Touting in a sentence | Use of the word touting examples

Donnelly has spent much of his campaign touting his record working with Trump on healthcare and veterans’ issues.

Sanders has been touting his hopes for a political revolution that will transform politics in America, as I wrote about here.

Marco Rubio has been touting Uber for two years.

McDonald’s is touting its technology to increase efficiency, which flows to a company’s bottom line, she said.

The Republican incumbent, Tom MacArthur, is touting the district’s improved economic fortunes, including a drop in area unemployment.

Psychologists are often touting the counter intuitiveness of their findings.

— A few contrarians on Wall Street have started touting the long-term beatdown in Snap shares as a buying opportunity.

(“I won one of the contests and lost the other,” she replied, touting her victory in Mississippi while otherwise choosing to remain placid.)

But the very same day, Stivers’s NRCC staff was sending fundraising emails touting their solid support for Trump against nefarious left-wing protesters.

But as full of holes as Pence’s defense was, he at least acknowledged Trump’s history of touting WikiLeaks.

Just last year,  Ringu and Ju-On had a crossover film in Japan touting the ultimate grudge match: Sadako vs. Kayako.

When he’s not promoting cherry-picked metrics from particular polls, Trump has resorted to touting polls that don’t seem to actually exist.

It seems as though every automotive company — plus Uber and Lyft — is touting the imminent arrival of self-driving cars.

Amazon has mailed flyers to Queens residents touting the economic benefits of its New York expansion.

Lyft touting it’s serious about safety is a load of BS, because the company hires dangerous, threatening drivers … according to a new lawsuit.

Mayer has also been touting her major efforts in mobile search, which is called Index.

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have been touting the powers of LSD microdosing to increase productivity and creativity.

What’s interesting is that these same factors were responsible for the global progress Rice had just been touting.

Event organizers are touting the fight card as the first of its kind to offer the same purse for male and female fighters.

The White House has wasted no time touting this track record, according to Politico.

So, consider how (for some) touting art as a luxury adds another layer of you don’t belong here.

Rather, he’s touting his ability to get along with Putin.

But a win is a win, and it sounds like Trump will be touting this one a lot as he seeks reelection.

The guy was responding to a video Arnold posted touting the athletes.

All that female, hear me roar touting ends quite abruptly with HRC.

Instead, she directed me to an April blog post touting the company’s “latest quality improvements for Search.”

Barrow also positioned himself as a gun enthusiast, touting his endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

To fretful European publishers, Schindler argued that Google was a willing partner, not a competitor, touting its recent mobile publishing platform as an example.

We are touting him as a brilliant striker, yet he hasn’t scored a single knockout.

But the company also decided to blow its marketing budget, touting its vision rather than waiting until it had something to sell.

Ocasio-Cortez, who ran a progressive platform touting Medicare-for-all, had also hit Crowley for being out of step with an increasingly diverse district.

Editors discovered Prototype and Infamous and wrote articles touting their parallels. The Equifax spokesperson said the company is committed to rebuilding trust with consumers and strengthening security, again touting its new app.

Because again they were touting how much bigger they were.

JCPenney is defending its “period skirt” to the max, touting it looks good any time of the month.

The 55-year-old leader is already touting his potential 2018 campaign theme: No to the “Yankee” sanctions.

On Monday, a bipartisan group of governors sent President Trump a letter touting the benefits of renewable energy.

It’s surging in popularity, with sellers touting a variety of wellness benefits.

He concluded his speech by touting DeVos’s character — “she is a mother, a grandmother.

As with all spending bills, Democratic and Republican leaders have spent the past day touting their party’s individual victories.

Earlier this week Forbes published a story “America’s Women Billionaires” and made Jenner its cover woman, touting Jenner as a “self-made” rich person.

He joins an already-crowded Democratic race featuring candidates touting many of the ideas he brought into the party mainstream.

And while it’s unclear how much access the inspectors will get, it’s understandable that Pompeo is touting this as a victory.

“People invariably applaud your mind, work, temperament,” he said, while touting what he described as Kavanaugh’s many merits.

He was soon showing me a Finnish study touting the connection between saunas and reduced risk for heart disease.

Billboards once touting […] the virtues of the revolution had been replaced by mundane imagery and less vitriolic, more tourist-friendly messaging.

This hasn’t stopped unscrupulous clinics from touting some questionable stem cell applications, such as vaginal rejuvenation or hair loss, however.

Cruz is touting his recent endorsement from Wisconsin Gov.

Dermatologist-founded skin care companies like Murad and Perricone have been offering supplements and touting “from the inside out” beauty for 20 years now.

That’s why it’s so difficult to trust any brand touting values of “storytelling” and #longform immersion into their content.

Twitter had been the most aggressive, and for the first time, it ran a promoted tweet touting one of its own policy position.

Any of the ones that are touting their solutions?

The Obama administration has been touting its pro-small-business policies, including a bevy of small-business tax breaks, for Obama’s entire time in office.

To that end, Those is offering a public API, and is already touting integrations with Google Calendar, Spotify, Alexa, Twitter, Slack, and Trello.

Sprint stayed out of the auction, touting its holdings of high-band spectrum, which it says can move large volumes of information at high speeds.

Putin’s aides are also touting a program for new leaders.

The company is also touting an integrated touch panel control hidden on the top of the table, which certainly seems possible.

And Trump and his team have, at least in the past, had no problem touting businesses in which he has a personal stake.

In both cases, Samsung is touting that they’re built on a 10nm chip, which should theoretically help with power consumption.

“The Black Sox look clean compared to this team,” Cohen said, clutching and touting his ceramic chicken.

“We realized a lot of computing intersections happen at the intersection of hardware and software,” Pichai said, before touting Chromecast’s sales.

It was only a few months ago that Ford was touting its partnership with Bridj at the Detroit Auto Show.

