Tribute in a sentence | Use of the word tribute examples

The entire series pays tribute to light, incorporating documentary and narrative, as well as abstract and experimental work.

Their dream is to build a pyramid in the desert to house this tribute to obsolete entertainment, but they need your help.

British politicians paid tribute to Cox and expressed shock at the killing, as did leaders across Europe and the world.

Ostrovsky explains how “all of the greatest musical acts throughout history have had tribute acts.

Major Lazer are one of the greatest musical acts in history, and they needed a tribute act.”

This film is a beautiful and moving tribute not just to Do’s mother, but also to Cambodia and its people.

The show, heavily inspired by “Fight Club,” pays tribute to many other movies as well.

John McCain, a Vietnam war hero, is getting a short-lived tribute at the Pentagon thanks to Trump

Mum’s the word on what the tribute will include, but we know it will be right after Live’s set.

Art LeadHER is a colorful tribute to the recent rise of female artists in contemporary art.

Westside Gunn + Conway Didn’t know that Bon Iver’s fragrance had a tribute band Whethan Sounds like a personally conflicted strain of wheat.

The pair became Instagram official this past summer, when Nel-Peters posted a birthday tribute to Tebow in August.

We’re told it’s a tribute to his upcoming album.

Oh, and he has dubbed his tribute “Big Boat”, in a symbolic symbiosis of their names.

It’s a fitting tribute to both his work and his life.

There is significant video: And: Martin told reporters that he was taken aback by the elaborate gesture, and got emotional about the tribute: Fun!

Not too long ago, the entire mob got together and put on a tribute for A$AP Yams titled “Yamborghini High.”

This morning, as the news of her passing broke, French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to her in a statement.

All of Twitch’s meeting rooms are themed, either as a tribute to gaming or pop-culture that gamers love.

This is a tribute to Bloody Mary, but with a twist that no Bloody has in the world: bacon-infused mezcal.

The arrival of snowflakes wasn’t the only poignant Prince tribute yesterday.

Tennessee also declares Jan. 19 Robert E. Lee Day, a tribute to the commander of the Confederate army.

Tennessee also declares Jan. 19 Robert E. Lee Day, a tribute to the commander of the Confederate army.

Lavendra is both self-expression (E. Jane’s own performances) and tribute (the collection of pop singer portraits).

Safdar likes to look at the page, knowing his tribute is recorded.

Pentatonix won the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” … and they pop up on almost every award show doing tribute performances.

The curator-centric fair gave space for artists to pay tribute to Los Angeles in a spirit of DIY-fun.

Stephen King paid tribute to “one of the greats” on Twitter: “Not just a science fiction writer; a literary icon.

Manu Ginobili and a bunch of his old Spurs teammates hopped on a giant inflatable hot dog Friday to pay tribute (?)

“I pay tribute to President Joseph Kabila,” Tshisekedi said Thursday.

Snoop Dogg also paid tribute to Nipsey, posting a video an old video of the two of them rapping together.

The family did enjoy the tribute to Carrie at the end of the flick.

It’s a moving tribute … worth reading for sure.

The wrestling world is already paying tribute to Bundy — real name, Christopher Pallies.

The prints also acted as a tribute to an exhibition at Double Punch centered on dog illustrations that the printer absolutely loved.

In addition, a tribute concert will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in November.

Meanwhile, about 300 people gathered to pay tribute to Negron on Wednesday night.

Pretty cool tribute from the Minnesota Twins … which just Purple’d up Target Field to honor Prince.

“I’m sure [the tribute] will include a lot of Prince music.

The continued quality in modern games like X and Y, though, is the most fitting tribute to the phenomenon that Red and Blue spawned.

As tribute, they dress up in extravagant, colorful garb that resembles traditional indigenous attire.

“Afterlife is our tribute to our friend and our inspiration.”

This year, Lubalin is receiving another apt and design-savvy tribute.

Part of this online tribute will also explore the uncommon choices Lubalin made as a graphic designer, beyond his creative output.

Zappone, now Ireland’s Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, said she was touched by the tribute to her partner.

Her songs are odes to the feminine and act as modern chants in tribute.

Back to Black is rhythm and blues through and through — a solid tribute to ’60s Motown with a sharp edge.

Bernie Sanders’s 82-year-old brother Larry, who lives in the UK, shared a tribute to his parents and his little brother “Bernard.”

The “Ocean’s 8” actress made a tribute to her late father when she accepted her honor.

It was super affordable, had tons of traffic, and the tribute for booking just one session would cover the advertising cost many times over.”

The exhibition also paid tribute to the late A$AP Yams, the group’s founder who died tragically last year at age 26.

Jacobson is aware of Van Eeckhoutte’s tribute and is a fan.

The Fat Jew recently launched a new Major Lazer “tribute band” called Major Behavior, and it turned out to be accidentally funny.

“No more parties…” pays tribute to three of the other billed acts, specifically Nan Kolé from the Gqom Oh!

How well Isle of Dogs pulls off its “tribute” has been, and will continue to be, the subject of some debate.

Last night’s Clippers-Rockets game in Los Angeles started with a video tribute to former point guard Chris Paul.

The mayor of the city, Denis Coderre, paid tribute: As did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Charles Garabedian: A tribute to Chaz continues at Betty Cuningham Gallery’s Sidecar (15 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan) through June 11.

“Poscriptum” is a tribute to Burkinabé revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara.

Founding member Dan Beaumont pays tribute to the nightlife scene that has existed in Dalston since the 1960s.

Tuesday’s episode was the beginning of a 4-episode story arc paying tribute to Kristoff.

She is claimed as tribute by the Dragon, a human wizard who takes her to his tower and tries to train her in magic.

Her trompe l’oeil columns and painted panels evoke the décor of many Italian villas without parodying them, like a gentle tribute.

Frankie’s the star of the tribute show “Dear Amy.”

