Symbolic in a sentence | Use of the word symbolic examples

So in a certain sense, the House motion on Friday is symbolic.

“Wouldn’t Panmunjom be the most symbolic place?” Additional reporting by Hyonhee Shin and Ju-min Park, writing by Malcolm Foster.

I hope these photos are of something in between the subject and myself, something more symbolic and archetypal.

But as many people pointed out on social media, the pith helmet is heavily symbolic of colonial rule.

It is unclear how the Trump administration can thread the needle between a symbolic, one-off strike, and all-out war with Russia.

May’s defeat was mostly symbolic, and doesn’t change anything practically.

It’s the kind of symbolic gesture that would make Trump feel respected and allow him to score a much-needed political win at home.

“[Starbucks] felt they needed to make a symbolic gesture,” Harvard sociologist Frank Dobbin told me.

It is pure symbolic politics.

The system’s initial value may have been largely symbolic.

This five-cornered gesture is a post-revolution symbolic return to un-trampled, transcendent Mother Nature.

The merits of silence were first touchingly addressed by “l’Orchestre Symbolique” (symbolic Orchestra) with a theatrical performance called “Symphonie des silences” (Silent Symphony).

It has more of a symbolic value, I guess.

Lawmakers in the Catalan parliament signed a symbolic declaration of independence Tuesday, but said it would be suspended, pending talks with Madrid.

The number 188 is symbolic for McGregor as it’s the same number of euros he used to receive in welfare checks.

But like I said, it’s symbolic, this isn’t a break-up record.

creations of Lee, Kirby’s written and illustrated works are tinged with the weird, the cosmic, and the symbolic.

As Moussa noted on Twitter, “This is symbolic.

Oh, and he has dubbed his tribute “Big Boat”, in a symbolic symbiosis of their names.

“Even a thin and largely symbolic agreement is far preferable to war,” he told me when I spoke to him last month.

Fordham law professor John Pfaff also noted the bill’s symbolic importance.

Still, it’s easy to understand why activists view the pledge as more than just symbolic.

But such a move may be mostly symbolic.

We want to make it quite realistic, possibly with some metaphorical, symbolic elements.

Attacking an embassy in light of the US embassy planning to move to Jerusalem would be powerfully symbolic.

To Trump, whiteness is neither notional nor symbolic but is the very core of his power.

‘” As only about 150 women in Austria wore the niqab or burqa, she said the move was largely symbolic.

The spell itself requires certain symbolic elements: a black candle, a white candle, a shorter orange candle to represent Trump.

You can smash iPhones in a symbolic gesture.

It took some digging, but I have at last determined the true symbolic meaning of the new Monopoly tokens.

The petition to stop the visit will be debated in the British parliament on Feb. 20, although such debates are usually symbolic.

Still, it’s a good start, even if it’s mostly symbolic.

But, he added, the fact that they have all decided to work together has symbolic importance.

In Wilson’s early paintings, perfectly demarcated figures are silhouetted in their environments, with just enough elements to suggest a symbolic narrative.

More of these activists planned to turn themselves in as a symbolic gesture, but they were stopped from entering the building.

This symbolic feature was anything but straightforward.

Another effect was the dismissal of art that was considered literary and/or symbolic.

It’s symbolic of a growing distrust of Nehru’s rapid industrialization and modernization of India, and conveys Kumar’s skepticism of urban living.

It will become a second-rate institution, symbolic.

There are some who thought it was a purely symbolic victory, that because it wasn’t tied to specific policy goals, it didn’t accomplish anything.

Trump suggested that having the summit at Peace House would carry a symbolic value that having it in a third country would not.

VICE: First of all, what’s the point of having a first lady?Kate Andersen Brower: It’s really a symbolic position.

They exist mostly to serve the episode’s symbolic ends and little else.

“It’s purely symbolic, but the symbolism is important,” he says.

In the beginning, you open with the white dove, which has been symbolic for your mother across this project.

She is portrayed tending to flowers, an activity symbolic of her motherly duties.

That’s what’s really symbolic here.

When women are visible, their symbolic representation is improved, particularly in the eyes of women and girls.

DC currently votes for delegates to Congress, but the representatives are largely symbolic figures without full voting rights in the legislative chambers.

“Immigration is the symbolic starting point for the debate of the future of the French nation,” FN politician Jean-Yves Le Gallou once said.

“On the other hand, symbolic attitudes such as group identities turn up as powerful in study after study.”

If an image is abstract or blended, the psyche is emphasizing the non-personal and symbolic aspects of it.

In a more narrative stroke, with “Elegy I,” “Elegy II,” and “Elegy III” (all 2017), Logan depicts the symbolic black totem on the move.

It depends on the scholar, but people call that symbolic racism or racial resentment.

It’s worth noting that electing a woman president would likely be far more than a symbolic victory.

Today, there is only one U.S. assembly plant and it is more symbolic than substantive.

Anthropologists say the practice serves a symbolic function to overcome divisions and unite communities around a common enemy.

It’s symbolic.

(Its central story is a symbolic retelling of the collapse.)

Yet the focus of much media attention and international aid seems to be the important but often symbolic cultural heritage of the city.

At their best, these heritage reconstruction efforts offer not just symbolic progress but jobs to local residents.

There is much less symbolic value, or money, in practical things.

There are few technologies more symbolic of western medicine than the stethoscope.

But I agree that’s symbolic, but if that’s all you do, you’re not going to succeed.

