Suite in a sentence | Use of the word suite examples

Buy The Hospital suite.

Two years ago Twitter used Flight to announce its full developer suite, Fabric.

But it was the record’s B-side, a three-song suite of lengthy, glacier-slow dirges that would—just like Nervous Breakdown before it—launch a thousand ships.

The address is 124 E Northfield Drive, suite F #129, Brownsburg, IN 46112.

Charles A.A. Dellschau (1830–1923): American Visionary continues at Stephen Romano Gallery (117 Grattan Street, suite 112, Bushwick, Brooklyn) through January 30.

Google also showcased a growing suite of China-focused AI tools at its packed event on Tuesday.

Barbara says her brother’s friend — who was staying in the same suite — discovered the body, but nobody knows exactly what happened.

IS’ suite of online products range from the Amaq Agency to an educational military-themed app for children to learn the alphabet.

It’s also rebranding its collection of workplace apps as G suite and adding features driven by machine learning.

Google’s G suite includes Gmail, Hangouts Chat and Meet, and Calendar as well as its cloud-based document-sharing programs.

By software design standards, Slack, Teams, G suite, and Workplace are really easy to use.

Pope ended up making a custom suite of his poster series especially for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

If only other large global cities like NYC or Amsterdam would follow suite!

Each suite also comes with its own private infinity swimming pool and both a hot and cold Jacuzzi.

A steam bath and outdoor relaxation area with bathtub and rainfall shower in a tropical garden is included with every suite.

In the European Economic Area (the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), droit de suite lasts for the artist’s lifetime and 70 years thereafter.

EssayBot gave me a rock-solid opening paragraph, after which I was presented with a suite of additional paragraphs I could plug into the copy.

Stephen Paddock, 64, strafed an outdoor concert on Sunday night from his 32nd-floor suite of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

Facebook is also betting Libra can squeeze more revenue out of its suite of apps, something already happening on Chinese social networks like WeChat.

“It feels absurd, imagining a proposal in the US to raise taxes to fund this suite of policies.

The suite‘s design is a nod to the dreamy elements of camping.

Winthrop said the fire pit is one of her favorite parts of the suite‘s design.

Gray Foy: Drawings 1941–1975 continues at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art (24 West 57th Street, suite 305, Manhattan) through November 16.

While Facebook claims that it has many competitors, it’s tough to nail down who truly rivals its powerful suite of consumer apps.

She says she walked into the suite, confused about what was going on, and sat down in the living room.

Scott was hanging at the Setai Hotel in Miami Sunday through Tuesday night, and we’ve learned he stayed in their Grand suite.

Planted in the suite’s living room was a man who looked eerily like the 45th President of the United States.

Before shooting began, he had her agency send her a fax, scheduling a meeting between the two of them in Weinstein’s hotel suite.

Tap it and a suite of CarPlay-ified Apple icons takes over.

This is not a situation in which bad programs and rules are removed in preparation for the arrival of a better suite of policies.

Hardy tweeted Monday that he had accepted an offer to head editorial for Google Cloud, which includes G suite and Google Cloud Platform.

“I didn’t have a room, and he had me put in his hotel suite,” Maher told The Detroit News.

“I didn’t have a room, and he had me put in his hotel suite,” Maher told The Detroit News.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines offers a “Sky suite” decorated with woodgrain interiors and leather seating.

In the back room, Jessica Cannon’s Rapid Cycle displays a suite of dreamy landscapes that resonate with Wetzel’s surrealist aesthetic.

Lombardo said Paddock had three security cameras set up inside and outside his hotel suite.

Lombardo said Paddock had three security cameras set up inside and outside his hotel suite.

Cosby walked hand-in-hand with actress Sheila Frazier, who shared the screen with the famous defendant in the 1978 comedy, “California suite.”

“The biggest question for us is where do we go from here if we don’t offer the whole suite of products?

A coherent suite of regulations has become a mishmash.

Ashley Carman: We’re in an REM hotel suite, it’s fantastic and beautiful and all the positive adjectives you can think of.

Tillerson also often remained cloistered in his office suite, failing to interact with State Department employees.

It’s like buying a horse,” saying Tesla was the only company to have a full self-driving suite of hardware.

She says that when she arrived at his suite, he was lying on the couch wearing pajama pants and watching television.

Some unfurl with an accordion fold, while others hang on the wall like a suite of prints.

It’s not any single solution; it really is a suite of options.

Well over 1/6th of the 31,000-square-foot estate is devoted to a massive master suite, while 40,000-square-feet of covered patios extend the property’s footprint.

This is a hacking suite or toolkit that contains several plug-and-play exploits to attack several versions of Windows operating system.

A couple of months earlier, United announced plans to revamp its premium cabin with a new Polaris Business Class suite.

The Palazzo Grassi includes a scale model of the Apistos (the ‘Unbelievable’) and a suite of aged pencil drawings of the artifacts.

The Espys gifting suite is pulling a Winfrey … YOU GET A CAR!!!

Hence Apple’s new suite of incentives to bolster both.

The suite of proposals from congressional Democrats to fight climate change range from pricing carbon dioxide to the expansive Green New Deal resolution.

Savvy readers know better than to trust selectively leaked private partisan polls over the full suite of information available to the public.

Sanford Wurmfeld: Variations continues at Minus Space (16 Main Street, suite A, DUMBO, Brooklyn) through April 20.

The Model 3 comes equipped with a new suite of sensors that can support full autonomy.

Tesla is offering a suite of upgrades for the Model 3.

Across four tracks that play like a continuous suite, Allison weaves forceful beats and winding synths into heavy webs.

Ensuring that young people have access to the full suite of sexual health resources, so that when they are sexually active, they’re safe.”

Master suite occupying the entire 3rd floor?

As tedious as it can be, an automated testing suite can also be a highly satisfying thing.

