Walking in a sentence | Use of the word walking examples

There was a lot of attention when I was walking to the practice court and trying to practice, just a lot of people around.

The Nonstop Metropolis walking Tour could help change that habit.

Tomorrow, they’re walking out.” Reporting by Melissa Fares in New York, editing by Peter Henderson and Cynthia Osterman

Instead this impedes the growth of our great game by walking away from an opportunity to reach sports fans worldwide.

Standing before one, I’m faced with twin males walking in opposite directions along railroad tracks passing an elevated station platform.

Trump has been walking on shaky ground with pro-Israel Americans this presidential election cycle.

walking through the diverse displays, you can trace clear conversations happening across regions of Africa and their diasporic communities.

“I was super amazed at all these gay people like me walking around,” he says.

And if you’re walking, then put this down until you’ve reached your destination.

Hence the person walking in front of the car with the flags.

This is the fee that ERs charge for walking in the door and seeking care, something akin to a cover charge at a bar.

The killer is just walking up and shooting people.

Michael Brown, who was shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, was violating a “manner of walking” law in the municipal code.

Actually, they are walking in the middle of the night, in Iceland’s extreme summer conditions when it never gets dark.

On July 2, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) filmed himself walking through various parts of the memorial in Poland, and posted his experience to YouTube.

But alas, she is cursed to continue walking the earth as an irrelevant mortal.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is walking back his confusing comments about Hurricane Harvey that infuriated meteorologists and climate scientists.

Recently I was walking alone in Big Sur on the narrow road of Highway 1.

I joggled my joints while walking apathetically in a circle.

I was walking home from the library one Friday night.

Sag thinks it’s enough that they can talk the talk; their partner holds them accountable for not walking the walk.

The principal said how wonderful it was to have a book fair because they didn’t have a bookstore within walking distance.

You hear Trump faintly express regret as Omarosa explains General John Kelly gave her walking papers the day before.

I circumvent this by power walking to work and having a lunchbox that’s literally an ice pack.

– He wants to ramp up no-deal preparations to show the EU that Britain is serious about walking away from talks.

After the woman finally arrived in the United States, she said she fainted from exhaustion after walking for hours alongside a highway.

walking through Jatkasaari in Helsinki is almost an extension of strolling through Nine Elms.

Provided you’re not averse to a bit of walking.

If you want to find out what’s in that egg you’ve got, well, better burn off that 10 kilometers of walking distance!

walking through the stands, she belts out, “Tacos!

Was it when you were walking down the street and your mom pulled you closer to avoid that person coming the other way?

On the day in question, I had blisters from walking too far in six-inch stilettos.

I felt like a rebel walking around with a dirty secret.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for AMC’s ” The walking Dead,” “Chokepoint.

“”The walking Dead” introduced us to the Highwaymen on Sunday’s episode.

They have proven their platform worthy of the half a million women who will be walking in its name.

In certain places in Britain, it is possible to be within walking distance of four different Tesco Metro supermarkets.

Russell and Ciara hit up a Daft Punk pop up shop in WeHo, and they were all smiles walking in the rain.

The video starts calmly with just the clerk and his co-worker walking around the store.

With the amount of walking you’re about to do, those just won’t cut it.

Scheduling your FastPass wrong

The days of walking up to a ride and getting a paper FastPass are long gone.

They start taking public transportation and cars instead of walking.”

They start taking public transportation and cars instead of walking.”

From there you can take a walking tour of the city’s premiere street art and Burning Man sculptures with Art Spot Reno.

“By walking away from diplomacy, Trump has made military conflict more likely.

Asked if he had heard about the email scandal, Cochran simply replied “nope” before walking away.

The only thing worse than walking into a minefield was having one walk into you.

We are walking towards extinction.

Celebrate literally by just walking out of your house and exploring your own backyard using the iNaturalist app— it’s that easy.

They weren’t walking away because they didn’t have love for me or they had disdain for me.

They were walking away because they were afraid.

AMC Networks makes The walking Dead, among other TV series, and technically isn’t owned by one of the big studio conglomerates.

Lennon was walking past an ex on the street, happy, successful and with someone new on his arm.

EMERYVILLE, California (Reuters) – I dream of walking every other night.

But walking remained off-limits.

Not that I haven’t tried walking.

Over the years I’ve tried other walking aids.

After almost two weeks of training, walking was still a lot of hard work, but I was getting faster and gaining endurance.

I’m starting to put aside money for a Phoenix because walking is a practical goal, not just a dream anymore.

You see a kid walking on the city roads even though it’s dark, and you choose them as your victim.

walking down the abandoned path is eerie, imagining the past employees who worked to keep this place running up until its demise.

Meyer’s other passion was walking, and not just down a road, but across entire countries.

Maybe I ought to be careful walking around it.

It was quite bizarre, walking into a prison and you’re bathed in sunlight.

It wasn’t Ted walking through the newsroom in his pajamas anymore, which was actually quite interesting.

