Vine in a sentence | Use of the word vine examples

Brittany Furlan, who became popular on vine, said she’s been approached by companies including Procter & Gamble, Benefit Cosmetics, and Pizza Hut.

As it turns out, many would be much more like vine videos than feature-length films.

After dating vine star Curtis Lepore, Felske developed a nice-but-modest following of around 45,000 followers.

There’s no more vine stars because vine’s gone, but there’s just many more people who are popular in media?

George Joseph reported for the Intercept last July that DHS monitored the Twitter and vine accounts of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

His little arcing cross-lane dishes would become the latest NBA vine sensation, and his professionalism and selflessness would be lauded more loudly.

A few weeks later, the account tweeted, simply, “yeet.” (A reference to a vine dance challenge from five years ago.)

And now there’s derivations like, “Oh, we want a vine star, or we want a star.”

Cause they were doing vine and other things that are similar to Facebook and you.

Which one, Twitter or vine?

It is captured on video and Axl pronouncing it “vapping” will soon became a vine meme.

“I think expansion is going to wither on the vine because of the churn that happens,” Alker told me.

Kroll and fellow co-founder Rus Yusupov also started the video app vine before selling it to Twitter in 2012.

All of the teams were culled from places like YouTube, vine and Instagram.

Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Medium, YouTube, vine, and Google+, among others, carried IRA propaganda content.

vine said last week that it would back down from its strict six-second video limit and start supporting longer videos inside the app.

In case you need a reminder, this is exactly why vine tweaked its six-second restriction.

Creators were using vine to tease longer videos, but then directing viewers to places like Instagram or Facebook to watch the full thing.

Now they don’t have to, which means vine (theoretically) won’t lose its audience to competitors.

If you still use vine, expect to see more of this moving forward.

For residents of vine City, on the west side of Atlanta, trust is a fragile thing.

“We want the sidewalks fixed and the streets properly paved to make vine City as good as any other neighborhood.”

Today, vine City remains in need of revitalization.

Like vine City, the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood had fallen into disrepair since the 1960s.

Watching the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium go up in nearby vine City, he has felt a sense of déjà vu.

He already has invested $15 million of a $45 million project to build up the vine City and English Ave neighborhoods.

Yet outside of some public housing demolition, vine City and English Ave seem stuck in time.

She left Twitter last October when the company shut down vine, the six-second-looping-video app where she was leading comms and marketing.

Instagram and vine have created a class of celebrities and influencers who shot stuff that was good enough on their iPhones.

Last fall, Viacom made another digital bet by investing in Digitour Media, the company that brings YouTube and vine stars on tour.

Is vine a site or an app?” It was like your iTunes moment.

I don’t even know how to share a vine unless you have the app.

(They both built their initial followings on vine, where they each had more than 10 million followers.)

When that project died on the vine, HBO quickly signed a deal with her and Larry Wilmore in 2013 to create a show.

Louie: Yeah, and then around sixth grade I started using, like as I said, vine and Instagram and talking to friends.

Like social media, I think it probably was vine or Instagram.

Louie: Well, I liked vine because it was original comedy until it wasn’t.

Louie: Well, the vine creators used to make content that was worth seeing and that was original.

The company behind HQ Trivia, the once-viral game-show app created by the same guys who invented vine, is facing a pivotal moment.

They co-founded the looping video app vine, which they sold to Twitter for millions in 2012.

Someone used what looks like black spray paint to deface J Lo’s star Tuesday … near the famed intersection of Hollywood and vine.

Twitter has also considered selling off other non-core parts of its business, like mobile developer product Fabric or video app vine.

In this case, the process was aided by the fact that Peach came from Dom Hofmann, a co-founder of vine.

Yeet: Yeet was a dance that went viral on vine in 2014.

Somehow, in a world where vine couldn’t make it, the “inferior” GIF is just growing stronger.

vine did this really well,” Bell said.

What I really like is the kind of the world of … vine did this really well.

The Melbourne-based studio yelldesign, founded by Matt Willis, specializes in stop-motion animation, which they typically share on vine, Instagram and other social media.

But how did you find this group of people, through vine and other platforms like that?

They were, you know, at the time, they were using vine for video but they were using the Shots app for photos.

But meanwhile they were very popular on vine.

These guys were all part of that original vine star crew, right?

Because vine users are probably the most cruel.

Most of what you do, it shows up on YouTube, it showed up on vine back before vine wasn’t around anymore.

When we first started with the Shots family, they were on vine.

We went from six-second vine videos to then we moved everyone to the Shots app, which Shots app was 15 to 30 seconds.

Border guards (of course), lobbyists, cops, vine stars, aristocrats, Sunday Times columnists, and so on.

I am the vine.

Yeah, I am the vine.

Boys now have both a favorite ‘Arthur’ vine and a favorite Ron Hardy edit.

Twitter never turned its other video app vine into a meaningful part of its business.

Much like on vine and Instagram, scripted comedy thrives on TikTok.

Though she was already popular on and vine before they were shut down, “the engagement on TikTok is unreal,” she tells me.

