Uncertainty in a sentence | Use of the word uncertainty examples

He sowed uncertainty about whether the law’s individual mandate would be enforced.

Instead, believing in conspiracy theories, psychological research informs us, is a coping mechanism to deal with uncertainty in the world.

Even with the price uncertainty, though, demand is spiking.

Demand for these bonds has soared this year after months of uncertainty surrounding possible new U.S. sanctions on holdings of Russian debt.

Trade is still an issue – the news from China was not new and was not bearish really, but it is an ongoing uncertainty.

It found that the combination of uncertainty and threat makes people — and especially conservatives — less willing to compromise.

The episode ensured that Review ended in out-of-nowhere, glorious uncertainty, a stunning commentary on what we want out of television and ourselves.

“The larger vendors face a high degree of uncertainty over the current trade situation with the U.S.,” analyst Mo Jia said.

Canada and Mexico are staunchly opposed to the idea since it would create enormous uncertainty for businesses’ supply chains and investors.

“What’s hardest is [the] element of uncertainty you face when you talk to someone.

“In the 21st century we are facing much more uncertainty than there was in the 20th century,” he explained.

At last year’s Emmy Awards, there was a fair degree of uncertainty around the night’s three biggest categories.

However, political and business relations between the two euro zone powerhouses have become increasingly fraught since then and uncertainty hangs over other deals.

But that interpretation hasn’t been affirmed by all the higher courts, casting uncertainty over whether it would hold up in a legal dispute.

“Signs of weaker global growth as well as trade policy uncertainty will continue to weigh on China’s external sector in 2019,” she says.

It’s hard to say, and uncertainty when it comes to America is definitely worrying to Russian security people.

It also added to uncertainty after scores of top royals, ministers and businessmen were rounded up in an anti-corruption campaign last November.

The tests this week and next come amid uncertainty over the bank’s U.S. operations.

And with nervousness about global growth, and managing the geopolitical, technological and taxation environment buffeting our organisations, uncertainty and hesitation is setting in.

There’s also uncertainty about what will happen to the CDC budget and vaccine coverage rates under a president who spreads vaccine conspiracy theories.

It really has triggered an antagonism, or uncertainty, or fear that was dormant, at least up until now.

People will feel very vulnerable at this time, and they’re likely to start acting from a place of fear and uncertainty.

In the meantime, thousands are living with a wrenching uncertainty.

Lotus Lain is an occasional dominatrix, Black adult performer, and adult industry advocate.It’s an era of fear and uncertainty amongst performers.

“The US decision prolongs market uncertainty, which is already affecting business decisions.

As teenagers, uncertainty begets conformity.

“There was heightened Brexit uncertainty (in March).

“It was totally counterproductive and there was constant uncertainty about my position,” he told Reuters.

This uncertainty is what led Christine ultimately to rule out setting up base in Seoul.

They might end up pulling out of the market altogether over the uncertainty, leaving some places with few or no insurers.

He wavered whether to pursue it, he says, because he had never had such uncertainty before.

But EIA itself stresses “heightened volatility and high uncertainty in the price outlook.”

It’s because this uncertainty is coming from authority figures (like the police) that society tells us to trust and respect.

They vibrate with an uncertainty and rough unpredictability that can’t be simulated by players who are masters of their dominion.

And this treatment of uncertainty better accounts for the fact that, well, we genuinely don’t know what will happen in the future.

The prospect of a U.S. drawdown has triggered widespread uncertainty in war-torn Afghanistan.

The biggest issue for journalists (and also for scientists) comes in the communication of uncertainty.

Every study comes with uncertainty and incompleteness or some sort of boundary condition.

They bear the full brunt when insurers hike their premiums to account for Trump-inspired uncertainty or the GOP’s repeal of the individual mandate.

Significantly reducing the time of permitting also dramatically reduces the cost and uncertainty around making major capital investments.”

Oftentimes that is not the case and we are going in with a degree of uncertainty on a new or one-off project.

Mr. Ghomeshi’s apology promotes this outcome while avoiding the strain and uncertainty of a trial and its impact on the witnesses.

One reason for this uncertainty is that our manufacturing abilities have whizzed past the slow nature of evidence-based research.

Some uncertainty remains around a third executive, Aicha Evans, who reportedly told the company she planned to leave.

Morgan’s decision to go comes as the national team faces significant uncertainty.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, initiating what could be a messy divorce proceeding and causing uncertainty in the world financial markets.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, initiating what could be a messy divorce proceeding and causing uncertainty in the world financial markets.

There is substantial uncertainty about how effective the individual mandate has been.

Regardless of a Democrat or Republican in the White House, the risk of a slowdown due to uncertainty in the coming months is high.

The real sleepless nights stem from the uncertainty — not knowing which way this election will swing and which policies to expect and prepare for.

He said the move increased uncertainty around the world.

Georgia was still vulnerable to the slowing global economy and uncertainty arising from trade wars Guriev said.

“Due to the need for simplification of group structure and uncertainty of Brexit consequences we concluded to exit UK,” a company spokeswoman said.

“The flag is suffering both from the uncertainty and because of Brexit itself.” Editing by Jane Merriman

We are, all of us, exploring a world that none of us even understands and attempting to create within that uncertainty.

The bad news is that these conflicting forces, including political and policy uncertainty, are likely to persist.

The uncertainty around Brexit, the United Kingdom’s most significant political and economic move since World War Two, has left allies and investors aghast.

Demand for gold often increases during times of political or economic uncertainty as it is widely viewed as a safe-haven asset.

The European Central Bank has ended its stimulus scheme, adding another layer of uncertainty to the region.

