Thoughtful in a sentence | Use of the word thoughtful examples

The moon enters Virgo at 7:19 PM, finding us in a helpful, thoughtful mood.

But even though it’s sleek, frequently thoughtful, and always cool, Westworld’s scattered self never coheres into anything.

There’s tremendous fodder for thoughtful consideration, ready laughter, and recognition in these works.

And I’m so glad someone as thoughtful as you is thinking about it.

You’re more thoughtful than most people.

It is thoughtful self-awareness, meant as a contrast to the belligerent certainty more common in politics these days — very much Mayor Pete’s brand.

There’s also been a shift in the economic assumptions of Democratic policymakers and thoughtful politicians.

It actually rewards you to just be a little bit more thoughtful and do your diligence a little bit more.

The trio’s chats about movies ranging from Avengers: Infinity War to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri have been wide-ranging, thoughtful, and terrific.

She has an unparalleled command of policy details, a set of practical and thoughtful proposals, and a deep knowledge of foreign policy.

They praised the show’s thoughtful take on the news and its unusually diverse lineup of guests.

It’s thoughtful, sweet, and something they’ll be glad to have for years to come.

Having a professional-looking, organized way to start off the year like a monogrammed Moleskine planner is a thoughtful and useful gift.

Especially if they’re leaving town post-graduation, this is one thoughtful way to take some of their best four years with them.

It’s the sort of thoughtful science fiction that I grew up reading, and that I wish we saw more of on screen.

Governor Brown, please add Kevin Cooper to your legacy of smart, fair and thoughtful criminal justice reforms.

I’ve always known my friends as teenage girls to be thoughtful, smart, funny, beautiful people.

This version of Donald Trump is a thoughtful policymaker who carefully weighs costs and benefits and pushes policy in a more rational direction.

It’s more consistent, more thoughtful, and more confident in the scope of its story.

It was thoughtful.

I immediately worried that complaining about politics is petty in a book as thoughtful as Jaar’s.

So we choose a different path: Collecting as little of your data as possible, being thoughtful and respectful when it’s in our care.

We’ve been talking with a very thoughtful executive.

“So let’s see it done in a humane and viable and thoughtful way,” Powell Jobs said.

Clearly, this volatility trading — based on short-term news and random drifts in price — does nothing to reward firms for thoughtful, long-term strategies.

It was a truly touching, thoughtful performance, and it still resonates 13 years later.

When he speaks English, he’s quiet, his gestures are subdued, and he makes a lot of thoughtful pauses.

Thus far, libra means a thoughtful Facebook, an adult Facebook, a Facebook we can trust.

(I’m still not sure how they expected a genuine, thoughtful response from a child who hadn’t even passed fifth grade.)

The thoughtful gameplay has resonated with an audience beyond the visually impaired, and demonstrates what the future of lightweight accessible gaming could look like.

I think they’re not thoughtful.

I heard a great deal of thoughtful feedback on Twitter from parents of black kids.

Before this was helpfully brought to my attention by a thoughtful 23-year-old, I didn’t even realize I had a body type.

Then, the conversation immediately turns to a thoughtful discussion of method and artistic evolution.

“Getting unintentionally pregnant more than once is irresponsible, but it’s still necessary to make a thoughtful decision.

Atmospheric and soul-stirring, Taylor’s sculptures appear to be thoughtful, contemplative beings.

And of course, patronizing defenses of unfettered speech, not thoughtful concern for those individuals who have been silenced and violated by that same speech.

Their views are thoughtful, diverse and illuminating.

The Morgan Library regularly mounts thoughtful, full-scale exhibitions, but it really excels at showcasing singular (or, in this case, three small) objects.

Javi is an incredibly thoughtful, strategic and analytical leader, and I’m confident this work will continue to go well.

Boulter came prepared to this interview, full of thoughtful self-reflection and a predecided ranking that had clearly been labored over.

“My approach to philanthropy will continue to be thoughtful.

“MacKenzie is going to be amazing and thoughtful and effective at philanthropy, and I’m proud of her,” he said on Twitter.

There were people — you know this better than anybody — so thoughtful in that last semester, just so mindful how they’re communicating, so heartfelt.

“I think there’s a temptation to write off improvisors as not necessarily thoughtful, or they’re like wild or free.

I’m a much more thoughtful songwriter now.

She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person.

Black’s thoughtful approach, however—from where it airs to how it hits key notes—represents something new and different.

Lisa Says Gah: Lisa Says Gah, founded by former Nasty Gal buyer Lisa Williams, is known for its thoughtful selection and editorial-like product photos.

People will be speaking from an honest, thoughtful place early this month.

This is thanks to the thoughtful detail on the lush illustrations.

They don’t have to be terribly expensive, just something thoughtful.

Thus, they must be very, very careful and thoughtful in their choices.

Some of those conversations are more thoughtful than others, but I think it diminished the film — which was never very heavyweight to begin with.

It’s a thoughtful look at parasocial relationships and stars Mooney in his best role yet.

The key is to sound thoughtful rather than empty-headed.

Yet, the demand “for thoughtful children’s books that celebrate a multicultural society has never been greater,” De Doncker added.

You can also expect lots of cinematic moments with thoughtful dialogue, especially as Nadine and Chloe work out their mixed feelings for each other.

