Superhero in a sentence | Use of the word superhero examples

If it did the same with Fox programming, Netflix would lose “The Simpsons,” the “Star Wars” franchise and all Marvel superhero films.

Am I down for a TV show where Elisabeth Moss plays a feminist vigilante superhero who takes down a bunch of rapists?

It’s the superhero angle that really gets me, I think.

How about a superhero show?

The result, however, was promising: Now there are hints that Marvel is considering an all-female superhero movie.

Imagine if the lesson Hollywood learned from this movie is that the path to making a good superhero film is to cater to women.

(Though at this point, is the success of any Marvel superhero movie really a “surprise”?)

One thing that’s interesting and cool about superhero video games is that the most popular superheroes don’t kill their enemies.

But don’t let her looks fool you—the naked mole rat is the superhero of the animal kingdom.”

He was also immature, messy, and maybe not the most efficient superhero.

Most superhero movies are, in some sense, science fiction films, derived from vaguely sci-fi scenarios and concepts; so are most video game adaptations.

People felt real grief when characters disappeared in Infinity War; audience members cried in a way I rarely hear during a superhero film.

They’re too dull, too ordinary and too straight, whether they’re mired in superhero clichés or remodeled kitchen-sink realism.

superhero television shows typically don’t have the budget required to keep up with comic artists’ imaginations.

The movie obviously doesn’t want to look like any superhero movie — animated or live action — that you’ve ever seen.

The movie, quickly and briefly, foreshadows Monica’s comic book origins as a superhero capable traveling at the speed of light.

Where Morrison applied a Dadaist framing to his idea of the superhero team, Pollack infuses her story arcs with influences from Jewish mysticism.

The superhero beatdown in Batman v Superman is presented at face value.

This is an R-rated superhero movie.

On this one, we were sort of able to do our un-superhero superhero movie.

Is this the first R superhero?

On this one, we said, “Let’s do where we’re never talking about being a superhero.

I don’t really like superhero movies.

If you want to watch a superhero movie, you can go do that.

When asked to name the “better all-around superhero,” 42 percent chose Captain America, while 28 percent chose Iron Man.

But Iron Man supporters shouldn’t fret, because people view him as the stronger superhero.

Masuku is currently working on the fifth comic in the Razor-Man series as well as a superhero comic called Arcadia Knights.

Arcadia Knights is a team superhero book about people who just found themselves with powers.

What happens if the younger adult audience (the one watching all those superhero movies) starts to drift away?

One of the names escaped him, but we’re pretty sure he was referring to a certain superhero.

It’s still rare, especially in the action and/or superhero genre, to show multiple women being capable at once.

Black Panther, the first superhero movie ever nominated for Best Picture, is in third with seven.

Luke Cage faltered in the second half of the season and seemed to be suffering from superhero overload.

Still, the superhero gravy train rolls on and The Defenders will hit Netflix in August.

My love for M.Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable—a superhero thriller from the pre-MCU era (2000)—starts with an origin story.

And with Glass on the way—sequel to Unbreakable and standalone successor Split (2016)—we’ll be 19 years into a slow-burning superhero franchise.

But as far as superhero films go, it was several years ahead of its time for deconstructing the excess of cinematic comic-book adaptations.

Which makes sense: Musk might not be an actual superhero, but he does his best to play one in real life.

Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ marine opera superhero flick, has one post-credits scene.

Give him enough time and he can take down any villain and superhero with a cunning plan.

A lot of our superhero friends have been turned to dust by Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet.

Within the pop culture sphere, Spider-Man’s origin story has become an American superhero nativity scene of sorts.

How ya gonna break the superhero‘s weapon at the premiere???

It looks epic and exciting, almost like a superhero film.

In other words — sorry, superhero movies … you’ll have to fight for a Best Picture nod like everyone else.

Wonder Woman is easily the most misunderstood high-profile superhero in pop culture.

In 1961, Lee’s boss saw a rival publisher’s success with caped crusaders and told Lee to dream up a superhero team.

Renee Cox also ventures into the superhero story with a print of her as “Raje” on top of the Statue of Liberty.

Vulnerability in superhero movies is not new.

Lee’s new vision for superhero narratives was characterized by a focus on realism.

The X-Men, helmed by Raven/Mystique (Lawrence) and Charles Xavier (McAvoy), have basically become America’s on-call superhero team.

She is a superhero, a pioneer, and the leader of our sport.”

He likes old-fashioned superhero stories where the superhero is just some ordinary blue-collar American.

Released by Disney-owned Marvel, it was the first superhero film to feature a predominantly black cast.

Fans have loved the film overall, and it really is one of the better superhero films of the past few years—by a long shot.

We know women go to superhero movies and buy superhero comics.

The point is, Patty Jenkins got to be in the superhero ballpark, financially, which is sadly unprecedented for a woman.

superhero films with women in lead roles aren’t usually given that kind of chance, nor are women-directed blockbusters of any kind.

If anything, superhero films are probably the best place to take risks on young filmmakers.

“The question will be how many female-driven superhero movies, and how many female-driven projects will be developed now?”

I asked her if she’d like to tackle a superhero movie at Marvel, and she’s definitely game.

The underlying lesson of every Marvel superhero story is to never give up.

Now, television isn’t necessarily a bad place for a superhero series to live.

If it’s good, there will be more Warner Bros. superhero flicks on the way.

