Variety in a sentence | Use of the word variety examples

When these insects are born, they will produce offspring that is unable to transmit a variety of diseases, including Zika.

Players input names and photos, and the oche takes them through a variety of unique, Flight Club-specific darts games.

Some clients, without calling themselves survivalists, are still preparing for a variety of possible risks.

variety first broke the story that Scott’s the buyer.

The featured products get there in a variety of ways.

He’s a master of disguise, able to transform his appearance into a variety of different people and characters.

Candidates learn by doing as they work in a variety of settings including schools, museums, and community-based learning centers.

We’ve pulled the best options from a variety of services — Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and Starz — and arranged them by premiere date.

The first season of his new Netflix series unleashes a torrent of celebrity guests upon a variety of important science topics (climate change!

The answer is literally “Hitler.” Nazi leadership used Fraktur, an archetypal variety of blackletter, as their official typeface.

For a small exhibition, comprised of about 20 works in total, Because For Now encompasses a wide variety of styles and media.

The EP will be available on a variety of formats, and is accompanied by a playable, Streets of Rage-style web game.

Pharmaceutical companies can haggle over prices with a variety of private insurers as well as selling to the government.

In the months of lead-up to the publication of my novel, Social Creature, I’ve heard a variety of responses from readers.

Betsy Aimee writes about the intersection of politics, careers, parenting, and lifestyle for a variety of publications.

In a moment, we’ll look at a variety of ways that the oil industry shaped cap-and-trade design to its advantage.

Duportet grew up in Lyon, France, where his mother, a literature professor, signed him up for a variety of activities to keep him busy.

It currently has over 4,000 students studying for a variety of education-based degrees.

There are a variety of ways that people might express ecosexuality.

I crisscrossed the country, I talked to men in a variety of industries.

I looked in a variety of industries, and without question tech is bottom of the barrel along with finance … Well, we knew that.

There are a variety of issues.

It manifests itself in a variety of ways.

As it relates to what you were just talking about — sponsored content — we do a variety of different types of sponsored content.

But despite what its name suggests, rice cookers are a versatile appliance that can actually be used to prepare a variety of foods.

By that time, I’d made good connections — even friendships — with a wide variety of creative people.

Amid the formal variety we are left to ask: What kind of help do these supplicant figures need?

“We work hard, through a variety of mechanisms, to offset this loss,” he told us Friday.

Speaking of citizenship, I’ve accepted the fact that I will never have one of the Canadian variety.

Last year, in Thailand, a durian of the Kan Yao variety sold for 800,000 baht, or over US $25,000.

And one thing that’s definitely true about the eight Best Picture nominees from 2018 is that they exhibit a lot of variety.

Locals and tourists alike can enjoy its waterfront dining establishments, luxury shopping options, variety of Renaissance artworks, and the famous Carnival festival.

In Bangkok, Thailand, you’ll find a wide variety of breathtaking Buddhist art and architecture to admire.

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is famous for its pristine beaches and the wide variety of flora and fauna that can be found there.

The result is a variety of stories, genres, and experiences told by a diverse group of people.

Goldman will use its own money to trade with clients in a variety of contracts linked to the price of the cryptocurrency.

The survey — of 3,000 British Muslims from a variety of towns — also said: 43% support the introduction of some forms of Sharia law.

There is a wide variety of opinion on what Sharia law actually involves.

Different species of tardigrades have different adaptations for a wide variety of environmental threats.

Additionally, students work intensely with prominent faculty from a variety of disciplines including Anthony Goicolea, Jonathan VanDyke, Martha McDonald, Wardell Milan, and Rebecca Sack.

Since that time, BFDI has grown to accommodate the increasing demand for a variety of specialized, family-focused counseling and advocacy services in the community.

You can follow the action here and take a variety of actions in support of clean and healthy oceans here.

During his relatively short career, he was tasked with overseeing a variety of cases involving prominent members of Mexico’s most powerful cartels.

Right now, many different kinds of immunotherapies for a variety of cancers are in clinical trials.

The PD-1 targeting approach has also shown promise in a variety of other cancers, such as kidney and bladder cancers and Hodgkin lymphoma.

Mashable reports that the passenger’s fowl contraband was a type of chicken known as farkha baladi, a local variety.

Maybe you need a variety of gravestones to tell your friend exactly how you’re feeling?

The interview alone isn’t enough to make that clear — Mueller’s team has interviewed many White House aides for a variety of reasons.

While the individual artworks explore a variety of engaging topics, the exhibition ends up blanketing conceptually disparate ideas under the guise of blue.

The armed assault on a Washington, DC, family restaurant last Sunday was perplexing for a variety of reasons.

In boxing, contenders are ranked by a number of sanctioning bodies and contracted by a variety of fight promoters.

“We are in this generation where a variety of sexual ideas are always open to you and you can experiment with them,” says Victor.

In fact, the variety of personas that one can adopt is so great as to be bewildering.

Next is Kuwait, whose 61 cases also largely stem from a film blacklist, followed by China, whose 20 incidents cover a variety of media.

Freemuse also investigates the variety of individuals and organizations responsible for these violations.

Acoustic side-channel attacks have been widely demonstrated on PCs and a variety of other internet connected devices.

The researchers then tried a variety of sonar analysis techniques to reconstruct the password based on the acoustic signatures emitted by the phone.

Courses are available in a variety of subjects including animation, fine arts, visual narrative, and many more.