But Khuzami faced criticism for touting the settlements as punishments given the banks’ enormous revenues; he held no senior executives accountable.

But after a string of deadly mass shootings, Democrats are touting their pro-gun control credentials — even in conservative districts.

But after a string of deadly mass shootings, Democrats are touting their pro-gun control credentials — even in conservative districts.

Several dozen Saudi chief executives are expected to join him in touting investment opportunities in the kingdom.

Facebook is also pushing augmented reality hard, touting some advanced machine learning.

The show is just one of several pieces of splashy original programming that Netflix is touting for the end-of-summer movie season.

It’s not simply about touting marginalized stories; it’s also about creating access to them — for everyone.

It started strong, with her campaign-launch video touting her as a pioneering female pilot going viral and drawing national attention.

And soon after he signed on, his name also began appearing in a string of press releases touting inventions and other promotions.

As of April, the company has been touting this as a success, announcing that one in five videos shared on the platform are live-streamed.

Why isn’t he touting the measure to fellow conservatives or funding what is an extremely cash-strapped Yes on I-732 operation?

Ford is calling itself a “mobility” company and touting its fleet of self-driving cars, and Tesla is, well, Tesla.

A month ago, as my colleague Tara Golshan documented, two-thirds of the pro-Saccone TV ads were touting the tax plan.

Google isn’t really touting that feature much.

While you can directly upload files, Google is touting the ability to pull objects directly into a VR workspace and edit them.

Brady was discussing a new 10 percent middle-class tax cut proposal that Trump began touting earlier this month.

The company is touting Bright as a title that takes full advantage of high-dynamic range video and Dolby Atmos sound.

Normally, companies spend their day doing interviews on the trading floor touting why their stock is a good investment.

LG is also touting how all of its ThinQ kitchen gadgets can talk to each other to make kitchen tasks easier.

Since this is Google, it’s not only touting Google Assistant support but also machine learning.

Online chat groups with names such as “Shanghai mortgage loans re-packaging” are inundated with adverts from agents touting their wares.

This is a step toward the connected city that some other automakers and companies have been touting as the way forward.

(Although the administration had no qualms touting Brennan’s endorsement of its controversial CIA director pick Gina Haspel when it served their aims).

The company also released an illustrated children’s story touting the benefits of the digital currency.

Wilder then slipped in his jabs … touting his own game rather than shading Tyson’s.

A year ago, Army officials were touting a plan to increase the force by 7,500 soldiers in fiscal year 2019.

She claims the student was sorry for what he did and deleted his posts touting the sign.

The company has been touting recent improvements to its current network.

June 2007 may mark the ten-year anniversary of Steve Jobs launching the iPhone, but in Southern California a decade ago, celebrities were touting BlackBerrys.

The company is touting a surveillance system called Lattice that would survey the motion of potential border-crossers from up to two miles away.

After countless songs touting his bachelordom and the world’s inability to tie him down, the myth that is Drake is starting to crumble.

President Donald Trump, then, will face a choice: maintain a U.S. presence in Syria in support of the SDF or pull-out, touting “mission accomplished.”

Instead, Sony is touting new AI features as the standout for the XZ3.

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine blasted off statements welcoming the HQ2 headquarters to their state, touting the economic activity it would bring.

The board had Zuckerberg’s back, issuing a statement touting the company’s progress in fighting misinformation.

Trump has also been touting a version of this conspiracy theory at his campaign events.

This will assumedly include shows from HBO, which AT&T is touting as a big gain for subscribers.

Authorities are touting the glasses’ criminal-catching capabilities, but human rights charities warn they could be used to crackdown on dissidents and activists.

Uber is not alone in touting this metric.

Hong Kong and Beijing officials have justified the unusual arrangement as a one-off, while touting its logistical and economic benefits.

Facebook is also touting live audio as an alternative to publishers trying to broadcast videos from areas with poor internet connectivity.

News for Democracy ran ads touting Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke on “The Holy Tribune,” a Facebook page targeted to evangelicals, the archive shows.

And on any other day, Zuckerberg would be touting Facebook’s ubiquitousness.

And with companies touting 5G as a viable internet option for laptops as well as phones, it would affect a broad swathe of products.

More often than not, companies are touting functionality they can’t yet deliver, though there are some real trends hidden among the puffery.

Everyone is touting programmatic as the next great thing in digital advertising, but I caution people to take a broader view.

This year, its presence was more overt: a giant billboard touting Apple’s privacy stance.

McConnell and his staff spent all of 2016 looking reporters in the eye and touting his commitment to “regular order” as a legislative approach.

You might recall Breitbart touting itself as the exclusive destination for his weekly columns.

Even the synthesizer companies were touting their ability to recreate real-world instruments, with brass being the latest innovation.

The Daily Stormer created a poster touting its involvement in the event.

This is a step toward the connected city that some other automakers and companies have been touting as the way forward.

The White House immediately released a video touting the findings.

By canceling that upgrade, the SLS will no longer be able to boast the incredible strength that NASA has long been touting.

The company is also touting a massive 50x digital zoom, although, obviously, you’ll take a hit in quality at that point.

The ambassador and his team were touting a new report called “France and the United States: A deep and mutually beneficial relationship.”

As 2017 winds to a close, many are touting President Donald Trump’s tax reform bill as his first major legislative achievement.

touting virtual technologies that are not proven and subvert care sets us all back.”

CEO Elon Musk has also pushed a driverless future to Tesla investors, touting the company’s hardware development.

touting virtual technologies that are not proven and subvert care sets us all back.

“Ads [touting] that would be used against you in court.”

All told, Google is touting over 40 different updates to the way security, permissions, and privacy are handled in Android 10 Q.

O’Rourke is touting his fundraising numbers as a clear show of his continued grassroots support.

Sprint is touting what it calls a “limited time” preorder deal for both devices.

Osborne campaigned against leaving the EU, touting estimates from his office saying the economy would implode.

