Thin in a sentence | Use of the word thin examples

The callup was more a move of necessity, a means of acquiring some backup for a bullpen that was stretched thin.

Senate leaders are talking confidently about their ability to wrangle together a majority, even with their thin margin for error.

Bolsonaro’s legislative achievements are thin: He has authored just two bills that became law.

Bottom line — JJ’s on very thin ice.

The bare-bones plot of John Wick, however, feels merely unobtrusive rather than thin or ill-formed.

He got up to about 228 pounds for “American Hustle” … and everyone remembers how scarily thin he was for “The Machinist.”

On one hand, Brooklyn’s frontcourt is already paper thin, and losing Booker would demolish its ability to have any impact on the boards.

Angle your knife at 45 degrees and make thin ¼-inch-thick cuts against the grain.

The term comes from the military: a “thin red line” guarding against overwhelming attack.

Those who are drawn to the romance of the thin blue (or green) line, meanwhile, will no longer be dissuaded.

I had been craving them for months – not the thick Belgium ones, but the old-fashioned, round, thin crispy ones.

Pros: Affordable, heats up quickly, makes thin and crunchy traditional waffles, 5 browning settings, indicator lights, easy to clean and to store.

President Trump’s patience could grow thin if the negotiation process takes too long.

The lead maquettes, lurking below eye level, feel self-protective by comparison, their thin metal membrane barely differentiating the inside from the outside.

The short, thin, curly-haired young man in casual jeans and a T-shirt stared resolutely at the camera, both hands clutching an AK-47 rifle.

After taking a closer look at the mysterious object, he noticed a thin layer of blood coating the end of the 18-inch package.

The air is thin and moisture-less.

“But i wasn’t wanting MORE work, i already felt spread thin.”

Bradford paints in acrylic, using thin coats.

“Just a thin slice,” they say as they cut a totally normal-sized portion anyway.

The company is already stretched thin and burning cash.

Miguel Might have sex with thin air Mild High Club Uh oh, one of our jokes gained sentience and formed a band.

I see the idea: They tend to correspond to moods and artistic anxieties Lisicky and Gess have, but the resonance runs thin.

A common complaint was that it felt too thin to fill a full 90 minutes.

Scant on further detail, Zelensky still bristled at the idea he’s thin on strategy.

Aside from versions covered in salted caramel and dark chocolate, Biena has also collaborated with Girl Scouts on a thin Mint version.

Those taste fairly similar to a thin Mint—though there’s a noticeable aftertaste of chickpea.

But the promises to do better are starting to wear thin.

Reporting By thin Lei Win @thinink, Editing by Tom Finn and Claire Cozens.

The evidence of such, though, is thin.

The Meyer lemon’s juicy flesh was perfect for lemonade, but its thin skin made it difficult to ship.

D’Angelo Russell looks like a thin James Harden, too.

Jared Sullinger’s foot surgery (and general unreliability) leaves Toronto particularly thin up front.

“Even a thin and largely symbolic agreement is far preferable to war,” he told me when I spoke to him last month.

The thin air in high altitudes makes you feel nauseous and makes you lose your appetite.

“The term ‘French woman’ epitomizes everything women want to be: sexy, stylish, thin, great conversationalist, slightly maverick, very seductive, very badly behaved.

LIC’s infrastructure is already stretched thin — and that’s before adding an additional 25,000 Amazon employees.

Some critics took to Twitter last week to complain that Mattel’s “curvy” dolls were still too thin.

Additionally, it could mean that countless clients aren’t getting the type of representation they need because their lawyers are stretched so thin.

There was a thin mattress on the floor where her two teenage daughters sleep.

The Wendy’s Creamy Sriracha helped raise the overall spiciness level, and the thin and thick sauces combined into a not-terrible viscosity.

Cooper’s margin of victory was razor thin, coming down to just a few thousand votes in the state.

Testing for how weed benefits veterans is a thin field.

The holidays should be a time when harmless, silly, joyful traditions can just be enjoyed, without a thin veneer of cultural superiority.

So minimize the delivery method with a thin, crispy tortilla instead of a big hunk of toast.

“They want the very thin, very light, very sleek phones.

In addition, Munroe covered these textured-surface “paintings” with a final, thin sheet of wax-dipped cloth, which serves as each piece’s translucent, protective skin.

On the right side of the blue-green expanse, stuck in the paint, lies a thin strand of brush hair.

When Joanna Kay and her now-husband were dating, her thin body and bird-like eating habits weren’t terribly alarming to him.

This will make it much easier to cut it into thin slices, Lancaster says.

The thin layer of oil will prevent things from sticking, Davison says.

Last time I listened to it, I felt it sounded a bit thin.

Note also that the screen is about as thin as the pen.

Again, note how thin it is.

Safdar is a thin man with a meticulously stylish haircut, equally quick to laugh as to fly into a rage.

Wiegand also said markets could see heightened volatility on Wednesday due to thin trading volumes ahead of the July Fourth holiday.

Coming out of Spring Training without Charlie Furbush, Ryan Cook, and Evan Scribner, the pen looked awfully thin.

Food and clothing donated by local Greeks are spread very thin among the thousands stranded.

After the steak has cooled and rested, slice it up into thin strips and get ready to assemble.