You may come in valuing it or not, but there’s never been this much variety in my lifetime.

The Special Olympics, a private organization, receives funding from a variety of sources, not just the Department of Education.

“It felt like a personal challenge to use a variety of things I learned and accumulated to channel into a unique product,” Lurie adds.

A studio vet who’s helmed records by a variety of rock luminaries from R.E.M.

Those deaths occur in a variety of horrific ways.

Elle cited a story from variety as its source for Gadot’s salary, which in turn cited an Israeli entertainment show.

So far, Luxe has raised a total of $75.5 million in funding from a variety of investors including car rental company Hertz.

Additionally, we use a wide variety of hand shaping tools, transition shapers, welders, chainsaws, snowblowers, augers and more.

Patty Jenkins, who directed this summer’s breakout hit Wonder Woman, has officially signed on to direct the sequel, according to variety.

This section displays a huge variety of artists’ books and other forms of embodied poetics.

Pharmaceutical companies haggle separately over drug prices with a variety of private insurers across the country.

[variety] Glenn Ligon is now represented by Hauser & Wirth.

The “rule” creation efforts necessary to build these classification filters are done offline in large data centers using a variety of different computing architectures.

In BDSM, he notes, there’s aftercare, a variety of practices that offer comfort, attention, and security after intense sessions of play.

So, what you do is, you fight on a variety of these fronts, and look for opportunities, maybe …

variety‘s critic was right to single out Crawford’s solo scenes.

The Guardian praised the comedy as “terrifically pleasurable and entertaining,” and variety called it “the best Netflix Original film to date.”

Miners operating in risky jurisdictions, as a result, employ a variety of measures – ranging from antagonistic to collaborative – to safeguard operations.

A good teacher is a teacher that can present both arguments, or a variety of arguments or different views on each topic.

Meetings!” Trump used his favorite platform to discuss a variety of policy issues.

They tried to fix this in a variety of ways.

Chicken, specifically the fried variety, has always had a bit of a sordid history in American culture.

A 2015 poll by University of Maryland’s Shibley Telhami and Katayoun Kishi asked a variety of different demographic groups about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Of course, there’s a great deal of doctrinal variety within Islam, just as there is within Christianity.

The smooth consistency comes from a variety of vegetable and plant oils.

Everything in Natural Wonders is a manufactured landscape — although not of the toxic waste/landfill/ocean gyre variety.

Evangelical support for Moore is based on a variety of factors.

The chemical is also thought to be the culprit for the spiciness that some oils offer, not least the variety we were currently sampling.

So despite spending billions of dollars on research into a variety of therapeutic approaches, there have been no new drugs in 15 years.

During the race to obtain a nuclear weapon during the Cold War, the Soviet Union experimented with a wide variety of nuclear materials.

The variety of passionfruits was a revelation.

A few thousand meters higher in elevation, there was a whole different variety of things to try.

The amazing part is this exploration really only scratched the surface of the fruit variety that can be found in Colombia.

In a moment of inspiration, he offered his DJing services to a variety of local brothels.

A glimpse into the impressive breadth and variety of performances and lived experiences of disability.

IWBWYE offered an impressive breadth and variety of performances and lived experiences of disability.

“I decided that since so many people love Batman, I might as well love it too,” he told variety.

The rapper recently filed paperwork to clear the path for him to slap “Astroworld” all over a wide variety of jewelry and accessories.

variety reports that West’s death comes after a short battle with leukemia.

The story was initially called a hoax but seemingly confirmed when CNN, speaking to variety, placed the blame squarely on RCN’s shoulders.

When she appeared in a variety special built around her in the late ’60s, it posted huge numbers for CBS.

Enter Amazon’s Echo, IFTTT, and a variety of other solutions that are attempting to bridge some of these gaps.

He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials.

He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials.

[Todd Spangler / variety] Banks and retailers are tracking how you type, swipe and tap.

Today, sex researchers use a wide variety of methods to study human sexuality.

That has helped sex researchers attract a broader sample of test subjects with a wider variety of comfort zones, making for more representative science.

The Lighthouse Restaurant sits out in the lagoon and offers a variety of seafood dishes.

But all around the central form are an incredible variety of graphite marks that ground it in space and time.

It’s been shown to help people with a wide variety of conditions, like chronic pain, IBS, migraine, and depression.

According to Blum, machines can help us understand ourselves in a variety of ways.

He has never been subjected to this broad of a variety of legal and ethical norms.”

Students work a variety of green jobs on campus, from Sustainability Tracking Assistant, to Food Systems Analyst, or even a Green Bicycle Technician.

There are several strands of the gross toy trend, a variety of causes and switchbacks and catalysts that led us to this super-gross moment.

The Dartmouth Collection includes a variety of mixed-media works produced while in residence at Dartmouth, including studies of Orozco’s mural.

The US, meanwhile, was in the middle of its own air war supporting a variety of armed groups trying to overthrow the Syrian leader.

“I don’t know if murals are my favorite kind of art to make, (as) I like variety.

The Vicarious AI, on the other hand, can crack a variety of textual CAPTCHA styles and do so with far more efficiency.

The Vicarious algorithm was presented with a variety of different CAPTCHA styles and had remarkably high success rates in cracking them.

Eat a well­-balanced variety of wholesome foods.

Wages did not rise; instead, Americans learned to live with reduced produce variety.

This same variety impact exists on the retail and service side of the economy as well.

