Vague in a sentence | Use of the word vague examples

“When it’s talking about what is bullying — taunting and all those things — that gets to be fairly vague.”

This double layer of meaning keeps the book from ever tripping over itself and falling into vague allegory, though it constantly threatens to.

He has been vague on what he would do to spur an economy that has averaged growth at around 6 percent under Aquino.

(a vague spinoff of the old podcast Wham Bam Pow) comes in.

And that Manafort agreed to such a vague request?

But she reiterated that any deal had to include a backstop, and was very vague on her strategy.

He barely mentioned the market at all, except for a vague, tangential promise about Bolivia becoming a world leader in eradicating malnutrition.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a lot of insinuations and vague comments with potentially dangerous implications.

(Extremely vague NDAs can be ruled unenforceable since it’s unclear what private information is being protected.)

“The Donbass war is not a vague thing.

Vin also got vague support from fellow ‘Furious’ co-star Ludacris, who just posted a pic of the cast … sans Rock.

The term “establishment” is a vague one at best, and is particularly fraught this year.

I have a very vague surface level awareness of Metallica.

Debate answers from both leading candidates on issues like ISIS have been vague; attacks outside the debates have largely fallen flat.

Good luck if you only have a vague idea of what you’re looking for.

I have a vague memory of this.

But if the scrappy, not-so-far-behind-anymore underdog is content to run on vague slogans, it could also be a bit scary.

(Though if some secret operation was being planned, it would be quite irresponsible for the president to publicly drop vague hints about it.)

— Alex Robert Ross Centered around a deliberately vague ideology she dubs Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth (or C.L.I.T.

But the law seemed vague and menacing enough that the agency shied away from most gun violence research, period.

Each church show spiel was so predictable, featuring the same discordant musical crescendos, the same sermons, the same vague, lingering unease towards non-gentiles.

And I’ve come across many words to-night That are so like “Rise” — so like — so vague, so vague.

Analysts questioned FBI Director James Comey’s decision to announce the news in a short, somewhat vague letter to Congress.

Others complained that Comey’s letter was too vague and did not offer the public enough information.

“He at least owes the country a press briefing — anything more than a vague letter.”

All we had were Justin’s vague directions to go by.

The idea of blocking all regulations not needed for “public safety” has a kind of vague intuitive ring to it.

Ryan is being purposively vague about how he wants this money spent.

Ducey, who is up for reelection in November, made vague references to growing state revenues and “strategic efficiencies” that would cover the cost.

Using vague language has “been proven to work to get on the Supreme Court,” Borchelt said.

Apple’s explanations for banning Metadata have varied, but were always vague.

Dorsey gave a vague answer which drew sharp criticism.

Because prior court cases have all dealt more with the question of jailing, legal decisions are far more vague on the issue of fines.

Sunkara told me he’s “somewhat dismissive of those vague concerns” around race.

EU diplomats have also said that such vague assurances were all May could win in Brussels this week.

The memory is distant enough, that the actual image itself fades and all that’s left is a vague impression of its Technicolor Importance.

Material support charges are incredibly vague.

This post was updated to include vague numbers from an Amazon press release about its Black Friday weekend sales.

This vague military feel tracks with something Red tells Adelaide when the two finally face off in what seems to be a classroom.

“It’s easier to drop out or walk away when you set goals or resolutions that are vague,” Alpert told Business Insider.

Downing Street, meanwhile, has remained vague about the rationale behind its move.

He had heard vague discussions which provided little clarity about who was actually participating.

When waging war on something so vague as terror, it is difficult to provide people with comprehensible stories.

They determined what “acceptable” work was, based on vague and ever-shifting standards.

After the meeting both sides declared a new friendship and made vague pledges of nuclear disarmament.

Since the end of World War II, China has maintained a minimal nuclear arsenal and a vague nuclear doctrine.

It’s difficult to muster such clarity and intensity in defense of a sitting president and a vague mess of policies.

But because the contingency plan is rather concise and vague, operations are not actually able to support the influx of tourists.

But it was vague about other disposals.

They’re pretty vague, and they could apply to any number of things.

Most of it is pretty vague, though, and we’re left with a lot of questions.

So he pushed vague promises about restoring the conditions of the past that his voters remember fondly.

So doctors are often left diagnosing the disease on the basis of clinical symptoms that can be really vague.

And the ones that do tend to offer solutions that are either too vague or just plain unattainable, Bad Religion notwithstanding.

At 16, Fielding set off from England with the vague intention of getting to Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.

The troll in the show explains that he buys up vague patents at auction and “prints money” suing startups for settlements.

Since so much of the patent trolling problem stems from the abundance of vague, overbroad patents, startups must focus on defending these gains.

The Obama administration pivoted to deficit reduction in early 2010 based on vague green shoots of recovery.

With a vague idea of a storyline and some pretty horrendous buzzwords picked out (“joybox” anyone?!)

The former Mexico City mayor has capitalized on widespread anger over years of rampant corruption and violence, but has been vague on policy details.

The DNC, then, was a great vague step into the unknown.