Nicolas attributes this to the inclusiveness of the profession: “In live modeling, all morphologies are drawn — young, old, beautiful, ugly, fat, thin.

Being sexy, I thought, was something reserved for thin bodies and thin bodies only.

“You do look scarily and sickly thin for your body type.

The thin, seated man seems unaware.

We order the Akamaru Modern ramen, made with a Tonkatsu pork broth and thin, wavy noodles.

And the ramen is plainly bad: the green curry sharp and thin, the noodles overcooked, the broth gritty with shrimp paste.

Republicans hold a thin 52-48 Senate majority and may need some Democratic support to win passage.

Resists are thin layers of material used to transfer circuit patterns to a semiconductor substrate.

I’m thin with great hips, great hair, and great shoulders.”

The prescriptive portion of Flake’s analysis is a bit thin: So, where should Republicans go from here?

It’s a little thin.

It varies in density from thin to thick, and from delicate to blunt.

They seem to think that they can get away with kind of a thin layer of trust and legitimacy.

So, thin legitimacy is like, you have the terms of service box, and you check it if you create a Facebook account, right?

It does have some legal force, right, but it’s thin.

thin white man, 30’s-40’s, in a red pickup.

A thin border of yellow surrounds this murky nucleus, isolating it and turning the rest of the painting into an elaborate frame.

My eyes followed a thin tube that was attached to the bulging ball sack and saw that it was connected to an IV bag.

If it seems a bit too thick, simply add warm water, about 1/4 cup at a time, until it is thin enough to pour.

Excess bleeding can also thin the ink.

Minneapolis’ 4th Precinct was already on thin ice when it came to establishing community trust.

For the moment, Trumpism holds the vast preponderance of political power despite its thin electoral base.

When you’re competing at the thin edge of the knife, as these elite athletes do, any little difference can matter.

How thin a veneer of deniability can Russia operate under before the United States becomes paralyzed and unable to respond?

The matte grounds are a thin layer of paint that seems to have been quickly applied.

Best when paired with a fact or news story that would probably get under the president’s notoriously thin skin.

The patients waiting in the corridors were thin and bony, with dangerously low blood counts and anemia.

Because both materials are atomically thin, this opens the door to electronics that are effectively two dimensional.

While the transistors here may be a single nanometer thin, we’re still at micrometer scales in terms of length and width.

I’m biking, and when the potholes thin out, I have a chance to look up.

Make the pickled vegetables: Slice the cucumbers, carrots, Fresno chiles, jalapeños, and red onion very thin on a mandolin and combine with the salt.

Spiky, thin whistled and tried to barge its way in, but didn’t get through.

It’s better anyway if a fat bird sits on this not on his thin branch, with the little trembling quivering living leaf.

Barrett-Lennard notes that most years whales are too thin because they’re not getting enough to eat.

False advertising isn’t new, but these days mobile games seem to be stretching the truth as thin as it will legally go.

Ronda Rousey slapped on a new coat of paint — a very thin one — for a new S.I.

Another downside is that the episodes of let’s-just-fight-right-now jawing at each other wore thin even before they showed up in LA.

—Colin Joyce For thin Lips frontwoman Chrissy Tashjian, riffing isn’t a hobby, it’s a calling.

The women inside Kawakubo’s trash cyclones were still very thin models—they just weren’t alerting you to their shape.

As it turns out, the line between titillation and conviction can be very thin.

The line between infatuation and obsession is thin, but most people have crossed it.

think of magic as something that tips the scales of probability rather than something that manifests money out of thin air.”

I’m curious what the rest of you thought, and why his character worked so well in a work that otherwise felt thin.

And to get it, that class has to stop congratulating itself on the basis of thin evidence.

thin gruel for coalition building with Latinos.

Carroll said the research on this one is surprisingly thin.

This is a thin reed with which to secure the republic, however.

In recent years thin ice and these obstacles have made crossing the Arctic Ocean in anything but a boat nearly impossible.

His paintings have the thin outline of US paper currency stamped all over the surfaces.

Visual art makes its living in that thin strip of conceptual territory.

Paul’s paranoia infects them all until the fraying, thin bonds they’ve formed reach their inevitable breaking point in a painful climax.

Or you can do “cracking,” where you are spreading your own people very thin.

Law enforcement sources tell us the case looks thin, but the D.A.

thin and light laptops are great, but can cause a host of performance problems.

They’re all of us, really, like the girl who walks across the lake in ‘Walking on thin Ice’ [1981].

As for Rauch’s claim that primaries pull the parties to the extremes, the evidence here is thin.

On the left is a thin beach with scraggly vegetation, and beyond that a glimpse of blue ocean.

“The evidence for fraud has been thin,” Michael P. McDonald, an elections specialist at the University of Florida, told the LA Times.

Flat irons that have lower temperature options that start around 250 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for those with thin, damage-prone hair.

This jihadist narrative relies on a thin, one-dimensional perception of Islam, of America, and of the West.

Through thick and thin right or wrong we never left each other’s side.”

They are all very thin, fragile seeming figures.

Kotha 64 New Delhi, India — A thin veil of pollution shimmers in the evening air above Garstin Bastion Road in India’s capital city.

They were thin and weak,” she said, then recounted a similar and more recent recruitment drive when “girls came in dozens.

