Wet in a sentence | Use of the word wet examples

Model and recording artist Jasmin Cadavid doesn’t mind getting a little wet in the Pacific.

wet Hot American Summer” was a hilarious film that went un-watched by many.

At its extreme during powerful quakes, the soft, wet soil produces liquefaction, turning the ground into a roiling, muddy liquid.

The sprawling kitchen has white marble countertops, custom cabinetry, Sub-Zero appliances, and an adjoining wet bar with a mounted TV and additional seating.

Complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, a wet bar, and an inset fireplace, the master bedroom exudes luxury.

His hand, which is frequently shot up close as it dangles from the arm of his cursed perch, resembles a wet chicken foot.

Most tragically, this wet chicken-handed man turns out to be the father of one of the sexiest sons of Ipswich, Caleb.

I won’t use anything that still seems wet or smells weird.

It was really mossy and covered in ferns, and in the wet season, a tiny stream ran through it.

Miscellaneous grit clings to the wet heel of someone’s foot.

Twitter images showed a photograph of a very wet floor beneath office chairs and desks on the basement level of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Gina hasn’t announced she and Joe are engaged … yet, but she was still wearing the ring during their wet and wild makeout session.

That’s why wet towels, loofahs, and kitchen sponges are also havens for microorganisms.

A wet blanket on a holiday spent pardoning televised turkeys.

The obvious way to down the sound of popcorn was to make it wet.

But if you make it wet, it’s really gruesome to eat.

He clangs around for a bit, but then returns a few moments later holding a wet cloth.

President Trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions!

Stir the dry ingredients into the wet, then stir in the cheese and jalapeños.

The macaws dug their nests from the soft bark of cantemos, acacia trees that grow in the low, wet soil of Laguna del Tigre.

An outdoor workshop allows me to use power tools without concern for sawdust getting into paint or wet casts.

A lot of it is simply they don’t mind getting wet, they don’t want to get stuck in mud.

Cristiano Ronaldo just got planted with a wet one by a man who stormed the field during his soccer match.

It goes on cool and wet, like most liquid roll-on deodorants, and it didn’t sting my sensitive underarms.

The mineral salts work best on freshly washed skin that is still wet.

If your skin isn’t wet, you need to dip it in water several times as you apply it.

“We eat food that’s past its sell-by date, people are sick, everything is wet,” he told VICE News.

“We eat food that’s past its sell-by date, people are sick, everything is wet,” he told VICE News.

By the end of the performance, faces were wet with tears, and Bono was holding his jacket open to reveal an American flag.

“I am getting my feet wet.”

Lightly wet one of the bottom angles of the pasta and then bring both bottom angles together.

To prevent your cutting board from sliding, anchor it by placing a textured dish towel or a wet, wrung out paper towel underneath.

The soil should feel like a wrung-out sponge, not heavy wet, just lightly wet.

We got the Australian beauty splashing around in the Pacific … and she’s certainly not afraid to get a little wet.

Related: wet, Sick, and Stuck: Thousands of Children Are Facing Deteriorating Conditions on Europe’s Borders “They threw rocks at the Macedonian police.

At the party, Burton’s fake tattoo smudged off onto her dress, and she dabbed out the stain with a wet napkin.

My back is sweaty and keeps making those wet smacking sounds every time I thrust.

The house was a sprawling colonial mansion, straight out of Ina Garten’s wet dreams.

Everyone in the well-upholstered Head House was wet from their walk around the block from the Drill Hall.

Her eyes get wet when she remembers those early days: “When I came there was no house.

I’ve developed a landscape style that involves a very wet surface that is smeared around with acrylic pigments.

His beans were damaged by bad weather, made worse by a wet harvest.

One of the main problems of irradiated foods, he continued, is a “wet dog odour” that sometimes clings to meats after the process.

Volunteers use brushes, spray bottles, tweezers, and wet rags to remove the material.

Gone are the days where I thought I just don’t really get that wet.

They wrapped it up in plastic to keep it wet and they sent us an email.”

I don’t want it to get wet.”

“He was soaking wet, I’m telling you.

He was wet.

The doctor cleaned up her pinky with a wet paper towel, put a Band-Aid on it, and sent the family home.

As I dress, Ross wags his tail and prods me with his cold, wet nose, which never fails to make me smile.

Winter is coming to a warm, wet close in the Northern Hemisphere, knocking down records on the way.

Winter is coming to a warm, wet close in the Northern Hemisphere, knocking down records on the way.

Besides, it’s an El Nino year, so you’re already wet, right?

“It was a rough & tumble race on a wet and sloppy track, actually, a beautiful thing to watch.”

The pavement is wet, perhaps from an open fire hydrant.

Their partners were even more enthused when things got wet and wild—fully 90 percent of them were super into it.

Watch the video below, but know that getting your leather wet is ill-advised and these boys are definitely backing boilersuits.

God willing,” said Abu Kifeh, the nickname of the volunteer, his face wet with tears.

What the Senate actually did last night on Obamacare; the end of “wet foot, dry foot” Cuba policy.

Just spent two wet, wonderful hours aboard the floating food forest @swaleproject with @marymattingly and @kimdahling.