There’s something a little bit strange about a man putting so much stock in a superhero movie.

Black Panther is now the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

And that could have a huge effect on the future of superhero films.

The result is the best, most vibrant superhero brawl in recent memory.

Karemaker actually draws himself retreating to the comfort of superhero books as a child, particularly while navigating the difficulty of fitting-in.

After the bell, Disney edged up 0.5 percent after it reported its quarterly results that were powered by the hit superhero movie “Black Panther”.

Zephyr, a superhero who happens to be plus-size.

superhero nudity — particularly of the male variety — almost never happens in mainstream comics.

I thought that was the most modern version of a superhero or superheroine story I had ever heard.

They either get fetishized as all superhero, SEALs, medal of honor winners, or people don’t know them at all.

But fans of superhero movies will be used to this particular problem.

The Academy has traditionally never really smiled upon superhero movies.

At Howard University’s commencement on May 7, the leader of the free world talked about a superhero.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits the sweet spot where fans of superhero blockbusters, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones overlap.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is clearly modeled on well-established superhero genre conventions.

The latest models are marked MK followed by the number – a tribute to comic book superhero Iron Man and his MK armor suits.

But while the arc is predictable, it also feels surprisingly fresh, if you take it as a superhero story.

As it turns out, a good, wholesome way to take our minds off all the horror that is 2017 is watching superhero movies.

The only people who would benefit from Suicide Squad not being very good are those who feel Hollywood is overrun with superhero movies.

AOC tells us the entire process has been humbling, and she’s hoping the comic will inspire people to discover their inner superhero.

It’s worth remembering that many elements of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were silly spins and spoofs of superhero staples.

And so I’ve moved to doing superhero analogies because that’s the only thing they understand, is juvenile 12-year-old boy talk.

Whether a superhero is willing to kill people is one of the biggest tells in comics.

It’s a superhero film that follows all of the basic tropes of a superhero film.

This song actually has nothing to do with Iron Man, the superhero.

Unless there’s a show about a superhero chasing a pair of sentient scissors that goes around cutting off innocent penises?

And the only superhero movie that has yet to arrive is Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which seems like a tough sell.

But it goes without saying that they’re not always the best targets for, say, the latest superhero film.

Copra is a superhero comic about immediacy, and follows a bunch of super-powered vigilantes who work on a job-by-job basis.

Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for its antihero superhero film Suicide Squad on Tuesday, January 19.

THE BREAKDOWN: This parody of the superhero movie industrial complex is essentially one big reference next to a drunk middle finger.

There isn’t a show or current superhero movie with better fight scenes than Daredevil.

Hell, she even plays a superhero in Carol Danvers, a.k.a.

We hold out for too long, because we grew up watching Disney and superhero movies and have unrealistic expectations (“Something Just Like This”).

That’s my favorite superhero.

For the hijabi, ninja-like superhero Qahera, this is the sound of “misogynistic trash”.

It is the Arabic name for the city of Cairo, and today it is also the name of Egypt’s Muslim female superhero.

—CG Will Warner Bros.’s next chapter of superhero films be wondrous?

Fast Color is part dystopian thriller, part high-concept science fiction, part superhero movie, made on a modest budget.

Earlier this year, Reddit turned a random Philadelphia man who likes to stand over subway grates into an internet superhero.

Sleight is a rare animal: an intimate coming-of-age drama for grown-ups starring a black teenager that doubles as a cool superhero origin story.

Munroe’s sculptures “Bushman #1,” “Bushman #2,” and “Tale of Twin Gods” convey the raw energy of a superhero.

Millar and Marvel’s new story saw the two dealing with a superhero disaster that results in the deaths of several children.

In this game, the kids have swapped fantasy for comics, with each taking on a superhero persona.

He regularly experimented with deconstructing the idea of a superhero in those works.

Jupiter’s Circle, a nostalgic, Mad Men–like superhero period piece, came out the month before Mad Men ended.

If you see yourself as a superhero in that world, then Captain America offers the correct path.

But they both converge on a single idea: the responsibility of being a superhero.

The very best seasons of Netflix’s numerous superhero series have been defined by their charismatic villains.

I’m not entirely sure why Marvel and Netflix are wed to 13-episode seasons of their superhero shows.

Okay, you might think, “That’s a superhero movie.

So Goodman asked Lee and Kirby to come up with a superhero team that could rival the Justice League.

Parker was the first teenage superhero whose anxieties, fears, joys, successes, and failures were treated with respect.

Later that same year, Millar published the gorgeous Huck, about a superhero who just wants to do good.

And like an architectural superhero (perhaps Thor’s distant cousin?

There are two kinds of criminal masterminds in superhero films.

It had Wiki, Ratking cohort Sporting Life and Grime ambassador Skepta dropping jewels about Nestle and marvel superhero Blade over an infectious marimba-sounding beat.

In most tellings, the current age of superhero movies began in earnest in 2000, with Bryan Singer’s X-Men.

It had a completely novel design that promised players a superhero experience that they’d never been able to have before.

“That works really well in a video game because it’s very physically expressive, so we made a superhero game.”

Few if any superhero games had executed fun and intuitive flight.

“It’s not like we were the first to do an open-world superhero game,” Fox said. “

Developers from Radical and Sucker Punch likewise had not crossed paths before finding out about the other’s superhero title.

“Everybody is now watching superhero movies and they are inspiring young Pakistanis, so we really needed something like this store.

