Understands in a sentence | Use of the word understands examples

“Sometimes I get discouraged and want to end it, because I could just be doing MikeQ—which not everybody understands,” he says.

Sex Education understands that for humans, and young humans especially, a lot of these experiences are rooted in sex and romance.

It could also be because neither of them understands how to be around other humans.

”I don’t think Amazon understands how close they are to blowing themselves up,” one analyst warned.

And when Trump makes comments like these, it’s not clear that he really understands that.

Furthermore, it’s not clear that Trump really understands why his campaign has gone so badly off the rails.

“What ISIS understands, more than al-Qaeda before, is that even fairly limited acts of violence can be very terrorizing,” Neumann explains.

No one fully understands everyone else, or the world around them.

At this point, everyone going to Cleveland understands that things could get bad.

The thing that Bradford understands in a deep and profound way is that you cannot be programmatic in your search for the incomprehensible.

But as everyone now understands, ESPN is locked into expensive, long-term sports programming deals that will only get more expensive.

“Hillary understands that the presidency is about one thing and one thing only,” she said.

Moreover, it becomes clearer how Lisicky understands sentimentality.

But the balloon sculptures by Masayoshi Matsumoto prove that none of us really understands them, at least not as well as Matsumoto seems to.

Something this audience understands very well, right?

Incarceration has different implications on everyone it affects, and it often feels like no one understands.

Avengers: Endgame understands this well — or, at least, the first 45 minutes or so do.

The best consumer of polling data is someone who understands its limitations,” says Blumenthal.

He says he doesn’t filter himself, and understands what it’s like to work with someone on the level of Kanye West.

He understands that there’s another constitutionally prescribed mechanism for addressing bad conduct on the part of the president, namely Congress.

The problem is that people “may not be able to read or write, but everyone understands photos and videos,” said Telangana Superintendent Rajeshwari.

He’s conscious of how his body language affects those around him, and understands that each teammate is wired differently.

“Anyone who reads the whole proposition and understands it is not going to support it,” he said.

And more importantly, it understands that the best way to present a battle is as a standalone story of sorts.

We are, all of us, exploring a world that none of us even understands and attempting to create within that uncertainty.

He understands some gamers—himself included—complete a daunting checklist in a video game to get a sense of accomplishment.

So what’s left to do if you’re someone on the inside who understands the stakes and can see what is happening?

I am always floored by how she understands the nuances of every issue, and by her determination to stay informed.

“Donald Trump understands that his supporters, whether they agree or they do not agree with his actions, want an outside, strong personality.

He understands his role in ROH and as an athlete.

He understands this business.

You have Steve Mnuchin standing at attention, in line on the tariffs, saying he doesn’t like it but he understands it.

Cersei also understands that by surrounding herself with innocents, she can largely leverage her familiarity as a way to remain in power.

The Shallows understands this desire and never strays too far from trying to fulfill it.

The Shallows hints that it at least understands this dynamic.

Daniel Arnold understands that the juxtapositions on Instagram can be as arresting as the images themselves.

It’s disgusting, but a deep primal part of me understands it.I know, right?

He understands that,” said Trump.

I didn’t even set that up, because I know that everyone listening to that understands what they just heard.

Greg Crutsinger understands this better than most.

Is your sense that when you talk with him … do you think he understands that?”

Abloh is the first African-American artistic director at Louis Vuitton, bringing some much-needed diversity to an industry that hardly understands what that word means.

“He understands where we were coming from,” LeBron James told USA Today the day after Stern announced the return of the old ball.

The second understands privacy as a universal freedom.

“We want to make sure we are engaging whole communities so that the broader community understands what we are doing and why,” said Salama.

“I feel everyone understands and craves for those burnt parts.

“Nobody understands why Bosch is so weird,” Franklin said.

He says he understands and snorts the pile.

In particular, Mattis understands that working closely with his staff in the Pentagon allows him to advance policy ideas through the bureaucracy.

So you’re not just like pushing out content that no one understands with bad copywriting.

“The EU understands that the only way with Trump is strength,” said one European official.

“I think the company understands it needs to clear the fog regarding the long-term … and not leave its investors feeling uncertain,” he said.

Reality: It’s exciting

As a writer, Williams says she understands why fiction gets certain things wrong about the FBI.

Which, the oldest and most powerful angel, speaks only in stutters but understands complicated situations and concepts at a level beyond words.

Meg understands math in intuitive leaps, but her teachers want her to plod her way through dull, rote memorization — to show her work.

Its machine brain understands your human diction — better, it seems, in a car.

Rigdol understands this influence as a prophecy of China’s eventual colonization of Tibet.