Another common side effect that I have is not being able to get wet, or stay wet, and that makes sex physically uncomfortable.

Shane wet his lips.

Most often found near stream edges and wet woodlands, it’s a difficult plant to get rid of because it spreads via rhizomes.

Pirotte has balanced these with Alptekin’s graphic captures of wet cupping therapy, pictures that steadily scrutinize a practice some might find unsettling.

They include tourist baubles for Pope-loving wet nurses, would-be nuns, and repentant masturbators.

To the right of the paints is a drying rack for wet art.

Cholera spreads more easily in wet weather, because the bacteria live in rivers and coastal waters which swell with the rain.

Droughts and floods: Across the globe, wet seasons are expected to become wetter, and dry seasons drier.

And unfortunately she has to do it with wet shoes now.

Wanna see grown people wet their pants?

There’s no love song that’s on the radio that’s about love and muscular, wet sex.

With Pulisic and 5’8″ and 139 pounds soaking wet, bumps don’t come lightly.

Residents can kick up their feet by the stacked stone fireplace and pour a drink at the wet bar.

Working with your hands, gradually add flour and salt until a wet ball begins to form.

The fuzz lands on his nose and out comes a wet, booming sneeze.

Watch “My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die” Read “wet, Sick, and Stuck: Thousands of Children Are Facing Deteriorating Conditions on Europe’s Borders”

“It is a wet dream for marketers,” said Curtis Harrison, a NationBuilder consultant who has worked on Australian political campaigns for five years.

His upper lip is wet.

As the wet season rains beat down, nat kadaws in extravagant costumes channeled nat beings and answered questions for concerned villagers.

Many hospitals use Pampers Swaddlers, which change color once the diaper is wet.

Almost overnight it had sprouted some wet moustache hairs so long they touched the wall of the jar.

A violent, wet reaction to my words of positivity?

It’s also true that there have always been wet nurses.

And the “modern geodesic domes” and “luxury tents” were soggy, wet disaster-relief tents.

Modern acts from wet to Com Truise use 80s textures to lend their music a mature identity.

Fold the dry ingredients in the wet ingredients.

Tears wet her face.

California has seen more rain this season than it had by this time in the drenching wet season of 1997 to 1998.

Mages splurt magic piss-peas out of the glowy end of their staff, ineffectively tapping foes like a chain of wet kisses.

wet enemies are frozen solid with ice, while foes bombarded with ceaseless forms of fire eventually catch light, visibly smoldering, burning, charring.

“I’m wet through!”

We got wet at the five-day annual bacchanal.

California as a whole experienced a wet winter last year, mitigating the state’s long-running drought.

He drew a lockbox from his wet backpack.

Meanwhile, record heat this summer following a wet winter left much of the state buried in dry kindling.

Rosé Pride, meanwhile, is a “refreshingly crisp 2015 California Rosé with flavors of garden-ripe strawberry, crunchy pear skin and morning dew kissing wet stone.”

Their ultimate wet dream goal would be to create an environment where they didn’t have to send any recruiters in.

wet wood will also produce more smoke, which is bad for your health and environment (more on that below).

The whole place smelled like dirty, wet towels.

By this point I am Bobby Brown wet lips drunk.

Standing in wet pant legs in the river, he is not like anyone I’ve met.

Tuberquia got up, scrubbed her hands with wet wipes, and gently sat her back down on the bench beside him.

There may or may not have been a time I got it sideways in the wet.

Perhaps we should all brace ourselves to be bombarded with cell phone warnings about “tremendous big and tremendously wet” storms from here on out.

Another song has Snoop Dogg, John Legend, and Takeoff getting sleazy over a wet slap bass.

Electricity remained out for much of the city, known for its historic mansions, with power lines lying across roads like wet strands of spaghetti.

What makes locker rooms a little skankier than your standard shared facility is the warm, wet environment.

Hard things, tall things, and wet things—double-crossing murderers.

Bathtubs, both hard and wet, are porcelain caskets.

The effect has been likened to slapping a wet, hard beach and the sand beneath your palm becomes jelly.

A zippered compartment at bottom of the bag is great for laundry, shoes, or wet clothes.

Today marks the release of wet, the new album from native New York producer and multi-instrumentalist Space People, on Brooklyn imprint Styles Upon Styles.

Watch Space People’s “wet” above.

wet is out now via Styles Upon Styles.

The glass renders solid forms radiant and transparent, with intense, wet color so compelling you want to lick it, or at least fondle it.

Since this kit uses a wet sanding method, you’ll need some water on hand.

wet both the 400-grit sandpaper and the headlight lens and sand in a circular motion for about five minutes.

Repeat the wet sanding process with the 800-grit and 2,000 grit sandpapers.

wet the headlight lens and apply the clarifying compound with one of the included polishing cloths.

Sawgrass is a long, narrow plant that grows well in wet environments.

My boots were muddy, my hair was wet, and I was dead exhausted.

In “Perfume” (2018), Linhares paints alternating wide and thin bands of tawny paint into a wet brown ground.

My process of working is very wet, and I need a lot of horizontal space.

Winkler jokingly said he was wearing rubber pants to prepare himself in case he wet himself from the excitement of winning.