A tribute to the Italian fashion designer Krizia, the story takes place in a dream-like version of New York.

The tribute included a Cubs cap and a baseball signed by the World Series champions.

“The video pays tribute to a couple of shorts that inspired me a lot when I started working on animation,” he adds.

Tom Brady loves his ladies … and decided to honor the females in his life on International Women’s Day with a special photo tribute!

The sculpture pays tribute to some the many artists that have performed at the fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand, which was imploded in January.

Her niece is also the subject of the photograph and memorial tribute “Baby Girl” (2016), which hangs in this installation.

Why it’s memorable: It was a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.

All in all … an enormous and fitting tribute.

We got Post Monday night and, as soon as we offered condolences … he stopped to pay tribute.

Former President Barack Obama offered a touching tribute to Anthony Bourdain, who died Friday at the age of 61.

Flags flew at half-mast on government buildings across the Netherlands on Tuesday in tribute to the victims.

“It is a tribute to politicians like Mrs. Clinton, but it’s both sides.

9:50 AM PT — Luke’s “Riverdale” costar, Camila Mendes, has also shared a touching tribute, saying … “he took care of us all.

9:15 AM PT — Another one of Luke’s former ‘90210’ costars, Tiffani Thiessen, has shared a tribute to him as well.

Jason Priestley just broke his silence on the passing of Luke Perry … with a touching tribute to his late friend and former costar.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star penned an emotional tribute on Instagram Thursday … saying Luke was taken from this world far too soon.

Jason’s thoughtful tribute came a few days after Luke died from a massive stroke he’d suffered 5 days earlier.

Jason’s tribute comes on the heels of “Riverdale” also honoring Luke after resuming production.

Wednesday night’s episode — the first to air since Luke’s passing — closed with an “In Memoriam” tribute.

I was with you only four days ago talking about how many men we lost,” said one tribute posted on Instagram.

“Nochlin nailed the problem four decades ago,” wrote Eleanor Heartney in a 2015 tribute to the art historian.

In Sydney on Sunday marchers held signs paying tribute to Maasarwe and other victims of violence.

No one has come forward to claim their creation, but the station was a natural fit for a tribute.

Oscar De La Hoya isn’t impressed with Donald Trump’s taco salad tribute to Cinco de Mayo.

Mr. Carter capped the night by giving another spirited tribute.

These fans chose a tribute to Arnold Palmer.

E1 M2 tribute, which is a kinda sorta recreation of the E1 M2 nuclear plant map from the original Doom.

The only video on his YouTube channel is the world’s greatest Rich Gang: Tha Tour tribute act.

The film was widely seen as C.K.’s comic tribute to Allen and Manhattan.)

Bobeck created the work as a self-portrait, a tribute to those who affected her as touch affects the piece.

Many places have erected monuments memorializing Confederate, Southern, and civil rights leaders, but they’ve rarely paid similar tribute to victims of lynchings.

But Adele didn’t want a repeat of last year, especially not during a solemn tribute for a stellar pop star gone too soon.

When she began again, she seemed strong and determined, and finished the tribute powerfully, in the way we know Adele is capable of.

What are the Grammys without a few tribute performances?

Part two of the tribute featured Bruno Mars — in a complete Prince getup of purple suit, flowy shirt, and white guitar.

“Malumz,” one of the tracks on the EP, came about as a tribute to the sound and style.

To be fair, a David Bowie tribute is pretty much an impossible task.

One of those is Lady Gaga, who was at the center of the Grammys tribute.

“The Aretha Franklin tribute is Madonna talking about herself at great length?,” tweeted author Michael Arceneaux.

Others questioned why Madonna was chosen to deliver Franklin’s tribute over artists who were more closely associated with her.

It’ll be a one-night-only tribute show at LA’s Hollywood Bowl featuring special guests.

Uptown, she pays similar tribute to the Dakota residence, “an architectural amalgamation of styles” per her annotations.

Around the web professional reviewers, including those at Food & Wine and The Sweethome, pay tribute to this basic, but best-in-class opener.

Al paid heavy tribute and went down memory lane when it came to her iconic performances.

topped himself yet again with a pre-taped piece paying tribute to children who refuse to conform to American society’s rigid gender roles.

The following year in a Michael Jackson tribute for the BET Awards, Chris Brown ugly cried during his performance of “Man in the Mirror.”

Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie and Smokey Robinson all attended and paid tribute to the singer at West Angeles Church of God in Glendale, CA.

“Piscator,” a tribute to the German theater director Erwin Piscator (1893–1966), was commissioned by British Rail in 1980 prior to the company’s privatization.

Either way, it will be sure to be a well-rounded tribute for the group’s fallen member.

Read our tribute to Phife right here.

The Broadway-Lafayette station — just a few blocks from Bowie’s former residence — has also been transformed into a visual tribute to the musician.

The duration was a tribute to 17 students and staff killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14.

Blechman, and a tribute to long-running feminist comix anthology Wimmen’s Comix, among others.

The latest models are marked MK followed by the number – a tribute to comic book superhero Iron Man and his MK armor suits.

Sports legends from all over the country gathered at the Capitol Rotunda in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to pay tribute to George H.W.

The Senator tells us it’s going to be an incredible few days paying tribute to 2 extremely influential and powerful people.

The Queen of Soul has a star-studded tribute concert Thursday ahead of her Friday funeral.

Roscosmos’ memorial tribute to Komarov.

Hudson wasn’t kidding — she and her fellow cast members gave the man a tribute that will live on and on.

The Color Purple cast weren’t the only Broadway performers to pay tribute to Prince.

Ric Flair also posted a tribute — saying, “My Good Friend Jim Neidhart, A World Class Athlete And A Man Among Men.

He’s hoping to be back in commission by the time his Mac tribute album, “Be Safe,” drops.

