Vigilant in a sentence | Use of the word vigilant examples

We’ve got to stay vigilant.

Send all press inquiries to Andrew – Additionally, stay vigilant about making sure people don’t infiltrate our event.

The only way to stop this from happening is to be vigilant and prevent creeping use and abuse of power wherever we can.

We have to be more vigilant in terms …

The Singapore Police website describes the group as “tough, vigilant and steadfast” that operates “across the spectrum of paramilitary operations to help safeguard Singapore”.

So yes, there are reasons to be concerned and vigilant, but that’s always been the case.

However, because Hepatitis A can have a long incubation period, we will remain vigilant for several weeks following the initial case.”

Israel and its allies must remain extremely vigilant and active to counter the Iranian threat.

But since that doesn’t sound like a spa treatment, so we recommend staying vigilant if you think you have this infection.

We must be vigilant!

“We always have to be vigilant,” says Astrid Silva of the group DREAM Vegas.

To prevent this from happening, true American patriots must be ever vigilant for any sign that the takeover is beginning.

On Monday, a vigilant Reddit snoop stumbled across a hidden Netflix page for a film called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Verdict: Bmore should be more vigilant about its public art.

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” Trump tweeted.

So remember kids, stay vigilant because no Pokémon is worth dying for—unless it’s Mewtwo.

Philippe said police would remain vigilant through the night as some protesters continued to roam the city.

And we need to be vigilant.

In a separate statement Saturday, President Donald Trump said the region had been “liberated,” but added the United States will remain vigilant.

“We will be vigilant and hope for the best,” she said.

Over 9,200 ICE employees can access the database, run by the company vigilant Solutions, which includes license plate scans from red-light and speed-limit cameras.

Be vigilant, friends.

All the while, a mysterious figure guards over a cityscape, watchful, vigilant, and fuzzy-eared.

We’ve never been more vigilant against the potential of a threat there.

I think we have to be more vigilant about what’s coming around the corner so that we don’t tumble down this slippery slope.

Since the law took effect, Lachowitz said she’s had to be even more vigilant about keeping herself and her 8-year-old daughter safe.

Since the law took effect, Lachowitz said she’s had to be even more vigilant about keeping herself and her 8-year-old daughter safe.

“I expect the agency to be vigilant in identifying and pursuing these cases,” O’Rielly said.

“Because you just get lazy, you get tired of being that vigilant and frankly feeling a little paranoid.

The security is massive … the hired muscle is especially vigilant after Cardi dissed the Crips during Super Bowl Weekend.

While regulators are trying to police these quickly growing markets, the SEC urged investors to be vigilant.

Google’s foe, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace, said regulators should stay vigilant.

“We will of course be very vigilant over how this money is used,” Leetchi said in a statement.

Zarif said Iran would remain “vigilant” in Syria and in Iraq after investing resources to fight there.

There is such a thing as being too vigilant, and the United States occasionally learned this lesson the hard way.

“We remain vigilant and continue to monitor the security situation and liaise with local authorities,” said a Shell spokesman in a statement to Reuters.

I want people to remain vigilant thought.

Guns make police officers hyper vigilant.

“These are not hoax devices.” Wray said that there may be other packages in transit, and urged the public to remain vigilant.

I love the way that the game comments on police racism by making the cops ever more vigilant when you are in white neighborhoods.

At a time when citizens’ faith in institutions and democracy is at all-time lows; we each need to be vigilant and actively engaged.

Whether there is an impregnable fortress wall or a maze of doors and locks, a vigilant surveillance team should, in theory, catch any intrusion.

We need to do our best to be vigilant and protect Americans.

When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?

Politicians in multiple countries said social media companies need to be more vigilant.

We have been much less vigilant against the threat of Huxleyan distraction.

Kabila’s opponents accuse authorities of conspiring to rig the election with untested electronic voting machines, and have urged their supporters to be vigilant.

We have to be very strong and we have to be very vigilant.

The vigilant people at the subreddit r/datahoarder spotted the notice and got to work archiving the whole thing, making torrent files and web archives .

The British Foreign Office has not warned against travel to Germany, but said people needed to remain vigilant.

You should be vigilant at this time.”

“The community must remain vigilant,” Citizen Lab’s Crete-Nishihata said.

That we’ll just stay as vigilant and involved as we need to be.

People high in conscientiousness — a personality trait largely set by genetics — tend to be healthier and more vigilant students.

That’s why homeowners have to be vigilant.

And they have to urge their neighbors to be vigilant too.

In the coming months, Jenny* will be extra vigilant at checking her mailbox before her husband and daughter do.

On Sunday, he said it was important to be vigilant because no country could escape Islamic State’s “clutches of evil.”

It’s because they tend to be more vigilant.

to do so in the U.S. We must be vigilant!

