Troll in a sentence | Use of the word troll examples

troll 2″ gained fans with it’s “so bad it’s good” reputation.

The whole thing was mostly just a way to troll his left-leaning teachers.

On November 9, 47 percent of white women voters across America woke up grieving the election of a real life internet troll, Donald Trump.

Trump voters are about to find out which of their Facebook friends are the product of a Russian troll farm.

Trump voters are about to find out which of their Facebook friends are the product of a Russian troll farm.

However, after much confusion and digital hand wringing, it all turned out to be the one big troll, and his fans were not amused.

Like we’ve said … this dude likes to troll.

It’s the most legendary troll ever.

Running into a troll while playing a video game online is a nightmare.

McMahan, Singer, and Minerva claim no ideological motivation for the journal, and no desire to troll.

Epic @ThirdEyeBlind troll of RNC event.

Meanwhile, if you’re a troll, well, you can use the shooting to troll.

He’s a very good Twitter troll.

The problem is Donald Trump isn’t your run-of-the-mill troll.

Say what you will about the brutal Russian dictator, the man certainly knows how to troll with the best of ’em.

The company has since admitted that that a Russian troll farm spent $100,000 on political ads during the 2016 election.

And it’s crazy so many people are here to see this.” So, yes, “America” is an epic troll.

It’s that this account is so generic that I don’t think anybody’s actually using it except when they need to troll.

troll farms can take cues from what the Comicsgate guys are doing without their permission or help.

But they don’t have to do anything extra for a bot to take cues about who to troll from their feed.

Soon, though, “his courage increased, his strength waxed, he became very strong, mighty as a troll, [and] all his clothes burst open.”

This is somehow an even better (or at least considerably weirder) troll than when the Monopoly Man showed up at the Equifax hearing.

It’s a nonsensical assertion that could easily be dismissed if it came from a white supremacist Twitter troll.

Twelve of them worked for the Internet Research Agency, a notorious Kremlin-linked Russian troll farm.

Not surprisingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin, through his spokesperson, has denied any Kremlin connection to the troll farm.

Pied Piper soon discovers that it is being sued not by another well-intentioned startup, but an unscrupulous attorney, or a patent troll.

The troll in the show explains that he buys up vague patents at auction and “prints money” suing startups for settlements.

Usman says, “You can’t be that troll and then when I see you in person you want to hide behind an old lady!”

It just announced it found more evidence of Russian troll accounts.

troll THE BLUE JAYS!!!

DigitalizedOrange dismissed this as a “troll” in a message to me and said they were not actually pumping.

Their opposition to Trump has given them undue credibility among Washington lefties, whom they relentlessly (and boringly) troll.

Onlookers were outraged: Releasing the name of the list’s originator would put her at risk of troll campaigns and serious real-world implications.

The other wanted a presidential pardon for Dinesh D’Souza, America’s greatest troll.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just schooled an Internet troll for mocking the Special Olympics, calling the participants the r-word.

Arnold responded to the troll this way … “it’s a teachable moment.

The troll may have gotten his message … it appears he deleted his comment.

Not because of his vast knowledge of sports minutiae or his experience in the field but because he is an unrepentant and devastating troll.

“Are y’all ready for an old fashioned troll Storm?”

The troll behind Hot Dog Water, Douglas Bevans, is a performance artist and tour operator, The Canadian Press reports.

“The greatest troll who ever lived, but also a very interesting and sensitive person and longtime r9k resident, has passed,” one said.

Ansari’s character dares to speak ever-so-slightly ill of La La Land, only to endure the in-person equivalent of an internet troll backlash.

The Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom loves to troll the West on Twitter.

It’s more likely that the exceptionally web-savvy embassy added Pepe to the tweet intentionally to ramp up the troll quotient.

Up the hill from Lenin, the Fremont troll devours a Volkswagen beneath the Aurora Bridge.

Pink clapped back at a Twitter troll who criticized her appearance.The user said she “looks so old.

The 38-year-old singer took to her Twitter Wednesday morning to respond to a troll who criticized her appearance.

Pink hit back at the troll with the best response.

I shall call you little purple troll.”

She made sure to let the troll know that she is happy to age.

The tweet storm, prompted in part by alt-right “professional troll” Milo Yiannopoulos, lasted hours, with Jones retweeting some of the hate to document it.

While this seems to have been an attempt to troll Gray, it speaks to Bronze Age Pervert’s relative notoriety within this tight community.

If a random Wikipedia editor falsely calls Republican Nazis, it’s a juvenile troll by an unpaid pseudonymous person.

Like he was the universal troll.

Unless the sender of the message is an obvious troll, you still might be exposed to abuse or spam from strangers.

Online, the Kremlin’s troll army remains in full combat mode.

A troll by the name of Brian Faughnan posed the question, “Hey OCD folks.

And obviously, ort tweeter in chief, our troll in chief, Donald Trump is using the medium to his own advantage.

It’s just being- A troll.

It’s called a troll.

The reason, basically, is Trump’s dunks on Hillary, his troll hires like Scaramucci.