CK flew Cam to Milan for Fashion Week — that’s the kind of power you get with 2 billion loops on vine.

Her love life, which briefly thrived midseason, is dead on the vine.

“Eyebrows on fleek,” she said on vine, primping and preening.

There are records of the word fleek appearing before Kayla Lewis made a vine in 2014.

“So when I made that video my vine blew up from that.” The vine spread wildly, and with it on fleek.

Nothing about that [original vine] video is negative, in my opinion and my mom’s.

Twitter also laid off roughly 9 percent of its staff back in October and shut down vine.

He also used casks from Syrah Amador, Old vine Zinfandel, and Madeira wines and a few different Stranahan expressions.

No pretty flower or vine is worth federal punishment or jeopardizing the health of native habitats.

He began his media career putting out six-second comedy shorts on the now-defunct vine.

The BBC announced the salaries of Jeremy vine, Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, and Nick Robinson would all be reduced.

The BBC announced the salaries of Jeremy vine, Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, and Nick Robinson would all be reduced.

“It’s just a no-brainer, so it wasn’t a problem for me to accept one [a pay cut],” vine added.

Cover: Jeremy vine on the “Lorraine” TV show, London, September 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Eventually, vine’s audience and creator base disappeared, and the app and its six-second video format died altogether.

“It’s kind of like Beatlemania,” said Rojas, who was joined onstage by vine’s head of user experience, Jason Mante.

Mante said the Twitter-owned vine’s six-second video loops attract a surprising amount of viewing — including those who indulge in two-hour-long binge sessions.

“The Outsiders died on the vine being sold as a drugstore paperback,” Hinton recalled in 2014.

And that video is often coming from “creators,” the term used for popular YouTube stars, former vine stars and the like.

Donovan announced the news in a tweet on Tuesday and a vine spokesperson confirmed she’ll start at the company in May. vine has been looking for a new general manager since the beginning of the year.

AJ Frank, vine’s head of business development and operations, was overseeing the product in the interim.

That is, without a permanent GM in place, it was unclear whether vine would fold into another department or even dissolve altogether.

Many employees, both current and former, told Re/code that vine felt forgotten.

vine has relied heavily on content from vine stars, or influential creators who bring scores of fans with them to the platform.

Among the topics discussed was the idea of paying these stars to post on vine.

It’s a popular business strategy for video creators who use YouTube and even Twitter’s vine.

Twitter is also tweaking vine’s most distinct characteristic: That all videos on vine are limited to six seconds.

And for the first time, vine will pay its content creators.

Influential vine creators can soon use Twitter’s Amplify video ad program to run pre-roll ads along with their vine videos.

vine is even lower still.

Paying them is a big deal, and something vine creators have wanted for some time.

The question is whether or not vine is too late.

Now it’s tweaking vine’s six-second video restriction, too.

The ability to post longer videos will start rolling out to users on Twitter Tuesday, and “a small group” of influencers on vine.

* This story was updated to clarify that vine videos are still six seconds, but that other, longer videos are coming to the app.

“As reported in the media, I was let go from vine four years ago for poor management.

They had vine accounts, they Tumblr accounts, they had a promotion for Pokémon Go.

She once had the biggest following of any woman on vine, while Tommy’s had the biggest … popularity among rock drummers.

Rolling the vine leaves, stuffing the onion shells, doing the dolma.

Penner was most recently running comms and marketing at vine.

According to sources, vine head Jason Toff is leaving Twitter.

Update (Again): Toff tweeted Sunday night to confirm he’s leaving vine and headed to Google.

Earlier this year in an interview with Re/code, Toff said he had the support of Dorsey for his efforts at vine, the video app.

Jack was one of the advocates for Twitter acquiring vine in the first place so he has a history with vine.

Twitter and vine spokespeople declined comment, which we think is probably a good idea right about now.

Kik is launching with bots from brands, like Sephora or The Weather Channel, but also with entertainment bots, like Twitter’s vine.

When Twitter launched the video service vine in 2012, Facebook cut off access to its friend graph.

Many new series couldn’t even launch production and died on the vine.

The way I’m used to looking on vine or Twitter — vine R.I.P.

vine, Twitter’s unorthodox six-second, mobile-only video app, is shutting down.

While this news might come as a shock to vine’s loyal fans, industry insiders probably could have seen it coming.

vine’s initial crop of users were theoretically the golden eggs of internet advertising: They were young and constantly mobile.

vine was communal in the extreme.

All of this meant that to outsiders, vine frequently looked like a bunch of jerkily edited inside jokes with little substance.

Creativity on vine was limited only by how handy you were with your phone.

But the most crucial technical factor was the six-second maximum length of vine videos.

vine was probably most friendly toward comedians, whether part of a troupe or flying solo.

(In fact, most of them emerged from vine’s rampant prank culture.)

Even as vine retained its insularity, it constantly influenced the wider sphere of pop culture.

And most of them came from a specific side of vine culture — its thriving and unique black community.

vine culture, as a general rule, was happy in a way that many other social media platforms weren’t.

The usual extreme viewpoints still exist on vine, of course.

vine was a place that would cheer you up.

