Look, I want to be a specialist.

Just zoom all the way out at https://t.co/mIZTya01K3 😎🌍 pic.twitter.com/CIkkS7It8d — Google Maps (@googlemaps) August 2, 2018

That input is coupled with multi-touch functionality for pinch to zoom and the like.

If you want to make sure you have the right exposure and zoom set up ahead of time, do a trial.

We also zoom back and talk about the destabilizing effects of the global refugee crisis.

He also made sure to zoom in on his impressive alcohol collection.

2019 is a great year for zoom (Nasdaq: ZM).

The zoom stock is rising in after-hours trading following the news.

zoom closed up 2% Thursday at just over $79 per share.

It was hand cranked and only had two loops for the die-cast toy cars to zoom around.

Under the hood on zoom’s IPO, with founder and CEO Eric Yuan

Since the launch of its IPO in mid-April, zoom stock has skyrocketed, up nearly 30% as of Monday’s open.

Eric, Kate and Extra Crunch members will be taking a look back at the company’s listing process and zoom’s road to IPO.

Tune in to join the conversation and for the opportunity to ask Eric and Kate any and all things zoom.

Protix employs 130 people, half of them at the Bergen op zoom farm.

In-app editing tools let Mevo Plus users cut, pan, and zoom between multiple live shots – like TV industry professionals do.

In addition to LogMeIn’s own products, other competitors to Jive include services like UberConference, zoom and WebEx.

zoom out far enough, and you’ll eventually reach a point where all human effort barely makes a blip.

After a zoom through the black I am outside the target ship, just to scout it out and get my bearings.

We’re expecting the iPhone 7 to have a new top-end model with dual camera lenses, which enables better zoom.

The Running Man poster zoom in close at the bottom left corner — it’s Eleven, stuck in the sensory deprivation tank.

Now let me zoom out for a moment.

Time to worry about zoom.

I could pick up a picture, zoom in to look at it closer, and read anything someone might have written on it.

The camera is much larger than the one on the zoom, bringing with it improved image quality over its predecessor.

The Mavic 2 zoom, meanwhile, is pretty much what it sounds like.

The big focus here is the 2x optical (24-48mm) and 2x digital zoom, which combine to simulate the effects of a 96mm lens.

There’s also the very cool Dolly zoom shot mode.

Another recent debutant zoom Video Communications Inc jumped 13.1% after the video conferencing company forecast full-year revenue above estimates.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse from the highway of the old sign with its italicized, all-capital letters that zoom toward some future now vanished.

The 2 Pro and 2 zoom run $1,499 and $1,249, respectively.

And now let’s zoom out a few tens of thousands of miles.

It works with existing meeting tools, including GoToMeeting from LogMeIn, WebEx from Cisco, UberConference and zoom.

(zoom DOSSO/AFP/Getty Images)

Get some fancy new ones that can zoom and see with x-ray vision.

zoom up on charles’ face if ur having a bad day,” wrote Apa in his Instagram caption.

“I decided to make Tuesdays and Thursdays meeting days, with all of my phone calls and zoom or Skype sessions scheduled then.

Tap once to record a three-second Superzoom, or tap and hold to record a zoom that lasts longer.

You could always zoom while recording a video on Instagram, and plenty of people have done so to hilarious effect.

From here, users zoom out to get to the group selfie.

Let’s zoom in on how climate in different regions could shift.

Let’s zoom into Wynwood.

Getting in tighter on an image means using digital zoom, which, in turn, means a degraded image.

Unfortunately, the cameras had already started to zoom out — signaling that the show was going to cut a break.

zoom out, and here is the condition of the modern Republican Party.

Look at zoom, for example; the under-the-radar video conferencing business is expected to increase its valuation nine times over in its IPO, expected tomorrow.

Being able to pinch and zoom on a piece of glass was a major breakthrough in how we interact with mobile devices.

They zoom in and out, becoming abstractions one second, then identifiable shapes the next.

The cameraman’s got a tripod, and he’s got this incredible zoom, but he’s actually quite a long way away.

zoom, before its IPO, was profitable and growing like hell.

He can zoom in; that’s his trick.