Driving dynamics are fine-tuned here in the thoughtful kind of way you would expect from a true supercar.

The Moon enters intellectual Air sign Libra at 9:51 AM, putting people in a thoughtful, friendly mood.

(When I speak to Conway before the plea, he describes Burke as inquisitive in their meetings, always provoking thoughtful discussions about his own defense.)

And you did really good stuff, thoughtful stuff.

I did a lot of quick, fast stuff, and you would do deep, thoughtful, insightful, long pieces.

So if you are a parent who saves and is thoughtful about spending, your children are picking that up.

But I want him to be a fighter…” He trails off, a thoughtful look on his expressive face.

The vibe is thoughtful and communicative tonight.

He is thoughtful.

“By parsing it over 100 days, it gives us an opportunity to be thoughtful and not overwhelm with every piece.

They’ve been really careful and thoughtful about every new currency they bring to the platform.

They have been really thoughtful about being communicative with their customers.

But if you want people to not hate you … you should probably try and do it in a responsible, thoughtful way.

But in addition to being unqualified, he gives the impression of just not being a thoughtful person.

Turns out, barista’s can be thoughtful in their own cattily acerbic way—you just might not appreciate it.

It’s a thoughtful, important argument that UBI fans ought to take seriously.

In Shevek, Le Guin creates a thoughtful, imperfect, and inquisitive guide to the two worlds and their textured citizens.

Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet.

He didn’t bring a well-rehearsed, thoughtful answer to a question about his secretly recorded remarks — something he had to have known would come up.

“The new rules apply to words, pictures, maps, games, animation, and sound of an ‘informational and thoughtful nature,'” the Financial Times reported.

Fabricio Werdum is not always the most crisp, technical striker but he is a wily, thoughtful fighter.

Naharin is so thoughtful about his work that getting a glimpse into his mind deepens our understanding of the dance.

thoughtful, scientific work right until the final bell.

In the last few years, Horowitz has reemerged as a thoughtful, considered artist.

and Ansari hit fans hard in part because of the thoughtful nature of their comedy — these were supposed to be the good guys.

Previously considered something like comic relief, Lobov looked crisp and thoughtful against the dangerous counter puncher, Teruto Ishihara.

In the process, he provided a thoughtful explanation for why critics write if that dazzling omnipotence is gone.

But what makes it so compelling is the voice of its narrator: thoughtful, funny, and eminently lovable Cassandra.

Jason’s thoughtful tribute came a few days after Luke died from a massive stroke he’d suffered 5 days earlier.

And Gronk was thoughtful enough to give people some hair of the dog before their included photo op with the man(child).

Because John McCain cautiously and intelligently asked for people to be thoughtful before voting for him?

Dealing with this well rooted system demands a very thoughtful approach and a foolproof strategy which is novel and surgical.

In my experience, many people are hungry for these kinds of thoughtful encounters but have ceased to believe they are possible.

This touching, thoughtful show deserves to be seen again, and we hope to find it listed at another venue soon.

She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person,” Trump said in a statement released by the White House.

It’s a warm and joyous romp of a book, with a beautifully constructed romance and a thoughtful examination of intersectional privilege.

The writing became almost as important as anything else in the project; over the years it has become more thoughtful and deeper.

Part of it is you have to be editorially thoughtful.

These things were built to be open but you live in a world where you’ve got to be really thoughtful about that.

And he has some careful, thoughtful things to say about marriage and family and home, and how they come together and fall apart.

It will take thoughtful and ethical humans to create computer understanding that can elevate the rest of humanity.

So it will take thoughtful and ethical humans to create computer understanding that can elevate the rest of humanity.

Object labels offer little in the way of rigorous analysis or thoughtful context, instead relying on corny dad humor to appeal to patrons.

Its version of Starfleet feels very little like the rational, thoughtful Starfleet of many other Trek series and movies.

Luna’s unexpected passing at the age of 68 interrupted a steady flow of thoughtful and provocative performance art.

The song is a slow, thoughtful ballad, steeped in tradition and more than a little heartache.

I think this is a perfect storm of a really thoughtful media product within a true-crime space.

Or will a more thoughtful, patient Cyborg show some science of her own?

Cudi flows on point, flipping his pace when needed on the track, keeping it on point and thoughtful.

Page’s post is thoughtful, thorough, and wrenching.

“We’ll take the issue up in a thoughtful manner,” he said.

Prepping is a long-term, thoughtful kind of hoarding.

Again, that doesn’t mean that some of these aren’t smart, thoughtful cuts.

It’s a thoughtful, serious film from a filmmaker whose first feature film was explicitly about guns.

“We’re being thoughtful about it,” he said.

“Many of these articles are, on their own merits, laudable,” wrote Media Matters’ Matt Gertz in a thoughtful analysis.

It takes abnormal amounts of narcissistic hubris, which most thoughtful people just don’t have.

But in many ways, he is the person in those interviews: thoughtful, sensitive, and concerned.

After this photo of a large and thoughtful home run galoot, I will run down my preliminary findings.

Then, you have to have … know the art of thoughtful disagreement.

That art of thoughtful disagreement, to find …

Second, you have to execute that art of thoughtful disagreement.

There’s the intellectual thoughtful prefrontal cortex you, that when you say, “Would you like to know your weaknesses?