They too questioned whether they were wearing something inappropriate or walking on a street they weren’t supposed to.

walking out to her car, she saw others on her street doing the same.

Uber for dog walking.

I was just thinking on my way home today, I saw three people using heroin, just walking.

I was just walking in downtown San Francisco.

I like walking to the grocery store.

This looked like purposely, consciously changing the way I internally responded to the people I saw walking down the street every day.

We stripped down to our underwear and there were so many berries on the ground that walking around felt like walking on bubble wrap.

According to initial reports, more than 30 people were burned by walking on the coals, and 5 were hospitalized.

A Little Pete’s employee begs to differ, telling us Donnell appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab.

There’s also a walking path to Little Dume beach — it is the ‘Bu after all.

If anything, we should be figuring out how to police the white men who are walking into Madden tournaments and shooting people.

Romero called to park guards walking back to camp—”Hey, socio”—and waved to a short, sinewy man in camos.

Again walking forward, walking him down, and willing to engage.”

He allowed one run and five hits, striking out three and walking four.

“I could go out walking and Gabe could not join me.

But as Matt Yglesias notes, Trump’s recent statements and policy actions suggest he may be walking back on this promise.

A lawyer isn’t a walking cone of silence.

“The wins are always for the American people,” Rep. Illan Omar (D-Minn.) told VICE News while walking under the Capitol.

He will carry on walking until he passes me, who will have been walking down the street on the phone to Gavin.

I like being outside, opening a door, and walking into the woods.

I paint them on the floor in giant gestures sitting on top of them, walking around them, and pretending I am outside.

We’ve been walking out on stage to this song, and I would do the same if I was a wrestler.

I like walking a lot, so that wouldn’t faze me much.

There was enough walking around, but you do have to go up and down.

The best-case scenario is walking out with your dignity.

Bush funeral … when Roger Goodell came walking down the street.

In encouraging fans to become curators and collectors, flag-wavers and walking ads, this merch bolsters a new economy that benefits queer creators.

“When you walk into the emergency room, you’re walking into an unknown amount,” Clark says.

“I’ve been walking around but so far there is no damage.

Later in the video, officers are seen lifting Johnson and walking him toward a nearby elevator.

We obtained video of cops taking Draymond into custody … walking him to their patrol car.

It starts off with a beautiful frontal nude — the woman looks straight at us, her walking stance powerful and confident.

walking down the hallway is Jane Lu.

But it’s also not the case that walking the walk on these matters would require Republicans to abandon their policy views.

But sometimes we can learn by walking around the museum.

I think you took over Penn Station, I remember walking through.

A clue perhaps as to why Pokemon Go took off last year, and augmented reality walking directions didn’t.

Now, I can find out what Donald Trump said on Twitter just by walking around.

It’s broken its commitments multiple times with the US, including walking out on a denuclearization deal in 2009.

Their routine is well-rehearsed, walking me through empty lots of demolished homes and sharing memories.

Instead, as he was walking through the parking lot, he saw a familiar, pope-shaped man climb out of a Fiat and walk toward him.

And my abuela, my great-grandmother, literally picked him up and started walking, like a parent does to try to save their child.

What keeps you here, in the studio, on a beautiful day like this, instead of walking around outside?

It’s Xenophon-meets- The walking Dead.

The live stream is still going below — take a look at the new baby calf … already walking around!

A woman walking her dog heard the jazz band approaching and turned; both she and her dog stopping to take in the spectacle.

One might almost compare reading a Bernstein poem to walking through a New York City street during a rainstorm.

walking down Kotha 64’s hallways, the twists and turns in the building’s design hint at hidden rooms.

Bernie has already lost, he’s just walking around not knowing it.

It’s tricky, the concept of walking into someone’s dream—it’s something we’ve all thought of doing.

To the naked eye, someone recovering from a concussion seems to be walking and moving normally only a few days later.

He stopped, turned, winked at me, and then kept on walking.

If a walking Dead-style zombie outbreak ever swept across the United States, your best bet would be to head for the northern Rockies.

), and the walking embodiment of steve_buscemi_hey_fellow_kids.jpg (“My playlists are like a 19-year-old’s.

He shoots Nipsey once … starts walking away … then comes back a second time and shoots again, and then a third time.

“My mother’s brother saw me walking on the street with one guy,” she says.

Not too much room, mind—this isn’t The Last of Us, or The walking Dead.

And that, almost in place of statues, it’s … we’re cycling through the people that are walking through that convention center.

Pretty interesting stuff to look at here … from the splendid fireworks show to the Russian team walking out with the Olympic flag.

He deserves it because he’s a walking billboard.

Nelson Cruz isn’t hitting for as much power as usual, but until that comes he is walking more and striking out less.

“We’ve just been walking.

These two precious girls were brutally murdered while walking together in their hometown.

Every person that I’ve ever fallen in love with I’ve met while walking down the street or doing something I love.

After they were told no, other individuals — including some with packed bags — started walking toward the fenced border.

There was no way in hell I was walking inside myself.

