Verification in a sentence | Use of the word verification examples

Twitter wants to fix its long-broken verification process, according to the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.

The verification process, according to Twitter, is supposed to authenticate a person’s identity.

While Twitter’s verification steps are now automated, at one point, users could only snag a blue checkmark by knowing someone within the company.

(A few years ago, there wasn’t even a form to apply for a verification.)

Twitter’s own rules say that accounts of public interest may qualify for verification.

But some people claim the Twitter verification process hasn’t worked that way for them.

While Twitter’s official line has always been that verification isn’t a value judgment by the company, in practice that hasn’t been the case.

“Leadership claimed that verification was working as intended.

Regarding the existing verification process, some Twitter employees have taken steps toward transparency.

A spokesperson for Twitter declined to comment on how the company plans to improve the verification process.

“Martelly and the US State department want a second round to the first, but the population wants election verification, which might change the results.

However, due to the absence of any governing body, there is nothing in place to stop any events that have no gained such verification.

“Any talks, promises, and assurances from North Korea will be met with reservation, vigilance, and verification,” Pence said in a statement.

You will need to verify your request to opt out by clicking on the link in a verification email.

The legislators cited wrong statistics, conflated health care terms, and made statements that don’t stand up to verification.

It makes it hard to trust any potential new clients because there aren’t as many channels open for verification.

Before July, verification was even more significant because only verified users had access to anti-abuse features.

Twitter wants everyone to get a blue verification badge.

Twitter promised to review its verification policies.

Included in the new verification guidelines was this: “Twitter reserves the right to remove verification at any time without notice.

You probably won’t find many people upset that Twitter took away the verification badge of a white supremacist.

On top of it all, it’s clear now that a Twitter verification has more meaning than ever before.

Yet in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

They provide a lot of monitoring and verification.

People’s folk beliefs about how that monitoring and verification happens are very unrealistic.

Winner allegedly leaked classified documents to The Intercept, which sent hard copies for verification to the NSA.

And that’s what makes it journalism, is a concern for verification.

And I think Michael Wolff’s concern for verification should be a lot higher than it is.

An example would be his use of verification in reverse.

verification is trying to nail down a claim with facts, evidence, data.

verification in reverse is taking something that has been nailed down and introducing doubt about it.

The legislators cited wrong statistics, conflated health care terms, and made statements that don’t stand up to verification.

Najib said he had amplified on a statement made to the agency in 2015 “with verification of documents and several more complete details”.

In March, Facebook had stopped offering email password verification as an option for people who signed up for the first time, the company said.

She lost her blue checkmark last November when Twitter stripped verification from users who advocated for white supremacy or identified as Nazis.

Under the law, Ohio officials send an address verification letter to the registered address after a person has not voted for two consecutive years.

No verification from me.

This notably includes sending verification emails whenever an account is logged into from an unrecognized location, even when 2-factor authentication is enabled.

The Democrat wants DHS to adopt standard verification technology.—Motherboard

There’s no real attempt at verification.

But in the context of verification as a status symbol, seeing the verification checkmark next to Spencer’s name reads much differently.

A United Nations source confirmed that an agreement has been reached with U.N. inspection body, the verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen (UNVIM).

Starting Tuesday, Instagram will allow accounts with a large reach to request verification through a feature within the app, it said.

She argued that election officials are not allowing poll monitors to challenge their findings during vote verification.

While trying to remove his father’s phone number, he accidentally sent a verification code to the number—at two in the morning.

We focus on continuing to improve that experience, drive down the time it takes to enroll, drive up the speed of verification.

But it is about speed of verification, speed of enrollment, ease of use.

“Consumers don’t care about third party verification.

If mail ballots are sent in early, that verification can be done before election night.

It also raised the possibility that Pyongyang would allow on-site verification, they said.

They said they doubted that Pyongyang would allow on-the-ground verification, since it would also allow scientists to get evidence on its nuclear tests.

There are many communities that encourage verification (e.g., scientific, forensic, medical, judicial communities).

Counties and states are increasingly using signature verification in place of IDs.

Yet in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

The work falls under the RCMP’s Truth verification Section, which has 33 polygraph operators scattered across the country.

A United Nations source confirmed that an agreement has been reached with U.N. inspection body, the verification and Inspection Mechanism for Yemen (UNVIM).

Recently, the company has started stripping verification status — the infamous blue checkmarks — from users who violate its policies.

There was no multifactor authentication, or “step-up” authentication, which requires additional verification for high-value transactions.

Currently, Facebook allows users to memorialize pages of their dearly departed loved ones through a simple verification process.

The administrator of breach notification site Databases.Land provided a copy of 100,223 records to Motherboard for verification purposes.

Regardless, his entire administration should look into two-step verification for all of their accounts ASAP, at the very least.

It conspicuously omits references to verification and irreversibility.

verification should be very, very important.

“Our 14nm technology will start risk production by 2019, 12nm process development is completed and under customer verification,” a spokesman said.

Facebook will also require verification of people who manage Facebook pages with large followings, Zuckerberg wrote.

Things like age and geographical verification, account funding, data and content providers all need to be considered.