However, an added dose of uncertainty is unlikely to help Republicans looking to hold the seat.

The new clash revived that uncertainty.

Dada deals with contingency, chance, and uncertainty, and that, for her, validates a contemporary presentism unhinged from Dada’s swank and festive past.

It then becomes an uncertainty as to who replaces him in that role.

That is driving policy uncertainty and a path to potentially more of a populist nationalist economic agenda.

For them, the risk and uncertainty are worth the reward of bucking the odds and emerging from obscurity.

Citing funding uncertainty, it called of field tests just six months before they were due to start in 2016.

But 13 miles away at a displaced persons camp in the town of Bartella, jubilance was supplanted by a cloud of uncertainty and despair.

But 13 miles away at a displaced persons camp in the town of Bartella, jubilance was supplanted by a cloud of uncertainty and despair.

This is the question lurking behind the pre–Nevada caucus uncertainty.

They cited the uncertainty around the future of Obamacare as a factor.

“We’ve still got months of uncertainty,” he said earlier this week.

“I feel cautiously optimistic, but the uncertainty is driving everybody crazy.”

Facing this kind of uncertainty, some would-be applicants prefer to pursue less stressful options — in countries that actually seem to want them.

His motivations will always be shrouded in uncertainty, and the future of MORPHiS is murky, if not quashed.

When combined, the uncertainty and the doubt we experience only serve to strengthen the sound that’s happening, like in random acoustics.

After the optimism of the early internet, we now face grave uncertainty.

It does so knowing that those renegotiations will occur in an environment of legal uncertainty, as state governments scramble to enact new labor legislation.

Accountants KPMG, who sponsor the report, blamed Brexit uncertainty.

(To be sure, no amount of medical screening will completely remove uncertainty about the health of presidential candidates.

Those convictions were later overturned and the ordeal has become a case study for how scientists convey uncertainty and risk to the public.

The uncertainty of getting an app approved keeps some developers away from Apple entirely.

And yet, in spite of these risks, despots thrive on this uncertainty.

But analysts doubt the ceasefire will lead to a sustained easing of tensions, and warn lingering uncertainty could dampen corporate spending and global growth.

After reading these findings, I wonder if their true toxic exposure was to this uncertainty.

The weak dollar and uncertainty over global trade saw gold rebound after dipping below $1,400 per ounce on Thursday.

This leaves tons of uncertainty about how various substances affect these people and fetal development.

So when you see imagery from the sequel, the connection is made, with no uncertainty: this is another Gravity Rush, and nothing else.

Amid anger, grief and uncertainty, there is deal of British stiff upper lip: “It’s not the end of the world,” said one.

Indeed, there’s a lot of uncertainty built into seasonal hurricane forecasting.

So it’s always good to check yourself, to explore uncertainty, and to carefully consider how you might be wrong.

There was some uncertainty if the storm was going to impact the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast.

The space agency suspects the station will crash around April 1, though there’s some uncertainty in their prediction.

In the swirling uncertainty of newfound adulthood, I felt safe with Richard.

“That said, and this is what Bullard talked about yesterday, but suppose the uncertainty around trade is the biggest bugaboo right now.

The uncertainty over the cost-sharing reduction payments isn’t solely responsible for the health care law’s troubles.

The 32nd São Paulo Biennial, Incerteza Viva (Live uncertainty), continues at the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo (Ibirapuera Park, Av.

In doing so she embraces precariousness and uncertainty, and makes them indelibly present.

In the face of uncertainty, the community is rallying around the same thing after Florence that it did after Matthew: each other.

These narratives are a defense against uncertainty.

Global growth is already under threat from the trade war, slumping demand, Brexit and wider geopolitical uncertainty.

“Prolonging the uncertainty could stop investment in the medium and long-term, which clearly would challenge economic growth,” Lopez Obrador wrote in the letter.

However, it has introduced uncertainty in some districts and produced an array of alliances at a local level.

The uncertainty and distance is extracting a huge emotional toll on the couple.

It’s better to hit a shot committed even if it’s the wrong shot, rather than hitting the right shot with uncertainty.”

If you like adrenaline, uncertainty, and wish to grow something bigger, then try it.

And the biggest uncertainty there is just what humanity ends up doing to mitigate its emissions.

Yet, all you have to do is look at Shoeless Joe Jackson to see there was a real basis for Weaver’s uncertainty.

The cost-sharing reduction subsidies — and whether Trump will pay them — are the biggest uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act right now.

“The top of mind concern was uncertainty around CSRs in 2017 and 2018,” Hemi Tewarson, a health policy adviser at the NGA, says.

But there’s some uncertainty, especially as the shutdown drags on.

uncertainty associated with the PASO (primaries of Aug. 11) could reactivate the demand for dollars,” said Juan Lezica at ACM consultancy.

Compared with that level of uncertainty, three years seems like an outright victory.

The authenticity of her discoveries remain shrouded in uncertainty, like a mound of alleged lunar dust in New Forest, England, encircled by tiny rockets.

“There is still a massive amount of uncertainty for U.K. assets,” he said.

From the top, they emphasized that there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Recent stock market turmoil and uncertainty over the health of the U.S. economy could also add to consumer caution in the short term.

Still, with much of this, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

There’s a huge range of uncertainty about indirect land use change.

“Markets are pricing a high probability of a July cut, despite there being unusually high uncertainty, particularly around trade.

We start with uncertainty.

We get more uncertainty.

Insurers rely on these subsidies, and not knowing if they will be paid has created a lot of uncertainty.

The 37-year-old Ducks newcomer said that there was a sense of uncertainty to start the season.