I’m saying, now, if you could have thoughtful disagreement …

Second is, then, to know the art of thoughtful disagreement, okay?

Dakota says we should be thoughtful of whom we hex, but adds that any reasons for hexing are private, and entirely up to us.

When they try to be more thoughtful it’s really helpful.

I think you were come from the era where there were thoughtful broadcasts that you put together every night.

You can put thoughtful things in these mediums.

People need to take thoughtful actions to fix this problem.”

“It’s balanced by a few things — 90% of the stuff I got online was not only lovely and encouraging but phenomenally thoughtful.

Usually, you are thoughtful and considerate when you communicate.

It’s very rewarding to see a gentle, thoughtful, contemplative film meet with the success it has so far.”

We’re experimenting with form and content this month to make sure you’re getting an email that’s concise, thoughtful, entertaining, and informative.

The film offers thoughtful ideas to those concerned about how art and creativity will persist in a world dominated by “perfect” technology.

You write me those thoughtful notes.

Most people don’t write me thoughtful notes.

You’ll need to keep your cool when faced with emotional moments this month, and make careful, thoughtful decisions.

See, Virgo, you need to be as self-critical and thoughtful as we’re being with this horoscope.

This is more interesting and thoughtful than the Franken-framing, and it speaks, I think, to something important in Trump’s rise.

He’s a thoughtful person.” I think he has a good reason to do that more.

“My approach to philanthropy will continue to be thoughtful.

And I was in that film with Ellen Page, who wrote something very beautiful recently and very strong and thoughtful recently.”

It’s compelling, inventive, often frightening TV, and everyone involved created something surprisingly rich and thoughtful on a minuscule budget.

Few TV heavyweights have done as much to tell thoughtful, moving stories about teenagers as Jason Katims.

For six seasons, his Parenthood told thoughtful stories about people struggling with very mundane, very real problems.

Lincoln in the Bardo is a thoughtful, readable, and beautifully constructed novel, a kind of A Fine and Private Place for the 21st century.

And though the film doesn’t totally cohere, its thoughtful visual style keeps its exploration of time and memory interesting.

“Every day, there was thoughtful, careful attention to the law and arguments,” he said.

Tacoma is, however, a clever game with a thoughtful story to tell about life, people, and technology.

Composed during a typically frigid Edmonton winter, the music takes a darker direction, tempering the high-energy of her DJ sets with thoughtful exploration.

Hughes goes out of his way to portray Zuckerberg as a normal, thoughtful guy, driven king-mad by competition.

She is quite sophisticated, and thoughtful and aware.

That said, because it’s really important to get this right, thoughtful debate on the issue is necessary and welcome.

On the other, innovation without thoughtful oversight raises the specter of security, privacy and ethical breaches.

Maria nodded, thoughtful.

He has a master’s degree from Yale Divinity School; his colleagues find him genuine and thoughtful.

Even her ideological opponents find her thoughtful and sincere.

In order to succeed, however, these efforts must be undertaken in a thoughtful, deliberative, and responsible way.

Forget thoughtful prestige dramas.

De Commarque wants to inspire thoughtful meditations in those who see his converted vessel.

Be thoughtful and mindful about these devices and the fact that you control them.

“Contemporary art, and art museums, play a central role in sparking thoughtful discussions around the world in which we live.”

She will have polished answers to questions of policy, where Trump is likely to be less thoughtful and more deflective.

In Jackson, Ley is empowering young female artists through her letterpress business, Thimblepress, and is casting light on local creatives through her thoughtful writing.

He was, as always in our interactions over the years, positive, immensely friendly, and thoughtful: “It’s a real thing.

It just might be the single best TV show in production right now, with great laughs but also rich, thoughtful character depth.

The likelihood of finding a thoughtful yet Instagram brag-worthy enough gift before February 14 is looking low.

This is exactly the kind of thoughtful answer reporters might have been hoping for from Bloys, to no avail.

Considering that French duo Daft Punk have historically been as thoughtful about their image (robot suits, ornate live show, album art, etc.)

One big difference between the two eras, say Patch employees, is that the new Patch is more thoughtful about where it deploys resources.

The thoughtful sequencing of the setlist went uninterrupted until the final track of the encore.

“Helena was a smart, kindhearted, and thoughtful person.

Was it a thoughtful, melancholy look at a bunch of people preparing to die in a battle with the Night King and his army?

But that’s all the more reason to be thoughtful about what we do and why.

thoughtful structural innovations also improve the experience.

Because usually he’s pretty thoughtful about people here.

—Libby Nelson Fellow loud woman Lindy West’s collection of essays is a thoughtful, funny, and revealing read, most definitely.

But yeah, this sort of is the one where it’s more thoughtful.

That’s a thoughtful question I don’t have a good answer for.

Take that, Aunt Sheryl: I am, too, a thoughtful gift-giver.

He’s a thoughtful guy.

It’s important to be very thoughtful.

The result is a thoughtful, considerate, and fascinating film that both celebrates a culture and inspires its preservation.

He seems more thoughtful.

Then to use that economic security to create fantastic, secure households to raise thoughtful, considerate, empathetic children.

Obama was more thoughtful and better spoken than Trump is—you can’t imagine him saying, “I want, number-one, the safety of our country.

She could be processing either good or bad news and her thoughtful expression could erupt into pleasure or disquiet in seconds.