To reply to tweets, identity verification is required.

The president also carries around what’s called the “biscuit,” a card with verification codes that can set the nuclear strike process in motion.

This is not like the trust-based age verification seen on e-cigarette websites or M-rated games on Steam.

MindGeek claims that its age verification solution will serve approximately 25 million people in the UK within the first month of its deployment.

Google will require advertisers to submit an application and wait for verification before they can place a political ad.

Some are retweeting “rogue” federal Twitter accounts that have no verification that they’re indeed written by disgruntled federal staffers.

Some require a court order, verification from a medical professional, or certain surgeries, while others don’t allow a change at all on some documents.

Facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards.

Facts must be verifiable, and verification must be based on common standards.

And depending on verification processes, that number could be as high as 37.

Twitter may require more verification, too, like a copy of a government-issued ID.

Have you always wanted a blue Twitter verification badge?

“The intention is to open verification to everyone,” Dorsey said from a conference room at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

That’s not what a verification is intended for, says David Gasca, one of Twitter’s product directors.

Now, the Democratic governor issued an executive order, which requires a “verification of need” before farmers are allowed to use neonics.

Now Twitter is saying, formally, that it will take away that verification if people violate the company’s rules.

According to Andersen, Wright proved his identity using cryptographic verification keys only Satoshi would have known about.

To fill in some of the regulatory gaps around supplements, third-party verification systems have popped up.

But this verification process leaves lots of room for a hoaxster to trick a gullible observer.

Back to your last question about independent verification.

Another contributor could be changes in state Medicaid IT systems that may have tightened verification procedures.

When asked about how the verification process would work, Pompeo bristled: “I find that question insulting and ridiculous and, frankly, ludicrous.

(The user did not respond to my requests for verification or comment.)

For products sold online, the agency also wants to heighten age verification requirements.

But in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

On Thursday, Twitter began removing the blue “verification” signs from the accounts of prominent white nationalists.

On Thursday, Twitter began removing the blue “verification” signs from the accounts of prominent white nationalists.

The identification of businesses and verification of their data will be crucial to making this work, the BoE said.

The Paris framework makes very little attempt to harmonize demand-side policies across countries, and most verification is done via self-reporting.

For products sold online, the agency wanted to heighten age verification requirements.

Tech companies lose customers during login screens and security verification, and as a result of slow load times.

“Sure enough, our configured phone number did receive an SMS message containing a valid Google verification code,” Amnesty’s report reads.

I submitted my ID for age verification and started days later.

I use 1Password because I think it’s important to have … And I use two-step verification.

In any case, the removal of verification is most definitely a public dressing-down of Yiannopoulos by the company.

Like the Twitter verification club, Mately membership is made visible with a badge members can display on their Tinder or Grindr profiles.

The fake RSA device broadcasts that verification code over bluetooth.

That blog post did not specify what the verification process would entail.

For one, bacteria-generated chemicals in the rocks, which can help with verification, are degraded by billions of years of geological punishment.


Iris-scanning is a biometric verification method straight out of sci-fi movies that is slowly becoming a reality.

It has even started to punish well-known users by removing their account verification, or banning them entirely.

(You’ll need to be signed in for age verification because whisky.)

Using online video verification and social media tracking tools, Sinha said his team debunks up to four posts each day.

Lighthizer said there was “substantial progress” on these issues, including verification mechanisms to “enforce” China’s follow-through on any reform commitments it makes.

But in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

Once these votes are received, however, they undergo a rigorous — and famously slow — verification process.

Border Patrol has started to detain DACA recipients at internal checkpoints, “for accuracy and verification of status,” sometimes holding them for several hours.

Instead, it has attempted to issue the minority “national verification cards,” which don’t acknowledge their citizenship nor their ethnicities.

The hacker provided a sample of the data for verification purposes.

Walt Mossberg: Mandatory, universal verification.

It adds that its “verification activities conducted” have increased 152 percent over that time frame, without specifying total numbers.

No actual exams, no hands laid on the patient, no verification of the patient’s data.

And they needed to have some verification that workers were getting paid — individually — at least $15 an hour.

Most apps have some ID verification tactic, unlike FetLife, which in theory allows for better abuse policing.

“The challenge of verification and enforcement stems from the fact that China has made promises it hasn’t kept,” the source said.

While All Out says it’s “encouraging” that Netsweeper claims to have taken action, the organization wants verification.

Of course, on any dating site, user interface limits how one tailors self-presentation—no matter what social media site is used as verification.

He said that at the time verification mechanisms already put in place by the United Nations had placed responsibility on the regime.

The process takes about a week, he said in the declaration, though it can take longer to complete verification.

The site added a private email verification to sift out the fake bids.

Pinedo had a shady online website that sold stolen US bank account numbers to help people circumvent PayPal’s identity verification features.

The verification of refugees will be based on the agreement between the Myanmar and Bangladesh governments in 1993,” he said.

In July, satellite imagery indicated it had begun dismantling the engine test site, but also without allowing outside verification.

Yet in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

Myanmar said they will decide who will get involved in the verification,” the official said, adding that Bangladesh wanted international agencies to be involved.

