Trains in a sentence | Use of the word trains examples

We’ve always had a soft spot for trains.

There are incredible feats of engineering, trains that snake their way through mountain peaks, and even those that have achieved Unesco World Heritage status.

VICE News takes you on an animated ride to explain how America’s passenger trains run.

Cristiano regularly trains his son, so the kid clearly has the Malcolm Gladwell advantage … the best coach in the world.

Transit authority DART later said on its website that trains had resumed running through the downtown area.

The MTA is currently working on a new signal system for the 7 line that will allow at least two more trains per hour.

The government has already forced output cuts, given subsidies to petrochemical plants and said it would invest in trains to move crude.

The film combined shots of flowing water and waving native grasses with grainy footage of cowboys and trains.

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And just like years back, freight trains regularly thundered past, punctuating the music with loud blasts from its horn.

At peak hours, up to 24 trains pass through the single-track tubes every hour.

Now, she’s a powerlifter who trains five days a week in her basement gym.

And Via stepped in to offer discounted fares to riders when trains shut down.

Atwood trains his lens on as many retired lesbians and rural gay laborers as he does investment bankers and creative professionals.

The scandal has ensnared companies from operators of Japan’s iconic bullet trains to the world’s biggest aircraft maker, Boeing Co,.

(Ask anyone who trains dogs.)

Presumably, somewhere in the CIA is a department that trains spies on how to pick various kinds of physical locks.

Eventually I just got on trains and went to the places.

We are not just Ayn Randian self-interested individuals moving of our own volition and building trains or whatever.

In his mathematical way, Saroo broke his problem down into simple questions: How fast do the trains go in India?

At least 70 African-American women are running in Alabama, according to Emerge America, a nonprofit group that trains women to run for political office.

“Our main agenda is that these are interesting freight trains and we’re interested in interesting transport,” he said.

It plans to boost capacity 43 percent by 2023-2024 and will be building four liquefaction trains for the LNG expansion.

Like schoolchildren, some chairs form trains and huddles, while others sit alone.

The Amtrak passenger rail service canceled all trains in and out of Chicago on Wednesday.

Dino says Nina’s a regular who comes in and trains everyday when she’s in town.

Japan has run its bullet trains since 1964 with zero passenger fatalities.

The company hires and trains seasonal employees over the summer, and flies all district managers to New Jersey for a week-long training meeting.

He teaches and trains psychiatric residents at Cornell and writes for a number of medical journals.

“All trains affected by this issue are back on the move,” Amtrak posted on Twitter.

The temporary outage, which also affected some commuter trains operated by New Jersey Transit, was causing some residual delays, Amtrak added.

Superconducting magnets have many uses, such as magnetic levitation (which allows trains to float above their tracks), nuclear magnetic resonance and even driving submarines.

I don’t believe there were green alternatives [for the other trains].

But what he didn’t like was someone who had nothing to do with transport taking an opposing view about the trains.

I’m no more at home if I’m walking or swimming, catching an airplane or riding trains backwards like people of previous years.

The news agency said Amtrak typically schedules backhoe work on weekends when fewer trains are running.

The news agency said Amtrak typically schedules backhoe work on weekends when fewer trains are running.

Marchers were already swapping war stories of hour-long waits for metro trains.

The reason Jalen trains now isn’t that different: “If he stops working, they’re going to catch him,” Lamont says.

Director Claire Simon trains her camera on the complicated, unusual admission process at France’s most prestigious film school, La Fémis.

Kovalev has gone one better and actually trains to wrestle.

She trains with her TriCat teammates, she’s a member of the Alpha Kai Omega sorority, and she goes out on weekends.

March 29, 2010 – Moscow: Suicide bomb attacks on packed trains in two central subway stations killed at least 39 people and injured scores more.

July 7, 2005 – London: Four British Islamists carried out suicide bomb attacks on three London subway trains and a bus, killing 52 people.

Like so many of the trains on America’s largest subway system lately, Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan is mired in delays.

Dozens died in Calais last year — hit by cars, trains, or trucks, or fatally injured while hiding from the French police.

Dean is the owner of the Truffle Hunters Dog School, the only facility in the UK that trains dogs to seek and find truffles.

You just need the skills an investigator trains for, and it’s very tedious work.

And because trains travel through all sorts of elements—rain, snow, wind, light, dark—that tracking has to work in basically any setting.

A MIT graduate, Collins spent his undergraduate years working on the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he saw the challenges of tracking trains first-hand.

“As trains passed, ACI scanner printers spewed forth, but over time the accumulated paperwork was ignored.”

AAR eventually gave up on the standard in 1977, with little to show for it beyond decals that show up on era-appropriate model trains.

While the railroad system didn’t invent RFID, it popularized the technology—and it was in wide use by freight trains by the early 90s.

Deep learning “trains” a computer program known as a neural network to look for certain patterns in a large number of images.

I’ve ridden bullet trains in China and Japan and they’re unbelievable technology.

The current transportation system of buses, trains, and trucks has built-in protections that we have collectively invested in over time.

Pence may frequently seem to be debating an absent Clinton, while Kaine trains his fire on the looming, invisible specter of Trump.

There were no trains, no canals, barely any roads.