I like a Doom Bar or a tribute, or a London Pride—you know where you are with those beers.

Clyde was a pseudonym for the man who introduced me to my new love, heroin, so it seemed like a fitting tribute.

“His death was no different from his life — a work of Art,” wrote Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti in a tribute.

The blurry video, reminiscent of something a fan might put on YouTube in tribute to SK.

The British post-punk outfit’s latest track features horns, a subtle tribute to Billy Joel’s iconic (???)

Bonus: In case you missed the Punch-Out craze, here’s a tribute ft. Mayweather himself …

This year’s Met Gala is named Notes on Fashion, in tribute to a Susan Sontag essay.

And here’s one big tribute to a friend he can’t see anymore.

Fairfax recently drew national attention for his refusal to participate in the Virginia Senate’s tribute to Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

A tribute concert Shawty Lo planned for his recently deceased father, will now be his own memorial … TMZ has learned.

The manager says the tribute show is still on, but now it’s dedicated to Shawty instead and Beanie Sigel will be onstage too.

In a vibrant and beautiful tribute, John Gutoskey has made 49 unique monoprints, one for each victim.

Was she paying tribute to Finley?

It’s as much a tribute to the UNESCO Global Heritage Site as it is a reinterpretation of the group’s legacy.

Perhaps  El Guincho is secretly more cynical about the value of useless plastic doohickeys than his tribute implies.

Read Minerva’s emotional tribute to Cherushii, as well as our tribute to all the victims.

Dan: Isn’t this the band that did a ska tribute to Neutral Milk Hotel?

Did we need them to also do a ska tribute to Sublime?

Yes, and at the festival the year she died, they had a tribute area, and everyone brought logs to leave there.

I wasn’t paying tribute to Paul McCarthy covering himself in ketchup, nor the colorful paintings of Wayne Thiebaud.

Turkey’s president, Qatar’s emir and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas all paid tribute to Mursi, while Iran expressed regret at his death.

The white blimp becomes a funerary tribute to its creator, typifying the ambition and originality evident in all his work, from beginning to end.

Adele’s second performance at the 59th Grammy Awards was a stirring tribute to the late George Michael.

She reportedly turned down an offer to share her slot for a Tom Petty tribute performance of “American Girl.” (Lorde is from New Zealand.)

And after his death, at a tribute event, Esther introduces herself to the crowd as “Mrs.

It’s also a moving tribute to a grandmother and a poignant reflection on memory and time.

The benefit event was considered a tribute to MLK and raised more than $22k for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

While a magnanimous Williams declared that “the sky’s the limit” for Gauff, the teenager also paid tribute to her hero.

Residents of Nice have been gathering near the site of the massacre to lay flowers, light candles, and pay tribute to the victims.

A cartoon tribute, by Benjamin Schwartz.

However, the most powerful way that Bailey and Barbato pay tribute to Mapplethorpe is by foregrounding his perspective.

He has a Xanax tribute too, of course, having taken the drug as his namesake.

Later, Atletico Nacional asked if they could award the cup to Chapecoense in tribute, and CONMEBOL officially declared Chapecoense the winners in December.

Watch it below and his turntable tribute to David Bowie from earlier this year here.

The name “Sheldon” was a tribute to the Bull family, who originally donated the land — their plantation home was called Sheldon Hall.

Lady Gaga posted an emotional tribute, saying, “Our souls and spirits were one.”

Take, for example, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s impromptu musical number during a tribute to MLK at Ottawa City Hall.

Wood also accepted the Queer Icon Award and breathed back tears as she paid tribute to trans friends who fought in the Stonewall riots.

The dead gorilla has inspired numerous song tributes, an alleged high school football sighting and a professional football tribute, and the requisite yearbook photobomb.

The piece is an edged tribute to Beuys’s status as an artist-shaman, someone famed for transforming the mundane into treasure objects.

Along with a tribute to “Stranger Things” and a Playmates graveyard … there was a “dead” strip club with a “coked-up” champagne room.

This was a personal tribute to their favorite games but through a Western lens.

Many of his followers also changed their profile names to “joycon boyz” in tribute.

“Nobody deserves this type of fate, especially not such a wonderful family,” the tribute said.

A tribute to our fallen friend.

“A tribute to a fallen friend,” Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted with the image of the script bearing the bright yellow “Riverdale” logo.

Last month, The National unveiled the tracklist for Day of the Dead, the Grateful Dead tribute album box set that the Brooklyn band curated.

And perhaps testimony to their apparent wisdom is the most fitting tribute to Scalia of all.

This is a tribute to Caribbean syncretism: Saint Anne is correlated with Nana Buruku in Yoruba spiritual practice.

Franklin’s funeral comes on the heels of her unforgettable memorial concert Thursday, dubbed “A People’s tribute to the Queen.”

Her son, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, announced her death in an on-air tribute, citing advanced stomach cancer as the cause of death.

Ultimately, Lemonade is as much about Beyoncé’s journey of self-affirmation as it is a tribute to black women in general.

Stevie, bullhorn in hand, led a tribute to Prince with a rousing rendition of “Purple Rain.”

But the chanteuse clearly wasn’t about to let disaster befall her in the middle of an emotional tribute to the British pop legend.

The Grammys began with five women, including host Alicia Keys and former first lady Michelle Obama, paying tribute to the power of music.

He also brought up the Prince tribute that angered a lot of fans.

It’s a great tribute on a milestone day for MJ’s family, friends and fans.

And the following year, they paid tribute to David Bowie by covering “Rebel Rebel.”

In fact, he attended the tribute to Vin Scully earlier this month.

Lego Bats gets his time to shine in the sequel with a special tribute to all of the men who have played Batman.

Kanye West is the latest huge star to pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle … and he did it with his Sunday Service.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington’s political elite paid tribute to former U.S. President George H.W.