As a result, airlines and security services around the world have to remain vigilant.

Trump has been particularly vigilant about safeguarding details of his financial health.

No other team has been as vigilant, and no other duo have been as vocal in opposing it as the president and vice president.

It also means you become more vigilant and obsessed with marking who is an insider and who is not.

Our brains are built to be vigilant.

They are not necessarily being vigilant themselves.

Experts say those in the Southeast should continue to be vigilant during mosquito season, recommending that people wearing repellent and practicing safe sex.

Better technology can make offshore infrastructure more durable, and informed regulation can make the offshore industry more vigilant.

“Treasury will be vigilant in ensuring that En+ and Rusal meet these commitments.

A U.S. Department of Commerce spokesman said in a statement that the department would remain vigilant against any threat to U.S. national security.

German Justice Minister Katarina Barley said Monday the latest arrests showed the enduring threat of right-wing extremism, and the need to remain vigilant.

Thank you, and be vigilant.

But some consumer advocates warn the project could pose a threat to privacy, so users should remain vigilant about safeguarding their personal data.

On creating your own identity We must be strategic and vigilant [in] curating joy in our own lives.

Relative Noemi Sigler had been especially vigilant over the decades, digging up clues and eventually enlisting the help of the Texas Rangers.

Also, when life is going well and you feel good, you’re more relaxed and less vigilant about your calorie intake.

The report urged U.S. policy makers to be “vigilant” about the increased leverage and declining credit quality in the corporate sector.

And we have to be very vigilant.”

So try YouTube and be vigilant.

“Valerian root has now been suspected in two cases associated with severe, life-threatening hyponatraemia and healthcare professionals should be vigilant to this,” they warned.

He approved of more vigilant civilians, but didn’t want anyone to underestimate the training necessary to confront a shooter.

Those jets will participate in the five-day vigilant Ace exercise that will also feature around 230 aircraft and 12,000 US military personnel.

So, if you find yourself in your hometown visiting family, be very vigilant about where and when you sext.

New Zealand’s department of immigration said it had no comment on this specific case but remains vigilant to any possible venture.

“You’re advised to remain vigilant, avoid any protests or demonstrations and avoid commenting publicly on political developments,” it added.

“Parents need to be vigilant and know what their kids are doing online and on social media,” she says.

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also said the government would be “very vigilant” on the staff cut plans.

“We should be hyper vigilant,” said Ken Martin, the head of the Association of State Democratic Committees.

“We’ll be highly vigilant, at least while I’m here,” he said.

Earlier this week, Scott urged residents and business owners to remain vigilant against Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes once the storm had passed.

vigilant weekly viewing turned into sporadically catching a few bad auditions or semifinals and the winner announcement, before I eventually tapered off entirely.

to do so in the U.S. We must be vigilant!”

But we have to be extremely vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to nuclear.

“We face complex and growing threats from Islamic extremism and we must remain vigilant.

The two groups launched a joint campaign in February to file public records requests with law enforcement agencies that have contracts with vigilant.

The full letter has been posted on vigilant’s website and is presented as an open letter to all of its law enforcement customers.

EFF and MuckRock sent each law enforcement agency that works with vigilant just one request for public records.

vigilant Solutions’ contracts with many individual police departments are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While a person’s name is not attached to the information that vigilant’s ALPRs collect, EFF’s Maass thinks the data isn’t anonymous.

And although private corporations like vigilant Solutions are not subject to public records laws, their contracts and interactions with government agencies are.

Even if you’re not being victimized yourself, it’s essential to stay vigilant.

We should be more engaged and more vigilant with our national conversations.

The South Carolina Office of Emergency Management told residents to be vigilant.

We have to get smart and tough and vigilant and we have to do it now.

‘We have to be vigilant‘ Ahluwalia said he has had brushes with bigotry before.

But Sevilla said authorities would also be vigilant of attempts to evade the new rule by claiming refugee status.

Losing the Turban: Indian Sikhs at odds on essentials ‘We have to be vigilant‘ Ahluwalia said he has had brushes with bigotry before.

However, we remain vigilant and will continue to assess any threats and develop plans accordingly.”

CBP will remain vigilant against any effort by criminals to exploit disruptions caused by the storm.

We have to be very careful, we have to be very vigilant.”

Known as vigilant Ace, the drills include some 12,000 personnel and 230 aircraft, including six advanced F-22 Raptor stealth fighters.

Don’t try to sell any of these photos to the tabloids, as the vigilant mama will crush you…literally.

But everything from soil nitrogen levels to overwatering could have disastrous effects on the crops, so farmers have to remain vigilant.

And not to be dismissive of all of the things we should be vigilant about as technology … you always have this with new technology.

“We urge the community to be vigilant in the pursuit of justice, but not be violent toward one another,” Barber said.