Sometimes they set a toxic tone in which the entire workplace, from executive suite to franchise outlets, regularly threatens women with assault.

I picked suite Mistério, the BDSM room we’d seen online.

It should just come a lot more naturally in the executive suite.

On the software side, because it’s Windows 10 Mobile-based, the full Microsoft Office suite is built-in.

They also unlock a whole new suite of airplane design and even new business models for air transport.

Kind of in the vein of Urban Hang suite a little bit, with like ‘Dancewitme’ and ‘Sumthin” and ‘Ascension.’

Eager to learn more about the upcoming project and his plans for the 20-year anniversary of Urban Hang suite, I gave him a call.

Contact: Primary Analyst Cheryl Evangeline Associate Director +62 21 2988 6814 PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia DBS Bank Tower 24th Floor suite 2403 Jl.

III,” and as you can tell from that naming scheme it’s merely the final part of a larger suite that closes the album.

Senior year, I moved out of the sorority house and into a two-bedroom suite with Reva in an off-campus dorm.

They have rooms piled up.” The Hollywood gifting suite is the thirstier relative of the awards show gift bag.

But in a gifting suite or lounge, a celebrity usually needs to make a conscious choice to show up and take the free items.

In the airy suite at the Peninsula, a professional team of videographers snakes through, getting glamor shots.

Eventually, the groom and the groomsmen arrive, pounding at the door of the hotel suite.

Once you’ve finished a world, running through it again presents a suite of challenges, situations explicitly designed to force a more strategic hand.

Take a peek at Hong’s sweet suite of games in the images below, and play them all at

Trump hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips without her permission, and later invited her up to his suite.

According to one of the documents, “Brutal Kangaroo is a tool suite for targeting closed networks by air gap jumping using thumbdrives.”

Last year’s Atlas update added more story, mystery, and a suite of features the modding community had already added.

Box Drive is similar to both Dropbox’s SmartSync and Google’s Drive File Stream, part of Google’s suite of productivity tools.

A night’s stay in the Grand Presidential suite can cost more than 500,000 rupees ($7,168), according to the hotel website.

While the LME nurtures its ferrous products, the exchange remains heavily reliant on its established base metals suite.

For example, automated investment (“robo-adviser”) services like Betterment or Wealthfront both now have an expansive suite of financial management tools.

He had a young wife and two children, and a mother who had brought him weekly to the chemo suite.

“Compared to most memes, mine are overproduced, labored over in the adobe suite for hours, sometimes weeks.

Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden continues at Launch F18 (373 Broadway suite F18, Tribeca, Manhattan) through June 22.

The tool suite, called “Brutal Kangaroo,” allegedly allowed CIA attackers to infiltrate closed networks by using a compromised USB flash drive.

On his own suite of dating shows, Cronin recalls breaking up many fights and seeing reality stars pull knives.

Lyman disputes that Lowenstein ever lived at the Plaza rent-free or that she moved from her three-room suite (except when it was under renovation).

A complimentary three-night stay in a suite at Grand Hotel Tremezzo located in Lake Como in Italy.

I was showing a couple round and we had a very beautiful room called the Lady Islington suite.

A complimentary three-night stay in a suite at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy.

David Krut Projects, a gallery with spaces in South Africa and New York, has a spectacular suite of images by Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh.

Contact: Primary Analyst Ghaida Gunarti Analyst +62 21 29886814 PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia DBS Bank Tower 24th Floor suite 2403 Jl.

Shawn’s suite is sleek: leather sofa, mounted flat screen, warm lighting.

that analyzes what exactly goes down in an editing suite.

PennAI is a complete workflow suite with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

What about the woman pretending to lather herself up in the tub of the master suite?

And so again, the solution to a suite of very complicated problems becomes just eating the way you’re meant to eat, a.k.a.

She says she met him at his hotel suite for dinner in ’06, where she claims she spanked him with his own magazine.

The TCP/IP suite works great for most internet applications, but the terrestrial internet has a major weakness: it requires constant connectivity.

And if you have breast cancer, there is a suite of genetic structures.

It’s just more to say, we need that suite of things.

She says that when she arrived at his suite, he was lying on the couch wearing pajama pants and watching television.

The master suite alone is 5,300 square feet!

We had a weekend in London and had a suite on the London Eye, and when we arrived, there was a wedding cake.

Permutations continues at Garvey|Simon gallery (547 West 27 Street suite 207, Chelsea, Manhattan) through October 6.

Kirimca said Manafort paid for the Legends suite package, which includes food service and cushioned seats.

At least on paper, that project promised the Army a whole suite of new tanks, armored personnel carriers and mobile artillery pieces.

She recited the suite of songs she’d spent her childhood creating, and was signed to EMI Records shortly after.

In the course of a few conversations in Cipriani’s suite at the Four Seasons in Sydney, Hanson allegedly went from charming to demanding.

When he showed up for his appointment, he was directed to suite 200, which was filled with women awaiting ultrasounds and mammograms.

Terrapin Station (suite) – Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear and The National (featuring Josh Kaufman, Conrad Doucette, So Percussion and Brooklyn Youth Chorus) 19.

At this year’s CES, for example, Indiegogo announced a suite of services to encourage businesses to try projects of their own.

The master suite has a bedroom, sitting room, walk-in closet, and two bathrooms.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 6pm Where: Hyperallergic HQ, 181 North 11th Street, suite 302, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

In CLEVR, a neural network would be presented with a suite of simple objects, such as pyramids, cubes and spheres.

That would mean a suite of aggressive policies to limit global warming.

And not only did the government know about the harms of fossil fuels, it has had a growing suite of alternatives at its disposal.

The ringtone is the first two measures of Peter’s theme from “Peter and the Wolf,” Prokofiev’s symphonic suite for children.

