Territory in a sentence | Use of the word territory examples

I’m a million miles away from the parched Texan borderlands, deep into Shameless territory.

Germany’s benchmark 10-year bond yield slid back into negative territory.

This is his territory.

Some indeed may lead nowhere, but others will lead into unexpected territory that we haven’t foreseen.

The S&P 500 .SPX zigzagged furiously between positive and negative territory after the 2 p.m.

According to the truce document, Kurdish forces can keep the territory they captured in Qamishli during those days of violence.

According to the truce document, Kurdish forces can keep the territory they captured in Qamishli during those days of violence.

A copy of the truce agreement seen by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said “each side will keep the territory under its control.”

Kurdish authorities and media said this meant territory taken from government control would not be returned.

Dutch, Austrian and Finnish 10-year yields are also in negative territory.

Smaller vigils are held in the former Portuguese territory of Macau and the self-ruled island of Taiwan, which China claims as its own.

But three years ago, it became a whole new territory she had to traverse.

New territory: Landscape Photography Today continues at the Denver Art Museum (100 W. 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, Colorado) through September 16.

It is high risk — very, very easy to step on moral landmines in that territory — with little reward.

She realizes it just goes with the territory of reality TV.

Abadi ordered his troops on Monday to raise their flag over all Kurdish-held territory outside the autonomous region itself.

Tehran said the drone was shot down over its territory and Washington said it occurred in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

Croatia has dismissed it as a joke, and Serbia has detained Jedlicka and others while trying to enter the territory.

“Listening to Fear” (season 5, episode 9) Buffy visits X-Files territory in an uneasy mashup of metaphorical fantasy horror and genuine extraterrestrials.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China.

Prince Edward County is neutral territory.

I don’t particularly know if ceding this territory will pay off one way or another for either party.

This makes the situation today pretty volatile, though we’re not quite in the 1980s territory yet.

Of Tokyo’s 33 sub-indexes, 20 were in positive territory.

Colombia won’t permit an insurgency to be armed in its territory.

Others raised concerns about the future of human rights and the territory’s judiciary.

But that’s also familiar territory for Mitchell.

The faint red shows territory held by Assad before January.

This creates a deadly seesaw effect, whereby Assad and the rebels keep trading territory without anyone ever gaining a permanent upper hand.

The two sides feuded for years for supremacy over territory they ran together.

(This also moves it into different enough territory from the very similar parallel universe storyline in the 2008-2013 Fox drama Fringe.)

The blue-chip Dow, held back by industrial stocks, squeaked into positive territory at the closing bell.

Of the 11 major sectors in the S&P 500, eight ended the session in positive territory.

The index had risen 0.2% year-on-year in March and April, following two months in deflationary territory.

“I reiterated to him our obligation and right to defend ourselves against attacks from Syrian territory.

Solar power companies like SunRun and Vivint Solar are also joining the relief effort, pledging to bring hardware to the US territory.

Rather, the dire state of the territory’s finances poses a significant obstacle to new investment in its energy infrastructure.

Islamic State has lost much of its territory in Syria and Iraq this year, including its most prized possession, Mosul.

A win from Quist could give progressives a roadmap for also vying in much more Trump-friendly territory.

Hims is hitting the vaunted $1 billion valuation territory with speed: The business only launched in November 2017.

Turkey says defending its territory poses no threat to allies, and stresses it has met all NATO obligations.

Bailly just announced we’re in uncharted territory,” the Scripps Twitter account revealed during the 17th round.

Dr. Bailly just announced we’re in uncharted territory.

President Donald Trump is delivering his first State of the Union address Tuesday night.He says it will cover “a lot of territory.

So the thumbs-up—a very pure, human gesture of happiness and contentment—is unfamiliar territory for many.

The Idlib area forms part of an arc of territory in the northwest representing the last big area held by the opposition.

The Turkish army has also sent troops into Syrian rebel-held territory further east, in an area north of Aleppo city.

But much like an actual map, the white island on my body was encroaching on the brown territory, and it was spreading fast.

Plus, we had an infant, and all the expenses associated with that were new territory for me.

The island is claimed by China as part of its territory, though the Communist-run government in Beijing has never ruled Taiwan.

It was as if the prairies and badlands of South Dakota spoke to something deep inside me, beyond the territory of words.

Everything that happens in US politics is understood through this lens — especially actions taken by the Trump administration, which is seen as Kremlin-occupied territory.

The ones who did win, like Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, were competing in deep blue territory.

European banks and copper also fell into bear market territory.

“But when you get pulled into the classified world, things suddenly go to a dark territory.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, the Paris prosecutor’s office said that the suspect “entered the national territory at 9:05am.”

“But when you get pulled into the classified world, things suddenly go to a dark territory.

Sunni Arabs in both countries, disillusioned and long abused, tolerated ISIS just long enough for it to move in and seize territory.

I don’t mean to suggest they were lying; this murky territory is inevitable when it comes to a subject like drugs.

signature sound, dialing up the psyched-out pagan vibes and even venturing into mellow acoustic territory on “Things Present, Things Past.”

It’s a little bit of a new territory.

Venezuela’s government has acknowledged that the ELN and dissident FARC are present on its territory.

Gains in Amazon.com, Facebook Inc and Netflix kept Nasdaq firmly in the positive territory.

“Unfortunately, I think this is another example of where it was approved in every single other territory.

Asylum seekers who opt to cross at official entry points often wait for days before they enter U.S. territory.