“Delaying for many months in the hope of a second referendum will simply divide the country further and add uncertainty for business.

“There have been periods of uncertainty where we wondered if everyone had forgotten about the game, and that was quite scary.

But a huge chunk of voters — about a quarter — remain undecided, so that’s a lot of uncertainty in the electoral outcome.

“If they can’t, then we won’t.” Trump regularly threatens to walk away from NAFTA, underscoring uncertainty over the pact.

This alone creates uncertainty and instability quite different from what we’ve seen in the past five decades of the Supreme Court.

While my family is managing financially due to my wife’s job, the stress of uncertainty has taken its toll.

Second, we’re all invested in Britain now as its impending exit from the European Union deepens global market uncertainty.

“The word I would use is turbulence,” he said helpfully—adding that “fiscal uncertainty” will be par golf over the next five years.

A more decentralized Congress will likely produce more cross-partisan coalitions, and probably more legislation, but also more uncertainty and possibly chaos.

We know we’re making a record, but it leaves that sense of uncertainty: ‘Did they break up?’

But either way the uncertainty remains super high.

Instead, it embodies a place of decades-long and continued uncertainty around healthcare and housing policy, mourning and survival.

Inspiration and uncertainty.

So far from cleanly ending the story of Obamacare repeal, the September 30 deadline will likely only lead to a new period of uncertainty.

“That uncertainty has its own set of consequence and impacts,” she says.

But my uncertainty alone feels isolating.

Speaking in Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the deal removed uncertainty, but he conceded that Canada had made some difficult compromises.

Sarcasm aside, there is uncertainty when it comes to climate change—especially if you go out of your way to look for it.

What kind of odds does Apophis have of colliding with us?There’s always a little bit of uncertainty.

I think one of the challenges that is often talked about in this space is regulatory comfort and uncertainty.

After some uncertainty, the family was finally granted asylum in Germany in September, and hope to make their way sometime soon.

The only threat Dickie’s team can do little about is the uncertainty of the planet’s agricultural future.

They call it “crony capitalism,” and they warn it will inject new and damaging uncertainty into America’s back offices and boardrooms.

“There is some nervousness and uncertainty floating around the trade war.

“Wall Street hates uncertainty,” Henning said.

When financial uncertainty increases, more people want to buy government bonds, pushing the price up to say £200.

Undermining those agreements doesn’t just bring uncertainty to industry or put wildlife at risk.

That has introduced an element of uncertainty, which you’ve seen in the last week.

Insurers hate uncertainty, and the Obamacare markets, upon which millions of Americans rely for health coverage, suffer as a result.

They’ve cited the uncertainty around the health care law’s future, sown by congressional Republicans and the Trump administration.

Most cite the growing uncertainty over the law’s future — whether it will be repealed and how the Trump administration will implement it.

The settlements end years of uncertainty over the future of CBS and could potentially open the door to future deals.

When insurance executives talk about why they’re leaving, they point the finger back at the uncertainty Republicans are sowing.

The week has seen equities swept up by uncertainty as residents protested against an extradition bill.

“There is a lot of uncertainty because of the turbulence in the relationship,” said one the sources.

“We believe political uncertainty will remain elevated.

“Big changes create uncertainty, which is bad for everyone,” he said.

The UK wine industry has already suffered from the fall in the value of Sterling following the Brexit vote, rising inflation and political uncertainty.

These numbers and the uncertainty of the trade situation are putting pressure on the Fed to ease.

The economy on its own merits, without the trade uncertainty wouldn’t necessarily mean that the Fed would ease right away.

But given the uncertainty we’re facing, I think the Fed is more likely than not to go earlier than expected.

“What we do have and just experienced is uncertainty with precipitation,” Hoines continues.

“The uncertainty over our position has alarmed investors and savers both in Italy and abroad,” Mattarella said in a televised address Sunday.

The only certainty is that the near-term future of Saudi Arabia — and MBS himself — is one of turmoil and uncertainty.

Read my story about the uncertainty in eastern Tennessee here.

Writers and readers are always subject to ambivalence and doubt, but you’ve elevated this uncertainty to a kind of religious awe.

Meanwhile the tremendous uncertainty has already had an impact on business.

After years of uncertainty, Canada is pressing the pause button on buying the Lockheed Martin F-35.

After years of uncertainty, Canada is pressing the pause button on buying the Lockheed Martin F-35.

The announcement amounts essentially to a walk-back after months of uncertainty and a previous promise to kibosh the increasingly costly F-35 procurement plan.

“There’s a lot of anxiety and fear out there around the uncertainty of all of this.”

The vote has added to uncertainty over the global economy.

But rather than calming matters, it created more uncertainty, market watchers said.

Eurozone data also remained largely unaffected by the uncertainty triggered by the vote.

Its patent portfolio — whose worth is an ever-moving value — will also have to be sold, adding even more uncertainty.

But its introduction of more uncertainty may very well do that.

We know that the last six months have been incredibly hard for you all, and that this lawsuit may create more uncertainty short-term.

Is it the gratification of victory, the adrenaline rush of uncertainty, the pleasant buzz of watching it all unfold?

For psychologists, economists, probabilists, and various other -ists of the university, nothing is more intriguing than how people reckon with uncertainty.

But the nascent mathematics of uncertainty didn’t know what to make of those complex instruments.

Ultimately, after a year of uncertainty and criticism from civil liberties groups, the charges against all defendants were dropped.

Returns are nearly effortless, meaning Amazon has removed the greatest uncertainty of buying clothes online.

uncertainty over the stability of remaining sections of the bridge hampered rescue efforts, officials said.

“We believe ending the uncertainty of buying NXP is positive for Qualcomm shares,” Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley said in a note to clients.

