Themselves in a sentence | Use of the word themselves examples

Inevitably, this becomes a factor in judicial appointments themselves.

“They’re fellow clubbers, music lovers themselves.

Put another way: I doubt that people explicitly choose jobs by asking themselves, “What would look best in my future NYT wedding announcement?”

They call themselves the #CriscoCops Speaking of the Eagles: This outpost of the Recode Brooklyn Bureau is a Minnesota Vikings household.

Alongside the large video projections, the small paintings don’t call attention to themselves.

The slow motion video shows the martyrdom of the townspeople willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of decontextualized tradition.

Works like these urge the viewer to decide for themselves what is worth focusing on, often resulting in an intensely voyeuristic viewing experience.

And I think, in a lot of ways, a lot of settler Canadians have proven themselves not to be ready for these conversations.”

“Today we saw voices silencing themselves and voices speaking out because we’re *still* not doing enough,” Dorsey tweeted.

For the rest, voters vote directly for delegates themselves.

The only evidence we have that they were discriminated against because of their names is, well, the names themselves — and the vote totals.

And I think there’s a lot of very good people who have chosen to be very ugly versions of themselves online.

On offense, I would like to see more politicians just hold the phone themselves, use it the way Beto O’Rourke does.

That means they relieve themselves in toilets filled with cedar, which Poole’s Land manager, Michael Goodliffe, 47, claims disinfects everything.

Trump officials explained that they will use “enrollment targets” that each navigator group set for themselves to distribute the funding cuts.

For one thing, they are set by the navigators themselves.

But over the course of two weeks, congressional Republicans have set themselves to get this win.

It’s another version of unpaid leave that working parents in the United States would have to pay for themselves.

China is currently piloting the program and some citizens have already found themselves banned from traveling or attending certain schools due to low scores.

Many welcome his promise to loosen gun laws so average citizens can protect themselves.

Though plenty of 21-year-olds consider themselves booze experts, at that age, Mariena Mercer actually was.

I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves.

In “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” aliens conspire to raise the dead on Earth to save humans from themselves.

The Spurs, found themselves tormented by Kawhi Leonard of all people.

In the 1960s, the decade of autonomy and do-it-yourself, parents, children, and neighborhood groups began to take charge of playgrounds themselves.

Certain themes repeat themselves — particularly religion, sexuality, beauty, and family — and there is an evident interest in texture and pattern.

Birds show a lot of distress under those conditions, tending to injure themselves, lose their feathers, and end up covered with cuts and bruises.

Some clients, without calling themselves survivalists, are still preparing for a variety of possible risks.

“I was always around and helping emerging artists because they wanted to get on my shows for free just to show themselves,” he remembers.

Crocs themselves aren’t responsible for the confounding relevance of footwear like Birkenstocks and Tevas over the past five-plus years.

Still, Facebook and Zuckerberg are quickly trying to distance themselves from the comments.

Most of these women post pictures of themselves posing with flowers, often standing next to real trees or before studio backdrops.

But humans do by themselves, for the most part, successfully.

What’s interesting is that carmakers themselves, though seen as slow, it’s sort of eating into their current business.

It’s so vital for young people—and particularly young people of color—to see themselves reflected back on the screen in positive, multi-dimensional characters.

But up until the recent explosion in genetic science, it was hard to probe the genes themselves.

Some of the documents came from the Facebook Messenger app, the defense said, and it was not clear the reporters themselves had accessed them.

But after going to the teatox companies’ websites, she found little information about the teas themselves.

Young people’s brains are still developing; old people have brains that are less likely to bounce back and repair themselves after injury.

The citations pull you out of the moment and divert your attention to themselves.

There might be political reasons for that — House Republicans have seen for themselves the blowback you can face for waiving those protections.

In February lawmakers set themselves up to reach a more permanent spending agreement by the end of March.

Lawmakers also have the option to give themselves another extension on the government shutdown deadline.

Meanwhile, some Americans believe this movement is a sharp critique of police officers themselves, and not the institution.

The decision was largely fueled by outrage over a series of viral videos showcasing users harming themselves or others.

The long-term health effects of the treatment are not known, and it will require your child to inject themselves regularly.

Of course, not everyone is incapable of wiping themselves adeptly, but I feel enough people are for me to not want to risk it.

And they’re offered another way to save themselves from the coming apocalypse.

In other words, they’re preparing themselves for failure on immigration — but they are buying a little more time first.

“I think that why people will resonate with the film is that they will very much see themselves in Sandy.

We’re told they kept to themselves — enjoying each other’s company, and avoiding chit chat with other vacationers.

In so many ways, patients find themselves in a vulnerable position during these encounters with the health care system.

But what sets Sex Education apart from other shows that concern themselves with adolescence, sex, and love is its tenderness.

The Nationals gave themselves a little breathing room in the eighth.

It’s also ending work permits for spouses of H-1B holders, who are often highly skilled professionals themselves, among other measures to stop immigration.

Every day in June, we are celebrating the community by featuring one queer artist and letting them speak for themselves.

Hyperallergic is commemorating Pride Month by featuring one contemporary queer artist per day on the website and letting them speak for themselves.

“It’s about creating something that every single person in this country can see themselves in.”