Zulpo has the chutzpah to reveal some strange trains of thought that can arise from just a mix-up of briefcases.

In training, he trains very hard.

He trains very well.

And if he’s guided right and he trains properly, then why not?

Roca told me later that when trains new fighters, he works solely on “footwork” for days.

Roca says he usually trains between 8-12 people per day, but he’s always laser-focused.

Roca usually only trains pros, he told me.

When Roca trains pros, he has them in the gym all the time, conditioning, sparring, or hitting bags.

Hero’s Companion, a Canadian organization, trains service dogs to help Ukrainian veterans with their war trauma.

At that rate, BART would run out of room to house its older trains by 2020.

And even added all together, the energy use of scooters is trivial compared to the ongoing energy use in cars, buses, trains.

It will also put to test the public transport infrastructure options—be it trains, buses, bikes or scooters—that officials are hoping to extend.

Hitachi Ltd said affected aluminum products were used in its trains in Japan and the U.K.

The company said it plans to exchange parts used in the undercarriage of bullet trains running on JR Tokai and JR West lines.

But she’s also an Olympic athlete who trains hard, as her Instagram shows.

Residential rents have been largely stable along the L and J trains, but the area is undergoing rapid change along its commercial corridors.

As we speak, three are being built behind us by crews of volunteers that he trains as they go.

There should be lactation rooms in train stations, in long distance trains, in malls, in museums,” Cohen continues.

It’s called called Bullet Train, a clever title, since it included both bullets and trains.

He trains by running up to 150 miles a week.

And it trains students to use those tools to study inequality, specifically: in their own neighborhoods, in housing, in education, and more.

As Shawn stretches, I sidle up to Cortez, and he tells me the story: Porter trains in Vegas, where Cortez has long lived.

We also asked for an update on Josh Gordon — who trains with Jay at his Unbreakable gym in L.A.

I imagine people in airports, train stations, shopping malls, stadiums and subway trains jostling, elbow to elbow, for an extra inch of space.

Within each time cycle, the provider sent text messages to two or three trains, for a total of 14 trains a day.

We have to run economies, we have to literally make trains run on time, we have to invest in infrastructure.

They envisioned trains and telephones and stuff like that.

The head of French railway operator SNCF announced Sunday that the state-owned company will introduce armed, plainclothes security teams on its trains.

Until now, guards patrolling the trains wore navy-blue uniforms emblazoned with the company logo, and carried visible weapons.

The head of French railway operator SNCF announced Sunday that the state-owned company will introduce armed, plainclothes security teams on its trains.

Until now, guards patrolling the trains wore navy-blue uniforms emblazoned with the company logo, and carried visible weapons.

Both Google and Facebook are trying to tackle the problem from above, with high-tech experiments (planes, trains and balloons, to be precise).

There are three liquefaction trains at Cameron.

Suburban trains were delayed by as much as two hours because the tracks were submerged under water while some long distance trains were canceled.

Thousands of commuters were stranded in trains and vehicles during peak morning hours as they tried to reach offices.

Even the seats on fuckin’ trains, man.

But these Japanese trains didn’t always look like this.

The air thickened, like the thump of pressure change when two trains pass.

However, he still trains at the club’s Carrington headquarters and is expected to re-sign with United when he returns from injury.

I see young people taking night trains to go to our parties—it’s exactly what I did when I was their age.

Disruption has been huge, with 850 trains cancelled, 500 factories closed and business losses estimated at $2.9 billion.

He digs jets, trucks, trains, and sand.

South Korea adopted Alstom’s technology for its KTX bullet trains introduced in 2004.

Thousands were flying, or driving, or riding in trains, hurtling toward the nation’s capital.

But Not Afraid’: UCLA Art Students Respond to the Campus Shooting Pakistani Art School trains the Next Generation of Miniaturists

There’s too much focus of bus versus trains.

(The bus network complements Barcelona’s metro, a subway system of electrified underground trains.)

Some were even removed from Beijing-bound trains ahead of the protests, said a Shanghai-based P2P investor who lost 1.3 million yuan.

With a cold, clinical calculus, Geyrhalter trains his camera on the topography of a pig farm.

I wrote it on planes, trains, and in coffee shops.

“We do it for the trains,” is his cryptic explanation.

“We just say, ‘Well, we did it for the trains.’

We can talk to the trains.

The trains is like our family to us.”

I’ll tell the judge I can speak to the trains.”

@SPB_Global @CSX “railcar reception” brought transpo industry together in luxury trains.

I’ve missed so many metro trains before because people choose to stand on both sides of he escalator.

Modernists would be drawn to Moses’s quaint paintings of steam trains, horse-drawn carriages, and little checkerboard houses dotting patchwork quilt farms.

“Our priority now is to flash the red light and apply the brakes on both trains.”

Her opponent Pam Sorenson also trains out of the Cellar and she took this fight on less than 48 hours notice.

The Siemens and Alstom transport businesses span the iconic French TGV and German ICE high-speed trains as well as signaling and rail technology.

Normally, a photographer in search of a subject finds something interesting—a place, a person, a subculture—and trains their lens on them.

He appeared to find the fascist ability to have trains running on time to be a good thing.

Patricia Halsell-Richardson, 69, produces so-called regalia — the crowns, collars, and trains for the neighborhood royalty who reign over the city each year.