Twitter’s public verification program, which allows users to apply for a blue verification badge, has been on hold since last fall.

The meaning of Twitter’s blue verification checkmark has evolved over the years.

Twitter’s verification has historically been seen as a stamp of approval rather than a simple identity verification, which is why people got upset.

JULY: Passwords This month’s stupid patent belongs to Solocron Education, a company which invented a “verification system for non-traditional learning operations.”

In February, ECI officials met national and regional parties, but haven’t yet announced how widely VVPAT verification will be used this time round.

Motherboard was provided the dataset by breach monitoring site for verification purposes.

This verification of kittens with the female demonstrates panthers can expand their breeding territory across the river naturally.”

LOANS: Processing of mortgages and other loans was delayed when lenders could not access government services such as income and Social Security number verification.

But in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

In the past, virtually all the institutions distributing news had verification standards of some kind, no matter how thin or compromised, before publication.

How do we allow more space for verification?

verification (dump) The process by which reporters and security researchers go through hacked data and make sure it’s legitimate.

“There is no proper verification or documentation for people who have been separated,” he said.

“We’ve talked about this verification from the beginning,” he said.

Once you enter the code, login verification is enabled.

The banks also called on the regulator to provide guidance on how banking and transactional data could be used for verification purposes.

Otherwise, when trying to remove the option for text verification, the site then removes multi-factor authentication altogether.

Now, time to get rid of that pesky text verification; once you’re back on the settings screen.

Open area immediately for medical help and verification.

The identification of businesses and verification of their data will be crucial to making this work, the BoE said.

The IRC will often run verification procedures, operating through community leaders, Bode said.

Twitter verification gives public figures a blue check mark next to their names, which has become a sort of status symbol.

The second solution would be to implement a proper age verification system for these apps.

It allows users to anonymously connect with each other and lacks an age verification system.

She has been charged with welfare fraud, perjury, and false verification for public assistance.

She has been charged with welfare fraud, perjury, and false verification for public assistance.

“Naturally, Trump doesn’t care and will talk about it loudly before any kind of verification,” Kelly said.

Unlike the BWC, the major nuclear and chemical weapons treaties have extensive formal verification mechanisms.

And bioweapons have specific characteristics that make verification and enforcement difficult compared to chemical and nuclear weapons.

For one, how many readers will really take time to enter a seven-digit verification code onto the Verrit website?

This is despite Motherboard’s independent verification of the email addresses and usernames.

Despite this concern about the invasiveness of verification, there is a growing consensus that the BWC must become more effective.

Trump and Clinton have not allowed an outside verification of their doctors’ claims.

In the fall of 2017, the verification process — always shrouded in mystery — was an especially hot topic.

Calibra will conduct compliance checks on customers who want to use Libra, using verification and anti-fraud processes that are common among banks, Facebook said.

Then in response, the company paused the verification process altogether, so for at least part of the #VerifySteakUmm campaign, Steak-umm actually couldn’t get verified.

Again, we were missing verification: Plenty of people floated the simpler, correct solution and were shot down on Reddit threads and Twitch streams.

This means that each website will need to come up with its own solution or use a third party that specializes in age verification.

In the case of CBS All Access, it was geolocation verification that caused the glitch for Grammy viewers.

But the problem with signatures as verification, Planet Money observes, is that they only work if somebody is actually verifying it.

Coordinators help out with website and content creation, event marketing media management, data verification, and advertising placement.

Yet in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

Correctness is demonstrated through the process of formal verification.

This is a pain in the ass, however, and as algorithms start to get complicated, formal verification gets more difficult.

At the same time, algorithmic complexity makes formal verification more important.

So, SAT methods offer a way into automated formal verification and the cheap supercomputers of 2017 offer a way into formal verification.

o In order to require verification for all of these pages and advertisers, we will hire thousands of more people.

The entire system would require independent measurement, reporting, and verification.

Check was developed by American journalism non-profit Meedan, but the the Checkpoint verification and research center is based in India.

The banks also called on the regulator to provide guidance on how banking and transactional data could be used for verification purposes.

Johnson contested these numbers at the hearing, saying they warrant an outside independent verification beyond the report the state commissioned.

Open area immediately for medical help and verification.

Even better, it will enable apps, websites and other services to seamlessly recognize you via that same identity verification.

verification of information was a huge challenge.

Plus, that identifying information isn’t directly passed along, but instead is only used to start the process of verification.

Yet in 2009, amid disagreements over technical details related to verification, North Korea walked out on the talks.

claims to use a “robust vetting process that includes application and verification process, a third party background check, an online test covering dog safety.”

North Korea also agreed in past deals to return to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and to invite International Atomic Energy Agency verification.

They’re going to make all ads viewable online for all of us to see, they’re going to introduce some new verification standards.

Identify verification startup Jumio has raised $15 million (£11.2 million) in new funding.

It would start checks and controls for customs, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, as well as verification of compliance with EU norms.

The 72-year-old Suu Kyi said during her speech that Myanmar was prepared “at any time” to take back Rohingya refugees, subject to “verification” measures.