The result is a symbolic representation of every value that the two programs compute.

“His fingers are gripped tightly in a symbolic fist.

This ash has a symbolic purpose.

They’re symbolic, but that doesn’t make them pointless.

symbolic gestures like task forces are another.

Their ‘act of bravery’ is admired and they are ‘honoured’ by having the word ‘Angel’ scrawled over the patently symbolic wrist.”

But is the symbolic gesture itself worthy of condemning?

The Border Patrol, which is backing Trump’s plan, says they’re a “vital tool.” Migration experts say they’re mostly symbolic.

The symbolic experience of older black men teaching the younger generation how to clean and load a musket resonated with me.

It’s empty and purely symbolic, but it’s what he does and how he leads.

It’s both a symbolic food forest and an actual one.

In “Aleppo Burning” (2013) this symbolic skyline solidifies into a specific setting: the city of Mourad’s youth, now devastated by conflict.

Hicks says the mural is symbolic of his past, present, and future in New York City.

Either way, calling this action a “strike” also has both practical and symbolic significance.

A migrant initiative in Palermo proposed that the boat head a symbolic procession across Europe to support the human right of free mobility.

Buying some stock — a formal bet on himself and the company — is certainly a symbolic gesture from Dorsey.

“The strike was more symbolic,” she tells Broadly, “although clearly it was a step to continue thinking forward.”

It was very symbolic.

But there are no do-overs on the symbolic aspects of the American presidency.

Washington said the move aimed to dry up revenues to the elite Iranian military force but analysts called it largely symbolic.

The Senate voted 98-0 in a symbolic resolution to tell the president not to honor Putin’s request.

For example, tell us who Roger Goodspeed is to you, your genetic relationship, and compare that to your symbolic relationship.

However, he notes that such “symbolic expressions of ritualized discontent” are not without value, as they are valid forms of protest.

It is a purely symbolic gesture.

That strategy has transformed what might have been a largely symbolic indictment into a serious legal challenge, observers said.

Penguins have no meaning, symbolic or otherwise, in Chinese culture, and that is precisely the point.

His paintings and works on paper employ combinations of text, word, and image that are symbolic rather than quickly digested.

“This is a craven, symbolic political move without any direct benefits for the constituents he’s targeting.”

Using a language that incorporates symbolic elements from all cultures is a way of addressing that diversity and crossing boundaries.

But even the symbolic value of hate crimes charges can matter.

Still, the decision denies a largely symbolic victory to marijuana legalization advocates.

The social network is seeking a symbolic payment of one euro from Durand-Baïssas for “damage to its image and reputation,” according to Le Monde.

For legalization advocates, the DEA’s decision to not reschedule marijuana comes as a big symbolic loss.

The real victory from rescheduling, then, would largely be symbolic.

The symbolic destruction of the Donald was part of a traditional Catholic or Orthodox ritual held annually on the Saturday before Easter.

Control of the city has more than symbolic value.

“In symbolic recognition of its Enlightenment, it was first called la ville lumìere in the eighteenth century.

The symbolic destruction of the Donald was part of a traditional Catholic or Orthodox ritual held annually on the Saturday before Easter.

“It’s significant, it’s symbolic.

That dissonance between the symbolic and the real was a pervasive part of living there.

The 3rd Street entrance reveals a rare misstep and offers a symbolic warning.

Comfortably reelected in 2016, he now finds himself part of a symbolic rebellion against the Trump Empire.

However, Houghton’s spirit drawings are in fact highly symbolic.

Still, he added, “a win’s a win” — and one likely to score symbolic points for the group’s critical propaganda operation.

AA Bronson’s idea of the queered zen garden seemed simple but was actually very politically charged, inverting the symbolic value of everyday objects.

The power that could be conferred by a manager was real and substantial, while that which could be bestowed by residents was purely symbolic.

This testimony strikes me as genuine in its regret and adamantine in its conviction that the event made an important symbolic and political statement.

As Bailey pointed out, chess isn’t always symbolic of a high stakes conflict between good and evil.

It’s a largely a symbolic move meant to satisfy a key demand of Trump’s conservative base.

Fashion is, by nature, symbolic.

The next two themes in the exhibition reinforce non-gendered, symbolic values of pink.

Its power of transgression therefore usually remains in the realm of the symbolic.

The angels have become symbolic of the shooting.

“They may have reproduced in a symbolic way the sinuous route the king hoped to take to the waters of the Mayan underworld.”

“They may have reproduced in a symbolic way the sinuous route the king hoped to take to the waters of the Mayan underworld.”

Of the ongoing national debate over monuments and their greater, symbolic significance, she added, “We’re all involved in a messy expanding consciousness exercise.

Faced with dangerous hard labor, exploitation by wealthy men, poverty and hunger, rough-and-tumble fighting was symbolic of their lives.

The value of an artwork is above all intimate, symbolic, personal.

It would be symbolic, but it wouldn’t actually do much to help American steel manufacturers.

Of course, a symbolic act of solidarity with people of color mistreated by the criminal justice system seems a little off brand for Trump.

The Stonewall Inn looks quite different today than it did in the 1960s, but it remains an important symbolic site.

But there are formal, material, and symbolic manifestations of Joseph-as-model, too, that I pursued in this exhibition’s works.

Instead, territorial control has tremendous symbolic significance for the religious and national identities of Israelis and Palestinians.

