Wondering in a sentence | Use of the word wondering examples

pic.twitter.com/w6ylSZcnCQ Warren’s calls have also gotten others online wondering why they haven’t received a call.

Finally, we can all stop wondering: The most perfectly conforming NYT wedding photo of all time belongs to Tyler Davidson and Hilary Burt.

By now you’ll be wondering: What exactly is Poole’s Land?

This situation got me wondering, though.

I get that, but wondering who you think … I’m not blaming you.

Aaron M.: With the Mayweather/McGregor super-fight about to go down, it has me wondering about other cross-sport super battles.

if you’re wondering where to find Viceland, click through to our helpful channel finder on the Viceland website.

The term “Latin America” has been widely debated among curators, and I am wondering how you conceive of it.

I am having to adjust to that,” she said one day as we were drinking beer and wondering what had happened.

One friend texted me: “I was also wondering, like, is my cum going to be all clear and watery?

I’m always wondering, ‘How did this person vote?

The missiles appear to be getting more advanced — and that has a lot of people wondering how far these missiles can go.

“That’s more people than live in Iceland,” he says (around 330,000, since you’re wondering).

(Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes, Yahoo was indeed named, by the farmer’s daughter, after the cash-strapped tech multinational.)

I was wondering if you two could weigh in on that?

I’m wondering if you have any insight about that after trying a lot of this stuff.

Coming out of the exhibition, the viewer can’t help wondering what the real endgame of his brand of Modernism is.

I’m wondering what you think the states can do and also what the federal government can do to prevent future mass shootings.

But I still find myself wondering why conservatives have an easier time constructing and spreading fantasy narratives.

And we’re wondering, what is the city doing?

All of sudden I get up and I’m in the position where I’m wondering if they are going to award the win.

I’m now wondering if my grand plan has backfired.

“I was so fearful, wondering how this was going to happen.

“You’re wondering how it ended?” Sylvia asks us in one of the film’s final scenes, breaking the fourth wall.

It wouldn’t be surprising, then, if Manafort is starting to feel a little lonely — and wondering whether that pardon will materialize after all.

Not knowing what to say, she had trailed off into an awkward silence, wondering if this had come up before.” It hadn’t.

Both of us were wondering what we had done.

I started wondering what had happened to my aunt’s homemade sweatshirts, painstakingly appliquéd every year with puffy paint and iron-on fabric.

Judge Sullivan, however, seems to be wondering why Flynn should get special treatment.

In case you were wondering, Elizabethkingia (pronounced Eleeza-beeth-kin-gea) is a type of bacteria named for Elizabeth O.

BTW … in case you were wondering who the Serena Williams of the squad is — the team pointed her out to us too.

I’m wondering what Manafort has told Mueller as part of this deal.

So it kind of left us wondering, “What are we gonna do?”

And finally, another round of wondering: If not this tragedy, then what will it take?

(If you’re wondering, the back of the machine sports 4 USB 3.0 jacks, an SD card reader, and a mini displayport jack.

You may be wondering why steps haven’t been taken to either harness the crater’s energy or just extinguish it entirely.

I remember wondering why the reporters could not tell us which areas were affected or where the photos they kept showing were taken.

But the track record of his vice presidential candidate Mercedes Aráoz has many wondering.

And so I was looking at the Trump administration wondering, who was going to be Haldeman?

What are you doing?” I was wondering, what position … Downward-facing dog.

If you’re wondering whether there will be an all-out war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it’s unlikely.

I am sick of hearing about a murder and wondering if it will be someone I know.

But all this got us wondering: Are we actually living in a post-factual era?

I stayed in bed dumbfounded, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Yet the exhibition left me wondering whether there are ways of representing gender without a bodily reference.

And if you took note of that, you might spend most of the episode wondering why that is.

I wander around the exhibition looking at naked bodies and wondering when exactly nudity became passé.

But the FBI seems to have also been wondering whether they were part of an effort to obstruct justice to Russia’s benefit.

I became massively confused, wondering why my guy wanted to turn the tide of our passionate night toward a tickle party.

We all walked out wondering if she wrote the “get your head out of your cockpit” line.

But this whole time, I’ve been wondering where it really fits with contemporary (i.e., the generation after me) gamers’ tastes.

By the end of The Bad Batch, I found myself wondering if it would be more effective to have just eliminated the talking entirely.

In case you were wondering what qualifies Russia to partake in the Eurovision Song Contest every year: this.

LS: I was just wondering, what do you think about sports betting?

Have you been wondering what sorts of nightlife misadventures are in store for you this month?

“Hey @NHL,” the Blues wrote on Twitter on Thursday … “Barclay was wondering if he gets his name on the Cup, too?”

He also says that a woman brought up his ringback tone on a first date, wondering why he hadn’t ditched it.

That got me wondering about other people’s sexual awakenings, so I asked some friends to cast their minds back to their first fantasies.

“In case you were wondering, Brothers’ TNT Pepperoni does NASTY things to a seagull’s digestive system,” he wrote on Facebook.

Personally, I know I’m ready to stop wondering and start watching game film.

