Swirling in a sentence | Use of the word swirling examples

But Jupiter has plenty of other remarkable cloudscapes and storms swirling.

“Pink and white started swirling in my eyesight and my arms got heavy,” she recounts.

The four-song EP itself is an exercise in minimalism, Vernon’s vocal hooks mostly swirling around looping, open guitar riffs.

There are rumors swirling Trump might tamper with state laws that now allow transgender equality in bathrooms.

In the swirling uncertainty of newfound adulthood, I felt safe with Richard.

With 10-year U.S. bond yields below 3-month T-bill rates for the first time in more than a decade, recession fears were swirling.

In a short video by artist Claire Christerson, we see what true freedom looks like: being immersed in a swirling maelstrom of zines.

Rumors are swirling that Fury actually failed a drug test, a rumor Fury naturally denies.

There are all these different crises swirling around at the same time.

And what takes Cold War from chilly but beautiful to swirling, beating ardor is its use of music.

Confused by all the alleged connections swirling between the Trump administration and Russia?

He wistfully recalled re-entering the Coliseum for that first game back, the big bowl swirling in silver and black.

Its swirling chants and pin drops fall into a sinister downbeat, threatening to burst forward but never setting off.

In the old days, one was not considered foolish for believing Earth to be flat and at the center of a swirling solar system.

The dancers spin and/or move their arms continuously to create swirling effects.

That’s a dynamic environment around the galaxy of hydrogen and other gas that’s kind of swirling around and coming in and out.

“I am a practicing Muslim,” Ali told me, the lights swirling overhead as more men milled through the club.

Rumors are swirling that Trump might fire Sessions if he doesn’t quit.

Against a pinkish evening sky blanketed in dark clouds, the parachuters left swirling crimson smoke trails as one carried a giant Union Jack.

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos recently started a $2 billion anti-homelessness fund, and speculation about what their divorce will mean for Amazon is already swirling.

“I was going off like a Christmas tree – the whole place was swirling with lights,” Roberts recalls.

In the swirling maelstrom of transfer gossip, this was meant to be an outlet which the club could endorse and control.

Confirmation of the tape’s existence follows months of swirling speculation over whether Cohen recorded his conversations with Trump and others.

And then it’d be swirling in inks and dyes and glitter and dust so that space itself was viscous and present.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump was asked about the conspiracy theories swirling around Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

The conspiracy theories immediately started swirling (Aliens!

Despite all the allegations swirling, there’s a lot we don’t know about this alleged FBI informant.

“I’m sorry, but then you should go to the cops,” Graham said, according to swirling, before disappearing into an elevator.

Rumors have been swirling about the reported couple, who apparently got together shortly after the holidays.

The figures walk with swirling drapery flowing behind.

They each have terrific moments — Majeski on the mesmerizing Ferris wheel, Malfi on a swirling teacup ride.

The effect is something like the blackboard of a psychedelic physicist, 4th of July fireworks, or ribbons of swirling confetti.

Unless the swirling questions are answered soon, you will be born into this unknown state.

Some, like Hanzo’s, are offensive — he shoots an arrow surrounded by two giant swirling dragons.

Plus, between Noah’s taste in music and the swirling atmospherics, there’s a lot of David Bowie.

Rumors over the future of Hatch’s Senate seat have been swirling for months.

The windows were painted over in swirling watercolors.

So it’s not like you’re going to have four choppers swirling right next to your head giving you an unwanted haircut.

There was a meeting with LeBron’s representation and rumors swirling about Paul George.

In the months since her devastating loss in the presidential election, rumors have been swirling about what Hillary Clinton would do next.

The 390-word Facebook post served as his most extensive public rebuttal to the variety of rumors swirling around Silicon Valley in recent weeks.

Rumors that she was about to step down or be pushed aside have been swirling in the fashion industry for weeks.

Open piano chords held the swirling vocals in place, the whole thing coming together as a flashback to a past life.

“True Believers” has had a synth-strong makeover, replacing that straight-fingered piano with distorted keys and consuming those swirling vocals.

Staggering heights and underfoot views of a swirling modern, high rise city produce feelings of trepidation and exhilaration.

On Monday, after months of swirling reports, rumors, and angry early-morning tweets from Donald Trump, Robert Mueller finally made his move.

A cold breeze swirling in the center of the bedroom became a gale, blowing the FBI agent back into the parking lot.

In it, the moon glows in a night sky swirling with cool texture.

Instead of seeking what is not available they record the life that is swirling all around them.

But if you look at the swirling disaster around him, this could be the end for The O’Reilly Factor.

The performers follow someone holding a scepter, who leads the dragon into nifty swirling and waving motions.

It melodramatically contains a cataclysmic pictorial voodoo of swirling feminine sexuality.

This is especially the case with singles “Nina,” with its feverishly swirling synths, and “Fall Down,” which propulsively broods over three minutes.

There’s a lot of confusing information swirling about this — including from the White House itself.

— one last party before she moves away, and a way to stop constant thoughts of Nate swirling around in her brain.

Shame, guilt, and failure started swirling around me.

Wine Country comes swirling to Netflix on May 10.

I’ve been hiding for many years not knowing what this swirling thing was, which is depression.

American diplomats, actors, and musicians arrive amidst the swirling dust of Barajas Airport.

Toe Adam sat at the top, hatch open, his hair swirling in the wind under his war helmet.

The churning scenes are accented by swirling exhaust and snaps of Spanish.

It’s officially April, which means that both pollen and Meghan Markle baby rumors are swirling through the air.

Shenberger’s sheitel is now an on-trend rainbow look, with blue and purple dyes swirling into yellow tips.

Even the shadows that the rings cast on the giant’s swirling surface gas clouds are visible.

You can use just about any color scheme with the swirling and smudging technique to get a crystal effect.

H: What were some of the ideas swirling around at the time?