The tribute to Prince was the standout moment of a mixed performance.

Truly there is no better image to leave you with as a parting gift and tribute to this time we shared together.

Whatever his history with Prince, Timberlake delivered on the tribute, and reminded us what made Prince a genius in the process.

Because it captures the feeling of watching all the ’80s movies it pays tribute to, for the very first time.

It’s important to stress that the covers album is a collection of B-sides and tracks we’ve done for films and tribute compilations.

The Storefront for Art and Architecture is inviting Acconci acolytes to inscribe tribute messages on its walls.

Tonight @POTUS & I were honored to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

While writing the Forgotten Women book series, I wanted to pay tribute to these unsung heroes.

Individual athletes expressed their remorse … with athletes like Michael Strahan, Isiah Thomas, Mark Jackson and even Donyell Marshall taking to Twitter to pay tribute.

Over the years, he’s channeled his artistic passions into the Raider Room – an ever-growing tribute to the team.

In 2013, he started a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band.

His late father’s passing weighs heavily here, especially on “Stonehurst Cowboy,” a solitary and incredibly touching tribute to him.

Or is Musk just now getting around to the 2016 tribute of his dreams?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Brandon Som’s first book of poems, The tribute Horse, won the 2012 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

Cuba paid tribute to Burt as the OG international star who was an awesome storyteller.

There are tight and open lyric sequences as well as prose poems in The tribute Horse.

Brandon Som’s The tribute Horse (2012) is published by Nightboat Books and is available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

That being said … dive into the gallery to pay tribute to Bey on her special day.

My artistic name is a tribute #GUAPORAFFA” “Enough with rhyming about nothing you know… Or even about myself… Nobody wants to know about me.

Madge herself addressed the controversy Tuesday, saying her “tribute” was never meant to be a full-blown thing or production.

The two panels respectively featured a moment of silence and a tribute from Gimple, who called him “beloved in the stunt community.”

Nickerson tweeted out a heartfelt tribute to Wilder after news of his death broke.

Extra credit: Did you catch the tribute McKinnon/Clinton made in the first few seconds?

As news of the lawsuit broke, they had all tweeted a tribute to President Trump for his birthday.

Strachan’s tribute to Lawrence is calculated to orbit the Earth for around seven years before it destabilizes and burns up in the atmosphere.

Last night they sang a short Jackson 5 tribute and won a Grammy (their third!)

She helped in last night’s Bee Gee’s tribute, performing “Tragedy” with Little Big Town.

There was some sort of internet gathering, and then everyone was coming to pay tribute to you.

But still, the tribute felt a little messy and chaotic.

Jenner was just creating a tribute to her favorite TV show!

All photos by Jessica Lehrman After David Bowie passed away late on Sunday evening, the world paid tribute.

He was asked to do a Muhammad Ali tribute at the ESPYs.

UK politicians have been recalled to parliament to pay tribute to Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed in her constituency on Thursday.

“Big” star, Tom Hanks, was one of the first to post a tribute to Penny after her death, saying, “Goodbye, Penny.

Yesterday, it was a coked-out tribute to an alien South Beach in the form “Miami Nights.”

Simpson: Prison Release May Be Blocked!Jimmy Kimmel: Hefner tribute Crosses Line?NFL Great: League Should Ban Kneeling

Fans lined the streets from the funeral to the cemetery to pay tribute to The Allman Brothers Band frontman.

Pay tribute to The Van.

The enticing designs are a tribute to the capabilities of digital art.

Roxxcalibur A NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) tribute band has to be the dodgiest musical idea ever.

She says the tribute was well-received in the neighborhood, until a few weeks ago … when her landlord said it had to go.

“The Walking Dead” actors Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, and Danai Gurira are among the stars who paid tribute to Lincoln.

Shania Twain was Shania Twin, and there was an Eagles tribute called Hotel California.

Meanwhile, Diddy shared a touching tribute to her on his Instagram with the caption … “The truest definition of a MOTHER.”

Snoop inducted Tupac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a couple weeks ago, and the tribute continued on 4/20.

I put the last song on that record as a tribute to her.

The cast lovingly pays tribute to contraband liquor, with plenty of winks to the camera.

And I did a tribute to J Dilla on it.

That in itself, just the tribute to J Dilla with Q-Tip calling and leaving that message, that ran through all the hip-hop blogs.

A fitting tribute to the male friendship found and fostered above 4/4 kick-drums.

(Jennings recently penned a touching tribute to the longtime host, who revealed his stage-four cancer diagnosis in March.)

By showcasing the space that Marker lived and worked in, Studio is a fitting tribute to a filmmaker keen on materiality.

She also chastised Meghan for “paying tribute” to others while dissing her own blood.

Meghan and Prince Harry attended a Nelson Mandela tribute yesterday.

“Down with the man in charge of wherever Uncle Phil is” – A good line that pays tribute to the legend James Avery.

It was to send the fans home happy and to serve as a tribute to Reigns.

“[T]he main reason for this letter is to pay tribute to every positive matriarch on Mother’s Day,” he wrote.

“Distorted Skylines,” is a tribute to his younger brother, as he succumbs to his own harsh opinions—even if it’s borderline selfish.

Celine added a tribute to Rene Angelil to her show.

And tonight I want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who criss-crossed this state with me and for me.

The best moment at the Brits last night was the ten-minute tribute to David Bowie, who was posthumously honored with the Icon Award.

One of the most ambitious works in the show pays tribute to a 14-year-old girl whose dying wish was to be cryogenically frozen.

An exhibition pays tribute to the wondrous vision of a Los Angeles-based artist who died this year at the age of 37.

Dig If You Will The Picture is a remarkable tribute to the late artist.

It’s a very different aesthetic from We Are Müesli’s 2013 Hieronymus Bosch tribute, Cave!

But Rolling Stone say that the line-up for any tribute has not been cemented.