I don’t think he understands what a FISA court is.

I don’t think he understands what wire-tapping really means.

And he now understands his blind spots.

Certainly Peter Thiel, for example, understands the culture here.

Healthcare, as Trump now understands, is complicated.)

It’s clear Lerdsila loves his home country, but he is also pragmatic and understands the lure of working abroad for a good paycheck.

Verizon clearly needs Tumblr to be bigger, but there’s little evidence that its leadership understands own goals.

While Hendrix smirks that her penchant for villainy is “because I’m evil,” she clearly just understands what to bring to the role.

Nobody understands the mechanics of this — a great search-engine optimization/clickbait feedback loop scam — better than Google.

Johnson says he understands the situation — and he’s treating it aggressively with blood thinners and compression socks.

Chris tells us … he decided to dismiss the case because he understands the importance of family and grandparents.

She understands all my crazy ideas, my dreams, my sense of humor.”

She understands Niantic’s concerns about cheating.

“And everybody understands there are costs to violating the norms.”

Omar understands the plight of refugees, who live in uncertainty and sometimes cannot even dream of a better life.

As anyone who’s spent more than five seconds on the internet understands, all opinions are not created equal.

Irvin says he understands why there’s frustration from Beasley — he just tells us Cole has to know his role.

He already understands a lot but can only say a few words.

“I think our leadership understands that our society is ready.

Media coverage also has an impact on how the general public understands the lives of people with disabilities.

But now, everyone understands the recipe that the United States used.

It suggests to me that he understands the value of PR than one might otherwise guess.

Most of all, though, Fallen Kingdom understands the moral weight of the setup it’s been handed by the previous five movies.

Cole says she understands the backlash because the story doesn’t seem to square with the game’s larger themes.

That’s kind of the problem: It’s not clear how much Donald Trump understands about Watergate at all.

Death tolls are one of the main ways the public understands the impact of a disaster.

Per court records, “the alleged victim in this case understands and consents to this decision.”

Pretty much everyone understands a voice assistant, most of the time.

One’s words are supposed to correspond with, or at least not mislead about, the facts as one understands them.

“Mr. Trump understands the magnitude of the threats we face and is holding his cards close to the vest.”

“Mr. Trump understands the magnitude of the threats we face and is holding his cards close to the vest.”

This film understands the scope of that, and so too its flipside.

The President understands that the protection of our national security represents his highest obligation.

“Mitt Romney understands something about President Trump: Trump is 100 percent transactional and not relational.

The President understands that oversight concerning matters related to the Memorandum may be continuing.

Who else in DedSec understands Horatio’s death like him?

Pat has arranged a dozen or so similar meetings with other friends and so everyone present, except the newcomer, understands how these deals proceed.

They’re easy to manipulate, and everyone knows them and understands their universe, their relationships, and how it all fits together.

If anyone understands the cruel reality of modern fame, it’s Peter Crouch.

Everyone is now … understands that you consume something by paying a recurring subscription fee and streaming it whenever you want.

These are challenges that the Mae Tao Clinic’s founder, Dr. Cynthia Maung, understands intimately.

She understands painting as a form that comes with conditions that must be accommodated.

But Scott understands that it’s precisely the unknown where the real horrors lurk.

Clearly, he had the chance and seized it … but he tells us he understands why some of her fans would be against dating him.

Nobody understands that.

There’s finally a TV show that understands our relationship.

“Everyone now understands that the main driver of war in Afghanistan is foreign occupation,” the Taliban said.

Something I see a lot is where the bridesmaids only tell jokes and stories that only the bride understands.

Todd has commented previously about the way Westworld understands that violence is always both cathartic and tragic, depending on your viewpoint.

He also says he understands … some, possibly many would-be festivalgoers are going to stay away, and he can’t blame them.

Noah understands this, and in his response offers a critique of traditional French approaches to diversity from a progressive, multicultural point of view.

And it’s all the more meaningful coming from Snoop, a friend, who understands these human contradictions better than most.

Hopefully when the public fully understands this situation they’ll let their elected officials know what they think of it.”

Then again, Srinivasan understands how technology works, so he certainly knows that deleting your tweets doesn’t make them disappear.

He really understands large format photography.

That violence is always both is something not every TV show understands but Westworld does.

What does you think someone who takes Trump’s comments at face value understands when they hear his references to Chicago?

“(He’s someone) that understands information, relationships, how to negotiate, how to engage below the level of conflict.

Rikou understands such positioning as part of Documenta’s legacy.

And it was about “which candidate understands the real problems facing this country and has offered real solutions.”

We’re also told Sonye understands truth is a defense, but she has no fear.

