Track in a sentence | Use of the word track examples

The widely respected Cook Political Report, for instance, thinks the party is only on track to nab an additional 16 seats.

Ryan Lochte hijinks aside, the weirdest thing to happen lately in the actual Olympics competition happened on the track in Rio.

The U.S. will run alone around the track.

If you take a close look at the track list, you can see what sort of trip I was imagining for myself.

Other than that, she’s well on track for an easy victory.

We asked Bazan about the track and he responded with this quote from the Coen Brothers’ 1987 movie Raising Arizona, starring Nicholas Cage.

What’s more, the convention will track the performance of each image, and use that data to guide decisions about messaging.

Lil Uzi Vert’s has a new track called “A Lot” on the project as well.

Right, because so far our track record is Black Mirror is just the news from four years from now.

And Mitt Romney’s track record is not one in which you find political courage on display.

This was a big one—the only Throne that had yet to be discovered—and, immediately, folks scrambled to try to track it down.

has also shared the lyric sheet for the track.

Even Missy Elliott slid into his DMs once, hitting up Mike in 2013 to collaborate on a ballroom track.

raps MC Jay Karan on the title track), and signature crashes.

Every few minutes, Vjuan—who also dances at balls—can’t help himself from breaking into vogue hands when playing a particularly hot track.

We’re keeping track of all the ways his presidency veers from the norm in terms of policy and rhetoric.

The search platform would also make it easier for Chinese authorities to surveill and track those using the service.

As this piece in Governing magazine covers, UVBM has had trouble spreading elsewhere, despite its unblemished track record.

South Korea is rightly worried about what North Korea could do before or during the Olympics, since Pyongyang already has a deadly track record.

Emma Garland There’s something about this track that really gives me the feels.

This is the holiday track you didn’t know you wanted, but the one you deserve.

We’re keeping track of all the ways his presidency veers from the norm in terms of policy and rhetoric.

The album is available here, and we’re debuting the music video for the title track below.

“We wanted to see: Could we actually track individuals, and groups of individuals, without knowing their individual handles?”

(Also, the historical track record of presidents trying to back primary challenges to incumbent members of Congress is dismal.)

Equally as influential is the koto and string-synth heavy track “Moss Garden” on Heroes from the same year.

His track, “For Esbjorn” is a bit of departure from our usual – slowed down at 130BPM, with these dusty piano loops.

The track falls on Side B, alongside tracks by Ago & B9, which overall has a more earthy feel to our usual stuff.

The rapper dropped a new track, “Sauce,” Saturday on SoundCloud and straight up raps he banged 3 Kardashians.

Yet Musk maintained the company is on track to generate $500 million in cash from its energy generation and storage business by 2019.

Cops were able to use surveillance video to track down the woman seen here brandishing a knife.

The first track, “Arisen My Senses,” sounds like the artist emerging from a particularly long, painful period in her life.

Ten apps—one for each track and simple enough for children to use—were released, designed to explore each facet of the natural and musical world.

On the final track she sings, “Imagine a future….

Ellevest says we’re on track for our goal for retirement.

But because the character track was as strong as it was, Lost has continued to be essential viewing to this day.

He added: “I think we’re on the right track at least.”

But hours away from a first vote, the tax plan looks on track.

Of course, we’ll also track and explain day-to-day business stories that have a bearing on these larger questions.

Said person also basically spends the entire track soloing.

At this point, DRAM gets his Blonde on with a warped vocal track of him rapping extensively about his outfits.

Been through more than you know, people actually pay to see me performing at shows.” Under the track reads the caption: “Old Kanye.

I ran track in high school.

Titled “Troubled Cells,” the song serves as the final track of an incredibly haunting and emotion-driven album.

Mayberry’s no stranger to Paramore, as Williams joined Chvrches on a remix of their track “Bury It” last year.

Here’s a rarity in hip-hop — 2 Chainz is NOT firing back after C-Murder released a devastating diss track called “2 Stainz.”

We asked 2 Chainz about the track C-Murder dropped from his cell inside Angola State Prison.

What results is a darker, sharper-edged take on an already gloomy track.

A strong rally in January has put the benchmark S&P 500 index on track for its best monthly gain since March 2016.

But aid groups and financial organizations are increasingly raising concerns the world is off track to meet the ambitious set of targets by 2030.

When you apply for a job, you’d like to think that you’re evaluated based on your skills, experience, and track record.

A ring dish

These unique little catch-all dishes will help her keep both track of her rings and show them off too.

The track is off Pritchard’s forthcoming Under The Sun LP, and follows his previous, glacial-paced instrumental single “Sad Alron.”

Stream the track below and pick up Under The Sun when it’s out May 13.

None of them had really done a disco track before, but it just came to them.

I played this track the last time I played at Fabric, and it went down like hell!

In the end, I think it’s become everybody’s favorite track on the mix.

In Caroline’s case, the track was already pretty much done; I was just looking for vocals.

