Tends in a sentence | Use of the word tends examples

Instead, this concept of tract-weighted density measures tends to be more accurate.

First-past-the-post, Hamlin told me, “tends to split votes for moderates.

It’s far lighter, punchier, and dare I say goofier than their respective solo work, which tends to veer darker and more fraught.

For one thing, fertility tends to decline with wealth anyway.

The publicity around the arrest is ironic considering that Fairey is a commercial street artist whose work tends to appear in areas undergoing gentrification.

While Detroit media tends to narrate graffiti in terms of vandalism and blight, Cosme and Lucka are hardly criminals.

But the debate tends to get bogged down for a few reasons.

Today, Colin tends bar at the Oyster House in Philadelphia while running his own private consulting company, Tender Hearts Bartending.

But I watched the film in a predominantly liberal-leaning white audience at its Cannes premiere, a demographic that tends to love Lee’s work.

Billionaires often have high approval ratings, but their image tends to take a battering when they enter the public arena.

There’s lots of time for things to change, and state polling tends to follow national vote swings.

But when the Pentagon makes these arguments, it tends to compare apples and oranges.

Political concerns mean that the risk of short-term pain tends to crowd out any thoughts of long-term gain.

Whatever is on my mind (consuming me) tends to land in the lyrical content.

What it does is it tends to reinforce social biases.

On the other hand, anxiety tends to be associated with high arousal, so the device will most likely reflect this.

In a weird way, the ego, as we define it culturally, tends to be the opposite of that.

Many of the districts have large, well-educated suburban populations, a demographic that tends to express more disapproval of Trump in opinion polls.

Arlanda tells me that synesthesia doesn’t really affect her sex life, although she tends not to mention it to sexual partners.

Puerto Rico’s tourism is small compared with other Caribbean locales and tends to be centered in San Juan.

This is dangerous, as it tends to criminalize disability without making a meaningful impact on gun violence and other safety issues.

My brain tends to obsess over perceived flaws in my appearance.

That tends to be the holistic package that most people are looking to buy.

He captured the complex ways in which history tends to twist and turn.

The exporter-heavy stock index tends to rise when sterling falls.

In her videos, she tends to stick to the colorful and bright feel of her music, with vibrant props and hair barrettes galore.

The specific nature of the conspiracy theories tends to be shaped by the actors in question.

The instrumentation tends toward surreal electro-collages, alien-limbed percussion programming and densely overlapping synth patches.

The data, like other data on the housing market, is quite volatile from month to month and tends to be revised often.

When asked about foreign policy, he tends to change the subject or merely argue for maintaining Obama administration policies.

Buffett is known for moving quickly when a deal piques his interest, but he tends to avoid getting involved in hostile takeover bids.

Instagram tends to be more about hey, is this photo crafted, composed correctly?

And that tends to resonate with people once you understand it and I think our history shows that we’ve gone after that.

A weaker dollar is usually good for financials because it tends to help bank profits if yields go up.

These sectors overall tend to see less of benefit from a weaker dollar, since inflation tends to hurt them more than help.

Consider suicide: It tends to be fairly impulsive, with people often deciding to kill themselves and acting on it within hours.

But the Caixin/Markit print tends to focus more on small and mid-sized companies and is seen as a better gauge of private sector activity.

Any business in Albany tends to carry the whiff of backroom dealing.

She has dyed red hair, rocks Daria-esque glasses, and tends to look at the floor when she isn’t absorbed by a screen.

In Europe, it tends to be known as Edam, eponymous for the town in the Netherlands where it was created.

In our secular rationalist cultures, chance tends to be publicly acknowledged only as random noise.

It’s just that how they see it tends to be colored by their own domestic political debates.

Baseball’s culture tends to ignore those challenges.

There are always gaps to fill in, sure, but there tends to be a solid history.

Polling shows that support for single-payer tends to drop when you talk to voters about increased taxes or government control of health care.

The U.S. government tends to block mergers if the combining companies are competitors in a concentrated market.

Positive feedback tends to engender positive motivations, which draw on imagination and confidence; negative feedback engenders negative motivations, which draw on anxiety and fear.

“I think the bottom line is, one’s gender, for many people, tends to be a very important part of their identity,” Isaac says.

Particularly, Tinder’s our big growth engine, and Tinder tends to skew very young, so 18 to 25.

Williams’s tastes tends toward the natural, the homemade, as well as the international—a reflection of his life story.

It tends to get busy before and after Steelers games.

But it tends to go missing in the policy conversation.

Society tends to desexualize disability, but we’re more at-risk when it comes to sexual violence and being in abusive relationships.

“The impact of antibiotic therapy tends to be exaggerated,” she says.

Given that volatility tends to pick up again in September and October, there could be a rocky period pretty soon.

Studies show that forced arbitration generally favors employers and tends, on average, to result in lower worker payouts compared to court cases.

“If some system is overactive, the endocannabinoid system tends to quiet it down.

The types of open worlds that Ubisoft tends to build always flirt with excess.

For lower priced suitcases, Costco, which tends to sell moderately priced suitcases falls in the middle of the pack.

Reality TV tends to be low-risk, and it’s generally low-reward.