While Tom trains to become a lawyer, he spends his free time tutoring kids and working in a food bank.

Two or three shopping carts trundle towards waiting trains under their own power.

Long Island City is a neighborhood in Queens and is most easily accessible by the 7, N, W, and G subway trains.

Walking even farther south, I reached the Queensboro Plaza train stop, which has the 7, N, and W trains.

Around 350 flights were canceled and train services disrupted over a wide area of Japan, although most commuter trains were running smoothly in Tokyo.

Delayed trains at best, none at all when the proverbial shit is really hitting that equally non-existent fan.

Now, Garbrandt trains with Faber — the two are very close friends.

In one of Enos’s experiments, these encounters were between white voters and Spanish-speaking Latino men on commuter trains.

He plays with scale, in stations like Edible trains, which you enter through the mouth of an enormous face.

The trains at Trocadero pull in and out on vast stepped terraces—above and below you, other carriages arrive and leave.

You descend the steps of Trocadero by jumping down onto the roofs of the trains below.

The colors are pale and gentle and behind you, like gigantic auditorium seats, the trains come and go.

You can board the wrong trains.

No coal mines, oil wells, pipelines, or coal trains.

He and Stultz want to distance themselves from the “pickup community,” which trains men how to bed women.

The Metro will open at 5am instead of the usual weekend time of 7am, and will run extra trains.

KS: Because guess who trains them.

They hire talent, set budgets, and try to keep the trains running on time.

Amtrak, the government-funded rail company which handles long-distance trains, has suffered a series of recent fatal accidents.

Amtrak, the government-funded rail company which handles long-distance trains, has suffered a series of recent fatal accidents.

Many Americans won’t ever ride passenger trains — for good reason, said Randal O’Toole, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute.

trains simply can’t reach all the industrial parks, office complexes and shopping malls in the suburbs.

At Vox, I sit near health reporter Sarah Kliff, who trains for half-marathons and triathlons with a casualness most people reserve for grocery shopping.

I had to organize trains for the refugees…

I had to organize trains for the refugees…

On August 3, the Washington Post noted that the DC Metro system was considering separate trains for Unite the Right attendees.

Last year, the fund launched the Point72 Academy, a 15-month paid program that trains college graduates for potential analyst positions at the firm.

Point72 brings them over and trains them to be portfolio managers.

The Taiwan Catholic Regional Seminary trains priests from many parts of Asia, including China.

Gamestop, Time Inc., Virgin trains and Walgreens — hence the “W” some users may see — are among businesses participating in the initial rollout.

Displacing Blue Line trains is undesirable because that’s the only commuting option for Van Dorn Street and Franconia-Springfield.

She trains medical students and junior doctors.

The link between cinema and the genocide being trains.

In effect, the trains convert the excess electricity to potential energy.

The terminal in Long Island City—where the E, M, G, and 7 trains meet—will be crucial during the shutdown.

Russell’s trained in jiu-jitsu for years under famous black belt Jean Jacques Machado, who also trains Joe Rogan.

Currently, mass-transit passengers have to take at least two trains or a bus and a train to get to airport.

And yet, amid all the tyrants and criminals like Charles Manson, there are trains, surfers, Gumby, and Batman.

But the promise of direct air capture is to grab the kind of ambient carbon emitted by cars, aircraft, and trains.

But the promise of direct air capture is to grab the kind of ambient carbon emitted by cars, aircraft, and trains.

“On My Own” uses the screeching noises from New York subway trains.

Sometimes direct sounds like the trains became a part of the tracks—as a rhythm or an instrument.

The services recruits and trains people who work and live along a stretch of highway outside Dhaka, where many traffic related incidents occur.

Increased renewable power means lower consumption of diesel in particular, if trains, trucks and power generators can be fully or partially switched over.

GE’s transportation business, which generated revenue of $4.7 billion, manufactures freight and passenger trains, marine diesel engines and mining equipment, among other products.

The Coradia iLint only emits excess steam into the atmosphere, and provides an alternative to the country’s 4,000 diesel trains.

“In recent months, there have been accidents involving long trains which are currently under investigation by the NTSB and the FRA,” Willis said.

The GAO will launch its study on safety and other impacts of longer trains in February, GAO spokesman Chuck Young told Reuters on Tuesday.

“Longer trains maximize crews, locomotives, fuel and other resources,” said Union Pacific spokeswoman Raquel Espinoza.

CSX employees and union officials said many conductors lack experience to run long trains.

There is a section dedicated to Christmas-themed trains and miniature villages, one of which has a working Ferris wheel. Virgin trains is launching a bid for survival with plans for a budget rail service where standing in carriages is not allowed.

Subway trains fill with people during rush hour in the capital city, Pyongyang.

His 14-year-old daughter Palm trains here too.

The battalion based at Laage air force base, near Rostock, where the aircraft took off, trains all pilots flying Germany’s 140 Eurofighters.

The rerouting takes trains along Interstate 5, enabling them to reach speeds of 79 miles per hour.

trains sit idly on the landscape, closely watched.

Beijing needed an end to civil disobedience, not least after the latest demonstrations began targeting mainland visitors arriving on trains from over the border.