This last item announces remarkably vague criteria that will be very hard to turn into operational guidance.

After a judge dismissed the lawsuit for being too vague, it was re-filed in early January with more detail, and an added, fourth complainant.

This is not to suggest there is something vague about the paintings.

How do you write about speeches filled with wild and vague insinuations and sometimes flat-out lies?

As for the future, Lerdsila’s plans are vague.

“As far as the details, I think it’s pretty vague right now as to how.”

“As far as the details, I think it’s pretty vague right now as to how.”

The final declaration issued by G7 members elicited vague recommendations on every policy area, with the exception of counter-terrorism.

I look back on those interviews and they are vague and rambling, kind of like this.

Trump’s true position on the TPP is vague.

Detractors, colleges and men’s rights groups decried these rules as overly harsh and vague, and an assault on due process rights.

Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis offered a vague blend of encouragement and warning to NATO allies during his debut trip to Brussels.

Other Democrats are more vague, promising to fight for universal coverage but leaving the details to be figured out later.

And it’s not just meant to be a vague enough answer to dodge the question.

You say “anonymous art school”—why be vague about that particular detail?

The problem is that “corruption” is an easy but vague criticism to throw at a hard problem.

But as a vague catchall, to say something is “non-corrupt” is an impossible standard.

It was vague.

The final verdict: Upon further review, the typo was [mic cuts out] so we have [vague gesture].

His tax plan revealed last week was a vague outline.

But it is also vague.

And Rowling was similarly vague — at least at first — on the question of where, exactly, Uagadou is.

That’s not how you use them,” Jamie said with vague confidence.

), while Toby Jones continues the vague “Is this about Trump?” commentary by wearing a truly glorious orange-ish toupee.

Travel dates by high-profile individuals are usually left deliberately vague for security reasons.

Trump has been a bit vague on exactly what he wants China to do, but we have a sense of the broad ideas.

There are some fed rules against misleading consumers, but they’re very vague.

The presence of these devices at Defcon should not come as a surprise to anyone who has even a vague understanding of hacking conferences.

The arts organization director makes a vague mention of tax deductions, and so the artist agrees to donate a small painting.

Lam says her inquiries about the sales and the whereabouts of her works were answered with vague and inaccurate reports.

While the tweet is vague on policy specifics, Trump is essentially calling for three sweeping immigration reforms.

But the “immigration services surcharge” proposal, vague though it is, is different — because USCIS doesn’t need congressional authorization to raise its fees.

The appeal of the Green New Deal is in part how vague it is.

The article contained a vague accusation of sexual assault against Buttigieg and promised more information in the coming days.

The article contained a vague accusation of sexual assault against Buttigieg and promised more information in the coming days.

Stuff that actually would affect workers’ lives was presented in a technocratic and vague way.

That vague there’s-something-about-him doubt sits with people like Judi Picinini, who is backing Denham.

Dorothy’s only vague pleasures are the vicarious thrills of her libertine friend Estelle and Estelle’s soap opera love affairs.

… Just start something worthwhile already.” Back in 2015, Orban’s “sketches on the canvas” were still vague.

“I am concerned that police forces put vague concepts of police safety before the human dignity.”

I suppose a vague sense of “cool technical tricks!”

And while vague, this is an intriguing hint that Obama is thinking about being a very different ex-president than we’ve been used to.

To be as widely applicable as possible, stock imagery must necessarily be vague and open to interpretation.

That is a much clearer — and stricter — standard of proof than the vague guidelines under federal law.

After months releasing vague outlines and broad plans, House Republicans are finally working through legislative text on tax reform.

Much of Gingrich’s speech is too vague to fact-check — just scary-sounding platitudes masquerading as truth-telling and brave honesty.

Its a very consistent record with a vague narrative premise – this track is great.

But Demon Deacons head coach Dave Clawson thinks something else was afoot: a very vague “security breach” where some Wake Forest “documents” went missing.

My username was Metal_of_India, a term of endearment I found reading Shakespeare, and a vague nod to my second love, books, and my heritage.

This is all still very vague — a fact that has some experts on edge, even if they’re cautiously optimistic.

The phrase “way of life” is imprecise, and perhaps it could indicate an allegiance to vague terms like freedom and liberty.

The rest was a jumble of vague statements about building and strengthening partnerships and confronting terrorism.

If that sounds absurdly vague, I sympathize.

Academically speaking, the boundaries of sexology are still somewhat vague.

But critics told GIzmodo this guideline is too vague and isn’t supported by science, either.

“My request was very vague.

The language was very, very vague, and probably deliberately so.

He offered instead a diplomatically vague expression of gratitude.

Pathway to citizenship: yes Abolishing ICE: unclear The former vice president unveiled a vague immigration plan in a Miami Herald op-ed Monday.

Blood Agent—explains the group’s ideology, which is a vague amalgam of right-wing, anti-Islamic, pro-Second Amendment beliefs.

Instead, we got some vague talk about minor rule changes and assurances that scoring would be back up any day now.

“They can be vague or overbroad,” he said.