And I think definitely being vigilant is important in understanding.

“If the effect of all this was to awaken progressives and make them more vigilant, I would love that.”

“We are being more than vigilant, actually.”

Don’t live in fear, but be vigilant, Clifton explained.

All medical services in Singapore had been alerted “to be extra vigilant” and immediately report any Zika-associated symptoms to the health ministry.

2/2 That was a perfectly reasonable position: Count the votes, be vigilant against any mishaps or malfeasance, and respect the results.

“We have to be very vigilant.

The women remain vigilant.

We need to stay very vigilant about that.”

While many parents pride themselves on being vigilant, it’s imperative for Alex’s mother, Patrizia, to constantly monitor him.

The president of GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis, said the outcome “shows what can happen when transgender Americans and their allies stay vigilant.

We have to be very vigilant as to who we allow in this country,” Trump said on Fox News.

U.S. must be vigilant and smart!”

“You should remain alert and vigilant, especially in places where there’s a high concentration of people,” said the UK Home Office.

“The way to prevent attacks like this is to develop good intelligence and always be vigilant.

The ACLU will remain vigilant, monitoring Manning’s conditions behind bars and working to ensure her safe passage from state custody to freedom.

GOP reaction Republican front-runner Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the U.S. must be vigilant and smart following the explosion.

U.S. must be vigilant and smart,” he tweeted.

As the boats arrive, Liberia’s fishermen are on edge, and have vowed to remain vigilant in guarding their corner of the economy.

For places like Syria, engulfed in civil war, avoiding the destination altogether seems like the most vigilant course of action.

The British government also warned its citizens to be vigilant when visiting Belgium.

“It’s not time to panic, but it is time to be vigilant,” said Police Chief Brian Manley.

Strengthen the borders, we must be vigilant and smart.

People high in conscientiousness — a personality trait largely set by genetics — tend to be more vigilant students and tend to be healthier.

Where the headline rate of tax goes up under GST, the government will be vigilant in seeking to prevent profiteering.

“As much as we are eager to secure their release we also need to be careful and vigilant who we interact with,” he said.

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

The 42-year-old man was not named in a news release by the Queensland police, but they are asking parents to remain vigilant.

“I have been really vigilant about that.

“We must protect our critical telecom infrastructure and America is calling on all our security partners to be vigilant”.

Trump’s answer was confusing: We have to be extremely vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to nuclear.

Obama calls for vigilance “We have to remain vigilant,” Obama said.

Things are getting better—but we need to stay vigilant, and keep pushing harder.

I’m much more excited and vigilant than anxious and concerned.

But we have to be vigilant,” he said.

We must stay vigilant.

“We must stay vigilant.

U.S. must be vigilant and smart!

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

The United States has for some time warned U.S. citizens to stay vigilant in crowded settings abroad.

Baidu’s bosses will be vigilant, however, for they recognise their hard-earned reputation has taken a blow.

Yellowstone National Park published an advisory on its Facebook page days before the elk incident, urging park visitors to stay vigilant.

Perhaps the tech giants will become vigilant in banning these forgeries.

“We have been vigilant in monitoring for these cases and we have increased our focus.

With this in mind, the Church is vigilant in protecting children and vulnerable adults,” he wrote.

It advised that British citizens “should be vigilant at this time.”

And he continues to be vigilant, even when it comes to online dating.

The sheriff’s office asked the public to remain vigilant and report any information about potential incidents to their local law enforcement.

But I could be supportive and vigilant on the outside.

When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”

One mitigating factor this time around is that the U.S. election hacking has made European leaders more vigilant against Russian interference.

When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”

“We aren’t vigilant and we aren’t smart.

Without a formal screening program, clinicians must remain vigilant.”

You don’t need to stay off the road completely, but be extra vigilant.

While announcing the new signage and barriers, Wahler also said the company will be encouraging its staff and guests to stay vigilant.

There are signs on the course warning golfers to be vigilant, he said, but there’s never been an attack.

“If we’re not vigilant it will happen again.”

“They are more vigilant than earlier, they are in bulldog mode under Trump,” the source said.

“The idea is to increase awareness and make villagers more vigilant against militants.”

“We have to be vigilant and make assurances that the camp is not replicated (and) stop migrants coming back,” the right-wing mayor said.

But health officials do need to be vigilant.

But the left must be vigilant that anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism do not veer into anti-Semitism.

In other words, always be vigilant.

Perhaps the most frightening reality to live with is that often, terrorist acts occur even when security is strong and we are vigilant.

The goal-oriented network of your brain keeps you vigilant and on-edge, but the daydreaming network is calming, Immordino-Yang says.

“We must resist complacency and remain vigilant to future unrest.

We need to be vigilant.

“We continue to urge the public, passengers and the wider community around Gatwick to be vigilant,” Superintendent James Collis said in a statement.

