Tells in a sentence | Use of the word tells examples

Jermaine tells us it’s grossly unfair for Quincy to try and distance himself from Michael.

“You’d have to be completely stupid to cause trouble,” he tells me.

“The Red Laser crew spent a weekend at Griessmuehle in Berlin,” he tells me.

So I decided to produce an EP that tells a story about traveling and the yearning for faraway places.

Hernandez’s lawyer, Jose Baez, tells TMZ Sports, “Rumors of letters to a gay lover, in or out of prison, are false.

The fan tells TMZ Sports he was stoked about the encounter and happy to help out.

She tells our photog, on a scale of 0-10 as far as seriousness … it’s at the very bottom.

“From certain points of view, crisis is caused by humans,” Wei tells The Creators Project.

Yakima County Chief Deputy Coroner Marshall Slight tells us … Snyder committed suicide with a high-powered gun Sunday in Washington state.

A source close to Kanye tells us … Kanye loved the production and was taking notes on his phone.

“Every time we ask for feedback, the results come back 10 to 1, positive to negative,” he tells Business Insider.

Whiskey is and will always be for everybody,” he tells me later.

“The retail sales data tells you a lot about consumption.

He never tells you how he’s going to do any of the things he says he’s going to do.

Richard tells us the kids these days don’t take bulls**t for an answer … even more than people his age.

The Times’ headline read: “End Brexit feud, Queen tells warring politicians”.

The homeowner tells TMZ … Shirley made nothing but excuses about why rent was late.

Modern college football tells us that Jake Coker should be significant.

All that said, we’re told Tommy still tells friends he loves Brandon, and wants him at the wedding.

That tells you so much about this person—preparing for the day is a performance.

‘s rap career blows up — he tells us hoops will always be his priority.

Joseph Beuys never crashed his plane nor was wrapped in honey and cloth by natives (no evidence),” Hudson tells The Creators Project.

If Merriman wins, he tells TMZ Sports … a superfight with Hardy would be awesome.

Even if you don’t know what Damaged sounds like, the cover tells you exactly what it sounds like.

He thinks he can … and tells TMZ Sports he’s seriously making a push to get a shot with a pro team.

‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown tells TMZ Sports …

!” But my brain tells me to throw everything out.

His attorney, Lance Lazzaro, visited Tekashi Tuesday and tells us, “Daniel’s mood is fine, because he knows he is innocent.

Lazzaro tells us he doesn’t know of any specific threat to the family.

Henry tells the story of how the plant is alive to this day … and what it symbolizes.

A middle-aged white woman tells him she doesn’t like his arrogance.

“A lot of times you’re not going to like everybody you work with and things are going to arise,” Reed tells us.

War-torn and divided for most of its history, Lebanese pride and tradition are worn proudly,” tells Esparza.

Another potential point of leverage, the senatorial aide in this camp tells me, is wall money.

“The proximity gives us the sense of our own strength and vulnerability,” Chaignaud tells Creators.

But as Johnston tells it, the federal government kept changing the goalposts.

“I think he made some solid points,” McClain tells TMZ Sports.

“I was intrigued by the bodily knowledge of the luthier,” she tells Creators.

The legendary saxophonist tells TMZ, his V-Day treat for Kim Kardashian West wasn’t something Kanye spent months planning out.

She tells the official story of the government.

“Trust the process and just show up every day,” he tells Alex in the above teaser.

A poetic black-and-white film, it tells the story of two bandits encountering an angel amidst violent crimes in the city.

In the months that followed, Gupta tells me, he began attracting more clients than ever before.

Pishevar tells Business Insider via e-mail that it was “unintentional but a cool link.”

History tells us that the most likely path they’ll take is to criminalize being transgender in the military.

I’m feeling excited about it, but the monitor tells another story.

We talked to Damon who tells us the physical confrontation went down on the set of “Paid in Full.”

On the road to our first drop off of charcoal, Parr tells me his story.

“I remember this as clear as day,” Alec Chaney tells me.

It’s when Rhett tells Scarlett “You should be kissed, and often.

Nice.” “Memes condense down a common or shared experience into a few words and a picture,” Lillian tells Broadly.

“, said on Twitter, the study “primarily tells us that parents who follow expert recommendations have kids who do well on tests.”

Thomas tells TMZ, he hasn’t spoken with anyone from the palace since last week’s interview.

John tells her to get out of the house and go to a neighbor’s for safety.

In this video TMZ obtained, you can see Cardi tells the fan no … but he persists, saying, “I’m an autograph hound.”

He tells TMZ, “North Philly will always be home.

She tells him there’s some n the well.

Picardi tells The Creators Project.

… all of the research tells you that the stronger you believe that you are a meritocracy, the more biased you are.

Research tells us they are better than men at advocating on behalf of others.

“For two or three years I really have not been able to stop thinking about that,” Brown tells me.

“The man you are today is your memory of Eurus,” Mycroft tells Sherlock.

March 2016: Middle Eastern ride-hail company Careem tells Recode the company is in discussions to join alliance.

“The factors that divided the electorate in 2016 are dividing them even further now,” Sides tells me.

The Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports all of Smith’s required residential treatment sentence has been completed.

He tells me: “In the 70s and 80s, people would go for lunch and then they wouldn’t go back to work.

The meme, above obviously, tells you to pick two of the options as they will defend you while the rest come to kill you.