But by then your dumb fans will drink soma and talk themselves into Sol-Jay Maiava, and keep coming back.

These kleptocrats, like Putin in Russia, use divisiveness and abuse as a tool for enriching themselves and those loyal to them.

They went around the room that day in December, introducing themselves one by one.

Both Democrats had won statewide office before and found ways to distance themselves from coastal liberal cultural tropes.

In a few red-leaning states, Republicans who distanced themselves from Trump did way better than he did.

Thursday night was about candidates trying to elbow each other out of the way and make the case for themselves.

Religious conservatives aren’t the only people who find themselves shut out of Silicon Valley’s hegemonic culture.

They’re over observing social boundaries among themselves!

Could anyone in the White House burn themselves like Liddy?

During some of the classroom feedback at Walmart training academies, learners are shown videos of how they’re performing, in effect, judging themselves.

In most societies, a person defines themselves by what they are in the eyes of their peers.

These wars prevent democracy and human rights in countries which have themselves been victims of aggression.

“You see that (the gangs) are starting to organize themselves in there.

But it won’t be immediately visible to anyone but the people involved in the interaction themselves.

“Not just campaign rallies, but the elections themselves were raucous and unruly.

Yes, I’m interested in photographing people who are courageous in how they present themselves and have strength in themselves.

(Meanwhile, state lawmakers themselves have gotten huge raises.)

But this often leads to deeply bipolar films, trapped between moods and struggling to reconcile themselves.

The black women who also accused Cosby of assault were largely ignored or were forced to defend themselves against charges of betraying their community.

On a couple occasions I’ve questioned whether some entries were valid, and inquired with the cartoonists themselves.

The question is how high a price the US may have to pay if global powers decide to do the same thing for themselves.

Once again, we are begging parents to not put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally.

It’s difficult to conceive of the alternative, really, but engineers have a vision of computers that exist as materials themselves.

Both companies started out with a plan to contract most of the components out to third parties and just do a few things themselves.

So they had to do more of that themselves.

If the creator is speaking to themselves and the planet represents their body, it’s a commentary on self-acceptance.

Visitors are left to fend for themselves.

“Pubs should generate their own buzz from people talking and enjoying themselves,” he said.

This is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he’s making.

The colors themselves, I wanted them to be accurate.

Zdechovský said that it was mostly men who’d made these threats, calling themselves patriots, supporters of SPD, and extremists.

Few discussion topics lend themselves as well to the podcast format as movies.

They are also, in and of themselves, an enormously powerful climate policy.

It was hilarious, gross, and proved that the two actors don’t take themselves too seriously.

Few school-sponsored enrichment programs lend themselves to genuine nostalgia.

”I don’t think Amazon understands how close they are to blowing themselves up,” one analyst warned.

Still, Republicans who attempt to cherry-pick their support for Trump could open themselves up to attacks from both sides.

The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired.

But the parts themselves appear strangely at home here, lurking amid the anthuriums and foxgloves like animals in the brush.

UB40 UB40 moves up for IMMEDIATELY distancing themselves from sobbing adult boy Brett Kavanaugh.

The worst traits attributed to Virgo, denatured, reveal themselves to be synonyms for the words you lean on to fudge facts on a résumé.

“We’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted later,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen people hurting themselves and others on Facebook — either live or in video posted…

Iranians have always viewed themselves as pragmatic and effective negotiators.

They have increasingly sought to shift the focus, since Mueller finished his work, over to the actions of the investigators themselves.

They have increasingly sought to shift the focus, since Mueller finished his work, over to the actions of the investigators themselves.

It’s not clear whether the individuals paid for the malware themselves or through their respective organizations.

Lili Farhang, co-director of the organization, said children who find themselves amid Central America’s worst violence would probably face even greater stress.

We have hours of footage of cats licking themselves.

Fortunately, a few correctional officers are gamers themselves.

A 2017 report by the government’s gender equality bureau showed nearly 60 percent of female victims of forced sex kept it to themselves.

They allow fisheries to continue to invest in themselves while the stocks are being diminished by overexploitation.”

At 6 years old the boys pay themselves more Hershey Kisses than the girls.

That people should be able to express themselves, and be able to say … Yeah.

People naturally gravitate toward people who remind them of themselves.

But not effective in advocating for themselves, because when they do, they are seen as acting outside of their stereotype.

There’s just one problem: The doctors themselves dispute the assertion that weed caused a fatal overdose.

There’s just one problem: The doctors themselves dispute the assertion that weed caused a fatal overdose.

His #issues rarely reveal themselves, but when they do, it’s a thing of true beauty.

Alejano said the president was trying to “divert the attention of the people from the present economic woes they themselves have failed to address”.

I think those two platforms really lend themselves to this category.

Not surprisingly, some of the early team members, like Scotland’s Nik Kinloch, are house and techno heads themselves.

But let’s just let the facts speak for themselves.

VICE News contacted nearly a dozen companies that identified themselves in the bidding process as being owned by Hispanic-Americans.

“The prize winners themselves have to safeguard their own reputations.” Reporting by Gwladys Fouche, editing by Alister Doyle, Editing By Richard Balmforth

Young Thug and 21 Savage can’t help themselves — when beauties come twerking so does a bunch of cash!!

