Watching in a sentence | Use of the word watching examples

I’ll also be thinking of a moment that I feel like I’m watching for the first time every time I see it.

Just them and an entire stadium watching.

When I was playing, the majority of the scouting was sitting in the stands watching your opponent, or my coach watching my opponent.

“It’s fantastic, so much energy so early in the morning,” Josh Hunking from Texas, watching his first Ryder Cup in Europe, said.

I’ll keep watching for a little while.

I always get nervous watching Venus.” Swiss great Roger Federer, whose management company Team 8 also looks after Gauff, is excited.

I’m watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I got a phone call from someone who said, “We’re watching you,” and that I should quit my “online activities.”

Americans watching this address tonight have seen the recent images of violence in our streets and the chaos in our communities.

History is watching us now.

Ordinarily, the prospect of watching Statham try to survive an oceanic disaster scenario would be only a so-so draw for moviegoers.

Maybe the jungle gym was a pirate ship, or the slide a mountain, but grownups watching only saw chaos.

It’s also fully self-aware: The film knows that blinking is the last thing you’ll want to do while watching it.

Some analysts have speculated that with Trump watching from the sidelines, those aforementioned inter-Korean talks could exacerbate squabbles between South Korea and the US.

That was just in a semi-autonomous car, but the idea of sleeping or doing something else or watching a movie or doing anything else.

The Weeknd was all about Selena Gomez’s public cuddling … until he noticed paparazzi watching.

— Paul D’Agostino Paul D’Agostino: It seems you too were flooded with thoughts after watching Depraved.

This film is chilling even without knowing that you’re watching two people who are now known terrorists.

watching this documentary — and finding out how they let it slip past them — might be a good place to start.

Wally spends his time in Henney’s living room watching shows like Gator Boys on TV, eating chicken wings, and enjoying the occasional head-rub.

My stepbrothers showed me Baller Blockin’ when I was about ten—way too young to be watching it.

If you can settle in and just go with it, there’s pleasure in watching the whole thing unfold.

The sun is starting to set, two cars are stopped behind him with their lights on, a dozen people are watching, standing still.

This was a key part of watching Lost for many, many viewers.

He turns 41 in January, and watching him actually contribute on a championship run would be kiss-your-fingertips perfect.

President Donny Diaper-Grampa will tweet about any ol’ shit that irritates him during the 22 hours a day he spends watching cable news.

More than once while watching Queen Sugar, I realized I’d been holding my breath … and then let out a long, satisfied exhale.

watching Queen Sugar, it’s easy to understand its appeal.

The 29-year-old took full control of the restaurant last year, but grew up watching her father at work.

Ratings points roughly translate to the percentage of viewers watching in a certain demographic.

So you can think of Schwarzenegger’s 1.0 as a percentage of 18- to 49-year-old viewers watching, versus Trump’s 1.4.

Trump is right that more people watched his Celebrity Apprentice than are watching Schwarzenegger’s.

You’re watching “Good Morning America” while you’re getting the kids ready to go to school in the morning.

I can’t do that while watching something on YouTube.” Just having that sort of ambient company is comforting for a lot of people.

“It’s like you’re watching a movie but you’re in the movie,” Magrann said.

After watching this film and experiencing what can only be described as pure euphoria, we decided to peruse some of its contemporary reviews.

But when I ask him upfront about the success of the company: “It’s that patience of watching a tree grow,” he says, sage-like.

His career finally over, the player must be clued into the reality that everyone watching at home saw last July—that this is it.

… and you know Kofi will be watching!!

Steak-Umm’s Social Media Manager The Steak-Umm social media manager gets a little bump up for watching Fight Club for the first time.

“Then one night when I was watching the TV series Mindhunter… the two main characters stay in all these different three-star motel rooms.

And this matters, because watching your friends broadcast whatever it is your friends do is only entertaining for so long.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

He points this out to her, watching her misery as she takes in how dire things are.

Lopez and Mendes gave good performances, but if you were watching at home, it was a frustrating experience.

watching Desiigner totally lose his shit to “Panda” is pretty great.

You can learn more about her legendary career by watching this clip from the 2012 ESPY awards.

The result is compulsive laughter that can sound odd to a viewer watching at home, who feels no such desire.

So you can bet Google is watching Facebook’s moves closely.

We have 30 million members, and we’re watching you, Simpson.

watching the birth of a new litter of emojis is like solving a puzzle.

That’s one way of watching A Star Is Born.

200-plus million people each month are watching Tastemade around the world, and they’re consuming about two billion streams.

Is that still the same, sort of watching people cook, is that still the bulk of what you’re doing?

Particularly on that platform, a ton of people are watching, are being entertained, same with Instagram.

You can see the exact curve for when they’re watching.

It doesn’t matter when I’m watching one of these videos, I can watch it whenever.