“Frontline communities need more than a vague commitment for benefits,” Annel Hernandez of the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance told me.

He was a tabula rasa without a record in politics, and his spectacle-driven campaign gave him the freedom to be vague about … everything.

Under Trump, Democrats haven’t had to build meaningful consensus around policies — only rally around vague slogans.

The company was a little more vague about the red envelope feature, though did not deny it exists.

So in came the scavengers, to buy those mines for cheap, with vague promises to renew them.

Obama was, unsurprisingly, pretty vague on what role the US played in that conflict.

“They left the nuclear issue vague, which was the right thing to do.

It’s left colleges with a tiny, vague pathway to consider race with the goal of diversity.

“You’ve been pretty vague in the past.

The resulting media frenzy would become so intense that it made his 1976 sojourn in Baltimore seem like a vague memory.

I couldn’t even remember why I hadn’t exactly loved Gatsby years before, feeling only a vague lingering effect little beyond its name.

In Washington, advocates are concerned that the ballot language is too vague.

Such shows of repentance are very rare in Mexican politics, although the president was still rather vague about what exactly he was apologizing for.

He was vague, saying “authorities” were involved.

There have been different reasons offered to the press for your decision—most of them are vague, and frankly, confusing.

Until the early 2000s, all laws surrounding the issue were extremely vague, giving local governments wide latitude to repress gay citizens.

He wanted to slash spending on Medicare, Medicaid, and, though he has been vague on the details since ascending to House leadership, Social Security.

But he was vague on precisely what steps the secessionists would take as Spanish authorities move into Barcelona to enforce control.

Republicans have protested that the administration doesn’t need the money, that they have questions that haven’t been answered or that the request is vague.”

It is proof that they have succeeded at something and are therefore wise enough to give all sorts of vague advice.

A little vague?

Insurers set their own definitions, and they’re usually vague.

What did this vague tweet mean?

So the message became the vague “eat less fat, period.”

And Wolff is often deliberately vague about his sourcing.

Each photo was also labeled with the latitude and longitude, and in some cases a vague description of the source.

He was given the vague theme of “art” and asked to follow the 15-minute sex rule.

“I was intentionally vague,” Armstrong said about his previous comments on Sunday night at Recode’s Code Commerce event in Las Vegas.

She is unable to live her own life, instead ending up a vague copy of herself.

Trunks and branches gleam, vague and silvery.

All the details I had in my head were vague, though.

And that’s one of the biggest criticism of mindfulness that I kept encountering in reporting: It’s all kind of vague.

That’s as vague as saying you’re for gun control.Jennifer Merolla: I think some of the details are still a little bit vague.

But it’s still vague right now.

And that could be why she’s being vague on the details.

Will they literally sacrifice their good time in the vague hope that somebody may turn up?

I will exclude vague promises such as universal pre-K and expanded special education funding.

The South Korean military initially described it as a missile launch, but subsequently gave a more vague description.

The patent in question is for a “Transaction Security Apparatus,” which is just as vague as the title would lead you to believe.

It is rather vague, but it does seem to allude to Stone’s repeated previous statements that Mueller was framing him.

The idea of blocking all regulations not needed for “public safety” has a kind of vague intuitive ring to it.

Others have raised questions over the timing of FBI Director James Comey’s vague announcement.

Say what you will about this unnecessary sequel, but it’s full of characters who are at least vague approximations of real human beings.

If you really want to stretch it… there might be something vague about death by hypothermia.

Instead, literature has to be vague, emotional, and open – used as an opportunity to explore our sense of morality and justice.

However, the guidelines both agencies publish are, as per both agency’s spokespeople, intentionally vague.

It’s a little vague, since it’s the same recipes.

Iran threatened vague consequences, with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards telling Saudi Arabia to expect “harsh revenge.”

Even more problematic, these stories employ a vague concept of “evangelical,” a term that has become almost totally disconnected from its historic meaning.

Twin Peaks characters are always watching TV, and it always seems to put them in a vague stupor.

Walsh’s vague, unsourced tweet shouldn’t be taken as fact, and there are a bunch of (possibly cynical) complicating factors.

Yes, and “70s punk” seems to have become a buzzword associated with a vague way of dressing now.See – it never was that.

This deftly conveys the contrast between childhood and adulthood, as well as the vague nature of remembering one’s past.

Rocking would disrupt the cleansing of their muted, vulnerable, contemplative, vague feelings.

The budget is pretty vague.

He could also, once again, speak entirely in vague generalities and promise yet again that he’ll release his own plan eventually.

The term “black culture” is so vague to be at once unnecessary and useless at explaining exactly what’s going on in black communities.

Nor does she have the vague, abstract, off-putting beauty of a supermodel like Linda Evangelista or Stephanie Seymour.

We are the story in print.” It was a moving sentiment, but something of a vague one.

Hoyer called for Trump to outline “specific strategies,” and Crowley’s statement demanded the president flesh out his “vague plan.”

His answers to policy questions often involve vague nonsense.

They merely promised to “work toward” the goal of denuclearization, which is about as vague and meaningless as it gets.

