Wow in a sentence | Use of the word wow examples

wow, you know what?

wow, wow, I like this new Jon.

[0756 EDT] – wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian.

wow, did you roll it over?

On the West … Karrueche Tran, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Bow wow, Wiz Khalifa, Sofia Richie, Ryan Phillippe and DeAndre Jordan.

It’s like, ‘wow.

wow, what a name smoothie of black celebs she hates.

My first thought was like, “wow, that sounds really interesting.” Oh really?

wow, well, the smell of it was extraordinary.

What’s even crazier … Post rapped about this exact same scenario happening in his new single, “wow.”

We were like, “wow.

I’ll tell you the big, big difference is, wow, a monthly magazine …

We had a crowd — I looked over that sea of people and I said to myself, “wow.”

“If anything, [LeRoy not existing] accentuated [the value of the work] because it was like, wow!

“I, Robot … You, Jane” (season 1, episode 8) The internet is possessed by a demon robot, and wow are we in 1997.

So there was definitely a wow factor that night.”

wow, I’m gonna pick myself up off the floor now.

You find that, wow, what humans are doing is really significant.

I was just like, “wow, this place is just great.”

(wow, John Edwards flashback!)

When I first saw the script for Get Out, I thought, wow, that’s raw.

EMIN was wow!

wow – Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood!

(“wow…what a list of great role models!

This is actually sad for the country, and not hilarious.” – Democratic Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii “wow!

And wow, what amazing works they were able to create under such duress.

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication … and wow, Comey is a leaker!” Trump tweeted.

“Oh wow,” shouted one tenant.

And things that you truly introduced that are wow, that just come from you.

That, I read those 90 pages, and I thought, “wow, what happened to that guy?

I was like, ‘wow, this could totally destroy your business,’” Bennett said on a call with Vox.

“And they can kind of wow some of their constituents with just looking like a senator.

A colleague would come by every now and then and say, “wow, what are you doing?”

We spend all our time trying to get a robot to open a door and everyone goes, “wow, it opened the door.” Why bother?

Kara Swisher: wow.

Bro-y finance guys, my unlikely friends, that just were like, “wow, like I really see X issue differently because of you.” Fordham dudes?

wow, that’s interesting. — Tyler Green (@TylerGreenDC) January 11, 2017 wow.

LG: One day you wake up and you look at your credit card statement, and you say, “wow!

What makes it work so well is how simple that payoff is: Luke realizes he’s into Lorelai, says, “wow,” and asks her out.

wow, this is fantastic!”

I was like, wow.

And after that … wow.

wow, that’s quite an attitude.

I remember the first time I saw Fred Armisen, I said, “wow, okay, we’re thinking outside the box here.

It also strikes me that, “wow, this is an extraordinary thing.” Do you guys talk about that, how deliberate …

It’s like a gold rush because people see, “Oh, wow, there are trillions of dollars to be made with space-based services.

It would seem both like, “wow, I’ve fulfilled my fantasy,” and also, “I don’t know if this is a great idea.” Yeah.

wow, fantastic, those are both fantastic selections.

wow, great idea!

“Oh … wow … that’s so …

When pressed, said to “take a deep breath + see where it goes” Oh wow.

“It’s classic process improvement to the point where the doctors and nurses go, ‘wow.

wow, what do you know — a video of a white woman being racist has gone viral.

Every single day I’d get up and say, “wow.

I was like, “wow.

“I know, some of the things I’ve been reading on Facebook recently, like wow, some of my friends are crazy!”

Bow wow and the woman were both arrested after they allegedly got in some sort of physical altercation at 4:15 AM Saturday in Atlanta.

The woman claimed Bow wow assaulted her.

Bow wow was booked for Battery with Substantial Physical Harm … despite the fact cops told us the injuries were “minor.”

As for what Bow wow wanted to talk about … it’s kind of Super Bowl-related, except for the team he’s rooting for.

(Also, accepting $92 million in debt, as wow did, is a Bad Idea that will lead to litigation.)