The two were quickly romantically linked, with rumors swirling as early as last May.

Society’s worst instincts come rushing through that social wound: a swirling vortex of unarticulated prejudice and baseless assumption.

Rumors are swirling about potential acquirers for Twitter right now, but meanwhile the company is still seeing departures in some key staffing areas.

But there were all sorts of issues swirling around with him.

Prior to this announcement, rumors were swirling that several companies, including Didi Chuxing, could acquire Careem.

The intertwined, swirling wires recall embroidery, weaving, and the use of the loom — crafts that have sustained society in Africa and Asia for eons.

“He will salute and follow orders to provide shelter but wants absolutely nothing to do with the political controversy swirling around this issue.

Wertz’s swirling strokes detail imperfections in the wood grain from floor to ceiling.

There are still plenty of unknowns swirling around the project, but Franco is going to produce, direct, and star in the adaptation.

2020 speculation is swirling fast and furious around Warren, who is beloved by grassroots progressive groups and national Democrats alike.

I searched around, spinning out, like that Mr. Krabs meme, the world swirling around me, for a savior.

The swirling lines of its logo, whisping around art nouveau font, like delicious blue smoke from the furnace of a cigar.

There’s a lot of lurid inquiry swirling around Hiddleston lately.

Me and [cinematographer] Sean Porter, our intentions were to make the cameras like swirling sharks.

Blocboy’s deep, vibrant shouts add contrast and gravitas, a musical anchor in a swirling sea.

Analysts are struggling to understand how some of the businessmen targeted were chosen however, adding to swirling uncertainty.

The swirling chills smack against the cheeks like numbing darts.

isn’t the only question swirling around the debate today.

Later, when day turns to night, I’m greeted with swirling yellow gas clouds, beautiful against the night sky.

After a time, I finally arrive, confronted by a huge swirling blue mass, with a dark circle at its center.

Still it shouldn’t come as a surprise that questions are swirling about the viability about the Hyperloop.

Mountains slow the low, fast, swirling winds with friction as well as by interfering with their circulation.

Rumors are swirling of an Apple event scheduled for next week.

Such precision has allowed astronomers to use this FRB as a kind of probe to measure the swirling matter that lies between galaxies.

Liu is immensely talented, and her comic Monstress, a swirling, political steampunk adventure fantasy, is nominated for an Eisner this year.

In a little over a minute, you can see CO2 concentrations swirling around, up into the sky, and engulfing the Northern Hemisphere.

Of course, there are always plenty of rumors swirling around upcoming Apple products, so we take these notes with a grain of salt.

In particular, it focuses on intimate vocals, and shifts away from high-energy choppy vocal synths and swirling drops.

There are rumors swirling that her next album will be infused with rap and R&B elements, which should be interesting for everyone.

Those noises continue humming and clinking and swirling as the vlogger sits silently to let you the viewer take it all in.

But before Our Revolution even formally launched, reports of internal dissent and turmoil are swirling around the organization.

There’s a decent chance the 2017 season ends with just as much swirling uncertainty as ever.

Their pumping fists and fast, swirling movements were deliberately ill-paced for the slow, melancholy music.

His art has become iconic, with an instantly recognizable style marked by bright, saturated colors and swirling skies.

Basically, these aren’t songs to smash out at a house party—they are gorgeous, swirling gems that deserve space to breathe.

But they’re also swirling at the core of the new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10.

Rumors about the company’s efforts (codenamed Project Titan, and reportedly started in 2014) have been swirling for years.

The affair allegations swirling around Alabama Gov.

Instead, what hides inside The Mist is a swirling darkness, insects that sometimes attack, visions and hallucinations, and God knows what else.

Here, the outline of a whale appears to emerge from a swirling, nautical vortex.

The smell of my meal alone is intoxicating: a swirling vortex of cumin, soybean sauces, and sharply aromatic spices rise from the steaming dishes.

Despite all the controversies swirling around the White House, Trump still thinks he’s the most effective president in history.

Questions of Cruz’s ability to assume the Oval Office in 2016 began swirling months before he first announced his candidacy in March 2015.

Rumors have been swirling Chrissy was preggo after showing what many called a baby bump earlier this month.

“That’s one of our bigger shopping days because men tend to procrastinate.” We observed a swirling, gooey line of rum nougat being made.

You could hear it on Owen albums, too, but it feels different with everything swirling around it.

This spinning hurricane on Saturn’s north pole is enormous: 1,250 miles across, with clouds swirling as fast as 330 miles per hour.

Sound of swirling wind is constant… No other sounds.

It even found a second hurricane-like vortex swirling closer to the edge of the jet stream.

The rumors have been swirling for years, but now it’s apparently happening … “Space Jam 2” is in the works — starring LeBron James.

So in the context of various Russia-related scandals swirling about Trump’s presidency, this looked pretty bad.

Watching them twist and mingle, glittering colors swirling around, is almost as satisfying as solving the puzzles.

The one figure who could maybe put an end to the mini-civil war swirling around Moore is Trump himself.

Her own swirling menstrual blood, shot in close-ups, is mixed with saltwater and freshwater, stirred with Q-tips and examined microscopically.

It hinted at the Akira Yoshida pseudonym and started the rumors swirling again until Cebulski admitted the hoax to Bleeding Cool today.

Rumors are swirling that his national security adviser might soon be pushed out too, and that his top economic adviser could quit.

Though it was freezing cold, the swirling movement of the snow added some real movement to the image.

To get rid of this swirling dirt patina glomming onto my skin, I’ve learned to take joy in washing my face.

This Basque-inspired soup is finished by swirling an egg yolk into each bowl right before eating.

Previous research has suggested that the warming Arctic may disrupt the polar vortex, a ring of swirling cold air circling the North Pole.

He’s interested in how regular people reacted to the world-changing events swirling around them, as opposed to how, say, the president reacted.