It’s cool that I have this thing from the tropics living in my back walking around Brooklyn.

pic.twitter.com/6oSh1t88G7 Jena Greene of the Daily Caller caught video of her walking with the president as well.

Rea cleaned up her diet, started walking for exercise, and set manageable goals, like selling her first painting by a set time.

He claimed that reporters had actually spotted the first lady last week “walking merrily along to a meeting” and did not report it.

…Four reporters spotted Melania in the White House last week walking merrily along to a meeting.

Allen, known for his tripping and coach-pushing, tried to walk directly through the developing NC State huddle instead of walking around with his teammates.

He took every last thing he wanted before brazenly walking out through the exit, leaving the front door open behind him as he went.

I do my best to keep walking forward, but I’m no longer able to watch Rob to my left.

On October 23, AMC’s The walking Dead will return for its seventh season and finally reveal which one of our heroes Negan killed.

Instead, The walking Dead screened a few minutes of the season seven premiere.

Bergdahl was captured by militants shortly after walking off his base.

That said, The walking Dead wasn’t the only big “trailer” that came out this week.

These two precious girls were brutally murdered while walking together in their hometown.

Gary Kurtz was with me, walking me out.

President Barack and Michelle Obama could be walking the red carpet at the next Oscars and Golden Globes … and not as guests, but nominees.

Homelessness is super sad, President Donald Trump conceded — at least for the white-collar workers walking by unsheltered people to get into their office buildings.

Homelessness is super sad, President Donald Trump conceded — at least for the white-collar workers walking by unsheltered people to get into their office buildings.

walking back from the museum, I saw no one else on the street.

More than that, what we see is an artist walking slowly, ever-so-slowly, into the sea, never once looking back, not waving but drowning.

Now, Bloomsday celebrations are held in cities across the world every year, featuring readings, lectures, walking tours, even breakfasts.

He was a sort of walking skeleton in Putin’s closet.

walking in feels like a time warp: old wallpaper, old decor, same old cheesesteak recipe and two-item lunch menu.

walking around with Jose during the day was an interesting and informative experience.

Introverts, in particular, would probably hate walking around with a baby.

Shelby can be seen walking closely behind Crutcher with her gun drawn.

Shelby can be seen walking closely behind Crutcher with her gun drawn.

Exercise: My current exercise solely involves walking.

I just started walking, through a little village.

I’m talking about walking around, like the one Jeff Bezos was walking the other day.

And just walking into brightly-colored, high-energy Ganso proved restorative, despite the glassed-off kitchen that made us pity the cooks in their fishbowl-like existence.

“We are walking on locust carpets”, Coldiretti said in a statement.

Because, for the most part, Matisse/Diebenkorn unfolds chronologically, I found myself repeatedly walking back and forth from the first gallery to the last.

Someone walking around in the dark with a flashlight and crow bar?

For the next two weeks, she hid in the bush, walking from Bangassou across CAR’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Read the brochure while walking around both floors of the exhibition.

Someone walking into a bank with a full face mask on?

Players navigate their avatar in the game by walking around in the real world hunting for Pokémon and battling other players at Pokémon Gyms.

By June of last year — after more than 2,300 families had been separated — Trump signed an executive order walking it back.

I brought a walking cane and played “old,” clutching my back during a shaky, belabored Charleston.

But in the past year or two, the capabilities have grown well beyond just measuring walking.

When: Saturday, November 11, 1–4pm Where: within walking distance of the intersection of Washington & National (Culver City, Los Angeles) More info here.

It’s like The walking Dead: Live Studio Audience Edition.

As a repeat offender, she is walking a tightrope.

But there are so many things in life that when done alone feel about as good as walking over hot coals.

Then there’s a bonus scene at the end — and it’s this moment that’s really freaking out the walking Dead fandom.

I only found it because I was walking around and it happened to be down that road.

We’re just walking around like fuckin’ chickens while they’re going, “London’s open for fuckin’ sale.”

Handcuffed and in blue prison garb, Manafort, 70, entered the courtroom, walking with a slight limp, as someone shouted “traitor” from the hallway.

It took him eight hours walking along mountain trails to get to his community of El Manzano.

It took him eight hours walking along mountain trails to get to his community of El Manzano.

walking into a sea of paper petals makes me cry.

I remember being in China, walking along the Great Wall and imagining beating him with a baseball bat.

“If you’re ever walking around in the countryside, you never know what you might find.

“My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up,” he says about the ensemble.

I don’t actually use my phone walking down the street.

They’re not walking into traffic.

How high does the brightness go for this loser who has to play games while walking down the street?

When the bride is walking down the aisle, I don’t really have an option to mess up.

“Look, when you run the schedule we run—14, 15 hours a day—I’ve had walking pneumonia, last year.

Williams carries a vape pen in case of a migraine and has even smoked walking down the street.

Prior to the shooting, Olango was allegedly walking through traffic — which police said not only put him in danger, but drivers as well.

Sixty-two percent of people are afraid of walking on the streets at night, while 55 percent are afraid of the police.