As a kid, I remember having one of wow‘s biggest duds, an unusual VHS-based video game console called the Action Max.

He stops and shouts, “wow, look at that!”

Thankfully, you have me, a faithful wow journalist reporting on the ground from Azeroth, the primary world for most wow action.

The sexual debauchery in wow is well established.

That’s fine when it’s consensual, but perhaps the unwanted behavior here, and elsewhere in wow, has inspired the upcoming silencing patch.

In her opinion, the feature will rid wow of spammers and “just people being dicks in general.”

“As the advent of the internet came on, we were like, ‘Oh, wow!

I mean, for people that say, “wow, they’re really bottle-necking distribution now, there’s fewer companies.” Yeah, but you know what?

wow, Discrimination At It’s Finest,” tweeted the rapper Sir Ski Mask the Slump God.

Vote.GOP [1555 EDT] – wow – thank you Houston, Texas!

wow, the Republican Convention went so smoothly compared to the Dems total mess.

wow, the Republican Convention went so smoothly compared to the Dems total mess.

Because, like, “wow, you’re asking a real question that needs an answer,” rather than softer stuff.

I thought wow, that is a really good slogan.

It’s just wow, that is really, I mean, that is the stuff of a movie.

wow, it seemed very timely.

It’s like, wow, I just knew how to do that instinctively.

wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter.

wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter.

When you invite them for a meal and cook food from their countries they think, wow!”

wow, this video.

“I remember thinking wow, whatever Mark from What the Bleep is up to, I want to do,” Edmondson told CBC.

wow,” said Crenn in her thick French accent.

wow,” says the nurse.

Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and wow, Comey is a leaker!

A standard meme now is to say something like, “wow, this season of America is really going off the rails.

wow, @megynkelly really bombed tonight.

Yeah, watching your interactions very much felt like “wow, yes, that is definitely me and my mom in the kitchen.

It was like: wow!

#AirBnbWhileBlack wow #AirbnbWhileBlack recently used the service & had the HARDEST time bookn.

Analysts said that augmented reality will give iPhone X, releasing today, the “wow factor.

wow, that’s amazing.

wow, cruelty from this administration.

So when these things showed up, I thought, “wow, someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to make these.”

Another regular poster, Celtchar, wrote: “wow.

Adam Sheppard Hi Adam, wow!

wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter.

The aftershocks of wow Air’s bankruptcy highlight how reliant Iceland has become on tourism.

wow was the eighth European airline to have failed since the summer of 2018.

KS: Oh, that was their … CN: wow.

wow, I could be Google material.

I ended up making 8,000 cookies, over 8,000 cookies … KS: wow.

I mean, wow.

wow,” Chaffetz replied.

They’d always play popular Top 40 songs in the background on the show, and so when they played “Shoes,” I was like, wow.

We want that wow factor, for people to say, “Now I understand what that 19-year-old lad felt.”

It’s an instant “wow.”

It made me feel like, wow, I am ghetto.

wow, am I classless?

wow”  As for whether this is actually a thing or not, the two singers have been pretty tight-lipped.

I actually took a couple … Oh, wow.

Casey: Oh wow.

KS: Oh wow.

I remember thinking she read … Louie: wow.

The only people I notice are teachers and that’s the only people … LG: wow.

KS: Oh wow.

I ended up just looking around and deciding, wow, the action here, right around Stanford, was so interesting.

You can build something important that doesn’t cost very much.” wow.

Watch: British Comedy’s Rising Star Michaela Coel on Swapping God for Filthy Jokes wow!

Facebook wants to make people go “wow” this year for something that doesn’t involve a data leak.

wow,” she said, as the crowd began to boo.

And he was like no, sorry, we have nothing for you, and slammed the door in my face, and I was like, wow!

But wow did that lead to some huge snubs.

“I don’t know anything about TV, but I hear that I have to be on it.” wow, that is trenchant.

This is a moment, wow.”

”Oh wow, have I started a sword line that I am unaware of?” Jepsen asked after seeing the post.

LG: wow, imagine if Target had fembots, that would be awesome.

