Suggestions in a sentence | Use of the word suggestions examples

“I don’t think so much will change there in principle.” The European Commission rejects suggestions its rules are not tough enough.

Since the funds for retirement are held outside the platform in a 401(k), Ellevest simply offers monthly deposit and portfolio suggestions.

Yeah, it’s a little more confrontational than my other suggestions, but being grounded in truth and all, it earns the right.

The suggestions did little to win over the DUP.

Overall, though, there are no major suggestions of harm.

I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions.

Cruz, appearing in a later interview, bristled at suggestions that the relief effort had been well-coordinated.

Fu had a few suggestions in dealing with a situation like this.

Government lawyers and Cohen’s lawyers will both submit to the judge four suggestions as to who the special master should be.

Even more explosive, though, were suggestions that brands were willing to pay influencers these sums to post negative reviews about competitor brands.

That was part of the turnaround 99-pager suggestions.

Amnesty has some suggestions: Bring more European rescue boats to the coast of Libya and open more legal routes for migrants.

Poe says if the city approves a Petty memorial, in theory, his next move will be fielding innovative and interactive suggestions from the public.

A lot of the ideas come from everyday life, from suggestions of people, looking around, keeping your eyes open.”

One episode features a series of post-hypnotic suggestions that Ramona has implanted in Kimmy’s brain.

But our suggestions would guarantee more ideological, methodological, and experiential diversity from the Supreme Court.

Reform proponents said the suggestions were sops to industry and he withdrew its report.

“I am considering some other games; I got a few suggestions to recreate Doom and other first person shooters perhaps.

Among the suggestions: buying used textbooks online, renting textbooks online, or buying digital versions of the textbook that were cheaper.

And some of the suggestions here are truly bizarre.

They review the material and interrogate it, offering suggestions for improvements, asking questions, or calling out errors.

Putin dismissed suggestions Russia influenced the elections through political advertising.

They’ve even invited the public to tell them what they’ve overlooked, to submit suggestions for a 112 item.

“Let’s get our policy straight first and then look for suggestions on financing,” says one Democratic House aide involved in the process.

He rejected suggestions that tariffs were harming U.S. consumers, insisting that China was footing the bill.

Ivanka Trump has responded to suggestions that she is “complicit” in the controversies surrounding the Trump administration.

National security advisers help determine which foreign policy and national security questions reach the president and offer suggestions for how they should be resolved.

All right, so, some of the other suggestions for being, doing things.

But can we all agree to end the practice of soliciting artwork with promises — or even suggestions — of tax deductions?

Barr’s suggestions to the contrary were false.

The kind emails I’ve gotten, the notes of sympathy or joy, the feedback and suggestions … it has meant the world to me.

(Despite occasional suggestions otherwise, no equivalent purge campaign exists in today’s Democratic Party.)

Every opinion and idea matters ­­ your pitches and suggestions are all most welcome.

Siri will give suggestions about how to handle notifications.

You’ll now be able to get suggestions from Siri based on how you interact with your notifications over time.

She offers few suggestions, but seems prepared to accommodate almost anything you can come up with.

And he did have a few suggestions for where to go in Las Vegas when you’ve got the munchies.

Eastman made some suggestions and signed him up to keep getting information from RAD.

Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy — have a few suggestions for how to make the best use of your pop culture–consuming time.

Thank you to Jay, Elliot, Mike, Eric, Brett, Ben, Katie and everyone else who sent in suggestions for techie graduation gifts.

Here are some suggestions and a little guidance if you’re not sure where to start.


Meanwhile, business leaders said the community’s suggestions have not been taken into consideration, with any communication close to none.

The agency isn’t obligated to follow the panel’s suggestions, though it usually does.

However, the Taliban have dismissed suggestions they have been weakened and said Saturday’s bombing was a message to President Donald Trump.

Do you have any suggestions for platform users who aren’t tech-literate and don’t work in tech?” KS: That’s everybody.

Others were more shy, and I would make a couple of suggestions and it went from there.

Their journeys, mindsets, and suggestions start to bleed into one another, forming a unified theory of success.

Every infertile woman carries with her a list of questions, comments, and suggestions she steels herself against: When are you finally having kids?

Trump did listen intently to the survivors’ accounts throughout and responded to suggestions and solutions about how to tackle the problem.

But he dismissed suggestions that the US was pressing China on trade talks by sending the B-52s.

They can offer you suggestions and they can say, “If you bought this …” I’ve never done that.

Ku says that it eventually hopes to make its marketplace suggestions more personal and relevant for each individual user.

Nintendo promised that the kits and software are just starting points and suggestions.

He makes insinuations, he makes suggestions, he draws associations, for instance between President Obama and radical jihadists.

