Wheels in a sentence | Use of the word wheels examples

The wheels of WTO adjudication are slow, and particularly congested at the moment, with a record number of disputes working through the system.

But Republicans are willing to set all of that aside to score this political win, and these last-minute deals would help grease the wheels.

Blac Chyna went from wheels down to wheelchair up at LAX Saturday, and it’s unclear why she needed an assist.

A fresh look at women and their rides emerges in Milwaukee-based photographer and motorcyclist Sarah Vaun’s Women and wheels Project.

“It’s to showcase women and wheels,” Vaun tells The Creators Project over the phone.

Women and wheels Project is showing at Beauty & Brawn (3501 W. Fullerton) until September 2.

Someone tried to kill Nigel Farage by sabotaging the wheels of his Volvo, the UKIP leader said.

I slowed down, put the hazards on and then one of the wheels came off.

LG: Does it have wheels?

The design comes from 5MadMovieMakers, who have carved out a YouTube niche making popular marble runs, Hot wheels tracks, and LEGO roller coasters.

Decorate the punch with lemon wheels, tangerine slices, and more tarragon sprigs.

Even though it was 15 years ago, I still remember the first time I helped deliver Meals on wheels.

Just as Halloween isn’t all about the candy, Meals on wheels is about more than the food.

It turned out that this adult day care also participated in Meals on wheels.

Once again, I found myself getting in my 1983 Plymouth Colt to drive to the nearby senior center to pick up Meals on wheels.

It became clear to me, again, that Meals on wheels wasn’t just about the food.

But the reality is that Meals on wheels, like many other social service programs, is already strapped for resources.

In total, Meals on wheels programs across the country receive 35 percent of their funding through the federal government.

Meals on wheels reports that it is delivering 23 million fewer meals annually compared to a little over a decade ago.

If anything, we should be talking about providing greater support for Meals on wheels, not less.

Fate isn’t quite spinning its wheels, but it’s not exactly charging forward either.

It’s got wheels, it’s got air conditioning, right?

But do you blame other companies for also building cars that have wheels and a steering wheel and AC and windows?

I don’t like the restrictive nature of wheels.

But the alleged Sinaloa cartel leader is finding out how slowly the wheels of justice can turn in the U.S. justice system.

But the alleged Sinaloa cartel leader is finding out how slowly the wheels of justice can turn in the U.S. justice system.

Wearing worker denims and soft shoes, the now 60-year-old king of the scene wheels around unselfconsciously and somewhat discordantly.

Housewives” star Vicki Gunvalson is just fine staying on two feet and off of four wheels after a serious ATV crash.

Parked in the driveway is “REMOTUPY” (2016), an electric-powered canoe on wheels that the artist collective Opavivará!

The wheels to undo it are in motion at this very moment.

Or is it just spinning their wheels?

He practically glides, whipping his hands across the wheels of his chair.

For several minutes the driver tries to free the vehicle, but the wheels spin uselessly in fallen leaves.

Scroll down to see who has the most expensive wheels, ranked in ascending order of estimated price.

The wheels of revolution grind slowly, and there are always setbacks.

And these optional 20-inch, seven-spoke wheels add a nice finishing touch.

And then it would return to the idea of her fundamental principles, her desire to right wrongs and break wheels.

The idea of cycles, wheels and repetition once again being all too apparent and necessary to make.

Cost of all options, wheels, paint, etc is included (apart from Autopilot).

I’ll hang up my wheels and call it a day’.

Arunkumar H.G.’s “Wheel of Tradition and Faith” repurposes two massive wooden chariot wheels employed in the annual Ashokasthami Rath festival of Lingaraj Temple.

The reason … the slow-moving wheels of bureaucracy.

Without setting attainable goals and realistic deadlines for yourself, you’re going to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Bose painted scenes of women splitting husks of grain and pounding rice, potters at their wheels, and farmers out in the paddy fields.

Everything is on wheels, including large flat files, so I can reconfigure the studio at a moment’s notice.

JL: When I was very young, somebody came to visit and gave me a miniature grass cutter, with wheels that turned.

Shovel and hoverboard, the kid becomes something of a human snowplow on wheels.

It was then that the wheels fell off the wagon.

The bill goes further to grease the wheels for waivers.

The wheels start turning again in that direction.

The Model 3 comes with 18-inch wheels, but customers can pay an extra $1,500 for 19-inch Sport wheels.

“The front wheels are culture.

The back wheels are policy, and those wheels of the car are spinning; they’re stuck in mud.”

For eBay, the partnership could grease the wheels for sales, if faster load times do that.

We can expect these on-demand vehicles to come without steering wheels.

Then the wheels started to fall off.

He built a rotating bed, dubbed the “Dementia-Go-Round,” from a platform from 1/8″ plywood, attached to motors and wheels that they had on hand.

“Traction cities” on wheels roam most of the earth, consuming its resources and, for the larger ones at least, consuming smaller cities as well.

The tiny wheels can get trapped by uneven sidewalks and grates, causing falls.

But dockless bikes, and now scooters, have made it much more difficult to wrangle wheels.

At least when Selina was in office, everyone was spinning their wheels in something resembling a forward direction.

This is root of Guardians 2’s biggest struggle: having one or two too many plots spinning their wheels at any given time.