You recently wrote a lovely tribute to Bob Silvers, the New York Review of Books’ late editor.

Jeter’s wife, Hannah Davis, gave birth to Bella Raine Jeter on Thursday, August 17, Jeter’s media outlet The Player’s tribute confirmed.

The moment when he comes out to a nonplussed workplace in a rousing Huey Lewis tribute is a perfect example.

It is a kind of tribute to Jarman or an elegy, and yet it is neither.

His daughter, Jessica Marcia, wrote a note on Facebook paying tribute to her father, suggesting that the cause of his death was diabetes.

However, he never stopped drinking… Last night in Australia, Kendrick Lamar paid tribute to Phife Dawg on stage.

YG also rocked a vest in tribute of their late pal, Nipsey Hussle.

The film series Peak Performances revisits cast members’ most memorable roles outside the show, crossing decades and genres in its tribute.

Jared Leto paid a special tribute to two of rock’s fallen idols at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

Most often, it’s used for the annual Mass Games, which pay tribute to the country’s history.

Hyperallergic editors Jillian Steinhauer and Elisa Wouk Almino have organized a tribute to John Berger on Monday, February 20.

Teenagers wore their parents’ old track jackets and bucket hats—a tribute to the now-fashionable retro rave aesthetic of the 90s.

“The Burns Cage” was even written because writer Rob LaZebnik wanted to write a tribute to his own son, who is also gay.

Scott Hocking has spent months making labor-intensive constructions inside abandoned buildings or amid their ruins, creating mystical monuments that pay tribute to history.

“Recovering my identity is for me a tribute to my parents,” Darroux Mijalchuk said at a press conference.

The theatrical format is partly a tribute to David Newburge, who made the recordings and later became a playwright and lyricist.

I wonder if Molly Soda will see this as a fitting tribute or not.

Thus, it’s only fitting Springsteen would return the favor, giving thanks and tribute to Prince in the best way he knows how.

“It’s a tribute to the work that he did: a response and a thank you to him.”

A worthy tribute to Elizabeth David: doyenne of British food writing, who rescued a whole nation from canned peaches and Spam.

They’re cult-movie screenings where we invite guest actors from the films, and we perform spoof tribute sketches, usually a parody of the movie.

Tito steadfastly said about the concert, “It will be a tribute to MJ.

“Libertad” is a tribute to all who lost their lives attempting to cross the border.

The band has released a tribute to Bowie’s monumental “Space Oddity” in the form of an equally huge video.

An elegant but excruciating tribute to his sons, dead and living, it is a portrait of staggering vulnerability.

The “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” star then performed a birthday tribute to Kennedy sparking rumors of an affair between the two.

It was a beautiful tribute to Space Food Sticks and I realized that I had to bring them back and get the trademark.

In third, Universal’s Beatles tribute “Yesterday” earned another $10 million for a North American haul of $36 million.

Their vows, said Horstman, would be a tribute to life – and by extension, to the victims.

“‘The Big Lebowski’ is a tribute to harmlessness, friendship, and team bowling.

Staples was also where Meek Mill and YG performed Friday night, with a tribute to Nipsey Hussle.

Paying them tribute through photography became, for me, an almost reverential mission,” says Savarese.

But it’s also partly a tribute to the Native Americans, particularly the Lakota Sioux, and partly a tribute to poets, namely Jean Cocteau.

This gallery is a tribute to them: the women and nonbinary photographers who hustle behind the camera to bring us the news.

Visual tribute is paid to the break as well as the repair, as flaws become virtues.

The continued quality in modern games like X and Y, though, is the most fitting tribute to the phenomenon that Red and Blue spawned.

— Kyrie Irving danced the ENTIRE night dressed as Red Ranger (a tribute to comedian Jet Wavy).

Barack Obama toasted his wife on her 55th birthday with a touching tribute on Twitter.

Leading figures across the political divide have paid tribute to his pivotal role in bringing about peace in the country.

Leading figures across the political divide have paid tribute to his pivotal role in bringing about peace in the country.

And a very special tribute because it is almost never done.

I wanted to pay tribute to that.

1: Accra to Lagos, a tribute to the two cities that molded he and his artistry.

The building is a tribute to her son, Marcellus Hartley Dodge Jr., who died in a car accident in 1930.

We’re in a Smiths tribute band actually: The Smiths Ltd from Manchester.

“The DACA program is really a tribute to John Lennon,” attorney Leon Wildes told VICE News.

“The DACA program is really a tribute to John Lennon,” attorney Leon Wildes told VICE News.

Brancusi designed his masterpiece in tribute to fallen Romanian soldiers who defended Târgu Jiu against the advance of German forces in WW1.

Gorka said, however, that he wears the group’s merchandise in tribute to his father.

The staff event will be off-site from the Mansion, and is separate from the final tribute party to Hefner.

The hold music has been a Prince tribute mix including “Purple Rain” and “Raspberry Beret.” His little-known B-side “Unearned Revenue” has not yet played.

DEREK FISHER … ‘s kids, ’cause the ex-Lakers star says Gunna’s tribute gave him MAJOR cool points with the youngins in his house.

Then I’m on Instagram, I see a tribute to David Bowie.

The episode then ended with a fade to black and a tribute to the actor.

The entire outfit, she’s said, is a tribute to her late father, who was from Eritrea.

Paying tribute to Aretha Franklin and her rich legacy; China wants Google, but only if it’s censored — and Google employees are not happy.

Lhuisset’s show pays tribute to a friend, and refugee, who died when his boat capsized in the Mediterranean.

That would be the best imaginable tribute to Atkinson’s work.

American Gods’ pilot features a centuries-old Nordic battle, in which desperate men pay tribute to their almighty war god with their own spraying blood.

As a tribute, Starling added the sad donkey Eeyore to Twilight, removable tail and all.

