Travels in a sentence | Use of the word travels examples

From Japan to Brazil to Jamaica to the USA, the two meet some fascinating people during their travels and hear their stories.

Two other senior U.S. officials also face scrutiny over their travels.

The frequent travels of Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, to Oklahoma are being investigated by that agency’s inspector general.

Located in California’s Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls travels fastest during the spring snowmelt.

Talks are expected to resume after Lighthizer travels to Brussels for trade talks with European Union trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom on Monday.

In “Coral Ridge Towers (Mom Dyeing Eyebrows)” (1969), Minter travels home to photograph her mother and captures a woman dyeing her eyebrows.

Chris Guillebeau travels outside Portland, his home base, at least 10 days out of every month.

It was a theme in his recent commencement address at Harvard and has been mentioned multiple times during his cross-country travels.

“There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we’re all from Africa originally,” Streep continued.

Hyperallergic travels to Cairo to see one among a new wave of exhibitions that are reintroducing Egyptian modern art to a wider audience.

In the flick, Van Damme plays Kurt, who travels with his brother Eric to Thailand to prove themselves against the Thais.

I suppose that the many travels and trials of a life in basketball have molded his deportment over the years.

The broadcast can travel 15 miles at night and 6 miles in daylight, because sound travels farther at night.

The broadcast can travel 15 miles at night and 6 miles in daylight, because sound travels farther at night.

So I actually, if I were, I’m a terrible- In your travels, where did you see it?

VICE’s Isobel Yeung travels across Libya to see how the Libyan revolution is failing.

Dorsey frequently travels the world and shares his photos with his 4 million Twitter followers.

On his travels, Dorsey meets heads of state, including Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

Notice how high she gets, how straight her legs are, and far she travels: The Amanar will factor into the 2016 Olympics as well.

I use a lot of maca these days—it’s from Peru, and I discovered it on my latest travels.

A wordless, entirely comedic performer who engages in slapstick is exactly the sort of thing that travels well overseas.

He travels a fair amount.

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Pakistan in the latest installment of TERROR.

VICE News travels to Washington and talks to Weinstein, several students, and Evergreen’s president about the controversy.

Eliot says, the end of all of our travels is to return home and know it for the first time.

He travels and performs around the world and is in a much-publicized romantic relationship with fellow ballet superstar Natalia Osipova.

British director Andrea Arnold travels across the Atlantic, then keeps going, winding up in the American heartland with this intimate epic.

“There were definitely some people on our travels who didn’t know what to make of us,” says Guinn.

Box travels in his car, listening to opera.

Naz fearfully travels in a prison van.

In serious competition, bowlers will face numerous different patterns, each of which affects the ball differently as it travels down the lane.

In this special documentary, VICE News also travels to Alberta where anti-Islam flyers have been widely spread.

Since many have asked: A sonic boom travels through the air w/ the airplane so it arrives at different ground locations at different times.

Robbie interprets the food through his family, his travels, and his palate.

That was very much a part of the image and the narrative: “This fire travels fast.”

By creating these works of art, Cataudella is able to document his travels in a unique way.

The soft evening glow fades into starry darkness, and an excruciating pain travels through my head.

Iman Raad is based in Connecticut, but travels between New Haven, Connecticut and Tehran.

Taylor Sr. received periodic updates from his son about his travels in Europe until there was a period of silence for several weeks.

“This is what happens when an idea travels beyond the context and the content,” she said.

Simpson spends six hours a day training and travels around the country to train with the likes of 28-year-old, four-division champion Adrien Broner.

Distribution feeders are generally “radial” in design, meaning power travels from the substation out along tendrils to end users, in one direction.

Instead, she travels the stars as Commander Shepard’s most essential confidant.

What the fly transfers onto your food depends on its travels before landing on your lunch.

A range of factors, such as the fly’s travels, determine what exactly happens when it lands on your food.

Recalling her travels to the Philippines and beyond, she explains, “There were a people nothing like us.

You find out a lot about his emotions and the journey he travels and what he has to put up with.

He travels with a permanent team of bodyguards fearful his movement is being tracked by a law enforcement agencies and governments.

Now she travels the world to make cocktails and judge the competitions she used to win.

The scope of the actual Colorado River, which travels through seven US and two Mexican states, is grand.

Each time, the procession travels slightly further, toward the opposite end of the room.

Carvalho allegedly had relationships with Eastern European women and posted references on social media about his travels in Russia, according to the Corriere.

Migrants hop off and on the train that travels just above the Sagrada, Familia, in Apizaco, Tlaxcala.

The Air Force stressed its North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa’s Christmas Eve sleigh travels using satellites, radar and jets.

My travels brought me up close to the human stories that are the core of what we do and why we do it.

It looks like this: The idea is that someone searching the tree for some element begins at the top, or root, and travels downward.

The issue is the vertebral artery, which travels from the neck down through the vertebrae.

Heidi Neilson’s “Moon Arrow” travels around the New York City shorelines to draw attention to celestial forces acting on the urban landscape.

Which were, in turn, inspired by those painters’ travels to Morocco.

Her profile page, alongside that of Bernanke and Greenspan, says she travels from Washington and fees vary based on event location.

Price’s travels and those of the entire Trump Cabinet are being probed by a U.S. House of Representatives committee.

The EPA’s inspector general said last month it was investigating Pruitt’s frequent travels to his home state of Oklahoma.