While many of the best vine users were performers, vine itself was a more informal space than YouTube or Twitter or Instagram.

To a huge degree, vine’s cultural emphasis on community and positivity was fostered and built by its large black user base.

Reacting to the shutdown of vine on Medium, writer Bridget Todd spoke of the familiar comfort afforded her from this famous “Mr.

After a summer of Trayvon, Mike, and Tamir, I needed this and vine delivered.

vine has been criticized for reinforcing racial stereotypes due to its minimalist nature, drawing frequent comparisons to 19th-century minstrel shows.

Bachelor is the most popular user on vine, with 16 million followers.

vine also played a huge role in documenting the social unrest and protests of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s unfortunate, then, that vine was probably never long for this world.

And when they left, so did all the lucrative brand partnerships from which vine drew revenue.

But by then it was too late to change the fundamentals of vine culture.

I was basically working with these vapid vine and YouTube artists through Atlantic.

Could Google make good use of Twitter properties like vine and Periscope by coupling them in some kind of media hybrid offering with YouTube?

Until then, you can just play this vine over and over again: This article originally appeared on

Photo via vine‘s website Yesterday, Twitter announced that it would soon be shuttering vine, the short-form video app it acquired back in 2012.

How come I can’t find them?” I went to YouTube, I went to Twitter, I went to vine.

It samples a Pakistani boy singing the chorus of Chris Brown’s “Loyal” from a vine that went viral a few years ago.

They were early to the Periscope and vine and things like that but they never made hay out of it.

It’s all YouTube in my house, and vine.

They watch vine on YouTube.

vine was comedy.

Back when I was one of the vine guys that created it and built it, and we bought it.

I want vine back.

Which by the way, that’s what was so great about vine.

A leafy vine creeping inside seems to link this hermetic subterranean world with nature’s external forces.

The internet got emotional on Thursday when Twitter unexpectedly announced it was shutting down vine, the company’s six-second looping video app.

On vine itself, the site’s numerous “vine stars” posted their farewell messages, too.

And that, in a nutshell, is why vine is going away.

vine clearly left an impact on the internet, but it failed to keep up with the talented creators it helped to spurn.

Last year, vine star and YouTube celebrity Jake Paul formed Team 10, an incubator focused on turning top YouTube talent into money-making superstars.

One exception will be Amazon’s vine program, in which Amazon, not the product’s provider, chooses the reviewers.

The grapes were most likely fermenting on the vine, and thus alcohol-containing, which led to unexpected and wild inebriation.

They have over 110k followers on Twitter and 230k likes on Facebook, and their vine loops (seriously, RIP) have exceeded 1.6 million.

He was a vine star at first, right?

All of the planning and skill in the world rots on the vine if you’re not actually following through and getting stuff done.

He’s basically every vine meme and Nae Nae dancing video contained in the body of a human being.

(Shahidi serves as a mentor of sorts to many of the vine stars.)

Extraction is minimal, meaning that the vine and grape are front and center.

On vine, you can find Somalis connecting to each other with tags like #Somalivine.

As of this week, six-second video-hosting app vine has finally bitten the dust.

“Like everyone, I’m disappointed vine was shut down,” says Hawkins.

The brevity of the videos made vine special.

But why a photo-editing app, when King Bach attributes most of his professional success to vine, a video platform?

Twitter announced it was closing down vine this past fall, and will only maintain a simple camera app in its place.

It’s a bit like how Niche worked arranging sponsorship deals on vine and other platforms.

Speaking of writing, you did a thing back when vine existed where you were doing writing lessons via vine.

HQ Trivia — the twice-a-day live streamed trivia game built by the founders of vine — continues to be a big thing.

Yeah, a lot of them live at 1600 vine, and then each sort of squad will have their own house.

At this point, most of them seem content to let $20 billion in low-hanging fruit wither on the vine.

They also tapped into YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, vine, Google+, Meetup, VKontakte and LiveJournal.

vine), they leave and look for places where they can make money (e.g.

That’s why vine got shut down yesterday and relaunched as vine Camera, which no longer hosts videos because that can get expensive.

Last year, Twitter bought Niche, another social media ad agency that connected brands with popular users on platforms like vine and Instagram.

We tested five different glasses with the owners of Smith & vine in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

vine withered at Twitter in part from creators bailing due to its omission of native monetization options.

Could Google make good use of Twitter properties like vine and Periscope by coupling them in some kind of media hybrid offering with YouTube?

vine’s success in building a community did show that super-short loops can win a new generation of fans, though.

The product helps customers see when users have explicitly shared their location on Instagram, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Periscope, vine and YouTube.

“The (Israeli) plane dropped barrels (of explosives) and we used to hide in the vine fields,” he said.

VICE: Can you give me some context for who you are in the vine world?

One, for instance, resembles an inept photo collage advertising the wine country with a massive vine of grapes alongside the disembodied (but still ebullient!)

It happened around the time vine introduced the revine feature, basically like the retweet.

I also believe vine trying to be a social media app for too long, in its early stages, hurt it the most.

What about vine appealed to you?