They have dedicated themselves to lives as taco vendors, and not just basket tacos.

After looking at over 1500 samples, the answer came from the way that the creatures fed themselves.

Rather, it remains commonplace for men to brag about sex with women, without regard for what the women themselves may want.

As if they struggle with giving themselves permission to be sexual without a relationship.”

Biden is asking Americans to think of themselves based on occupational categories, and to think of himself as a champion of front-line workers.

The line of sight follows either an upward or downward gaze, making viewers aware of the distance between themselves and figure in the image.

“Billionaires are actually billionaires because they keep educating themselves.

On top of the Smith fiasco, the team bid against themselves for the services of Jackson in free agency, and probably overpaid for Baynes.

Some may even feel affirmed by seeing themselves or those with whom they share an identity visually “represented” while being brutalized, dying, or dead.

What’s fascinating about this is the way the two are trapped in a never-ending cycle of watching versions of themselves.

Gang members themselves say it had more to do with an informal truce.

Gang members themselves say it had more to do with an informal truce.

Are they praying for themselves or for others?

I think the American people can look at images side by side and decide for themselves.

So in my Christianity Today review, I encouraged readers to see the movie for themselves and enjoy the conversations it would provoke.

Maxey is looking towards what she calls the second wave in wearable tech, where hardware is embedded into textiles themselves.

In Britain, a survey found that 50 percent of young people wouldn’t define themselves as fully heterosexual.

This study seems to show that attitudes are changing and people are beginning to feel free to be themselves, which is very positive news.”

“Very few people only go around on the internet as themselves.”

“France and Germany have shown that by themselves they are no longer in a position to advance Europe.

The player models constantly cross over one another, and automatically drag themselves into position, their legs not moving, at dead-ball situations.

But it’s also a sign of congressional Republicans’ growing willingness to distance themselves from the president.

They might even have to learn how to dive through the caves themselves.

Conservatives styled themselves as anti-racist in the tradition of the party of Lincoln; Breitbart’s campaign against Sherrod could generously be called borderline racist.

“Where journalists are researchers, they see themselves as warriors, picking up Breitbart’s hashtagged mantle #WAR.

But the SJAs themselves often have very limited legal experience, Christensen said.

They bought themselves time to evolve into biological marvels.”

But the other five have all proclaimed themselves undecided and have made themselves scarce.

And now the Senate moderates are, themselves, showing a distinct lack of backbone.

Though the production of The Selected Letters of John Cage is quite grand, the letters themselves are not particularly distinguished.

Sandberg’s philosophy posits that women themselves have to take charge in the workplace to encourage workplace equality.

“It’s been more so from a male counterpart or someone who calls themselves an ally.”

A lot of callers blame themselves and feel guilty.”

(Doughnut holes take about 60-90 seconds and tend to flip themselves.)

On Thursday, two suicide bombers blew themselves up in attacks on police in the capital Tunis, killing one officer and wounding several others.

“We have several works in the show that are not only about magic, but which purport to be spells themselves.

The Tech Stands Up group is just the latest example of tech employees organizing themselves to oppose the new presidential administration’s policies.

It is every meme you could make about a Migos song, but it’s officially by the Migos themselves.

Warren’s plan is another indication that Democrats are increasingly distancing themselves from their once-cozy relationship to Silicon Valley.

The plan ultimately failed, but nearly 1,000 members of the Venezuelan armed forces did defect, crossing the border and turning themselves in.

I think this is pretty much how everyone feels about themselves and their foibles.

“I want to hand over almost everything that’s made by NPCs in the game right now to players themselves, one way or another.

Many of the Unit are coloured people from the Flats themselves.

We were talking about similar events, but we were barely communicating with each other, and academics mostly ended up talking to themselves.

But Google doesn’t have any plans to sell ads for the format itself right now, so publishers will have sell it themselves.

Does it come as a surprise that the alt-right would identify themselves with beasts?

I also worried that I’d be offering the furry alt-right a free pass, by inviting them to explain themselves.

Hiding behind their avatars, these men can cast themselves as underdogs.

TG: Something Kristof floats is this idea of affirmative action for conservatives, noting that conservatives themselves wouldn’t stand for that.

Gates and Buffett themselves stand as an interesting challenge to, at least, the stronger versions of that critique.

Our staff were beside themselves.

The colors themselves are not true to life, nor are the paintings’ composite scenes.

“Juggalos are organizing themselves,” she said.

Many of the students have become seasoned protesters who know to bring swimming goggles to protect themselves against police tear gas.

Or is it “excessive control, leaving citizens unable to defend themselves from attackers”?

“They don’t ask themselves ‘is this person liberal or conservative?’” Right now, Brown seems to have an edge.

They’re turning themselves in to the nearest border agent they see on the US side.

More than 1.2 million people had also turned themselves in after the home visits.

The core question is how will longtime Bronx resident sustain themselves, and at what costs.

But just like his conspiracy theories themselves, Jones attempts to defend himself are dubious.

“In Mudbound, these characters couldn’t be themselves especially outside of their homes.

Shipping will be free, but the trees themselves come at a premium — $115 for a 7-foot Fraser fir, for example.

Dev and his pals get themselves into ridiculous situations and can’t help but comment on them.