What were they watching?

Michelle says it was difficult seeing the trailer, but she thinks watching the movie will be therapeutic.

But then every few episodes strike gold and remind you why you’re watching.

Over the past week, I’ve asked an array of political scientists what they see watching the tax bill lurch toward passage.

Those watching the livestream of the union’s press conference offered overwhelmingly negative feedback.

“Do you have restricted interests, like watching the same video over and over?”

Brands are already inescapable in our day-to-day lives — they don’t simply go away in situations when the entire world happens to be watching.

The effect, on balance, was charming — and it made watching the nominations early in the morning far more appealing.

What’s fascinating about this is the way the two are trapped in a never-ending cycle of watching versions of themselves.

The audience watching the show.

Turns out that people like watching TV on TV.

Before I left the office, I was tasked with watching Canadian Heritage Minutes.

With others watching the games on Canal Plus, more than 10 million watched both France matches.

A couple small televisions played the Olympics, but no one really was watching.

Reader: There is nothing more painful than watching Willow cry.

watching Willow wrestle with an alternate-reality version of herself is even better when you know what’s to come in later seasons (“Hands!

The airline computer system tracks everything, and big brother can be watching us.”

A tablet for everything from watching Netflix to reading books online.

Get to watching!

watching the four episodes of Camping that were sent out for review, I couldn’t help but think of another recent HBO series: Vice Principals.

It rewarded the viewer for watching through to the end.

These people are poison to each other — why keep watching them?

The most immediate threat is the prospect of downgrades by credit ratings agencies that have been closely watching political developments.

This is when the story feels especially truthful, watching unassuming students look for the voice of the ocean.

Jay made sure the woman got through the roaring crowd before they shared an awesome heart-to-heart moment … with 20,000 people watching, of course.

I was holed up in my bedroom watching the Senate vote on the ACA, the culmination of a 25-day floor debate.

Both Silicon Valley and Wall Street are watching the stock intently to see if it can give a boost to a flagging IPO market.

But there are decent odds that many more people are watching Netflix and letting someone else pay for it.

That is, they’re watching Netflix even though they’re not technically supposed to be watching Netflix.

But the experience of watching “Teddy Perkins” is nothing like the above.

In the meantime, he and the rest of the world will be watching the news, waiting to see what happens.

watching people’s big constructions blow up is totally part of the fun,” says Edvald, with a wicked smile.

“I remember sitting meters away from this private and reserved guy and watching him play this incredibly intimate set.

She heard something and turned around and realized that there was a guy with his face to the window, watching her.

You couldn’t just be comfortable in your own house without worrying that someone was constantly watching you.

Someone is always watching, and we’ve gotten used to it.

The EP is a mix of my teenage years watching MTV and what I’ve been listening to in the last year.

Maynard James Keenan won’t ask you to pay attention, but he’s watching to see if you will.

They’re one of the tightest bands I know; I reel between awestruck and terrified when watching them.

He’s like a 17-year-old who grew up watching whatever this galaxy’s version of James Bond, thinking that is the perfect man.Oh.

“I’m not watching it this year.

When watching the Olympics games these next couple of weeks, you might see some “super” genetic mutations in action.

watching it, I found myself hoping so too.

He writes about wanting simple things, like baking at home with a partner or holding hands while watching a movie.

Hernandez and thousands of her fellow DREAMers are watching — and waiting.

But there are enough pleasures around its edges to keep me watching.

Everything we do gets a lot of people watching.

And we’re pretty sure that watching The Intern that many times in a row could be considered torture in some countries.

watching her gleefully scream at a show she loves and explain why what just happened is incredibly awesome is a joyful experience.

Well, according to the Small Business Administration, he’s working so hard that he couldn’t be watching that much cable TV.

“Thank you for watching, and have a nice day.”

It just became a series of ensemble cast shows that we were all watching, and it became entertainment.

We don’t even know what we were watching.

“Now they’re not adding anything new and the President is primarily watching Fox,” Darcy said.

I remember first realizing the dynamic as a scrawny, closeted high schooler watching Will and Grace.

For added pathos, the news station filmed Peter Vogt, a senior public prosecutor in Halle who handled cases of child pornography, watching the clip.

It’s worth watching.

Arizona teachers were inspired to go on strike after watching teachers in Oklahoma demand higher pay earlier that month.

In Naked Lunch, there’s straightforward orchestral cues, and then suddenly you’re watching a drugged-out hallucination soundtracked by blaring horns.

He then observes, in an evident reference to sexual violence, “He must have felt perverted, standing there watching.

They’ll yell at you, they’re constantly watching you.”

“This is about watching the player.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed watching it take on a life of its own.

We’re watching these five cases, especially, this term.

We’re watching these five cases, especially, this term.

Everyone watching is complicit.