Kyle’s mom, Marie, used the TV show “The walking Dead” as a way of describing her son’s injury.

Rather than Trump, who sort of talked the talk but isn’t walking the walk.

In the episode, Kimmy befriends a posse of Columbia University students who are basically walking Breitbart News headlines about campus culture.

“Devoting 17 legislative days from a bill, then walking away from it … makes no sense,” Lee said.

“I hate the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle,” Thomas said.

I’m okay with walking away now.”

And Prince Harry won’t see the ceremony dress until Markle is walking down the aisle.

Lincoln went on to star in one of the biggest TV shows of our time: “The walking Dead.”

I waited until after the camp when Harbaugh was off the field and walking into the high school alone to talk to him.

I didn’t feel that I spent enough time there, though I was walking and looking for almost three hours.

You’re walking a long way and standing for a long time.

she asked, walking closer.

I turned around to thank him, but he was already walking away backward, looking right at me.

As I was walking through the grassy streets in the mage district, I overheard a conversation between two nearby night elves.

And with their loss, a bit of our historic heritage becomes harder to access in the everyday experience of walking the city’s streets.

And therefore, it’s possible these two new individuals were walking with the other three, separated by about 150 meters.

“But it works,” he said, walking over to a nearby tree and plucking a large green pawpaw.

The label depicts Trump as an inferior step on the road of evolution, walking in an ape-like stance between monkey and man.

Others have been spotted walking, and allowing their dogs to walk off-leash, through sensitive meadow areas, risking damage to plant life.

Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies will lead a walking tour of the creek on June 17 at 1pm.

“I was lucky,” said the country music fan from British Columbia, walking out of the hospital a couple of days later.

Scherr’s team organized incoming patients with color coded tags: from green for the walking wounded to red for those closest to death.

It’s an intentionality and a willingness to keep trying, keep walking that line.

It’s not necessarily conducive to walking around with stars in your eyes and wanting to hug people.

He also kicks off each morning with an ice bath before walking the 5 miles to Twitter HQ.

You’ll recall … Caitlyn lashed out at Trump for walking back his promise to protect the LGBTQ community.

As you find yourself walking down those concrete steps to go under the Pacific you’re no longer a vertical human.

“Who’s William Mack?” a woman walking by 760 Park asked, gawking at the projection of his name and face on his apartment building.

Post Malone got a THIRD lease on life in the early hours of Friday morning … after walking away unscathed after a scary car crash.

We’ve seen him walking around looking like death on weigh in day.

Plus, here’s what she wrote under the “Bio” section — “I like walking with a dog and kids.

German doctors used to prescribe walking – spazieren – as a cure for melancholy.

None of this foreknowledge remotely prepared me for just how dark and walking Dead-like the new four-episode miniseries is.

As a result, a growing number of Central American migrants are resorting to what may be an even more dangerous means of transport: walking.

All along, the similarities to The walking Dead continue.

It takes about 16 hours walking from Arriaga to Chahuites.

There was a need for something in Chahuites, because the next shelter was about 4 or 5 days walking north.

Embiid was eating a meal at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills when we got Puig walking up to him to say hi.

When we’ve been walking in the town, thieves have told us they’ll kill us, but they haven’t done it.

“Imagine a friend is walking alongside you,” Crowley said.

Something like The walking Dead or Batman: The Telltale Series have some more complicated games that require more delicate input.

Not too long ago in New York City’s Central Park, developer Abhishek Singh was walking past a man walking his dog.

Back in my hometown walking home after a massive piss up was a basically a reflex.

Even now, when enough of my friends are together for a night out, we always seem to make a point of walking home.

Wes Scantlin didn’t get the chance for an encore Saturday night … he was put in cuffs immediately after walking off stage.

Sometimes walking in the streets of Tehran we heard poetry being recited on the other side of the wall.

Streets were empty in Nisantasi when I left the coffee shop and started walking back to Taksim.

“But the roads were closed as there were so many cars, so we started walking,” Hazim explains.

On Massachusetts Avenue, walking in the cold, young girls hugged their coats, ears warmed by Trump beanies.

“But the roads were closed as there were so many cars, so we started walking,” Hazim explains.

They left as soon as possible, walking for three days until they arrived in Turkey.

While it doesn’t have a hoop … he’ll still get a workout in just walking around the place … it’s 9,100 square feet!

It’s like walking through the pages of a book, reading, digesting and journeying through many art stories in real time.

I think walking onto a set and not knowing what you want is kind of death, I think.

I do not use it walking and stuff like that.

KS: When people are in the street, walking with their phones.

When they’re walking.

Louie: Yeah, walking down the street on your phone is probably not the best idea.

She was fitted with a leg in her favorite color, pink, and started walking on it right away.

And the British toy company Makies has created 3D printable dolls with hearing aids, scars, walking aids, or birthmarks.

walking to ORMC now.

What’s more, 45 percent said they would have been sedentary if they hadn’t been walking, running, cycling, or skateboarding on the route.