The cakes themselves come in a fairly broad range of flavors; most common, Navarro says, are walnut, eggnog, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.

This difference goes a long way to explain how Warren and Sanders present themselves on the campaign trail.

Incels in the late ’90s, ReformedIncel explains, didn’t see themselves as victims of female cruelty in the way today’s incels do.

These men appropriated the term “incel” for themselves and their idea, outcompeting the IncelSupport community for ownership of the term.

But if you listen to incels themselves, there are many more examples that happen with no documentation or criminal trial.

They tend to cast themselves as victims and other people as suckers, losers, or fools.”

Once you’re in a relationship, notice how the person handles themselves during conflicts.

The so-called global elite have done well for themselves, but left working families with shrinking wages.

McConnell and Ryan don’t go around advertising themselves as huge liars, after all.

That is because the companies that provide those services do not want to expose themselves to sanctions risk by association with Rusal.

Rusal itself cannot do that because the bond-holder that takes the money would themselves come under sanctions risk.

The works themselves seem hardly related to life at the State Hospital.

For the businesses themselves, we care a lot about that, and for our shareholders, we care a lot about that.

It seems like they should be asking themselves why do these guys all want to sell their media assets.

Or I’ll just charge them to buy themselves out of it.” I think that’s …

I think people are left to look at themselves, they don’t trust their government.

Today, however, the ideology of democracy has taken fiercer hold, elites are held in low regard, and those failsafes are themselves failing.

As for the candidates themselves, the Florida Senate race has been lacking in charisma.

The trend has offered fresh hopes to the elderly, many of whom take low-paying, blue collar jobs to support themselves after retiring.

Let the Oscars be the Oscars — the lively, ridiculous Oscars — instead of trying to make them into some pale shadow of themselves.

The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired.

But more than what I could have done is what white people themselves could do.

You think women in misogynistic workplaces have felt free to express themselves?

Americans themselves are a little less ready, according to survey data released today by Pew Research Center.

Every day in June, we are celebrating the community by featuring one queer artist and letting them speak for themselves.

Hyperallergic is commemorating Pride Month by featuring one contemporary queer artist per day on the website and letting them speak for themselves.

Dear Mr. Robbins, I don’t know how bodies rearrange themselves and move through space after they have passed.

The residents don’t think for themselves; they just do what they’ve always done, day in and day out.

As I explain in my book, Great Myths of Intimate Relationships, people tend to be attracted to those who are similar—not opposite—to themselves.

And as in Six Feet Under, the characters of The Leftovers don’t know what to do with themselves.

They bury themselves in work or in caring for children.

It’s very common that pedophiles were themselves victims of childhood sexual trauma; nearly all pedophiles interviewed said they had experienced abuse as children.

They can be themselves, they say.

Without such sources, a sex worker may struggle to expand their pool of safe clients and leave themselves vulnerable to abuse.

That’s not to say that no one has ever successfully defended themselves or others from an attack with a firearm.

Instead, Luther and those who followed him found themselves at the forefront of a new religious movement known as Lutheranism.

You can never say or do anything that makes them hate themselves more than they already hate themselves.

It didn’t help that the moderators themselves were often peddling falsehoods.

But Republicans spent December 2017 assuring themselves that would change in February 2018 when the new withholdings began.

Dozens of protesters blocked entry to the gallery for guests of the ceremony, linking arms and chaining themselves to the gallery gates.

In other words, what matters more than the apps themselves may be the behavior of people who use them.

So instead of wearables, these are things like, that power themselves by the beating of the heart or …

I just won’t listen to them talk about themselves like that.

They called themselves the Islamic State in Bangladesh (ISB), according to Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

But, if a young person experiences an unintended pregnancy, they need the information to make informed decisions for themselves.

People have always had ways of preserving a version of themselves, whether hateful and abhorrent or not.

“It’s usually the kids themselves who are very resourceful.

Publicly available evidence, including unique code and Russian writing in the hacked documents themselves, links the document theft to Russian state-sponsored hacks.

So, in a way, the standoff is now between Republicans themselves over whether to undercut a law they’ve all spent years campaigning against.

The issue isn’t just that Twitter will lose harassment victims themselves as users.

Sean Illing You write that you hope people think less of themselves after reading this book.

Most books are designed to sell, and making people feel good about themselves is reliable way to do that.

The problem is, they’re not able to look at those things rationally, they’re not able to understand themselves rationally.

He may also score some in face-up situations now that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook aren’t hoarding every possession for themselves.

I think people just kind of limit themselves too much.

If someone is a threat to themselves or others, it gives law enforcement and the judicial system the ability to confiscate the weapons.

The statistics themselves stacked up to the rest of the tech industry, which isn’t great.

for the older geezers, for us, Snapchat is fun in that it’s the one platform where everybody can be themselves.

I think all three cable networks may find themselves getting some competition from somebody else.

They can either figure out a solution themselves, which would be a really good idea because the American people are fed up, Congress is.

They dwell in their own demarcated plots of land and point beyond themselves.

“They’re fishing day in, day out to feed themselves and feed their families,” she said.

It also gives officials an opportunity to reposition and redeem themselves.

Other researchers have linked these motors together into long polymers that can heal themselves when scratched, which could lead to scratch-resistant films.