You must be vigilant if you do not want to reveal your identity or leave clues about who you are.

Be vigilant in your anonymity!

“We need to be vigilant and we need to hone our anti-submarine warfare skills,” he said.

At parties, we learn to be vigilant when they’re around.

“Police need to be more vigilant and activists need to keep up the pressure.

“We have to be vigilant at the Fed” because there are concerns, Kaplan told the event called the Weitzman Group Annual Retail Forecast.

Therefore, it’s important for electric utilities, grid operators and vendors to remain vigilant and deploy multiple layers of defense.

Stay safe, and stay vigilant.

I, personally, will be vigilant against vigilantism,” he said during a July 11 press briefing.

And remember, always be vigilant!

The Congressional Black Caucus said in its Monday letter that they have remained “vigilant” about Uber’s corporate behavior and its treatment of minorities.

She urges others to be vigilant and take steps to protect themselves.

Police and military are on high alert across the country, and authorities have urged the public to be vigilant in case of further attacks.

“The importance Trump puts on personal faith inspires Trump to be vigilant against threats to the religious freedom of others.

He called on the public to be vigilant for suspicious activity.

But to do this, people who are in theory opposed to bigotry have to stay vigilant to the extremity of the situation.

Police have said there is no link between the parcel bombing and the festival, but urged visitors to be vigilant.

8chan came about after 4chan started being slightly more vigilant in its moderation.

The President, myself, we’ve had conversations, we know what’s happening, we are being vigilant.”

He said police had taken steps to ensure the Emmys and the football game would be safe, and asked people to be vigilant.

They are vigilant.

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

“And we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant.

Remain vigilant and be thorough!

“Niamey was very vigilant about not losing the north,” Tarka told Business Insider.

“We urge residents in these areas to remain calm but vigilant as they prepare for potential impact,” Deal said.

If we are going to be vigilant against Ebola’s re-emergence, we need to find it.

Our brains are built to be vigilant.

Reassure them that they’re safe, and be vigilant but critical of the hype.

“Parents should continue to do what parents do, which is be vigilant, but not hypervigilant.

And we have to be very vigilant.”

The prime minister urged people to be vigilant about national security.

As with all her work, here, Ryggen is vigilant in the face of war, using art as an accountant of injustice.

It also means you become more vigilant and obsessed with marking who is an insider and who is not.

Our brains are built to be vigilant.

But he’s quick to advise outdoor enthusiasts to remain vigilant.

He has encouraged them to monitor polling places and to be vigilant against voter fraud.

And those are times and snapshots that enforcers need to be really vigilant.

“I travel everywhere armed, always vigilant , always watching — and the other officers over there, they’re the same way,” he said.

You have to be vigilant every day to remind yourself that everybody around you is a human being.

Poultry expands beyond chicken, with infection also common in other commonly consumed birds with which people may be less vigilant in terms of hygiene.

“We should be vigilant,” he said.

But the official added that authorities remain very vigilant throughout the state.

In the heat of Election Day, courts should be particularly vigilant in protecting the constitutional right to vote.

“Citizens, be vigilant,” the huge signs urge.

Stay vigilant Do not return to coastal areas until the tsunami threat is declared over by authorities.

And also, be vigilant.

Be vigilant in what you’re buying, because the USDA organic label has a lot of flexibility within it now.

You need to be vigilant.

One of Citizen Sense’s researchers, Helen Pritchard, says they always had to be vigilant.

The president urged Americans to stay vigilant and report suspects to authorities.

The president urged Americans to stay vigilant and report suspects to authorities.

A bank spokesperson confirmed this, saying that the employees who called the police were simply being vigilant.

To be vigilant, to be critical while we’re doing it.

In his remarks, Biden said progressives must remain vigilant once Donald Trump assumes office.

We need to be vigilant,” Lammy tweeted.

The Gendarmerie Nationale, which urged drivers not to play the game, and pedestrians to be “doubly vigilant” when hunting Pokémon.

“I want to remind everyone that disruption of local transmission is extremely significant, but we must be vigilant,” Philip said.

Jordan has long been vigilant about the risk of militant attacks.

In the meantime, “we all need to be vigilant,” said Sage.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo praised the officers’ quick action and urged residents to be vigilant in reporting potential terror threats.

Army spokesman Abubakar said security forces would be extra vigilant and ready to respond to any new strategies used by Boko Haram.

“I think it’s important, no matter who’s in charge … to be vigilant for conservative principles,” Paul said.

As a food safety expert, what are the main things that people should be vigilant about before they head out trick-or-treating?

Racial justice advocates will have to be just as vigilant in 2018 to keep these discriminatory groups at bay in the year to come.

So let’s be vigilant, but not afraid.

So let’s be vigilant, but not afraid.

