Testing in a sentence | Use of the word testing examples

At the time of the accident, the examiner was probably testing another candidate, the police said.

And while HBO still commands that amount of faith from most, it’s time to stop testing our patience.

At last count, Uber had only reached three million miles before it halted all of its self-driving testing in March.

The district will also try to limit the expansion of charters schools and will reevaluate testing requirements.

Landrigan suggested that blood lead testing should become the norm in adult medicine the way pediatricians now often screen children for lead exposure.

Because you were testing it, you didn’t want it out in the wild, essentially.

Turns out 10 days before the race we rolled over during testing so that was disappointing.

But the question needs further testing.

The fatal accident was a setback from which the company has yet to recover; its autonomous vehicle testing remains dramatically reduced.

The accident was also a blow to the entire autonomous vehicle industry and led other companies to temporarily halt their testing.

Uber also voluntarily halted its entire autonomous car testing program and left Arizona.

In December, Uber resumed limited self-driving car testing in Pittsburgh, restricting the cars to a small loop they can drive only in good weather.

The company is now testing with two people in the front seat and more strictly monitors safety drivers.

Uber has not resumed testing in San Francisco or Toronto, where it previously had programs.

But the workers at the remote testing site have been busy with far more than just leisure activities.

But the workers at the remote testing site have been busy with far more than just leisure activities.

He wasn’t a formal Kitty Hawk employee, apparently, but he was allegedly testing prototype aircrafts with Page at one point.

Then they will be mounted for initial testing and will begin doing some experiments until the final three mirrors are ready to be installed.

Cormier essentially said he didn’t HAVE to beat Jones to get his championship belt because Jones eliminated himself by testing positive for cocaine.

China, meanwhile, is testing a new warhead called a “hypersonic glide vehicle” that can fly fast enough to evade most missile defenses.

According to Montalvo many Indigenous Peruvians have no access to government health services, so no HIV testing, prevention programs, counselling, or diagnostics.

We can’t predict if and when a rival like Putin would conclude that America’s alliances seemed weak enough to try testing them.

He was booked for driving under the influence, and we’re told he refused blood alcohol testing.

If the person wanted to get added to another hospital’s waitlist, they would need to go through, and pay for, the testing again.

And that interest translates to significant investment, hiring and testing of concepts.

OCM diagnosis is still in its development and testing phase and hasn’t been deployed in full yet.

Tusks were sorted based on appearance to avoid testing two sides of one pair.

testing that suggests parchment or ink is ancient is not wholly decisive.

They also can help link people to other services, including addiction treatment, vaccinations, and infection testing.

I would say we’ve been testing and experimenting with that, but by and large I would agree with you.

Facebook is testing a lot of different things, as you mentioned, the video tab.

They’re testing monetization.

The US State Department warned on Tuesday it would consider “other” options if the North continued nuclear testing and ballistic missile launches.

And on top of that, this multifunction monstrosity had to pass rigorous testing from regulatory bodies like the Federal Aviation Administration.

Facebook is testing another new product that looks and feels very similar to — you guessed it — Snapchat.

And Kratz said the series overlooked the ballistics testing that supposedly tied the bullet found in Avery’s garage to Avery’s own rifle.

(The number is likely even higher now, since testing rates have only declined since 2000.)

For one, testing for lead is not legally required in most of the US.

And as you can see in the chart below, states in the South and West aren’t testing very many children at all.

Recent reforms to the US Department of Agriculture’s policy, including better inspections of plants and testing of meat, seem to be helping.

Vegetarian products also didn’t fare as well as meat products — a trend Clear Labs noted in an October report testing hot dogs.

They do all the testing and typing centrally in the capital city, in Kigali.

The remaining $50,000 went toward his son receiving services for additional accommodation for testing.

Prediction works best when the testing is done in one very long session.

Arizona’s governor in March suspended Uber’s permit for the testing, citing safety concerns.

One couple offered to let me come with them into the small testing room, set up to feel like a relaxing spa.

I made a few more calls to various experts on lab testing to try to figure out what was happening: Was Theranos for real?

Brown to order new advanced DNA testing … a request that Brown’s office is currently reviewing.

That was never proven, but you can bet DNA testing would be part of vetting the grandniece.

For all the thought that went into creating it, it’s a fairly simple procedure that could greatly minimize the costs of future testing.

It is testing smart water meters that use wireless technology and immediately detect excessive usage or leaks.

The testing I signed up for is needed to win U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

Recounting my experience to them helped me figure out that I was actually enjoying the testing more than I thought.

Brazil was the perfect testing ground for this idea.

“It is also a grave contravention of the international norm against nuclear testing.

The review will look at whether drug testing services should be outsourced to cheaper contractors.

The city is now testing indoor fountains.

And the related product they’ve developed, Vasalgel, is only in the preclinical phase of testing.

But Glasgow also oversaw a slipshod water testing regimen that allowed the crisis to continue undetected.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency requires that testing for lead be done on homes with lead pipes, which pose the highest risk.

“The actual product mixture is never tested in regulatory testing.

In the beta we were just testing things and I did an apology.

The chain is testing two grain bowls starting Tuesday: the Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl and the Egg White Grill Grain Bowl.

