Telling in a sentence | Use of the word telling examples

Actually he’s just telling me it’s a cash-only bar.

I just kept telling myself, ‘Make him play, just make him play.

The novel’s greatest asset is Lee’s selective use of telling details.

It’s tough to tell, though, because often people buy stuff without telling you what it’s for.

If you think about Hmong oral history, it’s always Hmong men telling our history, and they block our voices.

telling girls they will lose 15 pounds by going on a teatox, that is evil,” Trigg says.

Lillard didn’t throw shade at the other spitters, telling us, “I don’t [rap] to compete with other basketball players.

“The only regret I have is not telling more women.

Michael Strahan dropped a bomb on co-host Kelly Ripa after their show Tuesday … telling her for the first time he was leaving their show.

In telling stories about teenage sex anxieties, Sex Education is cleverly relatable.

Bills Hall of Famer Andre Reed is siding with Cam Newton in his spat with Buffalo WR Kelvin Benjamin … telling TMZ Sports, K.B.

Seems Kelvin’s already started that process … telling media members after Thursday’s game, “I’m just moving on from it.”

But Indigenous Affairs stood in the way, telling the reserve it was against their policy.

Cruz said the attacks against him are telling.

They had a network of contacts, and they would email daily round-ups of what their little birds had been telling them.

She’s gained an unhealthy 25lbs but is feeling kick-ass and has been telling her pals that her sex life is better than ever!

I love telling people that less than 100 years ago, we had an all-white Democratic primary.

Because they would fire me for telling you what I told you today.

The enthusiasm, despite these restrictions, is telling.

Besides telling them, “I’m not Myer Berlow.” I don’t think that works, necessarily.

DADT had expanded the definition of “telling,” and it also changed the rule of law about “asking.”

Not telling the whole truth already got one former member of Trump’s Cabinet in trouble: Michael Flynn.

Trump is telling them there is no one who can keep them safe.

So telling Trump that he’s not a target is a very big deal,” Commentary’s John Podhoretz wrote.

Could they be the ghosts of Nixon’s “great, silent majority” who, in his telling, supported his tactics in Vietnam?

And I’m telling this story.

“I think it’s pretty telling that the president brings these kind of people together,” Spicer said.

In essence, Wisconsin Republicans are telling the state’s voters that their preferences will be ignored.

– Kevin, 25 “Adopted a dog without telling me.”

He’s not joking — telling TMZ Sports, “Let’s be real.

Jaguars legend Marcedes Lewis says it’d be a mistake for his ex-team to trade Leonard Fournette … telling TMZ Sports, “They should keep him.”

As for Blake Bortles … Marcedes thinks a change of scenery might be good for that guy — telling us, “That’s a different situation.”

“It’s not just about telling teens, ‘don’t post,’ but about educating them to be savvier consumers of social media.”

I was recently telling my mom about an article I edited on the difficulties of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Right, because they were telling you.

Because they were telling you, it’d be pretty smart if you actually created the content they were looking for.

Here’s what I remember you telling me.

Videos posted online by the group show members telling migrants to stop, sit down, and wait for agents to arrive.

But Caitlyn’s rep is calling full BS on the report — telling the NY Daily News, “Of course it’s not true.”

Hiding hurts, but so does telling the truth.

“So funny to watch people who have failed for years, they got NOTHING, telling me how to negotiate with North Korea.

We’re telling stories that are personal to us, with characters that are heightened versions of us.

Now, you’re telling me Pew report has all of a sudden changed.

It’s a weird bit of framing that doesn’t quite fit the rest of the story season five was telling about Riley.

And don’t be telling us that there’s some new Boxcar Racer or Angels & Airwaves records on the horizon either.

(That Ali is nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for playing Shirley, instead of as a Lead Actor, is telling.)

Our poor guy spilled his heart out to Ice … telling him he never officially got to be part of Ice’s so-called posse.

In statements both public and private, Trump has been telling Republicans that they’ll have “a political problem” if they don’t pass the AHCA.

It’s of no comfort to Jewish Americans bombarded by pro-Trump trolls telling them they belong in ovens.

What is immediately clear is Guo has an eye for the telling detail.

Lil Wayne’s giant eyes, and giant double cup, are telling a story here.

His response was telling.

“We saw cops with full metal vests and assault rifles telling us to get down.

Amazingly, it also finds the time to invent some sorely-needed VR techniques for telling a story in the language inherent to that medium.

We need to do everything we can to change that, and telling our stories is a really good way for Māori.

“That’s like Marlon Brando telling you that you’re a great actor!”

Smith allegedly turned the fan down — telling him no photos — but he snapped one anyway … and Smith snapped too.

“Just get me one,” House remembers Ryan telling his teammates as he came back into the Texas dugout.

“Rather than telling the astronaut how to move the probe,” he said, “the expert on the ground will move it through robotic control.”

“I’m telling the truth.

Both of these extraordinarily telling stories about Trump were reported by one person in the past nine months: David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post.

Among the distractions was a “clacker” warning telling the pilots their aircraft was going too fast.