Central China is experiencing some of its coldest weather in years, meaning many trains have been delayed by snow.

Central China is experiencing some of its coldest weather in years, meaning many trains have been delayed by snow.

Police asked to passengers to check their train details online and avoid “blindly heading to the station to wait for trains.”

The engineering conglomerate has won orders to supply gas turbines, power plant components and trains to Saudi Arabia.

What about the navigator program, which trains individuals and organizations to provide people with unbiased information and help them sign up?

I especially enjoyed the array of trains, planes, and automobiles available in the beta.

Joe Biden’s love of trains and off-color jokes has earned him the affectionate nickname Uncle Joe.

British tabloids claim he trains three times a week.

It is structured around the most common apologies made for the British Empire—”But we built them trains!

He trains for it all year.

The subway opened in 1904, offering much higher speed: 15 mph on the local trains, 24 mph on the express trains.

Tinker rooms, which center boyhood hobbies like model trains and handicrafts, are common among men that age.

The fare was still 5 cents, but rising incomes made the trains more attractive to the working class.

But even under improved conditions, the trains ran more slowly than they had at the dawn of the 20th century.

After the accident, the NYCT also reduced the acceleration rates of the subway trains to match the rates of the older trains.

Unlike nearly every other subway system in the world, New York runs trains 24/7.

Most systems perform maintenance at night, when the trains aren’t running.

The trains were slower than ideal, but they were reliable.

This does, however, require more work zones slowing down the trains.

This means the trains are running more slowly.

With a fixed number of drivers and trains, slightly lower speed means slightly lower frequency.

Since subway riders do not look at schedules, even headways between trains matter more than the schedule, leading to a growing emphasis on WA.

The Daily News covered this in May, showing how the practice of holding trains was making reliability even worse.

It’s this short-term thinking that led it to defer maintenance on the R32 trains.

This worked in the 1980s and ’90s, but more recently it has created its own problems, including delays, unreliable schedules, and slow trains.

Ella Mai arrived in a dress with one of the most dramatic trains of the night.

Will it be an omelette inspired by chugging trains and the Southwestern landscape, as described by Ed Rushca?

But the trains are already notoriously overcrowded.

Women — on planes, on trains, in automobiles, or on the street — don’t owe anyone anything.

Some trains and buses were back up and running.

trains, unlike airplanes, have many doors that passengers can use to get on and off.

It’s also how European intercity and mass transit trains work.

And it’s how you board trains at many Amtrak intercity stations in the US.

The railroad also canceled trains between New York City and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A spokesman for the U.S. railroad operator said he did not know immediately how many trains were impacted.

For starters, while many of Amtrak’s trains do turn around at Union Station, many other trains do not.

Trump made the decision to end a covert CIA program that arms and trains Syrian rebels who oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad.

I don’t think we ever took a family vacation that didn’t revolve around trains in some way.

It isn’t about trains.)

This is, of course, not something that is unique to my dad and trains.

For the best part of 16 years, Mags and Ian Thomson traveled the country together, one chasing trains, the other ‘Spoons.

Some workers were stranded with both buses and trains canceled.

Related: Student Photo Contest Births Mysterious Clouds and Balloon Lovers Pakistani Art School trains the Next Generation of Miniaturists ‘S.A.D.

“They’d kept all the railway stuff—all the way up the stairwell were these pictures of trains,” she says.

An ad from Tokyo trains in 2012 featured a cartoon manspreader encroaching on the space of a child inexplicably wearing a bear suit.

All trains across the island were halted.

This week, Bloomberg reported that high-speed trains are beating out flights in some parts of Europe and Asia as the top method of travel.

Because of the speed differential, existing tracks can’t be used for this kind of traffic and high-speed trains at the same time.

In the US, Amtrak doesn’t even have reliable WiFi on all of its trains.

Sometimes Lasse trains with us in the summer.

Under the scheme, the EU funds and trains Libyan coast guards to apprehend migrants trying to cross to Europe.

The ministry also plans to start testing trains, ships and heavy machinery in the mining sector using the fuel.

The last trains are leaving the end of each line within the next 15 mins – it’s been a great conversation. It’s so cold in Chicago, crews had to set fire to commuter rail tracks to keep the trains moving smoothly.

She trains teachers to do the same, though newbies can veer into ludicrousness.

Congress mandated all passenger rails and certain freight trains install the technology by 2015.

(A total of 41 percent of passenger trains’ locomotives were equipped with the technology by the end of last year.)

My former toy store, which is doing well to this day, did much more than sell toys, hobby items, model trains, and more.

When pressed, Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs) says that he “trains too hard” to be anything but the top fighter, pound for pound.

Johnny explained that everyone who trains in jiu jitsu goes through periods of feeling like they’re not improving—the ‘plateaus.’

The battalion based at Laage air force base, near Rostock, where the aircraft took off, trains all pilots flying Germany’s 140 Eurofighters.

It appears he drank it … despite his vow to go sober while he trains to get back in the NFL.

I don’t think it’s steady state to have hundreds or thousands, nor do I think … KS: It’s like trains.

Take for instance the wrestler Matt Travis, who trains at The House of Glory wrestling school in Queens, which hosts regular shows.