The Playboy model got wet and brightened up a SoCal beach … even while wearing a black bikini.

“The glass renders solid forms radiant and transparent, with intense, wet color so compelling you want to lick it, or at least fondle it.

They hop among us, wet and small, ribbitting in shallow ponds.

Then there was the lack of sleep, the wet, the cold, the diarrhea.

The translucent surface that skins the figure gleams wet.

If aliens came from our solar system, they may have evolved on Venus or “wet Mars,” Wright has hypothesized.

The translucent surface that skins the figure gleams wet.

Many things such as bloodletting and wet nurses that are seen as good or indispensable in one age are unthinkable in another.

There were exceptions, notably enslaved or lower class black and white women who were employed as wet nurses.

When it rained, tree frogs would scale the wet cement walls, as if to gain access to us.

“When I was little, I used to hold it in until I wet myself.

Using wet fingers, press 1/4 rice onto laver in an even layer, leaving a 1/2-inch border on the side furthest from you.

Andrew Weatherall recently shared a sprawling 10-minute of Jagwar Ma that sounds like wet concrete smells.

“But that’s life.” I watched her cheeks grow wet with tears.

TOPPINGS — 2 — It was wet and sloppy, but still managed to disappoint on flavor.

Like, your butt’s wet?

I forgot to do this and now all my Xanax is wet and covered with weed ash.

wet Hot American Summer”

In this hot summer flick, these camp counselors bring you back to 1981 on the last day of summer.

Mythbusting tests show that wet foods attract more bacteria than dry foods, but there’s no “safe duration.”

Too full, somewhat drunk, coked out, wet, naked, and with an increasing hangover, I took a large sip of my margarita to calm down.

Well, thus far wet Seal hasn’t had to file for a “Chapter 33,” having been through the process twice previously.

An episode from the show’s third season, “wet Painters,” is a great example of SpongeBob’s visual dexterity.

Our test was made up of two parts, one to test the absorbency of the towels and one to test their strength when wet.

I’ve seen writers and Yelpers and various internet trolls complain about Neapolitan pizzas being wet, but they’re to be wet.

Starting on the left, Reed dragged a loaded brush across a wet, goopy ground, usually stopping before hitting the painting’s right edge.

Mahaut’s vocals guide the cheer squad with what starts as an innocent routine but ends in a soaking wet mud fight.

Overall UK grocery sales were up 1.4% – the modest growth reflecting a wet start to the summer in Britain.

So is scissoring an archetypal part of lesbian sex or is it just a made-up male wet dream?

(He slipped on a wet platform and broke his neck and back.)

After years of drought that left behind ample dry vegetation, California saw intense rainfall last year and then a cool, wet winter.

(wet wipes and wine are required in his dressing room, FYI.)

Nicole Scherzinger is fired up about getting herself wet.

The ex-Pussycat Dolls singer is on a yacht somewhere in a bikini … dancing, showering, shaking and lip-syncing to her own song, “wet.”

It was a rough & tumble race on a wet and sloppy track, actually, a beautiful thing to watch.

Sion Sono’s Antiporno (2016) and Akihiko Shiota’s wet Woman in the Wind (2016) are currently streaming on the Mubi.

The house features tons of glass walls, gourmet kitchen and a den with a wet bar.

Using traditional nineteenth century photographic techniques, like wet plate glass negatives, the artist taps into the aesthetic of the 1800s.

And the “modern geodesic domes” and “luxury tents” were soggy, wet disaster-relief tents.

Sounds funny, but cops tell us they’re serious as a judge in a wet t-shirt contest.

Take the glass you want to serve it in and wet the rim with some lime juice.

There’s a connection between being wet and getting cold, and vice versa for heat, says engineer Lia Lavoie.

After years of drought, a wet winter nourished a bumper crop of grasses, shrubs, and trees throughout the state.

On the roof, the tar paper beneath our feet was already wet with a light mist.

Sadock says arousal—getting either hard or wet and then being physically responsive during sex—is not generally what’s affected.

During that time, some studies have suggested that it was actually a relatively wet period, says Professor Francis.

A woman stands at the end of the hallway and combs her wet hair.

In any case, perhaps we should try to keep them wet, with tears.

Kate’s curls are wet and combed flat.

Bacteria and toxins also thrive in heat and wet conditions, which means more crops will not only become contaminated, but die off altogether.

This creates a wet paste used to line and seal the triangles.

Many watch the weather forecast on TV or wrap up in towels and stare ahead, dazed and tired from a wet, sleepless night.

Given that pool noodles are basically just wet, snake-sized caves, Getty said, they’re a rattler’s ideal getaway.

Reed is fully confident in letting go, allowing the wet surface of the paintings to droop and sag.

Apparently inhaling chemicals gave the unnamed patient hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or “wet lung,” which can also be caused by breathing in dust.

The ‘Rain Room’ Creators Are Getting Their Own Exhibition Random International’s Installation Makes It Rain Indoors, But You’ll Never Get wet

I feel the opposite of wet.

Bledsoe’s granddaughter, Amanda Woodley, said on Facebook the elderly woman desperately put a wet blanket over the children as their home burned.