But then I thought of working on this track with my friend, the singer Irene Kalisvaart.

It ended up being the most polarizing track on the album—it’s a love or hate thing, apparently.

We’d agree with him, and you can listen to the simmering and shimmering album track “Air” right here on THUMP.

Web Personals took two months to build, was written in C++, and had the ability to track users from page to page.

This was before cookies were common on browsers, and it was hard to keep track of people visiting page to page.

Current policies put the world on track for at least a 3C rise by the end of the century.

Facebook will then use the phone’s location services to track how many users who saw the ad actually visited the store.

Whether or not these ads will actually work, or how accurately Facebook will be able to track them, is still a mystery.

Hill Republicans were supposed to be getting on track.

But that is kind of the signature track.

The initial composer, Frank Cordell, was an English composer who had really established a track record scoring various films in the UK.

It remains on track to produce 1 million barrels by 2024, and would use half of its existing inventory by then, he said.

* The White House said the United States is on track to implement the tariffs on Mexican goods on Monday.

At Stitch Fix, Yee is joining a company that appears to be on a fast track to an IPO.

“But overt imagery [that suggests someone is considering suicide] might be a little easier to track.”

And then she dropped a new track, which features the same Tony Igy sample used in Iggy Azalea’s “My World”.

There’s a mixed track record for those guys, but it’s working for you?

In 2014, Uber executives used an internal tool called “God View” to track the movements of a reporter for BuzzFeed News.

Her first workout back on the track was just three weeks ago and Brown said she was optimistic heading into competition Thursday.

In contrast, the smartphone revolution is on track to be truly universal, with many poor people skipping PC ownership and getting a smartphone instead.

The track itself is a collabo with rapper Crichy Crich (of Tara Reid tattoo fame).

Yesterday, she shared a new music video for “Apathy,” a track from that record.

If that’s right, I assume the Fed stays on its current track on monetary policy.

They also might be difficult to track down if they move from home to home.

Durant had teamed up with College track to create the facility.

Their first single, “I Got That Boom,” was a bouncy, drop-filled club track dominated by Kitty’s exuberant, mostly chanted vocals.

This is the only mix I’ve ever heard that brings in time-travel dialogue and a laugh track.

These guns are much more difficult — sometimes impossible — to track.

We are currently on track to blow past that target.

This scratch-off-where-you’ve-been map keeps track of past adventures as well as encouraging the new.

Then Mike Ladd comes in with his verses and they take the track even farther out in some ways.

If you have a mobile device, your provider can track your physical location throughout the day in real time.

After it finished, my track “Sgoraet” came on randomly and he was “instantly blown away” (his words, not mine).

See the full track list for Crack-Up below.

But his track record at fixing some of FCA’s brands was mixed, with investments and product launches repeatedly delayed.

“I wanted them to have a track that they can have fun with in the club.”

Especially bullshitters whose lies hurt others and whose lies have a track record for virality.

Being kind souls, we’ve decided to let you have a listen to the A-side, “Sax track” right now!

It is hard to find, hard to track, and hard to stop.

He brings back his immaculate hums on the title track, referencing the days he prayed his pain away.

But their track record hasn’t been promising so far; immigration deals have been struck in Congress, only to be discarded days later.

The title track is a rousing exploration of love, but most importantly it’s honest.

We can’t keep track.

Europe’s auto sector index .SXAP lost 2 percent and was on track for its worst day in 10 months.

And she still appears to be on track to make that happen, with room to spare.

This video tells the story of how hip-hop was derailed from its roots in politics, and shows how it got back on track.

“Most of my friends who were pre-med who dropped that track were underrepresented minorities or students from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

But Sinclair’s influence might not be so apparent going forward; it might be far more difficult to track.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Wayne go over a JAY Z track (remember “Moment Of Clarity” or “Run This Town”?)

There’s a track on the new Stormzy album that is just a phone call.

The track‘s centerpiece is a blipping pattern of synth droplets, evocative of vintage Moog compositions by Raymond Scott.

Over the course of the track it’s interpolated into a dramatically evolving series of melodic phrasings, ranging from dopamine-deprived to blissfully sultry.

Malvin told THUMP about how the track arose from an experience of heavy isolation.

“This is the first track to come to fruition from a month of secluding myself in a cabin upstate,” he said.

This track jacket sells for $1,550.

The bill proposes full funding of the National Violent Death Reporting System, which would keep track of suicide deaths nationwide.

There are two real competitors here: it’s either her London on Da track appearance, or her spot with Fergie.

But there is also a much more concrete concern about Warren’s electoral track record.

The Great Tew Estate is also only 43 miles from “The Grand Tour” test track at RAF Wroughton, in Wiltshire.

But the next album I’m not gonna have drama and it’s gonna be the title track.”

I know more amazing female pilots than I can keep track of and had the pleasure of racing against,” Stumbaugh wrote.

We had the melody and stuff, and we sent Missy the track.