“I was a little worried, ’cause you were this moppy-haired kid from NYU,” Tim Cooper tells me.

“That caretaking set me up for the kind of bartender I am now,” he tells me.

He also tells TMZ Sports he’s praying for Martin, who he still considers to be a friend.

As for his football career, Incognito “unretired” back in April and tells us he’s “excited about the opportunity to come back.”

“I’d have loads of hot hate sex with Anwar*,” Vanessa, 29, tells me.

“I don’t even try to clarify it unless my partner explicitly tells me they’re freaked out.

That alone tells you everything.

TMZ Sports talked to Usman … who tells us Dana called this week and made the offer.

From what my managing editor tells me, hat tricks are just when you do three great things together.

Kourtney says she “didn’t care to do” the shoot anyway, and Kim tells her to go ahead and skip it.

She tells me that the concept of a third place is possibly even more important than ever as people migrate away from their hometowns.

“To me, a dive bar is a place you don’t want people to know that you are going to,” John Cline tells me.

“It’s to showcase women and wheels,” Vaun tells The Creators Project over the phone.

“I think she captured the vibe of each rider well,” Beauty & Brawn curator and owner Lindsey Meyers tells us.

Instead, make peace with your neighbors,” he tells the future Louis XV, embracing him.

“It gives you the story: it tells you where it comes from, why it tastes like it does.

Bob, who she’s never actually met, tells her he would move “heaven and earth” to meet with her.

A law enforcement source tells us those charges stem from some sort of cutting that happened during the sex.

As for Tony, his rep tells us he denies the allegations and laments the actions taken by Brazzers.

In her declaration, Mel B tells a horrific story of abuse.

One source tells us he chatted up everyone, thanked them for their service and posed for a bunch of pics.

“We can engineer nanoparticles to basically do what we want them to do,” she tells me.

We reached out to Harvey’s agent, Todd Frank, who tells TMZ, “It sounds fake.

“We’ve the hardware for EVE to become a lot bigger than it is now,” Edvald tells me.

I tried setting boundaries, but it only made her angrier,” McNeely tells me.

One story goes that they met at Cartoon Network, while another tells the tale of them putting out a missed connections ad on Craigslist.

The fact that you have a 2 percent conviction rate for gang violence tells you the whole story,” says Smith in the van.

Wyatt tells us Cosby has mentioned many times how respectful the staff is and how well they’ve treated him.

Law enforcement tells TMZ the verbal argument turned physical and someone called 911.

“It’s weirdly easier to buy colostrum than you would think,” Volf tells me.

On whether Trump still thinks climate change a hoax, @PressSec tells @CeciliaVega there isn’t a “binary choice” between jobs, environment.

Cara Despain’s “Sea Unseen” tells the tale of a great American paradise that’s swiftly and frantically overtaken by the sea.

In a conversation over email, Goldstein tells Creators, “Most people thought we were an official gift store, others thought we were just hacks.”

BREAK: @Nigel_Farage tells me: it’s been an extraordinary referendum, exceptionally high turn and looks REMAIN will edge it.

“I grew up surfing, from the age of seven, and spent a really long time competing in the industry,” Calderon tells MUNCHIES.

“There has been talk about the bill needing to be even stronger,” Kelly McBee, a policy analyst at the organization, tells MUNCHIES.

“It’s way too much,” the Falcons legend tells TMZ Sports … “It’s way too much.”

No cell phones,” Vick tells us … “We don’t want to corrupt the game like that.”

Scientists made an online calculator that tells you your ‘fitness age,’ and you can try it right now

He tells Pangborn he has come to the conclusion that sorcerers, like Pangborn, steal magic and power that belong to them.

A rep for LuMee tells us the lawsuit has no merit and Kim did nothing wrong.

But, Hairston tells us Bellinger not only deserves to be in the top 5 … he’s No.

Of course, everyone loves gossip, so while the critics laud the album, the tabloid press have latched onto the seemingly personal story it tells.

“I’m not a great business person with all the taxes and forms and everything,” Tactay tells me over the phone.

“She did break a lot of boundaries,” Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell tells me, “and that’s not necessarily being recognized in music history.”

Jodi Stachowski tells HLN she thinks Avery is “a monster.”

However, doxycycline is an approved and recommended medication for the prevention of malaria in endemic regions of Myanmar,” Dwyer tells me.

“At first, I was like, I’m busy, I’m rushing, I have to contour,” she tells me.

Amrich actually covered Tattoo Assassins, and tells me about its unusual roots.

“Of course, nobody knows what will happen in the future,” he tells me.

Because of my anxiety, I lack confidence, something women pick up on and [that] labels me a loser,” he tells me.

They can’t comprehend someone being so ugly that they can’t get a girlfriend,” John tells me.

And that pretty much devastated the original incel community,” ReformedIncel tells me.

“You come here as a tourist and leave here as a friend,” Cervan often tells his guests.

“The fact we don’t mind politically incorrect speech is always shocking to outsiders,” he tells me.

“That’s in the nature of incel communities: It’s a community you don’t want to be a part of,” he tells me.

“I hated them,” he tells me.

“This isn’t how things are now,” Gonzalez tells her teenage self.

“Say a perpetrator was wearing a specific cologne at the time of the assault,” she tells me.

Patriarchal cultures tend to be self-reinforcing, have a tendency to try and reinstate the status quo when it’s disrupted,” Manne tells me.

The final line tells streamer how we’re going to access its data.