EMIN was wow!

— DGB: wow.

I mean, obviously this thread is being helped along by our friend Woodford Reserve wow and now she is PISSED!!!

I just would email the … Again it was like me emailing the stuff and David emailing the … wow.

I’ll look up his son on Facebook.” Oh wow.

West Brom isn’t exactly the kind of team that you say “wow” about this season.

wow…Jealousy is an ugly thing.Professional jealousy even uglier.

And I thought, wow, here’s this African American girl at this African American party who’s having identity issues.

KS: Oh wow.

“It’s like, ‘wow, I’m like the wizard right now.

Another wrote: “wow, best speech ever.

wow,” said Zac Petkanas, a Hillary for America spokesman.

Newman then says, “wow,” before Trump replies: “You know, they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it.

Newman then says, “wow,” before Trump replies: “You know, they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it.

Mafia rules do not apply for Bow wow.

Ezra Klein: I got 50,000 retweets today on a tweet about Paul Ryan’s record on deficits … Manny Yekutiel: wow.

wow, there’s so many.

wow, that’s pretty.” “Hey, don’t take that [photo],” joked astronaut Frank Borman.

During the warmer months, it’s known as pow wow season because there’s a pow wow every weekend.”

LG: They love Windows Surface tablets, wow.

KS: Oh, wow.

And I said, “wow, that’s a great idea.

wow, that’s going to end well.

The user tweeted, “wow Pink looks so old that should be named Purple instead.”

“They said he’s willing to help us and I’m like, wow, this is amazing!”

wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge!

But wow were Dota fans not having what Valve was selling last night.

[ Laughs] Guerrasio: wow.

Lenape community members, in partnership with Park Avenue Armory, host the first Lenape pow wow in Manhattan since their forced displacement in the 1700s.

He said, “wow, that’s incredible.

AB: wow, exotic, so …

Then I’d taste them all individually and say, “wow, these are all completely different”.

“That’s what’s different about this moment: We are now in a political context where people are realizing, ‘wow!

“And then they looked to the Congress and they said, ‘wow.

wow, what a journey we have been on.

Read: wow, This Is a Big Gator

“It’s classic process improvement to the point where the doctors and nurses go, ‘wow.

wow, is this a disappointing Republican health care bill.

To be honest, at first I kind of did, but then I tasted it and thought, “Oh wow, this is really good ice cream!”

So I’m going, “wow, that’s what gaslighting feels like” — to make you feel like you’re crazy.

Todd: wow, I never once thought that it maybe didn’t happen.

wow, yes, many Kanye.

Dara Lind: Oh, wow, Genevieve.

His 1996 three-disc set, Emancipation, included covers of the Sylistics’ “Betcha By Golly wow” and “La-La (Means I Love You)” by The Delfonics.

“I remember trying young watermelon for the first time and thinking, wow, this is terrific.

I won one,” Bow wow bragged.

FYI, Lonzo Ball should have CRUSHED all three games … and Bow wow knows it.

wow, I should meet up with more of my exes to get closure for the wake of misery I caused.

Oh, wow, pajamas.

More than one person who knew me then has commented, wow, your life has gotten way better!

I was like, “Oh, wow, that’s the guy.

wow, President Obama just landed in Cuba, a big deal, and Raul Castro wasn’t even there to greet him.

I remember thinking, wow, the heroin has really cleared up my drinking like a pirate problem.

Hospitals in the UK are struggling to treat their patients with many of their computers inoperative: wow.

I thought, wow, this is actually happening.

All the magical stuff of, “Oh, wow.

Oh wow, that’s a bummer.

Oh wow, early on.

wow, well done.

As in, wow, how’d he get hold of that?

wow, the highly respected Governor of Iowa just stated that ‘Ted Cruz must be defeated.’

And when it finally comes about, it always seems like, “wow,” but you ignore the decades of work that went into it.

We felt that our fans would be a bit like, “wow.”

[Episode II, 3:25] **wow, really seems like Mike has changed.