But that does not make the relative silence on Russia’s abysmal track record on LGBTIQ rights okay.

By comparison, ETFs that track the S&P 500 have assets of around $380 billion.

They’re constantly on their phones, but the way they use said phones rarely seems to track with how people actually use social media.

The impact of these sites is so profound they are also transforming the way health officials track and prevent outbreaks.

So he chose the 21 Savage, Offset, & Metro Boomin track dedicated to his opulence, “Ric Flair Drip.”

British band Gorillaz just shared a new track from their forthcoming album Humanz.

Now the singer has dropped the title track as her second single.

Listen to “Honey”, and read the full track list below.

Katy B, Honey track list:1.

She’s saying that capitalism is built to track us and sell us and sell to us.

“The grass and track have yet to be laid but this is expected to be completed in the next month.

The advisers are likely on track to reach a final decision before a Group of Seven meeting in late May, the source said.

For the system to track so precisely, the performer needs to wear a special outfit with a few dots as reference points.

Germany isn’t necessarily on track to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

Shall we start with this Metallica track?

Let’s chat about that Charli XCX and Lil Yachty track.

Would you ever want to write a track with her?I would love to!

This track isn’t exactly new, but I’m interested in your thoughts.Oh, so he is Scottish!

So what do you think about this new Little Mix track?I love Little Mix!

You can leave it on repeat at parties or dissect each track over late nights at home, just don’t overthink it.

Cities track who uses the subway, where traffic becomes congested, how much garbage is collected.

This track at this point,” Hale told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Said psychiatric hospital soon lost track of Datsik after he had escaped the Leningrad clinic to seek political asylum in Norway.

Turkey has a track record of responding in kind to foreign sanctions and tariffs.

The track he’s on is called “Hungry Ham,” according to an interview with Ferg published on Stereogum.

Analysts and academics track these conversations for their research.

track, I’ll be back.”

Tell me about the fundraising campaign with USA track and Field and the American Cancer Society.

Running has always kept me on track with getting through treatment and having something to look forward to in my recovery.

Peep their new video for the title track below, and cast your eye upon their slate of upcoming tour dates.

The track is a signature Girl Unit tune featuring a mix of dexterous synths with lovely samples.

“Getting our spending under control is a part and a piece of getting the country back on track,” Black said in an interview.

The Lakers are finally on the right track!

We said, “Let’s track it.

Upon release, “Closer” reportedly drew comparisons to The Fray’s 2005 track “Over My Head (Cable Car).”

I started thinking about this and started talking about this with Peter and Jeff, and we also kept track of what was happening.

The test on a 0.31-mile track clocked in at only 192 mph — one quarter of its target speed.

Signals from the flight data recorders needed to track them down on the seabed are expected to expire on June 24.

He gave us these wrist monitors, to track arm movements when we were in the game.

That doesn’t necessarily translate very well to a white label release or a track in an anonymous mix.

Today, the team have shared the opening track “O-,” which Doline describes to us as a “hybrid rhythm narrated.”

The jaunty track is about the allure of crystal meth addiction and the itchy desperation of desiring an escape.

Despite these findings, we’re far off track and only getting farther.

The hurricane, which has since been downgraded to a Category 4, is on track to hit the Florida coast as early as Saturday.

His other son, Ty Pittman, was recently featured on MattyBRaps’ “Let’s Dance” track.

It wasn’t designed for anyone who wants to track their period or general reproductive health.

“It’s time to act / back on the track,” she sang in what sounded like a t.A.T.u.

Window cleaners were still working Sunday at one end of the track, and painting remains to be done.

They emerged from the disused rail track to board buses, chartered by the city to take them to hotels in the suburbs.

The slum, which contains 60 makeshift homes, is built along the Petite Ceinture, a historic, abandoned rail track.

But no doubt it will be ready for the Olympics, and it will be a fast track.”

They emerged from the disused rail track to board buses, chartered by the city to take them to hotels in the suburbs.

The slum, which contains 60 makeshift homes, is built along the Petite Ceinture, a historic, abandoned rail track.

* The slum sits alongside the disused rail track near Porte de Clignancourt.

* Security officials from the SNCF inspect the shacks on either side of the rail track.

With the title track of I Am Not a Human Being, Wayne came back to rap.

But again, there’s no checklist that makes it easy for me to keep track of the collectibles.

Alberto’s projected storm track has shifted eastward since Friday, lessening its threat to the active oil production areas in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pocket is the best way to keep track of stuff on the web you want to read or watch later.

“We know by his track record he’s a top recipient of oil money and tobacco money.

Even with the high-profile endorsements and insider track, it took McGinty until last week to pull even with Sestak in (some) primary polls.

I was wearing a black track jacket, a pair of leggings, and my bright purple and orange running sneakers.

As we reported, Sean name-checked Kaep on his verse of “Big Bank” … a YG track featuring Sean, Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz.