The toads prefer to mate during wet seasons, and females can lay up to 30,000 eggs at a time.

This mouth, wet with slime, has forced open countless unwilling lips.

Cold weather in May and wet weather in June has prompted Britons to stay home, with many retailers also hit.

I am the only one to blame for releasing a video called “wet Cat ASMR Soothing Biaural [sic] Hot GFE – – -“.

Chris KemperDeveloper, retriever of the wet floor sign.

It’s a veritable wet dream for the house-poor millennial who may be considering living in a literal shed.

The mixture should be wet but not runny; add a bit of water if needed.

And there was a quite sweet episode in which a guy got his shoes wet to help a girl across the muddy bank.

Kev Lynn: …but she got wet and filthy anyway.

I was being pulled over for a busted taillight; meanwhile my pants are half buttoned and I’m a wet mess.

When I got on it all there was was a big splash and I got all wet.

We got wet, we were sleeping on the streets,” she said.

“We are already desperate, last night it rained and we all got wet.

The thing got plenty wet while in there and didn’t stop working.

The bits of tinted paper floated down like errant prayers, to end up on the wet ground.

Or acting, which is, “Do it.” Yeah, just get into it, get your feet wet, get your hands dirty.

The next day, on a lightly floured surface, form the relatively wet dough into a ball.

It was still cold and wet in Park City, but spirits didn’t seem dampened at all.

The light from the workers’ hard hats offers patches of visibility of wet, dust-encrusted faces.

Still, however, the rain produced the less-than-ideal visual of Trump delivering a speech behind a wet protective enclosure.

When an adult fly first lands in a pool of wet blood, it also walks through it, changing the appearance of the stain.

In other news, water is wet.

The mixture should look like wet sand.

Families carried what was left of their lives: a few belongings, wet sleeping bags, and crying children.

Families carried what was left of their lives: a few belongings, wet sleeping bags, and crying children.

Rating: Why’s he so wet, though?

Follow Milene Larsson on Twitter @Milenelarsson wet, Sick, and Stuck: Thousands of Children Are Facing Deteriorating Conditions on Europe’s Borders

Woman after woman — most in middle age or older — emerged with wet, red eyes.

wet cotton balls.

The rep says during the first take of the scene the dog was secured in its cage and never got wet.

A quick shot of his wet ass, though!

You can check out the trailer for the sci-fi wet dream above before Passengers hits theaters on December 21.

The professor could not stand to see faces so beautiful and innocent contorted in such wet sadness.

KS: Kara’s mad as wet hen, as my grandmother used to say.

The former will allow them to eat for a long time; the latter will keep them from freezing to death in their wet clothes.

It’s the sound of slick tyres sliding along a wet street.

It’s like getting into a wet bathing suit.

A bowl of sweet wet fungus covered in small deflated balloons and a very pale Pac Man.

Around the World in 12 Years with Bloc Party We first interviewed Bloc Party on a wet winter evening in 2004.

The problem is that this is a “wet” submersible.

“Everything here is wet,” she says.

Other reports indicate that soldiers were severely beaten or forced to lie face-down in the island’s wet sand for offenses.

Thus, SEALs continued to soldier on with their “wet” submersibles.

“There was a viewer who actually wet themselves…

Nguyen told INSIDER that she favored dressing up as the wet Bandits from “Home Alone,” which is her “absolute favorite film.”

Add the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients–using gloves works really well.

In “Phnom Penh Diptych: wet Season,” Xie starts small and tender, with the details: “And how combed through, this rain!

We have been unusually wet here this winter.

In 2017, immigration from Cuba looks a lot like immigration from other countries — making “wet foot, dry foot” a conspicuous loophole.

In other words: wet foot, dry foot.

This hollowed out political support for “wet foot, dry foot” in two ways.

wet foot, dry foot” began to come under scrutiny — it wasn’t clear that the US would maintain such an antagonistic policy.

The flow hasn’t let up after the death of Castro; the Coast Guard apprehended 136 “wet foot” Cubans in the days after the death.

I’m dripping wet.

The Bucks’ regular season looked lost the moment Middleton slipped on a wet spot on the floor in preseason and tore his hamstring.

But I never really believe it’s possible that we’d elect the human equivalent of putting on a wet swimsuit.

Freeport currently has a one-year permit to export 198,282 wet tonnes of copper concentrate (Reporting by Bernadette Christina; editing by Richard Pullin)

I walked home wringing wet with a smile on my face that night, I can tell you.”

“It’s pretty dry because if it was too wet, it wouldn’t hold its shape and when cooked, it’d just fall apart.”

“I think most people make rolled pasta way too wet anyway.

All eight episodes of wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later drop on Netflix August 4.

Combine wet and dry ingredients, then fold in whites.

Collect a clump of moss or lichen (dry or wet) and place in a shallow dish, such as a Petri dish.

“Essentially [it’s] referring to rapid transitions between extremes of opposing character, so between extreme wet and extreme dry.

It said cold weather in the eastern United States and wet weather in the west may be pushing more consumers online.

Women stand in wet places for hours peeling shrimp.”