Eventually, though, Eisenberg—who is a good mix of thoughtful and playful—can be a willing interview subject.

“As that gap widens, the space for thoughtful articulation of women’s lived experiences gets smaller and smaller.

This is somewhat rich coming from Pirro, who isn’t known for her even-handed, thoughtful discourse.

The follow-up episode, where various characters began to cope with Will’s death, was a thoughtful consideration of grief, if nothing else.

The apparently thoughtful dealers included a special warning to “use longe das crianças,” or “use away from children.

But Chernobyl also makes the case for more thoughtful episodic construction of TV shows.

Of course fandom is full of thoughtful, smart people who are creating incredible fanworks and making deeply substantive contributions to the cultural conversation.

And even in her more dramatic roles, she brings the gravitas — and comic timing — of a well-spoken, thoughtful, and hilarious chameleon of sorts.

I bet if anyone could think of something like that, I think of all the people he’s the most thoughtful.

So you were very thoughtful about how many texts you sent.

I think they’re great at positioning themselves as really thoughtful, progressive, interested, engaged citizens.

It can push for better, more thoughtful representation and instill humanity in characters.

But the poetry itself is surprising and thoughtful.

“She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person.

But I still wasn’t quite prepared for just how good, and thoughtful, and effortless season two would feel.

Although he too expressed serious misgivings about UTA’s program and lack of community engagement, Deborda maintained a thoughtful, reasoned perspective.

That’s super thoughtful.

She said she considers Trump to be thoughtful and levelheaded.

It was a thoughtful invasion, a methodical exploration behind enemy lines.

The most thoughtful display, though (and perhaps even the best booth) is that of the Chicago Artists Coalition.

But beyond its big fight, Endgame offers thoughtful ruminations on grief, failure, and mourning.

The Epiphany Machine is a thoughtful, philosophical novel about self-knowledge and friendship and the way the internet interacts with art.

In person, Negga is quick with a joke and a thoughtful response.

“You have to be thoughtful about it,” Tarter starts, then pauses.

Trump met with Republican senators on Capitol Hill for lunch this week, a gathering described as thoughtful and positive.

We took a private photo with a gift just given to us — we should have been more thoughtful.

“I want to be thoughtful about what we say publicly,” Charla eventually says.

So I think being really thoughtful early on, putting yourself in a ton of social situations, go out, meet people.

Chiang is thoughtful about the rules of his imagined technologies.

This requires a thoughtful and compelling arc—one that spirals outward while pairing stories together, building resonance despite settings, characters, and plots shifting.

Tim’s calm and thoughtful.

He’s very calm and thoughtful, so everything slows down to his calm, thoughtful pace.

“Every day, there was thoughtful, careful attention to the law and arguments,” he said.

I’m not always the most thoughtful before I speak, so it was really just sort of the gut reaction was like, “Absolutely not.

Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse is one of the Senate’s most thoughtful members on issues of government reform.

The same painting can easily seem very thoughtful and ebullient.

The record holds the band’s catchiest and most thoughtful material to date, synthesizing sounds found on previous albums into one cohesive unit.

I think we can be a little bit more thoughtful in how we go after video, because it is not an ad play.

You are so thoughtful.

There is something really lovely and thoughtful about being in the middle of a quite deep harbor, with the water lapping at your ankles.

He’s been very thoughtful about stuff like this from very early on.

“But we can still craft thoughtful policy based upon the data we have and plausibility.

Many of them are very thoughtful people who do stand back.

For me, the most moving and thoughtful pairing is a dialogue between two silver spoons.

Ruhwald has put together an altogether challenging and thoughtful show.

I don’t know if I was as thoughtful and strategic about it as you’re making it sound.

But his answers to my questions were so thoughtful and interesting that I came away teeming with ideas.

The rules intended to provide a more thoughtful review process had to be tossed out the window.

Final Prayer’s horror incorporates a lot of Catholicism, in a good and thoughtful way.

So you were really thoughtful about it, like “I do not want to be …” Oh yeah.

I get to work with movie stars like Hugh Jackman and Charlize Theron who are interested in making thoughtful, interesting films.

We want to get Congress on board, that’s not going to do it.” But there are a lot of people who were thoughtful.

He was very thoughtful.

He’s one of the more thoughtful people.

This is a trade-off that we need to balance, and our model …” It’s not thoughtful.

The goal is then to get the thoughtful tech leaders.

But what’s allowed us to do that is getting really … just being intentional and thoughtful about the process.

I mean, obviously, there’s thoughtful people.

Yes, it’s a really thoughtful way of putting it.

You can give a thoughtful speech documenting Trump’s many examples of acting racist.

I think Mark’s very decent and very thoughtful, and he will sort it out.

Naturally, playing a mix of fan favorites and thoughtful deep cuts helped offset this rap game Waiting For Godot atmosphere.

All the reactions I have had so far have been thoughtful.

The result is a book so thoughtful and so fun to read that you’ll want to Bruno Mars it.

“So let’s see it done in a humane and viable and thoughtful way,” Powell Jobs said.

Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet.

Writers and editors, with their unquenchable thirst for validation, love to hear thoughtful responses from readers.

Buffett is also a thoughtful friend without spending a lot of money.

Is this because they were good, or because they were tokens of thoughtful care, paperbound time-erasers that arrived exactly when I needed them?