Low-lift product testing and cheap marketing are the more obvious incentives behind the April Fool’s Day prank.

LinkedIn has been beta testing Open Candidates for months and says one million people have already used the product.

The company hopes to complete testing the proposed fix by the end of June.

While testing SonarSnoop, the researchers only focused on these dozen unlock combinations.

Another project of particular importance to both is early testing for the next generation of cellular networks, known as 5G.

I’m talking about athletic commissions, I’m talking drug testing facilities, I’m talking Bellator, I’m talking Spike TV.

In the first two waves, the bot networks are testing messages.

Which I think they’ve quietly been doing in the background and been testing products.

Both Dr. Schuh and Ms. Davis believe that more testing would result in less stigma, but that doctors are uneasy about upsetting their patients.

The fast-food world exploded at the recent revelation that McDonald’s is testing a Chicken McGriddle sandwich.

I fell asleep that afternoon to the sound of them testing their chainsaws.

“I tried to think of different possibilities or testing cases on how can I delete a story of any user.

Crime scene testing found no DNA link to either man.

The project is in “early product testing,” the Bloomberg report said.

After testing thousands of American homes, the researchers found that more than 90% of them had at least three detectable allergens.

But Sidewalk sees the project as a testing site for ideas and technology that can be exported all over the world.

It has begun testing programs it runs in Africa, and seeing if they actually do any more good than just handing out cash.

Alternatively, an abnormality flagged by testing might never go on to cause death, Thompson said.

“And you’re generating all kinds of additional testing.”

That follow up testing can be both invasive and expensive, he said.

“That was their biggest concern: finding out that their kid has to get more testing done rather than their kid’s safety.

Amazon is currently testing its drone technology in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.

DHL has been testing Parcel Metro in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York for the last two years, the company said.

testing for how weed benefits veterans is a thin field.

The Air Force is testing a new system to take out small drones at the speed of light: the Tactical High-power Microwave Operational Responder.

Currently, THOR is in the integration stage and has had some preliminary testing.

Lu argued that the launch and recent nuclear testing were the consequence of “constant outcry for pressure and sanctions.”

In 2014, the Obama administration blamed the Kremlin for testing a cruise missile in direct violation of the accord.

Now it may be a whole year between that announcement and product testing.

We’re told her security team took her to the hospital where she underwent testing, but everything came back negative.

Kicked out of its home state, Uber moved its testing to Arizona.

Kicked out of its home state, Uber moved its testing to Arizona.

There isn’t much evidence of a pandemic of terminally ill patients being blocked from testing treatments because of bureaucratic snags.

It’s definitely looking like I will be testing free agency, but not by choice.”

Carlos Ghosn: We are still testing different approaches.

We are just testing different solutions, different providers, before we move in.

Theranos, the blood-testing startup that many investigative pieces suggest is not very good at testing blood, is reportedly getting the Hollywood treatment.

* SGS said it had signed a partnership agreement with TDM Aerospace for certification and testing services in Morocco.

The CDC is also helping Wisconsin with testing of samples, including health care products, water sources, and the environment.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s testing revealed Bobbi Kristina died due to “Immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

Now, the mentally-grueling process of sketching, designing, testing in clay, and then bending unwieldy materials wills Bašić’s pain into the work.

Is there any kind of testing process to make sure multiple cultures worldwide interpret emojis in more or less the same way?

And a Danish research team is testing whether oregano can curb cow burps on organic farms, NPR reported.

After results from the first autopsy on Kim Jong Nam proved inconclusive, a second round of testing revealed the presence of the highly-toxic chemical.

After results from the first autopsy on Kim Jong Nam proved inconclusive, a second round of testing revealed the presence of the highly-toxic chemical.

VX testing by the U.S. Army was also likely the cause of death for more than 6,000 sheep in Utah in 1964.

Yeah, they’re testing.

Aside from his new tracks, Hynes has recently appeared on A$AP Rocky’s testing.

Then the shooter popped up from behind a table and pointed his gun at Marilyn Lewis, who was testing out the program.

GM announced last week that it will begin testing its self-driving cars in Michigan to get the cars accustomed to cold weather conditions.

Other required benefits include breastfeeding equipment, HPV testing, and domestic violence screenings.

Amazon is not alone in testing CMC’s packing technology.

College campuses were the testing ground for this social experiment, and some still are.

Ty will also be subject to random drug testing during the program.

Though it would take individually training and testing different species of animals to prove this hunch.

testing is associated with sexuality …

Consider the human genome project, to which genetic testing companies like 23andMe, and the entire genomics industry, owe their existence.

HIV testing vans used in rural areas were also highly visible and associated with stigma, he said.

In the states where drug testing is required, all but one have a rate below 1 percent.

So an increase could just mean more testing.

Regardless of how the military feels about the braces after testing, commercial versions will be shipping by summer of 2016.

At the time of the accident, the examiner was probably testing another candidate, the police said.

They had undergone neurophysical and intelligence testing before enlisting, offering the rare opportunity to compare cognitive ability before and after injury.

It will take the testing of hundreds of vehicles for thousands of hours to refine and prove out the design.

Osterholm hopes those tests will soon be made more user-friendly — right now, sending meat in for testing sometimes takes days.

I was going to do a whole thing, but it’s very hard to do that kind of testing.