I mean, I’m watching you record ads, it’s funny.

There’s a voyeuristic appeal to watching other people’s screens, even if it’s not through a direct video.

Please, please get high before watching this hot mess.

I think one of the answers is, will people start watching this stuff on the internet?

I covered the Lakers back then and I remember watching you on the court.

That includes five and a half hours a day watching television and movies.

These guys, again, were found to be spending more time on “socializing, relaxing, and leisure,” including watching almost six hours of TV a day.

“The world is watching,” said Matthew Fell, chief UK policy director at the Confederation of British Industry.

watching them was always an emotional rollercoaster.

watching them was always an emotional rollercoaster.

We don’t know if there’s a doctor watching that could help them,” says Cisneros.

So, it is possible that existing aggression “causes” watching violence on TV.

I remember watching the claymation video for Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” and Genesis was still going on.

Yeah, and you think those were his fans watching it, or were they exposed for the first time?

You’re getting more people watching it.

We’re making the same amount of stuff and more people are watching.

We just sat there watching the sunset, drinking a beer.

Desertion sounds like you’ve been watching a lot of Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man, for which Neil Young privided the soundtrack.

One diplomat I spoke to described watching an official in the State Department cafeteria get her credit card declined while trying to buy food.

A second glance reveals the crowd watching the procession to be modern, smart phone-wielding tourists.

Then they were asked if they had a more or less favorable opinion of Sanders after watching this ad.

Ronnie advanced post by post, watching with grim satisfaction as they fell.

“However, as I was watching the roll call, I started getting oddly emotional.

Because we are watching a woman tell voters, “I would be the right person to fill the most powerful position in this country.”

And we’re watching millions of voters say back, “Yes.

“I’ve been watching the convention and tearing up several times per night.

Tracy Clementi was watching the roll call vote Tuesday night.

I remember watching a grown man in his 50s cry when I confronted him about his spiraling drug habit.

The agony of watching a man weep behind thick glass is stultifying because you can’t hear anything.

Broner’s friends with both guys and says he’s sick of watching them feud over Instagram.

Part of it, watching it the first time, we’re conditioned as viewers to try to guess what’s going to happen next.

watching that at the time, that was frustrating.

“It’s like kids watching other kids opening toys on YouTube,” Buckshaw added.

But as we know now, they were not watching him.

I learned [how to deal with people] from watching others that I was working for [set] bad examples.

I’m proud to be part of somebody’s growth, somebody’s memory of nights at home watching TV.

VICE News is closely watching the international migrant crisis.

VICE News is closely watching the international migrant crisis.

Why don’t we know this?Because we’re busy watching TV.

“I remember watching him play ball when I was growing up here.

You feel like an alien visitor watching a wasted earth.

I’ve learned a lot from watching Jan and what they do.

People are spending a lot of time on those and watching those.

But if you’re watching a live concert, you probably want live video.

Industry insiders will be watching to see if they repeat that trend in 2019.

Others realized they were watching a horror movie, not a melodrama, despite the largely female cast, and praised Baby Jane and its performers accordingly.

I’ve been watching and paying attention to how a lot of artists do it.

18 TV shows you’re watching that are probably going to be canceled

The team who did the hit will be at home watching.”

Just try not to go for the typical black wheely thing that’s indistinguishable from a million others—the paparazzi are watching!

I would consider doing it again, which I would never play a video game on a TV, I just find them dull, watching them.

I just don’t, and I like watching television just the way it is, but I don’t like playing games, I don’t understand it.

That’s another thing I’m never watching.

What would it take to make brick and mortar … I’m watching “Riverdale” with Alex right now.

LS: Why are watching that with Alex?

If you want to continue your ninja journey after watching, check out Vintage Ninja for more gloriously nerdy ninja arcana.

(I’ve sort of been watching for that as a possible signal of final capitulation in this case.

Air show delegates are also watching a face-off between the United States and Iran in the Gulf.

After watching, you can join producer Joss Fong for a Q&A in the Vox Video Lab Thursday at 5 pm ET.

And dare I say it’s become something that might actually be worth watching.

(Iyadurai and team had similar results in a 2012 study that looked at flashbacks following watching a disturbing film.)

Personally, I know I’m ready to stop wondering and start watching game film.

I don’t love watching preseason film, because I don’t think it tells us much.

You have to keep watching because just when you think the final weave has been yanked, more punches get thrown.

If you like watching shows on CBS, then DirecTV is not for you, since for now, DirecTV doesn’t have a deal with CBS.

I’m fine watching “Shark Tank” weeks after it airs; you may insist on watching “The Voice” live.

By the time you’re done watching this it is possible the Earth will be on fire, click “play” at your own risk.

(That was LA’s lone loss all postseason, so Astros and Yankees fans are begging Mrs. Hernandez to keep watching the Dodgers at home.)