And at the same time, he got less conscious of the relationships he already had and less thoughtful of our feelings.

It’s an engaging and thoughtful examination of how crimes can rock tiny little towns where everybody knows everybody.

Piles of facts, reams of data, careful analysis, thoughtful conclusions — all the stuff of actual science is useless on this battlefield.

His music is rich, carefully calibrated, and unfailingly thoughtful.

Spicer apologized profusely, and Trump later gave a thoughtful speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day in April.

I think you can be a well-spoken, thoughtful, caring person and still be aggressive.

I just finished Tim Kreider’s incredibly thoughtful and hilarious book of essays We Learn Nothing.

But it’s also one that demonstrates a capacity for thoughtful, grown-up reflection on those sorts of movies.

Governor Brown, please add Kevin Cooper to your legacy of smart, fair and thoughtful criminal justice reforms.

First Man is a thoughtful, lyrical exploration of masculinity as well as a celebration of human achievement.

Somewhere inside of Green Room, then, is a thoughtful consideration of not good versus evil, but normal versus evil.

In this era of the rightfully rigorous critique of many museums’ ill-gotten goods, thoughtful programming and context are paramount for healing and cross-cultural understanding.

Why not engage with the best, most thoughtful voices in the climate world?

Darcy’s piece is thoughtful and well sourced, and you should read it in full.

The presenters were young physicians, and they seemed kind and thoughtful.

His signature marriage of meticulously penned calligraphy and gestural, flowing brush strokes returns focus to thoughtful communication.

And you’ve said a lot of things that are really thoughtful about where …

However, the thoughtful thief did clarify that they didn’t touch anything else and, more importantly, that they were sorry for their deed.

Joy Williams is one of our most elegant and thoughtful writers, and Ninety-Nine Stories of God sees her at the top of her form.

Taking that on to win over what Clinton calls “thoughtful Republicans” — to solidify her lead in the general election — will be a hard task.

He wears a thoughtful expression on his face — something like resignation — while turning slightly to the left.

Spending tangible cash triggers a psychological sense of loss, resulting in more thoughtful fiscal behavior.

It’s the voice of a likable, thoughtful kid in way over his head, both charming and analytical.

She’ll create a second one — “something a little more thoughtful” — within 90 minutes after that.

thoughtful people give different answers.

“Thomas was genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and seemed ambitious and creative.

More surprising, though, is that ostensibly thoughtful conservatives are providing cover for Trump’s nonsense.

As tributes go, it’s one of the more thoughtful, moving, and unexpected out there.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page, because I imagine it to be what the thoughtful American right reads.

The most thoughtful consideration came from Theriault, the oldest of those interviewed, who knows men currently struggling with head issues.

Putin described Kim as “quite open” and as “thoughtful” and “interesting”.

Be thoughtful and take things slowly.

That discourages slow, thoughtful responses.

“Ultimately, how isolated can we be?” Perhaps the highest social function that art can serve is thoughtful transgression: the pushing of boundaries.

But Radcliffe, though guarded, is undeniably warm and thoughtful in person.

You have to be really in touch with what they want, and they want really great stories, rich details, thoughtful ideas.

And Reinhardt offers an especially thoughtful explanation of why he believes the Obamacare marketplaces won’t work.

I think Gavin is thoughtful on worker classification and cannabis.

I think Bill Peduto, the mayor of Pittsburgh, is really thoughtful on a lot of different issues.

I think there are some thoughtful politicians out there.

When alone, or with Charlie in a vulnerable state, he is quiet and thoughtful and admits his baggage is weighing him down.

Obama called Clinton a disciplined, thoughtful leader who “knows every policy inside and out” and can “start here, [on] day one.”

My in-laws are thoughtful, kind people, who mail us gifts for our dogs and remember the names of my whole extended family.

You’re the most thoughtful, loving, caring, and strong woman I’ve ever met!

Whether you upload a picture of your friend’s pet, kids, or company logo, this gift is thoughtful without breaking the bank.

They’re going to be very thoughtful about when to make investments and move into other businesses.

And his grave, thoughtful prose is an elegant match for Shelley’s gothic Victorian raptures.

On a personal note, I always found Walt, Steve and Ed to be thoughtful, insightful and fair-minded.

Movies that broke the traditional summer movie mold — from singular epics to thoughtful comedies — were remarkably good as well.

Wit PR does publicity aimed at “thoughtful, aspirational, spiritual audiences”— audiences that often defy political categorization, some of which undoubtedly lean right.

Hopefully Criterion and Turner Classic Movies will find a platform as welcoming and thoughtful as FilmStruck.

It was a deliberate, thoughtful, well-informed decision.

They were thoughtful.

Good Girls Revolt isn’t nearly as thoughtful or meticulously plotted as AMC’s lauded show.

The result is a thoughtful census of those examining how the internet looks and feels.

I think that would be a pleasant surprise and thoughtful.

But Divorce, for those who are willing to gut it out, proves surprisingly durable, getting a little deeper and more thoughtful with every episode.

He told me stories and was thoughtful, inquisitive, and manipulative.

This is the kind of situation that requires a thoughtful, sophisticated US response — but the Trump administration’s diplomatic team is in complete disarray.

Hit Makers is thoughtful and thorough, a compelling book — and one that knows why it is compelling.