Instead, he plans on developing trust between users on the website with reviews and verification benchmarks, including driver’s license and social media verification.

“The Additional Protocol is the most … important tool for us in the verification.

It’s not the first time TripAdvisor’s review verification process has been called into question.

ASUS also said that it’s introduced end-to-end encryption, and more security verification tools for customers.

“We are actively liaising with the relevant departments and cooperating with the verification of the situation.

I knew this would happen when I read that MindGeek was in meetings with government officials about the plans to create age verification laws.

Smaller, low-traffic sites and independent sex workers who cannot cover the costs of installing age verification tools will be disproportionately affected.

VpnHUB will allow underage users in the UK to bypass the age verification controls by avoiding being detected as a UK viewer.

The same as with age verification, I think it’s ultimately more important to educate than regulate.

The trouble with FOSTA/SESTA, the proposed similar bill in the UK, and age verification checks is that the legislation is so broadly worded.

“The enforcement regime, the core U.N. Security Council resolutions, need to remain in place until the verification of denuclearization has been completed,” he said.

As an industry, MFA buys us the time we need to move away from passwords toward better, more secure methods of identity verification.

That goes way beyond the identity verification that any state requires.

verification code phrases like “Eaglenest” can be implemented when making Signal phone calls or group texts.

It will also offer a free ad verification, a service that lets advertisers know whether their campaigns reached their intended audiences.

On Wednesday, a week after Twitter verified Kessler, the company removed his verification.

“How do we set up systems where we have actual data verification?”

Twitter also revoked the verification for another known white supremacist, Richard Spencer.

verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance.

Twitter’s verification issues are the latest in a string of policy-related decisions that have created animosity with its users.

The problem: the lack of carrier transparency and government apathy traditionally makes verification difficult.

However, the US military would have to run an extensive DNA verification process on the remains to ensure they correspond with missing Americans.

Age verification isn’t as simple as just ticking a box to confirm you’re 18.

Open area immediately for medical help and verification.

Blind says it encodes personal data and information to protect users’ privacy, and users must use their company email for verification.

The hacker got the account verification texts.

Secondary source verification indicated that Saudi production continued to fall, to 9.797 million bpd.

Twitter has approached verification inconsistently ever since it launched in 2009, and it has been similarly erratic when it comes to hate speech.

“Relevant parts of the United Nations system stand ready to support this process in any way, including verification if requested by the key parties.

For-profit breach notification site LeakBase provided Motherboard with a sample of over two million user records for verification purposes.

“This gives us a verification of the so-called top-down formation of structure in the universe.”

They plan to make money by charging $1 per verification.

Introducing the thing you never asked for, but definitely always wanted—Tinder Height verification.

Paid breach notification service LeakBase provided Motherboard with a small sample of accounts for verification purposes.

I said I was (I definitely am not), and the site accepted that answer without any additional verification.

Elcomsoft says this is due to Apple implementing a weaker password verification method than the one protecting backup data in previous versions.

Dozens of other provisions are included, like standards for counting ads, device verification, user tracking, etc.

For AVs and car-sharing apps, ID verification is important to ensure passengers get into the right vehicle and are who they say they are.

Since then, Duo has added new verification methods and additional means of securing client applications, whether they were delivered on-premises or through the cloud.

And many readers believe and trust false claims without questioning or verification,” he said.

Fortunately for him, though, most sponsors he worked with didn’t ask for employment verification documents, a work permit, or other sorts of paperwork.

The UK government has delayed the introduction of mandatory age verification for accessing online pornography — blaming an administrative cock-up.

Although in this instance it does not appear the policy has been derailed by the technical challenges around online age verification.

The hacker provided Motherboard with several sets of data for verification purposes, which appear to date from mid-January judging by the file’s timestamps.

As we reported in March, tech companies including Snap have been participating under NDA in a government working group on age verification.

CBP says it discards all photos of U.S. citizens within 12 hours of identity verification.

No idea if Voatz’s technology, which combines blockchain ledger verification with facial recognition, is how we ultimately get there.

What’s next: All three companies told Axios that a widespread built-in verification system is still years away.

More robust regulations would outline acceptable identity verification practices.

Are you able to provide independent verification of this claim?

There are continued questions about verification and enforcement.

“I would be asking trained NSA analysts to conduct intense identity verification research on potential US persons who are not targets of an investigation.

Both changes will be available first for U.S. customers who have completed Coinbase’s ID verification requirements.

Long before Apple ever introduced FaceID, Brackeen knew that this type of verification would have big implications on the broader ecosystem.

ESIC has plans to curtail the use of performance-enhancing drugs, too, with mandatory independent testing and a verification process for therapeutic use exemptions.

Seconds later there was a second explosion.” However there has been no independent verification that explosive-carrying drones were the cause of the blast.

“And there is, at least for some countries where a digital government issued identity exists, and allows proper verification.”

Even with chip-enabled cards, fraudsters can still steal payment card numbers and card verification codes by using hidden pinhole cameras.

Alistair Goodman, CEO of mobile marketing company Placecast, said location data is the “next frontier” when it comes to ad measurement and verification.