He downloaded Multimedia Fusion, a suite of creativity tools that let users create applications by dragging-and-dropping multimedia elements instead of writing code.

Jigsaw, a Google-affiliated outfit, offers campaigns and election offices a suite of security services — such as Project Shield, which can prevent DDOS attacks.

Box competes with Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite and Google’s G suite set of productivity tools.

The publication lauds the SUV for its quality accommodations and sophisticated suite of driving-tech features.

The AST 2 System Configuration suite is a diagnostic software that Apple uses to ensure that the computer is functioning properly.

Woven Walls continues at Morgan Lehman Gallery (526 West 26th Street, suite 419, Chelsea, Manhattan) through July 19.

Darryl Laycock is sitting in a hotel suite in Sheffield, recounting his past.

But somehow in the suite of photos that worked much better.

The “7 Days” and “Fill Me In” singer is unloading his Miami crib — Tower suite 5 at the iconic Mondrian South Beach.

On Monday, the White House began the rollout of a suite of new executive actions designed to curb firearm-related violence.

Fans saw them at the London O2 Arena enjoying the Nigerian singer’s performance from a VIP suite.

The ‘perfect’ start in life for any millionaire teen is to be gifted a suite in a five-star hotel to trash.

This is especially evident in the weird dynamic of disavowing sex before the “fantasy suite,” where contestants finally shack up with their potential fiancés.

Women who choose to be physically intimate before the fantasy suite are slut-shamed.

I met with him in his suite of rooms at the Hill Station, which were powder blue.

I would hear his controller vibrate from across the back suite, signalling our opponent’s decimation.

The only room they had available was a suite with a jacuzzi for $180.

There’s no central screen, so the right screen covers the entire infotainment suite, managed using a small cluster of knobs and buttons.

So I just know.” While a suite of works bluntly addresses police brutality.

The Galactica Star comes with a master suite, an upper deck VIP cabin, and four other guest cabins.

It comes with a staircase that leads to a suite!

Harvard University physicist David Keith announced that he would be launching a suite of atmospheric experiments in the real world.

Ruby gets a suite and 3 additional rooms for her posse at a 5-star hotel.

I never unlocked the full suite of tools in the level editor because I had no interest.

After some back-and-forth, we have ourselves a £400 [$568] to £500 [$710] suite to hang out in this Wednesday.

Off-Peak and Saturn V, his current games, and a prospective third, The Norwood suite, reflect this experience.

I call around the press offices of various fast-food companies, requesting that they send some food to our suite.

asks a character in The Norwood suite.

Since then, Facebook has launched a suite of tools to increase transparency around political advertising.

It was one of a suite of new products unveiled by Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google on Wednesday.

Dell’s hardware and VMWare’s software offerings could potentially be marketed in one suite of products.

At the end of the dinner, he asks her to go up to his hotel suite.

Microsoft’s Cortana — which also works with Alexa — wants people to use its Office suite.

At Common’s Williamsburg Brooklyn location, a private bedroom in a suite with a shared bathroom and other roommates starts at $2,130.

Most pleasures of the body and mind are enhanced when you’re loopy, so prepare a suite of activities in advance.

The Presidential suite has a dining room, living room, study, bedroom and terrace, workout room, steam room, a butler service and kitchen.

Reuters could not confirm if leader Kim was staying in the Presidential suite.

They are continuing to expand globally, expand the product suite,” she said.

We’re told they got a sweet deal for a seaside suite — 6 nights for about $5k.

A ShowsOnSale subscription costs $120 per month and is one of a suite of companies that offer information and tools for brokers.

“I was working for the comedy clubs at the time, and one of the managers scored executive suite tickets,” he said.

Google is acquiring Twitter’s suite of developer products, including its developer suite Fabric which includes the crash reporting service Crashlytics.

Sabatelli spent more than five years at Apple working on interface design for the company’s suite of mobile products.

The museum will also host a suite of public programs that it is still developing.

“Signavio’s cloud-native suite allows employees across an enterprise to collaborate and transform their businesses by digitizing, optimizing and ultimately automating their processes.

In 2007’s Metropolis: Chase suite, she’s offered up to a Hunger Games-like chase with her “immediate disassembly” as the goal.

Each aircraft has a suite of sensitive instruments mounted on its nose.

One of the popular use cases in schools is Vidcode’s suite of five-week, cross-disciplinary courses.

It’s possible that Trump stayed in a presidential suite that was a “plus” room.

His wife, Andrea, came from the neighboring state of Puebla, and introduced a suite of classic Mexican dishes to the menu.

It is launching a new paid-for measurement platform for marketers dubbed the Google Analytics 360 suite.

Samsung’s worked with Microsoft to make sure the Office suite of Word and Excel and PowerPoint all work on DeX.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) suite of base metals is today enjoying a relief rally after weeks of bludgeoning from bearish funds.

Designing, testing, and launching a whole new suite of quantum satellites will be an immensely costly affair.

My studio was once the master bedroom suite in my restored pre-statehood 1900 home in the National Historic Neighborhood of Armory Park in Tucson.

Paddock apparently detected Campos via surveillance cameras he set up outside his hotel suite, police have said.

Tears symbolically flow from Josh Kline’s suite of neon-colored lightboxes, which drown photographs taken by the artist.

In India itself, most Android phones sold by Amazon India and Flipkart include a suite of their apps preloaded on the them.

No burden as heavy continues at David Castillo Gallery (420 Lincoln Road, suite 300, Miami Beach) through August 31.

TechCrunch C/O Tito Hamze
410 Townsend street
suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94107

Gwenn Thomas: Standard Candles continues at 57 W 57 Arts (57 West 57th Street, suite 1206, Midtown, Manhattan) through December 17.

Editing is done via a process that feels less formal than your traditional timeline based editing suite.