“They’re trying to signal that they are willing to walk away from talks and restart weapons testing,” he said.

As of last month, the new hardware was in beta testing inside of Amazon.

Though some people are at least now testing the service, MCX has never really gotten off the ground.

This multiple-part test — oral, written, and small panel interview — is given over a course of a few weeks throughout the testing process.

The integrated casino resort has also demonstrated its ability to win support from lenders in testing times in the past.

And the second, planned for testing in November, is a ballistic missile that can travel between 1,865 and 2,485 miles.

Second, it would destroy a nuclear testing site and allow international observers — like journalists — to watch.

Both of them employed “cash benchmarking” — testing the effects of their program in comparison to a program where they just give the population cash.

That would allow drug testing for unemployment benefits in many more occupations, Wentworth said.

Even if that’s true, there’s a case that drug testing is particularly unnecessary for unemployment benefits.

However, those cases were not confirmed through testing.

After spending several weeks testing the Snoo alongside more typical bedside sleepers, we think the answer is no,” Wirecutter wrote in its review.

We were also interested in testing two different theories about intolerance.

Rocky’s testing is all about “testing new sounds” as he blends distorted vocals over a myriad of calming guitar strings.

testing feels like a surprise with guest appearances at every turn.

testing is an exercise on how far he can push the limits on his own album.

The IRS, which approves applications for the tax credit, declined to comment on the design or effectiveness of the testing regimen.

Al-Falih said the Saudi side had not yet finished testing Russian wheat, adding he hoped a decision would be reached in July.

At this year’s Milan, there’s an exhibition and taste testing dedicated to the topic.

So there isn’t much evidence of a pandemic of terminally ill patients being blocked from testing treatments because of bureaucratic snags.

Afroman already pled guilty to assault, avoiding jail time and getting off with only anger management classes and drug testing.

Officials have tested customers’ stool samples but have not identified a source of the suspected illness outbreak and are conducting further testing.

Other disqualifiers include admitting to alcohol or drug abuse, testing positive to any drug, including marijuana, and being previously apprehended by Border Patrol.

While we’re busy testing each other’s purity, we let the government and industries — the authors of said devastation — off the hook completely.

Hours would fly by after I donned a head-tracker kit, hooked up the racing wheel, opened a fresh page, and started testing again.

Lewis decided his group had done enough testing.

In his past life, Rolo Haynes specialized in “recruitment” for testing out experimental medical technologies on people.

Today’s move clearly shows that they mean business.” “Today we’re close to testing important levels of support.

You can read at least some of the results of citizenship question testing on the Census Bureau’s website.

That’s amazing, given that the iPad is far more powerful than any complex PC I was testing in the 1990s.

That’s partly because, health experts say, STD programs have undergone severe budget cuts, which forced testing clinics to close.

STD-related stigma, research has shown, also plays a role in low testing rates.

Although in-home testing is convenient, there’s one pesky issue: Human error.

PlushCareLike STD Triage, PlushCare is an app- and web-based testing platform that offers in-lab testing at a reasonable price.

It has involved a lot of testing out and finding the best solutions, as there has not been a precedent.

Maria, a “life coach” at LoveYourself clinic, an HIV testing and treatment hub in Manila, had to step in.

Franco says the organization plans to increase HIV testing among minors and spread safe sex education one clan at a time.

Counselors at the LoveYourself clinic have also used the same dating apps to spread HIV testing invites.

Franco says it’s important for both minors and parents alike to be aware of the necessity of HIV testing and prevention.

It’s here that spirits from the firm’s historic distilleries across Scotland are brought for quality testing before being sold.

Right now, bioengineer Derek West and his colleagues are testing the power of gold.

Based on our research and real-world testing, the best overall travel backpack is the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible.

Today, Waymo is testing its vehicles in four cities: Kirkland, Wash.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Mountain View, Calif.; and Austin, Texas.

“Prior to resuming autonomous vehicle testing operations in California, Uber must apply for a new autonomous vehicle testing permit.

“Prior to resuming autonomous vehicle testing operations in California, Uber must apply for a new autonomous vehicle testing permit.

We’ll have to see how it holds up in testing.

Singh denied the allegations and refused to give samples of his hair and blood for forensic testing.

But when Airpop sent the mask to the United States for third-party testing, the team saw strange results.

Play testing has helped—we’ve come a long way from the once-through quality assurance of the first Monkey Island.

Gaisano said this point, they’re basically just testing out a hypothesis: will this even work?

Predictably enough, there’s been blowback, leading Arizona to suspend its testing program (as has Toyota).

Uber has since ended testing in Arizona, but plans to eventually resume testing in Toronto and San Francisco, Meyhofer said.

– Ethiopian Airlines said on March 16 that DNA testing of the remains of the passengers may take up to six months.

An optimistic vision of what DIY at-home testing kits could be has obviously not come true yet.

But as more companies try to fill the healthcare space with DIY testing, they’ll need to become better stewards of our personal data.

If it’s in testing purgatory, though, maybe that’s where it should stay.

Last fall, the UFC’s league-wide drug testing program banned IVs, compelling athletes that relied on them post-weight-cut to find new approaches.

Even so, quickly jumping on to “organic” or similar bandwagons, without thoroughly testing out a set of methods, has its disadvantages.