Location verification is managed by a new business unit within Placecast to ensure its independence and objectivity, Goodman added.

Tinder started requiring SMS verification to set up an account—meaning that users have to link their phone numbers to the Tinder account.

Bumble also introduced photo verification that will require all users to confirm their identity by the end of 2017.

It is possible for people to get around SMS verification.

Counterfeit products are often sold without any age verification, putting electronic nicotine delivery systems in the hands of yet more minors.

There is also the possibility of using an IMSI-catcher, otherwise known as a Stingray, to sweep up your communications, and verification texts too.

This means developers of some existing apps will have to go through the new verification process, as well.

A year after he started, just before his 13th birthday, he reached fusion, and he posted his results on the forum for verification.

GOAT, a separate company which solely operates on mobile, has a similar verification model.

In freezing the assets of Al-Kawthar, Iraq’s central bank followed Fed “verification procedures,” added the official, who declined to be named.

Account verification helps, but verification doesn’t mean that the account is bound to the truth.

A verified Rex account could say that burning coal is good for baby rabbits, but the verification doesn’t make it true.

Epic explained that the responsibility of age verification is on the platform holders, not Fortnite.

“Do you understand that there is no replacement if account has 2FA verification?

Miles and I have contacted the GWR team but verification can be a lengthy process.

LOANS: Processing of mortgages and other loans was delayed when lenders could not access government services such as income and Social Security number verification.

While the page is currently down pending verification, the George is also recommending people donate to an EqualityNow fundraiser.

“Today I will show you how you can make own fake government id proof to bypass facebook verification,” reads one.

and for the first time the platform now offers users a straightforward way to request verification.

We don’t know if there is more rhyme or reason to verification now, but at least the process is public and available for everyone.

That way, it’ll become clearer whether verification is required to create an account.

(Formal verification, for instance, or the Langsec movement.)

Narang also recommends setting up two-step verification for your Gmail account (find out how to do so here).

Users can also activate two-step verification for additional account protection.” Above all, think twice before clicking on something.

Twitter announced today that it will open up verification to more users, so the quality filter may soon become more widely available.

It leverages the unique data that the telecoms have about Canadians to offer identity verification services in a number of industries.

At least it’s some verification that that overpriced can of Heineken really does taste like approximately nothing and it’s not just me.

Yesterday I wrote about Twitter’s broken verification process.

Penn State told students that they have to complete and upload verification forms on the University Health Services site.

There’s also a (manual) verification process for tutors, with verified tutors having a badge displayed on their profile.

The bank said it will work with RBNZ as it assesses whether it has appropriate verification processes in place.

Ask for verification of some kind.

Eyn combines advanced face recognition techniques with novel facial anti-spoofing to transform the smartphone into a real-time biometric ID verification device.

A year later, it launched a business verification service.

It could, for example, sandbox all data older than three months and require verification to access it.

verification prototypes of the Polestar 1 vehicle, which are built largely by hand, mark the first testing phase for production.

Users don’t get an attractiveness score but a “risk score” depending on the user’s profile (passing verification, complaints, depth of dialogue, activity, etc.).

So Hily uses ID verification via Facebook, photo capture and (soon) official ID.

Twitter has offered two-factor for a long while now, but it’s used the less secure SMS-based verification method excessively until now.

Open area immediately for medical help and verification.

Also, unfortunately, we found the verification code process during sign-up was experiencing delays during tests.

Some users can choose to remain anonymous and others can choose verification.

Can we try to establish better verification processes down the road?

The decentralized structure of blockchain ledgers is a good first step in this direction, and requires personal verification methods as a second step.

This offers an option other than SMS for users that might be unable to, or not want to, use text for verification.

We use different mathematical and cryptographic methods to enable efficient verification of the correctness of the computation results.

Last year, the company bought EyeVerify, a maker of optical verification technology used by U.S. banks.

Or the acoustic verification could be combined with other measures the team suggested.

After that, however, the word will pass through a secondary verification via a cloud-based process checks for a false positive.

If one is detected, Wake Word verification will direct the hardware to close the audio streaming.

The second half of the document covers the validation and verification of these systems.

The consortium believes proper validation and verification should include testing on tracks, open roads and in simulation.

Unfortunately, as a model for the scalable digital age, the kind manual of verification mail order calls for just doesn’t work.

Zero knowledge storage, end-to-end encryption, blockchain-based verification, publicly verified encryption methods — all tools any user has at their fingertips should they want them.

The verification system not only looks at the timing, but checks the voice and face against the user’s records.

In fact, verification is often accessible only to large coffee estates or cooperatives.

But where’s the text or email from the mobile provider asking you for verification?

Key verification is a hard usability problem.

All of Onēva’s providers are verified through FBI background checks, criminal background checks, reference checks and ID verification.

(Though its verification checks had to be revised after they were quickly shown to be trivially easy to circumvent.)

A few hours after announcing a review of its verification program, Twitter began revoking the verified status of some accounts.

The problem was compounded last year when the verification program opened to allow public submissions.

Accounts can still tweet after losing verification.

What he saw in person Thursday night was a verification of what he had seen on the film.