Manually deleting my tweets is not only a reminder to be more thoughtful in my digital life, but to esteem charity above animus.

And there are serious and thoughtful works that are directly engaged with political events.

But he’s magnetic and warm, caring and thoughtful in the type of role that Hollywood rarely gives much care and thought.

The first is those who are good at what they do and enjoy working with other smart or talented or thoughtful women.

The company sent along a thoughtful reply, filled with analysis on some personalized nutrition studies I’ll mention below.

“We want to be thoughtful about it.” Pichai was interviewed alongside YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki.

“We’ve all missed his uniquely thoughtful brand of humor.”

You can tell why I like Jessica, because she was always so thoughtful, even though she was being a puppet master to me.

“The more erratic the White House becomes, the less thoughtful we become, the less power we’re going to have,” Amr said.

She deserves, if nothing else, a thoughtful response.

Not everyone is so thoughtful, though.

(With notable exceptions — Doreen St. Felix published a thoughtful piece in the New Yorker the next day.)

The changes that SB 775 proposes for the state’s carbon trading program are dramatic — and, to my eyes, amazingly thoughtful.

I say that we could get a lot more thoughtful about that process.

The vague solutions that Eno proposes—”thoughtful and creative social and political action”—involve, not spontaneous action, but careful contemplation and meaningful collaboration.

The result is delightful: While Colossal draws from a few familiar genres, it weaves them together and makes something totally new, and unexpectedly thoughtful.

Instead, the episode is thoughtful.

You have to be really in touch with what they want, and they want really great stories, rich details, thoughtful ideas.

A wonderful thoughtful man who lived and breathed Leicester City Football Club.

It really sucks, because The Red Strings Club is otherwise doing thoughtful things with gender, bodies, and sexuality.

It’s a thoughtful plan, remarkably simple, transparent, and economically sound for something cooked up in a politically fraught context.

“Forest dwellers are thoughtful, introspective people.

But the conversations with artists, original videos, access to MoMA’s collection, and thoughtful approach to subject matter compensate for any shortcomings.

Together, they form a thoughtful, worried, hyperarticulate two-headed frontman.

The result is sometimes frustrating but always thoughtful, intelligent, and fascinating.

Shaun Leonardo’s two large charcoal drawings, “Attica” and “Stephon Clark” (both 2018), incorporate direct and indirect approaches in unique and thoughtful ways.

It’s a lovely and thoughtful book.

Lots of people wrote measured, thoughtful takes on the Crosby injury.

Like, we had some issues with them, but I used to think of the journalism as much more thoughtful.

Anyway, it was great talking to you on this incredibly thoughtful show and thanks for coming.

For thoughtful, caring people, it might seem counterintuitive in an era marked by horrifying nationalism and xenophobia to think about ourselves.

Jonathan Fineberg: You definitely did understand me correctly and I appreciate getting such a thoughtful read.

It shows how thoughtful you are.

We’re known for telling great, provocative, thoughtful stories about business.

“We’re making our decisions, considered, thoughtful decisions, based on the facts,” Gov.

thoughtful party members would already know this information long before they hear a candidate give a speech.

“I cannot believe how dedicated they are, how thoughtful.

A deceptively thoughtful sculpture series​ ​engages with Randalls and Wards Islands’ erased and less visible histories.

Their duality can lie in their personality, going from fun and social to serious and thoughtful.

“Engage with it in a thoughtful, objective, and respectful way.

When those are the people coming out to the shows, it’s a lot less thoughtful.

It makes you a million percent more thoughtful.

His T’Challa is regal and thoughtful, but he doesn’t get many splashy moments outside of his Black Panther suit.

He is a modest, thoughtful man, with a career that many would aspire to.

The Moon is in fellow Air sign Gemini, putting you in a thoughtful mood.

The Underground Railroad is a thoughtful, allegorical journey through America’s ugly history of racism.

Not pleasant, but the more thoughtful comments to the top.

This album is more complex and thoughtful, the songwriting is less about improvisation.

I found him to be thoughtful and honest and I believe he is innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted.”

Shot up-close, the immense care communicated through the laboring hands and rusted material creates a powerful juxtaposition between thoughtful concern and political reality.

I feel a little ill when I think about how happily other thoughtful, conscientious people might help government agents hurt other citizens.

It’s grounded and frank, thoughtful and smart.

You should read the report, it’s nuanced and thoughtful.

Venus enters thoughtful, grounded Virgo on September 19, which will likely find you less flirty than usual… or, at least, as obviously flirty!

So if you are a parent who saves and is thoughtful about spending, your children are picking that up.

This is especially true on climate change, a complex problem that needs sophisticated, thoughtful solutions.

But President Obama remained calm and thoughtful.

It’s thoughtful and nice!

And he seems at least on the outside in, a pretty thoughtful, creative person.

You can side with Netflix or Cannes in this debate, and thoughtful people fall all along that spectrum.

“People are so concerned about waste, and this method teaches us to be thoughtful.

“You have to know the art of thoughtful disagreement,” Dalio explained.

Translation: Humanities’ repetition of past mistakes, time after time, prohibit new and thoughtful ideas for co-existing in peace on Earth.

The idea itself was so thoughtful and sweet, and the mugs themselves are actually really great quality.