The mystery was where the the gun went after that testing.

ATF agents did the testing in 2006.

The new law calls for rigorous testing to prevent illegal cannabis from entering the medical market.

A report in November suggested Facebook was internally testing a tool to allow it censor such content.

His 1983 Ford Thunderbird design was heavily shaped by wind tunnel testing, prioritizing aerodynamic lines.

That decision may have set an important precedent—that genetic testing extends the duty of a healthcare professional beyond the patient.

With further advances in genetic testing, claims to a relative’s genetic information may become increasingly difficult to deny.

It is testing smart water meters that use wireless technology and immediately detect excessive usage or leaks.

After this man understandably can’t figure out where the valuable shit is in the store, he gives the testing pods a little push.

After showing those testing pods whose boss, buddy gets behind the clerk desk to get his hands on the store’s sweet, sweet laptop.

Now, in a nice throwback to earlier in the film, the testing pods our boy gave his tiny lil’ push to are back.

Republicans have learned that the individual mandate is a very unpopular policy, so they’re testing out something different.

The recommendations also suggest a system should be put in place for testing whether a device has “built-in obsolescence.”

Kind of an ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to HIV testing.

In April, Health Canada confirmed that substance was, indeed, W-18, four months after the police submitted it for testing.

Tillerson subsequently urged a “sustained cessation” of weapons testing to allow for talks.

After the testing was done, the equipment was shipped back to China.

Is that a testing method that Fromm made up?Yes.

“Mandating the swift testing of every sexual assault kit sends a powerful message to survivors that they—and their cases—matter.

After the testing was done, the equipment was shipped back to China.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, which can be worn for up to 14 days, reduces the need for the traditional fingerstick testing.

Now, the rout in Turkey’s lira is testing that resilience.

testing is associated with sexuality …

HIV testing vans used in rural areas were also highly visible and associated with stigma, he said.

It’s no wonder … as we reported, blood testing revealed his BAC was .29 — more than 3 times the legal limit.

The agricultural university’s director, Nguyen Thi Lan, said the vaccine still needed further research, and required testing on a larger scale.

“But we have a support system here.” Car accidents and burning bogs aren’t the only thing testing these volunteer firefighters.

LAPD is currently testing it for fingerprints, hair and other DNA information.

NASA announced another slip last week, citing concerns for both contractors such as the need to complete hardware testing and other factors.

testing found that Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich contained only 88.5 percent chicken and that McDonald’s grilled-chicken sandwich contained 84.9 percent chicken.

Subway representatives immediately contacted the program and the lab that conducted the tests to inquire about the methodology and the testing process.

Through years of testing, we’ve never seen results like the program claimed.’

In Chandler, Ariz., where Alphabet is testing its autonomous cars, its software came across something it had never encountered before.

Right now, Twitter is testing two metrics.

But building that capability is interesting because now it allows us this testing bed to do all kinds of new stuff.

In early 2018, Dubai began testing autonomous pods, which the city may use for local transportation in coming years.

Virtually every food retailer is now testing or adding pickup, including Publix, HEB, Meijer and Safeway.

Target Corp (TGT.N), which just bought delivery company Shipt, is testing drive up for non-perishable groceries and other items.

Rather than work out the kinks ahead of time, the company is essentially testing out different models on an active customer base.

Oregon is testing a voluntary system called OReGO, which allows users to a pay a per-mile fee rather than fuel taxes.

— Fred Stevens-Smith, cofounder and CEO of QA testing company, Rainforest QA.

“I had friends over last night testing recipes for my new book,” she explains.

Apparently they’ve developed over 10 new versions of their drone that they’ve been testing.

Why are they testing in the U.K. and Canada?

And they developed their testing facilities there.

This is 25 years worth of research that went into testing these [questions.]

In the current study, participants will undergo testing that simulates a kind of artificial gravity chamber.

But critics say the technology has not progressed much beyond the testing phase.

At no point during our testing did we hear any feedback that indicated this message may offend anyone.

Briggs got slapped with a 6-month suspension last month after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone, a violation under world anti-doping standards.

For removal, the process is reversed and requires additional maintenance work and testing.

For the MAX, it will also include uploading and testing the software fix.

The company is testing a new feature that prompts users to “continue watching” videos that they’ve seen in News Feed, but never finished.

In June, China began testing solar-paneled highways that can heat themselves to melt snow, provide illuminated signage, and generate energy for nearby buildings.

The social network has more aggressively pushed into video to wrest away that business, and recently started testing mid-roll ads in videos.

Tesla will also have to give the government several Model 3s for crash testing.

A source said that Square began beta testing of its payments system in London last month to prepare for an initial launch in Britain.

“If you can truly measure ROI on things, then it’s just about testing everything and then just spending more money on what works.”

Originally, the department’s directors had planned to begin testing robot cars on public roads by August 2016.

While active testing took time and required me to be intentionally mindful, I was able to learn about the accuracy of my assumptions.

Sometimes she’d throw in a new strain or edible the dispensary was testing, just so I could tweak my selections for next time.

I know the most about this approach since I have spent my career developing, testing, and tweaking it.)

Is Zuckerberg’s home a testing ground for a new Facebook product?