When it matters, this verification technology could distinguish the Truepics from the lies.

We knew it was busted as people confuse ID verification with endorsement.

— JaviAir @ Tokyo (@Javi) November 9, 2017 Decouple identify verification from status.

— Nolan O’Brien (@NolanOBrien) November 9, 2017 verification should never be used as a reward or punitively.

Government will also modernise its guidance on electronic ID verification with the aim of supporting tech for accessing financial services.

There is a process, and we will grant the title after verification,” he said.

All these online activities are made possible through a process of seamless identity verification.

Disappearing text and pictures are the main addition (along with a meatspace verification tool) of the latest version of the app.

“If your partner is cheating, you will know and won’t need an email or text message for verification,” Dr. Stone says.

NNPC spokesman Ndu Ughamadu, when reached for comment, said he would seek verification of the news.

Israel has become a hotbed for startups in the fields of identity verification and fraud prevention.

Fraud prevention and identity verification will certainly be a trend to watch out of Israel in 2016.

One app called Familonet saw registrations improve by 40% thanks to Account Kit, and another 5% through Instant verification.

Suu Kyi said Myanmar was prepared to repatriate any refugees who wished to return, just as long as they could produce the proper verification.

The company conducts the usual background checks on drivers, and they require verification with a RydenGo representative in person or via phone.

Obviously everybody should have this verification — “two-factor authentication,” if you will — turned on and kept on.

Cognitive load disrupts that verification step, so we end up remaining in the “believing” state, which is precisely where the grifter wants us.

It’s also allowing admins to specify certain teams with subdomain verification.

Basic ID verification can be difficult when you remove many of the things we take for granted.

When verification and accountability exists, it can be presumed that harmful behaviors such as abuse and trolling will curb.

Whenever feasible, we will continue to make our source code, binaries, and claims about them open to independent verification.

CEO Justin Lie said he now wants to use CashShield’s technology for social media account verification as well.

I reached out again to get more information on the ID verification feature.

The company launched last year with a tool called Continuous verification to verify that a continuous delivery build got deployed.

It also intends to modernise its guidance on electronic ID verification with the aim of supporting technology for accessing financial services.

The strips even include verification codes to be sent by SMS to check if the medicine is real.

Some medicines, including Zifi 200, use an SMS verification service to combat fakes.

This one passed verification.

Dorsey responded that: “We’re reconsidering our verification policies.

Ads have to be measured by a legitimate vendor: P&G will only work with media verification vendors partners that are accredited.

Media verification is a process that determines the appropriate execution of Internet advertising campaigns.

In the future, Casas told me he wants to utilize biometrics for verification, possibly using something like Apple’s Face ID technology.

In response, the named agencies said the cost of new verification systems are too high and may exclude certain demographics from the population.

Only Veterans Affairs implemented a new system, but still relies on knowledge-based verification in some cases.

Look for this verification when buying glasses and, when they arrive, make sure the lenses are not scratched or damaged in any way.

A little over 400 expired credit card numbers were accessed, including 27 credit card numbers without verification numbers.

However, he wants the verification process for people to be “seamless.”

EBay this morning announced it’s expanding the capabilities of its eBay Authenticate service — its luxury goods verification program — to now include luxury jewelry.

Like its other verification programs, the jewelry is vetted by third-party authentication experts before being listed.

This verification could be triggered automatically, or it could be made at the request of the site’s webmaster, Google explains in an announcement.

Airbnb sees an opportunity to be the safer service that offers identity verification on listings.

providing verification documents like a passport copy — which allows trading but limits withdrawals to two Bitcoin per day.

It costs €49 per month, plus €2 per verification.

Since then, Duo has added new verification methods and additional means of securing client applications, whether they were delivered on-premises or through the cloud.

To obtain RSPO NEXT verification, palm oil will have to be traceable to the plantation where it was produced.

Forget Apple Pay and its silly fingerprint verification.

Looking ahead, Onfido will continue to tap into the opportunity for solving ID verification in financial services.

The verification process is handled by a third-party vendor, Veratad, and Niantic says it doesn’t receive any of the parents’ verification information.

In principle, code can be proved correct with formal verification.

Let’s move towards formal specifications and verification of mission-critical code.

They’ll then have to check their inbox for the verification email and tap the button to confirm their account.

When Vinnie says he walked out on his wife, Frankie requests 100% verification on the divorce.

First is that the U.S. will no longer push for strong transparency and verification measures under the Paris deal.

“We are always evaluating ways to verify identity across the site, such as verification processes to help detect fake profiles,” a spokesperson said.

The item is then sent to eBay’s network of industry experts for verification.

The details of the verification process are not yet clear so it’s not possible to assess how robust a check this might be.

LinkedIn now requires phone number verification for all users in China

(The ban announcement also noted an agreement with retailers to commit to regular staff training, and “robust” age verification checks for knife sales.)

“Confidence in the election results can only be restored by a transparent verification polling station by polling station,” she continued.

Its unique value prop was offering a verification service, so that you knew when you were buying the real deal.

Like most exchanges bitFlyer will have tiered verification levels.

verification is based on community feedback to responses, but relevant certificates and ID are requested to prove expertise in some cases.