Two weeks after the storm made landfall, the vast majority of the territory lacks power, and most households don’t have running water.

And the Uber investment is a delicate issue, particularly as the ride-hailing juggernaut moves more into mapping and self-driving cars: Alphabet territory.

A majority in every single state and territory voted in favor of marriage equality, with a turnout of 79.5 percent of eligible voters nationwide.

Meanwhile, federal law had also caused an explosion in the territory’s public debt.

Organized labor was first officially listed in in August 1883 when miners in “Indian territory” were logged as organized by the Knights of Labor.

Puerto Rican debt is “triple exempt” from taxes: Bonds issued by the territory’s government are exempt from state/territory-level, municipal, and federal taxation.

Today, more than 60 percent of Puerto Ricans live outside the territory.

But while both leaders stepped into new territory, this is still a familiar landscape.

– For years, both sides blared propaganda broadcasts over the DMZ into each other’s territory.

“You have lots of undefined territory on the legal and healthcare end of the equation,” he said.

Maybe not Patrice Bergeron or Anze Kopitar territory, but a Ryan Kesler/David Backes type role seems reasonable.

Perhaps the most protective of their territory are the folks known as performance artists.

In it, he acknowledges the loss of territory while also celebrating the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 253 people on Easter Sunday.

We also have plenty who remain within familiar territory, contributing works consistent with what they’ve made before.

In it, he acknowledges the loss of territory while also celebrating the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 253 people on Easter Sunday.

But not all Native women were able to triumph in conservative territory.

Have we entered uncharted territory?

The story of Madame Cecilia Chiang, as she’s been known for decades, is well-trod territory.

At their peak, the Nazis and their allies controlled about half the territory of Europe.

Nor is it to deny that ISIS is a traveling horror show of deranged murder-cultists who rule despotically over a sizable patch of territory.

They maintain strong and effective control over their territory and populations.

The biggest obstacle for Puerto Rico is that there is no official process for a US territory to become a US state.

First, the Obama administration decided to abstain on a United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

About 48 percent want Puerto Rico to become a state, 26 percent would rather remain a US territory, and 10 percent want full independence.

Serbia still considers Kosovo part of its own territory.

Belize protested to the UN security council about the “callous and barbarous” murder of Barrera, calling it a “flagrant violation of Belizean territory.”

The slump has worsened this year with large areas of territory left in the dark for days at a time by power outages.

“Is it an attempt to actually cleanse the territory, and turn it into a Shia area?

Driving them out of the area, especially so close to Baghdad, denies the territory to ISIS, thus securing Shia civilians.

Malnic attributed that to the cautious nature of the mining industry and the boom and bust cycle that comes with the territory.

The group is steadily losing ground in Iraq, having lost something like 40 percent of its territory there since its 2014 peak.

It sidesteps some thorny ethical territory by the simplicity of its aim — and the result is a pleasure to watch.

It’s also saber-rattling in Eastern Europe when it conducts large-scale military exercises near NATO territory.

Electronic surveillance is always a concern when reporting from rebel-held territory, though the true reach of the separatists snooping capabilities is often unclear.

Meanwhile, the US continues to amass bomber planes on Guam — the US territory in the Pacific that hosts military bases.

Now after a long slow climb, it’s back in positive territory.

China claims Taiwan as its sacred territory.

He continued to explore this territory most notably in the etching “Shape on a Base” (1990).

Though the truck was left on Austrian territory, the trial was held in Hungary as it was the starting point of the deadly journey.

For the tech industry, none of this is foreign territory or surprising, really.

With Islamic State losing territory in Syria and Iraq, many of the women are expected to return with their children.

While Lively’s Nancy is a self-described gringa in every clueless sense of the word, this movie never crosses into travel-horror territory.

When that conflict subsided, another threatened: The pump sits in territory also claimed by Iraq’s Kurds.

Even reliably Trump-friendly polls like Rasmussen currently show that his approval rating is clearly in negative territory.

Estonia tried to avoid war and allowed Soviet military bases on its soil, which were then used by Russia to occupy the territory.

As Germans advanced to the Estonian border in 1941, half the territory of Estonia was already free of Russians.

North Korea launched a ballistic missile Saturday morning local time, U.S. Pacific Command confirmed, though the missile never left North Korean territory.

Absolutely.” North Korea launched a ballistic missile Saturday morning local time, U.S. Pacific Command confirmed, though the missile never left North Korean territory.

Net orders for the first five months remained in negative territory, with a total of minus 125 net orders.

Iran on Thursday shot down a U.S. military drone it said was on a spy mission over its territory.

Salesforce entered Microsoft’s territory when it acquired Quip, a word processing app, earlier this year.

When a largely white art world expects biographical content from Asian American artists, the personal can be both fraught and political territory.

But that just comes with the territory if you want a strong male leader.

But a pile of cash brings palpable pressure, and such scrutiny marked unknown territory for their newly-formed studio Conatus Creative.

It’s these activities — lobbying and work for the Russian government — that appear to have first led Flynn into dangerous legal territory.

Washington has argued in the past that such weapons would help stabilize the situation and cannot effectively be used to take territory.

Despite Bob Finneran’s claim, the Sixth District isn’t exactly hostile territory for Republicans.

The deal gave Mexico 45 days to palpably cut the number of migrants traveling through its territory to the United States.

Monday could be considered pullback territory, a short-term drop amid overall stock market gains.

It has used force to defend the territory from pro-Assad forces.