But the polling looks really different when you focus on Medicaid expansion, which tends to be much more popular than the overall law.

As he tends to, Shia took his own approach … with a friend.

And then as you go up from there, it tends to drop down.

Not the cardboard cut-outs that lots of medical ethics and law tends to assume they are,” Foster says.

And this culture tends to be self-perpetuating — very skilled, highly motivated people like to work with other very skilled, highly motivated people.

This is not an attitude that tends to produce excellent products.

Although the entertainment industry tends to be liberal, celebrities generally do appear at Republican presidential inaugurations, regardless of their political affiliations.

Such implements are still uncommon to excavate, often made of perishable materials, but obsidian, formed when lava cools, tends to be long-lasting.

The second one tends to apply primarily to issues well out of the public eye.

The major American political party that tends to be more susceptible to activist pressure from the left has a serious advantage in presidential politics.

She tends to interlay her more serious commentary with sarcasm, a kind of jeering from the peanut gallery (or the margins).

There’s a term for this, cognitive laziness, and it tends to explain a whole heckuva lot.

In practice, this means that the brutality and reach of slavery tends to be both underemphasized and undertaught in American public schools.

At the end of the year, Tesla tends to endure a stock slide that lasts through the first quarter of the following year.

This situation tends to misrepresent the ‘80s, for instance.

Whatever we hear first tends to provide a starting point against which other numbers will be viewed and compared.

As with Oulipo’s lab-like literary experiments, Jacobsen tends to emphasize process for its own exploratory sake.

The announcement of Dunkirk surprised some — most people associate Nolan with brain-bending, eye-popping, dark intrigue, while war tends to be bloody, gritty, and blunt.

So one tends to see preemptive killings and retaliatory shootings go up.” The distinction matters for policy.

Generally speaking, digital polling tends to skew toward people with access to the internet.

He tells me that his couples’ work tends to do “extremely well.”

Talking on the phone tends to be much more effective than texting or emailing, especially if the matter is time-sensitive.

Spirit: You’re someone who tends to busy themselves with work, Capricorn, but in 2019, your focus will shift to more spiritual concepts.

That authenticity breeds consistency since our internal voice tends to follow a set of core values.

As political scientist Nicholas Carnes has demonstrated, a Congress full of personally wealthy individuals tends to prefer policies that benefit people like them.

This one is atop the heap because it features Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, and he tends to drag in the crowds.

It’s not irrelevant, but it tends to pale in comparison with the economy and other aspects of the political environment.

Our culture tends to forget that technological systems we use today come from somewhere.

And the Senate tends to be rather reticent when outsiders tell it to change its rules.

—Colin Joyce Most of the time when Dutch prog-house crosses over it tends to be pretty formulaic.

People who don’t know how to pronounce segue or niche, that tends to correlate with lower income.

Reese told me that, in their research, they found that institutional change tends to be the most effective strategy.

There tends to be a notion of continuities active beyond the frame, as important in their absence as whatever presences are shown within it.

The Tree tends toward the simpler side of things, as piously chiming guitars drag their feet.

The president tends to do what he says, much to the chagrin of his antagonists.

Society tends to be more forgiving of them.

We think this is a good idea.” We can debate why that tends to end in flames, but why haven’t you guys tried that?

Once you’re grown up and out of the house, there tends to be annual pressure to go home and see your family again.

A stronger local currency tends to weigh on the margins of resource exporters who sell their goods in foreign markets for U.S. dollars.

Unionizing particularly tends to benefit minority workers, especially women of color.

I think it tends to be smaller companies.

When you have a so-called “poverty program,” it tends to go into poverty very quickly and to lose its funding.

tends to be public knowledge, thanks to ongoing tabloid coverage of them between seasons.

“Izakaya food tends to be a little heartier.

It tends to be lots of stuff off the Japanese charcoal grill, things that are fried, kind of more rustic,” Kaplan said.

Like other sciences, parapsychology tends to be associated with men.

Some departments try to turn a profit by ticketing, which tends to exploit racially biased policing practices.

One consequence tends to be that we become blind to what is evident.

Instead, they are a left-leaning coalition of interest groups looking for group wins that tends to downplay ideology.

Volatility tends to cluster.

“Japanese wooden sculpture tends to finish the surface smoothly — very carefully.

“Saturday tends to be a great day to do produce shopping,” said Harrington.

This is not exactly the way the Trump administration tends to describe El Salvador.

It tends to usually be in the very religious communities, in a lot of wealthy communities, and a lot of immigrant communities.

Which is, by the way, most of the regulation, that tends to be the municipal and state level.

But the upside is that historically significant policy change tends to be controversial and often unpopular.

It tends to be not liked by both the far left and the far right for different reasons but still not liked.

By contrast, my studio tends to be very crowded with paintings as I work intensively, preferring to paint rather than clean up.

Pharyngeal gonorrhea tends to be asymptomatic, according to the CDC, although it might cause a sore throat.

But for the manosphere, solving these problems tends to begin and end with blaming women for them.

“Owen uses a herbal vaporizer, which tends to be more discreet for public use.

Meanwhile, the finger-wagging tends to be abstract, and mistakenly assumes that athletes are ill-informed and incapable of thinking things through.

That tends to be situations where we’re buying for an adult we don’t see very often.

