Yeah in a sentence | Use of the word yeah examples

So then is there anywhere you’re even be able to perform your music?I’ve been getting booked for shows, yeah.

Trump replied, “yeah, I would like — I would like to do that.” That prospect immediately alarmed Republicans in the room.

I mean, yeah.

yeah, I think it’s a really good question.

And you know, Elizabeth Warren, that’s part of her … yeah, just announced.

“Let’s get rid of these powers.” yeah, we have to attack these, these have to be broken up.

yeah, I couldn’t get him to answer on the damages.

Push the button.” yeah, yeah.

yeah, and I think she would be, and I think she will be.

yeah, she does use it really well.

And yeah, there’s online outrage but we’ve kind of gotten to the point where we just sort of whistle past the graveyard.

yeah, I agree, I agree.

yeah, bad movie the first one.

yeah, of course I watched it!

yeah, or else he’s at dinner at the White House.

I don’t begrudge him for meeting with him at that creepy Trump International dinner because … yeah, that was creepy.

yeah, yeah, you gotta get rid of that.

yeah, it’s January, that’s what January’s all about.

Pascal Lemieux: yeah, we’ve been around for 25 years, and we started as an army surplus store.

PHH: Oh, yeah!

Mateus: yeah, we really like him now.

Mateus: yeah, we saw him at WE Day in Toronto two years ago.

yeah, I want to kind of shift from those fandom posters and move towards art that I resonate with.

yeah, I’m kinda getting there.

yeah, I’m actually getting that blown up and putting it on the wall.

yeah, sometimes they don’t stick!

yeah, I got Sherlock and some Pokémon.

yeah, I treat them like art, like posters.

yeah okay so “T” is my intial, and it’s inside— that was supposed to be a square not a rectangle.

yeah, because you’ve got to think of it outside the box.

yeah, it’s very abstract.

Dude yeah, easily.

yeah, I think we had you out in one of the Priuses way back in the early days.

yeah, we’ll get more into that concept at the time, but it was really cool.

yeah that’s the kind of thing we were shooting for, right?

yeah, that would be creepy, yeah.

yeah, a little too fast.

yeah, I went into computer engineering.

yeah, so that’s what you were thinking.

yeah, that was kind of the end of that for them.

So this wound up in 2007, basically 10 years ago almost, yeah.

yeah, I would imagine that would be scary.

Cool and scary, but yeah.

yeah, the military, Caterpillar, we had sponsorship from General Motors.

No, it’s not.” yeah, you’re shaking your head.

Most cars you’re safe in, yeah.

yeah, I do.

yeah and often the metaphor they use is they don’t want to be the handset provider, actually.

yeah a little bit.

Well again, they would argue that a Volkswagen or a Daimler is a big … yeah, but you’re right, there isn’t outside of that.

yeah, so in fact I was deposed yesterday, so there’s not much I can say.

I think without a driver, yeah.

That is what makes my job hard … yeah let’s not …. Me.

Somewhere like that, yeah.

yeah, so apparently, I can’t remember which state it was, it was somewhere east.

I think in the distant future, yeah.

yeah, they didn’t call it that at the time.

yeah, no, this is actually something I do think about a fair bit.

yeah, yeah, you have to be.

yeah, this could actually happen.

It does, yeah.

yeah … Lil Jon’s got a few things to get off his chest when it comes to Dave Chappelle.

Check out the vid … and yes, people — he says a lot more than “yeah!”

yeah, back in ’95.

yeah, it was definitely an interesting … ’Cause we were based in La Crescenta, which is not what I had envisioned LA to look like.

yeah, I did eventually move to the nice part.

yeah, so I was there for a couple years and actually there was another company called Zip2, Elon Musk’s first company.

yeah, you were escorted out of the building, right.

Essentially, yeah, which is a direct hand-to-mouth kind of sales process, the most dirty of sales processes.

yeah, you’re exactly right.

yeah, there’s definitely cycles as people think about that.

yeah, that’s right.

Tina Sharkey, yeah, whole bunches of them.

Jim Bankoff, yeah.

If you are not representative of Middle America, in particular if you’re not representative of the early adopters of popular culture, then yeah.

yeah, it’s a Lightspeed company.

yeah, it’s Fayetteville, it’s the next one down.

Sheets, yeah, and home wear.

yeah, again, these are all driven by consumer insights.

yeah, they’re gross.

yeah, I’m talking about Rustville.

“It’s not like — yeah, I can’t say that I choked on those match points.