Alicia Myers ‘ Alicia was a big record for me, my favorite track on this album was produced by Kevin McCord.

Earl talked about the track last year on Pitchfork, saying “‘Grief’ could’ve been the last song on the album.

I heard someone yelling at me on the other side of the track.

Corporate bond defaults in China are on track for another record year.[nL5N22B7PG.]

The producer behind the track “Winona” delivers an hour’s worth of groove-laden house.

It feels pretty good.” Baffert said Justify was simply the best horse at the track on Saturday.

Lit from within by blue and purple lights, with a ceiling of suspended gauzy clouds, the courtyard sits alongside an active train track.

Specifically, for the track “Real Friends?”Working with Kanye was dope, a dream come true.

He developed the pH scale as a way to keep track of these conditions in a solution.

Something has interfered with the insects’ ability to keep track of time.

The Baltimore Sun reports that scientists will continue to track the weird wake-up of parts of Brood X.

Trinity was a high school track athlete herself.

Talk about your track “Tear Da Club Up Freestyle.”Diary of the Originator is where I got the idea from to do the cover.

The “6 Billion Dollar” track was kind of your first song that was punk, it was fast and crazy.

When I made that track, it was like I was training.

Talk about your track with Aaron Rose.

Talk about your track “This Life”?

“This Life” is my favorite track off of the whole Imperial because it really has sentimental value to me.

You can track your progress along the way.

How could he keep track of everything that was going on?

As noted, many of the findings of the new BlackPAC poll track with earlier polls the group has conducted of black voters.

The yuan is now on track for its third straight weekly loss.

Check out the track below, and look forward to the RBMA festival to take over NYC in April and May.

Or you’re on the same track regardless?

Gold prices climbed to near six-year highs and were on track for their best week in three years.

Such campaigns have an astounding track record, sometimes winning concessions within days.

This also has to be one of the best moments of listening to Wayne just black out on a track, right?

About 250,000 children were registered as missing on the government’s track Child portal between January 2012 and March 2017.

Well, sometimes we’re able to track those back.

Then you track them and then you can tell the companies this is bullshit.

Despite this track record of finding wrongdoing at the FBI, Stern said he doesn’t detect any bias against the bureau in Durham.

Nick says everyone’s off base … “I didn’t release a diss track but I did release this.”

While the world is drastically changing for the worse due to climate change, it’s nice to track wildlife that appear to be thriving.

We had to track how long someone hadn’t packed or picked something.

When you visit a skate park, bike track, or ski slope, it’s so easy to take for granted how the place was constructed.

Although they were never seen again, his track record provides reason for us to trust he did see something truly jaw-dropping that day.

The melody between the percussion is the side-swipe, crunch and crack of you flying off your four-stroke on a bone-dry track.

Her Records’ MM and Kid Antoine contributed a decisive, hypbridizing track to Mixpak’s annual holiday bundle this winter.

She also worked with Yachty on his “Mamacita” track, from The Fate of The Furious’ soundtrack.

Today, we’re premiering Rico’s newest track, “Glo Bottles,” an ode to sparkling bottles of liquor brought up at night clubs.

Our source gave us the inside track on what examiners look for.

To close, she performed a brand new track, “Hallelujah.”

Earlier this week, FACT released a series of mixes from CK featuring Daft Punk’s influences from their Homework track “Teachers.”

These warnings are generated by investigators hired by the entertainment industry to track and combat online piracy, often by monitoring BitTorrent swarms.

(“What do dragons eat?” Sansa asks, before Dany says, “Whatever they want,” in a line that should have come complete with a laugh track.)

Trebek’s diss track would kill.

The group essentially formed upon the release of “Dust,” their first track together, in October 2014.

VICE: Despite his spotty track record on the gun issue, gun rights proponents are bullish on Gorsuch.

Lotti: That track, particularly, on the album was quite funny.

They’re the most embedded in the track.

As you track in the book, Trump did not spring out of nowhere.

There’s a track on async that sounded a bit like the 1980s, an arpeggio thing.

track “Swagger Like Us,” which evolved the rapper’s storied use of simile.

Democrats are currently on track to retake the Senate, according to the latest polls —though they don’t have much room for error.

Last May, he commanded an operation to track down again members in Long Island.

The rankings use data from the Hot 100 and other genre charts to track streaming counts, radio play, and physical sales numbers.

And the sensors might track motion, heat, cameras, microphones, and these will send up data.

A massive new project, Global Fishing Watch, lets you track all of these boats in near real time.

It can’t currently track smaller boats that aren’t required to use the AIS.

The system can also track when boats mysteriously turn off their AIS signals — in case they’re trying to hide.

In its 2014 report, Oceana gives a few examples of how its mapping system can help track suspicious fishing behavior.

The first track, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has advanced fairly quickly but isn’t likely to do much.

The second track threatened to change that.

Not everyone is happy with everything, but the process is still on track and it is something to build on, several ministers said.

Today, the duo dropped a claymation video for album track “Don’t Get Captured.”