“Into the Inferno”

Herzog travels around the world, including to North Korea, to examine the beauty and danger of active volcanoes.

“Tom travels almost seven days a week and 90 percent of his travel is fundraising,” Singh said.

In her free time, she mentors other athletes, promotes water safety and travels the country as a motivational speaker.

Batman falls asleep — or maybe travels to the future?!

A gallery also features photographs by Fred Scruton, who travels the United States to document living artists and their environments.

These items will be useful for all their future travels as well, not just their celebratory graduation trip.

The premium, environmentally certified leather, available in four colors, is beautiful and ages gracefully through travels beyond this post-grad trip.

The exhibition travels to the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration History from May 25 through Sept 3.

A military detachment called the White House Communications Agency, regularly issues coins when the president travels abroad.

Taking in a stroll in Sagada, The Philippines.Read about their travels on the Global Help Swap site.

Global Help Swap documents the couple’s travels, while emphasizing service and highlighting affordable opportunities for travelers to volunteer around the world.

“Every time we Googled opportunities to volunteer, we found places that charged thousands,” Sargent remembers of their initial travels.

She travels a lot and posts frequently on Instagram and Snapchat where her username is mikaela.mayer.

Remember, a cross counter is a looping blow which travels across the opponent’s straight, not just a straight blow from the rear hand.

“But this comes at the expense of an awareness of the impact our travels have on the landscape around these monument and buildings.

That’s not too surprising considering the near daily travels of the two candidates and their campaigns.

Manafort holds three U.S. passports and frequently travels abroad.

Chappelle is back from his travels, a world-wary road warrior from another age.

One thing that recurred during my travels was the difference between the magazine and Instagram images of a place and the reality.

This is where the Prophet travels forward alone, without Gabriel.

Albright did praise Clinton’s judgment, listing off some anecdotes about their travels together while they were both in the Clinton White House.

Some of this is down to the expertise of Caddy’s mentor Marco, who he met on his travels around Italy.

VICE News correspondent Antonia Hylton travels to Atlanta to see how some African-Americans are planning to protect themselves.

All Boeing 737 Max 8s should be grounded until American travels can be assured that these planes are safe.

VICE News’ Roberto Ferdman travels to Texas to learn more.

She travels all over America selling food at concerts.

VICE’s Isobel Yeung travels to Iraq to see how its young people view their future.

In addition to her keen eye for patterns and design, Mack has an ear for using found sounds from her travels.

The video follows a guy as he travels (with his mind?)

Because he’s in an official leadership role, he has security who travels with him.

They were part of the same recruiting class at Duke and lived together as freshmen; the two remained close throughout their NBA travels.

“In my travels, Europeans seem to be much more promiscuous and open with sex,” she says.

Coetzee also travels to the Seychelles islands in pursuit of dogtooth tuna.

A servomotor adjusts the steering angle as needed so the bike won’t fall as it travels up to 60 km/h.

When we speak, air is expelled from our lungs, travels up the trachea, through the larynx and out of our mouth and nose.

His travels began on the European continent, and like any tourist, he picked up souvenirs.

You, as Max, are tasked with recovering your stolen V8 Interceptor from a warlord whose dominion you have inadvertently stumbled upon in your travels.

They could help scientists get a better understanding of how the disease develops in the human body and travels between individuals.

As one travels through time and up the museum’s spiral ramp, the artist’s chosen materials and mediums grow more and more diverse.

April 10: Zuckerberg travels to Washington to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees.

Oppy spent its lifetime on Mars racking up important discoveries and sending home stunning images from its travels over crater-pocked plains.

If you’re caught pouring your own drinks, there’s a reasonably good chance your travels might end before your buzz wears off.

Once inside the body, the hookworm gets in a person’s veins, and travels up past the heart and into the lungs.

They traced honeybees’ travels through the Great Plains, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest, through apple orchards and pear trees.

And I’ve continued my travels with weekend breaks in Europe as well as a longer trip to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

VICE News travels to Houston to find out more.

While Swoon’s work travels far and wide, it seems to foster connection and accessibility wherever one finds it.

Her travels have included about 245 cities.

Horsechief has 18 years of culinary experience and travels all over Oklahoma on the weekends, selling at festivals and powwows.

Trump travels to the U.S.-Mexico border to pitch for the wall.

VICE News travels to Kosovo to see if the small Balkan country is showing signs of a failed state.

Later on through my travels in South America, I would meet more Latin Americans who were climbers, hikers, kayakers, mountaineers, whitewater rafters.

“Any shark that swims, I can kill,” Quartiano told Juliet Eilperin, author of Demon Fish: travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks.

It’s no secret the travels of the Kardashian clan are over the top.

A State Department official would not confirm the Financial Times report and told Reuters there were no travels plans to announce.

Most recently she appeared on The Ellen Show, where she spoke about the harrowing event, and how it changed her, and her travels, forever.

It also has changed the way she travels.

On Fridays, Hopkins travels to London, where she spends three days working on her two weekend radio shows for LBC (London Broadcasting Company).

She travels to a faraway country and endures hardships and trials, but eventually, she finds a family.

But then, during the second day of his travels, he noticed that his balls had become especially sticky.

In short, the NRA effectively helped establish the byways and highways on which today’s “fake news” travels.

Javadi, who travels frequently, wants the freedom to travel without worrying that he might be denied reentry.