But so far it has only made suggestions that individual countries can choose to follow.

You could make suggestions about the demographics of those kinds of people, I would imagine.

and you could call up local restaurant suggestions just by chatting “@google.”

At close range in a packed concert, SWAT officer Jeff Geoghagan had some harsh, counter-intuitive suggestions.

Their suggestions for situations we might try are often better than anything I could come up with.

Internal documents obtained by Amnesty International found that Shell had repeatedly ignored suggestions to replace outdated pipe.

But a localization group has an obligation to review the game and make suggestions on how to improve the game for a Western release.”

When you finish a book on a Kindle, Amazon’s algorithm serves up some suggestions for what you might want to read next.

One of the first suggestions: “Volodya,” a Russian diminutive of Vladimir.

One of the first suggestions: “Volodya,” a Russian diminutive of Vladimir.

The portal received 63,000 suggestions in the first 17 hours, Russian outlet RBC reported.

“Thank you everyone for the discussion and your suggestions,” it said in a statement on its microblog account.

Day 28 – Feb. 16: Trump attacked the media and dismissed suggestions of a White House in crisis during a bizarre, 80-minute press conference.

“Board also categorically refutes suggestions that the group, or senior management, continue to benefit from any operations servicing the Turkish market,” GVC said.

Mike Pence as his running mate, there were suggestions — occasionally serious — that he should pick Ivanka.

Bank of England officials voted unanimously to hold interest rates despite some recent suggestions from policymakers that borrowing costs should go up.

Most of these suggestions, however, are based purely on issues surrounding the IPO itself.

On the movies we direct, we probably should make them shorter, and I’m very closed off to suggestions that we could trim them.

It spelled out that the suggestions do not represent official policy positions.

They gave several suggestions, starting with an even distribution at the corners, and making your way toward the middle, and keeping the carton balanced.

Some, like a Medicare buy-in as a way toward universal coverage, are concrete suggestions, but much of it remains frustratingly hazy.

Bailey offers a few commonsense suggestions: A marshmallow is made up of gelatin and sugar.

House Republicans dismiss suggestions that this is a partisan witch hunt.

(Thanks to Christina Wolbrecht for some suggestions here.)

Convince Congress to adopt the best reform suggestions.

Similarly, cross-business teams were tasked with coming up for suggestions for Microsoft’s culture, and ended up talking late into the night.

“I have no patience for suggestions that we conducted ourselves as anything but what we are — honest, competent, and independent,” he wrote.

There are also suggestions that others in government may follow and that there could be a rebellion by the Democratic Unionist Party.

Among other suggestions, Matvienko proposed creating a parental advisory guidance system for concerts.

A massive search activity in South Florida has created search trends, effectively publishing poems by Miami inmates within the suggestions of Google search.

The massive search activity has created search trends, effectively publishing the poems within the autocompletes and suggestions of Google search engines.

She called the SEC “particularly feeble” and said loose regulation at other agencies often turns legal rules into suggestions, which companies can freely ignore.

Reddit user Salem-Witch gathered the top Google Autocomplete suggestions for states and regions around North America.

Intel also offered support of the CCWG in September with some suggestions for “accountability enhancements” but has not since updated its views.

Note that suggestions may change over the course of the year.

I love my Amazon Echo, and I request things from it and it gives me suggestions and it’s not interruptive.

The most popular suggestions — that I’ve seen, at least — are Dany and Arya.

I have some suggestions for you.

“I don’t think so much will change there in principle.” The European Commission rejects suggestions its rules are not tough enough.

So far Sony has not indicated what it would do in response to Third Point’s suggestions.

As I want to get in shape, I wish the Activity app offered more than the current level of suggestions for the following week.

‘” Shane revisited her experiment after receiving suggestions from people, however, and posted some new results today.

That includes scripting a new set of what are being called “cultural norms,” crafted from suggestions solicited from the entire company.

We’re open to alternative suggestions from UK.

We spoke to financial experts from across the country and asked them for suggestions on the best unexpected financial investments a person could make.

Anti-vaccine groups use social media to fuel doubts about vaccines, often citing concerns about side effects or recycling long-debunked suggestions about links to autism.

“We have put in place measures to stop recommending related images, hashtags, accounts, and typeahead suggestions,” writes Mosseri.

You have an intelligent intern making suggestions.

“I take that responsibility very seriously and any suggestions to the contrary is simply false.”

Winegarner told Vox that when she put the list together, she solicited suggestions from readers, and one sent a link to Farmer’s post.

Thank you again for your suggestions.

Beijing also asked these provinces to share thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the supply security of strategic mining resources like rare earths.

They’re making suggestions, but they’re also saying, “Do it how you would do it.”

The company behind Pokémon Go has a Harry Potter game in the works — here are some unsolicited suggestions from a Potthead.

