X in a sentence | Use of the word x examples

“Linking up with Fade to Mind, Night Slugs, Diplo, Venus x, GHE20GOTH1K parties—all that helped,” Mike says.

She promptly began painting the faux ‘nads in ink and watercolor on large, 30″ x 32″ paper.

Tesla is closing in on 200,000 U.S. electric vehicle sales thanks to the popularity of its luxury Model S sedan and Model x SUV.

The two things interacting as they do in the Malcolm x’s destroy the substance of the object or body.

Malcolm x: Complete has been published by Michael Rosenfeld Gallery and is available from their website.

Cover image: The Facebook logo is seen on an iPhone x in this photo illustration on January 8, 2019.

Human impact on the natural environment is summed up in a simple formula: Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology All are rising.

A family member says x asked for his inhaler (for asthma) right before he fell unconscious.

After a minute of CPR x‘s pulse came back.

Click on “control information” and then “manage information” and remove it by clicking on the x next to it or by removing specific listings.

We’re told x has been getting offers from movie producers for a biopic.

The floor dimensions are 456′ x 286′, with 33 foot high ceilings … and an occupancy capped at 3,930.

Lumentum’s chips are not used in phones older than last year’s iPhone x.

Stan Squirewell’s The Alchemist continues at Art in Flux (163 Malcolm x Blvd, Harlem, Manhattan) through November 9.

After he arrived, RIPNDIP threw a party to celebrate the launch of a RIPNDIP x Lil Mayo collaboration.

x Exciting x.”

Chloe x Halle A Disney Channel Original Movie.

x Japan The best-selling sequel to W Japan.

“I wasn’t allowed to go to university, because I did x (harmless thing)” (mm).

While the magazine did early interviews with eminent LA punk bands like x and The Screamers, Slash didn’t limit itself to covering punk music.

Darn … 🔥🔥 @trvisxx x @Maroon5 🔥🔥#SBLIII pic.twitter.com/g1oqTub7Oj Either way, the spotlight always went back to Adam and co.

(The x is because Darbian doesn’t know; it’s an estimate.)

If for all x, x is unequal to x; that sentence in logic describes a state of nothingness.

The Tesla Model S and Model x topped the list of highest-selling battery-powered EVs in 2016, followed by the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.

x” Watch it below: Follow Lauren on Twitter​.

Uber for x, right?

Thus we end up with reports of “researchers find political gene” or “scholars report biological trait Y leads to political trait x.”

If the economy tweaks and Facebook goes from being worth x number of hundreds of billions to half of that, it all trickles down!

The studio is 19 x 10 feet and is a former storefront, which also serves as a convertible open gallery space.

The studio space seen here is constructed of two 8 x 40 foot shipping containers that sit atop a “dirty” work space below.

He is the author of x (McSweeney’s).

Announcing its Q2 results, Apple said it shipped 52.2 million iPhones in the March period, the first full quarter of iPhone x availability.

Student x is another graduate student mentioned in Fenwick’s suit.

Student x “could be any of us,” she said.

VICE Sports: When you’re given the task of creating a new course – say, the x Games – where do you even begin?

To prove nothingness exists you’d need just one thing that was not itself, one x that did not equal x.

General consensus: It’s not an iPhone x killer.

There’s an “x” in the corner of some pages suggesting you can simply close the window.

As Allison Meier previously wrote for Hyperallergic, this Alpine male was found to have 61 tattoos of lines and x shapes.

They are behind the small package-delivery drones already being developed by Amazon, Google’s x moonshot lab, and a number of startups.

Scaleups invest money and accelerate growth once they know that putting in $x will return $Y.

She described “Madame x” as a “chameleon”.

“Every song is a reflection of Madame x.

Similar ideas have percolated there for some time — the associate manager program that trained inexperienced new hires, Google x, the whole Alphabet thing.

A rep for x, the Alphabet garage that houses the car team, confirmed it.

But x has brought in unconventional leaders before.

If Google x takes an Airbnb-like online rental approach, it won’t be the only outfit going down that path.

We know they’re from Brood x because of where they’re popping up.

Brood x may be the surprise guest of 2017, but this year is also Brood VI’s time to shine.

The Baltimore Sun reports that scientists will continue to track the weird wake-up of parts of Brood x.

Jimmyjane’s offering is the Hello Touch x, a finger vibrator with added bite.

“You can’t just vote for someone because they are part of ‘x’ party.

Thomas Nozkowski: 16 x 20 continues at Pace Gallery (510 West 25th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) through February 15.

He has the Plus and I have the x.

For Apple, though, the iPhone x was a big thing.

The iPhone x?

I have noticed a lot of people getting the 8 and not the x.

A lot of people I know, which I’m surprised, didn’t get the x.

A lot of it wasn’t, nothing will change in the future, or we will never do x or whatever it is.

This woman asked me if I would ever be a judge on The x Factor.Seriously?

Do you know much about The x Factor?Well, those kind of shows are fine, but I’d rather focus on music.

But I love it when they sing my songs on The x Factor.

(Apple’s battery replacement costs $79 — not cheap, but not the cost of an iPhone x.)

Maybe we’ll get a 2 Chainz x Cam Newton collab soon?

In December, after a year of relatively rudderless direction, Google put the entire robotics group inside Google x, its hardware research incubator.