Within China, tour companies are touting whirlwind package tours to couples in groups of 30 or more for pre-wedding shoots across England.

The latest crash comes at a time when Musk is touting Tesla’s plans to deploy a fleet of autonomous taxis in 2020.

U.S. and foreign automakers have been touting plans to boost American jobs and investments in the face of Trump’s comments.

Political scientists have been touting the increasing power of “negative partisanship” in our age of polarization.

“No joke Robert De Niro is low key as strong as The Rock,” Efron captioned, touting the 72-year-old’s buff figure.

At the Tin Roof BBQ outside Houston, the Republican derided O’Rourke for touting his poor rating from the National Rifle Association.

The judge said the plaintiffs failed to show they actually viewed any of Mercedes’ advertisements touting the cleaner technology.

On Wednesday, Trump brought Goodlatte to the White House — touting his work of bringing one Trump’s key promises to the forefront of Congress.

The chain has been touting the Smooth blend, the lighter of the two new offerings, as specially made for doughnut consumption.

I was not attacking my dad or calling him [an] a–hole,” Clara wrote over a screenshot of an article touting the comment.

Yu, 32, makes a living touting the tickets that Chinese hospitals sell in advance for consultations.

At that time, authorities estimated the touting ring was making 1 million reais ($310,000) per match.

“What doctors have been touting for years is that paid family leave increases the likelihood that someone will breastfeed.

Bieber teased new music on Sunday with a cryptic tweet, which was then followed a day later with a birds-of-a-feather-esque image touting the collaboration.

As a result, Founders Fund is reportedly touting hundreds of millions of dollars in returns for its investors.

As a result, Founders Fund is reportedly touting hundreds of millions of dollars in returns for its investors.

She has also expressed support for legalizing recreational marijuana, touting the tax revenue it could bring in.

Mitt Romney responded to this by seeking, obtaining, and touting Trump’s endorsement in order to secure advantage in Republican primaries.

JUUL has been touting its device largely as a means to get people off traditional tobacco; some advocates explicitly frame it as “harm reduction.”

“In my opinion, we should take the money spent on these well-produced commercials touting medical advantages of 5G and donate them to cancer research.

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has run an extensive campaign with full-page ads in Indian newspapers touting Free Basics.

And they are hunting for startups touting new tricks: Google bought Deepmind, the British firm that built AlphaGo, in 2014.

But they’re hardly touting the fact that their party’s presumptive nominee supports a terrorist gun ban as an argument in their favor.

Nixon has continued to make investment in the subway a top campaign issue, touting her own ridership to bolster her case.

First, the Superbad actor commented on the photo, touting his own singing talents.

The adjacent call centre is alive with the sound of employees touting for new business.

But he is also a successful, experienced and thoughtful governor, touting a distinctive brand of pragmatic, sleeves-rolled-up midwestern conservatism.

Russia is touting its Iron Man — a humanoid military robot — in the new global arms race that has sprung up over high-tech weaponry.

Russia is touting its Iron Man — a humanoid military robot — in the new global arms race that has sprung up over high-tech weaponry.

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, kicked off an upper-house election campaign by touting his plans to boost the country’s economy.

Does this mean that fans touting Mr Stenson’s handiwork simply have short memories?

Aryn previously raised this issue, claiming he’s only touting the kids on IG for empathy.

Bernie Sanders has been touting a Medicare-for-all plan for decades, of course, and gave the issue new prominence in last year’s presidential primaries.

Look to east African countries, hailed for their innovations in mobile banking, which are now touting a fresh source of riches: oil and gas.

US central bankers have been touting a “full employment” economy for over a year now, ever since the jobless rate started approaching 4%.

Now one organisation is touting a new approach that runs on time, not money.

Meanwhile, swarms of smaller firms, emboldened by the ease of peddling goods online, are touting supposedly healthier options.

So now it is touting free housing.

As Schrier put it, the age-old tactic of dismissing science by touting a lack of scientific expertise isn’t going to fly anymore.

The Trump campaign is turning the May filing into a point of pride, touting running an efficient and self-funded primary campaign.

State media extolled the promise of the city, touting it as a new chapter in China’s urban development.

Ramsay took to social media at the time to detail the alleged assault … touting the fact he was “ratting,” but didn’t care.

And, perhaps most importantly, at least for now, a uniquely tuned-in Federal Reserve is responding by explicitly touting and supporting these dynamics.

Ford made a commercial, narrated by Bryan Cranston, touting its achievement in creating the emoji.

Pseudo-scientists touting miracle pills and shakes.

“Now that the profile of the space is changing,” hoards of people have begun moving back or anew, touting it as the new Williamsburg.

Sanders has been touting his hopes for a political revolution that will transform politics in America, as I wrote about here.

At the same time, Disney is touting its upcoming Disney+ streaming service, expected to launch at the end of 2019.

Billboards line Yangon touting the selfie-taking skills of phones made by Vivo and Oppo, two Chinese handset-makers.

This new housing crisis is embarrassing at a time when Ireland is touting for jobs and businesses fleeing Brexit Britain.

Some equipment vendors have been touting their wares as “5G-ready”, needing only software upgrades to work with the new standards.

The two held a series of national events touting the ability to reach bipartisan agreement.

The Border Patrol has mounted a recruiting campaign across the US, touting the “fun” parts of the job, like riding ATVs and horses.

The president is touting the diluted reform on television variety shows as if it were an economic elixir.

Mr Lamb has been touting his credentials as a captain in the Marine Corps, a solid strategy for a rural, white district.

DeSantis won his primary by touting his closeness to Trump.

Where technology and economics collide A few years ago, Bitcoin advocates were touting its potential to transform the financial sector.

Sprint took the unusual step of touting its miserable performance, and doing so could save its business.

Tana Turns 21 contained an entire episode touting the uncertainty.