The swirling cloud of dust and smog that permeates the city seeps into the hefty, spinning shwarma spits on the street.

In the middle of all this, the Greys worked on elaborate, rainbow-colored paintings of swirling heads and other psychedelic images—a process called live painting.

There are a lot of conflicts swirling around, mostly pertaining to the ritual of software updates and the air of existential dread.

The question of what, exactly, constitutes appropriate content for kids has been swirling particularly strongly over the past few years.

“There’s been rumors swirling around him for years, at least in 2012,” the anonymous Republican told the outlet.

“There’s been rumors swirling around him for years, at least in 2012,” the anonymous Republican told the outlet.

When stars are born, they usually form surrounded by a swirling disc of gas and dust, and then individual planets coalesce within these discs.

But this was Clinton’s first turn at directly addressing the swirling questions since her pneumonia diagnosis on the campaign trail.

You can see the glow of revolutionary insurrection in his googled, swirling eyes.

I always answered your questions, your weird swirling thing where you’re saying no, no.

In September, with questions swirling around Project Dragonfly, Pichai turned down an invitation to appear before Congress, generating a round of negative coverage.

Here’s his dive: So how did that swirling cloud of toxic gas get there in the first place?

You can add on a seat warmer and at the base of it, the swirling colors could match any gamer’s RGB setup.

Each performance, she spun faster and jumped higher, her floating trouser skirt in iridescent purple swirling.

Rumors of Toyota finally allowing Android Auto in its cars first started swirling last fall.

Toast seeds, swirling pan, for 2 minutes.

The swirling designs in vibrant colors show how much the fashion choices of the 1960s owe their origin to psychedelics.

Rumors have been swirling ‘Ye would make his big comeback this weekend in the desert.

The books do mention of whorls and swirling patterns in dragon eggs and fabrics, but there’s no greater meaning ascribed to them.

Fans of the books, in particular, know there are a lot of prophecies swirling around the Game of Thrones world.

“It kind of looks like the swirling crystals you’d see in a toy snow globe.

The visitor here is greeted by one of these rotating sculptures, “Lux 10” (1959), ablaze with a swirling accompanying light show.

I’m exhausted this go round, swirling with emotion and starving, like constantly.

The swirling controversy around his cheap condo rental from that oil and gas lobbyist, in particular, may violate federal standards, the letter states.

Paperwhite, whose swirling synth-pop is light and airy like a meringue but rooted in beats that propel each song (and your feet) forward.

Amid swirling reports about her love life, Grammy nominee Katy Perry spent Valentine’s Day running in the opposite direction of love… literally.

You are one of maybe three, four people that you could call the co-captain of the team on the issue swirling around DACA.

“When we went into the water, we’d have 70 or 80 sharks swirling around us at any one time,” he says.

Here, it’s the perfect foil for Fein’s Psychic Twin, a 20 minute mixtape of swirling atmosphere and drama.

Manny-Floyd rematch talks have been swirling since the second the final bell rang after Pacquiao’s somewhat surprising win over Keith Thurman last Saturday.

Marvel Studios has responded to the swirling controversy surrounding the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.

Reflected at Radcliffe’s feet is a glitchy, swirling pool of pixels.

To unlock the full, swirling vortex of feuds you actually have to go all the way back to the beginning of the year.

Inside was a foamy, golden brown liquid swirling around like a hurricane.

They’ve remained close since, with romance rumors about the two even swirling amid constant sightings of Anderson at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

  The Beyhive has been on red alert since rumors began swirling that Her Flyness would be taking the stage at the CMAs.

Public opinion polls have shown him swirling around the drain of the large Democratic primary field.

(Rumors began swirling alleging the reality star’s daughter was fathered by Jenner’s former bodyguard Tim Chung, which he has explicitly denied.)

Rumors their marriage hit the rocks started swirling after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Rumors are swirling in French media of other close advisers who may head out the door.

The swing of their door knocker hoop earrings echo the curve of green filigree swirling around them.

The swirling cloud and gusting winds around it are so enormous, the Earth’s blue is almost completely covered.

The swirling allegations have led other sexual assault victims to come forward to tell their stories.

Sprouse and Reinhart have kept mum on their relationship since dating rumors started swirling in May 2017.

I boiled the pasta and tossed it into the wok, swirling it with a flourish.

At the time these accusations were swirling, a significant minority of Republicans took them very seriously.

The 53-year-old filmmaker addressed the questions swirling around his marital status when he disclosed his divorce news to Reforma on Mar.

Even more so does “Sketches for Fresco” (circa 1510–11) with its open, swirling composition that implies two-way fluent virtual potentialities.

The track is serene yet eerie, calmly rippling at the surface while swirling with complex layers underneath.

They were swirling around an open face, two-story barn on the property of Jill McDermid-Hokanson and Erik Hokanson in Kingston, New York.

When the fireflies starting swirling around me.

So an unusually high number of bankers have been swirling around this deal.

Another day, another trip down the swirling spite-tornado that is Oracle v. Google.

On top of the drama about their lyrical feud, rumors began swirling about the two Grammy-nominated rappers being romantic lovers.

With all the are-they, aren’t-they rumors swirling around her, she confesses,“It really feels like high school.

This also really captures the unease of the post-9/11 world, and just the swirling emotions that we were all trying to make sense of.

In 2014, a year before the first lip kits dropped, rumors began swirling about whether Kylie had gotten cosmetic surgery — another Kardashian hallmark.

Rumors of a possible collaboration between Bronx-bred stars Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B have been swirling on social media since last year.

Alex: And with all that swirling in the pop culture blender, we have this boring turd of a episode.

There were also 1800s photographers carrying their glass plate cameras out into inclement weather to photograph swirling tornadoes.

Add 1 tablespoon of the butter, half the vanilla extract and the salt, gently swirling the pan to combine the butter as it melts.