That’s alright—instead, watch comedian Kenny Hotz troll the US presidential race.

Donald Trump’s campaign sounds like one continuous troll of the establishment.

Paparazzi often hang out at the Regency to troll for scandals, of which there have been many through the years.

Paparazzi often hang out at the Regency to troll for scandals, of which there have been many through the years.

Twitter’s troll hunt, however, has ensnared some of the most prominent Republicans in the country.

“Abuse, harassment, troll armies, propaganda through bots and human coordination, disinformation campaigns and divisive filter bubbles — that’s not a healthy public square.”

How does an internet troll build his own following?

It turns out that being a troll takes a lot of work — and a lot of patience.

What he was saying was horrific, and he was being a troll.

Those days seemed so much sunnier than today’s climate of the game’s maker being a professional troll on Twitter.

In 2012, noted Minecraft troll Deadmau5 released his track “Professional Griefers,” accompanied by the most expensive electronic dance video made to date.

Occupation: InfoWars host, blogger, author, and the lead voice in propagating the unproven troll theory that Hillary Clinton suffered from a neurological problem.

Trump, an expert troll, was getting trolled.

Fairbanks told BuzzFeed News’s Joe Bernstein: “There was a troll meme going around saying that it meant white power.

It’s certainly possible she was exposed to the idea of the troll.

I think Fortress is mainly going to play patent troll with those patents.

Yes, it’s a total troll.

It is unclear how successful the so-called Russian “troll farm” on Facebook was.

It’s a weird, occasionally hilarious place, and an insight into the mind of the girl troll at her most self-aware.

You’d have to be worse than Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, worse than troll 2, and worse than Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty.

Perfect concept executed perfectly, and it’s extremely easy to ignore that legend-in-the-game conservative troll Stacey Dash is the narrative focal point here.

The event’s two horrifying mascots, which look like large, post-apocalyptic troll dolls, wrestle in the area behind the starting line.

Cover: NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – APRIL 1993: Window display of troll dolls.

Since those indictments, the breadth of the troll farm’s activities have come to light.

They seem like a little audience of grotesque creatures watching their cult leader perform — a troll army, if you will, huddling in the shadows.

On the internet, we encounter troll factories and troll farms, Twitter trolls and Facebook trolls.

Last night, Twitter took the unusual measure of kicking Breitbart editor and right-wing “troll” Milo Yiannopoulos (@nero) off the service, permanently.

The show’s centerpiece, though, is in the back room, where one encounters an immersive troll lair.

Still, their small size and vivid colors, like those of a troll doll, makes them seem more comical than fearful.

The troll is always the Other, yet O’Connell presents this character with surprising pathos.

The most famous troll of 2015 was Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s bogus White House social media summit is basically a big troll.

But he’s never seen someone work as hard as Andrew Anglin, the world’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, to duck being served.

It’s also a way to troll people like the ones writing or reading about it.

But he’s never seen someone work as hard as Andrew Anglin, the world’s most notorious neo-Nazi troll, to duck being served.

“Are Russian trolls to blame for that?” a female troll asked comedian Samantha Bee.

But it’s an effective troll because it hits on the difficulty that both Democrats and Republicans face when it comes to the wall.

The company already has shut down the 470 accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency, a Kremlin-backed online troll farm.

“This made us wonder if men are more likely to troll then women, and why.”

And in an administration built on resentment and fueled by spite, “polluting the environment to troll the libs” is an end unto itself.

Women, on the other hand, were less likely to troll others and preferred to use Facebook to connect with others in a positive way.

And yet people thought we were trying to own CNN and troll the libs.

(Special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and three online troll factories related to the Russian propaganda campaign pushed through social media.)

This kind of casual invocation of Nazism is offensive enough when it comes from random Twitter troll accounts.

Wayne Rooney is an aging troll.

Turns out though, it’s very hard to send your online troll to jail.

Russian troll farms used Facebook to organize side-by-side competing rallies on the same day in Texas during the presidential election season.

Russian troll farms used Facebook to organize side-by-side competing rallies on the same day in Texas during the presidential election season.

Saudi Arabia may soon spend an excessive amount of money just to troll its neighbor, Qatar.

I’m saying I wouldn’t be too comfortable if I were a troll.

When Putin’s troll theory has been tested in practice, however, it has been left wanting.

Take your favorite internet troll.

Good news: The very hilarious TJ Miller is going to play an online troll, which is a role he was born to play.

Taking on Pharma’s biggest troll is their latest move, and a step in the right direction.

Would you ask questions that troll Democrats too?

The man’s profile as a professional troll, however, could complicate his stay.

That particular Keef record peaked at 78 in 2015, so we’re guessing Tekashi only wants it around to troll his rival.

His attorney described Shkreli as a “genius” and said “you cannot troll the greatest troll who ever lived.”

In a new interview with the Washington Post, former troll Marat Mindiyarov described the factory as Orwellian, complete with an “assembly line” of lies.

trollBusters replies to reports of online harassment, monitors the situation with the target’s consent, and issues a “warning shot” to the troll.