Kathy Iandoli understands that everything’s top secret.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson told Reuters he plans to proceed with the vote, but that he understands the union’s concerns.

He understands it takes two people to be happy, two groups of people to be happy.

Zimbabwe First Party fully understands the challenge involved in defeating the Triage and bringing Zimbabwe back to the people.

Trump himself understands that it’s important to remind voters that they think Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.

And once and for all, everyone finally understands the damn rule.

“We have to make sure that we have somebody who understands what peoples’ lives are like and are willing to have their backs.

This generation of donors understands an underfunded arts ecosystem is to the detriment of Memphis’ economic development.

So, if anyone understands Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey sitting out, it’d be McGahee, right?

With every moment of Ruins’ unveiling, Klara understands more of what went wrong.

He pled the two counts and they are not a crime, which nobody understands.

Soccer Mommy: Clean (Fat Possum) Sad singer-songwriters are supposed to gesture at the anguish of adolescence, but Sophie Allison understands it.

And it understands how pop culture is used to prop up all aspects of the social order, even the horrible, unjust ones.

Dyson understands the aspirational nature of the beauty industry and has been strategic about getting its tools into the right hands.

He said he feels Clinton is the only candidate who “understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty.”

There is no doubt Trump understands these dynamics.

Bradley understands irony and sincerity as combatants, while Dufresne takes this pairing’s “relational ambivalence” to another, tougher and more resonant level.

It underscores just how well Russia understands online media — and how it’s attempting to weaponize this understanding to weaken Western democracies from within.

Now, as a grown gay man who understands Gaston’s ideal chest-to-waist ratio, the reason is a bit clearer.

And every last inch of me’s covered with hair The new film fully understands that.

Everyone understands the stresses of finances, especially those of us in the arts.

“And (Kim) agreed to that so quickly and so nice – it was really a very nice thing, and he understands it,” Trump added.

“The press understands that—they just don’t want to talk about it.

“Our country’s top law-enforcement officer must be someone who understands that immigrants make our country stronger,” Vazquez said.

Perhaps because Star, too, understands the twisted appeal in hinting at the shadowy side of YouTube’s beauty community.

A deft passer, Mudiay sees angles and already understands how to get the ball into even the tightest of spaces.

However, diversifying into running shows the company understands that exercisers can be fickle and that it may face some competition.

I think FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who understands wireless economics as well as anyone, realizes that wireless is indeed different.

This is sort of Trump’s best move: It’s the thing he understands most.

Who even understands the system?’” Yeah.

“Everyone understands how important this is to the continuation of the market,” McPeak says.

Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.

She understands that we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

She understands that when we do that we can create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs.

Hillary Clinton understands that a president’s job is to worry about future generations, not the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry.

“But we need to move away from nutrients because nobody understands what they are and it’s not how people eat.”

Hillary Clinton understands that we have to invest in education and jobs for our young people, not more jails or incarceration.

While Donald Trump is busy insulting one group after another, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

It’s easier to morally panic about things you don’t understand, and everyone understands video games now.

There’s a big distinction, no one understands that.

Much of the daunting nature of these games is lost when a player understands this kind of visual perception.

“I hope Russia understands France is a credible and trustworthy European partner,” Macron said.

Like Trump, Daniels understands power dynamics, and she can be a bit of a bully when she wants to be.

“There’s no sense whatsoever that he understands what our grand strategy is.”

Nobody understands that better than Obama himself, and that’s why nobody will work harder to put Clinton in the White House.

I feel like no one understands.

What Peterson understands, and is able to capitalize on, is that people need stories.

What makes the book so powerful is that it understands the fundamental draw of right-wing traditionalist ideology.

Yeah, he understands that when you look scripted, they turn off.

I feel like no one understands.

He understands how government works, and I’ve always found him unusually sober in his view of it.

It seems that what Nonas best understands is restraint, both in his choice of materials and the way he works into and around them.

Parris, for his part, acknowledges accusations of authoritarian tendencies, and says he understands why many felt the “gang candidate” flier was race baiting.

No one outside of our sport truly understands the financial sacrifices and strains that are presented.

“APHIS understands the concerns about this method.”

She added, “Roger [Ailes] understands you must simplify, simplify, simplify.” And on Fox News, there’s nothing simpler than “Hillary.”

You’re the Worst understands mental illness in a way that most television shows don’t.

“Everyone understands a broken leg, right?

Andrew Burton/Getty Images Three years after the Black Lives Matter movement began, not everyone understands the movement’s mission.

It understands that the world is filled with junk, but sometimes you can make something beautiful out of that junk.