But in these early years of the industry, building a better suite of sensors and hardware can be key to securing the right partners.

The show is full of umbrage, disillusionment, and rage, but also humor and clear-eyed assessment of the entire suite of difficulties involved in housing.

But first of all: G suite?

McCauley had a an entire suite of these photographs at her studio at 253 Greenpoint Avenue.

This scrappy new startup is building the vertical video era’s creative suite full of editing tools for every occasion.

The bill also included a suite of sanctions against Iran.

This a comprehensive suite of services, including sales mentorship and help with implementing Salesforce solutions.

Effectively, it’s elevating the product to become more of a fully-fledged member of Microsoft’s suite of tools aimed at businesses.

1997: Musical theatre parody revue Forbidden Broadway devotes a full suite to parodying Rent.

Slowing climate change will require a suite of policies, regulatory reforms, and investments.

In April, the SC Johnson subsidiary released a suite of ads tagged #SparkleGraffiti, showing people how much fun it is to write on stuff.

Twilio’s Engagement Cloud, its suite of products for building new customer experiences, is about to get a new feature, TechCrunch has learned.

Sentieo is an investment research software suite that uses AI to scan financial documents, analyze alternative data sets and create visualizations.

So, what if founders are no longer dependent on bankers’ full suite of services to go public?

And Microsoft’s software suite also has plenty of info management tools.

Russell Maltz: Painted / Stacked / Suspended continues at Minus Space (16 Main Street, suite A, Dumbo, Brooklyn) through October 28.

That unit encompasses the Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite for businesses, which saw revenue growth of 34% from the same timeframe.

[Kate Beckinsale / Instagram] At Weinstein’s suite at Los Angeles’s Montage Hotel in 2010: “He cut the massage short.

She pulled away and left the suite.

I moved into a suite room immediately – I could see where the door was from there.

Mamava is returning to provide a private nursing suite on site at Disrupt SF.

More spectacularly, iOS 11 will also see the debut of AR Kit, Apple’s suite of developer tools for creating augmented reality apps.

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) encompasses a suite of different tactics.

RiseUp got $100K for its suite of secure communications tools aimed at activists.

Saint Bowie continues at Stephen Romano Gallery (117 Grattan Street, suite 112, Bushwick, Brooklyn) through March 29.

In a hospital suite, Crawford examined his patient.

This was not lost on Geezer Butler who was inspired by Gustav Holst’s ominous “Mars Bringer of War” from The Planets suite.

We the People continues at Minnesota Museum of American Art (141 East 4th Street, suite 101, St. Paul,) through October 29.

The service powers recurring monthly payments and a suite of diligence tools.

His most well-known work, “Lumia suite, Op.

Commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in 1963, “Lumia suite, Op.

“Lumia suite, Op.

Luke was dumbfounded after Hannah B. told him she had sex with another guy in the Fantasy suite.

There’s also a 13-megapixel camera on the rear, coupled with a suite of different photography features.

While the LME nurtures its ferrous products, the exchange remains heavily reliant on its established base metals suite.

Do it even if you’re talking to a group of venture capitalists or the world’s worst C suite.

One is a suite, “Untitled” (2018), which consists of 24 sheets, each of which measures approximately 11 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches.

This marketing suite will provide any enterprise or organization 100 percent data ownership and privacy compliance in an on-premise or cloud environment,” said Zawadziński.

Systematically bugging the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton seems like a more sensible idea than that.

But the biggest question for us is where do we go from here if we don’t offer the whole suite of products?

The suite will include a customizable upcoming landing page, an embeddable widget and email messaging to help spread the word.

“The biggest question for us is where do we go from here if we don’t offer the whole suite of products?

Hangouts Chat, Google’s take on modern workplace communication, is now generally available and is becoming a core part of G suite.

Now, Google is rolling Chat out to all G suite users over the course of the next seven days.

But the Next constellation also comes with a suite of new features.

Brookline is a boutique investment bank that provides a comprehensive suite of capital markets and advisory services to the healthcare industry.

Microsoft’s initial success came from selling software for PCs — most notably the Windows operating system and Office productivity suite.

Microsoft has also been shifting customers to Office 365, an online, subscription-based version of its productivity suite.

The presidential suite may set the government back by at least 8,000 Singapore dollars ($6,000) a night, it said.

Each of the games we care about sells us a set of fantasies, and access to the suite of emotions that comes with it.

The touchscreen runs Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system and provides Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, audio, two USB ports, and a suite of apps.

Richard Hull: New Work continues at Western Exhibitions (1709 West Chicago Avenue, suite 2c, Chicago Illinois) through May 26.

Joanne Freeman: New Paintings and Drawings continues at Markel Fine Arts (529 West 20th Street, suite 6W, Chelsea, Manhattan) through March 26.

WWE 2K’s creation suite is less robust than Fire Pro’s, but those games are never really meant to be about your ideas.

Why the choice to end the record with the “Harm Reduction” suite in that way?

Color is easy to spot: First suite on the first floor and the only one with, well, bright color.

While plants need this reactive nitrogen to thrive, if excessive amounts enter the environment, they contribute to a suite of adverse effects.

While Ford will effectively own Argo, the AI developer plans to eventually license its software and sensor suite to other companies.

They head off to the fantasy suite and everything seems kind of perfect.

For Peter’s fantasy suite date, Rachel takes him to a vineyard.

“It was probably a suite of changes that happened together,” Hammond says.

The hotel’s Acqua di Parma spa offers wealthy guests a spa suite complete with waterfall showers, loungers, and an aromatic steam bath.

With HotelTonight, an ‘upgrade’ means a suite, clear and simple.

Less discussed is the suite of technologies that pave the way for those services to connect to their audience and monetize the content.

Aimed primarily at tech developers, designers and consultants, but capable of insuring any freelance professional, Dinghy offers a suite of insurance cover.