Abraham Denmark, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia under President Barack Obama, said the move was largely symbolic.

In a way, Abolish ICE has been a more symbolic opposition to Trump’s immigration agenda as a whole.

Trump’s executive order has a big symbolic effect of making the US less attractive as a destination.

But neither leader will want to leave the meeting empty-handed, so they might offer up a symbolic concession to kick-start a much longer process.

Every square inch of the painting’s neatly balanced symbolic network contains within it yet another subset of hieroglyphic patterns.

Last year the symbolic clock was set at three minutes to midnight because of climate change and nuclear weapons.—The Independent

“Hate crime laws have important symbolic meaning,” Levin said.

Still, the group seemed to be mostly political theater, a symbolic reawakening of black power and armed self-defense.

Chico MacMurtrie’s Border Crossers are sculptural statements that bridge borders, both physical and symbolic.

Although Wednesday’s announcement marked the symbolic launch of the fighting season, the wave of attacks had already increased in recent days.

“Ashes” is not specifically symbolic, but that’s what makes it so enduring.

The Glass Ceiling (2015) series is heavily, almost redundantly symbolic.

However, the concept of duality permeates Gharem’s visual and symbolic world.

This strikes me as a mostly symbolic victory for Trump and an actual victory for Kim Jong Un.

I’m not sure it’s even a symbolic victory for Trump, although I’m sure he’ll spin it that way.

Through symbolic inclusion, they seem to provide a glimpse into how mainstream America continues to view queer culture through a straight lens.

Teresa Younger: Secretary Clinton’s candidacy is symbolic of how far we have come.

Gates uses historical and personal material to make the work not only symbolic, but actual, giving it a felt resonance.

“This banner is symbolic of all of us here missing our [four] friends!”

“It’s symbolic at some level; it’s an expression of our outrage and frustration.

Bayless, on the other hand, sees basketball’s role as mostly symbolic in the grand scope of the city’s social struggle.

The problem arises when the only people who have power are people who see the issue as symbolic.

That creates perverse incentives for politicians to create real problems for the disenfranchised as a way to show symbolic solidarity with the enfranchised.

The poppy raids are mostly symbolic, the people here say.

Our stage wear with Estonian Legion symbolic stitched on.

There is, in fact, a history of symbolic activism at the Oscars, which is especially compelling when you consider the ceremony’s origins.

The votes last Thursday were a rare rebuke to President Donald Trump, but largely symbolic.

In December, the Senate voted to condemn MBS for his role in Khashoggi’s killing — a mostly symbolic rebuke.

To her, replacing the bank’s leadership isn’t merely a symbolic gesture.

Alice finally being able to zip up her dress was symbolic signal that the movie was moving on to another chapter.

Shiota’s previous work has used the crimson string as a symbolic medium that adjusts its meaning to respective pieces.

But the physical stickers are still powerfully symbolic.

It’s symbolic of our lives in Israel, in the sense that it’s impossible to separate the personal from the political.

There’s good reason to believe the victory was far more than symbolic.

Curry’s message, of course, was hugely symbolic of the role Meghan Markle might play within that family.

That matters in ways that aren’t symbolic.

The government did not announce any further investigation of Bakhshi’s allegations, an indication that the meeting may have been largely symbolic, analysts say.

Plans for Time’s Up, which is leaderless and divided into several working groups, range from the symbolic to the highly concrete.

We are confined to being a simple and symbolic peripheral character — one who doesn’t have her own journey or emotional landscape.

Over the past couple of decades, political scientists and social psychologists have developed a battery of questions meant to measure “subtle” or “symbolic” racism.

They detained at least 20 people during the clash in central Istanbul, as marchers tried to gather in the historically symbolic Taksim Square.

Instead, Puigdemont made a symbolic declaration of independence, then suspended it and called for negotiations with Madrid.

But it’s more than just about Free Basics feeling like a symbolic echo of colonialism.

Sessions framed the decision to pursue hate crime charges against Fields as a symbolic act of condemnation of the Charlottesville rally.

Building a concrete wall — something that no one within government has asked for — would be more symbolic than practical.

But to people who are looking for something rock solid and symbolic, that might not help either.

Even without reference to democracy and architectural idealism, Havsteen-Mikkelsen’s work is symbolic of another general concern: climate change.

Even considering a wall has symbolic power there.

The gardens at Chateau de Villandry, which Dickey photographed, are arranged based on medieval and Renaissance designs, each charged with symbolic meaning.

The Welsh Assembly also rejected the deal in a symbolic vote earlier this month.

But it’s essential to look beyond that symbolic acronym if we want to weigh the good of individual genetically modified organisms.

“[Starbucks] felt they needed to make a symbolic gesture,” Harvard sociologist Frank Dobbin told Belluz.

symbolic scenarios mirroring what’s going on in the stress-filled world above?

The symbolic significance of Pelosi versus Trump cannot be lost here.

They will likely only accept peace if Assad is granted amnesty and probably some symbolic position in the government.

It’s not just a symbolic issue.

“We posit that wearing clothes causes people to ‘embody’ the clothing and its symbolic meaning,” they wrote.

For this season, at least, Westbrook and Oklahoma City’s accomplishments will likely be more symbolic than anything.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin briefed reporters on the new sanctions as well, pushing back on assertions they are purely symbolic.

“For the people who say these are just symbolic that’s not the case at all,” he said.

This is an area where congressional Republicans might be expected to fight harder for the administration than a mostly symbolic wall.