King has always understood that; now, Mr. Mercedes finally offers an adaptation that understands it too.

Trump’s meticulously boring concession speech makes it clear that Trump understands this danger perfectly.

“I hope everyone understands the urgency of this crisis.

He understands that sometimes, in context, you have to sacrifice universal law on the altar of victory.

No, it understands that the mathematics behind your smile is the same as my smile, even though we look different.

Ultimately, Petrie and Ramirez created a season that fully understands Daredevil’s strengths and plays to them accordingly.

What Sanders understands, and what Trump understands, is that you don’t shape attention by crafting compromise policies; you shape attention by creating controversy.

It will be a war for something Trump understands and Democrats typically don’t: attention.

Trump himself understands that it’s important to remind voters that they think Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.

SNL understands neither what makes Trump alluring nor what makes him dangerous.

Gray-Owen understands that choosing safe sex can be difficult when you’re in the moment.

They say she understands well that political capital can evaporate very quickly after a president enters office.

Your logical mind understands the cause and effect, but inwardly and viscerally, you just don’t believe it.

What makes Milch so good is the way he understands humans both as individuals — driven by often contradictory impulses — and as collectives.

And he also understands mercy.

He understands the doubt and though he tries to offhandedly dismiss it, his slips of sarcasm bely him.

You’re like, no one else understands!

It’s something everybody understands.

But again, Jones understands the learning curve can and will continue to be steep.

It’s the only festival I’ve ever attended that understands the urgency of a dark hot cup of coffee in the morning.

And that’s what Hillary Clinton understands.

Today, it understands between 30 and 40 emotions, according to Fernandez.

Bernthal understands this, making Castle’s prewar life seem idyllic and his post-war trauma suffocating.

President Trump understands the frustration felt by hardworking Americans,” Mulvaney told Politico in a statement.

President Trump understands the frustration felt by hardworking Americans,” Mulvaney told Politico in a statement.

He’s clearly comfortable and understands when to utilize Spider-Man, who manages to bring levity and brightness to the book.

Trump, Corker said at the time, “has not demonstrated he understands the character of this nation.”

No one understands the power of Twitter better than April Reign.

Then the teacher calls the Nurse comic relief and nobody understands why.

Romero doesn’t have the mechanics perfect but he understands that wrestling and striking have a good amount of cross-over.

How do you create a workforce that understands how to do this?

The religious right understands this.

Director James Gunn understands this.

He understands power.

And he understands how to take it.

And he understands how to keep it.

Bautista understands him better too, tapping into some brilliant lunkiness, and becoming one of Guardians 2’s comedic highlights.

“Or he gets it better than anybody understands.

Trump’s most recent vague but seemingly pointed comments about Obama getting it “better than anybody understands” seem to hint at these theories.

Anybody who understands the psychology of “loss aversion” could have predicted it.

In some ways, I’m not sure even Apple understands yet just how stubborn regular consumers are when it comes to replacing their stuff.

Irving says he understands why LeBron may have taken it personally, but sincerely doesn’t give a crap.

A more trigger-happy show would have killed them long ago, but this series understands there are often fates worse than death.

This show, above all else, understands that patience is its own kind of terror.

because she understands and is great, marries him.

No one understands this better than Seattle, where Amazon already resides.

It’s only in these comments that Clinton admits she understands the real source of the appeal.

I’m not confident that anyone — least of all me — truly understands what’s happening in American or global politics right now.

The good news: Collins understands that he needs to do as much as he can to get better.

Farrag understands this.

That is, she’s a ruthlessly effective legislative leader who understands how to operate in a DC political knife fight.

Through education and prevention, she hopes we can raise a new generation that understands what’s unacceptable and what’s not.

Harvey says he understands why men who are struggling with sex issues find it convenient to label their problems as sex addiction.

Another Montrealer who understands the importance of creating work that stands the test of time is Dime art director Vincent Tsang.

But Facebook now understands how these “information operations” work, and it’s ready to fight back.

But Facebook now understands how these “information operations” work, and it’s ready to fight back.

He understands that Michelle Williams is an American treasure.

“I think that that’s one that we’ll have to see.” Swan pressed Kushner on whether he understands why Palestinians don’t trust him.

“Everyone [in Iraq] understands it’s just a matter of time.”

“( Van Buren says Gwendolyn understands four words: “Come,” “Gwendolyn,” “No,” and “Hungry?”)

More importantly, though, we are a discipline that understands that democracy is complicated and requires institutions and norms.

Coral Morphologic, the hybrid bio-art studio responsible for creating the visuals, understands the profound significance of reefs.

The neocortex is sort of the rational part of the brain that builds a model of the world and understands itself.