A thin green  mark hovers against the top left corner.

My blood was so thin from the alcohol, the poison had a hard time attacking my vital organs.

These thin slices activate the us-versus-them conflict encoded in our minds since the dawn of humanity.

Try to stay awake

The science on this one is a little thin — there’s only been one study that’s tested it.

Sure, you can be fancy and serve it up on thin baguette slices, but Ritz crackers will do just as well.

Making its technology cheap enough so it does not eviscerate grocers’ already thin profit margins is a major challenge for Microsoft, another person said.

Armstrong is tall, thin, and blonde — precisely the stereotype of a successful blogger.

Trading was thin in Europe, with most markets closed for the May Day holiday and only London and Copenhagen open for trading.

In fact, it’s razor thin.

Yet he can’t even be bothered to remember whatever the thin policy rationale for this move is supposed to be.

According to the study, the magnet consists of a stack of 12 pancake coils and is wound with incredibly thin copper oxide superconducting tape.

This strong tape can wrap the coils to be super compact, and has only recently been manufactured to be this thin.

Darboe, tall and thin, wearing pink-rimmed glasses, was a distant cousin of Alasanna Darboe, a 28-year-old Gambian.

“I have always been interested in the thin line between sanity and insanity,” he says.

Reporting By thin Lei Win @thinink, Editing by Tom Finn and Claire Cozens.

He wears loose green prison-issue clothes, has a thin gray goatee and just wisps of what’s left of his once-long hair.

It was like out of thin air.

Round of applause for David Blaine … dude produced a relationship outta thin air with super model Naomi Campbell, or so it seems.

Its thin strings wail on throughout while the track grows around it.

This wasn’t lost on the Steelers in the preseason—their secondary was so thin, they actually traded for notorious 2014 No.

Attendance appeared thin in many polling stations visited by Reuters reporters, from wealthy east Caracas to the Andean mountains near Colombia.

While the candidates stumped before their party’s faithful, hopes of winning South Carolina in a general election remain thin.

I don’t know how thin the walls are.

You stride, blinking, past the floodlight at the door into a clean, sparse room clad in a thin, elongated strip of office lighting.

Many are framed by thin, boxy stripes of paint, which allow Drexler to focus our attention on these actualizations of emotion.

The public was already interested in celebrity diets, and doctors saw the potential to trade on people’s desire to be thin.

Cut fish into long, thin strips and set aside.

This particular iteration adds a few twists to the dance, while still keeping it right on that thin hem.

Azwel has a number of seemingly spectral weapons available to him, summoning them from thin air and sometimes even dropping them from above.

The organizers of the summit capitulated to his wishes and duly covered up the work with thin sheets of paper.

The ranks of senators so far are fairly thin as well, including notable absences from Sens.

That sounds harsh for an episode and season I’ve liked, but my patience feels thin.

Only the striker position is thin.

Press a thin tongue of Nduja all the way along.

This liquid metal is patterned onto a thin polymer film, where it functions as the conductive tracks of a normal circuit board—liquid wires, basically.

“The longer they wait to respond the harder it is,” thin said.

When I go home to Chicago and look at the Tribune, it’s sad how thin it is.

Despite the industry change, Victoria’s Secret has kept to its branding that promotes thin, long-haired, cis-gendered, European-featured women.

The rest of us get lower food prices — but that benefit is spread so thin that most of us haven’t noticed.

Their skin, like the thin skin of potato, hung from the fingernails, where it was still attached.

From the bottom of the amber-colored, trunk-like column of glue, thin green leaves shooting down into the soil can be read as roots.

My facial hair is somehow both gnarled and pathetically thin, so I look like a cross between a wizard and a depressed teen.

That’s pretty thin evidence to use to twist Bill Clinton’s misdeeds to disqualify his wife from the presidency.

After the match, she cut a promo mocking precisely the “follow your dreams” rhetoric which has worn so thin in WWE’s babyfaces.

”This,” he said, pinching his thin iPhone between his thumb and pointer finger, “involved hours of effort.

(The infamous quote attributed to Wallis Simpson, “You can never be too rich or too thin,” could be shorthand for this.)

“I’m not a thin, pale white woman.

Piano, strings, quietly subtle rhythm guitar, and cannily minimal drum machine create thin, restrained, readymade shapes.

A sketch artist’s rendering of the suspect depicted a thin white man in his 30s or 40s.

Compared with literature, visual art taken just by itself generally offers a relatively thin record of cultural history.

The thin ray of good news is that revenue grew — if that continues, the company’s profits could improve steadily over time.

In a 9-by-13-inch casserole dish, spread a thin layer of sauce.

She’d never run on pavement before and she was wearing a brand new pair of boy’s sneakers with thin soles.

Still, impeachment efforts that are wholly grounded in politics without even a thin pretext of an actual crime haven’t gotten very far, historically.

This might just be the only time when that infamous saying “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” rings true.

What bothers me is how thin the authors stretch it.

But, if you absolutely cannot embrace the beauty that is thin crust pizza, you can always go double dough.

Officials have expressed concern that Afghan security forces, already stretched thin, could crumble if U.S. troops leave.

It’s also worth mentioning that the metal is covered in a thin “food-safe seal” that will presumably prevent the metal—and your insides—from rusting.

