Talking in a sentence | Use of the word talking examples

One person wrote a diary post for Daily Kos talking about the Warren call experience.

He said U.S. officials directly involved in the diplomatic effort should be the ones talking about North Korea.

“When it’s talking about what is bullying — taunting and all those things — that gets to be fairly vague.”

Trump apparently can’t stick to his own talking points.

Trump apparently can’t stick to his own talking points.

According to CNN, the meeting’s stenographer missed the line because too many people were talking at once.

However, campaigns still largely use social media like they use television — by talking to the voters rather than with them.

“They’re talking about running harsher negatives now,” Joel Benenson, Clinton’s pollster, complained to CNN.

I think you will see some Democrats still adhere to a ’90s way of talking about these issues that everybody can win.

It is also what she has been talking about for her entire career.

Her chopping onions and talking about wealth was riveting.

That became the talking point.

I’m not sitting here talking … You’re the one bringing up the coat.

She wore … You can’t stop talking about it.

What are you talking about?

And then I’ll let you go, thank you so much for talking with me.

I want to know that we’re talking in a way that reaches outside of that bubble.

You’re talking about reflection, self-reflection.

No, we’re not talking about that.

Just a normal gung-ho kid goin’ around talking about music,” said Boutte.

Yet what you’re talking about for 2017 is called Soulstorm.

It’s as simple as that – and everybody’s talking!

So what is someone interested in talking with people about climate change to do with all this information?

As I am talking to you Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long.

Senate leaders are talking confidently about their ability to wrangle together a majority, even with their thin margin for error.

“We need to stop talking against Europe and show convincing numbers over the deficit and debt trends,” this official said.

Is so sad to even be talking about this.

“We could be talking about a different story this evening.

In a phone conversation Tuesday, he believed he was talking to Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

A giant talking beetle, voiced by Matthew McConaughey of all people, is a surprisingly endearing, if mostly useless, addition to their troupe.

And he’s not talking about transgender.

Meanwhile, is anyone even talking about Coker?

I know it’s hard, you smart people, but you know what I’m talking about.

So spent some time on that and then I … Sebastian Thrun and I had been talking about doing something together.

When we started talking about this 2010, it was kind of a joke, right?

This is hard to say, I was talking to a couple of different companies that were working on flying cars.

All right, we’re with Chris Urmson, we’re talking about self-driving cars and where they’re going.

If everything was self-driving presumably they could start really talking to each other.

It’s interesting, I was just in Kentucky and talking to some coal miners.

Chris it was great talking to you.

I was laughing about it because we were talking about Bunz and all the funny shit that goes on.

We’ve been talking about one cause, but there are many ways to brain disease.

Another thing that people are talking about are the synergistic stressors at play.

Still, I wonder why we are talking about this movie in particular.

Everybody was talking about the show we did on Justin Bieber.

So I got her to record a load of these people talking about their favorite dish and where they were from etc.

If we’re talking greatness, let’s talk about how he raps a single verse for three minutes straight.

But you spend a fair amount of time talking about exactly that.

Just the other day, I heard that people were talking about my memes for half an hour during a dinner among industry people.

The workshop participants collectively estimate that, at most, physicians spend ten to twenty minutes maximum talking to their patients.

She told me she noticed them talking but, like other attendees I talked to, she didn’t know that anything happened afterward.

He’s talking about the growing amount of fake news in the country.

There’s always the risk of sounding hyperbolic when talking about that slide.

“It’s to the benefit of the celebrity to get press, talking about their flawless makeup look.

Speech bubbles overlap to show people talking at the same time.

(On cue, Spiegel answered by talking about Snapchat, without ever mentioning Facebook or Google.)

But on the whole, Trump stuck to a prewritten speech, the text of which hewed very closely to standard Republican talking points on Israel.

He’s talking into the camera, but he’s talking to Foreman: “Sucker you ain’t nothing.

In our Premier League Review, we discuss the main talking points from the weekend’s top-flight encounters.

Imam spent weeks in a Lebanese camp near the Syrian border, talking to people about their stories, hopes, and fears.

Possibly that’s because several candidates succeeded in talking about totally different issues than the moderators asked about.

Didn’t we used to spend long hours talking to a stuffed animal or doll?

Today, where everybody’s got a smartphone, everybody’s got fast broadband wireless access, you’re talking about Middle America.

Then you’re both talking to each other.

You’re talking about this idea of diffused innovation all over the place.