The following month x announced it had hired Hans Peter Brondmo, a tech veteran most recently from Nokia, to lead the unit.

Bro-y finance guys, my unlikely friends, that just were like, “Wow, like I really see x issue differently because of you.” Fordham dudes?

My studio measures about 6′ x 7.’ It is an enclosure (once a back porch) leading out from the kitchen.

—Emily Dickinson, x RIFF: So I can count on you, boy?

Planned Parenthood says it sees about 41 percent of patients who get family planning services under Title x.

That means that because some Planned Parenthood health centers perform abortions, all Planned Parenthood centers would be barred from getting Title x funding.

If Planned Parenthood were locked out of Title x funds, other health centers might struggle to pick up the slack.

The Title x rule is just one of several moves by the Trump administration that limit access to contraception or abortion.

He ran the OS x engineering project, and eventually was the guy who incubated the IOS project at Apple.

Apple’s iPhone x goes on sale this Friday, Nov. 3, and it’s the company’s biggest launch in years.

The iPhone x brings two major changes: The way it works and the way it looks.

That’ll be $475.” Mogul talk DJ KHALED x JAY Z #Wethebest …

At one point the women arranged themselves into a giant x on the field.

I was like, “‘x Files,’ man.” Dude, get with it.

No, I’m talking about “x Files.” I was thinking about “Saturday Night Live.” Oh, okay.


And Cohen said Tesla “learned some hard lessons” from the Model x, which launched more than a year later than originally planned.

Composed of two equally sized canvases abutted together, measuring in total 90 x 252 inches, the largest painting, “Untitled” (1968), is panoramic in scale.

They can then move around the magnifying window and zoom in and out with the x and Y buttons.

Lots of approval granting: “Project x is looking great!”

I hated x the same way everybody else I knew disliked him.

A blowhard and a bully, x was the husband of one of my wife’s good friends.

One night, x had a seizure and was admitted to the hospital.

It took some time to discover that x had brain cancer.

I continued hating x, however.

x was a wretch, but he was also human.

x died a horrible death.

I wouldn’t think of x for days or weeks, and then I would, and suddenly the hatred would be back as strong as ever.

By now, the people who knew x have begun forgetting him in the way that time blurs the edges of one’s memories.

I can still recall my hatred, though, and so it feels like x lives on in me.

Apple quietly released the patch for Safari and for OS x on Thursday.

They are patching vulnerabilities that could have been weaponized against OS x users,” John Scott-Railton, another senior researcher at Citizen Lab, told Motherboard.

Even those who did a good job, like Monét x Change, Kameron Michaels, and Eureka, didn’t do a great job.

Find more from the collection, High x English & POPaganja installation, here.

; 19 x 14 inAt YU, the pieces are displayed not in a garden but in a gallery.

And right now Apple is trying to market the iPhone xS, a phone that looks identical to the iPhone x.

“I love anyone who can write about ‘x‘ and make a much broader point about ‘y.’

In November, Tesla cut the prices of its Model x and Model S in China by 12 to 26 percent.

We decided that we made “comix” with an x.

Despite Space x’s pressure, in 2016 Congress opted to extend the contract for RD-180s until 2022.

If you engage with somebody and they say, ‘Hey, when are you coming to town x?’

and you respond, ‘Well, we’re coming to town x on this date,’ they’re there.

Namely, the fact that Lil Nas x is a black teenager from Atlanta and country is a predominantly white genre did not go unnoticed.

Furthermore, Lil Nas x is not professing to be a country artist.

Lil Nas x has no ties to the greater Nashville music campus in any capacity.

San Holo x Yellow Claw – Alright13.

When: January 20 at 9:30 am Where: Malcolm x Park in Washington, DC What’s it about?

Lil Nas x, a.k.a.

Or at least that’s the case in the video, where Lil Nas x is received by a predominantly black community.

Instead, try saying something like “I’ve spent the past 2 years at Company x and I’ve learned a lot from that experience.

But Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri told Reuters on Thursday that Apple was “quite happy” with how manufacturing of the iPhone x was progressing.

Demand and supply for the iPhone x appear to be coming back into balance, according to Apple’s online store.

So people can’t say it’s a rich one—that it’s actually worth “x” millions or billions or trillions of dollars.

The continued quality in modern games like x and Y, though, is the most fitting tribute to the phenomenon that Red and Blue spawned.

or La Joconde” (1964 [replica of 1919 origina]), Colored reproduction, heightened with pencil and white gouache, 11 3/4 x 7 7/8 in.

Worth noting … Kylie’s wearing Travis’ shoes, the Travis Scott x Jordan 1’s.

In 2014, it rolled out the all-wheel-drive version of the Model S, and last year it launched the Model x.

The Model x was overly ambitious, and Tesla now knows that it can’t make that mistake again.

Our sources also say Lil Nas x feels he can be a role model for other young people who are scared to come out.

Medicare x (Bennet, Kaine and Higgins): Same.

x #gatherandfeast If your host gets her cacao nibs out at the dinner table, what exactly is the correct response?

“Calendar (x)” (2018) and “threes (calendar)” (2018) do not visually read as calendars but are all the more poetically delightful for it.

It needs to have a beautiful silhouette, and then it needs to have a reason to exist in x and Y space.

Deliveries of all models rose 51% from the first quarter to 95,200 vehicles, including 17,650 Model S and x.