“But now he has stopped the work of human-rights activists,” banning the sending of leaflets to the North touting the benefits of freedom.

But touting the idea that Obama wasn’t born in the US isn’t new for Trump.

Beyond touting a strict form of Islam, the group’s political agenda is rudimentary.

Pint-toting bikers hug each other at stalls touting tattoos and drinking horns, race their bikes down the drag-strip and sway around to classic rock.

Sterile solution Instead, several firms are touting an alternative treatment called autoclaving.

Playing to the left, the Trump administration is touting what it says are the “strongest, fully enforceable labour standards of any trade agreement”.

Welder ran to the left of Davids, touting an unabashedly progressive platform that included Medicare-for-all, debt-free college, and a $15 minimum wage.

Ford announced the update in a release touting the new compatibilities, which will be available to an estimated 800,000 vehicles.

He has furnished a veneer of coherence to it all by touting agency “originalism,” a “return” of the EPA to its “basic” statutory obligations.

It shows three men in white masks touting fake machine guns and threatening to perpetrate jihad.

Gamers are selling accounts for cold, hard cash and even real-estate agents are touting monster sightings to boost sales.

touting their products online, luring customers with digital advertising and eschewing conventional retailers and marketers, they were anomalies shaking up small segments of retail.

The particular hue he favours, the one that appears in countless posters touting every official project from e-government to subsidised cooking gas, is orange.

Why, in an industry that was constantly touting “inclusivity”, did it feel that opportunities still feel slim?

Barbie is touting this year’s group of sheroes as the “most diverse lineup” honored by the brand since the program launched in 2015.

His effort to use immigrants to scare Americans rather than touting the economy to unite them lost the House.

This is a potentially important technology for Apple’s future, so it’s telling that it’s the first new feature Apple is touting.

But the main feature Facebook is touting is a video-calling service that automatically zooms, pans and focuses as people move around the room.

And the fund is touting CIC’s involvement as a strategic advantage in accomplishing this goal.

GARAN HOLCOMBEEly, Cambridgeshire Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others may well be touting their services to the energy industry.

And Signs (2002) prompted magazine covers touting Shyamalan as “the next Spielberg.”

The rubber trees produced barely anything, with Fordlandia touting only 750 tons of latex — none of which ever made it into a Ford car.

The company is also touting an Essential Home device.

Paris is touting its size, cultural richness, financial-markets tradition, derivatives talent and proximity to London.

His handlers are touting roads and sewers because they dare not focus on the economy.

In a series of tweets touting his administration’s accomplishments, he told Rapinoe she should be “proud of the Flag” she wears.

They see him as an old-school ’70s leftist touting discredited ideas like nationalizing industries.

And he went further than touting his own proposal — he challenged other Democrats to join him.

But critics of the campaign say that it only served to create hysteria around drugs, and that touting abstinence isn’t the best approach.

Tyson’s barely in the video for “If You Show Up” … but he did add some brand new verses touting his prodigy, Chris Brown.

Mitt Romney responded to this by seeking, obtaining, and touting Trump’s endorsement in order to secure advantage in Republican primaries.

Before you accuse me of spoilers, Marvel has been touting the marksman villain in its promos for Daredevil.

For others, the attraction to books and television touting ancient alien conspiracies may be a bit more racially motivated.

This is a somewhat odd policy for Clinton to be touting in the last month of the presidential election.

There is also corn,” according to a seed company ad in Argentina, touting the hashtag #LaFiebreDelMaiz (Corn Fever).

Republicans, meanwhile, are touting the benefits of their tax cuts and the improved economy.

“Yes, This is happening,” Judge wrote in an Instagram post touting the new listing a few weeks ago.

(If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen Khloé Kardashian touting its benefits in sponsored posts on her social media.

YouTube has removed a video touting Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams’ “deportation bus” for violating its hate speech standards.

“FOLLOW ME TO MEXICO.” YouTube has removed a video touting Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams’ “deportation bus” for violating its hate speech standards.

Politicians, for example, exaggerate routinely about the job-creating punch of whatever new initiative they’re touting, far beyond what most objective analysts would state.

McDonald’s is touting its technology to increase efficiency, which flows to a company’s bottom line, she said.

Apple was in second place, with 16 companies touting compatibility with HomeKit.

Uber is touting an equity value of US$75bn, which would provide ample coverage for lenders, although that valuation is only implied.

It then tacked on a vague estimate of its preexisting capital expenditure plans, which Republican politicians ran around the country touting.

That means you won’t find brands giving 1 percent of profits to charity, or just touting a one-for-one giveaway model.

“Usually Castro’s speeches were full of numbers,” Mosquera said, “touting the success of the sugarcane crop, or other positive numbers.

“The NCAA has been touting this as example of how progressive they are.

In a grainy video, he can be seen touting the benefits of the “environmentally friendly” project.

touting @PeterHamby and his team’s work.

Recognizing the limited market reach of such a vehicle, by May 2007, Musk turned to touting Tesla’s imagined future.

US touting coal for the world at #COP23.

The senator’s presidential campaign has posted a billboard in San Francisco touting her stance against the industry’s behemoths.

T-Mobile’s Legere and Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint, appeared in a video together with the announcement touting their plan to accelerate 5G development.

A day earlier, President Donald Trump made a speech touting his administration’s environmental record.

With 5GHz, 8 Cores, and 16 threads, Intel is touting its i9-9900k chip as “the world’s best gaming processor.”

After touting an “Anonymous Login” feature at its 2014 F8 developers conference, Facebook quietly killed it.

— A 1982 newspaper ad for the Magnavox Odyssey², touting its primary advantage over every other console sold during the era.

It did so by touting the iPhone as a three-in-one device that had incorporated “iPod,” “Phone” and “internet.”

My own beef is not with touting yoga’s wellness benefits; it’s with the over-promising.