“My office understands the sensitivity and significance of these investigations, but the evidence presented does not warrant any further action in this case.”

It understands that it can benefit from preventing the game from progressing down certain paths and seeks to manipulate that.

I think the jury understands that this is a significant matter.

No, that’s right, but anyone that’s gotten to that level understands, to use your word about Bezos, deftness.

Have a worldview that understands history and the moment we are currently living through.

“I don’t know if she understands the concept.”

But local policeman Asif Haji says he understands what they are doing.

Clinton’s best political quality is that she truly understands both the issues and the political institutions that mediate them.

I think she understands that.”

Colter understands this, making clear the pain and burden this man carries.

Giella understands that finding a perfect match to a favorite product is more than a quest for convenience.

Putin is a smart guy; he understands this, and he’ll take advantage of it.

Maybe the only person who understands is my dog.

Everyone understands that when the NHL sends its players to the Olympics, the league still has an 82-game season, right?

That, in turn, has “created a massive opportunity for someone who understands finance and is willing to be out on the vanguard,” she added.

BW: I don’t think the average Congressperson — and I’m sure Luther spent years trying to educate them — understands it.

But he said he understands why Huawei quickly fired him.

It’s not clear how much of this President Trump understands.

I like work that understands this context and works with it — exposing the viewer to the less expected.

Do you need someone who has managed a balance sheet or do you need someone who understands sales and trading are risks?

This funding could potentially influence the direction of biblical scholarship and will certainly influence how the public understands the Bible and the ancient world.

He understands the United States’ labor demands and respects the hard work and sacrifice immigrants endure to give their families a better, safer life.

Caines understands the value of these benefits better than most people.

“The less the person making the decision understands about programming, the more paranoia they have.

Li-Mi-Yan understands the sensitive nature of her work and welcomes discussion around it.

He understands why entrepreneurs might be nervous.

We know that people will be hugely disappointed as we are, but we hope everyone understands the situation.”

It shows how little Trump understands, or values, what America has built.

Horvath-Cosper said she understands where the hospital is coming from.

Chrishell says she understands why viewers might have doubts.

He understands that the meters don’t always need to be slamming and he left plenty of headroom.

Whether he understands that is an open question.

What Joe understands as the result, is a powerful, burnt reading of techno.

Here’s the truth: No one really understands yet what migration to the UK post-EU will look like.

In short: Malpass has worked in the private sector, but he understands how the government’s international economics work gets done.

A place that understands that conflicts can be points of construction.

A place that understands that conflicts can be points of construction.

The federal government understands that, and conserves its resources accordingly.

Her face is always hidden, the calculation of someone who understands the body’s plasticity.

Certainly leadership understands this, and that’s the reason they’re not going to do that.”

The banker’s really invested in them, really understands their story.

Trudeau though—he understands.

The director understands that on some level, all action sequences are dance sequences.

I was seriously shook and told him that I don’t think he understands who I am as a person.

It understands that the world is filled with junk, but sometimes you can make something beautiful out of that junk.

Moreover, Azuma’s character understands words spoken to her and responds as if in natural conversation.

I hope that Tim really understands that they’ve built something special over there.

And because April has that as an aspect of how she loves and understands the world, that was definitely important for me.

I think that she understands the negative impact that it’s having on her.

But his executive order gives no sign that the administration understands that.

That’s a desire Faith understands.

The journalist in me understands that your job sometimes is to explain why awful people are so awful.

So we’ve really managed to succeed in playing his own game by speaking directly to him in a language he understands.

A Million Little Things shows that it understands how depression can hurt even people who seem to have it all together.

“He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands.

“He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands.

He understands inflation is below 2% and some inside the Fed are concerned about that.

I’m not even sure Putin fully understands what he wants.

Raw isn’t perfect, but it understands one very big idea: No belief system, no matter how rigid, can’t be compromised.

“It’s obviously important symbolism,” Furman said, adding that he understands the reluctance to constrain the party’s boldest, smartest policy ideas.

There is no precedence for this kind of gradual shift and the West understands this well.

Ramsay understands how to do the blood thing like a science—blood on windows, floors, lots of blood.

But he understands what he’s up against.

Tommy John understands that.

“Yes, it also understands English,” he said at a press conference on Monday.

He also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation.

He has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today.

And he’s got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.

He understands why fans are upset, particularly with how the game makes nuclear annihilation—the gloomy background for all Fallout games—into a player-versus-player game mechanic.

I think everybody understands markets don’t work well for health care now.

NASA has spent the past five decades exploring the Red Planet, and understands the surface of Mars.