Windows Ink will be the highlight of the suite of new features being introduced today, but it’s far from being the only one.

It’s searching for customers in both, trying to sign up companies for its cloud computing platform and its suite of workplace applications.

It’s fun to pick apart your opponent, especially when your suite of tools has this much life to it.

A suite of three from 2017 — “Page A,” “Page B,” and “Page C” — revives a sense of the grid and of a hieroglyphic syntax.

The Lincoln Bedroom, you know, was his office, and the suite where I’m staying is actually where he slept.”

The company announced on Wednesday that it’s selling off its Fabric suite of tools to Google.

He downloaded Multimedia Fusion, a suite of creativity tools that let users create applications by dragging-and-dropping multimedia elements instead of writing code.

She also released a suite of new policy proposals aimed at promoting small-business growth.

Every RLX will come with the AcuraWatch suite of active safety features.

According to the official line, the idea here is to more closely align G suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail.

The pop star splurged on the two-story Royal Penthouse suite at Vienna, Austria’s Park Hyatt Hotel and dropped a cool $21k a night.

The G suite protection is in beta, but the rest is generally available starting today.

Rihanna’s suite had four terraces overlooking the city, 3 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and a private gym.

Upstairs, the master suite has an office and an en suite bathroom.

Either way, these new emoji reactions are now rolling out to all G suite users.

The master suite‘s private balcony overlooks the pool and the dock.

According to Snyder, had previously worked in areas of the Microsoft productivity suite and wanted to make a contribution to the way companies communicated.

Building the software infrastructure to make all these devices work together takes more effort than merely building a suite of standalone products.

For now, Adobe only supports its own analytics suite for this and that probably won’t change anytime soon.

Remote Control continues at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (319A N. 11th Street, suite 2H, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) through today.

Kandinsky published the suite the same year he started teaching at the Bauhaus and after his most prolific printmaking period.

Brian Whiteley says no one batted an eye at Putin’s likeness hanging in the Pennsylvania Avenue suite.

Match provided the following statement: Match Group has invested significant resources and creative expertise in the development of our industry-leading suite of products.

He says he went back earlier this month to pick up the painting, telling hotel employees he had forgotten something in the suite.

We go into the hotel and we tell them we forgot something in our suite.

Before starting his current gig with the Apps suite, he did much more traditional marketing for other products like Google Voice, Blogger, and Picasa.

Chittaprosad: A Retrospective runs at the DAG, Fuller Building, suite 708, 41 E 57th St, Upper East Side, Manhattan) till June 15.

Democrats say it is unfair to make legislation helping DACA recipients contingent on a broad suite of enforcement and reform measures.

FDIC Insured continues at the Art-in-Buildings Financial District Project Space (40 Rector Street, suite 1500) in Manhattan’s financial district, through December 15.

Amazon currently leads the cloud computing market with its Amazon Web Services, and it is offering developers a rival suite of machine learning tools.

BulldozAIR wants to build a whole suite of tools that use mobile devices to keep track of all the tasks construction workers complete visually.

For starters, testers have to already be G suite Business and Education customers.

(G suite, as you’ll recall, is Google’s rebranding of its Google Apps for Work suite of business tools.)

In addition, only G suite administrators can sign up for Team Drives, and they’ll need to enroll their entire primary domain.

Uma then says, shortly thereafter, they were in London at the Savoy Hotel in Weinstein’s hotel suite.

Today the service launched Hardware Studio, a new suite of tools aimed at helping developers navigate the choppy waters of hardware development.

I had a 16mm camera and an editing suite.

It appears that Microsoft’s powerful Azure Internet of Things tool suite has been widely adopted, and not just for experimentation purposes.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite is gathering speed Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite is gathering speed

Max Roach’s Freedom Now suite.

(Although, G suite productivity tools are pretty popular with startups.)

The company also offers a suite of back-office services designed for agencies to help bring them on to its platform and generate additional revenue.

There’s a software suite called Cambridge Brain Sciences.

Currently, Microsoft sells a “Development Edition” of the device for $3,000 and a “Commercial suite” with added enterprise features for $5,000.

In describing the bachelor suite sublet, I am fair.

Effervescence was created for Apple’s Start Something New campaign, which supports a suite of 11 artists making innovative work using their tools.

The bachelor suite sublet ad?

Summit Partners has agreed to acquire a majority stake in PrismHR, a Massachusetts-based SaaS suite for HR service providers, Axios has learned.

Twitter has doubled down in this area, too, by offering a suite of tools to companies running customer service operations on its network.

Museum of Capitalism continues at 55 Harrison St, suite 201, Oakland, California through August 20.

Then a health plan like Aetna will contract with CVS to pay for that suite of negotiated drug prices.

To help them face that threat, Duo Security is releasing a new suite of products based on a security framework developed by Google.

Layer the cake: Become a suite (expand products).

Well, welcome to the committee that would say “no” to such a deal tout de suite.

The suite sets the average person back about $10,200 for the week long trip.

Google today launched a new tool for G suite admins that gives them a better view of the state of their organization’s security.

The new G suite Security Center, which is only available to G suite Enterprise users, features two main components.

Security Center is now rolling out globally to all G suite Enterprise admins.

BetterCloud began life as a way to provide an operations layer for G suite.

When: Thursday, March 14, 6–8 pm Where: Hyperallergic HQ, 181 North 11th Street, suite 302, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear and the National: “Terrapin Station (suite)” [ft. Josh Kaufman, Conrad Doucette, So Percussion and Brooklyn Youth Chorus]19.

Match Group has invested significant resources and creative expertise in the development of our industry-leading suite of products.

TrackDuck was well-placed for an exit, already having a number of popular integrations with the Atlassian suite.