She’s wondering why you haven’t called in a while.

If you’re wondering what the hell a Toyota car parade is … think your local highway at rush hour, with ONLY Toyotas.

The story leaves one wondering: Will someone be fired for Facebook’s role in all of this?

You might be wondering: who benefits from repealing these protections?

BTW … Avery is ridiculously hot, so much so that we’re wondering if the Chiefs should have Kelce’s eyes checked.

I’d spent the last year or so wondering about his whereabouts, never coming any closer to solving the mystery of his disappearance.

At this point you might be wondering what the difference between a “local” and a “federated” timeline is.

In case you’re wondering

A most hallowed and ancient form of looking, wondering, and communing with humanity through the ages!

Latasha was left to crawl out of the vehicle, with a bullet lodged in her thigh, wondering why the cops had opened fire.

wondering why the Academy hasn’t given him an Oscar yet when he clearly deserves one.

In case you are wondering, there’s no legal rule saying a person who’s being audited can’t release his returns.

I’m wondering, Stitch Fix at times has mentioned network effects.

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the higher end of the fashion space.

But some black voters in Alabama say decades of being taken for granted by Democrats have them wondering why they should bother.

But some black voters in Alabama say decades of being taken for granted by Democrats have them wondering why they should bother.

“I remember thinking, That’s not good, maybe I should go back to the doctors, but then wondering, What’s the point?

In case you were wondering … Uncle Sam forked over $320,549.26 to Garden State Fireworks for the sparkly show.

If you’re wondering what made Luke Cage so unique for his time, it was his anti-Superman-ness.

BTW, if you were wondering if Colton’s still a virgin after shooting the upcoming “Bachelor in Paradise” season … we got your answer.

Right now, you’re like a vagabond where you don’t have a team and you’re wondering.”

“Climb out the bathroom window,” his answer is so confident it leaves you wondering if he’s done that before.

I’m still wondering as well, so if anybody figures it out let me know.

(Sungir 1 is the skeleton of a middle-aged male, in case you’re wondering.)

Here were six big takeaways: Before the speech, many reporters were wondering if Trump might finally clarify his views on global warming.

There’s now a superior court in Brazil wondering why “Big Country” Nelson kicked “Big” John McCarthy in the ass.

), leaving the Twitterati wondering if the show would end with a divorce.

Given that context, progressives are wondering why Democratic leaders don’t just push for the more ambitious option to begin with, and go from there.

Last year, someone on Reddit asked the dan _ the question you might be wondering: why?

People would fan out, wondering if there was a single planet that might have them.

“I’m wondering if my child will survive.” _____ Cassandra Vinograd is a freelance journalist and producer.

Diplomats and analysts were left scratching their heads, wondering what Mattis actually meant.

If you’re wondering what predictions Gerrold would make in 2018, here they are.

You may look up from what you’re doing, wondering if it’s a problem with your connection, or if your battery’s died.

Our Hazel sources say she’s wondering what took them so long to make it official?

That leaves a bunch of people who’ve just watched the world crumble, trapped together on a boat, wondering what happens next.

I’m wondering what you’d put Lady Bird in if she were in Booksmart.

At this point you might be wondering: How did Spencer know cooking with microwaves was safe?

Stepping back, I’m wondering what you think on a grand scale: Is boxing wrong?

I’m wondering what it will mean when the Center discovers it, or if they even care.

Also, I’m wondering if you have offered your therapist any feedback on your relationship.

You may be wondering why any of this matters, and I’m not going to oppose your nihilism.

Most recently, though, people are wondering what they tell us about his marriage.

All the while, closed-guard traditionalists frown and Helio Gracie rolls over in his grave, wondering what they have wrought.

We’re wondering what will Starbucks’ new training program—the one that will ensure this doesn’t happen again—look like?


Trump’s reality TV take on his Fed chair pick leaves Wall Street wondering who’ll get hired

But given the difficulty of designing an effective jobs program, it’s worth wondering if other policies can do the same thing.

https://t.co/W4MWrbJOOJ https://t.co/NLy2KNrnYc We’re still wondering what the French fencer was doing with his phone in the first place.

Yabe’s figurines own their scars — an inspiration as 2018 inflicts fresh wounds and leaves us wondering what do with our disfigurements.

“People are also wondering why such a dark storyline has been included in a game that wants to be loving and joyful.

For those wondering about Trump invoking a national emergency: Remember he also ordered [Robert] Mueller’s firing twice (allegedly).

Perhaps that’s something you didn’t intend to do when wondering if you’re more Greek or Austrian.

This evening, you’re wondering if it’s time to make some changes around your public persona.

wondering what to drink?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become a lightning rod for Trump’s politics, and we’re wondering who could snag your vote in 2020.

Anyway, you probably wondering why this happens at all.

Still, this left me wondering how revolutionary the sharing economy really is.

In case you were wondering what Coretta Scott King said about Sessions, the whole letter is here.

Still, I kept wondering why pumping had to be so difficult.

I find myself wondering if I should make my Instagram public.

I find myself wondering how to sell my work.