As you were, LO x Follow Lauren on Twitter.

“‘x’ marks the spot,” he whispered as he spread my legs.

Because it was more of an x like a target.

x like draw a line through it.

x like cross it out, because it doesn’t matter.

x like the shape his hands made when he used them to cover my mouth.

Ji declined to say when Huawei’s foldable 5G Mate x smartphone would be released.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ … x‘s girlfriend — whom he’d been dating for months — is the mystery baby mama.

We’re told the ultrasound photo shared by x‘s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, is definitely the girlfriend’s.

Cassidy took over the project in the fall of 2014, after spending three years as a director at the Google x research lab.

Moore will start in mid-September as a VP at x, the company said.

Analysts said that augmented reality will give iPhone x, releasing today, the “wow factor.

RiRi hired the motorcycle riders to fly over the stage where models rocked her Fenty x Puma designs.

The point of handcuffing was always supposed to be: spend your first-rounder on Player x and your 11th-rounder on his ‘cuff.

Caricatures of Charles x, who had a rather long neck, sometimes depicted him as an awkward giraffe.

The S remains Tesla’s best car, in my view, better than the somewhat gimmicky Model x, with its “falcon wing” doors.

Roll the dough to 24″ long x 9″ wide.

Shape the dough: Roll the completed dough to 24″ long x 9″ wide.

The sale’s top lot, Joseph Walsh’s unique “Enignum x” dining table (2013), sold for £316,000 (~$415,000).

“Y’know… streaming is such a utility experience—’we have x amount of songs.’ And it’s… OK, great.

So what separates “conspiracy against the United States” from conspiracy to commit x, Y, or Z criminal offense?

x” A kiss?

All In Paradise (Wet x ~ Bsn ~ #Crzy) 3.

2MOHCOTA (DJ BBoy x Shura) 4.

Fodencia Dream (Anna Domino x DJ Puto Anderson) 5.

Leaving Mi Vida (AFI x MC Bin Laden) 6.

Like Swinging Machines (Trim x Corta Venas x “Blackdiadem” x Wishdasher) 7.

(The other age cohorts, particularly Gen x and baby boomers, were much less stressed about these events.)

Like The Wind Do Motor (Patrick Swayze x Tomas Urquieta x MC Bin Laden) OT EDIT 8.

Over time, more and more celebrities have flocked to the anti-Stratfordian theory: Freud, Whitman, Malcolm x, Helen Keller, Orson Welles, Sir Derek Jacobi.

Paleta Tee OT CRASH TEST (Kamixlo x Lil Peep/Yung Bruh)10.

Tape Bandit (Prince Bopp x Radiohead/Phaseone) 11.

In 2014, Romesberg and colleagues created a strain of E. coli bacteria that contained two unnatural letters, x and Y.

Romesberg’s x and Y bases are attracted through an entirely different process, which prevents them from accidentally bonding with natural bases.

Believer’s Ascent (Brian Eno x Susanna & the Magic Orchestra)

A Tesla spokeswoman said Tesla’s Model x SUV, as measured by the European system, has a range of 565 km (351 miles).

The infuriating need to thumb-press x to exit out of an interstitial ad has become the mobile norm.

Paper, black carbon, giclée print, 96 x 118 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Marlborough Contemporary.

“They can look up at the scoreboard and know that ‘Damn, they scored x amount of points this quarter.

Paper, graphite, giclée print, 100 x 92.5 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Marlborough Contemporary, London.

So, if the host program calls some variable x, CodeCarbonCopy will find the matching variable in the new code and rename it.

“21” by Adele

Adele is arguably one of the few people that actually benefited from The x Factor.

Cadenza x Diemanlte – “Cool Operator,” that’s my shout.

When I write something for Rolling Stone, x number of people are going to see it every time no matter what I do.

It measures only 18 x 13 x 22 mm, slightly larger than his thumbnail.

She held closely to the causes Malcolm x fought for later in his life, a focus on human rights, not just black rights.

But the iPhone x wasn’t your only option.

Alongside the $1,000 iPhone x, Apple also released the $700 iPhone 8.

At the end of the day, the iPhone x was just one option — albeit a new, “super luxury” option.

Much of the attention went toward the iPhone x, as it sported a new design and features.

The iPhone 8 had the same powerful chips and performance as the iPhone x, and it still offered the excellent iOS experience.

With the available options in mind, it’s totally fine that Apple charged $1,000 for the iPhone x.

No one forced people to buy the $1,000 iPhone x, and the option to get something less expensive was there.

And there are nine very good reasons to get the iPhone 8 over the iPhone x, too.

A year after the iPhone x, and Apple released another $1,000 model — the iPhone xS.

Samsung didn’t introduce a “super luxury” smartphone like the iPhone x until the 2019 Galaxy S10, which has a starting price of $900.

Apple serves up its Q4 earnings later today, on the eve of the retail debut of its flagship iPhone x.

In the second spot was Chevy Volt with more than 21,000 vehicles, followed by the Tesla Model x and then the Ford Fusion.

All this creates an extremely diverse, complex, fascinating, and multi-referencing visual form, always in 46 x 60 inch format.

The other source of funding is grants, largely through the Title x Family Planning Program — the only domestic grant program dedicated to family planning.

Both Title x and Medicaid provide low- to middle-income women with financial assistance to cover family planning costs.

