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The social network previously disclosed the websites and 1,000 media outlets it uses to corroborate reporting — a list with some notable omissions.

It’s interesting, we’ll see how Nancy Pelosi uses the medium.

Just uses it.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

He uses his calming, deep hum of a voice to give ballad-like qualities to dance-forward production.

Had you thought about other robotic uses in the home, of the actual servants or those kind of things, or not?

“From a long way off, it was already leaning,” said Gauk, a fisherman who uses one name.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

He can’t see into the greenhouses, but he uses software that manipulates the image to highlight vegetation.

Lucie Bradley leads us in an open discussion about the history, uses, and implications of herbal remedies.

(Other outlets disagreed, but Fox wasn’t kicked out of the consortium that uses the exit poll.)

The plant near the Swiss border has four 900 MW reactors and uses water from the river for cooling.

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Sometimes a product gets attention because a celebrity uses it and genuinely loves it.

When her makeup artist Nick Barose gives interviews about Nyong’o’s looks, he uses all Lancôme products because she’s their brand ambassador.

“He never refers specifically to mass murder of the Jewish people at Auschwitz, nor uses the words Holocaust or Shoah.

It uses 360-degree video to create simulated game scenarios, letting players hone their ability to make snap decisions in with less risk of injury.

When they’re on the phones, it’s Snapchat that is their entertainment or my son uses Discover, he uses all kinds of stuff.

I know that’s been an up-and-down thing for Snapchat, but he definitely uses it.

In Mobilize, Magrann uses activities before the game begins to get the players thinking about gender presentation and identity as a queer woman.

Aura Bogado, an immigration reporter with Reveal, detailed conditions in hieleras — the facilities CBO uses to detain border crossers.

Elon uses unrealistic deadlines as a management tool to get the absolute most out of people.

And it doesn’t seem like there are any hard feelings between her and the orthodontist, the grown man who still uses Tumblr.

The forged adverts were put together by Historical Paroxysm, a video shop that uses archival footage to create videos depicting alternate histories.

“A rockist is someone who reduces rock ’n’ roll to a caricature, then uses that caricature as a weapon,” Sanneh wrote.

NASA uses π to calculate the trajectory of spacecraft orbits.

In its best moments, it uses one initial incident or idea to string together reactions from everybody else in the cast.

In particular it uses its most famous guest star, Fred Armisen, as a very slight spice in the whole mixture.

A 30-something travel hacker who spent 11 years exploring 193 countries reveals which travel rewards card he uses every day

The most popular uses of CBD in animals are to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and control seizures.

But “LARP sword” helps bring it back even if no one uses actual swords in LARPing.

Black people and our bodies, dead or alive, are made into commons to which people assign their own particular uses, purposes, causes, and ambitions.

When it comes into contact with bacteria, it uses its “feet” to grab onto it.

He uses words like “revolution” and “takeover” despite visible and intense displeasure on the part of the neighbors he says he aims to empower.

On the other hand, it’s awkward and ungainly, and it sometimes uses Candy’s death for unearned dramatics.

Bannon frequently uses the word “populist” to describe his worldview, and that’s how he saw Breitbart’s coverage.

It uses case studies about civilian prosecutors when arguing about military prosecutors, for instance.

“She uses a system of very subtle cues, like shoving and trampling, to prevent them from developing sexually,” says Faulkes.

She uses an anachronistic cordless phone on more than one occasion, and a late-movie car chase scene was, as my father described, “very Hollywood.”

They also anticipate Deutsche will be told to continue improving the systems it uses to monitor its business and risks, the sources said.

Marshall uses three combinations of black to depict his subjects: carbon, ivory, and Mars black.

ISIS routinely uses mosques and minarets during fighting, according to the Times.

The most immediate ones swirl around a scenario in which Assad uses chemical weapons again in the future — potentially many times.

Pangborn, like Strange, has learned the ways of mysticism, and uses magic to make himself walk after being paralyzed in a car accident.

All other uses and sharing of your personal data would require your affirmative “opt-in” consent.

But Redfin uses a team-based approach where different functions are performed by different agents.

Belcher uses numbers to support that claim.

Renaudo answered listener questions about drone safety and the future uses of his company’s technology.

Obviously, they’re now being used for commercial uses and all kinds of things.

And of course he has a series of about eight favorite adjectives that he uses again and again.

One of the most frequent posters uses a GIF of Rodger as his profile image.

The press—which uses a piston to exert extreme force on a small area—mashed a Nokia 3310 like an old banana.

It’s affordable — usually selling for about $500 — and it uses 9mm bullets, a type of ammunition that is produced in high volume.

For example, Google cloud customer Spotify uses BigQuery to analyze user listening data, according to a report from analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group.

That includes using App Engine, which the company uses for such essential processes as initiating and routing users’ video, voice and conference calls.

Snap uses a machine learning system right now that helps it to improve ad targeting.

However Snap uses Google cloud, the company is clear that the product is critical to the startup’s operations.

The nation currently uses 141 liters per person each day – about enough for two typical eight-minute U.S. showers, according to Harvard University statistics.

Singapore currently uses about 1.95 billion liters per day – enough to fill 782 Olympic-sized swimming pools, according to national water agency PUB.

That intimacy has also led to some troubling uses of the service, though, specifically around racial profiling.

Then I met Steve Sanchez, who has been SuitX’s “chief pilot” for the past five years and uses the device regularly.

