Upward in a sentence | Use of the word upward examples

Around Butte County, upward of 52,000 people have been forced to evacuate due to the Camp Fire.

There were some modest upward revisions to prior months.

The second is that, when banked allowances do run out, prices will snap sharply upward, raising political havoc.

If CARB implemented that system today, it would immediately push prices upward, as investors anticipate cap adjustments.

The situation has prompted Verizon to seek changes in the deal’s price — of upward of $1 billion — to protect it from potential liabilities.

The current global population has crossed 7.5 billion and is heading upward.

If such a steep upward trend were to continue (which it likely won’t), the index would end the year up by roughly 160 percent.

The line of sight follows either an upward or downward gaze, making viewers aware of the distance between themselves and figure in the image.

As a result, the cost of these services — relative to the overall inflation rate — has zoomed upward, consuming more and more of our spending.

Instead, average prices hit bottom in 2012 (still well above 1996 levels) and resumed their upward march.

In the worst-case scenario, we may have to drawdown upward 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2100, a massive international undertaking.

“Now, my life is on an upward spiral.

Many people have fled and upward of 200,000 people may not return, speeding up an ongoing migration trend.

It’s a matter of financial security and upward mobility for women.

They were essentially guides to upward mobility for the rising middle class, and to assimilation for newly arrived immigrants.

And with unemployment at 3.7 percent, some economists think, upward pressure on inflation is only a matter of time.

The weekly record tracks with annual seizures, which are also trending upward.

But those additional benefits would likely cost upward of $1,000 a month — again putting pregnant women on the hook for higher costs.

Wages are rising, he added, “but not at a pace that would provide much upward impetus” to inflation.

On January 3, he tweeted that the market has “tremendous upward potential,” with the Dow Jones Industrial Average “just short” of 25,000.

It’s become a bona fide action-blockbuster phenomenon, and expectations were high that the eighth film would continue the series’ upward trajectory.

“Purple Spine” creates an upward rising composition of psychedelia and spaciness.

The pop up markets have attracted upward of 1,000 people, she said.

A scaleup’s quest is to continue on that upward climb.

This upward drift in transfer fees can easily be visualized in a graph.

The art market is on an upward trend, too.

One of the other things that we did was the upward Bound program.

There will be an upward Bound program, just for one example, on the campus this summer.

All in all, somewhere upward of $5.3 billion changed hands as part of this scheme.

But it’s all worth it for the scene where Lorelai is trying to guess his age and Rory keeps gesturing upward.

“Panelists commonly stated that competition for scarce workers continued to place upward pressure on pay,” it said.

Wobbly beats build upward, stretching Babel-like to the EDM gods above, before tumbling into a sweaty electro maelstrom.

But NOAA’s monthly average for March saw the highest upward spike on record, breaking a record that had lasted since … February.

The catch lies in scaling the technology upward to a point where such a wave generation scheme would be practical.

The TWU disagrees, though, arguing that it can take upward of a few hours before the corpses are cleared.

Viewers step onto blocks one at a time to enter the boxes, which enclose the body from the torso upward.

The Senate’s bill also includes upward of $100 billion to further subsidize people with high medical costs.

“The biggest thing to know is that at work, gifts should flow downward, not upward,” Green says.

A tour guide points upward, telling a pack of tourists why parts of the ceiling are caked with dirt and grime.

That’s upward of 8 percent of all the world’s financial wealth, and it’s growing fast.

Taking the much longer view, since the early 1990s, vaccine exemptions have overall been trending upward.

But the report also included upward revisions of data from the first quarter.

A wildfire raging in Northern California has left 80 dead and upward of 1000 missing.

“These are actually quite large differences in upward mobility across countries,” he said.

Planet Earth has hosted this life and so much more for upward of 3.9 billion years.

That’s not great for the cryptocurrency’s image, but it might nevertheless be driving demand upward.

Societies of upward mobility, when based on large and growing business enterprises, look and feel somewhat oppressive.

The Camp Fire alone is estimated to have caused upward of $16.5 billion in property damage.

For someone two weeks shy of his 24th birthday, Harrison Barnes has already amassed an extensive record of failing upward.

In contrast, the Himalayan mountains are growing

Mountains are formed when tectonic plates collide and push the land upward.

Trump’s debt also ticked upward, to $315 million from $311 million the year before.

Trump’s debt also ticked upward, to $315 million from $311 million the year before.

Some of them cost pennies, others cost upward of $350.

It’s the summer of the Megs: Startups raising upward of $100 million or more used to be a unicorn-level rarity.

Prices for the volatile cryptocurrency surged past $10,000 late last month and have continued to race upward toward $20,000.

Negative interest rates are intended to encourage borrowing, discourage upward pressure on currencies, and help trade.

Normally, the curve slopes upward somewhat steeply.

For a startup, the average patent lawsuit costs upward of a million dollars.

Normally, yield curves slope upward.

The American dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy.

Autodesk claims that Schindler’s older racing legs took upward of 10 weeks to produce, and were profoundly expensive.

Instead, there’s just a slow grind upward that has to be based completely around intrinsic motivation.

It is statistically and substantively significant — and, as you can see from the upward plot of the line, stunning.

It’s a sensitive ballad, glittering over a magnificently feelsy keyboard arpeggio spiraling ever upward.