If voters don’t think a film has a chance, they’re less likely to prioritize watching it.

Reading Big Girls Don’t Cry, watching moments from the 2008 campaign, I felt like so much of the primaries were on repeat.

But it’s nice to see people avidly watching, discussing, and rewarding films that exhibit the best the art form has to offer.

There can be a kind of thrill in following that race, in watching for developments and predicting winners, all culminating on the big night.

Footage of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull publicly mocking President Trump has just leaked, and it’s worth watching.

“We were just sitting there, facing the door and watching Lily,” Clark says.

“Does he live there?” she asked, watching the light shine into the apartment windows.

On a big screen, the effect is literally dizzying: It’s like watching a feature-length, large-format video game controlled by someone else.

And around 15 minutes after Andy finally starts trying, I stop watching.

Turkey and neighboring Iran are closely watching the power shift in Sinjar.

It won’t mean, however, that Facebook has stopped watching you while you browse the web.

So, we’ve also heard these conspiracy theories that your smartphone is secretly either watching you or listening to you, right?

But these examples aside, we don’t really know if our phones are listening to us or watching us.

I wanted to make something that wasn’t as linear, or something that changed the experience of watching a film on one screen.

And then, over and over, our expectations are subverted, and we’re watching something else entirely.

Are your cameras watching you when they shouldn’t?

Is your TV surreptitiously recording what you’re watching and sending it to other parties?

One of the funnier things about the Olympics is watching the athletes process during the torch lighting ceremony in their funny-ass clothes.

I had to be careful that the guards weren’t watching me, since they came around every 15 minutes.

When I was doing drugs, there had always been this third-person observer in me, just watching the entropy of my life.

With such a low winter icepack, scientists will be watching what happens when the Arctic icecap shrinks heading into the summer, Mann said.

It’s a natural “next” to what you’re already watching on Snapchat.

watching this film, I realized how much backlash there’s been with Obama as the president.

She did this while sipping an iced coffee, finalizing an online order for shoes on, and watching the world burn.

I love watching people’s reactions.

People who are watching the expansion of Amazon need to know that it’s not necessarily a good thing.

You know what I’ve recently been binge watching for some bizarre reason?

And going and buying popcorn and sitting in that movie theater and watching, you know, whatever the movie was this year.

You don’t want to be a person alone in your house just watching television and losing touch with what people are thinking about.

But this time, the world was watching.

You can be watching a completely predictable, seemingly endless tale unfold, and some aspect of the whole thing will still be enjoyable.

It’s worth watching at the top of the page.

They seem to be watching it based on what I’ve heard, which is the good news.

So we’re no longer watching one scene followed by another that, logically, has to take place months later.

Maybe no one’s watching.”

I sat on the train the other day and someone was watching a movie on their phone, and I don’t understand that.

Instead, we’re watching scenes that flow into and inform each other, without the need to compress and expand time as the story requires.

And same with Netflix, they’re pushing “Godless.” I see it at a football game, you see … Because now they know who’s watching.

“If he is watching me now, I just want to blame him for what he has done,” his brother Walid Amri told The Telegraph.

And interestingly, a lot of people … like Nellie was getting the 8, not the X. It’s after watching my struggles …

I was watching a kid go by a homeless encampment where two people were shooting up.

But also you get more and more people in the habit of watching things.

In 1983, Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov sat in a bunker in Moscow watching monitors and waiting for an attack from the US.

RAND wanted to know what would happen if the Petrovs of the world were no longer in the room watching for missiles.

McGillivray told the publication that while she was watching the debate she flashed back to that moment 13 years ago.

“He’s handsome,” I remember him telling my sister, while watching 10 Things I Hate About You, seeking some sort of assurance.

watching it, my jaw hurt from the relentless smile that had carved itself into my face halfway through the opening scene.

“Through watching the different films, it becomes clear that acting is mechanical.

You know, I grew up in the 50s and 60s, watching wrestling.

I remember watching their product when I was six or seven years old, in the 50s.

I grew up watching the Fabulous Moolah.

Viewership often drops off as debates drag on, meaning Warren probably had the advantage when higher numbers of people were watching.

watching the hotel staff realize their grave mistake is the last time the movie gives a white person’s judgment a moment’s consideration.

After watching a clip of the president’s comments on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” Sanders couldn’t contain his laughter.

He was speaking to anyone who happened to be watching the livestream; there were no listeners physically present.

But watching Manifesto, you start to wonder if it has the best fighting chance, especially when coupled with well-sourced information and contextualization.

The other was just last week, watching The Last Jedi and understanding for the first time what makes Star Wars magical.

The country is watching.

But at some of our Sky Blue games, there are only 500 people watching.

“After watching it for a short while, I turned it off.