Developed from cellulose, it is remarkably thin and lightweight, and scatters light extremely well to achieve an incredibly bright white.

thin and gangly as a pinky they were.

Developed from cellulose, it is remarkably thin and lightweight, and scatters light extremely well to achieve an incredibly bright white.

So it’s not as though you’d sit there and think, “Yes, Alan is a thin character!” because he isn’t one.

The dollar slipped against a basket on currencies in thin pre-holiday trade.

“Their patience had worn incredibly thin,” a congressional aide told CNN.

With U.S. markets closed for a national holiday on Thursday, trading remained thin.

They’re tiny, MacGyvered versions of a magnetostatic speaker, which consists of wires or metal strips bonded to a thin, planar surface.

They built the place against the side of a hill, a quarter mile off the main road down a thin dirt path.

The thin list of rising free agents who might be available in trade is further reduced because some of them are already on contenders.

“What happens is, over time, the uterine lining can become very thin if you take the pill regularly.

But even if that happens, it still looks to me like a pretty thin path to the nomination for Rubio.

“I did not notice a huge change myself, and then people were commenting on how thin I looked,” she says.

Impeaching Trump may not be a political gold mine, but the evidence that it would tank Democratic prospects in 2020 seems thin.

He seemed impossibly tall and thin, his limbs coming to sharp angles like a screwed up trapezoid made human.

Don’t be expecting a terry cloth robe — the thin black cotton robe provided is about function, not luxury.

In “b/w/g #4” (2016), a thin white line runs vertically through the black rectangle on the left side.

When you consider play style, the similarities start to thin out.

The only white in the painting is a thin line running from left to right just below the middle of the work.

“Our customers are operating multi-million dollars companies with razor thin margins,” she explained.

laughs chef Alex Raij, stirring a pot of barely bubbling olive oil filled with thin slices of garlic.

I support them through thick and thin.

Wilson noticed the instructor was wearing clothes from a dance apparel company, which was thin and sheer.

But you’re so thin!

It’s the real arrival, after years of false predictions, of the thin client, running clean, simple software, against cloud-based data and services.

The lodge has a thin galley kitchen with racks of hanging pots.

), to the hand-drawn grids and thin paint washes she is best known for.

Its authority rests on the thin reed of public acceptance and political forbearance.

It feels just right — not too thick, not too thin.

Trump has changed that norm by firing Comey on a thin pretext out of anger over the Russia investigation.

Forming a new branch out of thin air would require tons of planning and bureaucratic reorganization — but that didn’t matter to the president.

Before that, Wills suggests, Ginsberg seemed to regard anything more than trips between New Jersey and New York with thin romanticism and fear.

You have to do a lot with textural variation — thin and thick paint.

A gray soul, apparently, can’t penetrate that thin veil between the species.

But in the mouths of Kim Kardashian West and her famous sisters, that description seems to have another meaning: to be desirably, delightfully thin.

If pseudocide is not illegal per se, is anyone verifying these deaths?Unfortunately, law enforcement is usually stretched pretty thin.

“It certainly plays into the dovish Fed story,” said Win thin, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York.

But hopes for the underlying company to actually sell a product or service are thin to nonexistent.

I’m listening right now to the voice of my grandpa, which sounds thin and warbled, liked a clogged whistle.

thin lines bisect each of the four nearly square paintings, vertically and horizontally, dividing the surface into interrelated quadrants.

But something in the show clung to me like a thin, sticky film.

Either you want thick slices or thin slices.

He stretches dense elements into thin architectural structures, like columns and bridges, which create gaps that test the strength of the material.

In the end, here’s New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman’s assessment of the book: thin but readable.

Wait, scratch that, you need to eat breakfast every day if you want to be thin.

My friends won’t talk to me, she says, her thin body quivering.

Buddy, perhaps anticipating the restaurant’s incessant chill, wears a bright long-sleeve T-shirt that accentuates his thin, lanky arms.

And yet there was the hate apple, ever enduring, still marred only by a thin, fuzzy layer of green stuff.

Anna brought out a thin wooden bench for Paul to lie down on, and Dominique arranged herself on top of him.

He was lying flat in a hospital bed, covered in a thin white sheet.

Stir all the ingredients until a thin layer of frost starts to form on the outside of the glass.

But over the course of 66 novels, even the most artful misdirection begins to wear thin.

You can imagine your “smell sensors” as thin wires that go from your nose to your brain.

“I suggest you put this democratic charter in a very thin tube and find a better use for it, Mr. Almagro,” Maduro said.

Photoresists are thin layers of material used to transfer circuit patterns onto semiconductor wafers.

Especially in the 90s when the labels finances were spread too thin, he admitted to that.

With precise and deliberate motions, she cut a thin line around the disk’s circumference.

Oenophiles should ensure they select a variety with a thin screw.

Resist is a thin layer used to transfer a circuit pattern to the semiconductor substrate.

The only deduction was for his thin lips.

Two thin metal prongs attached to a handle are slid in between the cork and the bottle.

“Gorka is, how do you say in English — a peddler of snake oil.” Gorka’s post-2002 qualifications were also thin.

President Donald Trump jokingly asked reporters to make him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un look “nice, handsome, and thin.

At Charlie James Gallery, his hues are desaturated and soaked into the canvas through repeated thin washes.