But if we zoom out, you can see that HQ has been dropping down the charts through the school year since peaking in January.

zoom reported $7.5 million in profits in 2019 after a money-losing 2018.

IPO status: zoom publicly filed its S-1 form for an IPO on March 22.

The S-1 shows that zoom will list on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “ZM.”

If you zoom out, streaming is really picking up speed.

Spin the globe, zoom in, click a country, see what’s going where.

Currently, it has more than 2,000 customers, including WeWork, zoom, Dropbox and Robinhood.

In the video above, NASA uses it to zoom into the oldest and farthest galaxy Hubble has ever seen.

With its new raise, Carsome will be hoping to zoom into pole position as the market becomes increasingly digital.

Leitschuh said this allowed zoom to reinstall the app without requiring any user interaction.

zoom spokesperson Priscilla McCarthy told TechCrunch: “We’re happy to have worked with Apple on testing this update.

$8.10 2:45 p.m. — I hail a cab and zoom over to the Megabus station and I am off to NYC!

zoom in on minority communities and it’s even worse.

Our zoom feature just isn’t that good.)

Recent enterprise software IPOs include Crowdstrike Holdings Inc and zoom.

zoom out, and what stands out is a science fiction film with not one, not two, not three, but four interesting, meaty female roles.

Held’s structural forms zoom swiftly back into space, while Petersen’s stacked-up planes rest a hair’s breadth away from the picture plane.

If you’re gonna honk at me and zoom by me, whatever, we all deal with that all the time.

And given how zoom’s IPO went, it’s probably drafting a bit off of market momentum.

As mentioned, zoom had a wildly successful first day of trading.

It has become a sort of a meme already — yes, the zoom works incredibly well on the P30 Pro.

But we’d do well to zoom out a bit.

Cameras are slightly worse on the P30, and you won’t be able to zoom in as aggressively.

And, since anyone can now zoom in on every detail in your Instagram post, you want to be sure it’s edited to perfection.

Cameras zoom to extreme close-ups of cropped eyes, with lights reflecting off glaring pupils.

zoom raised just $160 million across five rounds, including a $100 million Series D round funded entirely by Sequoia.

But when you zoom out, you see it’s only been looking at a small slice of our galaxy.

We’ll zoom back and just again, if you’re listening, you know what this is, right?

You could also swipe your finger on the screen, use multiple fingers in order to pinch to zoom or rotate a photo.

It will also be available in bundles with the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 zoom.

“You’d have to pinch and zoom and you wouldn’t get immediate feedback that you had earned anything,” he said.

zoom in and you might notice the seemingly picturesque landscape is marred.

zoom out and the top 25 landscape is the same as it ever was.

“But we have this Möbius transformation kind of zoom, so we can do droste, and then we have video.

You can also zoom in on the sites on a map of satellite imagery.

Hutch has a history — the startup first launched on Shark Tank as zoom Interiors, a company focused on pairing college students with professional designers.

But it lacks a zoom and many of the other useful features of a pocket camera like the RX100.

8 – zoom – Frankfurt, GermanyNov.

We’ll be able to take a deeper dive into the health of zoom once its reported S-1 is made public.

To zoom out a little bit: The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States.

But typically, we zoom in on one.

The dual lenses also let you use 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

The workers don’t have to zoom around and can focus on more complex tasks like picking,” explains Kopic.

If we were to zoom into the image, we could see fractal content through the repeating nature of the brushstrokes.

zoom, the cloud video conferencing service, announced a $100 million Series D round, entirely funded by Sequoia.

Sequoia had been looking for a company in the video conferencing space when it heard about zoom from its portfolio clients.

That changed when our portfolio companies started raving to us about zoom,” a Sequoia spokesperson told TechCrunch.

In fact as part of the deal, Sequoia partner Carl Eschenbach, who led the investment, will be joining the zoom board.

WebEx remains a big rival for zoom with a huge installed base.

The trouble is getting to sufficient scale, but with 450,000 businesses, including 5800 educational institutions, zoom certainly has that scale.

zoom, which has over 400 employees, will likely expand with the massive new investment, but Yuan wasn’t going to commit to anything just yet.

Originally, the company announced it was planning to provide 35-150mm optical zoom equivalent.