“A lot of what slows down animation is telling the next person what to do.

So sometimes I talk to CEOs, they come in and they start telling me about leadership, and here’s how we do things.

telling a story and building relationships mean, necessarily, engaging with the human side of an issue.

But perhaps the most telling conversations were happening away from the main forum.

But after a time we had heard the same stories so many times that even the tellers grew weary of the telling.

“The situation on the Korean peninsula concerns regional peace and stability,” the report paraphrased Xi as telling Kim at their formal meeting.

It’s telling that he prefers to broadcast unfocused, typo-ridden thoughts on Twitter — a reactive medium that demands little in the way of contemplation.

Chris Christie shared similar sentiments, telling Bash, “It was an awful, selfish speech.”

This presents challenges to its telling, though the consensus seems to be that beginning at number two is the place to start.

There’s no telling the damage this has done to us collectively, not to mention the specific families and individuals that were victimized.

In this telling, it is the job of elites to be a bulwark precisely when that job is hardest to carry out.

It’s not, but telling them won’t make much of a difference.

He waited a year before telling his coworkers that he is transgender.

So-called storytellers, even in their gestures toward realism, taint their theme simply by acknowledging their own centered identity as the performer telling the story.

Trump is, in his telling, a kind of diet white nationalist — not quite what Taylor wants, but he basically has the right instincts.

The venue for McConnell’s “plow right through it” comment was telling.

The typical negative campaign ad usually features a solemn-voiced narrator telling you how horrible the candidate’s opponent is.

Story telling for Earthly Survival presents Haraway as full of life and vitality; her ideas seem exciting because she is so excited.

Donna Haraway: Story telling for Earthly Survival plays at Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, Lower East Side, Manhattan) on April 27, 28, 29.

He responds by telling his own story of being discriminated against for being gay.

Here he is with a megaphone at the same rally, telling kids to get out and vote because “we can change the world.”

That’s telling in itself.” “A year ago, he could not wait to wrap himself around Donald Trump,” Stipanovich noted.

“We can just sell everything, we’re not born with things,” she recalls telling herself.

Tanis spoke briefly on Monday, telling the judges: “I am not a democrat.

Go in, get a little taste, follow your intuition: What is your instinct telling you about what you are observing?

Dear Mr. Robbins, Technically, these days I shouldn’t even be telling your story.

Rosenstein has defended Mueller in the past, telling Congress that he had “no good cause” to fire him from his role as special counsel.

Clinton’s lost working-class whites were, in her campaign’s telling, meant to be offset by gains among college-educated whites and nonwhite voters.

“What they are routinely telling lawyers is, ‘You have no role in this process.

According to Lichter, they’re telling lawyers, “You’ll only see your client when you go to court.”

Judges aren’t telling lawyers what legal opinions they are relying on to determine whether an immigrant met the burden of proof, either.

It’s masterful debating, and it’s telling that none of his opponents onstage seized on the Times piece afterward.

One woman cried, while telling the story of a particularly tough break-up.

But while this is an important (and telling) part of the tax policy debate, it doesn’t represent anything that’s happening this winter.

Law enforcement sources say Josh’s reaction was telling.

Deadmau5 clapped back, telling Yeezy to “perform at your own daughters parties.

The name of that would be robbery,” Hurriyet newspaper quoted Erdogan as telling reporters during a visit to China.

How can we talk to our friends without just telling them something doesn’t work and having them be completely turned off?

Stella’s anomalous smoke ring photos, which occupy a narrow wall of the retrospective, are a telling example.

Last but still telling was DC, with almost 20 percent of households having kids while about 28 percent had cats or dogs.

Terrorism like this will not take us down,” Goldstein recalled telling his congregants after the gunfire erupted Saturday at Chabad of Poway.

They are less like self portraits and more like masks telling a story across the artist’s face.

At one point Symonds could be heard telling Johnson to “get off me” and “get out of my flat”.

In the meantime, Kalanick has been meddling in the search and telling people that he’s going to return to the company.

But nothing motivates me faster than telling me that women don’t do a thing.

And I think that we were both really interested in telling stories in a different format.

I’m telling you, go with the labels.

What value is there in such a straightforward and pedestrian telling of one of our most common and harmful cultural myths?

HR: She would say that she spent a year with people telling her that she didn’t say sorry enough.

Instead, he doubled down on his version of the story, telling reporters, “My memory hasn’t evolved.

I am telling y’all this to ask for prayers and support.”

Any of these people who are good at making television and movies and telling stories.

With such a successful start, there’s no telling how far she’ll go in her career.”

Or telling his dog he won’t pet him anymore.

In December, Glassman set up a meeting with Barragan, telling her about the bill he says Hall attempted to dodge.

On the first point, it’s telling that McConnell has refused to commit to using budget reconciliation to repeal Obamacare.

It’s telling how much the early presidents were concerned about the democratic process and the separation of powers.

The eyewitness also says Tom was at the party for several hours telling people about the confrontation.