Rebel fighters control territory there uncomfortably close to the Assad government’s headquarters, including the neighborhood of Jobar that abuts Damascus proper.

This can be uncomfortable territory for many.

But Republicans are operating in risky territory.

It is a 2D film from a director who spends most of her time exploring the territory of three-dimensional space.

Apple is in uncharted territory.

Kilis is on the edge of a roughly 60-mile strip of Syrian border territory controlled by IS.

More recently, the Russian Orthodox Church has accused the Catholic Church of poaching converts in Russia and Ukraine, core Orthodox territory.

Kilis is on the edge of a roughly 60-mile strip of Syrian border territory controlled by IS.

With an unpopular president potentially facing an unconvincing opposition candidate, next year’s election would seem to be fertile territory for a middle-ground aspirant.

Everything was there for the taking: industries, assets, property, control over territory.

Not the parts of the military that fight directly to take control of or hold territory, but all the components — logistics, communications, etc.

Not the parts of the military that fight directly to take control of or hold territory, but all the components — logistics, communications, etc.

People think, okay, I see the goal, I know the territory, they have a plan, but all of that is important.

The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico remains almost completely without power more than a week after Maria destroyed its electrical grid.

Together, we hosted 74,000 meetings in every state and territory in this country.

They also seized territory from rebels east of Damascus.

Turkey had been the main conduit for Isis’s highly prized teams of scientists to cross into its territory.

Bitcoin’s foray into record territory continued Tuesday as the cryptocurrency reached nearly $3,500 a coin.

The territory is not as familiar as it sounds.

(Reuters) – Iran on Thursday shot down a U.S. military drone it said was on a spy mission over its territory.

The Kenyans, along with allied Somali militia, wrested control of the territory from al Shabaab jihadists after a spate of kidnappings on Kenyan soil.

It’s a really well-done exploration game with a story that goes to satisfyingly out-there territory.

Meanwhile, Vermont is favorable territory for Hillary Clinton, and the former secretary of state has consistently held a narrow lead in Virginia.

But Atlanta is familiar territory for us here at Noisey, far beyond our previous series on the southern city.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Historical reenactments inhabit an uncomfortable territory.

It occasionally becomes too enamored of its freedom to explore all of this territory television has so rarely opened itself up to.

But the collective works in fraught territory.

While all three major U.S. stock indexes briefly reversed earlier losses following the Fed statement, only the Nasdaq ended the session in positive territory.

Utah is solidly Republican — but it’s been unfriendly territory for Trump.

Of the 11 major sectors in the S&P 500, six ended the session in negative territory.

In a twist ending, the ending sees the band venture past its metallic threshold into pulsating ambient territory (replete with synth-sweet choral vocals).

This is dangerous, uncharted territory.

ISIS depicts its territory as a paradise, and fleeing refugees expose that as a lie.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – An Indian air strike in Pakistani territory killed 300 suspected militants, a senior Indian government source said on Tuesday.

“Absent sustained (counterterrorism) pressure, ISIS could likely resurge in Syria within six to twelve months and regain limited territory,” the report said.

But it’s safe to say that the territory that makes up the current Sixth has been safely Republican since the Nixon era.)

It’s not a government for the territory of the United States.

Instead, Barnett says, they want to conquer as much territory as they can and subsume it into their self-proclaimed caliphate.

In fact, it’s just pausing to conquer some major new territory.

That’s familiar territory for director Paul Thomas Anderson — Phantom Thread shares a great deal of DNA with his 2012 film The Master.

Artist-restaurant collaborations also help businesses expand into the territory of cultural centers.

As St-Pierre acknowledged shortly after announcing his free agency on The MMA Hour, he is about to enter uncharted territory.

They are the only providers of electricity to customers in their territory.

“They are treading on very dangerous territory.

They are treading on very dangerous territory.

Japan interpreted this as a sign that Russia had designs on Manchuria, territory Japan wanted for itself.

Russia ceded significant amounts of territory to Japan, and its Pacific fleet was devastated.

The international community views that land as occupied territory; the Palestinians would like it to be their capital oen day.

Between January 2015 and mid-March 2016, ISIS lost about a quarter of its remaining territory in Iraq and Syria.

The amount of territory open to quarrying and drilling for wells will be reduced.

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico answers to Congress and its people are American citizens.

The group could resurge in Syria within 6-12 months and regain limited territory without sustained pressure.

Historically, the group has staged many of its deadliest attacks just as it seemed to be losing key territory.

The B-2 was originally intended to carry nuclear bombs deep into Soviet territory if the Cold War had ever turned hot.

The B-2’s long range meant it could fly deep into enemy territory and return home.

Although it is very early in Jule Korneffel’s career, she has moved into a territory where color and materiality outweigh discursive content.

In the Oregon case, for example, opposition arose as much from Southerners opposed to the acquisition of more free territory as from anything else.

Although it is very early in Korneffel’s development, she has moved into a territory where color and materiality outweigh discursive content.

The administration is stepping into uncharted legal territory with this decision.

They were forcibly relocated from the Northern Plains to the state when it was still Indian territory.

The confrontation took place in the western Himalayas when Chinese troops attempted to enter Indian territory in Ladakh, near the Pangong lake.

India claims the confrontation broke out after Chinese troops crossed into Indian territory carrying iron rod and stones.

The British Virgin Islands were Mossack Fonsecca’s number one go-to territory.

“Their convoys are moving from Manbij to Afrin …they are passing through regime territory,” Abdul Rahim said.

Venezuela’s government has acknowledged that the ELN and dissident FARC are present on its territory.