Steve was almost like an overnight success, and then, yeah, he went through his dark patch.

So, yeah … Major Tom reporting for duty!

yeah, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

yeah, and also the feet.

yeah, we knew that we definitely couldn’t do any of that stuff ourselves.

Hell yeah, right in there, to see what I can find!”

yeah can’t even get a vasectomy in this town without running into someone you know,” he said.

… and yeah, he still thinks about it all the time!!

But, okay, yeah, there are some movies that receive lots and lots of boos.

yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

One of the pieces of research I cite is about mothers of infants, they routinely overestimate the crawling ability of their baby sons … yeah.

I don’t want to hire a woman.” yeah, Mike Pencing it.

That people should be able to express themselves, and be able to say … yeah.

Santa Monica, yeah.

yeah, Scripps Network, they invested in Tastemade.

yeah, I think that’s a good way to think about it.

Of course, yeah, and we’re still on YouTube today.

It’s absolutely working for Tastemade, yeah.

yeah, it has a new name, and it also split into two different companies.

yeah, what the demographics are.

yeah, what I would say our primary focus, at least for the foreseeable future, is mobile.

yeah, look, those types of opportunities cross our paths every so often.

A little bit, yeah.

yeah, to some degree.

yeah, to some degree it was because that was essentially the same format we did different ways.

yeah, I started this company with Joe Perez and Steven Kydd, and we were three of the six co-founders of that company.

yeah, it started out as a fairly well-funded company, raised a bunch of money and went and acquired some companies.

yeah, the idea was if you were doing media, but you knew what your audience was interested in …

yeah, that was a fundamental component to it.

yeah, there’s people who have gamed Facebook and that are now, basically, out of business.

yeah, or even if they’re not just gaming and they’re just trying to build a business on top of these platforms.

yeah, YouTube today is doing a little bit of both because, broadly speaking, what you described is true, right?

That’s right, yeah.

yeah, a couple of years ago there wasn’t video on Facebook.

yeah, it was a good listen.

That’s right, yeah.

yeah, I want to say a crossover episode.

yeah, I tried to get Brian Koppelman to appear on this show.

We do, yeah.

yeah, we’re doing it this time without the vodka.

You’d say, “Oh, I know who that guy is.” yeah.

yeah, and there are lots of really fantastic chefs who are reaching incredible levels of success and acclaim and popularity.

yeah, that’s what Eater is based on.

yeah, but TV generally doesn’t allow unpleasant-looking people on TV for extended periods of time.

yeah, and because of sites like Eater.

yeah, thank you.

Oh, yeah, plug.

They do, yeah.

yeah, I don’t know if there’s an easy answer, but I think it’s a fascinating thing to be thinking about.

yeah, what I usually say is, you can find it because you know how to find this podcast.

yeah, the Eater Upsell, it’s really fun.

It’s fun to listen to, yeah, I know.

yeah, we do.

It’s like, “yeah I just like Swedish techno, and don’t listen to anything else.”

So yeah, there’s sort of been a shift where rock music has taken over from electronic as the bedrock of our sales.

Lewandowski: yeah, [the labels] all use Discogs.

#Midterms2018(And, yeah, I apparently take requests…) Three clear patterns emerge from this data.

Cruz: yeah, you gave me $5,000.

One woman yells, “yeah!”]

For some, yeah.

yeah, there definitely was a gap for a while there, and also when we kind of made this commitment together.

LAURA: yeah, and I think for me it was a lot around trust.

LUCY: yeah, we talked about it early on.

LAURA: yeah, I was a bit worried it might feel a bit cringy, or a bit weird.

yeah, being totally honest, it did feel really strange at first because it felt really new.

LUCY: yeah I completely agree with that.

yeah, it’s flattering to be on a panel at some television festival, but that’s not why we did the show.

yeah, we’re working with each other.

The husband and wife with kids, yeah, maybe on the surface.

TRUMP: yeah, absolutely, 100 percent.

So yeah, Kamaru and Colby hate each other … and straight-up, Usman says Covington is scared.

yeah, I screwed up royally,” she told agents before her arrest, according to CBS.

yeah, the memories are from that — the student body successfully takes down the Mayor and saves the world.

“People are like, oh yeah, you should come: You and your team should come, and spend a week!

yeah, he ain’t happy.

yeah, it’s a little more confrontational than my other suggestions, but being grounded in truth and all, it earns the right.