Yeah, I’m talking about Rustville.

I’m talking about Chattanooga, Tennessee or parts of Michigan that aren’t …

“At that time, I was talking about a lot of issues around racial reconciliation in our community.

Noisey: Thank you for talking to us about the themes behind this incredible song.

Trump loves talking about how wonderful police officers are; during the vice presidential debate, Mike Pence made a point of defending police honor.

I was talking to some Border Patrol men and women, five of them, on the border.

By talking about his time there, Schrader was violating his non-disclosure agreement.

When you hear people talking about Netflix, you don’t hear the same kind of things.

So it depends on what kind of window you’re talking about.

By then, the US papers had already been talking about dismemberment.

I’m not saying that there’s no point in talking to the far right at all.

“Pubs should generate their own buzz from people talking and enjoying themselves,” he said.

One guy was saying something like, “I was talking to this girl at the club.

This is so not okay.” Once they turned around and saw me, they stopped talking.

What are you talking about?” and then went on with the subject.

The importance not just of talking to other senators and representatives but the importance of engaging people across this country.

That was true whether you were talking about the Food and Drug Administration or the Department of Commerce or the Environmental Protection Agency.

I was talking a minute ago about the two-cent wealth tax.

Listen to what I was just talking about.

We’re talking about audio interviews that were done in the 1960s and ’70s.

I want to finish up just talking for about a few minutes about where you think storytelling is going.

The film podcast world is filled with shows that boast panels of white guys talking at length about their favorite and least favorite movies.

Tackling population growth can be done without the enormous, unnecessary risks involved in talking about population growth.

Why aren’t climate hawks talking about it more?

When a Sagittarius becomes enthusiastic about an idea with a philosophical bent, they just can’t stop talking about it.

In many instances, the talking points attack the women’s characters.

We’re talking about a relatively small community here.

Let this notepad do all the (sweet) talking for you.

What Clinton needs to do is start talking about her agenda in contrast to Trump and the GOP.

“I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly,” he said.

Boris is talking tough for the sake of it.”

That’s when they started talking about the Freddie Gray case and how the prosecutors overreacted and how the medical examiner should be fired.

He came from a rock background; he was talking about a normal drum kit’s kick drum.

The Weeds is a podcast for people who follow politics because they love talking about the details of policy.

This week, we’re talking to conceptual artist and Sacred Sadism co-founder Genevieve Belleveau about her experiences of ecosexuality and ecofetishism.

I didn’t see him for a while, and I heard him on the radio talking about this show, and I was like, Mr.

If I’m talking to a gentleman right now, I might not know where he’s from.

We’re talking triple digits, in a 650-member Parliament.

You’re talking about networks.

We met and had lunch or something, and you were talking about this, which I remember.

A lot of what is in the workplace is conscious bias, but what we’re talking about starts way, way, way earlier.

How do you get people from looking at their shoes, or not talking, or doing the Mike Pence thing?

It’s black and white.” Just like math, with those math tests we were talking about.

I was like, “What are you talking about?” Why does she …

Let’s finish up talking about solutions.

Joanne, it was great talking to you.

We’re talking now fall of ’67.


Over the next few weeks, we spent hours talking about her incredible life and, inevitably, the attack.

No one is talking about u so u choose to mention me…. Wrong move hoe.

As it relates to what you were just talking about — sponsored content — we do a variety of different types of sponsored content.

If you listen to that, he was talking about maybe we were a little too early in that case.

There was cooking culture, which was these yuppies making pasta that you’re talking about.

Does that road, then, not exist if you are — we were talking about Mission Chinese, a cool restaurant in New York.

People were talking about creating a project called Trainspotter, which was supposed to be this amazing, cross-referenced music database.

Price-gouging is a topic that comes up a lot when talking about Discogs and the vinyl market.

There’s something so phenomenal about eating and talking.

Here’s to many more years of sitting and eating and talking.

Marco Rubio tried interjecting at various points, which mostly just increased the number of people talking over each other.

[Trump and Cruz begin talking over each other] Rubio (off-camera): He never funded me.

Now all three are talking at the same time.

[Cruz and Trump resume talking over each other.]

[All three begin talking again.

Then Trump begins talking again, and several people onstage continue to argue at the same time.]

We started talking and soon moved to the bed.

EVERYONE was talking about Payton’s shirt on Wednesday — when the Saints coach went on camera to talk about the blown non-P.I.