The robot, which looks like a jellyfish if jellyfish played table tennis with three tentacles, uses sensors to monitor the ball.

Shirazeh Houshiary’s transcendent installation “Breath” (2003) also uses chanting to arouse feelings of meditation.

There could be a comprehensive revisioning of how this overcrowded, overcapacity city uses its vital public spaces.

øejRum, who uses only old magazines and newspaper clippings in his compositions, is a fan of analog art.

“What we’ve done is create a thruster that uses just water natively,” Faber told Motherboard during the International Astronautical Congress.

“That way, we’re building a technology uses the resources found on asteroids.

ISIS uses Telegram, an encrypted messaging app, to communicate with its members and supporters.

Time is just a thing we have, and despite all the world’s cultural differences, every country uses the same 24-hour clock.

Houston will be impossible to stop when Clint Capela dives through the paint after Harden uses his screen to accelerate toward the basket.

It uses magnetic levitation and a vacuum-sealed tube to all but eliminate air resistance.

The fix uses an earlier casting method that was employed on other turbine models.

Sion Sono uses Antiporno, a treatise on power dynamics and textuality, to indict its audience.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

And for scientists like Kim Cobb, who uses coral samples to calculate past Pacific Ocean temperatures, it’s a depressing scene.

And for scientists like Kim Cobb, who uses coral samples to calculate past Pacific Ocean temperatures, it’s a depressing scene.

GE uses the technology to produce aircraft components and prototypes.

I was this 17-year-old kid from Ajax that uses Fruity Loops, you know?

“One of Tonia’s best friends is a man who suffers from MS and uses medical cannabis.

If the news outlet uses it, the Fresco user gets paid $50.

Curtis suggests it is, but uses a phrase familiar to government intelligence communities to describe the phenomenon: “perception management.”

When a ProtonMail user emails someone who uses, say, Gmail, the email includes a link to an encrypted, password-protected message.

He uses vicious slurs against Hispanics and Muslims, and claims that African Americans live in self-made urban hellscapes.

Matthew, a 35-year-old arts promoter from Manchester who uses Grindr every now and then, doesn’t see much difference between dating apps and bars.

It uses the same network banks use for transfers, which has been friendly to cannabis transactions.

The way he uses extreme noise and feedback on that record—it sounds like thunder!

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a psychologist who uses science and tech to help organizations predict human performance.

If he uses his power pretextually or unreasonably, he violates the Constitution.

She uses these in-depth studies towards developing ten fictional transpunk videos in sci-fi and abstract image format.

Most importantly, Safecity uses its data to enforce social change.

Canilao uses a range of materials, from personal objects to found materials.

There’s so much African-American work that uses Black themes, but really doesn’t explore them as if the artist is invested in them.

To this day, Maya peasant farmers use fire rather like commercial agriculture uses tractors.

This attack was still possible even though Medium uses HTTPS, a protocol for encrypting data in transit.

Ji works uses watercolor and ink to paint on paper.

Participation in the program will be among the criteria the union uses as a baseline for supporting candidates, an official said.

Instead, Hamas uses violence and other provocations to keep the pot bubbling but tries to prevent it from boiling over.

Mountain Time uses such tours as a means to deliver educational content and build community amongst its participants.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

Look, we have a president who uses Twitter as a cudgel.

Cities track who uses the subway, where traffic becomes congested, how much garbage is collected.

Below are some key characteristics and uses of condensate.

“Modern Albanian uses Latin characters.

GPT-2 uses a newly invented neural network design called the Transformer, invented 18 months ago by researchers at Google Brain.

As AI grows more sophisticated, figuring out how to enable the good uses without the bad ones will be one of our biggest challenges.

Zipline uses a 25-pound unmanned plane called Zip to airdrop blood and medical supplies into Rwanda.

LS: Because it’s like everybody uses Snapchat.

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Sworkit uses a combination of aerobic, strength, resistance, and flexibility workouts to create routines that work for all kinds of different fitness goals.

My grandmother still uses a paper calendar.

VylyV uses individualized workout plans that provide the counseling of a personal trainer without actually having to get intimate with anyone at the gym.

This one uses drawstrings to clench an object.

Unlike Büttner, who uses diverse media, Hurvin Anderson only uses paint on canvas — a medium underrepresented in the Turner Prize.

Soon after, three more police officers arrive and Johnson is frisked as he uses his phone.

She almost never uses primaries, preferring secondary colors, which are mixed and muted.

There is only one other contemporary abstract painter I can think of, Judy Ledgerwood, who uses these colors regularly.

In the end, Adams makes these colors her own, largely because she never uses them in the same combination with other colors.

The Fun Factory Stronic line uses magnets to move its toys back and forth (and back and forth).

That makes favored content much more attractive to users than similar content from other sources, which uses up your scarce data allotment.

The 33-year-old artist’s video is gorgeous but abstract; Davies Jr. uses dance and costume to explore themes of race, gender, history, and community.

Trump frequently uses Twitter to announce policy, assail his adversaries and to tangle with countries, including North Korea, over world affairs.

Jennifer Trask uses animal bones, antlers, and sewing needles to create delicate flowers.

He also recommended changes in the management of 10 other monuments to allow for more grazing, timber, fishing, road access and other uses.

They borrowed the inventive uses of sound design, narrative structure, and theme.