Do you think the public fully understands that the Trump/GOP agenda is actually life threatening for sick people like us?

“I think this is something that a child never understands, why a mother would leave them.”

He understands the value of outside.

Maggie Stenz understands how difficult it is to thrive in the museum world.

The present understands and values things the way the present should, but for me these things are incredibly complicated.

Everyone understands that negotiations would be complex and difficult, and nobody can be expected to agree on the final result in advance.

Not everyone understands that.

Crutchfield doesn’t often weave amorphous shapes, but she understands the appeal from a consumer perspective.

He’s a self-starter, he understands the situation, and I’ll be very shocked if he doesn’t come out and play much better.”

But almost nobody understands it.

He also made clear that he cares about racism and sexism, and understands why they are real problems.

The best thing I can say about Netflix’s new true crime parody American Vandal is that it understands the No.

“If there’s anything I can do to help…” A practiced liar, Jessica understands the fundamentals of this situation.

Even though it’s not clear if he understands how they work.

He understands what fuels people on this mission.

I think he understands that.

And he definitely understands that.

He understands it.

He understands it so well.

He understands it better than the people that were doing the work for him.

I don’t think anybody really does or understands the implications of … KS: So you feel the negative impact is overestimated?

Mexico’s government understands that it needs good relations with the US.

As a person, Inoue understands the burden of his responsibility.

Trump understands television time is a finite resource and used it to tell people why he was winning and to attack his opponents.

“Our understanding from the conversation is that President Moon understands our position regarding the abduction issue,” the official said.

Garden’s public understands techno, and unlike other parties, they give their all to it, 100 percent.

What’s frustrating is that Kline understands these discursive subtleties.

But he says he understands why Washington and Seoul came to this decision.

It’s not a full-scale repudiation of Parks and Rec, but it understands why someone might have been skeptical of that show’s optimism.

It’s the rare competition that understands the comfort of knowing the bake goes on.

I hope General Kelly understands this.”

“He understands it now,” she said.

Keats understands how some might see the slime-mold professor as a gimmick (though, hey, it got me on the phone).

“As a military person who understands defenses, a physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job,” Kelly said.

X-Pac says he understands the frustration — but says Chyna would still be thrilled with the honor.

The Other Two’s sly genius lies in how it understands that this vampirism is true in families and all other human relationships, too.

Cancer is also a sign that instinctively understands that change is part of life… do you?

The filter “understands” what it sees, Ilan added.

“The regime really understands that the world is getting smaller for them.

It is, instead, a means of living out the Christian Gospel — literally acting as one understands how Christ would act.

That said, like Sousa, he understands the need to innovate.

Even when Selin understands a code well enough to follow it, she’s hyper-aware of its presence.

Philip might not like or understand capitalism, but he definitely likes and understands the comfortable life it offers.

Donald Trump ostensibly understands this, because it’s ostensibly the reason he had the “great honor” of firing Comey.

Fear and anger—and confusion—he understands.

But I wanted to talk with a trans soldier, someone who is serving right now and who understands this at the ground level.

I am impressed with the Korean taxi driver because he actually understands my Korean when I tell him my address.

So he has history with me, so he understands me, my work ethic and how I move.

A superpower understands that caution and restraint are signs of strength.”

I thought if someone understands the history of Patrice Lumumba, they will stand up for human rights and a more just foreign policy.

Recode understands technology and media.

We normally try to address it in the wording so that everyone understands completely how the insurance is intended to work,” Burns said.

The sound was so enveloping, speaking a language that every body understands, and the lyrics were so elemental.

The Kremlin understands that (U.S. President Donald) Trump is unpredictable.

“He understands that it’s important to cooperate with Congress — since our aim is greater accountability and transparency.

As a fashion lover and sales person, she understands the psychology behind the decision; consumers believe higher price points equal superior products.

“I think Cleveland understands, Hue Jackson specifically understands he needs a quarterback,” Lombardi said.

So on hot days, you have to turn the fan down occasionally before she understands commands.

It’s that the president’s rhetoric is a primary way that North Korea understands American intentions.

And he definitely understands that.

Cruz said at the time that “everyone understands” Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

Trump’s attempt to help Porter on Friday shows he understands the root of #MeToo’s power.

You should just work hard too.” That’s an easy argument that everyone understands.

Trump is winning because he understands that the 2016 race is about the very definition of America itself.

He understands that contrast.

“Huawei understands the cybersecurity concerns that European regulators have,” Abraham Liu, Huawei’s chief representative to the EU, said in a statement.

Maybe that’s a fantasy primarily relegated to white men in 2017, but Kingsman understands why it would be seductive.