It drifts between borderline-Beatles pop, swirling shoegaze, macabre balladry, and grubby pop-punk.

?” Mill tweeted after reports began swirling, adding: “He don’t need that he on fire already!

These and other questions were swirling around me when I went downstairs at the Studio Museum to see Hunt’s work.

“There’s been a lot of scrutiny and a lot’s been swirling.

Cook, swirling every here and there, until it smells nutty, about 6 minutes.

But the rumors had been swirling long before that.

In them, Koch fills the sheet of paper with swirling, centrifugal marks.

“You freak!” he bellows, chaos swirling around them.

Her technique runs the spectrum from daubs of frosting-like paint, to swirling, tender brushstrokes, rendered with a loaded brush, to delicate investigations of light.

Rumors had been swirling that with Ford entering his mid-70s, the whip-toting archaeologist might be played by a new actor.

Tracks like “Christian Dior” and “Faith” are cross-pond cousins to the swirling, nocturnal soundscapes of Noah “40” Shebib and the electricity of Doc McKinney.

As we reported … rumors have been swirling this week that Oprah might be considering a presidential bid for 2020.

The rival projections reflected the many unknowns swirling around the plan, expected to be unveiled in legislative form on Wednesday.

What follows is a guide to the biggest questions swirling around the Nunes memo.

They are black and white, almost sepia, and in ornate silver frames that wrap around the images with swirling shapes.

So what if I’ve just spent an hour collating and prepping the ingredients and another two-and-a-half hours swirling some gruel around a pan?

For months now, speculation has been swirling about whether the two are engaged.

The point is that most of the thoughts swirling around in your mind are useless iterations of thoughts you’ve had before.

The star would have been early in her pregnancy then, but there were no baby rumors swirling.

Rumors of a third data breach or leaker had been swirling among former NSA employees for around a year.

In the wake of her fiancé Nick Young‘s alleged on-camera cheating confession, rumors are swirling about the couple’s relationship status.

Rumors about performance-enhancing drugs were swirling around him, and that August, Rodriguez was one of 13 players suspended for using PEDs.

The wildly energetic, sinuous gestures of the drawings eerily mimic the rhythmic shapes of swirling feathers in the costumes.

For now, the mysteries are swirling: Just who is heroine Jyn Erso?

Now, gleaming tiles of swirling shades of blue, each hand-pressed by Tiffany and adorning a massive, column-flanked fireplace, immediately capture your attention upon entry.

Rumors started swirling last year that the 68-year-old Jenner had started dating the then 21-year-old Hutchins.

The trials and tribulations of a modern romance are brought together in a swirling kaleidoscopic sequence filled with overlapping miniature couples and smiling faces.

The appointment is welcome news given the questions swirling around some of Trump’s key associates.

Cook, swirling occasionally, until it bubbles rapidly and caramel forms, about 3 minutes.

swirling swaths of muted color dominate the canvas: solidity has given way to vertigo.

The shapes in the swirling, particulate cloud made to represent the body are odd, organic silhouettes that might be leaves and branches.

It also cuts out harmful plastic waste that interferes with terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, like the giant garbage island swirling in the Pacific Ocean.

swirling the dope in the spoon with the end of my plunger.

Speculation is swirling that he may try to pare back the Petrobras probe (though Brazilians fed up with bribery would not tolerate that).

These, then, are the questions swirling around Switzerland ahead of its referendum.

Pipe the remaining filling on top of the cake, swirling into a decorative pattern, and sprinkle with remaining nuts.

Obviously this isn’t the only piano line to take those swirling, complex feelings and translate them into something sparse and immediate.

The kaleidoscope has been shaken and the pieces are swirling.

This all forms the backdrop of Suspiria, the swirling chaos spotted in the background on radios and TV news broadcasts.

“Trials” is about a foreign lawyer’s plunge into this swirling injustice.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Daniel Zeller is a master of the intricately swirling, rippling, echoing line.

On the back of the flag is a rendering of swirling subdermal flesh, a miniature cosmos, more gorgeous than it is grotesque.

I’m exhausted this go round, swirling with emotion and starving, like constantly.

Frost, a game with swirling colors that you direct home (Vienna, Austria).

Unhelpful rumours have been swirling that the German government is drawing up a rescue plan for Deutsche.

For questions about the survival of big European banks to be swirling almost ten years after the financial crisis started is utterly damning.

Added air bubbles ensure a good, swirling mix and flashing light-emitting diodes give a suitably theatrical display.

The second, Donald Tsang, ended his term with allegations swirling around him of improper conduct (he denies them).

Dilma Rousseff was eventually tossed from office, but that didn’t stop corruption scandals from swirling.

Observation has given way to a celebratory stylisation, as swirling brushstrokes reflect exuberant patterns of clouds, trees, flowers and swelling ears of wheat.

For months now, speculation has been swirling about whether Jenner and Scott are engaged.

Rumours of a cabinet reshuffle had been swirling for months.

I asked about the lucid nature of his work, swirling colors, icons, and slightly off images together in a swath of psychedelic punk.

Meanwhile speculation is swirling around the question of Mr Comey’s successor.

During the performance, the Holosphere will illuminate with swirling galaxies, crackle with darts of electricity, and transform into slowly rotating alien planets.

The 32-year-old mixed martial artist sits in the lobby of a luxury hotel, surrounded by a swirling vortex of cameras.

With questions swirling about the growing size and influence of social networks, the president is determined to get some answers.

Rumours are swirling among tech experts about what might happen next.

The blast shattered windows a mile away and sent clouds of black smoke swirling above the city.

Hearings in the Senate shed little light on the allegations swirling around Washington.

After rumors began swirling that the church’s valuable artworks were easy to steal, town mayor revealed the truth behind the heist.

Scientists believe it’s in the swirling material of the rings that new moons can form.

For the sauce, melt the butter in a small pot over medium heat, swirling constantly.