Above all, the US and Israel are gambling on Sisi to control the Arab world’s most populous nation after years of political uncertainty.

The bill repeals the individual mandate immediately, so it creates tremendous near-term uncertainty about what their pools are going to look like.

That drives up legal and financing fees and creates uncertainty about the deal.

The insurer blamed the decision on uncertainty about the market and the federal role going forward.

The National Institutes of Health has already scaled back medical research, due to uncertainty over how much it will ultimately get from Congress.

The uncertainty has cost the U.S. Navy $4 billion in recent years, according to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

Trump is at the heart of the uncertainty surrounding the future of NATO.

“The last few days have seen massive uncertainty in financial markets.

But the Trump administration has created uncertainty on this front as well by threatening to end subsidies for electric vehicles.

“Because of this uncertainty, they tend to prioritize their immediate needs over their future goals.”

“I’m comfortable with uncertainty,” he says.

Lin added that Formosa would keep its refinery throughput in July at 90 percent of capacity amid uncertainty over market fundamentals.

The European Commission said the extension of the temporary exemption prolonged market uncertainty, which was already affecting business decisions.

Airbus’ intervention comes at a time of enormous uncertainty over the future of Brexit.

Or it could be a problem: shrouding years of future budgeting under a cloud of uncertainty.

“Over and over again we see this mutual finger-pointing that, because it increases uncertainty, redounds to the benefit of both industries,” Muffett said.

“My employees didn’t arrive, and the suppliers didn’t offer much because there is a lot of uncertainty about salaries and prices,” he said.

For many of them, the uncertainty of not being paid for weeks likely caused short-term financial stress as well as decreased economic activity.

Higher oil prices, rising interest rates, global trade tensions and uncertainty over Brexit have all raised concerns that demand may slow.

“But there is a risk that consumer spending will worsen as sentiment weakens amid sluggish wage recovery and uncertainty over the economic outlook.

This pick revolves around the increase in global uncertainty moving into September coupled with a recent breakout from a technical perspective.

Still, even acknowledging that uncertainty, this is a promising sign for the long-term future of Iran — with implications that could last a generation.

Omar understands the plight of refugees, who live in uncertainty and sometimes cannot even dream of a better life.

Too often, activists say, corporations use these NDAs to create a culture of silence and uncertainty about the costs of speaking out.

EDC said 23 percent of the 1,002 firms surveyed said the uncertainty over NAFTA was having a negative impact.

We expect a couple of weeks of absolute uncertainty.

Repeat elections could prolong uncertainty and weigh on Italian assets.

That uncertainty disappeared just minutes into the speech.

Bitcoin prices had declined from their December peak of nearly $20,000 amid uncertainty about increased government regulation on cryptocurrencies.

Yes, there are frontrunners, but there’s also a healthy degree of uncertainty here, for the first time in a while.

Michael Saunders, another member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), said Brexit uncertainty was not a reason to delay tighter policy forever.

Concern over security breaches and regulatory uncertainty were cited as reasons for the lack of mainstream enthusiasm in digital coins.

All the uncertainty around trade saw Wall Street break a six-day winning streak to end flat on Tuesday.

“Political uncertainty might be coming from the EU rather than the United States.

But Lim said the valuation expansion and increase in uncertainty had made GIC more cautious.

“These kinds of swings take a while to fully normalize and eventually turn into an S&P rally because all the uncertainty.

“We believe that ongoing global political uncertainty (Brexit, French/Dutch/German elections, US trade policies, etc.)

Analysts are struggling to understand how some of the businessmen targeted were chosen however, adding to swirling uncertainty.

But there is a lot of uncertainty here.

Javier Zarracina/Vox If there’s any reasonable uncertainty, GLAAD says the best thing to do is directly ask what someone’s gender identity is.

Either way, one thing is for sure: Britain is bracing for more uncertainty and political chaos.

The most recent legal uncertainty is likely to accelerate that.

uncertainty is not the friend of business.” Some business executives expressed hopes for progress in the talks, including Boeing chief executive Dennis Muilenburg.

“That stress of living in this uncertainty, it adds a lot,” she said.

But that interpretation hasn’t been affirmed by higher courts, casting uncertainty over whether it would hold up in a legal dispute.

All of this creates uncertainty about whether the IRS can actually send out tax refunds.

And that was the first time I had experienced that kind of uncertainty in the work that I do.

But even with the recent trade news, strategists say uncertainty surrounding the trade discussions is likely to continue to weigh on outlooks.

uncertainty is indeed the order of the day.

The uncertainty over global trade saw gold rebound after dipping below $1,400 per ounce on Thursday.

Sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh and the subsequent hearing threw some uncertainty into whether he had enough support from the senate.

That uncertainty created a fracas of rage and recrimination among the GOP that is one part House of Cards and ten parts VEEP.

And times like these — times of uncertainty and weirdness and horror — are times when The X-Files can thrive.

Trump has, in short, created a fog of regulatory uncertainty.

This year, uncertainty was even more pronounced than in the past, despite the inclusion of more response options for participants.

In other words, the industry has seen a substantial rise in regulatory uncertainty.

Regulatory uncertainty is a real problem in the energy industry.

The CEO of chipmaker Micron Technology also said the ban on Huawei brings uncertainty and disturbance to the semiconductor industry.

(When I asked doctors why they do it, they mentioned a mixture of patient demand and uncertainty about a diagnosis.)

And that plan has some flaws, and a lot of uncertainty.

The statements, perhaps premature, on banking commissions and cancelling the airport fed uncertainty that led to the currency depreciating and the stock market falling.