All of Onēva’s providers are verified through FBI background checks, criminal background checks, reference checks and ID verification.

The female-led dating app just announced that they are launching photo verification as a way to rid impersonators from the platform.

Here’s how the verification process will work.

verification will roll out in about a week, starting with users who have been reported as being potentially fake.

Then about two weeks later Bumble will open verification to all users.

Facebook accounts will only be used for login and verification purposes.

Pornhub said this verification will help make the system smarter over time.

Snap began rolling out its verification badge, an emoji next to the user name, to social media stars instead of just traditional celebrities.

Chu says that “We use a mix of website, email and identity verification services to do this (we use

“Online polls have almost no verification to an individual,” says Chief Product and Strategy Officer Rami Essaid.

verification where fraud can kill the exchange and its banking relations.

Today, they’re adding voter verification so that you can see how your representatives align with your personal viewpoints.

“Online polls have almost no verification to an individual,” says Chief Product and Strategy Officer Rami Essaid.

The site selection is dependent upon extensive analyses and verification testing of the TRN capability.

Whitepages in the meantime will  continue to focus on building out its people search and identity verification services.

It tells TechCrunch the new digital signature verification for contacts is available for all users.

Binance also revealed that, besides MobileCoin, it has made investments in smart contract startup Oasis Labs, verification service Certik, and crowdfunding platform Republic.

We’ve heard some questions recently about the status of verification on Twitter, so wanted to address directly.

Updating our verification program isn’t a top priority for us right now (election integrity is).

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, got a Twitter verification earlier this week.

verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance,” the company said.

Why it matters: Social media verification is a big deal.

The system will then send an automated verification email with a link for filing an eFOIA request.

Some of the intercepted text messages include verification codes for Instagram and Telegram accounts.

On other social networks, checkmarks like this usually indicate a user whose account has gone through a verification process of some kind.

Or you may be prompted to remove your account for older devices, or set up additional account verification methods.

Here are a few ideas: Revise the verification option.

The emails: The internal exchange began after Twitter yanked Milo Yiannopoulos’, then-Breitbart’s tech editor, blue verification checkmark for having harassed other users.

Yiannopoulos then emailed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asking for his verification to be restored in return for better behavior.

Employer verification: More than three fourths of voters support requirements that employers verify the legal status of their employees, including 66% of Democrats.

We asked Twitter why it hasn’t removed Jones’ blue badge — given that the company has, until relatively recently, been rethinking its verification program.

It also called for more robust systems for age verification.

We’ve heard some questions recently about the status of verification on Twitter, so wanted to address directly.

A spokesman in the Home Office press office hadn’t immediately heard of any discussions with the messaging company on the topic of age verification.

Updating our verification program isn’t a top priority for us right now (election integrity is).

Beykpour wrote that verification would be addressed by Twitter post-election.

Twitter’s spokesman told us it doesn’t have anything further to share on verification at this point.

Licenses are of course a ubiquitous form of state-issued ID, and as such end up being used frequently for certain kinds of verification.

Such a step would also not be the first time UK ministers have pushed the envelop around online age verification.

Along with the verification portion, Page admins will also have to fill in who paid for the ad in the “disclaimer” section.

Facebook wouldn’t reveal the threshold of followers that will trigger Pages needing verification, but confirmed it will not apply to small to medium-size businesses.

To get on the list, the businesses can sign up on the form here, after receiving verification.

Lockout periods and verification rules are familiar means of enforcement.

The company has a verification process for new drivers that involves collecting insurance and evaluating ratings and reviews.

Passbase’s verification stack itself involves modular pieces so that it can adapt to changing threats, as Klenk tells it.

The startup is partnering with service providers for various verification components.

But those advertiser verification steps do not appear to be ready in time for Ireland’s referendum.

At least Skip says you have to be over 18 and plans to add ID verification for that soon.

The provider is paid if the results pass verification tests.

Using online video verification and social media tracking tools, Sinha said his team debunks up to four posts each day.

By using a blockchain distributed database to prove authenticity, homeowners could legitimately transfer ownership immediately without the need to pay for third-party verification.

The verification process will be open to anyone — although only the ads that pass muster will be viewable to Rainbow opt-ins.

(Onfido claims that its system can make a verification in as little as 15 seconds.)

Then, using the associated SIM, Oxygen Forensics said it can generate the encryption key for decrypting the data by passing the verification process again.

It even includes some third-party verification with UL Labs for the skeptical among you.

Think of it this way: Anything that would get a little blue verification check on other platforms gets its own section on Snapchat, too.

The social media network announced that it’s developing a new verification process and, in the meantime, putting the current one on hold.

Back in July of 2016, Twitter allowed public accounts to apply for official verification.

Instead, it’s directing users to the verification page to find out more about the present guidelines.

Facebook offers third-party video verification options from Nielsen and Moat so marketers don’t have to take its word on measurement.

Last month Twitter responded to the backlash by changing its verification rules and starting to remove blue checkmarks from white supremacists.

The company has just announced that they are opening applications to apply for verification on the platform.