This video tells the story of how hip-hop was derailed from its roots in politics, and shows how it got back on track.

But Phil tells TMZ Sports it just ain’t true — “Of course I knew.

The band’s manager, Luke McNees, tells us … other than being winded and really scared, the boys were fine and grateful.

That night, Constand voices her mounting stress over the demands of her job; she feels “drained” and “emotionally occupied,” she tells him.

He tells her that the pills are an herbal supplement to help her relax, and Constand swallows them.

“He just wasn’t meant for farm work,” Deeds Phillips tells The Creators Project.

V Live’s owner, Damon Cobbs, tells us no one was hurt, and he’s happy his security prevented the incident from escalating.

This piece is important not just for its own merits, but from what it tells us about the rest of Deeds’ work.

BB tells us it was just a marijuana party, but then dropped some highly relevant info … dabs were on the menu at the party.

And no matter what anyone tells you or what you might hear from others running for president, that is still true today.

Hill tells me that she recently organized a visible mending workshop with Golden Joinery, a Dutch organization that uses golden thread for visible mends.

Golden Joinery’s Margreet Sweerts tells me via email that “there can be beauty in a flaw, a golden scar.

He tells us, “this is FAKE NEWS GUYS LOL.”

Gustavo tells Virginia that his wife is a disabled person.

Now, Irons tells us … he’s confident he’ll be cleared — and called the whole thing a “hiccup in the road.”

“[The hearing] was ugly and partisan, which is exactly what could do damage to the institution,” Benesh tells me.

But, Glazer tells us it’s ridiculous that happened … saying politicians need to have their focus on things other than the gridiron.

Little tells me that they didn’t measure ketones in their subjects to definitively tell whether they were in ketosis in the study.

“Words were the ticket,” he tells me, laughing.

“If endothelial microparticles go up in your blood it tells us that the endothelial cells appeared to be unhappy,” Little says.

“I see visual connections in things,” Van Eeckhoutte tells VICE via Skype from Belgium.

“Brenda Cooper is a genius, and every show was like going to a fashion exhibit,” Jacobson tells VICE via Instagram message.

Until that moment I used to focus my work more on dance, installation, and public art,” Silla tells Creators.

“I love painting on the streets, because for me, street art is as ephemeral as time is, as we are,” Silla tells Creators.

The “Shark Tank” star tells us her brother, John, was in the D.R.

Corcoran tells us John was retired but owned a successful roofing company in New Jersey.

We spoke with USC’s sports information director who tells us … “Pat didn’t collapse.

“We’ve done the deal for roughly ten years,” owner Joseph Cooke tells me.

“There are some women who do find coconut oil helpful as a lubricant,” Minkin tells me.

My mum used to take us up here when it was over the other side,” she tells me.

“I used to manage a bakery nearby and come in here years ago,” he tells me.

“I’m a boring white girl,” she tells me.

Cooke tells me they are best eaten with homemade chili vinegar made fresh from Scotch bonnets.

The message of ‘Lion King’ is that everyone serves a purpose in the circle of life,” he tells The Creators Project.

“Ten years ago we voted on election day, period.” Read next: Trump tells supporters to counteract voter fraud by committing voter fraud

It tells your body when to wake up and when to go to bed.

Travis Kelce tells TMZ Sports it was simple … they just listened to their head coach, Andy Reid.

“In the beginning, we did have doubts about the technology,” Castanye tells me.

One of the vendors casually tells me, “Yeah, sometimes the police raid the market to see what’s out the back.”

“There are other people out there, just like us,” James tells Ted one night while he’s still in the bunker.

This sets off the flight attendant who points at him and tells him to “stay out of this.”

The major thing this gown tells us about Belle is that Emma Watson plays her.

Tommy itself tells the story of a deaf, dumb, and blind boy who suffers neglect and abuse and struggles to recover his senses.

“There is of course a timeline for the projection,” Paul Lacroix, one of the project’s technical directors, tells Creators.

“To me, the story of Yarrow in this heartwarming portrait tells so many things.

A rep for SJP tells us, “Kat Florence reneged on their contract with SJP.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells @CBSNews’ @bobschieffer that he and President Trump “Did not have a common value system …

“Initially we started off with the idea of ‘Robotics in your everyday life,’” Bogner tells The Creators Project.

Writing in today’s Washington Examiner, York quotes a Republican legislator who tells him: “I thought we campaigned on repealing it.

She then tells me about Ashley Newman, a dancer at Juilliard who went into sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of rehearsal in 2016.

The person will die,” Anderson tells me.

There are good samaritan laws in every state to protect people, Anderson tells me.

But I also got the punk rock attitude, and I think when it comes to music, that’s my roots there,” he tells me.

The “blue wall of silence” tells cops to stay quiet about other officers’ misconduct.

“You’ll be able to walk out of the Oval Office,” Boehner tells Obama with a grin, “singing zippidy-do-dah, zippidy-yay.”

She tells us the final straw came a couple of days ago when she was on FaceTime with Swae.

Karate Hottie even tells us she’s got the perfect headliner for the night — HERSELF!!!

“Who tells Your Story (feat.

That vision includes a historical narrative about where we went wrong, and then tells us how we can set things right.

Hawkins tells us she thinks she got the boot because Tinder is trying to save its brand.

Family representative Todd Wilson tells TMZ the lawsuit is absurd as the sisters had nothing to do with the creation of the shirts.

