Trapped in a sentence | Use of the word trapped examples

The fighting has killed at least 510 people, forced 75,000 out of their homes and trapped thousands of migrants in detention centers.

When Shaw moved toward the bathroom, the shooter followed him, making him feel trapped.

What happens when users realize they’re trapped in a loop?

Perhaps soon we’ll stop looking to consume news at all and happily continue, trapped in Throwback Thursday for the rest of (nonlinear) time.

In some ways, the series is trapped by elements entirely beyond its control.

“The majority were civilians, women and children trapped in underground shelters,” he told Reuters.

Lakuaci escaped but Iman Launi was trapped inside, rescued by villagers four hours later.

Sonar vessels and an underwater drone have also been hunting for the wreckage of the fuselage, where many victims were feared trapped, officials said.

No wonder they feel trapped.

But this often leads to deeply bipolar films, trapped between moods and struggling to reconcile themselves.

trapped in the mid-February sludge, summer feels like a long, long time ago.

Firefighters used yellow rubber lifeboats to rescue those trapped by the flood waters.

O. Keraun had some intense moments around Houston Monday, and told us he’s desperately trying to get to trapped family members.

What’s fascinating about this is the way the two are trapped in a never-ending cycle of watching versions of themselves.

For the 12 Thai boys and their coach trapped in a cave by floodwaters, the biggest threat now is time.

The floods that trapped them nearly 3 miles from the mouth of the cave are also making a possible escape treacherous.

Without the internet, trapped in suburbia and bored out of my skull, I probably would have dropped out of high school.

The death toll has progressively risen in the past few days as rescuers battle blisteringly cold temperatures to recover people trapped under the rubble.

I felt like a trapped animal in a cage.

From the gunner’s station, Jorgensen swiveled the turret one hundred eighty degrees and destroyed the seven trapped BMPs to the east.

The Chinese-American trade war is off to the races; the world scrambles to save the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave.

More than the male gaze, Bunny Girl is trapped within the myriad toxic interfaces she has with an imperiled ecology.

The Supreme Court said that people in her situation shouldn’t have to be trapped in that kind of suffering — not a terminal illness.

The dismissive glances, body-shaming comments, and headless torso pictures on Grindr all coalesce to keep gay men trapped in their bodies without respite.

What’s the “forever war,” and how did we get trapped in it?

We tend to get trapped in this circular logic according to which our response to terrorism is the cause of terrorism.

About 100 are thought to have either been trapped in the hull or to have drowned after tumbling into the sea on Wednesday.

The diver helped rescue a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave this summer and criticized Musk’s efforts to help with a submarine.

I feel like someone trapped in a box.

Civilians trapped inside the Islamic State enclave in the city have endured miserable conditions for months, lacking water, power, food and healthcare.

If they are not trapped in illegal snares, the animals can be subjected to various kinds of baiting.

In this respect, he seemed to be trapped in the experiences of the 1970s.”

Kitty Pryde trapped in an intergalactic bullet hurtling through space?

Twitter erupted, #KimExposedTaylorParty trended, and Taylor was trapped in what seemed to be a complex and rotten lie.

In the fall anthocyanins are manufactured from the sugars that are trapped in the leaf.

“We all know the only people who are trapped in a pizza place are those robots at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Her dialogue and lyrics are for the most part grim portraits of trapped psyches.

“It’s very easy to get trapped in circular thinking with depression and obsessive thinking,” he said.

Anna remembers being trapped in a downward spiral.

The tech industry is trapped in its fair share of political battles.

“We’re basically trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare.

The essence of tragedy is when people are desperately trying to do what’s right but are trapped in circumstances that forbid it.

They became prisoners of their own devices, trapped in a cage they had all built.

It’s a wry, self-aware take on the frustrations of feeling young and trapped, and the frustrations of addiction at any age.

How do we keep Americans safe without getting trapped in more foreign wars with no end in sight?

“Until now there are suicide bombers trapped inside (the town),” he said.

Although his iconic turn as Batman trapped him in typecasting for years, eventually he began to embrace it.

How did we become trapped, as you put it, inside this dogma?

With thousands of people trapped inside without basic supplies, Edhi announced that his ambulances would deliver water, rice, and powdered milk door-to-door.

I felt trapped and panicky.

He survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle’s defects.”

This bear, where Carrie is effectively trapped, is at the Black Museum.

The solar-powered rover got trapped in a massive dust storm, which blotted out the sun, its source of energy.

I was trapped, gripping the rope, thinking to myself, What kind of idiot goes up without a plan to come down?

I’m one of them, and you’re trapped in my “goodbye NYC” essay now.

Fracking involves pumping sand and liquids at high pressure into a well to release trapped oil and gas.

A queef is when air becomes trapped in the vaginal canal and then is released, usually with a fart-like noise.

“The ‘Torture’ video is about someone being trapped in his own twilight zone,” says my.head via email.

The game’s premise revolves around the player being trapped in a space-station, seemingly alone, except for an AI called Kaizen-85.

But with it, the game becomes a sometimes disturbing, and mostly engaging, story of someone trapped with an unpredictable AI in space.

Labor is trapped, people are trapped, but money isn’t.

Dan Marsicano is trapped in the amber of the moment on Twitter.

He suffered severe burns to his face and damaged his lungs while he was trapped in his car that had burst into flames.