“As the minimum wage gets pushed upward, those burger-flipping machines are going to look more and more attractive.

As the minimum wage gets pushed upward, those burger-flipping machines are going to look more and more attractive.

Since new vehicles are safer than old ones, this would save lives, upward of 1,000 per year.

The rate of suicides in September has steadily crept upward since 2010 (although 2015 did reporter fewer suicides—3,598 deaths—than the 2014 high).

The company has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

Chris Christie — and Trump started drifting upward in national polls.

Using even and firm strokes, roll the dough lengthwise from the middle upward and then downward.

Use the fingertips of both hands to roll from the 1″ slit upward and outward toward the bottom two points of the triangle.

Continue rolling upward until the tip of the croissant is tucked under the crescent.

upward of $5.3 billion changed hands, making this the largest corruption scandal (in dollar terms) in the history of modern democracy.

upward revisions to spending on residential structures and on nondurable goods like gasoline was offset by a downgrade to inventory investment.

There were also upward revisions to spending on nonresidential structures and government expenditure.

upward trajectories are never guaranteed.

Over time, the volume of people seeking exemptions has slowly crept upward across the US.

People with autism face a variety of obstacles in getting jobs, a factor that puts their rate of unemployment upward of 80 percent.

It is formed by precipitation over millions of years, and is upward of 3-miles thick in its thickest spots.

“Investment remains on an upward trend overall,” said Takumi Tsunoda, senior economist at Shinkin Central Bank Research Institute.

Betsy tells me she averages about $15 per customer, which scales upward depending on how laborious the stunt is.

There were also upward revisions to spending on nonresidential structures.

By the middle of the century, they are slated to increase by upward of 700 percent.

Global temperatures are still trending upward, but countries want to limit that warming to 2°C by 2100 under the Paris agreement.

That book resells for upward of $65.

We know if you deny 500,000 people Medicaid expansion upward, there’s a Harvard study that says upward of 2,800 people will die.

An earlier version of this article stated that reserving a spot on the SW/TCH list cost “upward of $75.”

Before this round, the company had raised upward of $15 billion.

This is where uranium hexafluoride gas is fed into a column spinning at upward of 100,000 rotations per minute.

White History is only the pattern of silken slippers descending the stairs to the thunder of hobnailed boots climbing upward from below.

The nearly 3 million panels would then generate upward of 2.7 terawatt-hours of electrical power per year.

Horror has been on an upward swing for a while, with filmmakers reinventing genres and exploring what scares us today.

Thomas turned away, but the corners of his mouth curled slightly upward.

Skirts pulled in close to the body, the natural waist crept ever upward, and the silhouette thinned to a slender column.

“I hope foreigners can discover young Chinese are thinking progressively and looking upward.”

(Each application for approval, advocates estimate, will cost manufacturers upward of $1 million.

It’s best to travel upward through the museum.

Instead of inflecting your voice an octave upward to emphasize points, use… pauses.

On party-line votes, the House can only lose roughly two dozen members — the Freedom Caucus consists of upward of 40.

The Camp Fire alone racked upward of $13 billion in losses, according to CoreLogic, a property analytics firm.

If one policy goal has unified the right above all else, it is upward redistribution.

upward redistribution is what unites GOP health care policy, tax policy, financial sector policy, and environmental policy.

If even a fairly large number of well-paid federal jobs vanished, it would just slightly stall the overall upward march of regional housing costs.

By 2015, the firm managed upward of $2.4 billion and has had an active presence in Silicon Valley.

However, they estimate that upward of 52,000 people were evacuated in response to the Camp Fire.

But greenhouse gases are driving the larger upward trend in temperatures.

Torrential downpours dropped upward of 50 inches of rain in some areas of the Carolinas as the storm made landfall and weakened.

This is par for the course for the Raptors, a franchise that until recently had little familiarity with success or upward momentum.

According to the EPA’s own projections, these rules save upward of 17,000 lives per year in the United States.

All in all, somewhere upward of $5.3 billion changed hands as part of this scheme.

This can be assessed by upward feedback, 360-degree assessment or employee engagement scores.

The institutions aren’t just leading producers of cutting-edge research; they’re actually engines of upward social mobility.

The Obama administration spent upward of $30 billion encouraging American hospitals and doctor offices to switch from paper to electronic records.

The film shows the opportunities for upward mobility available to young professional women, but Susan remains an artist with yet-to-be-fulfilled aspirations.

Output for February was revised upward to an increase of 1.0 percent from the previous 0.9 percent gain.

The tighter labor market is starting to exert upward pressure on wage growth, which will over time add to inflation pressures.

Tariffs on components like steel could raise new car prices by upward of $7,000.

A simple glycolic face acid costs less than $9; an equivalent at Sephora or Ulta can cost upward of $20.

Why, I want to ask, are the hands of the figure typically reaching upward toward the house’s top story?

If you’re on the taller side, or prefer to perch your speakers upward, the inclusion of the feet is a nice touch.

The court documents said he would continue to bleed for upward of a week.

“You can’t pinpoint it to one group really,” said Curtin about the upward trend.

The process begins with one central point around which the material is wound, creating an outward and upward spiral of concentric circles.

That would give McConnell upward of $200 billion to add to the bill.

His brand of uber-capitalist nouveau riche charlatanry feels tailored to a country that sees upward mobility as a sort of gospel.