Texan Wire & Wheel, believe it or not, saved a lot of lives by remanufacturing these swanga wheels [in the mid-2000s].

There was a lot of bloodshed over those original wheels in Houston.

From ’92 to about ’96, slabs got their signature [aesthetics], you know, the fifth wheels, grills, belts, buckles, custom interior, candy paint.

And not only them, but also guys on the street who wanted the wheels off your car.

That right there was a big one, because they’re straight talking about slabs, gripping grain, fifth wheels through the whole song.

It’s by no means surprising that this agenda hasn’t yet been enacted — the wheels of legislation tend to move fairly slowly.

There were rumors of this late last year, but WWD reports that the wheels of this plan have just gone into motion.

Today, seven states — Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada — allow for the deployment of vehicles without steering wheels or brake pedals.

“Existing motor vehicle standards were designed to apply to vehicles with conventional driver controls like steering wheels and gas and brake pedals.

There is no pretense here—only delicious, squishy wheels of Babybel.

The first autonomous robots to deliver packages straight to your front door won’t be flying — they’ll be rolling around on six wheels.

He dragged out a table on wheels with a machine on it and rolled it behind the head of the bed.

“He describes the noise, the wings, the legs, the wheels in every detail, and we showed [that] in a pavilion.

“The bus flew off of the wheels, but it hit the metal thing on the side of the highway,” fifth-grader Theo Ancevski said.

If I needed to re-adjust the alignment of the wheels, I got down on my knees and moved them with my hands.

It was a great pleasure to work with him and watch his wheels turn.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West added some shiny new wheels to their fleet, but their luxury ride is missing one important option.

But I’m going to fight until the wheels fall off, I swear.

It is industrious and mostly metal, and rolls throughout the space on mechanized wheels — a process that makes a lot of noise.

It backfired, but the wheels started turning.)

The idea is to provide basic mobility to folks who couldn’t otherwise afford a basic set of wheels.

The vehicle has only three wheels and two seats, arranged tandem style.

The styling is aerodynamic, including fairings over the front wheels, which project out from the chassis for stability.

My chair has wheels moving between my desk and easel throughout the day, finally resting when I break for happy hour.

Having your country be popular just makes everything easier; it greases wheels.

The e-tron is electric, and has two electric motors – one in the front and one in the rear – driving all four wheels.

Fridays and Sundays, he wheels over to two other neighborhood java joints to dish out cream cheese and lox.

The wheels of policy-making are moving faster.” Reporting by Andrew Torchia Additional reporting by Tom Arnold in Dubai and Stephen Kalin in Riyadh

And it was a win for people on two wheels.

Unlike other ab wheels, Perfect Fitness uses a patented spring design to help make the most out of each movement.

That’s where the markets on wheels come in.

Kourtney and Kylie’s exes partied together at 1 OAK on the Sunset strip and were seen hanging around waiting for their wheels.

He’s transitioned from 2 wheels to 4 — smart.

Richard Branson is a disaster on 2 wheels … and this one damn near killed him.

There are also two images of people in wheelchairs, one mechanized, and another manual, whose users guide the wheels.

The wheels are in motion.

“Otherwise, you’re spinning wheels.

When the lights do go out, Palmar wheels her paralyzed mother outside because the house becomes intolerably hot.

“Otherwise, you’re spinning wheels — you’re worrying or celebrating prematurely,” she says.

Now he says he is setting the wheels in motion, starting with a phone conversation with Tim Cook.

The wheels of the women’s national team machinery churned on without cease, because they won and won.

… and he sunk himself, you could just see the wheels turning in his head.

All of my studio furniture has wheels and can be reconfigured for different projects.

Someone started shooting in the parking lot outside World on wheels, a roller skating rink in Venice.

Asahd was gifted his own set of baller wheels, too … a red mini LaFerrari from CYBEX and TOT Living by Haute Living.

That makes the wheels start to turn.

I have several work tables and easels, and since everything is on wheels, I can easily rearrange my space as needed.

The world is wheels within wheels within wheels, but so are we.

Smart speakers, like training wheels, are getting people more used to talking to their devices.

It’s very Thelma and Louise, only on two wheels instead of a ’66 Thunderbird.

Buffett also has a modest set of wheels.

But as you’re on two wheels, you all have something in common.

We literally strapped her to the galley—the wheels on the camera—so it looks like she floats through the crowd.

“Otherwise, you’re spinning wheels.

That date is significant because Ford also recently vowed to bring fully self-driving cars — cars without steering wheels or pedals — to market in 2021.

It just means that it appears to be spinning its wheels, repeating itself.

It comes with beautiful features like doors that swing up and wheels that are seamlessly integrated with the car.

I asked, picturing withered steaks or wheels of cheese.

The same intensified reaction occurs in compulsive gamblers when they see things like roulette wheels.

Almost everything is on wheels for easy reconfiguration, depending on what I’m working on at the time.

The shorter back wall is where the ping pong table (on wheels of course) is folded up.

(Often, it seems, curious drivers of other cars are distracted or lured closed by the weird robots on wheels.)

A self-driving electric car is basically a computer on wheels with a big battery and a bunch of digital eyes and data to analyze.

Gaga ditched 4 wheels for her 4 legged white horse, a gift she got last Christmas from her music label, Interscope.

So Trump appears, to an extent, to be spinning his wheels.