And in case you’re wondering, Jiang does have a favorite Essential Phone: stellar gray.

I’m wondering, then, how you wound up covering this assignment…Tim Nelson: Well, I walked past it—literally!

I’m wondering what that’s like.

The answers, as always, are complex — but instead of a restless night of wondering alone, now you can join us on the podcast.

LG: Yeah, I was just wondering if using all these apps ever stresses you out or if you ever noticed …

Elrod and Engelhardt’s questions on Tuesday had legal experts wondering whether they also bought into O’Connor’s logic.

Somewhere in the woods, Justin Timberlake is wondering why he’s never had the honor to do this.

Aquarius is the sign of community, and while Mars is in this Air sign, you’ll find yourself wondering, Are we all pitching in?

And I said, “Yeah, I was just wondering if you guys had any cigarettes?

If you’re wondering: Yes, there are medications; different ones work for different bodies.

You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server, why haven’t they taken the server.

I’ve been wondering that.

However, Hyde-Smith’s “joke” struck a chord in the deep-red Southern state — with some wondering whether it will now cost her the race.

You’ve been avoiding wondering whether your boss invited you instead of the more qualified woman of color because you make him more comfortable.

We watch, wondering if this irreplaceable ancient artifact will survive the trip.

As more and more of your friends go gluten-free, you may be wondering: Is there something to this latest diet craze?

(In case you were wondering, kale wasn’t tracked in this report.)

That got some American journalists wondering if there was something more there.

I spent months wondering why he had asked me to visit but didn’t really say anything.

And, in case you’re wondering … Alexa is Billy’s first child from his marriage to Christie Brinkley.

For those wondering, Sasse is not suggesting himself as the candidate.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why she’s in a tub … music videos don’t shoot themselves.

Trattoria Contadina: If you’re wondering where to get great homestyle Italian food in North Beach, look no further than Trattoria Contadina.

Drug pricing experts have been wondering if the Trump administration would approve Massachusetts’s waiver to set up this kind of Medicaid formulary.

I’m just wondering if you see how your role is actually larger than just yourself.

If you’re wondering whether something is off, that’s a sure sign.

Ranking: One sleepless night wondering why I do this to myself out of three.

Now you’re wondering what to do with all of that extra pot butter sitting in your fridge.

And I’m just wondering, whether that’s a sensitivity for the museum, and how the museum plans to deal with that criticism?

In the meantime, as prices plunge, oil-exporting countries around the world are wondering how much pain they can stand.

I’m wondering, if there’s anything you’ve heard so far that the institution is currently discussing and perhaps incorporating into their plans?

So I’m wondering, is the Met going to do anything to address that for those who are concerned?

If you have a new graduate in your life, you may be wondering how best to prepare them for off-campus life.

wondering who Gucci’s voting for this year?

I’m wondering how all these trends play out.

You’re thinking a lot about money lately, especially today, and you’re wondering how you can improve your situation.

But some are wondering if her competing in women’s events breaks Olympic rules.

I was wondering whether they were supporting Trump or were they against him.

“Most of us have a sense of what Fox News is today and we were wondering how we got here.

Frankly, there’s a good chance that you, the reader are wondering why you should care about this fight.

I no longer spent miserable hours staring at my phone, wondering if he would call me that day or the next.

I’m wondering, as much as technology may separate us at times, could it also bring us together in new and interesting ways?

and start wondering).

BTW, in case you were wondering — Jay gave us his 2019 NBA mock draft … and yeah, Zion’s going No.

At this point, you might be wondering: Who cares about what these people think?

And while I have some thoughts about the substance of the speech, I’m mostly left wondering … why?

Yet we still can’t help wondering: Is it possible for someone to die from the shock of a broken heart?

You may be wondering how the mice handle the launch.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering that this means in concrete terms.

reads a post on GameFAQs, in a topic wondering why it’s not possible to pause Dark Souls.

—Phil Edwards wondering what’s next for the Bernie Sanders movement?

If you’re wondering when you can start eating all the romaine lettuce again without fear, the answer is: now, probably.

But I was wondering whether the men who flaunt their wokeness, who use it as a virtue signal, are more prone to being assholes.

I’m wondering, though, if it’s not unlike television addiction.

But there was also a problem: People walked away wondering if the Duplex technology actually existed.

I’m wondering, how does Facebook use our chats in order to make money?

Then, a few weeks ago, I reached out to Brian, wondering how things were, and asking if he could answer another set of questions.

Just like the old Better Days, the audience will walk out wondering “how did they do that?”

You write about watching the Women’s Marches after the election and wondering, where was this solidarity during the campaign?

“Everyone’s keeping their heads on a swivel, wondering what is going to happen after June 9,” he said.

President Donald Trump wondering what’s up with declines in his Twitter following isn’t actually that strange.

If you’re wondering … the evidence from the first arrest could potentially be used to prosecute him for the second.

At this point, you might be wondering why EU officials care so much about Italian banking policies.

All this got me wondering: Which demands, exactly, belong on an algorithmic bill of rights?

So I’d spent several days since first reading the description, with its sadly uncapitalized o, wondering what it could mean.