But the Australian airline uses one captain, one first officer and two second officers.

And I think that’s what we try to capture with the “Hamilton” artwork, that uses this very lush beautiful gold — which is money!

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

It is possible to imagine an essay devoted solely to the myriad ways Nozkowski uses paint.

McElwee currently uses Implanon, a hormonal birth control implant that prevents pregnancy for up to three years.

Bernstein uses the framework of poetry to deliver loathing, an ugliness of art that demonstrates Bieber’s failure to reach sublimity.

But of the candidates, he’s the one who uses his personal story and political message to most closely echo Obama’s appeal.

People have … There’s more nefarious uses of that data, obviously.

ISIS has some strongholds in eastern Diyala, which it uses to launch attacks in the province and even, at times, into Baghdad.

Barry lacks a self-awareness, but Luis has this self-awareness, and he uses it for ends that are not necessarily great.

Gerasimov’s article uses the Arab Spring as a key example, which is telling.

Gendry is named lord of Storm’s End, and thus a full-born Baratheon, while Bronn uses his leverage over Tyrion and Jaime (a.k.a.

These gun owners make up a minority of the population: anywhere from 34 to 43 percent of households, depending on which survey one uses.

Nancy’s last technological act is a gruesome selfie of sorts, as she uses the GoPro to ask for help.

It’s super-satisfying to turn, and uses rumble feedback to really give you a visceral “click” when you turn it or push it in.

MUNCHIES: Your Mermaid’s Scorn Tidewater uses some unique ingredients, like ocean water and oysters.

Trump posted a GIF that apparently originated with this Reddit user, who regularly uses the N-word.

Iris Eichenberg uses polymer clay for its dual association with both industrial production and craft-making.

Another piece is [from] Turkish Designer Merve Kahraman’s Revitalizer series, in which she uses wax.

It’s an elegantly integrated display that uses multiple sensory approaches to immerse the visitor in a world of highly specialized knowledge.

Selling wines with high price points is off-brand for Fieri, who uses his celebrity to highlight affordable meals around the nation.

Each project uses digital media to reveal hidden, and often precarious, terrains.

Across Africa and in much of Asia, in spite of acceptance of many traditional and cultural uses of marijuana, national laws are particularly harsh.

But here too, the problem reflects a long history of bad decision-making, demonizing opioids and undermining their positive uses.

The language Lyft uses to explain the new service to drivers expands on that: “Your black car is your moneymaker.

To see some even more wild uses for the Nintendo Switch, check out the reveal trailer below.

Her paintings hide nothing; she uses no medium in her oil paint; they lack all affectation.

This study, curiously, uses Salvator Mundi for analysis.

Siedell uses the following analogy with his students to explain what he means.

It uses algorithms and users to flag potentially inappropriate content, but the system, obviously, is imperfect.

Chen uses solid bands and planes of color, which include  saturated and fluorescent hues.

Republicans also want to insert a new prohibition on funding research that uses human fetal tissue obtained after an abortion.

My dad uses it.

He towers over most of the division, a gangly boxer with beautiful takedown defence, but scarcely uses that length as well as he might.

He uses a hands free device.

So, no I don’t think that’s going to work,” said Foxxy Angel, a sex worker who uses a professional name.

For as often as the United States uses economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool, we sure don’t talk about them much.

One big way is to classify a rocket based by the type of fuel it uses — a liquid or solid propellant.

One big way is to classify a rocket based by the type of fuel it uses — a liquid or solid propellant.

The computer-based Risk Classification Assessment uses statistics to determine an immigrant’s flight risk and danger to society.

In a blog post about the feature, SoundCloud also said that The Upload uses machine learning to pull together its recommendations.

I just love the certain figures of speech he uses, it’s an edgy character and a lot of different angles to him.

There is also a large wall installation of script describing the various uses and potentials of maps.

Aular works 12 hours daily lugging sacks of earth to a small mill that uses toxic mercury to extract flecks of precious metal.

Maduro uses the enterprise to reward his cronies and buy loyalty.

But Ramona only uses her new “power” to make her mother cluck like a chicken, which isn’t even useful.

IMBD lists 65 uses of “Respect” in TV and film, but frankly, that sounds like a lowball to us — surely there must be hundreds.

The example Saul uses to illustrate the idea is Donald Trump’s infamous description of Mexican immigrants to the US “bringing drugs.

Who (besides Drake and Frank Ocean’s auntie) still uses voicemail?

Facebook’s Prineville data center also uses a lot of wires and cables.

Drones have proliferated in the region and around the world, but they’re not always put to illicit uses.

Trump certainly uses the police presence at his rallies to his advantage.

When protests do erupt, Trump uses the fact that police are taking the protester away as evidence that the protester must have been violent.

Clare Grill often uses drawings (or a section of them) as a starting point.

Well, as somebody who uses our product all day every day, I certainly hope that I see what our Snapchatters see, as well.

is granted access to the suit’s networking features, which it uses to disable the Caretaker.

Fisher explains that this depends on what kind of agar she uses.

We’re told the fight started over a parking spot — Bratti says Lee D’Avanzo frequently uses her reserved spot outside her home.

She spends $300 a month on weed and uses several times a day.

The potential uses for beacon-based surveillance goes far beyond advertising.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

Author Charles Kaiser was ripping Stephen Bannon when he claimed Trump’s Chief Strategist uses the racial epithet.