“Letting [the troll] know we’re watching is a key intervention,” Ferrier told VICE Impact.

He was well-known for retweeting posts by the popular (and now suspended) account @TEN_GOP, which was recently revealed as a Russian troll.

The cloying, ethnically ambiguous troll “Zan” ridicules Paper Boi, both as a drug dealer and a rapper, with online videos and memes.

In Atlanta’s rendering, the online troll is a capitalist converting attention into money.

Artist Jennifer Miller (aka “Reverend Jen”), the founder of the troll Museum, was evicted from her Lower East Side apartment.

Piers Morgan needs Twitter, and he needs to be able to use it to publicly troll his critics.

To bring a troll army into corporeal reality, you have to do more than tweet; you have to fill out paperwork.

I’ve been getting the usual range of death threats and troll responses.

I’m just like a little troll running up and down Castro, so there you have it [LG laughs].

After all, we feel the impact of those successes with every stroke of the keyboard, every block of a troll.

But I’m pretty certain they were just a troll.

Brennan’s proposal sounds like a grandiose troll, but it’s not.

Investigations have also determined that Russian actors employed troll farms and bots in a manner reminiscent of how the anti-Harris tweet was spread.

Reddit has gained a reputation as a troll haven where young people using aliases say most anything they want.

You don’t say everything that’s on your mind.” Read This Next: How to Become an Internet troll in Five Easy Steps

In fact, the troll factory is known to have run thousands of these fake accounts and groups across various social media platforms.

The troll provided motivation.

Sarah says she does get a lot of troll submissions in her inbox, and she takes it upon herself to weed them out.

Basically, this is one delightful byproduct of Reddit’s larger, rampant troll culture.

“I generally go by the rule of, if it’s entirely outrageous or it makes me laugh, it’s likely a troll,” she says.

‘The Office’ Stars troll Each Other Over Stanley Cup Finals

“It’s fun to troll the nation, which is so brainwashed and so scared of whatever fake rules have been set for them.

It just announced it found more evidence of Russian troll accounts.

It’s probably a troll — a play for continued attention as he sinks deeper and deeper in the polls.

Marchand is a notorious troll, and this is not the first time he’s opted to make love instead of war with Komarov.

What does troll Trace do?

Gerald Broflovski (Kyle’s dad) heads to Denmark to try to infiltrate the troll Trace headquarters, at the behest of Hillary Clinton herself.

Truth be told, the troll Trace stuff is increasingly losing my interest as it collapses into spy movie tropes and action hero cliches.

Protesters in New Jersey want to troll President Trump on his home turf with a mini-troll version of himself.

“When Dan was in Korea, how much kimchi did he consume?” He sounds like a troll to me.

You probably got a lot of followers out of this, are you going to troll conservatives more?I think so.

Mainly, she says instead of posting under her verified account … she uses anonymous troll accounts she sets up herself.

troll ’em back.

“We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through bots and human-coordination, misinformation campaigns, and increasingly divisive echo chambers,” Dorsey wrote.

We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through bots and human-coordination, misinformation campaigns, and increasingly divisive echo chambers.

That, or this is some sort of elaborate troll and we’ll hear the latest patched version of “Famous” instead.

And there’s doxxing, in which a troll obtains a person’s private information and posts it online for anyone to see and use.

Having extensively research troll culture and the alt-right on social media, Nagle isn’t convinced that culture wars are necessarily a bad thing.

Off the GridSure, you could troll Twitter to find the truck selling that Korean BBQ/pour-over coffee/lobstah roll you just have to try.

A lot of the ads purchased by the Internet Research Agency, the Russian troll farm, were ads focused on divisive issues, not specific candidates.

Spez: For those who want to call me a concern troll, I’ve been a supporter since Summer of 2015.

Farrier and Reeve quickly came to suspect that the troll and Jane O’Brien Media must be the same entity.

Some simply regard him as a troll trying his best to be provocative; West, after all, has branded himself as an eccentric genius.

Because he really is the world’s best troll.

He really is a talented genius troll.

A narcissistic troll, and trollery and narcissism are sort of intimately bound up with one another.

Think Lovecraft meets internet troll.

I call him the World’s Greatest Twitter troll.

When he’s discussed in the media, Yiannopoulos is most frequently described as a “troll.”

The next day, Mueller indicted the Internet Research Agency, two other Russian companies, and 13 Russian individuals in connection with the troll farm.

Less sophisticated methods of online fakes include bots who troll online content and post ridiculous comments.

troll bots and deepfakes drive a wedge between humanity by polarizing and bringing out the worst in us.

But is rekcahxfb a troll, or the real deal?

Before the Hammonds, it was Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative writer, conspiracy theory enthusiast, and troll.

It could be a pure troll by somebody with a lot of time and money to burn.

Here is an example of a tweet from the self-admitted troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, whom we recently kicked off the platform for harassment.

Elections are making real people indistinguishable from Russian troll farms.

I haven’t censored any games from the jam, apart from obvious troll games, because I don’t believe in censoring any creativity.”