Essentially, Wilson tells us, “it’s like suing an actor for being in a movie.”

“I want people to see sexual harassment and abuse as a symptom of a central disease that is economic disparity,” she tells Broadly.

But not Hibbert (a 2-time All-Star), who tells TMZ Sports he seriously thinks Rose can help elevate the T-Wolves to become a championship team.

“I think we’re heading towards a place of widespread adoption,” Kotagal tells Broadly.

“Our entertainment industry tells the stories that represent us,” Giese says.

Weekly” tells you about all the stars that you don’t need to give two craps about.

“The Constitution tells us we have a presumption of innocence.

A source familiar with the deal tells us there’s also talk of doing some of the auditions at Disneyland on the West Coast.

The statute creating TPS tells the secretary to look at “conditions in the foreign state” when making decisions about TPS.

I’m skeptical, but he tells me about a supply room that people keep getting mysteriously locked in.

JP tells TMZ he’s in a relationship with Osmariel Villalobos, a Venezuelan TV show host and former beauty contestant.

April and the Extraordinary World tells the story of an orphaned daughter of scientists searching for the mystery of her vanished parents.

“It tells me that someone who wrote this is unused to how things work in the ag industry,” he said.

“Your brain can’t quite work out where things begin and end,” Cooper tells The Creators Project.

“It’s upsetting to think about,” she tells her sister while describing a fight with an earlier lover, lately deceased.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data tells us that the average American spends about $56,000 per year.

“I follow their journey as they adapt to a new context while holding on to their culture,” she tells us.

Parks tells me that the goal of her Supernova collective is to help women and minorities figure out cannabis’ new legal and political ecosystem.

Akon tells us Jah will appear on his Konvict label sometime in June.

She tells me to try meditation and visual imagery in the home so I can associate it with safety and security.

In the video below, Cohen tells the bohemian story behind the poem.

Michael tells us … the arrest was a big “misunderstanding.”

Unclear who footed the bill this time around, but something tells us it very well might’ve been on the house.

David’s spokeswoman tells TMZ, “In today’s environment, what Kelly did was careless, inappropriate and disrespectful.

A Mr. Burke tells the player in no uncertain terms that Megaton could be easily wiped from the map.

“I don’t think he made another basket after that.”@kobebryant tells the story behind his one-on-one game with Beyoncé’s dad, @MathewKnowles.

It’s because this uncertainty is coming from authority figures (like the police) that society tells us to trust and respect.

My therapist, Laura, tells me that going for analysis (a.k.a.

Allowing ourselves to feel emotions, no matter how bitter, “lets us live genuinely and fully,” Moore tells me.

My dad tells me the stories.

“I refuse to make a manufactured product,” he tells The Creators Prpject.

“It’s another form of paper to practice styles and concepts,” Rehab tells The Creators Project.

Sources tells us police were called and did respond to the gym, but no report was taken.

You may have listened to Ella Fitzgerald this morning but something tells me you didn’t read about Jimmy Carter.

You may have listened to Ella Fitzgerald this morning but something tells me you didn’t read about Jimmy Carter.

Many factors contributed to that shift, but one, he tells Baron, is an encounter he had in 2003.

And the research tells us two things: One is that perceptions of parents’ politics might be wrong — that our assumptions might be misguided.

“And he starts moving it around.” Berk says the touch was a joke and tells Baron that “Mr.

“Older people are not as good as younger people at identifying the emotion shown in photos of emotional facial expressions,” he tells Broadly.

He tells Hyperallergic that Koons would have incurred far steeper fines if the case was litigated in the United States.

Arlanda tells me that synesthesia doesn’t really affect her sex life, although she tends not to mention it to sexual partners.

I stopped taking corny editorials just for cash and focused on my personal work,” tells Geeting.

“The producer is a very important point of contact,” he tells me.

Something tells us we’d be seein’ a whole lot of this in the NBA right now …

Something tells us Ed would’ve had a chart topper in Westeros.

“And when an adult came, you could delete it fast,” Djordjevic tells Creators.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ … he’s yet to see any type of reports that show Kodak’s fingerprints on the gun.

But any entrepreneur who tells me they’re not interested in making money is probably not telling me the truth.

Conor McGregor is NOT in fear for his life … despite reports to the contrary, his rep tells TMZ Sports.

But the costume design tells the story: Mia’s style quietly creeps forward from the 1930s to today, subtly quoting every decade.

We reached out to Principal Steve Hurdle who tells us, “[Hardy] spoke to a class about being good students and working hard.

And at first, they — and we — do get to hear that story, one Harriet tells with urgency and grace.

“I am saddened and humiliated by the accusations just made by Albert about myself, the mother of our beautiful child,” Jackson tells TMZ Sports.

In fact, WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw tells us, “I’ve known Brittany since she was a high school senior.

A rep for Bizzy tells us all claims made by Ranna are false … he never once abused her or sent harassing texts.

Now she’s appearing in ads where she tells us that “inside every overweight woman is the woman she knows she can be.”

Emmett Carter, the owner of the restaurant, is still seeking justice for Toot; she tells MUNCHIES that police currently have suspects in custody.

“This is a former mental institution house in Norway, one building of many that still exist,” she tells The Creators Project.

A rep for the Scottsdale PD tells TMZ Sports a report was taken and the investigation is ongoing.

Hof tells TMZ … he definitely feels like Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians put a hex on him.