Reeves, too, uses most of his limited screen time to deliver monologues that seem pinched and obvious.

It uses the Uber APIs to allow developers to create functionality within their apps that integrates with Uber in some way.

Consumer drones and robotics are in their infancy, a niche, with too few practical uses as yet.

I know we were just asking Louie if he uses Snapchat.

And he’s not liking Snapchat these days but he uses it excessively.

He later uses that title to leverage to fight against Ellis.

Netflix, on the other hand, uses a subscription model and doesn’t have plans to change that.

Imagined uses for the technology include safeguarding nuclear materials and sensitive documents.

How North Korea uses bitcoin to get around US sanctions

“Everybody uses Tinder, but I can’t,” she says.

HoloLens videos have a tendency to oversell what its images actually look like, but most of the uses here are at least theoretically feasible.

This book uses descriptions of briny tide pools full of nudibranchs and sea anemones to say, “No, really.

Unlike the lamb rogan josh of your standard curry house, Sattvic food uses very light spices.

Bisbee uses poetic language, narrative imagery, and potent emblems to express his concern with our country’s direction.

Bisbee uses poetic language, narrative imagery, and potent emblems to express his concern with our country’s direction.

Since Organize Your Music also uses The Echo Nest’s settings, you can organize songs by their mood or timbre as well.

Now, Chintawongvanich plies his trade at Wells Fargo, where he still uses the options market as the backbone for his research.

“When you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dogwhistles of white supremacy,” she said.

Light Cave uses 12 columns of lamps to make a huge canopy of light visitors can dance and party beneath.

Given this finding, the authors recommended people have a second cup so they can boil it between uses.

“I think women who want the lowest risk of TSS should have more than one cup so they can boil between uses,” she says.

I used the same tool pretty much everybody uses, which is called Botometer.

This is the second time in the last six months that security researchers catch an ongoing espionage operation that uses FinFisher malware and exploits.

Some attend a school that uses parks as the classroom, while others focus primarily on singing and dancing.

For example, Robin Hood Waldkindergarten is a well known “forest kindergarten” which uses parks and forests as the classroom — no matter the weather.

* Novichok agents are believed to be five to 10 times more lethal, although there are no known previous uses.

It’s just one more rhetorical trick Trump uses to give people the feeling that he feels what they feel.

A software engineer at Google, Mordvintsev created DeepDream, a computer vision program that uses neural networks to interpret and generate new, often creepy images.

Davis uses the sample mysteriously—isolating the name “Ralph,” from Leary talking to fellow psychedelic ranger Ralph Metzner, and simply repeating the name three times.

Bevand estimated that data centers account for 1 percent of power demand around the world, while Bitcoin mining uses 0.15 percent of global power.

“But indisputably the reality today is that the United States uses energy as a political weapon on a mass scale.

Incidentally, Canada, which uses much less coal than the US, is further along in public opinion.

CCR5 is a protein receptor on the surface of immune cells that the HIV virus uses as its entry point into the immune system.

Ultimately, however, Dipsea charmed me the same way any other brand would: It uses cool fonts.

Her recipe’s a family secret, but she uses lots of meat stock.”

The 10,000 megapixel camera uses microwave kinetic inductance detectors to combat this inaccuracy and snap photographs.

The instrument uses a liquid helium cooled cryostat that features a special magnetic refrigerator to maintain temperature at 100 millikelvin (-459℉).

President Donald Trump uses Twitter like no U.S. president, or politician really, ever has before.

The animal skins he uses come from a Xinjiang ranch in China, where animal leather is sold to Chinese businesses.

Gunvor said it had reduced the number of agents it uses by a third since 2018.

Trafigura Chief Executive Jeremy Weir said this year the firm had also cut the number of agents it uses.

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to provide a better picture.

Rather than hiding from her identity, Estabrook uses the masks to express aspects of herself more honestly.

Then we added our quirky style and Papermeal was born.” The team uses a mixture of handcrafted pieces and laser-cut elements.

But some of those unanticipated uses have already become clear.

“The record uses untrustworthy narrators here and there.”

The new Venice Biennale uses a fake Chinese curse for its title.

But future uses and abuses of this kind of data could be more subtly insidious.

The linear elastic actuator in parallel (LEAP) mechanism uses a voice coil actuator (like you’d find in a speaker) and two compression springs.

Apple Inc uses rare earth elements in speakers, cameras and the so-called “haptic” engines that make its phones vibrate.

Moore’s campaign against the media in many ways has mirrored Trump, who uses “fake news” as a go-to rebuttal.

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) uses rare earth elements in speakers, cameras and to make phones vibrate.

One important consideration for regulators is the rapid pace of change in technology and the uses of data.

Bitcoin fans don’t like to talk about the networks’ illicit uses, which also include ordering illegal drugs on underground websites.

“The Map is the Territory” uses analog technology and classic radio-play style storytelling to depict this A.I., data-driven method of anticipating human behavior.

Rodney takes great care to describe the tenderness that Leonardo’s performance uses to teach us all these self-defense techniques.

The language he uses is forceful, reactionary, and meant to draw blood.

London startup IntelligentX has created a beer that uses “complex machine learning algorithms” to modify and improve the initial recipe based on consumer feedback.

These pieces consist of mounted wood sculptures that feel like relics shaped by multiple uses designed and imagined by a single hand.