So you should have used your vine to get more Twitter followers, but you just let vine sort of exist on its own?

What was it like being a member of the vine community?

Are you going to miss vine?

What stood out about vine?

Instagram people, in my opinion, are not going to turn to Instagram to get what vine provided.

vine turned into purely a comedy and entertainment app.

Twitter’s plan to refocus on its core business has created another casualty: vine.

“But [these vine videos are] not searchable – no one can find that or use it again,” he says.

vine has been struggling for some time, so Thursday’s move is surprising but not unbelievable.

Either way, vine will soon shut down.

The social media network will also double the amount of NBA game highlights it tweets out to the masses and posts on vine.

Thursday morning, popular video app vine dropped a bomb on Medium and announced that it’s shutting down.

The company says that users will be able to download their vine videos before that happens, but there has been no specific timetable announced.

vine general manager Hannah Davis, who just joined the company this spring, will stay on to oversee the transition, according to a spokesperson.

Update: vine co-founder Rus Yusupov wasn’t thrilled to hear his former company was shutting down.

– Team vine & Twitter This article originally appeared on

The video appears to take control of your device, with the band members gamboling through your camera, photo gallery, Twitter, and vine (RIP vine).

Finding the once abundant vine in Peru’s Iquitos region, where most centers are located, now takes days.

Then I worked for a while as an art director for advertising and one day in 2013 I discovered vine.

Of these apps, which include vine and Boomerang, BeautyPlus is the only one with retouching features.

The duo also created the once-popular video app vine, which Twitter acquired in 2012.

Twitter recently shut down its looping-video app vine and reportedly tried to sell it off.

vine was key in helping spur a whole new generation of internet celebrities and creators.

Read books by Indigenous writers like vine Deloria Jr., Louise Erdrich, and N. Scott Momaday.

vine, the looping video platform that died today, was always a kind of an oddball in the new media landscape.

Now that vine is officially on its last legs, what will happen to these creators?

“Personally, I’d love a tomato plant with fruit that stayed on the vine longer,” Doudna told Business Insider.

Do you know which is your most popular vine of all time?Goodness gracious.

How do you feel about hearing the news that it’s the last hurrah for vine?It’s definitely, definitely an emotional day.

That could include units like MoPub or vine or Fabric.

Kids doing vape tricks is why the police shut vine down.

There’s a Spider-Man-esque quality to many of the action sequences, as Tarzan and his bros swing from vine to vine.

Kevin was living in vine Hill in Clerkenwell.

Push down while swinging to let go of the vine.

CS: Peach was a social network that was designed by a guy named Dom Hoffman who was previously the founder of vine.

North of Anchorage, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough also sustained considerable damage, including the wreck of vine Road.

Co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, who formerly built vine, say not to expect interstitial ads between questions.

After watching Twitter buy and squander vine, Yusupov famously tweeted, “Don’t sell your company!” 9.

Rumors have swirled around Kroll’s behavior toward women while at vine, but Banister says she “became comfortable after looking at everything” before investing.

As of Tuesday, January 17, vine will no longer be even that.

If you are sad about this, it’s probably because of a vine that you remember fondly.

No sport was better suited to vine than “the beautiful game,” Sand Surfing.

vine allowed fans to capture this fastest-moving sport in a way that brought it down to a more legible speed.

By turning fans into cinematographers, vine gave fans a chance to share the moments that network cameras couldn’t capture.

Its decision raises an existential question for museums as a whole: should an institution be allowed to die on the vine to preserve collections?

BoxGroup’s portfolio includes companies such as Blue Apron, ClassPass, Warby Parker, Flatiron Health, and vine, among many others.

The other director, btw, happens to be Simply Sylvio, who is a gorilla vine star!

Bit like this vine, actually.

— Dan Devine (@YourManDevine)March 2, 2016 This is, clearly, a very embarrassing vine.

Look for those and more on his Instagram feed, Twitter, Periscope, vine, and Snapchat, @TonyGreenhand.

Only in the February vine Compilation released today by Cool 3D World, the ongoing project from artists Brian Tessler and Jon Baken.

The answer is by watching the vine over and over again until it’s bizarre details begin to make pseudo-sense.

People joked about him on vine, Instagram, and on shirts at the Republican National Convention.

We spent a week studying platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and vine, and came up with a business model.

bought Geocities and, two major acquisitions that eventually died on the vine.

Our first client outside of the hockey space was a vine star named Ray Ligaya, who actually works for us now.

Social media stars from vine, Instagram and Snapchat befriended the startup.

That strategy let the Shots family of stars become the oligarchy ruling vine’s Popular page.

HQ: Created by two vine co-founders, HQ is a daily trivia show via its mobile app.

I have a part of a wisteria vine that I sometimes paint from.

In many respects, nothing was the same after vine.

This video of cybergoths in an underpass resurfaces on the internet periodically, as a meme, in a Buzzfeed list, on vine.

A six-second vine typically feels like an entertainment destination, a place where humor and music often steal the show.

Apparently, children are the key to vine success.

vine, Twitter’s social platform for six-second looping video, just turned three.