To release the trapped, stale energy you need to unblock your chakras.”

I felt like I was trapped inside myself,” she says.

David faced down walls of flame to rescue almost 60 children trapped at a California summer camp threatened by wildfires.

Do we want to stay trapped in the classic white definition of beauty this painting forcefully asks?

“We feel like fish trapped in a little oasis that is rapidly drying out.

For forty-five minutes I remained entirely trapped, weighed down by this sea of miserable thoughts.

I felt trapped; all these people content to do this slave thing 12 hours a day and get money.”

These maps sketch out the remnants of long-lost landmasses trapped within drifting continental plates called cratons.

This would leave all companies that trade with the EU trapped in a legal limbo, with no official guidelines for trade.

They were trapped in debt from year to year.

But the women were trapped between the expectations of their husbands and their God.

And so when Ali was trapped on the ropes he went back into that old tactic from his youth—when under fire, throw back.

Damningly, during the same era that Republicans are now praising, women immigrating into America were trapped in a patriarchal system known as coverture.

So many fans want you to stay trapped in amber…they don’t want you to grow up.Exactly!

The point is that you’re supposed to be able to manipulate language to your own ends, not be trapped by it.”

There are thought to be up to quarter-million civilians trapped inside Aleppo, cut off from crucial aid and supplies.

I would say that it was more of feedback loop that I felt trapped inside of.

A huge swath of the United States is trapped in a deep freeze — and even more extreme weather is on the way.

“What if they’re trapped?”

“We’re trapped in this game of political football, between Iraq and the Kurds,” said a Yazidi resident of Sinjar, Kamal Ali.

Pinocchio’s entire existence is traumatic as he transforms from inanimate wooden puppet to boy trapped in puppet to circus donkey (WTF?)

After all, GOP politicians are increasingly trapped by Trump on this issue, like so many others.

But even as I mostly enjoyed season three, I couldn’t escape the thought that Black Mirror is becoming trapped by its own success.

In Paris, memorably, protesters trapped Jewish worshippers in a synagogue.

I think she trapped down or something.

Poor Princess Margaret: so fun, so funny, so trapped in the terrible job of being the queen’s younger sister.

What makes The Good Place work is that it doesn’t get trapped by its politics.

In December, at least 15 miners were killed when they were trapped in a rat-hole coal mine in Meghalaya.

In September 1846, the ships were trapped in the shifting Arctic ice.

Instead, like its subjects, it gets trapped within the limits of its own choices.

They were trapped, as a mob of armed attackers began to shoot them relentlessly.

The tiny wheels can get trapped by uneven sidewalks and grates, causing falls.

But like the Burnside, heavily damaged highway spans on the approaches to both bridges leave vehicles trapped above.

Most of the fireboats are trapped, prevented from reaching the Hub by various collapsed bridges on the river.

The figure trapped in the box above symbolizes depression.

Instead, exhaust fumes, smoke from wood fires, and other pollutants have been trapped in the city’s atmosphere.

Instead, exhaust fumes, smoke from wood fires, and other pollutants have been trapped in the city’s atmosphere.

Seven more boys and the coach are still trapped.

Narongsak on Monday said their identities were being protected out of respect for the families of those still trapped inside the cave.

Later, when Pandora releases all the evils of mankind from a jar deceptively gifted to her by the gods, only hope (Elpis) remains trapped.

Thousands of African and Syrian migrants and refugees are trapped in Tripoli as a battle for the city draws closer.

I have always found the series almost painfully emotional, but those emotions are trapped under glass.

She’s trapped, and he knows it, and he’s basically gloating about it.

It’s Ricky Hatton staring back at me; my face bright red, like it’s trapped between a gigantic set of tweezers.

In a two-party system, especially a polarized two-party system organized around a presidency, Republicans in Congress are essentially trapped.

But now a warming climate is thawing the permafrost and melting the ice that’s trapped inside, resulting in the collapse of the land.

Walcott is confused and trapped in his own mind.

It will lead you to piles of unwanted receipts that have been swept behind bins and large metal fences, trapped, screaming to get out.

As part of Texas Task Force 1, she and handler Denise Corliss spent days searching through Ground Zero for trapped victims.

Parallels are also often drawn to gender dysphoria, or the feeling that one is trapped in the body of the wrong sex.

It is comprised of wind and dappled sunlight as surely as umbrellas, and I can’t imagine it trapped within the museum’s white walls.

The police and the National Guard have saved over 3,500 people, but it’s still unclear how many people are trapped in their homes.

This resonated deeply with readers at the time who were trapped in the midst of this change — like me!

That leaves a bunch of people who’ve just watched the world crumble, trapped together on a boat, wondering what happens next.

Both have pleaded not guilty and have told the court how they were “trapped” by police officials who planted documents on them.

I was trapped in the man’s memories, and all with an idiot grin plastered on my idiot face.

“Eliminating these common sense protections will result in millions of hardworking families trapped in a cycle of debt and poverty,” said U.S.

They’re all constantly trapped between darkness and light, in a bit of not particularly subtle visual symbolism.

Sadly, it looks as though little will change in the near future for the 50,000 or so civilians trapped in Falluja.

Instead, they secrete a chemical via their mandibles that liquifies their trapped prey alive.

If you say “confined to a wheelchair,” it’s a sense of being trapped.

Most of them play characters who become trapped in a house together while trying to outrun the carnage taking place outside.