Now, when she travels, she actively seeks them out.

And as her mother said in a gut-wrenching statement on Facebook, she touched so many lives along the course of her travels.

Akon is really scared … because he travels abroad a lot and thinks Donald Trump has put a big fat target on his head.

I do the same thing—in my travels, I look for Coca-Cola souvenirs in markets.

Noisey: How were your travels?Machel Montano: It was surreal.

Then his gaze travels south.

And it’s accessibility to older games really makes the 3DS such an indispensable companion for me on my travels.

With a long enough tunnel, multiple devices could further degrade the shock wave as it travels down the length of the corridor.

And thankfully, Mercury ends its retrograde as well, which means you can expect way fewer delays and miscommunications as you embark on your travels.

Pennridge is a tight-knit community where word travels fast.

Maybe we’ll have children, and we’ll name them after the isolated islands we come across on our travels.

(One scene even travels all the way to China to trace the origins of a very important duffel bag.)

His travels recently brought him to Urk, a small fishing village in the Netherlands—until his ship got battered by a storm of biblical proportions.

From my travels, I had some realizations about fusion food—that terrible f-word.

Like entries out of a diary, each of the record’s ten lo-fi songs captures a moment or emotion during ©©’s travels.

Its headquarters are housed in one of his properties and Keiko travels the campaign trail in one of his SUVs.

Barnier travels constantly, with recent visits to Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, and Germany — among others.

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Nigeria to investigate Boko Haram’s rise and the struggle to contain it.

He travels the country training local law enforcement to normalize the act of killing.

This exhibition explores sound’s “material” qualities: how it travels via waves, is conducted through wires, and bounces off other objects.

It doesn’t exist for profit, but in the name of dancing, born from the idea that the mind travels exclusively with and for techno.

That cuts down how much travels through the bank in the first place.”

This superyacht concept by Oceanco and Van Geest displays a light show as it travels across the seas!

candidate, sitting in on his rallies, travels, and meetings.

It’s something that travels on Facebook.

“Isn’t he… he travels a lot with work, doesn’t he?”

He, too, time travels, but largely only by his consciousness going to different places in his own life cycle.

Exhausted and hungry from their travels, some had scraped a few pesos together to buy food.

Expect to make plenty of deep connections over the next year as lucky planet Jupiter travels through this mysterious, sensual sign!

Reporters from The New York Times and Agence France-Presse have previously reported seeing police stage fake car crashes to disrupt their travels.

(In Frankenstein, he travels to Ireland; Kessel seems to have made this change for ease of logistics.)

This museum was filled with fragments and artifacts that Mock has collected during her travels and through obsessive research.

The funding commitments will come just before Morrison travels to the island of Tuvalu for the annual Pacific Islands Forum in August.

It has almost no mass, travels at essentially the speed of light, and has evaded scientific confirmation for three decades.

Watch the video above to find out more about his travels and the works he created along the way.

Hurricane Michael strengthens as it travels to the Gulf Coast; a female journalist was found murdered in a northeastern Bulgarian city.

Thanks to her year of extreme saving, Ragusa’s 2017 travels are in full swing.

To follow the T.RUMP Bus’s travels and see when it’s coming to your area, follow T.Rutt on Twitter.

Pele then travels to Hawaii in a sacred canoe (in most tellings, accompanied by several siblings), first arriving at Niihau and Kauai.

On Thursday, February 15, the always-great experimental imprint Shelter Press will issue an LP of Thoughts of a Dot as It travels a Surface.

For now though, you can stream Thoughts of a Dot as It travels a Surface up above.

Just watch out for a grumpy mood, especially at work, in your travels, or at school, as Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7.

A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km).

She travels internationally as a speaker and performer and is a proud transgender parent.

But in her own travels, it’s a matter of planning for safety with every trip.

Gianna Toboni travels to the Myanmar-Bangladesh border to see what the future holds for the world’s most persecuted minority.

Well, the Koenigsegg Agera, which is the fastest car of the moment, travels 277 miles per hour.

The world travels.

Exciting conversations take place and news travels quickly as Mercury connects with Mars, also on February 7.

“Through my initial travels, I met people and inquired.

And on my many travels around these stalls, there’s one brand I’ve come across more than any other: Georgio Peviani.

Here’s how: They redefined the meter to be equal to the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second.

Facebook touches more than two billion users a month and his travels have taken on a presidential flair.

The self-professed foodies planned their travels around hitting big-name restaurants.

While not the most adept in his social skills, Calavera reinvents himself as he travels deeper into the land of the dead.

In 2014 he published In Search of Lost Frogs, a book of stories and images of his travels around the world.

Morgan adds he minored in photography in college and had 5,000 pics and videos documenting his travels, which he’ll never get back.

As Cora travels, she doesn’t just encounter the white supremacy of slavery.

When we talked, he quoted the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek and told me about his travels around the world — to China, Egypt, Tunisia, Austria.

Knucklez travels the country, searching through warehouses for busted, dusty machines.

The artist aims to collect these letters over time as his series travels around the globe.

Enjoy the baby-led tour of Amir’s travels in the video, images, and behind-the-scenes photographs below.

During their travels they cultivated a sound that bridges funk and electro-trap.

And now fans can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Zedd’s travels in his new series with Beautiful Destinations.

In the first episode of the series, Zedd travels to Hong Kong and discusses his meteoric rise and creativity as an artist.