When it begins to bubble and sizzle, keep swirling and watch carefully for browning.

Rumors are swirling in the comments section that wealthy Americans have bribed their way out of mention in the documents.

The interactive projections are based on recurring swirling patterns found in twisting smoke, shoals of fish, spiraling galaxies, and other natural events.

No, it’s a dolphin that can send itself swirling through the air!

Did my friends and family like him?” All those thoughts were swirling around in my head.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, debate is swirling about how to fix the electrical system and who should pay.

The president-elect is an unexpected victor, with questions still swirling around the story surrounding her.

Firms need to be transparent about how they will respond to a complaint, says Ms swirling.

The following explains the legal questions swirling around Whitaker’s appointment.

That is just as well, for managing the swirling eddies of central Europe’s politics presents enough of a challenge.

“I think what makes the pods so appetizing is the swirling hypnotic colors,” Berthiaume said.

After disasters, rich countries have more money swirling around, too.

Rumours of a possible merger between Ofo and Mobike have been swirling for weeks.

These are the kind of questions swirling through my head as I near The Alone Rush’s end.

For all the swirling controversy, Masterpiece Cakeshop could be a relatively easy case for the justices to decide.

But they’re not sure it will break through the swirling news environment.

However, along the way, rumors of an alleged affair between Burke and the married Lachey began swirling.

Other corruption investigations, including one looking into the awarding of contracts for new submarines and warships, are still swirling around the prime minister.

But rumors are swirling that conservative moguls want to create a new challenger, perhaps a channel that caters more to the alt-right.

I tried to forget everything about the swirling garbage tornado hurled against this Ghostbusters reboot.

Anyone who has admired the swirling patterns cream makes in coffee can appreciate this finding.

Though plenty of other names are swirling for leadership positions, there are few other public direct challenges to Pelosi.

Static, which Lemire relates as swirling smoke trails, filters out of the radio’s dusty speaker grill.

New, vaguely worded China-specific restrictions from the administration could have increased the uncertainty swirling around multinationals.

From above, they are eerily ethereal; bright white galaxies of cloud swirling around navel-shaped cores.

As whispers of her relationship with Garfield began swirling in November, Ora told PEOPLE: “I never know what I’m looking for.

But outside the club we needed to keep it moving, like sharks swirling their prey.”

swirling in the Us conversation is the idea that Adelaide’s son Jason is a Tether too.

“There are all kinds of rumors swirling around,” said Dunford while addressing hundreds of U.S. troops gathered Monday at a base in Afghanistan.

A jellyfish displayed swirling blue pinwheels.

It’s the thrill swirling in your gut while a plane is about to take off.

Meanwhile, rumors have been swirling that Teresa is romantically involved with Blake Schreck, a realtor who is 20 years her junior.

Titled All Jokes Aside, the release is a swirling adventure through and above the atmosphere we’ve come to expect from Dej Loaf.

The dirty-money scandal swirling around Danske is the largest ever uncovered.

A South Korean official may have put a point on the Trump’s swirling North Korea policy with a dig at the administration.

In 2004, however, Shyamalan released The Village, and a whole bunch of things that had been swirling around his head descended at once.

What resembled air-borne embers swirling from a campfire were actually LED lights in the birds’ leg bands, which historically were used to carry messages.

Many are fed up with the corruption allegations that have been swirling around him for months.

Another soothsayer argued that with rumors swirling about her health, Clinton should wear workout gear on the campaign trail.

Jupiter’s clouds have a stormy, gauzy quality, like cream swirling in the largest imaginable cup of coffee.

Jupiter’s north pole has eight storms swirling around its center.

Media reports are swirling about South Korea’s alleged plans to appoint a government official just to monitor Donald Trump’s tweets.

There are mountains and rivers and stone-speckled beaches and skies swirling with fluffy clouds.

Back on solid ground, Aladdin examines the lamp and notices something swirling inside.

Get lost in the swirling designs and effectively creepy audio below.

With rumors swirling that someone may come between them in Season 7, Mashable asked actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to weigh in.

The polar vortex is a semi-permanent area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere, with swirling westerly winds circulating around it.

Rumours are swirling that Foxconn has stopped some of its manufacturing for Huawei.

The swirling ocean winds at Pebble Beach can be nearly as frustrating for statistical modellers as they are for players.

Many of the lyrics on the album were inspired by the tumultuous emotions swirling inside Bennington as a result of his tortured upbringing.

(And for the last time: No, swirling around some post-blowie mouthwash probably isn’t enough to protect you.)

Her gentle figures and playful, swirling text convey one simple promise throughout: You are not alone.

Talk about a Mean Girls musical has been swirling since as early as 2012.

Uber fired him in May, and Kalanick resigned a month later, as other scandals swirling around the once-hot startup continued piling up.

The land will also feature two new attractions: a family-friendly coaster called the Slinky Dog Dash and an Alien swirling Saucers ride.

Rumors have been swirling about Hunter’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, giving birth in Philly Monday after having gone into labor Sunday night.

Other drivers responded by getting out of their car and lending support — trying to stop the swirling four wheel drive.

In the second-worst scandal to hit Donald Trump in the last two weeks, rumors are swirling about a recording of Trump saying the N-word.

After the end of their two-year romance was announced, reasons for the breakup have been swirling.

“These stories have been swirling about Cruz for some time,” Stone said in the article.

Birds swirling around the back of your house never feels like a good sign.

On Thursday, astronauts saw the ominous storm swirling from space.

The swirling field of movement that results is as light and graceful as a ballroom.

The latest batch of photos features swirling, hallucinatory clouds and storms.

Bronzer,” before jokingly swirling the tool all over her face and giggling at the same time.

The questions swirling around Virtual Console and other Switch launch concerns stem from Nintendo’s drip-feed approach to detailing how core features will work.