Still, Byanyima said she can shape the yawning gulf between the 1 percent and the world’s poorest in terms the business community understands.

Alan Frumin understands the reconciliation process probably better than anyone else — and he agrees.

It’s not clear whether Trump actually understands, or is willing to admit, that he was describing sexual assault.

Haley called Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, one of his senior advisers, “a hidden genius that no one understands.”

“Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands,” Haley said of the White House adviser.

No one quite understands how Carlsen gained his feel and aptitude for chess.

They deserve a president who understands that when we invest in our children’s education, we’re investing in all of our futures.

Seacrest understands the entertainment industry.

He really understands how to inflame people, how to motivate them, how to bond with them.

And it understands that being an American, as Gaiman believed in 2001, is a religion worth examining.

Harris is seen as someone who has good relationships in the Pacific region and understands the complex security dynamics there.

I hope that everyone understands that what we’re doing is really for the greater good.

He understands that Russia’s overall position in the world is significantly diminished.

“But I’m just in the minority of Americans who understands how easy it is once you get out of the system.”

But, now he’s admitting he knowingly cheated — and says he understands all of the criticism and scrutiny that comes his way.

More than half of the public, 52 per cent, say Ms May “understands what ordinary British people care about” more than Mr Cameron.

This is what Trump understands about politics, and always has.

“Sony Music is a world-class company that understands our ethos of exceptional curation and developing young talent.”

But logically, as a person who understands that there needs to be laws, there should just be a better system.

Mueller is an honest man who understands that congressional subpoenas are not optional,” Nadler said.

Educating the public: Ultimately, a party that wants to make major policy changes will benefit when the public understands what the laws will do.

It is crucially important that the public understands how the company works.

“Everybody kind of understands what Tumblr is trying to achieve, but they don’t agree with it. “

Ace understands the power of not having a whole lot between you and the guitar and the amp—he was the master of that.

Our international, flexible MFA understands each student (not any “educator”) is the expert on where praxis might lead.

To move forward, we have to challenge the way our society understands blackness.

“However, Judge Donohue’s comments indicate that he understands the gravity of the situation for both Daniel and DACA recipients across the nation….

“However, Judge Donohue’s comments indicate that he understands the gravity of the situation for both Daniel and DACA recipients across the nation….

She understands the weight of words.

He frequently talks about the risk of opening his own business – a point he makes to argue he understands the needs of the economy.

More than almost anyone else, he understands the difficult position police are in when confronted by violent protests, and the lack of viable options.

It’s a simple solution, one anyone who’s lived in a dorm room understands, and yet something feels wholly incomplete about the arrangement.

Any retelling of a tale from times long past must be an interpretation, a translation into language and concepts that the present audience understands.

Moore understands that many drunk people don’t immediately collapse into being slobs.

GG: To me, I think the answer depends on how one understands your question.

So he understands what’s at stake.

Almost certainly this is because he understands that by breaking apart unions, he weakens a key Democratic constituency.

Actually, everybody understands.

No one who understands this technology, very much including Keith himself, believes otherwise.

I hear you when you say that the Democratic caucus understands this is what McConnell is all about.

No matter what you may think about her politics or her record, Hillary Clinton understands that this is not reality television; this is reality.

Who receives it or who understands it?

Because you’re then … you encountered all the problems that everyone who’s in a less represented group understands.

Who understands and can fix it?

The goal of the 2.0 version is not to become a businessperson but to be a person who understands business.

“Some people, like me, know that he understands the consequences.”

“I’ve told the president – and the president understands – you can’t pay the bills with patriotism,” Perdue told CNN.

Anyone who understands how TV stories work believed they knew how this one would play out.

Back in Nickelsdorf, Mayor Zapfl, a Social Democrat understands why his town voted the way it did, and he isn’t surprised.

I think Trump has a lizard brain, he understands that people are getting mad at Bezos’s layover jobs and everything else.

Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.

Hillary Clinton understands that if we are serious about addressing this crisis we need major changes in the way we deliver mental health treatment.

Hillary Clinton also understands that millions of seniors, disabled vets and others are struggling with the outrageously high cost of prescription drugs.

But Cage fundamentally understands that in practice, law isn’t always fair.

Now, we seem to have everyone moving in that direction; now, we have to work towards release to make sure everyone understands this.

He understands actors innately.

The supervillain understands empathy and all the honesty of the world, they just don’t like it.

And while Molotch understands precedent, the idea of toilet paper facing outward personally rankles him.

Ely understands that memorializing the events of 9/11 is still extremely difficult for New Yorkers, even nearly two decades after the attacks.

“It’s important that everyone understands the whole story of Twitter and each of our roles in that story.