They’re particularly likely to flourish in times of collective uncertainty in society.

Adding to the uncertainty in Europe, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will face a vote of confidence in his leadership on Friday.

Crypto is staging a comeback Crypto markets are making a big comeback as political uncertainty grips Italy and Europe.

The uncertainty generated by the dispute made companies more comfortable using surplus cash on buybacks rather than new capital investments.

“The nature of the work is to deal with contradiction and uncertainty,” Priess said.

It was all new to me, so I took notes from his confidence even through uncertainty.

The survey’s authors said this reflected the uncertainty around Britain’s EU departure on March 29 next year.

The uncertainty of how their feelings might change if they don’t pay for it directly anymore is what makes advocates nervous.

The developments fueled uncertainty among investors over the cash-and-stock deal’s prospects.

But like other so-called challenger banks CYBG faces tough trading conditions, with increased competition and economic uncertainty sparked by Brexit pressuring lenders’ profitability.

Things gone awry today, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Gold is often seen as an alternative investment during times of political and financial uncertainty.

But analysts doubt the truce will lead to a sustained easing of tensions while lingering uncertainty could dampen corporate spending appetite and global growth.

They had all four key phrases the market was looking for:  uncertainty’s increased, closely monitoring, muted inflation and moderate economic activity.

The uncertainty surrounding Uber’s future makes it an attractive time to exit.

I learned to how to be lonely, face uncertainty, and confront failure.

British retailers are battling a perfect storm of rising costs, uncertainty in the economy around Brexit and the structural shift online.

If part of fin-de-siècle anxiety yields from uncertainty about the future (Paul Gaugin’s painting “Where Do We Come From?

uncertainty over the pact’s future has hit Canadian and Mexican markets as well as the two countries’ currencies.

“Stocks tend to fall in front of a storm because of uncertainty,” said Sandler O’Neill analyst Paul Newsome.

Most economists say this would damage Britain’s economy, disrupting manufacturing, deterring investment and generating huge uncertainty for the country’s large services sector.

So the central bank’s slow removal of those planks is now bringing uncertainty for stocks.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now — and a lot of developments each day that could affect Obamacare’s future.

It’s possible that the uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act’s future played a role.

Such fines can become a normal cost of doing business — and potentially provide a market benefit by getting rid of uncertainty.

“Because China has become the main target for the U.S., there is increasing uncertainty about the Chinese economy,” Fatas said.

In recent years, WWE has discovered that its position is rather vulnerable amid the tumultuous uncertainty of new media.

Critics said it would deter investment by creating uncertainty and giving too much power to federal ministers to veto projects.

Instability and uncertainty are nerve-racking.

They have found it hard to adapt to life in the city dependent on a company handout and plagued by uncertainty about their future.

If all that uncertainty sounds like too much to deal with, another option is to line up a job ahead of time.

In areas overwhelmed by the opioid crisis, the uncertainty is worrisome to people receiving treatment.

The government has been criticised for taking so long to set out its plans, heightening uncertainty for businesses.

So they’re doing what would be expected in an environment of more uncertainty than we had last year.

This isn’t the first time a major medical crisis has thrown Congress into uncertainty.

(Recall the defeat of Harriet Miers, which was largely attributed to GOP senators’ uncertainty about whether she was reliably conservative.)

But also, we write about growing global uncertainty all the time.

The Patriots are shuffling into life after Rob Gronkowski at tight end with significant uncertainty.

What introduces the most uncertainty into climate modeling is not the physical measurements and models the conservative movement spends so much time attacking.

The climate challenge just is a challenge of making consequential decisions in the face of deep uncertainty.

I have written posts devoted to uncertainty in climate change here, here, here, here, here, and here.

uncertainty is, in a nutshell, justification for action, not complacency.

But the question of how much we ought to spend as a hedge against uncertainty with enormous downside risks … has been raised.

uncertainty persisted in Washington, where no end to the longest-ever federal government shutdown appeared to be in sight.

In the 2000s, this uncertainty led to a pair of Supreme Court decisions that only ended up creating more bewilderment.

There is also considerable uncertainty about the kind of scenarios that could trigger ‘snap back’ of the removed/suspended nuclear sanctions.”

On the other side of the spectrum is France, which wants to end the Brexit uncertainty as soon as possible.

New King Maha Vajiralongkorn is contributing to some of the political uncertainty.

At night, a version of me likes to visit a supermarket, the old fashioned kind, with all the dirt and uncertainty.

The Trump administration is making that uncertainty worse, and Republicans in Congress have proposed reducing, not increasing, the financial assistance available to people.

In the short run, uncertainty about Britain’s future relationship with the EU, its largest trading partner, could push the UK into a recession.

Equity markets in Europe rose as investors bid up stocks considered safer during times of economic uncertainty, such as utilities.

Amid the uncertainty, safe-haven gold broke through $1,310 an ounce in spot prices to reach its highest since last May.

The answers bridge decades of research across geology, economics, and social science, which have been confounded by uncertainty and obscured by jargon.

I don’t know if God exists, but the question is probably unanswerable, so I’m content to live in the uncertainty.

uncertainty and fear must not be allowed to gain the upper hand,” a visibly shaken Seehofer told reporters.

There’s a lot of uncertainty here, and while the odds favor the Democrats, they do not do so overwhelmingly.

Michael Corbat discussed the megabank’s first-quarter results in a call with analysts on Friday, explaining why he remains calm despite White House-generated uncertainty.

But this sense of inquisitive uncertainty is part of the point.

The only threat Dickie’s team can do little about is the uncertainty of the planet’s agricultural future.

Comments on Tuesday by New York Fed President John Williams about the path of interest rate hikes added to the uncertainty for investors.