But unlike the end of ‘16, things actually do appear to be ticking upward.

For me, it’s going to change upward.

While it is the largest ever recorded in Nigeria, it’s also part of an upward trend in cases.

I think about how they might have stared upward at the same stars as us with similar wide-eyed wonder.

seasonal allergies — affects upward of 30 percent of the worldwide population.

For instance, graphologists might notice that your handwriting slopes upward, which suggests you may be an optimist.

And according to Rotten Tomatoes, the franchise is on an upward trajectory when it comes to critical reviews.

“They are at a low point, and from the low point it is always going upward.

upward of 6 million people pack onto the subway in New York City each and every day.

This type of migration is perhaps the inevitable outcome of a diversifying nation that takes pride in its specific narrative of upward mobility.

That’s what affirmative action was meant to alter — to make education a true means of upward mobility.

Here’s what we learned: Maternity benefits ran the gamut, from no paid leave at all to upward of 20 weeks paid time off.

It’s why BNEF keeps revising its already optimistic forecasts for EVs upward every year.

At last, with a peculiar clang, the top half of the saucer seesawed upward.

“We will be freed to locate new economic centers and expand outward, not upward,” she said.

In 2012, it was about 44 percent — and that number is ticking upward.

The third reason is health care costs seem to be trending back upward.

They will want standards harmonized, and standards tend to get harmonized upward, as California has shown again and again.

You’ll notice that the “CO2 price” lines are the only ones that go upward.

It also operates the study guide and college-rating company the Princeton Review, and now owns upward of 45 dating-related businesses, including 25 acquisitions.

But Clinton has since trended back upward.

In the last month, Samsung’s share price was moving steadily upward until the combusting battery issue came to light.

In fact, this month’s numbers are a continuation of a steady upward trend.

Just before the video stops, the driver looks upward toward the road and suddenly looks shocked.

By comparison, Emily’s List has upward of $30 million and endorsed 57 candidates for the House alone.

They document the ongoing bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef as ocean temperatures continue to be driven upward by climate change.

You may recall that Pruitt received a full-time security detail with upward of 20 members, an unprecedented ask from an EPA administrator.

With a new coach in place this year, maybe MacKinnon resumes his upward trend.

Paying for the assembly plant, costing upward of $300 million, will likely involve raising another round of funding, according to one source.

It’s a spiral upward.

But as of mid-2016, production and consumption have started coming back into balance, which is putting upward pressure on oil prices.

It’s possible now to actually see the concentration of greenhouse gases and the energy they trap ticking ominously upward in real time.

This exclusion prompted upward of 500,000 voters to simply skip this question on the ballot as a form of protest.

Ideally, the government would like to get upward of 125 MHz of spectrum nationwide.

Emissions from buildings and industry have been ticking upward of late.

There were also upward revisions to spending on nonresidential structures and government expenditure.

There are upward of 4,000 positions that can be filled by presidential appointment, and no administration has handled this perfectly.

Past the credits, we wanted to show where we go from there and have it be an upward arc.

They look downward and upward, anywhere but toward the camera, as they put their bodies on the line, disrupting train service.

That’s a $7 billion value for upward of $2 billion that Uber has frittered away, um, spent there.

One of the foundations of America is the belief in upward mobility, the ability to move from one economic class to another.

To date, we have seen upward of 41 prominent Republicans say they will not support Trump in November, including Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.

The county says climate change will cost upward of $157 million to adapt to by 2050.

That treatment, Farchione says, can be effective in upward of 80 percent of people.

But the shadows turn upward.

Absent systematic data, the news that premium hikes are going to trend upward is based more on reading the tea leaves.

Similar upward trends continued in 2013 with the Confederations Cup and during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In fact, since 2013, transport emissions have been creeping upward again.

Even though I should have my head between my knees, looking at my shoes, my gaze is turned upward.

Insurers like UPMC have responded by hiking their rates by upward of 40 percent.

Police say that upward trend of attacks has continued this year.

Flames consumed the fabric and roared upward.

However, that has not yet stopped oil’s upward climb.

Flames consumed the fabric and roared upward.

As others have shown, economic confidence leaped upward soon after Trump was elected in November.

The unemployment rate had fallen to a remarkably low 4.8 percent, and poorer Americans were finally starting to see their wages creep upward.

Johnsen’s app so far hasn’t gained a ton of traction, but momentum is shifting upward.

The impunity that congressional Republicans directed upward at Trump has begun to spread upward, downward, and outward, turning conservative politics into a standards-free zone.

The head rests on the base of a white ladder that extends upward, matching the white gallery wall.

And, of course, paying upward of $20 billion for it.

But should we be worried about the upward trend?

The water began to flow upward.

Borrowers repay loans to microcredit institutions at very high repayment rates, upward of 96 percent on average.

Every upward tick of temperature will make things worse, and so we can avoid suffering by reducing it as much as possible.

Eating is simply a matter of tapping the floating foodstuff and watching your JP tick slowly upward.

As you can see above, the wages of low-skill Hispanics as a whole jumped upward in Miami in the years after the boatlift.

Interestingly, a few years ago, a series of landmark studies found that high rates of violent crime impeded upward mobility.

In 2018, 6.18 million professional workers were in unions, capping a decade-long upward trend in professional union membership.