My concrete suggestions are to: De-moralize diversity.

It was a very positive visit, with suggestions for future collaborations to understand and interpret both the shield and other objects more fully.

Campaign spokesperson Patricia Ewing said suggestions Williamson is somehow “anti-medicine” are untrue.

Russia has repeatedly dismissed suggestions of its involvement as an attempt to demonize it.

Kilmeade had more tangible suggestions for how Trump could move past this: I would like to see us start debating health care again.

“It’s hard to measure something like that, because everyone gets unique autocomplete suggestions so you can’t control for it,” Stocking said.

suggestions last week that South Korea may ban cryptocurrency trading briefly wiped $2,000 off the value of the bitcoin.

Warner had to deal with Prince’s suggestions that music made by him after the name change wasn’t actually by Prince.

(Other suggestions include better teacher training, more LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum, and better anti-bullying policies.)

He makes insinuations, he makes suggestions, he draws associations, for instance between President Obama and radical jihadists.

Alberta is so far encouraged by suggestions that CN and CP would be willing to discuss the contracts, the source said.

It criticized any suggestions the new director would hinder investigations.

What if algorithms never gave you recommendations or suggestions?

“Donald Trump should apologize for his outrageous, unhinged and patently false suggestions on the founding of ISIS,” the DNC said in a statement.

If you have no interest in equal rights for black people, then do not make suggestions to those who do.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any information, suggestions, or concerns.

Sarah will act as a very useful advisor, pointing out weaknesses and flaws that they see, whilst also making suggestions for improvements.

All these discussed points are still suggestions, it’s important to remember.

Every once in awhile, I got lucky enough to meet someone who’d walked the Camino Francés already and could offer plenty of suggestions.

Here are some suggestions and a little guidance if you’re not sure where to start.

“Do you guys have any suggestions [?]

Below are a few suggestions that may help in the coming year.

“It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive,” Pelosi told Politico.

Though Murphy appears to have good intentions, Fallon points out his suggestions do not include guidance on how they should be implemented.

(There are several good guides on what to do if you’ve been hit by this attack, including these suggestions from CNN and CNET.)

Baz will let us improvise and run with our suggestions,” Guardiola said.

But the worse things have gone for Trump, the less willing he’s been to listen to suggestions about how he might improve.

The researchers, who did not respond to emailed questions, did offer suggestions on how to improve children’s care in rural areas.

If we can improve our suggestions and help connect one billion people with meaningful communities, that can strengthen our social fabric.

Victorian police have rejected suggestions they erred by not monitoring him more closely.

Eliminating the lockbox requirement for school marshals was one of many suggestions Gov.

But then Kelly closed off the process, conferring with Pruitt to produce a final plan that altered or excluded many of the staffers’ suggestions.

“As soon as you watch a video, video’s with matching storytags pop up next to it  like recommendations or suggestions from the algorithm.

Lund, a former consultant and political adviser in the Norwegian parliament rejected suggestions he could replace Dudley to become the next CEO.

Members will start seeing suggestions for courses in their news feed, based on their jobs, listed skills and recommendations shared by friends.

Kimmel offered some suggestions of how Republicans could get around that problem.

Despite Trump’s tweets otherwise, suggestions that he isn’t particularly productive as president clearly bother him.

The robotic system was tested out on a Nao robot, who presented successful suggestions in the hospital 90 percent of the time.

The American College of Physicians has a climate change toolkit, which offers suggestions for steering doctors toward reducing the emissions at their practices.

The excerpts, released on Sunday, included exchanges in which Moro made suggestions to prosecutors about the focus, pace and sequence of investigations.

In his experiments, he shows how even small suggestions from others can push us to remember whole scenes and experiences differently.

2) suggestions and innuendo can be just as convincing as assertions.

Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons, and has been cool to U.S. suggestions of renewed negotiations.

BI: So all suggestions for reform were wrong?Krugman: Greece is pretty much in a class of its own.

So here’s a crash course, with some suggestions for further reading.

Some of the menu suggestions sound reasonably sexist in theory, but in practice, it could be even worse.

(There are several good guides on what to do if you’ve been hit by this attack, including these suggestions from CNN and CNET.)

She is as sweaty as the prisoners who call out lewd suggestions, egged-on by the guards.

Even though Scott doesn’t give any suggestions for how we can change this as a society, it’s something we have to do.

I posted a tweet earlier suggesting the incoming congresswoman looked well put together — ELEGANT even — despite suggestions she’s struggled.

Often the peculiar figures, dragons, and murky suggestions of animals are posed in caves and hollows, with wood whorls encircling the scenes.

It’s currently thought that placebo suggestions activate the brain’s natural opioid systems to provide relief.

