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“He’s reclusive and unsociable, but patient.”

A recent survey of 1,244 students in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the UK found, shockingly, that if you’re keen to piss off the people you live with, you should always: leave the front door unlocked, be unsociable, steal food, and never clean up.

I lost my virginity to my manager and she eventually lost her battle with herself, assisted by easily accessible alcohol and long, unsociable hours.

The motivation for the study was to apply cognitive tests that have already be tried out on dogs and tortoises on cats, in order to clear up some misconceptions around cats’ bad reputation for being unsociable.

But while Choice FM and 1Xtra played grime, there wasn’t really a dedicated grime show on the airwaves aside from Logan Sama’s unsociable Monday night slot on Kiss FM.

Pearl Jam, Joan Baez, and Journey will also be inducted at the April 7 ceremony in Brooklyn.—Noisey Cats Like Humans More Than Food, Scientists SayA new study by researchers at Oregon State University poked holes in the widely held belief that cats are unsociable and untrainable, finding cats like interacting with humans more than they like to eat.

The motivation for the study was to apply cognitive tests that have already be tried out on dogs and tortoises on cats, in order to clear up some misconceptions around cats’ bad reputation for being unsociable.

Sainsbury’s said on Thursday that following a consultation process with staff representatives and unions it had agreed to increase unsociable hour premium payments, extend location pay supplements to staff working in all outer London areas rather than just inner London, and raise online driver payments.

It says that the train operator has not yet implemented an agreement over timetabling that was reached in 2008, and that its staff are forced to work some unsociable hours.

Earlier this year, Berlin banned most short-term apartment lettings in response to a dearth of residential housing and the unsociable behaviour of lessees.

Casinos create jobs with long, unsociable hours, and clog the city with tourist buses.

“He’s reclusive and unsociable, but patient.”

“I was like, ‘That’s exactly why.’ So my reason of unplugging was I was an unsociable guy who would always be glued to my screen, and I needed to change that.” 4.

She said: “Led by the BFI and BAFTA, the industry has come together to agree these principles and guidance — developed by people who understand the subtleties of the hierarchy on a film set and what it’s like to work strange, unsociable hours.”

“He’s reclusive and unsociable, but patient.”

The Imitation Game earns a high “False” rating in part because it characterizes Alan Turing as a humorless, unsociable, and friendless outsider who possibly had obsessive compulsive disorder and was on the autism spectrum.

François Lesure, the author of the definitive French-language biography of Debussy, portrays him as “withdrawn, unsociable, taciturn, skittish, susceptible, distant, shy.” He was said to be “catlike and solitary.” He “lived in a kind of haughty misanthropy, behind a rampart of irony.” He had a tendency toward mendacity in his professional and personal relationships.

“However, there are also other pockets of demand from workers with unsociable hours, people who are travelling and those who may have been out and about and too busy to get dinner.”

“The problem is puppy mills, and this law is specifically targeting shutting down and not supporting puppies being manufactured in unsafe, unsociable, and horrific conditions,” Bicker said.

Her Lee is dissolute, unsociable, mildly monstrous and somehow deeply sympathetic.

It feels foreign and remote and unsociable in a way that contemporary art, with its familiar references, does not.

Samuel Johnson, one recalls, a ferociously unsociable reader, and blind as a bat, was constantly in danger of singeing his wig against his candle.

Autistic people say that some of their apparently unsociable behaviors result from these neurological characteristics.

Ties Our parenting style created an entitled, unsociable and disobedient individual.

We found that our style created a cuddly, but ultimately entitled, codependent, unsociable, impatient and disobedient individual.

Sauvage, like its English cognate, means wild and primitive, fierce, unsociable.

This becomes clear when, in “The Mysterious Island,” Jules Verne’s anarchist says, “I die of having thought it possible to live alone!” HEIDI’S GRANDFATHER He’s supposed to be unsociable, with a reputation for keeping visitors away from his cottage in the Swiss Alps — a metaphor for a country that goes about its business while harboring explosive passions?

I am not someone whose childhood was marked by isolation and unsociable behavior.

Woods’s leadership has been a mixture of fun and “scary” obsession, said Couples, who spoke of receiving text messages from him about preparations at highly unsociable hours.

They prosper, while the unsociable species decay.” —Peter Kropotkin, “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution,” 1902 TUCSON, Arizona — Annie Swiderski came to the desert hoping to approach the messiness of anxiety and healing through an improvisational range of artistic media.

Whether it’s crying babies, loud neighbours, or simply endless thoughts running through your head, sometimes you just can’t fall asleep.Regardless of how hard you try, the consequences the following day are always unforgiving: crippling fatigue, poor concentration and — above all — struggling to think of anything other than your bed.However, as researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found, sleep deprivation can have far worse consequences than previously thought, and they aren’t just limited to how you perform at work or throughout the day.It isn’t just your health that suffers from the night-time restlessness; you can end up completely sabotaging your social life too.Sleeping too little leads to reclusive behaviorLed by postdoctoral fellow at the Walker’s Center for Human Sleep Science, Eti Ben-Simon, the research team found that a lack of sleep can lead to unsociable and reclusive behavior — and that it can have the same effect on the people around you.

The results were pretty clear: those who hadn’t slept felt their space was invaded between 18% to 60% faster than those of the group who had.This led participants to create more of a social distance between themselves and others if they missed sleep on a given night, according to the researchers.Too little sleep leads to unsociable tendenciesThe researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to prove that the results weren’t accidental.While the “near space” networks in the brains of well-rested participants didn’t show any abnormalities, those of the other group were “braced” and on alert for potential threats.Not only that, but the “theory-of-mind” network, an area of the brain responsible for empathy and sociability, was less pronounced in those with sleep deprivation.

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