The bank may need to invest just about $10 million in additional stress testing technology and external consultants.

Invisible mending,” Dr. Sandy Macrae, president of Sangamo Therapeutics, a California company testing it for two metabolic diseases and hemophilia, told the AP.

When Uber was found to be illegally testing self-driving vehicles on the streets of San Francisco in December of 2016, Arizona Gov.

North Korea has not conducted a missile test for 53 days, the longest such lull in testing this year.

The decision, and the state’s insufficient water testing, led to irreparable damage.

The state Department of Environmental Quality admitted it had made a mistake in testing Flint’s water for lead and other contaminants.

But DNA testing to confirm claims of nationality may not be possible when parents are dead.

testing the Theory of Parties as Moderators of Polarization,” political scientist Hans Hassell has looked at the record.

Having representative viewpoints is important for those designing and testing our products, but the benefits are less clear for those more removed from UX.

NuTonomy is certainly not the only company testing autonomous technology in a ride-hail service.

“He’s selling Trump wine, Trump water, Trump steaks … he was testing the networks,” Gingrich said.

All the the testing and people they’ve cured are younger kids.

Ten of the planes have now been manufactured in the United States, where RAF pilots have been testing them.

Comedians have been testing the limits of the form — and of their audiences — for decades.

GEDmatch doesn’t do DNA testing, it only aggregates existing results from sites like 23andMe.

Remember, Bouchard said Sharapova should be banned from the sport for life after testing positive for a banned substance back in January 2016.

Starship is already testing its robots with Postmates in Washington, D.C., and DoorDash in Redwood City, Calif.

Versetti said Ambrosus will begin testing soon.

Even the testing of such devices outside a medical context will likely be fraught.

We’re told the judge ruled X was a flight risk after testing positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone.

Instead, the state is cutting off funding for family planning services such as STI testing and contraception provision.

Instead, the state is cutting off funding for family planning services such as STI testing and contraception provision.

RUSADA was suspended in 2015 after the WADA-commissioned report said it warned athletes in advance about testing and its officers accepted bribes from athletes.

TuSimple last month said it had begun testing for the U.S.

States can serve as a testing ground for the ideas Congress wants to debate.

But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s not particularly clear whether the testing is all that effective and worth the cost.

Citing cost and effectivity, in June the Illinois High School Association announced it had ended its testing program.

But, in order to ensure a fair testing process, they must learn the ins and outs of anti-doping.

It could be choose your own adventure, it could even be A/B testing of a show.

WADA primarily interacts with national anti-doping agencies like USADA, monitors testing labs, and sets the banned list.

So, like the vast majority of high school athletes, Thompson was mostly on his own when it came to testing.

They want to add in things like work requirements, small premiums for low-income enrollees, and (in the case of Wisconsin) drug testing for beneficiaries.

How does genetic testing work?

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s customs administration is testing coal imports for reasons including environmental protection, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

And to have the news cycles taken over by this back-and-forth around ancestry testing just seems silly.

The federal government has also banned seismic testing in ANWR to measure oil deposits.

“We are testing how to best deliver video ads through Audience Network to people watching content on connected TVs,” a company spokesperson said.

The coroner is still completing toxicology testing, but is confirming there was no foul play involved in Keith’s death.

Uber has since ended testing in Arizona, but plans to eventually resume testing in Toronto and San Francisco, Meyhofer said.

It’s also showing advertisers its new inbox ads that it started testing back in January.

Apple is testing next-generation wireless technologies, often called “5G,” that could potentially radically increase the speed and bandwidth of an iPhone’s cellular connection.

His brain was never submitted for [Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy] testing.

Some of the states are quite flexible about these guidelines on testing.

Twitter has been testing a new tab like this since the fall, so the company must like how people are using it.

Despite the headcount changes, the company appears to have ramped up its testing on California roads.

More rigorous testing is needed to confirm the link.

Like most small teams, though, people wear many hats and are responsible for many other jobs—public relations, QA testing, etc.

Supporting a family, being away for that amount of time and not seeing the children was very testing.

Because then you’re testing.

In fact, Uber has already acquired landing pads at airports to better serve traveling customers and identified Melbourne, Australia, as a potential testing ground.

That means China is likely to be the main testing ground for air taxis in the near future.

I’ve been testing this new user experience, and I’m impressed.

You’re constantly testing.

Enter fertility testing, a relatively new industry that claims to be able to help women answer these burning questions.

In 2013, it sent a sternly worded letter to the company, ordering it to stop marketing health interpretations for its genetic testing service.

It will likely vary from village to village to allow for more testing.

What started as an experiment is now a New York-based company, Ultra testing, which handles a wide range of software testing projects.

Instead, Ultra tests for 28 attributes known to be common to those well-suited to testing work.

He is the author of “The Art of Software Security testing.”

In the two weeks following the article, they found that BRCA testing rates shot up by 65 percent.

Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne system is undergoing testing with the aim of launching rockets bearing small satellites into space from a modified jumbo jet.

The world whispered in unison, testing the unfamiliar syllables.

In many cases, such a private company testing which layout of a website is appealing to web shoppers, such oversight is certainly unnecessary.

An animation in testing sucks the app back into its icon.