He implored his backers to be vigilant in protecting basic American values he warned could come under siege.

We’re also still not entirely sure how Niantec have reacted to this workaround, so be vigilant, friends.

“Senator, if confirmed I will certainly be very vigilant,” DeVos said.

It reminds you to remain vigilant and question the seeming certainty of the world around you.

But that same vigilant hardwiring also makes it too easy to worry about the wrong things.

You need to be vigilant“.

What’s less clear is whether the DNC can stay just as vigilant — and move just as quickly — if a real attack comes.

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?

Hollande added that the nations should be vigilant with Tehran.

So let’s be vigilant, but not afraid.

It has also instilled a value that we should stand vigilant, that genocide and destruction can very easily happen again.

But Congress has dismissed the polls and urged its workers to remain vigilant at centres where votes are being stored before Thursday’s count.

“The next 24 hours are important, stay alert and vigilant,” its president, Rahul Gandhi, said on Twitter on Wednesday, addressing party workers.

“We are going to remain vigilant about it.”

Community still needs to be vigilant and careful.

“Let’s be vigilant, but not afraid,” Obama said in his final speech as President.

We are vigilant.”

He needs to be aware that as a group, we’re going to be incredibly vigilant and assertive.”

Trump’s answer was confusing: We have to be extremely vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to nuclear.

“In making this change, we must be vigilant not to erase the past,” Salovey said in a statement.

He and his family have received flu shots as well, but he remains vigilant about avoiding anyone with the sniffles.

Ominously, rain is now expected Thursday and over the weekend, and authorities are warning residents to be vigilant.

Of course, we remain vigilant and keep a careful eye on it,” he said.

If another terrorist attack occurs in the United States, which unfortunately is very likely, we have to be vigilant about what comes next.

Americans need to remain vigilant about this shrewd but cynical move and should not be fooled by Trump’s effort to sound presidential.

“So, our response is to be not only vigilant but aggressive.

When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?

Feb 27 (Reuters) – Authentix * Authentix announces vigilant, a new offering to fight illicit trade in refined fuels Source text for Eikon:

Trump’s answer was confusing: We have to be extremely vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to nuclear.

She called for US and international communities to “remain vigilant against injustice in all its many forms.”

It asks the nation to remain vigilant, especially in rural areas, campgrounds, parks and other isolated areas.

Again, I think we have to be vigilant about all of this.

“Society should become vigilant.

If we’re not vigilant about the rights that we have and the privilege we enjoy, we shouldn’t expect to keep them.

In the meantime, student activists are pressing schools to remain vigilant on sexual assault, said Peterson.

But you should still always be vigilant for prices that seem too good to be true.

We’ll just have to be more vigilant.

But he said that he, too, has noticed an uptick in incidents that involve religion or ethnicity, and he has vowed to remain vigilant.

No, I just think we have to stay vigilant.

If we know the signs and are vigilant then we can make a big piece of this problem go away.”

You have to be willing to stay vigilant, so that we are a country of inclusivity.

We have to be strong and we have to be vigilant, and I’ve been saying it for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Lonely Planet’s guidebook on Ethiopia highlights Shashamane as one of the places a visitor needs to be most vigilant for thieves.

When you hear some voices in the party urging “unity” and scolding people from replaying the 2016 party primary, be vigilant.

I have to be completely vigilant over my time.

“People in the show — and I think it’s dangerous now — become complacent and [aren’t] vigilant.”

-London Mayor Sadiq Khan released a statement urging Londoners to “remain calm and vigilant.”

“They need to be vigilant,” she said.

So, you have to be vigilant about it, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can almost always say what I think.

U.S. must be vigilant and smart!

But it’s only hard to imagine because America’s institutions and citizens have proven themselves to be vigilant.

“So we have to be vigilant and mindful that there’s still work to do.

Still, the CDC remains vigilant for other possible causes.

The website vigilant Citizen takes it a step further, suggesting that the shop tops each Commandment-defying cone with a dash of Satanism.

And mind you, Katehakis isn’t a vigilant anti-masturbation crusader—she’s a licensed sex therapist.

“It’s just like this perfect storm of trends.” As the crowd gets sloppier, employees grow increasingly vigilant to keep the human flow moving.

You can never know for sure what the consequences will be, and this fact will make you particularly vigilant about not causing harm.

“We are absolutely vigilant with every aircraft coming in that may be carrying mosquitoes,” Ley told the news outlet.

Please listen and tell your friends about us, and stay vigilant.

While regulators are trying to police these quickly growing markets, the SEC urged investors to be vigilant.

Mylan spokeswoman Nina Devlin, responding to Stringer’s criticisms, said board members, including 10 independent directors, are highly qualified and vigilant.

And we must be vigilant.”

All you can do is be vigilant, report on what is really happening.