Rumors are even swirling that Gaga is trying to perform on the stadium’s roof.

But as popular as Buttigieg is right now, there are still a lot of questions swirling around his candidacy.

It melts beside her on a little paper plate, the rainbow colors swirling together into a puddle.

After romantic-looking photos surfaced of magician David Blaine and supermodel Naomi Campbell summering on a yacht, dating rumors immediately started swirling.

I want to ask you about another controversial thing about your experience — one of the things that’s been swirling around your candidacy recently.

But Zayn’s billowy, swirling vocals sell it so well that “Pillowtalk” becomes something better than it first set out to be.

Anthony Anderson didn’t shy away from the swirling Oscars controversy at the 47th annual NAACP Image Awards on Friday.

The two seas kissing each other results in different coloured waters swirling and merging.

Lumines is an entrancing Tetris-inspired puzzle game in which the falling blocks and swirling psychedelic backgrounds sync up around rhythmic interactions with the soundtrack.

The psychedelic backdrops expand outwards in virtual reality, with swirling flashes of light seeming to physically wash over you after each line clear.

Hannaford glides around the edges of this swirling mass of people, most of whom talk about him as if he is already dead.

Rumors the 2 were dating started swirling this week after they were spotted at an L.A. birthday party.

At first glance, the swirling white pattern in the images appear to be a hurricane or some other kind of fierce oceanic storm.

The swirling in the images is actually sea ice that has been sucked into and spun around by ocean currents in the area.

Rumors began swirling on social media after fans noticed Ambrose, 31, wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring on Monday Night Raw.

There was also less acrid black smoke swirling around with little sign of tyre-burning, as on previous weekends.

McClain denied getting information from the warrants, instead saying the high school was swirling with gossip after Syed’s arrest.

He shot down swirling rumors that he may even be angling for the post of US attorney general should Jeff Sessions step down.

The rival projections reflected the many unknowns swirling around the plan, expected to be unveiled in legislative form on Wednesday.

It’s just one of many kickback-type situations swirling around Trump and others involved in his campaign.

A swirling short depicts old phenakistoscopes, proto-cinematic devices that spun to create the illusion of a moving image.

Geopotential height anomalies, showing a pinwheeling area of cold swirling about just north of the U.S.-Canada border (circled).

The rival projections reflected the many unknowns swirling around the plan, expected to be unveiled in legislative form on Wednesday.

I have long wished that my joy could be visualized through a flurry of hearts swirling around my face (hasn’t everyone?

It isn’t slated to hit the market until 2019 or 2020, yet buzz has been swirling around it since the beginning of this decade.

But this year, swirling conspiracy theories are having very real consequences on my life.

Instead she uses it as a disruptive force, swirling around diminished minor keys.

Still, even with rumors swirling, it’s probably too early to piece together a full picture of the Galaxy S8.

Add salt and sage and cook, swirling until a nutty brown color emerges.

We all know about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, the extreme, Earth-sized storm that’s been swirling on the huge planet for decades.

There are a lot of questions still swirling around the Daniels case.

Moored in the Leith Docks, Phillips has dazzled the MV Fingal, a former lighthouse tender, with thick strokes of swirling blue, pink, and yellow.

Rumors are swirling that Arizona Republican Gov.

Having left no will, rumors have been swirling of infighting between Prince’s family over his estate.

An intense energy is swirling in your friendships.

Solveig Settemsdal was awarded the Jerwood Drawing Prize for “Singularity” (2016), a nine-minute video of swirling white ink in gelatine.

But for now, any romantic thoughts are swirling around her sister’s wedding.

For any whirl to form amid a fire, something must cause a swirling motion, like erratic winds or gusts spinning off hills or topography.

“The constant swirling airflows reduce pressure from fungus.

— a clear reference to the controversy swirling around him after the airing of “Surviving R.

But worries were swirling of a more traditional kind of war.

Broadway star Michael Feinstein recently said Liza was considering doing a big show with him, but then the weak vocal stories started swirling.

But given the allegations of fraud and corruption swirling around Trump, those returns could contain vital information.

All of my insecurities—the swirling remains of Theo’s defamation, hurt, and humiliation—riddled my next relationship.

When we last heard from Zlatan, he was talking about how much he enjoyed reading all the gossip and rumors swirling about his destination.

And yet, even with all of those projects swirling about her head, her daughter is still at the top of mind.

It’s moody, swirling, and beatless—a strangely crestfallen moment for the man born Magnus Høiberg.

“Rise” is a song that I have had swirling around in me.

With the deadline looming, there are plenty of big names in play and lots of rumors swirling.

There are also some ethical questions still swirling around this procedure.

Soon after, the girl became upset about rumors swirling at her school about her and Johnson, and her mother urged her to contact police.

Kochman has pointedly decided not to lump Kuenzel’s pleas into the loud calls challenging lethal injection methods currently swirling in the national news.

You’re swirling in this weird feeling, and that’s what I studied from his movies.”

The bubbling, boiling swirling roiling gasses which make up a star have discontinuities.

He wore an orchid on the lapel of his Tom Ford tuxedo with oversized cuffs, as a dramatic swirling diamond earring completed the look.

An artist’s conception of swirling matter around a black hole.

Once again, though, I decide to fully embrace the emotions swirling around in my body and go full in with the laughter.

Get lost in the swirling dust, the misty mountaintops, the great rolling plains… while you can.

swirling visuals of marbleized cat eyes and galaxy tableaus dazzle inside hard candies that dissolve into new patterns with a few licks.

However, the video would really not be complete without psychedelic, swirling visuals and terrifying 3D Sonic models and animations.

On Earth we live in the midst of a swirling atmospheric maelstrom.

It’s generally a more benevolent maelstrom than that of, say, Jupiter, but things are swirling around nonetheless.

As TMZ reported, Scott has been sharing the news with friends and unconfirmed rumors are swirling that it is a girl.