Votes are registered by lawmakers walking through different doorways, out of sight of television cameras and onlookers.

He allowed three runs on six hits in eight innings, walking two and striking out four.

The rest died walking across the icy tundra in search of help.

The first time it happened, I was in Griffith Park walking my dog, Maggie.

I think that we have to impose much more watchdog measures on it,” Ocasio-Cortez told VICE News while walking across the Capitol grounds.

All right, I’m talking to you while walking over there for Q&A.

KS: Thank you so much, I know you have to talk to your employees … I’m walking into my Q&A now.

I’ve spent a lot of time with a crappy tape recorder, walking along in cities, listening, capturing noises and sounds.

The second way to play “Pokémon GO” without walking anywhere is to insert a lure module into a nearby Pokéstop.

In another case, two Chicago officers allegedly shoved a man against a metal fence while he was walking to a local barber shop.

But a bunch of smartphone-wielding youngsters walking around the streets looking for Pokémon hasn’t been entirely without incident.

It looked as if he were walking on black ice.

From the moment the bout began, the towering Ngannou stalked his smaller foe, walking him down and establishing his range.

“I’m not walking it back.”

The Pokémon Go product manager showed you can easily hack the system by swinging your arms to pretend you’re walking on stage.

Bits of glass crunch while walking along what might have been a doorstep or welcome mat.

While giving Celeste a lift home, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) spots Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) walking aimlessly along the deserted highway.

walking around the narrow, manicured sculpture garden at dusk, I could sense that Asmara’s architecture had escaped the brunt of war.

Jackson gave up two runs on four hits, striking out two and walking two.

The camera is walking along next to a car, and then there’s shooting.

But someone calls them out on what they do, & suddenly they’re heroes for not walking out.

But we play “walking Is Still Honest” and “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” every single night.

Though the version of “walking Is Still Honest” is the original version from the first day.

It’s got the same wide open synths that make you feel like you’re walking on air, layered in with vintage, psychedelic sounds.

“Pride should be a walking celebratory protest,” he said.

We are walking on sacred ground here.

For transit to be useful, it has to be within walking distance of the places people are actually going.

They argued that shortly before the cameras captured the encounter, Shelby had ordered Crutcher to stop walking away and get on the ground.

They argued that shortly before the cameras captured the encounter, Shelby had ordered Crutcher to stop walking away and get on the ground.

It could leap off my desk onto the floor and start walking down the hall, or hide under the desk.

walking in, I was immediately struck by a sense of nothing—just pure serenity.

187 opponents generally: They may have opposed the initiative, but they were hardly walking hand in hand with members of the threatened community.

The demonstrators have lined the Main Street and are walking eastbound, chanting, “Black Lives Matter.”

walking away I’m grinding my teeth so hard it feels like they’re going to shatter.

Plus, the festival is always within walking distance of a train station.

“This is the Day” is upbeat 80s new wave, perfect for getting yourself in a good mood while walking down the street.

I’m in the East Village, walking to my friend’s rooftop for a chaand raat barbeque feeling uncharacteristically dapper.

He opened the door, and there was this giant albino rabbit walking around.

After walking Kelly Gruber, he got Joe Carter to pop out meekly to second.

The six-wheeled robots are a little under two feet tall, weigh about 40 pounds empty and travel four miles per hour — walking speed.

I clearly remember walking past it with a friend and commenting that I was quite certain that it would be closed within the year.

The newsroom’s liberalism isn’t the economic liberalism of Ted Kennedy but the social liberalism of anyone who enjoys walking around Manhattan at night.

She recalls saying “nothing,” and walking away.

“They’re walking toward how to make media work.

Selena Gomez caused a Bieberesque mob scene at LAX Friday … just by walking from the plane to her car.

walking around downtown Budapest feels like rocketing through history.

Even the Paper Rad color was very much me reacting to Jessica and Jacob, because they were walking around in neon clothes.

Aerial footage showed rescuers with dogs walking through the destruction.

They’re walking to work.

So, spatio-temporal mapping is often complimentary to the field work of mapping we would be doing either by walking or using bicycles.”

“The best day of my life, I was walking to the market in Bolinao.

They’re all of us, really, like the girl who walks across the lake in ‘walking on Thin Ice’ [1981].

walking past Sunny, who could have wept with relief, he pushed the bag beneath the fence.

Gigi Hadid looked straight outta the sequel to ‘Fifth Element’ walking in Jeremy Scott’s sci-fi-inspired show Thursday.

“I’d really like to get that Kennedy slot,” McConnell told his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, while they were walking in Washington.

There were signs it wasn’t going to end well … they got into a heated argument before walking down the aisle.

Hudson opened his second inning by hitting Francisco Mejia with a pitch then walking Josh Naylor.

This meant that McGregor was walking in on Diaz and trying to slip Diaz’s leads and return with counter lefts.

It seems like people are walking around enslaved to their smartphones.

He gave up two runs on three hits, walking three and striking out three.