But Last Men in Aleppo isn’t a retread of the territory The White Helmets covered.

You have to know both the territory and the tools.

NATO says government forces control no more than 70 percent of Afghanistan’s territory.

It’s a broad, expansive territory that Trump is trying to cross.

“If you ask this, you can bet your chances are zero — this goes beyond desperation and moves into ‘pathetic’ territory,” Painter says.

In the United States, benchmark indices closed in the red after trading for much of the day in positive territory during a holiday-shortened session.

“That’s because these groups are partners in drug trafficking and extortion and they share territory.”

Entire neighborhoods operated on a crack economy, causing street-level dealers to battle frequently over territory, customers, and suppliers.

U.S.-Russia relations were entering “uncharted territory in a political and diplomatic sense,” he added.

When Tennessee was admitted to the union as the 16th state, it was a federal territory, much like the nation’s capital.

Instead, it required a vote of residents in the territory to approve a state constitution and a pledge to form a republic-style government.

Its inevitable regulation came with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in 1996, in the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, Canada.

“Trump revealed the city in the Islamic State’s territory where the U.S. intelligence partner detected the threat,” Miller and Jaffe write.

The US territory is approximately $70 billion in debt and near default and Congress has yet to decide how to handle the issue.

Spain has long claimed sovereignty over the territory.

The United Nations and most countries view Israeli settlements in the West Bank, territory captured in the 1967 Middle East war, as illegal.

So there’s a really important, subtle conversation, which is how do you navigate to the better territory.

Homecoming marks an entry into new territory for Sony and Marvel.

Hadrien Coumans and Joe Baker of the Lenape Center called in to provide a welcome to their territory and to acknowledge their guests.

Daft Punk are renowned for distinctive productions that manage to straddle and often redefine the difficult territory between the underground and mainstream.

As biohackers traverse this uncharted territory, it’ll be fascinating to see how the law scrambles to catch up with them.

According to U.S. estimates, Islamic State oversaw about 100,000 square kilometers (39,000 square miles) of territory, with about 8 million people under its control.

New export orders remained in contractionary territory at 47.5 in last month, down from 48.9 in April.

In response, Pyongyang threatened to launch missiles near the US territory of Guam.

They don’t want their own territory.

The decision has also unsettled some in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, where authorities have been trying to rein in a pro-democracy movement.

Longbow Asset Management Chief Executive Jake Dollarhide said his firm’s Twitter stake was in negative territory due to this week’s drop.

The Kurdish leadership meeting, attended by Barzani, rejected the Iraqi “military threats” and pledged to defend Kurdish-held territory in case of an attack.

All 11 major sectors in the S&P 500 ended the session in positive territory.

Using or selling drugs is strictly prohibited in IS-controlled territory, with users being publicly whipped in the past, and traffickers executed.

Two-in-ones, in particular, represent largely new territory for Chrome.

As government soldiers encroach on the rebel-held territory, the opposition has turned to increasingly defensive measures.

What I get from Ward’s show feels like well-traveled territory.

Oregon too has long been considered Sanders territory, with a strong progressive culture and a heavily white population.

They’ve learned the valuable lesson that any territory they control just becomes a target for U.S.

The bank was in the middle of dangerous rebel territory, and the man’s life was put at extreme risk.

“Unfortunately, I think this is another example of where it was approved in every single other territory.

Together, they were able to find a contact in Syria who could help them plan their journey to IS territory.

When they arrived on the front lines of IS territory, the pair were split up into separate vehicles.

It came amid heightened tension in the region between the United States and Iran that has also played out on Iraqi territory.

As a Brit raised on a diet of armchair cynicism, the evangelical-style conversations are newer territory.

When an operative is captured in hostile territory, the odds of survival are low.

Following one’s desires to end up in scary territory is not a positive experience.

Jihadist terrorists, the ones people worry about the most, have demonstrated zero ability to take and hold territory.

Visual art makes its living in that thin strip of conceptual territory.

Sometimes, though, he strayed into the territory of outright, easily debunkable lies.

Since Trump will likely be replacing Scalia, a conservative, with another conservative, this appointment probably won’t send the Court into uncharted territory.

The EU describes it as “one territory without any internal borders or other regulatory obstacles to the free movement of goods and services.”

But while a Brexit would be unknown territory, it would not necessarily be all bad in the long run.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has repeatedly denied any plans to go further and actually attack the territory.

Toyota — along with Hyundai, which began distributing its hydrogen-fueled Tucson in 2014, and Honda — is leading the auto industry into this uncharted territory.

“The United States should not underestimate China’s determination, will and capabilities to safeguard its sovereignty and territory,” Wu said.

All 11 S&P 500 sectors finished down on the day on Monday, and all were in negative territory for the year.

Roughly three-fourths of the S&P 500 was trading in bear market territory.

By negotiating this territory, she serves as a guide through contemporary civilization.

As coalition forces clear remaining pockets of IS territory, Western security sources say numbers will grow.

“This is the territory I want to take up.

Sterling traded lower all morning, before poking its head into positive territory when Hammond first spoke, then dropping sharply as the Autumn Statement progressed.

The 1959 Antarctic Treaty designates the region as a politically neutral territory dedicated to scientific research.

Major highways in the Northern territory remain unsealed and often impassable when it rains.

Oil also continued its slide further into bear market territory.

Of the 11 major sectors of the S&P 500, eight ended the session in negative territory.