The company claims that its pre-order customers wanted a wider focal length, and are changing the zoom range to 28-150mm optical zoom equivalents instead.

So you have to zoom right out of the situation and be like: Right, maybe that’s pretty much all they have?

I think it’s when you really zoom out, where you’re pushing for a kind of cultural change.

Also expected to say no to the direct listing is zoom, the video-conferencing company, a person close to the company said.

Both cameras have optical zoom, and Google’s software-enhanced zooming clearly shows how powerful software can be.

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro comes equipped with a 1-inch CMOS Hasselblad camera where the zoom model has a 2x zoom lens.

Cory scoured New York for the best old Cooke zoom lenses, and we had a lot of the cameras they shot American Hustle on.

Because we’ve seen very few of these, zoom famously, was a profitable company.

After news of the recent arrests came out on Thursday, another member of CWA, known as zoom, told Motherboard that he was “worried.”

“I talked to default at 4 am this morning and now he’s apparently been raided,” zoom said in an online chat.

zoom claimed to have been raided earlier this year, but said he hasn’t been arrested nor charged yet.

“Its not like this isn’t the first time the FBI has been confused,” zoom said.

zoom also sent a picture he apparently took, saying: “How I feel about the feds.”

Finally, zoom also sent another defiant message, saying “Cracka isn’t a person, cracka is an idea.

This story has been updated to include the comments from zoom.

Lyft, zoom, PagerDuty and Pinterest all priced above their marketed ranges in splashy public offerings.

There’s clearly a relationship and if we zoom out far enough the edges will become quite blurry.

zoom raised $161 million privately and raised $750 million when it went public last week.

Here, we zoom in on the stories of six people who appear on the map.

And while he could have used digital zoom, that would have diminished the picture quality.

The 2x zoom let brad get the shot he wanted in a situation where he couldn’t physically move closer to the subject.

Top level, there’s a nutty pop-up camera wedge for selfies, 10x zoom, a 48-megapixel camera, in-display fingerprint reader and an optional 5G version.

As for pricing, the base-level model starts at around $450, with the zoom starting at around $600.

Look, there have been some IPOs that have underperformed expectations, and there are IPOs that have done very well: Pinterest, zoom, non-tech, Levi’s.

[Standard v Super Res zoom] Super Res zoom also stitches together pieces of a photo to offer up a zoomed-in version.

Nike designed the new material with elite runner Eliud Kipchoge, who ran the world’s fastest marathon last September in the zoom Vaporfly Elite.

These markets, if you just zoom out a tiny bit, what you see is that these markets are now trading in behavioral futures.

Put your phone on video mode and zoom in so you’re focused on your sample.

The result: The telephoto lens allows users to zoom in by a factor of two without sacrificing image quality.

And if we zoom in on all animal life, we again see how insignificant humans are compared to everyone else in the kingdom.

Jackrabbot 2 can zoom around for several hours at a time, Sadeghian said.

“If you zoom out,m the digital front office is broken and needs to be transformed,” he said.

Both also offer 1080p HD video, 4x digital zoom and night vision.

In addition, Platform.sh relies on digital tools like Slack, zoom, GitHub, Jira, and Salesforce.

“All you could hear was zoom zoom zoom!”

Yesterday, Nike announced the latest iteration of its all-time best-selling running shoe, the Air zoom Pegasus.

The Air zoom Pegasus sole is made from a combination of foam and small airbags that provide extra cushion and spring.

I remember I think the Motorola zoom was the product of the show, and yet three of them actually went out that time.

But let’s zoom out a little.

zoom out for a second.

— HTC added a new feature called Sonic zoom.

When you zoom in while recording video, the microphones will shift directionally to better capture the sound.

It’s when you zoom in on the details that you can really tell more about their personalities.

The dual-lens setup allows for both wide angle and telephoto — one lens handles 1x zoom and the other hands 2x zoom.

Users can simply tap on the screen of the camera app to zoom 2x, automatically focusing on the region that was tapped.

Beyond 2x zoom, you head back into the realm of digital zoom.

All in all, the iPhone 7 Plus will go all the way to 10x zoom.