There are movies with carefully crafted cinematography, thoughtful dialogue, and searing images that are designed to stick with you forever.

But they also delve into Adora’s psyche and emotions, by asking thoughtful questions.

This is a hand-cross-stitched chart from a very thoughtful reader!

I’m a millennial #thoughtful writer with a not-even-low-key America obsession, of course I think basketball is cool.

Her piece for the 360-degree Oculus screen at Barclay’s was a thoughtful meditation on Muslim women who wear the hijab.

He’s a really thoughtful guy about this issue.

(State of Man, 1999), French’s artistic sentiments become more dynamic, his compositions more thoughtful and delicate.

Scott Gant, a partner at Boies Schiller & Flexner representing the Corrective Education defendants, said he was pleased with Koh’s thoughtful opinion.

That second bout with Marloes Coenen showed a great many weaknesses in Cyborg, but it also showed the thoughtful side of her.

We’ve been very thoughtful about that.

Camille S Wallace Hi Camille, Thanks so much for your thoughtful email.

It was a thoughtful reexamination of the 2016 election and her own role in Trump’s victory.

Totally upstanding, really nice, mild-mannered, thoughtful.

I’ve pushed back on men who said presumptuous things to me online, and sometimes they engaged with thoughtful questions and responses.

He also gives a thoughtful explanation about why it’s a smart move to get into business with Conor now.

They’re desiring representation in Congress that will be honest and thoughtful and considerate.

And I found that actually, if you do this in a thoughtful, measured way, a lot of people are receptive to it.

Which, tbh, is pretty sick, but not the kind of directorial​ tone that lends itself to a thoughtful remake of a carefully crafted classic.

As usual, incredibly thoughtful, and I really appreciate your presence in Silicon Valley.

The moon enters fellow earth sign Virgo today, finding you in a thoughtful mood.

But it instantly gives viewers a strong sense of Jimmy: handy, competent, smart, and thoughtful.

They respect the art and seem to come from a more thoughtful place.

I’ve been describing it as thoughtful pop, like Luscious Jackson meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Madonna.

Though some gave me thoughtful feedback and reminded me about the arbitrary nature of the industry, I felt discouraged.

I’m trying to think of something really thoughtful here and I can’t come up with anything.

These characters are intensely thoughtful, and their thoughts travel in tight, claustrophobic cycles, winding in on themselves over and over again.

And then, into this cerebral, thoughtful landscape, the natural world comes seeping in.

Progressives should be particularly thoughtful about this issue as they contemplate the consequences of replacing Scalia on the Court.

How we get there continues to challenge and provoke us to be more thoughtful, more proactive and more creative.

Hanawalt’s anthropomorphic creations have always been impressively thoughtful, beyond even their expressive faces.

“I would describe Hank as a very polite, very upbeat, very optimistic, and thoughtful mobster.

Though that might not make interviews his favorite activity, it does make him one of the most thoughtful active songwriters.

It’s a thoughtful, beautifully crafted work that emphasizes above all the ordinariness and humanity of people who become refugees.

(And one study was thoughtful enough to provide health interventions to their control group as well, and still found results.)

One, there’s an alignment with top-quality content, very high-end, very able to reach a thoughtful, well-educated, affluent individual.

It definitely makes me nervous and thoughtful about the business aspects in ways I haven’t thought about.

Exit West is by turns fantastical and all too real, and always thoughtful and gripping.

“This was a considerate, thoughtful and well-educated jury that looked at the science to conclude glyphosate causes cancer,” Wisner said.

He’s a very thoughtful, smart guy.

Conn’s photographs are modest but thoughtful, encouraging us to pay closer attention to our unnatural relationship to the natural world.

Every movement is precise and thoughtful.

“I don’t think the commission is a thoughtful way to address gun violence in schools,” Lloyd said.

Witherspoon’s wicked interpretation of Madeline was memeable in season one, but her performance is a lot more nuanced and thoughtful in season two.

As thoughtful as some of these ideas were, none of them have been made.

She is, however, both thoughtful and practical.

This was a thoughtful, practical thing to discuss.

The Moon in Fire sign Leo connects with Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius at 3:36 AM, bringing some thoughtful, peaceful vibes early this morning.

It’s boxing, then—more tactical and thoughtful than it is an elementary rush of blows until one of two is left chewing the canvas.

Many thoughtful people on the left across Europe are well aware of this.

The Moon is in fellow Water sign Cancer today, finding you in a thoughtful mood.

Such a thoughtful title makes one listen more keenly for clues.

Really taking time is the key — for empathy, not to mention accurate, thoughtful art writing.

The host of a mid-day show on WTMJ in Milwaukee, Sykes has amassed a large audience with his aggressive but thoughtful style.

“In Arabic art, seeing is an analytical and thoughtful process,” she said.

We’re confident in the business model and we’re being very thoughtful in terms of where and how we invest.

Those who’ve worked with Mosseri say he’s very thoughtful and well-liked.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) bemoaned that Barr was getting “the Kavanaugh treatment.” Sasse’s thoughtful line of questioning stood out by contrast.

It was a thoughtful speech, appealing to ideals of democracy and a shared future.

Rebirth set in motion several fascinating, thoughtful stories about well-established characters like Wonder Woman, and introduced fresh, new heroes.

My wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious mother.