Title x often covers the same type of services as Medicaid, except for women who are not on the public program.

One important difference: Title x funds are never available to be used for abortions, even in states where the Medicaid program covers the procedure.

Historically, when congressional Republicans have talked about “defunding Planned Parenthood,” they’ve meant barring the group from receiving Title x funds.

It would have disallowed any abortion providers — Planned Parenthood clinics or otherwise — from getting Title x grant funds.

One of the many official titles King Vajiralongkorn is taking is Rama x, or the 10th king of the Chakri dynasty founded in 1782.

We wanted it desperately to work with ‘The x Factor’ but it just wasn’t (to be),” he said.

[Retina-x‘s] Net-Orbit captures a screenshot every x minutes of whatever active window the victim is using.

For example, “Did they work at company x?

Did they go to school x?

is following in the footsteps of x‘s manager and Jayson Williams, who have also gone to bat for the rapper.

She has been fired from x Factor Italy.

We’re told the court will decide at a future hearing if x can leave the NYC area for work purposes.

But the highlight of this year was playing b2b with Mike Servito at Unter x Bunker II, definitely need to make that happen again.

Today we delve into the opioid crisis and the new iPhone x.

The firm hiked prices then on its Model x and S cars by about 20 percent.

There’s also a moment when she quotes Malcolm x.

I can’t wait x number of days to have something to say about Trump or AT&T Time Warner or whatever it is.

The company said it only affects the original iPhone x, which has been superseded by the iPhone xS and xR released this autumn.

Honestly, we could write an “[x] questions you were too embarrassed to ask” post entirely about Lynch — and maybe someday we will!

This trend has led to a new generation of startups claiming to be “like Uber, but for x” in almost every vertical imaginable.

iPhone x review review: They mostly like it!

Reading the writing on the wall, some niche “Uber for x” players are already looking for the right acquirer.

The new rules, if adopted in their current form, would require that Title x services be physically and financially separate from abortion services.

Reading the writing on the wall, some niche “Uber for x” players are already looking for the right acquirer.

The seats on Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) new Model x SUV were a mess.

Watch More from Tonic: Title x funds have never been permitted to be used for abortions.

Title x provides grants that fund family planning, STD screening, and breast and cervical cancer screening at nearly 4,000 sites nationwide.

The program primarily serves low-income, young women, although a growing number of men receive services at Title x funded clinics as well.

The Catholic Medical Association applied for Title x funding this year.

“One of the hardest things to design is a good seat,” Musk said at the September 2015 launch of the Model x in Fremont.

Troubles accelerated with the Model x, leading Tesla to wrest assembly from Futuris just after the vehicle’s release in late 2015.

Terrestrial Resonance, continues at Art in Flux Harlem, (163 Malcolm x Blvd, Harlem, Manhattan) until May 30.

It was on this ramp, when he was 11, that he captured his first major headlines by becoming the youngest-ever x Games competitor.

x — The Double Negative (@TheDbleNgtve) August 1, 2018 Recently, “The List” has made its way through British media.

(Notably, Title x has nothing to do with abortion—under the Hyde Amendment, it’s illegal for federal funds to go towards abortion care.)

There was no, you know, like, “You have to cover x person.” And I was more covering Republicans.

They set up the size limitations for the artists they wanted to include, and it was about 12” x 16”.

It’s all the intimacy and turbulence of sex wrapped up in one melodramatic Gen x teen anthem.

At around 4 AM, McDonald came across a 19-year-old waitress, who is identified as x in court materials.

The rest of Planned Parenthood’s federal funds come from Title x, the nation’s only federal family planning program.

The next morning, x woke up naked, disoriented, and alone; she contacted the police hours later to request assistance.

In a police interview, McDonald and Evans admitted to having sex with x.

x, he says, was a willing and enthusiastic participant—despite the fact that he never spoke to her before or after their sexual activity.

About half of Title x patients are women of color, and many young women rely on Title x because it protects their privacy.

Title x grants were only supposed to be awarded based on how well a provider could offer Title x services.

If Planned Parenthood didn’t offer a full range of birth control options, that might be a reason to deny it a Title x grant.

Whether or not it uses separate funds, not supported in any way by Title x, to provide abortions should be irrelevant.

To complicate matters, Evans’ supporters have repeatedly targeted x on social media, forcing police to rehouse her in a nearby town.

But some states still used the Title x program to discriminate against Planned Parenthood anyway.

Title x is a network.

Together, Title x and Medicaid combine to form our nation’s family planning safety net.

The success of the Title x program as a whole depends significantly on Planned Parenthood’s ability to participate in it.

Think of the Title x network as a sweater with pink stripes, where the stripes are Planned Parenthood.

In every budget House Republicans have proposed over the past seven years, they have called for the total elimination of Title x funding.

While at Kotaku, I spoke with localizer Alex Smith, who’s worked on everything from Final Fantasy x to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

While helping with Final Fantasy x, there was debate over Yuna’s final words to Tidus.

The continued quality in modern games like x and Y, though, is the most fitting tribute to the phenomenon that Red and Blue spawned.

On December 3, 2018, the then 19-year-old rapper Lil Nas x quietly uploaded his debut song “Old Town Road” to YouTube.

If Lil Nas x is for real, his ambitions match his already stratospheric ascent.

The law already bans recipients of Title x funds from using those funds to perform abortions.