The company says that over 200 million people watch vine videos (either on mobile or on the web) each month.

People have families, and so you’re constantly catching another vine and having to leave and be in one moment of suspension.

Matt Willis: Yell Design started about three-and-a-half years ago, right around when vine took off.

So in the spirit of vine, I’m going to break down the reasoning into 6-second snippets of text: That all makes sense.

vine as we know it is dead.

It has also discontinued the vine Windows Phone app.

There’s not much of a walk-through to give for vine Camera.

vines shared on Twitter are hosted in their tweets on the Twitter platform and don’t show any vine logo.

As we reported earlier today, Twitter will now loop all videos under 6.5 seconds, whether they’re from vine or elsewhere.

Founded in 2012 and acquired by Twitter just before its launch, vine pioneered the extremely short, looping video format.

Funny video clips and strange sounds would quickly be recycled and recontextualized by the vine community, creating both innovative humor and asinine inside jokes.

But as YouTube endured, Instagram added video and Snapchat’s Stories rose to popularity, video makers fled vine for its competitors, and viewership sank.

Meanwhile, its parent company, Twitter, struggled with user and revenue growth, eventually deciding to cut costs by ceasing to curate or host vine videos.

And family dramas are supposed to be the shows that die on the vine while cop dramas, medical dramas, and legal dramas thrive.

It’s obviously riffing on this classic vine:  …which is probably my favorite of the genre.

BoxGroup’s portfolio includes companies such as Blue Apron, ClassPass, Warby Parker, Flatiron Health and vine, among many others.

And while vine remains culturally interesting and an “important” part of Twitter’s strategy, it seems to be struggling.

But lately, signs show vine’s audience is shrinking.

Sources say while vine still has a small, dedicated user base, it is no longer growing.

(vine itself says some 200 million people see its videos somewhere online each month, a stat it’s used since last October.)

vine was a top-100 free iPhone app in more than a dozen countries about a year ago.

She was unknown to almost everyone on vine’s team of roughly 50 employees.

Bringing in a new, outside GM threatened to disrupt the way vine had been doing things, which rubbed some folks the wrong way.

This vine raises a lot of interesting points.

Assuming Twitter keeps investing in vine, it will be several months before we can evaluate any changes Donovan makes.

vine was active at last month’s VidCon conference to show off its stable of new stars.

What’s still not clear is how Twitter plans to move forward with vine.

Jessie leaves with a friendship in an underage vine star named Sadie and her teenage girl squad of sexually liberated females.

And they each have video features — Twitter has vine and Periscope, Weibo has Miaopai and Weibo Live.

And they each have video features — Twitter has vine and Periscope, Weibo has Miaopai and Weibo Live.

Yet that project withered on the vine after OWS withdrew support.

BuzzFeed makes a lot of short videos that do bonkers traffic on Facebook, YouTube and vine.

Take, for instance, this vine from the spring of 2015.

“People think I was living with my family, but I was living at a Best Western on Franklin and vine.

All those people are referring to Peach, a new app from vine co-founder Dom Hofmann.

The result is something that is similar to vine.

After Sadie shares a video of Jessie on vine, Jessie sees a major spike in viewership on her YouTube channel.

The ringleader of this gaggle is Sadie, a vine star.

Jessie’s putting on adult diapers, asking Sadie to “vine this shit.” Sadie declines.

This also seems like a pretty clear sign that Twitter is not going to sell vine.

After it was announced that vine was shutting down, Twitter received some interest from numerous potential buyers, according to multiple sources.

The app appeared to great fanfare in October 2017 from two of the former co-creators of vine, Colin Kroll, and Rus Yusupov.

Kroll only lasted 18 months at Twitter after the platform acquired vine; he was fired in 2014.

1.5 might have been too loud, too big, too conventional and Resident Evil could have withered on the vine.

It takes eight to 20 years for the vine to grow, and the demand will soon succeed the supply.

You might remember them, if you were at all a user of vine.

vine was a good example.

George Joseph reported for the Intercept last July that DHS monitored the Twitter and vine accounts of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

—BM A camcorder was still a conversation starter in 1987, before kids were causing chaos for the vine.

If it doesn’t get better, metal will die on the vine.

YAS.” vine, Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart showed off their silly sides.

Interestingly, vine Street is a small, nondescript cul-de-sac, making it perhaps the most obscure location on the whole board.

all other accounts (Twitter, Facebook, vine, Snapchat, blog, etc.)

They were designed to provide competition and deliver low prices to consumers,” vine said.

Along with Olivia Wilde, the other female character of note appears to be Jamie vine (Juno Temple).

He doesn’t heed vine‘s warning to “be careful with that stuff.”

[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode] Over the last months, most of vine‘s top executives have left the company.

Also known as physalis or cape gooseberries, these tiny yellow fruits look like Smurf-sized tomatillos when they’re on the vine.

Twitter, which owns vine, says vine is important to its future, but Twitter has its own problems to solve.

I will literally fight you over a homegrown tomato picked straight off the vine.

In addition to several old classics, the creator of the vine has also edited newer films, like Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph.