“It used to be that Democrats defined themselves against the Republicans on foreign policy,” Kleinfeld says.

“But the Republicans are so incoherent now that the Democrats actually have to just define themselves.”

To Sestak, that was just evidence that they were out of touch themselves.

They called themselves the “Wide Awakes.”

Politics served as a way for young friends to work together to pull themselves toward adulthood.

The engineers can only work on the machines themselves during the annual technical stop, which lasts a couple of months in winter.

The devices themselves, she says, are all about technology—but what we do with them is cultural.

That is, the tax cuts would pay for themselves.

Without the Hoist, only the Underground Club and Backstreet can bill themselves as permanent kink-friendly spaces in London.

“Historically, drugs have been studied by themselves.

“It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it for themselves.

Both men remain in custody and have had limited opportunity to respond to the allegations or defend themselves publicly.

Wisely, curator Grace Aneiza Ali chose artists who are interested in what it takes to piece themselves back together when this occurs.

By inserting themselves into the song, contemporary audiences, Caetano believes, are using similar tactics of protest as the festive left of the ’60s.

Furthermore, the industry itself is assumed to be so exploitative and abusive that anyone involved is just setting themselves up for trauma and PTSD.

CHRISTINA CORVINO, COFOUNDER, CORVINO SUPPER CLUB & TASTING ROOM: “Most people let themselves languish in the purgatory of planning, trying to make everything perfect.

An official working in another government building close by said employees had locked themselves in their offices after hearing the explosions and gunfire.

There are people who really have convinced themselves that all they need to do is make a cool Facebook post.

Davis: I hope that when people of color see it, they can imagine themselves in a greater light.

You get them to make it an objective for themselves.

Perhaps they’re not stretching themselves, John.

They didn’t want to … and he was making an adult statement about their inability to take responsibility for themselves.

And then they give to those who have less than themselves, and they’re grateful.

Few figures in Washington have supplicated themselves more completely, and in more humiliating fashion, to Donald Trump than Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Instead, Twitter is using a new human silhouette to encourage people to upload pictures of themselves.

And almost no one was honest with themselves.

Under government ethics regulation, federal employees are required to recuse themselves from matters where their impartiality could reasonably be questioned.

I’ve seen people post pictures of themselves with it, and I was taken aback by how interesting and pretty their skin looked.

I’ve seen people post pictures of themselves with it, and I was taken aback by how interesting and pretty their skin looked.

A Kapo was a prisoner deemed responsible for the others within the Nazi hierarchy—usually violent convicts, and often more sadistic than the guards themselves.

He talks about what businesses and regular people can do to better gird themselves against these bot attacks.

How do you then explain to corporations that they’re going to have to calm themselves down just like people, right?

This isn’t the first time those around Kelly have distanced themselves.

For foreign brands still establishing themselves in the US, that means deliberately becoming a little more American.

They kept to themselves and lived close to each other or on their family property, where they ran an auto-salvage yard.

It leaves the decision up to the manufacturing companies themselves.

And most critics feel that Rotten Tomatoes, in particular, oversimplifies criticism, to the detriment of critics, the audience, and the movies themselves.

Big studio publicists, however, are paid to convince people to see their films, not to candidly discuss the quality of the films themselves.

But if the platforms themselves are riddled with distractions, these efforts are moot.

“This is a big strike into the heart of abuse of power.” After the accusations became public, entertainment industry heavyweights distanced themselves from Weinstein.

They are able to use these resources to reshape institutions to protect themselves and their children.

The day after unveiling their new bill to replace Obamacare, the Republican authors of the Affordable Health Care Act find themselves in a bind.

Gay people, he says, have always had to put themselves at more risk than straight people.

They handled themselves with poise and confidence, and I’m quite sure we’ll be reading about their next big move sometime very soon.

Therefore, I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.”

In the longer run, countering gerrymandering will fall back to state legislatures, courts and voters themselves.

Still, the charges are, by themselves, important.

But some viewers, themselves native Spanish speakers, complained these overtures were often so painful to hear.

Every day in June, we are celebrating the community by featuring one queer artist and letting them speak for themselves.

Hyperallergic is commemorating Pride Month by featuring one contemporary queer artist per day on the website and letting them speak for themselves.

Waterfield says archaeologists like to emphasize that antiquities looting is as old as antiquities themselves.

They found themselves suddenly in another world.

But the riders behind us, if that was what they had been, did not show themselves again.

And people with guns in their homes are more likely to be killed or to kill themselves with guns.

Nearly 21,000 people in the United States use guns to kill themselves each year, accounting for about two-thirds of all gun deaths.

We know that youth who see movie characters drink alcohol are more likely to drink alcohol themselves.

Similarly, we know that youth who see movie characters smoke cigarettes are more likely to smoke themselves.

They got themselves in there from their talent and hard work,” Shawn tells TMZ Sports … “We just kinda coached them.”

To distract themselves from Gabe’s condition, they’d play games online with one another.

Skate through the slapshots snapshots to see the players who guaranteed themselves a seat in the penalty box.

There is little disagreement among the various plans on two major issues: the DACA recipients themselves and border security funding.

Gavin Newsom, are either staying neutral on Prop 61 or finding themselves on the side of the pharmaceutical companies.

Many of the Tea Party voters she talked to didn’t mind using government services for themselves.