I remember watching pregnant women stand on weighing scales as the doctors went on village visits—many were just 75 pounds while seven months pregnant.

From EU officials watching from Brussels, there was one plea – make up your minds.

What happens if the younger adult audience (the one watching all those superhero movies) starts to drift away?

I’m sure you were watching, right, on ChartBeat or something to that effect?

The bloke next to you is watching an episode of Carpool Karaoke on his phone and muttering, “legend, absolute chuffing legend,” to himself.

After all, isn’t found footage just the viewer watching terrible, exploitative things happening to others?

But a pure grappling match between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor was not what we were watching.

Why wouldn’t I like watching that?” Fisher said.

It is as if we are watching an animated progression of the moon rising up from the horizon.

Lemon held his head in dismay after watching a clip of Kanye’s remarks on CNN.

I’ve started watching submission grappling and even college wrestling, as I’ve started to train in it.

Again, my judge-y ass was served by watching this thing, giving it a shot, and really enjoying it.

Wish Facebook’s new cryptocurrency well or wish it ill, nearly everyone in the crypto and tech industry is watching with bated breath.

It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters slamdunk on patients at a children’s hospital.

VICE News is closely watching policing in America.

What he was known for, neighbors told media outlets, was watching television late at night and not leaving his apartment for days on end.

VICE News is closely watching policing in America.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads It is very strange to be watching a film and see the inside of your local laundromat.

While watching Daredevil season two, I kept thinking about two pertinent quotes — one by Elektra and one by Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll).

Democrats will be watching the outcome of the primary closely.

That alone would make him worth watching closely.

It was August of 2005 and I remember watching Ray Nagin, the then-mayor of New Orleans, on television ordering an evacuation of New Orleans.

I spent most of Sunday watching local news coverage on television and YouTube of the flood in Houston.

I went with this man I’d met online and spent a lot of the evening just watching him with other people.

And we watched them watch.” This concept of “watching them watch,” a kind of socially acceptable, international voyeurism, pervades Farbiarz’s drawings and collages.

He enjoyed watching my new relationship develop.

Pakistan is watching to see if Edhi’s legacy can be continued.

Taking time off work sandbagging 48 hours straight, just watching that water rise.

All that pressure is especially concentrated at the World Cup, with nearly half the world watching.

Without getting too sappy, watching them call down the heavens made me believe in black metal again.

I remember watching a video of Gucci Mane smoking a blunt and freestyling in woods that looked similar to the ones behind my house.

2016 has been her sixth summer watching over Toronto’s pool hops.

For Graner, watching Fieri is like going to a concert.

“Anyways, I spend a lot of time watching you.

watching her add new techniques to what she does is exciting.

And they’re watching on mobile, too.

Netflix smartphone viewership is part of a larger trend of more people watching online video on mobile.

I remember watching a lot of Western movies.

Even football and the Super Bowl — considered the last holdouts where advertisers could guarantee huge live audiences would be watching — are not immune.

Viewership: Rights fees: For the many people still watching the Olympics, you can find out how to livestream it here.

In essence, the people who donate to these gambling streamers are paying for the experience of potentially watching someone fail.

The world is watching,” Pence added.

watching Live at the Majestic, the new Andrew Cohn-directed documentary about Brown, this quality is almost immediately apparent.

watching Zula or Wiktor alone, you feel the absence of their heart’s other half as keenly as they do.

I remember watching his tiny body tremble; I can still hear his small cries of pain.

It was clear that many attendees were watching.

By the third day, when they ran out of gas, watching Mayweather and McGregor yell at each other was hell.

Who was watching and what had they seen?

Here are five things to look for while watching the vote: 1) Timing When does the actual debate and vote occur?

“We will be watching, and will act when the time is right.”

“You could say you wished you handled something differently, and I do, but … everyone’s watching, and I should be smarter than that.”

But as an adult watching it, it resonated in a whole different way.

You brought up your film Best of Enemies, which I was thinking about while watching this film.

Well, when it comes to watching football without cable, the saying doesn’t hold up.

One viewer asked whether he was normal if he stopped watching the series Lost two episodes before the show’s finale.

watching with a VPN The NFL offers its own streaming service, NFL Game Pass, which provides access to the entire regular season.

What about the interplay between flat and volumetric shapes, as she does in  “watching and Waiting” (2017)?

After ensuring he was not within her apartment, Mercer would lock herself in her bedroom, watching television until she fell asleep.

They peek through only in moments when nobody might be watching.

They were incapable of expressing empathy for the experience of watching the prolonged pain of another’s intermediary state of being unfold.

While watching Black Mirror’s “Hang the DJ” for the first time, I swiped left on my phone at least 15 times.

watching this speech, you could see just how much Obama wants to run against Trump.

He first considered cold water after watching a TED talk on the virtues of daily cold showers.