ZB: And you think they’re telling the truth about this?

telling the story of Oak Flat will also help to protect Oak Flat, which in turn will protect our people, our culture.

“He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” Johnson told the site.

“He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” Johnson told the site.

“There’s no telling what will happen when you’re sitting on an oil patch with 10,000 people and waiting,” she said.

telling apart functioning and out-of-use cables in one of the world’s biggest and most expensive experiments is a high-stakes game.

Then how do you go about telling the Journal, “I’m going to do some freelancing for you in between junior and senior year”?

“It’s also the only time of a year some brands feel safe telling a joke,” she added.

It’s like only telling your husband you love him on Valentine’s Day.” (Note: It’s not sad.

Some people are going to have this talk with their parents — one that involves telling them their fears about the Trump presidency.

I remember telling myself that it would be sort of like trick-or-treating, but in reverse.

with his Golden State Warriors teammates if Trump extended the invite … telling us he doesn’t “f*ck with” POTUS.

Once he wrote to every literary festival that had booked me, telling them to cancel the event.

He’d send me text messages telling me exactly what time I got home.

That’s not telling it like it is.

By Friday, he was telling aGood Morning America host that his tax rate was “none of your business.”

He released a memo on Friday telling federal agencies to prepare for an “orderly shutdown” and providing some guidance for what to do.

The good news is that the public outcry has been demonstrable and telling.

What’s your view?I’m no fan of telling black artists what to do with their work.

What I’m telling you is that John Legend is going to play Jesus on television in 2018.

For example, in 1956, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was translated as telling Western ambassadors, “We will bury you.”

But any entrepreneur who tells me they’re not interested in making money is probably not telling me the truth.

The “FOX NFL Sunday” star didn’t mince his words when we asked about the issue — telling us, “I agree with the Eagles.

“One girl who fled the truck that carried the Chibok girls was telling me that the soldiers were trying to touch them.

Some on the left denounced the buckraking; plenty of others expressed righteous indignation over anyone telling the former president what to do.

Because not everybody does, I’m telling you, they do.

I was telling Carol, he doesn’t even wear colored shirts.

This is my long-winded way of telling you, I don’t know.

Plus, the water company is telling residents the water out of the tap isn’t safe to drink.

One of the most telling moments of the campaign came at the end of the first debate.

I’m going to keep telling myself I’m beautiful until I feel beautiful.’

This looked like telling myself that I like the way I look, even if I didn’t believe it some days.

But it’s safe to say they’re telling Mueller a good deal that’s of interest — and eventually, we will find out what.

But one night earlier this year, I had a brainstorm telling myself that I need to create a concept album.

That means my life is split between spending time in nature and then telling stories about it afterwards.

But if I would have had my grandfather or even a homeboy there telling me to man up, I would have done it.

“I love telling these stories.

Kirk Muller was another, and sometimes Wayne Cashman or Kenny Linseman depending on what era Cherry was telling a story about.

I remember Marc Andreessen once telling me he doesn’t like to go beyond the Stanford shopping center, essentially.

Facebook has contacted the users affected, telling them the contacts were not shared with anyone and that they are now being deleted.

T-Mobile blamed a temporary issue with its systems, telling Motherboard that only a small number of people were affected.

Vance made the decision even though he had a covert police recording of Weinstein telling Gutierrez he would not do it again.

A Little Pete’s employee begs to differ, telling us Donnell appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab.

But of all these, his lasting legacy might be simply telling the story of why he didn’t evacuate on 3/11.

We’ve gotten used to telling the iPhone’s Siri to give us directions, look up restaurants, and remind us of appointments.

Tim Brown is against Marshawn Lynch’s national anthem protest — telling TMZ Sports, “Why bring negativity to this incredible, positive situation?”

A telling moment comes at the end of Also Known As Jihadi, when Aziz is asked whether he has contacts within ISIS.

He has been telling clients “they have to be ready” if volatility does return.

telling a pilot’s family that their loved one’s mistakes caused the crash is particularly tough, Vance said.

After she started crying, she remembers him telling her, “you should go now.”

On page five, for instance, the bill makes a change that is both major and telling.

Now, the MLB is also weighing in … telling TMZ Sports, “The events at last night’s game were extremely upsetting.

“How he handled defeat was really telling,” Greg Anthony tells me.

I think that it’s another way of telling stories.

I always found it comforting when I heard prisoners openly telling their friends that they loved them on the phone.

But what she did was more than simply telling people about a fad.

There was a telling moment in Trump’s disastrous post-Charlottesville press conference.

Like I said before, all I’m saying is this, I ain’t racist at all, but I’m telling you racism still exists.”

Odom cut in, telling de Blasio, “I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.”

Clinton then interjected, telling Odom that de Blasio actually meant “cautious politician time.”

Georgia-born Yakobashvili was quoted as telling the BBC that he was currently in France.

“What they are really telling you is they just won’t fight for it.

She can also be heard telling him, “Keith get out the car, Keith don’t you do it.

“Not what you want in this slot.” To make matters worse, Flynn has a serious problem telling true information from false.