In the first episode, Bean is cheating at cards in a tavern instead of walking down the chapel aisle.

Lichter says, “We’ve got people walking in saying, ‘What does this paper mean?’

I meet a few revellers walking back into town.

Mizui was walking home alone in her quiet suburban neighborhood in Tokyo when she was abducted and attacked one evening.

“I take full responsibility,” Simpson said at the parole hearing, while walking members of the parole board through the events as he saw them.

Some people are doing handstands, others are walking around flinging their legs.

Even more than her husband, she was a walking example of triangulation.

But by the end of day Thursday, Jereb was walking it back.

VICE: Let’s say you’re out with friends, walking from one bar to the next, and you’ve had a few drinks.

Evans was in a walking boot when mandatory minicamp opened Tuesday, with many speculating it related to last year’s toe injury.

“Instead of walking in happily to a meeting, I walk in to look at people that just said that I was doing a cover-up.

The most important (though often most difficult) precaution to take is avoiding walking or driving through flood waters.

walking through P.P.O.W.’s current exhibition, Soon All This will Be Picturesque Ruins: The Installations of David Wojnarowicz, I couldn’t stop thinking in poems.

Bassitt improved to 2-0 in his career against Baltimore by allowing two runs while walking three and striking out six.

He allowed three runs and three hits in three innings, walking one and striking out two.

“This is a group that’s not been walking the usual path,” he said.

After walking a study participant through a kitchen, a different participant (secretly working for Roediger) suggests they recall seeing a toaster on the counter.

Being an artist and being a veteran have at least one similarity — when walking down the street, these identities are invisible.

And Daenerys seems unwaveringly regal, walking between lines of her soldiers as if she’s proud of the massacre she just committed.

That’s why Google employees are walking off the job today.

You couldn’t pick me out walking down the street.

Our source says the video shows one person — presumably Jussie — walking down the street.

Superblocks will help encourage walking.

After walking away from The Daily Show in August 2015, Jon Stewart popped up throughout the election like the ghost of political comedy past.

But he resisted and continues to stay out of the sun, walking in the shade, and wearing long sleeves and pants.

Olango’s sister had dialed 911 requesting emergency assistance because her brother was “not acting like himself” and endangering himself by walking into traffic.

Passersby walking down Calle Venecia, the tiny street where it is located, are irrevocably drawn into its small storefront space.

walking through the exhibition together, Magdy directs me to one of his father’s paintings, “Tenderness” (1968) sharing that “This one’s my favorite.

I really like Fear the walking Dead, AMC’s prequel spinoff of its zombie-infested hit The walking Dead.

walking through this retrospective, one is struck repeatedly by the sly humor and visual catchiness of his most iconic images.

They found that walking in Jacksonville can come at a high price, especially if you’re black or poor.

I also have a hunch that I just like having a walking Dead series set in my southern California stomping grounds.

Still, I believe Fear the walking Dead is worth embracing in season two, even if you gave up on The walking Dead long ago.

But where The walking Dead mostly slept through the apocalypse (literally), Fear the walking Dead has no such luxury.

Fear the walking Dead tells what appears to be a similar story, but it’s over within an episode.

Fear the walking Dead returns Sunday, April 10, at 9 pm Eastern on AMC.

He nodded at a couple walking across the street.

In warehouses without Kivas, workers have to manually pick items off shelves, adding up to walking upwards of a dozen miles a day.

I’ll cry some more when I see her walking down the aisle some months later.

Even walking out of the hospital with him was very scary.

It also promotes physical activity, Sneed said, even if it’s just walking to the library to host children’s story time.

The whole phenomenon of walking through metal detectors and having your carry-on luggage searched is something that didn’t start until 1973.

We’re not going to be walking around with that any time soon.

We don’t know the identity of the woman walking behind Pres.

I remember getting in line and seeing one of the door guys walking down the line literally counting.

In Ireland, 12-year-old Issy McSweeney will be walking around behind a Trump mask purchased from a UK supplier on eBay.

At one point, he was walking a certain number of … Way before everyone else was walking around, he was counting his steps.

we were safe from deportation, which should not be confused with walking the plank.

“These people,” he continued, “are real neo-Confederate types, aren’t they?” After walking around the obelisk once, he and my wife were ready to go.

Suction cups on the base also keep it from “walking” around.

“We saw him walking back towards the house covered in blood as my mother was driving us to school,” said Matthew.

I’m selling a couple thousand a week just walking around and asking stores if they want them.”

“We are going to need to have your help,” said Wynne, before walking back into the legislature building.

Asylum seekers are walking across the border into some of the tightest housing markets on the continent.

I see the market today walking back a little from the strong gains yesterday.

He pointed out that AMC — now the home of “Better Call Saul” and “The walking Dead” — used to only carry old movies.

You walk downstairs, fully half the people on the street are walking.

Knowing that the “Works on Glass” were made in Israel, I thought about their material existence while walking around the exhibition.

“They’re being critical of what they constructed,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told VICE News while walking through the Capitol.