“People respond to nocebo even with verbal suggestions,” she told me.

Then again, all of these suggestions ignore a fairly crucial detail.

The forms within them are vivid, tactile suggestions of plants, animals, furniture, buildings, train tracks, and waterfalls.

The authors of the study have a few suggestions about policies to reverse this trend.

Amid suggestions that the proposed bill could be rewritten, her spokesman said she would listen to colleagues’ concerns.

Microsoft also showed several ways it is improving Cortana, including allowing developers to make proactive suggestions to users.

These kinds of efforts will also be essential to help drive the next stage of digital assistance: Proactive suggestions, information and advice.

I mean, do you have any suggestions?

Are these suggestions simply utopian?

They also have suggestions on how to stop these jams.

Both have asked for suggestions on social media and said they plan to address the immigration mess with him.

So far Sony has not indicated what it would do in response to Third Point’s suggestions.

You might make a few suggestions.

Because these suggestions are so far-fetched, it’s hard to take them seriously.

And there are suggestions that Cohen is giving information about whether Trump tried to obstruct justice since he became president, as well.

Critics say the fundamentals of Cuba’s system were never up for discussion and the government only included suggestions it wanted to.

suggestions for those in management included pleasantries and promotions for Goofuses and scorn and complaints for Gallants as a means fomenting bad morale.

In a series of meetings with residents, they presented the options and solicited suggestions, questions, and opinions.

Jacqui, do you have any suggestions?

That included having several substantive discussions with directors, where she made a series of suggestions on how to fix Uber.

A hawker near the Chew Jetty who made my lunch wrote down a list of cendol suggestions that looked more like a math equation.

His sudden death raised suggestions that he might have been murdered.

suggestions welcomed in our comments section.

Andy says it’s true, although it sounds like it’s more than just friendly suggestions.

He does have some location suggestions for your next #ShiggyChallenge.

“I can’t walk,” Daulatzai yelled as passengers yelled suggestions to show the officers she was cooperating.

There was betrayal and the suggestions of romance.

The White House dismissed suggestions that Florida’s exemption was a political favor to Scott.

I get a lot of suggestions from my kids to tell …

Okay, well, maybe you get a lot of suggestions, but difficult to stack rank …

That being said, she’s asking fans for input on Solutionwear and taking suggestions.

Every state has suggestions for what penalties sexual assault should carry––the four to 12 years in the Colorado case.

And he appreciates the fact that they have the confidence to push back, or make suggestions that he might not initially take to.

Iranian officials have been particularly aggrieved by France’s criticism of its ballistic missile tests and suggestions of possible new sanctions over the program.

See red wine suggestions above.

Unfortunately, some of the posts, including the one I saw, contained faulty or vaguely illegal suggestions.

Please comment on this so that your reactions, suggestions, and criticisms are seen.

Based on their suggestions, he plans to put a new, official policy in place come March 2018.

There have been suggestions that the Americans’ confidence has crossed into arrogance, a notion that both teams have been quick to reject.

Rosenstein was new to the job, and, according to McCabe’s account — memorialized in contemporaneous memos — he made a pair of eyebrow-raising suggestions.

Unlike many hand-wringing conversations in the press, they offered concrete suggestions for how to improve the situation moving forward.

I’ll feel like I’m not getting my dark blues right and he’ll throw out some suggestions.

We have ideas and suggestions, but at the end of day, these device makers have a particular problem to solve with our products.

Some of the more incensed responses ranged from the usual jokes or suggestions that I kill myself or be killed to full-on death threats.

Over the footage, several voices intone suggestions on how one should present oneself to the world: “Decide whom you would like to please.

“Once [scientists have] identified potential conservation problems we can offer suggestions for changes that will help alleviate them.

Other pieces of data culled from the customer, such as height and weight, would allow the computer to make ever more customized suggestions.

Faculty members will offer a short response, including suggestions, responses to specific pieces, or general feedback on each portfolio.

(“For a long time, we had been making suggestions to the government,” Jakawong had told me about the bar.

Based on your suggestions, I will travel to six borders around the world this summer.

As you’re typing, Touch Bar can show quick-type suggestions or emojis, like the iPhone keyboard does.

Many of Sanders’s most appealing policy suggestions have a common-sense appeal: Drugs should be cheaper.

Here are your suggestions to save it.

“There were no suggestions whatsoever about stopping support.” Less than two months later, their funding is now under review at the State Department.

“There were no suggestions whatsoever about stopping support.” Less than two months later, their funding is now under review at the State Department.

So far, there are no suggestions Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) faces any kind of trouble.

However, Brainard said the U.S. central bank was reviewing the comments received, including suggestions on how banks assess the areas in which they operate.

The big one is that interrogating police officers can impose their suggestions on suspects: “We have evidence proving you were there!”