So far, we’re tracking Lyft, zoom, Pinterest, Uber, Fiverr, and Slack, which are listed in order of IPO date.

“Unfortunately, zoom has not fixed this vulnerability in the allotted 90-day disclosure window I gave them, as is the industry standard.

Of the public stocks on our tracker, only zoom is making a profit.

I think a number of other companies, I would include Atlassian with what they do for developer tools, but I would also include zoom.

The Hasselblad True zoom essentially turns the handset into a skinny camera with an enormous 5.5-inch viewfinder.

Up front is a big Xenon zoom and in the center, a beefy lens with a 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor.

The zoom is 10x optical and extends accordingly.

It’s a fairly insane zoom for a mobile device, and holding down the shutter will autofocus the subject matter.

Dual 12 megapixel cameras offer stabilization and 2X optical zoom, plus the new depth control Portrait mode feature.

The twin 12 megapixel lenses stabilize your images and offer 2X optical zoom, as well as Portrait mode depth control.

We are zoom customers at Slack, and they built a really great product there.

Still, until we know for sure, stans continue to zoom, inspect, and theorize what the eff this tattoo actually says.

I wanted to zoom out a bit to talk about patients who already are addicted.

Documentaries aren’t just the stodgy, stuffy programming you zoom by on PBS.

Press play and let the knowledge of octogenarian fashionistas and mysterious photographers, disappeared singers and pent-up killer whales zoom through you.

And most recently, they launched Nike zoom Pegasus Turbo, which is Nike’s most advanced running shoe to date.

zoom X foam, which Nuelle affectionally calls “the unicorn foam,” is the lightest, most responsive foam they’ve ever used in a shoe.

I’ve been running in the zoom Pegasus Turbos for a week now, and have been into them.

If you zoom out, this process feels a bit … bizarre.

(In my less-than-scientific analysis, I did run slightly faster in these than the regular Nike Air zoom Pegasus Turbo — but who knows why!)

The zoom Pegasus Turbo, on the other hand, has better traction underneath the foot, which might make you feel like you have more support.

*A previous version of this story stated that Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon record in shoes with zoom X foam.

You can search by zip code, rotate, even zoom in super close and get a satellite view.

zoom in on New York City, and international companies are making a big impact on the startup ecosystem.

The 360 photo capability is rolling out across both iOS and Android starting today, and includes the ability to zoom and tag friends.

zoom, the only profitable unicorn in line to go public, priced its initial public offering at between $28 and $32 per share Monday morning.

Then I started to zoom in more on the structures, and the rooms and objects inside.

The offering will grant zoom a fully diluted market value of $8.7 billion, a more than 8x increase to its latest private market valuation.

Losing a CFO mere days before an IPO would have been a major loss for zoom.

zoom declined to comment further.

Before launching zoom, he spent four years at Cisco as its vice president of engineering.

To use it you click a circle and zoom in.

You can zoom in closer on the Hurricane Center website: The National Hurricane Center also issued some “key messages” that people should remember.

Plus, it has an integrated 1080p HD video camera, with wide angle capture, night vision, digital zoom, and 24/7 cloud recording backup.

If you zoom in closely on Davidson’s bracelet, you see what looks like the letters “AGD” and a heart.

As with that handset, zoom in enough and it switches over to the second lens.

The difference between digital and optical zoom is huge, and this will go a long way toward improving the quality on those tight shots.

It’s really important to understand this, so let’s zoom in a bit on a worst-case scenario.

This allowed for some great sharp captures inside rides at a zoom that simply weren’t possible before.

Watching video in landscape defaults to cropped in and I largely forget to zoom it.

YouTube’s new app reminds you to pinch to zoom out so it fills the screen and it looks cool in my opinion.

OnePlus also confirmed in a recent tweet that one of the cameras will offer 3x zoom.

If you zoom in on the pin stripe, it says ‘f*** you!'”

“Hawks have the ability to scan broad areas but zoom down on a target simultaneously,” says Singer.

The books on this list will make your commute zoom by and your mind relax before bed.

Instagram does the rest of the work with a three-stage zoom in with synced-up bold orchestral sound effects.

“Time and time again, we have seen people using Instagram’s camera to zoom in on their friends to capture and create funny moments.