She can also be heard telling him, “Keith get out the car, Keith don’t you do it.

I remember him telling me, listening to that old stuff, “it sounds a bit ropey if you ask me.”

It’s a big change and a very telling one.

It’s telling about the values that animate the Trump administration, but also about Kushner’s basic failure in high office.

There’s just something about some dude telling you what to do that is so grating.

Stories of club owners telling everyone to be quiet, or playing slower music to calm crowds, were told.

Exchanges of rocket fire were reported south of Kirkuk, with a local security source telling Agence France-Presse that some Kurdish fighters were injured.

They happen because your brain won’t stop telling you that you’re a piece of shit.

That’s not telling it like it is.

Outside the US, though, the government (Roth alleges) was overly aggressive in telling airlines not to let people board US-bound planes.

“It would never go up to that,” Scherrie Donaldson recalled Sorvali telling her.

Exhaustively telling their story this past summer, just before Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood announced the band’s dissolution, was tough.

Facebook’s own experiments have shown that telling people their friends have voted increases the odds that they’ll vote too.

“It also feels to us that the many internal Ukrainian conflicts — fighting corruption a telling example — often result in aggression against the website.”

“It also feels to us that the many internal Ukrainian conflicts — fighting corruption a telling example — often result in aggression against the website.”

Here’s the twist … we reached out to Smush, and he’s adamant the account is NOT his … telling us, “Its definitely not mines.

Your psychic abilities are also super sharp today: Listen to what your gut is telling you!

But Narang thinks it’s telling that Trump rarely, if ever, cites specific rules for potential elimination.

Then, he vanished from the spotlight, later telling The Telegraph he needed to repair his marriage and take on his fatherly duties.

Part of the reason my source was even telling me about the news was because they were personally upset about it.

Some Ultra employees are telling their own stories on a site called, designed to support autism awareness.

But it’s telling enough that Cook didn’t ignore the question.

Democrats say endorsements from groups like the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are telling enough on their own.

“Now you’re part of the inner circle,” she recounted Raniere telling her after the encounter.

Ceki Chen, who’s the president and chief product officer, he was telling me, he was comparing it to an escape room.

The little symbols above the window indicating footprints, telling us we were supposed to stand on those tablets Louie was talking about.

And within the VR world, we had little red boundaries, telling us, don’t go past this point or you might hurt yourself.

“Every cosmic sign was telling me ‘Don’t go to New York,'” Forbis writes in a letter to VICE.

He doesn’t seem too concerned with those allegations, telling us he will plead not guilty and he has nothing to hide.

And how can we know they are telling the truth about it?

These customers will have to order the Dot by telling Alexa, “Alexa, order Echo Dot.”

Arians was also in pretty good form, telling reporters after the game “Our kicking game let us down a little bit today.”

But you don’t think this point of view is telling the whole story.

Perhaps the FBI was telling the truth and really didn’t know of any alternatives at the time.

Earlier this week, that issued an order telling Apple it had to comply with the request, but Apple has so far refused.

Earlier this week, that issued an order telling Apple it had to comply with the request, but Apple has so far refused.

Williams-Forson shared Schmidt’s sentiment, telling MUNCHIES, “There’s a longstanding history of African-Americans being stereotyped around chicken.

At one point Symonds could be heard telling Johnson to “get off me” and “get out of my flat”.

“To inspire women by telling them, if these women can do it, then you can too.”

Mariah Carey delivered one of the most hilarious lines of November Friday night … telling the paparazzi THEY’RE too dramatic.

“Next thing I know, Jack Burkman is telling me how I am a ‘star’ and people are eating me up,” Kelly said.

“I kept telling Jacob I was having regretful thoughts and told him I didn’t want to be involved.

Tony didn’t stop there — calling Conor a spineless “paper champ” … and telling us he’s due for “an ass-whoopin.”

Speaking to Global News, he said Tian featured his Mercedes 500 SL in one of Lil Tay’s videos without telling him.

Donald Trump finally just said it: He doesn’t care if Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth.

It doesn’t matter who is telling the truth.

I started going on tour, everybody keeps telling me how Nostalgic is one of the best tapes they’ve ever heard.

Though she secured the state’s permission to get an abortion without telling her parents, officials refused to let her get one.

In one snippet, a famous Irish football coach seemed intent on telling the press that the singer was “fine.” Obviously, not fine.

Your parents sitting you down at the dinner table and telling you that it’s natural just makes it even worse.

On Thursday afternoon, Coons began telling a group of reporters, almost unprompted, about watching Biden’s moving speech for McCain last year.

It’s very telling that there is this much backlash against the mere idea of this series being made.”

YouTube has spent the last year telling advertisers it’s safe to run their ads on the world’s biggest video site.

The hospital naturally didn’t find anything amiss and sent me on my way just telling my parents to keep it iced and stuff.

Exasperated, Pete decided to lie, telling authorities Kevin threatened to kill him.

Harvard Westlake closed the school in the wake of the threats — telling students to stay off-campus in an abundance of caution.