Trump has perhaps been the most extreme in his touting of an election victory that turned on narrow victories in a few states.

Blac Chyna’s touting of a skin lightening beauty product is just a cash grab … because she allegedly doesn’t even use the stuff.

In its original form, the label had a winking geisha, a box of tissues, and a description touting a “huge dry-hopped stiffy.”

Amid Britney Spears‘ ongoing wellness treatment, a group touting the “#FreeBritney” movement has emerged.

Trump ended his anti-crypto PSA by touting the United States dollar, “by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World.”

The DAU metric also helps put Twitter’s user growth, which it’s been touting for years, into perspective.

I wound up touting the Trump narrative for over a decade.

While people are touting the coloring book as feminist, Sager says that isn’t necessarily its main intention.

Apple’s VP of Marketing Phil Schiller compared that version to the Air, touting it as a faster, better, lighter and thinner option.

And since Apple has also been touting the iPhone as a filmmaking tool, it’s likely the “film” will be shot on an iPhone.

The 34-year-old star has been touting the look since her Destiny’s Child days.

But instead of touting unpopular policies, the Trump administration has simply decided not to tell the truth about them.

Emily, Bella, Hailey Bieber and other models appeared in the promo video, touting the festival as the place to be in spring 2017.

The AP cited transcripts of investor conference calls from the time that revealed Bannon praising the Weinsteins and touting his relationship with the brothers.

People write books, speak for a fee, and make videos touting the conspiracy in the name of fame and cash.

Mercedes-Benz says it will electrify its “entire portfolio” by 2022, touting that the future will bring more than 50 electrified vehicles.

All the marketing around the concert has been touting the event as her only show in 2016.

BTW … he’s never visited the troops overseas, despite touting how much he’s done for the military.

That’s not just touting the many positives that come along with the Surface line — that’s straight up demeaning the competition.

He included a picture of his Instagram post last year touting the mansion he claimed to have owned.

It seems like a heavy-handed expository exchange for a show touting the CW’s first black superhero, but it doesn’t feel forced.

Media companies can trot out their signature content of the upcoming season, touting sponsors who enable #gamechanging video content.

Since the election, numerous companies have been touting their investments in the U.S. regardless of when those moves were first announced or planned.

It also has cameos from younger rappers like Joey Badass, A$AP Ferg, and A$AP Rocky touting the group’s influence.

Almost every car has a bumper sticker from some branch of the armed forces, and most have one touting membership in the MIA.

Adidas is touting it as the “most significant partnership ever created between a non-athlete and an athletic brand,” according to an announcement issued Wednesday.

Farrow had already directly replied to Lively’s tweet touting Time’s Up on Jan. 3.

As a young marketing consultant, he passed out joke business cards touting himself as a “sex education expert” available morning, “nooner,” and night.

One blog touting the digital nomad lifestyle extrapolates from statistics on remote-working employees to arrive at an estimate of 21-33 million.

Display ads appeared on Politico and the Wall Street Journal touting The Donald’s debate performance.

“Let’s learn to consume the least amount of energy possible,” Macri added, touting the environmental benefits of doing so.

“I know lots of celebrities jump up and down touting a cause –and maybe I’m no different.

Of course, Spencer slithered back into the public consciousness, touting his favourite band Depeche Mode as “the official band of the alt-right.”

“We are literally the culture that your advertising is supposedly touting (“weird,” experimental).

Saccone, meanwhile, has been touting Trump’s signature legislative achievement as a boon for the middle class.

touting the company’s software, McMaster last year said his company was “putting a bullet through Google’s head.”

Win 100k,” he raps in the clip, touting a giveaway at Old Navy.

Rep. Ted Budd (North Carolina 13th District)Gun shop owner Ted Budd ran for Congress by touting his “outsider status.”

Bentley claims its car can reach speeds of up to 187 miles per hour, while also touting some impressive off-road capabilities.

Gribbin, was touting them as the backbone of the administration’s plan at another event.

Say this for Anderson, whom I’ve been touting as a “deep” add for a month: Bryce Petty sure does like him.

He has vowed his party would continue to focus on development, touting a faster-growing economy as proof of his success.

Sandals Beaches & Resorts is touting up to $1,730 in savings as part of its Cyber Monday deals.

Delhi’s image is deteriorating more widely, a headache for tour promoters and a government touting “Brand India”.

A day earlier, President Donald Trump made a speech touting his administration’s environmental record.

Beijing leaders have started again touting “one country, two systems” as a model for Taiwan, which they consider a wayward province.

There’s a cost in overhyping stem cells, but the media has been touting their benefits for years and years.

It spent the most time at its Google I/O developer conference talking about AI and machine learning, touting new projects like Google Lens.

A Bloomberg report on Thursday said Trump is touting a 60-day extension to the truce.

Athletes and celebrities jumped on board, touting the benefits to the media.

Williams is among dozens of former NFL players who are publicly and loudly touting the recuperative powers of cannabis.

Apple is touting ease, security, convenience and cash incentives to lure in customers.

China has been increasingly active in deep sea exploration, touting the exploits of its Jiaolong manned submersible vehicle.

The hype in this video touting The European Southern Observatory’s under-construction Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) is literally out of this world.

touting his home state’s record of reduced incarceration and falling crime rates.

But Sling still tries to cater to would-be Hulu subscribers by touting its on-demand library.

Merch is very transaction-focused compared with a subscription,” Hearst explains, touting the high lifetime value of recurring payments over one-off purchases.

For days, President Obama’s staff have been touting this speech as optimistic.

The news comes during the E3 conference, where the company has been touting its tactile VR technology and games using Oculus Touch for Rift.

Then suddenly — in from left field– comes a candidate touting income inequality as his primary platform.

The former first lady filmed a video touting the resume and experience of her second-eldest son.

He’s also touting his new “Chong’s Choice” marijuana, which will bear his name and likeness.