The fried foods, the Ferris wheels, the wholesome family fun — what’s not to love about the tradition of state fairs?

After outpacing expectations during a 10-10 start, the team’s wheels came flying off.

When the guards came for him, they wheeled an empty handcart with squeaky wheels onto the silent cell block.

Defender is a space rover-esque creation with three wheels in a triangular formation.

Some fly to deliver packages, and some roll on wheels to move parts around a factory.

Four white jerseys against four black jerseys, their wheels are completely still.

They quickly move around the track, two thrashing armies on wheels.

These signals are routed to a robot underneath the plant, and wheels take the plant to a spot best-suited for its survival.

During her service, the Queen changed vehicle wheels, took apart and reassembled engines, and drove ambulances, according to a press release from Kwik Fit.

But Trump immediately veers off track and starts talking about wheels: HANNITY: What are the options, though, if you declare a national emergency?

While Don spun his wheels, Pete threw tantrums, and Roger pickled himself to distraction, Peggy was busy getting shit done.

Like he’s always around, greasing the wheels.

Brown explains how the election set the wheels in motion for the strike.

The companies’ bags were priced similarly and the designs were close too, with their hard-shell covers, four-spinner wheels, and plethora of color options.

She has a long history of volunteering for Meals on wheels and donating to them.”

In the midst of all of this White House chaos, wheels were turning on another front: Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Of course, there will be no shortage of privacy concerns to address as our cars effectively turn into mobile diagnostic centers on wheels.

The wheels just fell off.

Bannon apparently got the wheels turning on an idea a while back: Holy shit, keep going.

Brass-plated bells hang off an abstract steel frame on caster wheels, the curve of the sculpture’s body inspired by the Bauhaus school.

That’s because Liddiard created a set of wheels that allow the car to move in any direction.

Aptly named Liddiard wheels, these omni-directional wheels can be bolted onto any vehicle.

Typically, a vehicle has to be built around wheels of this nature, Liddiard wrote on his YouTube page.

The wheels can also be used in any weather or road conditions.

Currently the wheels are only a proof of concept.

“Things you might use it for: high-end aluminum cookware, car wheels, flagpoles,” he added.

It still needs help from regulators to get self-driving cars without steering wheels on U.S. roads.

The soapy chemicals used to clean your wheels ends up in sewer systems and pollutes waterways.

After the shootings, Michigan authorities began searching for a dark colored Chevy HHR SUV with chrome wheels.

It’s just a stalling tactic, designed to get the authorities spinning their wheels for no reason.

But much like other great British pastimes, like chasing cheese wheels down hills, mob football died.

A bathtub interrupts us, rolling in on wheels too fast for me to tell Diane not to be ridiculous.

Kyffhaeuserkreis is still waiting for its high-speed broadband three years after setting the wheels in motion.

I will be frank with you, dear reader: They are hell on wheels to explain.

Apparently no one wants to go to the movies and see a CGI spectacle in which London is on wheels eating up other cities.

The artist’s collection of sordid figures is a valediction on the sputtering wheels of American democracy.

The car has been confirmed as a black Dodge Journey, with dark tint and black wheels.

So one has to think twice before greasing those wheels: making the machine work “better” is not necessarily the end goal.

No one told him to go put training wheels back on.

Let’s not even get into the need that teenagers or college students have for their own wheels.

Though these stylish wheels are attractive, they are highly unlikely to make it into production.

Followers love daily pictures and videos of beloved critters who often sport wheels to aid their mobility.

While Saturday’s missile was fired from a transporter erector launcher (TEL) vehicle with wheels, Thursday’s test featured a tracked vehicle.

It sees cars as “data centers on wheels,” generating as much as four terrabytes of data a day.

It had four-wheel steering, so he got it to where the wheels were drifting and just went sideways into a building.

“The wheels have finally come off as the Zimbabwe government has been cornered and forced to involuntarily de-dollarise without a plan,” Mashakada said.

Alternately, he said, passenger cars could be outfitted with retractable side wheels allowing them to travel through the loop autonomously.

More appropriate to call it a tricycle—like getting up on two wheels, but still a little reticent.

The question was whether the new F313 had full-fledged aeroengines installed or just some small motor driving, say, the nose wheels.

All trolleys and tables have wheels and I can easily move them around to have space or the materials I need.

By the end of the hour, all the wheels have come off.

Google criticized California last year when the state proposed draft rules requiring steering wheels and a licensed driver in all self-driving cars.

My main mode of transportation during this time was porcelain and did not have wheels.

“Obviously the atlas is rather a tricky thing to read — though it has wheels fixed onto it to make it easier to move around!

This is a refreshing ride that goes perfectly with these wheels, and the type is gorgeous.

This Giant just has a fast look about it, with the big aero tube shapes and deep-profile wheels.

16 — Cofidis’ Kuota Khan

The Kuota Khan is a good-looking bicycle, with a handsome frame and Campy wheels and groupset.

The yellow offers a pop, and with the superlight climbing wheels it’s got a nice, classic look.

The Mavic wheels look great, too.

You don’t get much more superbike than this, with the deep-profile wheels and disc brakes.

With the Campy wheels, it’s just a stunning bike.

There’s a nice fade between the two shades, and the Campy group and wheels lend it even more cachet.