It’s too bad, my sense of him is he’s a very thoughtful, civic-minded guy.

He’s very thoughtful.

He’s written me several thoughtful emails about what he wanted to do and so, I don’t know.

“Hopefully, we were thoughtful about the implications around different courses of action.” Hales, the previous owner of Sleepopolis, did not respond to an email.

Every person I interviewed for this story was thoughtful, curious, and skeptical.

“The memories that you had with that person—the good times, the connecting conversations, the thoughtful moments – those still happened,” McGlasson says.

“Women’s magazines, in the past couple of years, have resumed their mantle of where thoughtful journalism can live.

But beyond its big fight, Endgame offers thoughtful ruminations on grief, failure, and mourning.

“As I’ve said earlier on this, we’ll be very thoughtful and we will engage widely as we make progress,” he added.

They, along with Steven Universe’s storyboard artists and directors, have meticulously shaped the series into one of the most thoughtful on television.

It should be done in a thoughtful and gradual way.

The LA-based startup’s handmade leather goods are an exercise in thoughtful and functional design, and they just look great to boot.

Several lobbyists who have worked with Luetkemeyer said he is pragmatic and thoughtful, and has proved able to work with Democrats.

But there are thoughtful versions of nationalism, worldviews I can respect even if I disagree with them.

His writings on Cambodian photography are well-researched, accessible, and thoughtful — exactly what I was seeking as a newcomer to the area.

It gives valency to both the seen and the otherwise invisible within a culture of thoughtful anarchy.

I am more thoughtful, and increasingly more charitable to myself and others.

He is a thoughtful and intelligent person.

It’s all bound to be a lot of fun, a little contradictory, and hopefully pretty thoughtful, too.

And when in doubt, ask thoughtful questions!

The news would be sober-minded and thoughtful!

You can hear her training and diverse influences in the thoughtful, layered production that marks the EP.

Walden, a Game transforms Henry David Thoreau’s famed book into a thoughtful digital experience.

What I found was a more thoughtful tone to the event that was structured and run by its own community members.

If we truly want to solve them, engineers, designers, and product architects could all benefit from the thoughtful application of friction.

The music plods steadily forward, her quiet, thoughtful, girlish soprano beefed up by her loud, straightforward, unvirtuosic guitar and solid two-piece backup.

It also contains a raft of thoughtful, in some cases genuinely groundbreaking, structural changes to the way the state’s utilities do business.

I am deeply grateful to our extremely committed, thoughtful and generous board, as well as to our talented and dedicated staff.

Others in his friend group were more powerful, more intelligent, or just more thoughtful.

So lots of smart, sophisticated, thoughtful people dismissed them as overpriced toys.

But to make her last thoughtful moments defined by that same man is the worst possible ending for the purest character on this show.

The game is thoughtful, pensive, and it doesn’t really require that much combat out of the player.

Let’s be thoughtful and deliberate before rushing to enact major policy responses to isolated crimes, no matter how angry they make us.

Kin represents Lovell’s most recent works in the Phillips’ exhibition and reveals a turn toward open-ended narratives that demand thoughtful viewing.

The teammate whose charisma would soon make him a fan favorite, and whose inquisitive, thoughtful nature reminded Bohannon of himself.

The apparently thoughtful dealers included a special warning to use longe das crianças, or use away from children.

The apparently thoughtful dealers included a special warning to use longe das crianças, or use away from children.

Once people understand what goes into chocolate, consumers can begin to make more thoughtful decisions about what they buy.

His performance choreography was thoughtful but reserved.

All of this is to say: I was not that unique, standout, thoughtful anomaly people have in their heads of veteran writers.

From the very beginning I was thoughtful about what I wanted it to look like.

These are persuasive, thoughtful analyses that match the anxiety I feel.

But it’s made even more thrilling by the fact that there are thoughtful stories about parenthood, love, and fidelity lurking beneath that sheen.

And you’re a very thoughtful person, so it’s gonna be lovely.

Why does it matter that it’s so thoughtful in its presentation?

And I’m always surprised by how thoughtful a lot of them are.

I also don’t think that line of thinking gives any of the participants enough credit for being intelligent, thoughtful human beings.

Be kind and thoughtful.

Be very thoughtful about what bridges you want to burn, if any.

Nostalgic charm aside, Landline is a thoughtful and complex examination of family.

She smiled often and asked thoughtful questions, which I liked.

Yes, this is a small and nonrepresentative sample with a self-selected audience — and generally thoughtful debaters on both sides.

But thoughtful presentations and good arguments do make a difference.

That community was vital to my growth not just as a creator but as a compassionate, thoughtful citizen of the internet.

If he had given a thoughtful answer about the Kavanaugh controversy or stood firmly behind Rosenstein—now that would have been news.

I do it in a way that I think is thoughtful,” he said.

And it was even deeply meaningful and thoughtful about the chaos of our modern world.

We’ll round out the mix with Nana Felix’s brand of thoughtful indie, and the poppy, punk goodness of Milk Teeth.

The rest of the works in SEX likewise mix humor and thoughtful critique.

She was powerful, outspoken, chaotic at times, but equally thoughtful, genuine, and kind.

Still, the powerful response to the creation of the museum points to the importance of selfies as a cultural phenomenon that deserves thoughtful attention.

We hope thoughtful in a sentence examples were helpful.