The visit also included a lot more than symbolic gestures.

When arms traders support culture, they end up being, in return, reputationally supported by cultural and symbolic capital.

“Its impact is more political and symbolic than economic.

He’s always been symbolic of that same, tired LOTR formula.

It’s a symbolic way to remove ourselves from a system that we feel is deeply flawed.

Li Nan, senior researcher at Pangoal, a Beijing-based Chinese public policy think tank, said the meeting had only symbolic significance.

Earlier this month, the Senate took a symbolic vote declaring that it stood against Trump’s trade agenda.

The offering up of gay spaces historically criticized as hotbeds of patriarchy for use in the battle for reproductive rights is deeply symbolic.

“The way they describe it is often symbolic of what’s going on in their head.

Such items may have pure symbolic value, too, representing themes such as renewal or the instability of life.

Costly gestures with unclear impacts aren’t a good place to encourage symbolic stands.

The senator’s use of PGP by itself didn’t sway the Crypto Wars, but it was a symbolic win for pro-encryption activists.

The hearing, conducted by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, held both historical and symbolic significance.

The action announced by Brussels is largely symbolic, though the EU said it may consider further measures.

In the article, I read they hoped the march would go beyond the symbolic.

And elections have concrete as well as symbolic consequences.

Is this not symbolic of the entire Canadian project—the world peacekeeper?

And it took on smaller yet still symbolic causes, such as designating the Stonewall Inn as a national monument.

Li Nan, senior researcher at Pangoal, a Beijing-based Chinese public policy think tank, said the meeting had only symbolic significance.

Obviously, by itself this is a huge symbolic victory.

For the US to be the only country in the world to abstain from a global climate agreement, then, is not a symbolic gesture.

It’s a symbolic landmark that really matters for women.

Lighting up monuments is a symbolic gesture.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) led a symbolic effort to vote on a resolution showing the Senate is against Trump’s trade agenda.

So when faced with three resolutions, all of which were symbolic, Republicans only backed the weakest of them.

However, the plan’s impact will remain symbolic as long as Maduro remains in power.

“Hate crime laws have important symbolic meaning,” Levin said.

But it’s a powerful symbolic gesture designed to signal to the world that the US position on the 55-year-old embargo has fundamentally changed.

It has become symbolic of how Norwegians—these rich, luxurious Scandinavians—dance to the drum of their own beat.

There’s no imminent resolution in sight, though, because the wall is also symbolic — and not just for the president.

For Ukrainians, however, the promise of autocephaly represents both spiritual and symbolic freedom from Russian influence.

But EU officials expect any moves to be more symbolic than substantive.

Their diverse backgrounds reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Brussels, Europe’s symbolic capital.

This paradigm points to the application of shapes and color as symbolic of identity.

Gone are the symbolic flowers she holds: poppies for death, pansies for love in vain, and daisies for innocence.

“If we don’t work together, Barcelona will put up barriers, symbolic barriers, so that people won’t be able to come in.

#pantsuit #pantsuitnation Of course, a pantsuit is not the only symbolic gesture breaking hearts on Twitter: My favorite thing on #pantsuitnation so far.

As Diagonal Press, contemporary artist Tauba Auerbach sells “symbolic jewelry” pins that are definitive, distinctive art objects.

In his film No Shooting Stars, Magdy delves into uncertain territory in an abstract exploration of the history and symbolic weight of the sea.

Kollar’s earlier work is less politically symbolic, but more formally innovative.

Executive orders, however, can also amount to nothing more than symbolic pageantry.

Executive orders, however, can also amount to nothing more than symbolic pageantry.

Thus far, however, Trump’s orders have been more symbolic than transformative.

In this case, I choose to make a Dutch stroopwafel because I’m using Dutch produce, and the stroopwafel is symbolic for the Netherlands.

“Dicta can have important symbolic and persuasive value, but it is not the law and does not bind lower courts.” But not everyone agrees.

In political cartoons Uncle Sam was a symbolic figure who could sign a bill in one hand and coldcock you with the other.

All forms of imagery recur, but Montoya casts the pachuco and pachuca as symbolic figures populating his universe.

All those things give great symbolic parallels to our area.

Rickey even named Kamasi in honor of the ancient capital city of the Ashanti Kingdom, a place that has become symbolic for African unity.

Typical of Dial’s work, this assemblage is highly symbolic; the title, along with a bit of backstory, contain a wealth of meaning.

Satan is celebrated as the symbolic opposition to organized religion, which they see as an authoritarian, superstitious system.

I also began using a more symbolic language.

Or the zombies could be symbolic of some of the braindead Trump voters.

The implications of the wall — demographic, environmental, symbolic — are huge.

They have a lot of symbolic power to shape the policy agenda.

UMFANG, announced a new LP today, symbolic Use Of Light, on legacy imprint Ninja Tune’s Technicolor sub-label.

symbolic Use of Light tracklist: 1.

symbolic Use Of Light 4.

Showing people that footballers from different tribes can play alongside each other has symbolic importance.

The sight of women playing football on Afghan television is, again, of huge symbolic importance.

Here are more historic firsts from the midterms; here’s why this win for women isn’t just a symbolic victory.

Similar moves by banks have proven to be mostly symbolic because other lenders are filling the void left by the big banks.

#StopGunViolence The symbolic move comes on the heels of other gun actions the president took this week.

The Irish border became both an actual and symbolic battleground during the Troubles.