This is already the case with the iPhone x, and now it looks like it’ll be the new norm.

“There’s this idea that if only people asked Trump x, Y, and Z, we’d get to the bottom of something.

It targets “x,” meaning anyone or any entity suspected.

“Of course not,” says tech journalist Steven Levy, writing about Apple’s pricey new high-end iPhone x (pronounced “ten”).

Oddly, the show does not include his actual video works, but does have one of his early paintings, “x Series: No.

continues at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (515 Malcolm x Blvd, Harlem, Manhattan) through December 30.

“This is the sign of your awakening,” one would say, drawing an “x” (or maybe an upside-down cross?)

The company is expected to unveil several new gadgets, including a new flagship iPhone, supposedly called the iPhone x.

The timing of a recall for a Model x seat issue isn’t great, for two reasons.

The Tesla Model S and Model x would adopt this new language.

So, playing along: Why would anyone buy a new version of the Bold when they could get a Galaxy S8 or the iPhone x?

“We beat out so many different options where he does x or Y, and none of them felt right,” he says.

Most will inspire nostalgia for some Generation x visitors (Hancock was born in 1974), their cultural significations transcending their original functions.

He stood up about civil rights before it was easy, with Malcolm x as his mentor.

Is a MØ x Sporty Spice collab ever going to happen?Haha, I would love that!

“Disease x represents the unknown disease that’s quite likely to cause the next pandemic.

She clearly doesn’t believe that Malcolm x tactics are appropriate under these circumstances — something her hubby has clearly embraced.

If you’re not eating x thing or embracing Y wellness trend, do you even exist?

“Disease x” stands for the unknown.

And I always say, “Okay, people born before 1982,” so Gen x and older.

Coolest part … Landon got to share the stage with Pump and had a Louis Vuitton x Supreme-themed duffel bag cake.

China’s Shenzhou x manned spacecraft successfully completed an automated docking with the orbiting Tiangong-1 space module on Thursday.

A plaza is an area where x cartel has enforcement forces to limit mobility to competition.

x is fun too, but x is more laid back.

“People are like, well, this school is bad because they don’t do x, Y, and Z right.

Literally the same day, x and Ski came over.

And then later on that day, me, x, and Yoshi Thompkins, which is under C9, we ended up making a song.

x was cool, he just wasn’t really talkative.

What’s in the visual component?We’ve worked with the Pokémon Company to capture footage from every generation up through x and Y.

The show’s divided by generation, so we start with Red and Blue, and work all the way through x and Y.

And then it got to the point where x was living with us.

x has always been one of my favorites.

Well-established steps test for symmetry about an axis: replace x or y with –x or -y and then simplify the equation.

Most beef-related stories boiled down to “x said this-and-that about Y; Y responded to x.”

AirAsia’s long-haul arm AirAsia x last year placed an order for 34 A330neo widebodies which it has yet to firm up.

x This was supposed to be Adele’s big Grammy comeback, after she won seven trophies in 2012.

Some of those could be switched to long-range narrowbodies, the head of AirAsia x’s Malaysia arm said in November.

We knew the revival was inevitable, but it seems many Gen x women lack the comfortable distance from the past our mothers had.

v. Brand x Servs.

And now in middle age, Gen x women literally haven’t achieved the progress the previous generation did.

When my student asked, “Which one is Gen x?” I wanted to respond, “The one your classmates are dressed as.

If you have any picture of Gen x, it’s probably still pretty white.

), but those looks are rarely included as part of the Generation x story.

However, most of the women I talked to referenced a particular subcultural style that’s come to represent “alienated” Gen x.

Oh, and, of course, a choker.” Using style as a form of rebellion led to Gen x being dismissed as apolitical slackers.

And Gen x women want them to enjoy this moment and use it to generate their own meanings.

#MeToo, led by Gen x women, became an intergenerational movement.

Because the networks are pulling stuff back, and/or they’re saying we don’t want to pay network x for this stuff.

And then, you do that for x amount of time.

It’s a 24 x 24 room with an additional section for the big screen TV.

We had renewed for x million dollars per year.

Venus x, GHE20G0TH1K’s founder, posted a statement on Instagram saying that police “stormed GHE20G0TH1K half way through” the party.

Tesla’s Model S and Model x vehicles just got faster.

The larger battery will also be available for the company’s SUV, the Model x.

The Model x P90D started at $115,500.

As we reported, federal prosecutors have recommended the judge throw the book at x and give him 5 years in prison.

x and a Y chromosome for males.

She came out flashing an ‘x‘ sign with her arms and received a huge round of applause.

The rappers played x‘s hit song, “SAD!,” over the loudspeakers and let the track run mostly uninterrupted.

It was an emotional moment for sure as Cleo maintained her ‘x‘ stance.

As we’ve reported … a third suspect, Robert Allen, was arrested last week in connection to x‘s killing in June.

The FaceID module on the iPhone x will be built in Texas.

Hey, somebody said x.

In 2016, Business Insider found that today’s teens actually like Twitter more than their millennial or Gen x cohorts.

Zendaya teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger for a collaboration called Tommy x Zendaya,.

We broke the story, x was sent back to jail for failing drug tests while out on bail in his tax evasion case.

We are saying that Black women specifically deserve x, and they were a queer collective, which is already radical in itself.