The album’s closing track bears the name “Have All the Songs Been Written?

Stream the track below.

We’re keeping track of all the ways his presidency veers from the norm in terms of policy and rhetoric.

“On this track, I was simply just feeling myself,” Zheep says over email.

Hate crime data is notoriously difficult to track.

CVS Chief Executive Larry Merlo said in a statement that the deal is on track to close early in the fourth quarter.

The web of LLCs makes his wealth and business interests nearly impossible to track and, therefore, his conflicts of interests are difficult to foresee.

TV revivals have a spotty track record, but we’re hopeful this one will at least provide some 100 percent pure-grade weirdness.

Jones is 33 — which is old for a track star — but she’s adamant she will NOT retire.

The LP drops his vocals, reshapes the track around the gospel backing singers, and it becomes something titanic.

But even the title track here is beautiful.

In the torpedo room, sailors sleep and work around the clock in case they get orders to track and kill enemy subs.

is a psychedelic but rhythmic track that sounds kind of like how dreaming about space feels, and also features Thundercat on bass.

It seems Farming Simulator 17 is well on track to surpass that number.

Since then the track has been played over 2 million times on Khalid’s Soundcloud account.

My favorite song is the title track, which we did with Ian Catt.

Ferg brought on Skrillex to produce the track, who’s pretty much on his way to be in the mob at this rate.

Live in Paris track list: 01.

That fund is usually replenished with federal money, but the Post reported that it is on track to fall short of funds this fall.

Monday’s report emphasized that more research will be needed to track down the sources of the contaminants.

She still lives in fear that family members might discover her address in Athens and track her down.

Each major step in my transition gives me a sense of bliss, which is how I know I’m on the right track.

Kobach is reportedly considering a Senate bid, which Democrats would love given his track record.

The Register’s Iowa poll has a long track record of relative accuracy in the state.

He then let Nina Simone’s reference track “Four Women” play until it faded out before pridefully commenting, “we nice as shit.”

Earlier this week she dropped her new single for the movie, “Sledgehammer” and today she’s released her full music video for the track.

The heroic ending is incredibly predictable, and it doesn’t quite track with Game of Thrones’ previous penchant for subverting fantasy tropes.

“There’s nobody keeping track of how many exotic animals are in the United States.

From there, it is taken to the Edhi mortuary, where further efforts are made to track its identity.

(A few bars into the 1991 track “Buggin Out,” he notes, I drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr.

A tiny hedge fund has an incredible track record, and outsiders can’t understand how.

The second was a new exclusive track from Drake titled “4PM in Calabasas.”

The track is a downtempo tune with an addictive, thick bass line and a lyrical interpolation Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message.”

Unless the tide turns, real estate is on track for its biggest annual advance since 2014.

Part of it has to do with the very fact that Trump had no track record in government.

Obama had little in the way of a track record.

On the other, there is undeniably something about this track that bangs and is connecting with its listeners.

There was a lot of Facebook sleuthing, trying to track people down and ask them if they’d be interested in talking.

With over 250 women running for federal office in elections today, it’s nearly impossible to comprehensively keep track of them all.

Some of the lyrics and track titles from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out are references from Chuck Palahniuk novels.

Jlin, today shared a haunted new track off her upcoming sophomore album Black Origami.

Today and tomorrow, the band will release a video for every single track on the album.

—Todd VanDerWerff Lorde’s latest album Melodrama, which came out in June, is a deeply personal work that bleeds sincerity from every track.

It’s also when he developed his moderate track record, in part because Republicans controlled one chamber of the state legislature throughout his governorship.

I don’t watch The Lords of Salem every night, and not every track from Hellbilly Deluxe II is on my Halloween playlist.

VICE News then used the same methodology to track one Russian soldier from eastern Ukraine to Siberia, confirming Russia’s involvement.

It was stupidly easy to track down the proof.

We don’t have Arkangel yet (that I know of) but parents can already track their kids on GPS systems made for families.

I’m no longer going off the beaten path, or pulling off to the side to track a wounded animal.

We’re keeping track of all the ways his presidency veers from the norm in terms of policy and rhetoric.

How can law enforcement track down who is responsible?

But the track record of his vice presidential candidate Mercedes Aráoz has many wondering.

They’ll look for the serial numbers on the parts, track down where those parts were made and who sold them.

At that point, they’ll start to track down whatever leads they have.

You don’t have to be a bomb expert to track down someone making a bomb.

Today, caregivers can find video baby monitors that track a child’s motion and send alerts when sleeping patterns seem disrupted.

That December, the official remix found Nicki Minaj putting her own spin on it, which boosted the track to No.

The track earned both Paul and Juicy songwriter credits.

He dropped his first track, “Up”, last summer and has been DJing all over the world between his stints in Westeros.

Using footage from any conventional camera source—including your smartphone—the software analyses changes in skin colour to track emotions.