The site’s bid to moderate itself also happened to be a troll‘s dream–widely scorned, it fuelled panic and migration from the site.

While stoned one night, she conceptualized the troll museum, which opened in September 2000 by appointment only, with free admission (and donations encouraged).

Singer Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches helped by tweeting, “The troll Museum & @reverendjen are being evicted TODAY!!!

The troll exhibition backdrop is replete with waves and flames in brown, orange, and red.

Ascending a blue stepstool, one of Miller’s friends removes a remaining pair of troll dolls from the light sockets of a small chandelier.

Joe’s broker was contacted by someone about doing a satirical parody that would troll the art world using Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Right, and you were saying you were an internet troll when you were younger.

Internet troll and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos is in the news again — after he was caught defending the sexual abuse of children.

Sometimes she trolls me, she’s like, “I’ve just taken the job of Uber CEO,” just to troll me.

It has to be a troll, right?

Off the GridSure, you could troll Twitter to find the truck selling that Korean BBQ/pour-over coffee/lobstah roll you just have to try.

Tennessee’s rock has hosted murals to welcome in football recruits, troll incoming teams, and, yes, send vile hate messages.

Watch BuzzFeed News and The Daily Caller troll CNN’s ‘This is an apple’ ad.

There has been a persistent troll lately who has been disrupting the room.

Not just him, he’s just the best troll there is, kind of thing.

Every troll, goblin, and orc in the film looked like a 3D-printed figurine covered in cooking oil.

However, one company involved in the troll farm case has been fighting the charges and could force a trial.

“A Klan-backed misogynist internet troll is going to be delivering the next State of the Union address.

In this scenario, users behaved in true troll fashion, getting played and then playing the game in turn.

Ata is a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation.

It’s as if the show knows how many of its viewers can’t stand Zach and went full troll on them.

Trixie and Bob play a little game called troll or Trump?

It’s either genius or a little bit of a troll to see Thor wind up with the Guardians regardless in some way.

4chan,” apparently referring to the longstanding anonymous message board and troll hub.

“It was clearly a troll,” another poster wrote on

Tweeting insults often earns people the label of troll — but those people have a First Amendment right to be rude online.

“Since the troll storm, [Gersh] feels like a completely different person than she was before,” Gersh’s lawsuit says.

(Weev is the online pseudonym of Andrew Auernheimer, a notorious online troll who is connected to the site.)

READ: Trump is having a troll party at the White House.

READ: Trump is having a troll party at the White House.

Until now, they also haven’t given anybody a substantial interview, instead preferring to troll fans and journalists with evasive maneuvers and outright misdirection.

Facebook has deleted more than 200 accounts and pages run by the Internet Research Agency (IRA), the Russian troll factory.

It is unclear how successful the so-called Russian “troll farm” on Facebook was.

Read next: “A woman’s lawsuit against a neo-Nazi’s ‘troll storm’ could change how to fight back against online harassment”

And this is all before a sextech company is targeted by a patent troll.

When OhMiBod started to draw serious media attention, the startup was immediately targeted by a patent troll.

“So for example, anyone using Bluetooth, anyone making an internet-controlled toy, even people using wireless remotes are getting hit by this patent troll.”

If you picked a coastal state, you were most certainly a troll.

“The patent troll uses essentially mob-style tactics,” Quitmeyer told me.

(Which, we’ve got to hand it to them, is a solid troll job.)

At least #BernieBros are committed enough to troll for free.

The best way to understand Milo Yiannopoulos, internet troll extraordinaire, is to ask him about feminism.

Still, in every troll’s horrific words and images, every alt-right blog post and article, I found inspiration to keep moving forward.

“Could a troll troll often enough that those changes would occur in the brain?

special forces soldiers”—which just goes to show how good of a troll Cohen is.

Ye even got a Twitter shoutout from King troll himself, Donald Trump.

A freelance former journalist turned troll turned behind the scenes influencer.

Look at former Breitbart troll and staffer, Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter, Chuck Johnson was banned from Twitter.

The companies involved are the Internet Research Agency, often described as a “Russian troll farm,” and two other companies that helped finance it.

Ted Cruz used Snapchat to troll fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The troll farm indictment: In February, Mueller brought charges related to the propaganda efforts of one Russian group in particular: the Internet Research Agency.

Even the ones who strongly disagree with or troll him on the Internet.

Sure, Q might be a leftist troll or a bored teenager.

Bruenig and Walsh had gone around on this topic before, so Walsh shot back: Matt, you’re becoming a troll.

“Mother nature continues to troll us,” the agency’s office serving the Minneapolis/St.

It’s obvious that Quigley loves to the troll the president.

But it also promised to tackle election interference from “bad actors,” e.g., foreign troll farms.

“Hi, Cody, my name is Glenn,” a troll named Glenn begins.

He’s the bearded alt-right troll who’s propagated several fake news stories that have either been disproven or determined to be completely baseless.

In it, he says that people describe him, conversely, as a “people person” and a “troll.”

Yesterday a troll was annoying my wife on Facebook and I gently stepped in to prove a point.