The Bontrager wheels and classic sidewalls complement the bike nicely without being overbearing.

The choice is spinning our wheels or getting underway.

There’s an old Willys Jeep painted on each of the wheels on the Trailhawk trim.

—Dante, Divine Comedy, Paradiso Clocks cry: stillness is a lie, my dear; The wheels revolve, the universe keeps running.

And indeed, it turns out they were spinning their wheels trying to get Paul back, so this repetition is not inaccurate.

The Honda Civic Type R is powered by a 306-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four-cylinder sending power to the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.

What’s more, NASA upped the stakes this time around by requiring the students to fashion their own wheels from scratch.

In-house programmers design the bulk of the complex software that runs the Model 3, which Musk has described as a “computer on wheels”.

Old-school transactional politics did grease the wheels of functioning government.

The 10-spoke alloy wheels are about $2,000 extra.

With the possible exceptions of Meals on wheels and AmeriCorps, these programs are fairly obscure.

Tech’s made music about the Chiefs before … remember “wheels Like Hill” — the banger about Tyreek Hill??

It makes a better corporation, people talk more, it greases the wheels and things like that.

Plus, the 10-inch rear wheels, 7-inch front wheels, and 56-pound size make it easy to push around the yard.

Check back in two weeks for the next episode, which involves exploring Austin’s greatest dining scene: on wheels.

It could be the charming guitar pace that taps into those synapses responsible for tapping fingers on steering wheels.

You can always feel the wheels turning behind his eyes.

“In a sense, the trainer wheels are off the Amazon Logistics operation,” an investors’ note from Morgan Stanley’s freight-analyst team said.

They are boxes with openings and wheels that carry you from point A to point B.

But the pseudo-haunches over both the front and rear wheels look weird, as does the odd “floating” roof.

The signature feature is a pair of winglike flying buttressed that extend from the roofline to the rear wheels.

These are 20-inch aluminum wheels, but you also get 20-inch carbon-fiber ones.

In a way, Obamacare had training wheels on for the first three years.

The rims make the car look like the wheels are spinning IN REVERSE which Vega says “will trip you out when you see it.”

And we’re seeing a test of how the marketplaces work when the training wheels come off.

But since then, the team has been spinning its wheels.

All hail Bran the Broken, first of his name, ruler of 6 of the 7 realms, 3 eyes, 2 wheels and 1 water bottle.

One of the best examples is a bare car frame, with no wheels, doors or engine, displayed casually on the gallery floor.

Evans was mobbed by his teammates … who couldn’t wait to give the receiver some skin as a thanks for the electric wheels.

The 10-spoke alloy wheels are about $2,000 extra.

The 458 MM Speciale also includes a redesigned rear spoiler and a custom sound system, interior, and special wheels.

He was oiling the wheels of commerce, efficiently allocating capital where it could best be used, no?

Trump’s blueprint also plans on cutting NPR, PBS and the Meals on wheels Program entirely.

The large, wide wheels help with stability and make an easy meal of small obstacles on the road, like debris, cracks, and bumps.

We’re told Karlie set the wheels in motion to donate the money to less fortunate seniors.

Right, so we did a bit on Kroll Show called “wheels Ontario,” which parodies Degrassi.

An aging car will usually send signals that it’s time to start thinking about a new set of wheels.

In John Deere’s debut at CES, the company showcased its connected combine harvester that it describes as an “intelligent factory on wheels.”

Fortunately, Meals on wheels is committed to changing that, bringing prepared food to elder citizens in need.

Meals on wheels operates a network of over 5,000 locally run programs, that tailor their services to the needs of their communities.

Finally, Meals on wheels visits also represent an important safety check for these individuals, to make sure no accident or emergency goes unaddressed.

Verstappen managed to seize the lead but not before banging wheels with the Ferrari, which ran off the track and took to the run-off.

Have copious supplies like tape and bubble wrap on-hand, and a handcart on wheels will help move larger works.

Our test car’s optional black 20-inch wheels look stunning here.

And angry nerd bros are very squeaky wheels.

But he’s just not getting wheels up on doing that.

The MWC-4 has two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back, and it can seat two people.

And it ate one of his cat toys, damaging one of the robot’s wheels.

Arranged behind cardboard cutouts of cars, they look crammed and unnatural, their arms resting stiffly on makeshift steering wheels.

In particular, the series needed Tulip and Cassidy to spin their wheels before it could send them on the road alongside Jesse.

And that’s where all the wheels fell off the bus.

For now, it looks like the “Trap Queen” rapper is on 4 wheels instead of 2, but he already has some sharp moves.

“A lot of wheels have been reinvented,” acknowledges Britt, who worked for a time at Google trying to put Android on various home electronics.

And all the while, they’re doing their level best to keep their own little narcissistic wheels spinning.

He claims the transaxle malfunction transferred too much power to one of the rear wheels, and sent the powerful sportscar hurtling into oncoming traffic.

Keep in mind, though … pushing is harder than pulling — and Duke has wheels workin’ for him too.

Everywhere you turn, the wheels or power are greased unevenly.

Floyd Mayweather can now ride around on two wheels and look fly as hell doing it … thanks to a new electric bike.

That caused the series to occasionally spin its wheels or descend into unmotivated melodrama.

The inaugural Mobile Museum Fair will feature the Exotic Wildlife Museum, the Feminist Library on wheels, and more.