I love at the end when they’re walking through the field and performing the track.

Crutcher’s hands are raised as he follows instructions, walking toward the front of his car.

It’s a text piece, but lends itself more to walking around it than reading it.

“People walking past think it’s a joke when they see the sign plastered in my window,” Bonnus said.

After police had knocked several people over, including a photographer and a man with a walking cane, Christopher Lee, 23, reapproached the line.

Craig David’s walking away … from his baller penthouse cause he’s ready to sell it, and he wants a pretty penny for it.

He was eventually found, safe and sound, walking the streets of Bel Air.

He allowed three runs on six hits in seven innings, striking out six and walking one.

You get shot walking to the store.

We started the shoot without any of the premeditated cautionary robes; walking in the nude freely through the dwarfing stalactite caves.

The person walking us through the demo was none other than Cory Barlog.

I was walking down Sixth Avenue in the Village and he was walking toward me, waving a $100 bill.

We help them find secure employment by offering free résumé building and editing services and walking them through the job hunting and application process.

When he got off, we shook hands and I photographed him walking.

We print Google maps with walking or bus instructions.

Just walking outside, if there was a police car coming by, you knew that was potential trouble,” Faderman said.

Though occasionally accompanied by some truly baffling choices of walking music (loser: classical music), the presenters for the night were mostly great.

After the game, D-Backs manager Torey Lovullo said Iannetta was up and walking around.

Best known for his iconic image of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo walking in Greenwich Village.

He has also taken on other Trump women, walking around as DeVos and holding up a sign that says, “You’re Fired.”

“I feel totally relaxed walking around on my own, even at night, which I never did in London.

Taylor Swift, that walking barometer of cultural trends, took a lengthy hiatus from collecting famous boyfriends to collect famous girlfriends.

“It’s hard for me to imagine walking away.

Everybody knows The walking Dead has lost its way, but so much of what once made it engaging is still clicking along.

Hire me, The walking Dead!

Now it will be even worse,” said Belkis Garcia, 34, walking with her husband along a trail that leads to Colombia.

Imagine seeing 200 animals walking down Grand Avenue in downtown LA?

I’m no more at home if I’m walking or swimming, catching an airplane or riding trains backwards like people of previous years.

We’re the experts on ourselves because we’re walking around in this body, and so we think that others are watching us too.

Core casting was completed in December with “The walking Dead” star Sonequa Martin-Green joining as the lead role.

But the truth is that everybody else is walking around in their own spotlight, their own bubble.

“These are people out walking the streets.

“These are people out walking the streets.

How do you think the experience of walking through these rooms affects viewing your figure work on the walls?

Rory, meanwhile, is a walking parable of class and inheritance in modern America.

That was helpful when she was walking around with her camera this winter.

“I know people on psychotropic meds, and they’re walking around like zombies.

Votes are registered by lawmakers walking through different doorways, out of sight of television cameras and onlookers.

I think I was walking off denial and starting to think through the implications.

In fact, he was seen walking the car around in his shorts and one of his funky hats.

The other devices are captured in full or three-quarter portraits, as though one is walking up to them.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain had no intention of walking away from the deal, known as the JCPOA.

“Britain has no intention of walking away.” Reporting by Estelle Shirbon; editing by Stephen Addison

But the participants’ actions were powerful because their silent walking allowed them “to speak in body,” as Young put it.

walking down the street, an observer could focus her field of vision on any number of small moments, while completely missing others.

It now features a reconstructed path for walking in addition to a biking lane and a jogging path.

The book was adapted into a BBC miniseries this year as well, starring the Governor from The walking Dead (sans eyepatch, alas).

Records played samples on a continuous loop, and audiences were invited to remix the sounds, even walking away with their own vinyl.

The wildlife Along with ducklings and roosters casually walking around the festival, there were also PEACOCKS, basically the unicorn equivalent of the bird-world.

Spend the day hiking, walking, or running in your nearest green space.

I do a lot of phone usage, but walking in public, just watch me.

KS: You’re too tired, you’ve been walking too much.

The MSNBC anchor was out walking her 2 pooches Thursday in NYC … with a curious letter emblazoned on her sweatshirt.

All these men have a walking, talking reminder in front of them that the post-public disgrace comeback can be done.

Could you kick someone out if they were seen walking down the streets holding hands or kissing?

“It’s a lot of work — maybe they don’t want to do it,” he initially said, ultimately walking these comments back.

There’s some reason to think it might not matter much: Many Philadelphia residents do live within walking distance of their nearest polling place.

Many were respectful enough to engage and apologize for walking in; several stopped on their way out to hear additional perspectives.

One woman who repeatedly told him to leave while he was walking her home eventually let him inside her apartment to use the bathroom.

This is a game that takes seriously the idea that mechs are just walking tanks.

Oftentimes waiting weeks in one place and walking away with nothing.

I never know exactly where I am along that road, but I do keep walking.

It showed two young people walking down the middle of a street, tempted by those businesses on either side.

walking into Salon Kitty’s, I was curious.