The parted lips curl upward slightly, enough to reveal the beginning of an expression that never materialized on the revolutionary’s face.

“Any upward movement is movement for all of us,” Dorothy declares earlier when Katherine is promoted.

Just lie back, gaze upward, and streaks of bright light should alight your eyes.

This extends upward to the highest rungs of this loosely defined genre.

Onward and upward, straight ahead, hopping across the peaks of the world’s most written-about civilizations.

The Santa Susana Mountains north of Los Angeles contain compressed layers of sedimentary rock that arch upward, like upside-down bowls.

He is accused of running dozens of sites that delivered escorts to the doors of johns for upward of $2,000 an hour.

There are upward of 70 state judicial positions that could be competitive.

That means it would take upward of a decade before any oil from ANWR starts coursing through the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

The resulting explosion of steam could rocket gas and rocks upward.

The resulting explosion of steam could rocket gas and rocks upward.

These trips can cost upward of $20,000.

At the heart of the expanding manufacturing industry in Savar, Bangladesh, the concrete factory was growing upward, with its ninth floor under construction.

However, gliders can emit upward of 55 times the amount of pollutants of trucks that meet current standards.

At the heart of the expanding manufacturing industry in Savar, Bangladesh, the concrete factory was growing upward, with its ninth floor under construction.

In a matter of weeks, companies like Bird and LimeBike together have launched upward of 2,000 dockless e-scooters in San Francisco.

Once ice and a mixer are in the metal cup, the arm extends upward to reach the alcohol.

Water prices have consistently trended upward in the past seven years, and experts don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

That would then send costs, and in turn premiums, spiraling upward in the Obamacare market, the insurance trade associations warned in their letter.

“Hence, the additional supply of housing stock is beginning to alleviate some of the upward pressure on rents.”

The precious metal is unlikely to follow gold’s upward trajectory, analysts said.

After years of an upward trajectory in the wake of the financial crisis, Wall Street has become unpredictable again.

This will likely result in upward revisions to the company’s 2018 earnings, Beckel said.

“There’s not as much upward movement as there was last week,” said John Carey, portfolio manager at Amundi Pioneer Asset Management in Boston.

That’s a 9 percent increase, which can amount to upward of a thousand dollars a year.

At the same time, herbal supplements were on a steady upward climb toward their pinnacle today as a $49 billion-a-year industry.

While Iceland tourism continues to trend upward, North American tourism elsewhere in Europe has declined.

Taken together, the American Dream of upward mobility is in peril.

It would give Americans who earn upward of $100,000 tax credits to help purchase insurance.

The CBO by comparison sees debt on an upward path over the period, hitting 86 percent in 2026.

While the “GOP Approval” and “Dem Approval” lines tend to go downward or stay relatively flat, the “Trump Approval” line consistently goes upward.

But it would take a major change indeed for the average PE ratio to shift upward by, say, 50%.

The Michigan Militia, in contrast, was a true paramilitary organization that had upward of, claims of, 50,000 members at its height.

We’re talking upward of $5.3 billion changing hands.

upward of 9 inches of rainfall was reported in parts of the region, and the downpour will likely continue through Thursday night.

The roof canopy is made of wooden slats in a system of interlocking rectangles, some of which are peeled upward to draw in light.

For a few months beginning last September, the data appeared to be on a worrisome upward trend.

Moran, pulling on his own cigarette, repeats his name, his hands facing upward across the candle.

The suits start at $500, trending upward based on fabric and style choice.

It will show a diagonal line extending upward to signify increasing levels of anxiety.

Designer frames can cost upward of $400, while standard glasses from a company like Pearle Vision can start at around $80.

The other part of the “American dream” is upward mobility—that anyone can make it in America, if you work hard.

Outside spending, which had already been trending upward before the decision, skyrocketed.

We’re looking at upward of 150 shows … tracking back to three different themes.

Donald Trump’s proposed wall is estimated to take three and a half years to build and cost upward of $25 billion.

“Some couldn’t handle them,” Artus explained, cocking his head to the side, palms upward.

The camerapersons filming en route watched in amazement as Honnold ticked off pitch after pitch, charging ever upward.

Reeves would like to see more “downward mobility” — when people end up less well-off than their parents — to help encourage the upward kind.

Take it from Drew, who describes her post-split life as “a scatter plot chart with the overall trend moving upward.”

The wearable is a limited edition run of 100 and they each cost an upward donation of $1000.

As long as asset prices are trending upward, it just doesn’t matter.

In fact, as long as asset prices are trending upward, a poorly regulated banking sector will be more profitable than a well-regulated one.

We believe this is a short term correction and not the start of a long term upward move in yields.

he says it like a question, his voice rising with upward inflection.

These were gingerly moved aside and the smell of the first hot steam from the roasting chicken nestled below shot upward.

These long-ago formal introductions, handed to an employee of the Los Alamos lab, promised services to move things positively onward and upward.

When the surf is up, water shoots upward from the bowl, and then drains back into the opening.

Inflation expectations (MI survey) have been running over 3%, and trending upward, since 2011Q1, can someone define “well-anchored” for me?

Moving into one’s own house (with a picket white fence, perhaps) symbolizes economic stability and upward mobility to many.

The restaurant plows through upward of 20 pounds a day, which is made fresh daily.