An earlier version of the PerfectSwell technology has been creating three-foot waves at the zoom Flume water park in New York since 2010.

zoom, a relatively under-the-radar tech unicorn, has defied expectations with its initial public offering.

The offering gives zoom an initial market cap of roughly $9 billion, or nine times that of its most recent private market valuation.

zoom plans to sell 9,911,434 shares of Class A common stock in the listing, to bring in about $350 million in new capital.

zoom will debut on the Nasdaq the same day Pinterest will go public on the NYSE.

I like to zoom around underground, like a speedy worm.”

See the dates below (you’ll have to zoom in):

zoom out and view these stories in aggregate and their impact is staggering.

It’s so crazy watching these planes twirl and zoom around downtown Chicago.

Or she can talk to every single female celebrity who has had paparazzi cameras zoom in on her belly.

But the closer you zoom in, the less consistent Arsenal appear.

Other future features could include a full automated meeting transcript (a feature which rival zoom announced earlier this year).

Yet again the zoom performance of the Note 8 is definitely superior.

Will a zoom be an asset, or do you need an ultra-wide angle?

When you zoom in to a city now, you’ll likely see a few areas that are shaded in orange.

Instead, I contacted zoom Testing, a company that sells the “exact same type of wipe” in different packaging.

zoom has amazing benefits and tons of perks in the office.

There are some great, integral people here at zoom to work with.

zoom: Not necessarily the buzziest of companies, but its S-1 filing, published Friday, stands out for one important reason: zoom is profitable!

Then, in a special Equity Shot, we unpack the numbers behind the Pinterest and zoom IPO filings.

The fusion technique also comes in handy when using the new zoom functions of the iPhone 7 Plus.

For the first time, we have a 2x optical zoom on an iPhone.

Even if you love Game of Thrones, zoom out a minute: that is so, so lame!

It’s such a cool and useful zoom method it makes pinching to zoom on the iPhone 7 feel archaic and annoying.

The acceleration and smoothness of the zoom tool are perfect, exactly the right feel without being too fast, too slow or too janky.

In between the 1x and 2x positions on the zoom scale, the two optical lenses are blended together to create a whole image.

[Same photo, at full zoom] Processing was also quite speedy, though HDR photos do require a few seconds of processing.

The video conferencing business zoom, for example, is hyperfocused on refining the video meeting, specifically for the remote worker.

Then we grab our burritos to-go and zoom out the door.

To Spitzer, whose CV includes traditional, non-VR sports documentaries, the lack of a zoom lens meant he had to get creative about camera placement.

Adding screensharing is “an excuse for hanging out.” Screensharing has long been common in enterprise communication apps like Webex, zoom and Slack.

Then they zoom back in to do a microbiology thing.

(Another was with zoom to provide a new video solution for Uber.)

When zoom filed its public S-1, the tech industry fawned over the company’s financial profile.

The company partners with zoom so that you can create a face map from any smartphone with a selfie camera.

And while the drones didn’t exactly zoom by, 16 pilots used their brainwaves to fly drones down a 10-yard indoor course.

As such there are certain things you can’t do here like, say, pinch to zoom.

Why soundtrack this demonic dog, moving in a weightlessly modulating zoom through the screen, with their spliced and disarrayed take on poppy club music?

Because the real reason Grande shared this photo was to zoom in on her curls, and poke fun at her recent tattoo fiasco.

From the balconies, you can watch the US Border Patrol fly low in helicopters and zoom up the river in air boats.

Critics were quick to zoom in on her behavior, or lack thereof.

Like on the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple could provide different levels of “zoom,” with 3x rendering as the default setting.

i could go on Anyway i just definitely want to zoom in on two of the most modarn track’s on the albums.

There are a lot of zoom shots, dissolves, cross fades, the character types.

It’s expanding Player Controls for choosing the zoom, direction and preview thumbnail so user profiles can make these adjustments, not just Pages.

Instagram’s zoom feature continues to fail us.

You zoom in and out of the screen, panning across this massive scene, combing the visual field for these little goofy things.

zoom in and you’ll see the small lettering just along the right side of her right foot reads “sunshine.”