Everyone in there was wearing Burbs, Reebok Classics… Holly: yeah the Crown & Thistle, our local pub in Oxford!

Really?It taught me that if you get mugged over, don’t feel sorry for yourself, just be like, yeah, life’s fine!

A Grand Don’t Come For Free yeah, it taught me all about life.

How has The Streets changed your life?Before The Streets yeah, I was just sitting around, wanking myself off, doing nothing.

Sother: “yeah, that’s the one.

Muse are saving the world?yeah, let’s go with that.

You say something, Dave.Dave: yeah they do a good light show.

So it’s a pretty nostalgia based love?yeah, definitely.

Ezra: yeah, I agree with that.

Sarah: yeah, I think those options sound right.

yeah, that’s right.

yeah, she lost Indiana.

We were all like, “yeah, we do.”

yeah, I feel that.

So, yeah, I’m one of those people.

Do you feel like it’s the same making wine?” Keenan: “yeah.

—Angus Harrison “yeah, but does it have a lake?”

He did a rap video and had video hoes and everything, he was throwing cash and yelling ‘ooh yeah‘.

KS: yeah, there were tech companies down there.

LG: Oh yeah.

KS: yeah, everybody …

KS: yeah, we’re very excited to have you because you’re a do-gooder.

yeah, I know, it’s okay.

KS: I’d shoot it down, yeah.

yeah, we certainly have.

LG: yeah, great.

We don’t … yeah.

KS: yeah, I’m not doing anything good — like, this is good — and I really appreciate what you’re doing in Zipline.

The word “final” suggests that, well, yeah, the Die Antwoord that releases records is dead as we know it.

I think- yeah, but I’m asking you first.

yeah, but look, you have to make the right call, right?

yeah, so I said it’s my educated guess that they’re different.

David Friend: yeah, World Wide Web.

They said, “You know what’s going on?” yeah, one of the greats.

It was so dumb … yeah, a little late there, Dave.

I’m sorry, yeah.

yeah, they were naughty too.

yeah, fin de siecle.

Fin de siecle, yeah.

yeah, the shame left.

The EOC, yeah.

yeah, where you would go and make complaints.

yeah, so much has changed.

yeah, he doesn’t talk half the time.

These were shows that began in the ’80s, but in the ’90s, you could not go through the day without seeing … yeah.

yeah, but I also mean it ironically.

yeah, I was thinking of it literally the other day.

You asked about the ’90s, but yeah, don’t ask, don’t tell was terrible.

Would you guys self-identify as EDM bros?Uh, yeah.

yeah, no kidding.

Well, yeah, I should probably go home,” Rapp said.

It was a cute moment, but after the expected cheers, the reaction pretty much just boiled down to, “…well, yeah.

So yeah, it’s pretty cool.

yeah looking at them, you can definitely line them to tell your pals what’s up.

yeah, Applebee’s records is moving up in the world.Nicky: Maybe for a stack I woulda did it.

I guess that’s why your shotgun emoji is a good addition.Nicky: yeah, we did that for Kurt Cobain.

yeah, rest in peace Kurt.

yeah, expressing suicidal feelings or thoughts has never been easier with these new emojis.

yeah one of the cool things is once the app is live, we can add stuff in on the fly.

Conley: yeah, and it all gets filtered into the music.

One of the bands that always makes me think “you know what, yeah, winter mode” is Bon Iver.

yeah, of course,” he explains.

yeah, like I said, I got screwed over because I didn’t know anyone.

They’d say, “yeah, your child is doing extremely well,” when they didn’t even know where they were.

The threat of being downgraded by international rating agencies will be very costly to financial markets,” yeah told Reuters.

because they’re in… yeah) before Shaggy entered to perform the duo’s current single “Don’t Make Me Wait.”

yeah, so Creative Commons was created by Lawrence Lessig and a bunch of other really smart people before I joined.

I mean, we’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but they don’t … yeah, it’s tricky.

yeah, yeah, although … yeah, that’s true.

As Shoshanna’s book … yeah.

yeah, and it’s not exactly surveillance.

Is there something we can change in the system?” “Should we arrest more people?” yeah, yeah.

yeah, and I think it’s dangerous.

And he’s surrounded by all his friends who are like “Hell yeah, we’re just hanging out.”

yeah, I’m with you.

So yeah, I loved it!

So yeah, these are our main crowd generally,” Chan told VICE News.

yeah, that’s right.

yeah, I know what people are going to ask.

yeah, I know that looks like a camera, but it’s just a box with a blinking light.