It makes sense, given that the sink is a wet environment where water gets tossed around willy-nilly.

Michael Bradley revisits the wet plate photography technique that had removed Indigenous tattoo traditions from photographic records.

“People were working for 10 hours straight.” The first thing that needs to happen: Anything that’s gotten wet needs to go.

In the wet plate photographs, Tā moko would barely show up.

Follow the rules When you’re seated, you’ll receive an oshibori, or wet towel.

Lefèvre worked chiefly in paint, which he deployed like icing in a child’s fantasy—in wet, goopy, primary-coloured beads and layers.

Corn and soybean futures reached one-week highs at the Chicago Board of Trade on concerns about wet weather disrupting plantings and threatening yields.

According to SELF, “Ironing wet hair causes the moisture to burst out in little steam explosions.

Toss very lightly with your fingers to combine, and breaking up the clumps of dough if they feels too wet.

The mixture should feel like a wet wool sweater with an obvious “curd” shape that will hold together once cut.

Prison life broke up the duo known as The wet Bandits.

Soft and pale, her body feels like wet bread dough that I am kneading into a shape.

Read more: Slime Girls are the Sticky, Gooey Monsters of Your wet Dreams So far, DeepCreamPy can uncensor penises and vulvas on still illustrations.

– Luke, 23 “wet the bed.

If you’re just getting your feet wet, start off with learning about our lunar rituals.

That they then clean up 1 percent of with this like little wet wipe of philanthropy.

“Jet fuel itself sitting there in a big wet pile is very hard to ignite.

She presses it flat on the steel marver, moves to rest and turn in wet wood.

Basically, it was a tourist’s wet dream.

I wet the bed until I was twenty.

As I stood there in the wet drizzle, clutching my gin and tonic, I was struck by how lifeless the enormous monochrome beasts were.

Lots of people will tell you that if you get your iPhone wet you should put it in a bin of rice.

He then wet a piece of paper, affixed it to the drawing, and ran them through a press.

I had to return in my wet clothes.

This caused the dried ink to transfer an impression to the wet paper.

Fortunately, a UK techie with a sense of humor may have found an alternative to expensive corporate broadband cables: some wet string.

According to Kennard’s blog post, the wet string connection was able to get a 3.5 megabits per second download speeds.

It has chilled, sparking, and boiling water on tap, and the “wet room” boasts complimentary towels, toiletries, hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers.

Of course, the wet pants then whipped around in the slipstream and flicked fecal water over everyone.

There will be wet periods and dry periods — it’s just that in both, there will be less water to work with.

This pin is a millennial hipster’s (me) wet dream.

I was so scared that my palms were wet.

“It’s a nice way for us to get our feet wet to play these smaller rooms.

By the end of the day, I looked like the pig—tits wet with beer!

On some of those paintings, I have 15 feet of wet line going through wet paint.

The paper is wet with tears, tears of frustration at the prospect of another year in waiting.

A girl comes up to me, soaking wet.

Paper — which comprises about a quarter of recycled material in LA — has way less value from the moment it gets wet.

The fragrance of wet sagebrush swelled with the hum of subtropical birds and a nearby construction crew.

Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, taking care not to over-mix.

Crisscrossed tile floors are cool on the feet, slick when wet with spilled water.

All wet is out September 30 on Ed Banger Records.

Outside the USDA lab, Kline and I sloshed our way through wet grass toward a mosquito trap testing area.

These cookies came out so wet, I thought I had under-cooked them.

“There was mold after the building flooded because the drywall was wet, but they determined the concrete block was the problem.

Most of them hadn’t showered for almost a month and were instead given wet wipes to clean themselves, according to the report.

Most of them hadn’t showered for almost a month and were instead given wet wipes to clean themselves, according to the report.

The lake tends to ebb and grow with wet and dry seasons.

Good, wet news here — footage of Vinny from “Jersey Shore” doing his stripping thing has leaked … and he definitely gives up the goods.

wet n Wild MegaSlim Skinny Tip Eyeliner in Black ($5) was the first liquid eyeliner I ever got into.

It’s not that special—I prefer the wet n Wild one.

begging for affection from anyone while indian summer rain races towards wet earth,feeling the wilderness of your weight.blue fades,to midnight,to three.

Overall I fear people see me as more Hugh Grant—a bit wet and awkward.”

“Running backwards with wet feet was hard,” she says.

They’d be served on a plate, sopping wet, heaving under the weight of the vegetable spread she’d ladled on them.

Get ready for the storm … and some wet conditions.

And you know streets are always wet down in romantic comedies because they’re shiny and beautiful.

If tobacco gets too wet, it won’t burn; if it becomes too dry, it will burn too fast and too hot.

It also comes with a detachable visor for blocking the sun and a “rain cape” to keep heads dry on wet rides.

All In Paradise (wet x ~ Bsn ~ #Crzy) 3.

She then stitches lace along the backs of the empty frames, through which she casts wet cement.

and no one wants to sleep in the wet spot.

The additions might resemble drops of wet sand or puckered skin.

There’s a striking, hypnotic quality to the cover of I Get wet.

That’s when she became aware that the wet lint in her hand could be sculpted, so she quickly made a tiny lint man.