People simply make do without the variety that immigrants provide.

And then there were a variety of folks who sort of faded into the woodwork.

Hollywood publication variety reported on Tuesday that the Department of Justice had weighed in on the issue.

In the back are indexes that organize the parliaments in a variety of informative ways, such as by building year or by seat-to-population ratio.

[Todd Spangler / variety] You still can’t edit your tweets, but you may soon be able to “clarify” them.

Stage 2: Matterport’s virtual 3D environments are used by a variety of different business.

The initial Canadian list included orange juice, maple syrup, whiskey, toilet paper and a wide variety of other products.

“He pushes people’s buttons,” Fern told variety about the character.

ARM designs chips — but doesn’t actually make them — for a huge variety of devices.

The report gives lists of the most searched things in a variety of categories.

Gerrymandering is as old as the American republic, and has been done for a variety of reasons.

According to company CEO Chris Cowper-Smith, the braces will be tested by the military for “a variety of tactical missions.”

“We make decisions to change what we sell for a variety of reasons,” he said.

As inspiration, Kurita drew on manga, Zapf dingbats, and emoticons of the typed-out variety.

The peaceful image is especially beautiful beneath a decorative window, surrounded by colorful exposed bricks and a variety of graffiti.

And one thing that’s definitely true about the nine Best Picture nominees from 2017 is that they exhibit a lot of variety.

Lee believes that by working every job in a restaurant, students can experience a wide variety of learning opportunities, from public speaking to marketing.

Besides meats, we had abundance of dried goods—corn, quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and variety of squash, as well.

Skipping your eggs and toast can also lead to a variety of unexpected consequences.

Republicans used a variety of methods during the elections to make it more difficult for Democrats to be able to vote.

Tianqi makes a variety of raw materials for the battery industry.

Silicones are used in a variety of products from electronics and cars to medical products such as implants.

A variety of systemic barriers make it harder for people of color to obtain a photo ID.

Beyond the United States, Bitcoin is also popular in China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Venezuela for a variety of reasons.

Where can I see you do comedy?In Manhattan, I run a variety show at Cornelia Street Cafe called Thanks for Sharing.

Trump is, for a variety of reasons, one of the least-popular presidents on record.

As a parent of an 8-year-old girl, I am very aware of using a variety of adjectives to describe her.

“Indonesia has demonstrated to the rest of the world the huge variety of sources that have the potential to cause tsunamis.

If variety is the spice of life, Glover Teixeira’s striking is a vicious bowl of bran flakes.

It started with Pence trying to take his seat amid a wave of boos, (and yes, a few cheers, as per variety).

Cryptic works with a variety of artists.

The inquest into his death has, nevertheless, been challenged by a variety of sources.

What the survey was equipped to do, however, was compare immigrants — and families — across a variety of immigration statuses.

The remote prison houses a variety of convicted terrorists, spies, and gang leaders, but approved family visitors are permitted.

If you want to buy a single-tenant home that’s already leased, Roofstock’s marketplace offers a variety of properties at different price points.

You can improve your oral health with Boka through a variety of methods: individual products, bundled kits, and subscription plans.

variety is key!

The artist’s book, Grapefruit (1964) also contained a variety of meditations on the sky and clouds.

Decisions to question individuals are based on a variety of factors for which Border Patrol agents are well-trained.

It was this unique variety that appealed to ESA and Ars Electronica.

The variety of interest groups involved in the decision, and the fate of state efforts like the Missouri law, all muddy the waters.

They note that when kids these days “Netflix and chill,” their activities generally include “a variety of sexual behaviours.”

But marchers told VICE News that they were protesting for a variety of a reasons.

You can do it using commercially available hardware.” Changing methods of storytelling are explored in a variety of ways within Alternative Realties.

That’s offensive on a whole variety of levels, but it’s also premised on a lie.

And that meant that some of the earliest products produced for the CD-ROM format were of the reference variety.

The money-making deal also illustrates how the potential benefits of refined coal on air quality can be erased by a variety of complex factors.

“I think it’s safe to say that I’m the first person to bake this specific variety of cookies here,” she says, laughing.

When it comes to raising children, parents often seek advice from a variety of sources: family members, friends, experts, books, and more.

Local officials have tried a variety of things to alert truck drivers to the danger.

Htay compiled diverse clips showcasing a variety of Burmese artists.

The keyboard, which incorporates a variety of search options, has been in development for months, according to people familiar with the matter.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to Sean McIndoe’s Friday grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

Oenophiles should ensure they select a variety with a thin screw.

Cherries, sourced from Door County orchards a few hundred miles to the north, made for a popular variety.

This new wave of feminism has spurred more women to speak out about a variety of issues, including abortion.

There must be some variety to keep it interesting for a whole album.

In terms of abnormal function, you would still see people walking around with a variety of different conditions—vitiligo, ichthyosis, pemphigus.

“Our brains crave safety and control but also variety and excitement.

Right above our kidneys sit our adrenal glands, which produce a variety of hormones, including epinephrine — also known as adrenaline.

That includes time auditioning for, and performing in, anything from musicals to plays to variety shows to TV to movies.

A few years later Richard and I lost sight of each other because our lives went through a variety of seismic changes.

(Even for the same crime, prosecutors often have a variety of charges they can file.)

One playgroup in London called Sunshine Playgroup offers students classes in a variety of subjects including cooking, drama, French, and even yoga.