The company did previously let users apply for verification, but pulled the feature years ago – probably after being inundated with unworthy applications.

Since then verification has been manually done at Twitter’s own discretion, until today.

“WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program,” it further notes.

Matching all these against what is determined to be your “normal” circumstances helps to start to build verification, Balasubramaniyan explained.

Blockchain technology provides an electronic record-keeping and transaction-processing system, which lets all parties track documentation through a secure network and requires no third-party verification.

Expect delays at checkout lines as people make sure their verification videos are extra cute.

How it works: The Google My Business verification process allows businesses to manage their information on Google platforms such as maps and search.

The company has expanded its age verification system, an effort aimed at curbing use of young players, and placed limits on daily play.

One remedy: Site verification.

However, demands for site verification have led to the breakdown of previous negotiations.

It’s about verification, not prevention necessarily.

Apple argues that it would have to create the new version of iOS, called GovtOS, which requires coding, signing, verification and testing.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said his company’s “intention is to open verification to everyone,” Gizmodo reports.

Why it matters: verification of legitimate sources is a huge part of what helps curb the spread of fake news on Twitter.

Expanding verification could open them up to more bad actors trying to take advantage of potentially false or misleading credibility.

Credit card numbers, expiration dates, and verification numbers, along with names and addresses were stolen by the malware, the security firm said.

Similar to the luxury handbag verification service, the new authentication program for watches will utilize third-party experts to verify the watches’ authenticity.

Others are only fulfilled by Amazon, but that doesn’t include a verification process.

Twitter recently rolled out new anti-abuse guidelines and starting removing their blue verification check marks from white supremacist users.

Finally, exposing public keys also enables a new feature — address verification.

How to get verified: verification on Insta isn’t easy.

The company has a more limited verification scope and takes its time to assess potential candidates.

Currently, N26 has three different procedures depending on the country and works with a third-party company called SafeNed for some of the verification procedures.

Contrary to the statement in Wirtschaftswoche, the use of photo verification by N26 is legally compliant.

The respective verification procedure is then determined by the law applicable to the third party (in the above example, therefore, by UK law).

Like Snapchat, Instagram (which launched in October 2010) took four years to introduce any kind of verification.

But first I call PlayStation Hong Kong to remove two-step verification from my original account.

You join, creating a username and uploading a profile photo, then add your phone number as verification so you can start looking for friends.

One major difference between Callisto and an online spreadsheet is the verification of stories.

Of course, as these reports pointed out, asking users to confirm a GPS location is a poor means of verification.

Maybe it will now reconsider how verification works, given the customer backlash.

Implementation and verification proved to be insurmountable in previous nuclear accords like the Six-Party Talks’ September 2005 Joint Statement.

We understand the verification emails were only a small-scale test of a new system, not something Spotify is rolling out to all users.

If you received a verification code by text, phone call, or on a trusted Apple device, tap the password field again.

Peace provided Motherboard with a dataset containing a total of 100,544,934 records, and LeakedSource provided a smaller sample for verification purposes.

It also said it was enhancing its identity verification process for drivers to prevent driver identity fraud on its platform.

For security reasons, we recommend enabling 2-step verification in profile settings and using a strong password.”

“We likely wouldn’t have funded SendGrid without Twilio.” SendGrid provides a backend API for transactional email like receipts, password reminders, and sign-up verification.

Hackers were able to collect credit card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder names, and “internal verification code,” presumably the three-digit one on the back.

By calling @verizon and successfully changing my phone’s SIM, the hacker bypassed two-factor verification which I have on all accounts.

verification is the whole ballgame.

The Trump-Kim summit would follow Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, which proponents say had the most stringent verification methods in history.

Need a verification photo for a loan application?

It also shows North Korea signaling it is distancing itself from potential future verification, which is where conversations on denuclearization have fallen apart before.

It will also require face-to-face verification for loans to be granted, it confirmed.

We also found full credit card numbers, expiry dates and verification numbers stored in plaintext.

Encryption and verification of blockchain transactions are computationally intensive operations and require considerable horsepower to carry out, which is lacking in many IoT devices.

When Madi Westbrooke checked her email in September 2017, she was greeted with what appeared to be a career milestone: Instagram verification.

verification is a much-desired feature on many social media services today.

Adding to the confusion with regard to the Tinder bots, is the fact that Tinder, too, offers a verification process of its own.

That’s when she learned: Instagram doesn’t email people about account verification.

While this seems like it may work, decentralization gets trickier when you start trying to figure out background checks and identity verification.

In the future, most applications of large-scale are going to require some kind of verification platform.

“Most importantly, perhaps: reviewers can choose to go through a verification process for their assessment by providing documentation like a bill.

She’s even seen accounts with fake (but real-looking) verification checks.

It uses a multi-layered verification procedure for new sellers, cross checking people on email, by phone numbers and on social media.

However, because the survey was collected online and without verification, it’s possible that the results are a little skewed.

It also says that opening up the verification process to public submission further exacerbated this problem.

All of which is to say: the new gender verification requirement at the Open was no coincidence.

In many cases, a visitor presents a valid ID for verification.

We hope verification in a sentence examples were helpful.