Decades of social-scientific evidence show that voting behavior is primarily a product of inherited partisan loyalties, social identities and symbolic attachments.

Santa Monica’s boardwalk, known for being the symbolic endpoint of Route 66, began as a tale of two piers.

The symbolic standoff over C.E.U.

“How often do we think of doors in symbolic terms as we pass through them?

The wagashi on the menu are seasonal; choices are made based on symbolic considerations and the availability of ingredients.

I think it’s pretty symbolic of our relationship because we were both prone to flights of fancy.

But Confederate flags and monuments do the symbolic work of invoking historic violence — on the part of governments and individuals — against African Americans.

Every year, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the team behind the Doomsday Clock, updates its symbolic clock to reflect the risks facing humanity.

In a way, Moonlight winning is a symbolic exemplar of the Academy tossing off both of those albatrosses, if only for a single year.

“I see taxidermy as symbolic of our separation from the human soul,” she explains.

The move is also symbolic of Twitter’s willingness to change elements of its product that have become part of its identity.

They can make symbolic speeches, denounce the other side for ruining the country, and avoid the real work of political compromise.

While the caucus has remained a symbolic voice of the left in the House, it’s struggled to drive policy.

TransCanada then sued the administration, calling the decision “symbolic” and “not based on the merits of the project.”

His fall from grace was, to many, symbolic of the wider corruption within the Catholic Church.

TransCanada then sued the administration, calling the decision “symbolic” and “not based on the merits of the project.”

So apart from a few examples, the occasional figures who appear are not particularly recognizable as individuals—they are perhaps symbolic figures.

Nothing could be more symbolic of the populist spending spree that has underpinned Correa’s agenda since he became president in 2007.

Though there were symbolic starts and photo ops, construction would not begin in earnest for nearly eight more years.

So it’s essentially an expression of in-group identity and out-group bias in a symbolic way.”

“We are surrounded by symbolic structures,” he told me.

The Paris agreement is largely symbolic, and it will live on even if Trump withdraws the US.

“It’s a very symbolic change to German politics.

The name of the game, Beholder, is very symbolic.

“I mean, it’s symbolic, and I can understand the point of that, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.

But as with Sanders’ win in Vermont earlier this evening, the victory has a strong symbolic significance for her campaign.

Nose piercing, which has a variety of symbolic meanings, dates back to ancient times, originating in the Middle East.

“This is an important symbolic moment,” says Jeremy Pressman, a scholar of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the University of Connecticut.

She questions “why else would you want something” — whatever its deep, symbolic meaning — if you didn’t just like it?

Obama’s response to the gravity of the continent’s crisis seemed symbolic of the domestic conflicts eating away at Western democracies.

It’s a symbolic place to hold the encounter.

Washington said the move aimed to dry up revenues to the elite Iranian military force but analysts called it largely symbolic.

It is symbolic and fitting that it is personal experience of Bowie which has taken centre stage though.

It has taken on great symbolic significance for both sides of America’s deep partisan divide.

Do you think accessing places like the moon compromises their symbolic potential?

Or is this art show just another way of leveraging humanity’s ongoing symbolic relationship with the moon?

For millions of Directioners, these two little birds are deeply symbolic.

These articles of the natural world serve as interpretive indicators or symbolic representations of what is going on in the minds of each character.

They recently had a symbolic wedding ceremony.

While those withdrawals could have a significant impact on the court’s standing internationally, Russia’s withdrawal is more symbolic.

While those withdrawals could have a significant impact on the court’s standing internationally, Russia’s withdrawal is more symbolic.

Michael Kerbow: The Sinker is a symbolic figurative monument.

But if the United States slides into illiberalism, that has a dramatic symbolic effect.

Bezos’s reduced stake in Amazon would also have symbolic meaning: He’s been the face of the company since its founding in 1996.

Considering their complete transformation in years since, their joint ratification is a remarkable symbolic moment.

After New York construction worker union members violently attacked Vietnam protesters, Nixon supported them, even accepting a symbolic hard hat from their leader.

“We may launch some symbolic strikes to try to deter future chemical weapons use,” says Goldenberg.

While largely symbolic, an impeachment could prove humiliating to Blair, because Parliament could put him on trial.

It has symbolic importance in that respect, even if Mubarak himself is not likely to be politically active.”

“The president is the symbolic head of the nation,” Nixon’s DOJ declared.

Instead of just marching or a symbolic protest like a broom outside the door, we want to make a difference.”

They also raised their fists, symbolic of the Black Power movement.

And it’s tempting to fantasize that a Trump defeat would be a powerful symbolic blow to racism.

The question of who won this Tuesday was a mostly symbolic one, without too much implication for the delegate count.

Keith: So much of art is symbolic, right?

An essay reflecting on the symbolic and communal role of the public square in contemporary Polish society.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads WARSAW — There is something utterly traumatic and symbolic in a death happening in public space.

This catastrophic accident assumed power and magnitude for its symbolic potential as a source of conspiracies blaming Russia and Donald Tusk’s government.

“The constitution isn’t a symbolic document,” Emery told MotherJones.

Some of the most important aspects of Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity efforts were symbolic.

It’s a pittance, but for aspiring comics, that first paycheck holds incredible symbolic value.

“The primary benefit of Alexander-Murray would be symbolic.

Today, there is only one U.S. assembly plant and it is more symbolic than substantive.

It’s not just a symbolic issue.