It tends to be — it’s very interesting — it tends to be in basements.

And the core, core root of it tends to come from the emotional side of things.

So the emotional aspect will change the physical body, which then, that’s when the person tends to come in.

This constant either/or thinking about race tends to put people into fixed boxes.

Physical appearance tends to play a very big role in the way people assign race, particularly here in the US.

Yet the inherent insecurity of the system tends to create a competitive atmosphere based on performance, and not everyone sees through rose-colored glasses.

“Art is not typically about abstractions — it tends to be about concrete images.

There were times when I wondered whether it was keeping the relationship together, because good sex tends to inspire feelings of closeness.

Given how long Bethesda tends to support its games after release, it wouldn’t be shocking if these games were eventually enhanced.

As Peter Krause shows, inter-rebel competition tends to weaken the rebel movement as a whole and thus benefits the government.

(Not to mention that Trump-related writing — indeed, this very article — tends to appeal to readerships of all political stripes.)

Although he tends to assume the best about citizens and institutions, he is no Pangloss.

All of these encourage what Magic tends to call “political gameplay.”

The group’s annual “State of the Air” report tends to be optimistic.

And early voting tends to be a good indicator of voter enthusiasm on Election Day — another good sign for Clinton.

So one tends to see preemptive killings and retaliatory shootings go up.

Violence tends to confirm that view.” This weekend in Charlottesville and DC, though, it wasn’t neo-Nazis and white supremacists the antifa attacked.

The group’s annual “State of the Air” report tends to be optimistic.

I have pretty strong prescription, which tends to make the lenses thicker.

Her anger and anguish reaches voters on a visceral, emotional level that tends to dampen our ability to separate fact from fiction.

), and the flooding of light through the sample tends to wash out any color that is present,” Challoner says.

Steph: Anything Glossier

My skin tends to be on the dry side so I’m obsessed with everything Glossier offers.

Still, the dollar tends to falter later in the year, especially ahead of U.S. midterm elections, Silapachai said.

It favors vertical content and tends to decrease the quality of any landscape image or video you upload because of how it expands.

Now, we both know that Crime Mob tends to—every year—say that something is going to drop and we don’t usually see it.

“Traditional Punjabi culture sometimes tends to put women down and does not allow for us to do the same things as men,” Narula says.

In the books, cool things were happening to Bran, but internal self-actualization tends to be pretty drab onscreen.

Whatever the fantasy may be, for guys who think they know what you’re like in bed, their interest tends to stop there.

Traders also pointed to the weakness of the pound, which tends to boost the index’s internationally-focused firms.

Don’t expect new hardware devices, as Google tends to save those announcements for its fall hardware event.

But Google tends to have something more exciting at I/O than mere iteration of what we already know the company is doing.

As a result, turnout for caucuses tends to be much lower than primary elections.

Rap tends to mirror American society in general, magnifying the issues for everyone to see, and between 1998 and 2008, benzodiazepine use tripled.

Organic produce has to jump through the fewest hoops, so the premium tends to be lowest for things like spinach or apples.

The scarcity of truffles tends to lead to a lot of counterfeit.

Trump tends to lash out, viciously, at anyone who dares to contradict him.

This is what progress, at least as businesses understand it, tends to do to the landscape.

When presidential elections are closer, the makeup of the House tends not to change very much.

The messy and chaotic world of Israeli politics tends to cycle through politicians and parties quickly.

The messy and chaotic world of Israeli politics tends to cycle through politicians and parties quickly.

When you bring your own booze and cutlery, your evening tends to take whatever shape you want it to.

“Tinder’s our big growth engine, and Tinder tends to skew very young, so 18 to 25.

The former tends to move in impressive, groundbreaking, and exciting directions—the latter, not always so much.

American pop culture, meanwhile, tends to approach the British monarchy purely as a site of fantasy.

This kind of rhetoric tends to trickle up from the anti-abortion grassroots to more mainstream Republican candidates.

Pondering the flurry of attacks ultimately tends to push one up to the higher levels of abstraction where Sanders is more comfortable.

It tends to end up being like a mood, to some degree, a mood thermometer.

Cheaper oil tends to hurt investment in the energy sector because of reduced profits.

A boat with its appearance also tends to easily attract passersby, even if it’s parked at the end of a dock.

“There tends to be a feeling of shame that accompanies bodies,” says Sheila Cavanagh, a professor of gender studies at York University.

Truaxe sounded lucid during the in-person conversation, though he tends to speak quickly and occasionally rambles.

Our thinking about immigration tends to be over-influenced by individual cases.

These kind of cultural lags aren’t just about sensitivity—the technology itself tends to suffer too.

For better and for worse, policy leadership in the modern era tends to come from the White House.

The deadliest aspect of any hurricane tends to be the flooding that comes from storm surge and rain.

Because while very few people in our sphere are anti-immigrant, it tends to feel a superficial empathy.Of course, because my drawings require in-depth research.

First-quarter GDP also tends to be soft because of a seasonal quirk.

Democratic turnout, which tends to lag in non-presidential election years, will be a focus of Obama’s campaign efforts, his office said.

Instead, she tends to insist on letting her creations speak for themselves (as she did in declining, through Bühler, an interview for this article).