Higher U.S. rates than elsewhere among major economies will draw capital from foreign markets and ultimately put upward pressure on the dollar, Shah added.

There are only 250 beds available for upward of 3,800 homeless youth in New York City.

But what happens now is that that upward slope of salaries is steeper.

Trump’s approval has headed upward in the two months since (except for a small drop in late January).

Through these kinds of watch-and-rate deals, some theatergoers — thanks to retirement, or sheer determination — are able to see upward of five shows a week.

It just roared upward this week.

“This may well have had an upward impact on (public) inflation expectations further out,” said Howard Archer, chief economist at consultants EY ITEM Club.

In the past few months, approval ratings have steadily ticked upward.

“I’ve seen no evolution in an upward way.

Raising taxes on students, universities and training would have a disproportionate impact on access to more moderate-income students, reducing their upward mobility.

While the double barrel evokes a shotgun, the tongue, whose end curls upward, complicates any straightforward reading.

Rutgers has three regular-season games remaining and each will be an upward climb.

That’s a big deal: Hemophilia is an expensive condition to treat, with medical bills upward of $150,000 annually.

Average temperatures around the world may be slowly ticking upward, but their effects on the environment can be sharp and quick.

“We want somebody with the financial means to be able to keep the zoo on the upward trend.

The Labor Department’s closely watched employment report on Friday also showed a small upward revision to February’s meager job gains.

It would redistribute wealth upward, taking money targeted to the poor and sharing it with everybody, including you and me.

Hopefully then, as the stock market trends upward over the decades, so does your savings.

Nagy said inflation expectations were “anchored around the bank’s target”, and that upward and downward inflation risks were at present evenly balanced.

From our perspective, the whole thing has been this upward trajectory.”

The unemployment rate would shoot up to 8.7 percent, with the economy shedding upward of 4 million jobs.

But in early 2016, the agency revised its numbers significantly upward, estimating that 18 million would enroll in coverage each year.

There remains upward pressure on core inflation at the moment.

Integration and upward mobility.

But given that it would overbid the wages of upward of 40 million current American workers, it would also completely upend the labor market.

It is probably too early to tell if there has been a break in the upward trend.

Consequently, few people believed discrimination was the main barrier to black upward mobility.

Houston, Texas, is an immense immigration magnet, and its big public school is one of America’s great institutions of integration and upward mobility.

Meanwhile, as of February 2017, ISIS conducted or inspired attacks in 29 countries other than Iraq and Syria, killing upward of 2,000 people.

In October, oil was trading at upward of $80 a barrel, causing speculation it could go as high as $100.

But closing the waste pits can cost upward of $100,000, according to Butler.

They were especially frustrated with how high their deductibles had grown, regularly upward of $2,000 or $3,000.

Let’s not skew upward for an all-human diet because we still want room for hand salads: 210.8 pounds.

Michael Horowitz, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, responded by saying he had revised his estimation upward by a factor of five.

Most of the discussion around fast-food labor now isn’t focused on what a great path it is toward upward mobility, I wouldn’t say.

Thus, no matter how fuel-efficient vehicles get, the life cycle emissions of gasoline face tidal pressure upward.

We Americans do have an exceptional track record of upward progress, of recovery from slips.

From the time Peter discovered them, it was always an upward trajectory for them.

and upward trends (which words saw a marked increase in lookups from one year to the next?).

More from Tonic: So, in an ideal world, where would the government focus its efforts to halt this upward STI trend?

As a result, the milk supply was reduced and the prices could continue on their regularly scheduled upward trajectory.

Imagine if every Silicon Valley company evaluated people positively on whether they were challenging upward.

That means the 10-year bull market we’ve enjoyed has helped propel CEO salaries upward.

A knee raise draws a check from Yusuf, and Muangthai steps down into an upward elbow.

But in early 2016, the agency revised its numbers significantly upward, estimating that 18 million would enroll in coverage each year.

More broadly, almost all companies have a level of authority that flows upward that much more resembles a dictatorship than a democracy.

He was motivated by a vision of America carried ever forward, ever upward, on the strength of its principles.

The Democrats reportedly have upward of 100 amendments to propose.

This is the opposite of the steadily upward movement of rates that experts forecast for 2019.

Figures for 2017 are not yet available, but police say the upward trend of attacks has continued.

Figures for 2017 are not yet available, but police say the upward trend of attacks has continued.

Another shows a male model, nude and muscular, seated and looking upward as he leans back on his hands, legs spread.

Nail salons have provided upward mobility for some in America, but many employees have alleged mistreatment while struggling to make ends meet.

upward of 85 percent of Republican voters now plan to support him.

That creates a lot of frustration, because there are people who work very hard but just feel that their way upward is blocked.

Alex Nicoll had followed Mitchell into the kill zone, their rifles pointed upward.

Anchored by anaphoric constructions, the poem generates a liturgical insistence in its desire for rapture: Would the upward rush were angelic.

It is probably too early to tell if there has been a break in the upward trend.

While flinging my arms upward I make a whooshing sound, starting low and gaining volume the further my fingertips stretch away from my core.

Shouldn’t the considerable upward trend of the past five years and status quo of the esports market assuage these concerns?

Even before that spike upward, per capital traffic fatalities in the US were already the highest in the industrialized world.

Barring some serious scientific innovations in the immediate future, the likelihood of Dos Santos fighting himself next seems slim, so onward and upward.