First, it arms, trains, funds, and provides other support for local groups who are already fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

3) Platooning: This refers to cars linking together closely into vehicle trains, to reduce aerodynamic drag.

In the meantime, the teenager was endeavoring to board trucks and trains, even though it was highly dangerous.

Levitating trains cruise past vaulting skyscrapers with thatched roofs, as saucer-shaped aircraft carve arcs in the sky.

SVA’s Curatorial Practice program trains curators with a hands-on approach.

Many travellers loiter at the city’s railway station, where police habitually remove them as they attempt to board trains.

“On trains and airlines, the first seats are very cheap, the last ones very expensive,” he said.

Musk’s vision for rail transport involves state of the art trains traveling through low-pressure tubes.

Musk’s vision for rail transport involves state of the art trains traveling through low-pressure tubes.

“Just as there will be cars with no drivers, new technologies allow us to imagine trains without conductors.”

The French government has described the proposed train — which will be faster and more cost-efficient — as “the future generation of high-speed trains.”

*Stadler Rail said it won a contract fort 16 of its FLIRTS trains from a regional German transport network.

trains will still run within Brooklyn, just not into Manhattan.

Just dole out a genuine handshake to your fellow man and be on your merry way through beer-breath-clouded 4, B, and D trains.

He trains his people incredibly well.

Eubank Jr. trains in a tired underground facility that is right near the seaside.

(He recently told the Washington Post that these days he eats and trains much less than he did in 2008.)

Glazer trains a bunch of huge MMA stars at his Unbreakable gym in L.A. — including Luke Rockhold and Chuck Liddell.

There are three liquefaction trains at Cameron.

And to get to other trains, it’s an hour commute.

It also trains teachers to watch for shooters who are adults or children.

If trains are more your family’s speed than kittens, an equally great game is Ticket to Ride.

It also trains teachers to watch for shooters who are adults or children.

The program also trains school personnel how to best work alongside first-responders to maximize safety and minimize chaos.

Mexican police have started targeting caravan travelers who hitch rides on freight trains for detention.

The teenager tries to get on trucks or trains three or four times a week.

The teenager tries to get on trucks or trains three or four times a week.

In the meantime, his brother endeavors to board trucks and trains, even though it’s highly dangerous.

In 2006, two suitcase bombs left by Islamist militants on trains in Cologne failed to explode.

Meet John Redmond – a pro MMA fighter who trains with McGregor at the legendary Straight Blast Gym in Ireland.

There will be six trains per hour through central London on all Night Tube lines between 0030 and 0530.

This will rise to eight trains per hour on the Northern line to meet demand at busy stations between Leicester Square and Camden Town.

Some looked ahead, at the ground, avoiding anyone’s eyes, like strangers do on trains.

Simon trains his camera on the more compelling drag queens, both on stage and backstage, where the juiciest parts happen.

Mexican freight trains carry cargo-like cars and plastics northward to the United States.

To draw a cartoon character of some kid with autism playing with trains?

It’s an incredibly busy transportation hub, where roughly 650,000 people and 1,200 trains pass through each day.

The trains have replaced people.

Police were also checking pedestrians and trains arriving in Germany from Strasbourg.

She trains while the kids are in school.

The driver of the car, Nik Hjalmarsson, owner of Santai Gym where Chuy trains Muay Thai, follows farther behind.

She can recall freight trains clattering by on the tracks that are now part of the High Line.

“Rogan has talked about using [Russian kettlebell guru] Pavel Tsatsouline’s approach—how he never trains to failure.

Siemens and Sinara will supply the trains from Sep. 2022 to July 2023 under a contract worth 513.5 million euro, it said.

Siemens will service the trains for 583.1 million euro, it said.

Meanwhile, electric trains whizz around the delta.

“It’s so fascinating how different those trains of thought are.

Meanwhile, electric trains whizz around the delta.

I read an interview with Flume where he wrote a lot of music on his laptop while riding on trains in Europe.

One day, trains will get you further and further.

Codacons have cited disruption to trains and the costs of policing and cleanup as among causes for concern.

Someone had to respond to worker needs and to keep the trains running on time.

Definitely, the training sessions, the way she trains, she’s an animal.

Visibility was so bad that cars crashed in pileups on highways and trains had to be delayed and canceled.

Stephanie Hebert, 43 Hebert trains teachers in Austin and the surrounding areas to teach sex ed in the school system.

Bautista ain’t ONLY a wrestler and actor — he’s actually won a pro fight — and he still trains (peep this).

Enter Manny — who’s a SENATOR in the Philippines but trains, works and lives (part-time) in the U.S.

I hope he trains hard and gets better.

That’s when she went in even harder on the league … “Colin trains everyday.

The SPCA filed the charges Wednesday after thoroughly reviewing the Bowmanville Zoo, which he owns and where he trains his animals.

Caldwell says the machine trains the brain to process information faster … and can also lead to improved balance.

Two of the recent Amtrak crashes involved vehicles driving around gates and being struck by trains, according to Anderson and North Carolina police.

“I used to work on trains as a factory worker,” he says, leaning up against a railing.

Jonathan will go down trains of thought before checking back on himself, apologizing in the process.

Despite actually having new footage in it, this trailer is about as boring as watching trains go by, because it is literally just that.