Ultimately, the IEA concludes, oil markets are in somewhat uncharted territory, which makes projections about the future particularly difficult.

Tweaking the tension that surrounds his protagonist allows Watts to delve into new territory with the character.

Then on February 7, the plaintiffs filed their injunction against new fossil fuel extraction on government territory.

The bombing has shut down 55 medical facilities since late April, the UOSSM aid group that operates in opposition territory said on Friday.

Turkish forces are also spread out across a swathe of territory to the north under the control of rebel factions Ankara backs.

Part of the controversy surrounds the decision to include the city of Kirkuk, which is in disputed territory, outside of the official Kurdish region.

Another challenge doctors face is that cosmetic genital surgery can sometimes veer into dangerous (and illegal) territory.

Part of the controversy surrounds the decision to include the city of Kirkuk, which is in disputed territory, outside of the official Kurdish region.

Germany’s 10-year bond yield is down 55 bps so far this year, French yields are flirting with negative territory.

These performances veered into deliciously absurd territory at times.

This time, however, his mission quickly runs off the rails—sending him into dangerous territory, even for a contract killer.

Unfortunately, I find that Everything Is Connected leans too far into conspiracy territory to find its critical-historical voice.

The point is that a self-pardon is uncharted legal territory.

French 10-year yields slipped into negative territory again at -0.014%, a record low .

While Baghouz is the last populated territory of what was once the group’s self-proclaimed “caliphate”, fighters still operate in remote areas elsewhere.

Iraqi state television said Monday that “vast areas” of territory surrounding Kirkuk had been seized, including oilfields and the city’s airport.

Iraqi state television said Monday that “vast areas” of territory surrounding Kirkuk had been seized, including oilfields and the city’s airport.

Kirkuk, an ethnically mixed city of about a million people in northern Iraq, is outside the territory held by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He is unafraid of declaring his enthusiasms or entering territory that could easily devolve into the sentimental but never does.

“Mexico does not and will not allow (people) to enter its territory illegally, let alone violently,” he said.

The jump in stock price puts him in 12 figure territory.

Which means that Catalonia and Spain are now in totally uncharted territory.

He had been living with his family in the Chinese territory of Macau before his death.

The territory where theater kids like me and Piven could challenge the status-quo of the cool kids.

Trade policy has become tricky territory for Democratic candidates after Trump upended traditional partisan divisions on the issue.

Dabs are a concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting THC, and that takes you into felony territory.

Syrian officials and a senior advisor to Iran have indicated the Syrian army will now stake its claim to Kurdish-held territory.

In the wild, wombats deposit their droppings on top of rocks or logs as territory markers, sometimes forming small piles.

It’s largely uncharted constitutional territory.

It’s truly uncharted territory.

Overall, tens of thousands have fled Islamic State’s shrinking territory in recent months.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), meanwhile, said Trump’s remarks were “dangerous territory”.

Even without territory, Daesh (ISIS) will remain a threat,” the UK’s Foreign Office said in a statement on Wednesday.

(She slept with someone else while their relationship was in some gray, undefined territory.)

Clinton was the projected winner over Sanders in the U.S. island territory, according to NBC News.

In the original two numbers, that precision would be off somewhere to right of the 6 and 7 digits, which is uncharted territory.

All three major US equities indexes are in now in negative territory for the year.

The state of madness is discovering territory.

It’s a territory that has a small river on the patio, Rio Espiritu Santo.

Answering the phone as “Apple Support” and requesting a screen share pushes this beyond “sketchy” territory and into do-not-call under any circumstances territory.

Such passages upset China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory.

Yields on Germany’s 10-year government bond crossed into positive territory, to 0.058%.

Even today, only a handful of people are fatally attacked by sharks every year, out of the hundreds of millions that enter their territory.

Assad’s government has recaptured all rebel-held territory near the capital this year.

“We condemn this unprecedented attack on the territory of the United Kingdom.

But then North Korea fired a missile over Japanese territory, the northern prefecture of Hokkaido specifically, on August 28.

But as most pioneers will tell you, they are traveling into unknown territory.”

It’s unclear if they’re involved with activist groups that have faced reprisal killings for documenting conditions in IS-controlled territory.

ISIS lost about a quarter of its territory last year, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis wants to make sure that trend continues.

Bustos, an Illinois native, is serious about holding on to the seats Democrats won in the Midwest and trying to expand on that territory.

This is not new territory for Big Freedia.

Washington said the incident was an “unprovoked attack” in international air space while Tehran said the drone was over its territory.

Nope, and everyone knows that that’s part of what comes with the territory.

Benchmark indexes had opened in negative territory and gradually rose in morning trade.

It remains a US territory, and those who live there are US citizens, though they can’t vote for president.

Although US Congress passed legislation in 1994 to return property back to the territory for public benefit, many Chamorros remain landless.

Anything over 400 mg every two weeks lifts the drug into steroid territory.

So you can sell this to someone in India or some territory you haven’t been selling it in.

In 2016, Afghanistan reportedly lost almost 15% of its territory to Taliban control.

There were no questions about the US territory’s massive debt crisis.

About 3 million people live on the US island territory, and as American citizens, they can vote in every presidential primary.

That is a red line for China, which considers the democratic island sacred Chinese territory.

Puerto Rico — a US territory since 1898 — is worse off than any other place in the United States.

Meanwhile, President Trump has authorized only the minimal response to help the US territory through [FEMA].

With government officials and NGOs unable to operate in the region, criminal organizations have near total control of the territory.