But I did get a Google chat message from my mom, telling me she was so excited we’d won.

Chuck D responded to Flav’s lawsuit, telling us … “Flav HAS HIS rights, but took a wrong road on this.”

Nor is The Americans telling a self-congratulatory story about history and progress.

He agrees there should probably be another documentary telling Jackson’s side.

“For me, it’s about telling the complete truth.

This wasn’t some backwater town with Barney Fife telling me to shut up.

Tyron Woodley just put Georges St-Pierre on the spot — telling the UFC legend straight to his face … LET’S FIGHT ALREADY!!!

telling tales is the business of survivors,” Alagbé writes.

The most fascinating people are always the ones who don’t spend their lives telling people about themselves.

On one hand, I was telling her to be kind to others and to be inclusive.

There’s a difference between telling Congress to come up with a solution and actually pressuring it to do so.

On the flip side, I was telling her she was the most important person in the world.

It’s pretty telling that when top conservatives have big meetings to discuss the future, the topic is Ted Cruz and the 2020 race.

We’re told Emily first contacted police, telling them Fabolous had hit her.

I’m telling you!

Because of its unique nature in telling the stories of young twentysomething New Yorkers, you know, living out their own “La Boheme” story.

I don’t see his face; I only hear his voice telling me everything will be OK.

You’re just telling people how you feel or telling them about something that happened to you.

I started blowing up photographs and telling stories in front of the giant photos.

He’s so great at rhythm and telling longer stories.

And LePage, who ironically began his comments by telling Lewis to “look at history,” is the one ignoring history by suggesting otherwise.

He goes to Angel, telling her he wants to learn about and be a more active part of her life.

He was telling stories the way Larry Levan did, but this was more Last Chance Saloon than Paradise Garage.

Salesforce is telling companies that use its products that they can’t sell military-style rifles.

He apparently carried that sentiment as his health waned, telling The New Yorker, “I am ready to die,” in one of his final interviews.

I’m telling you.

At one point, Kobe addressed the crowd in Italian — telling them, “It feels like I’ve returned home.”

There was a group on Facebook that was about people telling stories.

So I think what happens is that people feel people telling their stories is the critical part of it.

Let’s keep telling the stories until people do feel tired and overwhelmed by them.

In fact, Browne says he LOVES that Ronda’s become such a huge WWE star — telling TMZ Sports she’s never been happier.

If he’s telling the truth, however, it sounds like all may not be well between Sansa and Jon this season.

Trump himself admits there’s no reason to believe what his spokespeople are telling us.

“Speaker Pelosi now apparently telling senior Democrats that she’d like to see Trump behind bars,” Hannity said.

Ketterer says they arrested him anyway, telling him the law’s the law.

Utility executives know renewables are rising and coal is dying because that’s what markets and their customers are telling them.

He ended up telling me all about his favorite Star Trek episodes, which was disturbing, for an hour.

The way she dresses these women of different ages is telling.

This is one tactic for living in a post-truth society: Just keep telling the truth.

Now we must ask: what is the dream telling us?

Gerasimov’s article uses the Arab Spring as a key example, which is telling.

Why was she telling me incoherent stories about turning down Courage Street?

As one telling example, it’s worth dwelling on the conviction of Marcelo Odebrecht, the head of Brazil’s largest construction company.

Matt Lauer is is reportedly telling people that he’ll be back on TV soon.

On the contrary, the SS exerted the greatest diligence to prevent any man who had been part of it from surviving and telling.

I couldn’t say “I could kill you” because it wasn’t true, and in language I had staked everything on telling the truth.

I just wanted to focus on telling the story.

Without a deep dive into its code, there’s no telling what else PUBG Ransomware is doing in the background.

So that’s what Trump is doing today — he’s telling the EPA to revisit that midterm review.

[In] that Times interview he’s just telling them whatever they want to hear.

He wasn’t my boss telling me my work was sloppy.

It was someone I loved telling me what I was doing was stupid.

And one of the things I was telling people is, you can’t underscore being cooperative and not disagreeing.

And when they’re telling us an hour ago that they have basically lost 90 precincts, it’s an outrage.”

“It was hell and traumatizing telling my parents,” Hunter told VICE.

And, I was telling him, ‘Why don’t we quit this and let’s just concentrate on the other two?'”

Who knew telling the US border you’ve sparked a joint is a lot like telling him or her you’re an arsonist.

Instead of discussing the film or telling that punch story for the millionth time, the two just riff about nothing in particular.

And when they’re telling us an hour ago that they have basically lost 90 precincts, it’s an outrage.”

“When this thought first came up, people were telling us, ‘That’s just crazy!

But when he refers to himself as a “left-wing Hades,” he might be telling the truth.

Scientists and policy wonks have been telling each other they are dead wrong about ethanol for more than a decade.

“He’s screaming at us and telling us we were worthless,” she said.

But I don’t like people telling me what to do.

I don’t know what it is that makes me always want to write a mom telling her daughter what to do.

Herein lies the central contradiction in 2020 politics: Democrats are telling voters the election — up and down the ballot — is of grave consequence.