She tends not to blend, which gives figurative elements a simple, pop naiveté.

What are the weirdest things you find hot?If someone was quite a weird child, he tends to be a great date.

And if you can’t do that, the coverage tends to fail.

Poor preparation also hurt: Whereas neighboring Cuba has mandatory hurricane drills every spring, Haiti tends to be far less ready.

But the idea that outsiders can automatically make things better often tends to be naive.

But the political scientists also argued that the VP choice can make a difference — even if it tends not to.

Both views have evidence for them, and each view tends to diminish the valid points raised by the other.

Discussion of this theory tends to quickly get bogged down in technical jargon.

When someone’s talking to you it tends to be four or five.

The reason big networking events fail is because everyone that attends tends to operate from the same script.

From flowers to on-sale pizza by the slice under a glowing heat lamp, beauty tends to fade with time.

When we do talk about competition, it tends to be about fights between giants, usually about little stuff.

This is the field to watch, as Colorado tends to elect Democratic governors.

If a candidate has a bad debate performance, he or she tends to try to immediately change the subject to an area of strength.

A lot of oxygen flowing to those muscles tends to drain you.”

Still, considering how Trump tends to respond to criticism or perceived disloyalty, Gorsuch’s reported remarks raised some eyebrows.

“But for me personally, I think: Who is it that tends to be eligible but unregistered?

Israelis, Billy pointed out with eyes smiling as big as his mouth, prefer heavy tastes, whereas the Asian kitchen tends toward more subtle flavors.

“If the market is down it often tends to accelerate on Friday.

Comments are moderated in case they break these guidelines, so any discussion of such allegations tends to have a muted tone.

He went on to say that inclement weather tends to favor the incumbent.

Energy tends to come in big chunks.

But Cannes, which selects movies from all over the globe, tends to reflect a more expansive worldview.

As Afshon Ostovar, an Iran expert at the Naval Postgraduate School, told me recently, Iran tends to lash out when backed into a corner.

It tends to instead be people willing to volunteer their time and work to make something happen.

(In general, coastal flooding tends to be the deadliest aspect of a hurricane.)

The lake tends to ebb and grow with wet and dry seasons.

(The answer tends to involve making war on werewolves, by shooting them with guns.)

But bad tends to run counter to a writer’s instincts.

Her work tends to reinterpret everyday life as something clever and unexpected.

Speedman has a hunky bro vibe that tends to drag the movie down whenever he’s onscreen.

The move is certainly on-brand for Trump, who tends to fawn over strongman leaders.

Kim tends to also bring a second Mercedes limo with him.

He works a factory job while his wife Marge tends to the children and cooks.

(Political strategy in the state tends to emphasize smaller events with candidates.)

She’s trying to recapture the spontaneity that too much training tends to smother, drawing to get a line that doesn’t look drawn.

These lines weren’t designed to carry digital data, and as a result internet service over them tends to be slow.

While Trump has devoted much of his social space to insults, Clinton tends to discuss the brighter implications of policies and current events.

The wealthy, southern German state tends to lean conservative but also has a reputation for bucking political conventions.

Also, USD strength tends to imply a fall in international reserves, hence a diminishing supply of dollars in global markets.

The world’s attitude toward North Korea tends to swing between playful mocking and genuine horror.

Like dictatorships before it — namely Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia — North Korea tends to embody its dictatorial nature through its architecture.

With its specifically American heroes and military context, it isn’t the sort of film that tends to bring in big bucks overseas.

Obama’s taste in books tends to run to the award-winning and the safely literary; he rarely recommends genre titles or anything too edgy.

Solder: 76 is good at dealing damage, but he tends to strike from afar.

As a general rule, the US government tends to ignore technologies as they’re being developed and deployed, so as not to stifle innovation.

More importantly, I aimed the book at women … because chronic self-doubt tends to hold them back more.”

Anthony is listed as 10 pounds heavier now than two years ago, and that added weight tends to come in handy in such situations.

And that tends to happen with a lot of plot.

The movie screen, which tends to literalize everything, makes the funnier aspects of her writing difficult to adapt.

In the off-season, he lives with his parents back in Maracaibo, and tends to his horses.

He tends to be nomadic in the workplace, carrying his phone, laptop, and backpack from place to place.

It isn’t uncommon for search firms to be involved at identifying possible hires, but the actual contact tends to come from firm leadership.

* The financials sector, which tends to benefit from a rising rate environment, gained slightly.

(The film is gratifyingly diverse in theory, but tends to use that diversity to prop up the stories of its straight white men.)

He explained, in response to a question from Business Insider, that Facebook tends to be the biggest channel from which users consume native ads.

He tends to do Vice and Vox and Daily Mail — much to my chagrin on the Daily Mail part.

He tends to sheep at the farm between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

It tends to poll well; President Donald Trump even flirted with the concept during his 2016 campaign.

The Freedom Caucus tends to employ threats and other aggressive legislative tactics on issues over which its members have strong preferences.

But the Democratic field is the one to watch, as Colorado tends to elect Democratic governors.

The Times’s reporting also suggests that even when the relationships last, Adams tends to avoid delivering on his promises of professional help.