Getting a good picture everybody, so we look nice and handsome and thin?

If you’re a lucky earthling, you might receive a design depicting Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, or thin White Duke.

It was striking how obviously thin Trump’s knowledge of the issue was.

Still, this exhibition feels a little thin.

“The Fed signaled three rate hikes next year for the dot plots, and the market does not believe that,” said thin.

Hear her thin soprano and the splash of her feet playing against the soothing whoosh of the morning breeze.

“The availability of robotics in the industry is pretty thin,” according to Dan Kara, president of the robotics research division at ABI Research.

If the computer has never seen anybody with thin eyes or darker skin, it doesn’t know to see them.

Taste and season with salt; you may need to thin out with a bit of water.

She can’t be too fat, she can’t be too thin, she can’t be too smart, she can’t be too stupid.

“Their bodies look thin, not tough.

Cantoma is Phil Mison, whom along with Moonboots and Test Pressing has kept the Balearic flame flying through thick and thin.

An important fact for keeping your gingerbread house structurally secure: don’t roll out your gingerbread panels too thin.

The line between chivalry and looking like Big Tony, Simon Cowell’s old bouncer on the X Factor, is a thin one.

And the ice layers that skates glide on are microscopically thin.

So the pressure of a thin blade on ice cannot explain why skates glide.

This very thin liquid layer also makes ice extra smooth.

And it’s super, super thin.

All this allows skaters to glide, hydroplane-like, on a thin, thin film of water in a channel they carve.

It was 1988, and he was blond, thin, and hairless.

Okay, you spread it really thin on buttered toast, and actually, it’s not bad.

The ozone layer, after decades of recovery, began to thin again.

This could be true, though the evidence for it is fairly thin (read FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver for the details).

A moment of freefall in the thin air, but the parafoil would soon take over and glide it safely to the landing site.

It turns out those things were the preoccupations of a thin and unrepresentative conservative elite, primarily in DC.

We celebrate a sizable overlay of fromage: tacky hairstyles, thin synth-soundtracks, jean jackets galore, and a general sense of a quainter time.

“Ultimately, it becomes smaller, until it’s very thin.

I painted many thin layers of liquid latex on to the edges of the hot glue pieces to blend them into my skin.

thin” touches on when you worked as a cocktail waitress in a strip club.

It was a thin line to walk.

A photograph on Ko Ni’s living room wall shows him presenting a thin volume to Aung San Suu Kyi.

But there are signs that Trump’s patience with China is wearing thin.

The Alberta, Canada quartet latest record, thin The Herd, Fail To Learn, drops October 26 via Hibernation Release.

Her (private) social media account also pictured the 35-year-old recently in a thin black choker — a perfectly cute choice, of course!

Sharon might have a more significant role in the comics, but the film version of her is thin, used for convenience.

Imagine someone with a thin emotional membrane through which energy—others emotions, pain, energy—will like a virus travel into the host’s sensitive body.

The Slenderman is a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and featureless face, wearing a finely tailored black suit.

What resulted from their efforts is a thin, lightweight tablet and accompanying pen that writes and draws instantly.

think of a thin, short radio antenna, plinging like a string instrument.

He’s thin, but he’s strong too, she wrote.

But patience in the White House has worn thin quickly — and it’s already resulting in action.

His thin hair rests damply on his forehead.

Season three’s villains are paper thin, as is often the case with Stranger things’ villains.

Rose strips away the last peels of paint from an already thin facade of glitz and glamour.

Roxxlyn says the case is hand-made from “genuine Nero Marquina marble sourced from Antolini, Italy,” which is then turned into thin, shatter-resistant layers.

And there’s a faction who sees it as a fairly thin Catholic allegory.

In that moment the air turned thin in my lungs.

As the title suggests, these heads, skewered together by thin rods, belong to iconic historical figures, fictional and larger than life.

), and then back to thin Mints once more.

Bowie re-imagined himself over and over again with personas like the “thin White Duke” and “Aladdin Sane.”

Shortbread (also known as Trefoils) and thin Mints are enduring classics.

Even cookies that go by the same name nationwide — a thin Mint is always a thin Mint — taste different depending on who makes them.

“The concept involves deploying RF network node buoys—dropped from aircraft or ships, for example—that would be connected via thin underwater fiber-optic cables,” DARPA stated.

When your life is full of things like that, the thin things that you’re missing are somewhat less crucial, I think.

Trading volumes are expected to be thin due to shortened trading hours on Wednesday ahead of the July Fourth holiday.

You can be stretched thin.

There has also been a very thin line between innovation and control in this administration’s internet policy.

The rate may not be representative of the overall market because trading volumes were thin due to the public holiday, industry experts said.

Translation: No, the Republicans won’t vanish into thin air because a Democratic president gives an inspiring, West Wing–esque speech.

Experts fear that Trump’s patience for his economic pressure strategy may be wearing thin.

These new restrictions haven’t appeared out of thin air—below are the historical precedents that show how we got to where we are now.

The paint is thin and diluted, almost like the stains they evoke.

The lines, as far as I can tell, are awfully thin.

Research into modafinil and exactly how it works in the human body is thin on the ground.

Trump’s plan so far is thin on details.

“Maybe that robot does amazing things, like cure cancer or make thin Mints.