TMZ berichtete zuerst vom Tod des 26-Jährigen, kurz darauf wurde die Meldung von weiteren US-Medien bestätigt, darunter variety und Billboard .

After all, he lovingly mentions his family as an inspiration on Divide, and frequently does high-profile charity gigs benefiting a variety of causes.

Mnuchin left Relativity Media, where he was a co-chairman, two months before the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015, according to variety.

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to provide a better picture.

The aim was to examine the legacy of 9/11 from a variety of perspectives — military, fiscal, social, cultural, and policymaking.

Many mid-sized cities like Madison, Indianapolis, and Eugene, Oregon lack a variety of affordable options over 25 Mbps.

The variety of imaginary sea-people, or “piscine humanoids” as they’re known in cryptozoology circles, is immense in fiction and folklore.

At one point she mentions how the confusion underpinning the album impacted its almost dizzying variety.

In the case of subscription commerce, customers get excited for a variety of reasons, depending on the category.

He says it’s often used for a variety of reasons, none of which he considers to be pushing white supremacists’ agenda.

So I reached out to a variety of Trump voters to see how they saw his presidency.

We also used Photoshop, After Effects, and a variety of other general software.

There’s a variety of ways that exact segment can play out.

There are a variety of reasons.

Brian Volk-Weiss’ recent comments to variety plainly lay out the simple economics of the stand-up comedy genre.

A variety of startups have been building competitors based on Bitcoin.

I also asked people on Twitter which VPNs they were using and got a variety of answers: 3.

Historical games are at a better place than they’ve ever been, with a wider variety of subject matters and perspectives than ever before.

In an interview with variety last October, Affleck addressed the sexual-harassment suits, which he had settled.

The bash looked fun as hell too … with a variety of arcade games, delicious food, and of course — TakeOff’s Drank Factory.

I’ve been a critic of the Obama administration for a variety of policy questions.

(Since then, I’ve put CarPlay through its paces in a wide variety of vehicles.)

The competition between the legacy industry and a whole variety of new players is pushing both sides to move faster in delivering that reality.

I now work with a vast variety of medicines, all based on what was once donated to me.”

“We are exploring and testing a variety of different pricing mechanisms,” Keough said.

They have a variety of options at their disposal, including infrared spectroscopy, x-ray scanning, chemical analysis, and wood identification.

The allegations are detailed in a November letter, obtained by variety and sent from Hardy’s attorney to the E!

“I came from a freelance life, and it was scary,” Hardy told variety.

“Total exasperation was my definite feeling when I heard about it,” Hardy told variety.

I have clients whose investigations have taken two, three, sometimes four years for a variety of reasons — some nefarious, some trivial.

Gray explains that users can use a variety of programs to create VR experiences and import them into Sansar.

Along the way, we get a taste of everything: Japanese variety shows, classic talking heads, presumably recovered footage from Kobayashi’s own files.

Per variety: Unfortunately, the forthcoming show won’t look exactly like its parent series, though.

The program offers students the unique opportunity to examine the art world and art-related issues from a variety of view points.

Parks altered by climate change will still protect wide swaths of wild land, harbor a variety of wildlife species, and protect valuable cultural sites.

Those who want a wide variety of smart home device options will have those with Google and Amazon.

Through material, form, and process, Puryear imprinted the piece with a variety of narratives alluding to slavery, labor, service animals, and ownership.

Nose piercing, which has a variety of symbolic meanings, dates back to ancient times, originating in the Middle East.

I’ve spent the past week or so discussing it with a variety of Senate scholars and current and former aides.

Wrestlers have gotten around the high costs in a variety of ways.

In all of these works, Arceneaux redeploys a variety of tropes, from blackface to Kubrick-esque Neanderthals, to test their resonance with a contemporary audience.

Surfrider has a variety of initiatives and campaigns focusing on beach access, coastal preservation, clean water, ocean protection, and plastic pollution.

As you can see in the foreground, there are canvas rolls in a variety of sizes.

To do this, Leonard used a variety of materials, like oil, stencils cut from plastic, and Aerogel, an ultra-light, water-repellant material.

Ultimately, their populist conservatism isn’t all that different from the more mainstream variety.

As a result, US nuclear vendors had to develop dozens of variations on the light-water reactor to satisfy a variety of customers.

“OpenAI released a new language model called GPT-2 which surpasses state-of-the-art on a variety of tasks,” I prompted it.

But what changed my mind was talking with friends who had made the choice to end pregnancies, for a variety of reasons.

It’s less true if you think simply about prejudice, because anybody can be prejudiced against anybody for a wide variety of reasons.

Instead, the exhibition seems to glorify commodities freely — especially those of the high-end variety.

Retail sales rose 0.5% last month as households bought more motor vehicles and a variety of other goods, the government said.

The American TV production system would make this incredibly difficult to pull off financially, for a variety of reasons.

Despite its variety and abundance, though, the food is only a small part of TED.

But another variety turns Asian Americans into racial mascots of the movement opposed to affirmative action.

But the justices could resolve the cases in a variety of ways.

He answered questions from the audience on a variety of issues, though he didn’t get into many details in the one-hour event.

It marks a transition point between primitive reptiles and a huge variety of creatures that came later—everything from hummingbirds to Tyrannosaurus rex.

(Allen directed her upcoming film Café Society, and Stewart addressed the allegations against him in this variety profile.)

Older people are often the target of scams, whether by mail, telemarketing, phone, or a variety of other means.