Normally, Jerry likes to go 4 wheels … especially for his hit show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

It’s a good bet she’s wheels up for L.A.

While they stood a few feet apart, Schwarzenegger swooped in, grabbed his wheels and took off.

You see the wheels turn … Wood answers, and then takes it back.

Both of these require steering wheels so the humans can take over.

“Otherwise, you’re spinning wheels.

Plus, have you ever tried cooking with Babybel cheese wheels?

Even so, getting a settlement for damages from climate change would be an earth-moving precedent, and the wheels of justice turn slowly.

The car is a rocket ship on wheels — with an 8.0-liter turbocharged W16 engine and a top speed of a ridiculous 260 MPH!!!!!!

The wheels of justice are currently in motion and justice will have its say, brought to you, in part, by Bud Light.

The whip’s starting price is around $334k, but Chyna’s is custom with Forgiato wheels so it’ll cost way more.

Sarah Palin ain’t impressed with Colin Kaepernick’s $50,000 donation to Meals on wheels … labeling the move as a cheap “political stunt.”

As for Colin, he has not commented on the donation … but it was confirmed by Meals on wheels.

The gorgeous 21-inch wheels are nearly $3,000 extra.

Thankfully, even when the show seems to be spinning its wheels, the characters remain well-rounded and sharply written and acted.

Sam Darnold learned a brutal rookie lesson Friday — if you don’t take care of your offensive lineman … YOU GET YOUR wheels JACKED!!!!

The wheels are going to fall off someday, everyone including Gaethje knows it, and we watched uppercuts chip away.

Rapper Rich the Kid flaunts his wheels, but when it comes to paying he prefers to ditch the bill … according to a new lawsuit.

She also includes the airy, pulsating “wheels On,” a highlight from her shape-shifting 2016 EP, What a Joy.

It’s like locomotives we used to see, with their wheels and the whole business exposed.

Sources tell us the outfielder had his electric wheels stolen outta his car recently near his San Fernando Valley home.

The Bentley’s loaded — 2-tone Magnolia leather, 22-inch Giovanna Haleb wheels and a V12 engine.

On the one hand, the role of the art lawyer has been to lubricate the wheels of commerce.

The bag does have wheels … and Lara’s smiling.

But clearly, the wheels were turning in her head.

St. Louis Blues fans went absolutely bonkers after winning the first title in franchise history … hitting the streets and attacking anything with wheels!!

Harrison jumped into a Cessna 680 two-engine jet — with a co-pilot in tow — and went wheels up Thursday at Santa Monica Airport.

In obvious shock, Dennis called Drake right away and couldn’t be more thankful for the new wheels.

The wheels for the tour were first put in motion in late April.

We’re told it took 6-8 weeks to add new lambo-style doors, candy custom body paint, 26″ wheels and tires with spinner rims.

He practiced by skiing on wheels.

“I told them that we train on wheels.

He tied himself to one of the front wheels of the van.

She sent a copy to a script consultant and claims that set the wheels in motion for someone to jack her work.

It’s kind of like needing to figure out how to ride a bike before the training wheels fall off.

The battery-powered robots look like coolers on wheels.

He showed us photos of his current bedroom which has a Speed wheels Screaming Hand banner.

“Just as an example, someone puts on oversized wheels that distorts’ the cars sense of how fast it’s going,” he notes.

The Kirkland Museum in Denver was relocated “very slowly” with the use of carrier beams, steel cables, and eight sets of articulating wheels.

On the other hand, other kinds of military robots—ones that move on wheels, tracks, wings, and propellers—are already seeing use on the battlefield.

In the suit, he says the blame lands squarely on Tesla’s shoulders because wheels shouldn’t just be flying off of their cars.

By contrast, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) bots currently in operation generally work on wheels, tank-style tracks, or both.

Bertolette said the national Meals on wheels association did not know whether its local members have seen a similar jump in donations.

The motorcycle In Search of Liberty has a pair of wheels with rims, red side panels, and metallic exhaust pipes.

According to the website, Meals on wheels America hosts a resource center on nutrition with the help of federal funding.

As cars have become more and more like computers on wheels, security researchers have found ways to hack them.

And the wheels started to turn.

Meals on wheels “sounds great,” he said, adding that it would be up to states to continue to fund it if they so choose.

Nor does it address the Older Americans Act, which provides many local Meals on wheels organizations with much of their funding.

Meals on wheels “sounds great,” he said, adding that it would be up to states to continue to fund it if they so choose.

Nor does it address the Older Americans Act, which provides many local Meals on wheels organizations with much of their funding.

As January starts to gather steam, so too do the wheels of the Academy Awards, the yearly ceremony celebrating the best in film.

Kris Jenner and her daughters — Kim, Kourtney and Kendall — were wheels up and bound for L.A. Tuesday afternoon.

The company behind the allegations is Sidekick Group Corp. — which makes the SideKick wheels 2-wheeled scooter.

The YBIKE features four wide-set caster wheels that provide excellent stability and omni-directional mobility.

My heart plunged to the wheels of my desk chair.

The bodacious bovines that lend their lovin’ to these wheels graze freely on the rolling hillsides of this idyllic land.

So the further you fly, the more you are paying for that big bag on wheels you’re carting around.