When reminded that 15 years have passed since I Get wet‘s release, W.K.

Shortly thereafter, he returns with instructions to place our property on our beds so it won’t get wet if we can’t carry it.

They would often play by a stream at the bottom of Wright’s garden, coming back home with wet clothes.

The ground felt wet.

She also slipped into a wet muscle tank.

We live in the Pacific Northwest where mowing wet grass is unavoidable.

When the grass is wet, it does not feed into the bag of this mower easily.

He was much more satisfied with his Greenworks mower because it could handle wet grass and was easy to maneuver.

It’s as good an explanation for buckets full of wet apples on October 31st as I’ve ever heard.

I’ve seen more strength in a wet paper bag?”

Did you know that, when the track is wet, it makes the wheels more slippy and a tiny bit faster?

He was dripping wet.

“It’s tremendously big and tremendously wet, tremendous amounts of water,” he said, before being interrupted by a member of the assembled press.

By the end, those aforementioned stomach muscles were rock hard and my eyes were puddle wet.

Top tip: The steps are lined with shiny copper and when they’re wet they’re very slippery.

Keep a firm grip of the handrail; the bruises from slipping down a few wet steps last a long time.

For another woman life may begin at conception, for another not until the baby is wet and wiggling in her arms.

This is a cold and wet movie, and especially in 70mm, on an IMAX screen, those waves seem to stretch on forever.

Don’t go in with wet glue, because it will make you eyes sting, and it won’t stick.

Everyone is always saying how they can’t swim, can’t even get wet.

Boyce whisks the wet and dry ingredients separately, then streams the mixture of eggs, honey, olive oil, and water into the seasoned flour.

He prefers to paint in one go, wet on wet.

It was very dark in that room, so I didn’t understand why everything was so wet.

The gold masa sticks to my palms like wet sand.

The images still seem wet, as if, upon opening the book, I was peeling apart Rorschach blots.

Michael Showalter of “wet Hot American Summer” fame directed the movie, and it was released by Amazon Studios/Lionsgate.

I love broad comedy — I think McGruber is one of the funniest films of all time, or wet Hot American Summer.

He was wet and I was—what was I doing?

With cloth diapers, the baby realizes quickly that they’ve wet themselves, so they cry and a diaper change is imminent.

Using wet hands, roll meatballs into 1-inch balls and refrigerate until ready to use.

Lauren Greene sued Farenthold in December 2014, alleging the lawmaker told her he’d had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her.

Lauren Greene sued Farenthold in December 2014, alleging the lawmaker told her he’d had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her.

Ellie’s lips are wet, so there was a pass that was done after.

Remove the membranes—that milky/translucent skin that clings to the bones like a wet piece of notebook paper—from the back of the racks.

My first ever wet dream at 14 was about the same thing, and I keep coming back to it.

He was wet.

Health authorities said that cold and wet weather in Hunan played a role in the recent spread of the virus.

We stumble upon some wood sorrel peeking through the wet grass.

It’s sort of like when Jack Greer laid a slab of wet cement in the middle of the floor during an exhibition opening.

It was a relatively windy day, and at one point the gusts shifted in such a way that Donna became wet from the spray.

Jennifer Aniston is one step away from a wet t-shirt contest.

And some, like wet Hot American Summer, took a meta approach to satirize the genre entirely.

A wet sock he’s quickly removed from his own foot?

Rating: 3 soaking wet tube socks out of 5 “If Apple started in a garage… why not reinvent myself?”

If your cat has special dietary needs or dental problems, however, wet food may be the better option.

Unique among pet feeders for accommodating wet food, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in webcam.

Fill the six compartments with your choice of wet food, dry food, or medications and control the schedule via your smartphone.

That’s why cotton gets so sopping wet when you workout.

“It was a rough & tumble race on a wet and sloppy track, actually, a beautiful thing to watch.

“He’s come through the field a bit, he’s driven well in the wet.

Arenas told the team anyone who got him wet would be off the World Cup team.

Don’t get wet.

Getting wet is one of the fastest ways to find yourself with a severe cold weather injury that can be potentially life threatening.

Being wet in sub-zero temps is no joke, so make sure you take this one seriously.

I guess according to the prison authorities’ logic, rain means wet ground, which constitutes a breach of health and safety.

His eyes are wet marbles in dark blue.

“It was a good way to get our feet wet,” he said.

With something as messy, wet and floppy as a human, how could something be as precise as brown noise?”

Sheldon’s wet burrito may be the best burrito in all of Asia—perhaps even better than those at Viva Cantina in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The crazy thing is that Sheldon’s wet burrito is entirely vegetarian.

Rock duo—and Jack White wet dream—LesDeuxluxes, featuring Anna Frances Meyer & Etienne Barry, played a poolside set during FME.

Before the Obamas jetted out of Necker Island last week … Barry made sure to get his feet wet with the extreme water sport.

You can walk up and down the strip into wet Willie’s and some of the other places like that.

That this risk-averse wet blanket is the moral center of The Craft is only the beginning of the film’s many shortcomings.

It’s a cauldron full of wet cornflakes, bits of grit, greasy cabbage, and a great big wooden spoon.