Jewell: Everybody, yeah, so I’m wondering about your takes on the influence of technology on journalism, specifically regarding those two things.

And then wondering what I wanted to say tonight become very clear to me.

My gym has sent me several pleading emails wondering when I’m coming back.

A few times I caught myself wondering what it would have been like to make the film in the US.

(In case you’re wondering, Jackman’s favorite instructor is Alex Toussaint.)

And, if you’re wondering, he says hell yeah a singer can make a difference in a red state like Tennessee.

Still, these are volatile times in the sector, with utilities and regulators alike wondering nervously how to get ahead of the curve.

“Quite frankly, this tragedy has left us without hope and wondering what the future will bring for our city.”

And so yeah, there’s a little bit of waiting, kind of wondering when the next platform is going to emerge.

Yet the series isn’t afraid of occasionally dropping the hammer, of leaving viewers wondering where some darkly emotional turn came from.

Here’s what’s worth knowing about Facebook’s AR ambitions so far — and what we’re still wondering about.

That got me to wondering what the Leafs looked like when Tavares entered the world back in September 1990.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about the dirty details.

Roughly $25 poorer, I hop aboard my scooter, wondering whether the incipient tingling down below is psychosomatic or a sign of ozone-induced infection.

She’s been living in a camp since, waiting and wondering what’s in store for her and her family.

“Most of us have a sense of what Fox News is today and we were wondering how we got here.

We’re all doubting, ruminating, and wondering how to cherish one another in these dark times.

It all left the Golden State Warriors shaking their heads and wondering what hit them.

wondering if Mike Tyson still hates Don King?

And I’m just wondering, is that because I’m not your target demo?

If you’re wondering how Kendall Jenner gets her kicks … well, we just might have your answer.

All the other white ppl are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.

Like anyone else, I’m prone to jealous curiosity, and I kept wondering why Destiny wasn’t connecting with me.

And I’m wondering if you want to address that.

Throughout the walk, I kept wondering why I was even there.

I was more wondering about that aspect of manipulating the image.

Now pundits are wondering just how close Canelo can get to AT&T Stadium’s max capacity of 111,000 spectators.

After each rejection, I would spiral into negative thinking, wondering how long I could keep doing this dance.

The case you lay out is pretty damning, but I’m left wondering if any of it really matters.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, they also cry while watching the show.

If that happened to me, after eight or nine times, I’d be wondering what’s going on here.

Now Milo’s wondering why liberals didn’t demonize George the same way in 2006 when he went on ‘Howard Stern.’

So, as a wonderful leader, I’m wondering what’s the last mistake you made as a leader?

I was wondering if you might be able to give some advice to young women who may be considering a career in tech?

If you’re wondering about Lontel, Emily’s boyfriend in Season 2 … we’re told he’s out of the picture for good.

But at this stage of the game, I’m wondering how much Elliot we really need.

GL: I’m wondering how that reconciliation process looks in action.

But others, he says, are wondering: Does Trump have a “biblical mandate” to become president?

wondering why you weren’t supposed to look directly at the sun today?

I’m wondering, more and more, if what we want most in 2010s America — and what we are desperately lacking — is moral clarity.

After receiving treatment at NYU, Allison says, “I feel like I can just flow in general society, without wondering, Am I safe?

wondering if you have a point of view on that aspect of this as well.

I’m wondering if there are any other candidates besides those two who have embraced some of the ideas you’re describing.

It at least leads to people wondering what was happening there.

But if there were fans of the Dorne plot, they would be wondering how on earth the show managed to entirely forget about it.

I’m wondering how other fans are going to react.

For those wondering, French Montana has the answer for how hip-hop surpassed rock in popularity on the charts — his new album, “Jungle Rules”!

The Moon is in security conscious Cancer, and you’re wondering how to make the most of what you’ve got.

If you’re wondering why Apple is paying for Amazon credits, it’s a long and fascinating story.

Now some observers are openly wondering whether the battle might actually be over.

Maybe she’s wondering about the other worlds beyond it, and what they might be like to visit.

They wake up in the morning wondering if they should drive to Canada to get their drugs.

I kept wondering what had changed to cause me to burn so badly.

But those two movies don’t have devastating consequences that will leave you wondering where the heck the story goes from here.

The divorced woman approaching middle age and wondering if she’s wasted her life?

Most episodes open with titillating depictions of brutal assaults that leave you wondering what the hell anyone in the writing room was thinking.

Todd VanDerWerff: Anderson often leaves me wondering what others see in his work.

If you’re wondering, yes, for certain people there is a persistent erotic wrinkle associated with women smoking weed.

The band starts up again while I am left wondering how on earth they even pulled that one off.

By this time you begin wondering: what is a poem, anyway?

And I was wondering if you find this problematic, and if so, how do we change this mode of thinking?

You’ll find yourself wondering how deep the people in your life really are this evening.

The medical community is now wondering how to most effectively incorporate psychedelics into existing research and treatment paradigms.

I am left wondering, what is the relationship between the dominant form and the partially hidden one?