If one casino is raided, we share out our roulette wheels.

You hear the sounds, and the car wheels, and the honks, and conversation.

A simple piece of wood with four wheels attached to it can cut across all kinds of social and cultural barriers.

Suddenly surrounded by the rumble of wheels on pavement, onlookers turn to observe a raucous horde of 30 skateboarders.

Alcantara leather on the inside with gold stitching in a diamond pattern, new carpet, bigger wheels, new sound system.”

Millennials have to shell out more money for a set of wheels.

The U.S. Commerce Department said on Monday it could impose duties on that Chinese steel wheels exports, which it said were heavily subsidized.

A year after his career was derailed for several months following a fall from a Segway, the Nashville native has no loose wheels.

When your robot’s basically just a weapon on wheels, a breakdown in the weapon motor reveals a bit of a massive Achilles heel.

Too much omega-6 means your omega-3 won’t absorb well, and you’ll wind up spinning your wheels.

When I do get stuck, my wheels get buried in the snow, and I have to get someone to pull me out.

Still, more than a few times, I have felt the wheels lose traction and nearly come crashing down.

Using a more traditional form of locomotion such as wheels or crawlers was impossible because the gravity on Ryugu is so weak.

As soon as the rover with wheels started moving, it would’ve began floating upwards.

Built as a foundry to produce railroad car wheels in the 1880s, it was converted into a glue factory that closed in the 1980s.

As it turned out, everyone’s schedules was open.” Zinner wasted little time setting the wheels in motion for further activity.

He had it for two years when one of the wheels fell off.

When it hit the ground again, the glass and wheels were shredded and the car had suffered massive body damage.

Images of spinning reel-to-reel tape decks bleed into turning car wheels.

But even in the Thompson fight the wheels were falling off the wagon.

“They get to see how important this piece of wood with four wheels can be,” Williams said.

I was tired of feeling like … KS: Ferris wheels are never fun.

At best, we’re spinning our wheels.

Zayn Malik showed up to his girlfriend’s pad on 4 wheels … just not the luxury wheels you’d expect.

One that particularly springs to mind is “Spinning wheels” by White Wives.

A guard at a private beach by night, on weekends he wheels around his boat-shaped snack cart that he built with his father.

The more you walk the path to Concord and listen to the church bells and carriage wheels, the more your inspiration grows.

Unzip the hidden side panels and release the all-terrain wheels of your streamlined solar-electric mobility scooter!

Part-sculpture and part-performance art, it’s a tiny cabin on wheels that the artist has been rolling over New York City’s steaming manholes.

It feels like I’m a parent finally letting go of my child on their bicycle for the first time without training wheels.

This Car Needs Some wheels is available for pre-order now.

She wheels me into an enclave and brings me tray upon tray of (dry looking, but hey) lasagna, fish, sandwiches.

All it took was a little greasing of the wheels — with money, power, and a bit of charm.

Gross sales rose 12 percent for Barbie and 9 percent for Hot wheels in the fourth quarter, handily beating analysts’ estimates for both brands.

That is, if they’re willing to change and set the wheels in motion.

But the car has no wheels.

Under current rules, Google test cars must have steering wheels and pedals.

It’s now 1-3, and the wheels are falling off.

Originally designed for logistics applications, AILA rolls around on six wheels, manipulating the world around it with two five fingered arms.

“Journalists are trying to hold their heads up high, [but] the wheels have fallen off the bus.”

“They might be able to throw some sand in the wheels, as it were,” Berezin said.

They had swabbed around the wheels and inside the hood and in every other nook and cranny they could find.

Why not franchise him rather than spin all these wheels?

“Really, the car is becoming a smartphone with four wheels,” AT&T Mobile CEO Glenn Lurie said at last year’s Code/Mobile conference.

I saw their first farewell, their second farewell [Laughs], and “Steel wheels.”

There are medicine wheels in nature, and to me social media is a medicine wheel.

“Multiple tiny, green, spinning Catherine wheels with red edges.

Thanks to their wheels, the disabled puppies are hardly held back—they can play and frolic as much as they want.

But I mean really as the wheels have fallen off, we can pick the metaphor, right?

This year, one group took their art car to the next level by putting a Boeing 747 jumbo jet on wheels.

He garnered sponsorships with Santa Cruz and Speed wheels, both of whom highlighted his personality as well as his skateboarding.

Tesla bargained its way through lucrative deals, asking local governments for millions in tax incentives to grease the company’s wheels.

Stylish optional 18-inch wheels.

Kepler relies on four reaction wheels to keep on target.

I also have, you know in Nightmare Before Christmas there was a little toy duck on wheels?

In other words: It’s just five wheels and 22 pounds of cheese.

Video from a news helicopter showed the vehicle overturned with its wheels up in a heavily wooded area.

Garnish with the lemon wheels and rosemary sprig.

Plus, the wheels allow you to easily move this cart whenever you need to.

But it’s not just oil which greases the wheels of Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic relations — it’s also weapons.

Father and son craft these caramel-y sweet, candy-esque behemoth wheels of wonder.

Those crunchy, crackly bits that people love in their cheese are developed in these wheels after a year.

With these type of people, generally I have to prove myself and my craft, to get the wheels turning in their heads.”

Smashed out “The wheels on the Bus”.