The Commute “I just don’t know how it will handle the morning commute,” Davidson tells me.

He tells me over email that his obsession began when he got the game for Christmas, when he was just nine years old.

“The play’s the thing / Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King,” he tells the audience.

He also tells custom agents they “ain’t shit.”

It tells the story of two sisters, born in 18th-century Ghana, whose lives followed drastically different paths.

Jiook Cha, an assistant professor of neurobiology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, tells me researchers still have a lot of unanswered questions.

“That was an example of breaking balls,” Negan tells Carl, like some sort of demented mentor.

A source from TWC tells TMZ, “Harvey’s role in the meeting will be very limited.”

TMZ Sports spoke to White this morning … who tells us, “It’s not true.

“So this guy gets up there and tells a story about he hooked up with a 67 year old trans woman.

Despite facing Palhares in his last outing, Meek tells us he feels Mein is an even tougher proposition.

Chyna tells us, “Where I’m at now is a stage of realization and growth!

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“Manny has this unshakable sense of conviction in himself and in his methods,” Knafo tells VICE.

The Medical Examiner’s Office in NYC tells TMZ it’s determined his official cause of death is “acute heroin intoxication.”

In this moment, Eleanor tells Rachel that her mother taught her how to play too.

But to him, it was much less dramatic than it seems: “I was just doing what I was doing,” he tells The Creators Project.

It tells only one part of the story.

The idea of meritocracy tells elites that they deserve their superior position because they work harder and have greater natural ability than ordinary people.

Donnell tells us he was chowing down at Little Pete’s in Philly for breakfast Sunday when he walked out for a smoke.

A source close to LeBron and Maverick tells TMZ calls the lawsuit “totally frivolous and publicity seeking.”

“The classic view is that placebo is unpredictable and uncontrollable,” Apkarian tells me.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper, a 2015 film by Nick Broomfield tells the story of alleged American serial killer Lonnie Franklin.

There’s a simple reason all of this is happening: “He’s extremely unpopular here,” Austrian tells me about Trump.

“These murders have made London seem a darker, more dangerous place,” he tells me.

He tells me what it was like to leave Mexico in the fires of the Mexican Revolution.

He tells me what it was like to grow up in a California school with only one other Hispanic student.

He tells me that he couldn’t speak any English.

That little part tells you everything you need to know going into the movie.

Fury tells Monica that maybe she will one day “learn to glow like Aunt Carol” — a huge wink to comic book fans.

Momentum tried to get involved with XR he tells me, but they don’t want to have political affiliation.

“We didn’t block contact but we’re not providing a platform for them,” he tells me.

Ian, tells me he didn’t win an award but he’s here “for the vibes.” 12:33 AM: Protesters are still holding Waterloo Bridge.

D’Silva tells of women who have found the courage to report their experiences only after reading others’ stories on Safecity.

“The main function of ratus is for cleaning the genital area,” Made Karyati tells me through a translator.

Learning to perform the procedure was “easy,” Made Karyati tells me.

“Being a teenager in high school is tough as it is,” she tells me. tells a similar story: “In the late 1970s, Burroughs Wellcome succeeded in creating a viable antiviral drug.

She points to the building we first passed and tells us that’s where the inmates eat and sleep.

The second building, she tells us, is for “the work.” The Walmart note followed a tradition of hidden messages found by shoppers.

“How he handled defeat was really telling,” Greg Anthony tells me.

One of the factors affecting lake level, Baxter tells me, is upstream water demand.

Panoramic Visions tells us the flub’s being corrected.

A source with knowledge of the investigation tells me the FBI has targeted from 28 up to 42 individuals.

He then tells us about a new detox kit he’s working on that he says will help people kick drugs safely … particularly, opioids.

They got THEMSELVES in there from their talent and hard work,” Shawn tells TMZ Sports … “We just kinda coached them.”

“I study these originals with computational systems, and what you see are the results of these processes,” Quayola tells Creators.

But this essentially just tells us how big the overall “pie” of American wealth is.

She tells off Littlefinger when he comes to apologize.

“Mumsnet did not set out to change the world or engage in an overtly political way,” its founder Justine Roberts tells me.

“The influence stems from the type of woman it attracts,” she tells me.

“I think we’re in the shit, for sure,” George Saunders tells me over the phone.

Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum isn’t surprised and tells us, “Nelly has suffered very real damage to his reputation.

A police spokesperson tells us cops responded to the scene early Saturday morning — but when officers arrived, none of the witnesses would cooperate.

However, a source close to Kelly tells us he’ll be able to gather up $100k soon and post bail.

Reed’s remarkable career, which tells the story of Bauhaus and Black abstraction in the 20th century, is more significant than ever.

“You’re hungering, you’re thirsting, your souls are thirsting after sin,” he tells a group of teenage boys wearing jerseys and holding basketballs.

To tell them, well, there were only 300,000 apprehensions last year — that’s factually correct; it tells a story.

9:18 AM PT — A source close to R. Kelly tells us the Rolls isn’t his.

“You’re not that different,” Carlotta tells Sylvia, as they get to know each other during a very awkward tea for two.

This table tells the story.

One source close to Moorer tells us Michael has been a private investigator for years and is also a licensed armed private security officer.

It’s about things that are waning and dying, and in that process are beautiful,” Haskins tells me.

“It seemed like it could be this crazy, one-time experience,” Zeischegg tells MUNCHIES.