“I’ve been called by people going to Brazil and pregnant and wondering whether they ought to go,” Schaffner said.

Anything else you’re wondering, Nergal?Nergal: The next question that comes up after watching the movie is: Was Øystein really such an opportunist?

Also, in case you were wondering, the 35mm movie actually uses a commercial movie film that Kodak still produces.

With the highest-profile case involving fraudulent Indian-style jewelry now closed, Native American artists and industry types are left wondering what its impact is.

Because of entrenched racism, I recently found myself wondering if this rarefied status is ever attainable for black men who endure police brutality.

And, given the time of year, lots of people are wondering how this might affect the presidential election.

“If you’re wondering what BTI is, it was a group of a few friends of mine.

And, in case you were wondering, you won’t be able to get back your buck if you have already paid for this year.

In case you were wondering, that really was Tom Payne slung over a horse as he was carried back to the Hilltop.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is the tiger from The Hangover.

More importantly, however, I’m wondering if Negan will ruin the show in the same way he did great harm to the comics.

It’s a good song, but I’m always left wondering if what it describes really constitutes escape.

wondering when the music’s going stop.

Just wondering if u have any news on whether harvey will have time to see me before he leaves?

This spotlight on Hollywood has left many wondering what the 90th ceremony of the Academy Awards might hold on Sunday.

“And I’m wondering if you have.” “Yes,” Murkowski responded, without elaborating.

If you’re wondering where to start, ask Google and remember: If you go to a party, you don’t have to have sex.

The neuroscience of expertise The performances of experts often leave us speechless, wondering how it is humanly possible to pull off such feats.

So I’m wondering why you found it so galling.

I frequently find myself wondering if many publications are written less for their readers than for other journalists.

Power struggles in your intimate relationships come up today, and on a bigger scale, you’re wondering who you can trust.

Investors are wondering whether Trump’s anti-Chinese campaign rhetoric will translate into challenges to these or future transactions.

After one person confessed, villagers began wondering who else could be a witch.

Not that that will be much comfort to DREAMers, though, who are left wondering if their legal status will last the year.

But I think Zardulu would like the fact that I can’t stop wondering about it.

Meanwhile, A Song of Ice and Fire fans are left wondering if he’ll ever just finish the damn books.

I can’t help wondering about the beer, but whatever.

Goldman Sachs last month launched an online consumer lending platform — an unusual move for the global investment bank — and many people are wondering why.

wondering wtf twitter actually is picked today of all days to start twittering.

In case you’re wondering, the carbon debt of a wind turbine is paid off in about a year.

You might be wondering what this has to do with Lil Wayne.

Tonight will bring some intense vibes, and you’ll be wondering how prepared you are for the future.

I’m sure readership is ticked up, but I’m wondering about advertising.

And in case you were wondering, you can expect a cleanup crew.

“I’m wondering how much do these things have to approach art for them to be considered art?” he asked.

And I’m wondering — there’s an economic theory behind that.

The young model is apparently having a great time in Italy, but the love scar has us wondering who left it there?

In case you’re wondering … the song’s a throwback called “Candy” by Cameo and everyone loved it so much they played it twice.

You might be wondering what the network was “looking” for when to decide a Pokémon’s type.

But I was left wondering: Are there any other surfaces we could skate on?

We went traveling around the USA—where I have family—and couldn’t help wondering if we could have a better quality of life elsewhere.

It’s not that we’re unhappy where we are, we’re just wondering, Is this it?

LG: I’m wondering what the regulatory issues were around that, just trying to turn the moon into a messaging platform.

After starting my pill regimen I develop a new consciousness, at all times wondering, What am I near?

I’m wondering if even in this short time you’ve seen any progress, any change?

I was wondering what you make of air traffic controllers’ role in ending the shutdown?

Note: For those of you who are wondering what Tamil means, I should probably clarify; Tamil is both a language and an ethnicity.

TBH, Lil Pump, having seen plenty of explosive gas station videos on the news … we’re wondering the same.

(In case you’re wondering, George H.W.

And in case you’re wondering, no financing on this whip.

“I’ve been wondering: Why was the chewing done by beautiful women?”

The reward for company loyalty shouldn’t be wondering if your skills will transfer to another position so you can keep your home.

Still, he says, each loss does not leaving him wondering if this is the worst it can get.

I’m wondering if you named Toller’s character for the real Ernst Toller?

And it’s left some people wondering where the next Flint may be.

“This has been a question we’ve been wondering for a long time: how sustainable is Spotify’s model?

That’s what a lot of other people are wondering, too.

That’s 34 mentions of America, in case you were wondering.

All tolled … $1.1 million worth of “Screw you, I’m still rich” to anyone who was wondering.

And I’m wondering, where does Juneteenth fit into that?

People wondering why farmers left the birds to drown in Hurricane Florence are largely failing to imagine how modern chicken farms work.

Reading Cumming’s review I find myself wondering if she and I have been looking at the same paintings.

While Maya Lin clearly claims “yes,” Gerrard’s Flag series and “Extinction Gong,” leave us wondering.