The track highlights her Southern roots, draws on the strength of her ancestors, and wills that empowerment on to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

In Richmond, Virginia, Fawn Ricciuti told me about how buprenorphine helped her get her life back on track.

She is counting on her hometown credentials, track record as a Houston attorney, and local name recognition to win.

The track has become the most streamed Spotify song of all time.

And not everything is on track.

“The time for half measures has passed,” lead vocalist Dean Tzenos tells THUMP of the track.

The artist summed up the track‘s spirit for THUMP over email.

Find My iPhone, as the name suggests, lets you track the location of your iPhone.

track your iPhone using Find My iPhone1.

track someone else’s iPhone With their permission, you can track the phones of up to five other people using Family Sharing.

Setting it up is easy, but whoever you track will need to perform some steps and enter their password.

The track record’s pretty pristine.

The first track ,“Free,” is first to get a video treatment, spearheaded by Brampton-based director, Noor B.

On a separate track, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Durbin led the charge in suggesting that Kavanaugh misled them in earlier testimony.

Last May, he commanded an operation to track down gang members on Long Island.

Titled “Hate Power,” the new track roars into being like an extremely technically proficient bat out of hell.

Nigeria doesn’t have a global network of sensors to track stuff in their orbital neighborhood.

So Obama, like his predecessors, has sought and received Trade Promotion Authority, also known as “fast track.”

The banks have “patchy track records in executing strategic programs,” S&P said.

The band then launched into “High” a track taken their latest album of the same name.

Overall, it took investigators only three days to track down Harris.

And there hasn’t been a standard way to track a person’s brain waves.

But the track record of foreign owners in the Premier League remains shady.

And to get on track for 1.5°C of warming, the world would have to halve greenhouse gas emissions from current levels by 2030.

But it’s a starting point, a goal that, before Paris, the world was on track to wildly miss.

Sometimes they exist within the same track; sometimes they don’t.

He won’t outshine you, they said… JAY-Z on the track is a golden ticket; the bar is automatically raised.

One of those cloud services is customer relationship management (CRM), which helps salespeople track prospects and manage interactions with customers.

It was approximately 10-15 feet above the Columbia River water, well below the Interstate and train track.

According to a press release, the device will use an “embedded accelerometer” to track the player’s sleep time.

To end 2016 on an even better note, the duo has just released a new video for album track “Not That I Know.”

“The problem is: You’re at a greater disadvantage for getting on track during the week.”

(And we don’t know exactly how closely the show will track with what Martin writes.)

And yet, despite its poor track record, the social media debuted its first gadget, the Portal smart speaker, in October.

For those keeping track, that team score is composed of 12 individual scores.

Is it the title track, whose blandly suburban mall keyboards accompany a rant against information overload and the media-literate?

One music critic referred to the track as a “standard sex you up fare (you wouldn’t expect anything less from Kelly, would you?)”

Stuttering snares slowly crawl into the track as staticky scrapes fill the margins, adding a bit of weight to proceedings.

Like any good gqom track, its a feat of tricky drum programming, made all the more head-spinning by the gloomy sonics that surround it.

“In Ona, there’s a high school, a gas station, a race track, and an Arby’s.

Armed with a delightful lead guitar riff, the track is filled with hooks and a distinctively summer aura.

I learned of it over five years ago—it was very hard to track down a community that I could try it with.

“It is very, very clear that unfortunately it was an unsafe return to the track.

Ideas come easily to Klein, and he keeps track of them by writing them down on paper plates.

“The European Court of Human Rights has a strong track record of ensuring that intelligence agencies act in compliance with human rights law.

I wanted to invert this—the people being followed don’t track my location, I track them.

The track is more electro but I really liked the vibe of it.

KCPK got in touch with Iconoclast, the production company I am represented by, and showed me the track.

The track gets more and more intense.

Glassine, last week shared a dreamy track made entirely out of samples recorded at the January 21 Women’s March on Washington.

The track is held together by fragmentary percussion samples and glistening chords, and interspersed with snippets of interviews, protest chants, and ambient urban sound.

You can see scattered post-its, there to keep track of choices, ideas, and prompts.

Listen to the mix and check out the track list below.

At his first meet with the UO track Club, one of Gallegos’ Nike Pegasus shoes fell off just 50 meters into the race.

“Break Loose,” is taken from a three track EP that the duo have put together, and it’s huge.

Galentine’s Day mixtape track list: 1.

The Facebook patents demonstrate a far more specific intent to track, with fairly explicit aims.

Goldberg: Well we didn’t do our track.

Goldberg: So at some point you and I will have to drop a track.

Chainz, in turn, wonders what a track with Whoopi Goldberg might sound like.

But enough have installed them that cybersecurity experts can begin to track intrusions and share that information with all states.

Phones belonging to children and teenagers were easy to track, bouncing consistently from their home addresses to their schools.

Doctors’ phones were easy to track.

Take the line “I’ve got lead in me” from her track “By The Light,” which is featured in the video.