Such an addition would instantly make reading app descriptions, reviews, et al, accessible without the need for an extra tool like zoom.

“These people are pretty sick individuals, but you have to zoom out and ask yourself: what is happening on the internet as an ecosystem?”

Both of these should make it possible to get terrific, continuous depth of field across the zoom range while maintaining exposure and sharpness.

To understand the full scope of the Fiennes family, we have to zoom back at least one generation.

If you were to zoom out, you’d see the levels are literally stacked on top of one another.

(We had to zoom in to see that, and it was completely worth it.)

As the tension rises, the images zoom in further and further until it’s hard to see what’s going on.

If we zoom out a little bit, this is also the appropriate conclusion to all that training she’s had over the years.

Michael Showalter is figuring out the perfect way to zoom in on a greeting card that cheerfully reads, “You murdered someone!”

I let the pup out to zoom around the yard and water the grass while I make tea.

That gives you a hard optical zoom up to 2x — no losing quality just because you want to zoom in a bit.

It’ll give you a little haptic feedback when you switch to digital zoom.

We zoom up towards the blue sky and off the motorway ramp into downtown Auckland.

Ships in Freelancer zoom around in space like WWI-era dogfighters: There’s no barrel rolling or inertial turns, just simple and straightforward chase-or-be-chased.

Freelancer’s universe is connected by a network of jump gates and hyperlanes that let you zoom around from star system to star system.

Some savvy Twitter users were even able to zoom in on one photo enough to make out the word: “warningpoint2.”

Effective startup leadership requires one to zoom in and out on a daily basis, quickly and seamlessly.

zoom was the Slack we thought Slack was all along.

We definitely had like 18 chapters of that, where we would just zoom in on peoples’ butts.

Now that The Handmaid’s Tale has diverged from its source material, the show will have to zoom out.

I don’t need to zoom in on that story.”

It is the equivalent of the pan, zoom and monologues that distinguished photographs from motion pictures.

Let’s zoom in on the weight: We can see some clear wear and tear on the weight, as marked above.

If you zoom in, you get more.

The pair of 12-megapixel cameras help deliver the device into 2018 with features like Portrait Mode, Optical Super zoom and Google Lens.

Magnification systems zoom pages to several times their normal size, so users can read each word or even character one by one.

They have powerful lenses that can zoom in on the tiniest details on Earth and yet remain invisible to the general public.

It’s not going to try to out-build zoom or Mailchimp.

The oceans contain swaths of robust blues and greens, while the land becomes more and more intricate as viewers zoom in.

The camera shoots 1080p video at 15 fps and can do up to 8x digital zoom.

Another CWA member, known as zoom, said that the “snitch” was “definitely someone who knew Cracka [for] a few years.”

Huawei also just released the P21 Pro that uses three lenses to give the user the best possible option for color, monochrome and zoom.

You can also manually create points of interest or zoom at-will.

Last week, I wrote about zoom and Superhuman’s PR disasters.

To examine loneliness among this age group—my own—we need to zoom out.

The Movi’s image quality definitely suffers if you crop in too far, or pan or zoom too fast.

One year after we first saw it at CES 2015, Asus has announced plans to release the ZenFone zoom in the United States.

The $399 smartphone, which features a 13-megapixel camera with a Panasonic sensor and 3x optical zoom, will be available beginning in “early February.”

Asus says it’ll offer up more details about the release — and a full spec sheet for the US ZenFone zoom — on January 20th.

The zoom‘s rear design evokes the Lumia 1020, though Asus favors a leather casing over the Lumia’s colorful plastic.

But Asus is emphasizing that the zoom‘s camera is completely different, with a 10-element lens created by Hoya.

You can even pinch and zoom in on the 3.2-inch display, though there’s no tap-to-focus.

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Apple’s main focus, at least in this patent, is giving photographers a way to zoom in without losing image quality.

Then you could switch between the two without losing resolution, as you would using digital zoom.

Even as a zoom system, there are more possibilities than just switching from one to the other to take photos.

They wanted 100-percent virtual (zoom or Skype) meetings and wanted to electronically execute my contracts.

Also, I wish it was possible to zoom out and edit; right now, if you zoom out, you can only delete and move objects.