That includes users who interacted with the 3,814 accounts connected to the Internet Research Agency, the troll farm with ties to the Kremlin.

I posted my private phone number for all the world to see then I invited the troll to call me.

Charitably, she’s a provocateur; less charitably, she’s a troll with a huge platform.

LG: She says, “I think that you, Taylor, were in the middle of a troll storm,” yes, exactly.

She thinks that you thought she was accidentally a troll.

LG: Kara’s a troll.

It also includes armies of Twitter bots and troll farms that help amplify that message.

Take that Warriors jersey off bruh you’re an incredible internet troll we don’t rock with you!

Tingle’s fixation with living objects is also part of why so many people see Tingle himself as a troll.

The patent troll is a pretty scummy creature whose main m.o.

We wind the clock back to 2015, when words such as “troll” ruled the vernacular, and take a look at exactly what went down.

But Twitter did not alert users who merely saw Russian troll tweets in their feeds but did not interact with the content.

This analysis gives us a fascinating insight into how Russian troll farms think about the America electorate — and specifically how to undermine it.

Conservative troll feminism fundamentally misses this.

The study focused on content from the 2,752 now-deactivated Russian troll accounts identified by Congress in November.

For instance, one Russian troll farm tried to encourage U.S. “secessionist movements” in California and Texas, the New Knowledge report said.

(In fact, the hearing itself was attended by a strange coterie of right-wing internet trolls who attempted to troll the session in real life.)

Titled Forest Folk it’s a screen-based interactive work featuring flora-covered troll figures who, using motions sensors, awaken as vistors approach.

With these things in mind the idea to create a mirrored (Rorschach) portrait of a troll came at once.”

The original tweets by @TEN_GOP are no longer available, as the account has been suspended, along with others identified as troll accounts.

But Flynn’s posts in which he quotes the troll’s tweets remain.

That infuriating anti-vaxxer on Twitter making spurious claims about the dangers of traditional medicine may have been a Kremlin-backed troll.

Facebook last week revealed it had uncovered and removed more content from a Kremlin-linked troll farm that sought to influence the 2016 campaign.

That infuriating anti-vaxxer on Twitter making spurious claims about the dangers of traditional medicine may have been a Kremlin-backed troll.

There’s a March 25 deadline in the Russian troll farm case, but Dreeben and Jed don’t appear to be involved in that filing.

Again the bridge troll poses his riddle; as always, it is completely inscrutable.

So that’s my rationale for posting this epic troll of a photo.

“Donald Trump Is The World’s Greatest troll,” FiveThirtyEight Editor in Chief Nate Silver proclaimed in July 2015, and his “support will probably fade.”

The current American President is an Internet troll.

I only learned this because the anonymity that shields the troll also provided a safe space for the teacher.

A troll crashes through a heavy wooden gate as a wizard casts a spell from her huge spellbook.

YOURSELF OR A troll BEHIND A KEYBOARD For critics, it’s pretty impossible to watch this without chuckling.

That guy was a troll.

Because he was a troll.

The Awl has called it an “internet terror cell,” while BuzzFeed said it’s “the internet’s last great troll lair.”

The sketch paints Bezos as a petty man who will use his massive amounts of wealth specifically to troll the president.

Once again, US investigators say they’ve gotten internal communications from the Russian troll farm, laying out their strategic guidance about certain messages.

Why not go troll the simpleton in the White House?

He was saying things about younger artists ruining music by using music to troll and as a musician, I totally feel that way.

And what could better troll the legalizers than arguing, in essence, that Reefer Madness is real—and pot really does cause insanity, murder, and mayhem?

As Harvard’s Sam Anthony points out, AI cars are incredibly easy to troll.

So, in response, Very Fun Football Team Colorado decided to troll the hell out of the Wolverines ahead of their week three matchup.

Aro’s work on the Russian troll factory undoubtedly fits that bill.

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves to troll the United States.

“Tullipso” seems to reveal his motives later on in the segment: It’s an attempt to troll conservative media.

Or, you let people laugh and taunt and troll you on Twitter with majillions of posts about your idiocy?

I was listening to this podcast by This American Life and literally he’s considered by his supporters as the biggest troll ever.

Here are the top 10 Russian troll ads on Facebook.

We’re told Buck is unfazed by 50 Cent’s attempt to diss and troll.

I personally have only done it three times: two on accident, the other time to troll a friend.

The computer scientists took a deep dive into anti-social online behavior to better understand what makes a troll tick.

Not only does Randazza consider himself a troll, “Some of the best trolls in the business are friends of mine,” he told VICE News.

Not only does Randazza consider himself a troll, “Some of the best trolls in the business are friends of mine,” he told VICE News.

Enough to troll King troll himself: Donald Trump.

But, this is all about Kevin and Dwayne continuing to troll each other.

Her first encounter with a troll didn’t happen until 2008.

His actual gameplay showed him to be anything but the troll his teammates thought they were dealing with.

Wouldn’t it be worth the occasional troll to open lines of communication that I know very well would improve my score?