When Fintzy travels with his fiancée, they spend about $300 per trip on Rover’s cat sitters.

Light that travels beyond the photon orbit could, conceivably, escape the black hole if something was to reflect it back.

Most tourists will take their smartphone and other connected devices with them on their travels.

Dorian Wanzer travels frequently for work.

Toni Moss, who is white, said she travels by plane about four times a month.

On Beerland host Meg Gill’s travels this week, she heads to San Diego to check out the local homebrew scene.

As your eye travels through the paintings, you start to make different types of visual associations and relationships among them.

The Scale travels program is a collaborative program focusing on nanotechnology and art, promoted by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) and gnration.

In other words, although her music has beautiful passages, it also travels into abject spaces.

This aesthetic shift may be traced to Italian Futurism’s grip on Hablik, who undoubtedly encountered the group’s work during his travels.

THUMP features editor Michelle Lhooq travels down to Miami for Miami Music Week and asks whether the annual festival has reached its peak.

Gulliver’s travels by Jonathan Swift (1726).

To recover from the exertion of my travels, I had allowed myself two weeks of vacation in Kampot, a city in southern Cambodia.

(Call it the Sullivan’s travels delusion.)

Solar radiation travels 93 million miles from the sun to the Earth through the vacuum of space and passes through Earth’s atmosphere.

“This is what happens when an idea travels beyond the context and the content,” she said.

Apparently this guy travels a bit.

His international travels were key, resulting in a body of experience that went beyond mere information or even influence.

The pro-government Sabah newspaper published a series of photos of a man it identified as someone who travels with the Saudi crown prince.

The issue is the vertebral artery, which travels from the neck down through the vertebrae.

In Wonder Woman, Diana gets what amounts to a fish-out-of-water story as she travels to World War I-era London.

Merkel also travels to Georgia and Armenia on her three-day trip, which starts on Thursday.

Host Abdullah Saeed travels to his home-away-from-home—the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado—for another weedful day.

Watch along as VICE Mexico travels to San Juan de la Vega to experience this unique ritual firsthand.

Jace Clayton’s book Uproot: travels in 21st-Century Music and Digital Culture is out now via Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

As Saturn travels through Capricorn, you will find yourself coming to terms with some issues you’ve been ignoring and responsibilities you’ve avoided.

Miranda and company have always embraced the way creativity and art travels both in hip-hop culture and in the internet age.

The French expat keeps a running file of flavor combinations he encounters on his travels that lead to his cocktail creations.

When customers place an order, they’ll be able to track their robot on their phone as it travels to them.

“She is very ready to be president,” Cuculiza insisted, highlighting Keiko’s travels around the country and her studies in the US.

“The robot travels at four miles per hour and can only go where pedestrians can,” said Harris-Burland.

Gardner travels to Earth just to meet Tulsa even though it might literally kill him, so they can, like, go on a road trip.

Jay Whiss accelerates best when waxing poetics on travels around the Lakeshore and enjoying the spoils of the trio’s increasing success.

Obama regularly meets with civil society groups when he travels abroad, and officials said this trip would be no different.

Stick a discount brush in it and see how long the paint travels.

But soaring footage of Honnold climbing is interspersed with a more intimate look at his life, his travels, and his relationship with his girlfriend.

Since the art world in Los Angeles is so intimate, word travels fast.

This is a busy period for your domestic life, Capricorn, as non-stop planet Mercury travels through the sector of your chart ruling the home.

Right when the ball travels from Exum to Neto, Ingles emerges wide open behind the three-point line.

The EPA’s inspector general and the Government Accountability Office are also looking into Pruitt’s travels, housing arrangements, and other potential ethics violations.

Pompeo travels to China next, where he may have to defend his boss’ latest remarks about Kim.

“I would like safe travels for all northerners, so they can come back home safely.”

“The man is bringing back worms from his travels, and he pretends he finds them in his garden!”

During your travels in Europe, did you notice the EU’s idealist myth—nations coming together and cooperation out of good will—disintegrating?

Without the convenience of cell phones, the internet, and email, news travels slowly in Westeros.

Malcolm Gladwell travels all over the world doing interviews for his podcast.

The agent added that “burnout” is high because Trump travels frequently, including those trips to Mar-a-Lago.

Word then travels within the network prisons have with one another across Canada and the US to further spread the word.

Fox) travels back in time to see his parents as teenagers, and then he must find a way to travel forward again.

Relational Undercurrents travels next to the Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University (10975 SW 17th St, Miami,) in October 2018.

Azada travels on an approved visitor’s visa and has been detained since noon local time on Saturday.

Azada travels on an approved visitor’s visa and has been detained since noon local time on Saturday.

A heavy blue backpack full of medical supplies travels with him wherever he goes.

When Schwartz travels, he typically wears the same uniform everywhere he goes: a denim shirt embroidered with the Burger King insignia.

This cord slowly plunges into the earth and then travels up to 65 feet away.

A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km).

The basic setup is simple: The Joker (voiced by a pitch-perfect Mark Hamill) travels to Metropolis, contracted by Lex Luthor to kill Superman.

Like you said, there are blogs and articles dedicated to it, and someone even made a map of Ferris’s travels during that day.

He travels the world, meets with important people, and shows it all on Snapchat.

Stone’s wife, Nydia, is Davis’s son’s godmother, but she resides in Florida and rarely travels to New York.