He orders haddock, and haggis, and French fries covered in cheese and curry sauce, each item the same vague yellow.

The text of the agreement is so vague that it’s not clear what could be enforced.

He was scared of losing his lifeline more than the vague threat of possibly, in an extreme case, losing his life.

And Hawley’s bill is extremely vague, even on the basic tenets of what the legislation means or would do.

This reduces the quality of predictions — more vague and wild predictions, fewer ones resting on specified theories.

Denson said the NDA — which prohibited the disclosure of information about Trump and his family — was too broad, vague, and violated public policy.

(If you think I’m being a little vague, I am.

And I had a vague sense of, “I could do that.”

Is the current definition of a “crime of violence” too vague?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this provision was unconstitutionally vague in 2015.

I had this vague

But, for now, there is that vague saving grace, and the little moments of gratitude it inspires.

The plan is pretty vague about details outside of financing.

Syrians are gradually gaining legal rights in Turkey, which for some time granted them a vague “guest” status rather than formal refugee recognition.

They don’t advertise their wares at surveillance fairs and keep the information on their public websites vague.

The terms of Article 155 are vague and could spur more wrangling with the restive region.

I’m being vague as to avoid spoilers, but there are plenty of things to mess with and see what happens.

Sure, they smile and nod, but their eyes seem to glaze over and their responses are short and vague throughout the conversation.

So the early Trump administration was vague on the deal itself, but took a hard rhetorical line on Iran in general.

Farnsworth suggests the term “health security,” which sounds comforting but vague.

But as Farnsworth says, vague terms give politicians “wiggle room,” which can be important.

Because they took place decades ago, there are details around timing and location that are vague.

Zach Woods: I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know what anyone’s talking about, but I have a vague memory of it.

What that something actually is has remained deliberately vague in the years since.

At first glance, the convention had the vague corporate garden-party look so many of the city’s cultural events seem to relish in.

The company stressed that security is “clearly paramount” if it is to succeed in making a reliable app, but was vague on specifics.

Trump’s most recent vague but seemingly pointed comments about Obama getting it “better than anybody understands” seem to hint at these theories.

Both have talked in vague generalities about cleaning up Washington and standing up to special interests, but only when they are out of power.

It was all rather vague, which didn’t help with user concern on Twitter.

“They will not accept vague endorsements,” he said.

Perhaps now that at least a vague notion of what’s happening is out in the open, the healing can begin?

The current code is vague enough that surgeons can argue that their social media content meets the ethical guidelines.

The problem is their agreement is extremely vague — and may actually prove bad news for the United States.

She’s spent four decades releasing pure pop bangers that are iconic before they even existed as a vague thought in her head.

Instead of falling into line with tradition perceptions, they end up elusive and vague.

Patterson’s answers about declining engagement were vague and mostly came down to “create more engaging content,” three aides who attended told VICE News.

He did promise to act on health care, but he left the details vague.

If this meeting ends up with vague notions of future compromise, then nothing will happen.

When he played “Something vague,” though—a cut about (surprise!)

Each time, he offered either no response or vague comments that failed to address the problem.

Tuesday’s new teaser doesn’t tell us much, but a press release from Netflix has a frustratingly vague season two synopsis.

“Brittle” is a vague story of a fractured relationship.

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

His agenda for the country was occasionally vague at best.

vague, yet somehow distinct in its vagueness, it demonstrates how specific recombinations of familiar musical indie-rock tropes can produce a baffling surreality.

“In our constitutional order, a vague law is no law at all,” Gorsuch added.

The court ruled that a law requiring the deportation of immigrants convicted of certain crimes of violence also was unconstitutionally vague.

(It’s important to note that, although he claims to be a believer, Sanders typically speaks about his faith with vague references to “spirituality.”)

Once there was public uproar, the company tried to hide behind vague hand-waving about the complexities of healthcare supply chains.

Law enforcement is vague about actual threats, but one source did say, “Everybody is always concerned about death threats.”

Finally, amid vague promises of the businessmen helping her father’s case, one snapped at Gui and issued a threatening message.

Louisiana is another example of a state where the law is vague.

While everyone has a vague awareness of factory disasters and low wages and child labor, it’s easier and more comfortable not to know.

His discontent came off with curt, vague answers to reporters during the postgame press conference, after which he abruptly walked away.

It sounds vague, but a mega farm definition, with numbers, is hard to pin down.

The little information available was vague, confusing, and often contradictory.

It’s the first explicit mention of an actual bipolar diagnosis, though Kanye has made vague references to mental illness in the past.

But Trump has no concrete plan for increasing funding or access to treatment — just a vague promise to “spend the money.”

Some men on this app are pretty vague with their intentions when you’re deciding on if you’d like to meet up.

However, the bill has been roundly criticized by industry experts for its potential overreach and vague language.

Still, that order was vague about what the office would do.

He told people there was a problem very simply, and stuck to a vague argument that he would fix it.”

Still, that order was vague about what the office would do.

But that’s still pretty vague.

Often the attribution is as vague as “snapshot, ca.