And that’s why I was startled by how moved I was watching the Themyscira sequences.

But watching it felt different, largely thanks to the story being told through Jenkins’s eyes.

And while watching the movie, I mainly felt anger and hopelessness about how little has changed.

watching Detroit I realized that I’m not interested in white perceptions of black pain.

… Bigelow is immensely skilled at action, and watching Philip pick off his victims definitely crackles with energy.

watching the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium go up in nearby Vine City, he has felt a sense of déjà vu. Vote like Gritty is watching.

Because Gritty is watching.

Gritty is always watching.

But I’m a white woman accustomed over years of working as a critic to watching movies made by, and largely for, white people.

In essence, it was like watching someone having a Skype call with a really great screensaver.

But then again, if you aren’t here for a long-awaited reunion with Carmilla’s beloved characters, you’re probably not watching The Carmilla Movie.

All it took was the word of a watching janitor for the pair to be marched away by the Gestapo.

We waited and waited, watching as things deteriorated even further.

We waited and waited, watching as things deteriorated even further.

But I’m watching kids in their twenties now for who the chances are grim.

CeeLo says he was watching the Halftime Show when his emotions got the best of him.

“I was actually over here watching a couple of the matches and so I was jet lagged and asleep when Tom called.

Facebook wants users to finish what they’ve started — at least when it comes to watching videos.

The company is testing a new feature that prompts users to “continue watching” videos that they’ve seen in News Feed, but never finished.

The obvious point of this is to get people watching more video.

— and resume watching three days later without missing much.

They’re not watching Sunday morning news talk shows.

I eagerly wait, watching his face to see if a smile emerges.

So to every citizen watching at home tonight — no matter where you have been, or where you come from, this is your time.

It’s a weird thing to do, for 2017, because people are watching on demand, but this is a courtroom episode.

Listen, I’ve had … I’m running into people now who say they just started watching the show and they’re really digging it.

I started watching “Breaking Bad” and really like it a lot.

What do you like watching the most?

Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a movie and there just isn’t enough testosterone?

I like watching

They’re great and I really like that I’m watching.

They like watching Jonathan Banks, for 20 minutes, not saying a word and setting up the sneaker gag.

With something like that, it’s like, “What the hell is he doing?” Just watching it unfold like that is just inherently interesting.

And I can think of some of my favorite episodes of “Breaking Bad” watching Jonathan Banks go around and set up stuff.

I became a fan of Lucy because I grew up watching I Love Lucy reruns on Nick at Nite when I was a kid.

When I was around ten years old, my godfather was watching me one day.

“For 29 minutes they weren’t even watching who they were killing.

watching Marlo struggle, you begin to understand a little better what new mothers can face, something the film’s “twist” near the end highlights.

In Watch This, Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff tells you what she’s watching on TV — and why you should watch it too.

For several weeks now, Hilda has been a chill-out watch for me, after watching something more intense.

watching Zinke’s tenure was heartbreaking.

The night before, JLo rang in the New Year by watching Drake perform at the same hotel.

Throughout his testimony, Gates largely avoided making eye contact with Manafort, who appeared to be watching him.

So we’ll have to see how it unfolds, but it’s certainly something that we’re watching.

So here is a guide to the five stages of watching A Cure for Wellness.

As the effort was underway, there were multiple reports of judges watching Persky’s fate closely to see what it means for them.

watching Hilda, however, you would never guess that O’Connell is anything other than a natural in front of the camera.

I remember watching movie clips by Art Zoyd, Kas Product, Laurie Anderson, and Urban Sax, and loving them all.

So I’ve seen what appeared to me, just as a layperson watching what’s going on, that these prescriptions are increasing.

Among familiar tips about watching for online cookies and clocking up air miles, one piece of advice stood out.

Really, these winks to the crowd are sort of why we’re watching.

Ford and its rivals also are closely watching the outcome of negotiations toward a revised North American Free Trade Agreement, which continued on Friday.

Exactly how the State Department operationalizes this “prioritizing” bears watching.

But when she met him, dressed to go out, he was waiting in his hotel room in pajama pants, watching television.

I sit on the couch at home, with a cup of tea and a blanket, watching anything but Star Wars.

My taxi sailed down Broadway, and it occurred to me that Maricruz could be watching my taillights.

Facebook now supports 360-degree photos, its latest effort to get more people comfortable with watching and creating content typically found in virtual reality.

It wasn’t very exciting, I can tell you that.” Trump said he looked forward to spending time with Merkel rather than watching the debate.

But we are not just watching another celebrity spat following an acrimonious breakup.

The kids are watching Adventure Time now instead of crappy G.I.

Yeah, even just watching the Fox show makes you feel a little skeevy.