Officials said they didn’t know how many people could be trapped under the bridge, declined to say whether anyone was dead.

Officials said they didn’t know how many people could be trapped under the bridge, declined to say whether anyone was dead.

From then until January 2017, he lived as a stateless person, trapped in the UAE; unable to get a job as an illegal citizen.

They do not define us, and yet we can come to feel trapped by them.

Locals shared video footage that showed the intensity of the flooding and efforts to rescue people trapped in their vehicles.

“Obviously, something happened that traumatized her so much that she’s afraid of being trapped,” Gensheimer told the Times.

Would the soul of Harambe, which is undoubtedly trapped inside the Cheeto, be transferred to the person who eats said Cheeto?

One trapped worker was rescued from the rubble, China News Service reported.

Nearly 200 people have been killed since early November, many of them children, and about 400,000 civilians are trapped there.

It’s sitting there — almost trapped, in a lot of ways.

Firefighters search a submerged building site for equipment and to make sure no one has been trapped by the water.

That meditation would be a useful practice in an extremely stressful situation like being trapped in a cave is really no surprise.

“People have trapped their money offshore,” Cohn explains.

COHN: Well, they borrow money at home to expand if they want to expand at home, but their real earnings are trapped offshore.

Paddington 2 even directly quotes the famous “trapped in mechanical gears” sequence from Chaplin’s Modern Times.)

A few personal stingers just from the X-Men universe: Kitty Pryde was trapped in a bullet that was just orbiting aimlessly in space.

Tribal leaders from Raqqa said they sought to prevent bloodshed among civilians still trapped in the city.

The storm streak is caused by two factors: a high-pressure area in the Southeast and a cold trough trapped over the Rockies.

Even when trapped inside clogged units, Gordon was still one of the NBA’s most reliable finishers.

David faced down walls of flame to rescue almost 60 children trapped in a California summer camp, threatened by those devastating wildfires.

They were, in a word, trapped.

Do they feel trapped?

Minister warns that up to 70,000 migrants could be trapped in Greece next month

Maryam Saeedi, an assistant professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon, is effectively trapped inside the US.

This seemingly fairytale romance quickly takes a turn into the dark and psychologically devastating as the unnamed woman becomes trapped in Rebecca’s shadow.

Civilians in trapped in Raqqa would still face major threats from ISIS even if the coalition paused its operations.

Some 390,000 trapped civilians are afraid to venture out of their houses, and water, food and electricity supplies have run out, Moumtzis said.

“There’s the sense that [the royals] themselves are sort of trapped in many ways,” says de Keyser.

Like the death toll, these figures are also likely to rise as many people are still trapped under debris.

Like the death toll, these figures are also likely to rise as many people are still trapped under debris.

And carbon isn’t the only pollutant trapped in the ice.

Claverie is part of a scientific team that recently determined it’s possible to revive 30,000-year-old viruses trapped in the permafrost.

No one else was believed trapped in the rubble, alive or dead, Pixley said, but firefighters were conducting a thorough search to make sure.

When your story exists solely because another, more famous story made somebody somewhere think, “Hey, I wonder what happened before?” you’re trapped.

The woman reportedly told investigators the men essentially trapped her (blocking doors) on different occasions, and intimidated her into performing oral sex.

Is she a trapped wife to be pitied, or is she an accomplice in her husband’s politics and policies?

We could also use resources on the moon — like water, trapped in ice, which exists on the moon — to help supply those missions.

“You can feel the energy of certain spirits still trapped in their isolation cells,” she says.

Your hand’s not trapped in it.

Here’s what we found: 2010’s Frozen is a survival horror about three people who get trapped on a ski lift.

As the battle wages on, the chances of a humanitarian crisis increase as civilians trapped inside the city look to flee the fighting.

“We’re trapped.

They were adults trapped in middle school.

As night fell, the workers pressed on in silence in order to hear cries of help from those still trapped in the rubble.

As night fell, the workers pressed on in silence in order to hear cries of help from those still trapped in the rubble.

‘s impossible, ecstatic yowls sound trapped in a cell of their own making.

Generations of black people are still trapped in urban ghettoes.

However, over 100,000 civilians are also thought to be trapped inside the city.

She and two other women were trapped together under the rubble.

I can say our troops were trapped and suffered many casualties and several fighters were captured and even weapons were taken,” the source said.

Many recent arrivals are now stranded in Greece, trapped when Balkan countries closed their borders and blocked passage to northern Europe.

The visuals emphasize that the subjects are trapped by circumstance.

We kayak through neighborhoods flooded with sewage waters to rescue residents trapped in their houses.

There would be editorial consequences for the community, and local advertisers would be trapped in a monopoly.

Her friend Yaz told Good Morning Britain: “You can see she is trapped.

Or is that woman always going to be trapped under the weight of everyone else’s expectations?

They jumped into Good Samaritan mode as they saw a woman in another car who was trapped as it plunged into the sinkhole.

It remains ongoing today, and the humanitarian situation for Aleppo’s trapped civilians remains dire.

The object struck him in the chest and he trapped it there, hand-over-heart like he’d been shot.

This keeps victims trapped because they bend over backwards trying to get their loving partner back — but nothing they do will ever be enough.

We feel like we’re just trapped in a prison.”

We feel like we’re just trapped in a prison.”

They are trapped in destructive lockstep, together forever.