So one idea, Collins says, would be for forest managers to go in and manually thin out the forests.

Carefully managed prescribed fires could thin out the forests and be good for wildlife.

Underneath his blankets, his legs are thin.

In the morning, I met my roommate, Chester, a thin man with long white hair, in for a severe case of agoraphobia.

When I came in, I saw that Mr. Jones had once been fit and brawny, although now he was worn and thin.

Today’s physicians are spread thin.

The paint ranges from thin washes to a tight, smooth skin to thick, grain-like brushstrokes.

Whether you’re tall or short, thick or thin, a high-rise is the most beautiful pant to wear.

Reduce the heat and simmer for a further 5 minutes until you have a thin broth.

McEneaney is a luminous colorist, applying acrylic in thin coats that allow earlier layers to glow through.

For Pellicer, the line between life and art is thin.

Their energy is spread thin.

Male bodies are almost always muscular, while female bodies are drawn thin.

It’s entirely plausible that come January 6, 2017, Democrats will have a thin majority in the Senate.

I felt akin to one of those thin metal strings, as if I were quivering gently but with complete stability.

The thin White Duke’s posthumous 70th birthday was Sunday, January 8, and today marks the first anniversary of his death.

According to the study, previous research has studied splashing in a vacuum and splashing against a thin, elastic membrane, both of which limit splash-back.

The marijuana reform movement is spread incredibly thin right now.

Life is suddenly black and white with a thin stripe of red running through.

Pound the pork out into a thin sheet, about 1/4-inch thick.

Anthropologie makes a thin, leather holder that will fit easily into a purse, briefcase, or pocket.

Trading volumes were thin due to shortened trading hours on Wednesday ahead of the July Fourth holiday.

But a kid yelling “Shazam!” multiple times over a two-hour movie is a different story, one that risks rubbing the novelty thin from overuse.

The surfaces run from matte to shiny, from thin, transparent layers to brushy surfaces.

Our representatives are thin on the ground and are concentrating on other matters.

It smells and tastes like Girl Scout thin Mints.

Manafort’s lawyers have argued that the evidence suggesting he tampered with witnesses is thin.

Fastjet shares were down 6.4% at 1.4 pence in thin trading at 0950 GMT.

It also comes from pop culture — from which older people are almost completely missing — this fetishization of the young, the thin, and the blond.

However trading volumes were thin with markets in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and most Nordic countries closed for Whit Monday.

Indeed, Jimmy is already slipping up, and he’s on thin ice with his new firm.

From the beginning, Democrats’ strategy has been to make Republicans feel like they’re stretched thin.

Five or six close friends of mine who are committed to supporting each other through thick and thin.

This same theme carries Tragedy Girls, in which doing it for the likes functions as a comically thin driver for a gruesome killing spree.

This is what, as a Jew thick and thin, I have to believe.

The pizza should be thin but even with a slight lip around the crust.

These are hollow cylinders of carbon that are about 10,000 times more thin than a human hair.

From NPR: Golf balls are coated in a thin shell of polyurethane that degrades over time, releasing toxins into the water.

I’m sure that in the book I talk about it: “Luckily traffic is thin as we enter the Holland Tunnel.

Born out of thin air, these dynamic sculptures include otherworldly organisms, a forest of cushiony columns, an inflatable insect-eye room, and more.

And even when the characters on 30 Rock were thin, the jokes were really good, as opposed to Family Guy’s parade of references.

The ruling Law and Justice Party only has a thin majority in parliament, and it’s unlikely that it could get enough support.

The garlic bulb is so fresh that after being cleaned, it doesn’t even have any thin, flaky skin over its cloves yet.

The demon-queller Zhong Kui stands huddled in a leafless forest, the trees sketched with thin, dry brushstrokes.

It’s a plate topped with pine nuts, thin sheets of tofu, peas, and mushrooms.

Women as deathly thin, delicate, fragile, and sickly, as something to be cared for by men, remain a fashion fetish.

President Barack Obama always had a thin line to walk as the first black president during a particularly tumultuous time on issues of race.

According to him, modern civilization is a thin varnish, and it’ll wear off eventually.

This is, needless to say, a rather thin foundation for this charge.

His knowledge of policy has remained thin, and, despite being burned again and again, his credulousness toward online sycophants has persisted.

Then both hands return to disassemble the house as the swampland fades out, leaving a thin puddle of water onscreen.

Clad in a Byzantine robe, her eyes are almond-shaped, and her long thin fingers are posed in the Persian style.

Donald Trump’s notoriously thin skin seems to be extra sensitive to those who would openly make fun of him.

How physically active are you right now, so far as the thin air can have an impact?

“Nobody works out of thin air.

Despite being so thin, the mat’s material is built to last.

And she wears the same dress — modified with a thin black belt.

These thin, tired people were the strongest and most capable of making the journey.

Some thin, tiny sunglasses added a modern touch to the Victorian-style look.

Most were the first in their family to go to college, and support for Duterte in this group was thin.

He spits into the cup, wiping some brown drool from his thin lips.

Trading volumes are expected to be thin due to shortened trading hours on Wednesday ahead of the July Fourth holiday.

As the stencils wore thin, a volume’s final copies were almost illegible.