Still, it demonstrates the upward battle that Cassidy-Collins faces in getting Republicans to accept a plan that keeps those provisions in place.

As the population ages, it will – this is evident from CBO projections – be on an unsustainable upward course.

Usually the classic base salads start around $8 or $10, but build your own, and it can quickly costs upward of $15.

They found that in London, a warm year could cost the city’s economy upward of 2.3 billion euros in productivity.

Hopefully this means the rest of the remaining eight episodes continue on an upward trend.

Wobbly beats build upward, stretching Babel-like to the EDM gods above, before tumbling into a sweaty electro maelstrom.

(Think of the upward trajectory implied by the terms developing country and developed country.)

She stares upward, her eyes blank.

Recent studies have revised sea level projections upward from just a few years ago.

Few consumers ever do this, however, which means upward of $17.2 billion in sales taxes go uncollected each year.

From the Journal (emphasis mine): And if there’s upward revision it’s going to be on high-income people.

Continued high emissions portend even more alarming changes to the planet by 2100 — with warming upward of 4°C, or 7.2°F.

The capsule, after exhausting its upward momentum, gently floats back to the surface under a parachute.

“If there is demand, you see upward price pressure.”

Bulgaria, Finland, and France also continue to show “long-term upward trends,” the report observes.

According to analysts at Credit Suisse, the precious metal is going to follow an upward trajectory throughout this year.

I was pretty spot-on with my prediction oil prices would trend upward, with gasoline prices rising accordingly.

The ACA’s popularity started trending upward last spring, as House Republicans tried to pass their repeal bill.

Rosneft bought out the Surgutneftegaz and Lukoil stakes for upward of $300 million, analysts estimated, deepening its exposure to Venezuela.

In just three speeches, Sanders managed to mention the word “Medicaid” upward of 40 times.

As she launches into the songs, layered vocal loops and hand-played synthesizer lines billow outward and upward.

It shows up on the chart, but as a brief blip in a general upward trajectory.

Fail upward, baby.

The price tag, Lhota gulped, will be upward of $8 billion.

I could probably create upward of 75,000 jobs with that money.

Enterprise software spending is on an upward trend, and is expected to reach $326 billion this year; meanwhile, startups and investors have taken notice.

When all is said and done, it’s possible Democrats could win upward of 41 seats this year.

We asked several veteran chasers, some of whom have seen upward of 30 total solar eclipses, for some advice.

Images of Stepan by himself tend to get about 2,800 likes, while those featuring models get upward of 4,000.

The Spanish know they are on an upward curve and some of the emerging nations will have benefited from their experiences.

The data showed that prior to Katrina, total debt levels for nonflooded, least-flooded and most-flooded residents were on a similar upward trajectory.

The system was pretty radical for an industry that is notorious for jobs with low pay and little, if any, upward mobility.

The thumbs point upward, as if to form a niche for the arrow, while she stares down at, impassive.

The tweet immediately sent the stock market sharply upward (it has since tumbled).

Strengthening wage growth should put upward pressure on inflation and keep the Federal Reserve on a gradual path of monetary policy tightening.

People emerging from the boutique where you can buy sweatshirts for upward of $200 seemed to hate what I was wearing.

The value of the bags has trended upward over time, ranging from $20,000 in 2002 to a high of $232,000 in 2016.

The number of women in the funeral industry has since inched upward.

On many fronts, relations between the U.S. and India are on an upward trajectory.

But its upward swings juice the value of their packages of bonuses, incentives, stocks and options, and other compensation.

The value of the bags has trended upward over time, ranging from $20,000 in 2002 to a high of $232,000 in 2016.

Slices of barely sweetened, roasted halved plums, their faces turned upward like sunflowers, sat on a yeasted cake bottom—part crust, part jammy custard.

On the one hand, there’s the suggestion of paring back military support in that region that could put upward pressure on prices.

The Labor Department’s closely watched monthly employment report on Friday also showed a mild upward revision to February’s meager job gains.

“After cleansing my chest and neck with warm compresses, he gently exfoliated the area with a grainy scrub in upward strokes.

The upward movement also helps to counter wrinkles and downward drag.

But in the mid-2000s, something astonishing began to happen: Brands started pushing out 30, 40, even upward of 50 cereal varieties each year.

It was so severe that he stared upward even when I looked directly at the audience.

Data for February was revised upward to a gain of 33,000 jobs instead of the previously reported 20,000, the smallest gain since September 2017.

“I would go through the entire brow first with upward strokes,” says Scott.

It is a tiered structure with sharp corners pointed upward, suggesting a kind of non-Western crown.

Nike did take a dip in favorability — shoes were burned, merchandise was defaced —but all of Nike’s online sales trended upward.

My evening is spent on a stair climber, steadily propelling myself upward for hours at a time while going nowhere.

Barclays has slightly adjusted its price forecasts upward.

He asked for patience and added, “Because we’re not on a slide downward; we’re on a climb upward.”

I could smell myself as I pushed upward to finish the exercise.

“The decline in the unemployment rate and the unambiguous decrease in labor market slack are likely to place further upward pressure on inflation.

Everything is just scooted upward.

Today, prices are ticking back upward slightly and Brent crude reached $80.62 a barrel when we sent this newsletter.