For weeks and months now, Russian and regime fighters have pummeled East Aleppo: About 250,000 people are trapped.

Alkateab and her husband are still alive, trapped in a hospital in the city.

Life and Nothing More compellingly illustrates the lives of those trapped in this contradictory landscape, uncertain where else to go.

You’re not doing anything to free those who are more trapped.

You’re sensitive— and pretending otherwise doesn’t get you anywhere, except in a state of constant stress or trapped in a creative rut.

In December, at least 15 miners were killed when they were trapped in a rat-hole coal mine in Meghalaya.

But Adriana is not trapped.

My family and I are looking for a better life, and now we’re trapped in Greece with no money.

The risk to civilians trapped in Mosul, thought to number 400,000, was increased by ISIS’ tactics, Cordesman said.

In another storm death nearby, an unidentified victim’s body was trapped in a vehicle submerged in floodwaters in Calhoun, Louisiana, Springfield said.

Hamilton recognizes that in the 18th century, both rebellious and conventionally feminine women are trapped.

“We’re going from house to house, anywhere we believe there may be someone trapped, someone who burned inside, someone missing,” Tsiroglou said.

As of 3:30 a.m. local time Friday, some 150 people in the city were trapped and waiting for help.

If Pak is trapped, his love for his comrades, and theirs for him, is what sustains him.

Once they’re cooked, Lino smashes the ginger bulbs with a meat tenderizer, releasing the root’s trapped aromatics.

Garrow says he “felt trapped between the woman he loved and the destiny he knew was his.”

It’s hard to watch someone trapped in an infinite loop of self-sabotage.

trapped by tightening legal restrictions, government antitrust lawyers are often incapable of proving even the most obvious of harms.

In Nahuelbuta National Park, Chile, a tiny acari gets trapped by an elastic bluish thread of a spiderweb.

But I also knew I was trapped.

When 2008 came along, Democrats found themselves trapped in a political straightjacket of their own devising.

As the main gateway into Europe, Greece is particularly worried that scores of thousands of refugees and migrants will become trapped on its territory.

The quadrilateral seems to play a secondary role, trapped, as it were, beneath the relentless buildup of brushstrokes.

And so the bombardment and siege of Aleppo continues, with no hope in sight for the tens of thousands of Syrians trapped inside.

I’m trapped in my own flesh prison.

Prosecutors say he failed to give orders to rescue national police trapped inside the Barcelona building.

The U.S. played a major role in creating #ISIS, they entered where ISIS was trapped to save them.

Located in Oracle, Arizona, the 3.14-acre structure contained numerous biomes and was meant to be self-sustaining for the handful of humans voluntarily trapped inside.

The steamy heat of southern Vietnam gets trapped and blankets you upon entry.

“Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus-degree heat.”

Fans of Lost will appreciate Garcia’s affinity for stories about spirits trapped in a particular place.

The 36-year-old has been frozen in time, never to return, trapped helpless on a poster of Larry Nance Jr.’s choosing.

“She felt trapped, like a prisoner,” the friend explained.

He, too, is trapped by his routines, feeling like he might have transformed into something he never wanted to be along the way.

Guy is trapped by routine, as is Mulder.

Yes, the only person we can ever really know is the person we’re trapped with inside our own brain.

Many spent Saturday night trapped in pounding rain, and then were trapped Sunday by the shutdown of public transportation.

They’ve been trapped on a bus for at least five hours, trying to make it to the furthest point of the road.

Permafrost that has not thawed in millennia is now melting, potentially releasing untold viruses and bacteria that have been trapped inside.

Here is an obvious spoiler warning: Maggie is trapped on a lookout tower.

Picture this, you’re trapped on a desert island.

It was almost the end of James Comey’s nearly three-hour public testimony when Sen. John Cornyn trapped him into a Republican talking point.

“We suspect there are still some survivors trapped inside.

What I’ve found is that Parks and Rec increasingly feels trapped in the time and place in which it was made.

But if there’s a big temperature difference, tiny vortexes of air form along the gradient, keeping the trapped air in place.

Isabelle Fuhrman was trapped Monday evening in an apartment building elevator … and L.A. City Fire Department rushed to the rescue.

VICE News spoke to residents and first responders who attempted to rescue survivors trapped in debris.

I felt like a trapped mouse, tortured with loud sounds for the purposes of an experiment.

They’re bored, they’re trapped at business school.

And my face does really weird things, like if I’m trapped behind something, I start to fidget.

And leaving millions and millions of families trapped in poverty and joblessness.

It can also get trapped by inland by features like hills and mountains, leaving few areas in the country where Indians can breathe easy.

We broke the story … Maddie’s ATV flipped into a pond where she was trapped and submerged for several minutes.

We want to take the insights that are trapped in the heads of professionals everywhere and get them out to the world’s professionals.

You feel trapped [because] you can’t respond.

What if everything is destined to sound the same forever, and we’re trapped in an infernally unceasing club that only plays “Dancing (Again!)”

“They’re not so much trapped as out of place, in a Magritte-like way,” Tunick explains.

He was everything that a person could be, a spiritual being trapped in a shell.

They are being trapped and attacked.

“I feel trapped and forgotten,” said Monte Engler, 50, a union representative for the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists union who lives in Gurnee, Illinois.

Is Jeanne truly led by visions, or is she a bored-out-of-her-mind wunderkind trapped in the middle of nowhere?