We spoke to a few of them in their finest superhero and villain gear.

My favorite superhero is Batman.

Launched in May of 1999, The Authority expanded on Stormwatch’s ideas, building its stories around massive destruction and tough questions about superhero ethics.

If teenagers need superhero comics, then this is what they should be like — pure bloody adrenaline, strange days, and big things blowing up.

In many ways, The Authority was a critique of the entire genre of superhero comics.

Batman v Superman dealt with question about superhero morality, especially with regard to the collateral damage caused by superhero action.

That sort of grim self-criticism has yet to take hold in the world of superhero movies, which hasn’t experienced an extended bust cycle.

The vast collection of superhero comic books is a space for both readers and creators to work stuff out.

superhero comics have always been more about those who read and make them than the characters in them.

There’s also a reason we’re now seeing a solo Captain Marvel film rather than one about a more historically famous female superhero.

Just like the first Guardians film, it’s really a family comedy disguised as a superhero flick.

The film’s creative team clearly believes that a superhero movie’s top priority should be, above all else, to inspire indomitable joy.

A recent trend in superhero films is that they’re allergic to color.

Unlike all of the other comic book movies that filled out the top five, John Wick isn’t a famous character or a superhero.

superhero films are the dominant cinematic force right now.

It kicked off the era of superhero films, which now looks as if it will last roughly until the heat death of the universe.

But Suicide Squad wasn’t the only not-great superhero movie of the year.

When it comes to Warner Bros.’ recent superhero movies, there’s a tension between audience response and critical reception.

For instance, take 2006’s Superman Returns, one of the most poetic and best films of the recent superhero boom.

superhero movies can get by with a less-than-memorable villain if their other elements are strong.

This year’s crop of middling superhero movies weren’t good movies, nor did they have good villains.

There is, of course, a bit of chicken-and-egg thinking in the idea that the superhero boom was born out of 9/11.

But the movie’s final battle scene, when she finally shows up to take on Doomsday with the boys, is its sole superhero moment.

America, meet your newest superhero: He likes protectionist trade policies!

Okay, it’s not a real superhero.

Similarly, it’s not as if there weren’t successful superhero movies in the pre-Spider-Man world.

Hollywood had seen several superhero stories rake in cash before 9/11, and that meant more superhero stories would have followed regardless of national events.

Sony Pictures As America’s response to terrorism has shifted and mutated, superhero films have shifted and mutated along with it.

The shift, subtle though it may be, highlights how important color is to storytelling in the superhero genre.

The Dark Knight (2008) addresses nearly every method the Bush administration used to combat terrorism in superhero terms.

Indeed, most pre-9/11 superhero films featured more earthbound supervillain plots.

Yet even Marvel increasingly embraces the way the superhero echoes have curdled.

superhero movies will not be dominant forever.

Increasingly, superhero films aren’t just dealing with the aftereffects of 9/11.

To be clear, Marvel movies have a high floor and a pretty standard ceiling; even the most middle-of-the-road entries are good superhero movies.

For Marvel, Civil War’s big weekend offers a jolt of confidence that the company can steadily grow its solo superhero franchises.

Will they improve defensively so Cam Talbot doesn’t have to be a superhero on most nights?

I don’t want to explain for the rest of my life that he wasn’t named after a superhero.

—EV I think of Thor: Ragnarok less as yet another Asgardian entry into the superhero genre and more as an ensemble comedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy is no mere superhero film; it’s a comedy that works as a mission statement.

—AAS Endgame’s climactic battle sequence is easily the most colossal superhero brawl ever created.

And when that white-hot bolt makes impact, toddler-faced Billy turns into the buff, super-speedy, lightning-wielding superhero known as Shazam.

And it’s still the standard that superhero movies will be compared to.

Black Panther is a movie where black royalty becomes a superhero.

It’s a movie where that superhero’s entourage is composed of dark-skinned black women who are fierce and strong and unbelievably smart.

Black Panther isn’t a black superhero movie.

Like many of its fellow Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics superhero movies, Shazam is an origin story.

Much has been made of Warner Bros.’ difficult foray into superhero smashers post-Christopher Nolan.

Nolan’s The Dark Knight is grisly, powerful, and the pinnacle of superhero storytelling.

superhero comic books are about selling, and twists like these sell.

Blurring the lines between artist and viewer, the artist contends that we’re all worthy of superhero status.

For all the DNA it shares with superhero shows and teen soaps alike, Marvel’s Runaways isn’t quite like anything else on television.

A team of researchers at Brigham Young University found that viewing superhero movies led to an increase in aggressive behavior among preschoolers.

superhero fans were much more receptive to “Aquaman” than previous DC titles, branding this entry with an A- CinemaScore.

[Jeff John Roberts / Fortune] RIP, Stan Lee, the superhero of superheroes.

The very idea of a superhero, someone whose very being is just better than everybody else, carries certain fascistic overtones.

The best superhero stories, consequently, are aware of this troubling undertone and either examine it or deconstruct it in interesting ways.

Believe it or not, this is a relatively recent problem for the superhero genre.

As far as superhero movies go, it’s usually pretty easy to tell who the villain is.

“Black Panther” is one of the only superhero blockbusters to feature a mostly African-American and African cast.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther will be the first solo black superhero movie in Marvel’s current cinematic universe.

(The majority of characters in Marvel’s superhero stories so far have been white or European.)