Alias @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #ClemsonWhiteHouse pic.twitter.com/HZv02kJEiA — America was Great (@AmericaIsGr8) January 15, 2019 Surf x Turf pic.twitter.com/GgQB9nfQep — No Relation, Esq.

He said this about me during a cast and crew ‘meet and greet’ before we began filming, x Men: The Last Stand.

In 1997, these paintings were included in the Whitney Biennial and Documenta x.

According to Apple, the battery on the iPhone x will last two hours longer than the iPhone 7.

Using a “true-depth camera system,” Apple said the iPhone x‘s sensors can detect your face, even in the dark.

Animoji The iPhone x introduces something new called “Animojis.”

OLED screens The iPhone x is switching out the old LCD screen for OLED, which removes backlight and preserves battery life.

The 8 Plus and the x will feature dual rear cameras with optical image stabilization on both sides.

In the iPhone x, a true 2x digital zoom will create sharper details and better low-light photos.

You can order the $999 iPhone x on October 27, which ships on November 3.

The takeaway for Republican viewers wasn’t, “Candidate x clearly is the best non-Trump candidate.”

Other CIA hacks detailed in today’s WikiLeaks disclosures include malware attacks to Windows, Mac OS x and Linux operating systems.

Fame School]11 Barely Alive: “Back to Back”12 San Holo x Yellow Claw: “Alright”13 G-Buck: “B.O.B.

Apple’s $1,000 iPhone x has hit the market and it’s certainly a phone.

Worse, the price to repair an out of warranty iPhone x is incredible.

Replacing the iPhone x’s screen will run you $279 at an Apple Store.

At $1,000 a go, it’s not likely there’ll be many discarded iPhone x’s out there in the near future.

Medgar Evers, murdered in 1963, Malcolm x, murdered in 1965, and King were men he knew.

Phelps led Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Held, and Nathan Adrian to victory in the men’s 4 x 100 relay.

Read: You won’t be able to buy Apple’s iPhone x Apple launched three new smartphones earlier in September.

Pent-up demand There is likely to be huge demand for the iPhone x, particularly in markets less sensitive to the $1,000 price tag.

“I feel x is beyond the reach of many iPhone users,” Neil Shah, a partner at CounterPoint Research told VICE News.

Like the Model x, the handles are flush with the door.

Unlike the Model S and Model x, the tablet in the Model 3 is horizontal.

The government recently dubbed the Model x the safest SUV ever after it earned a five-star rating in every safety category and subcategory.

(You can see the little red “x” on the padlock in the URL bar.)

Stopping power is delivered with front dual 290mm x 4.5mm floating rotors, with twin two-piston sliding calipers.

A solo 240mm x 5mm rotor with Nissin single-piston caliper provides braking for the rear wheel.

That was Robert Adrian x’s The World in 24 Hours, which is our oldest work.

“Manus x Machina: Fashion In an Age of Technology” is … loose.

But Lil Nas x knows what the public expects of him.

Yes, she went there … spilling tea with Rosa Parks and the wives of Malcolm x and Jesse Jackson.

7 is a fine introduction for Lil Nas x, who was living a completely different life six months ago.

Studio 360’s American Icons series, hosted by Kurt Anderson, has tackled everything from Superman to The Autobiography of Malcolm x.

Interestingly, Professor x has his hair again.

You can’t just say, we were x size and now we’ve doubled.

It’s all chronological and there are barely any “x and y liked” tweets.

Lil Nas x — who has skyrocketed to fame this year — just surprised a ton of fans by seemingly coming out as gay.

“Research and development expenses declined sequentially as Model x development work diminished during the quarter,” the letter said.

LO x Follow Lauren on Twitter.

That makes its decision to start issuing passports with a separate gender category, x, for transgender citizens all the more surprising.

In another piece, a semi-transparent, excessively fingered hand hangs upside down along a 98 x 34-inch length of aluminum foil.

A lesson in Silicon Valley mogul economics: It costs close to $150,00 to buy a Tesla Model x.

The Air Max 95 x Atmos trainers on Tobie’s Instagram Welcome to the ruthlessly dedicated world of grails.

A one-of-a-kind Supreme x Andrei Molodkin “Donald Trump” T-shirt, for example, last seen selling for more than $22,000 on eBay.

Ahead of the launch of its Model x SUV in late 2015, Tesla gave Business Insider a peek inside its modern factory.

However, production of the Model S and x remain as is.

I spy a Model x under wraps.

Okay, find someone who’s really popular in country x and have them work with someone popular in country y and voila.

That was a quick … We x’d that only because all the reasons that I said before.

In roughly a month, he successfully sold off space on the entire 12 x 9 inch canvas for $92.59 an inch.

The small works on paper (each one is 15 x 12 inches) repeat the vertical format of Goldberg’s paintings, but in miniature.

Love Paul x.”

This is a five-shelf unit that measures 11.5 x 12 x 42 inches.

iPhone x orders “have already been very strong,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on the company’s earnings call.

It went down Wednesday night at the Savage x Fenty show in Brooklyn, NY.

It’s not like I’m going out of my way to show x, Y, and Z—discussion is baked into the writing.

In 2018, x was equal to 26, and as it does every year, the stat went viral.

Low-income and young women have the most unintended pregnancies, and are mostly served by Title x clinics.

For a site-specific art exhibition that claims to be about attention to the environment, Desert x 2019 seems surprisingly insensitive to context.