So yeah, maybe it’s a portal into the past.

Ryan Holiday yeah, I think that’s exactly right.

yeah, I think we can do things like ban people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.

And, yeah, it’s like how, hard can it be?

But, yeah, I think, for all of us, we’re all there.

I don’t know there’s a question we don’t … yeah, it seems like you take them all on.

yeah, I mean, we like love it.

yeah, we already had a network.

I think, too, that it’s worth noting that, yeah, it’s like your location matters, but also your profession matters.

yeah, “yucky” was the word I was looking for.

yeah, because you’re being very intentional.

yeah, there have only been two dudes on “Call Your Girlfriend” in the history of the show.

I don’t know, but yeah.

And, oh yeah, it just didn’t happen.

Myspace, Facebook … yeah, it was like Facebook, Twitter, and I just like put all the think tank stuff online.

yeah, it was like social media, marketing, digital marketing, and then I started building websites and running campaigns.

yeah, and then we started this women-in-tech listserv called the Tech Lady Mafia.

But, yeah, mostly internet.

That sounds very “consultant.” yeah, very consultant, but that is your job, right?

yeah, it is my job.

yeah, I think that that’s true.

yeah, I mean that’s already happened for me.

yeah, I mean I think about that all the time.

yeah, Snapchat is the first thing that ever made me feel old.

yeah, it’s like all of these lady-product ads.

yeah, we’re endorsing tampons, we have a bra, we have a lot of period underwear.

yeah, we were No.

Everyone says, “Oh yeah, I want to watch that stuff,” but people really don’t watch that stuff.

yeah, but people don’t say things for good reasons.

KS: yeah, but when you look at this as it’s playing out, where does it go?

yeah, he’s outsmarted everybody.

yeah, the judge used it.

yeah, he probably didn’t know, but he knew it when it got this critical force and then he did know, critical mass.

KS: yeah, that’s true.

yeah, I wanted to learn.

yeah, we worked together, but yes.

Would you like … yeah sure.

Oh, yeah I agree.

I don’t know why I have to do this.” KS: yeah, that is a bad way to do it.

yeah, and has all kinds of different biases, and …

yeah, a couple dozen all in, 13 full-time reporters.

yeah, that was super gratifying.

yeah, give me your version.

yeah, that’s our focus.

yeah, I, of course, echo what you have to say on that.

yeah, and there’s a long gap between $400 a year and other kinds of paid models.

yeah, well, this is a thought experiment.

You said, “I’ve heard of this thing called Facebook.” yeah, then it was Myspace, and then it was Facebook.

yeah, people are more sophisticated about it now than they were a decade ago.

yeah, and I think you do have to worry.

So, yeah, it was completely different.

yeah, it did.

yeah,” he says, reflecting on my original question of how he’d describe his work to a child.

yeah, there’s a lot of consolidation going on.

yeah, and it’s all going online.

Okay, so … yeah.

yeah, we’re gonna get to … we have a whole section for you.

yeah, they got beef.

Oh, yeah, and the games include some little thing called Star Fox 2.

But yeah, this is … It’s really a Google and Facebook world.

yeah, related to that.

We won’t tell you who they are, by the way, just as long as you’re cool with that.” yeah, exactly.

yeah, watching your interactions very much felt like “Wow, yes, that is definitely me and my mom in the kitchen.

yeah, their proposals, like that.

They’re doing it, yeah.

Movie theaters, yeah.

yeah, I was just like, it is what it is!

yeah, but it’s dangerous.

yeah, that’s a good point.

yeah, and invest for the long term.

But that sigh at the beginning of the clip … yeah dude, we feel ya.

Sean Murray (Managing Director, Hello Games): yeah.

[laughs] But yeah “6PM in New York” was a part of the Kingsway sample library that Frank had sent me.

yeah, I could totally get that.

yeah, I mean, there’s still plenty of people who will say that.

I very much thought, yeah, she did it.

yeah it’s good, you should try writing a song about that.

And I’m like “yeah, I don’t know!”

Like I think this is the dude with the eye that Christian Beale played, like yeah, we knew it was going on.

yeah, I mean it’s it’s interesting, isn’t it?

yeah, that’s right, that’s why Zuck’s trying to buy it for three billion, cause that’s a vulnerability to Facebook.

They’ve been emboldened yeah, but they’ve always been there.

It couldn’t be more different than … KS: yeah.

yeah, let’s do that.”

yeah, I think that’s fair.