[You can zoom a little bit even without a scope by holding down Shift while aiming down sights!

You’ll notice the showy use of digital zoom paired with the gradual tilt of the camera.

Now zoom in: That’s the intersection outside Tesla’s Palo Alto facility.

The defining feature of the X70, though, is its lens, since it’s a non-removable prime without any zoom function.

This cosmic “zoom in” effect has often been used to study very distant stars and planets that seem magnified by the foreground object.

Kuo also believes the two-camera design might somehow enable optical zoom, allowing the phone to narrow its field of view without losing image quality.

Where Irving’s physical gifts zoom ahead of his brain and he misses vital subtleties, Paul is relentlessly in command.

The 24-70 f/2.8 zoom, 85mm f/1.4 prime, and 70-200 f/2.8 zoom are marketed under the “G Master” branding, and are targeted to professional photographers.

Do you need a zoom lens on your phone?

But Asus went ahead and did it anyway with the $399 ZenFone zoom.

And it’s still available now; the ZenFone zoom is less a sequel than it is a more refined alternative to the 2.

Inside the zoom is the same Intel chip found in the top-end ZenFone 2 and 4GB of RAM.

But video is nothing special on the ZenFone zoom; it doesn’t even do 4K.

After months of using the Galaxy Note 5 and the Nexus 6P as my Android phones of choice, the ZenFone zoom just can’t compete.

As for the optical zoom, in some ways it’s cool.

You use the volume buttons to zoom in and out, which feels really natural when holding the phone.

With the ZenFone zoom, Asus tries to ride the middle line.

So at the end of the day, the ZenFone zoom doesn’t really live up to its promise.

But the zoom simply doesn’t fit in that class.

They won’t zoom in or look closer.”

The cheesy smash cuts, slow-mo zoom ins, and cartoon sound effects made the absurd, over-the-top nature of his PewDiePie personality more palatable.

Let’s zoom out a bit.

Compressed photos restore from their cloud backups when you try to zoom on them while on Wi-Fi.

Another bit of news out of the event is the promise of 10x lossless zoom (16mm-160mm) for the company’s next flagship.

It has the same bright f1.8-f2.8 lens, with the same equivalent zoom range of 24mm-100mm.

The lens is a new f3.5-5.6 EF-S zoom with an 18-135mm range.

The Power zoom Adapter and the microphone won’t be available until June, and will cost $149 and $249, respectively.

The last new feature is zoom for PowerPoint.

The company is also introducing a 15-30mm f/2.8 ultra-wide angle zoom and a 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 general purpose zoom alongside the K-1.

The modular battery add-on is rumored to include a 1100mAh battery and physical buttons for various camera functions — zoom, flash, shutter release, etc.

Slack’s native screensharing feature will compete with several integrations with third-party products it already offered, including Skype, BlueJeans, Appear.in, Google Hangouts, and zoom.

This is the 50-100mm f/1.8, a zoom for APS-C DSLRs.

While it’s a limited feature for now, it is the beginning of introducing augmented reality to meetings in zoom.

zoom had been working with Slack previously, but this a tighter integration.

Similarly, you type ‘zoom’ in Workplace by Facebook to start zoom live meeting.

On Zenly, the icon changes from a skateboard, to a bike and then a car depending on how far you zoom out.

And the vehicles will zoom at a lofty altitude of 60,000 feet, around 20,000 feet higher than the average commercial airline’s cruising height.

Expect much of that to be focused on ultra-low light and zoom.

Our segway drivers come directly to you and you simply climb aboard their backs and zoom to your destination at 5 – 7 mph.

To mix immersion and awareness, the game has added the ability to zoom in and out.

zoom lenses require greater depth than modern phone designs can afford, and digital zoom trades away image quality.

To see the quality and value of Huawei’s dual-cam, you have to zoom in real close.

Below you can see how you can pinch, zoom and rotate the objects in 3D posts.

Mevo users can also pan and zoom around the full 4K image, or even employ facial tracking and automatic editing.

When you use digital zoom, you’re no longer using the full imaging sensor; instead, you are using fewer and fewer pixels.

We hope zoom in a sentence examples were helpful.