“Governments in the region have to constantly be vigilant against the threat of the returnees,” said Singapore-based analyst Bin Jani.

Kabila’s opponents accuse authorities of conspiring to rig the election with untested electronic voting machines, and have urged their supporters to be vigilant.

Thomas Orbos, general manager of the Metro Manila Development Authority, reminded people “to be vigilant.”

Without referring explicitly to London, Trump wrote on his personal account: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

But the truth is that people with food allergies have to stay constantly vigilant.

Cameron and his band are vigilant enough to avoid this.

On Saturday night, Trump kicked off his tweetstorm with this: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

To be vigilant, to be critical while we’re doing it.

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

It is a terrorist attack and it underlines the need for us to be constantly vigilant,” he said.

Randall Kallinen, an attorney for the Hernandez family, told a crowd of supporters Thursday night they need to remain vigilant.

Yes, even Mac users need to stay vigilant against malware.

So thank you, mysterious artist, for reminding us on our morning commutes that to truly resist, we have to be both vigilant and fearless.

It’s tough work but we need to stay vigilant and informed, now more than ever.

WannaCry was only stopped because a vigilant researcher discovered a critical weakness in its code.

Stay vigilant, friends.

Yusef Miller, a spokesman for the Islamic community in Escondido told the Tribune that people at mosques across the region need to remain vigilant.

“We need to be more vigilant now,” Wi told reporters in a phone briefing.

“We will keep vigilant watch on them.

Activists need to be vigilant as they organize, educate, and empower communities to oppose the ban.

“Until we’re back safely and everybody is safely back home in Louisiana, I have to remain vigilant,” she said.

But we will remain extremely vigilant,” rapporteur Maria Arena said in a statement.

“They have a right and an obligation to be vigilant and stay on top of things.”

“It seems therefore that the sleeping brain remains somewhat vigilant,” he tells me.

vigilant mola mola watchers post sightings for the edification of us all.

Young people, many of them victims of violence themselves, tell CNN they’ve grown numb but remain vigilant.

Voters will have to be ever more vigilant to show up to the polls especially if they’re casting an absentee ballot.

As the race enters its final days, with campaigning due to end on Friday, Shiundu is warning voters to be vigilant.

There’s a long list of sites that could be affected, and new ones are bound to be added, so stay vigilant.

He has urged voters to remain vigilant in this final stretch to election day.

“All localities should be vigilant and actively guard against it,” it said.

The United States will be vigilant in ensuring that Iran is held accountable for such behavior.”

We must be vigilant because freedom-destroying laws are bound to arise sooner or later.

“The only thing we could think of was whether people were more vigilant about their health,” she says.

People on Guam, which has a big US military presence, are staying vigilant but calm.

Unfortunately, melanoma has a high recurrence rate, so she undergoes regular scans and is vigilant about using sunscreen and taking care of her health.

We must remain vigilant in making sure that promise becomes real for all our citizens.

Soon after, he pivoted to his own policy push: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” he tweeted.

“Do research, be vigilant, and watch your step,” he said.

However, the Mexican peso seems protected by the central bank’s vigilant stance.

We will not tolerate this repugnant lawlessness, and we will be vigilant in prosecuting hate crime offenders to the fullest extent of the law.”

While Harvey could become a tropical depression by Sunday night, residents are warned to remain vigilant.

Some experts also question whether the Obama administration itself was vigilant about enforcing the rule.

“So that fear makes us more vigilant for possible danger.”

And remember, always be vigilant!

Even the mid-Atlantic and northeast need to remain vigilant.

“We need to remain vigilant.”

I think what they are hearing, which is not confusing, is we are going to be vigilant.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was coordinating with the police and authorities and urged Londoners to “remain calm and vigilant.”

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

They influence as much as they contribute; the other team has to stay vigilant, knowing what they can do.

I think consumers have to become even more vigilant about those requests.

Official sponsors are sure to be vigilant to prevent non-official brands from “ambushing” them.

“I think the students — at least myself, personally — we’re more vigilant at this point,” she said.

I would urge the public to remain vigilant,” May, who is out of the country on holiday, said in a statement.

Where this gets really creepy is when a company that calls itself vigilant Solutions enters the picture.

“I’m here to be vigilant,” Salsedo said.

As part of its deal with Guadalupe County, vigilant even gets to send out its own debt collecting contractors.

From this point of view, I stay quite vigilant.

When people ask the vendors in mandarin Chinese, the vendors become vigilant.

Rick Scott reminded people to remain vigilant.

McGilvrey, an educator in Wichita, Kansas, who helps adults of all ages earn high school diplomas, was vigilant.

Jones’ family said in a statement “we are leery of the grand jury process” and that it would remain vigilant.

That’s only the case with Samsam though—mitigating more traditionally delivered ransomware would still need hospital staff to be vigilant.