I’ve boiled down three of Topol’s most surprising findings, after reading the book and talking with him.

“We’ll be talking about trade,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday.

“We’ll be talking about obviously North Korea.

Remember, we’re talking about a global average, which means a change over every part of the world.

But you’re not talking about millions.

MUIR: Do you think that that talking about millions of illegal votes is dangerous to this country without presenting the evidence?

I said the men and women that I was talking to who came out and voted will never be forgotten again.

All that’s clear is people are talking about JT LeRoy again.

So don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about.”

The reason it’s struggling is the same reason that they’re talking about getting rid of seat-back monitors on planes.

I’m talking about the mask part, the makeup.

Tekashi69’s gonna be flossing, but we ain’t talking jewelry … it’s a new grin.

It’s mostly built around Sid the talking dummy, who’s possessed by a demon hunter.

The network announced Wednesday Hardwick has been reinstated, and will be back to work on ‘Dead’ and “talking with Chris Hardwick.”

‘I’m not talking to hear myself speak’

“I’m tasked with carrying out the rules and regulations set forth by FAA.

“The numbers 15 or 16 percent that we’re talking about is right at the tipping point,” Chopra says.

There is no plan.” The Fakes always like talking Chaos, there is NONE.

Yet McCaskill and her staff still repeat the same basic DOD talking points about those 93 cases.

“Really, what we’re talking about is putting the extent of your life in your hands as a choice,” he adds.

I’m talking about bitters.

There will be leftists talking about how a real Scandinavian-style welfare state (or more!)

Pelosi was not talking about money for the border wall Trump wants, which Democrats oppose.

Anyway, Chris and John, it was great talking to both of you and thanks for coming by.

talking about my book.

Now we’re talking.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about something more substantial.

That’s what I’m talking about instead.”

This became a frequent talking point on Fox News as well.

Madara might as well have been talking about Hina Naveed, who is now a registered nurse.

“For now, we’re talking one isolate [strain of] e. Coli.

“For now, we’re talking one isolate [strain of] e. Coli.

Just generally talking to me as though I am at a career level significantly junior to him.

But talking hypothetically about what you would do as president is what you do when you run for president.

The authorities said that they found old YouTube videos of a man who appeared to be Sascha talking about the ever-growing threat of Muslims.

Nerves between the rivals have frayed to the point where observers are talking about a cold war between the two countries.

In the grand scheme of the federal budget, we’re not talking about a ton of money.

It’s talking about the way you eat something, rather than the way you cook it,” Chiang explains.

Geminis process best by talking or journaling, so start verbalizing.

talking of sweets, I can’t leave without asking Chiang about his Snickers obsession.

He’s talking about a team that he might see in the Final.

Everybody keeps talking about the Republican Party, and Lord knows they have a thousand problems too.

Read: Why Is Martin Shkreli Still talking?

Thanks for talking to me, Polly.

People were talking about Trump tattoos, and I was like, ‘Screw it.

Now he’s back, and he’s talking to Doctor Strange about his reemergence on Earth.

And of of course everybody kind of stopped and looked at me and was like, “What are you talking about?”

The group we’re talking about are those lunatics who owe money, know they owe it, and simply don’t file.

Our sources say Princess and Ray J were at a friend’s party during filming when Moniece showed up and started trash talking Princess.

This defense, like many right-wing talking points, discounts the individual’s right to equal services under the law.

“People are not talking about artistic license, freedom of expression, or the First Amendment.

Hickey and her colleagues started talking about early elective deliveries at every department meeting.

Takatāpui has really helped us to actually start talking about it.

Saint Augustine would know what I’m talking about.

They bragged about their award-winning low C-section rates and reducing hemorrhage risk like they were talking about their children’s report cards.

“You see a lot of long sessions being logged—we’re talking six to eight hours, even as many as 23 in a single day.

But instead they started talking about schools and corporal punishment (Britney gave Tickled a shout-out), and that could only mean one thing.

Have we been talking about dicks this whole time with the third eye stuff?

“The National Prosecuting Authority is now talking to directly us, which is unheard of.

Good luck, Riaz and thanks for talking to me!

What is he talking about?

You know, since I’ve been talking about currency manipulation with respect to them and other countries, they stopped.”

We were talking about similar events, but we were barely communicating with each other, and academics mostly ended up talking to themselves.

talking alone in a room will not help me or my family,” she says.

talking to one person in private will not help this.”