Team Kendall calls Pereira’s lawyer a “troll” who’s filed more than 450 copyright infringement lawsuits since 2015 to make a quick buck.

Even for a self-admitted troll extraordinaire.

She says she doesn’t have a BF, and the person he threatened is just an Internet troll trying to piss off the rapper.

Recall that Facebook initially identified about 470 profiles and pages tied to the Internet Research Agency, a Russia government-sponsored troll farm.

I don’t troll.

“It’s about a forty year old [sic] troll who doesn’t like being made fun of himself.

If a post includes redface, nasty caricatures, or even the acerbic Twitter troll attacking Natives, it’s most likely offensive.

Sure, flattery will get ya everywhere with 45, but clearly this whole thing is a total troll.

He acted like a troll.

The auction’s set to end Tuesday … so, it’s a safe bet there will be a ton more troll bids until then.

VICE News catches up with Wintrich during a typical workday to see how the professional media troll reports from the White House.

Needless to say, Stormy’s presence was probably (most definitely) intended as huge troll move to get under Cohen’s skin.

A famous internet troll like Ken M (a.k.a.

After all, trolls gonna troll.

Because he’s a troll.

Might they wise up and add bicycles with bells, so I can troll before I invade?

Just don’t troll Matty in the comments about how much PAM he uses.

is a troll, and the one time he tried to get his famous uncle to listen to DMX.

On the first day, I encountered a troll who called me names, but those tiny, nitpicky criticisms went away.

It’s easy to identify and disregard a troll who calls you names.

It could be many teenagers in many basements—but it could also be something more sophisticated than that… the St. Petersburg troll factories, for instance.

Ahead of the record, Kanye dropped troll track “Lift Yourself” as well as T.I.-collab “Ye vs the People”.

Cover image: A view of the building known as the “troll factory” in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018.

Hollywood films like last year’s Ghostbusters reboot and celebrities like Shia Labeouf have been targeted by troll armies organized on Reddit and 4chan.

The offensive against the Russian troll factory appears, based on the Post’s reporting, to have been limited in time and scope.

Although every performance is unique and every troll character different in appearance and behavior, there is a strong underlying thread throughout her performances.

But experts say that the Russian troll farm revelation is only a small slice of the unknown political spending on Facebook.

But experts say that the Russian troll farm revelation is only a small slice of the unknown political spending on Facebook.

In total, there were 2,752 such accounts operated by the Internet Research Agency, the Kremlin’s official troll army.

All 2,752 troll accounts have been suspended on Twitter.

In response to our reporting, publications including the Post, BuzzFeed and McClatchy have updated stories to remove Russian troll accounts.

Known troll accounts tweeted about vaccinations 22 more times than regular human users.

But was this a troll?

After all, other groups—namely white supremacists—have long been engaged in campaigns to troll Black social media users using fake accounts, Thompson points out.

You just have to re-energize them.” “[You clearly need to] get rid of the abuse and troll problem.

The alleged killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, has been described as a xenophobic, right-wing troll.

Leave it to Lorde to troll Coachella.

Now, at least, the company is giving users a shield of sorts — a troll filter for notifications.

Watch our new video ‘Confessions of an Internet troll

It was a troll doll.

What an epic troll that would be.

For a specific period of time, you can actually become a troll.

Okay, I’m just using this cliché to troll you all.

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The social network’s higher-ups told a congressional panel investigating election interference that 3,000 ad buys seemed to come from a Russian “troll farm.”

In some stories, Grýla looks like a sheep who walks like a human; in others, she is clearly a troll.

Frankly, I commend Roker for what may be a brilliant troll.

Twitter mistakenly identified an account belonging to an American named Robert Delaware as linked to a Russian troll farm.

Mitchell remembers a troll whose Twitter background bragged about the celebrities who had blocked him.

“They can call Richard Liebowitz a troll,” one client told Slate.

“Better to be a troll than a thief.” Manhattan judges, however, seem to be running out of patience with Liebowitz’s litigation tactics.

There are, of course, many problems with the term “troll,” especially when it’s used to defend dehumanizing, identity-based harassment.

troll or savior, he’d better be on his best behavior.

But none so far have worked — and furthermore, Malik Obama is more of a troll on Barack Obama than on Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, this only emboldens the troll.

But as LiveStreamFails points out in a recent YouTube video, he was just a troll of the basest variety.

He asked that question just to troll me.

It specifically sought to identify accounts that have been linked to the Internet Research Agency, the Kremlin’s online troll army.

It replaced the troll tweet in question with a note flagging that it had been tied to the Russian government.

That account is a troll.

Twitter has since identified that handle as tied to Russia’s official troll farm, the IRA.

Kremlin troll accounts appeared repeatedly over two years on Infowars, the infamous, conspiracy-minded site helmed by Alex Jones.

That account has been identified as a Russian government troll.

Even President Trump once retweeted the Russian troll account.

Still, gotta respect a quality troll job!

There’s also the possibility this is yet another elaborate troll.

It all started with an internet troll.

A clever troll.

A convincing troll.