John Kasich made the case for his candidacy Tuesday by touting the $4 million in ad money opponents are spending against him.

A week after Google launched a game streaming service “Project Stream“ in beta, Microsoft’s touting its own take on the category.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign for months has been touting its superior organization.

(Just see these stories in The Hill and Breitbart, with headlines touting their newfound accord.)

Speaking this week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest insisted that Sanders and Clinton would be best served touting Obama’s economic achievements.

Why it matters: Ahead of their IPO, Snapchat executives have been touting their ability to monetize their highly-engaged audience through different advertising features.

While confidently touting his strong support in New Hampshire, Trump has largely left the predictions game to the pundits this week.

But in a move to court plant eaters, Taco Bell is touting its vegetarian options as an oasis in a sea of meat.

But after touting his own ability to defeat terrorist threats and slamming stupid government leaders, Trump never got to No.

That was Barack Obama in 2012 touting the opening of an Intel factory in Arizona, per the AP.

Bush, and the campaign is hoping that touting the family name will generate some buzz.

He continues to deny the allegations, which include charges of forming a cartel, facilitating an international touting ring, and ambush or illicit marketing.

While supporters are touting the permanency of the ban, it is also true that any law can be undone by a future Congress.

Clinton, too, has dealt with touting endorsements that haven’t actually happened.

Since 1990, various measures have been put in place to try and crack down on touting.

He’s also an excellent name-dropper, touting his love for not just Michael Jackson’s music, but the man, who lived in Trump Tower.

To be sure, the company has been on a streak of touting its business successes.

The difference, Cook, says Apple is less flashy when it comes to touting future developments.

Sharing and touting the achievements of women can also help counter the stereotypes that genius is reserved for men.

Nail aficionados have long been touting school-kid-safe glue as the secret to a clean and even manicure.

Martinez is touting the investment as a win in its effort to bring technology and energy projects to the state.

In recent days the Cruz campaign, and Cruz himself, have been touting their numbers with younger voters.

Signs above water fountains say “please don’t drink,” and restaurants have dropped signs advertising food specials in favor of those touting “Detroit water.”

“We have all the data to assess credit worthiness” the CEO says, touting the speed with which Flexport could do that research.

The biohacker space is not low on gurus touting their methods, and HVMN may not be able to rise above the din.

He’s also been touting stances that might make him more palatable to female voters.

Why it matters: Snapchat has been touting engagement metrics for years to show the core loyalty of its core audience of younger users.

Some are attempting to set themselves apart my touting “organic” products – plants grown outside with sunlight instead of indoors with heat bulbs.

“But the voters are savvier than that,” he said, touting his “proven record fighting to defend the Second Amendment.”

As his term winds down, Obama has focused on touting his presidential record before mostly friendly crowds.

Raquel, who is homeless, believes her husband and child will meet her at this very spot beneath flashy billboards touting the next blockbuster film.

The startup, however, is currently touting its in-app support model, which reaches a potentially broader market beyond just mobile gaming.

“The problem with the country right now is it’s so divided,” he said, after touting his success in the GOP primaries.

The American Petroleum Institute is running a new online advertising campaign touting natural gas as a reliable and resilient electricity source.

It is not customary for the environmental chief of the U.S. to be touting natural gas as an economic solution to another country.

Cruz tried again to consolidate the anti-Trump movement, touting in a Milwaukee speech the $2 million he said his campaign has raised Tuesday alone.

Leading Republican and Democratic candidates are touting an anti-trade message.

George Pataki, spent most of his speech touting his electability and countering Trump’s message.

Democratic political candidates are touting the line, and the bipartisan Conference of Mayors endorsed the concept last year.

And Sanders sent out a fundraising plea Wednesday touting the campaign’s hopes for Tuesday.

The GOP has been touting its repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, one of the least popular pieces of the law.

Soon, e-commerce companies were touting similar technology, and, as a result, the internet became a better place for consumers and for brands.

Since last week, Johnson has made the rounds touting his newly minted alliance with former Massachusetts Gov.

Rossi posted a snarky reply to Facebook, touting his personal accomplishments in qualifying for Boston.

The Iraqi government started touting the planned operation to retake Falluja last week.

But at a guess, based on SoundCloud previously touting 100 million+ tracks, it’s around 25 million new songs.

In 2012, Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduced Curiel at his confirmation hearing, touting the judge’s “extraordinary experience” and decades in the courtroom.

The company is touting 71% year-over-year growth per customer since last year.

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama may have canceled his first campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton, but he’s not avoiding touting her history-making campaign.

touting the second-quarter growth pace, Trump said on Wednesday he was ready to work with Congress on tax reform.

Without monthly fees or overdraft charges, Chime tries to appeal to the millennial generation, touting its affordability and easy-to-use app.

Fattah issued a statement Tuesday afternoon touting his work on education and home foreclosures, saying he’s “proud of that record.”

Ahead of this parade, Clinton’s campaign released a series of videos touting her record on issues impacting the gay community.

Quoted: The big picture: Saudi Aramco is at this conference, CERAWeek by IHS Markit, in part touting its increased research and development focus.

Former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina slammed Trump for touting his endorsement from Tyson when she was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s vice presidential pick.

The Trump administration released a report Wednesday touting its tech-focused work across government in areas like artificial intelligence and biotech.

The big picture: Trump campaign staffers have been touting their digital prowess ever since their candidate upset Clinton.

Rather, many are casting blame elsewhere while touting tax reform and enhanced defense funding.

Garry came to New York to talk to me about it, touting this new brilliant comedian they had discovered on a “Happy Days” episode.

Trump spent the most time on immigration — touting his call for a U.S.-Mexico border wall (with chants of “build that wall!”

Normally, companies spend their day doing interviews on the trading floor touting why their stock is a good investment.

He offered consulting services, touting access to Trump, and Ford swiftly rejected the offer.