Just like we typically shy away from discussing salaries or benefits or anything else personal with our coworkers, talking gifts can feel taboo.

Trump has increasingly been talking to the latter, like Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

When someone tells you they’re incredibly uninterested, you just keep talking.

I’ve just been doing TV all day, talking about Uber.

What are we talking about?

Well, we’re talking about the Nintendo Switch.

You’re talking about multi-billion dollar big businesses, legit hobbies and activities that people have, but oftentimes both sides don’t understand the other.

I ended up talking to a guy I met online.

She also finds Melania’s silence odd, considering she tours the country talking about the need to stop bullies.

That has Wall Street strategists talking about “complacency.”

Cornell is talking about tribalism, and somehow my talking about tribalism makes us more tribal.

And that’s not just Bernie Sanders talking.

“They weren’t just talking about becoming stars; these weren’t just pipe dreams.

If we’re talking aesthetics, I think the answer must be no.

But there’s one big problem that overrides everything else, and I’m talking around it a little bit.

Today on Too Embarrassed to Ask, we’re talking all about drones.

I’m hopeful that use case that Alex is talking about will be one of those things in the next few years.

What they didn’t expect was for him to start talking about death, and ways in which the murder of trans women are justified.”

So far, she’s embarked on a listening tour, talking to local business owners and homeowners associations.

But what’s truly amazing is that he doesn’t make any sense when talking about his signature issues, either.

Kanye West is looking quite comfortable these days … and we’re not just talking about his outfit.

We’re talking final chapter galore, with long running franchises coming to an end.

But rather than that story dominating the conversation, everybody spent weeks talking about the phone wiretapping allegations.

“We’re talking about dozens of sites, hundreds of buildings, and thousands of people,” Hecker told the New York Times in May.

Now you know the country’s we’re talking about and these were countries picked by Obama.

After talking to the man, it turns out he had been doing the same work for 10 years, and was still living in poverty.

As a result, talking about our dreams may also be a part of an evolutionary trait.

“We are talking about it more often.

“We are talking about it more often.

“We are talking about it more often.

I started out … Karen and I were talking before, we used to meet at these conferences in the ‘90s.

I mean, maybe you’re gonna be talking to them about …

Should we be talking about the 25th Amendment at all?

Please, diaper your horses, so Michael Johnson can stop talking about it.

talking to other legacy media CEOs when Fox decided to sell the bulk of their assets, there was genuine shock, surprise.

Dreams and discoveries bring him to dystopian scenarios, futuristic buildings floating in space and a mystical talking head offering him different life choices.

“Europol estimated that we are talking about $4 billion to $6 billion made by people smugglers in recent years,” Moncure said.

Keep in mind what we’re talking about.

It was either through message boards and people talking to each other, or it was delivery the way …

Then there were these closed systems like AOL, and Michael was talking about this, you had Prodigy, you had CompuServe …

It was interesting, because I had a chapter in my book about AOL that came out in the ’90s talking

You’re talking about the culture wars, but in many ways …

But that’s part of the reason talking about Uber is good politics for Republicans.

You’re talking about progress, but there are some really big glaring problems, so let’s go over them.

We’re talking about a whole range of things, including ethics.

They’re talking largely about Indians, essentially.

And, very fraught things like talking about programming languages, people get very emotional.

December babies know what we’re talking about.

What are you talking about?

Apparently, Khosrowshahi was not just talking about Kalanick though — sources said the slide also referred to the very meddlesome board of Uber.

The key to it is that Fleischer has the voter do most of the talking.

People are not even talking about universal suffrage or resulting political reform.

“When they said Amazon I thought they’re talking about the rainforest and river that I saw from TV,” Seok said.

“Let’s try and get the government right first before we start talking about what’s going on in the NFL.”

“We are talking about an extremely unfriendly act.”

Also, when she’s talking to Holdo and she says, “You go.

They eschew the kind of politeness heads of state are supposed to use when talking about immigrants, instead attacking them as people.

But what I was talking about was trying to kind of recover authority by understanding the troubles that led to the results in 2016.

I moved away and stopped talking to him.

And while they were talking, Steve Bannon was pushed out of the White House, he resigned from the White House.

What’s going to happen while we’re talking today, guys?

We started talking about Bannon.

All talking would cease to exist and you’d never have to hear anyone speak again.

Why am I talking about them now, five years after the band itself ended?