We didn’t hold on to territory, other than the cemeteries where we buried our dead.

Dogs have more territory, but cats have numbers on their side.

A touch of pancetta and some thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms kicks things up into truly celestial territory.

The Nikkei share average tacked on 0.4% to 21,116.89, after slipping into negative territory in early trade.

A place that acknowledges that it stands on occupied indigenous territory, and takes reparative measures.

Enedis, which manages electricity distribution for 95 percent of the territory, said that 10,000 homes were without electricity.

A place that acknowledges that it stands on occupied indigenous territory, and takes reparative measures.

So are we finally, as pop-culture consumers, moving away from the “Middle East as generic hostile territory” clichés?

Writing the script with [director] Tim Erem, acting with Lina Esco, learning choreography—it was all new territory for me.

Do you think that having a personal website is the equivalent of marking your territory or having a plot of land?

l eventually headed to the heart of Ottawa shawarma territory: Rideau and Dalhousie streets.

They will be treated at a detention center on Christmas Island, a territory some 1,550 km (960 miles) north-west of the mainland.

How can we make this transition without careening into truly dangerous territory?

So while Citi’s economic surprise indexes for Europe and United States have started ticking higher, they remain in negative territory.

Her use of sewing to draw, write, and stitch defines a territory that is all her own.

That’s going to be newly treacherous territory.

The convoy was still in territory held by the SDF on Sunday morning, Selo said.

As biohackers traverse uncharted territory, regulators are scrambling to catch up with them.

The convoy would head to the remaining Islamic State territory in eastern Syria, Omar Alloush of the Raqqa Civil Council had said on Saturday.

Telling stories like this, it goes with the territory,” McCarthy said.

This is familiar territory for black Americans: to southern roots, to nature, a source of healing and of power.

Al-Qadam is surrounded by government-held territory on one side and Islamic State-controlled neighborhoods on the other.

The Taliban now control and influence more territory than at any point since 2001.

The Civil Defence in Ghouta, a rescue service in rebel territory, said air strikes hit Jisreen, Zamalka, and Irbeen.

Their next step is to roll out the network in the burgeoning Asian territory.

The deal gave Mexico 45 days to palpably cut the number of migrants traveling through its territory to the United States.

“When Trump visited the island territory last October, OFFICIALS told him in a briefing 16 PEOPLE had died from Maria.” The Washington Post.

Iran on Thursday shot down a U.S. military drone it said was on a spy mission over its territory.

It annexed the territory in 1981, a move not recognized internationally.

The summer brought more difficulties for ISIS, which would lose some 25 percent of its territory in Iraq and Syria.

FOREX: The dollar index slipped into negative territory and was off about 0.5 percent.

That year, both groups stepped up the pace of attacks considerably, using terrorism as part of successful campaigns to seize large amounts of territory.

Yet by late 2014, the group was forced to concentrate on defending territory in conventional battles — which obviously meant less offensive terrorism.

Between January 2015 and mid-March 2016, ISIS lost about a quarter of its territory in Iraq and Syria.

By November, the group had lost significant territory.

Boko Haram’s contracting territory and reduced military capabilities are signs of a shift of momentum against the network.

Governments control territory, which means they are capable of extracting money from citizens and using that revenue to build up a powerful fighting force.

But there are downsides to holding territory — most notably that it makes you easier to find.

To hold territory, you need to have fighters defending it, rather than hiding in the shadows.

Both ISIS and Boko Haram attempted to hold territory, and temporarily managed to grow stronger than most other terrorist groups in modern history.

The U.S. territory’s fiscal crisis and crumbling infrastructure were key factors in migration patterns during that period.

If they do capture this territory, are they going to stay there indefinitely to act as an SDF air force?” he said.

But they still have a presence in sparsely populated territory west of the Euphrates River in an area otherwise held by the Syrian government.

I want to thank all the volunteers, community leaders, the activists and organizers who supported our campaign in every state and territory.

The trial was held in the Netherlands but, for its duration, the area in which the court stood was declared Scottish territory.

Part of that is because it’s used so intimately by so many, and these responsibilities come with the territory.

The investigation came soon after reports from doctors and independent monitoring groups cited evidence of a “chlorine attack” on rebel-held territory.

The rights group warned of greater potential violations from Assad’s forces as they began to win back large swathes of territory.

This has definitely taken a hit as ISIS has lost territory, lost key fighters and leaders, and so on.

With more than half of the euro zone government bond universe in negative yield territory, investors piled into positive-yielding Italian bonds, known as BTPs.

The most interesting part of this excellent exhibition is its presentation of black modernists, for here we enter relatively unfamiliar territory.

It is now prize territory up for grabs.

YouTube responded by tweaking its ad placements to ensure that companies like Coca-Cola or General Motors were in more family friendly territory.

There is no timetable for when artists begin defining their own territory or when the art world begins paying attention.

“China’s deploying necessary, limited defensive facilities on its own territory is not substantively different from the United States defending Hawaii.”

“China’s deploying necessary, limited defensive facilities on its own territory is not substantively different from the United States defending Hawaii.”

Breath of the Wild, with its dynamic weather systems and constantly breaking weapons, repeatedly pressed me into unexpected territory.

They are being transported to opposition-held territory at the Turkish border.

Of the 11 major sectors in the S&P 500, all but financials ended the session in positive territory.

“Part of the challenge is once you get into the far-right territory, there’s a slippery slope.

Wadsworth spoke to me from Victoria, BC, a province where 34 First Nations languages are spoken, more than any other province or territory.