That tends to be valuable today [to be seen as] an empathetic person.

I was initially drawn by the word itself: its polemical force, and the way it tends to enflame certain people at its very utterance.

Mob justice also tends to overlook issues that are, frankly, more important.

“(Europe) always tends to act as the clearing house at lower value than the East,” one trader selling Nigerian crude said.

Above all it is generational, in that the conservative old guard — including those in power — tends to be, well, older.

Along with her practice, she tends a flock of 80 sheep in Wexford, Ireland.

And that tends to be to the detriment of the party because you see all the worst aspects of all these people come out.

While news coverage of psychedelics tends to be positive today, the relationship between psychedelics and the media in the past was much more complicated.

The H-1B visa program tends to be more critical to outsourcing firms than U.S. tech firms.

But that framing required, as framing tends to do, a certain degree of distortion, one aided in this case by the process of translation.

First-quarter GDP tends to be soft because of a seasonal quirk.

“(Europe) always tends to act as the clearing house at lower value than the East,” one trader selling Nigerian crude said.

People won’t recognize what she is.” Lubinski says that adjustment tends to be temporary for gifted children.

But the high-profile UN ambassador role tends to be a job for experienced officials or those with deep foreign policy or diplomatic credentials.

Peruvian cocaine tends to find its way to Europe through Brazil and Argentina, often with stopovers in West Africa.

“Everybody needs a god, if you will, and in the grain world, the USDA tends to be that” for data and statistics, Basse said.

In all these art libraries, demand tends to grow faster than the collections themselves.

So one tends to see preemptive killings and retaliatory shootings go up.” The distinction matters for policy.

That is — whatever happens during the convention period tends to last.

I think that helps a lot as the game goes—their confidence gets sky high and the ball tends to go in easier.”

This sounds good but tends to make undercover investigations impossible.

Hard power and soft power are often gendered, and soft power tends to be contingent on hard power.

Disaster relief tends to happen in abrupt peaks.

His work, methodical and aggressive, tends to be divisive.

In a fight they’re perfectly capable, but outside of that their mileage tends to vary.

She also argued that her past track record has shown that her popularity tends to plunge during elections but rises afterward.

He tends to favor candidates who take the hardest-line positions possible on those issues and who are most pro-Israel.

Sanders tends to do better among younger votes.

Party identification tends to matter a lot more than gender when it comes time to vote, Lawless said.

“Pacino, bless him, like Troy, tends to overact.

Do they matter as much as they used to since he gives so many and tends to contradict himself from one to the other?

Cutting out junk food tends to be enough to do the trick.

So often when we talk about youth vs. experience, experience tends to have the upper hand over the longer haul.

Of course, the United States tends to err overwhelmingly on the punitive side.

The Buddhist premise is that seeing a little more clearly tends to make you happier and tends to make you a better person.

I would say that that last outcome is not guaranteed, but it tends to be the case.

Noisey: So, Sul, how do you discover music?Sul: It tends to be streaming services—Youtube and artist radio on Soundcloud or Spotify.

“The dark side, and the emotional side that tends to be Shaun’s lyrics—people connect with that,” he says.

Valentina is studying naturopathy, and in addition to making bread she also tends to the herbal workroom, which produces soaps, oils, and creams.

Because the virus doesn’t cause any symptoms (unless genital warts are involved), the discovery tends to be a surprise.

https://t.co/siVbgKZMth And in yet another example of the Streisand effect, suing parody Twitter accounts tends to only make parody Twitter accounts more well known.

A lot of times, as tends to happen with my generation, people rant on Facebook.

Let’s take that value of participation, let’s say, “Well, what tends to work ergonomically?

When you say short things, what tends to work better is outrage.

When everything looks the same, your brain tends to slide down into a rut of numbing familiarity.

• What type of employee tends to succeed here?

Medicare, for instance, tends to pay significantly less than private insurers for the same services.

Research by Expedia shows that British royal family tends to repeat names.

And yet, increasingly, a satisfying finale tends to create the sense that maybe there should be more to the story.

It tends to only reinforce mistrust, when the task facing the couple is to rebuild trust.

About you, I sense that you are a very positive person who tends to make every situation simpler.

The gaming internet tends to reduce complicated positions and feelings to extremes: “it’s great!”

Alex Jones tends not to see a lot of good news in the world.

Our go-to procedure when faced with something unsettling tends to be to put everything on the artist: isn’t this all her or his fault?

But it also tends to keep its services to itself, and its strong privacy stance may lead to weaker AI with less user data.

The overall debate about “political correctness” as a phenomenon tends to suffer from an excess of vagueness and ambiguity.

In the aftermath of mass shootings, support for gun control tends to spike.

Change in the US tends to happen incrementally — steadily rising support, followed by some changes here and there.

In such matters, ideology tends to fall by the wayside.

Although public opinion on guns tends to fluctuate, over the past few years, the trendline has been toward more support for stricter gun laws.

This new breed of artist tends to thrive in online artistic communities, like Computers Club, Dump.fm, and “surf clubs” like the now defunct JstChillin.

“Our rebellious brand tends to set us apart to many cord cutting consumers.

In any negotiation, the party with fewer alternatives tends to be in a weaker bargaining position.