DMx‘s attorney, Murray Richman, tells TMZ … it seems like x just forgot, because he was preoccupied with the trip.

Richman says x usually notifies his probation officer if he’s leaving New York to perform, so this is unlike him.

Neither Gen x nor the Baby Boomers came close to that kind of spending.

x, the division that tries to create new companies within Alphabet, considers a bunch of new project ideas every year.

“[Model] x became a technology bandwagon of every cool thing you can imagine all at once.

We didn’t have that with the Model x or S. As far as we know there are no issues.

If an idea is promising, x will hire a few people to explore the idea further and build a working prototype.

But the vast majority of ideas x considers never graduate to become Waymo-style companies.

For example, in 2014 x developed technology to create a gasoline substitute from sea water.

Sugar + spice + everything nice + Chemical x = The Powerpuff Girls are back after 11 years.

The line between chivalry and looking like Big Tony, Simon Cowell’s old bouncer on the x Factor, is a thin one.

In other music news, Lil Nas x saw some MAJOR surges as well since coming out as gay.

One Olympic discipline is so badass that if its athletes performed bare chested in cargo shorts, they’d probably star at the x Games.

All athletes aim for the sweet spot, an x in the center, because it offers maximum spring.

The black rectangle around the x is also key, because landing outside of it will cost at least one-tenth of an execution point.

There’s no reason that a piece has to upend “everything you thought about x” in order to be great.

xylophone The only thing a xylophone is good for is using the x in Scrabble.

Where they all overlapped was the “x marks the spot” on this cosmic treasure hunt.

It’s 3 x 1062.

x got preachy with the crowd at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival … a day after his release from jail for multiple tax evasion charges.

The iPhone x is finally here, which means it’s time to start worrying about breaking it.

With an all-glass back and huge bezel-less screen, the iPhone x is practically begging to be dropped and shattered.

Plus, iPhone x screen repairs are expensive ($280 if you don’t have AppleCare+) and the fixing the back could be even pricier.

Business Insider compiled some of its top picks for iPhone x cases.

For the Apple-obsessed: Apple iPhone x leather case

Apple’s leather cases have long been a great option for any new iPhone.

The tortoise finish is subtle, fashionable, and matches the high-end vibe of the iPhone x.

Enter Roxxlyn’s marble iPhone x case.

For super-efficient: Speck Presidio iPhone x wallet case

Sure, you can keep everything in one place with a folio case.

Luckily, a company called Incipio just came out with something similar for the iPhone x.

Jeremia Jones & MNDM – “Bombaclat” ft Maikal x & Royston Williams9.

LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) – Lil Nas x spoke about the backlash to coming out as gay in a BBC interview on Friday.

Chicago rapper Kembe x is a true chameleon.

The smallest painting measures 12 x 12 inches, while the largest is 53 x 80 inches and one of his best.

Like a hellish carnivorous plant mutated by some Mysterious Chemical x, my fascination with the horrifying has only gotten bigger, hungrier.

Tesla introduced its Model x with its stylish falcon wings to the world in September 2015.

Like the Model S, the Model x comes in three different versions starting at $74,000.

But the Model x was a bit of a production nightmare and suffered several delivery delays.

The Model S and Model x recently got a major battery upgrade to extend their ranges.

Tourists usually only want to spend x amount of money on a souvenir.

Musk announced a new 100-kilowatt-hour battery upgrade for the Model S and Model x cars that have Ludicrous modes in August.

The new battery option also extends the range of the Model x with Ludicrous mode to 289 miles.

In January, Tesla rolled out its 7.1 software update — giving the Model S and Model x several cool new semi-autonomous features.

Earlier this year, we told you about Cafe x, a San Francisco-based coffee kiosk operated by the world’s first robot barista.

Click here to RSVP for free, purchase premium tickets, or learn more about the Smorgasburg x VICE Night Markets.

READ MORE: Inside Cafe x, Home of the World’s First Robot Barista Is there a human—who needs health care—behind the machine?

But if you think about it, Cafe x is nothing more than a fanciful vending machine.”

Reached for comment, Cafe x CEO and founder Henry Hu told us, “It’s actually pretty straightforward.

Cafe x is not a vending machine.

Will Mr. Eric Sir and the rest of the Bay Area accept Cafe x‘s stance on the surcharge?

Malcolm x himself looks into the eyes of the white police chief and makes a demand that gets met.

I start my painting day by working on a 12 x 12 inch portrait in oil for a couple hours.

The 12 x 12 is an ongoing project that is meant to be exploratory and experimental.

It is on the small side, at about 16 x 16 feet.

I paint in an area that is only 5 x 6 feet (pictured here).

Intro MixFenix Flexin x Ohgeesy – “Boot It Up” prod.

Ron-Ron *World Premiere* Master Kato x Ralfy The Plug x Ketchy The Great – “Zombie” prod.

All the new phones will also come with edge-to-edge displays that feature the same notch seen in last year’s iPhone x.

If you end up being one of the successful few, The x Factor’s track record is pretty good, at least short term.

He wrote down his thing, or Bill Gates, or x, Y, Z, or Harry Schultz, x, Y, Z.

A new version of the iPhone x will be called the iPhone xS.

All the new phones will also come with edge-to-edge displays that feature the same notch seen in last year’s iPhone x.