He travels and trains 25 weeks per year with Nishikori, the No.

The school also trains more than 900 resident physicians in more than 50 specialties or sub-specialties.

In 2013, “bomb trains” carrying this highly volatile crude derailed and exploded in the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, killing 47 people.

Apparently it was kinda dark.Heems: They did give us some railroads.Riz: Apparently we got some good trains.

They weren’t run by Southern Rail, certainly.Heems: The British taught us how to use our thumbs and use trains.

Dozens of flights and trains across Fujian Province have been canceled and tens of thousands of people evacuated.

(He can also procure anything Christmas-related, such as live reindeers or trackless trains, should you wish to throw a Yuletide-themed shindig in July.)

Uber, but for trains?

For instance, Bear 71 VR states that collisions with trains killed 11 grizzlies in Banff between 2000 and 2012.

(What he means about 21st century transportation system, I don’t know—but government subsidized hyperloops and maglev trains would be nice.)

His coach Lennart Bergelin (Stellan Skarsgård) trains him to keep his rage bottled up inside and then funnel it into his game.

She spent her childhood navigating conflict zones in Uganda, and now she trains thousands of law enforcement officers to keep communities safe.

What condition are the trains that intersect at Court Square in now?The 7 and the E are very crowded.

What effect might this saga have on the livelihoods of Queens residents who rely on these trains every day?

I’m sure there are also geopolitical reasons as to why Queens trains don’t get as much attention as trains in Brooklyn.

… Rail and bus transport: by 2025, all new trains and buses are electrified.

All the trains were canceled that day, so I only managed to get back to Brussels the day after.

Both trains were made up of four carriages.

Both trains were made up of four carriages.

It was not clear how many people had been on the trains.

“Speed of the oil trains is a big issue to me,” he continued.

It’s so right I’d take two trains and an Uber through a Toulouse typhoon to hear Madrid read from Try Never again.

Do you like trains?

Do you like trains?

Subway or streetcar operator They operate subway or elevated suburban trains with no separate locomotive, or electric-powered streetcar, to transport passengers.

And the reason is because trains are all now owned by private foreign companies and leased back to us.

So the overground trains are operated by a Chinese company.

Yeah, which can be like ten trains, which sounds like a lot, but most writers will do way more than that.

Like if you did ten trains on the weekend and posted them all online, you’re a dickhead.

Now the two sometimes hit together when she trains at Clijsters’ academy, where Ceyssens is a coach.

Iconic locations were blocked, the Shell building defaced, trains stopped and Goldman Sachs targeted.

Women riding the trains, however, didn’t seem convinced by the new police presence.

Bridges were crossed and trains were caught.

Thanksgiving is for Planes, trains and Automobiles.

If I had to pick just one at this moment, it’d be Planes, trains and Automobiles.

If, after the unveiling, the trains run more frequently, on time, and in (possibly) upgraded stations?

It’s a really high volume of people, and if you’ve ever ridden the L, you know—the trains are crowded.

So this means more accessible stations, lots of trains per hour, less crowding on platforms.

But could it be that trains and buses and ships and planes have actually increased the amount of writing that gets done?

With the American Keystone XL pipeline also halted, Alberta has to rely on so-called “bomb trains” to export its energy reserves.

Portable’s “Moving, trains & You” is the deep, dusky, and spectral closing track of his recent EP designed for Lovers & Players.

Guests boarded small trains that ran on an elevated track, providing panoramic views of the park.

trains carried guests from the Disneyland Hotel to the park on a monorail.

And then who trains the next generation of cops in how not to do police work?

My concern is that he trains others so that they can keep his work going,” said Venant.

Near future or not, it is physically impossible for trains to make such a maneuver.”

The Baroness trains her staff for six months before they are allowed to work without her watching over and instructing them.

Rich: Is Planes, trains and Automobiles a great Thanksgiving movie or the greatest Thanksgiving movie?

The land trains are a complete fragmentation unit: they take all that material and turn it back into metal.

From the D.C. area, now trains in California.

The show features model trains traveling through over 175 New York landmarks, recreated with natural materials.

“We don’t sell cars, boats, trains, or planes.

You gotta keep the trains moving.

I asked him if he imagined that there were little people in these trains and he said that there must be.

Amtrak trains are often delayed because of freight traffic, and aging infrastructure requires slower speeds in many places.

Amtrak is planning to start using new Acela trains starting in 2021.

It is also planning to buy a new fleet of trains for its slower Northeast Regional service in the middle of the next decade.

trains 2-5 are under construction at the plant.

Cheniere plans to build six 0.65 bcfd trains at Sabine Pass.

When all trains are operating, the plant will be able to export up to 5 percent of the current U.S. gas production.

A vacuum tube has no air, and therefore no drag, which would allow Hyperloop trains to reach extremely high speeds efficiently.)

There were long tailbacks on motorways, and in southern Baden-Wuerttemberg buses and local trains stayed in depots.

And robots are already starting to appear at the nation’s docks to help carry cargo between ships, trucks, and trains.

trains between Denmark and Sweden were briefly cancelled following the incident but no arrests were made.

trains to Sweden resumed after around half an hour after Saturday’s protests, but not all travelers took kindly to the delay.