We should note that the FDA wants to fast track approval for generics when things like this happen — but just, wow.

wow, that’s an interesting question.

What’s your interpretation of the ending?wow!

“Overall, these products are offering consumers an impressive wow factor with real-world uses.”

The Large Piano from the Movie BIG wow, Robert Loggia stepped on you, join the club.

The editors said, “wow.

Crash Cymbal wow some genius had the brilliant idea to smash two instruments together, congrats.

Okay, wow, I’m just going to test you a few more times.

wow, that is commitment if I ever heard it.

wow, how a decade can fly by.

I thought, “wow, this is coming out right after the inauguration!”

“And people were like, wow, you’re making these references, you’re making these jokes I understand.

wow, that sounds smutty, but hey that’s what the music’s like.

wow, you’re kidding!

I’m like wow!

Well, a life-size, clay sculpture of him — and wow, is it unforgiving.

wow, so many lies by now disgraced acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

wow, okay, so how many Fitbits are there now?

When I met the brothers, it was really wow.

wow, all those numbers.

And I said … wow, Lauren pulls at the strings.

It’s fast, versatile, and it kicks off with one of wow‘s best starting zones so far.

I am very petite, so I’ve had people tell me, “wow, you don’t look like a typical chef!”

KS: Yeah, wow, that’s cool.

[ad] KS: wow that was really ka-chingy today, Lauren.

“I get caught off guard when someone asks me to reflect, but then you think, Oh wow, this has been amazing.

“Then this opportunity came and I said wow, this is perfect.” Joshi has plenty of work ahead.

I’m pretty good at … LG: wow.

LG: wow if she’s not …

wow, that was good.

This is 1998 and it’s like, “wow, that’s terrifying, let’s revisit this.” And we didn’t.

Oh wow, that’s perfect.

wow so do you recommend people do this regularly then?

Less Quick Comment: Story is the story of baseball, which is as it should be because wow.

We get a lot of comments when we write music that doesn’t have pow wow in it.

We have to make pow wow samples in all our music or it’s not the same music, which is hilarious to me.

And by terrifying we mean wow, they’re really close to the edge.

I remember thinking at first, “wow.

Bow wow came out strong in support of Snoop Dogg after Trump took a shot at Snoop for his controversial “Lavender” video.

But Sincere says there’s a line in any beef, and Bow wow definitely crossed it with the Melania tweet.

wow, Hillary Clinton was SO INSULTING to my supporters, millions of amazing, hard working people.

I was like, “Oh wow, we’ve been doing this for centuries.

Well Doris Kearns Goodwin, Samantha Bee … wow.

And they’re like, “wow, that was fast.” I’m like, “What?

“This sounds like it was on Guitar Hero!” chirps one fresh-faced young girl when faced with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” “wow.

Oh wow, I went to Anime North too…

If he was somewhat appealing to a liberal being from San Francisco, I got wow.

wow, we are really attracting a younger demographic here on Too Embarrassed to Ask, and I really like this.

It would have been like, “wow, he really got under her skin.” And we would have spent the next three weeks dealing with that.

The singer debuted the video during Sunday’s episode of World of Danceand the hairstyles— wow.

But wow, look at this thing.

But the guys, my Republican friends, read the book and they said, “wow, I never saw it that way.

The lines spoken by the narrator are basically a poem rivaling those written by America’s laureates: I mean, wow.

“Surely not……crikey!” wow.

Jen: wow, that question didn’t come up for me at all, but I think it’s valid.

wow, what a clutch performance from big fella Opelka in winning 1st career 5 setter over Stanimal,” he tweeted.

Like, wow, why does he have this big orchestra?

When those stories hit, first the Times, then the New Yorker, did you go, “Oh, wow.

But, wow, I really don’t want to watch that.

wow, normally they can’t do that shit.’

Now it’s this visual storytelling platform that, it’s actually, we call it a “community-powered entertainment destination.” Oh, wow.

KS: Oh wow.

Trump has that ‘wow’ factor.” Yes.

Bow wow‘s latest stop was Club Onyx in Dallas Wednesday.