A new version of the iPhone x will be called the iPhone xS.

Did the combined spirits of Malcolm x and Rosa Parks drift down from the heavens and cry right there with you?

We designed the six pieces; two of which were 30 x 90 feet and four that were 30 x 60 feet.

At least x got something out it.

x‘s … can’t live with ’em, can’t trust ’em not to hook up cross-country.

“The 4th” (2012-2017) is a vertical diptych measuring 156 x 74 inches, of a black man standing over a charcoal grill.

The show is curated by Madeline Schwartzman, author of See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception and See Yourself x: Human Futures Expanded.

See Yourself E(x)ist continues at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery (144 West 14th Street, Second Floor, New York, NY) through February 17, 2018.

Beatking x Mr. Mitch – Lock That Ass (Geng Beatleg)13.

@DJParadise809 x @DeejayArtist – TOOK THE NIGHT – (BBM Remix) 14.

Medicare x. Medicare x.

Or, “Why can’t we do a story on x, Y and Z?” Things that my male counterparts would never in a million years imagine.

Who knew that Lana x The Weeknd would be one of 2017’s most interesting pop collabs?

She says Iggy loved it enough to pay $12,000 for the 63″ x 63″ artwork … on the spot.

Like Malcolm x said, it’s like novocaine.

Despite being one of the most iconically “LA” punk bands, x never feared to mock the city for its vapid fashion values.

This follows the unveiling of the iPhone x, which also doesn’t have a home button and unlocks through facial recognition.

Read more: Check out Huawei’s 5G foldable phone, the Mate x Google said it had also struck deals with Nokia, TCL, and Vivo.

For these reasons, a healthy chunk of people online are celebrating x’s death.

Santa hat x Mom’s Glasses x Holiday garlands.

But for x’s cult-like fanbase, the artist’s music was healing.

Those spirited proclamations successfully positioned x for martyrdom, regardless of what critics had to say.

According to Ed, it was Toronto-based filmmaker Director x‘s idea, not Drake’s.

Money laundering, in its simplest form, is making it seem like money that comes from x place actually comes from Y place.

Works from the show recently traveled to China for the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, exhibiting in the Crossover Photography section.

You may stand to make around $250 million x 0.2% x 50% (for dilution).

Moreover, the company delivered fewer than 18,000 of the high-margin S and x vehicles last quarter.

Could demand for Tesla’s late 2015-launched Model x be softening?

Model x deliveries take a hit Tesla delivered about 10,000 Model x units in its second quarter.

But Model x sales declined for the first time on a sequential basis, falling 13%.

Funny enough, a build machine for the Model x actually already exists.

What options are an absolute-must for your Model x?

Management: Growth is on the way Despite the sudden reversal in Model x sales trends, Tesla asserts that demand for the SUV remains strong.

Orders for the Model S and Model x increased leading up to and following Tesla’s Model 3 launch event on July 28.

A lower price: Earlier this month, Tesla announced a $5,000 price cut to its entry-level Model x, making it slightly more accessible to consumers.

Indeed, Tesla said its 20% jump in Model x net orders during Q2 was likely largely driven by the SUV’s improved visibility.

But Tesla has doubled down on quality control for the Model x.

The iPhone x is a big deal for Apple.

“The iPhone x is a key component of Apple’s future” Laura Simeonova, an analyst with CCS Insight, said.

“The iPhone x is a key component of Apple’s future” Laura Simeonova, an analyst with CCS Insight, said.

Multiple reports in recent months have said supply of the iPhone x would be severely constrained when it launches.

If it does well for websites x, Y and Z, then you should do it as well.

As a result, the pressure on iPhone x to outperform is growing.

“I think the iPhone x will stimulate a replacement cycle but one that is smaller in magnitude compared to the iPhone 6,” Windsor said.

(With the new facial-recognition feature on the iPhone x, police might only need to get an unwitting user to look at her phone.)

Brancusi’s slick and elegant sculptural forms echo famous works by Rosso, like “Enfant Malade” (1893–95) and “Madame x” (1896).

What does it take to be a DJ of Venus x‘s caliber and acclaim?

The goal is that if x is plant-based meat and Y is clean meat, x + Y should equal about 99.

But unfortunately for would-be jizztrepreneurs, those sites are something of an outlier, and most “[x], but for sex!”

It’s too early to say with certainty there’s a so-called Planet x out there.

“If Planet x is out there, we’ll find it together,” Green says.

We screwed up in x, Y and Z.

The iPhone 8 may launch in a few days, but everyone is going to be gawking at the iPhone x in a few weeks.

The iPhone x is the woman you’re checking out.

The legendary director of movies like “Do the Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Malcolm x” is promoting an event called, “United We Stand.

The iPhone x is expected to feature inductive or wireless charging, something that high-end Android smartphones have had for several years already.

A staggering 83% of Generation x workers believe they’ll have a harder time achieving financial security than their parents’ generation.

But then IBM debuted an even tinier “computer” in February, a 1mm x 1mm chip with “several hundred thousand” transistors.

She said, “miraculously,” an Indian iPhone x owner found her phone and returned it to her without asking for money, “just blessings.”

“I wish that x and I could be together in hell.”

Forty-one percent of Title x patients choose to get their care at Planned Parenthood.

This suit reflects just one of several attacks on Title x’s vital services.

We hope x in a sentence examples were helpful.