Previously, when he tried to explain the traditional prayer candles he sold, many people didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Again, one of the reasons I love talking to you guys is because you read this stuff, so I don’t have to.

She’s not talking’,” Washington told the news station.

She’s not talking’,” Washington told the news station.

He’s more interested in talking about his work with ISSA, the Indian Society of Sponsorship and Adoption.

“I was at the front door and I was talking to my stepdad.

“Only talking with other people can modify our own point of view.

Jennifer/Mary Sue shocks her geography teacher and classmates by asking “What’s outside of Pleasantville?” They have no idea what she’s talking about.

That conversation is seen by many as a means of talking about the sanctions, not the children.

Recode’s Kara Swisher and Edmund Lee will be talking all about the merger on this week’s show.

Lorraine Berry’s work appears at such outlets as the Guardian, Raw Story, LitHub, and talking Writing, where she is a contributing editor.

By the end of The Bad Batch, I found myself wondering if it would be more effective to have just eliminated the talking entirely.

For O’Rourke, racial injustice has been an important talking point in his campaign.

These two records really lead into each other: We keep talking about how this album is more of a prequel to the first album.

Was there ever a point where you got into talking about existence and the idea of even making a record seeming futile?

If we’re talking about the number of people killed by terrorists, the answer is clearly no.

Enda’s talking about how Rachel had covered up her sexuality, not telling her parents or her friends.

It’s also easy to imagine Huntsman resigning and then talking about things that he learned about Trump’s Russia ties in press interviews.

But if we’re talking about political effects, it’s a different conversation.

She’s not talking,’” Washington told local news outlet ABC13.

This isn’t just me talking.

Haley herself acknowledged she was talking, at least in part, about Trump.

— Cruz replied by talking about Iran’s temporary detention of American sailors after their entered Iranian waters without permission.

I’m talking to Antony Dobrzensky, co-founder of the latest restaurant to open in London’s Shoreditch.

An example I would use is the way that CNN has purchased these pro-Trump talking heads.

You know the Grimaldi’s I’m talking about in DUMBO?

I was talking about what the message is for the people it’s presented to.

That’s a part of this that we have a lot more trouble talking about.

“We’re not talking about redesigning the website.

We’re talking about publishing text to the internet using Drupal.

You mentioned the “sunk costs” issue earlier when we were talking, and I think it’s appropriate.

He’s been a guest host with a lot of things, especially talking about technology and how teens look at it.

I mean, I don’t know what group you’re talking about,” Trump said.

LS: I use it as a mode of talking to people.

And you were talking about YouTube and stuff like that.

I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.

All of the students have to build the thing they’re talking about.

You’re just talking to people?

But you were investing, you were doing all kinds of things, and again, were prominently talking about the concepts of what was happening.

A bunch of us who were just talking on the blogs thought about this idea.

He’s someone I’ve known a long time and is always talking about interesting things, as usual.

And it reminds me, I was just talking to my historian friends, and ’67 was 58 race riots across America.

“I know some guys that know me have been talking shit about me behind my back.

I know there are some people who have been talking to Mike who know what actually happened over there (in Allstars).

“Now Mike thinks he knows the situation because they have been talking to him …

One thing you should be talking a little bit about, where sports are going.

Somebody was talking about making …

The other thing is, we are often talking about sticks and hands and equipment.

“They always feel like you’re talking back, but you’re really not.

Again, here I go talking about the visual and not even the song.

“He’s talking about running the hills with me, doing all that and just working out … you know, just picking my brain.”

I’m not sure how or when we started talking about album artwork, but it was probably on that press shoot.

I think Muslim journalists, and I’m talking directly to hijabi reporters, need to focus more on storytelling and less on brand building.

Because the worry also is that you end up just talking to the converted.

“They were talking about ‘packets’—like foil packets, which is what prescription medications come in there—and I didn’t know what that meant,” she said.

Or if I’m going where they try to erase power dynamics in relationships that we’re talking about, I’m not going.

“We’re talking about 10 years from now for the product that’s the furthest along,” Blithe added.

Pretty soon, you and I will be talking about this, and you’ll ask, “How did you do that?

I’m talking about arrogance over competence, complete certainty, self-absorption, etc.

I’m talking about a belief in one’s self that is at odds with reality.

She told us, “I would LOVE to do the Super Bowl” — but she wasn’t just talking about singing.

talking to them now, both members will tell you it was only a matter of time before they reunited.

That’s the beginning of the conversation, and I think we’ll continue talking about it.