I thought, “wow, this is a good place for me to jumpstart my career.

Bow wow … best birthday party thrower ever.

Yeah, so I think I didn’t take anything personally, I was just like, “wow.”

I still utilize my modern techniques, information, and knowledge, but it not to have any wow factor—it is to make things taste better.

If the common denominator among so many shows on this list is “wow, this shouldn’t have worked,” then this one really takes the cake.

wow, I had no idea” he said.

wow, Schiller said it took “courage” to move from the analog headphone jack to Lightning.

Hawkins: Oh, wow.

He came to the idea from … wow.

I look at it and I see when buying drinks, I’m like, “wow, that’s the tenth drink this week.” It’s interesting.

wow, this got heavy, Thanks, Michael.

When you create a human being, you’ll always have a peace of each other’s hearts.Drake: wowFuture: “wow” shit.

fuckawmuhphoan *Future hangs up* Drake: …lol wow he opened up to me.

I would talk to her like, ‘wow, she’s fantastic.’” And it was fascinating that everyone didn’t want me to say that.

I was sort of like, wow, and it just took one second to get him back to normal.

It will be funny.” Then at some point you go, “Oh, wow.

[end clip] LG: wow, okay.

LG: Oh wow.

KS: Oh wow.

wow, @CNN has nothing but my opponents on their shows.

“I was thinking, wow, is my past all there is?” she says.

KS: wow, okay.

And I realized when I did this it was like, oh wow, I could do this anywhere.

And you felt like, wow, this is really intensely personal, and it’s happening in public.

I’m like, wow, really, you could have me killed and dismembered in two seconds like, or whatever you want to do.

wow, putting me on the spot here.

Seavitt said what Hackett lacked in the “wow factor,” he made up for in sincerity and credibility.

Oh my God, wow.

To be honest, at the time, I just thought, “wow, I’ve arrived.

That’s … wow.

wow, that’s fascinating.

Literally almost did and I thought, “wow, I’d rather take my chances with an autonomous car.” The problem is that a car …

And then he goes, “Don’t tell anybody else.” wow.

Well, because fools rush in where angels fear to tread, I said, wow, we should try that!” says Durning.

The Life Of Pablo, wow.

And so, for example, I spent a week trying to recreate my dad’s Walkman in 3-D. KS: wow.

And I was like, “wow, imagine if this was the companion to all music.”

And they’d be like, “wow, cool!”

Marco Rubio is chiding Trump on *tactical* grounds for saying all Muslims hate us wow.

But they’re like, “wow, you’re doing this as a family.” They’re very supportive.

wow… that must’ve been some weekend.

But wow, those expectations.

It was just like, wow.

You know, one of the things we were going for was a “wow” factor, and anytime Steve got onstage it was a “wow” factor.

wow, isn’t this amazing?” she said, before being called away to aid another Protector.

She lets out a drawn-out wow.

As in, “wow, that Del Taco burrito sure is something awful.”

You open up this book and you know he never goes, “wow that Secret Wars was hard.”

Now, if for some reason your grandma decided to give you $300,000 for chores (which, wow!

That’s just a small example of like, “wow.

Then I met you and said, “wow, this is a really interesting business, you should come on the podcast.” And here you are.

He was on the George Stephanopoulos show and I just thought, “wow.

“I remember thinking, ‘wow, there is a local official like that,’” she told me.

Here, for example, is a Snapchat map showing the rallies along the East Coast: wow.

As we walked back into chambers, she said “wow.”

There’s a big “wow” factor here, and you can do this with any cake.

He adds, in a tone of fake awe: “Oh, wow!”

wow, it’s such a good video.

Oh wow, is that the Trump Hotel Las Vegas?

“When I first got on set I was like, wow, there’s cameramen!

wow, that’s interesting.

But wow, I really should’ve paid closer attention to what you’re doing.

HansAssholeSolo was a frequent commenter on The_Donald, and he initially appeared to be over the moon that Trump had tweeted his video: “wow!!