She’s also found that through subtle suggestions, people can be made to recall childhood memories that never happened.

She made her case to possible buyers in an in-depth Medium post, providing site traffic, financials, and suggestions for further growth.

I have searched online week after week for a solution and the Apple site gives the same ‘restart’ and ‘restore’ suggestions.

Jacob offered two related suggestions.

He said he was “deeply concerned by suggestions of a political motivation” for the detention of Kovrig and Spavor.

At the same time, I’ll make some suggestions, and they’re open to it.

Compare that to suggestions during the Hill-Thomas hearings that Hill might suffer from “erotomania” or the delusion that Thomas was interested in her.

I’m always looking for new suggestions.

They make suggestions based on their own experience.

The other suggestions are even more systemic.

“The government is implementing our suggestions and the developments can be seen,” he said, when asked about Kobsak’s criticisms.

Here’s are couple of suggestions to make this process as painless as possible.

“A Star of David, a pile of cash, and suggestions of corruption,” wrote Erick Erickson, a conservative radio host.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Alberta is so far encouraged by suggestions that CN and CP would be willing to discuss the contracts, the source said.

Cook has said he is looking for ways to make the regulator more efficient and considerate of member firms’ suggestions.

And while all of these suggestions can help, therapy and medication might also be necessary.

Any suggestions you plan on implementing or new features that their support will allow you to roll out?

It would send in suggestions.

Well, suggestions that moved your behavior.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Some suggestions for getting that number down: The National Student Loan Data System tracks federal loans ( or 1-800-4-FED-AID).

Vontobel analyst Jean-Philippe Bertschy said Third Point’s suggestions echoed proposals long made by other shareholders.

There have been suggestions for some time that seminal emo band American Football were working their way towards a new album.

The Peña Nieto administration has repeatedly denied any suggestions of impropriety in the area of human rights.

The country, already enduring a deepening economic crisis, has been quick to dismiss suggestions that ships were abandoning the Suez Canal.

“Recode contacted us about a story on People You May Know and what information Facebook used to make friend suggestions.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Among other examples, we were asked whether Facebook used information about who you call and text to make friend suggestions.

“We do not use cookies from third-party sites to generate or rank People You May Know suggestions,” Facebook says.

Other suggestions included, “Get some headphones on and suspiciously stake out a bank.

suggestions of smartphones listening in on conversations have become commonplace rumor and “fake news” has entered our vernacular.

The senator also offered some suggestions for ways people around the country can fight back.

What should the ancillary Recode Media podcast … We’ll take your suggestions via Twitter.

Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons, and has been cool to U.S. suggestions of renewed negotiations.

You can already see this at work in Facebook’s tag suggestions.

(See my last How to Sex/Vice Guide to Life for more suggestions on memorable first-time sex props.)

Every morning I get a ton of emails on suggestions as to what we can do.

The British government has generally distanced itself from suggestions that it is following the US model of “targeted killing.”

Below, you’ll find cannabis-themed gift suggestions for all the people in your life.

Do you have any suggestions about what we can or should do short of major legislative solutions?

The researchers I spoke with over the past years have some suggestions for managing the uglier reactions to fear.

EU officials have downplayed suggestions Juncker will arrive with a novel plan to restore good relations.

The production team of No Reservations chose the place, basing their decision on local people’s suggestions.

These lines are mere suggestions to border the colors splashed haphazardly on the screen with noticeable strokes of paint of scribbles of colored pencil.

Indeed, the Women’s March has pushed back on suggestions that it’s solely anti-Trump.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Almost all of his suggestions weren’t available to stream legally.

“As you would move from floor to floor at the gallery,” Oppenheim says, “there are suggestions that produce visual clues.

Then I’ll stream stuff on YouTube and follow whatever suggestions pop up on my home page.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Sometimes, the campaigns offer suggestions before a debate on possible fact checks, replete with nuggets of opposition research on their opponents.

Below are some suggestions.

The travel ban thing happened so fast that we reacted before the employees … Before you got suggestions from them.

Dialogue with the United States, for example, is constant,” he said, dismissing suggestions Washington could penalize Italy.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Many had criticism about how the devastating health crisis has been handled, and suggestions for what needs to happen next.

As in 2015, Williamson’s suggestions were discredited by his fellow MPs.

We submitted to our American colleagues a note with a number of specific suggestions.

We’ll let them think and make their proposals and suggestions in this regard.

Here are a few suggestions to fix that.

We aim to produce useful artificial collaborators that make intelligent suggestions, and open up new avenues for creating music.”

Perhaps, then, it is no surprise that both sleep hygiene suggestions and suggestions for enhanced sexual functioning have some overlap.