“We are talking about funds that have been stolen, but the theft has to be proven,” he said.

You’re talking about taking really important benefits away from tens of millions of people.

Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows is talking a lot these days about a new deal that’s just around the bend.

He popped up as a narrator and talking head all over VH1.

Last week it launched a short video in English featuring a talking cartoon soybean vouching for the importance of trade.

I’m not talking about a bonafide hit record.

But the core issue is that Donald Trump gives every indication of having no idea what he is talking about.

Why are you talking like that?”

I think I first started talking to you because I was going to end up talking to DeRay from Black Lives Matter.

I’m an America is already great guy, but what year are we talking about?

“The president’s obviously open to talking again.

Former talking heads frontman and genuine pop music icon David Byrne’s new album, American Utopia, came out yesterday.

I’m not even talking about like racial diversity — just, people all do the same thing.

“We’re not talking about a traffic ticket.

Come for the cool animation and talking cats, stay for the genetically-modified robo dino fights.

Throughout November, Hilary and I have been doing a bunch of interviews together talking to some really interesting people from the political world.

“I want to underline that I am talking specifically about work with equipment which was delivered there,” Ryabkov was quoted as saying.

I don’t know if it’ll change with the app, but maybe people just start talking about it more.

I’ve spent a good three months talking to David Jones, Lord Bridges, who are both brilliant people and are now gone.

“She’s a communist.” “Stop talking like that,” Bloom said.

We got the Biebs shopping in Bev Hills Tuesday, and he was very sensitive about paparazzi talking to him about anything.

Justin’s been on edge lately to send a message about people asking “dumb questions” or just plain old talking to him.

But because his shit has been so loud—hence the reason why we are talking about my album now—nothing is going to trump that.

We’re talking about real shit.

We both know who he’s talking about.

To be clear, I’m not talking about times when a man feels he has to physically defend his life.

The result is a candidate who just isn’t really well-versed in foreign policy and seems uncomfortable talking about it.

People would get mad at me daily for not knowing what I was talking about because I had no training whatsoever.

All I understood was “hello.” He continued talking in German for a good minute until he realized I didn’t understand.

You’ve been talking about this issue for about a decade.

“Provides support for graduate students by continuing to exempt the value of reduced tuition from taxes,” the talking points stated.

They asked him about his talks with Kislyak, and he again denied talking about sanctions with the ambassador.

When you talk about Twitter taking action and being able to identify bots, you’re talking about the individual level.

We were just talking before you came up about what podcast episodes are doing well for us.

And she mingles at those events, often talking to the least powerful audience members first, and the most powerful last.

We just had Lydia Polgreen in here talking about the difference between the Huffington Post and the New York Times.

We’re talking theory and fact and argument and idioms about news.

I remember talking to editors, or getting edits back on stories about Facebook.

What do you think the point is of them spending that time talking about what the future might look like?

We were talking about events briefly.

“It’s really serious.” “talking about it,” Page said, should not include debates about whether climate change is a real thing.

“The urgency is so severe, and yet we have a media that’s barely talking about it,” she said.

It’s more intimate because there’s still a driver you’re talking to, or not talking to.

By the way, I’m only talking about those two because they are the only two that matter.

So most people talking to Facebook, you’re not talking to people who can change the machine, change the product.

They propose or they’re talking about a new subscription layer in Apple News where they would take the $5 out of the $9.99.

You’re talking about whether you’re fake or not.

All right, I wanna finish up talking about the ownership by all these internet zillionaires.

Again, all your political figures now are talking about we need the power of philanthropy to save journalism.

What do you think the big businesses should be, if you think about them, let’s finish up talking about them.

Anyway, David, it was great talking to you.

When I would walk into the senior center, I couldn’t believe the amount of commotion and talking as people gathered around tables for lunch.

If anything, we should be talking about providing greater support for Meals on Wheels, not less.

Jabbari and Boi-1da spent 20 minutes talking about cereal after this interview was completed.

“I’m sorry Roger has been talking like he has been.

Problems can arise when reporters write stories from other media accounts, without talking to the authors and without reading the actual research articles.

When you are talking to constituents who own guns and who are pro-gun, how do you balance that?

Just talking about it in that way is helpful to folks.

I think some of those concerns are being fueled by NRA talking points.

I was talking to one of your staffers yesterday about the district.

Here’s a fundamental Gary Vee question I have: We were talking about this on Facebook a lot, I wanna come back here.