He tells the story of how environmental groups attempted to build sustainable businesses there in his new book, Moral Ecology of a Forest.

“I like being direct,” she tells me, her Chicago drawl peeking out.

Sairs tells Creators that the response to the contest results have be predictably mixed.

If the government tells Apple about the details, the company would presumably fix whatever vulnerability was used and thus render the method ineffective.

“I have two tables of black people,” she tells him.

“The boy is good,” Flav tells us … “That’s all I gotta tell you, he’s good.

Incredulous at how racist she is, he tells her black colleague what she said.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) tells me she wants an Obamacare replacement to cover MORE people than Obamacare.

“You won’t find Bärlauch in the north,” Viehweger tells me as she gathers up enough for pesto.

She tells me remedies passed down from her grandmother and stories from the small town.

The wide receiver tells TMZ Sports he just spoke with Aaron and the guy seems as laser-focused as ever.

He tells Noisey, “For a long time, I wasn’t taking music super seriously.

That tells you something, right?

“There definitely is a practice of love when I make images,” Scarville tells VICE.

L.A. City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson tells TMZ, the rapper donated shoes to kids at 59th Street Elementary, and also repaved the basketball courts there.

The user gets angrier and angrier until he breaks down, tells Daniel to kill himself and delete the server.

“It’s the fight I want,” Cormier tells TMZ Sports … “I think everyone wants to fight Brock.

The secrets of depression “You can’t misunderstand a picture of someone literally digging his own grave,” he tells me over the phone.

“There’s just a lot wrong here,” Mary tells me.

“There’s just a lot wrong here,” Mary tells me.

Which is why when this prick tells me I can’t get it I can confidently declare the entire exercise a waste of time.

“You write about Sacramento so affectionately, and with such care,” she tells her.

“It’s so exciting to give DJs a whole album of songs where there’s something for everybody on there,” Jubilee tells Noisey.

“Trash tells stories the history books don’t, particularly about the lives of ordinary people,” Licence told Hyperallergic.

Sometimes it looks like mist or liquid or even completely solid,” Jasik tells The Creators Project.

“It’s becoming a bit of an obsession,” he tells Creators.

Ray’s manager, David Weintraub, tells us the company’s aim will focus on non-traditional marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment.

We pulled up and I was looking…,” he tells me with a wisp of a lisp before pausing to collect his thoughts.

He tells us he hasn’t received an apology from his homeowner’s association … but he’s not tripping either.

Chinese culture and society are based entirely on relationships and hierarchy, she tells me.

“—Jagger tells me that, “Me and my brother both have career goals that we want to accomplish.

That tells (us) he wants the United States to guarantee the safety of his regime.

A voting record, after all, is a clear data point that tells voters whether their candidate wants to restore net neutrality, or not.

as the web becomes encrypted (meaning you cant just see all the traffic),” Brain tells The Creators Project.

That was the culture then.” “I’ve always been a supporter of faces,” Ruffin tells Meyers.

“The strike was more symbolic,” she tells Broadly, “although clearly it was a step to continue thinking forward.”

On the question of immigration, Rep. Joe Kennedy III tweeted: “It is time to do what history tells us time and again is right.

Tin tells me, “Our scientific collaborations are exploring questions like what pain patterns are considered ‘normal’ in which populations?

Vipin Narang, a nuclear expert at MIT, tells me it’s a good thing that Pyongyang is dismantling the rocket-launch facility.

Hawk tells TMZ Sports.

“April is not breaking up any major couples right now,” Marano tells Just Jared Jr., adding ominously, “We’ll see how that goes…” Yes!

By the fourth episode, she tells Ausiello, “a whole year will have passed.

The Sanford Center in Bemidji, MN tells TMZ it’s pulling the plug on Ralphie’s concert that was set for Saturday.

They attend First Reformed partly because Michael thinks Abundant Life is “more of a company than a church,” as Mary tells Toller.

He begins keeping a diary as an “experiment,” in which, he tells us in voiceover, he will confide to God every morning.

“Man has become a kind of prosthetic God,” Sigmund Freud tells us in Civilization and Its Discontents.

“Worst case scenario, she talks to her doctor next Wednesday and her doctor tells her, we don’t see a heartbeat anymore in this child.

Her mother, Donna May, tells that story about Jac (who is pictured above) every chance she gets now.

What prior research tells us Writing errors often appear in text messages, emails, web posts and other types of informal electronic communication.

Her mother, Donna May, tells that story about Jac (who is pictured above) every chance she gets now.

tells TMZ Sports, “Mr. Brown was involved in a domestic dispute.

Breaking these foods out by nutrients, though, tells an even more intriguing story.

The auction house also tells Hyperallergic that the companion scroll, “Bamboo and Rock” currently resides in Beijing’s National Art Museum.

She was joking, but something tells us POTUS would give her idea some thought.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Baio says he was at an event with his daughter Saturday in Thousand Oaks, CA, when Nancy Mack confronted him.

Sib’s son, Adam, tells us the drummer was on the Legends of Rock Cruise and was midset when he suddenly collapsed.

1:02 PM PT — A school spokesperson tells TMZ Sports … “USC is investigating the allegations in the lawsuit.

We’re not closed any day of the year, unless the city of New Orleans tells me I have to do it.

My grandmother tells that story with pride.

Dang tells us the grill usually runs around $12k — but Sanders got the friends and family discount.