They are being trapped and attacked.

Adults and children are still trapped in the rubble.

In the older areas of town, unreinforced masonry claimed lives and trapped the living in tombs of rubble.

A shopper is trapped underneath a heavy portion of a wall inside a convenience store.

A line of stalled traffic waiting to get on I-5 northbound near Delta Park became trapped under concrete, falling from the freeway overpass.

One priest checked submerged cars to ensure no passengers were trapped inside.

Conway appears to be suffering from war-related PTSD that keeps him trapped in the past.

“They feel very trapped by the internet,” he told me.

“These very safety behaviors making me feel safe are things keeping me trapped within the illness,” she said.

But people are still feared to be trapped inside the rubble.

But because she’s trapped inside the green room with them, she becomes a vital ally in times of trouble.

Not unlike the rat, Bigger and his family are trapped.

Having trained in a Buddhist monastery, he also led the boys through meditation sessions while they were trapped in the cave.

One of the better “Help, I’m trapped In An Elevator!”

But in the past month, the border debate has gotten trapped in Trump’s black-hole gravity.

“I’m not sick, I don’t have medical issues,” Westwood says of the times he felt trapped in the infirmaries.

We get trapped in that, yet we persist.

Young artists are routinely trapped in impossible contracts they cannot escape in the record industry.

I won’t make the same record twice, but I’m not worried about being trapped under the shadow of my trauma.”

Ashlyn isn’t trapped by her sadness, but she’s in dialogue with it throughout Unreality.

He’s trapped in the arctic after a helicopter crash.

Rescuers digging in the destruction have been calling for silence in order to hear the cries of those trapped under the debris.

That scent gets trapped in your sinuses and you can taste it.

Rescuers digging in the destruction have been calling for silence in order to hear the cries of those trapped under the debris.

The Wild Boars spent more than two weeks trapped in a cave before dozens of divers and hundreds of volunteers saved them.

It’s just amazing.” Ryan’s defenders portray him as a principled legislator trapped by the coalition he managed.

“The ball is in their court, you’re playing on their field, and you’re trapped.”

But it’s also a reminder of where Silicon Valley finds itself in season three — trapped between its own success and its greater ambitions.

“I’m worried…he has never dived,” said Somboon Kaewwongwan, the father of a 16-year-old boy trapped in the cave.

I kept imagining the poor person trapped in the stall next to theirs, listening to the bullish exhaust of Judson’s appetite.

On its surface, Mid90s is a snapshot of a kid trapped in a difficult and sometimes violent household he’s trying desperately to escape.

What’s causing the changes is an increase in heat energy trapped in the atmosphere, due to greenhouse gases.

Living our lives through a lens trapped in our white-picket fence Like ornaments Damn, dude.

And so I hope once I graduate I can come out again in a safer environment and not feel trapped in my family.

He got trapped against a creek and said he thought he “was going to get burned up” by the 8-to-10-foot-high flames.

3:17 AM We’re trapped.

“We are like trapped, kept hostage by this situation … hope is what keeps us here,” Correa, 45, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Even so, care for families and the rhetoric around it remains stubbornly trapped in the past.

For almost two weeks, 12 boys aged between 11 and 16—and their soccer coach—have been trapped in the Tham Luang caves in Thailand.

The right’s Pavlovian reaction to Ocasio-Cortez’s budget-busting democratic socialism has trapped it in a comforting haze of commie-fighting nostalgia.

The group entered the caves on June 23, but were trapped when a flash flood a mile high blocked their exit.

It’s even possible that the chemicals and water trapped in comets are what seeded our water-and-life-filled world.

VICE: What was it like when you realized you were trapped?

How did your family cope while you were trapped?

Nobody’s trapped on it for 50-plus years.

I thought I could do this, I could buy my own traps, and get my trapping licence, even though I had never trapped before.

Living in San Francisco, one often feels trapped in a playground for the carelessly rich, and it hurts to be treated like a toy.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) warned on Tuesday that up to 50,000 people may still be trapped inside the town of 100,000.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, estimated that 50,000 civilians were trapped in Fallujah with limited access to medical supplies, food and water.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, estimated that 50,000 civilians were trapped in Fallujah with limited access to medical supplies, food and water.

The player was trapped.

Now if you’re like me, your expression is currently trapped somewhere between confusion and absolute excitement.

“I always describe myself as a 15-year-old boy trapped in like a 30-year-old woman’s body,” says Lander.

The United Nations has said it is highly concerned for 70,000-78,000 people it believes are trapped inside.

She and her friends are trapped, and Eleven goes into fight-or-flight mode.

trapped by the conventions of naturalism, Munch was already looking for a way out.

I like their games.” He’s like an 89-year-old man trapped in a middle-aged man’s body.

He wants to listen to see if someone is trapped beneath the rubble.

He’s trapped in a corner of his own mind — his happy place.

At least 25 rescue workers have been hospitalized after inhaling gas while trying to save trapped miners.

Reports on the number of miners still trapped vary from dozens to 80.

By the end of Mars retrograde, you’ll have worked through many complicated issues that have felt trapped in limbo.

“Whenever it began, whoever’s sin we’re paying for, we’re trapped in a cycle that stretches back centuries.

There are two theories: First, hiccups may help pull trapped air out of the stomach and into the throat.