Spicer made vague references to Flynn breaking trust on “several occasions” — but didn’t clarify what they were.

KS: In that vein, which company is the biggest offender, has been the most vague about everything?

For centuries, artists have crossed into uncomfortable emotional spaces, but the difficulty with Nauman is that he does so for uncomfortably vague reasons.

Immigrants rights groups and defense attorneys argue it’s too vague.

Immigrants rights groups and defense attorneys argue it’s too vague.

Previously, DOI officials were vague about who dismissed Fagre that day.

But what exactly all of that means — specifically, the vague “contribution” part — is unclear.

He also said further major portfolio changes were being considered, but was vague.

The regulation’s guidelines are vague, and we just don’t know how Mueller’s interpreting them.

He was vague about what Cohen actually did for him.

But I only have vague memories of it.

How do you write about speeches filled wild and vague insinuations?

vague spoilers ahead.

Chapo’s attorney argues that the vague list violates his right to due process.

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

Last year, this probably meant showing someone Snapchat at a vague point between a third champagne refill and pudding.

A vague apology coupled with a vague denial has the effect of casting all accusers as potential liars.

In 2011, May introduced a plan for the program to focus on “extremist ideology,” an idea that experts have criticized as dangerously vague.

Of course, newsworthiness is a vague standard that well may have different limits when applied to celebrities as opposed to private citizens.

It was a fleeting and very vague mention.

Katherine Wolkoff’s The Critical Zone, at Benrubi Gallery, also suffers from a vague conceit, though the individual works are refined.

They’re not clinical words but are vague enough to hint at the kind of skin you might achieve — well-hydrated, free of blemishes.

Taunted by the come-hither of how lyrically vague they are, we can’t resist the temptation to insert ourselves into their deliberately choreographed narratives.

The framework is vague on many details.

Apart from that, Buttigieg has been relatively vague about policy.

That includes a vague encouragement that member states should have “independent bodies” to assess complaints.

But despite the vague promises embedded in Draghi-speak, it didn’t last long.

Haley was vague about her reasons for quitting, citing a desire to take some time off.

The idea of blocking all regulations not needed for “public safety” has a kind of vague intuitive ring to it.

I really have only a vague idea of what people want and what to give them.

Sanders’s view, however vague, is a call to reverse the oligarchic tendencies of the past decades.

One of the ways news coverage has allowed these thoughts to be more palatable is the use of this vague, imprecise language.

It helped too that, as vague as the term “smart” is, “nootropics” is equally broad.

“If there’s any pattern to his conversation, it’s that he’s vague on all subjects outside himself, his campaign and the media.

Instead, he offered vague anti-regulation platitudes and a reheated Republican plan to privatize air traffic control.

There, she will help the science officers with some seriously vague, highly classified biochemical science.

Have a vague idea about a Versailles-inspired end table for your bedroom?

But to the extent that he represents a vague rejectionism and a hostility to civil discourse, he’s extremely dangerous.

Something like that justifies the very existence of a game players and fans alike only care about in a vague way.

He said his brother’s recollection of the day is “very vague,” but that he had told him some details.

But it’s clear from the transcript that Rice saw it as a purposely vague word choice with no greater significance.

The loyalties of the coup plotters in this event were vague, but monarchists were involved, and leftists were opposed.

Other candidates at best gave vague, quick answers and nothing else.

That is a much clearer — and stricter — standard of proof than the vague guidelines under federal law.

Different factions within the party have different vague ideas, but there is little consensus.

At times there’s a vague semblance of past civilization, but clearly overrun for ages.

But it was all too general and vague until we decided to steal the plot or structure of another movie.

This quarter, Zuckerberg and Wehner were much more vague, and ultimately declined to answer the question.

The trailer for it, which is equally vague and mildly surreal, has fewer than 400 views.

(He said he’d have to “work with” them, which is too vague to read anything into.)

On Thursday morning, Pichai took his first go at the “Founders’ Letter,” Google’s annual, often vague view of its “unconventional” nature and future.

They’ve given vague talk about supporting police officers.

But the information provided was confusing, vague, and open ended.

“I think that impact exists, but it’s vague,” he says.

It’s a vague and disputed theory.

But what these “political obligations” actually are is kept deliberately vague, allowing the state the flexibility to punish as it pleases.

With a vague recollection of the scene, I remarked to a friend that there was something striking about Hillary in that moment.

I’ve seen all kinds of general resources appear online for trans people, with goals too vague and undefined.

At their first meeting in Singapore in June, Trump and Kim signed a vague declaration to work towards denuclearization.

I’d tried to get information throughout my pregnancy, but every professional I asked had been vague and reassuring.

The article’s terms on direct rule, which has never been applied, are vague.

I have vague memories of TV reporters using bathroom busts to stoke anti-gay hysteria during television sweeps week.

Was there great awareness of it or just a vague awareness that there were …

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

Mnuchin and Cohn’s outline included a few vague hints at ways to raise revenue.

It had to fill in a lot of vague parts of Trump’s plan to produce numbers.

But it’s vital to keep cool and identify specific dangers rather than being overcome by a vague apocalyptic gloom.