The officer tells Johnson to sit, but does not make additional demands when Johnson remains on the balcony and begins using his phone.

Zimmerman tells TMZ he thinks it’s because he used the words “self-defense” to describe the Trayvon shooting.

It’s one of my favorite shows,” he tells The Creators Project.

“We were friends for a while after,” she tells me.

The executive tells one contestant that she’s too fat to model Hilton’s jeans: “You’re selling jeans?

She tells me that she did confront the executive, but she didn’t kick over the chair until producers told her to.

“Both sides of my family tend to live long and grow old,” she tells The Creators Project.

“Rather than going for computer graphic realism, we wanted an impressionistic tactile feel for all the space sequences,” Rosenberg tells The Creators Project.

“The community that surrounds lifting and lifters is just happy and welcoming place,” Stephens tells me.

A spokesperson for Kensington Police tells TMZ a Nickelback rep demanded they take down the Facebook post that went viral this week.

Now Facebook tells Recode it won’t be ready for several more months.

Yes Men co-founder Andy Bichlbaum (born Jacques Servin) tells Hyperallergic that he has no affiliation with the Climate Justice Crew, but applauds their work.

(Dagley tells me this is a reworked version of the striped original.)

“Roy Cohn is not a homosexual,” he tells his doctor in Angels.

“I am not surprised Don Bacon made the “Worst for Women” list,” Eastman tells Broadly.

“She came up and congratulated me afterwards and said, ‘All the best,'” Rose tells TMZ Sports.

By focusing on a ubiquitous and overlooked facet of language,“Ñ” tells the story of Spanish conquest of the New World.

Rose tells TMZ, “Elna walks through the neighborhood every day.

“Nancy Pelosi did not elect the congressman, and she sure as hell won’t be the one that tells the congressman to leave.

“He may not like to admit it, but he’s my fan,” Cormier tells TMZ Sports … “He enjoys watching me compete.

“People are exposing their eyes to this stream of photons from these objects that basically tells your brain, ‘Stay awake!

Chyna’s lawyer tells us, “I have absolutely no comment.”

“I’ve played the Warcraft games for twenty years,” he tells me, “right from the very first real-time strategy games.

Curt Viebranz, a rep at Mount Vernon — GW’s estate — tells us Trump’s connection of the two is ridiculous.

“I’ve never suffered from anxiety or social anxiety,” he tells me.

A rep for Lil Xan tells TMZ, “It is our top priority, including the promoters and venue to ensure safety at every show.

“Generally in these kind of cases we try and move toward actually meeting,” an agent tells Payne.

The robot will bring this pod to the picker, and its screen tells them what item to grab.

As she tells The Creators Project, “The more I experiment with an open-mind, the more I play with the materials.

Of course, none of this tells us whether it’s true that Uber has a rampantly sexist workplace culture.

After knocking down a house, the city leaves the debris to make the community feel uninhabitable, he tells me.

She mostly tells travel, small business, and popular culture stories.

And there’s a big body of research that tells us that in and of itself is bad for us.

A rep from ScootEBike tells TMZ they slapped a $2,500 customized paint job on the EBike they sent Chris.

8:02 AM — We just spoke to Summers’ mom, Desiree, and she tells TMZ … her daughter’s comments were taken out of context.

“I just was driving and I just seen guns and blue lights,” he tells the show.

“Desire, seduction, regret and loss — these were some of the key words I subscribed to,” he tells me.

Black told Politico that she tells women about her positive experiences working alongside the president.

Maybe never,” she tells me.

The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner tells TMZ … contributing factors to Fresh Kid’s death also included Hepatitis C and a history of alcohol.

It’s Lisa’s story.” Lisa is one of the women Jeff harasses, who tells Dev what’s happening.

Put simply, OpenGL is a middleman that takes instructions from a program and tells a graphics card what to do with it.

Something tells you when you’ve told the truth.

She might even experience social anxiety, preventing her from doing activities she’d otherwise enjoy, Bowers tells me.

Prescription aluminum chloride is a salt solution used as an antiperspirant all the time, but can cause a rash, Bowers tells me.

A source close to Sonye tells us she and Meek hooked up years before Nicki, but she fully denies any cheating.

That tells me that this is the reality.

“It tells about my past, present, and future,” she explains.

But Leonelli tells himself the same thing he tells his players.

Of the artistic ideals behind his Instagram, he tells The Creators Project: “I’ve always try to do personal experiments on the side.

Kaitlyn’s mom, Anna, tells us she made the decision to have the thumb removed to thwart medical issues and bullying.

“Someone tells me that you are full of mistakes Romanian.”

Now, a White House staffer tells the Daily Beast taht the president wants Flynn back.

MTV tells us casting producers will be inviting select candidates to audition in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta in front of Nick.

As Netflix tells it, Dave Chappelle “charges straight into the fire” with his two newly released, “blistering” and “searing” standup specials.

As Chappelle himself tells it, he’s a 42-year-old dad who’s more confused than infuriated with the world these days.

Trump tells Pruitt to pack up his lotion and leave; the EU allows memes to live another day.

“I’m very organized,” she tells me.

The barber also tells Willis that the townsfolk attempted to remove all the rocks from the lake where Ann Nash’s body was found.

“I think that that’s something that should be un-intimidating to a home cook,” she tells me of this recipe.

Cersei tells us a lot about what’s happening in her life through her wardrobe, just like her favorite punching bag Sansa Stark does.