“We think we have to go further.” Read next: Paris pays tribute to those who lost their lives in terror attacks

In tribute, a great brass armillary sphere, representing the motion of the planets, was intended to rotate within the equally great dome.

It was a touching tribute, with video footage of the slain L.A. rapper playing on a giant monitor behind JC the whole time.

@BigSean paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle yesterday at Dreamville Fest.

The memorial court is just the latest tribute to Nipsey — who was murdered two weeks ago in front of his Marathon Clothing store.

And there are even rumors that the Undertaker is going to get one last run as a tribute before he finally retires in earnest.

Some critics (like me) took issue with the movie’s surface-level tribute to diversity that’s only skin-deep.

Flinthook, the latest from the nostalgic pixel pushers at tribute Games, is deeply satisfying to play precisely because it’s a pleasure to control.

While there were more than a few heartwarming moments, like Dave Grohl and Anselmo’s Lemmy tribute, shit went south near the end.

For starters, Drake—who has 22 million followers—decided to post my photo on his Instagram to pay tribute to the moment.

On Jan. 30, Nantes payed tribute to their former player.

The live band performed as the supporting band at Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life, a tribute concert, last October.

We’re told Snoop jumped at the chance to lead a group of West Coast rappers in paying tribute to Pac.

It is probably not the moment Kitagaki imagined as the keystone of his tribute to, and resuscitation of, incarceration history.

Their photographs form a majority of the past to which Kitagaki’s photographs pay tribute.

I walk with Ira Sachs, whose film Last Address inspired Visual AIDS Programs Director Alex Fialho to create the tribute Walks.

Posner paid tribute to Avicii during last weekend’s Coachella performance with a touching, acoustic version of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza.”

And again this year, he opted out of paying tribute to Robert E. Lee.

The answer soon appeared in a Facebook tribute from his sister Mary Ann Escalante Nasser: “My brother Greg was bipolar.

Chantal Akerman intended to make a loving tribute to the American South when she traveled there in the late ’90s.

It seems the tribute has struck a nerve.

The tribute concert took place one day after a terror attack in London that killed 7 people and injured 48.

His “tribute to Sore Fingers,” a recent release on the always-killer FIT, is a perfect example.

This recalls the old saying that hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

Some newspapers, including the Washington Post, reprint some of the magazine’s most controversial cartoons in tribute.

January 13, 2015Deputies in the French National Assembly pay tribute to the victims.

In closing, De Niro paid tribute to Hollywood as well as his hometown.

The next day — Thursday, Nov. 7 — Trump was widely seen attending a birthday tribute to the evangelist Billy Graham in Asheville. Houston hip-hop icon Bun B paid tribute on Twitter, saying Bushwick “will always be a legend.”

But a loving tribute to the Queen of Soul — in an appropriately royal style — is definitely one of those things.

How many John the Baptist tributes set up a tribute to how ineluctably God’s rejects maintain their faith despite it all?

The ultimate tribute to the victims.

Maria is our tribute, and Rafa explains it’s Maria versus Angela from row two in a dance battle.

The quasi-primitive style is offset by the detail, creating an arresting tribute to the things and people Jackson loves.

Now, a new petition is calling for a newly discovered heavy metal element to be named “Lemmium” in tribute to the late Motörhead frontman.

With that in mind, below is a playlist that pays tribute to the dance floors of that era.

Check it out … McCartney ain’t looking for no purple bananas, but you know Prince would still dig this tribute.

Cooper’s tribute really drives home the humanity of this story.

Still, Thugger found an innovative way to pay tribute.

Maybe Madonna’s tribute was just payback — but if nothing else, we got the song out of ’em.

Lauren just posted a heartfelt tribute to Nipsey on Instagram … telling the world, “I am completely lost.

But, Kanye — who performed Thursday night in Miami at an XXXTentacion tribute show — was smiling and seemed to enjoy himself.

#TonyAwards host @JKCorden wears a silver ribbon to pay tribute to Orlando victims Onstage, several award winners acknowledged the tragedy.

“In the spirit of Carnival I pay tribute to my illustrious peer Pabllo Vittar,” Silva said.

The tribute to the Iraqi-British architect, which features her face alongside illustrations of some of her projects, however, is a little odd.

Iraqi architect Mohamed Makiya, who passed away last year at 101, also received his own tribute on the 1,000 Dinars (~$0.86 USD) stamp.

In third, Universal’s Beatles tribute “Yesterday” earned another $10 million for a North American haul of $36 million.

That’s a huge tribute to how they acclimate it.

‘Sopranos’ and “24” star Louis Lombardi thinks people getting pissed off over Walmart’s Coke can 9/11 tribute … is un-American.

Watch Armisen’s tribute and Bowie’s eye-catching ’79 performances of “The Man Who Sold the World,” “Boys Keep Swinging,” and “TVC-15” below.

Stevie Wonder brought down L.A. City Hall Friday, but not because of pothole issues … he headlined a City of Angels tribute to Prince.

Anna Jarvis believed Mother’s Day should serve as a solemn tribute to the living and deceased mothers of the world.

Kanye’s speech at the Phife Dawg tribute in Harlem Done with reading for today?

Allen Iverson paid tribute to Kobe with his G.O.A.T.

Shaq, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Caron Butler … just some of the huge names paying tribute to the Mamba on Monday.

In contextualizing GWAR’s origins, Let There Be GWAR pays tribute to the art collective that spawned it.

It’s also a moving tribute to a grandmother and a poignant reflection on memory and time.

The warm keyboard and brass tones of “2HB,” short for “To Humphrey Bogart,” lends further sincerity to the Casablanca star’s tribute.

We’re told it’s a tribute to Mrs. Thompson and shows just how close he was to Anthony and his mother.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach paid tribute to the athletes, saying they were an example to the world.

The title Our Home On Native Land sounds like this album pays tribute to Canada.