They’re not just talking about issues differently; they’re touting completely different issues to motivate activists and win hotly contested primaries.”

touting success in initiatives undertaken to strengthen the undergraduate education experience, Dirks referred to the chancellor position as the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

The company is also touting its own special sauce — the software that’s embedded on each key, which protects against tampering.

And executives have cheered the progress they are making in subscriptions, touting Apple Music’s 13 million paying subscribers.

Trump soon began touting them at his rallies and even bringing them on stage with him a few times, cementing their celebrity status.

Carville, who has a new book, “We’re still right, they’re still wrong,” defended the Clinton Foundation on “AC360” by touting its achievements.

Even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen one of the countless articles touting the city’s “rebirth” or “revitalization.”

Driving home this point are the regular segments on morning shows touting mobile payments as “the next big thing.” Thank you, Matt Lauer.

Yet it’s a story that’s all but buried under the flashier headlines touting sex, drugs, and uncontrollable rage.

Clinton is “an insider fighting only for her donors and insiders,” Trump said, touting his outsider status.

While touting their seemingly made-up story, the couple also visited the Syracuse University football team during one of their practices in August 2017.

He said he was deeply skeptical that simply touting the economic wonders of tax reform would be enough to save the House.

The Trump campaign has unabashedly applauded the leaks, touting WikiLeaks at rallies and in press releases.

Blue and orange and green, big bold letters touting candidates for a variety of political offices.

Trump, meanwhile, has fumed privately to aides while publicly touting the success of his meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Also at the request of the administration, industry groups issued a study in May touting the broad economic benefits of the policy.

“Now he’s sending out brochures touting his cooperation with me.

The book quoted the company president touting their construction projects “for world-renowned developers including Jorge Perez, Craig Robins and Donald Trump.”

Hickey and nine others were charged with ticket touting, conspiracy, and ambush marketing.

In 1996, Clinton made a speech in New Hampshire touting the 1994 crime bill her husband passed into law.

After months of touting his Southern state strategy, though, Cruz seems likely to lose to Trump across the so-called SEC primary states.

As with wine and chocolate, we love touting coffee’s potential health benefits.

These two are now touting their candidate’s superior character.

“Let’s learn to consume the least amount of energy possible,” Macri added, touting the environmental benefits of doing so.

Even in states that have adopted the expansion, Democrats are touting their support and arguing that Republican opponents would scale back the program.

Minutes later, he spotted a fireman’s helmet and held that up on stage as well, touting his support among firemen.

What we’re hearing: The Saudis are increasingly touting the carbon footprint of their crude, according to multiple sources.

“Transparency, which you were touting yesterday, is woefully lacking where it matters most,” Cuomo said.

Westinghouse landed the contracts by touting its AP1000 design as safer, as well as cheaper and quicker to construct.

That address was darker in tone, warning of a deteriorating society and touting his ability to fix the country’s problems.

It’s touting this as a helpful feature if you’re trying to recover from a ransomware attack.

(It did make a point of touting Portal’s built-in privacy features.)

touting is going on, there aren’t adequate insurance checks or legal background checks with a lot of these PHV new licences.

The Marines are touting the F-35B’s versatility, calling it “a true force multiplier.”

The governor was touting the success of the Affordable Care Act and MNSure, the state’s health care marketplace, when he fell ill.

In one particularly colorful exchange, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, asked about an Obamacare replacement plan that Trump has been touting in public.

(CNN)She never appears on screen, but Selena Gomez still has good reason to be touting her new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.”

It’s not what he wanted — a band of countries with global clout touting free trade and liberal values.

Or will he stick with his recent tactics of touting his election victory, bashing the media and lambasting Democrats?

The President’s habit of touting the grandeur of forthcoming plans that are, in reality, a long way off, has often complicated the process.

That explains why he devoted a considerable portion of the address to touting his achievements so far.

Williams has been a Berlei Sport brand ambassador since 2014, touting the bras’ minimal bounce and vibrant styles.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley joined Leahy in touting the reform bill that the two of them have worked on.

A few hours later, Spicer was at the podium touting the numbers, which accounted for the first full month of Trump’s presidency.

Trump celebrated his 50th day by touting positive economic news.

Republicans will praise Gorsuch, touting his judicial sobriety and personal decency.

And he was tired of trying to stay on top of the avalanche of clinical trials touting one solution or another.

From a computer science perspective, Nanit is touting a rather impressive consumer application of machine learning.

A booming economy and strong job market has the Trump administration touting big wins for Americans.

Many studies have replicated these results, with their authors — and the media — touting them as evidence that gaydar exists.

Reality check: Apple is touting privacy and security as differentiators for all its offerings.

Walmart is touting delivery partnerships with Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxleHire and Roadie.

That’s nowhere close to the 100,000 the book’s publicity team were touting.

The $1 billion it’s currently touting isn’t readily available.

According to the Hill, Obama released a lengthy statement Thursday touting Obamacare’s achievements.

There are currently plenty of brands touting custom embroidered or printed garb.

Arpaio promoted the desert camp, burnishing his reputation and touting himself as “America’s toughest sheriff.”

(CNN)On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet touting his party’s special election victory in Kansas on Tuesday.

US President Donald Trump has been touting a “bonding” with Chinese President Xi Jinping that could perhaps see unified action against Pyongyang.

YouTube glosses over this by touting the successes of its bigger channels.

It’s no surprise then that on Monday morning Trump retweeted this tweet from the Drudge Report touting a new Rasmussen poll.

“HIs compliments, however, tend to be less substantial in terms of touting the complimentee’s professional credentials or abilities, and are rather generally evaluative.”

No longer are they attracted to the poster of the police officer with the shotgun, touting the starting salary, she said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the company’s I/O developer conference by touting new search features and a renewed focus on privacy.

Trump and his team, though, have been unabashed when touting what they have accomplished through executive orders.

