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You get plenty of new projects starting up all the time and with things like the supergroups course at Green Door, interesting collaborations always seem to be happening.

Flasher: Constant Image (Domino) The DC punk scene is so collaborative that most bands are supergroups — everyone is in a few bands at once, shuffling and regrouping.

If ever a song illustrated the twin artistic perils of supergroups and charitable singles, it was USA for Africa’s “We Are the World.” Featuring the production of Quincy Jones and the vocal talents of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Cyndi Lauper, amongst other 80s luminaries, the charitable single was, sonically speaking, government cheese.

Straight edge vegan hardcore supergroups are hard to come by these days, so we thought we’d brighten your day with the worldwide debut of Sect, a brand-new project cooked up by a bunch of extremely well-seasoned dudes (one of whom is also the culinary hustler behind Vegan Magic products).

Reunions and supergroups, or in this case, a bit of both, are risky—sometimes better in theory than execution.

I decided to spend the entire weekend in this very tent, in the hope of determining whether cover bands can make fans just as happy as the original supergroups.

The Ocean’s movies are all about actor supergroups.

Prophets of Rage is a supergroup comprised of Rage Against the Machine (minus Zach De La Rocha), Chuck D, and B Real of Cypress Hill—except Tom Morello would prefer that they not be a called a supergroup, lest they be lumped in with his previous supergroups Audioslave, Street Sweeper Social Club, and the E Street Band.

The horn player had pioneered bebop decades earlier, and by the 80s, he was leaning into his eminence by forming supergroups with talented players, blurring musical genres.

Head Wound City might just be the supergroup to end all supergroups.

For every passing day and every withdrawal symptom, a person is playing on this secret server, and they are gaining xp, leveling up, performing task forces and forming supergroups.”

It seems like Crowbar is always on tour—Windstein counts four times they’ve rolled through NYC alone in recent memory—but that’s nothing compared to the double- and sometimes triple-duty Windstein used to pull when he was playing in doomy supergroups  Down and Kingdom of Sorrow.

However, according to the George Washington University study pro-ISIS supporters have switched to using Telegram groups and supergroups to communicate en masse.

In response to those blocks, the researchers note that ISIS supporters created new, public Telegram channels in conjunction with chat groups  and supergroups — which, unlike the public broadcast Channels, require users to join the chat groups to view the content.

Chat groups are limited to 200 members, while supergroups can have up to 1,000 members.

It’s been nearly 25 years since Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue scored a Top 10 hit with their 1993 duet “Whatta Man,” and on Sunday, the two supergroups reunited at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas to perform the crowd-pleasing hit.

Two other supergroups, Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town, also showed why they remain at the top of their game.

The president’s main innovation, though, has been to create what might be called supergroups.

Whether you’re more into contemporary supergroups like Radiohead or retro-indie darlings like Kate Bush, this year’s well-rounded list of nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should have you dancing for joy.

Rocker remembered Keith Emerson was the Emerson in Emerson, Lake & Palmer, one of progressive rock’s first supergroups.

that Mixer offered the streaming star an enormous amount of money to make the move, which could signal the beginning of a new wave of payouts for mega streaming stars — not unlike the current NBA free agency bonanza, which has seen the migration of superstars to marquee franchises in order to form basketball equivalents of supergroups.

Groups and supergroups, the latter of which offers more administrative control, make up only 12 percent of the study’s sample.

This chart depicts the breakdown of channels, groups, and supergroups in the sample.

My mom, whose stage name is Maria, carried on the family business, briefly singing in OPM — Original Pilipino Music acts — in the 1970s with supergroups like Counterpoint and the Circus Band, before falling in love, and forming a touring jazz combo with my stepfather: a California-born, Hawaii-based musician named Jimmie Dykes.

The supergroups used humor and free association to topple the existing hierarchies of quality as a reaction to Italy’s political and economic strife — often in undeniably fun ways.

Sting and Don Henley and I always joke around: “Just for the [expletive] of it, let’s put together one of those supergroups that explode after, like, a year.” I think it could be fun to join a band.

Jazz labels appear stubbornly committed to supporting supergroups of young (male) improvisers who play in a hip-hop-influenced mode.

There are also public groups, private groups, and even “supergroups” that can accommodate up to 300,000 members, plus the option of one-to-one chats.

Though SM has experimented with a few supergroups in the past, this announcement was especially mind-blowing to K-pop fans, as it promised to take a cross-section of some of the very best dancers, singers, and rappers in the business — an Olympic-level performance team.

Crosby’s name is affixed to two supergroups — one with Neil Young, one without — whose close harmonies and open-chord, acoustic-guitar-driven sound are fixtures of many a parental and grandparental playlist.

BCM also allows administrators to create “supergroups” of up to 100,000 people.

Musical supergroups like Coldplay make hundreds of millions of dollars touring, but right now they’re performing the equivalent of public service concerts.

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