We’re told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn’t go on.

“I joke around by saying I just really enjoy telling people what to do, but I do.

You’re telling me that my assault doesn’t matter … and that you’re gonna let people who do these things into power.

That’s what you’re telling me when you vote for him.”

Each stage plays as a sort of vignette, telling each townsperson’s story as they’re swallowed by the hole.

I’m telling you.

I’m just telling you the truth!

She turned Moonves down, telling him she was a married mother, and Moonves left angrily.

But pretend, for a moment, that Trump was telling the truth.

If you consider that inappropriate in like somebody telling an offensive joke or somebody sending a scandalous pic.

Casey: So, it’s an app for teen strippers is basically … Louie: Yeah, I guess, is what the ads are telling me.

Is that somebody telling their sister to watch … KS: Her sister is not smart, technically literate and what she should do about her kids.

Louie: You’re telling me that if I looked in your email inbox right now, you’ve replied to everyone?

Then people start telling you about different ones, saying stuff like: “This one’s peat-y, this one’s vanilla-y.”

According to docs, the court is telling Levi to fork over $61,915.20 to Bristol for their 7-year-old son, Tripp.

They tell a story without telling a story, which I think is interesting.

Juan’s former attorney and rep for his estate, Guillermo Pous, backs Ivan’s account … telling us Munoz never managed Juan.

I’m telling you from my point of view because I’m not talking about me.

It’s like I was telling you with the burger: Everything has a critical success factor.

As Jeff Gardiner puts it in his piece “The Mytho,” “The verbal base of history as method is action: finding out and telling.

Though there’s no telling when — or even if — such a phone would arrive.

That seems to be the story that much of the media is telling.

We’re told someone from the crew ratted Scott out, telling Kris and Kim about Scott’s muse.

Jende starts telling Neni she’s stupid; Neni starts to hide things from Jende.

But it’s telling of Ramsey’s mindset.

You say that there are new demands for truth telling.

Oh, and then there’s one field that we can prefill — because the person who’s telling you this, they’re always a jackass.”

Again, that’s not telling the spies something they don’t already know.

We remain committed to telling the stories that matter.” The CAC did not respond to a faxed request for comment.

This despite her repeatedly telling police, the court, and journalists that she’d made every effort to cut him out of her life.

It’s one of those things I kept telling myself over the years even when I wanted it.

She did not change her expression at all when telling her stories, and everyone was surprised.

“There’s power in organizing and power in telling our stories.”

“Usually, women spend this time telling us about their sex lives, or the problems they’re having with their vaginas,” Ketut says.

Galloway is clearly unhappy with Kaep’s National Anthem protest — telling TMZ Sports, “Let’s not serve outrage.”

Perhaps the most telling sequence involves Arnold staking out the favorite restaurant of his old True Lies co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the second episode.

There was a case where a court held that telling half-truths to law enforcement wasn’t enough.

They don’t like the government telling them what to do,” Russell said.

“I really appreciate you telling me about it.

I’m telling JIGGA I been in that studio IM UP TO SOMETHING!

Also I’m telling him I will never stop !!

I retreat inside my own head, which is full of blaring sirens telling me to turn around.

She was telling me, she’s like, “I don’t know.

Every film at True/False is a nonfiction film — showing and telling stories that really happened, in the same world you and I inhabit.

I said, “They’re just not telling you they mind.

And we’re telling him that nobody, especially him, is above the law.

Like radical honesty and no commitment to form other than everything in the interest of telling a great story.

Trump continued the line on Monday, telling reporters he would lower middle-class taxes by 10 percent before the election.

telling a story is all fine and dandy, but Ward and his team were interested in giving the player more than that.

In Leovy’s telling, residents are partly hostile to the police because they think police are overly aggressive.

But Old Fashioned’s problem isn’t that it’s telling a religious story.

He said he has learned to tell how serious a situation is and evaluate whether those he speaks to are telling the truth.

It’s not me telling you what to think; it’s you and me talking.”

That’s our challenge: telling that factual story in a compelling way.

It’s not me telling you what to think; it’s you and me talking.

Stone emailed an associate, Jerome Corsi, telling him to “get to” Assange and “get the pending” WikiLeaks emails.

His reaction to one activist’s controversial remarks on civic unrest was telling.

Crowley told police Manziel followed her and threw her to the ground, telling her, “I’m not going to let you leave.”

Thank you for telling me.

You’re telling us what you want and we give you more of that, so don’t blame the computers.

UFC superstar Daniel Cormier says he wants to fight Brock Lesnar in the Octagon ASAP — telling Dana White, “What are you waiting for?!

And the fact that the Bezoses decided to present that narrative may be telling.

In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said.

At least, Patriots superfan John Krasinski doesn’t seem worried … telling TMZ Sports his team will go 4-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm.

We’re in the business of telling that story: the imperfect journey, and the perfect dream.”

He scheduled a national video address to supporters on Thursday night, telling them in an email message that “the political revolution continues.”

Perhaps the most telling example of their ongoing union … they never had a formal custody agreement.