Today he travels with a machete and a satellite tracking device in his cab that can pinpoint him in emergencies.

“Bad news travels very fast.

The series emerged from his 2011 travels to Vietnam, which marked the Vietnamese-American artist’s first-ever trip to the country to visit his relatives.

Along the way, you may find some new friends and some memorable art, especially if you let the international biennial circuit dictate your travels.

During my travels, I saw many new drill pads with over 20 separate wells—encompassing huge clear cuts or rectangles of former agricultural land.

“I exposed myself to different variations of worldly sounds during my travels throughout the East,” she says.

The exhibition travels to The National Gallery, London, February 28–May 21, 2018.

Despite Akihito’s age and health problems – he has had heart surgery and been treated for prostate cancer – he has continued his travels.

Manturov, who travels on the Superjet for work trips, said demand for the aircraft remained strong and production plans were unchanged.

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Aden to discover al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula flourishing.

As light travels along the scarab’s back, it hits the nanostructures in repeating, varying layers.

As your eye travels down the piece, however, it devolves into a heap of dirty, tangled, old wedding dresses on the floor.

But Finding Dory doesn’t depend on the side characters Dory and Marlin met during their travels in Finding Nemo.

Bourdain’s world travels gave him a strong perspective on international affairs.

This photo essay includes shots Lindsay has taken from her travels across Canada when invited into the homes of sex workers.

The Soul can count on a fanbase that travels pretty well, in addition to a growing contingent of Lehigh Valley arena fans.

Even so, as Baldwin travels through the country in the 1960s, associating with civil rights leaders and foot soldiers, the actor-observer split bothers him.

A knot of fear erupts at the base of my spine and travels up¬ward.

No one wants his or her travels plans thrown into complete disarray.

The Honduran migrant caravan, now counting nearly 7,500 members, travels north; violence between two religious groups in Nigeria kills 55.

Now, as Bridges travels the country looking for man caves, he’s finding more of the same.

They found that light travels down through the stem to activate photoreceptors in the roots, which stimulates growth, and keeps the plant growing vertically.

If the storm travels up the center of Florida, being over land will create friction that will weaken its center.

Here’s how: They redefined the meter to be equal to the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second.

Pfluger’s recent travels over the past few years have shown him that discomfort can be universal.

Just to make sure, Alberta’s environmental agency inspected the pipes and deemed them (and the water that travels through them) safe.

Herr believes that they will eventually change the way the entire human race moves, travels and even looks.

He’s a competitive fighting game player who travels a few times a year to participate in tournaments.

Much of the art that leaves North Korea travels to a small village outside Tuscany, where Pier Luigi Cecioni runs his gallery.

Dec. 15 – The Shah leaves the United States and travels to Panama.

Experts calculate the missile’s reach based on how high up it flies and how far over it travels.)

In order to do so, he travels to the place where it all began: the Michigan State militias.

Over the course of your travels, what have you come to believe is culturally distinct about America?

Alas: I did not enjoy my travels with this latest iteration of Murder on the Orient Express.

It can then pick up lead as it travels elsewhere.

The film follows the pope as he travels and answers questions from around the world about matters of justice, the environment, immigration, and more.

He travels with three stone-faced security guards and has a concealed carry license for a katana.

It’s the effect her travels have had on her personally.

Instead, he mostly travels the globe meeting with crowds of people who admire and want to hear from him.

The liquid inside evaporates and travels to a cooling chamber, where it condenses in a clear, purified form.

As such, he has to impart them to the foreigners he travels with.

The Beyond then travels to the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT, from February 22 through June 2, 2019.

The administrator frequently travels from DC to Oklahoma, where he also takes charter flights.

For more hipster hotel reviews from around the world, visit the travels of Adam – Hotel Reviews.

For booking hotels, I recommend which has some of the best rates and deals.Read the original article on travels of Adam.

Follow travels of Adam on Twitter.

Follow travels of Adam on Twitter.

VICE News travels to Georgia to meet Maya Arakon, an associate professor who fled Turkey to the United States.

Exciting travels and opportunities come your way as the sun connects with Uranus on June 27.

United States: 563 billionaires

Mark Zuckerberg and his college-sweetheart wife, Priscilla Chan, are worth $74 billion — see their houses, cars, and travels

The fiber travels along the mountains, alternating between being buried underground and hung along the power lines.

It bears the marks of not only one’s birth, but travels, adventures, hurts, and spills, physiological traumas and recoveries.

The indictment also shows us who does what, and how the money travels.

Other titles include the influential samurai film A Diary of Chuji’s travels and celebrated auteur Yasujiro Ozu’s gangster flick Dragnet Girl.

She travels and lectures extensively on the need for drug legalization, and is used to the crass and insensitive feedback she sometimes gets.

Last year’s National Book Award winner, Stamped From the Beginning travels rapidly through America’s long and ignominious history of racist ideology.

Even though the studio doors are closed, however, news travels.

We have to think about where it travels, not only across brand and across geography.

In that first story, a man travels back in time to kill his cousin, Adolf Hitler, only to become a Hitler-like figure himself.

Frost is accompanied on his travels by another adventurer, Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana).

In Vox’s Borders series, Johnny travels the globe to listen to the people living on the front lines of international relations.

During his travels, my father carried this transistor radio along with him to listen to music.

As a working person who travels a lot, doing this is just a bit difficult.