Starting with knees bent, you balance on the front two wheels of one foot and the back two wheels of the other foot.

Video from a news helicopter showed the vehicle overturned with its wheels up in a heavily wooded area.

Did you know that, when the track is wet, it makes the wheels more slippy and a tiny bit faster?

As of this week, the wheels seem to be coming off the Trump bus.

That’s when the wheels really start to come off.

But that’s only a reminder of the many times before when the wheels seemed to be coming off the bus.

In the state that put America on wheels, we have to more to empower our own communities to have their own.

The original Hot wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set launched more than 40 years ago.

The set only comes with one Hot wheels vehicle too, but you really need several to get the most out of it.

The set does work with some off-brand miniature race cars, but the classic Hot wheels seem to stay on the track best.

I’d strongly recommend the Hot wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set to anyone who enjoys toy vehicles.

Zoo, and even Meals on wheels programs to add at least one vegan protein option to all of their menus.

After that, however, the game’s wheels came off.

“Our money is flowing into the market, helping the wheels of commerce to keep working,” he said.

Then you’ve got your [assistant camera] who’s off on these focus wheels, that are off of the dolly.

LG: I didn’t know if you were going to say like, the wheels are coming off.

In that moment she decides that she wants to make a change, but the wheels are already in motion.

If WALL-E lost his wheels but gained an intimate knowledge of memes, we’d end up with this precocious bot.

The reformer machine was a complex tangle of cords, ropes, wheels, and handles—I can see why a science-fiction writer would like it.

Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.”

At 13, Byron picked out his own simulation program, seat, and wheels as a present from his father.

wheels down IAD ready to vote no on this stupid wall,” Schatz tweeted Friday, referring to Dulles International Airport outside Washington.

What if your phone had wheels allowing it to approach you or run away from you on its own volition?

The accessory comes with a set of wheels, a circuit board equipped with micro-controllers, a USB-serial converter, motors, motor drivers, and rotary encoders.

The wheels and casing, themselves, were manufactured via 3D printing.

“The wheels of justice have been said to turn slowly,” Sharon Lerner wrote in the Atlantic last year.

The conquistadors had swords and chain mail; the Mayans didn’t even have wheels for their carts.

Serve with pineapple fronds, orange wheels, cocktail cherries, and edible flowers.

Like the time “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase greased the wheels at La Touraine, a swanky French restaurant.

Garnish with wormwood, orange or lemon wheels, lemongrass, or any other botanical that you may have used to make homemade vermouth.

After that, however, the game’s wheels came off.

You stay in sketchy motels and get your wheels repaired at a dilapidated garage, using regular tools.

Steel Strips wheels (STWH.NS), for example, reported a 55 percent jump in earnings per share in the fiscal year that ended in March.

The rover will roll around on six wheels, and is equipped with a drill for obtaining subsurface samples.

If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t a whole lot of wheels in nature.

The biological prohibition on wheels is pretty obvious.

To spin independently, wheels need to be, well, independent of the whole.

Clearly, it’s far easier to give a robot wheels than it is to give a robot legs or wings.

Most robots have wheels, but that often seems more a matter of convenience than a particular design choice.

Not as difficult as, say, biological wheels, but still.

The most general consideration when it comes to wheels vs. legs is terrain.

To wage war, troops and supplies need to be mobile, which requires wheels, which in turn require suitable surfaces to travel upon.

wheels sink in sand.

You can really haul ass on a set of wheels.

Arguably, for most applications we might imagine, wheels are the way to go.

It’s kind of like a robot on roller skates, with a pair of wheels mounted on simplified (compared to Atlas) legs.

The video also makes it clear that Handle does something different than offer a new sort of compromise between wheels and legs.

Among the people at your gym steadily spinning their wheels on the cardio machines, there’s always that one loud, sweaty psychopath.

These primarily stemmed from the fact that the wheels did not properly fit the track.

“We only make about 10,000 wheels each year, because we only make it for six months out of the year.

There are no dialogue wheels, but your actions speak volumes.

The stroller has no wheels and slides surreally through the air.

Now comfortable with the testing process, I took off my training wheels and picked one of the scarier contenders from the list.

Speaking of incline, this “bike” is an elliptical on wheels.

(And, who knows, maybe it’ll join the likes of Glitchhikers, wheels of Aurelia, and Jalopy as cool, dialog-driven road trip games.)

I play it cool and pretend like I don’t notice them checking out my wheels.

Exposed to the elements and operating on two wheels instead of four, motorcyclists are particularly defenseless in the event of a crash.

The inside of these wheels is not orange (!

Like its British ancestors, it comes in big barrel-shaped wheels that have been matured for around a year.

His chair does not have breaks, and he stops by touching his fingers to the wheels.

Daniel wheels over.

With the trucks, wheels, and grip tape—the existence and names of which I learned that day—it cost $150.

Meals on wheels is a nationwide network of programs that delivers meals to 2.4 million homebound people—many of whom are elderly.

Except Daryl, of course … he’s sticking to his hot wheels.

In Detroit, for example, 30 percent of the local Meals on wheels budget draws from them.

Meals on wheels continues to deliver results because it has been a successful public-private partnership for 45 years.

Meals on wheels is confident that it can show exactly that.

Still, some conservative-leaning news outlets are calling the news reports of a budgetary threat to Meals on wheels “false.”