The self-imposed isolation, fear and tragic ignorance of the Bible thumpers have worn so thin, something’s going to give.

Watt has warned the mortgage giants have a dangerously thin capital buffer.

He’s the kind of different that breaks thematic rules with genre-blending docs like The thin Blue Line (1988).

It’s unclear whether Trump can actually create a military branch out of thin air.

They are terrified of this idea, which they think endangers the thin profit margins they typically make from selling imported products.

Because Mars’s atmosphere is so thin, 60 mph winds don’t produce nearly as much force as they do on Earth.

From Deep Dish to thin Crust: Chicago, The Pizza Show Chicago is not a one-note pizza city.

From its deep dish to tavern-style thin crust, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pizza.

This has become the norm for her, with Nebraska a bit on the thin side due to injuries up front.

These candidates “can’t just come out of thin air,” explained Donald Abelson, chair of the department of political science at Western University.

Both arrived wielding a piece of 8.5-by-11-inch copy paper as a thin disguise.

Resists are thin layers of material used to transfer circuit patterns to a semiconductor substrate.

He smartly kept the black thin and uneven, allowing earlier colorful layers to enliven the darkened surface.

It’s not that these things came out of thin air.

Female actresses, models, and TV personalities are overwhelmingly thin, which has had a detrimental effect on the eating habits and self-esteem of countless women.

Trading volumes are likely to be thin at the end of holiday-shortened week as markets were shut on Thursday for Independence Day holiday.

But in recent years, we’ve noticed something else: Media targeting women have featured models who are not only exceedingly thin, but also muscular.

And it’s an appearance that’s not only muscular, but also thin.

In a second study, we wanted to examine whether women had begun to prefer this thin, toned body type.

One version featured a thin, muscular model.

In the other, the muscle tone and definition were digitally removed, leaving the model appearing to be only thin.

When presented with the images in this format, participants overwhelmingly chose the thin and muscular image over the thin-only image.

The no-hitter was not only miraculous, it was a perfect encapsulation of Jackson the pitcher: forever walking the thin line between brilliant and terrible.

As with “Black Center,” many of the shapes are edged with thin lines of another color.

As on many laptops, you can rotate the screen around so that the relatively thin, light, 2.4-pound laptop becomes a relatively heavy, thick tablet.

On the day I was born, my mother strung a thin gold chain around my neck.

Kennedy was replaced by President Donald Trump’s conservative appointee Brett Kavanaugh, who has a thin record on abortion.

Julia West recently had a thin gold chain permanently welded around her wrist.

My fingers are still nimble enough to pull off the moves, but time and patience have worn thin.

The crowd—enveloped in a thin blanket of fresh smoke—roared in approval at this statement.

featured an inverted image of Bowie in thin White Duke pose as its cover.

(GRAPHIC: Sri Lanka bombings – Traffic was uncharacteristically thin in normally bustling Colombo on Monday.

Under the high sun and thin clouds, a hot, hollow wind whips across the track.

Scrape the thickened yogurt out of the sieve into another bowl and add a little bit of water to thin it slightly.

Its interior, too, is decorated, featuring a unique detail: thin sheets of silver foil intended to protect the priest’s face.

Knowledge of the basic facts of Hitler’s murder of 6 million Jews is sufficiently thin that Spicer-level ignorance persists.

He looks bigger and meaner than my boyfriend, who is thin and huddled behind the glass.

As Richard Pryor said, “There’s a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at.”

His sculptures are thin, lanky, and flat pieces of metal.

But it’s a great fish—really sweet, very delicate, the skin is really thin so it gets super crispy and has tons of flavor.

Starting with The thin Red Line (1998), Malick began fragmenting and refracting his films with the help of a corps of editors.

This idea of Milwaukee didn’t just come to Feigin out of thin air, however.

It may require significant expansion of Congress’s thin, inexperienced, and overstretched staff to fully absorb the views of their constituents.

You can also thin the mixture with milk or cream if they get too thick from the heat.”

And that’s how I learned the thin line between having good morals and having bad credit.

They’re women who, yes, are conventionally thin and beautiful, but they’re also women whom people already admire.

I was just thinking, “How thin are you?

It give grants over five years to communities to cut fuel breaks, thin flammable brush, and educate firefighters.

The room is low-lit and partitioned with thin black curtains, a layout that doesn’t force a visitor in any particular direction.

Cloaking a human body from the whole range of visible light is a much different matter than, say, hiding a thin radio-wave antenna.

Only the thin river held a trickle of sun.

I have not seen thin partners struggle to accept their own attraction to fat people.

Anything else, I have learned, is reserved for the penitent thin.

“All of a sudden, he just vanished into thin air.

Many of the news stories on this bill suggest HR 1313 came out of thin air; it didn’t.

All fan tuans are packaged up in cling wrap and then put in a thin plastic bag, designed to be eaten on the go.

There’s a layer of beautiful vocals and swelling sound, and above that, a thin dull roar of the dying.

The thundercloud—what is it but an audiovisual show in thin air?

After all, what’s easier than speaking the words “call me an Uber” into thin air, and having the car show up minutes later?

The Needles are made with various combinations of enamel, acrylic paint, and polyurethane on thin strips of wood, plywood, and/or pegboard.