Instagram influencers post pristine photos of their travels, pets, kids, meals, outfits, and workout routines.

Instagram influencers are known for posting pristine photos of their travels, pets, kids, meals, and workout routines for millions of followers.

Several countries checked their records after the attacks and discovered that he had also embarked on other travels.

Schock, elected to the House in 2008 at age 27, drew attention by posting photos on social media of his travels around the world.

In 1914, the writer E. B. Soane published a book about his travels through the region called To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise .

Instead, cops offered to hold the gun for him until he returned from his travels … at which time he could pick it up.

The incident will likely dominate the agenda of Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he travels to Japan for the G20 summit from Friday.

@SecPompeo travels to Moscow and Sochi, #Russia, May 12-14.

The prince himself has dismissed a story that he travels with his own toilet seat.

“It’s gonna be hell for Khloe … a guy that travels is hard.”

A photographer who travels the world with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was seriously injured in a car accident … TMZ has learned.

Victims testified that he gave them gifts, offering trinkets from his Olympic travels.

The time of flight for a shot that long — because a bullet only travels so far.

Two Muhammad Ali passports are going head-to-head on the auction block, and both chronicle the world travels of “The Greatest.”

May travels to Brussels on Wednesday to try to overcome this and other outstanding issues in talks with European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker.

The singer’s performing Friday night, and Griggs says Joycelyn’s family believes she travels with him on his tour bus.

Sigley, who has been visiting North Korea since 2012, has documented his travels and experiences extensively on Twitter and on his own blog.

One of the conditions … he travels with his sober coach.

and Tiny guaranteed their “safe travels” over the holiday by rolling into a Detroit club with security guards packing heavy artillery.

It starts at black, travels through blues, greens, golds, reds, and greys, before returning to black again.

“The party is very cliquish right now, and I think word travels quickly.

The average naval gun right now travels at a fraction of that distance and speed.

At the end of the year, she returned from her travels with a newfound appreciation for her desert upbringing.

It’s a good deal for a two week vacation, but that’s not how everyone travels.

Reverend Jim Antal travels across the country delivering sermons on climate change.

The kid catches the ball, travels, and then finally starts dribbling back from whence he came.

Learn more: Each fall, the monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles to the mountaintops in central México, but its fate is in peril.

Watch the short film here, and revisit our 2016 conversation with Clayton about his book Uproot: travels in 21st Century Music and Digital Culture.

The new moon solar eclipse occurs in your house of higher learning and distant travels, initiating a fated broadening of your horizons.

As Mercury retrograde moves through your house of distant travels and teaching, review the message you want to share with the world.

Mugabe travels frequently to Singapore for medical treatment as age has taken its toll.

But soaring footage of Honnold climbing is interspersed with a more intimate look at his life, his travels, and his relationship with his girlfriend.

He’s also adventurous and routinely travels outside of lavish first-class condos.

It then travels down your esophagus, whose only purpose is to transfer food from mouth to stomach safely.

A member of the other team travels.

Over the course of his travels, he embeds himself in the lives of some very interesting people and learns about what makes them tick.

Even Ursula Bogner’s tuba travels to the future were accompanied by a series of synthesized blips and audio signals.

He gets on a tour for European artists that travels around the Far East, Singapore, Jakarta, and he finds Shanghai.

She travels a lot to play the piano.

He travels and trains 25 weeks per year with Nishikori, the No.

This issue gets wild, and travels to unexpected places, as revelations about the nature of the ship’s cargo come into play.

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These are great things to reflect on as Jupiter travels through Libra.

He travels to Luton, where he meets Polish migrants squatting in the town centre.

In the wake of Brexit, however, travels to Portugal will have 0.9 percent more purchasing power.

You plan your future travels and life years and years ahead.

You are going to meet a lot of people on your travels who aren’t as “progressive” as you think you are.

VICE Impact had a second to catch up with Rose to learn more about his travels and what’s next in protecting natural monuments.

We speak somewhere between the Live Lounge and the departure lounge, as he travels from Radio 1 to another international tour date.

“I always wear my traditional clothes during all my travels and never encountered such a thing,” Menhali said.

After all, the threats of that game become so important that Geralt travels to multiple worlds.

If you want to be an assassin who travels a giant world defeating enemies, you can be that.

If you want to be a cowboy who… travels a giant world defeating your enemies, that’s something you can go for.

(Sound travels at different speeds in different mediums.)

“The energy travels into your inner ear and the cochlea,” Metzger tweeted.

“We know that Mr. Wilson frequently travels for business,” Officer said.

“We know that Mr. Wilson frequently travels for business,” Officer said.

The incident will likely dominate the agenda of Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he travels to Japan for the G20 summit from Friday.

VICE News travels to suburban Detroit to talk to Chaldeans and the people supporting them.

He beats her and then apologizes with utter sincerity, saying he’s frustrated because he travels so much.

This NCAA tournament primer is for those people—the people who prefer Kevin Durant to Aaron Craft, and uncalled travels to 30-second shot clocks.

Living between New York and London, he travels constantly, flying on commercial services and rarely spending more than a week in one location.

When light travels down an optical fiber, it constantly reflects against the strand’s inner mirror-lined cladding.

“They are all songs inspired by my travels in Europe.”

Expect to do more socializing over the next few weeks, as communication planet Mercury travels through Scorpio.

And that’s why it travels.