I hesitate to call Legion a superhero series due to the simple fact that David’s not your typical superhero.

No matter what, Legion is one of the most promising TV shows, superhero or not, in recent memory.

“It was simple in its endeavor to recreate the past of the DC superhero universe in the golden age and retell that story.

The superhero showdown will debut the new iterations of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Flash (Ezra Miller), and Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

I would love to be a plus-sized black superhero from Brooklyn ‘cause I already am a superhero!

The unspoken truth of the Fast & Furious franchise is that it’s really an undercover superhero film.

The Fate of the Furious tosses away its civilian alter ego, goes full superhero, and leans into the absolute ridiculousness of its characters.

Hobbs’s feats of superhero strength are highlighted throughout the film, as he obliterates any human he touches.

That’s a superhero right there.

This lack of personality makes her feel more like an action figure or toy soldier than a superhero.

First, all successful Hollywood franchises right now are essentially superhero franchises.

If any superhero won 2017, it was Wonder Woman, who finally got her starring vehicle and really made it count.

The film renewed fans’ hope that Warner Bros. could make a good superhero film and left them begging for a sequel.

Donald Trump is not subtle about telling voters that he was going to be a superhero.

The savior was just another guy, with good points and bad points, but not an immortal superhero.

It’s hard to name another scene from one of 2017’s many superhero movies that’s as indelible as this one.

X-Men: First Class’s stylish Cold War superhero team-up movie is nothing like X-Men: Days of Future Past’s dystopian time-travel adventure.

But it’s also resulted in superhero films that take risks, delve into different genres, and play around with different modes of storytelling.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man gets immortalized in a thematically stylized blue-and-red portrait, encroached upon by the superhero‘s iconic web approaching from the side.

Top Gun was the biggest, cockiest superhero movie of its time Charlie, on the other hand, at least appears to have functioning ambitions.

The cure is Legends of Tomorrow, simply the weirdest, wildest superhero show out now.

Everyone knows that Hollywood runs on superhero movies.

And everyone knows that superhero movies are made by men, for boys.

Though if you watch his superhero movies, it’s not that fans have any reason to think otherwise.

The term has a long history that existed way before superhero movies and geek culture fused with mainstream pop culture.

Sweet/Vicious has its fun with the clumsy superhero antics and hijinks, but never forgets why Jules and Ophelia are targeting these specific men.

A female superhero.

We should do a superhero film!

I know: Keeping up with every piece of superhero entertainment in our current cultural landscape is exhausting.

Marvel has developed a standard for what audiences can expect going into a superhero movie.

The number of critically acclaimed superhero movies Marvel’s produced vastly outnumber Fox’s best X-Men movies.

X-Men: First Class is a stylish, charming superhero period piece set in the Cold War era.

But it’s also resulted in superhero films that take risks, delve into different genres, and play around with different modes of storytelling.

But X-Men really kicked it off for me in terms of superhero comics, and it made me want to create my own.

There hasn’t been a superhero film of this scale whatsoever.

They made a movie where the superhero is black—and not only that, but an overwhelming majority of the cast is black.

Even though some individual movies did very well — most notably the crowd-pleasing superhero trio of Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Disney previously acquired Pixar Animation Studios, superhero studio Marvel Entertainment and “Star Wars” producer Lucasfilm and has given them a large degree of autonomy.

Then came Wonder Woman, the first superhero tentpole movie ever directed by a woman.

Each issue of SuperPro plays out as standard superhero fare.

We will probably never be blessed with a baseball superhero who inadvertently unlocks his power after receiving an accidental dose of human growth hormone.

Black with a red waistband, the full-length bodysuit looked striking on Williams, a new mom; she was likened to a superhero in the ensemble.

You can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpowers.

In his afterlife, he has become a superhero, a mega-meme, the internet’s gorilla.

With director Patty Jenkins at the helm, Wonder Woman is also the first female-led superhero movie since the dismal days of Elektra and Catwoman.

Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, is the third film in the Thor franchise — often considered one of Marvel’s less notable superhero franchises.

I had assumed that achieving a superhero body was something that was—I don’t know—ten or 15 pounds away?

And even more importantly, these possible nominees run the gamut from superhero movies to horror movies to musicals.

The knock on Warner Bros. is that it’s too focused on dark and gritty superhero movies.

That kind of accomplishment could be a game changer for a company that dragged its feet in giving a black superhero a solo movie.

Black Panther was the American superhero of 2018.

And that could have a huge effect on the future of superhero films.

Wonder Woman was the first movie from Warner Bros. to focus on a solo female superhero.

Now the sequel to Wonder Woman is currently filming, and there’s an all-women Warner Bros. superhero movie in production.

This might result in the emergence of female superhero movies.

But despite all the flash and sizzle, X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t as good as this month’s other superhero movie, Captain America: Civil War.

and their empathy for one another that make the X-Men my favorite superhero team.

It makes for an absurdly fun, live-action-cartoon approach to superhero TV.

In a world saturated with superhero stories and comic book adaptations, AMC’s Preacher has managed to be nothing like the rest.

Unbreakable (2000) is a terrific movie, a gloomy, surprisingly moving take on superhero stories.

Vox will have a more complete review from our superhero expert Alex Abad-Santos closer to the film’s release.

It’s refreshingly more ambivalent about the answer than most superhero movies.

Now, we’re finally getting a female-fronted superhero movie in the upcoming Captain Marvel, and on Tuesday we got our first official trailer.