So was buying high-quality ground coffee, which tends to be on the expensive side.

If research does include women, it tends to be in the early follicular phase of their menstrual cycle—the first few days, when bleeding occurs.

The offsetting problem is that the arms race game costs us money, risks global catastrophe, and tends to encourage proliferation to other states.

Last year, the company generated about $9 billion in sales, and its profit margin tends to hover around 40 percent, according to sources.

“At least right now, access to your email address tends to be the key to everything else,” he said.

That’s easy to say, of course, but Facebook tends to throw its weight around when it sets its mind to something.

The surge, or coastal flooding, tends to be the deadliest aspect of hurricanes.

But once the tears have dried, something wild tends to happen: you feel a million times better.

Alternative history tends to deal in wild hypotheticals — what if aliens invaded during World War II?

The evidence of this, monitors say, is that policing extremism online tends to be one-sided.

“The fluidity of the forms tends to lean towards the idea that nothing in nature has a harsh straight edge,” Mertz tells Creators.

Instead, they claim it is unfair to their consumers who don’t have their own solar panels, which tends to be lower-income households.

Protest music usually tends to flourish in times of major political upheaval.

While Trump has devoted much of his social space to insults, Clinton tends to discuss the brighter implications of policies and current events.

Generally speaking, digital polling tends to skew toward people with access to the internet.

And that tends to go over much better with other people.”

He tends to his father’s home, which we learn is right beside the DMZ in a sort of desolate no-mans land.

When push comes to shove, protecting your constituents from coverage loss tends to trump ideological purity.

But with Afro-Caribbeans, this tends not to happen.

A lingering suspicion over motives tends to mitigate uninhibited sharing, especially in people raised from birth to be deferential to a ruling White overclass.

It was actually done on pure demographic basis, it tends to skew a little bit older.

That tends to be a fairly normal thing, I think.

Growth in the January-March period tends to be weak for seasonal reasons.

That means Ebola tends to be deadlier in poorer countries like the DRC than it is in the US or Europe.

tends to do a pretty good job about surfacing stuff.

On the other hand, the judicial branch tends to extend the executive branch a lot of deference when foreign policy is involved.

These vehicles also help make the business case for continuing to build cars in the US, where labor tends to be more expensive.

“The science tends to get lost and the politics wins or the economics wins.

Medicaid tends to have the lowest payment rates.

As the past has shown time and time again, when Trump goes into attack mode, his popularity tends to grow rather than diminish.

But when you try to do something big, there tends to be a wall or obstacle in front of you.

And since cannabis tends to cause a slowed perception of time in most users, you’ll be on that endless summer tip all week.

And this culture tends to be self-perpetuating — very skilled, highly motivated people like to work with other very skilled, highly motivated people.

This is not an attitude that tends to produce excellent products.

And then men managing men tends to be easier?

Race tends to be one of the major dividing lines, and test scores are viewed as unbiased benchmarks.

Noise pollution tends to be worse in communities of color — perhaps another driver of the black-white health gap in America.

But the Democratic field is the one to watch, as Colorado tends to elect Democratic governors.

Warm water “tends to make people loosen up,” says Hlavsa, who was the lead author of the report.

They observed none of the weight loss or loss of appetite that tends to accompany traditional chemotherapy.

It tends to speak, particularly since Trump’s election, directly to its powerful audience of one.

These days, the NYC electronic music scene tends not to have the restrictive door policies that are used at clubs like Berghain.

“It is a way to kind of take the edge off things because it tends to be more positive,” Kasper said.

Yes, Cohen has a few targets on the left, but he tends to save his biggest guns for those on the right.

Explain what your research shows about how that “playbook” tends to work.

It can also curl, flip, and be used to add volume if your hair tends to fall flat.

(After menopause, fat accumulation in women tends to shift from the lower body to the abdomen too.)

But he doesn’t have the greatest record, partly because he tends not to pick upsets.

Modern feminism tends to take the former view, and anti-feminists like Conway tend to take the latter.

Additionally, the way researchers match cases to controls tends to be subjective.

Crucially, this perspective tends to be deeply attractive to educated observers in our times.

In his official rhetoric, Sanders tends to attribute industry power to the campaign finance system and the influence of billionaire donors.

In fact, the term originates from astrology, a pseudo-science that tends to make big deals out of insignificant coincidences.

It tends to lead to conflict.

What tends to happen is that people will tell you about what they know, and in the process they tell you who they are.

Business investment tends to roll over into a recession, and that hasn’t really happened outside of the oil and gas sector.

Real final demand from consumers tends to soften; that has not happened at all.

Loan growth tends to decelerate from banks.

Consumer confidence tends to roll over fairly in advance of a recession and that hasn’t happened.

More to do nearby: The owner of the true dive Cucu’s Nest tends to serenade guests in Turkish fairly frequently on karaoke night.

Meanwhile, Apple tends to keep iPhones updated for up to four years.

But history tends to repeat itself in the auto industry.

Instead, it tends to talk about Iran’s broader policies toward the Middle East.

But change is inevitable, and fighting it tends to end up destroying you.

He was pulling in the six figure salary that tends to accompany such disconnected endeavors, and yes, the top-shelf insurance plan.