Those sources and methods could include, for instance, the means that an agency uses to spy on a foreign government.

Directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, the movie uses vibrant, neon lights and moments of periodic, monochromatic bleakness to help tell the story.

Goldberg seizes these worn-out clichés that would seem unable to support weight and uses them to unexpectedly launch himself into painting.

But you can break a country’s will without combat, and that’s how Russia uses misinformation.

Lieu contends that Congress has only authorized two uses of military force.

For example: there is a drug Adrenaclick that has the same active ingredient as EpiPen (the hormone epinephrine) but uses a different injector.

Australia also uses ranked choice for state elections.

He uses the language of austerity; I call it living within our means.”

Now Trimble’s team uses industrial zip ties to join the tops of the barriers so that the blunt ends aren’t exposed.

A green bank uses public money (which in turn leverages private capital) as a stable source of investment capital for promising green projects.

The Russian-based app “uses neural networks to modify a face on any photo while keeping it photorealistic.

Drawing in charcoal, conte, and pastel, he uses a volumetric realism whose roots lie in the European art academies.

When McCoy uses it to travel back to Depression-era New York, the Enterprise’s landing party learns their ship has disappeared.

There was some partisan breakdown: Only 37 percent of Trump voters said Trump uses Twitter too much, compared with 79 percent of Clinton voters.

Scavino uses these data points to reassure the president that he and his policy choices are beloved, Politico reports.

The song is a bouncy update to a slow jam as Trippie uses his melodic wail to praise a love interest.

She uses a strong, angular line within and between forms, turning the white, unpainted space of the canvas into an integral component.

It should be a moment of reckoning for everyone who uses Twitter.

It uses an incredibly neat security desktop style interface, with a large degree of control over the cameras.

Similarly, the game Replica, while not strictly horror, uses the same exploratory conceit to build up tension and intrigue, as does Orwell.

The rear naked choke (naked for the reason that it uses no cloth) has existed for generations in one form or another.

But the uses of social … Like you’re saying, was, we should have paid more attention to it.

President Trump uses it daily.

As Turks online have said, they live in a country that is uses internet blackouts as a response to political events.

Let’s say, though, that the US manages to destroy the helicopters the regime uses to drop chemical weapons without killing any Russians.

One that uses murky justifications and obscure rules to operate in the shadows in the name of protecting national security.

Zachary Fabri also works across media, and also uses his own body to explore and understand his place in the systems around him.

To create the various rhythms Napolean uses a lot of LFOs (low frequency oscillators) and sample & holds to create repetition.

Rascoff’s main screen is flanked by two vertical monitors he uses for social media, especially Twitter.

The show uses humor to get closer to the nastiness.

“C-Painting” is one of Murray’s first literal uses of language in painting — punctuation animated and suspended in play.

In it, people were given different objects (a gum wrapper, a sock) and told to come up with creative uses for them.

She uses her Instagram page to share her pieces and work in progress shots in a diary-like format.

She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye.

I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a *perfect* smoky eye.

Artist Sonya Kelliher-Combs, who is based in Alaska, uses Athabascan tribal techniuques in her process.

The program uses “drop learning,” in which the artificial intelligence is taught pattern recognition while sorting through large amounts of data.

Multiple shoppers also complained that the grocery database that Instacart uses is grossly inaccurate.

When a customer uses a Roku the first thing they see on the home screen is a Roku ad.

He uses Twitter far more than public appearances to present his case.

In The Force Awakens, the First Order uses its Starkiller Base to wipe out Hosnian Prime, the capital of the New Republic.

She still practices yoga and shares poses with her followers — though now she only uses poses she’s sure she can pull off.

She uses a veil to hide her face.

But the family still uses it during heavy storms.

From the outset, Cerrone began to look for his step up left low kick—something he uses extensively against southpaws.

He uses his own tools and performs services in the order designated by the corporation and according to its specifications.

The building is unique; it has a traditional Japanese composition like the old wood houses but uses steel in its construction.

Sources familiar with the company said Home was born conceptually alongside Chromecast Audio, which uses similar speaker technology.

Right now, Siri uses Microsoft’s Bing for search results.)

Its uses better products, has been planned for longer, and is in a bigger space.”

He uses Scott Baio as a key surrogate.

With that hanging over the case, any money that Guzmán uses to pay Lichtman could potentially be seized by the government.

A rendering engine is the software your browser uses to display web pages.

It uses basic elements of composition, color, and shape to bring the viewer something that feels irrefutable and substantive.

Related: Don’t Touch the Beehive Sculpture at MoMA Artist uses Bees to Build Honeycomb Sculptures Gasoline Paintings and Honeycomb Skulls Recast Ancient Traditions

“Look at the price of a barrel, which Saudi Arabia uses to calculate its budget.

It uses mostly muted colors, and many scenes are shot in soft-focus wide shots, to let in more of the gentle ambience.

Miller uses this backdrop to contrast their very different ideologies of justice and goodness, and in turn to spur their fistfight.

Batman uses gadgets.

It’s all set to a rock ‘n’ roll Hans Zimmer score that Snyder uses when he wants things to be dramatic.

Networking giant Cisco Systems uses ASIC chips in its routers, and ASIC chips can often be found in smartphones handling video and audio functions.

Like many athletes the 31-year-old uses music to get him pumped up before a race—in his case, the music of Skrillex.