Imagine if instead of getting sent to prison, the court tells me I have to repay the costs of the office building.

“The last year I’ve been developing my textiles towards integrating more functions by connecting them to microcontrollers,” Bobeck tells The Creators Project.

The AI tells you they’ve gone out mountain biking on a day when it’s clearly storming, for example.

Liu tells me that Kavalan expressions can be very young and taste very old at the same time.

“So I got a job at Goldman Sachs in Tokyo,” he tells me, as if that were the most natural path to the goal.

“What that tells me is Democrats are going to get their biggest gains between suburban districts.

“I think me being on the children’s show every day is huge,” he tells me.

“It’s not a crime that I’m not verified … but it sure would be nice,” he tells Vox.

“We do know that they’re most often linked to exercises that place significant demand on the core abdominal muscles,” Herbenick tells me.

A rep for Veteran’s Affairs tells us he was never enrolled in VA health care at any time.

“For now, a government shutdown is just when a woman tells a senator to pull his pants back up,” joked Colin Jost.

“Being black is another thing altogether,” she tells Niloufar Haidari.

Faith’s attorney tells us she is the woman who secretly recorded Kelly.

Rosie tells TMZ … “I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy.

A source, who was fully briefed, tells us the man got right up to the White House but went undetected.

April 12 – Rosenstein tells Trump that he is not a target in Mueller’s probe.

Harjo “tells an American story of tradition and loss, reckoning and myth-making,” Hayden said.

The story she tells recounts the tales he told her in the almost thirty years she worked alongside him.

The family tells TMZ they would love for the episode to air.

She tells me, ‘Go to school.'”

“It’s daylight robbery,” she tells VICE.

Recently, Dzhibladze tells me, someone claiming to work for the police, but lacking any identification, banged on their door and threatened them.

“He never wanted to talk about work,” she tells me.

“We’re so happy to have you today,” Yves tells his Japanese counterpart, who reciprocates the sentiment.

“I think we’ve done something you will love,” Yves tells Miyamoto as the camera cuts away to show us more of Kingdom Battle.

She tells us about her five children.

The hotel tells TMZ, they do not discriminate against anyone …

“You can see some reflections of this idea in my previous work and projects,” he tells Creators.

Edhi Sahib was too,” he tells me.

“I feel we could beat a couple NBA teams,” P tells the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show on FS1.

Rower tells Creators that the show’s title, Compression, “refers to the density created when paintings are painted over and over again.

If our recent cultural history tells us anything, the first is not an option.

It’s what this tells us about the Trump administration.

In Just a Shot Away, out July 10, Saul Austerlitz tells Meredith Hunter’s story in detail.

It tells us what the show is good at and, by extension, what matters to it.

When Dan visits Will in prison, he tells anyone who asks that he’s his uncle.

The show’s gone Hamilton, and the big question is, “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” 4.

He tells me his daughter committed suicide and says Roy Moore called her a pervert because she was gay.

“It tells you that we live in a state of authoritarianism.”

Ivan tells us squarely … his dad is deceased.

“The UV ink is an ink that doesn’t use a liquid vehicle,” Natalia Sacasa, senior director of the gallery, tells The Creators Project.

It was the fiber for the modern woman,” the conservator tells us.

Neighbour Elias Balch, who was not present for the incident but heard the story from his parents, tells it a bit differently.

“We were hit badly in the 2014 storms,” head chef Simon Stallard tells me, as he shows me around the site.

Dulai tells me a little bit about Sikhism, and he says that Sikhs represent peace and love.

“When I was a kid—and I’m still this way today—all I think about is food,” he tells me.

diner Rob Nettletons tells me as we hammer away at our shells.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas,” he tells me as he leaves the table.

“I served the life of your average Mormon until I was 32,” McKnight tells me over Skype.

His family tells us they have his back 100% and expects him to be cleared.

‘We are totally on the cusp of a mainstream explosion,” he tells me, having recently started taking the improv classes himself.

“I was involved in bringing the November Policy to a wider audience,” McKnight tells me, “but I wasn’t attached to it publicly.

“Even being in the UFC, I’ve always have had those body insecurities,” Paige tells us.

He stares directly at the camera in the new movie and tells the audience that the Jedi are hypocrites full of hubris.

“Everybody has one,” Dishel tells The Creators Project, in respect to the vomit-and-awkwardness-prone genre of Uber stories.

One OG guest, Jessica Monk, tells us she’ll be at Ariana’s show this weekend.

Clarke-Stone says in the industry, she always tells brands to be authentic to what they are.

He tells The Creators Project, “It is something impersonal, but at the same time, it reaches everybody.”

He believed in himself despite all the naysayers,” Douglas tells us … “It’s a lot of similarities there.

And it tells us why women themselves often buy into these ideas, too.

Watch … Chilli makes her pitch for a collab and tells us which Weezer tune she wants to cover.

1018 pm — Security officer tells Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers he was shot and gives them exact location of suspect’s room.

Similarly, the next time somebody tells you about a new centrist movement, you should ask them: On which issues?

“You want to have fewer than four pain events,” Ian Baxter, an instructor for the event, tells the two nurses.

9:40 AM PT– Joe’s lawyer, James Leonard, tells TMZ Joe Giudice surrendered himself around noon.

“My work is really a research of harmony,” Olivier tells The Creators Project.

We hope tells in a sentence examples were helpful.