(The network has opted to turn Friday into its sci-fi night, with Once Upon a Time and its Marvel superhero shows, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In one scene, the blockbuster superhero movie touches on issues of provenance, repatriation, diversity, representation, and other debates currently shaping institutional practices.

You don’t always know when they’ll show up, but each time they do, it’s like a superhero showdown.

These qualities are either absent or unmentioned in the film, but it does nonetheless feature a breakthrough in queer superhero representation.

Both stories mix superhero comic conventions with tropes from other genres — in particular the Western.

Plenty of superhero movies have their hearts in the right place without necessarily delivering a coherent message.

Indeed, at times Mangold has pushed back against the idea that the superhero “genre” even exists.

Sure, on the one hand it is a superhero movie, with a brutal action showdown between a bunch of characters with incredible powers.

His other packages, which cost a flat-fee of about $50, have names like “Greek God,” “Warrior Shredding,” and “superhero Bulking.”

If Doctor Strange’s visuals are the future of Marvel’s grand design, all those warnings about “superhero fatigue” will have been false alarms.

The titular protagonist is, of course, a black superhero.

Then there’s the superhero bruiser aspect of the series, which relies heavily on corruption within the NYPD.

Luke Cage is a story about a superhero with indestructible black skin.

And in 2018, she is going to be Marvel’s first female superhero since 2005 to have her own movie.

Her powers fell into traditional superhero lore, and were similar to those initially borne by Superman.

What does a woman superhero mean for Marvel Studios and the MCU?

Constance Grady: Captain Marvel is the first MCU film to feature a woman superhero in the sole title role.

It has to give women a superhero in whom they can see themselves and their lives (one character!

It’s really hard to tag down exactly how this superhero of a woman shot this bow and arrow with her feet.

But weirdly, in the first few months of 2017, the X-Men are everywhere, in some of the most acclaimed superhero projects of the moment.

By now, the superhero film has become so familiar to us that it’s forgivable to feel a little bored by it.

Besides, Americans want a superhero as president, someone who can do it all.

Legion is even more driven by the unique powers of its central character, rather than superhero tropes.

Both Logan and Legion explore what it means to force superhero characters to behave by the rules of other genres.

After all, wouldn’t a superhero heist movie be fun?

How about a superhero film noir, or a superhero rom-com?

“Wonder Woman is smart, slick, and satisfying in all of the ways superhero films ought to be.”

“‘Avengers: Infinity War’ demonstrated yet another Marvel superhero power,” Paul Dergarabedian, an analyst at comScore, said.

Director Patty Jenkins has made one of the best superhero movies ever.

“An electrifying, breathtaking cinematic achievement … Amazing performances, pulse-pounding action, and outstanding visuals make it one of the best superhero movies of all time.”

It manages to power through the clichés of a superhero origin story.

It is outrageously bold and confident, insanely fun and thrilling, powerfully dramatic, and delightfully amusing, all rolled into one epic superhero outing.”

She feels like a genuine superhero, intent on protecting those in need — you can tell, even when she’s wearing glasses.”

No superhero roles for me.

There are plenty of superhero stories, on both page and screen, that are colorful, funny, and ultimately optimistic.

Now, Pratt’s doing what any superhero would … saving a friend.

For the past eight years, Marvel has been teaching a clinic in how to make superhero flicks.

superhero movies are often dismissed as teen adventure flicks writ large.

One reason Batman has been so intriguing for so long is that he hovers unpredictably on that line between superhero and antihero.

If Civil War is now the new standard for superhero movies, take my money and let everyone know I’m Team Cap.

Sacrificing the individual rubs our Kantian intuitions — our sense of what a “superhero” is — the wrong way.

Blockbuster superhero movies never do that.

superhero movies still dominated the box office, accounting for five of the year’s 10 highest-grossing films.

There are now 21 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Captain Marvel, which is Marvel Studios’ first solo female superhero film.

During a SXSW panel on Saturday called “superhero Science,” “Black Panther” co-writer Joe Robert Cole called out Tony Stark a.k.a.

1000, a special issue that commemorates the superhero’s legacy and his first appearance in 1938’s Action Comics No.

Every so often, little kids will spot this pseudo superhero and freak out.

What responsibility does an African superhero owe a Western world that sold his ancestors into slavery?

Marvel’s innovation, then, has been to take the basic idea of how superhero comics are structured and coat it in TV paint.

Deadpool is essentially the world’s first superhero fan movie.

I feel like I am a superhero.

It hits all the beats of a superhero film.

Thanks to an uncanny ability to hit all the usual superhero beats and a charismatic and hilarious performance by Reynolds, Deadpool more than satisfies.

When you look at the best superhero movies, the motor that drives them is a fundamental understanding of the central character.

Do not bet on Marvel permanently killing off its most successful superhero to date.

While Rhodey has appeared in a slew of Marvel’s superhero movies, he’s mostly been relegated to smaller sidekick roles.

Castle, unlike his Netflix superhero cohort, has no hesitation in killing anyone he believes is evil.

“Arrow” was The CW’s first DC superhero show to become known as part of the Arrowverse.

In superhero trailers, there’s always one standout scene that’s all anyone can talk about.

The key takeaway from Marvel’s universe-saving cosmic superhero flick?

But A Quiet Place represents more than just a respite from an endless stream of superhero movies and cinematic noise.