In December of 2016, he released “Lay Down,” which is a perfect combination of the 20-year-old’s recent travels.

If you’re inclined to continue your travels, the library currently offers uninterrupted access to 18,000 more digitized postcards on its website.

She travels home for local holidays, but lives mostly in the United States.

And it’s accessibility to older games really makes the 3DS such an indispensable companion for me on my travels.

With MAO blocked, the DMT can’t be digested, so gets into the bloodstream and travels up to the brain.

Born in Melbourne, he now travels the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine, photographing the bare-knuckle tragedies that arise from war.

In one exchange with Cass, a young tramp who travels with their dogs, they exclaim that the land itself is a kind of companion.

Gizelle Marie, who started the movement with an Instagram hashtag, travels to clubs around the country talking to dancers.

He allegedly concealed the nature of his travels by falsifying hotel letters, receipts, and other documents, the indictment says.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence travels to South Korea on Sunday on a long-planned 10-day trip to Asia.

She kept a regular journal of her travels and these notes and sketches fostered her work.

Taran travels from place to place, learning about different ways of living, trying his hand at various trades, skills, and roles.

During my travels down the river, I came to realize that one of Chilkowich’s greatest challenges, ironically, is instilling a mentality of conservation.

Iconographic inspiration came from her global travels.

People do not understand the depths of how little much of rural America travels and sees other people and cultures.

They’re often just quick observations of people Case seems to have seen on her travels throughout the country and the world.

Visual information travels through the brain in a systematic, hierarchical way.

VICE News correspondent Monica Villamizar travels to Remedios, Colombia, where a local resident demonstrates how he makes his home remedy to treat erectile dysfunction.

He said that he travels so much that sometimes it takes him a moment to remember where he’s waking up.

Cortisol travels through the body to the brain regions that are involved in an initial response to a threat or danger.

A group travels to 2012 during the Battle of New York in the first “Avengers” movie, and the Space Stone heist goes horribly wrong.

Tonight, NOISEY travels to the Motor City: Detroit.

Hoping to find shelter from a blizzard, the group travels to a stagecoach stopover located on a mountain pass.

It then often travels over landlines owned by AT&T and Verizon.

Ward travels with her mom and her husband Michael.

When Eleven first finds grown-up Kali in the black box of her psychic travels, she is turned toward a fire.

If you gave him the ball in the post, he would shuffle his feet and get travels called against him.

I’m not sure—nostalgia value only travels so far when it comes to crowdfunding, as Dizzy makers the Oliver Twins will tell you.

I remember that I was reading Gulliver’s travels by Jonathan Swift.

Then in those travels, I had run into seeing Mosaic, which is really the first more commercial internet browser.

You know how coaches like to say “defense travels“?

Gerba’s research has found that shit travels, literally.

Manturov, who travels on the Superjet for work trips, said demand for the aircraft remained strong and production plans were unchanged.

Kim Jong Un, however, travels in his own heavy, armored train which could pose a problem for Vietnam’s outdated, colonial-era rail network.

Angieson travels the world for her work and has an agency that helps connect dancers with clubs.

Now, Dunlop has 95,000 Twitter followers and travels the country broadcasting Call of Duty.

Play resumed in 1950, and so did the trophy’s travels.

It’s true, in my travels, I don’t see a lot of men carrying their kids.”

Snetsinger, during her travels, broke her knee and wrist (and continued a birding trip with a broken, unset wrist) and survived a boat wreck.

In the end, although Snetsinger’s melanoma came back during her global travels, cancer didn’t kill her.

Older sister: Chill, sisi wame, we will compensate you for your travels and your life.

A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km).

Some I found on my travels.

Poggio travels to faraway monasteries and finds esoteric classical texts in order to recopy them in beautiful humanist script.

If you’re someone like a flight attendant who travels all the time, does the body ever adjust?

She travels across Canada giving presentations at schools.

Werner Herzog travels alongside Cambridge volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, whom he met while shooting his 2007 Antarctica doc, Encounters at the End of the World.

Recently, in my travels across this dusty meme terrain, I came across the heir apparent to the internet kingdom.

She travels extensively to speak with screen industry professionals of all pedigrees.

Leeds has said that he too uses this music to relax and recover while on his intercontinental travels between DJ sets.

Several years ago, he had a crowdfunding page where he raised thousands of dollars for his travels.

Cooper (Wyatt Russell) is a dopey flâneur who travels the world after the death of his father, who Cooper says suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Taurus is a sensual Earth sign—make a point to connect with your senses as Venus travels through it.

“Playtest” evokes this part of our lives through the manner in which protagonist Cooper travels the world.

But the theme is also present in the way he travels from one country to another, using Oddjobs to find work.

She was kind of my age, and he was helping supervise her travels.

Tarrant is an Australian-born former personal trainer who is believed to have been radicalized during his travels abroad.

And he travels all over the world to spread its gospel, just like he was doing in Toronto over the weekend.

I love how information travels on Instagram.

A worker who has made the decision to escape, your character travels through one diorama of misery after another.

Mario jumps out from Mushroom Kingdom and travels across the world—so he definitely is on a big journey.

Gorsuch is famously a huge admirer of Scalia, and travels in the same broad intellectual circles as Baude and Volokh.

Wonderful reveled in while on his travels.

The Atlanta director’s vision travels forward in an infinite tableau, which is of course what the paths of rhythm are there to explore.