Each detonation has set off a larger earthquake, indicating that the bomb North Korea is testing sets off a larger explosion.

Several homes in this community are still testing above normal lead levels, but most meet the minimum government standard for safe drinking water.

Amid such pressure, the company said that on Thursday, it would begin testing shorter hours at 10 of its more than 20,700 stores.

But the city of Barcelona is testing out an urban design trick that can give cities back to pedestrians.

Chains are also testing new formats such as outlets that combine drugstores, dry cleaners and even gyms.

This is the powerful idea behind ancestry testing: You can find your people.

The company says it has been testing a “1/5th scale airplane for several months” somewhere in Oregon.

He is now testing out themes to use against Clinton to persuade disgruntled Republicans to get behind his campaign.

The team also announced the return of left-hander Eric Skoglund from his 80-game suspension for testing positive for two performance-enhancing substances.

“In the setting of PrEP we aim for HIV testing every 3 months,” Volberding said.

Which explains why Twitter is finally testing an expanded character limit: It hopes more space will mean more tweets.

The key issue is testing ideas and approaches in a collaborative fashion,” said Sanyal.

So this kind of division is one reason why people don’t like intelligence testing.

Pence had led the charge in Indiana to defund Planned Parenthood, which is often a key provider of HIV testing in rural areas.

Equally, the EU’s agreement with Canada contains provisions to recognize each others’ testing on machinery; its agreement with South Korea does not.

There are “so many things,” that could contribute to it, says Mathias Basner, a University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist who led Kelly’s cognitive testing.

Once Essential started testing different colors, they decided to release some of them in limited editions.

In addition to the eyedropper tool, the app features a “color studio” for mixing, testing, and visualizing hues on interiors, fabrics, and 3D materials.

But the center suspended their mobile testing unit program this May amid fears that its staff would be arrested in a raid.

Conventional brick-and-mortar testing facilities are facing similar threats.

Are weed testing labs inflating potency data to make more money?

Twenty-seven all-around healthy individuals agreed to complete a series of tasks testing their spatial reasoning and memory of letter sequences.

Are weed testing labs inflating potency data to make more money?

VICE News visited a testing lab in Washington state, where we uncovered inaccurate labeling on a package of legal marijuana.

The process can be mentally and physically testing, but in my case I was mostly glad I could feel again.

Facebook is testing Stories in its main app, too.

He’ll also be under strict drug testing, and can’t carry any firearms while on bail.

Pre-season testing will then take place in two stages.

But, in the meantime, they’re testing the process by turning that piss into beer.

An autopsy and toxicology testing is underway to determine the cause of death.

The Punggye-ri test site will close *because* North Korea feels it has conducted sufficient testing and is happy with its weapons.

Its download speeds have been skewed by so many people testing 5G E.[Rani Molla] Everyone in TV news goes for outrage.

The government is currently testing the waters to see what caused the mass death, but pollution is a suspected culprit.

It also linked people to other services, from birth control to preventive health care like HIV testing and vaccinations to addiction treatment.

As a former director of testing and counseling, I have had clients discuss HIV and AIDS as interchangeable terms.

Khosrowshahi says they might begin testing those cars again within the next few months.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, which can be worn for up to 14 days, reduces the need for the traditional fingerstick testing.

Perhaps for this reason, nobody else is regularly testing self-driving cars in SF.

testing in the hardest places first means we’ll get to scale faster than starting with the easier ones.

Based on our experience, every minute of testing in San Francisco is about as valuable as an hour of testing in the suburbs.

The counter argument would be that testing and ultimately deploying in suburban areas would accelerate the timeline to deploying in more challenging places.

While we focus primarily on our performance in San Francisco, it’s still valuable for us to be testing in Phoenix and Detroit.

Most testing on the drug has been in preclinical animal trials, which don’t always reliably translate to human models.

For just over a year, CNIB has been testing out 35 beacons inside its headquarters.

The proposed regulation doesn’t focus on sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, but it appears in one provision that some advocates find concerning.

testing of the male partners is still pending, it added.

testing of the male partners is still pending, it added.

Other required benefits include breastfeeding equipment, HPV testing, and domestic violence screenings.

North Korea has ramped up testing of its nuclear arsenal and long-range missiles, and the United States’ recent response has been anything but staid.

They said the vehicle should achieve a range under less rigorous European testing standards of roughly 250 miles or 400 km.

Uber also resumed testing in San Francisco earlier this morning.

The company suspended all testing of its self-driving vehicles after one of its cars collided with a human-driven car on Friday evening.

Walgreens, Theranos’ biggest corporate partner, killed its deal and shut down all its Arizona in-store Theranos testing centers in June.

Then it gets diluted again as part of the Siemens’ machine’s testing protocol.

To confirm the spine was from Saunders, Reuters had DNA testing done, comparing a sample from the spine to buccal swabs from Saunders’ parents.

Weiss said the European Commission was market testing Virgin Atlantic’s proposals to alleviate competition concerns on certain airport slots after the deal.

Facebook is testing a new section of its app specifically for local news and events.

This is a testing ground for him that he has not been to.

Several utilities are testing programs that allow them to control behind-the-meter heaters.

Other patients have been excluded from pain management clinics or treatment centers for using prescribed medication and then testing positive for THC.