He is far from anti-Israel, but his willingness to be anything less than maximally pro-Israel, even if just in rhetoric, is a symbolic break.

When Mexican forces captured Guzmán in 2014, it was seen as symbolic of the government’s willingness to take on cartel interests.

This armor is still largely symbolic and not that practical — what use will a bunch of leather straps be against dead people?

Yet this is a symbolic conflict as much as it is a physical one.

I know that monetary shit doesn’t matter, but it’s symbolic.

The game uses symbolic, emotional, and logical anchors to connect one location to another via inconspicuous doors and hallways.

“It’s a symbolic battleground.

Today, there is only one U.S. assembly plant and it is more symbolic than substantive.

Architecture, of all the arts, asks most directly that we consider the symbolic effect of the material.

But sometimes the light will take on a character of its own by becoming a symbolic stream of energy‚ or pee‚ or cum.

The mosque is a symbolic site for the terror group.

The bill is probably symbolic, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t appear interested in allowing a vote on a bill to protect Mueller.

Some people think it has the value a painting has, which is to say that it’s symbolic.

She hopes that the symbolic district will translate into tangible things like low-income housing, which is rare in the city.

But it is symbolic of a deeper issue: Ubisoft’s seemingly low estimation of the kind of “America” that gamers are willing to see.

What better place to kneel during the national anthem than at the symbolic cultural heart of that nation?

Again, ruins make our symbolic attachment to the classical past concrete.

“We offer it as a symbolic gesture,” Guite told me.

“Offering 10 gigs has the symbolic value of ‘plenty.’

It’s not just a symbolic issue.

“This case is very symbolic.”

The distinction is what political scientists might call the difference between operational or philosophical ideology and symbolic, affective or identity-based ideology.

Despite small, symbolic concessions—for the first time, women were able to stand in 2015’s municipal elections—life for Saudi women remains extraordinarily regressive.

‘It would be a huge symbolic victory to opponents of fracking.’

“It was symbolic of the entire thing—more of a metaphor of him having woken up and being given a second chance at life.”

The moment is appalling and freighted with symbolic weight: We’re watching June be silenced.

Amending the charter’s pacifist Article 9 would be hugely symbolic for Japan.

In a mostly symbolic move Wednesday night, these senators offered a variety of amendments to force Republicans to take unpopular stances on health care.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside and formed a symbolic yellow ribbon around the building to highlight the detention of pro-independence leaders.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside and formed a symbolic yellow ribbon around the building to highlight the detention of pro-independence leaders.

The human figures, for Buchakjian, are a means of “appropriating the house.” The images become a symbolic reclamation of the city and its history.

The sanctions were more symbolic than anything else.

It got me thinking about what sorts of political interventions might carry a little more oomph, a little more symbolic weight.

Performers literally wear the symbolic shop, which is a garment designed with tiered platforms where the soap is displayed.

And when one is focused on one’s own symbolic interpretation, it is difficult to listen to conflicting evidence.

But it’s purely symbolic,” Kobach said.

“I think it’s become symbolic of better border security.

But firearm companies were able to market them to civilians as something symbolic, and not just a tool.

They said the symbolic mass defection would lead armed forces across the country to follow suit.

But there’s a larger, more symbolic, concern about the light consequence Taylor faced, too.

Stein acknowledged in an interview with NPR Saturday that the recount effort is largely symbolic.

This is where Saar operates, in the realm of the symbolic.

Or are they symbolic, emotional, and vestigial?

Not to be outdone, InfoWars ran a piece with the subheadline, “Obama bukkake: Artwork is symbolic of how world leaders treated former president.”

Those moves by themselves don’t really get the country closer to obtaining the bomb — but the timing is quite symbolic.

In Britain, a civil disobedience campaign by Extinction Rebellion forced parliament to declare a symbolic climate emergency in early May.

Is it symbolic that they are not listed alphabetically or chronologically?

In some works, Hwang explores material and symbolic nature of paint by overlaying it on digital prints.

In many ways, Black’s retribution is symbolic of this concept.

Just close down the system for a week as a symbolic closure.

“It’s symbolic at some level; it’s an expression of our outrage and frustration.

And they wanted a symbolic display of dissatisfaction with Donald Trump as nominee.

“Hate crime laws have important symbolic meaning,” Levin said.

It has become invested with such symbolic significance that it is inspiring some unhelpful purism on policy and magical thinking on politics.

They enjoy figuring out modern art and allowing there to be this dance in their head about its meaning and symbolic value.

Project coordinator Giovanni Maiolo said: “They wanted to make a small and symbolic gesture of solidarity with the victims of the terrible earthquake.

The Hammonds’ importance to the standoff was mostly symbolic.

“You could say that like the art itself, the value of the tariff would have been ‘symbolic’ rather than substantive.

“It’s a symbolic but important way of communicating that the anti-borders folks no longer have the upper hand,” Krikorian told VICE News.

These votes were almost entirely symbolic.

symbolic victories reflect changing values.

The use of gold leaf and a palette consisting of white, black, blue, and red are no doubt symbolic.

Speaking to Broadly, Cassino explains the War on Christmas is about “symbolic attacks on a privileged groups.

Fröbe-Kapteyn was not an artist; she was a researcher into the arcane and the persistence of symbolic forms.

It is a happy accident, allowing him to focus on symbolic, rather than narrative content.

A red umbrella, symbolic of SCOT-PEP, hides their faces.