Imagine the entire population of the United States picking up and cramming into trains over the course of a month.

While this particular journey is a first, freight trains have been circulating between Sichuan, in western China, and Duisburg, in western Germany, since 2014.

For example, New York City College of Technology, a City University of New York school that trains dental hygienists, offers cleanings for $20.

One poacher can clear out a beach in no time, and Paso Pacífico trains turtle rangers to protect beaches ripe for poaching.

Two trains, usually carrying goods, pass through the station daily on the way to or from China.

Although Vietnam and China have different gauge train tracks, the line to Hanoi from the border can take Chinese trains.

There have already been four derailments of trains in Vietnam this year, the transport ministry said on Thursday.

Treat others — and yourself — with kindness Chender led a practice called “open awareness,” which trains you to focus deeply on the present.

Mosque officials say that Dar al-Hijrah has its own security company, DAH Security, which recruits and trains members from the community.

The show is at its best when it trains its focus on Claire, its time-tossed lead, played with expert precision by Caitriona Balfe.

There are also three disabled trains in the South Tube that are currently being rescued.

By 11:40am, trains were still facing 60 to 90 minutes delays into and out of Penn Station in New York, the spokesperson said.

New Jersey Transit commuter trains, as well as Amtrak rail service was affected.

On a third-party map of Amtrak service, all trains between New York and Philadelphia appeared to be delayed or stopped.

Balloons, trains, planes and spaceships – whatever comes into your imagination, continue to dream big.

Yale’s faculty considered the presence of ROTC, which trains future officers and provides college scholarships, to be tacit support for an unpopular war.

However, the Bakken discount has disappeared, and so have the trains, sapping profits.

trains and flights are usually fully booked during this time of the year.

Reichardt also trains seven times a week

Reichardt runs for the FC Schalke 04 athletics team and trains seven times a week.

The Marine Corps, which trains especially for this kind of warfare, hadn’t actually fought like this since the Battle of Hue in Vietnam.

The city has a well-developed transport system including buses, trains, boats, and the local’s favourite: a bicycle.

The bridge remained closed for trains while car traffic in both directions resumed.

They’re also calling for more subway cars on the J, M, Z, and G trains.

Some scenes include buildings, trains, trucks, and mountains, all signifying a prayer of help or thanks.

This inference graph trains the system with machine learning to identify the symbols in the wild, whether they are in pictures or videos.

Oh, and that trains are also a nightmare right now.

The United States is a big country, with lots of trains in it.

These questions are often lumped together under the hazy notion that American trains are bad.

Under the circumstances, new urban transit seems much more likely to be heavily used than new intercity trains.

And of course for many journeys — Phoenix to Boston or Houston to Seattle — trains aren’t a very plausible substitute anyway.

Horvath-Cosper is working at MedStar as part of the Family Planning Fellowship, a national program that trains doctors in family planning and abortion practices.

Vodka is banned on the trains.

I don’t know exactly when it was that Russia banned vodka on their trains.

At least eight people have died after two trains collided head-on in the southern German state of Bavaria on Tuesday.

At least eight people have died after two trains collided head-on in the southern German state of Bavaria on Tuesday.

The company noted the trains will start producing LNG before they are commercially complete.

Although oil pipelines are less accident-prone than trains, they’ve certainly been known to leak, with destructive results.

(Cuomo later mentioned that he also called Tesla to ask about running more trains.)

In the video, Poem One shows framed pictures of trains painted more than 30 years before the Bushwick Collective was founded.

“Because we didn’t have one company behind us, we had to be the engines on our own trains.

“There is a distinctly American idea to have infrequent trains from the suburb into the city,” he says.

China National Radio said at least 17 trains were delayed.

In Chicago, that meant equipping all of the city’s trains with a reliable wireless network.

The plan also trains chosen members within organizations, as well as executives and members of the board.

They all worked as servants, essentially, on the trains.

And this was a use case of the many, many things that Walmart trains its employees.

It would make people more comfortable if there were somebody who knew how to make the trains run on time at the federal level.

Cars and trains shaped the modern world, but we can do better.

After all, Karl overwhelmingly threw slices at inanimate objects— mirrors, trains, junk in abandoned lots, etc.

They began pouring in, slowing down the trains and clogging the sidewalks.

People here drink on the street, on trains, and literally everywhere.

Farah, who trains in nearby Portland, will concentrate on the marathon after August’s world championships in London.

In this makeshift manner, The Creators Project interviewed Utah & Ether about chasing trains, working as a couple, and the allure of illegality.

Also, graffiti just looks really good on trains.

He also says that because the hyperloop would be underground and enclosed in a tube, trains would be less affected by inclement weather.

Each organization that trains and provides service dogs has its own set of standards and processes.

I mainly hit the 1, 2, and 3 trains on the west side.

There’s trains running underneath us.

As far as I can tell based on my conversations with people here in Brooklyn, the trains aren’t running that frequently.

I think we should be happy that the trains are running.

You may not want that with the trains and everything.

The brakes on cars and trains turn momentum into heat, for example, which we now have systems for recapturing and recycling.

Thankfully, Mass Transit, an expansion geared toward making blimps, trains, and boats viable in the game, has been announced for May 18, 2017.