But that suite of issues simply isn’t salient for very many people or likely to provoke the kind of backlash that hurts.

He spoke with Reuters for 30 minutes in a suite at Riyadh’s opulent Ritz-Carlton hotel, where he has been held since November.

In the Times article, Thurman, 47, said Weinstein pushed her down when she met him in his suite at London’s Savoy Hotel.

I had become paranoid and needed to scarf this meal down tout de suite.

I might as well have been in the Sierra Nevadas, though this mountain cabin featured an attached au pair suite and spinning studio.

Hoaxy will join a suite of tools in our Observatory on Social Media, which allows anyone to see how memes spread on Twitter.

As for his Staples Center tickets … Snoop says he’s so over L.A., he’s giving away his box suite seats for just $5!!!!

The vote was part of a larger suite of Congressional Review Act measures that passed early in the Trump administration.

But in the first year of the Trump administration, the CRA was used to reverse a whole suite of final-year Obama regulations.

Then he invited her to come to his hotel suite.

Several of them from his new suite, 31 (2014-16), will be on view at Andrew Edlin Gallery’s booth.

This deviates from Fortnite’s suite of virtual products that offer no in-game advantage and are only cosmetic.

Hillary Clinton ran on a suite of proposed policies to invest heavily in Appalachia and transform its economy away from coal.

Los Angeles-based Estify, basically raised the money to gin up its executive suite.

Along with its addition to G suite, Google Keep is also now being integrated with Google Docs.

Keep is available to G suite customers as of today, where it can be used on Android, iOS, Chrome or web.

And how will Disney bundle its suite of streaming services, which also include Hulu and an ESPN spin-off?

The most basic service will be WeWork’s own suite of office management tech tools.

Collins says it’ll take a suite of artifacts, literature, and specimens like these to better explain the young men’s demise.

Quick take: It’s worth noting that a suite of popular, high-profile consumer brands like Apple and Nike have bashed Trump’s decision.

Tickets for the 2017 event started at $210 for three days, rising to $750 for an air-conditioned VIP suite, according to the festival website.

Lytro says rental packages start at $125k for utilizing the Cinema hardware/software suite.

Also someone will be trying to have shower sex in your en suite bathroom at least 30 percent of the time.

One room features a body of sculptural works made from suspended sacks covered in clay, accompanied by a suite of drawings.

Instreamatic launched five years ago as a digital audio ad network, but has grown its suite of tools to now include voice-activated ads.

In Order to Pass continues at the Chateau Shatto (1206 South Maple Avenue, suite 1030, Fashion District, Los Angeles) until June 23.

A terrace suite at the lodge went for $529 a night last year.

Who would have thought the Microsoft Office suite would make good art?

So they grabbed dinner, gambled, and got drunk in the hotel suite.

“One stripper in a hotel suite with a pole or something—that’s like your fathers’ or grandfathers’ bachelor party,” he said.

Officials told me not to film outside the suite or catch any of them on camera.

He appeared thin, but he was confident and upbeat, even making jokes as he took me on a tour of the suite.

Prototyping suite InVision just announced they are acquiring Silver Flows, a tool that lets developers prototype directly inside Sketch.

They’re extremely expensive because of the sensor suite and the kind of compute that’s integrated into the vehicle.

As a result of the acquisition, the tool will soon be incorporated into Craft, which is InVision’s suite of design plugins.

Melissa Stern’s Strange Girls in on view through November 11th at Garvey | Simon (547 West 27th Street, suite 207, Chelsea).

Today, Mobvoi unfurled a suite of new stuff.

It’s hard to even conceptualize temperatures generated in CAL’s suite of instruments.

The self destruct feature was announced on April 25 as part of Google’s new confidential mode for G suite.

But the CRISPR suite of genes also includes CAS1 and CAS2, which record information about viral genomes in a sort of chronological stack.

If you look at the suite of companies looking at this — you mentioned companies that are utilizing bars.

Specifically, the sensor suite, which Musk called “hardware 2,” will include eight 360-degree cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars and a forward-facing radar.

The other is a suite of knowledge tools and an “infinite desktop” that uses the room as your monitor.

From the bed in the master suite, there are panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown LA, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Over three million businesses now pay for Google’s G suite productivity apps.

Osman’s suite of new sculptures might look like buildings, or the things within buildings: furniture, toyish tools, and strange-ified objects of interior design.

The groups are organizing the usual suite of Capitol Hill activities, like lobbying, events with lawmakers and receptions, but also a mini demo fair.

Clemente is adding Definers to his suite of clients.

Vayyar recently closed a $45 million Series C financing round for its suite of UWB-enabled applications, including medical imaging, smart home, and automotive.

Leo Laporte’s Netcast Network with its suite of more than 20 online shows will also be using BitTorrent Live.

She told the Times she managed to sidestep his advances and found an excuse to leave his suite, she said.

For the longest time, Google Sites felt like the forgotten app in Google’s productivity suite.

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and macOS this week, the latest version of its regular, non-subscription productivity suite.

The penthouse suite, which starts at $10,000 a night, is on the hotel’s 40th floor.

The spacious suite includes a living area, a dining area …

Google said it also discovered a second security lapse earlier this month as it was troubleshooting new G suite customer sign-ups.

Like the rest of the suite, the bedroom is decorated in neutral tones.

But it remains powerful because of reasons similar to Microsoft’s ownership of the office suite market.

But FreeHand was different—it had a history and a fanbase that hadn’t been worn down by Creative suite.

That means the growth refers to both Google Cloud Platform and Google’s productivity tools in G suite.

The suite gives it all of its power—and that power gives it too much influence over how we work.

Other tools in the suite include candidate matching and job postings, as well as access to Comparably’s tech salary database.

The car does away with long-range headlights for nighttime driving, relying instead on its autonomous sensor suite to navigate dark driving conditions.