Other First Ladies had a variety of other issues during their administrations, but the work of the other First Ladies didn’t go away.

The exhibition includes a variety of media and styles, ranging from cartoon sketches to puppet-like sculptures.

That imprecision helps explain the wide variety of minimum ages reflected in American law.

The five different blade options allow you to make “noodles” in a variety of different sizes.

Bills are more difficult to understand (-3 percent to 71), and customers aren’t happy with the variety of plans available (-3 percent to 64).”

“We had a variety of options and, as I worked them through, the investors wanted to pursue a different path,” he said.

As they get closer, it’s shorter delivery, there’s more variety for people in terms of instant delivery.

Buy as many of the chocolate chunk variety as you can carry, and never, ever look back.)

Without interrupting the hypnosis, percussive effects provide variety: cymbal crashes, metallic pops, synthesized thwacks.

Legend will star in NBC’s upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar adaptation, coming on—you’ve guessed it—Easter Sunday next year, per variety.

The sooner you head over, the more likely it is that a variety of sizes will still be available.

His most recognizable work is likely the headless mannequins he dresses in a lush variety of Dutch wax fabrics, tailored into period costumes.

A+E Networks told variety: “Production on ‘Six’ is already under way, however we will not consider North Carolina for any new productions.”

The beauty of the format is that it seems to meet the needs of players at a variety of competitive levels.

Hall meant that a non-linguistic sign can mean a variety of things to different people.

[Janko Roettgers / variety] Uber’s Bozoma Saint John will be onstage at next month’s Code Commerce.

reMarkable offers a variety of brushes — like a felt tip pen or a pencil — that you can change on the screen.

And it encompasses a variety of creative outlets outside of science fiction, like music.

A variety of state and federal regulations could prevent Uber from entirely dispensing with human drivers.

Below is a time-lapse comparison the company created to show Apeel’s effect on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Perhaps that’s why Jacobs told variety following her win, “We’re sort of like the bastard children” of the TV world.

This can lead to a wide variety of serious, sometimes life-threatening health problems, including cancers and birth defects.

“Even he never talked like that.” CNN has a roundup of responses from many other pro athletes in a variety of fields.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to Sean McIndoe’s Friday grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

These rhythms span a wide variety of influences from Afro-Native American music to New Orleans bounce music to more contemporary trap-influenced beats.

Uninterested in pristine documentary footage of the National Geographic variety, the installation turns its subject into abstract forms.

Perform sentiment analysis on blog sites from a variety of platforms (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.).

The drawings in this show are breathtaking in their variety and intensity.

About three out of four women who contact her opt against the pills for a variety of reasons, she said.

Whether it’s to advance your career or try something new, SVA offers a variety of courses to choose from.

The band itself itself has gone through a variety of phases, but still remains.

A variety of special events and performances offer different avenues of thought and experience.

It brought us a lot closer to that goal, but it also fell short in a variety of ways.

Already, I was unimpressed by the lack of variety.

Her diverse inner lives reflect the variety of her many-splendored and diverse works.

The Facebook show featuring famous NBA dad LaVar Bell will debut tomorrow, reports variety.

The variety of designs could compete with the number of militias and factional groups fighting each other during the war.

Ort’s algorithm isn’t commercializable yet; he hasn’t yet tested his algorithm in a wide variety of road conditions and elevations.

People with autism face a variety of obstacles in getting jobs, a factor that puts their rate of unemployment upward of 80 percent.

The hashtag #SeeEverySide is part of the social media campaign to let users express their point of views on a variety of topics.

Gary Bettman: The commissioner typically spends All-Star Weekend making a variety of public appearances.

Head over to this link, and you’ll find a variety of vendors selling cases of the “iPhone 7” and the “iPhone 7+”.

Since last year, the Shadow Brokers have publicly released a variety of exploits for hardware firewalls, Unix, and Windows systems.

One sees young women in a variety of fashionable headscarves.

variety has confirmed the report.

We have a wide variety of diseases that we’re focusing on.

Frankly, we need medical teams across a wide variety of diseases.

People are appalled at Trump’s remarks for a variety of reasons.

However, Monsanto withdrew an application seeking approval for the latest variety after a royalty dispute with the government in 2016.

I was also a little dismayed at the variety of flavors available.

The federal and state governments last year warned seed distributors and farmers against planting and selling the unapproved variety.

Additionally, studies from nonpartisan groups have estimated costs would increase in a variety of ways.

[Ted Johnson / variety] Russia’s election interference is Digital Marketing 101.

But that’s not the same as tracking a group for 10 years and reevaluating them on a larger variety of outcomes.

The newer entrees cater to a wider variety of cultures and dietary requirements, including people who eat gluten-free, organic or want antibiotic-free meat.

” Star Trek: Discovery” will likely miss its previously announced May premiere target, variety has learned.

Read the original article on variety.

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Cops just aren’t well-trained to handle a wide variety of sensitive, difficult areas.

But the program incidentally gathers communications of Americans for a variety of technical reasons, including if they communicate with a foreign target living overseas.

They’re also very versatile: People can live with them in a variety of settings — cities, country, apartments, houses.”

There are a variety of political and media incentives for why this happens.

Like I love just the variety of people I meet online, their personality, the various things that they really geek out over.

Their marketing materials refer to the “variety of pop-up club nights and music venues” and “some of the best underground clubs in London.”

Justices often address a variety of groups across the political spectrum in their spare time.