Trump has sown uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act on multiple fronts.

There’s a lot of uncertainty, but I know one thing for sure—on Sunday, my life got a little bit harder.

But because of uncertainty about CSR payments, enrollment outreach, and the mandate, plans hiked their rates an additional 20 to 30 percent on average.

The uncertainty was quickly resolved, however, when a new front office took the reins that winter and traded Kemp to the San Diego Padres.

“Fischer’s departure creates a vacuum not easily filled, adding to the uncertainty in monetary policy.”

He said since the Russians became involved, a new sense of uncertainty had been cast over anyone stuck in the war arena.

Anger, sadness, uncertainty, and dismay all follow closely behind.

With this level of uncertainty — and the accompanying fear — the lives of millions of people could be thrown into (greater) disarray.

With this level of uncertainty — and the accompanying fear — the lives of millions of people could be thrown into (greater) disarray.

The works on display in Paraconceptual are a balancing act of charged curiosity and engineered uncertainty.

Adding to the programing uncertainty are protests outside the convention hall in Cleveland and the possibility of dissent among delegates.

But these notes will likely stir more uncertainty.

But it was just the beginning of a hellacious four years of anxiety and uncertainty.

The thought of it being taken away from me adds a lot of uncertainty and stress.”

But then, of course, there is the added uncertainty of whether Trump will stay on script.

In fact, Raghunathan says uncertainty can sometimes make us even happier than knowing exactly what’s happening and why.

It’s a difficult balance to strike: being okay with uncertainty while still displaying ambition.

Economists have warned that the uncertainty of process could dent British GDP, but so far, the economy has been surprisingly stable.

A lot of them are citing the uncertainty that the Trump administration has created.

Medica too cited the uncertainty around the health law’s future as making it skittish on sticking with the Obamacare marketplaces.

“You’ve got to be honest and say there’s a huge amount of uncertainty in this.”

[Moreover,] what makes this unique is the uncertainty going forward.

“Difficulty, uncertainty, delay, lack of access and stigma cause PEI women physical and psychological harm, including harm to conscience and dignity.”

“Difficulty, uncertainty, delay, lack of access and stigma cause PEI women physical and psychological harm, including harm to conscience and dignity.”

And it means acknowledging doubt and uncertainty.

Scientists said the forecasts turned out to be accurate because Irma stayed within the so-called “cone of uncertainty” for the storm’s path.

Though short-term emergency needs are being met, county officials are now left to contend with the uncertainty of the future.

For the Coens, even big questions of theology resolve in existential comedy and uncertainty.

This much jumping around and uncertainty isn’t usually a good thing for movies.

Ultimately, the uncertainty and insecurity caused by our corrupt financial system created space for the simplistic solutions of the racist right.

There was uncertainty and some fear.It was like the country had changed overnight, turned darker.

“The UK economy is being stifled by uncertainty about the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Obama never lets you see any uncertainty.

The big uncertainty underlying this shift is whether prioritizing content shared by users will serve to weed out discredited information or inaccurate posts.

The uncertainty of Trump’s policies continues in Europe.

Khan said there was a “huge amount of uncertainty” over Brexit, hitting investment in London and the rest of Britain.

Despite Brexit uncertainty, Khan said London’s tech sector was flourishing.

Lingering uncertainty regarding China and the United States’ ability to resolve their trade war provided some support to the greenback.

Both paths are full of uncertainty.

TRANSITION PERIOD ENDS – Dec. 31, 2020 The transition period, designed to ease the impact on businesses and relieve uncertainty, is due to end.

But the uncertainty of governance-by-continuing-resolution has its own costs to federal employees’ budgets and psyches.

The situation continues to be precarious and there is a great deal of uncertainty about what will come next.

Another element of uncertainty is Florida’s youth vote.

“You’ve higher uncertainty today relative to yesterday,” said Samana.

uncertainty over the trade war has sent investors storming towards U.S. Treasuries, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s fund manager survey showed.

During his press conference after the meeting, Powell also cited trade as a primary culprit for increased uncertainty.

A low interest rate environment combined with uncertainty about global economic growth has made it difficult for banks to make profits on lending money.

“The U.S. decision prolongs market uncertainty, which is already affecting business decisions,” the Commission said.

In the meantime, the uncertainty alone is making school districts nervous.

State-level regulators are still struggling with the uncertainty over what will happen next in the Affordable Care Act’s individual market.

Even with the uncertainty, most doctors will suggest that you should replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats whenever possible.

VICE spoke to him about that uncertainty, and the psychology of hijackings, during and after the event.

It was a feeling of terrible uncertainty.

“There is a lot of uncertainty and insecurity with respect to human rights,” said Noriega.

British citizens voted on Thursday for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, ushering in a period of uncertainty for universities.

Safe-haven bonds and the dollar have gained amid the prolonged uncertainty.

As Republicans are eager to point out, there is obviously some uncertainty around these CBO estimates.

One example of the uncertainty created for U.S. business by misplaced policies is President Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

The uncertainty resulting from technological changes is also making it hard for chief executives to plan ahead, Vista’s Smith added.

Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are moving faster than what society is ready for, creating a spectre of fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

And, though it acknowledges enormous uncertainty around the solar roofing market, GTM doesn’t expect any huge leap any time soon.

But among immigrants themselves, the uncertainty of deportation and distrust of the government has been around far longer than President Donald Trump.

Most economists say this would damage Britain’s economy, disrupting manufacturing, deterring investment and generating huge uncertainty for the country’s large services sector.

But Lim said the valuation expansion and increase in uncertainty had made GIC more cautious.