The wet and windy conditions were less of a problem for this pair of dolphins seen swimming nearby.

My coworkers were having a great time, playing beer pong in a conference room and teasing me for being such a wet blanket.

Savage, dangerous, sopping wet grass.

The McMullin love makes sense on some level—the mythical principled Republican is a liberal’s wet dream.

By the time they get round to “Read My Mind”, everybody seems to have dried out or stopped caring about how wet they are.

Is water wet itself, or does it just make things wet?

My shoes were wet, and I slipped on the tile floor.

Sitting in Pret, I’m wet, spent and humiliated.

It’s the difference between wet winter and a white winter.

Everything is wet, all the time.

Two fountains under its cabin sprayed water in its path, and a gigantic cylindrical brush rotated behind it, scrubbing wet asphalt.

It’s not easy to render wet, fleshiness of innards in hard clay.

It was steep, wet and cratered with those deep ruts the trucks had made.

We’re told it was raining heavily and she slipped on a wet floor.

“If it’s actively bleeding or it’s wet, the superglue is not really going to stick.”

Chappelle was the wet Bugs Bunny kiss slapped onto the dry oppressive conservatism of the Bush-Howard era.

But flooding and excessive wet weather sparked the rally in grain prices, which had been trading near multi-month lows.

The self-titled album is a Moog collector’s wet dream, rich with bubbling analog synths and fluid, jazzy rhythms.

While the previous shit had secreted from my bowels like a whisper from a mouth, the new shit came like a wet scream.

They are glistening like wet otters and the water is plashing off the brims of the spectators’ sou’westers,” Johnson wrote.

The air is cold, wet, unfriendly.

— Michael Mayer (@Michael__Mayer)June 24, 2016 Cameron you wet yout.

Gisele squeezed in a very wet photo shoot in Rio on the heels of the Olympics.

Australian publication wet Set Magazine [NSFW] is aimed at girls who “enjoy the thrill” of wetting themselves.

The acclaimed sex therapist isn’t opining about the sort of long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses Kevin Costner described in Bull Durham.

“She would text: ‘Love to keep talking, but must find a bathroom, just about to wet my pants!'”

“Her shorts were totally soaked, and she was also wet all the way down the inside of her left leg.

I slunk back into my chair, wet and mildly ashamed.

We’re in the back of a taxi, cutting through the black, wet streets of the Swedish capital.

Across their craggy surfaces are bits of litter that people inexplicably flushed down the toilet: candy wrappers, wet wipes, diapers, and condoms.

Its notes are rendered in shades of misty gray, starry black, and moody blue, scented with wet pine and damp earth.

An increase in germination rate could definitely reduce this issue—especially for those with very wet soils [countries like Ireland].

They wear wet towels around their necks and drink hot tea so they can sweat like Ted Striker in Airplane!

He has an affinity for the sport, having first wet his gambling whistle at the racetracks of New York.

The pace is too fast, perhaps from the wet track.

Gently blow your nose and wipe your eyelids with a clean wet cloth.

Therefore, the surface must be wet.

Well, if the surface is wet, it’s probably a swamp.

But you have to get pretty good at typing with wet nails.

Dailey said she hoped wet weather would bring some relief for locals.

And white feminism, for whom the selfie politic was a wet dream, was first to pick up the scent.

Think of it as an artful response to walking, grilling racist wet dream Kid Rock.

It’s double-lined with activated carbon, plus waterproof, so you won’t worry about your goods getting wet.

As you quickly cover those wet hands again, your gloves will get soaking wet and freeze in turn.

wet a finger on your other hand and draw a circle on the wrapper.

Lightly wet one of the bottom angles of the wonton wrapper and then bring both bottom angles together.

It makes me sad that there are people out there who get themselves wet over my struggle while others reject me because of it.

wet Hot American Summer is one of the most rewatchable movies out there.

Here’s the good, bad, and weird of this latest — and hopefully final — return to the world of wet Hot American Summer.

Everyone is exactly as enthusiastic and willing to make total idiots of themselves as the wet Hot way of life requires.

Still, it’s hard to blame the wet Hot team for wanting to take another crack at Camp Firewood.

Top note brings maximum earthiness, somewhere between a dog’s wet, dirty tennis ball and moldy Band-Aids.

Place the walnuts in a food processor and process on high speed until you have a smooth, wet paste.

“This is pretty close to a Democratic wet dream,” one GOP consultant said.

I was one wet diaper away from racing him to the ER, just before he began to keep down small sips of water.

Fire risks are lower in northern Montana and Washington state due to a wet spring.

“Europe needs to be willing to get wet if it wants to swim against the dangerous tide of U.S. unilateralism.” Reporting by John Irish.

Sure, we made (grave) mistakes, but the trial and error wet Seal permitted taught us, eventually, embarrassingly, who we wanted to be.

The third star: Gabriel Landeskog is all wet – This might seem excessive, but remember, he plays for the Avalanche.

Beat for 3 minutes or so, until well combined – the mixture should look like wet sand.

Maybe to make sure his pants weren’t wet — I don’t know.

I check the bowl and he’s left some of the new wet food.