Rumors that Crews would be the voice actor for the newest hero started swirling last year.

swirling round their stories are elements of Arthurian myth and the Grail Legend.

The European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2A spacecraft caught sight of this swirling algal bloom (above) in the Baltic Sea in 2015.

NASA’s Aqua satellite snapped this photo of an turquoise algal bloom swirling in the Black Sea on May 29, 2017.

Amid swirling rumors the IOC could also award the 2028 games in Lima, Estanguet said his team was “focusing solely” on 2024.

A new video taken by cameras on the International Space Station show Hurricane Harvey swirling menacingly in the Gulf of Mexico.

Matt and Jimmy: all classic Hollywood feuds that keep fans guessing and gossip swirling.

Songs like “Twist,” a danceable, wide-open, seven-minute epic that boasts swirling strings and glitched out percussion, stand out in Yorke’s discography.

With complex struggle and counter-struggle swirling around the club, the reality is that its future is now in serious doubt.

Then, she turned to rumors that have been swirling about her marriage.

First, she posted a video to her Instagram story of a stand mixer swirling pink sprinkles into the cake batter.

// Super #Typhoon #Noru swirling in the Pacific Ocean.

Taut and intimate, it both settles into a swirling groove and explodes into dazzling highs.

The band morphed into a swirling blur of flying guitars, off-the-wall jumps, and, this being the mid-90s, baggy cargo pants.

A new video shows the storm swirling beneath the station from a few different angles during one of the space laboratory’s recent orbits.

But I absolutely am determined to make the most out of this situation and transform all of the energy swirling around into something great.

It’s why questions are already swirling about the future of Kevin Durant.

A full moon in Libra lands on Friday, bringing a time of increased mental energy and activity—plenty of ideas are swirling around your head!

Wind and water were immediately swirling around the room.

So now that you’re out of school or the office and trapped in swirling vortex of icy tomb, WHAT SHOULD YOU WATCH FIRST?

As whispers of her relationship with Garfield began swirling in November, Ora told PEOPLE: “I never know what I’m looking for.

Round and round we go, swirling through the ecstatic plug-hole of the evening—and then, snap.

Powerful emotional are swirling the atmosphere today, and you’re feeling vulnerable—which is a feeling you hate.

It’s a glitchy, auto-tuned trip through trap beats and swirling effects.

Across four records, each with a minimal numerical title, she’s slowly unfurled this intensely orchestrated pieces of swirling ambience.

There are no ads or in-app subscriptions — just a bunch of soothing, swirling bubbles.

If you look into the swirling brine before the next shot, you’ll see the turkey’s skin start to spin too.

It features a set of swirling synths, spiraling out into multiple directions and further distorting the sound.

Headed into this year’s French Open, there were a lot of uncertainties swirling around in women’s tennis.

The story, as dramatic and swirling as it is, hasn’t been told in its entirety.

Rumors are swirling that NEM wasn’t the only cryptocurrency stolen from Coincheck.

Markle has been dating Prince Harry for more than a year, and engagement rumors have been swirling for months.

They got engaged in summer 2018 and confirmed the news in August, about a month after rumors of an engagement first started swirling.

“Gooeyness” is definitely a term that comes to mind when watching just about anything DeepDream, between the swirling and the eyeballs.

Once batter is smooth, remove the hot cast-iron skillet from the oven and add 1 tablespoon butter, swirling it around to coat the pan.

This threat prompts Han to plot a course through the Akkadese Maelstrom, a dangerous region of swirling space matter surrounding Kessel.

Rumors have been swirling about a potential Jersey Shore reunion, and it seems it’s finally arrived—in the form of a Burger King commercial.

A short new video from the space station shows a swirling Michael moving northwest at 12 miles an hour.

Amid the speculations already swirling around Apple’s iPhone announcement next month, here’s another rumor to tack onto the growing list.

ABC recently canceled the country-themed drama, but reports have been swirling this week that CMT will be reviving it.

Songs like “Okinawa Fantasia” offer a sort of sunny bliss; each swirling synth-marimba melody evokes an impossible world to lose yourself in.

Instead, these swirling, colorful digital pieces literally transcend the boundaries that usually divide works of art.

The 45-second video clip shows off the Category 5 storm’s swirling clouds and pinhole eye in the Caribbean on September 19.

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“Klay Thompson trade rumors are swirling around the NBA,” read the headline on a “moments” story compiled by Twitter.

They are hulking, swirling, monsters, primed to turn any decent nightclub inside out, and happily they sound just as great at home, too.

swirling together visible-spectrum paints with UV-reactive glazes, the “dip” creates a pretty pattern in daylight, and completely transforms its wearer under a blacklight.

It didn’t take long for the rumors of a wedding to start swirling in the hours following the ceremony, however.

“Picked up in the mass of the swirling wind, picked up and tossed just like a ragdoll,” said Duke’s owner, Lewis Vannoy.

For all its apparent simplicity, it is a swirling world of chaos, where rules collapse under its wily sonic logic.

Rumours are already swirling about Edwin Encarnacion.

With suspicions swirling, Gallaudet banned him from campus.

Shadow bands appeared, waves of light that look like heatwaves swirling as twilight and totality descends.

Today, they’re sharing a new single called “Mage Image,” a blast of swirling grit that follows the sickly title of the record.

Republicans on other committees are trying to work on a tax-reform package despite the distractions swirling around them.

The phalanx of marketers, handlers and reporters swirling about him on NFL Draft day in Chicago — they all know this, too.

Rumors that she was about to step down or be pushed aside have been swirling in the fashion industry for weeks.

You’re feeling like you’re lacking perspective, and with the Moon in moody Cancer, emotions are swirling at the speed of light.

swirling winds from a passing storm halted play throughout the first inning as sand and debris whipped around the field.