“The stores themselves operate in a legal element,” Selander told me.

Millions now find themselves waiting for hours in serpentine lines outside banks to exchange their defunct currency for the new government-approved notes.

Millions now find themselves waiting for hours in serpentine lines outside banks to exchange their defunct currency for the new government-approved notes.

In the flick, Van Damme plays Kurt, who travels with his brother Eric to Thailand to prove themselves against the Thais.

The influx of farang means that more and more gyms supplement or even support themselves primarily with income from foreigners who pay to train.

But garbled sentences, in and of themselves, are not significant.

But note that when mainstream critics talk about these things, it’s never the things themselves that are the problem.

Algorithms are a tool, Caselles-Dupré told me, not creative beings themselves.

But somehow they do seem the same insofar as they are fully, unabashedly themselves.

“We have nothing against the Russians themselves.

And former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev blasted the decision as “a disgrace,” saying it would only undermine the games themselves.

And former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev blasted the decision as “a disgrace,” saying it would only undermine the games themselves.

Estep describes Sabbat as a community where people can be themselves.

He announced a red alert, and the camera shook as Colbert and Takei threw themselves left and right and back again.

One is that there is some great-looking slow-motion rebounding footage, even if the boards themselves are fundamentally useless.

“The Underground Railroad was just one among many efforts on the part of enslaved people to liberate themselves,” she said.

The staff members said their names one by one, each qualifying themselves as recovering addicts, the way a person does in a 12-step meeting.

Taken out of context, his words fly, by themselves, into books.

And from the photos themselves, what can we glean about the young Stanley Kubrick?That’s a good question.

That’s where the couple still find themselves, with unpacked belongings reminding them of the life they left behind in Prospect Park South.

In the long run, it will likely be possible to dispense with pilots altogether and have the aircraft fly themselves.

I think that’s something as a founder that I hold dear that a lot of CO’s I know just abstract themselves.

How do we get in front of people so that we can save those people before they harm themselves?

(Meanwhile, state lawmakers themselves have gotten huge raises.)

They must cook and clean up after themselves, and are all expected to hold pads and teach the new fighters.

Berlin techno label Killekill has carved out a unique space for themselves in a city filled to the brim with techno crews and labels.

“And our fans have also proven themselves to be the best in the world!

It may be blasphemy to say this, but it’s true: on Wretch, Simon et al have managed to out-Saint Vitus Saint Vitus themselves.

In other words, they started acting in their own self-interest but deluded themselves into thinking that it was really for the betterment of Rome.

But the conversations themselves are both nuanced and accessible.

They call themselves pranksters, but they’re not.

Unconventional women; women who buck tradition; women who make themselves the protagonists in their own stories, she explained.

“Half of a DJ’s life is the way they brand themselves … and he has that down pat.”

In using their considerable talents to elevate a mediocre script, they shamed Hollywood, for so quickly discarding its greatest actresses, not themselves.

This urge to turn movies into sports or politics — maybe because those are the metaphors American media consumers know best — downplays the films themselves.

In short, the posted emails in and of themselves do not constitute “slam dunk evidence” against all three men.

“We need this public-private partnership where the companies themselves agree on what test standards we impose.

Some monkeys wanted to keep the ice to themselves, then they got bored,” Shimabuku observed of the 22-minute video.

Most Yazidis speak a Kurdish dialect, but many don’t see themselves as ethnically Kurdish.

Specifically: Federal political parties generally limit themselves to one linguistic community.

But it’s also important for when Waymo’s self-driving cars themselves get into an accident.

CW: Well, I guess, Facebook hasn’t done themselves any favors by filing patents for exactly the technology that Jason is describing.

As reported in the Denver Post, endurance athletes have been turning to medically unnecessary IVs to get hydrated and give themselves a boost.

The person could be “trying to put people in their place, or to make them feel bad about themselves.

So, you know, I would never, ever discourage anyone, a man or a lady, from taking sexy pictures of themselves — go for it.

How do we confront history, when narratives of us versus them so quickly collapse on themselves?

They’re emphasizing their anchors that are not in primetime to try to distance themselves from their own top talent.

Or like Sam Hoffman, they were loners who found themselves forced into tight-knit interdependence.

I’d like my teens to behave themselves.

Some immigrant families co-opt Thanksgiving for themselves: I was recently at an Indian Thanksgiving dinner where we soaked everything in tamarind soup.

Consider suicide: It tends to be fairly impulsive, with people often deciding to kill themselves and acting on it within hours.

The electors themselves have been rubber stamps.

That means employees can sue, but they have to take on that financial burden themselves.

By the time Clement and Waititi reunited to collaborate on WWDITS, they had each established themselves as masterful comedians in their own right.

I think that some smaller places can become a draw themselves.

“Just wish they’d exit gracefully and keep their regressive views to themselves,” Tandon said on Twitter.

This was a group that had experienced spells of uninsurance themselves — and pictured paying the surcharge.

This is not at all what the candidates themselves are saying!

“Once I make that big hit, I can finally stop…the tasks themselves aren’t very rewarding.

Turning to video games in times of stress can become an addictive grind that makes the games themselves a source of stress.

Had he cared to inquire, he would have found vast ideological differences between the panelists themselves.