By holding your iPhone up to the static image you just printed out, the vine will then play inside the app.

This includes one bot to send people vine videos and another for getting makeup suggestions from Sephora.

Gove slept soundly through the night of the referendum, according to his wife Sarah vine, a columnist for pro-Brexit tabloid The Daily Mail.

At around 4.45am, vine wrote, the phone rang to inform Gove that Britain had voted to exit the EU.

“There was a short pause while he put on his glasses,” vine recalled.

The Obama administration tried to push a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, but it ultimately died on the vine.

Today, Twitter is calling it quits on vine.

The announcement to kill vine comes on the heels of news that Twitter is cutting 9 percent of its staff, or roughly 350 jobs.

vine, the six-second, looping video platform from Twitter, has just hired Hannah Donovan as the new general manager.

Some exciting news: I’m joining @vine as GM in May!

vine created a whole new set of celebrities (the “vine star”) and became a hub for black culture on the Internet.

Today, Twitter is calling it quits on vine.

The announcement to kill vine comes on the heels of news that Twitter is cutting 9 percent of its staff, or roughly 350 jobs.

vine created a whole new set of celebrities (the “vine star”) and became a hub for black culture on the Internet.

But over the last year and a half, vine has been, well, withering.

And as early as last December, vine only accounted for four percent of “branded video” on new media platforms.

According to data from the analytics service AppAnnie, vine hovered around the top 40 and 50 most-downloaded iOS apps for most of this year.

Since mid-August, however, vine’s download numbers slipped dramatically, and the service is currently around the 250th most downloaded iOS app.

But it didn’t get much in the way of upgrades after 2004—it was left to die on the vine.

It certainly didn’t help vine that Twitter ultimately introduced its own video product, with a much longer time limit.

BuzzFeed retweeted a vine of Christie’s face to ominous music.

That potion is brewed from the leaves of a shrub containing the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and the bark of a vine containing harmala alkaloids.

vine is dead.

The first course at Archil’s includes ikala, or pickled wild creeping vine; sautéed leeks and walnuts; and sumptuous suckling pig.

More than half of top vine influencers have left the platform.

Engagement on vine has also decreased by 12% in the last 28 weeks as influencers are moving to YouTube and Snapchat, Digiday reports.

When the plug was pulled on vine in 2016, a huge chunk of the platform’s biggest names moved straight to YouTube.

A dance craze that took off at a time before Instagram and vine, when MySpace was still going strong.

Sartorious first achieved viral fame at 11 years old by posting an anti-bullying vine that blew up overnight.

Sartorious first achieved viral fame at 11 years old by posting an anti-bullying vine that blew up overnight.

vine compilation videos are nothing new—a search of the term returns more than three million results on YouTube—but this is something else.

This torture chamber ends on the worst “drop the bass” meme vine in existence.

Even if we someday get a full-fledged vine 2, I pray we never see another hellscape like this come of it.

Twitter changed how its timeline works, won (and then lost) NFL streaming rights, and shuttered its looping-video app, vine.

You may remember the social network vine, which was started by Dom Hofmann and some others.

Well, what we have found in the years since is people really, really miss vine.

“You have your Instagrammers, your Snapchatters and people on vine, but this content is entirely different.

And I’m very excited to see what the next version of vine looks like.

But why do you watch the compilations of vine?

You watched … Louie Swisher: Yeah, like vine was really good at first, but then it got too old.

They didn’t need to kill vine.

Louie Swisher: Kill vine.

Creators of color made vine.

Here’s a vine of himself he posted, in which he eats what look like peas: Bucket list.

“My mum makes rolled vine leaves all the time.

She lists vine, Periscope, MoPub and Gnip on her LinkedIn profile.

those viral still-life “dance videos” that serve as probably the greatest epilogue for and deconstruction of vine.

The Pacquiao workout took place at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, located in a dingy strip mall on vine Street.

Creators miss vine.

Baldwin kept hearing apps describe themselves as “the revival of vine.”

There was a time when Amazon vine started, if you didn’t get in when the newsletter came out, everything would be gone.

As it happens with vine, you get offered certain things, and it’s great having a partner who can try things on.

He recently began feuding with former vine star Chloe Woodard and smashed a $300,000 Ferrari he borrowed from another YouTuber’s dad.

“Instagram is probably the single most important consumer service to watch in The West,” argues vine founder Don Hoffman.

According to a fan at GameSpot’s Comic vine boards, the studio has at least 42 existing heroes from which to choose.

To get a look at this power in an extended way, the way this vine provides?

It also has ad technology like MoPub and consumer apps like Periscope and vine.

The San Marzanos will slowly ripen over the course of the winter because they’re still on the vine.

Bette Reynolds has been posting vine videos covering Drake songs since early April.

Brittlestar), has over 800,000 followers on vine, while her grandson, Gregor Reynolds, has over 300,000.

We had [vine celebrity] King Bach, Seth MacFarlane and crazy people making waves on the Internet.

I’ve known King Bach since before he was on vine, and he said I needed to get on vine.

vine is introduced.

I think what makes YouTube, vine, and Instagram so great is that they’re meant to be creative outlets.