It was replaced with a tattoo that’s a tribute to her ex, Mac Miller.

The name for the beer—Astley’s Northern Hop—was the singer’s tribute to his northern English roots and weekend dances.

2 Live Crew’s Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell paid tribute on Twitter, saying “we lost a legend.

Hundreds of fans laid flowers, football shirts and scarves outside the stadium in tribute to Vichai on Sunday.

There’s also a tribute at the gate with a plaque that reads, “Forever Our Captain” … along with the #TylerStrong hashtag.

Kit and Lia wanted to blend their styles and pay tribute to Silly Symphony cartoons.

Apple starts the event by asking everyone to close their laptops and turn off their screens for a tribute to Steve Jobs.

The result is also a tribute to all of them.”

The scene looks to be a live-action tribute to Amazing Spider-Man No.

And a room lined with black tape, which form stark lines on a white background, pays tribute to Darel Carey’s tape installations.

On April 2, Samantha posted in her Instagram account a tribute to Nipsey, and in it she says, “I got Emani.”

In addition to giving Cal the game ball after the victory … the Texans honored Bob with helmet decals and a pregame video tribute.

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What do you say to critics of tribute bands who dedicate themselves to making covers?

The Miyazaki Art Show stands out among Spoke Art’s offerings as its first fan art tribute to an animator.

There are Depeche Mode tribute bands who take that seriously—they dress the same and even get the same tattoos.

We hope he gets a chance to see our tribute to his films.”

The cover of New Plants has a winding Blossfeldt tribute, albeit with a synthetic fuzz coating this tendril.

He paid tribute to the 70 million domestic workers around the world and to indigenous women in his acceptance speech.

His latest EP, Yunque, is a concept record about his recent relocation to LA and in tribute to the power of sunlight.

Her daughter shared a tribute to her mom, saying … “From my bestfriend on earth to My beautiful angel in heaven.”

Jonas will also present two new performances of Moving Off the Land, a mesmerizing tribute and poetic response to the power of the sea.

The players are also paying tribute to Skaggs with #45 patches on their jerseys.

It was itself a sort of tribute to Kim Jong-il, who was the father of current leader Kim Jong-un.

It was itself a sort of tribute to Kim Jong-il, who was the father of current leader Kim Jong-un.

Fans gathered at Downtown Disney Wednesday night in Anaheim, CA and paid a touching tribute to Princess Leia.

The winner, just newly announced, was “Moog,” a tribute to electronic music pioneer Bob Moog and his famed synthesizer.

This grand tribute right on the museum reflected his esteem in his adopted city.

The city itself, for instance, is a tribute to the Duke of York.

During the trial, Shalygina wore black sunglasses and a wig as a tribute to the famous robber Jacques Mesrine.

It’s a sparkling tribute to the ordinary, moving us deftly from subways to supermarkets, sidewalks to swimming pools.

Most notable was Adele’s f-bomb-laden pause during her in-memoriam tribute for George Michael.

The VMAs “will honor Aretha Franklin and pay tribute to her monumental legacy,” an MTV spokesperson said.

As we reported, Gregory, Charlie Murphy, Harry Dean Stanton and Frank Vincent were all left out of the tribute.

Quinn notes that this is a tribute to her love of pork hocks and ears.

Her powerful tribute came several hours before the violence erupted in Dallas Thursday night.

With markers, I drew ramps, targets, and pop bumpers in tribute to those loud hulkish machines I love so dearly.

We’ve been told Ariana is still grappling with his demise to this day … and her latest tribute is clear evidence of that.

Anderson penned a touching tribute to his mother on Instagram not long after the funeral … saying her love was the greatest gift to him.

She paid tribute to both Dennis and her deceased dog, Cookie, on IG.

Adele just brought The Grammys to halt … restarting her tribute performance for George Michael.

Sophie posted a tribute to her dad this week … after she rushed back from Malawi to be by his side before he passed.

Seems our talk with Game about Meek had him thinking long after celebrating … ’cause he posted a tribute to Meek early Monday morning.

“The Midnight Club” is Riverdale’s tribute to the ’90s, if we understand the ’90s to mean roughly 1985 through 2003.

(It’s a Breakfast Club tribute scored to the music of the ’80s, but the clothes are mid- to late ’90s, basically.)

Ronald says his presentation is a tribute to Marcus Garvey, the historic pioneer for black rights in the Americas.

It’s hilarious … Rapaport’s obviously paying tribute to Aiello’s character in “Do the Right Thing.”

This week, horizontal skyscrapers, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica meltdown, living in a masterpiece, death tribute cartoons, the politics of Google Maps, and more.

John Singleton will get a fitting tribute on his last big project … and it was no small feat to pull it off.

Even UFC boss Dana White paid tribute to the musician, posting a photo of Mac Miller and writing, “WOW!!!!

When Thug first walked onstage from the wing, it seemed like something between a joke and a tribute.

1935), a larger-than-life tribute to the heroic Maine woodsmen who wielded ax and peavey in moving lumber to the sea.

Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship.

His tribute came after paps caught him taking a stroll through Westwood Village, where he was wearing his heartbreak on his face.

Chris Brown’s daughter paid Selena an adorable tribute, and the late singer’s family couldn’t be prouder.

It’s fitting, then, that some Stranger Things fan art also pays tribute to these other influences on the show.

The second was a tribute to his dog, Obi.

Domenick obliged and said the producer emailed him 6 days later, saying they could do a nice tribute with what he’d sent.

Dubya delivered an incredibly emotional tribute to his dad, which ended with him choking up and having to step back from the lectern.

So when the tribute finally aired Sunday on national television, Domenick was outraged it came and went without Charlie being mentioned.

We’re told BET Awards execs scrambled to put together a tribute performance after Prodigy’s death Tuesday, but it was too late.