Here’s the thing: LA tends to breed a certain genre of delusion-oid, aspiring wacktresses and wacktors who are desperate for success.

Western media, she explains, tends to foreground coverage in the objectives of Boko Haram—not its victims.

One of the ways you sense moral panic is that it tends to be focused on our kids or sexuality.

Experts point to the economic development that tends to follow any corridor built for transit.

None of this was the sort of high-stakes, pulse-pounding TV that tends to dominate headlines.

Yet Trump holds forth unfiltered, he tends to make news.

Revenue tends to go up during economic booms and then decline during recessions.

Whereas much of Bontecou’s printmaking tends toward abstraction, some lithographs evidence her concern with ecology through the motif of flowers.

In the West, where the power grid tends to be clean, electric vehicles did little damage (again, about a cent a mile).

For players who can score and facilitate, the former tends to have a certain pull.

Even President Donald Trump, who tends to side with guns in gun-related matters, seemed perplexed by notion of printing firearms.

The dynamic tends to lead to a more overheated discourse.

The second one tends to apply primarily to issues well out of the public eye.

(When Beyoncé does answer questions, it tends to be in writing or, for TV, taped.)

This is not a show that tends to play it safe.

The word “interactive” tends to get taken for granted in gaming, but we seldom think about what it actually means.

… American pop culture tends to approach the British monarchy purely as a site of fantasy.

And it tends to double down on this approach for politicians, whose job is to maintain personas that please their electorates.

I’m not using them.” She went on to say that she thought Danish tends to have softer sounds than English.

It doesn’t matter how fair it is; it only matters that the squeakiest wheel tends to get all the media coverage.

That certainly tends to poison the well for litigation,” Turley said.

Of course, alcohol tends to dry up your skin,” she told Women’s Health in 2014.

The real test will be in 2018 — Democratic turnout tends to plummet in midterm elections, and overall turnout was historically low in 2014.

Still, while it’s true that Montana tends to be conservative, the state also has a long history of electing Democrats (Gov.

But part of the unpleasantness of how Twitter works is that harassment tends to operate on a continuum.

The task is tedious but tends to be reliable.

Crusoe was a slaver, and political-economy tends to ignore its spoiled seed.

“The bias occurs in who tends to be more interested in having sex,” she says.

She tends to hold back a little bit that first lap.

HuffPost’s average, though, tends to be more stable, since it still includes older data and “smooths” the newer data into it.

As Resnick has observed for Vox, offhand speculation about aliens tends to get vastly more coverage than anything else in astronomy.

Yes, the Fed tends to raise interest rates when inflation rises — but why?

Gorchov tends to dilute the oil paint so that a row of drips is visible along the bottom edge.

LG: It tends to feel good when you’re productive.

By contrast, once Wolbachia wiggles its way into A. aegypti populations, it tends to establish itself fairly permanently.

“That tends to be peak time,” Toma said.

The Republican coalition tends toward the center: educated enough, smart enough, informed enough.

(The full membership of the Academy tends to hover between 6,000 and 7,000.)

Due to partisanship, new information about a candidate tends to not actually change your behavior.

And if the answer is no—which it always is—that anxiety tends to dissipate.

OPEC tends to avoid political disputes involving individual members.

The Switch’s battery tends to last him just long enough to get through the night.

While Rosh Hashanah tends to be a day of celebration, Yom Kippur is a far more somber holiday.

“It’s a toxic molecule—that’s what tends to get overlooked,” Dyer says.

He also tends to make films about bleak themes — always a plus with those who tend to correlate darker subject matter with deeper meaning.

Finally, he tends to work with top-flight actors.

She tends a blemish on her face.

And when he does talk, he tends to approach questions with what can scan as a … detached affect.

However, the practice tends to be bad for new capital investment, especially when economic growth is declining and such investments are most needed.

And because people tend to have similar politics as their friends, this means social media tends to reinforce what people already believe.

This tends to make them more critical of Israeli conduct than your typical American, especially your typical modern Republican.

When I asked the regulars the difference between the two operations, they said Tuberman’s crowd tends to be a little more old-school Russian.

But you know what tends to perform just as well in the sound categories?

Yet the sum total of Kiefer’s retrospective tends to be more interesting than any particular painting or sculpture in it.

Bieber now tends to favor oversized tops, tie-dye patterns, and bright colors.

These days, Bieber tends to favor bright, retro outfits.

And in the short term, making an area more walkable tends to drive up prices.

The Mexican government tends to react to the annual caravans by cracking down on migrants who come through after it.

(NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist polling tends to show her better off, while Quinnipiac polling tends to show her worse off.)

And you average that out over a couple of weeks, and that tends to be a good reflection of how much sleep you need.

And I’ve always been a sensitive person, who tends to get overwhelmed quite quickly when it comes to emotional stuff.

Similarly, when crowded, Nasukawa tends to grit his teeth and rely on a back-stepping or back-sliding left swing.

As other migrant rights advocates have pointed out, the Mexican government tends to redouble its anti-migration efforts after “caravans” come through.

And it tends to affect certain segments of the population — particularly the poor and people of color — more than others.

And on major matters of partisan strategy, the party tends to stick together.

Our bias tends to be to want to give people a voice and let people express a wide range of opinions.