I’m not gonna be a vine start and talking to the camera for minutes.

Instead, it seems to have withered quietly on the vine.

It blocked Twitter’s vine, a six-second video network, from hosting a tool that would let users search for their friends on Facebook.

Fajã dos Padres’ remote location meant it had the only original Malmsey wine vine on the island.

The first bottle of single vineyard original island vine Malmsey was opened and tasted in 1986.

vine eventually shuttered.

Since launching in January 2013, Twitter gave vine weak support, keeping the product at arm’s length despite cult popularity.

At the time of publication, a vine of the exchange had racked up over 30 million loops.

Yusupov, who was originally vine’s creative director, lost most of those responsibilities to colleagues over time.

The Greek Freak, The Human vine, Young Epilogue, The Future.

He never ran the vine team while at Twitter.

Even after vine sold to Twitter for millions, its founding team seemed unhappy at Twitter almost from the start, according to numerous sources.

When Twitter shut down vine in late 2016, Yusupov tweeted, “Don’t sell your company!” Have more information?

Twitter’s plan was to let vine run as a separate product, at least initially.

Adding to the separation: vine’s offices were in New York City, across the country from Twitter management in San Francisco.

The co-founders even refused help from Twitter engineers, and also refused to move vine over onto Twitter’s back-end infrastructure and servers.

In December, vine cofounder Dom Hofmann suggested there would be a second coming of the dearly departed social network.

We saw Mad Max-like machines that chop things down that are sticking a few feet above a vine.

Specializing in vine vegetable crops (tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, etc.

Last month, vine brought us the wonderful rapping Scottish grandmother who tried really hard to cover Drake.

In 2012, Yusupov, Kroll and co-founder Dom Hofmann sold vine to Twitter for a reported $30 million.

With Youtube, vine, and Snapchat, stardom—or at least a flash of recognition—seems like it’s a click away.

Jason Toff, general manager of Twitter’s standalone video app vine, announced his departure to Google Sunday night.

But the idea largely withered on the vine.

Hofmann’s idea of a vine 2.0 last year was squashed due to funding and development issues, Engadget reports.

Isn’t that what vine was?

It premiered this morning on Jeremy vine‘s radio show on BBC Radio 2​.

Meanwhile, on vine, users such as Taran are making more straightforward and short, hypnotic loops that really could just play forever.

For example: On January 24, 2013, Twitter launched vine, a short-form video service it acquired pre-launch.

To European eyes, however, it looks more like an anti-competitive attempt to strangle vine — a potential competitor — at birth.

As he gained more followers on both vine and YouTube, so did his younger brother Jake Paul, who is two years his junior.

Pranking first became popular on vine.

In contrast, Trump places so little emphasis on policy expertise that he let his campaign’s policy shop wither on the vine.

That includes video streams from other Twitter partners like the NBA and Bloomberg, plus video content from Twitter-owned properties like Periscope and vine.

Some die on the vine.

Twitter announced it is shutting down vine and laying off 9% of the company.

Twitter announced that it’s shutting down vine, its standalone short-form video app.

Cue the vine star heartbreak.

Kroll was also the co-founder of vine and was General Manager between 2013 and 2014.

But now that he’s his own boss, wild ideas like that don’t need to die on the vine.

Catching a repeated vine is not the same as closely breaking down every aspect of what led to the walkoff jumper.

Tink)”Neana – “vine Line”Dj Jayhood – “Walk For Me (feat.

No doubt, he and his crew were inspired by vine (RIP) star Jay Versace’s own video from earlier this year.

The wild pigs are gluttons for grapes and vine sprouts, as are local deer.

The drug listed above, like the bark from the Ayahuasca vine, deactivates MAO so the DMT becomes bioavailable when ingested.

My hope is it will die on the vine, since there really has not been any systemic evidence collected of voter fraud.

If I wanted to find a vine more amusing than it actually is, I’d probably see about developing a personality.

vine may survive after all.

Twitter is currently vetting multiple term sheets from companies offering to buy vine, and hopes to make a deal soon, multiple sources tell TechCrunch.

After announcing its plan to shut down vine last month, Twitter received a large number of bids, including several from Asia.

While TechCrunch couldn’t confirm the names of any of the companies interested in vine, a rumored bidder was Japanese messaging and gaming company LINE.

vine content plays instantly in the Twitter stream, bolstering its current parent company’s quest to serve more video that could attract user engagement.

For many of those teens, AMAZE’s videos may have a hard time competing with vine or YouTube for their attention.

Recode reported in September that Twitter might look to do something different with vine.

It later reported that vine was costing $10 million a month to run in infrastructure and employees, and Twitter had explored selling it off.

After announcing the eventual shut down, selling vine seemed to be off the table.

As I wrote last week, selling vine comes with risks.

Since the vine brand is closely associated with Twitter, whatever the acquirer does with it could reflect poorly on the former parent company.

Someone else could use vine to compete with Twitter.

And if an acquirer revives vine into a big success, it could make Twitter’s leadership seem incapable.

And shutting it down could turn vine’s stars into evangelists for its competitors.