Along with undernutrition, “we should be vigilant about both problems.”

“Once you get customers used to seeing these messages” they may be less vigilant about potentially dangerous ones, he added.

We are very happy that people are vigilant and we treat this very seriously,” Gravestam told website 24Malmo.

Toxoplasmosis has been linked to mental illness, depression, suicide, and dangerous driving—possibly because infected people are less vigilant or have slower reaction times.

“Be vigilant and you could be the person who spots something odd or unusual and prevents an attack.”

Ling: So you’re going to be as vigilant as you always have been?

“Imagine, Indonesia is an epicenter for earthquakes, so we must be vigilant.

She refuses to live in fear, she said, but she can’t help but be vigilant.

“Because you just get lazy, you get tired of being that vigilant and frankly feeling a little paranoid.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement his office was monitoring the situation and urged Texans to remain vigilant.

In this sense Middlesbrough are the exception: their chairman, Steve Gibson, is generous, vigilant and a well-liked member of the Teesside community.

She urges other families enrolling patients in hospice to be vigilant.

So you still need to remain vigilant to avoid an unexpected charge on your credit card.

“Please be extremely vigilant,” he said.

New Yorkers are savvy – and thus will be vigilant, during this weekend’s marathon and in the future.

Parents of premature babies often need to be extra vigilant about infants’ feeding and sleep schedules.

As vigilant as security is nowadays in ballparks there are still some things they can’t quite protect against.

“I am not very vigilant at keeping Lactaid with me,” he said in a tweet.

Local police are telling people, especially students around campuses, to be vigilant and not to accept milk tea drinks from strangers.

But I stay vigilant.

The sharpshooters in the towers seemed extra vigilant.

It didn’t stop me from getting into trouble, but she was vigilant.

About 12,000 US military personnel and 230 planes are expected to participate in the drill, known as vigilant Ace.

She does hope, however, to convince social media companies to become more vigilant when it comes to shutting down illegal sales.

In particular, the alert encourages Chinese bitcoin users and services to be vigilant “due to the origin of the attackers.”

We will do our part to minimize any erosion to this trust and remain vigilant in our pursuit of justice.”

The government is “vigilant” regarding the possibility of issuing a new bond, said a Dubai-based debt capital markets banker.

Police urged Londoners to remain calm, alert and vigilant.

In another press statement issued Wednesday evening, Wilton Manors police chief Paul O’Connell assured the public his department was being vigilant.

As the day wore on, our range of exploration narrowed and our focus became ever more vigilant.

“We need to be vigilant stewards of these children going forward.”

It requires that we all stay vigilant and address the issues we care about.

“The healing is still necessary and we must all be vigilant, particularly for prevention of child abuse.”

They think that issuing debt helps discipline governments, by putting them under the scrutiny of vigilant fixed-income investors.

President Kenyatta wished the injured a quick recovery and called upon drivers to be vigilant on the roads over the holiday period.

But it’s up to you, the brave and vigilant Robot Woman Tester, to save us all.

The New York Police Department remained vigilant and focused on protecting the gleeful crowds ringing in the New Year.

Across follow-up records MAYA, Matangi and A.I.M., Arulpragasam stayed vigilant and vocal in the face of critics.

We may have to be even more vigilant.

“The civilized world must remain united and vigilant against the rogue state’s nuclear arsenal.

The source of the methamphetamine is currently unclear, and experts have cautioned travelers to be extra vigilant for signs of tampering.

We remain vigilant,” Barnier told the parliament.

This might seem like a good thing, until you see a concurrent rule applies to those who are too vigilant about the latter part.

The contract was awarded to West Publishing (TRSS) in partnership with vigilant Solutions, ICE confirmed.

“All localities should be vigilant and actively guard against it,” it said.

Police remain vigilant at all times and work around the clock to keep our campus safe,” the university said in a statement.

Either way, vigilant pushback is required against this and any other anti-LGBTQ policies.

Let me assure you that we will stay vigilant.

The North Korean leader addressed his people, urging them to remain vigilant against the US and its “hostile policy.”

We need to “keep being vigilant,” she said.

Though the event starts promptly at 6:30 p.m., vigilant players arrive as early as 4 p.m. to get a good seat.

“The public, as usual, should remain vigilant,” he added.

As subscriptions become more popular, Apple will need to remain vigilant against those who would abuse the system.

“The public, as usual, should remain vigilant,” he added while not elaborating on whether the threat was terror-related.

“And,” he continued, “we need to be vigilant to ensure that our campuses are always open to new ideas.

Stay vigilant out there.

“We will also remain vigilant to make sure it’s implemented as promised, with no unnecessary barriers to women receiving any products they need.”

The takeaway, though, is that tech teams must be vigilant about preparing for platform shifts.