But the troll‘s post led to an investigation of a frequently asked but complicated-to-answer question: Is it safe to eat raw chicken?

The channers were able to enlist a local troll to drive around the area and repeatedly honk his horn.

It seems that the troll who successfully stole the flag now has it proudly hung, fittingly, in his basement.

—CV Touring the troll Museum with its founder and curator Rev.

Paul points out one example from Oct. ’14 when the troll referred to Jada as “Jay Leno chin.”

Cops are also on the hunt for that troll — no arrests have been made in that case either.

Things get better, though, as the Sun goes into full-on troll mode: And it’s not just those photos.

It’s incredibly important to be skeptical regarding anything relating to 4chan (essentially a troll factory) during a breaking news cycle.

Firing blindly, I straddled my troll girlfriend’s large brown body, trying desperately to keep some blood inside her.

It’s always very easy, especially from behind your computer, to troll and to say negative stuff.

troll tweets are only one way tech’s overall barrier to black women plays out.

The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders calls that “Duterte’s notorious troll army”.

rang out from the crowd to troll Messi.

If you’re hit with a troll suit, talk to the other companies involved.

Here, Poulsen found a dodgy browser extension belonging to Russia’s controversial troll army, the Internet Research Agency.

According to La Presse, Bissonnette is a political science student at Laval University, who was known to troll a Facebook group for refugees.

The troll twist here is closely related to the Never Trust a Trailer TV Trope, which is pretty self explanatory.

I’d probably not call Gone Home a troll, more a pleasant twist on expectations.

I fully respect the troll.

“If the person needs avocados, then I’m not going to deny them avocados because some troll decided I use avocados too much.

It’s a relationship of mutual respect: Fans love Westworld, and Westworld’s creators love fans enough to troll them spectacularly.

Islam: I don’t troll people on their beliefs—God knows, I do not want to be trolled.

Or are they all being paid off by one Kris Jenner, who has supplied them with burner accounts with which to troll?

In other words, your roommates can’t troll you and change an event’s time when you’re not around.

What the Bulls are thinking: Unless the Bulls are trying to troll Jimmy Butler, I’m not sure I understand the rationale here.

Actress and professional troll Roseanne Barr attacked former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett with a racist tweet early Tuesday morning, comparing Jarrett to an ape.

Following a moment of heightened racial tensions, an illusive alt-right troll is the newest threat to Black joy on campus.

They troll each other with savage Instagram posts, shut down rumors like pros, and are there for each other when it really counts.

That’s specifically the problem here: Jones is not just some troll on Twitter, but a person whose voice is heard by millions.

JAKARTA (Reuters) – The first online troll I met was a middle-aged, potbellied Indonesian man, dressed casually in jeans and sneakers.

Now, Silvio is able to whip up the same feeling of all-eyes-on-me fervor as his white supremacist troll alter-ego.

King troll up in this piece.

By having people pay to access the platform, one hope is that trolls won’t pay actual money to troll, Lacy said.

But it’s still an opportunity to troll our friends.

Pose’s first series premiere reference to America’s real estate mogul-turned-Twitter troll In Chief-turned-Commander In Chief comes off as sucker punch.

Hart also thought the whole thing was part of a joke, wondering if Craig was just a troll, he told me.

“Who would you trust more: yourself or a troll behind a keyboard?”

Would you call yourself a troll?Hell yeah, I’m a troll.

I’m pretty benevolent for a troll.

That is, unfortunately, a very common patent troll story.

troll,” she captioned, smirking into the camera.

Hameister completed the triumvirate at the (much, much colder) ceremonial South Pole—and decided to take a break to troll all of her haters.

Jenner later brought her attacks to a whole new level when she seemed to troll Richie about her late childhood horse on Instagram.

Even the most hateful troll will admit that the KarJenners hustle for every penny they earn.

Together, these could make sure people find relevant groups, naturally acclimate to their culture, and don’t troll everyone.

He’s like Westbrook’s social troll king.

As fun as Halloween may be, nobody wants a face stained orange from a troll doll costume the morning after.

His troll game is strong.

They throw tantrums, make faux pas with world leaders, and straight up troll their parents.

In fact, her online presence is so extreme that many feel that the whole thing is a hoax, and Mayers is a high-level troll.

Did she wear a hot pink pussy-bow blouse to the second 2016 presidential debate to troll her husband?

Ken Seddon

Ken Seddon is the CEO of LOT Network, a nonprofit trade association committed to protecting its members from patent troll litigation.

Now that trolling and politics have met, it’s important to recognize troll dolls for their significant influence on history.

“Hey, remember when you took on the troll Matriarch?”

For example, a bully, jilted ex-lover, stalker, terrorist or troll could post offensive photos to someone’s wall, a Group, Event or the feed.

I don’t know, probably turn it into a pamphlet on price-hiked medication, just to troll.

Social Media troll And if you want to go the scary route, dress up as a social media troll.

Don a standard troll costume and spend the evening handing out pieces of paper with angry conspiracy theories and insults.

Khallee’s troll EP features the original version of “Black Car,” and it was released on April 3.