Like Nolan’s superhero film, this presents two characters—there, Bruce Wayne and Batman; here Turner and his interstellar alter-ego.

Later, in the same interview, he speaks of a childhood friend and how they grew up mimicking the superhero film.

What to you is appealing about using a superhero trope for this kind of story?

And so, back to Batman—the superhero whose world appears several times on Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

By virtue of being the only superhero without a superpower, and therefore human, Batman is relatable.

Black Panther, which stars Chadwick Boseman as the titular character, isn’t the first superhero film with a black lead.

Over the past several years, mid- and post-credits scenes have become a superhero movie tradition.

He indulges in the superhero side of things too, drawing popular mainstays like The Hulk and Batman, or creating his own snipers and cyborgs.

As comics and YA fans will be quick to attest, Buffy wasn’t pop culture’s first female superhero, not by a long shot.

Despite all of this, Legion isn’t quite your typical X-Men superhero slugfest.

All of this suggests Hawley is a creative writer; little of it suggests he’s your guy for superhero fun.

It doesn’t include the many, many, many superhero TV shows on the air or in various stages of development.

This is not an attempt to say, “All Hollywood makes anymore are superhero movies!” which is obviously not true.

Hollywood makes more than 10 movies — the highest number of superhero movies scheduled for any single year on the graphic above — per year.

Unlike a TV show, superhero movie franchises can’t count on you tuning into a new episode week after week.

But superhero franchises are different because they take up so much oxygen.

Increasingly, these big franchise superhero movies aren’t made to say anything, or even to just be good.

The origin story for this superhero team begins in jail.

That plan relies on a key component of a superhero story: that the Avengers represent the very best of us.

This tendency is even more pronounced in American comics, which have struggled to make a clean break from the superhero genre.

At times the work looks like a pulp superhero comic, but it is difficult to pin down individual characters or settings.

I say “slightly” only because Endgame’s climactic battle sequence is easily the most colossal and spirit-soaring superhero brawl ever created.

There are a few scratchy moments that hold Endgame back from being a perfect capper to this superhero saga.

Those sorts of questions crop up in superhero movies a lot.

And finally, it’s a superhero movie.

Hollywood might really like it, but … is the Academy really going to vote for a superhero movie for Best Picture?

Most recently, Marvel’s Runaways, a teen show on Hulu, gave us Karolina Dean, a lesbian superhero who falls for her friend Nico.

The superhero with the bulletproof skin finally gets his own series after proving a sneaky scene stealer in 2015’s Jessica Jones.

But instead of a straightforward superhero tale, Luke Cage plays in the tradition of black detective novels, from writers like Walter Mosley.

That makes him more or less the closest thing America has to a real live superhero, and March is his origin story.

In Wonder Woman, we’re introduced to a superhero story unlike the ones that came before it.

And the studio’s next few films all seem to be unafraid to tap into the joy of being a superhero.

Granted, the tone of Civil War — which sees the Avengers fight one another because of a new superhero regulation accord — is pretty grave.

They’re comedies disguised as superhero blockbusters.

superhero movies function more rigidly and narrowly than real life when it comes to showing platonic and romantic relationships.

But he’s more fully realized than any of those superhero girlfriends get to be.

And The Shadow Hero muses on the idea of American identity within the frame of a superhero story.

In 2016, Yang got to put his own spin on the superhero story via one of the most iconic superheroes ever created.

In movies like Batman Begins or Iron Man or Thor or Man of Steel, the superhero girlfriends — Rachel, Pepper, Jane, Lois — are essentially interchangeable.

Wonder Woman is important for how it breaks the superhero mold, but it — and Steve Trevor — is a shining example for its girlfriend, too.

Rather, it’s to contrast the relatively grounded views of the DCAU with the more kid-friendly superhero shows that came before it.

It’s clear that, despite Bruce getting out of the superhero game, he and Clark are still friends.

The king of the seas has arrived: Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for Aquaman, the Jason Momoa-led aquatic solo superhero movie.

After all, we are dealing with a superhero who can psionically communicate with fish.

This is a common trope in superhero stories from Batman to Captain America: Trauma is what gives heroes their powers.

In Unbreakable, the superhero connection is made explicit, and trauma is what surfaces David’s potential.

Again, superhero movies, which figured out how to effectively cater to both hardcore fans and casual viewers, provide a useful guide.

Compared to other relatively earnest cinematic superheroes of the time, like the X-Men and Spider-Man, Tony Stark was the “cool” superhero we needed.

He is not among the ranks of widely known comic book characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or any other superhero you can think of.

Together, they’re the sexiest couple in all of superhero comics — whether they’re in the bedroom, washing dishes, or taking on demons.

All kidding aside, I hate the majority of modern superhero movies and not in a “they’re just not for me” kind of way.

At first, this seemed like nonsensical “superhero logic,” like how the Hulk’s shorts never rip and Superman is unrecognizable with glasses on.

The first half of the movie is the most boring, frustrating garbage I have ever seen in a superhero movie.

The second half is the most perfect, wonderful garbage I have ever seen in a superhero movie.

“It was a brand new take on the superhero genre, the idea that superpowers won’t always improve your life.

The superhero tentpole is performing ahead of fellow comic-book universe titles “Captain Marvel” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” at the same point in their release cycles.

Hemsworth is one of the superhero movie genre’s four Chrises (the other three are Pratt, a.k.a.