So I’ve been wondering if it’s really worth it for me to stay.

And, in case you’re wondering … Koopersmith doesn’t want an apology, nor does she even plan to sue.

And always in the back of my head I was wondering during that five-year period, “Maybe we’ll go solo.” You know?

But the internet is also feeling some collective skepticism, wondering if Edgette has been collaborating with the Colonel this entire time.

It also left some wondering why the Americans were talking about post-final celebrations ahead of a tough game in the last eight.

If you’re wondering what Kylie’s ex, Tyga, thinks about the fetus news, he posted this on Snapchat and quickly deleted it.

If you’re wondering if Obama is planning a coup, Google’s “one true answer” is yes.

In the 1920s, they were wondering why there was no socialist revolution in a sophisticated and advanced industrialized country like Germany.

We’re thinking about this in the US now with the recent election, wondering what the effects will be on artists.

But figuring out “what unmarried adult life for women might look like” still seems to require a good deal of wondering.

All the other white ppl are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.

In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aries.

And at times the loneliness leads Miller to dark places, wondering if he should even bother pulling his head up above the water.

I was really wondering where you were going with that.

It started me wondering how prince, as an older man, might dress or act or think.

Several months ago, we got to wondering how chocolate candy had earned such a powerful health halo.

People would start wondering, “Where does this show take place?

This time you sit down without wondering how you’ll leave, but instead you feel terrified that they might.

If low interest rates are so good for the economy, you might be wondering why they should ever be increased.

I was wondering what you think of the Trump administration’s response to what’s happened in Puerto Rico.

Todd, given your critique last week, I’m wondering if you still think Glanders on the loose is too convenient.

If you’re wondering why Facebook never alerted people about Cambridge Analytica then, it’s because Facebook doesn’t consider what happened there a breach.

And so, too, is Schroepfer, in case you were wondering.

Here’s how the company decides who you might want to add as a friend, in case you were wondering.

wondering what that yellow/orange/red circle is all about when you’re trying to capture Pokémon?

U.S. President Donald Trump was among those wondering how much more oil OPEC would deliver.

We get you Jim, but when you say ANYTHING, we’re wondering WHERE IT STOPS?!

I said, “I’m wondering about R.

If you were wondering, Bronny James is 14 … get in there, Coach K.

I find myself wondering, where is the specialist taking care of us?

I’m wondering if you’re going to run or not.

Now, with 2017 coming to a close, many people are wondering what 2018’s biggest global threats will be.

So, reading all that, you might be wondering: Where does Taboola fit in?

she recalls wondering.

The rain starts again and I get back to my tortuous journey, wondering if I will get out of this warren before sundown.

I actually really struggled with wondering that for a lot of years, and sometimes still do.

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m here.

If you’re wondering why “Why Grizzly Bear” and “Why Then,” there isn’t an easy answer.

And, we know what you’re wondering … we’re told the piece is worth around $200K!!

In case you’re wondering … tonight is NOT drag night.

That got me wondering: How, exactly, do you market food that looks pretty unappetizing?

HR: I’m wondering what you think the implications are for national Democrats going forward.

I’d be sitting in Greek mythology class wondering if she was out with other players.

If you’re wondering what “chocolate tagliatelle” is then I can tell you: it’s chocolate sprinkles.

Especially given your background, I’m wondering what you think of that argument.

LG: I’m wondering where this all goes from here.

Jessica Swarner: “I’m wondering if it would be just as bad in tech businesses outside of Silicon Valley.

So since you’re my favorite basketball player, I was wondering: Will you go to prom with me?”

I’m feeling really uncomfortable and everyone is looking at me wondering what the hell is going on,” he told THUMP.

Naturally, a lot of folks are wondering if Slim Shady’s gonna pull a Pusha T and go for round 3 … but O.T.

With pricing sliding suddenly to five-month lows, analysts have been left wondering if demand for the black gold is weaker than earlier thought.

Pittsburgh’s budding hip-hop community was left wounded and wondering how, if at all, it could recover.

Then I started wondering what would it be like to be the guy who wrote that book.

If you were wondering who came out — the answer is EVERYONE.

In case you’re wondering … the Golden Gate bridge is 220 feet above the Bay.

Those reports had documented comments Kavanaugh had made in 1999, wondering whether Nixon was wrongly decided.

And, because you’re wondering … Zayne is a little person.

If you’re wondering what flavor Wednesday will have, think back to early September.

And I’m wondering if there’s a way in which lack of choice is becoming a luxury?

‘Leaves’ is me wondering aloud if I should let those feelings guide me more.”

and has Deadpool wondering aloud if his own show wasn’t picked up because it was too black (“the references were all black too.

But I finished it wondering if there wasn’t something Lyons missed.

The viewer is left wondering if this image is supposed to be before or after an attack.

And before you know it, you’re in the middle of a rainstorm in Wyoming, wondering how you got there.

Twenty feet ahead, Estelle sits on a rock, quizzically looking over a map, wondering the same thing.

wondering what to wear to go #vote?

wondering how you can help fight the information wars?