She recounts sometimes spending upward of six hours on the phone in a single day.

They are trending upward possession-wise.

Parents are more motivated by the fear of downward mobility than the prospect of upward mobility.

September’s jobs number was revised lower to 118,000 from 134,000, but that was offset by an upward revision in August’s jobs number.

Equifax repeatedly had to revise the number of people affected by its breach upward by millions.

Oil prices put meaningful upward pressure on cost.

September’s jobs number was revised lower to 118,000 from 134,000, but that was offset by an upward revision in August’s jobs number.

“Investment remains on an upward trend overall,” said Takumi Tsunoda, senior economist at Shinkin Central Bank Research Institute.

And as more channels gain followings, providers add more channels to various subscription tiers, causing the cost to edge ever upward.

The system, known as “maneuvering characteristics augmentation system” (MCAS) was designed to counteract the larger engines’ tendency to tip the plane’s nose upward.

He began to creep upward in the polls, passing Clinton in New Hampshire and coming close to her in Iowa.

They also fret over still-rising prices against an already high base, saying upward price pressure remains.

It has been 75 years since upward of 150,000 Allied troops began storming the beaches of Normandy by air, land, and sea.

Chicago’s shooting rate is not necessarily the highest per capita in the nation, but this rapid upward trend is worrisome at best.

It also signals that EIA, for now, does not see the new OPEC+ production-cutting deal as putting much upward pressure on prices.

And the magnitude of the recent upward trend is small (just about 3 points).

In it, she’s covered in cobwebs with her ribs jutting upward from her body and her insides spilling out.

(That alone ensures Murphy will nab upward of 200,000 votes, according to a statistical analysis Murray did based on previous New Jersey elections.)

The garage door began to lift upward and the morning light poured in like a rushing flood.

As a result, banks might offer developers worse terms on the financing of future projects, which could put upward pressure on future PPAs.

For one thing, humans start the vast majority of these fires, upward of 84 percent of them.

Just three years later, BCG last June revised that dollar figure upward — by another $20 billion.

And through mid-March, his support was trending slowly upward, eventually reaching 24 percent in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

There isn’t an “upward turn,” as in one of those neat, TV-friendly moments.

The result can be a market that takes off, providing cash money in addition to access to gainful employment and upward social mobility.

The solution: Stock buybacks, which return those profits to Apple’s shareholders and help to keep Apple’s per-share earnings on an upward trajectory.

One woman scaled another, searching, clawing upward.

“Because I grew up in this very ‘Emotion is weak, head up, move on, onward and upward‘ kind of way.

These are expensive cancer drugs that can cost upward of $13,000 per month.

But if we do go by 2024, it could cost us upward of $30 billion.

I found that top artists can survive for upward of two decades — but that staying power varies significantly by genre and time period.

If that show continues its general upward trend, I might be done with this one.

This index shows a long, steady upward ascent driven by women’s increasing participation in the workforce, punctuated by downturns during recessions.

The trade optimism helped European equities edge upward, with the STOXX 600 closing up 0.15%.

His career’s upward trajectory has been prestigious, working in kitchens of The Blue Water Cafe, Westin Bayshore, and The Fairmont Pacific Rim.

Eventually, though, the officers removed enough of a window panel to block the climber’s path upward.

But many economists said recent gains in business spending suggested upward revisions to capital spending and overall economic growth in the quarter.

Black families experience more downward mobility when it comes to wealth over their lifespan, whereas white families are likelier to experience upward mobility.

So far, 53 S&P 500 companies have issued negative guidance for Q1, while only 12 have revised guidance upward, according to FactSet.

So, onward and upward, Clattenburg.

Excelsior means ‘ever upward.’

Keeping shareholders happy requires constant upward growth, and kickstarting sales will take some compelling reasons to upgrade.

Simply sound-paneling a big ceiling can cost upward of $50,000.

The rain-slicked, cobblestone snicket, or alley, presumably attached to a warehouse, runs upward on a diagonal from left to right.

The vehicle climbed upward into the foggy Colombian mountains.

“How comfortable employees feel about providing upward feedback to their supervisors is a major indicator of overall happiness,” the report states.

The U.S. central bank raised rates in March and policymakers say they expect two more upward moves before the end of the year.

Step 1: Brush your brows upward and outward using a clean spoolie.

“Green Sleeper” (1965), claims a chunk of space by measuring it against the floor plane, then loosely implies upward extension with casually angled verticals.

That story and others that followed sent prices upward.

That’s a recipe for further upward price pressure.

“I always go from the bottom upward,” says Yoon, making sure she is applying an even layer all over the face.

That ticked upward to 49% in the week that ended on Monday.

Oil prices are inching upward Friday after a week of steep losses, including the year’s biggest one-day decline on Thursday.

For a few months beginning last September, the data appeared to be on a worrisome upward trend.

In November, Fidelity revised upward the value of its Twilio stake by more than 30 percent.

They can be read with one hand — the text flows horizontally, and you can flip the pages upward, like swiping a smartphone.

President Donald Trump’s disapproval rating in the Bay State is sky high, at upward of 60 percent, according to Morning Consult.

This left Julián’s path to upward mobility after the mayorship unclear, and he accepted an offer to become HUD secretary in 2014.

The numbers show an increasing upward trend, with widening gaps between CEOs and the people who work for them.