The travelers, desperate to escape the ambush, drove into a nearby field, where they became trapped.

That maybe I’m trapped in this dance with the von Furstenberg against my will?

trapped indoors, struggling with high energy prices, and eating lots and lots of soy-based gloop, the future looks bleak.

A major source of Arctic methane is the organic material trapped with permafrost.

One of the things that makes Atwood’s novel great is that it is about a normal person trapped in a terrible situation.

The United Nations estimates that 400,000 people are trapped in eastern Ghouta.

And leaving millions and millions of families trapped in poverty and joblessness.

More migrants could die at sea, or they could be trapped indefinitely in inhumane detention centers, they said.

It means that dogs can pick up on odors trapped in liquids, whereas humans can only smell odors in the air.

Civilians trapped inside the Islamic State enclave in the city have endured miserable conditions for months, lacking water, power, food and healthcare.

As the 2016 election reminded people, data is not just trapped in the cloud; it influences real-world behaviors, political decisions, and institutions.

And as Reed soon realizes, to John, the whole world is Shittown — and he’s trapped in it.

Officials say more people are trapped under collapsed buildings, but rescue operations by Japanese soldiers were disrupted overnight by a series of aftershocks.

The aforementioned episodes all obsess over the plight of being trapped in an oppressive system designed to capitalize off of [Black] suffering.

Though beautiful, their small forms are static, perhaps trapped in the knowledge that home is out of reach.

In one, Finn got trapped in another world and lived an entire lifetime there before returning to his own as a child again.

Gypsy, meanwhile, seemed to consciously identify as a kind of Disney princess trapped in a tower, waiting for a prince to rescue her.

We are all trapped in this masochistic cycle of our own creation.

But today, trapped in our cities and lost in our modern lifestyles, we are more cut off from nature than ever.

Beadle noted, “We’re trapped in a room y’all.”

And both Stan and Paige are trapped by that rubble, unable to escape decisions from their past, no matter how hard they try.

In particular, it feels like his shows often become trapped by cartoonish antagonists and conflicts the longer they run.

Watch the video above to understand why Russia is keeping Ukraine trapped in an endless conflict.

Others were trapped.

She thought he too was going to drown and stood helpless, trapped as if in an “unbelievably bad dream.”

Related: trapped and Forgotten: Libya’s Migrant Jails Asya and her family had lost everything, even the shoes they’d been wearing.

She describes a scene in which local Samburus find a baby elephant trapped in a well.

They often didn’t do much of anything, and it was making Torres feel trapped and lonely.

Then, feeling “truly vulnerable” and trapped, Ross told the entertainment lawyer negotiating her employment not to bother having any further conversations about this job.

The helium “is some of the sun trapped in the moon,” she says.

Shake or squeeze the moss/lichen clumps over another transparent dish to collect trapped water.

The collapsed section fell mostly onto railway lines below and trapped vehicles beneath huge blocks of rubble, officials told AFP.

A number of vehicles are also still trapped beneath the rubble with dead people inside, Italian news agency ANSA reported, citing rescue teams.

The collapsed section fell mostly onto railway lines below and trapped vehicles beneath huge blocks of rubble, officials told AFP.

A number of vehicles are also still trapped beneath the rubble with dead people inside, Italian news agency ANSA reported, citing rescue teams.

While Jon Snow and his merry band were trapped in the middle of that icy lake, Beric Dondarrion proposed an intriguing idea.

We’re still trapped by nostalgia in the end.

She mentioned being trapped in a room by two boys.

The conventional honey dipper design is very wasteful because honey gets trapped in the ridges.

Again, this is where Silicon Valley might get trapped in its own dogma.

To some, it tarnished her identity—an identity trapped in our own dreamlike vision of her as she was in the movies.

Firemen rescued 20 people who were trapped in the hotel and another 80 were evacuated from the building, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The app’s new Snap Maps feature lets you see videos from anyone — including people trapped by torrential flooding.

By Sunday, a Harris County judge called on citizens with boats to evacuate trapped residents and get them to high ground.

By Sunday, a Harris County judge called on citizens with boats to evacuate trapped residents and get them to high ground.

The winner of the first season of Survivor wasn’t the cooperative, helpful contestants you might want to be trapped on an island with.

More than 60 homes were gone, trapped 20 meters under hardened lava.

We’re trapped by it and subject to its passing.

The cycle is perpetuated as the hole grows; as more water and heat get trapped beneath the ice, the faster it melts.

The arrestees, who were mostly poor, would often have a hard time making court payments and get trapped paying late fee after late fee.

Tens of thousands of civilians have already fled, but hundreds of thousands more are trapped.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads HUMLEBÆK, Denmark — A blond woman is trapped inside a screen on the wall.

You would have done everything better.” She’s both desperate and funny, trapped in a raging miniature purgatory in this pristine and tranquil room.

I feel really trapped as a comedian—someone who is supposed to be funny and light, making jokes all the time.

Salamanders eat invertebrates that shred through foreign forest leaves, releasing the carbon dioxide trapped in the leaves back into the atmosphere.

Most shark attacks occur near the shore, typically in sandbars or between sandbars were sharks can become trapped during low-tide.

The UN estimates that some 300,000 people are trapped inside the city with rapidly shrinking medical supplies and, critically, declining stocks of food.

The 737 Max probes suggest another variation on the conundrum: Technology intended to protect against pilot error trapped the pilots.