Ariana posted a tribute to Mac Saturday, saying she was listening to one of the cuts from his album, “Swimming.”

One of the highlights will be the unveiling of a tribute song from James Blunt.

The time is said to be a tribute to Darrell — known as “Dime Time.”

Finally, Diesel broke out in a verse from “See You Again” from the “Furious” soundtrack as a tribute to Walker.

This photo was taken in 2012 when Aretha & I performed at a tribute celebration for our friend Marvin Hamlisch.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and VP Mike Pence all spoke and gave tribute to late Arizona Senator.

Limited-edition Beatles socks

Each pair pays tribute to The Beatles, including a Pepperland sock and a Yellow Submarine sock.

Is it a tribute to the incestuous Norse god Njord, deity of all things nautical?

We’re told Celine’s completely changing her show at Caesars Colosseum — it now begins with a 10 minute long tribute to Rene.

Later, in my own head, it’s a tribute to sordid women.

But it’s also meant to pay tribute to the “little people” doing commendable community work around the country.

Celine has 12 shows before going on hiatus in mid-March, so the tribute will be part of the act at least through then.

Elton famously performed “Candle in the Wind” as a tribute for Diana at her funeral.

So … their own brand of wine seems like a perfect tribute.

Get your tissues ready … ’cause the WWE put together a 3 minute tribute to fallen legend George “The Animal” Steele … and it’s emotional.

Tell me about the A$AP Yams tribute shirt.A$AP Yams was a good homie of mine.

Tyka Nelson tells TMZ … she was pleasantly surprised by Timberlake’s performance, and even enjoyed his controversial Prince tribute.

The Darshana Bolt Memorial Sculpture and Sketching Garden pays tribute to an individual while honoring art as an important part of our humanity.

We’re told Reedus and Hinds hit up Abracadabra Tattoo shop in New Orleans over the weekend for their Lemmy tattoo tribute.

The Detroit Tigers honored Aretha by posting a tribute on their video board … with the message “Forever our queen.”

In some capacity, it’s a tribute to his father, the incomparable Dusty Rhodes.

9:20 AM PT — Miley just posted a photo of a rainbow with a tribute to Janice.

But those who use the phrase “Second Gilded Age” to criticize contemporary inequality are also paying unintended tribute to Carnegie’s logic.

Clarkson joins fellow NBAer J.R. Smith with the permanent tribute to Nip … who also paid homage with body art.

Hundreds gathered in Charlottesville Sunday at the memorial to pay tribute to Heyer.

In the video below, you can see a contemporary demonstration at the Corning of 17th-century lens making, in tribute to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

“It’s a tribute to the history of protest, centered around the quote ‘if not us, who?

—BBC News Broadway Unites for Orlando tribute SongBroadway stars are collaborating to fundraise for the families of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

The Hall put that dress on display as a tribute to the Queen of Soul.

It was important to me that the work paid tribute to 9/11 while also honoring the resilience of the people of NYC.

‘SNL’ also paid tribute to late President George H.W.

Running at the Tank through February 12, Hottentotted pays tribute to Saartjie Baartman and the exploitation she endured.

Coldplay paid tribute to Texas and victims of Hurricane Harvey with a one-hit wonder … literally.

A somber Jimmy Fallon introduced the tribute which included several of the mother/daughter duos’ most iconic clips.

During a Quincy tribute concert in L.A. last September, James was noticeably absent when Patti performed their hit song.

“Evolution can’t be stopped, and will not be stopped tomorrow.” The tribute punctuated Paris’ men’s fashion week for Spring/Summer, which wraps up Sunday.

She paid tribute to her late mom during Thursday’s celebration.

Two days after Luke died, Jack wrote a heartfelt tribute to his father for supporting him in everything … and especially wrestling.

Another swing in all pink, Katy Perry went extremely candy-colored cake-topper before her performance during the tribute to Dolly Parton.

They love the fact she’s a TRUE wrestling fan and were impressed with her tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Jimmie is wearing bib #4848 during the marathon, a tribute to his #48 car.

It was meant as a tribute to the agriculture industry.

Lauren London is remembering Nipsey Hussle on a holiday marked for dads … and she’s doing it with a touching tribute honoring his fatherhood.

The movie is, among other things, a tribute to the enduring crazy greatness of Ditko’s artistic vision.

But Didier is also here to pay tribute to Caroline, a friend of his who was shot during the attack.

This is just a tribute!

“I’m proud to have paid this beautiful tribute to Caroline.

It took almost 6 months, but Prince’s final tribute was a monster of a show with huge performances … despite some big name dropouts.

Bruno Mars and The Time took the stage to pay tribute to the late Prince at the 2017 Grammys.

Morris Day and The Time started the tribute.

Sounds like he’ll have a chance soon too … George says he’s received some calls about making a tribute appearance.

One day after Bowie’s death at the age of 69, it’s one way to pay tribute to the legendary artist.

Which is why Antonio Brown’s new custom cleats are paying tribute … to Muhammad Ali!!!

All in all, a handsome tribute.

Gorka said he wears the medal as a tribute to his father.

Gorka said he wears the medal as a tribute to his father.

Take a look at @MichaelSkolnik’s TL, what a beautiful tribute to Muhammad Ali.

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Home to many Powerpuff tribute blogs, it offered proof of an appetite for a reboot.

The big-name tribute albums will come, and though their hit-or-miss ratio may beat this one’s, believe it when you hear it.

The tribute brought many people in the audience to tears.

Ariana Grande is slowly but surely erasing Pete Davidson from her life AND body … updating a tattoo with a tribute to Mac Miller.

It’s a sweet tribute … Alexis passed away earlier in the day of an unknown illness.

#HussleForever 🏁💙 #BETAwards The slain South L.A. MC was presented with a special tribute Sunday night during the BET Awards –where T.I.

We hope tribute in a sentence examples were helpful.