“I believe she (…) understands (better) who Mr Putin is,” she said.

Definitely understands composition coming from photography.

And I think Donald has really dialed in on that and understands it.

“I think Abe understands that Trump is a brittle person who takes offense easily and he will want to set a positive tone.

It’s a powerful statement from a person who understands what it means to overcome struggle.

She understands the tradeoffs.

“He can be charming and entertaining and really understands the important role of personal respect in diplomacy,” Rojansky says.

Ross tells us, “As anyone who has dealt with the IRS understands, it is a process.”

“He understands what it takes for our economy to grow,” Trump said.

Something Trump understands better than most professional politicians is that for most people — and particularly for persuadable voters — politics isn’t primarily about policy.

He doesn’t want to be idolized, but understands the inherent narcissism in playing music to begin with.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, for one, sounds like he understands why women don’t always come forward with allegations of sexual assault.

Standing before you today, I can tell you that I and everyone at Facebook understands and accepts the deep responsibility we have.

Something that how she’s getting away with nobody understands.

When depression enters a relationship, it can feel like things are happening that neither partner understands.

“I think Mr. Abe understands that.” Reporting by Linda Sieg.

It’s nice to be with someone who understands that experience.

“Digital keys aren’t something that the average person understands,” Xmas said.

When I see a particularly well-designed product, or somebody understands their metrics, I know that that person cares in some deep way.

Leona understands this legacy well.

— but the audience almost always understands how those goals will be accomplished and what the dramatic stakes are.

We’re a company that understands the importance of thinking big, taking ownership of hard problems, and earning trust.

Hinkie acknowledges this, too, and certainly understands it.

“His major ticket has always been, ‘I’m the guy who best understands the United States,’” Lipner said.

“His major ticket has always been, ‘I’m the guy who best understands the United States,’” Lipner said.

What’s really interesting is that no one fully understands how we did it.

When someone understands that I’m an independent artist (and a small business) and they want to help me out, that’s real support.

Pelosi understands — and even supports the tactic.

Liquitex understands that artists have deep attachments to their materials, and will continue to manufacture acrylic paints containing cadmium.

Sanders’ chief of staff, Ari Rabin-Havt said their campaign understands this to be the case, as well.

It’s not always clear that Donald Trump understands he has to make at least some changes to win the general.

Warren has repeatedly apologized, saying the claim was based on “family lore,” and she now understands tribal sovereignty dictates membership.

“The person who understands Myanmar politics will know that a huge number of religious fanatics exist,” he told Reuters.

No matter the character you are writing about, you have to find something universal, something that everyone can identify with, and everyone understands grief.

It includes and it understands; it’s more clear.

I do think he understands the challenge I just don’t think he likes some of the discord against them.

He actually understands the problems.

He understands it.

(Also of note: Rick Perry, who barely understands his own job, felt obliged to tweet out support for Texas’ wind industry on Earth Day.)

She’s obviously interested in the space and she understands that it’s … What about Peter Thiel, shouldn’t he buy it?

So he presumably understands what’s at stake.

So maybe BrewDog understands what Team Elvis is trying to do.

“It’s not clear that Michael actually understands what he has done,” said Saimo Chahal, the family’s British lawyer, speaking alongside Lynne Sandford.

But it’s another way that, as a showman, he understands how to get the public’s attention.

And Tyler, The Creator—another man who understands the importance of commas and definite articles in a name—was behind the theme tune.

“Everyone understands it’s an uphill battle, but it’s a noble cause,” said Poizner, a tech entrepreneur and former California gubernatorial candidate.

Sam Allardyce understands the nature of this disconnect.

A portrayal that understands that friendships made in the nighttime are more likely to be linking arms than breaking them.

If Trump understands his own administration’s policy, he’s never acknowledged it in public.

No one fully understands how and why economies grow.

Let’s hope the Municipality understands this soon, for the sake of the gardeners.

But wait, nobody here understands how characters work.

“There is no doubt he well understands terrorism and slaughter,” Netanyahu tweeted.

…Hillary understands that the president is about one thing and one thing only — it is about leaving something better for our kids.

Born in Italy and based in New York City, Mastrovito understands the immigrant experience well.

“Everyone understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal, are pro-abortion, are pro-gay-marriage, focused around money and the media.”

You can explain, but not everybody understands.

“I don’t think anybody other than Pete understands how to work with millennials — you do not direct them centrally.

A Google representative said the company respects New Zealand law and understands the sensitivity around this issue.

We asked an expert who understands Trump.

We asked an expert who understands Trump.

We hope understands in a sentence examples were helpful.