It’s a superhero showdown.

Amid the current glut of superhero TV shows and movies, it’s not very often that a superhero film leaves you wanting more.

(That two superhero movies are squaring off in this category feels like a thing that will never happen in, say, Best Foreign Language Film.)

In short: Watch Incredibles 2 if you love superhero deconstructions, family comedy, or Pixar at its best.

Chadwick Boseman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt crossed comic book lines for a little POW wow while chowing down … superhero costumes, sadly, not included.

You may remember a similar comic book with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a superhero … and the Bernie version is from the same artist and publisher.

Marvel is planning a movie starring an Asian superhero, but it is waiting for the “right time.”

Or in the case of Black Widow or Hawkeye, a superhero.

As Warner Bros. rethinks its strategy for its DC superhero movies, it makes sense that “The Batman” could undergo some major shifts.

Warner Bros. quickly hired Gunn to direct and write one of its superhero movies, 2021’s “The Suicide Squad.”

superhero stories today still reflect Wein’s influence.

And today, on the big screen, many superhero films still reflect the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

God Loves, Man Kills isn’t a traditional superhero brawl.

The end of Marvel’s superhero movies?

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero show that promises time travel, death-defying exploits, scenery chewing, and then some.

Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first movie — in 11 years of filmmaking and 20 movies — to center on a female superhero.

2 and much-loathed superhero blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be duking it out for the title of worst picture this year.

Rating Apocalypse presents no threat to Captain America: Civil War’s title of best superhero movie of the year.

The film is messy and disorganized, a disparate mix of superhero flash dulled by a soulless script and a terminal lack of logic.

Instead, Apocalypse follows the superhero script by the numbers, beat for beat, until its bitter end.

“Spider-Man 2” (2004)

“Spider-Man 2” remains one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Check out the clip — the DC Comics superhero argues with the bearded man about his intentions … then scolds him for pushing people around.

stars Levi as the adult superhero version of a 14-year-old foster kid who transforms into him when he shouts the film’s title.

It appears he’s on Iron Man’s side, but why would a masked superhero join the fight for more regulation?

To be clear, Marvel movies have a high floor and a pretty standard ceiling; even the most middle-of-the-road entries are good superhero movies.

For want of a better expression, I put it to Lake that this is his, and Jack’s, superhero origin story.

So Quantum Break is Jack’s origin story, how he becomes a superhero.

For over a decade now, most comic superhero movies have come with credits scenes.

—EV I think of Thor: Ragnarok less as yet another Asgardian entry into the superhero genre and more as an ensemble comedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy is no mere superhero film; it’s a comedy that works as a mission statement.

And it made an insane amount of money?—I figured it was time to catch up on ten years of superhero movie homework.

—AAS Endgame’s climactic battle sequence is easily the most colossal superhero brawl ever created.

And it’s still the standard that superhero movies will be compared to.

Black Panther is a movie where black royalty becomes a superhero.

It’s a movie where that superhero’s entourage is composed of dark-skinned black women who are fierce and strong and unbelievably smart.

Black Panther isn’t a black superhero movie.

The greatest part of this movie was seeing him face the consequences of breaking the superhero code: protect your identity at all costs.

It would be my one play and that superhero comic book moment I did that one time.

I wasn’t that famous guy who was going to lead anything, especially as a superhero in a movie of this caliber.

She’s not a caricature superhero, kickass type of woman.

Over the past several years, mid- and post-credits scenes have become a superhero movie tradition.

At Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, the biggest news for superhero fans didn’t have anything to do with the awards themselves.

— or any other superhero TV show — is figuring out how to incorporate superhero powers in an inventive way, and on a television budget.

What does a sci-fi superhero do when confronted with therapy?

A superhero can be one of many role models out there.

I think a superhero who’s politically involved is really a good thing.

And it’s where Brie Larson was announced as Captain Marvel, the studio’s first woman superhero to headline her own film, in 2016.

By chance, this real-world Midwestern municipality shares its name with the comic book superhero‘s fictional home city.

She’s not a cookie-cutter superhero.

You’ve lived in this world where you’ve written and edited some of the biggest superhero stories ever created.

The town can’t get enough of its local superhero and neither can people who hear about it.

This trend hit a new critical mass among superhero movies in 2018.

It feels like a superhero.

KS: SuperFlex, it would be a superhero.

It’s a superhero show first and everything else second.

superhero movies are cool now.

Other much-discussed previews on the film side included M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero sequel Glass, and DC’s Aquaman and Shazam!

Over the past several years, mid- and post-credits scenes have become a superhero movie tradition.

The CW’s Supergirl is aiming to make history with TV’s first transgender superhero.

This movie is less straight horror and more childhood superhero wish fulfillment, though.

Though little else is known, her narrative arc is meant to mirror Supergirl’s in coming into her own as a superhero.

Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.’ clunker of an antihero superhero film, is not a very good movie.

It’s enough to convince you that superhero fatigue is real.

You know, I just don’t think they like superhero movies,” the actress, who plays Enchantress in the film, told Reuters.

He stood as the first mainstream black superhero in comics, one that predated the Black Panther Party itself.

Annie Clark) would all make choice picks in the superhero universe.

Superman and what he stands for — hope, truth, justice, the American way — is essential to DC’s superhero comics.

Nobody wants superhero movies to go away entirely, or for decades-delayed sequels to be completely vanquished.