And it wasn’t because they were telling us what to do or who to be attracted to.

Over the past few days, Douglas has appeared rattled, telling reporters on Saturday, “Don’t give up on me yet.”

And they’re not shy about telling you so.

“I’m at the point where my body was telling me it just needed a rest.

Instead, he stopped publication after only two names, telling Politico that he had to consult with his lawyer before going further.

“You were supposed to protect me,” Sessions recalled Trump telling him.

She’s taking me to the best restaurants; she’s telling me the nice, hidden beaches.”

It’s telling that in the courts, where actual evidence is required, Scott didn’t extend his claims of fraud.

“Now we have a sign in eight languages telling people not to lift the seat,” Taylor said.

telling students that their attention levels (and emotions, and what else about their brains?)

I reference it a lot because, to me, it’s a very telling thing.

If they are telling the truth and not lying, it could be good for Syrians.

It was treated as really rather prosaic and telling people what they knew,” Straw said.

My dad further reinforced this by telling me to never lower my standards.

Khan finally weighed in later that day on television, telling the BBC: “Some people thrive on feud and division.

“If God showed me that they were telling the truth, I would say that’s wrong.

The tweet telling legislators to pass a bill is still there.

Too often when one is a Native artist people are instrumentalizing it, telling you what your work is about and what it is doing.

By telling the joke, the person is signaling that they think racism is an appropriate thing to express.

Obviously, you don’t want someone else planning your goals, roadmap, or telling you what your product or service should look like.

Scarlett was on a mission, telling the group, “That’s ridiculous!

“We saw his name on television but the police there are not telling us anything,” Altaf said.

But that doesn’t mean people stop telling me to be quiet.

What if a company made a change like that without telling you?

“I couldn’t go anywhere alone without telling the teachers,” said Selvin Catun.

DJ Kool Herc, another lifelong associate of Bambaataa, also would not criticize him, telling me: “I’m very much aware of the matter.

– The People Speak: “In Wayne County there’s someone somewhere telling them to keep me in prison,” Wershe said.

Andres addressed those concerns by telling the jury that everything Gates said should be double-checked against documents and other witnesses.

Dallas’ Mayor Pro Tem is telling the NRA to kick rocks … and now his life is in danger.

Chan is telling those close to her that stepping away is just temporary.

She was not trying to convince him, merely telling him why such a thing was impossible.

I’ve been telling people to wait for two solid up days and a drop in volatility.

After the incident, Atkins decided to speak out, telling her story to

After the incident, Atkins decided to speak out, telling her story to

Before that, nobody was telling us anything,” Cajee added.

“Kim received substantial help in driving public opinion the way he wanted,” the YTN broadcaster quoted the judge, Sung Chang-ho, as telling the court.

Before that, nobody was telling us anything,” Cajee added.

“Statements from Vatican or pope should stop telling us how terrible abuse is and how all must be held accountable.

While John initially said he had nothing to do with that casting … he’s telling a different story here.

On the ice, the Shibutanis are telling a much different story than Canada’s sweethearts.

In Abrams’s view, critics like Fukuyama are functionally telling people like her to sit down and shut up.

They contrast starkly with artworks that depict Yankee whaling, and the differences are telling.

“We risk being in a post antibiotic world,” Frieden said before telling audience members about the mcr-1 finding.

Wallace adds a personal message for Z-Bo … telling him to keep his head up and ball out this season.

Honestly, you’re telling me that none of these ships have shields?

“Saying that you can make football safer is like telling me you can make fire safer,” said Omalu.

Then I started telling people about it.

Beast), telling him that they could do something better.

That’s the common telling of this story, and one favorable to Microsoft.

The most telling painting in the show is, like the original photograph it is based upon, not that much to look at.

But, the painting’s guarded and nuanced image is terribly telling about the interpretation of fact and history.

FERC is telling all the RTOs that they have to allow distributed energy into their markets.

She calls Jeffrey after she has calmed down, telling him that she loves him, despite what he’s done.

Once turned on, the animatronic Bagans’s eyes light up green, and his voice rings out, telling us of the adventure that awaits.

“What they’re really telling you is they just won’t fight for it.

They may not be comfortable stepping into the role of “mirror” and telling me honestly when I don’t look good.

Ten years from now, I’m going to be telling people, ‘Yeah, this dude ran for president.’

I spent the summer backing Booker and telling folks I didn’t think Anderson was all that good.

There’s no telling whether he’ll quite make it back up.

During the second presidential debate, he interrupted her to deny telling America to “check out (the) sex tape” of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

The story keeps telling me we’re poor and cash needy, but I’ve got thousands to spare.

telling a true story like that takes some skill.

What motivated the brothers is almost beside the point, because that’s not the story the movie is telling.

And there are allusions to what Stone was allegedly telling top members of the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks’ plans.

Right now, I’m sticking with what the numbers are telling me.

Like, I remember telling my grandma, you know I’m a witch right.

You see a secret service agent telling her to move away from a secured area and go back to the media area.