Google offers a whole suite of products around tracking trends, and Twitter offers trends, even down to a local level.

It’s faster and smoother than ever and has some new tricks, including a new Mac utility suite that’s also sold separately.

Rothschild works mostly in Cinema 4D and Houdini, combining it with Processing and the Adobe suite in order to achieve specific effects.

Curling into the adjacent room I came upon the most beautiful pieces within the entire suite of exhibitions: Dark Matter: Joel Otterson.

Matt Freedman: SLAP-STICK continues at Fjord Gallery (1400 N. American St., suite 105, Philadelphia) through February 25.

Casper was at the GBK Oscar’s gifting suite at the London Hotel in LA Friday to rack up nearly $20k in goods.

One new sign: yesterday a suite of groups representing independent oil-and-gas producers asked FERC for at least a 90 day initial comment period.

No word if a Fantasy suite was included.

Under the guise of a meeting running late, she was invited up to his suite.

Andrea Belag: Inheritance continues at Morgan Lehman Gallery (526 West 26th Street, suite 419, Chelsea, Manhattan) through May 4.

Yesterday, Airbnb announced a suite of policy changes meant to address the racial bias and create “a world where anyone can belong anywhere.”

(Note to servers everywhere: don’t be a doofus like me—deposit that shit, tout de suite).

The compound features a gourmet kitchen, a pool and open-concept living spaces … including a master suite with views of the lush grounds.

It makes sense then, that the company believes it can expand Skype’s footprint by way of this large, heavily used productivity suite.

In Gmail, the side panel also brings up access to various G suite extensions that you may have installed from the marketplace.

By then, we’ll likely see a “works with Google Calendar” section and support for other G suite apps in the marketplace, too.

Waymo will field Pacificas with this homegrown sensor suite on board beginning in Arizona and California later on this month, Krafcik announced on Sunday.

For developers, the way to access this intelligence in their own applications is through the Cortana Intelligence suite.

Ciara and Russell Wilson are putting an end to any speculation about what went down in their hotel suite.

Collins sat in his cluttered first-floor suite, surrounded by dark wood and walls lined with books by the foot.

The service is a suite of tools that streamlines the entire CRE processing.

“At MSG, $50 bucks put us way up top, but in Brooklyn it got us a suite.”

The company’s suite now includes five different iPhone models, the iPad, the Mac and the Apple Watch as well as its fast-growing services.

So, there’s a suite of things that you have to be doing.

And there are a suite of variables when comparing costs, some of which — like integration and transmission — aren’t factored into the analysis.

Then we had this day where we took over a hotel suite and put two or three setups in there.

The presidential suite may set the government back by at least 8,000 Singapore dollars ($6,000) a night, it said.

The hotel declined to provide the room charge for the presidential suite.

The 348-square meter Shangri-la suite in the Valley Wing of the Shangri-la was priced at S$10,000 for the June 12 night.

Scene: Gansevoort Turks + Caicos for 10 days at a $845 a night oceanfront suite.

Google Hangouts is great for G suite users.

It was the last piece of its ads suite that started with direct ad sales, then self-serve ads and then a self-serve API.

The main part of the page features a suite of five images that rotate.

VideoStitch’s software suite is compatible with all types of rigs, from Frankensteined GoPro rigs to massive clusters of DSLRs.

They got close on the dance floor and went back to his suite at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

Yeasayer has given The Creators Project a suite of exclusive images highlighting each of the characters, which you can peruse throughout this article.

Chief executive Matthew Prince had already given Paine the go-ahead to give the researchers what they need, offering its suite of services for free.

Facebook is also betting Libra can squeeze more revenue out of its suite of apps, something already happening on Chinese social networks like WeChat.

Video, obtained by TMZ, shows one rifle, still on a bipod, just inside the demolished door to the suite.

The option works with both G suite and non-G suite accounts, including third-party IMAP accounts, the company notes.

2112 the album kicked off with the title track, a seven part, narrative-packed sci-fi suite.

The feature is rolling out to Gmail and G suite users over the next 15 days.

Even with that first suite.

Here he was yesterday entertaining WWE impresario Vince McMahon in his owner’s suite.

It’s a clever idea and should be an interesting addition to the standard suite of travel apps.

Indiegogo wants to provide a full suite of services for entrepreneurs, from raising money to finding a place to sell their finished products.

“The biggest question for us is where do we go from here if we don’t offer the whole suite of products?

For businesses, Google’s G suite remains the way to get additional service and features.

Contact: Jessica Nina Pratiwi Analyst +62 21 2988 6816 PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia DBS Bank Tower 24th Floor suite 2403 Jl.

“You could use an antiquated suite or best of breed that’s limited.

In a lot of ways, men’s issues need the same suite of targeted support that women’s issues have.

She got the hotel’s signature top floor suite, naturally … which typically goes for $19k a night.

The background: CRISPR is a suite of genes that bacteria use as an immune system to fight viruses.

Other parts of the CRISPR suite might be used to edit RNA, create cellular recorders, diagnose diseases or to kill bacteria without antibiotics.

Mistral says its suite of loitering munitions do just that.

It’s unknown if other parts of the CRISPR suite besides Cas9 would be affected.

A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song suite II)6.

The law was among a suite of bills written by former Representative Newt Gingrich that formed the Contract with America Advancement Act.

The suite also tabulates votes collected from all of a county’s Unisyn optical scan systems.

It has also just now started the rollout of its ad-blocker to its suite of mobile browsers, beginning with Opera Mini for Android.

Soon it will be easier for people without Google accounts to collaborate on G suite documents.

The owners and admins of the G suite files monitor usage through activity logs and can revoke access at any time.

They also can restrict sharing outside of white-listed G suite domains or their own organization.