The number, for everyone who’s wondering, is 1-800-684-3043, in case you have your own message for the president.

This isn’t really significant to the plot; I just can’t stop wondering how many hot-water-related stabbings they’ve had.

I’m wondering whether or not the tech companies are doing anything to really address this.

They all must have been wondering who in their American midst could have possibly voted for that racist monster.

Nothing spoils a good time like wondering if you’re as cute, rich, talented, or interesting as the people you’re enjoying yourself with.

After you see the movie, you may be wondering who voiced some of the characters in the movie.

And, with the Giants going 1-2 in their first three games this season, some fans are wondering if the Manning era is over.

Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration has many wondering how he plans to handle the roughly 750,000 DREAMers.

Like thousands of other Irish children adopted from Catholic-run homes, Clodagh spent years wondering who her parents were, as few records were kept.

“I remember seeing all the windows in his office and wondering, ‘Does he do it here?'”

My eyes darted from one man to the next, wondering if I was on the subway with people who harass female crisis center volunteers.

But maybe The Leftovers managed to keep its viewers from wondering Hey, what happened?

You may be wondering why Vincent Green’s seemingly tiny 3.33 percent share in Bardav matters, but in fact it matters a great deal.

As participants perform their hip-hop routines, they scan any observers, wondering if soon they might see them behind the barrel of a raised gun.

I was wondering how much of it is inspired by your experiences?

As the festival convened this year, then, I found myself wondering whether the programming would have shifted, and what the mood would be.

I’m wondering if you feel similarly, like you can see both sides of that conversation.

But with very little public movement by the White House on the proposals, some senators are wondering what, exactly, is going on.

LG: Yeah, I’m just wondering why they showed you a fiery battery on your trip to headquarters in Korea.

Our relentless monitoring of museums’ acquisitions has us wondering: what’s the next hot frontier in institutional collecting?

But lately, we here at Noisey have been wondering: What happened to the McCallisters and Home Alone’s supporting characters after the mid-90s?

Tesh’s song is vexingly catchy with marimba and horns, too, if you were wondering.

He exited the gallery, and everyone craned their necks, wondering, should we follow?

You’re probably wondering by now: how did it go for me?

As you go out into the world of Pokémon Go, you may be wondering what Pokémon you should be looking for.

I was wondering how you were doing.

Wistfully she looks out at the forest, wondering what her new life would be and what growing up means.

Now, I’m wondering does RuPaul have a good Instagram?

Any worthwhile psychological thriller will get the viewer wondering what is and isn’t actually happening after a while, and Unsane is no different.

4G speeds are already faster than lots of home broadband connections, but the tech world is already wondering what comes next.

For all those wondering about the etymology behind the “way harsh” insult “you’re a virgin who can’t drive”: “Well, that was me!”

If you’re wondering how to party this festival season without destroying yourself, THUMP has got you covered with a handy, straightforward guide.

I’m wondering if you can explain a few Vacancies Act cases that have come up recently with the Trump administration.

“I was wondering about those things, too.

It at least leads to people wondering what was happening there.

With pricing sliding suddenly to five-month lows, analysts have been left wondering if demand for the black gold is weaker than earlier thought.

The Sun’s clash with Neptune may find you wondering who you even are.

I was probably wondering why the hell I was going to school with so many white kids, so many strangers.

VICE: You’re married and I’m wondering about how the year of Sandler has affected your home life.

Lovera also points out that many are wondering how Amazon’s extensive distribution network will play into the food world post-acquisition.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff passed around by people wondering who this is, or when we are going to play.

At times, it comes out great, but other times you stand there questioning yourself and wondering if you should continue.”

It leaves some people wondering why I go to them so often.

Now that his NBA career is over — we were wondering … what’s gonna happen to Kobe Bryant’s helicopter?

I keep wondering how it’s possible for me to be going about my routine when so many died.

If you’re wondering, we didn’t ask about Rasheed Wallace … but we’re guessing Billups votes yes.

A quad-core 8th-gen Intel i5 processor that’ll easily handle most people’s needs (the i5 8265U, if you’re wondering).

I’m just wondering what the philosophy behind that is, and what the go-forward strategy with that is.

Was wondering why he strayed so far outside the barrier…

The whole process is complicated, so you start wondering, if they don’t do the reconciliation bill, will anyone know?

This has me wondering if summer BBQs are doomed to become a thing of the past, like sun-basking in baby oil.

That’s as enigmatic as it gets, and we are all still wondering what that is about.

Initially, you might be wondering what is Metro actually going to do onstage?

It has been a minute since I finished my No Shopping Challenge and you’re probably wondering if I’m spending like before.

I was even just wondering what the hell I was doing, and feeling I had not cared enough, that I had not helped others.

This evening, you’ll find yourself wondering how close your intimate relationships can become, and if they’re even making you happy.

You’re probably wondering how he stays warm in the cold Siberian winters.

“We are just sitting around with our meds wondering why everybody is trying to pay so much for this shit,” he told VICE.

Outside, Beth Schmidt, chairwoman of the Rock County Republican Party, was wondering the same thing.