But its best bet is still to let someone else adopt vine and give it a second chance to grow.

But when boiled together, an enzyme inhibitor in the “vine of the soul” allows the DMT from the leaves to profoundly alter consciousness.

He’s used his popularity to become an actor through his daily skits and vine grind.

Before we get into American Vandal, I know your work from vine and YouTube—your rise was unconventional.

I’m assuming vine played a big role from there?

On vine, we didn’t have time for the unnecessary.

I did this video in 2015 that stemmed from everyone saying that vine was about to die and how viners had nothing to do.

To date, the vine has nearly 22.5 million loops.

On Hollywood Boulevard, there was a smattering of trans bars right there by Hollywood and vine.

Twitter is alerting vine users of a bug that exposed their email addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers to third parties.

LiveJournal and Xanga were lumped in with Facebook and MySpace as child’s play; vine stars and Instagram fame simply did not exist.

Twitter declined to how many users or what percentage of the vine user base was impacted.

We understand that this issue would not have affected Twitter users who didn’t also have vine accounts, though.

He started accumulating followers on vine in 2014, making short, funny videos with his friends in his home state of Maryland.

Put it this way: vine star Cameron Dallas has 15.6 million followers on Instagram.

This is amazing.” But things changed in 2013 when he heard about vine, and he saw a path to fame open up to him.

“I told myself I was gonna be vine famous,” he said.

Promising projects can die on the vine because the internal champion gets reassigned or leaves the company.

In 2019, the joke still lands, but the clip really capitalized on everything that was popular on vine at the time.

That vine made the local news and was on every meme account, and was included in a round-up on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0.

He at least caught the attention of some vine employees.

When he hit more than 100,000 followers on vine, he felt like he was on the right path.

But in October 2016, just a few months after he was verified, Twitter announced it was disabling vine’s uploading feature.

With competition from other social media platforms incorporating video features, like Instagram, vine couldn’t keep up.

Barrett along with other vine users were crushed.

These dances are deeply rooted in African-American culture — and they certainly warrant a longer look than your average vine affords.

Shawn Mendes turned his vine popularity into stardom.

In the email, Gove’s wife Sarah vine urges her husband to ensure he has “leverage” before making any deal with Johnson.

He also flags two other Pages that were removed by Facebook which had suspiciously high video views, called Silence is Consent and Daily vine.

Of course, at first glance, this sounds a lot like the video efforts from other social apps, like vine, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

But Llorens believes imDown’s support for one-minute videos will help to differentiate it from vine, whose six-second time limits are too short.

Area Mann – “vine Life”11.

Apparently, PCCW felt the same way, because they let the service die on the vine after acquiring Hongkong Telecom in 2000.

If you’re looking to get an Instagram, vine, Snapchat, or Polaroid of the lights, you can check this 30-minute forecast.

No other medium has managed to capture the craziness and quirkiness of humanity (and the animal kingdom) in quite the same way as vine.

“From a competitive standpoint, it could be good for us,” said Lori Sanders, vine Street’s chief financial officer.

There’s vine and YouTube.

“AFV is the top television account on vine,” says Black.

“We do not view vine as competition.

His vine account is full of brutally funny six-second remixes of right-wing politicians, washed-up musicians, evangelical Christians, and pandering comedians alike.

“I feel like @VicBergerIV might be this election’s Ralph Steadman, but with vine footage instead of dripping pens,” tweeted writer Dan O’Sullivan.

vine, she explains, is “a little bit more self-deprecating.”

Where AFV is wholesome, vine is abrasive.

AFV’s sweet spot is candid families; vine‘s is scripted teens and rising social media stars.

Before I really got the hang of Twitter and before Instagram allowed users to post videos, vine was the place to be Black online.

Man, I miss vine.

Like vine, the app makes revenue partially through ads.

she squeals with delight, inadvertently launching a hilarious vine meme.

Then, she returned one more time to add, “All my friends are private Snapchatting me about how funny they think the vine is.

The show officially premieres on Adult Swim on Sunday, July 10th at 11:45 PM, but they’ve released the entire first episode on vine.

For example, cobra pose or bhujangasana is called the vine, a reference to a Biblical analogy where Jesus referred to himself as a vine.

(Once upon a time, this girl used to even co-host the world’s shortest tech podcast on vine, the Gingercast.

Many of them have begun to focus on other looping mediums, like vine or Instagram video, which have intrinsically changed their styles as well.

Yesterday, the internet was full of tearful tweets and six-second loops mourning the passing of vine.

But now, it looks like vine could have an unlikely savior: Pornhub.Yes, the rated-X adult-entertainment Pornhub.

“I’m all for keeping vine alive, but Pornhub may not be the right place for it.

vine‘s genius was its variety of content, from videos that captured overly excited dogs to ones of kids being silly, naive kids.

Something about that feels very wrong.Facebook, Google, anyone, we’re begging you: Please counter Pornhub’s offer and restore vine to its former glory.

The founder of vine launched a new messaging app called Peach, and it’s pretty slick.

We hope vine in a sentence examples were helpful.