Kumail Nanjiani: wow, I mean, guys, this is a great storyline.

She managed to wow George Schultz, who I happened to know through my reporting is passionate about science.

Judging by the music videos, Janelle Monáe’s new album Dirty Computer isn’t exactly going for subtle — and wow, we are blessed.

So you were invited there where you had gotten your initial, “wow, tech is fantastic.” You were back there.

Take a look: wow.

Even UFC boss Dana White paid tribute to the musician, posting a photo of Mac Miller and writing, “wow!!!!

wow Freestyle” by Jay Rock (feat.

He even used the same photo to come up with another thought about midnight suns: wow.

And I’m like wow, you know what would be cool, is if we change it.

They are holding their heads like, “This guy, wow.

I said, “Oh wow, I thought for sure you’d hate me.”

Right in this blessed duchy.” “wow,” I said.

So when the paramedic comes to you, you’ll say ‘wow, my left arm hurts, I have a tingling feeling,” Fagel said.

wow, was I wrong.”

And wow, does Grombre do that, in the best possible way.

It is passé to talk about the internet (wow, isn’t it killing us etc), it is also sickening (go outside!

wow, you built the wall then, that’s … Just for a second, and for a good cause.

(“wow, is that spooky!” exclaimed a woman in the gallery.)

wow, James Corden.

“Those cameras are going off, oh wow.

“Those cameras are going off, oh wow.

So, with iPad upgrade sales flagging and official Apple Watch sales numbers conspicuously absent, what could Apple do to wow people again?

wow, the more I listen to this and write about it the more hype I’m getting.

Open up your phone and look at all these attractive women on it.” And they would say, “wow.

“I had to think about it, like, ‘wow.

And then some people you meet and it’s like, wow, we actually click!

I don’t know how anyone could do anything but feel, like, wow!

I was like, “wow, they’re coming together.

“It was a ‘wow’ thing.” Then there was noise, commotion, and a body landed on the hood of her car.

wow, that’s a really great question.

SB: Hey, wow, that’s my …

Oh wow, I don’t think most people usually know this.

Standard question whenever I talk to somebody in comedy back then was, “wow, Donald Trump, that’s pretty crazy, huh?” Right.

“People were like, ‘wow, cauliflower!

And like three or four days later, they wrote and they’re like, “Well, would you like to be a job candidate?” Oh wow.

Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and wow, Comey is a leaker!

By the time you’re 400 feet in the air, wow, your courage has to go way up.

Watch for yourself: wow — huge boos for Ivanka and John Bolton when they emerge for the news conference!

wow, I don’t know.

Spike is a person that just does—he doesn’t really talk too much, he just does it and you’re like, “Oh, wow.

Can you hear that “wow” now?

“Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN wow!

they can go back to that list and say, ‘Ok, wow, I did these ten things that prove I’m not totally useless.”

Rost: wow, that’s heavy.

IF on the off chance, aliens actually (and who could guess this) exist, then… wow, DeLonge’s got quite an opening.

Bradley Cooper) me: can I request a song DJ: sure what is it?me: wow ANOTHER remake?

The origin of the notorious wow!

I went up there and set up a camera and thought wow, this looks epic with the sky in the background.

wow, that’s real.

“I have received over 500 emails this week about the wow paper.

I suspect that SETI, who has used the wow signal as a source of revenue, is nervous.”

“With wow, it found it in one feed but it doesn’t find it in the second.

And when Twitter was all new, we said, oh wow, not only it’s new, it’s for free.

“The claimed detection—even if it’s real—is much, much weaker than the wow signal, and lasts for longer.

“Saying ‘The wow signal might be a comet if comets do something we haven’t seen them doing’ seems not very exciting.”

wow, that’s a big role you played, and such a successful campaign.

And the prices are low and wow, they deliver on time, and stuff like that.

Permanently … Y’know, then I will say, “wow!

wow, this thread has blown up far more than I expected it would.

wow!’s past, then shifts gears to contemplate artistic integrity, the joys of travel, or theorize about next great art capital of the world.

wow!’s success.