In the long, long summer between AS and A2, I devoted entire days of my life to watching nothing but cookery shows.

watching him felt like spending time with a favourite grandfather and in a world of Guy Fieris, that was vital.

A GoPro spokesman said the company is now “watching closely” as talks to strike an immigration deal continue.

People are watching this, and they understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with gunning down protesters.

And watching this production, I continued to fall into the same traps I often do.

“Are we all watching the same video?

There was this window, I started watching as an outsider, because keep in mind, I didn’t really cover Facebook too much.

If you’ve somehow avoided watching it already, go do so right now.

The technology industry is watching the launch of big-name virtual reality devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with great interest.

There’s a reason why “Dance like nobody’s watching” rings so true to so many.

Never worth watching.

The episode cuts to Cersei Lannister, the queen for a few moments more, watching with grim inevitability as the dragon flies toward her.

It cuts to Tyrion Lannister watching with dread.

watching “The Bells,” we’re either tracking on Dany’s state of mind, or we’re not.

But on the first day of the festival, Williams found himself in the dark, watching a film.

He recalls: I was sitting in the national theater … I was watching a movie.

And it just hit me like a brick: Why am I sitting in this theater, watching this movie?

“We normally have 15 to 17 engineers watching every race from our operations room in Faenza, Italy.

I was in an Airbnb in Evanston watching the final out with my wife.

We want to see where millennials are watching stuff.

Rachel (Angourie Rice) sits alone at a table in her high school’s cafeteria, watching a music video from pop star Ashley O (Cyrus).

watching this National Geographic video of them pulsate with human blood?

Just from watching Dolores shift her priorities, we get a sense of the giant flow chart of “if-then” statements that is life in Westworld.

watching it, your mileage may vary based on what you think of rearranged Bowie classics and seeing Dexter do a passable Bowie impression.

I was one of about 20 crudely designed robots and humans watching the Facebook CEO.

You don’t know what you’re watching for about 40 minutes or so.”

Like watching a regular TV, it was tough to know what was going on unless you were standing right in front of it.

watching Vice can feel like watching a highlight reel from the late 20th and early 21st centuries, except in a depressing way.

“Piano by the window, watching the cars go by, and we came up with that infamous line, the ‘Sock it to me!’ line.

“There’s a relationship that develops between a cammer and his fans that goes beyond just watching sex acts performed on a video stream.

Yeah, watching your interactions very much felt like “Wow, yes, that is definitely me and my mom in the kitchen.

The Twilight franchise star has no problem watching herself on the big screen, but that’s not the case with her good friend.

There’s this delirious drop that kinda feels like watching the song get refracted through a prism.

I think that was super obvious watching me doing interviews.

There were lots of things that we were watching like that.

But after watching the third season, the way I feel toward the razorbacks is about how I feel toward crispy M&Ms.

People are watching the price action in stocks.

Some business groups watching the talks were tempering expectations for a breakthrough this week.

If you were watching mainstream media outlets, you mostly saw the memo debunked, dismissed.

Many in the GOP establishment are watching from the sidelines and waiting — even hoping — that Biden implodes in front of the nation’s eyes.

And that’s part of the magic of watching Portman’s performance in Jackie — learning something new about someone we thought we knew.

I’ve been watching a ton, I re-watched all The Sopranos.

Then, I’m watching Netflix on my phone and I kept hitting the button because I wanted to know what character that was.

Maybe I was watching Showtime, whatever it was, I’m like, well actually I want this.

When I see my nieces and nephews on the floor with their iPads, watching a movie …

But I’m watching must-watch content less because Netflix is just satiating.

watching folks come and go to the beaches in front of the cabins beside mine.

She’s a spry 86 now, and says her kids still get a kick out of watching her brief appearance in the timeless classic.

A less-good explanation for NBCUniversal would be that people aren’t watching the Olympics because they’re doing things online that don’t involve the Olympics.

Those people will spend a week watching both teams in several practice sessions, evaluating their NBA-grade gifts and flagging potential demerits.

The point is to give the people watching something, however faint, to dream on.

When I told Franklin I wished the film was longer, he said spending too much time watching VR can make people sick.

I thought a lot about other movies while watching this one.

He leaves the whole box out in the sun, watching as all the wax runs together.

watching this all unfold is a group of suburban parents, off to the side of the room behind a long piece of masking tape.

“My grandfather was a carpenter, so I spent my early days watching him build boats and houses and all that with timber,” says Sutton.

In 2016, the research firm Childwise found that children spend more time online than watching TV.

Kids can stick to watching the channel, but they can buy Hanazuki swag that’s advertised, too.

The battle was beautiful, bloody, and chaotic — a spectacular production success that felt like watching an action movie.

If you missed any of the weekend’s developments because you were watching the World Cup or simply wanted a politics-free weekend, don’t worry.

He was watching me spar and I asked him to get in the ring and he said he wasn’t ready.”