Facebook said it uses browsing data to create analytics reports, including about traffic to a site.

“The visual material could be understood as the shifting of molecules on an atomic level as a person uses their body.

The term “offshore tax haven” or offshore company, uses “offshore” very loosely.

For her “Break It Down” series, Sigal uses an image derived from a photograph of a building under construction.

And again Trump uses the nuclear option of 212(f) to countermand Obama’s directive.

Jack Stone, Naz’s attorney, uses those two words when speaking about Box, and Naz later repeats them to his parents.

In an editorial, the official China Daily, an English-language newspaper Beijing often uses to send its message to the world, condemned “outside agitations”.

Waissbluth smartly uses a similar technique here.

It uses the Golden Section and the three-by-four thing.

There’s an analogy that SAP Tech uses, of thinking of employees at the office as a puzzle, Austin said.

“Although named after a visa classification, the magazine uses the term ‘O1’ as more of a metaphor,” Hung told Hyperallergic.

Who uses it?

“Oh my god, here’s this other Black, Texan wife, and mother who uses gender and sexuality and race in creative ways.

It’s called “while you were away” and it does pretty much the same thing, and even uses the same technology.

“The president uses Twitter in order to disperse hate, so whomever deletes that account should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,” she said.

In these vast, brilliantly colored maps of the 50 states, Scher uses letters and numbers a bit like the pointillists used dots.

The government also uses red tape to shield businesses owned by many members of the royal family from foreign competition.

Since then, Microsoft has revealed that the service uses hardware similar to that in its existing Xbox One gaming consoles.

In the new witch fantasy, the witch gets to have both freedom and power, because she uses her power to become free.

And she uses her power to protect herself.

The Coodle works for solo sleepers as well, if you’re a person who uses your bicep as a pillow sometimes.

It uses strips of bacon as blankets and steaks as pillows.

When Kakeda explains the difference between Rilakkuma and Gudetama, she uses the word “negative” to differentiate the two.

When he talks about Muay Thai, the sport in which he so excels, he uses words like “fun” and “game.”

In four of the photos, a crime scene investigator in a hazmat suit uses forceps to lift a different fetus from the brownish liquid.

Clinton uses that term often, and in ways that seem on point.

Satterlee uses Flashe, a water-based vinyl paint, with virtuosic skill — soaking, scraping, and sanding it through multiple applications on panel-backed linen.

That context includes licit medical uses.

See what’s happening in the world right now.” This is, in essence, why anyone uses Twitter.

So the movie takes these movie tropes of a character “bettering himself” but uses them in an absurd way.

The DHS study uses Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) software called Hazus to estimate damage.

The Sherp uses a skid steer system, which lets it to turn within its own 11 foot length and gives it tank-like handling.

Her family uses bottled water for drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth.

This tool uses computational linguistics and natural language processing to determine if each tweet expresses a negative, neutral, or positive overall attitude.

I compiled the 60 adjectives Trump uses most frequently on Twitter.

My spouse uses a different one than I do, my children use a different one.

It uses an algorithm, along with stylists, to determine what to provide shoppers.

Chris’ dedication is so great that she even uses Subway-branded emoji.

More than 65 percent of all adjectives Trump uses are negative in sentiment.

Most typically, he uses them at the end of a sentence, in conjunction with an aforementioned demeaning adjective: “Sad!”

We are also reminded here that Trump is a consummate salesman: His 20 uses of “CRIPPLED” are all pitches for his book Crippled America.

Not surprisingly, “Make America great again” comes out on top, with 90 instances (not including his 235 uses of the hashtag version, #makeamericagreatagain).

He knows perfectly well that Obamacare uses refundable tax credits.

“When Parliament uses a term with a legal meaning, it generally intends the term to be given that meaning,” the majority court wrote.

Maybe most importantly, it uses political bandwidth once and delivers the goods forever.

The study uses a new method of measuring the amount of heat in the ocean, which Cheng helped develop in 2017.

The hashtag #GOPShutdown appeared about 236,000 times, Talkwalker said, compared with approximately 107,000 uses of #DemShutdown or some variation of that.

Mexico uses the hedge to protect oil revenues because they are a primary source of government revenue.

Starbucks is facing a $5 million lawsuit over the amount of ice the chain uses in its drinks, NBC News reports.

Coffman also uses maggots to break down The Perennial’s food waste into soil.

Coffman also uses maggots to break down The Perennial’s food waste into soil.

The scheme uses spending data to give customers discounts at shops they already frequent or which are in their neighborhood.

Trump reportedly still uses an unsecured Android phone, and two senators called for an investigation.

What’s more, the CEA comparison focuses on average wage growth, while our chart uses median wages.

(When asked if he buys his crème fraîche or uses a starter culture, Fraser jokes, “Just cream and buttermilk left in the danger zone.”)

This substantial difference in range is because of the wireless chips that each drone uses to keep itself connected to its remote and camera.

“President Trump will need to learn that when he uses certain rhetoric, it will be taken by the military as the commander’s intent.

In “Spoke” (2017), Voisine uses two glossy, flamboyant reds.

Function may not be the main purpose of Belott’s colorful collection of Stone Age calculators, but who even uses calculators anymore anyway?

Some of it is due to the simple atrophy of the muscles Congress traditionally uses to exercise authority on foreign policy.

North Korea regularly uses its state media to threaten the United States and its allies.