PIH also trains community members on sexually transmitted diseases, mental health, and other public health concerns.

Had Metro officials been aware of the damage, trains would have been immediately stopped.

You had a great run, Canada, but maybe it’s time to turn your attention to kite flying or model trains.

The terminal currently has loading capacity for two 120-car unit trains per day.

Loading terminals are needed to get the oil onto the trains.

USD canceled a previous planned expansion at Hardisty in 2016, which would have doubled capacity to four unit trains per day.

The ministry also plans to start testing trains, ships and heavy machinery in the mining sector using the fuel.

Diesel and gasoline are really meant to make trains and cars run.

Here’s what happens inside muscles when one trains this way: “The trapping of the blood is going to trap lactic acid,” Long says.

The rest of the trains are reserved for them—the subscribers—in all their bedecked luxury, replete with footstools, waitstaff, a bathroom, and a bar.

Certain trains of thought.

Overpasses and underpasses for highways, and towering concrete bridges for cars and trains, claimed thousands of miles of open space.

His latest project is a company that protects celebrities and billionaires, and trains corporations to respond to active shooters.

For those stranded because of cancelled flights or trains, people have even offered couches and spare bedrooms in their homes.

In 2009, two trains collided, killing nine people.

All night long the trains thundered past his building, garbage trucks groaned, and police sirens wailed.

Even late at night, the trains can be slow, delayed.

That gives us a glimpse into history, but it also subtly trains us, as viewers, to engage with the complexities of nonfiction.

Numerous flights and trains were canceled in Guangdong province, with Shenzhen International Airport particularly badly hit.

Lovers of mini things will find 930 trains made up of over 14,450 carriages, 335,000 lights, 228,000 trees and 215,000 human figurines.

She’s not only a regular at UFC fights, but also trains MMA at Jay Glazer’s gym in Los Angeles.

There’s Vancouver’s automated, grade-separated SkyTrain system, with trains that, in peak hours, come every 90 seconds.

That means trains are a very energy-efficient way to get around.

China, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, South Korea, and Japan all have trains that top out above 200 mph.

At peak, trains every 10 minutes.

The paper also notes that aircraft start beating bullet trains in costs and travel times over distances greater than 620 miles.

It’s just that high-speed trains can replace many short-haul flights, giving travelers more options if they don’t want to fly.

And adding more options like high-speed trains makes it easier for travelers if they don’t want to fly.

Are high-speed trains good for fighting climate change?

Like electric cars, high-speed trains run on electricity, which is only as clean the generators that produce it.

Running electric trains on coal power still has a carbon footprint.

On the other hand, trains also compete with cars and buses, so the passengers they take off highways is another added environmental benefit.

Whether it’s trains or more aircraft is up to us.

It trains local organizations who then find credible people in the area to do the work.

And trains and hires ex-offenders or young people at risk of offending.

One jacket had the Union Jack flag flowing from the sides, while several had faux fur embellishments or trains.

That elevates their intelligence level and that’s why we hear about smart TVs, and smart trains, and smart cars.

But, all of a sudden, I’m on the floor as if one of those Japanese bullet trains has hit me.

GlobalXplorer was created by “space archaeologist” Sarah Parcak and trains citizen archaeologists to flag potential archaeological sites or looted areas.

Slack trains you to distrust your coworkers because it’s made for you to say things.

Emily Blunt trains like an athlete.

However, the ghost trains ditched the scenic railroad and tunnel-of-love approaches and made them into morbid funhouses.

This past August, there were 60,211 delayed trains; last August, 66,295.

Doing that trains your expectations, too.

It’s at that base where the US trains rebels to fight Assad.

Silalek trains at the university now, where fighters are left to take care of themselves.

People thought they saw Bible John everywhere—in pubs, trains, and sloping down suburban high streets.

LONDON (Reuters) – Eurostar canceled trains running to and from Brussels on Tuesday after explosions in the city.

“No trains are currently running to or from Brussels Midi,” the high speed rail service said on its Twitter feed.

Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, extended operating hours for trains and trucks to clear cargo containers from the complex.

I was overdosing, cutting, throwing myself under trains.

It said the extreme heat was affecting the air conditioning on board its trains.

David Roth: Definitely bats, definitely a mascot who would do a good job priggishly solving murders committed on old-timey trains.

SVA’s Curatorial Practice Program trains curators with a hands-on approach.

The other is the city’s grinding, delay-prone subways, which compare unfavorably to the efficient Shinkansen bullet trains back home.

Gateway Project Spaces is accessible from New York by taking New Jersey Transit trains from New York’s Penn Station to Newark, New Jersey.

Coal trains are significant sources of air pollution, and for this reason have been heavily opposed by Australian environmental watchdog groups.

However, Hunts Point would serve little use without inbound trucks and trains able to deliver from the outside world.

They used a dizzying array of smuggling methods: planes, tunnels, trains, tractor trailers, fishing boats, speed boats, and cars with hidden compartments.

“Painting is in my veins,” the artist is known to say, and he continues doing toss-ups and tagging trains to this day.

This isn’t a prescription to go out and tag trains or steal from bodegas, but it also isn’t not.

Goldie: You can create tags from scratch or you can import photos and place them on the trains.

We hope trains in a sentence examples were helpful.