Trump backed up his initial comment with a vague anecdote about Muslims chanting “Death to America” in mosques across the Middle East.

This also explains the vague wording like “promotes,” “maintains,” and “supports” that you often see on these supplements.

Their application of their terms of service is vague.”

Their legislative language was vague and incomplete, and whatever their virtues they never had the backing of leadership.

If that sounds vague, that’s because it is.

In recent weeks, Trump has said he wants to improve health coverage for all Americans, but he’s been vague about what that means.

There’s also an online form for the public to give input, which was announced with little fanfare and is largely vague.

Jennifer Garner was vague about the ink, saying, “Bless his heart.”

“It was just really vague and trying to be reassuring but kind of failing,” she told VICE News.

It privately requires government-issued identification from political ad buyers but allows them pseudoanonymity in public disclosures through vague names such as Be Registered LLC.

O’Rourke jumped into the crowded field Friday as one of the more-centrist candidates, and his policy ideas are among the most vague.

Current law in Scotland (and in the UK at large) allows for “reasonable chastisement” (yes, it’s vague) when it comes to disciplining kids.

Much of the language in the 11-page report and the accompanying press release is vague.

Deep learning, in particular, is a vague and not-very-technical term.

The bad guy is a pudgy geek seeking a vague form of revenge for having been bullied.

Barry argued that the ban was unconstitutionally vague, potentially encompassing many other types of abortion clearly protected under Roe.

“Be on high alert to all kinds of erroneous thoughts, vague understandings, and bad phenomena in ideological areas,” it warned.

It goes on to say Cassandra, an aspiring model and singer, was hired for her own look and not because of some vague resemblance.

CreateNYC is a sprawling, 175-page document that is simultaneously thorough and vague, though committed to the frame of culture.

That said, its successes include: Most of these assets are relatively vague and will depend on interpretation and political will.

How, exactly, they plan to rescue her remains vague.

Gieringer remains doubtful that such testing will pan out, because the connection between THC levels and performance is so vague.

Set within this exhibition,”Toxic” feels vague and, because of that, toothless.

The “disturbing schools” law is incredibly vague — students can be charged for “acting in an obnoxious manner” at school.

Chinese law defines terrorism and extremism in a very broad and vague manner.

The order — which Trump is set to sign later Thursday — might still be vague in terms of policy.

Rhetoric on China’s side was vague as well.

And if you’re one of those punks who isn’t truly intolerant to gluten, but has given it up for vague, faddish “health reasons”?

As found-footage set-ups go, Tom’s reasons for filming are left a little … vague.

That is a much clearer — and stricter — standard of proof than the vague guidelines under federal law.

A November report from Everytown further outlined the limits of the vague definition for a federally licensed firearm dealer.

It’s a debate that rocks the core of American democracy, and the Constitution is vague on the matter.

“The wording ‘expect’ is sort of vague, but having some sort of hope is a better way of putting it.”

Fatigue is difficult to pin down, because it’s a vague symptom that can just be a part of life for some people sometimes.

The codes inevitably were far too vague in terms of what speech was permitted and what was prohibited.

This sounds vague, but it’s the reason why upper houses are de facto less powerful than lower houses in many other developed countries.

The government had already announced a vague plan to boost oil output with the help of seven companies.

Obviously, this is all very vague, and Sofia has no formal therapeutic or medical qualifications, nor claims to.

But since 9/11, the definition of “war” has become more vague and lacks the geographical restrictions it used to.

NASA explained the delay by citing vague concerns for both contractors, such as the need to complete hardware testing and other work.

Most proposals are somewhat vague on this point, mentioning everything from child care to infrastructure.

However, he added that “the document itself is a bit vague so we can’t rule out this possibility, if the trade situation further deteriorates”.

That’s vague and philosophical.

I sort of have this vague … You need to do something about the boxes.

He gave no explanation aside from a vague reference to a rise in opioid-related overdoses.

He gave no explanation aside from a vague reference to a rise in opioid-related overdoses.

You also hear this with good-sounding but ultimately vague calls for America’s Arab allies to “do more.”

As such, Trump has somewhat walked them back, leaving his overall ISIS policy as vague as everyone else’s.

So why is ISIS policy so vague?

But if she continues to muddle through buoyed by a vague sense of inevitable minority support, then she’s in trouble.

Though he’s vague about his early years, Abdulrahman speaks with noticeable pride of his first encounter with Syrian military intelligence.

I like keeping it vague.

There are cases where the directives you receive are clear but morally troubling, and cases where the directives themselves are vague and ambiguous.

Trump himself has never seemed very ideological on healthcare, and has made vague promises about getting more Americans covered.

He seemed like the unpopular boys in my own grade, wounded in a vague way, his wrists as tiny as a child’s.

Warning: There are some very mild story spoilers about Destiny 2, but it’s all vague.

I suppose Ish’s play, viewed in this admittedly narrow context, invoked some vague feeling of admiration.

There’s a lot of vague, shady hinting from someone who has a reputation of being a bullshitter.