A debate about how to enforce the existing law tends to supersede discussion of what the law ought to say.

It doesn’t matter if I have anything to show appreciation for or not — it tends to be my default signature.

It tends to push interest rates down to an incredibly low level, making it difficult for central banks to respond to a recession.

In the bigger scheme of things, this discovery highlights a species that tends to be overlooked and not thought about often.

Closed primaries have not typically been favorable to the senator, who tends to attract large swaths of independent voters.

Closed primaries have not typically been favorable to the senator, who tends to attract large swaths of independent voters.

“It tends to adapt to the needs of the community.” This is Martocci’s second startup.

While experts in the international community are skeptical, Cha said that the West tends to underestimate their capabilities.

The fact that he’s been consistently losing tends to obscure this, but Trump has a lot of advantages in the 2016 race.

The Affordable Care Act tends to be a polarizing issue.

Because plastic doesn’t decompose quickly, when it becomes waste, it tends to either end up in landfills or wash into the ocean.

Harden tends to steer clear of bottles stored near train tracks, as the vibrations can throw off taste.

Grilling season is here, which tends to be great news for carnivores.

It tends to embrace the dominant values of the time.

“For the Fed, which tends to move relatively slowly, this is a sizable move.

Don’t tell me they’re just winning a bunch of one-goal games, a thing that tends to happen to lucky teams?

Never mind that winning a lottery jackpot tends to make people less happy, a trend well documented by psychologists.

Ask him to worry about others and Monk tends to overthink the game.

Of the two, DHA tends to get more attention because there’s a lot of it in the human brain.

Of course, Rhonda practices law in Texas, not Minnesota — but ‘Sisters’ fans know … she tends to get what she wants.

“The court now tends to align with elites rather than with the less powerful,” he said.

Oddly enough, the entire affair tends to get shrugged off as meaningless; when really, it should be seen as a case study.

This small jewel of a painting on paper tends to sway the longer you look at it.

Digital art tends to be ephemeral, but museums are meant to last for centuries.

As most of those examples suggest, Trump’s contempt for the law tends to dovetail with his demonization of brown people.

These electrons are also relatively unstable, so copper tends to react more easily when combining with other chemicals.

This also tends to be when the conventions are held, causing those temporary ups and downs in polling.

That’s because the press tends to tune out anything that can be coded as a partisan political controversy.

And it tends to work better with shows that have a singular protagonist (or only a couple of protagonists) than shows with large ensembles.

Plus, he pointed out, a privately owned space tends to come with fewer restrictions than a government-operated one, like Federal Hall or Governors Island.

Although Judge Hardiman tends toward conservative values, Mr. Heppner said, those don’t color his work on the court.

Fear is very front and center, and so when the fear part of our brain is aroused, it tends to muffle our rationality.

The reality, as it tends to be with Facebook, is much worse than initially revealed.

You know, it tends to end up being like a mood, to some degree, a mood thermometer.

Which tends to be the culture at companies that are slightly more seasoned.

A stronger economic outlook tends to lift the stock prices of companies focused on selling products in rural areas.

Once a cascade begins, it tends to snowball.

If people bring their intelligence, some passion, overall, it tends to work out.

When Nurmagomedov jabs he tends to lift his chin up in the air.

Throughout our conversation Drewchin tends to hold intense eye contact, a marker of a lifetime spent getting comfortable in her own skin.

The primary demographic of shooters tends tend to be young men and boys, but phenomenons operate differently, and Fortnite is crossing traditional gender lines.

Cramming a big old platter of schemes and scouting reports tends to make young players inherently bad at defense.

The EU ballot is often treated as a protest vote, which tends to hurt the party in power.

It tends to burn out I’ve noticed in most of these cities.

In general, though, the empirical research backs up King’s point about who the public tends to show sympathy and empathy to.

“It tends to be Mom who is on the margin of being in or out of the labor force,” Malik noted.

It generally tends to give you pleasing things.

In particular, her association as mistress, muse, and apprentice for photographer Edward Weston tends to be emphasized in discussions of her own photography.

But in a larger cultural context, putting rom-com heroines in these kinds of jobs tends to create a strange disconnect from reality.

Answer: Khalili is not someone who tends to sit still.

And he likes the encounters he tends to have along the way.

As the graph reminds us, the president’s party tends to lose seats in congressional midterms.

I think our stance tends to be like, we want to protect these natural places.

Thus, one can’t help but feel that the output following this initial starburst tends toward the sloppy.

Which tends to benefit them because they’ve all those lawyers.

The deadliest aspect of a hurricane tends to be the coastal flooding that comes from storm surge.

The food tends to be healthier, which is good for everyone.

(Turnout tends to be significantly lower in non-presidential-year elections.)

The metal factor may help explain why gum health tends to be worse after traditional metal braces than after Invisalign.

Finally, Burns’s now-trademark approach tends to fall apart when there aren’t a lot of people inherently involved in his subject du jour.

American culture tends to glamorize mental illness in artists, but there’s no glamour in these drawings — just a startlingly intimate confusion and pain.

Such a surfeit of general news, with the explosion of millennial-oriented properties — and advertising targeted against categories and influencers tends to perform better.

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