It flows unpredictably, swirling delicately like the puddles that form along the shoreline, or rushing dangerously from melody to melody like a riptide.

With all the gossip swirling around the couple, Jolie’s camp saw fit to issue a second, eerily similar declaration Tuesday.

Rumors began swirling late last week that the photo-sharing app had miraculously decided to reverse the two-year-old decision to implement an algorithmic feed.

The swirling landscape of wooden shards often surround a central character, whether he is a leaping buck or lost-in-the-rain wooden doll.

She can’t shake the questions swirling in her mind.

Rumors of Tyler the Creator’s hand in producing this track are swirling, too.

At first I could only make out subtle light shifts, everything was just a swirling grey fog with no perceptible shapes.

Speculation is swirling that U.S. President Donald Trump will announce his choice to replace Yellen at the Fed next year.

Sweet, swirling, and serene from the first note, the vocal-heavy track contains all the flirtatiousness of locking eyes with someone from across the dancefloor.

I love brushing the swirling cowlick at the crown of his head, which has finally rounded out from its post-trauma, cashew shape.

Illegal crop burning in farming states surrounding New Delhi, vehicle exhausts and swirling construction dust have contributed to what has become an annual crisis.

Kelly, best known for his hit single “I Believe I Can Fly,” has for years denied accusations of abuse swirling around him.

You can still feel the water coming down but you’re not swirling around in it and letting it push you down.

Prince Mohammed arrived under swirling controversy over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

Scientists are reluctant to reveal any secrets but rumours are swirling with regards to an obscure cortex known as Deep Baby Brain.

He rose, a red jacket covering his broad chest, hair swirling around wide shoulders as he moved.

All of those feelings are swirling in my head as I’m taking in my long lost cousins’ stories.

A swirling maze-like decline of staircases is a beauty in design.

They give each other little smooches, and in the background you can see all the fish and the birds swirling together.

You can’t help but feel small against the black sky and the swirling clouds above.

I would think of cars I like, and subsequently hear the words “Datsun” and “Bentley” swirling around my mind.

There are other things swirling among that too.

The revelation adds to information swirling around the singer’s death.

(CNN)Rumors started swirling on Tuesday that the news was coming.

It might mean they liked the catchy tune, the swirling light effects, or Jamala’s snazzy Crimean Tatar-inspired costume.

Cannon and the singer collaborated in a music video and dating rumors have been swirling ever since.

That said, there are numerous political undercurrents swirling beneath the surface of the tournament, and various tensions threatening to burst forth.

In February, a social media storm began swirling among parents who discovered mold in these cups.

As if the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio didn’t have enough swirling around it, add this: floating debris and polluted water.

Temporary masterpiece A Turkish artist recreates a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece — “The Starry Night” — on water, before simply swirling it away.

Logan Takahashi is one half of Teengirl Fantasy, the dreamy duo best known for swirling, emotive, poppily-psychedelic electronica classics like “Portofino”, and “Cheaters.”

Questions, he says, are swirling through his mind.

Scientists discovered massive waves of ammonia swirling deep within Jupiter’s thick upper atmosphere.

Probing 60 miles (100 km) below the clouds, the team discovered a link between the swirling surface clouds and the churning gases below.

The dollar fell against the yen as escalating geopolitical concerns added to lingering worries over U.S. trade policy and domestic scandals swirling around Trump.

In Malaysia, there’s currently a lot of drama swirling around a fast-growing craze.

It kind of sounds like a science experiment, what with the swirling and the transformations.

After which Raymond attempted to move through the gallery with a swirling crowd of fans, assistants, and collectors shuffling around him.

This massive, swirling generator lets a little bit of life out and enters our human forms when we are born.

Cook for 3 minutes more, then slowly add the remaining butter, swirling and whisking to incorporate before adding in the next cube.

For a picture of the category five hurricane swirling around Republican legislators this congressional recess, consider freshman House Republican Matt Gaetz of Florida.

1 around after winning a semi (despite the doping allegations swirling around her), King promised to “swim my heart out for USA.”

(CNN)Marion Cotillard has broken her silence on rumors swirling around her relationship with Brad Pitt.

They huddled against a Peshmerga berm, sitting disconsolately in the swirling dust.

Add about 1/2 cup|125 ml crepe batter into the pan, swirling it into a thin and even layer covering the pan.

But the GOP nominee’s wife, Melania Trump, did not seem as impressed with the comment about the swirling accusations around the Republican nominee.

One shows Grace roaring out the lyrics in a mask, and the other expertly swirling a hula-hoop round her waist.

She says that one of the challenges swirling around e-cigarettes is that there are nearly 8,000 products on the market today.

Iman’s belly is so big that even under her swirling black robes, I can tell she is pregnant.

Hurricane Matthew’s rains have already started to fall in Southern Florida, swirling in with wind speeds of 125 miles an hour and climbing.

Controversy was already swirling around the July decision after Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport.

No one mentioned the current storm swirling around the FBI.

But that all hinges on Reddit defining clear, consistent, empathetic policy that will help it surf atop the sewage swirling around the internet.

There are some conflicting allegations swirling around this story.

Chris Christie will still lead Donald Trump’s transition team despite the swirling Bridgegate controversy.

That’s just not appropriate right now.” Sprouse, 25, and Reinhart have kept mum on their relationship since rumors started swirling in May 2017.

Its accompanying music video is similarly minimal and muted, stringing together swirling, slow-motion images of floating white specks and colored liquids.

DAY 7: TEAM TAKES SHAPE Rumors are swirling and strategists are squabbling over Trump’s possible cabinet picks.

Speculation is now swirling around the Texas senator over a possible cabinet appointment in Trump’s administration.

As he comes at you, he’s almost totally engulfed in his own swirling, blood-red cape, which consumes most of the cover.

Meanwhile, Trump’s weekend meeting with Mitt Romney has set secretary of state rumors swirling.

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