When looking solely at these corporate products, social media feels like the hellish extreme of late capitalism, Faustian bargains where consumers consume themselves.

“Everyone is trying to entrench themselves in their region to compete with other regions,” Guajardo told Mexican radio.

At that point, I still believed that if black people represented themselves in polite, distinguished ways, white folks might actually see our humanity.

For example, Connecticut prohibits people who check themselves in for mental health care from possessing or purchasing firearms for six months after release.

Will they, too, become beer snobs, or take it upon themselves to sneak more hops into the algorithm?

“We’re not trying to pretend that there aren’t difficult situations that teenagers are going to find themselves in.

“This morning the five people wanted by Spain presented themselves to police in Brussels.

We take an influencer that has already proven themselves.

They have a label together called Sound Warrior, and it’s a compilation of tracks by themselves, plus other artists that they’re introducing.

When moving through the space, visitors are confronted with reflections and refractions of both the Laughing Snake and themselves.

The kids receive time capsules they made for themselves at the beginning of sixth grade.

That’s partly because its substrate, the mind and brain, are themselves not well understood.

First, each new employee gets a balloon on their first day so that other employees know to come up and introduce themselves.

What distinguishes Republicans from Democrats on Israel isn’t that they call themselves “pro-Israel”; both parties strongly support maintaining the US-Israel alliance.

The men only identified themselves when asked, Collins said.

The men only identified themselves when asked, Collins said.

Supporting Cain could also have been a means to align themselves more closely with Trump, especially ahead of 2020.

He said he was afraid they might get upset, kill themselves, or have an abortion.

Of course Europeans have been behaving themselves!

The couple rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, hit up the Haunted Mansion and even subjected themselves to It’s a Small World.

Since they are opioids themselves, they can fulfill a person’s cravings and stop withdrawal symptoms.

The Youngs refuse to shrink themselves to fit into another society’s perception of what they should be.

I don’t want to be one of those screenwriters that trashes the books they adapt to make themselves look better.

They do this by attaching themselves to the GABA-A receptors and increasing the effectiveness of the GABA neurotransmitter.

Like the sweaters themselves, the attitude is a little tacky.

How does it make them feel about themselves, about the advertisers and the product?” Alhabash said.

“Being fearful is having a negative effect on these animals’ ability to feed themselves.”

He and Ted Cruz are the two Republican candidates whose airtime has been spent largely on promoting themselves by attacking someone else.

But it’s also a commentary on the movies themselves.

In addition to large-scale paintings, the exhibition includes preparatory oil sketches, which look like complete works unto themselves.

They also have the power to leave behind and detach themselves from the institutional persona that they inhabit.

Who speaks themselves into existence?

The world’s economy was interconnected and nobody could isolate themselves, it said.

But many within Ukraine’s extended Jewish population feel somewhat immune to this panic — because they themselves don’t feel very Jewish at all.

The text messages themselves were subpoenaed in Gottwald’s own defamation suit against Kesha.

“We would suspect that the patients themselves are not very aware of what’s happening in the later stages,” Cope told me.

The film is about reclamation, ancestral dialogue, and also about showing members of the global diaspora themselves.

They started to view themselves as casualties of a sort of imagined reverse-racism, forced to share power they entertained exclusively for so long.

They’re not just supporting the party, they are presenting themselves in front of the entire world,” Messina said.

Her male colleagues are themselves exceedingly aggressive, she notes.

And there are ongoing concerns that the policy roll-outs themselves are messy.

This time around, Democrats are eager to distance themselves from Wall Street.

Political junkies log on and cocoon themselves in a bubble of friendly punditry, appealing fake news, and outrageous acts from the other side.

It included people who thought of themselves as communists and socialist as well as moderate left-of-center Democrats.

I spent a couple of hours there, then went to a cell for inmates who are a danger to themselves.

Other nations thought of themselves as hymns to the glory of God.

“Presidents usually calibrate themselves and don’t start flinging orders like a fast-food chef,” Howell observed.

The racist tweet scandal illustrated the damage that influencers can do to themselves and the business model.

“Social media platforms must begin to view themselves as actors in shaping the democratic discourse,” the minister said.

Myers’ excellent book, The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See themselves and Why it Matters.

The most fascinating people are always the ones who don’t spend their lives telling people about themselves.

With Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter, Maysles brothers Albert and David cemented themselves as two of America’s greatest documentary filmmakers.

“There is a thing called ‘Momo’ that’s instructing kids to kill themselves,” the attached screenshot of a Facebook post reads.

The beneficiaries themselves, of course, will lose out.

And then when women become mothers themselves, they find their lives changed by their children.

They’ve just stuck themselves as a middleman for a transaction that can be done without them.

I wanted them to have confidence in themselves and their unique abilities while still being compassionate and empathetic to others.

That’s one of the big ethical questions: How do you portray people who cannot portray themselves?

Then I saw that they could provide love for themselves.

I find that the type of thing people are feeding themselves with is often really contradictory because it’s anti-government but pro-America.

The photos, which range in size, are shown next to the much smaller insect specimens themselves.

I think these are artists who look forward to expressing themselves in different ways, and moving on with their own careers.

I think “Hamilton” makes people ask themselves, what am I doing with my life?