They call this “welcome news” for consumers and the vulnerable global economy, “as it will limit significant upward pressure on oil prices.”

There were also upward revisions to government spending and residential construction.

“To me, smart is upward mobility, maintaining the middle class, and helping the working class.”

There were also upward revisions to spending on nonresidential structures and government expenditure.

BAJ upward potential for BAJ’s VR may arise from a successful Tier 1 capital increase, following plans re-initiated for 2H16.

The plan aims to preserve high-value production in the United States and Canada and put upward pressure on auto industry wages in Mexico.

I like to let it dry, then slowly add water and massage my skin in upward motions as I rinse it off.

Anheuser-Busch InBev disclosed that it will seek to raise upward of $9.8 billion in a Hong Kong IPO of its Asia-Pacific business.

Without insurance, a root canal will cost upward of $1,500.

Each era is pretty iconic — the ’60s popularized teensy, peek-a-boo bangs; the ’80s featured Christina Applegate’s fluffy, upward bangs.

Tesla actually revised that estimate slightly upward by around 300 cars.

Both statues feature Baphomet in a seated stance, with two adoring children—of similar appearance—looking upward.

Brush your eyebrow hairs upward with a spoolie brush.

Onward and upward, Xan!

“It’s just as simple to comb through your brows with a brush in upward strokes and then fill them in as usual.”

Instead, lightly press your lashes and move your curler upward and outward — and always, always, use a clean curler before you apply mascara.

It also requires hard work, hence the staircases but lack of upward moving escalators.

The school was recently ranked number one in the nation in terms of upward mobility of its students.

We’re talking $250 and upward for anything that’s deemed mildly exclusive.

Rainwater converters that feed into pipes cost upward of £1,876 [$2,450].

But many economists said recent gains in business spending suggested upward revisions to capital spending and overall economic growth in the quarter.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Tuesday he would consider additional easing without hesitation if consumer prices lost upward momentum.

These waves can travel upward of 500 miles per hour in the deep ocean.

Nonetheless, there is a slow and generally upward creep in round sizes at most stages of funding.

He lost all four but secured some upward momentum across the races.

Onward and upward.”

Brendon Wade, Seeking Arrangement’s CEO, told me the site is empowering to women and allows them to move upward in their lives.

But they are still a nascent technology; they haven’t hit the steep upward slope of the S-curve yet.

I intuitively consider the question, Is this trending upward or downward?

Additionally, based on the Atlanta Fed’s projection, a little upward surprise could still get Trump to 3% growth.

But the category does appear to have much more upward momentum than the fitness band space in which the company has primarily operated.

But over the past 30 years, the maternal mortality rate trend reversed and steadily marched upward.

But experts don’t think older women having children in the US explains the upward trend of the maternal death rate.

Abortion clinics in Texas have said that upgrading to these new standards would cost upward of $1 million.

Use a dry spoolie to brush your brows upward, then add volume and color with a tinted gel.

That number has been repeatedly revised upward from initial estimates that were far smaller.

If state carbon targets are being reached, it would stay there; if not, it would continue upward.

In 2015, alcohol-related deaths started ticking upward.

Sprinters’ race times still drift upward beginning around age 28 at about the same rate they did 50 years ago.

Emissions from buildings and industry have been ticking upward of late.

It shows the upward battle people suffering with addiction must fight on a daily basis, no matter how famous or beloved they are.

With each section of your hair, insert the curling iron with the clamp facing upward.

Forget fashion — food is on a steep upward climb toward untouchable levels of trendiness.

From traditional aspirations of marriage, and upward mobility to more radical subversiveness.

But the overall upward trend is an important take away.

She’s even started selling 14-karat gold and diamond-encrusted vapes for upward of $100,000.

The latter lipsticks were like Push Pops, in that you had to push the product upward every time you wanted to use it.

Eventually, the bike was recovered but ultimately cost him upward of $650 in recovery and repair costs.

Unfortunately it’s an upward battle in this, and it’s been forever.

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend the brown shadow outward and upward until it resembles a wing-like shape.

Highly trained, these dogs can cost upward of $8,000 each once they graduate.

In order to create a swarm of bubbles, the whales would swim in upward spirals, exhibiting a previously unknown behavior called “double-loops.”

This has been increasingly true over the years, and is especially marked for the upward mobility prospects of the upper-middle class.

Look at the floor a few feet in front of you so that your neck is pointed straight ahead but not arching upward.

Pull the bar upward in a motion perpendicular to the floor, keeping it in contact with your shins.

Her hands threatened to dart upward.

In the document, designed to entice potential investors, the owners detail the UFC’s current financial state and its continuing upward trajectory.

When upward “normal” pressure was applied against the clip, it stayed in place.

Take your ponytail and flip it upward toward the top of your head.

The result showed a disturbing upward trend—until 2014, when deaths began to decrease.

This is where uranium hexafluoride gas is fed into a column spinning at upward of 100,000 rotations per minute.

Correction: This story originally said that food was distributed to upward Bound House, when, in fact, food was distributed to St. Joseph Center.

Step 2: Twist the remaining back sections of your hair from the nape of your neck upward, securing with bobby pins along the way.

But having a baby is expensive — on average, upward of $18,000 for a vaginal birth, not to mention all the care beforehand.

“I am so excited to contribute more to the upward trend that is musicals in television and film.

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