Office 365 made $13.8 billion in sales in 2016, versus just $1.3 billion for G suite, according to Gartner.

But if all the neighbors around a defector mimic that behavior, the altruistic acts dry out tout suite.

The standard suite includes Ford’s so-called Co-Pilot360, which includes automatic emergency breaking, rear-view camera and blind spot monitoring system.

The agreement includes the two 747-800 aircraft and the cost of modifying them, including external stairs, large galleys and a secure communications suite.

Despite being designed for serious musicians, Splice’s suite of tools now has 2.5 million users, up from 1.5 million a year ago.

When: Opens Sunday, April 9, 3–5pm Where: The Wende Museum (5741 Buckingham Parkway, suite E, Culver City, California) More info here.

My roommates and I went to a suite down the hall, where one of the guys asked if we wanted to smoke a joint.

The exhibit includes accoutrements from the sanitation workers who removed the fatberg: a sterilization suite, pick axe, and shovel.

This morning it was Oracle’s turn, announcing several AI-fueled features for its suite of sales tools.

I think on Google suite, like Google Docs, Gmail, etc.

Certainly there’s nothing about Google suite or Gmail that doesn’t scale to large enterprises.

They entangle in a blur of weaves, then suddenly the Countess exits her suite in a long, white coat, free at last.

At the hotel the outer room of the suite was filled to capacity with people.

Access to App Maker comes with any G suite Business and Enterprise subscription, as well as the G suite for Education edition.

This video shows you can’t even get close to the suite.

Promoters gave in … with a suite of rooms for her posse, but did so as a courtesy to maintain the relationship.

The suspect shot himself to death before police stormed his 32nd-floor suite in the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, high above the concert venue.

Just like the rise of self-driving cars revived the old “trolley problem” of moral philosophy, BMIs come with their own suite of ethical issues.

Enter Switcher Studio, a mobile production suite that lets you use an iDevice for live video mixing and production.

When: Wednesday, March 14 at 7pm Where: Ceres Gallery (547 West 27th Street, suite 201, Chelsea, Manhattan) More info at Ceres Gallery.

After he won, Eisenhower went to Taft’s campaign suite to shake Taft’s hand.

Grassfed is specifically geared toward higher-brow, hip tech enthusiasts; and the Orpheus suite of products fit right in.

Artist Paulina Olowska collaborated with choreographer Katy Pyle to create a suite of solo dances based a 1918 series of prints depicting Slavic deities.

It was held in a suite of a storied rock and roll hotel.

Switch is the only console with the confidence to release a suite of expensive cardboard accessories called Labo.

Here’s how Google’s rival to Microsoft Office, G suite, came together.

Without the integration of the Google suite of products, the relative attractiveness of Android over iOS is diminished.

Another driving force for the reduction in fragmentation could be the Nexus suite of phones and tablets.

Even the dominant MS Office suite can now be accessed from the web browser with Office 365.

This trip came just a few days after Blue was sleeping in Mom and Dad’s $19,000/night suite in Paris.

Perhaps the Sprouse brothers from The suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Today, Google announced that its $149 suite photo editing plugins, the Nik Collection, is now totally free to download.

Grab the whole suite here.

It called for a broad suite of emission-reducing policies, led by massive investments in American clean energy jobs, with a focus on environmental justice.

There’s no main room bangers, like “Hall of the Mountain King” or Holst’s “Jupiter” from the Planets suite.

departments starting today will see the settings for Drive File Stream appear in the Admin Console for their version of G suite, says Google.

She said Cosby expressed interest in helping her with her career and invited her to his suite at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Hinkie is a person, but his letter is him opting into accepting the lesson-and-a-write-off suite of consequences.

Bike services are a more affordable means to complete first- and last-mile trips to Uber’s suite of services.

This suite has everything: wine, pillows, romantic lighting, a low-hanging fog of sadness in the air.

They released an unbelievable trove of music in 2018, but the standout is this 21-minute suite by the Italian synthesist Caterina Barbieri.

* “Plaza suite,” 1960: three separate stories about relationships, all set in suite 719 of New York’s Plaza Hotel.

Both bedrooms feature skylights, planting balconies, and new en suite bathrooms.

Biswas says it hopes to do that by providing a more comprehensive suite of products that wraps into a single layer of software.

In the suite outside sit two “Studio Wall Drawings,” by Keith Tyson.

Inside the suite, nakedness and sexy variations thereof are highly encouraged.

The Block Museum of Art acquired a suite of works by photographer Tseng Kwong Chi (1950–1990).

The client then chooses a lady for a tour of the facility, ideally ending with a negotiation in her private suite.

For instance, most name-brand Android phone makers effectively have to license something called Google Mobile Services, a suite of proprietary Google apps.

So, the Delta One suite that Kara just mentioned won the award last year as the best new international product in the sky.

And it’s an enclosed suite.

Google today launched a number of security updates to G suite, its online productivity and collaboration platform.

The most interesting feature here, though, is the new security sandbox, another beta feature for G suite enterprise users.

Jordan, he writes, quickly followed him back to the suite.

The ceremony was performed in the living room of their hotel suite with Faith and Stevie overlooking the Vegas strip.

However, it does help if a show is well-liked by network brass and has no notable naysayers among the executive suite.

Reached for comment, a representative of Monsanto referred to a suite of materials about the merger online.

The promise of C2A is that it offers a full suite of solutions to detect and mitigate attacks.

The goal, Chiasson explained, is to come up with a suite of security solutions that can be tailored to different users in varying situations.

Startup founders can also fill their executive suite with a chief security officer from the very beginning.

The Dutch ruled the eastern Caribbean islands for nearly two centuries, until America purchased the suite in 1916.

But what’s really piqued my interest for the future is the custom suite.

I say “suite” because it’s more than just a map editor.

We hope suite in a sentence examples were helpful.