Do they do that themselves, or is that part of your planning because I literally see them and they’re using it beautifully.

All I hear is it’s about teenagers sending naked pictures of themselves to their friends.

But clearly they couldn’t help themselves when it came to the pirate treasure reference.

Once the tariffs come into effect, suppliers can choose to swallow the extra cost themselves or they can pass it on to customers.

But Lewis argues that anyone who was expecting that to happen was deluding themselves.

They have a point: There have been several high-profile cases of black gun owners finding themselves in danger when interacting with police.

Four sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Democrat ranking member Dianne Feinstein of California, and questioned Kavanaugh themselves.

Everybody had an incentive to perpetuate the status quo just a little longer, deluding themselves that it could go on and on.

A lot of them have been divorced already, and they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

“Christian families can form themselves along a divine vision of work and family as holistic complements,” a report released Tuesday reads.

China supports Afghans resolving their problems themselves through talks, and this visit was an important part of China promoting such peace talks, he said.

This can involve directly challenging how predators view themselves.

It’s not always easy to unpack what the criminal says about themselves from reported elements of the case.

His clean escape is cut short, however, when a suspicious (white) family notices that he’s hiding out, and immediately arm themselves against him.

Within the past year, four young men, all lay people rather than monks, have set themselves on fire in Tibet.

But successful men usually don’t have to hide themselves away for fear of overexposure.

Successful men, in fact, don’t have to hide themselves away from much of anything, especially when they are also wealthy, well-connected, and white.

Meanwhile we saw them enjoying themselves in malls and VIP restaurants,” Marchena said.

They’re engaging in lobbying activities, they’re just calling themselves consultants instead.

And so moms can sort of remind themselves of that.

Other websites and browser extensions, like Scrible and Annotate It, allow users to write notes for themselves about what they find on the web.

And I think it helps mothers to remind [themselves] of that.

Although some of the venues in Melbourne are legal, the stigma lingers and patrons keep themselves to themselves.

“Like all new undertakings, the specifics will work themselves out,” Hardy replied via Twitter direct message.

They plan everything but accomplish nothing ( SPOILER: they only manage to kill themselves).

There has even been speculation that some might uproot themselves entirely—re-domicile—with attendant impact on market sentiment and even the wider economy.”

They’ll solve it themselves, even if it means becoming the town’s first responders in their spare time.

Carmakers are capable by themselves, jointly.

They are also more likely to identify themselves as liberals.

It was a speech aimed at voters who look to the future with excitement, who find themselves thrilled by the word change.

But as Anne Helen Petersen points out, the work women do to prove themselves fighters often then gets them dismissed as aggressive or abrasive.

Them appeals lend themselves so easily and naturally to violence.

Sometimes, governments themselves, through highly specialized teams inside their intelligence agencies, develop those hacking tools.

It’s not bullshit because of the allegations themselves, nor because Louisville has one of the best teams in the country.

Wainwright said the interiors themselves were a big enough inspiration for him to want to partake in this series.

Good leaders are also open-minded and self-aware enough to take such criticism into consideration (and perhaps even use it to work to better themselves).

An ability to explain themselves

“Because I said so, that’s why,” is a phrase best reserved for dealing with bratty kids.

An ability to manage themselves

How can you manage others if you can’t even manage yourself?

Bosses can’t just be looking out for themselves (not good ones, anyways).

“Citizens can see for themselves how their fisheries are being effectively managed and hold leaders accountable for long-term sustainability,” the project’s website notes.

Maccarone said on Wednesday the banks were considering whether to plug Carige’s entire capital shortfall themselves, without Apollo’s intervention.

“We trust jurors to be on their best behavior and wall themselves off but that kind of goes against human nature,” Ohlin said.

I think they don’t know, and then they keep tripping over themselves.

I help people educate themselves to learn how to do things in a safe way.

With my presence, just standing there wearing the shirt that says “Nightlifeguard,” people are already policing themselves.

The promise of sharing that information with families will be especially tricky since, in some cases, the family members themselves are suspects.

Think Uber can redeem themselves?

The promise of sharing that information with families will be especially tricky since, in some cases, the family members themselves are suspects.

There are some policies that have a bigger impact than others, but none by themselves get close to ending the crisis on their own.

Albini’s goal is always to make a band sound like themselves, with no bullshit.

Most guys would kick themselves for leaving TG behind.

For their first tours, they didn’t have a tour manager and drove themselves.

It comes from women throwing bombs and starving themselves and being tortured by the police.

But the government’s survival depends on warring militias, many of whom are paid to police the smuggling they themselves are involved in.

A majority of British people now identify themselves as Leaver or Remainer rather than Labour or Tory.

After Page’s departure, the Trump team attempted to distance themselves from him pretty quickly.

There’s some evidence that changing climate will affect not just the parks themselves, but also the habits of park visitors.

Democratic candidates, many of them first-time challengers, really are defining themselves around a politics of reform.

The skins have become a kind of currency in and of themselves.

But even people who are still capable of reasonable, rational thought find themselves adrift today, not sure which facts are “real” facts.

Or I’d tell them to think about it themselves.

Looking at the video, one could say they were thoroughly — and voluntarily — enjoying themselves at the concert.

We hope themselves in a sentence examples were helpful.