Interesting to see the two female journos who actually broke the story being written out of history already wow.

wow, Ted Cruz falsely suggested Marco Rubio mocked the Bible and was just forced to fire his Communications Director.

“The numbers are good, but they weren’t wow enough,” said Jeff Auxier, founder & portfolio manager at Auxier Asset Management.

wow, such enthusiasm and energy for Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” Trump said in a tweet.

The raised eyebrows signal, ‘Oh, wow, you caught me off guard!

Michael Cohen’s prepared opening statement for his testimony before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday is out — and wow, is it a doozy.

You know, it’s like, wow, that’s really inaccurate.

“They have revenue that recurs.” While ambitious projections may wow investors, they can also imperil fledging enterprises.

Who cares?” wow.

“I thought, wow, this is really weird.

wow, you really know these.

Unless it’s part of a kind of organized and self conscious … And then, wow, does it come.

I’m always like, ‘wow!

wow, just heard that my poll numbers with Hispanics has gone up 19%, to 50%.

Surfing is a way that they think… Oh wow, I can do stuff, I can be successful in things!

HV: wow, that definitely makes me want to see it.

In this grand tapestry of illusions that she wants to create in New York City.” “wow,” Vogt responded.

One of his traffic tickets had been dismissed, so he posted, “No fine, no court costs, no nothing spent….Praise be to GOD, wow!

One of his traffic tickets had been dismissed, so he posted, “No fine, no court costs, no nothing spent….Praise be to GOD, wow!

There’s a racist sign, and it’s like, wow, they’re really economically anxious!

And I thought, “wow, that would …” You know, to get here from Washington, you have to fly over the country.

Now they can “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” or “angry” a post.

wow, was I wrong.”

wow, though, isn’t that so boring to read about?

Once I got there I realized, “wow, this paper needs to be filled every day.

Iceland’s sustained growth since 2010 can be summarized in three letters: wow.

In 2012, Iceland-based wow Air began offering extremely cheap flights from Europe to Iceland, and in 2015 it expanded to North America.

Now you can be like, “Oh wow, I never thought about doing it like that!

“At the time, you know, 1973, 1974, I think most women felt like, ‘wow, we’re living in this historic time.

wow,” she moaned, the essay she’d come to ask for help with now crumpled on the floor.

wow, what a great question.

Brian Michael Jenkins: wow.

Jen Kirby Oh, wow.

The meat was reasonably juicy and good quality, but the “wow” factor wasn’t there.

But to say, “Everything you are seeing in the media is a lie” — wow, that is pretty dangerous stuff.

Yeah, California Department of Public Health had the preschool data sets and I just downloaded them and started looking at clustering and … Oh, wow.

“I was like, wow, this exists?

wow,” said Woods.

And I’m like, wow, these people take this stuff really seriously.

wow, well I wanna talk about that in a second.

I remember hearing that and being sixteen and being, like, wow, I guess I do still feel like I’m younger.

That part we have, and that has been why we’ve been able to successfully fundraise, and sort of the wow of our business.

wow, the umbilical cord now.

That’s, wow.

Whitney Westerfield (@KyWhitney), a Republican state senator from Kentucky, tweeted on Monday, “wow.

And thought, “wow.

Well, I think unfortunately the result to some of the people like Mark and others is, “wow.

They realize, “wow, our kids are getting addicted to this stuff at such a young age.

If I were in one of those positions, I would say, “wow, what an asset.” At a time where people don’t trust anyone … Yeah.

wow — Trump says he doesn’t think Kim Jong Un is responsible for Otto Warmbier’s death.

Another said: “wow this woman has no morals and can’t afford to pay for her own meal.”

wow, I’m so proud of her.

And I remember thinking, “wow, I’m going to have the chance now to not be the top of the ticket.

We are a very large company and we deserve to be put under anyone’s Microsoft” — Microsoft, wow!

And I look back and I just say, “wow, I’ve made so many bad decisions.”

There’s very few people who don’t see a Todd Haynes film and go, “wow.

wow,” Hayden said Friday at an event in New York City.