The bottom line of these suggestions is to make one’s bedroom an exclusive haven for the joys of both sleep and sex.

): basic suggestions on how to make you and your loved ones safer and more secure on the internet.

On a notebook, she pencils more radical suggestions: dilation of the orbital bones, deepening of the sockets, modifications to manufacture the illusion of vulnerability.

It was very genuinely inspirational, and his suggestions did, let’s be honest, make me look quite a lot better.

NB: I asked everyone on my desk for suggestions, so don’t blame me for the slight lack of coherence.

These are suggestions oriented toward those with executive authority, including CEOs like myself, but leaders at any level can adapt some of these steps.

Talk with them about your plans, ask if they have suggestions to improve them.

Then, on the basis of which traits people are most extreme on, we make suggestions.

All suggestions of being ahead of their time and evolving a genre that sees little movement.

I have thought about it at length, and I have some suggestions (because, well, because obviously): This pretty much seems in the bag?

Armed with Snowden’s suggestions and revelations from the documents and poetic license, Stone goes in the maximalist direction.

But some in attendance on Friday called out suggestions that they march on the Miraflores presidential palace.

But all of those suggestions, when connected, don’t really equal a TV show so much as they equal the hint of one.

Willing to take suggestions.

Willing to give suggestions.

(I have ethicist Charles Camosy to thank for these suggestions.)

Then these people would send me pictures or suggestions of people I could meet with.

The Pakistani Taliban initially claimed responsibility, but later there were credible suggestions that al-Qaeda may have carried out the attack.

One of their top suggestions: paper ballots.

For this, and his suggestions that Mexicans are rapists and drug runners worthy of deportation, he’s been reviled down south.

At DNA Detectives, members post a question or story, and people pipe up with suggestions.

Our recollections are subject to errors, gaps, false suggestions, and approximations.

Other suggestions include third-party audits of social-media algorithms that already exists for financial statements.

Other pregnancy forums are filled with similar suggestions of stories about “what worked for me.”

KS: Why are you making all these suggestions?

suggestions for political involvement or directions to marches, sure.

The works of painters Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle foster a dialectic between pure gestural abstraction and lyrical suggestions of the grandeur of nature.

(The report contains some policy suggestions.)

We want to hear about your suggestions for underreported people changing the world and how we can do a better job covering them.

Girafarig: Most people really like it, and I’ve received a plethora of ideas and suggestions from people that have downloaded it.

Facebook already “suggests” events to users, but those suggestions are determined by a computer algorithm.

The bassline of this song actually throbs, as Britney opens herself up to all and any suggestions.

After a movie, I love to ask for suggestions from friends on what books to track down.

But they are suggestions; companies do not have to fully comply by them.

All the suggestions sounded too sci-fi.

If you have no interest in equal rights for black people, then do not make suggestions to those who do.

Bank of England officials voted unanimously to hold interest rates despite some recent suggestions from policymakers that borrowing costs should go up.

Yasseri didn’t have any immediate suggestions.

He also offers suggestions on how best to deal with these cults of personality and their most ardent supporters.

Did you have suggestions or differences?

When inside the Safari web browser, for example, Gboard does not offer up autocomplete suggestions for words you might want to type next.

Typing “new” in competing app SwiftKey brings up a series of useful suggestions like “York,” but typing the same in Gboard brings up… nothing.

Conversely, typing “new” with Gboard inside a messaging app like Google Hangouts does produce a series of word suggestions.

Speaking of pterosaurs, it’s good to see that a pterosaur emoji also made the cut on the new table of suggestions.

“That is what the Czech Republic’s and other European countries’ suggestions aimed for.

Not even the well-meaning suggestions to put his camera away was going to hold that back.

He asked for suggestions to continue the franchise, and offered one of his own: Daryl Gates.

His sudden death raised suggestions that he might have been murdered.

In the case of 1-800-Flowers, users can ask the bot for suggestions and then order flowers through the app.

Other suggestions included chin and jaw implants, palate expansion surgery, and forehead reduction.

The Raptors guard dismissed suggestions they let thoughts of celebrating a title on their home floor creep into their minds.

Even trivial memories are easily corrupted with mere suggestions.

Russia has denied seeking to interfere in the election and Trump has disputed suggestions that Moscow was working on his behalf.

Despite Hogan’s suggestions to the contrary, this sort of stuff clearly wasn’t for everyone.

For one thing, Apple is starting slowly, using differential privacy at first to do only a few things, like improve autocorrect and search suggestions.

For two years, Hawkins lived his life based on randomly generated suggestions from apps he built expressly for that purpose.

He also has some suggestions for those who haven’t yet made reservations.

Rachel Pick, Social Editor: Most of my suggestions are quasi-jokes, but I stand firm against large phones and the erasure of the headphone jack.