And he was an enthusiastic supporter of the “Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease” variety of nonsense during the campaign.

Look out for his newly released EP, Light Work, which features production by Harikiri and guest verses from a variety of CDC rappers.

“I grew up around a wide variety of black music in general, but mostly with soul and Motown,” Tom says.

Chewing is done in a variety of ways, by a variety of creatures.

Everywhere, the reports find, biodiversity, the variety of species in a particular place, is declining.

[variety] Even more change at Fox News: Top exec Bill Shine is out.

Everywhere, the reports find, biodiversity, the variety of species in a particular place, is declining.

Among the many memorable moments from those three hours are two that speak to this powerful variety of ideas, attitudes, and positions.

The American Medical Association (AMA), the US’s largest physician group, officially endorsed a variety of gun control measures on Tuesday.

Netflix in India keeps customers happy with fair prices and a variety of titles.

The artist implemented a variety of differences from Davidocivi’s original ad.

After discovering the pleasures of disco at the Gallery, he began making records under a variety of aliases and with different collaborators.

But Penske’s portfolio, which is primarily tilted toward trade publications, does include print titles, like variety.

Members would use a variety of platforms to meet, debate and vote.

I’ve amassed a collection of over 100 Simpsons zines, and despite their fixed subject matter, the variety of creative output is remarkable.

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The aliens NASA wants to stop are more of the microbe variety.

Obviously this could go even further, but it really used to be only white hands, and now there’s much more variety.

“This could escalate very quickly across a wide variety of localized areas.

After the 2016 election, we have seen unrelenting attacks on a variety of issues related to sexual and reproductive health.

I wanted to be able to talk about more than one person, and also talk about people across a variety of industries.

So, imagine an electrical panel connected to a variety of machines using electricity.

The public trusts the BBC to cover stories impartially, and also trusts that the BBC covers a wide variety of topics.

A variety of countries have worked with Brazil on space issues.

variety confirmed the news via Lewis’s agent.

“We get a real variety of sexes and sexualities and genders that come to our functions, so that feels really good,” he explains.

An isotope is a variety of an element with the same chemical structure but a different internal composition.

[Daniel Holloway / variety] Lady Gaga is working on a new beauty startup — and it already has Silicon Valley funding.

The movie theater chain in some cases delayed or canceled screenings of “The Interview” nationwide, variety at the time reported.

When was the last time you saw this kind of variety from a fighter in a close fight against a world class opponent?

And they can be really hard to replicate, for a variety of reasons.

Visit the site to find promo codes for Houzz and a variety of other online stores.

“Procession” (2019) includes a variety of sculptures languishing in the outdoor elements.

To sort out the truth about the Illuminati, I consulted a variety of experts on the subject.

So, for me at least, forgiveness has resulted in a greater variety of sexual partners.

And it can have a variety of causes, including genetics.

And of those, variety explains that the Directors Guild holds the most weight, which gives The Revenant a nice bump.

“Historically speaking, the DGA has been the top Oscar barometer,” variety reported.

In tightly rendered sculptural paintings‚ Hollowell uses a variety of formal techniques to portray her subjects in a contemporary light.

The London-based artist team Thomson & Craighead, on the other hand, have been creating a variety of screen and web-based artworks together since 2008.

The majority costs under $25, and styles come in a variety of solid colors.

They would go on doll-maker sites and make different ones, selecting from a variety of options, such as pink hair and cat ears.

Any Detroit memories you’d like to reflect on?I’ve played a variety of parties since the festival started in 2000.

Reddit changed its algorithm to force more variety on r/all.

— [Janko Roettgers / variety] A software engineer was detained by U.S. Customs — and given a test to prove he’s an engineer.

And there’s an enormous amount of interesting work throughout economics in a variety of interesting fields.

Manafort engaged in a variety of criminal schemes.

Users loved the variety of remixes, but if labels limit who can mix which tracks, it might well spark conflict.

No.3: If you’re searching for a variety of price points, this San Francisco-based company is another great option.

He pleaded guilty to distributing LSD on the base and using a variety of other substances, including ecstasy and cocaine.

According to variety, more than 100 people were so shocked by the violence, they left their seats and stormed out of the theater.

It can control your smart home accessories, play media from a variety of services, and answer questions all thanks to the built-in Google Assistant.

Although faulty sex ed is responsible for a wide variety of misconceptions, pornography itself presents an imaginary form of sex.

Betsy Beer is light on hopping and uses Fuggle hops, which is an aromatic rather than bitter variety.

Rather, young evangelicals showed disproportionately high rates of support for Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin, and a variety of conservative write-in candidates.

Chandhok, who served in a variety of roles at Qualcomm until leaving in 2014, was most recently president of IoT startup Helium.

Images of the leaflets posted online showed a variety of blustery messages, many of which focused on the South Korean propaganda broadcasts.

Images of the leaflets posted online showed a variety of blustery messages, many of which focused on the South Korean propaganda broadcasts.

It’s San Francisco’s oldest ice cream parlor, but the waitstaff are less of the Doris-in-an-apron variety and more of the attractive-young-tattooed-people ilk.

So in, for example, Metal Gear Solid V, you are given a variety of weapons and a big playing field.

Ancient hyenas, though, had a lot more variety and lived all over the world including the Arctic.

These choices may be made directly or indirectly, and through a variety of mechanisms.