The startups’ CEOs are cordial and vague when addressing their competition.

At one point during the panel, Nye asks, “Why does everybody hate Monsanto?” and allows Fraley to provide a vague and virtually unchallenged answer.

The former Mexico City mayor has capitalized on widespread anger over years of rampant corruption and violence, but has been vague on policy details.

The bland statement made no reference to Jerusalem and prompted criticism at home that it was insufficient, vague and anti-Palestinian.

I was purposely vague, telling them I was selling software—something I did for a while before porn—but they put things together.

Rütten is vague about the hostel’s exact location, because she wants to protect it from a flood of visitors.

We’re told Swift was vague during the call, only saying she needed some space.

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

Your email is too vague when the person cannot easily look at it and know exactly what you want from them.

These are all vague, unspecific requests.

Second, Comey has gotten criticism from both the left and the right for how remarkably vague his letter was.

That produced a vague statement of Kim’s pledge to work toward denuclearization of the Korean peninsula but little progress followed.

The wording on a possible second referendum is left vague.

Sure, there are some vague attempts to make Danny a little more sympathetic.

It’s punchy, but also vague and capacious, with enough room for anyone to imbue it with meaning.

“Today, the official documents do not indicate precise outlines for the new Silk Roads, and China is being purposefully vague,” Ekman said.

Their argument was that the rule was vague enough that the EPA could crack down on them if it chose.

“The end is vague,” he says.

Come the inauguration, Trump’s vague election campaign promises to “restore relations with Russia” will meet the test of reality.

Granted, dream apparatuses operating as speculative art often have only a tissue of vague clues, but these hints must be perceptible.

If they were vague about where they were going, checking me out, or too eager to get me in, I’d pass.

18) White Label vague Citrus.

Those requirements, health care providers say, are not only frustratingly vague but also threaten their ability to help adolescents through Title X.

The authorities have given only limited and vague information about what is happening in the area.

Those requirements, health care providers say, are not only frustratingly vague but also threaten their ability to help adolescents through Title X.

“They are very vague.

The only action the president promised to take was pretty vague, though.

All these vague worries about automation.

They’re not vague, they’re actually real.

In all these incidents, the venues were able to dismiss the claims by citing capacity issues or vague codes.

Their press release made some vague nod toward that.

He will surely continue to be vague and sometimes contradict himself.

He added that “gender mainstreaming,” a term right-wing Germans use to describe vague conceptions of gender equality, “is a psychological disease.”

This week, a vague, faxed letter reportedly written by Lee to his wife surfaced.

“His social commentary was very vague,” he said.

The dad had nothing to offer except the vague reassurance that everything will probably be OK, probably by the summer of 2019.

“The human rights of civilians cannot be sacrificed under some vague notions of combating terrorism,” he said.

A vague gesture towards the burning world we live in usually suffices.

Uber and Lyft have denied any categorizations of their messaging as vague or misleading.

Once you vague up that idea, the entire story loses its direction.

That may sound vague, but it’s potent.

Over the years, he has only offered a handful of additional clues, some vague and conceptual, others factual and geographic.

Perry gave a decidedly vague and noncommittal answer saying “I respect that position.

But the Court had long been vague about whether district maps could be unconstitutionally gerrymandered on partisan grounds.

Baum tried to give Oz a political reality and a vague sense of economics and all sorts of things.

Trump started the fight with Bush, calling him out for his vague answer on the Iraq War last year.

Would a song longing for some vague thing to get you through life really be topping the charts?

Consumers usually don’t know they’re unwittingly opting in to these always-on tracking features when agreeing to vague and overreaching end user terms.

Nevertheless, the history of the dish remains vague.

Trump demurred, opting for vague promises of continued support and friendship to Kurdish allies.

And, as with dreams, it’s hard to describe exactly what unfolds without sounding vague and rambling.

Rebel commander Maj. Ibrahim was vague about what advice he may have received from the MOC.

The catchall term that has ended up being used to describe this is “collusion,” which is rather broad and vague.

Meanwhile, another group of opposition deputies seeks to scrap the measure completely, deeming it too vague.

But the panel decried China’s “broad definition of terrorism and vague references to extremism and unclear definition of separatism in Chinese legislation”.

But often the complaints are just as vague as the original request.

He consults his notes and tells vague jokes that feel like the half-former observations they ultimately are.

But Perry was unsuccessful at linking her vague sense of political outrage to a personal, emotional core.

“I slowly pick out areas to solidify and nail down, keeping other areas vague until they are ready.

The AAPP advocates overhauling vague or outdated rules in the Jail Manual and Penal Code, much of it written during British colonial rule.

So far the data provided by Venezuelan officials on the Zika epidemic has been scant, sometimes contradictory, and always vague.

Here are a few examples of these harrowing taxidermy examples by people who only had a vague idea of the real animal.

But the prediction is hard to talk through explicitly because it’s so maddeningly vague.

The Times story puts the blame on the Defense Department, though in somewhat vague terms.

During the meeting, the president reportedly made vague remarks about the games’ violence but mentioned no specific games by name.