It would be hard for anyone to meet the superhero fantasy shape.

Said Jenkins to Fandango: I think that in superhero movies, they fight other people, they fight villains.

Cory Connell was “the superhero” of the family, his brother Ryan wrote in a post on Facebook, “a family man through and through.”

One of the enduring issues with American superhero stories is figuring out how to deal with the fact that superhero stories aren’t especially democratic.

As the Mary Sue pointed out: superhero narratives are politically fascist.

Noted superhero guy Joss Whedon is mulling over this issue on his Tumblr, and he’s less than thrilled.

Part of Donald Trump’s campaign messaging has been to present himself as a kind of superhero, an omnipotent fixer of things.

Marvel’s superhero movies have always strived to represent the best of us.

It’s his superhero catchphrase.

That will finally change with Black Panther, the first Marvel movie about a black superhero.

If you don’t understand the power of representation, imagine growing up never seeing a superhero who looks like you.

That’s the story he’s selling, and it taps into all kinds of fantasies about salvation by superhero.

Nor is it meant to imply that superhero movies and comics are all consciously and deliberately promoting fascism.

For another thing, there are a lot of superhero narratives out today that subvert the inherent fascism of the superhero fantasy.

But Whedon still sees a connection between superhero stories and the rise of authoritarian figures around the world.

A superhero movie about why representation & identity matters, and how tragic it is when those things are denied to people.

Yeah, that’s late-1990s superhero movies in a nutshell, and director Joel Schumacher drove us headfirst into the madness with this movie.

Marvel superhero films tend to do well, the film has an all-star cast, and more generally, people think it’s a good movie.

Happening three times over the course of the day, the performance will feature a superhero named Anxietina, whose superpower, of sorts, is anxiety.

Faith features a superhero who doesn’t fit traditional body-type tropes in comics, and it’s neither a sight gag nor a lame joke.

Or, in the words of one fan: “These costumes are THE ABSOLUTE FLYEST BADDEST SWAGGEST SMASHEST costumes in a superhero film ever!

By night, she becomes a high-flying, telekinetic superhero.

And when it comes to superhero comic book movies, you can forgive a lot of things if the spectacle succeeds.

It’s a long way from what he got for playing the superhero in the first movie.

A superhero in his own right to Marvel fans around the world, Stan had the power to inspire, to entertain, and to connect.

In fact, he had already played a superhero.

We have all lost a true superhero,” Tim Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures.

Beginning with Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios deployed a strategy of connecting its solo superhero films together to tell a bigger story.

Genre: superhero drama Commitment: Two seasons, with 24 hour-long episodes split between them.

The majority of The CW’s current programming comes from Warner Bros., including its various DC superhero shows (Supergirl, The Flash, etc.)

I was reading this thing about how these superhero films are really struggling right now because they are so dependent on the franchise.

This is one of many in a series of Disney characters and superhero costumes that we wore on the regular.

I have to say I don’t particularly enjoy superhero movies.

But generally with superhero movies I feel like I can’t relate to what’s going on.

To prove to my children that Dad is a f***ing superhero!!”

And Kendrick has been bringing out his embattled inner superhero a lot lately.” One for crying to.

(It has a very Harry Potter feel, where Peter slowly learns his destiny to be a superhero because he is the child of scientists.)

And Far From Home is very noticeably interested in what happens to a superhero cinematic universe without its foremost member.

Since 2013’s “Man of Steel,” it seems like more and more superhero films have begun addressing the issue of civilian deaths.

The superhero tentpole is performing ahead of fellow comic-book universe titles “Captain Marvel” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” at the same point in their release cycles.

For starters, Logan is based on an acclaimed comic called Old Man Logan, which is reflective and sad, far from your typical superhero comic.

But I’m happy to forget, because Logan actually looks like a film anyone can enjoy, superhero fan or not.

It is now the highest-domestic grossing superhero movie of all time.

As mentioned, “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a superhero movie that never should have worked.

In its second weekend in theaters, the Jason Momoa-led superhero flick made an estimated $51.6 million in North America and $85.4 million overseas.

“I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy No.

No doubt there are critics who are suffering superhero fatigue.

But Iron Fist’s bad reviews aren’t because Trump-hating critics dislike superhero films.

Like a lot of fights over comic books and superhero diversity, there was a counterargument about keeping the character the same.

superhero comics are in a unique position of being art that trades in morality and goodness.

superhero adventures teach us about respect, vulnerability, kindness, and looking for the good in one another.

As real-life products, we expect superhero shows and comic books to be as morally informed as the lessons they’re teaching us.

How is he different from other superhero orphans?

Looking back at her best event, the uneven bars, is like watching a superhero use her powers for the first time.

DC’s superhero film universe is in need of saving, but DC and Warner Bros. don’t think that’s a job for Superman.

The blockbuster superhero film has broken box office records and is predicted to rank in the top-10 grossing superhero releases ever in North America.

And one of the young writers the network hired was then-27-year-old Greg Berlanti, now the head of The CW’s superhero empire.

And there are other superhero movies on Warner Bros.’ docket that might be better served by the tone swap.

Morrison’s observation is pertinent here for how it encapsulates how we look at superhero comic books.

It’s compelling and magnetic, and its best parts are better than anything the superhero industry has given us in a while.

Legion’s season finale marks the end of one of the most challenging — and best — superhero shows in recent memory.

We hope superhero in a sentence examples were helpful.