Shortly afterwards, the government won a symbolic vote in parliament on the broader issue of whether it should consult lawmakers before taking military action.

However, France and Germany insisted that the decision was mainly symbolic.

“Immigration is the symbolic starting point for the debate of the future of the French nation,” FN politician Jean-Yves Le Gallou once said.

At its core, the event is symbolic.

The image articulates a symbolic threat against immigrant communities who would critique your actions.

Did your hair somehow feel symbolic of your rock star dreams then?

On economic, social, and international dimensions, the conservative advantage is in general symbolic ideas rather than policy positions.

Carberry told VICE News that her generation remembers the Rising “in a really symbolic way.

It’s also quite symbolic, it’s the first flower to come out in spring.

Is conceding just a symbolic gesture then?Well a symbolic gesture, I think, is important.

Weddings are supposed to be this symbolic coming-together, and you’re across a room from each other.

A recently closed exhibition at the museum, Keith Haring: symbolic Gestures, displayed some of the artist’s very early works.

In “The Shot,” Yu Hong overcomes the peril of grand narratives with a brute matter-of-factness of symbolic representation.

The authors call for the adoption of the color beige as the emblematic and symbolic color of architecture in place of white.

Åkerlund’s death has become symbolic among white supremacists; they use her name to peddle the conspiracy that whiteness is under attack.

Victory in Palmyra would be deeply symbolic.

An additional confirmation, if needed, of the symbolic importance of this fruit.

But it’s also a symbolic break with India’s colonial past.

Luke Popovich, a spokesman for the National Mining Association industry group, said he expected Trump’s executive order to have symbolic impact, at least.

It also wants to keep cultural exemptions for Canadian media and the arts, a symbolic stance to defend Canadian culture.

There has long been tension between the two countries, so marching together is a symbolic gesture of unity.

During their first gathering, all were asked to arrive with the offering of a cup — a symbolic gesture.

“It’s symbolic,” State Senator Todd Weiler, who sponsored the legislation, told VICE News.

“It’s symbolic,” State Senator Todd Weiler, who sponsored the legislation, told VICE News.

As with Shrobe’s works, this recombination is symbolic of a reimagined history (and future).

This is where it’s sort of symbolic of the Haitian corruption…

Through this event the symbolic was translated into the practical—and there’s nothing more Satanist than that.

Ultimately, Ryan’s endorsement is symbolic, but it also carries a lot of weight among rank-and-file House Republicans.

The universities hold symbolic value not only for their students, but also in the wider society.

More symbolic than anything else, but nevertheless a wonderful day for all.

Is there a year that was symbolic for people living in 1968 the way 1968 is symbolic to us today?

“Emperors are like popes – their gestures carry a symbolic message,” said Andrew Horvat, a visiting professor at Japan’s Josai International University.

In a symbolic move, the EU added two Iranian individuals and an Iranian intelligence unit to its terrorist list.

Eavesdropping on conversations in the gallery and tracking who recognizes whom in the castas reveals the symbolic logic at play in Dicochea’s work.

On a more symbolic level, the names Abraham, Umbrae, and Pluto have significant meaning in mythology and religion.

Puigdemont made a symbolic declaration of independence on Tuesday night, only to suspend it seconds later and call for negotiations with Madrid.

In a highly technical world, being able to manipulate symbols and engage in symbolic reasoning is an important trait.

He’s been thinking about the symbolic and metaphorical potential of vehicles for a long time, and about what surfaces reveal or conceal.

But analysts believe the pledge is merely symbolic given the close ties between the government and state firms.

We believe the North Koreans needed something symbolic from the US government.

Giving back all the gains from an IPO is something of a symbolic milestone for tech companies.

The largely symbolic resolution was passed to protest what it described as Ankara’s “disproportionate repressive measures” following July’s failed coup attempt.

As a compensation, we’re seeing interesting symbolic language or metaphors, like calling your makeup Herbivore, because it’s plant-based makeup.

There are only so many of those thinking or feeling words, so what I do see is people playing in more symbolic territory.

Calling this action a “strike” does have both practical and symbolic significance, even though strikes can be difficult to do well.

At Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, symbolic crutches and canes are stacked to the ceiling, left by individuals in gratitude for cures.

The takeaway lesson is that in politics, clear symbolic actions are often more important than results (which are often ambiguous or unclear).

As long as Trump defines his presidency through symbolic actions (like the Carrier deal), he could be very popular.

The late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia sided with the protester, holding that flag-burning is a form of “symbolic speech” protected by the First Amendment.

It’s hard to imagine a more symbolic setting for Kesha’s comeback than Knight’s monument to tenacity and faith.

Resembling an elaborate, ephemeral sandcastle, Attia’s city is symbolic of the past, but also holds aspirations for a better future.

On the other hand, symbolic attitudes such as group identities turn up as powerful in study after study.”

Of course the boat is a concise symbolic element in many important myths.

The face knows that no matter how you react, it wins.” This face and the hat above it are symbolic of the same thing.

And, perhaps, that mystery is symbolic of a larger issue, laments Parks.

This translates into a multi-sensory and symbolic experience of suffering.

The moderates’ victory is above all symbolic.

It is symbolic of the CIA’s defiant refusal to hold accountable those who authorise every rendition, detention and interrogation programme worldwide.”

“Decarbonize by 2050” is unwieldy, almost purely symbolic to most people.