Kylie took the humble approach in her reaction, telling Forbes, “I didn’t expect anything.

Stood behind Corbyn at the launch were signs reading “The Peoples’ Voice,” but, right now, May is telling the people very similar things.

As Miranda Popkey pointed out at Extra Crispy, Feuerstein didn’t call for a boycott of Starbucks; he called for a “movement.” That’s telling.

Meanwhile, a second drum beats in parallel: My female friends write status updates, telling long-buried stories that still throb with pain and rage.

I’m telling you, my kids watch things on their phones all the time.

A documentary from Renegade Media:  Unicorn Riot plans to continue telling stories on social media, but it also has more ambitious goals.

These patterns differ when we’re telling the truth, or a lie, according to him.

You’re telling me you wouldn’t be glued to your TV waiting for that “trading reopens” countdown to hit?

Listen closely to what your gut is telling you, Virgo.

Surprise, surprise: North Korea isn’t telling the truth.

My client is telling the truth and deserves to be heard and not shammed.

When the sher (essentially, a “story telling“) ended, they smoothly jumped to the ground and assembled into their first formation.

His absence from an art history that is just getting around to acknowledging its nonwhite artists is telling.

I think just because it’s you telling the story in your own voice it ends up having certain unique characteristics.

It’s telling that neither Sotomayor nor Elena Kagan, the two other liberals on the Court, joined Breyer’s opinion.

He was able to reduce that to just $14 a month, however, by telling authorities that he was unemployed due to medical reasons.

We’re going to stop taking you guys to dinner and telling you we want to hear your concerns.

So instead of telling Congress and others the truth, Cohen chose to lie.

You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’” But Trump refused any caution against inviting Epstein to the bash at Palm Beach.

You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’” But Trump refused any caution against inviting Epstein to the bash at Palm Beach.

Except that’s what Trump is telling them to do.

But if what Trump is telling his followers is bad, what he’s telling the press is arguably worse.

But he would praise you for your stubbornness, telling you that you would go far and do great things someday.

Enda’s talking about how Rachel had covered up her sexuality, not telling her parents or her friends.

We’re just telling you the way it is, so believe it because that’s the truth.

Because there’s something very weird about telling citizens, voters, what the candidates are doing to win the game.

And then sometimes you’re telling me things I don’t want to necessarily hear.

It’s telling that the title Noby Noby Boy is derived from the Japanese word “nobinobi,” which means “carefree.”

I’m telling you right now though it was not an important record, at least initially.

Someone’s telling you to feel that way.’ In other words: ‘I really don’t care what you’re saying.’”

In the background, the musical cue is at once familiar and emotionally telling: an orchestra tuning up before beginning to play.

You know, there aren’t a lot of rock stars left…Someone was telling me that this was the great failing of contemporary rock.

People were always telling you ‘yes.’

The last thing you want to hear when you come home is someone telling you that you’re not right.

You need to have people to tell you you’re wrong telling you that you made a mistake.

Surgery is in ~18 hours and this woman is telling me that I have to pay my entire deductible before surgery.

But there hasn’t been anything quite as clear-cut as hard evidence of the president telling a witness to lie for him.

According to one divisive article, you should always keep the secret of your infidelity to yourself — as telling your partner can only cause harm.

If it was a “one-off,” possibly fuelled by alcohol, Winter suggests refraining from telling your partner — as it will only hurt them.

It was a telling incident.

A tour guide points upward, telling a pack of tourists why parts of the ceiling are caked with dirt and grime.

And I’m telling you it wasn’t a pretty sight,” Trump recalled at a campaign rally in Greenville, South Carolina.

“He was soaking wet, I’m telling you.

That may be what the kids at Baraboo High are telling their parents and school administrators right now: That they were just joking around.

Our government is telling us that we should rely on inherently unreliable jobs that don’t have benefits.

We aren’t telling you which.

It would be totally possible for Twitter to be telling you in real time what kind of accounts were arriving in your mentions.

Who doesn’t like waking up naturally, without an insistent ringing telling you it’s time to get up?

It’s how we heal or rest up — or, at least, that’s what we’ve gotten used to telling ourselves.

Lima also placed a finger cot on the rope and handed her lubricant, telling her the penetration wouldn’t hurt.

And people close to the president are still telling the New York Times that Trump really, really wants to do the interview — honest.

The first story was that Trump would really love to do it, but the problem was that his lawyers were telling him not to.

Harbaugh didn’t say that, but I’m just telling you the narrow boundary.

), has shown us how necessary it is to read the author’s telling of the tale.

I keep telling them to sell it to some antiques dealer in Detroit, but they won’t do it.” She ignored the driver.

The most telling issue, in both cases, is Russia.

A lot of these Hollywood folks and others are heavily involved in telling you how generous they are.

Players telling me at anytime they were allowed to break.

It’s telling that no fully articulated single-payer bill was ever drafted as an alternative to the ACA.

But she elaborated … telling us why she thinks the NRA is really spending so much cash lobbying politicians.

We hope telling in a sentence examples were helpful.