There is already pressure on water sources in the Gulf region, according to Lauren Mellor, an organiser with the territory Frack Free Alliance.

The Northern territory‘s Department of Mines and Energy said pastoralists and residents should have no concerns about water supply or contamination.

Related: Feline Massacre: Australia Unveils Plan to Kill Two Million Feral Cats The government is emphatic about exploiting the territory‘s fossil fuels.

More than 90 percent of the Northern territory is under application or has already been licensed for exploration.

Because this is new territory, several wild scenarios are possible.

Manilla has been seeking a joint exploration agreement with Beijing for oil and natural gas reserves in their claimed territory.

Manilla has been seeking a joint exploration agreement with Beijing for oil and natural gas reserves in their claimed territory.

Tunde Olaniran’s music may dive into serious territory, but his persona is above all one that embraces the absurdity and excitement of everything.

The chart shows that retail growth has been in a bad way for a while, but it had recently improved into positive territory.

Now, splinter groups of the Gulf and Zeta drug cartels fight pitched battles for territory in armored vehicles emblazoned with their emblems.

Trump also said the United States has documented that its drone was in international waters, not in Iranian territory, as Tehran has said.

Although he might have veered into questionable territory, he kept going: “The responsibility to do that is not on women.

The ethics of experimenting on partially reanimated brains is uncharted territory.

Heavy clouds have hindered air support, limiting advances, and Kurdish militia have retaken some territory.

And if you were an upper-class white person, especially a man, that was your territory.

However, the plaintiffs are in uncharted legal territory, and opponents say these cases hinge on radical, unprecedented expansions of existing laws.

S&P e-mini futures EScv1 were down 0.3 percent, suggesting that Wall Street may open in negative territory on Wednesday.

Gomez and Paiz could have been anywhere in this territory.

Republicans, meanwhile, only have to defend just eight seats, six of which are in deep-red territory.

The territory it controls at this point in the war and at all points past is majority Sunni.

That math is off: The coalition actually freed around 15,570 square miles of territory in Iraq and Syria since January 20.

“On 1/20 – the day Trump was inaugurated – an estimated 35,000 ISIS fighters held approx 17,500 square miles of territory in both Iraq and Syria.

The Ukrainian Church has been subject to the Russian Church since 1686, a few decades after the territory came under Russian political control.

Swift’s speech was classy and empowering, and managed to get its sharp point across, all while highlighting the crass territory West wandered into.

The militants were driven out of Mogadishu in 2011 and have been steadily losing territory.

Naval war in itself was essentially about castles, castles control territory.

We are training, arming, and supporting forces who are steadily reclaiming territory in Iraq and Syria.

By opening up the geometric while maintaining a painstaking approach, Faruqee seems to have entered new, uncharted territory.

In his film No Shooting Stars, Magdy delves into uncertain territory in an abstract exploration of the history and symbolic weight of the sea.

On Saturday, Maduro turned his ire on Colombia and said Duque was letting its territory be used for attacks against Venezuela.

“It’s just dangerous territory,” Lowenthal said.

But if Democrats are going to make 2018 gains, they’re going to have to venture deep into Republican territory.

You may have heard some criticize this resolution for calling East Jerusalem occupied territory.

The Dow and S&P 500 remain in negative territory for the year.

On the other hand, the territory was also witness to 27 years of remarkable social progress in Mexico.

Unfortunately the daguerrotype photography that debuted in 1839 Paris never reached the territory in time.

Photographing the descendants of families who lives on the once-Mexican territory, Van Houtryve proves their existence within a dominant narrative that often ignores them.

Beyond that lies a more subjective territory.

ISIS has seen its territory shrink dramatically with US military intervention, but it is far from defeated.

The illegal entry points will be “monitored and controlled to avoid undocumented access of people to our territory,” Sanchez said.

This is uncharted territory for an artist who, for all of his career up until now, seemed to be impervious to any real harm.

Listing its national oil firm represents unknown territory for Saudi Arabia and OPEC.

A court hearing is scheduled for Friday, Northern territory Police said in a statement.

I am writing this article on unceded tio’tia:ke territory.

The paper recommends that countries do everything they can to limit the spread of mosquitos into new territory.

Much of that territory consists of “places Assad doesn’t feel he needs to control if he’s going to control the country,” said Stephens.

* But because this is such a consequential case, and the EPA is in relatively uncharted legal territory, there are no guarantees here.

The international community considers East Jerusalem occupied territory.

Brazil, for example, has already said it wouldn’t let the US use its territory to invade Venezuela.

Hirst retreats into familiar territory instead of exploiting the thematic potential of his myth.

But since then, ISIS has lost 78 percent of its territory in Iraq and 58 percent of its territory in Syria.

And they cover Xcel’s entire eight-state territory.

That has drawn fierce criticism from China, which says the system’s powerful radar can probe deep into its territory.

But, the index did eventually close the day in positive territory, ending up by 1.98%, its biggest percentage gain since December 14.

That way, anti-government rebels will eventually put down their arms, allowing Assad’s forces to reclaim lost territory.

Exchanging range is Garbrandt territory.

And The Path hews dangerously close to that territory throughout the first half of its first season.

That said, it’s treading inherently uneven ground due to the foundation laid in season two’s foray into overt science fiction adventure territory.

Florida is one of those states that seems like it should be prime territory for Democrats, but often isn’t.

Tehran said the drone was spying over its territory while Washington said it was downed over international airspace.