KS: yeah, yeah.

KS: yeah, absolutely.

KS: yeah, they were.

TS: Or failed to use them, yeah.

Oh, yeah, and I have both professional and personal OKRs.

yeah, but I’m not trying to force people to do anything.

KS: yeah, which tend to be run rather disorganizedly.

yeah, those as … pet rocks.

That wasn’t us, but … yeah.

yeah, yeah, yeah.

KS: yeah, yeah.

Check out the bed of roses, and yeah … he gave us a glimpse of J Lo too.

KS: yeah, but I’m saying, what did you learn from it, from moving on?

yeah, I run out of churches, before they fall down.

yeah, and again, you’re a publicly traded company.

And the challenge is, for example, yeah, we all sadly see people out in the streets shooting up.

yeah, or just look, we’re selling you Hulu.

yeah, but in all fairness, they’re not a love brand.

Oh yeah, yeah.

yeah, so AT&T buys Time Warner, promptly announces they’re shutting down this service that most people have never heard of.

yeah, we have the ability to go up to 200 beds.

yeah, I’ve noticed that.

yeah, they love him.

yeah, they don’t tend to do that, that’s not their jam.

yeah, that was their stalking horse.

yeah, that was their stalking horse.

yeah, I love scooters.

yeah, I love them too because you can ride them in a dress.

yeah, and that’s another one that needs to be addressed.

yeah, and they’re not paying for sports.

yeah, they were all discussing the difficulties of running a restaurant.

Ah yeah, that is a whole other ballgame, but yes.

yeah, I think that they smoke the wrong vape pen, but I think that they are coming around.

yeah, and listen, there’s this talk that they’re not up to the quality.

yeah, it’s hot.

yeah, I think you’re saying analog.

yeah, I do.

We just got Gavin in the governorship, but … yeah.

yeah, but now, legally, you can do it.

yeah, it’s weird.

yeah, well, it was a fragmentation of your revenue model so that you’re not dependent on one revenue stream.

yeah, you can hear it in his voice … McGregor really wants this.

yeah, Tim Westergren, the founder.

yeah, what was it called?

[laughs] yeah.

yeah, I can’t really run away from the scene of a crime.

yeah, it was that and Keith Kelly.

yeah, of course.

Oh yeah, because the more you work the more you become present.

yeah, that’s exactly right.

So yeah, the practicality became that it just made sense that I should have nothing to do with it.

I think people are human beings … yeah, they’re proud of that up until recently.

So yeah, how does that work?

yeah, extremely wealthy in some cases.

yeah, he’s a sculptor and he’s fantastically talented.

yeah, it was a transitional moment in politics in so many ways, but I think the biggest shift was not so much in technology.

yeah, at that point I moved to the campaign and was paid I think $65,000.

yeah, you were at a startup, it was a startup, people forget.

He did, yeah.

yeah, why not?

yeah, because Quantcast, which is like comScore, we were 3,698 when I took over and we were like 275 when I came here.

yeah, it had no web presence in the Kaplan era.

yeah, I think that’s well put.

yeah, there is.

yeah, but I also came in guns blazing.

yeah, you did.

yeah, that would have concerned me a lot, that she could not shake off the 72-year-old socialist.

yeah, no, if that turns out to be true it’s incredibly troubling.

yeah, well, the Atlantic has a different tradition, the New Yorker has its own.

yeah, I think the counter to that would be that the amount of airtime that Trump got just to be speaking live.

Exactly, you do have ProPublica and Texas Tribune, you have some … yeah, you have rich people backing these things.

yeah, no, but to complain about that is ridiculous.

And I looked at Royce and said… “yeah, I tapped.”

yeah, and my interest is still real.

yeah, and I mean my husband and I give to an array of causes, it’s not just Cash International.

You’re just a … yeah.

So yeah, my background is in politics and public affairs.

The things you did, just your basic … yeah, I mean at that point it was really …

You got to pay for the gas to get there and the tuition, yeah it costs $8,000.

yeah and let’s give credit to Lee Atwater, who has died but frankly deserved a lot of credit for that.

At the time, yeah.

yeah, turns out, we bet on Facebook.

Not for everyone, yeah.

That’s the nice way of saying it, yeah.

Well, yeah, the blacksmiths of today, they should just move to where all the jobs are.

yeah, I was very a Silicon Valley story where you … yeah, you need a lab.

yeah, but you would use the Z, but go ahead.

yeah, it’s everything.

yeah, it’s a dis.