Someone wrote back and said, “I’m in line at Barnes & Noble to see Ben speak.” Oh wow.

The outrage: wow, did you see the results?

wow… that must’ve been some weekend.

At what point did you realize, “wow, this is not good content”?

KS: wowee wow.

wow, that sounds like him.

ZS: Oh wow.

And, when I saw that stat, I thought wow, like, this is clearly an issue.

wow, things move quickly in this town.

Yeah, and that’s funny because it’s like, “Oh, wow! wow – @beck, Grohl and the remaining living members of Nirvana honor Bowie + Cobain with ‘Man Who Sold The World’

It wasn’t … it didn’t … especially prices, I didn’t say, “Oh wow, I gotta have it.”

For me, however, the spare design proved a distraction, if only because the visual elements of the production felt calculated specifically not to wow.

“If you had a grounding of something like the 737-800, wow what an impact.

When they said they were 14, Trump, who again was 46 at the time, said, “wow!

They couldn’t lean on the wow factor of what it looked like.

Pay $1 to get into the Met and wow your date with what you know about sculptures and perspective and line.

wow, good, okay.

(Oliver responded, “wow, that is an astonishing level of economic insight coming from someone who lives in a trash can.”)

I thought, well, wow, this terrifies me.

We were like “wow I can’t believe people technically in another country like our band.” So that was really cool.

They also shot dance scenes with Mike to be included in the “wow.”

We’d be on the beach and he’d be like, “Oh wow.

wow, that is one serious, heavy book for a vacation.

A few years ago, Brown did an ethnographic study of couples in wow who engaged in erotic role play, together and separately.

wow, in the first few seconds we get a major plot twist, where it turns out that Iron Man is in space.

wow, I’m already SO excited for this movie.

I thought, wow, a very specific taste.

And then there are momentous events that involve everyone saying, “wow, we’re living through a momentous civilizational change!”

I was like wow, yeah.

To the person’s question about, “wow, cleaners are very hard-working, not necessarily paid very well,” our position is, we know that.

5:37 pm ET: Oh wow.

wow, that’s amazing.

wow, did I feel feelings.

wow, in Massachusetts.

We were trying to help them better predict their beer output and match demand with supply, particularly around different … Oh wow.

wow was such a great night at the BET awards.

Here’s Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman making the case on Twitter: wow Google, congrats on a new low.

Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver, known for founding wow Café Theater, the oldest women and trans theater space in the country, are artists.

I thought, wow this is fun.

Oh, wow, the conclusion of Super Size Me is that this former vegetarian gained a bunch of weight and feels sick?

I thought, wow, this is even harder than we thought it would be.

15 CSU Bakersfield: wow, really?

He says, “Come to my child’s birthday party.” I said, “wow, okay.” This is going to be amazing, right?

I mean, the whole place was just … My mind, I was just like, “wow,” you know?

wow, because of the pressure put on by me, ICE TO LAUNCH LARGE SCALE DEPORTATION RAIDS.

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and wow, Comey is a leaker!” Trump tweeted.

I’ve moved it down- wow.

wow is one of those Soulbound things.

wow, more Donald Trump.

If you watch any of the CNBC, Bloomberg type shows, people are just saying, “wow, how high can it go!”

Without a PS4 No Man’s Sky was out of my reach, so it looked like wow was back on the menu.

We celebrated our union by making new characters together in wow.

I was left to wander the vast expanse of wow without a friend on the server.

Rho and I spent all our time together between work, school, and wow.

When I arrived back home, I had changed and had no desire to play wow anymore.

When I left my computer to travel the world, I hadn’t socialized outside of wow for at least a year.

Some of you may be thinking, “wow, that sounds like a great way to lose weight!

wow, OK—that’s more than twice as much as it’s actually selling for.

wow — Trump repeatedly mangles the word “origins,” on three separate occasions saying “oranges” instead.

I think it was four big I said, wow, that’s a big thing.

You really see, wow, that is really absurd how a person is treated in life.

We hope wow in a sentence examples were helpful.