So they’re constantly testing the limits, constantly provoking.

It’s still early in Uber’s testing.

The ‘Gunshine State’ has been a testing ground for looser firearms laws.

Facebook is testing a new feature that inserts posts from local politicians into users’ News Feeds, even if they don’t necessarily follow those politicians.

Its self-driving testing on public U.S. roads continues to be on hold while a federal agency investigates the crash.

Tuesday night’s Megyn Kelly Presents was a way of testing the waters — and ratings — of such an endeavor.

Waymo is also testing in Atlanta, San Francisco, Detroit, Phoenix and Kirkland, Wash.

In the docs she says there is a trust, and she should be included in any DNA testing of potential heirs.

Today, Victoria is in a trial testing how Spinraza may improve muscle control or halt its decline in older children.

“Sentiment is tilted toward testing the dollar’s downside.

Despite their abundance of education, American millennials’ job skills don’t measure up, according to research done by the Educational testing Service.

Other self-driving car companies have also temporarily suspended their testing, including Toyota and nuTonomy, which is developing self-driving software.

Uber halted all of its testing immediately after the crash.

“We still have weeks, or even months, of testing to go.

City of Boston officials have also temporarily suspended testing.

Update: the Boston Department of Transportation is allowing self-driving startups nuTonomy and Optimus Ride to resume testing in the city.

Facebook, which is constantly testing new products and features, seems to be gearing up for a few new experiments.

Update: Tempe mayor Mark Mitchell issued a statement saying he supported Uber’s decision to halt testing in the city.

The absence of nuclear testing conveys a very different message: that nuclear weapons aren’t like other instruments of war.

The resumption of nuclear testing by major powers would be a devastating development; extending the moratorium against testing is crucial to devaluing nuclear weapons.

Legal experts disagree on whether this is correct, but many believe that Mueller wouldn’t risk testing this theory in court.

Dancesafe, meanwhile, manufactures and sells drug testing kits that people can use to screen for potentially dangerous adulterants in drugs.

The cutting-edge technology also revealed that the objects were between 500 and 800 years old, which is older than previous testing had indicated.

And college students are always testing the bounds of the codes they live by.

She’s now teaming up with the American Heart Association to spread awareness of heart disease and getting testing.

We’ve done a lot of testing with it, and it seems to be working really nicely after a lot of trial and error.

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The company has been testing a rebuilt version of its Android app, Spiegel said in his prepared remarks.

One week ago, testing revealed that water in nearly half the schools in the 35,054-student district is contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of lead.

One week ago, testing revealed that water in nearly half the schools in the 35,054-student district is contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of lead.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the metals effects and the Newark Department of Health is providing free blood testing for children.

But the district document references much earlier testing.

US Customs and Border Protection officials have since been testing them for “breachability” — how someone might cut through, dig under, or climb each one.

Alderson found an application on OnePlus devices intended for factory testing, and discovered it could be used to obtain “root access” to the phone.

It’s not just the Syrian refugee crisis testing these commitments.

“We have become a weapons testing site and the whole world is watching in silence.

The test kitchen had some crumbled feta from recipe testing last week, so that’s going in too, along with a can of chickpeas.

Asked about the country’s weak testing protocols, Wlaschin was surprisingly deferential.

Any dispute about one’s sex would have to be clarified using genetic testing.

This new assault on transgender people — and one that includes genetic testing — is just the latest chapter.

Overall, discrepancies in ancestry testing don’t mean that genetic science is a fraud, and that the companies are just making up these numbers.

The companies that provide ancestry testing, like Ancestry.com and 23andMe, deliver the precise ancestral breakdown of their customers’ DNA.

Consumer genetic testing is growing explosively.

When a genetic testing company gets a tube of your saliva in the mail, it first has to extract the DNA from it.

(This source of error is why the health results you get back from genetic testing companies may show discrepancies too.)

While testing out Bionic Sheep 1, Dory discovered that the weakest component of the device was the ultrasound emitter.

The school system has confirmed that it has lead testing records going back to 2012 and that they were reviewed by school administrators.

Although it is reviewed by the NRC, Entergy conducts the testing that determines whether the plant is ready to come back online.

And we’re just doing testing to make sure they have long-term durability.

And even when you do accelerated lab testing on a solar roof, it still takes a while.

The company said all forthcoming phones will go through the new eight-step battery testing procedures.

My heart beat out of my chest as I watched the moisture spread across the testing window.

Ultimately, pregnancy testing all comes down to finally getting your BFP [big fat positive].

I’m not planning any more children, yet I find myself missing the suspense of pregnancy testing.

The MidAmerican Energy turbine in Iowa is testing the concrete model.

I have done a lot of research, testing, and talked to a lot of really helpful people to perfect this formula.

Activists are calling for more rigorous standards at the high school level, and not just in terms of testing.

The cars were selected for more detailed testing from the pool of more than 300 the publication tests every year.

was about sexual liberation, Velvet Rope was about testing her limits.

For almost two years now, Facebook has been beta testing a version of its social network specifically for the office.

As we previously reported, Jones is currently serving a suspension after testing positive for PEDs surrounding the Cormier fight at UFC 214.

Planning permission for the store was denied in 2012, but it was instead used as a testing ground for products and customers.