Notably, Xnore’s website uses some of the same marketing images and text as FlexiSpy.

He’s consumed by a version of Nixonian resentment of the media and elites, whom he needs and uses when it serves him.

The issue of whether the presidential Executive Order that the Intelligence Community uses to authorize its overseas activities, E.O.

Carolina Santa uses chance to pull together remnants of the handmade — scraps of paintings, cuts from drawings — in a much looser, more playful geometry.

I never thought that, and the Fed rarely ever uses short-term market volatility to dissuade it from its path.

The difference is that Tevet uses ordinary, even homely materials that are inexpensive and available.

H&M has an entire venture capital fund that it uses to invest in similar companies.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

Foria’s vaginal suppositories are made of coconut oil, while Explore uses jojoba because it is latex compatible.)

Gerson himself uses it three times a week to manage his sciatic pain.

Also, in case you were wondering, the 35mm movie actually uses a commercial movie film that Kodak still produces.

It uses the same processor line as the 2013 Mac Pro, along with the same RAM.

Superconducting magnets have many uses, such as magnetic levitation (which allows trains to float above their tracks), nuclear magnetic resonance and even driving submarines.

Her clinic uses patients’ fat-derived cells to treat orthopedic conditions, injecting them into joints.

Instead, she uses patients’ fat to cushion their joints.

It set off the explosive debate about the language Trump uses to talk about women.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

An electric bus fleet’s upfront cost is not more affordable than buying the everyday buses the MTA currently uses.

But there was a time, not that long ago, that touch-based devices were less common and often had more specialized uses.

He uses analogue, age-old darkroom techniques like putting the film through hot developer to produce massive grain in the resulting hazy photo image.

The store essentially uses the same format as the brand’s Amazon Books store, which has expanded to 17 locations.

Amazon 4-star uses the same style of displaying customer reviews as Amazon Books and the same cashless checkout process.

If you adopt a more accurate inflation measure than the one the census uses, household median income has never been higher.

Here’s hoping Santos takes stock and uses his new honor’s weight to move toward lasting peace in Colombia.

“In practice, however, the ASG primarily uses terrorism for profit: kidnap-for-ransom, guerrilla warfare, mass-casualty bombings and beheadings are particularly favored tactics,” Public Safety states.

The project uses interoperable digital identities to secure their travel, he added.

Hill tells me that she recently organized a visible mending workshop with Golden Joinery, a Dutch organization that uses golden thread for visible mends.

To protect himself against modern-day fraudsters, Abagnale uses a three-step process: 1.

He uses a service to monitor activity at the three US credit bureaus and notify him when anyone tries to use his credit.

The other robot has a chassis that looks like it’s made out of wood and uses treads instead of tires to move.

What do you call content that uses a loose affiliation with facts to be salient?

Glad you’re OK. Do you mind if United Press International uses your photos across all platforms with credit?

A most endearing and timely opera, Der Rosenkavalier uses artifice to unmask the artifice of social norms.

It is Viennese confection that uses schlag to hit us over the head with our own hypocrisies and masquerades.

He uses his hands a lot.

Bingochea also uses the app for food-and-drink sales.

It’s gruff, rigid in the middle, not unlike the voice that Christian Bale uses when he dons Batman’s cape and cowl.

The encryption chip on the iPhone uses a powerful algorithm called AES to protect customer data.

The things a human collects and uses can’t tell us everything about them, but 306 Hollywood allows its imagination to run wild.

Abrams is (surprise) a recovering gambling addict who uses 12-step programs to both keep himself on the wagon and get others off of it.

Sega uses its time to promote the Sega Saturn which, if you’re a 90s kid, you might remember.

(Arnold has published research on the possible medical uses of cannabinoids.)

Full disclosure: VICE News (along with almost every other major news organization) uses some of these advertising tools.

Full disclosure: VICE News (along with almost every other major news organization) uses some of these advertising tools.

This 30-year-old recipe for Tommy’s margarita uses high-quality tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar.

The long-hitting Thai, who rarely uses a driver, said she could probably do without it over the weekend.

Instead, each uses its voice systems to read the text and let you dictate a response.

Egypt denies it uses torture methods.

Anything that uses internet technology is connected to an internal network.

Google uses artificial intelligence to automatically create snippets, but the system has been abused to aid scammers.

Berkshire also repurchased $1.7 billion of stock, reflecting Buffett’s difficulty in finding better uses for the company’s $114.2 billion cash hoard.

“A PUF based on cholesteric liquid crystal shells would have a wide spectrum of practical uses in security,” the paper notes.

The farm is within three miles of any kitchen in town, and uses less packaging to transport.

It’s a consequence of the administration’s new policy of prosecuting every person who uses the border to enter the United States illegally.

(Arizona, however, uses an independent commission to draw districts, instead of through legislation like many other states.)

It’s a consequence of the administration’s new policy of prosecuting every person who uses the border to enter the United States illegally.

“Hardly anybody uses it.”

Volley Labs, Inc, a San Francisco-based company that uses artificial intelligence to build corporate training materials, is playing it safe.

(Arnold has published research on the possible medical uses of cannabinoids.)

Harley uses the screen sharing program, TeamViewer.

Zheng’s farm uses only organic fertilizers, such as chicken and pig dung, and no chemical pesticides.

This method uses only half the amount of water, he says.