If ever a band were trapped by formula, Spoon is it, but that misses the point somehow.

Shake or squeeze the moss/lichen clumps over another transparent dish to collect trapped water.

It’s also about astronauts on a science-related mission trapped on a spaceship with an alien that likes to envelop and invade its prey.

The diary of an adolescent girl trapped in hiding during Nazi occupation first appeared in English in the US in 1952.

Short answer: Heat trapped by human-produced carbon dioxide is driving most of the warming we’re seeing.

Watch the VICE News documentary: trapped in Bulgaria: Europe or Die: Follow Harriet Salem on Twitter: @HarrietSalem

“For some, the closeness actually leads to ingrowns, because the hair becomes trapped under a layer of thicker regrowing skin within days.

It seemed quite over-the-top when Josh first said that we were all going to be trapped in virtual reality.

In 1999, Swedish radiologist Anna Bagenholm was trapped under a layer of ice for 80 minutes after a skiing accident.

And if you ask Josh Harris, he’ll tell you that within the next 20 years, we’ll be completely trapped inside the borg.

As Miocic got back to his feet, Overeem sprinted to avoid getting trapped to the fence.

Clearly Overeem’s concerns about ringcraft were well founded as Miocic did much of his best work with Overeem trapped against the cage wall.

Critics argue it could leave Britain trapped inside the EU’s customs union indefinitely.

Joe Staten All our ideas congealed into the story of a squad trapped in the city at night, with this noir-ish theme.

They’re trapped by violence on all sides.

They’re trapped in awful conditions behind massive fences.

But we’ll always, on some level, be trapped by them all the same, because we’re only human.

The public transit system, meanwhile, is trapped in the 1930s.

Now she’s paranoid, annoyed, and even downright hostile — all classic characteristics of a trapped heroine in a horror movie.

In Nepal, villagers traveled on makeshift rafts to escape rising waters, and elephants were used to help rescue trapped tourists and residents.

“So dinner convo was super dull and he just talked (read: trapped you) about his business.”

Sivan says she was trapped by Weinstein’s body and was intimidated.

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One rescuer died early Friday on an oxygen supply mission along the route to the trapped boys.

The refugee crisis is reaching breaking point in Greece with tens of thousands of people trapped there and around 2,000 more arriving each day.

They’re just as trapped by public opinion as they are by the social restrictions of the time.

Face it: You’re just a sack of meat with a cellphone and credit card trapped in a concrete jungle.

Most of my medical bills involve parts of my body getting trapped in things, or poison.

These included a two-year ban of fishing with gillnets, in which vaquitas get trapped, which came into effect in April 2015.

Residents said 20 employees were trapped inside.

Being trapped without power during the recent Northern California wildfires transformed my thinking about technology — we all need a backup plan.

A mission to rescue a group of boys and their soccer coach trapped in the flooded cave since June 23 resumed hours earlier.

The bigger question is how, considering that he was trapped beneath rubble after an earthquake disintegrated his home, Labissiere made it here at all.

Labissiere and his family, trapped inside, were screaming only for recognition, signaling for anyone at all who could hear them to help.

We are trapped in our heads because we were told to figure it all out and in our failed attempts we stopped having fun.

This week, the saga of the 12 Thai boys trapped in a flooded cave came to a miraculous conclusion.

Twelve boys were trapped in a cave, yes.

Certainly there are children all around the world trapped in scary situations who desperately need help.

There’s human emotions involved, and we can imagine what it might feel like to be trapped in a cave.

I don’t see the harm in caring about kids who are trapped in a really scary place.

Or would she have felt trapped, knowing that the president had all the power over her future career?

McGahn felt “trapped,” but did not carry out the order, deciding that he would rather resign, Mueller said.

However, the fate of the boys trapped in the Tham Luang cave complex in northern Chiang Rai province remained unclear.

“In one way or the other all the characters in the film are trapped in their lives,” Laigu and Jalukse tell The Creators Project.

Caught in the middle are 100,000 people who are trapped in besieged areas — and have no way out.

We will find ourselves trapped inside an uncanny valley—life will appear nearly normal, but nothing will feel quite right.

It’s a distinctive cycle we’ve been trapped in for decades, where a lull in TB cases is followed by a sharp increase.

An estimated 50,000 civilians remain trapped in the city.

Many of the missing are believed to be trapped inside damaged buildings.

Many of the missing are believed to be trapped inside damaged buildings.

A 12-member soccer squad and their coach were trapped inside the Tham Luang caves for more than two weeks.

He’s trapped upstairs.. Watch the drone footage from the unplanned rescue.

(As well as, you know, a literal story about people being trapped under the stairs.)

Yes, there are a few instances where the characters might as well be ants, tiny and trapped in the bottom edges of the frame.

And that’s when you get trapped.

The aliases fit different moulds and stop me feeling trapped.

It is in the nature of big cliffhangers to be trapped in a state of irresolution, to be re-judged after their resolutions arrive.

We are all trapped in the same cage.

To some degree, Lorelai knows she’s trapped in this revel.

State legislators trapped in the minority can’t amass any record of achievement that they can run on.

And other scenes seemed trapped in a haze of “The teens are doin’ drugs!

Could love exist in an eternal present, trapped in the amber of youth?

In the audio, you can hear Haas say he’s just been involved in a terrible head-on collision and the driver is trapped.