Sweat poured from his temples as the DJ pulled up the track, raised gun fingers and animated howls peppering the air.

Significantly off track.

And it seems to be on track to make that happen.

Major equity indexes, on track to snap a recent spate of declines, were also buoyed by gains in industrials and energy shares.

In the meantime, here’s the Reddit version of the album composers, track by track, according to iTunes.

Based on Marvel’s track record, people would likely go see an Inhumans movie simply because it had the Marvel name attached.

Soundtracking the drive to Coney Island easily makes the buck the track costs worth it.

Mcintryre told THUMP via email that the track took inspiration from extreme weather conditions.

“This track came about late at night in the studio during a massive snowstorm here in Toronto,” he said.

…Oh what the hell, go ahead and listen to the title track below.

in those areas — have had a very mixed track record at best when it comes to boosting employment and economic activity in disadvantaged areas.

Since Thug’s 2013’s track “Some More,” the 32-year-old positioned himself as one of the rapper’s trusted audio engineers.

VICE: Tell me about your Facebook page.Johnny: I have a drone track in Leicester where people race.

“His track record is spotty at best,” one Republican strategist who’s overlapped with McLaughlin on a handful of races told VICE News.

“His track record is spotty at best,” one Republican strategist who’s overlapped with McLaughlin on a handful of races told VICE News.

It’s street legal, but make no mistake, it’s built for the track … and 66-year-old Caitlyn does love racing.

By that time, Chavez had won increasing support from working-class Venezuelans and was on track to win the 1998 presidential election.

they sing on the first track.

(BookScan does not track electronic sales, so there were almost certainly more copies of the report sold as ebooks.)

His track record suggests the answer to all of those questions could easily be yes.

This past summer, Snaith dropped his newest Daphni track, the Bollywood-tinged “Vikram.”

Listen to it and his Onyeabor-sampled track “Ye Ye” below.

Katy Perry released “Swish Swish” a couple weeks ago … which everyone took as her diss track response to “Bad Blood.”

If you’ve lost track of all the players in the Mueller investigation, you’re not alone.

So how do you keep track of it all?

Back in February, a track from Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo caused more controversy than the rest of the record.

Furthermore, said Taylor’s rep, she actually cautioned Kanye about releasing such a misogynistic track.

The track features J Balvin and Bad Bunny, who were also at the shoot.

Recorded and renamed “Maybellene,” the track went on to sell over a million records in 1955.

But that’s a … Like, we’re on track to do that next year.

I don’t think anyone else is on track to do it next year.

Both Williams and Dudley are white men and professional economists, though their track record in promoting diversity within their banks’ ranks appears to differ.

One score and hug later, and Beckham seems on a better track in 2016.

Today, thankfully, she breaks her silence with “Skim”—her first new track since her 2015 album Sprinter—and its accompanying music video.

But it’s the right kind of idea to get this planet back on track — a dream worth thinking about after you wake up.

It was an anarchic evening where even disciplined moderators had trouble keeping things on track.

And, fortunately, none of them are on track to hit us.

“Of course beacons are used to track you.

The release’s artwork (pictured above), along with its title suggest an air of volatility and lawlessness which jars on this cosmically-styled techno track.

McEnroe pointed to the time differences in men’s and women’s track races as another example of the physical gap.

She goes into hiding, and the Swede frantically tries to track her down for years before locating her living in squalor in Newark.

Take a moment to watch a live performance of the title track below, it will bring some lightness to your day.

This can be a great tool to help you calculate the cost ahead of time and keep track of your overall electricity usage.

“I knew progesterone had a 50-year track record of use in pregnancy and is very, very safe.

on the track?

It also gives the sense it was some sort of fluke that Saroo was able to track his birth mother down, 25 years later.

She filled the spaces of each song in a whisper as if to tickle the track.

AVP coordinates a national coalition of anti-violence programs, and we track incidences of hate violence and other forms of violence against LGBT people.

She uses her voice as an instrument, saturating the song with soft whispers, making sure every bit of the track is covered.

He’s an experienced politician with a long track record.

To be sure, the Trump administration’s overall track record is not hostile to mergers.

A recent Amnesty International report showed that 2017 is on track to be the worst year on record for migrant loss.

Currently, China and India are on track to exceed their pledges.

They suggested that the province instead expand the distance seeds could be moved uphill, to track with global warming.

Currently, China and India are on track to exceed their pledges.

Watching cars circle a track made my head hurt, so I found MMA through a modem.

Today he’s releasing the follow up, brand new track and video “Power Over Men”.

So, you can’t even track that level of it.

KS: track you doing it.

Actually, it’s really hard to keep track of Kara’s actual birthday, yeah.

The song, a graceful and sweet kiss-off track, has since become not only a chart-topping hit but a pop culture moment.

They did battle in wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, archery, cycling, track and field, shooting and swimming.

Brown is featured on “Jiu Jitsu,” the debut track by songwriter turned musical artist OneInThe4Rest, which dropped last week.