But I’m actually talking digital so people actually, you know, going out of business, startups, because they’re just doing squat.

So I walked around the first three hours in 90-degree heat, talking to kids and parents about why they think these camps are valuable.

I was there on the sideline, talking to a friend who runs a recruiting service.

We are talking about a serious prospect.

He was talking about the coaches from the big schools.

That’s the consequence of that free speech they’re always talking about.

I was going places, talking, meeting people, and hearing all of these stories.

It ended up being a cool talking point with the young fans at the time.

I’m talking about James Baldwin, Elaine Brown, and all of these people who, despite their conditions, still showed up.

I want people who don’t feel welcome in these spaces to feel welcome in this one, and I’m primarily talking about my people.

Selena talking to the crowd in Jakarta.

Again, we were talking about how long we’ve known each other.

Or when you’re talking with CEOs, what’s the resistance you get?

Davis uses the sample mysteriously—isolating the name “Ralph,” from Leary talking to fellow psychedelic ranger Ralph Metzner, and simply repeating the name three times.

It was great talking to you.

It was great talking to you.

In summer 2015, Waymo alleges in a court filing, Levandowski started talking to Uber — months before he officially left Waymo to found Otto.

If there is hope for change, it lies in wrestlers talking more and posing less, as Ryback has here.

Roberts writes that: But merely talking about the possibility of conducting a study, even to his subordinates, wouldn’t be enough.

Everyone would be talking about how Donald Trump badly underperformed the structural fundamentals of the race, and cost the GOP a winnable election.

Let’s start talking about … Where should we start with San Francisco?

I actually met with his wife Priscilla, which was really cool because we were talking about her initiative, which I think is absolutely incredible.

“I wasn’t talking trash … it’s simple math.”

So during the campaign, then, is he talking to you about the campaign, is he asking you for an input formally or informally?

“We’re talking about serious stuff,” he told a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Similarly, people who have administered an infusion—including the person I saw doing it at the party—have been less than enthusiastic about talking with me.

I’m talking about athletic commissions, I’m talking drug testing facilities, I’m talking Bellator, I’m talking Spike TV.

The environmental movement sometimes is an echo chamber, but we’re not talking about climate change to our friends and family.

Paris Hilton can’t take her eyes off her new BFF … and we’re not talking about her fiance Chris Zylka.

One of the last questions Trump took was about Iran, but he misheard it and starting talking about his border wall.

I was talking to someone about this the other day.

The “Edge” settings Mossberg is talking about are the Edge features you only get with the S7 Edge.

Sick of talking to politicians.

The third thing we said, all right, then we’re talking about millions of data points coming in really fast.

How can you hit that corporation’s reputation, that can impact all the things we’ve been talking about.

Give me an example of … You were talking when we met yesterday about Harley-Davidson, for example.

We really haven’t been talking about it in the context of, how does this impact corporate America?

They had those users removed that were talking about this.

All right, it was great talking to you.

Ask your nearest Hawaiian friend to see what I am talking about.

So you may not make up, because people are talking about double-digit declines, but you can certainly claw back a bunch of it.

We’ve spent almost this entire conversation talking about internet video and YouTube as being one and the same.

But I think most of the usage is people talking to each other as a chat app, really.

There’s nothing less compelling than two middle-age guys talking about what the next PewDiePie is.

“How do we make sure the partner that [the narrator] is talking to sounds empathetic and trustworthy?

The good news … Sage is in good spirits and he’s already talking about setting up his next fight.

It wasn’t immediately apparent if that report and this DOJ announcement were in fact talking about one and the same arrest.

Of course, the mere fact that everyone is talking about the campaign shows how successful it was, as Business Insider’s Josh Barro tweeted.

In fact, it makes talking and thinking about movies more interesting.

I wanted to keep things pretty sparse so I could let Cooper’s guitar do a lot of the talking.

Other pictures show Putin at the summit of a mountain, taking a boat ride, and talking to the head of the Sayano-Shushenski Nature Reserve.

They’re talking about our locations.

Oh, you’re talking about the musician’s curse of dying at 27.

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, by Atul Gawande: The best part is when he’s talking about Walmart during Hurricane Katrina.

It is impossible to talk about Trump’s anti-system populism without talking about racism and xenophobia.

“Republicans are talking to rich Republican donors more than they’re talking to their constituents,” Wikler said.


We’re talking about the game that made David Beckham famous.