All three women who started the discussion had similar suggestions: Do your research, listen, and get involved in the conversation.

Salvemos el Espacio Escultórico rejects these suggestions as mere cosmetic solutions that would not respect the artists’ intentions.

Previously known as the ExoMars rover, the robot’s new name was selected from over 36,000 suggestions from citizens across the UK and Europe.

He’s taking suggestions on his Facebook page here.

Although these weapons are clearly causing harm, suggestions to better regulate their sale haven’t gone down well across the board.

(Yes, I can hear you shouting your own suggestions, tweet them to the usual address.)

Kerr has lots of suggestions for how to prevent sweat without anti-perspirant, but most of them don’t sound quick, easy, or practical.

This tendency to offer practical suggestions as opposed to talking through feelings and thoughts is a common rookie mistake, says Treder-Wolff.

All of this creates new interest in previous suggestions of a fund used to deal with unfortunate behavior by Trump.

Any suggestions, please, from people.

The Home Office gives suggestions for testing in guidance aimed at law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

Recent revelations confirmed long-standing suggestions of Till’s innocence; the accuser, Carolyn Bryant Donham, now 82, admitted that her original claims were false.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

So here are some suggestions of where to start:  Did you know that Waypoint’s own Patrick Klepek loves anime?

All 40 of the suggestions were listed on-air: Radio Capitan Piluso, Radio Spika, Radio del Plata, Westinghouse, and many more.

They have always been very pragmatic about things, never forcing us in a certain direction, merely offering suggestions and advice.

There were also some suggestions that AMI was continuing to target Trump’s enemies.

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Exciting conversations will arrive, but be sure you know what you’re talking about before you start making suggestions.

They’ll make suggestions for the menu or ambiance, but they aren’t the people getting their hands dirty.

But the founders of the monopoly caucus believe the political moment is right for them and there are suggestions they may be right.

We just figured we’d give them suggestions for better things to do with that money.

He rejected suggestions that tariffs were harming U.S. consumers, insisting that China was footing the bill.

The study outlines a few suggestions for mitigating the immediate threat of rising sea levels to worldwide internet connectivity.

Some of the observations and suggestions I found useful, such as meditation and learning not to place judgement on my emotions.

Among the many comments—all 4,967 of them—was a trove of suggestions equally worthy of the institution’s new furry mascot.

There are no shortage of suggestions for how the Democrats can fix themselves.

Photos New For You tab helps you discover great photos in your library with Featured Photos, Effect suggestions, and more.

The research is still mostly theoretical, and the concrete suggestions tend to be vague.

Sharing suggestions proactively recommend sharing photos taken at events with the people who are in them.

Search enhancements make it easier to find your photos with intelligent suggestions and multiple keyword support.

Security code AutoFill presents one-time security codes sent over SMS as suggestions in the QuickType bar

“I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.”

To that end, I can’t encourage you enough to submit tutorial suggestions to me at and-or @everydayelk.

That QuickType can suggest the emoji equivalents of certain words, and give different suggestions based on which app you’re using, is great.

The keyboard itself isn’t as snappy or active with suggestions as SwiftKey, but it yields few complaints with both swipe and touch typing.

There’s certainly no shortage of suggestions from experts that Twitter could tap into.

That is the date when Facebook launched “Tag suggestions,” a feature that suggests people to tag after a Facebook user uploads a photo.

Ningen isn’t the first restaurant to use the concept of last meals as menu suggestions.

suggestions for reforming the visa program include raising the cost of the application process or instituting a petition system for jobs with high salaries.

As the New York Times reported, Trump is apparently pissed by repeated suggestions that “President Bannon” is really in charge in the West Wing.

Other users replied with validation of his feelings and suggestions that, with time and practice, things will get easier.

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We spent the Western Conference Finals watching him make gentle suggestions to his desperate Warriors in the locker room.

We’ve got no shortage of suggestions for delicious ways to use everyone’s favorite fruit of the season.

Here are some suggestions for more oral stimulation…” This is a genuine example, by the way.

So, we made suggestions to many of you.

You can browse through the workout suggestions for free—all of which are given suitably heroic Greek names including Aphrodite, Helios, and Zeus.

And I think you’re going to put a lot of those suggestions in place.

But I’m certainly open to suggestions.

These suggestions might come exclusively from my Pacific Northwester rain- and cold-addled brain.

In any case, mixing it up is a goal going forward, and I would love to hear your suggestions for topics.

The Mayor’s office dismissed suggestions the event won’t be profitable for San Francisco.

Moscow has denied election meddling and Republican President Donald Trump rejects suggestions that his associates colluded with Russia.

Some of Jacobson’s suggestions are obvious, like putting more solar panels in the desert and wind power turbines in windy areas.