It requires those with full permanent clearances to remain vigilant about what information is shared with those still operating on an interim basis.

Then he went political (with critics pouncing on his use of “ban”): “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough.

But health officials are asking the public to remain vigilant and to practice good hygiene.

Do not assume someone else will step up — all of us must be vigilant.

And if we’re not vigilant, computers and mobile devices will guide our attention poorly.”

Do not assume someone else will step up — all of us must be vigilant.

In its post-meeting statement, the bank said it is vigilant of inflation expectations in considering possible future adjustments to the monetary policy rate.

It is against human dignity and we should have been more vigilant in preventing this,” Daccord said.

As we move forward, we must be vigilant in rejecting this same old lie about the root of gun violence.

I would urge the public to remain vigilant,” May, who is out of the country on holiday, said in a statement.

His grasp of the issues and lack of understanding of the political dynamics is unnerving and we must remain vigilant.

“You have to be very vigilant.

Be vigilant about recognizing behaviors within hookup culture that are unacceptable and do your best to intervene.

Washington, the New Seasons pastor, said that before Tuesday, he had not been as vigilant as he might be.

“You have to be very vigilant.

“You have to be very vigilant.

The substantial security operation already in place for SXSW has been instructed to be extra vigilant.”

Website providers need to be vigilant.”

“We should be vigilant as a country,” he said.

Even so, police still warned the public to stay vigilant for possible package bombs still out there.

We have to remain vigilant about which customers we allow in.

“We don’t know the extent so we just ask that you be vigilant,” Bottoms said in a Thursday news conference.

And so being a vigilant friend and family member means keeping an eye out for the person who’s less and less socially active.

Austin police is asking the public to “remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.”

Our advice to Uber drivers and customers is to be vigilant and to monitor accounts, especially for phishing activity.

I think it starts by sharing stories like these, and educating and empowering each other to be vigilant.

“I’m asking all Oklahomans to be vigilant and careful, and to do their part to prevent fires,” Fallin said in a statement.

Experts say your best bet is to be extra vigilant with the normal precautions during tick season.

“I’m asking all Oklahomans to be vigilant and careful, and to do their part to prevent fires,” Fallin said in a statement Friday.

Although lava moves very slowly, Wendy Stovall, a volcanologist with the US Geological Survey (USGS), said residents should remain alert and vigilant.

“Be vigilant,” she added.

As ecstasy use continues to rise among young people, it’s important for all club goers to stay vigilant and be extremely careful.

“We want you to be vigilant, and we want you to be careful and do not handle anything suspicious,” Singletary said.

I like going to the doctor, being vigilant, being told that I’m healthy so I can push myself.”

The global community must remain vigilant against Iran’s deceptive efforts to provide financial support to its terrorist proxies,” Mnuchin said on Tuesday.

However, no matter how vigilant citizens are, the enemy can lurk in a dark corner of one’s home.

A statewide alert has been given to remain vigilant and a 24-hour control room opened, added Vijayan.

“You have to be very vigilant,” he said, adding that having a “paper backup system” for votes is very important.

A statewide alert has been issued to remain vigilant, and a 24-hour control room to monitor the situation has opened, Vijayan said.

She did, however, share her story to warn her fans to stay vigilant while out at a bar or restaurant.

“We must remain vigilant, and we will continue to implement all UN security council resolutions on North Korea.

“I’m quite vigilant in looking after this side of things.

TODAY’S QUOTES “Be more vigilant, more aware of the responsibility that each of us has towards others.”

Festival organizers called the situation “an unfortunate error” and admitted that they “should have been more vigilant.”

“But we have to be extremely vigilant and extremely careful when it comes to nuclear.

They look for him longer, and generally act more vigilant, reinforcing the idea that those cops don’t think he belongs in those areas.

“Bigger families with children and elderly members should be especially vigilant to hygiene in the kitchen,” she said.

And amid some consternation among even his fellow Republicans that he has given too much away, Trump promised to be vigilant.

I do not know how to be more vigilant for the suicide of someone I don’t know.

“Because you just get lazy, you get tired of being that vigilant and frankly feeling a little paranoid.

Jones was vigilant for nine years believing that someday she was going to be the one to confront her ex-husband.

“Please remain vigilant and avoid the area …

By having been targeted before with government hacking attempts, they were more vigilant than usual.

And we are going to remain vigilant about it.

Be vigilant, remain brave and beware agitators, she told the crowd.

“We’ve got to be extra, extra, extra vigilant,” she said.

With an incubation period of three to five days, it’s good to be vigilant about keeping bathrooms, kitchens and other shared spaces clean.

Until then, however, it’s up to website visitors to stay vigilant about how their computer is being used.

“Be vigilant in helping your skin,” she says.

Be vigilant” to anyone posting about camping in a national park.

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