During the meeting, the president reportedly made vague remarks about the games’ violence but mentioned no specific games by name.

Before and during his confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh has been vague about his views on Roe and abortion rights.

Symptoms vary and they’re often vague.

But those are pretty vague reasons to expect a candidate to literally change his entire campaign after he wins the Republican nomination.

They clearly figured that “Lost and Found” would be a good hook—not wrong—and then filled the song with vague introspection.

Apparently Cohen pushed Novartis to invest in a smaller pharma firm developing an autism treatment that had some vague links to a Russian oligarch.

It was that the speech was vague to the point of being meaningless, totally incoherent, or just plain wrong.

When you look at it from this point of view, the vague ideas and contradictions don’t matter.

That’s a pretty vague possibility.

But the morning alert was vague.

Western civilization is a vague idea.

But the morning alert was vague.

America, historically, has not been a vague idea.

The political declaration, because it’s vague by design, would make this feasible.

“This contract is actually quite vague,” Art was saying.

And in the hearing on Wednesday, Kavanaugh offered only vague answers to Feinstein’s questions.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can have vague side effects like fatigue, so doing proper lab testing through a doctor is crucial, according to Crystal.

The studies Paustenbach cites, however, are fraught with limitations, such as small sample sizes, vague job classifications and lack of exposure data.

In his first tweet on Charlottesville, he offered a vague denunciation.

The details are vague — something about an argument — but they don’t matter.

The vague solutions that Eno proposes—”thoughtful and creative social and political action”—involve, not spontaneous action, but careful contemplation and meaningful collaboration.

While Trump’s July tweet was vague on policy specifics, he was essentially calling for three sweeping immigration reforms.

It’s normal in the United States (though not in some foreign countries) for important acts of Congress to be vague.

The language is often vague and invokes mysticism.

Definitions tend to be vague and broad, and they’re often applied to more than a dozen different ingredients.

The bottom line is that you can’t really broadly apply the promise of vague benefits across an entire class of substances without real evidence.

It’s still pretty vague, though.

Rolling brownouts flicker across the city, ominous but vague, like thunder rumbling in the distance.

Neither of his burglaries were violent, so he sued the government in 2011, claiming the aggravated felony definition was too vague.

vague laws invite arbitrary power,” he wrote.

Despite being vague about how to handle the issue, Marshall’s proposal is gaining steam from other local legislators.

While cuffing season is vague, impulsive, and exciting—driven by the spiritual and elemental—clearing season is definitive, urgent, and dark.

It calls for repealing Obamacare and gestures at block grants for Medicaid (“state flexibility”), but is otherwise vague.

There’s always been an undercurrent of poetic melancholy and vague regret interlacing his lyrics.

In response to those accusers, Weinstein offered a vague statement that did not address any one individual.

It comes down to what a “reasonable” officer would do — an incredibly vague standard.

To date, Bolsonaro has been vague about how he would carry out actions to stop Chinese investment he sees as undesirable.

If Trump supporters have anything in common, it’s a vague belief in yesterday.

As we’ll discuss later, it is so vague and short on details that there’s plenty of room to interpret.)

What makes him interesting to me in this regard is that revolutionary prophets are always vague on intent.

00000 Million So, yes, vague numerology is literally what this record is, which itself is also called 22, A Million.

Trump Jr. said her statements “were vague, ambiguous, and made no sense.”

They have vague feelings about undefined issues, and they surrender their votes on mostly tribal grounds.

They vote one way out of habit or out of vague affinity.

Hence “Haze and Fog,” Cao’s take on a zombie film, that is entrancing in its vague, apprehensive sense of unease.

It’s a beautiful image, if a little vague, and its subject is, as it is with many old photographs, longing.

The term “populism” has become a vague catchall.

Basically they’re very vague on economics, but it’s the cultural values which are the critical aspects which differ for them.

Though the Nordic nation has freedom of speech written into its 1953 constitution, rules governing whistleblowers are vague, Socialist lawmaker Lisbeth Bech Poulsen said.

They don’t say much, and are vague listings of topics that appear to have come up, rather than complete sentences.

The explanations of the order given to the New York Times by administration spokespeople were fairly vague.

I do have to have a vague five-year plan.

He thus tried to avoid both pitfalls by simply giving vague, qualified answers and dissembling about Exxon’s record on sanctions.

It started out as a vague concept of incorporating a bunch of different characters from our past albums, videos, songs, and this album.

It remains to be seen whether his vague promises to the contrary will be enough to appease the Trump administration.

“That vague agreement will be a problem for Trump,” Zhang Baohui, a political scientist at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University, told VICE News.

Clinton was vague about what the “Hillary standard” entails, but there are a couple of different ways to interpret this.

(To be fair to their predictions, the timeline of each is quite vague.)

In a joint press conference, Tillerson said the U.S. would consider individual sanctions, though the diplomat kept his statement conditional and vague.

Everything Morrison and Gilman and Díaz and Roberts might have been saying is subsumed into inoffensive, vague niceness.

We hope vague in a sentence examples were helpful.