And then he’d joined the Marine Corps from the ROTC in high school, where he also ran track.

We do, however, have some concerns about the track: 1.

I lost track of the hours dedicated to the cause, but after the result I began to wonder if I could’ve done more.

“Versace, Versace, medusa head on my like I’m ‘Luminati,” Papi raps, before turning the track over to Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset.

The firm also formulated a Gender Diversity Index exchange-traded fund (ticker: SHE) to track the performance of companies that advance women in leadership.

He had to establish a track record.

And the track record of elites is not one of unqualified success.

No fast track, though … that process can take up to 3 years.

The artist explained how the polyrhythmic track arose from personal experience.

The data, in line with economists’ expectations, suggested the Federal Reserve remains on track to raise interest rates at a gradual pace.

Fast-forward past the end of closing track “Darkside Lightside” and eventually you’ll stumble upon an infamous hidden track called “Sick Party.”

Another track, “The Scream,” was originally cut from the album, but has since been released on the “collector’s edition” reissue of the album.

“We were all taking acid one day and we started working on a track called ‘The Scream,’ recalls Wheeler.

Mark said he was going to add a track of him puking, so that’s how that happened.

That the album begins with the sample of a Tie Fighter and ends with a track called “Darkside Lightside” is no coincidence.

It’s good to keep track of those €1 and €2 coins.

The roof of the circular building acts as a track for kids to run on.

People who take the time to source the original track sampled in that one Beastie Boys song.

Resident DJs, 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman, and a Dominican, conceived their iconic track, “Do It Properly” at Better Days.

I don’t have to defend him because you can just look at his track record.

Before I could head out, ABC called me to remix some track so I stayed.

Listen to these people instead: “HANA just released her first track (“We Appreciate Power” with Grimes) since her incredible self-titled EP back in 2016.

Check out the track below.

He doesn’t need a backing track, and his drum setup sounds massive.

I’ve barely heard anything that has made the track feel so three-dimensional.

It’s fun as hell track with a pared down beat and Purp in his element.

Listen to the track below.

When you make a turn, your beetle slams into the siding, as if you could fall off the track at any moment.

The path in front of you looks open, but you always wind up on the same old track.

This opening track neatly encapsulates Petty’s best late-period album.

In the classic version of the problem, a train is barreling down a track at five people.

You’re in position to throw a switch, diverting the train to another track where it would only hit one person.

The key is to get back on track after a binge, not to blame yourself and give up on your efforts to find balance.

In the early 90s, anyone looking to hire an escort or track down an erotic massage parlor started by flipping through the Yellow Pages.

Unlike the US, China is on track to exceed its Paris carbon reduction commitments, as Vox’s David Roberts has reported.

We’re keeping track of all the ways his presidency veers from the norm in terms of policy and rhetoric.

The public, however, is unlikely to track such distinctions.

Faces blend together, and nothing remains static, instilling the same sense of urgency and anxiety as the track itself.

He held up his iPhone and asked if Google could track his movements if he moved across the room.

How did you go about selecting the visuals to go with the Bintus track “Re-clocking Knob” for the compilation?

For the track “Re-clocking Knob” by Bintus I used the visuals with 20 times the speed.

Most of the times a track inspires me to look for certain content in the film that matches the atmosphere of the track.

Mostly I go along with my first impulse and intuitive connection with the track.

The lyrics speak for themselves at four in the morning… My favorite track of all time.

It’s got everything a smashing club track should have.

The build up makes for a perfect 4am track in a club without an early curfew!

Does that track with you at all?

It leaves four years between the release of Celebration Rock and their new album’s title track.

But with international outrage mounting over the wave of extrajudicial killings, keeping track of the exact death toll has become increasingly challenging.

But with international outrage mounting over the wave of extrajudicial killings, keeping track of the exact death toll has become increasingly challenging.

“‘Work It Out’ is the first track I started working on for this new album,” the producer told THUMP over email.

According to media reports at the time, the man had previously admitted to using software to track women.

The result is that the company can track you across your different devices.

Vox is keeping track of the House whip count here.

Gold has risen nearly 8.4% so far this month, on track for its biggest monthly percentage gain since June 2016.

In other words … it’s a fast track to a near-flawless smile.

Lyrically, this is a track all about liberation and self-belief.

The track spans everything from working to make your parents proud to growing up with the influence of the streets breathing down your neck.

Uber should ensure it has appropriate tools, including complaint tracking software, to keep better track of complaints, personnel records, and employee data.

D. track Agreements with Employees.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are fully back on track as co-parents after some serious conversations and a little family vacation.

Exacerbating this confusion is that battle scenes also force us to keep track of too many people.

Perry’s long track record of climate denial is likely to cause concern among some agency staffers.

Fielding incoming requests just puts you off track.

Clinton was on track to win the Democratic nomination with or without California.

We hope track in a sentence examples were helpful.