If a Brit starts talking to you about their trainers, they’re not discussing the people who make them sweat at the gym.

They’re talking about their sneakers.

“People know exactly what I’m talking about when I say single-payer,” El-Sayed told Vox.

I’m talking about labels like X-Large, Fuct, and Freshjive on the West Coast.

“Anthony was waiting to go out and was talking about what he was going to wear,” she says.

But we’re not talking about those little strips of fragrance that come in magazines.

She’s spent the entire awards season talking about how the movie changed her, and how she will never be the same.

I’m talking Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Bad Santa, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Home Alone.

We’re talking about art at the end of the day, right?

We might be talking about a prank if this were sharpie’s sentencing,” Segal said, adding that “This was rage driven by profound narcissism.”

“One thing that really helps investigators is just connecting with other investigators, just talking to each other and sharing stories.

They were talking, facing each other.

They sat on the couch, talking and flirting.

This time, she was talking robots.

“We’re talking about a separation of two weeks.

It’s been a key talking point for 2020 candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, and even the tech-hesitant Bernie Sanders.

Fast-forward to a year later, when McDougal was talking about coming forward.

How do we make sure people are talking about an issue they’d rather not talk about?

“No one is talking about it, so everyone continues to hide and continues to laugh and continues to let the jokes continue,” she says.

Right, because you also could be talking about it.

But Dr. Schuh envisions another way to fight stigma: talking to each other.

We’ve been talking with Christo Wilson and David Choffnes.

We really appreciate you for coming on the show, and thank you so much for talking to me.

“This is why we are talking about people getting to the airport a little earlier than planned.”

“This is why we are talking about people getting to the airport a little earlier than planned.”

1 spot to shop pre-owned designer goods on the web — we’re talking Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel at up to 90 percent off.

“We are talking about a band-aid on a piece of the criminal justice system in need of absolute overhaul,” she notes.

We’ve been talking about sexting and what it means for full-grown adults.

LG: And that’s just if he’s being rude — you’re not even talking about if he were to share something inappropriate.

I mean, we have a presidential candidate talking about his groin several times in a major debate.

The ad begins with an unseen narrator talking about dreams, goals, and striving to do more than you ever thought possible.

How did you prepare to play her?The minute I found out, I started talking in her accent right away.

“We’re talking about adolescents here.

Lately, some Democrats have been talking about it as a way to put some more teeth into their subpoena requests.

Given the piddly amounts we’re talking about relative to her whole campaign, this is an example of the way the world works.”

It’s a lovely morning for talking shit, Sagittarius—your big mouth works to your benefit today.

We’ve been talking about Wisconsin and the issues affecting the state, particularly as it relates to race.

Everybody—or at least those adults I would frequently overhear—was talking about it.

I remember people in my neighborhood—I lived in Brooklyn and reverse-commuted to Jersey—and they were talking about it.

People in the newsroom were talking about it.

I even heard someone on the radio talking about it, and that’s when I knew this was a buzzy show.

Mostly, he was creating videos of him talking aboutthe parts he’d put in these hypothetical builds—not actually buying parts and building computers.

Mostly, they missed talking to real people.

What does that do for the average person, the people that you’re out there talking with every day?

But when they interrogate him, severely—”Who’re you talking about?

Was it two?” Pelosi said when talking through how she is considering Conyers’s case.

If Trump Jr. was simply talking to his father while an attorney happened to be in the room, the privilege claim is bogus.

The mere fact that two people are talking together in a room where a lawyer is present doesn’t automatically make it a privileged conversation.

In other words, talking to your attorney about your intention to commit or cover up a crime or a fraud won’t be protected.

“Who are they to say that there’s no value in Canada talking to its allies about issues we’re having abroad?

This mostly means talking about arrests and accounts from cops and other city officials.

The way a generation of boring old people see Noel Gallagher as their voice in a confusing world—that will be us talking about Stormzy.

‘Sopranos’ fans know what we’re talking about …

no longer controls the narrative about himself — not when women are talking on the record about him.

So for the first time, his team began seriously talking about striking a plea deal.

Does he cut you off before you start talking?

The truth is, as Tariro Mzezewa noted in her review for the New York Times, “Kara Walker Is Tired of talking.

I’m not talking about wearing ridiculous goggles or gloves wired to some machine.

He said he didn’t want to talk about his baby anymore, but then he’d go right back to talking about him.

We hope talking in a sentence examples were helpful.