Dip your finger into the bowl of water and then wet the one side of the skin, around the filling.

As any seven-year-old or frustrated parent knows, cotton candy can crystallize when it gets compressed or wet or drooled on or whatever.

But before we get into our guests, we’ve got a beautiful intro mix to wet your appetite.

An avuncular-looking man of 26, he had catlike green eyes, wet lips, and curly hair already balding on the vast egg of his head.

Didn’t you only see him wet his pants in fear at a Timmy Mallett DVD like two summers ago?

Thanks to the unusually wet winter in California, hydroelectricity is abundant this year, says Greenlee.

The forest it’s sliming around in isn’t real, either, but somehow I can almost smell the wet leaves and touch the ferns.

This was an alternative music fan’s wet dream come true.

Took a sip of Cortashine, vape against wet lips, eyes on the ticker.

Joe, Tandy, and J just stared at her, six red wet eyes under LED floods.

There has never been a boyfriend who’s more of a wet lump of nothingness than Christian.

J fingered the minor curly-cues of his beardling, idly confused, like a wet rat just sprayed with a hose.

Noor looked at the wet rat impatiently, her hand in her pocket.

One song has a hook that goes “feel your legs soaking wet / chakras so in line.”

“Mostly it’s OK, even in the rain, but when there’s a storm, with the wind my sleeping bag gets wet,” he said.

She was dressed like a mom, wearing jeans and a top, her hair down in that curly way that always looks wet and crunchy.

Just enjoy the wedding for what it is and try not to wet yourself in front of people.

Our dogs would often lazily collapse in the wet grass and watch her pace, panting contentedly.

Rating: I’m going to go ahead and guarantee this a six dripping wet tubesocks out of six.

“My balls feel wet, and I don’t like it,” Haley explained.

“Everything got wet, and the corrosive nature of the water is damaging all of these cables.

Fastening-free, the sweater was easy to throw on after coming ashore wet and tried.

Each humor was linked to an element, and was considered either wet or dry and hot or cold.

The wet Brush hair brush.

When the Pence Administration began to enact the mass deportations its predecessor had reneged on, Arkdia was shocked back to life with wet capital.

The eastern United States and Canada saw a warm, wet Christmas, with tornadoes pounding the southern US states around the holiday.

Maybe [the celery] is there as the finger-wiper for your plate, [in addition] to the wet nap.

If you’re feeling fancy, wet the rim of the glass with more lime juice for a salt and pepper garnish.

Because it is perpetually warm and wet, fruit and flowers remain available year-round.

Still, with a national election due in 2019 and an unusually wet winter looming, some worry the Galilee could be again neglected.

Dark , wet patches of blood soaked into the mud floor.

Even with Claudia Gadelha sticking to her like a wet blanket through the first two rounds, Jedrzejczyk landed a decent number of shots.

Two Wilhelmina models got down and dirty … which would explain the wet t-shirts.

After years of drought, the storm is the latest incident in a strong wet season for California that began in the fall.

He’s no different, really, than a kid scrawling his name in wet cement.

The dripping wet Prince still flashed his dashing smile through the storm.

Meanwhile, a flood of Argentine corn is poised to enter the marketplace this month as late planting and wet weather delayed the harvest.

700,000 hectares wet peatland will need to be restored, too; that is more than four times the size of London.

Much of Tasmania’s World Heritage area is too wet and high-altitude to burn, allowing plant species to evolve without fire.

Meanwhile Anastaksaki’s live band consists of players from included Tei Shi, wet, and Guards.

ADM agreed to buy 50 percent of corn wet mills owned by Russia-based Aston Foods and Food Ingredients, according to a company statement.

Make the caramel: Mix the sugar with 1/4 cup water in a medium skillet to form the consistency of wet sand.

It’s durable, but it is nowhere near waterproof, meaning this is not a good jacket for wet snow or precipitation in above-freezing temps.

But his talent was indisputable, particularly in wet conditions, and his mind-management and ability to gel a team around him set him apart.

The outer lining is a cotton/nylon blend, and cotton just doesn’t do well wet.

And while the hood is detachable, the fox fur trim is not, and you really don’t want to get that wet.

It also recommends that batteries not come in contact with metal, and that they be replaced if they become damaged or wet.

Lightly wet the top corner of one diamond.

Its wet rawness also seems to trigger personal associations.

wet’s debut full-length album, Don’t You, does something similar, albeit on a smaller scale.

To summarize, …And Justice for All sounds like wet dog shit, but it still rips.

Mitchell Manley was cold and wet but thankful he persuaded his elderly mother to evacuate.

If it rains, and it will, she’ll get wet, which could lead to catching a fever.

Using wet hands, roll matzo mixture into 1-inch balls.

Which is why looking back on a 20-year-old film—set in 1985—is like a crust punk’s dried wet dream.

“That was a wet fart,” @nick_drumtechnick waxed eloquent on another.

That or wet toilet paper.

The footage of “Marsh Ruins” lingers over grasses waving in the breeze and fiddler crabs scampering around in the wet sand.

And they feature drum brakes, which work better when it’s wet out.

Beyonce and Jay Z were fully protected on their jet skis … so protected they barely got wet.

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