The device, which the box says includes “simulated e-mail & hyperlinking,” was meant to be training wheels for actually getting on the internet.

With no steel wheels to grind on steel tracks, hyperloops should, in theory, require less maintenance.

Robots who use tread wheels, baseball cannons and scoop hands to make a joke out of America’s pastime.

Most other people tend to start from what they are most sure of, so for nearly everyone it’s the wheels.

Another mistake, which seems to be more frequent in female subjects, is attaching the wheels by the tire and not by the hub.

“We managed to install a powerful gun on wheels,” designer Denis Kirishev told Sputnik.

Much like the morning megabus to an away day, clubs have to ‘get the wheels in motion’ before a transfer can be finalised.

The series takes obvious advantage of Netflix’s emphasis on marathon watching by taking off the training wheels in its first few seconds.

The sound of the fountain surrounded them, when suddenly the auditory monotony was pierced by the erratic sound of rattling shopping cart wheels.

I wanted to make records that look like my oil wheels for my light show,” he tells The Creators Project.

Serve over ice in a goblet glass and garnish with lemon, lime, and orange wheels and flamed caramelized pineapple.

Best known for projection-mapped ferris wheels and a minimalist flair, Brussels-based French new media artist Romain Tardy unveiled Future Ruins a few months ago.

We’re crazy about the wheels, that make this beautiful fluid motion when you turn the steering wheel.

Another looks like a slot car with strange spherical wheels.

Eight wheels rumbling through the dust of undiscovered planets, little ships skimming across the surfaces of alien oceans.

And cheap oil keeps those wheels turning.

Automated vehicle technology is starting to show up wherever there’s wheels — including motorcycles.

Sources at the hotel tell us Drake and his crew are staying there … but it’s unclear why they lost their wheels.

House Bill 137, which repeals North Carolina’s bathroom law, was meant to put the wheels in motion for a detente between state lawmakers.

“We had big battles – banging wheels on the straight, doing everything that was possible to pass each other,” Ocon recalls.

That allowed me to be dragged along without being thrown under the wheels.

“For the attempt we have custom designed five motorized wood-burning stoves on wheels,” Marinacci told The Local.

We never had a serious conversation about when we were gonna take the training wheels off.

From the perch on my knee comes a chirpy approximation of “the wheels on the bus.”

“It’s like hell on wheels.

• Bortles Getting Rid of It: Bortles throws a lovely deep ball, and he has seriously dangerous wheels.

It’s a song to ride to made for Hot wheels cars—cartoonish and badass at the same time.

But that headspace is in constant flux and when he’s back in isolation his wheels start spinning.

Meadmore met the Goddess during one of her regular wheels through Hollywood on Santa Monica in 1982 or ’83.

“There is a definite collation between the participants and their painted wheels,” she explains.

See if you can match them to the color wheels below.

You get that feeling—which is some of my favorite material in documentaries in general—that the wheels have come off.

His solution was as ingenious as it was it was practical: a large metal basket with little wheels.

However, in true pre-Premier League era Portsmouth style, the wheels came off the wagon in spectacular fashion.

These massive wheels are about 100 pounds of pure—usually raw—cow’s milk.

From migrant workers to big wheels in agribusiness, the season covers them all.

Four years have passed, and the likes of Ubisoft, Square-Enix and EA are still spinning their wheels right next to Bill.

More than two decades earlier, Zanardi had driven on the same track in his past life on four wheels.

Closer, louder, Caroline’s wheels scraped against the hardwood floors until Peter woke up with a muted shout.

A couple of weeks later, King said the “wheels came off completely.” “I had what you’d call a breakdown,” she told me.

The beef boils down to this: Rent-by-the-minute wheels seem harmless, even beneficial; able to serve transportation deserts, and carbon friendlier than taxis.

It went down in L.A. at World on wheels.

While most are on wheels, others can be built on solid ground if you can get a permit for them.

The trick with a home on wheels is finding safe, overnight parking and either a utility hookup or full-service bathrooms.

I drop my daughter down curbside a line of mothers fathers steering wheels to-go cups coffee filled.

Third, same concept, but on two wheels, right?

“His outfit, the wheels, the bearings, the struts, the deck.

Smart wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure.

You stay in sketchy motels and get your wheels repaired at a dilapidated garage, using regular tools.

After the shootings, Michigan authorities began searching for a dark colored Chevy HHR SUV with chrome wheels.

It’s even possible that Meals on wheels fits those criteria and the money would be better spent on something else.

I can spin my wheels indefinitely, searching for a cause.

On the sidewalk, just off center in the image, the man’s bike sits on proud display, red LEDs lighting the wheels.

GFG has said it plans to boost profitability at the aluminum smelter by building an alloy wheels plant.

“We call the trains soda cans on wheels,” Jared Margolis, a lawyer with the Center for Biological Diversity, said.

You don’t always notice the plot wheels turning because the character work is so strong.

“Why are we talking about wheels and heels?” she asked.

Its latest move: Two new ad formats designed to grease the wheels of commerce purchases through search.

“The wheels are turning, it’s just a question of how quickly it will have its final impact.”

The accident obviously didn’t alter his passion for wheels.

“For any motor enthusiast, wheels mean so much more than speed and autonomy.

We hope wheels in a sentence examples were helpful.