That something happens … yeah, so let me give you an example from one of our customers here.

yeah, I’m good with people just getting cash.

yeah, I mean, hey, we can check that.

yeah, sorry about that American democracy problem.

Just stop, please.” yeah, I think it’s very clear.

Be prepared.” yeah, and it’s gonna be bad.

A good example, yeah.

This is much better than the fancy magazines, and people who hate you no matter what you do just so, yeah.

JL: yeah, this is a really big thing.

You’re now being pushed around by I’m sure a Russian somewhere in St. Petersburg or something like that.” yeah.

ZB: That’s not great JL: yeah.

ZB: yeah — it seems there’s no good mechanism for stopping them.

yeah, they’re removing accounts that are fake and things like that.

JL: Oh, God, yeah.

yeah, and I think they are taking genuine steps in order to do so, but those activities of course need to continue.

yeah, I’ll tell you what I’m probably the most nervous about is this issue with deep fakes.

yeah, so I create all kinds of problems, but just … it’s all real people.

(yeah, he said he “talks regularly” to that Paul Simon.)

yeah, forget this.

yeah, our Bot Intelligence Platform.

yeah, we’re in an episode of “Westworld” right now.

yeah, you do.

So yeah, some bullshit from above isn’t going to stop me doing that.

yeah, we’ll get there in a second.

yeah, very much so.

yeah, so the company started, we were managing a bunch of film and TV, comedians, and obviously a bunch of musicians, like Linkin Park.

He’s actually doing quite well, yeah.

yeah it is, but here’s the thing, last week you called it a great “buy.” That’s the sad part.

yeah, and you think those were his fans watching it, or were they exposed for the first time?

yeah, but it was an outlier, most of them weren’t.

yeah, you bought those guys.

yeah, we’ll see.

yeah, LeFloid interviewed Angela Merkel, for instance, as an example.

yeah, and I just have what I’ve read.

yeah, I think it’s pretty profound now.

yeah, this is a smart trade for him.

yeah, I would agree that’s their story.

I mean … the federal government … yeah, okay, but it’s all relative, right?

yeah, I like it.

They’ve been doing it for a long time, yeah.

yeah, I think Jeff Flake, his name is perfectly chosen.

yeah I did.

yeah, you should call the studio Half Empty.

Uh, yeah, no.

yeah, his fans seeking him out.

“When I can’t or don’t do that, yeah, I have disappointment in myself for not being there for my guys.

yeah, yeah, that’s perfect for live.

yeah, but you can really only do that once.

And package and sell, yeah, and go the other way.

MULVANEY: yeah, I mean … here’s how I explained it to people.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go to this hotel,’ and I’d drug ni**as up, and I’d rob them.

yeah, Alice Cooper is going to play King Herod.

“Well yeah, because of their overhead because they’re renting space,” she said.

“Uh, yeah,” he said.

yeah, I think she could have gone there if she wanted to.

But yeah: You write the book that you can’t find for yourself.

yeah, whether it’s wanting to get married or wanting to live in a sex commune.

Okay, yeah, I’ve watched enough TV to have some pretty good guesses.

So yeah, I do think the culture is changing.

yeah, I’ve given that a lot of thought,” he replies.

yeah, not but with that.

I ask whether Saunders ever sees his fiction as explicitly political, to which he pauses, and answers, “yeah.

yeah, in a sense, because the Russian Revolution is coming.

yeah, I mean until the Obama administration, I was a career civil servant.

yeah, and you are talking about the Mike Flynn stuff now?

yeah, I had those later, but just not during that time.

yeah, so you didn’t want to get fired.

yeah, it’s hard to know.

yeah but we’re also at almost full employment.

Folks have been, yeah, have been very nice about it.

I haven’t even been focusing on candidates so much, yeah.

yeah, we absolutely were.

yeah, I don’t know that that’s gonna happen.

yeah, in 2002 I remember meeting with the founder.

yeah, regulation is coming, for sure.

yeah, what is it?

yeah, thank you, Apple.

yeah, that makes sense.

yeah, I’m not sure I was a good photographer.

yeah, it’s like the default term sheet.

yeah, and so I worked for Cindy.

yeah, for Street View.

And I was like yeah, Mike and I talk about this all day.

Mike Schroepfer, yeah.

yeah, but I think Instagram has done the opposite.

yeah, but that’s what I say is my job description.

Claire Simon yeah.

And he’s like, yeah, Instagram’s cool.

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