Most countries view Israeli settlements in the West Bank, territory captured in the 1967 war, as illegal.

In March, Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory that Israel captured from Syria in the same war and later annexed.

The legalization of cannabis is presenting an interesting test case for this territory, which has six dry communities.

Her black-and-white self-portraits as a fictitious Samoan woman on decolonized Polynesian territory in the series Where do we come from?

The territory ISIS controls.

Sanders pushed hard for a win in Oregon, which was favorable territory for him.

Sanders pushed hard for a win in Oregon, which was favorable territory for him.

“It’s uncharted territory,” said Chris Townsend, field director at the ATU.

Relations hit new lows in May when a U.S. drone killed Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the leader of the Afghan Taliban movement, on Pakistani territory.

The Kurdish YPG militia, the dominant force in the SDF, controls the second largest chunk of Syrian territory – around a quarter of the country.

Pro-ISIS women used to be highly active online — not just those in IS-held territory, but also supporters around the world, he said.

“The US wages #EconomicTerrorism on Iran, has conducted covert action against us & now encroaches on our territory.

I don’t think American troops should be holding territory which is what they would have to do as an occupying force.

The same map did not designate any specific territory as being the “Eastern Mediterranean” region.

“If it was president of the Republic of Puerto Rico, it would certainly be different,” said Gutierrez, who favors independence for the U.S. territory.

So if Uber crawls around in negative territory from now until November, then employees are within their rights to grab the pitchforks.

Vampyr is, on paper, an action-RPG, with all the skill trees and side-quests and item crafting that come with that territory.

Marathons are the ideal way for professional artists and students to invigorate studio work and explore new territory.

As Europe colonizes the rest of the world they change the political systems there to match their system of borders, territory, and sovereignty.

The idea of these separate countries with absolute sovereignty over territory is an idea that’s waning at the moment.

She began counting down from ten, bringing us into more lucid territory with each number.

The broader Topix gained 1.5% to 1,550.98, with all but one of its subsectors in positive territory.

American men in the mid-eighteenth century southeast territory apparently took great umbrage at any pejorative thrown in their direction.

“On neutral territory everyone will be calmer,” Kiselyov, who is close to the Kremlin, said in a report on the subject.

The pair, who say they have renounced their Muslim faith, arrived in the Chinese territory from Sri Lanka in September.

It’s very possibly in bubble territory, but that might not diminish its eventual impact on finance and technology.

For its part, North Korea announced plans to fire four ballistic missiles toward the US territory of Guam, which houses 6,000 American troops.

Sometimes the movie gets into the coveted territory of being so bad, it’s good.

Each was given a degree of local control over its territory, but both were still formally part of the United Kingdom.

In Afghanistan, he served with the 1084th Transportation Company, providing truck escorts, often through dangerous territory.

Telling stories like this, it goes with the territory,” McCarthy said.

He’s in new territory, straying from the deep dive into his own history and identity in his King of Arms character.

Iran is seeking to secure its growing sway over a corridor of territory from Tehran to Beirut.

In the euro zone, the PMI price component shows that while output prices in manufacturing and services have weakened, they remain in expansion territory.

Last month, Taiwan became the first Asian territory to legalise same-sex marriage.

“In any normal circumstances, this would be general election territory.

But what we cannot accept is seeing Northern Ireland carved away effectively from the United Kingdom’s customs territory.

French troops intervened and took back much of the territory.

It’s natural territory for the series to explore.

“China will continue to take resolute measures to protect Chinese sovereign territory and maritime interests.

That’s his territory, and I don’t want a kick in my nuts.”

“Losing territory does not mean a group is defeated,” Shanna Kirschner, an expert on Syria at Allegheny College, told me.

Israel has waged three wars on Gaza since Hamas took control of the territory in 2007.

Ellen Silver, Facebook’s vice president of operations, acknowledged to Reuters that content moderation “at this size is uncharted territory”.

Israel has waged three wars on Gaza since Hamas took control of the territory in 2007.

The government said it has regained territory, particularly in the northeast that was previously captured by the group.

*Yukon territory: initially one government store, followed by private retail licensing; no details on number.

Even reliably Trump-friendly polls like Rasmussen currently show that his approval rating is clearly in negative territory.

“If the American empire dares to touch even one palm leaf in our territory, this will turn into a new Vietnam,” he said.

More importantly, the Trans Mountain and Line 3 expansions would be adding new pipes on existing routes, not bulldozing new territory.

“Google, and Twitter and Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory, and they have to be careful.

Either way, she’s bound to use her body to impeccable comedic effect, and to venture into profoundly absurd territory.

Unabashedly brave, the album represents the biggest leap into unchartered territory for a metal band.

Of the 11 major sectors of the S&P 500, all but energy .SPNY ended the session in positive territory.

Of the 11 major sectors in the S&P 500, all but technology and healthcare were trading in positive territory.

He also drew some 7,000 to an event on the Yakama Nation’s treaty territory.

My dentist told me about the procedure after I lamented the coffee stain annexing more and more territory on my right canine.

It kind of comes with the territory, right?

Żmijewski has treaded into controversial territory before, representing Poland at the Venice Biennale with a film reimagining the Stanford Prison Experiment.

By 2006, Zarqawi’s group controlled a swath of territory in Iraq roughly similar to the areas ISIS has occupied more recently.

But while the group lost its territory, it survived in a much weakened form.

York Chang and Daniel R. Small’s “The Map Is the territory” will discuss the implications of the government using A.I.

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