While Tesla already offers a semi-self-driving mode called Autopilot, it’s also testing a more full-featured system.

So it makes sense to have a higher disengagement rate than if it were testing entirely on highways.

Ford is also testing its vehicles in Michigan and Arizona on its own private test tracks.

In 2016, Delphi — which is testing two Audis on both highways and surface streets — drove 3,125 miles and disengaged 178 times.

But testing the country’s capacity for empathy is still an uncertain task, especially when black student protesters are leading the charge.

When Darlena told Villages of Benning of his poisoning, contractors ordered home testing.

testing turned up problems elsewhere as well.

The Army requires here abatement when certified testing identifies deteriorating lead paint in base homes.

Georgia and Texas, like most states, require the reporting of all these lead testing results to state health authorities.

Working with Columbia University scientists, reporters provided home lead testing to 11 families on seven bases.

The tainted taps were shut, and parents who wanted testing for their children were given the option, the Army said.

The Martins bought testing swabs online.

The bulk of Loon’s testing has been in South America, according to Teller.

LG: So, your old firm, Synack, had done a fair amount of testing around home security cameras, popular ones.

LG: That actually happens a lot when I’m testing wearable devices and I find something wrong with it.

“After a furious year of missile launches and Nuclear testing, a historic meeting between North and South Korea is now taking place.

Earlier this month, the company announced it is testing five new items, including quesadillas and nachos, at its test kitchen in New York.

“I feel like we really need to get this right.” It’s not just about more testing with humans, though that is important.

It doesn’t stop the ballistic missile testing, and it has made them more supportive of terrorist activities, not less.”

Uber resumed very limited testing on public roads in Pittsburgh in December.

The newly formed group includes most of the major companies that are building and testing autonomous vehicles, including FedEx and the American Trucking Association.

What kind of testing did they do (or not) to be sure the replacements were safe?

Will products need to go through longer/more thorough testing procedures before they’re allowed on the market?

Given the breakneck pace and highly competitive environment for battery-powered devices, there will likely be industry pushback against prolonged or more expensive testing.

By testing the creative capacities of a computational system, the test could be a means of determining whether something is intelligent.

Google also has a solar-powered drone project called SkyBender that the company has been testing in New Mexico.

Just 34 children got to see their parents Tuesday because of issues attributed to DNA testing and locating separated families.

Boston Dynamics’ robotic pup is currently undergoing proof-of-concept testing in various environments, according to The Verge.

Tinder has been testing the function for several months and plans to spread it worldwide if the Indian rollout proves successful.

Former tennis world number one Maria Sharapova of Russia was barred from competition for 15 months after testing positive.

The Sun clashes with Saturn at 10:58 PM, testing your discipline and maturity level.

According to docs, the rehab program runs a minimum of 45 days, and includes drug testing 3 days a week.

Five environmental and community activist groups have sued the government, arguing the Rocky Flats refuge should be closed until more testing is done.

The New York Times has a feature on sex testing female athletes.

I’m testing it on Twitter, actually.

That necessarily requires leading the audience down a dark path for a while, and testing our faith.

I stopped nuclear testing; I stopped missile testing.

His announcement appeared to confirm that the Raider would undergo operational testing sooner than expected.

A report in November suggested the Air Force could have been preparing Area 51 to host the bomber for testing.

At Insider Picks, we spend the majority of every day, month, and year both researching and testing the best products you can find online.

After showing the videos, the researchers gave participants a survey testing their propensity for collective blame.

That is correct, although I will tell you that we just went through this testing, fingerprint is five nines.

We work with them on research ideas and things of that nature, on testing data, things of that nature.

Low-level assembly, packaging and testing work is done in China.

More testing will be done to determine his status.

Ford will run the tests within Mcity, a 32-acre testing facility run by the University of Michigan meant to simulate real-world driving environments.

Google and the carmakers testing self-driving cars have done so in gentler climates.

Other carmakers have not been public about snow testing.

— that’s a really hard problem.” Those are features that make these games a great testing ground for AI.

For that reason, AI labs are increasingly interested in testing their creations against online games.

He must also submit to random drug and alcohol testing and complete a domestic violence treatment course.

Snapchat is testing new filters that change depending on the subject.

“In five years, we’ll likely have mandated government testing in place, and hopefully the shady characters will be wiped out,” he said.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral This PC was apparently used in a coal testing facility.

[My first trial was] testing out a new delivery system of Fentanyl, a pretty hardcore painkiller.

“After launch, we’ll be exploring and testing ways to help creators monetize.” The success of IGTV is dependent on that happening.

The law would have affected funding for Planned Parenthood programs for mothers’ and infants’ health, HIV counseling and testing, and sex education.

It could be that those technical issues that possibly were present early on are still something that requires extra QA and testing.

It is testing the patented, so-called ReOil technology at home.

“This enforcement action refers to failings in relation to both capital reporting and liquidity testing.

If kratom were a newly developed synthetic addiction medication, no one would dream of allowing it on the market without clinical testing.

Usually, the FDA testing process works reasonably well to balance public safety and the need for medical progress.

Toyota hopes to start testing it during the early 2020s and integrate the e-Palette into the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Whole Foods started testing in-house delivery at a Cincinnati store in February.

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