Daniels recounts repeatedly teasing and mocking Trump in a way that is striking, given Trump’s famously thin skin.

He even painted the thin strips of the frame with a series of evenly spaced marks.

Conservatives who feel discriminated against aren’t pulling these ideas out of thin air.

The roads were already cold, so that thin layer of snow turned into slippery ice.

A thin layer freezes more easily than a thick layer, there’s less traction, and it can be harder to see in the dark.

That, combined with a supporting cast of mostly below-average individual defenders, makes his margin for error paper thin.

Eventually there is a thin layer of snow over everything.

(Other things that are 30 calories: a clementine, a bocconcini of fresh mozzarella, or a thin slice of prosciutto.)

My eyebrows are pretty thin, so I use Glossier Boy Brow ($16).

To abandon him after splitting him in two with a thin promise to come back later, perhaps?

It’s not the most flashy, or the highest-powered, but it’s incredibly thin.

One thing that’s impressive is how thin the Moto Z3 is, while packing a battery that’s comparable to most modern high-end smartphones.

Gradually the numbers thin out, until a core of about eight remain.

If I didn’t do that, I think it would be too thin.

As a sound, they invented their sweet, fluffy, tropical-esque style out of thin air, but it still codes pop, a tightly formalized hook machine.

At the end of the day though, the fight Clinton and her campaign picked only underscores the thin line they’re walking.

What’s left is a thin, brown crisp.

At a time when men demanded that female performers be curvy and voluptuous, a thin woman parading herself onstage was an affront.

The mattress under him was thin.

Currently, he is restrained only by the lingering professionalism of public servants and a few thin threads of institutional inertia.

But it does show that there’s a thin line between kooky prank and life-altering mistake.

They both go on as thin, pretty-immediately-absorbed lightweight gels without any white cast or gloopy sunscreen feeling on your skin.

He clearly wishes Janet well, but their connection seems thin.

ICOs have begun to make people in the cryptocurrency world skittish lately, since they attract so much investment on potentially thin claims.

Many halfway houses are full, and the probation system is stretched thin.

But for tonight, at least, the Sanders campaign kept hope alive — thin though it might still be.

She is thin.

The first claim is a little thin.

“If you look at Trump’s actual policies, they’re pretty thin.

In size, they’re comparable to a sparrow but with long, thin wings.

As the ranks of the moderates thin, the jobs of the remaining moderates become more grueling and hopeless.

Very thin skin.

The margin of difference between those outcomes is razor thin, but also massive in terms of value.

The paradox is that instead of a thick surface, Bonnefoi’s process of painting on mesh generated an excessively thin and layered surface.

She shaves fennel into thin sheets on a mandoline and bathes them in the mixture too.

The studio typically spends no more than $4 million to $5 million on a film — and that number isn’t pulled out of thin air.

From afar, it looks as though it could be a long, thin cord.

A thin, molded figure clutching a black and red shield sits by each armrest.

thin, pinkish-beige and light blue lines jut from the object, most sporting dark near-circles at their outer tips.

The evidence of such is similarly thin.

As Clinton continued speaking, Trump couldn’t stop himself from letting one final insult escape his thin lips.

thin film” research is a hallmark of the Clean Room—a process by which electronics are built from molecule up.

According to Michal Lipson, a professor of Applied Physics at Columbia, thin film research has also enabled leaps in neuroscience.

She told me she was printing a 2D thin film electroconductive mask.

She said that the refrigerator used to smell “like death” because of photoresist—a pungent substance crucial in thin film electronics.

On the table is a big pad of lined paper—a cheapo refill pad with ring binder holes, a light-blue margin and thin gray lines.

The silver machines next to the refrigerator are Reynoldstech fabricators, which prepare thin film samples.

Gluttony is eating a lot; if you’re “thin,” then you can’t be a glutton, right?

It has electron beam, heat, and pressure systems that are used in a variety of thin film projects.

There, the thin film samples prepared in the other two rooms are painstakingly assembled in order to create a functioning piece of nano-scale electronics.

North Carolina has voted Republican in every presidential election from 1980 until 2008, when it backed Barack Obama by a thin margin.

It has the iPad’s standard 9.7-inch screen and is just as thin and light — less than a pound — as the iPad Air 2.

There’s a layer of beautiful vocals and swelling sound, and above that, a thin dull roar of the dying.

Henriques, 60, is slender and shirtless, with a half-crown of thin white hair and round professorial glasses.

“Very premature babies have skin so thin it’s almost transparent—you can see their veins through it,” she says.

The second man was 5’9” to 5’10” with fair skin and a thin build.

But the fundamental problem for Obamacare repeal in the Senate has been the extraordinarily thin margin for error.

Caldo gallego is a traditional Galician summer soup, with a thin pork broth, sausage, greens and white beans.

But the blood it draws is very thin indeed.

Here are a few ways to recognize that you’re stretched too thin.

That thin, Neapolitan-style dough at the high-end joints has a little less water, while the focaccia-like Sicilian slices have a bit more.

Her old friends had a stunning new look: dangerously thin and dressed to kill!”

Even if Nelson doesn’t overtake Scott, the thin margin could lead to a recount that could flip the results.

The formula is thin and absorbs instantly.

“If this is their evidence of ‘Worse than Watergate,’ it’s thin,” Sanchez concludes.

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