Sources told Page Six that Donald Jr.’s frequent travels and obsession with politics were contributing to issues in the relationship.

Tyanna Buie weaves together her travels throughout New Orleans, Paris, and Berlin in her gripping new body of work.

As a cute and political fat girl who likes to use the internet, I stumbled upon the term in my cyber travels.

I guess I just saw a lot of the American World War II stuff in my travels and it kind of caught my eye.

Boundaries travels to the Ogunquit Museum of American Art (543 Shore Rd., Ogunquit, Maine), July 14-October 31, 2018.

She participates in triathlons every year and travels the world for work as the CEO of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation.

The artist travels the world from India to Morocco in search of new gradients.

The cost of living in Bali is significantly cheaper than the US,” explains Danielle Visco who travels to Bali with her boyfriend, Ryan, annually.

This “N-wave” configuration is highly stable and doesn’t decay much as it travels toward the ground.

In the stories, the hero travels far, overcomes much, comes back with the wisdom of the world in his eyes.

VICE News travels to the region to find out why Trump is a favorite with voters.

According to the producer, he wrote the track in a hotel in India during his numerous travels.

Word travels fast I guess.

Doeleman regularly travels to each EHT site around the world, many of them located in extreme environments like the Andes or the Sierra Negra.

Hence, my carry-on-only travels and the obsessive frequency with which I Kondo the shit out of my closet.

Creative stimulation comes soon after, as Mercury squares off with action planet Mars on Friday in your house of communication, short travels, and writing.

Libra rules your house of philosophy, far-away travels, and publishing (or getting your ideas out there).

Wings travels can place about 1,500 LGBT drivers in its taxi fleet nationwide, said Arun Kharat, the company’s founder and director.

At a point in your travels, you may encounter an indigenous Australian girl of a Murri tribe.

On Tuesday, Song posted a blog about a recent trip to Paris, something that she usually does when she travels.

Rachel travels to Madison, Wisconsin for her hometown date with Peter, the handsomest boy in America I love you Peter follow me on Twitter.

So I set out on a road trip to retrace the routes of my childhood travels across the South and Southwest.

Kourtney posted the below photos from their travels on Wednesday, and of course, they’re super adorable.

Ahead, meet the incredible people whose stories I was fortunate enough to hear on my travels — in their own words.

For an opening sequence, An Inconvenient Sequel travels to the locus of our associations with global warming: The North Pole.

He travels around the world educating communities in training sessions, and mobilizing small Gore armies for change.

Happy travels, New York.

You’ve never cared about “fitting in,” but that’s exactly that rebellious energy that people are attracted to while Venus travels through Scorpio.

Digital marketing and advertising company SteelHouse also pays its employees for their travels, offering $2,000 a year.

The majestic beast ultimately turned down Arya’s proposal to accompany her on her northern travels, giving people everywhere all of the collective feels.

Believe me, I know so many international founders who I have met on my travels who would appreciate such a service.

Get planning, and happy travels!

The data chips will also gauge how far the ball travels on particular plays.

Company president David Waggonner, who travels extensively to share his experiences, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation the city has much to learn from Amsterdam.

Nepal influences me in endless ways, but the combination of my travels to Tokyo and living in New York City has made it whole.

Welcome to ‘Gram Crumbs, the new column from Noisey in which we follow all or part of a story as it travels through Instagram.

Most of my materials are from Nepal and New York and some from travels around the world.

To get from Seattle to Los Angeles, the Coast Starlight travels through Washington, Oregon, and California.

“We try to bring things back from our travels,” Previte said.

Whenever the Royal Family travels abroad, plenty of us wait with bated breath to see every single look worn by Kate Middleton.

Several pairs of sunglasses are my must-have during travels.

Chastain stars as Catherine Weldon, a painter who travels to the Dakotas to paint a portrait of Sitting Bull.

Yorkie travels to 1980.

He travels entirely in luxury, for about 5 percent of the sticker price.

“These watchbands are inspired by the bracelets I have collected throughout my travels,” Mycoskie said in a statement to Refinery29.

Kelis even authored her own cookbook/memoir called My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around The World, which follows her travels through food.

It’s both a journal for him to track his own travels and an homage to Fieri himself.

On his 2013 Indiegogo page to fund his travels to Peru, Woodroffe listed his intention to study with a Shipibo plant healer.

Google today is launching a new mobile application, aimed at helping you better plan your vacations and other travels.

Kellyanne Conway’s travels have gotten her in hot water with the top Democrat in the House Oversight Committee.

She visits international candy trade shows, finds new products throughout her own travels, and even receive submissions from candy makers.

Skeeter added that some of the crew that travels with Josh Abbott Band have concealed handgun licenses (abbreviated to CHL).

As the Sun travels through Air sign Libra, you’ll become privy to what’s happening behind the scenes and in hidden places.

Keke sweetly talks about saving money for her someday travel fund, while Micah’s grandmother brags about the travels they’ve already taken together.

In fact, Heathfield and Marinelli both suggest keeping your employer and colleagues (current or former) in the loop about your travels.

Her travels take her to the school, where the boys are busy looking for Dart.

Hopper is downright nasty to Eleven when she returns home from her travels.

The new moon on Wednesday occurs in your house of faraway travels and studies, giving you a refreshed energy towards expanding your perspective.

We hope travels in a sentence examples were helpful.