Nudgeocracy, even in its ideal form, lacks such accountability, and instead relies on a variety of more or less adequate technocratic substitutes.

They spring dizzily between a variety of air-raid synth sounds, eardrum-busting bass drops, and martial percussion.

The superhuman will look like a variety of different things, and in many cases will look just like us.

“I’ve noticed a pretty wide variety of reactions from men playing this game,” Freeman said.

His words alternate in size and he employs a variety of punctuation marks, which introduce a stuttering effect to the poems.

There is also a brand new gym listed, but it is unclear if this is of the sweaty or Poké variety.

There is room for a greater variety of length, form, tone, voice, and subject on the web.

He Adds variety to His Core Training.This video might leave you scratching your head: He doesn’t look like he’s doing anything!

They landed their own TV variety show the next year.

“This is not just another garden variety attack on the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.

And, obviously, different drugs get metabolized at different paces for a variety of reasons, says Giordano.

Rather, those companies made extraordinarily large and ill-advised bets on metallurgical coal, a special variety best adapted to steelmaking, meant for export abroad.

Despite the fact a Soriano drawing can be put up “permanently” in a variety of places, it still feels as temporary as the shadows.

“Héroes Heridos” (2018) is a three-screen video installation that documents activists committed to a variety of social issues revolving around immigration.

Pies come out crispy, charred, and bubbly, and there’s a wide variety of delicious toppings to choose from.

(State laws treat guns in a wide variety of ways; Slate has a good rundown of the differences.)

Women seek out birth doulas for a variety of reasons.

variety’s Gray said that, for the movie industry, the Oscars ceremony is always an enjoyable family get-together.

States might offer a variety of different guarantees instead, but the universal floor that exists now would be no more.

For a variety of reasons.

The filter will screen incoming tweets based on “a variety of signals, such as account origin and behavior.”

The TPP has a WTO-style dispute settlement process, and a variety of interest groups pushed to have their pet issues addressed in the treaty.

One variety of online grift victimizes the influencers themselves with identity-fraud tactics common to phishing.

The filter will screen incoming tweets based on “a variety of signals, such as account origin and behavior.”

Today is difficult, but cheering violence against speech, even of the most detestable, disgusting variety, is not a look that will age well.

In practice, these rules can encompass a wide variety of farmers and methods.

He served in a variety of leadership roles in bond trading, becoming co-head of Goldman’s broader securities and eventually, co-president in 2006.

Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭) is a ubiquitous dish just about everywhere Chinese food is served—even the American variety.

The platform enables the company to easily build a wide variety of vehicles, including electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Moving panoramas had a variety of themes, from then current events to biblical stories.

We require ISPs to disclose a variety of business practices, and the failure to do so subjects them to enforcement action.

But they still stink when it comes to variety, and they make a lot of bad choices.

Most of YAP’s members are under 40 and work in a variety of industries.

Corrected to reflect that Late Night With Seth Meyers was nominated for writing in the variety Series category.

This 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 35,000-square-foot estate takes its architectural cues from a variety of places to unique effect.

What strikes me about the objects on the walls and pedestals is the curious combination of infinite variety and utter uniformity.

These controversies can come in a variety of forms.

Throughout its six season run on HBO, the show has been criticized for a variety of issues.

Whether killed on scene or dead in custody, disabled people with a huge variety of impairments have systematic problems interacting with law enforcement.

People working for a variety of groups and causes use bots to inject automated discourse on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

This growth has largely been based on its running and Originals shoe brands, which have a variety of popular models.

On Flasher’s first full-length album, three experienced DC punks fashion their own skewed, strangely peaceful variety of guitar noise.

They discuss the variety and honesty of Rembrandt’s self-portraits, then after a solemn silence turn to clowns and then to acting.

It seems to be grouped into formal families, and there is enough variety of media to keep the eyes and intellect moving.

Treat yourself to 100 of Kenyon Martin’s best dunks and at least a third of them seem to be of the put-back variety.

But front-line, hardcore denialism of the “it’s a hoax” variety has largely receded to the base.

They arrived in Bodrum via a variety of routes and means.

It had a massive world full of variety, but did nothing to give it real life or character.

As reported by variety, Originals will be streaming on TIDAL for two weeks beginning on June 7, Prince’s birthday.

Quijano, 42, is the youngest journalist to moderate a debate since 1988, according to variety.

We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone writing that could put others in danger.

The 2014 space opera miniseries Ascension was a costly dud, and a variety of Syfy’s other programs struggled.

But we have needs for education funding, for infrastructure spending, for a variety of things.

Thornton, a Democrat, held a variety of elected and appointive positions in Arkansas.

They reflect a variety of geographies and, according to a Reuters data analysis, populations diverse in age, education, employment and race.

The saga began on Thursday of last week when the Washington Post and variety published a pair of reports containing allegations against Brokaw.

variety published a video interview with Vester.

Shark’s archive of prints, which span several decades, include an incredible variety of artistic styles.

Watch them reawaken below: Tardigrades have different adaptations for a wide variety of environmental threats.

But Nazarbayev has held on to a variety of posts, including leader of the ruling party.

Dariga Nazarbayeva, 55, has quickly raised her public profile with comments on a variety of matters, from oilfield fires to local councillors’ pay.

We also analyzed the League’s phone data in a variety of other ways, looking for noteworthy trends or phone numbers, and found none.

And when you have that embedded into law, you have a variety of bad things happen.

A variety of other billionaires and millionaires, or Nobel laureates, carry their reputations with them, too.