“It might feel like you’re trapped, but there is this way out.”

Others are downright harrowing, tapping into the stress of being trapped in an airplane hurtling along at 570 mph.

The dispatcher asks Bill if they’ll need to rip the car apart to get to the trapped driver.

The cave where the boys are trapped is about half a mile below the surface, in a mountain range.

Instead, I was trapped in the house looking after my five children and later, my nine grandchildren.

We are trapped in a cycle of information-consumption that is poisoning us, as surely as the consumption of piracatinga is poisoning Colombia.

Many of those are now stranded there, trapped when the Balkan countries closed their borders and blocked passage to northern Europe.

She said she would need room to stand up and the ability to walk freely down the aisles (“anything to feel less trapped”).

“The patty melts that get a bad rap are sad grilled cheeses with sadder, cooked-to-death frozen burger patties trapped inside of them.”

Simone was a transcendent artist, a political radical, and a deeply complicated woman trapped in a variety of abusive relationships, both romantic and otherwise.

Learning to live trapped inside his own body was tough.

Woodman, ecstatically struck through with light, seems to be staging a series of elaborate escapes, but remains ultimately trapped by the camera.

Doctor Strange is in hell with Satana, Satan’s daughter, and he’s trapped there.

Together, the stories illustrate how an artist’s status can hold so much weight that others feel trapped by it.

For the next nine hours, protesters trapped around 350 people inside the building.

She testified that she and Chapo had grown apart by the end of 2012, but she felt trapped.

Moath, a teacher, is still trapped with his family in Ain Zara.

What is this (art) world and how did so many get trapped inside?

He says they asked if anyone needed help, and were told a wheelchair-bound man was trapped inside.

As the film begins, our Lady Macbeth is trapped within the house of Mr Lester, her mean, drunk, and impotent industrialist husband.

We accepted that we were trapped.

“We are trapped between the river and the neighbour’s land.

Time goes by, and we find Marnie trapped in a truly miserable marriage.

These women are trapped, trapped, trapped, ’til the cage is full.

Some British lawmakers fear the backstop could keep Britain trapped indefinitely in a customs union with the EU.

Millions of hungry, displaced people would be trapped on a small peninsula during a brutal war.

Lobos was one of the 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mining accident in 2010, only 60 miles southwest of Salvador.

They looked at water trapped in the crevices of emerald and aquamarine crystals at very low temperatures.

And still trapped.

She’s still secretive, media-averse, and nontransparent in a way that keeps her trapped in a cycle of unusually hostile press coverage.

At least nine illegal gold miners died in Zimbabwe when they were trapped in a mine last month.

You’re trapped in a series of trials, each designed by women you’ve ticked off.

One group will die, trapped upriver; the other will never make it back to reproduce.

In a movie theater you are trapped, so to speak, forced to experience the totality of what is being presented.

I’m trapped.

I’m a big actor who has trauma trapped in his body.”

Wait, I’m going to tweet that, “I’m a big actor who has trauma trapped in his body.”

With no way up or down, they were trapped for three nights, exposed to the full force of the elements.

At least nine illegal gold miners died in Zimbabwe when they were trapped in a mine last month.

Emergency services struggled to reach dozens of people trapped after a condemned building collapsed in Mumbai on Thursday morning, killing at least 21 others.

Emergency services struggled to reach dozens of people trapped after a condemned building collapsed in Mumbai on Thursday morning, killing at least 21 others.

The show feels trapped between something trashy and something more upscale, too scared to move in either direction and ultimately the poorer for it.

“She felt trapped there,” he said.

MSF said the number of casualties “could rise, as there could still be people trapped in the rubble.”

MSF said the number of casualties “could rise, as there could still be people trapped in the rubble.”

Despite this, both were able to escape and become community organizers, advocating for women trapped in exploitative situations like those they had fled.

For anyone trapped in a situation like the one she suffered through, Judith has passionate advice.

Others, such as an infamous bug from Fallout 4 that trapped players in an elevator forever, ruin the game.

But as the story progresses, and she learns exactly what she can withstand and survive, she becomes increasingly trapped in the past.

Speaking about “In Your Head,” in a statement to us, Nilüfer said, “Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and I get trapped.

You feel trapped by the world’s priorities and values.

Does he understand that he trapped this poor baby between two worlds, between human civilization and the casual barbarism of raccoon society?

“Okay, I want a Wonder Woman sketch but… She has to be naked and trapped in glue.”

We would say, “So you want a naked brunette trapped in glue.”

You’re still trapped in a house, trying to escape, and that scene doesn’t devolve into arbitrary gags for their own sake.

Around 37 structures are already “lava locked,” meaning homes are inaccessible, and people who do not evacuate may be trapped by lava flows.

“When I was still trapped in my corporate job at Burberry, my approach to people was more guarded,” Mattana said.

Everything you could think of, I was just trapped in the middle of.

In the hothouse staging of his comeback, Halley simulates exuberance, forever trapped in a day-glo prison.

It’s shorter than the time the Chilean miners spent trapped (69 days).

A spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency’s southwest region said many people, including children, were believed to be trapped.

Up to 90 people were reported trapped in the basement.

Up to 90 people were reported trapped in the basement.

“I feel trapped,” Smart says.

This fish got trapped in a fishing net.

Tens of thousands of civilians were trapped in Mosul as the fighting raged; many paid with their lives.

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