The state producer’s high debt load and expensive plans pushed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continue to stoke investor uncertainty.

“The approaching November elections compound uncertainty for the Fed,” Sarah Binder and Mark Spindel wrote in the paper.

This is still an area of scientific uncertainty, so let’s wade through the evidence.

I have not witnessed this kind of fear and uncertainty since the days following 9/11.

Vale’s announcement “helps ease worries relative to the first uncertainty mentioned, production,” Luketic said.

Champagne said a sunset clause would cause uncertainty.

“The week ahead is likely to provide some clarification for investors on three fronts that have been a source of uncertainty.

Investor sentiment for the longer-term has fallen to an all-time low as continued uncertainty over Brexit takes its toll, EY said.

Some of the uncertainty is by design.

“This uncertainty and delay would be detrimental to our company and our shareholders.

We shouldn’t merely be concerned about the earthquake, but about the uncertainty of probabilities.

“In the current situation of complete uncertainty, Rusal cannot sign contracts for next year,” a source familiar with the matter said.

Citing trade war worries, rising geopolitical uncertainty and slowing global economic growth, firms were less optimistic.

But where there’s regulatory uncertainty, there’s opportunity.

“We can expect continued recovery of the global economy, but there are also many factors that bring instability and uncertainty,” the premier said.

The unexpected delay adds more uncertainty to Trumpcare’s prospects.

The analogy speaks to the uncertainty about what exactly Obama’s team has been assembled to do.

“Males, just as females,” said Hunter Jones, “feel the same fears of the uncertainty that we are facing ahead, thus stealing their sexual desire.”

All Republicans will have accomplished is a few more years of delay (and, ahem, regulatory uncertainty) the US can ill afford.

So even before Sunday’s broadcast begins, uncertainty has already been established as a theme of the evening.

Some analysts, however, said Puigdemont’s stance would prolong the uncertainty and risk from the Catalan impasse.

The movie generates suspense through Michelle’s uncertainty: She doesn’t know Howard, doesn’t know what, if anything, happened above ground.

That raises uncertainty over the next executive commission, which must be approved by European lawmakers.

The uncertainty has also unnerved Turkey.

There’s so much uncertainty and that’s what makes it scary.

“Due to the need for simplification of group structure and uncertainty of Brexit consequences we concluded to exit UK,” a company spokeswoman said.

“The flag is suffering both from the uncertainty and because of Brexit itself.” Editing by Jane Merriman

There’s always that awkwardness and uncertainty.

“In a water-scarce society, we can no longer tolerate this level of uncertainty, especially since groundwater is disappearing so rapidly.”

The idea of the solitary author or origin is in question, and at Alt, it seems, this uncertainty is precisely the point.

Vale’s announcement “helps ease worries relative to the first uncertainty mentioned, production,” Luketic said.

Luminiferous Aether harnesses that beauty and uncertainty with aplomb, conjuring up an overwhelming feeling of expansiveness.

And even though there is uncertainty during change, there is also opportunity.

For many, the uncertainty around the commission’s intent set off alarm bells.

Stream Muuy Biien’s “Mara” below, and pre-order Age of uncertainty here.

And they are expecting premiums to be slightly (3 percent) higher in 2018 due to the uncertainty.

The weak dollar and uncertainty over trade saw gold recover after dipping below $1,400 per ounce on Thursday.

“One of their considerations is the rapidly changing legal environment and its uncertainty.

“They recognized that we were facing a lot of uncertainty, and this was a smart way to address this,” says Markovich of Blue Shield.

The initial story has already spread far enough to reinforce the fear and uncertainty immigrants feel under Trump.

The lack of clarity created uncertainty as some countries might be exempt or taxed at a lower rate, analysts said.

“There’s uncertainty about who the commissioner [at FDA] is.

There’s uncertainty about the hiring freeze.

“Having uncertainty on three fronts at once is especially difficult,” and, he added, can be distracting for bureaucrats.

[my emphasis] The authors urge the IPCC to look beyond the expected utility framework and explore other models of decision-making under uncertainty.

Every day, hesitation, uncertainty, and failure cause people to quit.

But the specter of frictionless trade disappearing within five years will create a lot of uncertainty in the North American business environment.

Our minds are wired to hate uncertainty, to know the next turn in the story.

“[Insurers] would not know how enrollees might react to the uncertainty in 2018,” Spiro says.

I try to help them understand that most of the time Islamophobia is coming from a place of fear and uncertainty.

“This is generating uncertainty that is paralyzing all investment projects in Catalonia.

It’s this exhilarating uncertainty that gives All the Days its particular, chilling power.

The upcoming party conventions in July could raise political uncertainty and weigh on the stock market.

uncertainty about Brexit means that UK growth is slowing.

“Prolonged uncertainty in Hong Kong is not good for Singapore,” Menon said.

uncertainty about the referendum has begun to hold back UK growth, and concerns are rising in European economies.

A Brexit would create more uncertainty — as we’ve already seen, that’s not great for markets.

The uncertainty that comes in the wake of a terrorist attack is particularly effective at heightening our suspicion of outsiders.

In other experiments, uncertainty has been found to strengthen feelings of group identity.

“Really the uncertainty is making things worse,” Haas told me in November.

That creates uncertainty and that is anxiety-producing for certain workers.

I still believe what I wrote in June: A Trump election will create great uncertainty.

What is the best way to manage deep uncertainty and fear in a moment like this?

The film draws on our uncertainty to become a thriller, and when it works, it’s chilling and unsettling.

The increasing uncertainty has forced some to question whether these roles make sense for them in the long-term.

