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Frederick’s paintings are unpeopled; it’s the writers’ job to bring the actors onto his bleak stages, and they do so with skill and pleasure, moving for the most part beyond the given scene and details of the paintings.

The photos of course feature a number of relatively unpopulated beaches, landscapes, boats, piers, and lighthouses, and there are some unpeopled advertisements, posters, and postcards as well.

The serene, unpeopled places in Leinkauf’s footage ooze a tranquil, meditative vibe; neatly geometric, their architectural forms and the play of light upon their surfaces create uncluttered, abstract images.

Not all the photos in Dark City conform to this conceit; that is, some of Saville’s locations remain “places,” fully inhabiting themselves even if anonymous-looking and unpeopled.

They were unpeopled landscapes—”I think I was trying to follow in the footsteps of Ansel Adams, and I was failing dismally, of course.”

Using a multi-step photocopying process, Valenzuela projects abstract lines onto unpeopled desert scenes — hinting at houses, governmental offices, and memorial structures yet to be built.

Wolves, moose, boars, badgers, and wild horses teem in the unpeopled wilderness surrounding the abandoned community.

His illustrations often carry the same motifs as the music, with images of lonely parking lots, unpeopled motels and densely-colored shadow worlds.

Leaders in those Yugoslav wars saw ethnic cleansing as the best way to create new nation-states unpeopled by troublesome minorities.

If I could afford to buy an Arbus, I would pick a landscape, or a roomscape—one of those unpeopled places where our fellow-citizens have been, and will come again.

Probably the most frequent sentence in all of Sebald is some variant of “Nowhere was there a living soul to be seen.” Wherever the Sebaldian narrator finds himself, the landscape is uncannily unpeopled.

If anything, the movie is mapped out with such controlling care that it occasionally feels airless and unpeopled, leaving us with practical objections: Why do we so rarely see the rest of the staff?

New Jersey’s coastal flatland stretches for miles, and the vast container fields of Elizabeth and Newark are unpeopled cities in themselves, with their long, echoing canyons of containers stacked high.

An old metal chamber dominates the room, looking like an unpeopled iron lung.

Obreht grew up imagining America as “a vast, unpeopled, almost supernaturally beautiful wilderness,” a place that, she has said, “seemed impossible to me, a landscape of the imagination more than anything else, a painted backdrop, the mirage of another age.” After spending her youth in the former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, and Egypt, Obreht first came to the United States at the age of twelve, settling with her family in the American South before later moving to Northern California.

Rigoberto González is the author four books of poetry, most recently unpeopled Eden, which won the Lambda Literary Award and the Lenore Marshall Prize from the Academy of American Poets.

At other times, she shot unpeopled places that, through her eyes, came alive: an empty snack bar, for example, in which two chairs seemed still engaged in the conversation of the couple who had vacated them.

“Anything seemed possible,” Matar writes of this hopeful interim, “and nearly every individual I met spoke of his optimism and foreboding in the same breath.” In the memoir’s most rapturous passages, which recall Albert Camus’s essays on his Algerian childhood, Matar evokes his rediscovery of the Libyan landscape, the luminous Mediterranean coast and the austerity of the interior, where the earth “stood as all the unpeopled landscapes of Libya stand, clean and witnessing.” Dazzled by the light of Benghazi, Matar and his wife, the photographer Diana Matar, fantasize about spending part of their year in that city.

Inching my Communist relic through the unpeopled, snowbound vastness of the Eurasian boreal forest — the largest terrestrial eco-region on earth, our planet’s default state on dry land — was a journey into unplumbed personal depths.

He introduced the “road” idea with unpeopled film, landscape hurtling past as if seen from a rushing car.

Like her predecessors, Zittel’s material is also the Southwestern desert, but she isn’t a land artist in the traditional mode: Instead of moving earth with giant machines, or leaving hulking, unpeopled abstractions amid the dust, she employs this vast landscape to explore and challenge the quotidian functions of our existence.

The museum cafe was closed for renovations, and we ended up instead buying burgers from a stand outside the city walls, beyond the stately but unpeopled Howard Gardens (fashioned from the city’s former moat) in a municipal park of a kind familiar to me from my childhood in Sydney, Australia: It’s a British convention, the manicured open space with a green kiosk selling snacks and a separate structure housing well-kept public loos.

India’s history, as it is usually told, is “a curiously unpeopled place,” Khilnani writes.

Oh to live in the world one sees from the train — empty, unpeopled, only a horse in the field, one car at the crossing, and a woman at the end of a garden taking down washing.”) The diaries put on exhibit Bennett’s immense humanity, as when he regards a newborn baby and writes, “It doesn’t make me feel old, just huge.” If you’re not already an Alan Bennett follower, “Keeping On Keeping On” is not the best place to jump in.

Its beaches are practically unpeopled and oh so silent.

According to the historian Edward Hasted, writing in the 1770s, Cooling was “an unfrequented place, the roads of which are deep and miry, and it is as unhealthy as it is unpleasant.” On this late summer’s afternoon the village has an air of tranquil prosperity, and is so still and unpeopled as to feel like a film set.

And in the unpeopled photos, with just a storefront or restaurant facade, the windows and signs appear to be longing for human contact.

But the scrum also includes four versions of the artist, including one of her lying on her face, weeping, and another who is painting an unpeopled view of mountains while standing in a hole in the ground (she’s starting from behind).

“Bierstadt presents a certain way of understanding nature as beautiful and unpeopled and full of animals and grain and enduring and static, and Hegarty takes that same image and literally dematerializes it,” he said.

The town may be dramatically unpeopled, but everyone seems to have mutts and the means to keep them coifed.

For thirty-two years, Thomas Joshua Cooper has been working on a project that he calls “The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity,” a collection of some seven hundred black-and-white photographs that he makes from remote, forbidding, largely unpeopled, all-but-forgotten outcroppings, on five continents and at both poles, along the perimeter of the Atlantic basin.

Carefully heeding the prescribed walking route — in 2013, a child was trapped on Baldy for four hours — I climbed over the dune and then trudged for three minutes down its gorgeous, windswept front to the wholly unpeopled beach on Lake Michigan.

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