You know LeAnn and Eddie will be watching — purely for recipe ideas, we’re sure.

But watching them tell it, in their own words, with little in the way of editorializing from the filmmaker, is a profoundly moving experience.

I’d been watching fighters on TV for so long, and I wanted what those fighters all had.”

If you’re a pay TV subscriber, or you know someone who is, watching the games is simple.

During those long-gone years of horrendous eyeliner decisions, I spent hours looking up translations and watching subtitled documentaries.

And you guys sort of specialize in watching the way that world works.

And then, since then, it’s been sort of watching it.

He’s mostly watching Fox News.

It’ll be worth watching to see if Snapchat decides the same.

People can stand up and let survivors of this violence know that they are not alone, that other people are watching and paying attention.

I won’t be reviewing all the new stuff anymore, but you can bet I’ll be closely watching this next turn of the wheel.

watching cars circle a track made my head hurt, so I found MMA through a modem.

How do you think about watching sports right now?

LS: Well, I was never really a big fan of watching sports, I preferred playing them.

A lot of people are very dedicated to watching sports.

To watching sport live or?

They’re on Instagram, they’re on Snapchat, they’re watching videos.

She is like, “Wait a minute.” I was sitting there watching these women present just a second ago and so was kind of interesting.

What do you assess now, as you’re watching what’s going on with the investigations and things like that?

I don’t know what he was watching.

What were you watching?

LS: Well, I’m watching … No.

I grew up watching these movies so you just … LS: He subscribes to Elon Musk.

It’s not uncommon to finish watching either type of season and feel like a show has just barely started to get somewhere.

“We are testing how to best deliver video ads through Audience Network to people watching content on connected TVs,” a company spokesperson said.

Debate polls look great – thank you!#MAGA #AmericaFirst We aren’t watching Trump’s campaign strategy play out.

We are watching his psychological defense mechanisms play out.

We are watching him try to restore balance to his own self-worth, not to the polls.

You mentioned you did a lot of research in watching old teen comedies in preparation.

Imagine watching someone bend their middle finger all the way back with no reaction.

That alone makes it worth watching.

She sits watching the Doors in a recording studio, waiting for Jim Morrison to arrive.

You spend the whole game watching them smash into each other, or explode into chaos in reaction to your own misadventures.

And it makes sense: Three Times gives the audience the sense that they’re watching poetry, not just a story.

There’s something infinitely amusing about watching Jones bounce up and down in his seat as rhythmic gibberish flows from his lips.

She dances throughout a hotel like no one is watching, although she really should dance like someone is.

We had to stop playing or watching Pokemon because of the religious ruling, or Fatwa.

And since I’m still watching and still kind of enjoy Hellsing for all its flaws, maybe I still do.

“The whole world is watching” with high expectations, Moon said.

(I mean, watching people do puzzles in the jungle is fun, but it’s not “34 seasons and counting” levels of fun.)

(One assumes, watching the film, that a puritanical thought has never entered Guadagnino’s head.)

The third star: This little girl—Via Mashable, apparently everyone loves watching this little girl eats a slice of pizza bigger than her head.

I was born in 1976, so I watched all the 80s films— Porky’s and other things that I shouldn’t have been watching.

I thought about John Wick a lot while I was watching this, but maybe that was because of all the headshots.

Imagine being a victim of Floyd Mayweather — an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend — watching a Floyd Mawyweather fight.

So just from the standpoint of these women and this fight, you’re watching someone demonstrate his power over opponents.

Who are the people watching this fight?

Then you have blacks and Latinos, who are the primary viewers of boxing, and people who are white and middle class watching the fight.

Girls are watching, and they need to see themselves onscreen.

I was watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There are other fights, but no one is watching those fights.

It is an argument based on watching someone play basketball within a team framework and understanding how that works.

More than likely, these thoughts did not go through Rob Parker’s head while he was simply watching and yelling at his TV.

watching Trump start to move to the center in preparation for the general election is like when the velociraptors learned how to open doors.

“Looking at these stubbornly stable prices on my screen … It’s like watching paint dry,” he lamented.

U.S. financial market were little moved by the claims data, with investors watching developments surrounding trade talks between the United States and China.

Wall Street will be watching economic data with a laser focus next week after the recent warning signals from Treasury yields.

watching the documentary feels like drifting into a daydream while listening to these anecdotes, or being able to see their memories.

What do you find the students coming into La Fémis are watching that makes them want to become filmmakers in the first place?

The Front PageThis play about 1920s journalists is a jubilant three hours of watching men scream into two phones at once!

Cher thanks them in her remarks, tells them she stayed up all night watching Brexit results.

She points and we see a small girl curled up on a camp chair by the entrance, watching something on an iPad.

We hope watching in a sentence examples were helpful.