Although many saw it coming, this was still the symbolic end of an era — and eras are, for the most part, to be mourned.

Molina also shows two more abstract photographic pieces from her series How Blue, where fabric becomes symbolic of El Salvador’s violent histories.

“It’s centered on the introspective, symbolic and ritual features of that liquid element.

They are highly symbolic, and they work as telescopes rather than microscopes, observing the social rather than the individual.

Such posts are symbolic and ceremonial.

For a while, careful language, well-chosen symbolic fights, and grand but vague promises could belie the inherent capaciousness of the terms.

They’re overlooking the symbolic importance.

I’m really anxious to see us get beyond symbolic victories.

“Whether symbolic or real, it was the thing that sunk the company,” Hicklin said.

“But I think the most important impact is on a symbolic level,” he said.

Howard uses broad, evenly painted color planes and large swaths of abstract geometries to create a symbolic environment for his characters.

Trump said the Peace House carried symbolic value that having the summit in a third country would not have.

But voting for a repeal bill now is more than just a symbolic statement.

As recently as last January, 66 House Democrats cast symbolic votes in favor of impeachment.

“It’s more ceremonial and symbolic than substantive,” Miyake said.

While a reclassification would be a symbolic win for legalization advocates, Kleiman says it wouldn’t have much practical effect.

“Nuclear power stations are in fact less sensitive but more symbolic since these flyovers are particularly irksome to the authorities,” he said.

It was not clear whether the document, which followed a largely symbolic declaration in parliament in Barcelona, had any legal basis.

But Thursday’s vote marked a symbolic yet meaningful step in the effort to hold Saudi Arabia accountable.

But Thursday’s vote marked a symbolic yet meaningful step in the effort to hold Saudi Arabia accountable.

Though the official ban is still in place, it was an important symbolic step in the right direction.

Woven into the dress’s fabric are a variety of symbolic plant motifs.

Debates of this nature are largely symbolic and rarely change government policy, according to BuzzFeed.

So it’s essentially an expression of in-group identity and out-group bias in a symbolic way.

Opposition to gun control is “essentially an expression of in-group identity and out-group bias in a symbolic way” It has a very long history.

Well, one interpretation is that this is the symbolic way of the person entering into citizenship.

The House of Representatives has already passed a resolution demanding Mueller’s final report become public, but it is nonbinding and largely symbolic.

Body mods are most problematic for females: Tattoos destroy both the physical and symbolic purity that is traditionally revered in Korean women.

Moments like that became symbolic of how the holiday had spiraled beyond Anna Jarvis’s control.

Her latest series, Phantasmacabre, is inspired by Carl Jung’s analytical psychology, goth aesthetics, and the symbolic films of spiritual maestro Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Though largely symbolic, as it has no bearing on management liability, it is seen as a key gauge of shareholder sentiment.

A group of artists staging enraged spectatorship before an artwork in a museum strikes me as an entirely valid symbolic gesture.

In this popular episode, we’re presented with a symbolic reckoning against a system that remains unscathed.

Such a concept of history cannot reproduce anything more than just violence, real or symbolic.

Morris’s conflation of his pastoral role with conservative politics is a powerful symbolic act.

‘State of the World’ unfolds a complex dialogue about the symbolic, physical, conceptual, and material nature of the flag.

Inside, the exhibition State of the World unfolds a complex dialogue about the symbolic, physical, conceptual, and material nature of the flag.

Ultimately, the administration’s efforts to bring charges against Assange might carry a bigger symbolic and political punch than legal impact.

It is symbolic as much as functional.

Using them as garbage collectors is more of a symbolic achievement.

They wanted the culture-war win, the symbolic screw-you to elites and globalists.

With Cuba struggling to gain independence from Spain, baseball became a symbolic form of rebellion against colonial sports such as bullfighting.

That systematic physical and legally sanctioned brutalization of that black man’s body was understood as a symbolic devaluation of him.

“There are few things Canadians gravitate toward and things we identify with as being symbolic of what it means to be Canadian,” said Crawford.

That stands for House Resolution 1 — the first bill drafted by the majority — and is largely symbolic.

That stands for House Resolution 1 — the first bill drafted by the majority — and is largely symbolic.

The US negotiating posture, by contrast, heavily emphasizes a couple of demands that appear to be symbolic, meaningless, or unworkable.

This isn’t a purely symbolic blow to the US’s reputation as the world’s foremost proponent of free trade.

Of course, a symbolic act of solidarity with people of color mistreated by the criminal justice system seems a little off brand for Trump.

Now elite endorsements are merely symbolic, further eroding the party’s influence over the nomination process.

It’s a system of beliefs that the exchange between two people can be expressed with this symbolic object.

The status is mainly symbolic, allowing limited benefits such as giving Pakistan faster access to surplus U.S. military hardware.

Was it seen as Native?” Like the whimsies, or the jingle bell, producing a new aesthetic is a symbolic act of resistance for Gibson.

During Soma Nomaoi, he photographed these fabrics in color, honing in on their patterns and symbolic imagery, from carps to dragonflies.

Guns — owning them, then carrying them — became a symbolic means of countering decline.

For some, it’s a symbolic gesture to show solidarity with undocumented classmates.

But even without any symbolic ambitions, it’s a narrative we’ve seen a zillion times before.

It will be a symbolic step which serves to stifle non-government groups,” he told Reuters.

May Day, celebrated on the first day of May every year, has long been a symbolic day for workers’ rights around the world.

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