Once it finished, people were walking through the room toward the exit.

I remember walking into the kitchen on my first day and seeing her.

Inside, they visit each level by walking straight into a column.

“They’re basically just walking advertisements — ‘whether you like it or not, you’re doing to be advertising for us.'”

“We actually just bumped into the Duke [of Edinburgh] as we were walking by,” Markle said.

“Several witnesses reported seeing a bald man talking to and walking with the gunmen.”

It’s actually a tragedy for the people living here, people walking home.

Marches make people in the street stop walking or driving to look at what’s going on.

KS: I just was thinking that today, it’s … Oddly enough, I was walking to work.

KS: It was funny, I did that today as I was walking.

“I like to say it’s like you’re walking on the streets of Florence and coming upon these wonderful things,” Cambareri said.

“I can’t take this picture this early in the morning,” my friend says, walking away.

So an editor and I were walking in the area, and she said, “What about that raccoon?”

I mean he was walking around touring hot spots in Vietnam.

Casey: Well, walking Man is the full name.

Maybe in my sleep as I’m walking around making vampire calls to executives in the middle of the night.

If we can believe his freestyle … someone’s about to get her walking papers.

“One smuggler is offering a route walking through the forests of the Balkans to Vienna, for €1,000 ($1,079),” said a man named Ali.

“One smuggler is offering a route walking through the forests of the Balkans to Vienna, for €1,000 ($1,079),” said a man named Ali.

This week’s episode of The walking Dead is 62 minutes — 90 with commercials — of nonstop stuff you’ve seen before.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Experiencing Macon Reed’s art can feel like walking into an old-fashioned candy store.

The walking Dead season seven has often felt like a puzzle whose many pieces have been flung about seemingly at random.

I dove into twice-a-week physical therapy, daily exercises, regular walking breaks, and meditation.

One has the feeling of walking through wildly varying topography in contiguous landscapes.

[A hundred years ago], there would be a lot of people walking around with syphilis.

In terms of abnormal function, you would still see people walking around with a variety of different conditions—vitiligo, ichthyosis, pemphigus.

On Massachusetts Avenue, walking in the cold, young girls hugged their coats, ears warmed by Trump beanies.

She said she had lost five to 10 pounds when she was walking around playing Pokemon Go.

Using the tech, users could see exactly how a skirt moves, or the way that a pair of shoes looked while walking.

Photographer Daniel Seiffert spent the first decade of his life in East Berlin, within walking distance from the Berlin Wall.

walking around shirtless — it’s kinda Chris’ thing, not that ANYone ANYwhere is complaining.

In Florida, people walking alongside busy roads are a common sight.

Do you personally feel safe walking home alone after dark?

Javid wants to ramp up no-deal preparations to show the EU that Britain is serious about walking away from talks.

I am power walking out the door of my office in Williamsburg.

walking down a second pathway that runs alongside Yingshan, the village of Sanjia comes into view.

The next month gang members drove up while Hopovac was walking to get cigarettes.

Herzberg was pushing a bicycle while walking across a four-lane road outside a crosswalk when she was struck.

Sometimes he can be at walking pace during a game but he’s always looking for space to launch a counterattack.

He allowed three runs on eight hits in 5 2/3 innings while walking three and striking out two.

From my experience, here’s what needs to be addressed: Seeing “Infectious Disease Clinic” almost stopped me from walking into the room.

When people live closer together, they can take advantage of non-car transit modes: walking, biking, and public transit.

Dawson began walking toward Brisco, still aiming his gun at the officer and ignored several calls to drop his weapon, the report alleges.

You feel it walking the streets, where the signs are in French and the attitude is Canadian but the cultures are from everywhere.

Think about who you see walking down the street in your neighborhood.

His wife, Jane Sanders, broke the news to her husband by walking on stage and whispering into his ear.

His wife, Jane Sanders, broke the news to her husband by walking on stage and whispering into his ear.

The next day, I was walking the beach with my friend.

“People were walking around, it was very random.

She said she had spent two weeks hitchhiking and walking to reach the Rumichaca crossing.

Children, who comprised a large chunk of those walking around, appeared drawn to the accessibility and relatability of the NXT roster.

I need shoes that are supportive and versatile, and that can handle all the walking I do in New York City every day.

It leaves you walking on a stub because of the burden put on you by the people you thought you once loved.

Travis crashed his Trans Am and was found naked at the crash scene after walking to a convenience store … also in the nude.

Tristan Thompson’s kid is already walking tall.

These two precious girls were murdered — brutally murdered while walking together in their hometown.

Someone of that caliber walking through my door—that wasn’t happening when I was making Swingers, you know?

If you’re walking around hawker centers in Malaysia or Singapore and come across char koay kak, do yourself a favor and stop walking.

Such absurdity makes Sheeran often feel like a walking meme, a go-to source for viral content.

I see him a lot at the practice facility, walking around.

It was a story about walking away from death, about choosing not to put it all on the line.

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