The experience left me wondering what it would actually take to undergo a body transformation.

I know every note of the “Nutcracker,” and I was wondering where do their people come from?

I’m wondering what you think the ‘state of the union’ is in terms of those types of art?

And I’m wondering what you think of that.

Because we know you’re wondering … the kiddo will be 7th in line to the throne, right behind Papa Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

HV: I’m just wondering what you think when artists speak to this much larger global audience.

wondering how exactly his exhibition will relate to mental illness, Melgaard responds with his beliefs on consumer culture.

He has repeatedly decried it as a “witch hunt,” wondering openly about when it will stop.

I was wondering if we’re gonna discuss the #MeToo incident in the book.

I spend a fair amount of time wondering what it’d be like to live alone.

But at the same time, we’re also wondering which way the world is going and how to change it in an actual way.

This all may have you wondering whether Donald Trump will be funding his political aspirations by selling Welch’s Fruit Snacks on the subway.

The volatility in their roles has some contractors wondering whether working for the federal government is still a viable career path.

I briefly submerged my face in the puffy collection of air bubbles, wondering why no music venue had thought of this spiritual nirvana before.

Such imprecise language can leave readers wondering how serious the allegations are and whether the behavior is against the law.

If you’re wondering why Jay Z can drink wine on the streets of NYC … his shirt kinda says it all.

More than a couple people in the audience and at home might be wondering exactly what Clinton is talking about.

Which leaves me wondering: What does being a good ally mean in Gilead?

If you’re wondering why Arthur … royals are traditionally named after relatives and Arthur is commonly used in the royal family.

More than a couple people in the audience and at home might be wondering exactly what Clinton is talking about.

BTW, if you’re wondering … Nicky was the super hot chick Owen Wilson almost banged in “Hall Pass.”

Aziz Huq, also at University of Chicago Law School, thinks wondering if this is a “constitutional crisis” is asking the wrong question.

Privacy and security have been on your mind lately, and this morning you’re wondering how stable you’re feeling in your partnerships.

Obama took jabs at the press and the crazy Republican primary, including wondering where Donald Trump was (he did not attend the event).

But with the series wrapping up, fans may be wondering what to watch next.

(The AO3 runs on the Ruby on Rails source engine, for any tech types wondering.)

Well, we noticed and were wondering if you’d consider joining #TeamPedialyte?

The surge of teen vaping has left addiction specialists wondering how to best help young people who want to quit.

But then you’ll probably be wondering what to do with all of that buttery white meat.

People have started wondering: If Obamacare is here to stay, will more states expand Medicaid?

I was left in the dark, left wondering and wandering.

Trump has always enjoyed threatening people; he likes to keep people wondering what might be true or not true.

Venus retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio finds you deep in thought, wondering what your next move should be.

Exhausted, in love… and wondering who the hell the person staring back at them in the mirror is.

If you’re wondering HOW they’ve stayed together — check out the pics of her ass … and his abs.

(As Oliver said, too much science exaggeration can leave the public wondering: “Is science bullshit?”)

I lay there wondering whether my daughter would be alive in the morning.

An unpublished photograph leaves the viewer wondering whether it is posed or not.

Scientists are increasingly wondering whether artificial sweeteners — for instance, aspartame in diet soda — are as benign as they seem.

I keep wondering whether it’s really possible to write at length and in depth about this kind of music.

Muslims are wondering if they’ll be subject to new discriminatory scrutiny.

I’m listening to this and I’m wondering why you think Putin and Musk are being extremist in their statements.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, why isn’t this functionality included directly in our devices?

But I’ve been wondering: what is the correct protocol to take care of this drama?

Two major pro sports career paths — and everyone has been wondering which sport Murray will choose.

In case you’re wondering, exit polls do ask voters directly about their own ideologies.

I keep wondering, how is displacement being defined?

In case you’re wondering, back in 2013, when I was thinking of buying, I probably would have bought only $100 worth of Bitcoin.

As I turned the pages, wondering how I might begin this review, it seemed almost fated that this sentence would pop out at me.

Panicking, in shock, I remember weighing up the options and wondering how much I needed to placate him to keep myself safe.

Trump has been privately complaining about Kelly and wondering whether to replace him, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

“It’s something you’ve got to live every day with — everyone looking at you wondering what happened,” he said.

But I often find myself silently wondering at them: Did you want to change?

“It’s something you’ve got to live every day with — everyone looking at you wondering what happened,” he said.

Symphonies from Boston to Akron, Ohio, offered no-cost concert tickets to ease the stress of wondering when your next paycheck will be issued.

She was shocked, wondering how the parents could explain Trump’s words to their daughters.

No more worrying a ghost is just around the corner, or wondering whether we could ever be friends.

I wander all over town, wondering where my dignity, privacy, and stability went.

I’m wondering would there have been an internal struggle, an immediate muteness, if there were no black people in the room.

So this week’s alliance with Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) had some wondering if she’d be one of those dragon riders.

So I endured all this insecurity for nine months, wondering who the hell I even was in this thing.

We hope wondering in a sentence examples were helpful.