Uncrossed in a sentence | Use of the word uncrossed examples

Whoever wins the Oval Office, the House of Representatives is going to stay Republican, and that means it would be viciously hostile to Clinton, investigating her for every uncrossed “t” and stray “pls print” email and blocking every piece of Democrat-helmed legislation.

The wires are getting uncrossed.

She uncrossed her legs and adjusted the bottom of her shirt.

He “read papers, talked on the phone, jotted down notes, crossed and uncrossed his legs, shifted from one arm of the chair to another, always in action at rest.” De Kooning’s portrait depicts the president as hard working and deserving of our respect.

Many would have given up the ghost, uncrossed their fingers, and applied for a job with a decent 401k.

His legs came uncrossed and his hands momentarily dropped.

Her legs are uncrossed, and her bare feet are on the floor next to a pair of caution-tape yellow Jimmy Choo stilettos that she’s kicked off.

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of memorabilia that resides at the often uncrossed intersection of presidential history and culinary Frankenstein’s monster, you can do so.

Even the two chronically grouchy men outside a corner store in the East Village have uncrossed their arms and are smiling at the stream of sun-drunk pedestrians walking by—including Krewella bandmates and sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, both dressed in body-hugging, all-black outfits from a recent shopping trip to VFILES.

A breastfeeding mother smiles down at her baby instead of simply looking stoic; the T-Rex is a friendly green fellow rather than a brownish creature; the zebra has an entire body not just a head; the yogi has perfectly crossed legs, not uncrossed ones; and, most notably, the exploding head has actual chunks breaking off, not just a mushroom-shaped cloud hanging above.

Hopefully, we haven’t seen our last autonomous-vehicle accident; hopefully everyone will see them for what they are if/when they occur: invaluable steps pushing us across uncrossed frontiers.

And since hiring the henchmen, he’d crossed a line that couldn’t be uncrossed.

So there you have it, folks — Iñárritu in fact uncrossed said arms and, in accordance with the custom, struck the palms of his hands together to produce a clapping sound.

His face was stern as he watched the 15 or so minutes of back and forth with reporters, and he crossed and uncrossed his arms as he listened; he occasionally peeked his head out to get a clear look at reporters who were peppering the President with questions about white supremacy and the recent Charlottesville unrest.

Miss Lewis closed her eyes and kept them closed when she said, “Open your eyes.” The children, in turn, said, “Buttony, Buttony, Buttony.” She uncrossed her ankles and crossed them again and thought, Every day could pass like this, quite easily.

You want death.” During Louis’s Act III rant about American democracy, McArdle had crossed and uncrossed his legs too many times.

Crossing your arms can give the impression you’re closed off, so experts instead suggest keeping your arms and legs uncrossed and your palms open to be as persuasive as possible.

In fact, Kate Middleton’s uncrossed leg position even has its own nickname, “The Duchess slant”, and was even used by Princess Diana.

Hypothetically, if Trump crosses a previously uncrossed boundary by, say, refusing to recognize the electoral victory of an opponent in the 2020 presidential election (which some believe is a real possibility), what would stop him from remaining in office?


Ripe pears, she advises, are “especially good for moistening the lungs.” Eating barefoot with your legs uncrossed can make you feel more rooted.

Nearly 25 years after Sharon Stone uncrossed her legs and wielded an ice pick in his “Basic Instinct,” Mr. Verhoeven said he had wanted to make “Elle,” his first full-length feature in a decade, in the United States — only to discover that Hollywood actresses wouldn’t go near the role.

What you have here is a continuous answer, in each of the three cases, that’s a solution for that first clue in each row, but has three squares uncrossed and unavailable to fill as they are blacked out, or REDACTED.

Since it’s Scrabble, uncrossed letters are fine; that made it look too wide open for me to believe there was only one solution, but I worked away at them and then checked next week’s magazine answer key (the power!)

Team World’s captain, John McEnroe, crossed and uncrossed his arms like a college senior at his first job interview.

It was supposed to be easy but I could see that it wasn’t: uncrossed letters, unheard-of abbreviations.

He had twitched, hugged himself, crossed and uncrossed his legs, scratched his arms and jiggled at a terrific frequency that suggested advanced jitters or vast amounts of caffeine.

It was such an honor.” Mr. Berk knows firsthand that the chances of uncrossed t’s and undotted i’s increase when a professional is not presiding.

Her arms are uncrossed, and she appears ready to return to her post as speaker of the House.

This puzzle has two obvious features in its middle — two uncrossed down entries and two 5 x 5 squares within the puzzle (that are invisible only to Across Lite users, I’m told — you have coordinates).

Every letter, beside the ones that you removed for those two uncrossed down entries at 56 and 62, is the same letter in the same location, like two identical mini crosswords.

You’re “keeping the change” by taking the different letters to the sides of the grid to fill in those uncrossed vertical entries.

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