“Nature demands variety, for men.

I love a place that has a huge drink variety, but you have to be on top of the taps.

In its recent solicitations, Xcel has gotten more bids for renewables, with more variety, for much cheaper.

I mean, every decent-sized city has a variety of universities and STEM, and there’s a variety of opportunities there, and it’s cheap.

John Oliver, winner of best variety talk series for his weekly HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” applauded the network for its backing.

Christians from a variety of traditions will celebrate Easter this Sunday.

The festival will feature live performances, film workshops, and panels celebrating a variety of music communities.

Colombian pollsters openly concede to badly bungling their pre-referendum surveys, though they offer a variety of explanations.

Otto trucks use a variety of sensors to read the road to decide when to accelerate, steer, or hit the brakes.

Visitors sift through a variety of experiences, letting the most resonant imagery stick in the mind on its own accord.

Furedi added, “People are trusted to use a wide variety of medications sold on the shelves of pharmacies in a sensible and appropriate way.

The Paper Revolution at the ADAM: Brussels Design Museum unite close to 100 original works on paper from a variety of artistic Soviet luminaries.

Streaming wins for the lack of commercials and variety of options.

They’re in favor of a variety of social movements, according to AwesomenessTV.

People seek abortions after 20 weeks for a variety of reasons.

“This moves from the court of public of opinion into an actual courtroom,” Burke told variety in an interview.

2, the platform could be used in a variety of other places.

What we’re then doing is using that for a variety of different touchpoints.

Buchwald also oversees a variety of other Libor manipulation.

While it may not benefit your hair, there are a variety of ways to lessen the negative effects of straighteners.

There are also 506 other animals, including a rich variety of identifiable birds, from doves to hawks to peacocks.

There was plenty of laughter at my screening, but of the laughing-at, not laughing-with variety.

For a variety of reasons, the presidency is not a good launching point.

Astrologers regularly blame Mercury retrograde for a variety of everyday communication problems.

All together, they show how concrete in Chicago was used for a variety of practical-use buildings, from residential to administrative to university campus structures.

Across all major North American sports, acquiring new players involves a variety of trades.

“Patients who have PTSD have a variety of environmental triggers, and then triggers have a host of symptoms: withdrawal, agitation, profound anxiety,” Giordano explains.

However, receiving some variety of ready-made quality and future potential when star players are poached should mitigate against that.

A wide variety of bigots also joined the cause.

The HMMWV was also capable of mounting a wide variety of weapons, including the BGM-71 TOW missile.

The National and Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has put out a variety of different estimates of rising sea levels in Southern Florida.

This variety has become an important formal aspect of my work.

So as long as you’re eating a variety of real foods and not too many calories, you’re doing well.

There are a variety of reasons why a company might decide to go image-only.

The gift was a matching donation: Booker needed to raise another $100 million from a variety of other wealthy donors to unlock it.

One question, then, is whether and how consumer-oriented drone companies like DJI will end up serving a variety of commercial markets.

I invested in a variety.

Having a single space to make work in a variety of media allows my practice to ebb and flow as needed during my workday.

The papers span over a decade and involve a variety of complex molecular signalling pathways involved in cancer.

A source told variety that the pair was fired.

This has resulted in a wide variety of designs, forms, and materials.

It’s called Nintendo Labo and comes in two varieties, Toy-Con 01 variety Kit and Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit.

Bonobos clearly knows that, with polos for every occasion in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Right now, Gap is offering great deals on a wide variety of both classic and trendy summer styles for men, women, and children.

He cautions against building up low-lying areas of the city until a variety of basic issues are resolved.

Social science research on the dynamics of social norms, by myself and others, provides a variety of insights.

Didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons.

Most people in our generation know more about the variety of water-type Pokemon than they do about water conservation.

These objects are transformed in a variety of ways in her wide-ranging practice that includes sculpture, ceramic, installation, and performance.

to “My Church Is Black” below; the song is also available on a variety of streaming and download platforms here.

The variety lends the album a depth beyond its homemade scope.

“Japan, as a country, has deep-seated anti-nuclear sentiment, based on the variety of experiences they’ve had with this technology,” Lind explains.

What’s striking about the project is the variety of colors and textures that emerge as the bacteria grow and spread on each mold.

And you did a variety of jobs when you were there, correct?

The late-20th-century struggle for women’s liberation also included a variety of organizations focused on different objectives, none defined by a political party.

The concert film is, as variety notes, exactly the same length as the first part of Leaving Neverland.

Workers mark down overdoses in a variety of ways on death certificates, and Ruhm only included some in his study.

A diverse variety of genres made waves, too, with horror and documentaries holding their own alongside the more traditional prestige dramas.

A report in variety hints at Facebook and Amazon possibly bidding on WWE’s broadcast rights, which are up for renegotiation soon.

Their variety is immense, and some could potentially be habitable.

Onions (pick your favorite variety) can be frapped and put on the head.

(Editor’s note: Welcome to Sean McIndoe’s weekly grab bag, where he writes on a variety of NHL topics.

On a whole variety of metrics — life expectancy, child and maternal mortality, poverty, school attendance, deaths from war, etc.

Because obviously recognizing celebrities and garden variety famous people is very important business.

Trump’s allies seem to want him prosecuted for a variety of crimes; the Resistance has put him on all kinds of T-shirts.

According to Millis, a wide variety of species are being affected by the current wall.

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