In the years which followed, the site grew into a library of a burgeoning troll culture, encompassing and attacking online life in its entirety.

It casts the troll as a martyr and a witness, someone who has seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

troll hard enough and the Chargers fall back.

I love doing cakes based on movies, too—for example, a goblin from troll 2.

Luckey left Facebook last March, after reports surfaced that he was a member of a pro-Trump troll farm called Nimble America.

troll image via

I troll my credit card accounts during the game and redeem my cash back.

One page was briefly co-managed (for seven minutes) by the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Kremlin-connected troll factory, according to Facebook.

It’s not just inciting violence, threats and hate speech that will get Facebook to remove posts by you or your least favorite troll.

Those old troll Warlord games, back when he was good, that often saw me murder the entire enemy team within 15 minutes.

The days of the troll may be numbered, but for now, they still walk among us.

“The part of us that is a troll, that is victim-blaming, that is privileged and blind.

Check out the video for “Pine Cones,” directed by LA’s Born Ready Films, below, and find troll Till They Fold right here.

Yi, a 30-year-old Korean-American graphic designer, opened troll Hole with two friends in the spring of 2016.

troll Hole, initially envisioned as a queer, feminist vendor of high-quality lubes and erotic zines, was born.

Well, troll Hole popped up in a changing neighborhood divided along lines of language, class, and culture.

“We wanted to find a way to solve for the troll problem, while still preserving the value of patents,” explained LOT CEO Ken Seddon.

Even a laundry employee says she has no idea what’s sold at troll Hole and never cared to learn.

As of December, troll Hole will be closed.

For some reason, the Nuggets decided to troll Lil B.

You’re a troll!

But Twitter could use some help with its troll and bot problem, too.

“I do not want to hurt your feelings,” is extra troll sauce.

The answer to her question is the Hulu comedy’s sixth episode, “troll,” which also serves as the season 1 finale.

She even tracks down her hateful internet troll (Beck Bennett) and throws a giant cement planter through his window.

Schlafly is a conservative icon — and like Ann Coulter and Tomi Lahren, a troll, too.

“Ata is a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation,” Valve told me.

Either way, from what I can tell it’s the same business model as a bridge troll‘s.

Dawson Raymond has many names for adult men who troll for underage girls and boys on the internet.

I can’t help but smile at that.” I feel like my friends would play the song constantly to troll me.

With this kind of patent troll strategy, Rovi has been able to create a healthy IP licensing revenue stream.

And so the legend grows (as does his troll game).

I could troll back the trolls.

In addition to this new character, a nice troll — the same one who raised Kristoff, LA Times points out — reveals another major plot point.

Then, in 2012, Apple was sued by a patent troll around this tech and lost.

That’s why west-coast left-wingers are shutting down the talks of professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos.

Phillips spent four years posing as a 4chan troll, eventually revealing herself to be a researcher.

Those old troll Warlord games, back when he was good, that often saw me murder the entire enemy team within 15 minutes.

This troll Submarine print is a good example of that.

However, this tool will not show whether you saw ads or organic posts from the Russian troll accounts.

Twenty million Americans saw a combination of Russian troll ads and direct posts on Instagram.

There was not much evidence of activity by Russian ‘troll’ accounts suspected of attempting to manipulate the U.S. election, however.

And I relished stealing friends from other friends: a magnificent, harmless troll that always made me smile.

You can come to your own conclusions regarding her musical expertise, but she’s an undeniably skilled troll.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

It said the ads were tied to 470 accounts — some linked to a known Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

troll This ban is not set to expire.”

The troll worked.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

A bully is a bully and a troll is a troll, no matter where you go online.

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead.

And by being externally strange to see — it’s a troll doll!

Or who knows, maybe I’m probably just being trolled by a troll and none of this means anything.

Keep living that enviable life, bb troll.

While it feels like a troll it’s actually a tantalizing tease.

Most recently, he seemed to have bought into Qanon, which some suspect to be a troll on Boomer conservatives.

Did we troll and send pictures of silly things instead?

And though the site tends to cheerlead for Trump and troll the mainstream media, they haven’t pulled punches when they think Trump strays.

The email ended, “Wanna help us troll the world?!??”

No one is worse than the king troll: the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris.

A new study from Stanford and Cornell shows that anyone can become an online troll if the conditions are right.

And if one person trolls, that post is more likely to spawn more and more troll posts.

So even though some people might be predisposed to troll, they’re more likely to engage if others have already kicked things off.

McConnell on Trump Trump on “political” courts Japan wants a Trump tweet Venmo users troll Spicer Drama between Spicer and Trump

4chan,” apparently referring to the long-standing anonymous message board and troll hub.

“It was clearly a troll,” another poster wrote on

Maybe your resurrection was only a massive troll on the part of HBO to drum up interest for the sixth season of this show!

Especially now that every other aspiring troll has a platform, an audience, an infinite capacity for self-abasement, and a dream.

IV is considered by some to be Silicon Valley’s “most hated” troll or a patron saint of sorts for inventors.

We hope troll in a sentence examples were helpful.