KS: If people aren’t using them … Five uses.

Not all the work in Reframe Minnesota uses humor to make its point.

Yeah, President Trump uses it.

Anohni, for example, consistently uses her platform to speak publicly about issues affecting herself as a trans woman, particularly in relation to her career.

Elon uses fear: Don’t let the IRS garnish your wages.

He uses his MoviePass once a week.

A poll conducted by Marist for NPR and PBS NewHour, though, uses language more specific that incorporates reason.

Specifically, the data the study uses only looks at racial biases after a police officer engages with a suspect.

In terms of lethal uses of force, however, the study claimed to find no racial disparity in police shootings, based on two data sets.

The palette she uses in these paintings is highly particular – blond and sandy, narrow in its value range.

She uses impasto paint handling as a signifier of earth, guts, and skin, rather than a signifier of prowess.

If Trump actually uses the military to deploy or incite violence, that’s when all bets are off.

He puts people into labor camps, starves them, uses his own military to execute political enemies.

Gibney uses archival footage and interviews with those who knew Jobs best to examine his life, which was, in many ways, his work.

You may not have given much thought to how you use your eggs, but not everyone uses them the same way.

That is not how he uses language.

She also uses modafinil as a cocaine substitute, to keep her social life going when she’s fatigued.

That’s what he uses words for.

“Fabric Mirror” (2019) uses a digital camera and advanced engineering to create the viewer’s golden silhouette in fabric.

There are certainly more utilitarian uses for the cash and more deserving causes.

If someone steals and uses your account number, you generally have no liability.

Instead of sand, tt’s a special meditation quadrant that uses sound.

In an explainer, the agency wrote: The agency also uses trucks to stock lakes when the terrain allows for it.

While the device might have been intended for accountants and other business-specific uses, it quickly found other contexts.

Are much more popular among … Who uses social media?

White, who often uses his metal detector, set out to find the ring at Bush’s home.

Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations said that every nation that uses fiat systems will inflate out of existence.

Cambridge Analytica also uses, Nix told us, “surveys on social media” and Facebook data.

For its lethal injection, Texas uses the barbiturate pentobarbital.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

Robots, like animals, may find all kinds of uses for a tail.

Disinformation campaigns are just one of the “active measures” that Russian intelligence uses to drive a wedge between nations the Kremlin considers hostile.

Instagram, which Facebook owns, also uses the term, Motherboard previously reported using internal Instagram documents.

I love the body horror in Videodrome — he never uses body horror gratuitously, it’s always connected to a theme or character.

Nobody uses the Instagram Stories.

Weight Watchers still uses its signature points system.

To scan and summarize text, Ghanem said Summize uses a combination “of licensed and proprietary tech.”

KS: Do you know who uses the technology best?

KS: She plays, but she uses it.

KS: Nobody uses Skype.

I’m not trying to throw shade at anybody, I guess, who uses Tinder and has met somebody.

“Russia uses information operations as part of its offensive cyber efforts to influence public opinion across the globe.

It also gets patents for chips and other components, tools it uses to make its products and even the fixtures in its stores.

But the either/or system that so much of our society uses simply doesn’t work when a biracially identified person is involved.

It has a host of deadly adaptations, including a venomous harpoon, that it uses to catch prey.

She uses London slang so people fall for it, when in reality, she has a grand piano in her house and is from Kensington.

A 1-gigawatt nuclear reactor uses 27 tons of nuclear fuel per year.

Each instructor uses music differently.

In doing so, Jay uses his music to reach a place of self-acceptance.

George has also been an extremely popular royal baby name, trailing only slightly behind Albert with 10 uses in the past 200 years.

Option one is dialysis, which uses a machine to partially replace your kidneys’ waste-filtering functions.

Who’s got two thumbs (but only uses one) and likes to cheese a lot … this guy!

And I know that my wife uses an iPad at home as her computer, she doesn’t use a laptop anymore.

Labedzki uses a wide range of materials and differently-shaped substances to blend, including fluffy dollops of paint and tiny pools of contrasting acrylics.

That pedalo flying knee is a favorite of Murthel Groenhart, who uses it near constantly to attack opponents approaching the ropes.

The White House in March first threatened China with tariffs because Trump thinks China uses dirty trade tactics.

They use the same lines but each band uses slightly different instrumentation and style.

In this research, Quayola uses machines, computers, and other systems to look at artifacts as objects of perfection through algorithms.

“I share with my kids the many uses and medicinal properties the plant offers.

Jake Dalton has a YouTube channel he uses to keep up with fans.

McMaster uses a Clausewitzian lens to critique America’s performance.

In Epic, the Court uses this reasoning to hold that pursuing class-action arbitrations is not something labor law protects.

This didn’t affect the UK directly, as it uses the pound rather than the euro.

He regularly uses a centrifuge, rotary evaporator, vacuum machine, sous vide, and carbonate bottling system to create new flavor profiles and textures.

She uses it in her email signature, brandishes it on her website, and embodies it.

Tor uses PGP to let the system check if the packages it builds have been tampered with in transit.

Since the mid-1990s, 28 states have legalized marijuana for medical uses.

“Look, I think we all know the president uses a lot of hyperbole,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), once a fierce Trump critic, told Vox.

A new architectural startup called Branch Technology uses 3D-printing robots that can construct parts for homes.

Look, I think we all know the president uses a lot of hyperbole.

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