That’s why we are taking this latest measure to end the uncertainty and protect communities across the country,” Starmer added.

This proposal would make them permanent and no longer subject to uncertainty.

“The uncertainty is around the president might say this when the administration is working on something else, and you’re like, which is it?

“This all just adds to uncertainty,” said Dan Basse, president of AgResource Co in Chicago.

The Oscars will conclude an awards season where the only certainty is uncertainty in the race for the film industry’s biggest prize.

Indeed, the moment the listener hears the encroaching snarl of Schubert’s famous trill, a sense of dread and dark uncertainty fills the air.

That uncertainty is why a lot of deep-sea scientists have great concern about mining.”

But just because your school has therapists, there can still be barriers to access, or feelings of uncertainty about when to go.

But there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the extent to which and timing of how this will unfold.

The uncertainty and lack of work took its toll on the relationship and the couple split.

But just because your school has therapists, there can still be barriers to access, or feelings of uncertainty about when to go.

Donald said the United Kingdom has been among the better performing European markets, despite uncertainty around Brexit.

This uncertainty over standards, along with worries that every state will develop its own bespoke regulations, threatens to constrain the development of AVs.

When it comes to Brexit, the word of the moment is “uncertainty.”

Facebook has previously said dividing the roles would create “uncertainty, confusion, and inefficiency.”

– Carmaker BMW said it was continuing to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, amid all the uncertainty.

The ministers also addressed concerns that uncertainty over drug regulation would dampen investment in the UK’s pharmaceutical industry.

That there is uncertainty in climate models, particularly when it comes to predicting specific regional impacts in specific future years, is undeniable.

The BPC noted there was “substantial uncertainty” in knowing just when Washington could stop being able to pay all its bills.

The uncertainty has put the government’s future under the spotlight.

They’re so upset about the rising cost of health care, and uncertainty about it.

The Doctor tells her, eyebrow arched, that she has a way of responding to uncertainty that intrigues him.

Though research results almost always involve uncertainty, scientific studies are often presented (in the media and elsewhere) as conclusive — especially when they’re “promising.”

Amid such uncertainty, some lawmakers are calling for Britain’s exit to be delayed or even canceled.

Did it lead to more fear and uncertainty in the marketplace?

Ending the uncertainty would “unleash the very large stock of potential investment that is hanging over the UK economy in suspended animation,” he said.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Thursday that Brexit had pushed business uncertainty “through the roof”.

“One of their considerations is the rapidly changing legal environment and its uncertainty.

What’s more, intolerance of uncertainty is a personality trait that often shows up for the ride with both those psychological disorders.

But linking the striatum to uncertainty offers some clues to why most people feel anxious about the future.

Were these reports on the safety of Istanbul’s water supply destined to sow fear and uncertainty?

Thinking about “Lab Created,” I felt propelled into the shadowy world of Turkish politics, where competing, nonlinear, asymmetrical information begets layers of crippling uncertainty.

Vaguely worded anti-terrorist laws are inconsistently and arbitrarily enforced, fostering chaos and uncertainty.

So far, the only thing that has become established is a sense of deep uncertainty.

How fast that revolution will unfold is the source of much dispute and uncertainty.

“Those two things in combination mean that those best-performing names are safe havens amid both economic and regulatory uncertainty,” Jarzebowski said.

There’s an art to it, and uncertainty is part of the profession.

That there is uncertainty in climate models, particularly when it comes to predicting specific regional impacts in specific future years, is undeniable.

But there’s a lot of uncertainty about how quickly it will happen.

For immigrants, the uncertainty is taking place in the present tense.

Capturing the vicissitudes of time is one of the ways in which Martínez Celaya creates uncertainty.

“Either way these comments leave doubt and uncertainty for the marijuana industry, stifling job growth in my state.”

The uncertainty has already triggered a demand from Congress for Whitaker to explain himself under oath by the end of the month.

But hefty tariffs on U.S. cargoes remain in place, and there is uncertainty over how much the top U.S. soybean customer will purchase.

The uncertainty has already triggered a demand from Congress for Whitaker to explain himself under oath by the end of the month.

The insurance plan cited its financial losses in recent years, as well as the uncertainty over Obamacare’s future, in explaining its decision.

“The uncertainty is unnerving, but the not-knowing part is somewhat typical,” said Jens David Ohlin, vice dean of Cornell Law School.

Deutsche Bank is “uncomfortable” with the uncertainty over regulations following Brexit, a senior official at Germany’s biggest bank said.

But as they falter, analysts say that broad macro uncertainty is undermining the sector’s appeal more so than any industry-specific setbacks.

“For government workers, it was weeks of no cash flow and uncertainty.

Despite the Brexit uncertainty, Aston successfully floated earlier this month but its share price has since fallen by over 20 percent.

Unemployment can lead to that sense of despair, especially if it leads to significant financial uncertainty and instability.

Furthermore, democracy inevitably involves some uncertainty.

The idea was to mitigate the uncertainty insurers faced under the new ACA rules that prohibited discrimination against people with preexisting health conditions.

Political uncertainty outweighed that, said Paul Nolte, portfolio manager at Kingsview Asset Management in Chicago.

2) Nutrition researchers have to rely on observational studies — which are rife with uncertainty.

It’s fraught with subjectivity and uncertainty.

uncertainty could also hurt investor appetite for Kazakhstan’s biggest state-owned companies, which the government planned to list as part of a privatization campaign.

“We would enter into absolute uncertainty,” he said.

However, she also acknowledged this precise uncertainty.

Especially in this current climate of political uncertainty, I don’t think that really matters.

Donald said the United Kingdom has been among the better performing European markets, despite uncertainty around Brexit.

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