Jacobs says other weather agencies, including the ECMWF, are better at touting their forecasting skill: “We don’t claim the wins.

Today, he still has strong views on gun control — touting that his state stands up for “common sense gun safety reforms.”

But not all Palestinians see Hamas’s move as the conciliatory gesture Meshaal is touting it as.

“He’s running in many ways by touting his executive experience, so this will put it to a big test.

The company is touting the safety potential of autonomous vehicle technologies for cross-country hauls.

Bill Cosby Fast Facts On Monday, two of his daughters released statements professing their father’s innocence and touting his achievements.

Nope, not a new lipstick hue or haircut, she’s touting an iPhone case that gives her “perfectly lit” photos.

“We’ve saved the second amendment,” he said, after touting his work on immigration, job creation and tax reform.

Urban Airship was also touting the changes earlier this week, via a press release.

In it, Arad promises a “stimulating and rewarding experience” for Trump, touting “new opportunities for the peace that has so long eluded us.”

The acclaimed Inglourious Basterds actor has signed on with Samsung for a silly new ad touting the company’s eagerly anticipated Note 7 phablet.

His Saudi hosts are touting his visit as historic.

Republican senators are also touting automatic enrollment as a means to bolster coverage.

Once Trump finished touting his administration’s accomplishments, he turned to several of his newly-minted Cabinet secretaries like Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

If we thought unplugging from the landline phone was big, retailers are now touting cordless fuel-cell-based products.

The President himself tweeted early Sunday morning touting his economic record.

King and Warner are deficit hawks, with both touting the 2010 Bowles-Simpson plan that would have made deep cuts to Social Security.

The company held a meeting for analysts at the terminal in November 2014, touting that $100 million project.

For example, an image touting the “Happy Blues” TV show would actually be an offer from Old Navy.

Trump wasn’t the only one touting the odd alliance.

Maybe the company should feel a little foolish for shipping products released just this week in packaging still touting AirPower.

That’s probably not something he’ll be touting on Twitter anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Ronda is feeling herself and touting an award around.

And Donald Trump was still just touting lies about Obama’s birth certificate.

Trump has written extensively about the trait in his books, as well, touting it as the most critical quality as person can have.

“There are probably hundreds of tickers out there touting a connection to cannabis,” Raiden says.

Honey is “100% natural and very healthy,” she said, touting its additional health benefits like helping manage seasonal allergies.

But a promotion that spends six hours touting a crowd of around 100,000 fans while simultaneously muting them, has crossed into uncharted territory.

The letter was in response to heavy marketing by companies touting the benefits of their programs based on scant scientific data.

Later in the day, he was back on track, touting a new VA announcement and his trip to West Virginia for a campaign rally.

At the same time, Pandora is touting a a lot of success for its existing audio message product.

Google, currently touting an $817 billion market cap, can afford to support Waymo.

Washington (CNN)Former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince is publicly touting a proposal to shake up the US military strategy in Afghanistan.

The report highlighted Credit Suisse’s public statements to investors touting the amount of new assets that flowed into its private bank.

When Trump did speak out days later, he began his statement by touting his administration’s accomplishments on the economy, trade and job creation.

They’ve been touting their first openly gay character and applauding Belle as a feminist character.

Trump led his brief statement by touting his return to Washington and positive economic news.

If a show is called a “comedy,” as Powerless has been touting itself, why doesn’t it feature a woman comedian at the center?

A rally touting free speech took place Saturday in Boston Common.

On Tuesday morning, Vice President Mike Pence published an op-ed in USA Today touting Trump’s Afghanistan agenda.

The feature is one of several improvements to the Play Store that Google is touting today.

However, that hasn’t stopped diet companies from touting the benefits of low-carb or even no-carb diets.

“You have done so much for the prestige of the services,” Trump said, touting the bravery of the Coast Guard during rescue efforts.

Yu, 32, makes a living touting the tickets that Chinese hospitals sell in advance for consultations.

My guess is that these three Democrats will not be touting Bannon’s kind words about them.

Maven is also touting over 23 million miles driven across 12,000 reservations at this point, after a launch in early 2016.

Some are touting Rihanna’s makeup line, sold exclusively at Sephora, as a game-changer.

Soon after Air Force One landed, he gave a few brief remarks touting the hard work of the various state and federal agencies.

And the company is rapidly trying to expand beyond its traditional focus on smartphones and tablets, touting its services revenue on recent calls.

We’ve seen plenty of campaigns come and go touting the “free internet”, but using wireless data as a currency is interesting.

Walmart, meanwhile, wooed shoppers with ads touting free, two-day shipping without the need for membership ahead of the sale.

By Tuesday evening he was back on Air Force One touting his administration’s relief efforts once again.

YouTube wasn’t the only one touting its big debate numbers, we should note.

Trump pushed back by touting similar allegations against her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

And they are adamant that the medication can be life-changing for patients, touting how safe and benign it is.

So why do we so readily reduce ourselves to labels, touting our introversion or extraversion like a blood type?

“We have great unity,” Trump said, touting the “standing ovations” the Republicans senators gave him during his Tuesday visit.

The dual award can give the IOC a decade of stability with two world-class cities touting financially secure bids.

And many of these newcomers have been touting their access to locals as one of their benefits.

The company is also touting “worldwide interest” and “sales momentum” for its HTC 10 smartphone, but isn’t breaking out any actual sales figures.

(After all, touting natural ingredients only gets you so far — the products have to really work, too.)

Last week, Trump shared a similar video of his daughter-in-law, Lara, touting off his recent successes.

“I was certainly touting the support of pro-life leaders and organizations and pro-family leaders and organizations.

The Canadian government had urged President Barack Obama to approve the project, touting its job-creating potential.

Trump addressed US troops serving overseas via satellite earlier Thursday, thanking them for their service and touting his leadership for their success.

We hope touting in a sentence examples were helpful.