You know, right behind suggestions like this: “Leave urine/feces in the toilet for hours on end to reduce flushes/conserve money on water bills.”

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Slowly, other women started contributing suggestions.

When the time came to identify a camp, my first call was to Peter Kerns and Penny to ask if they had any suggestions.

The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone reported that the Times is creating a “Reader Center” to respond directly to reader suggestions.

But if you need a little fresh air and some time away from the slot machines, we’ve got suggestions.

The Times’s suggestions for replacing the position lean heavily to one side.

The bill is headed back to state legislature with Scott’s suggestions.

He also dismissed suggestions by some analysts and investors that the mobile advertising business could be sold shortly.

New registered users on the site, which offers recipes grouped by meal type, popularity and suggestions from editors, will have a 28-day free trial.

These are just a few suggestions; there’s a wealth of promotional options for the dedicated promoter, and no excuse for slacking.

Shocking… once again, here are the @Twitter “suggestions” of who I should follow.

In his experiments, he shows how even small suggestions from others can push us to remember whole scenes and experiences differently.

In addition to fashion suggestions, the kits warn that women shouldn’t walk alone after dark.

“All the suggestions are that India will likely get worse before it gets better,” West said.

It encouraged boys to build strong bonds with their fathers, among other suggestions.

Despite the White House’s various suggestions of bipartisan cooperation to the press, there’s been no substantive engagement with the other party.

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Their manager Bill Diggins recently updated the crowdfunded album’s Kickstarter page asking fans to leave suggestions: “We need your help…”, he wrote.

“Let’s hear your suggestions for the album title!

But these are only a few suggestions!

He also dismissed suggestions by some analysts and investors that the mobile advertising business could be sold shortly.

Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, notes that the problems are related to Safari’s search suggestions feature.

Members are encouraged to listen and offer helpful suggestions on how to challenge hurtful tropes and hopefully alter racist behavior.

Instead he just gets pissy and growls at me when I make suggestions.

Khan rejected suggestions this showed a lack of respect for the U.S. president.

Though judges were not bound by these suggestions, the judge assigned to our case was known to go along with the government’s recommendations.

“United States sanctions are not mere requests or suggestions; they are the law,” Acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim in Manhattan said in a statement.

Based on Martin’s suggestions, Russo simply thought that there should be something “happy and innocent and hopeful” about the finished product.

Throughout the campaign trail, there have been repeated suggestions that we will eventually find out who the “real” Trump is.

All of these suggestions were eventually included in the Academy’s August announcement.

I found these suggestions playing out in the 33rd São Paulo Art Biennial which opened on September 7 under the title Affective Affinities.

“These are suggestions subject to approval,” one of the sources said.

Other products in the new weed microdosing category push the envelope even further with suggestions about purported medical uses.

And so, I am here to offer some suggestions which they can use FREE OF CHARGE.

And if there’s any suggestions, you just go there and you can see … ZS: Go there and pitch us your stories.

He dismissed suggestions that Italy might be the target of an EU infraction procedure over its contested 2017 budget.

“Y’all don’t have any suggestions for us?” Rogers said.

(Note: I left these suggestions written exactly as they came in.)

Bank of England officials voted unanimously to hold interest rates despite some recent suggestions from policymakers that borrowing costs should go up.

Shares in RWE and E.ON were up 1.2 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively, on suggestions that any additional liability could be capped.

Still, don’t dare to ask Holle about any of these suggestions.

From you, he will accept some editorial suggestions, with grudging thanks; when others make suggestions, he becomes stony-faced, resentful.

I ask the bouncer if he has any suggestions for a worst bar but he’s a little busy.

It will be up to Congress to actually implement spending policy; Trump can only offer suggestions.

Both have some numerical suggestions that it’s probable.

Bank of England officials voted unanimously to hold interest rates despite some recent suggestions from policymakers that borrowing costs should go up.

If you have any suggestions for games that also deal with creepy rats, drop him an email:

All his other suggestions have been incorporated.

She gave activity suggestions that corroborated and added to ideas I’d already begun culling from scientific studies and random lists around the web.

The Greek anti-terrorist service was investigating suggestions that the blaze – one of several throughout the Attica region – was started deliberately, a security source said.

“One should always be cautious and test even famous people’s suggestions,” he told Jacob Aron at New Scientist.

Google’s automation can subsume all or parts of our personalities with their algorithmic suggestions.

Check out the vid … Kevin also dropped a few suggestions for who could be the NEXT Batman.

That was one of the suggestions.

All of a sudden, deadlines that started as suggestions turn into solid dates.

Meanwhile, he said, Slack is hoping to offer up Google-like search suggestions that might be relevant to users.

Osman tinkers his way into the works, then into so many suggestions of buildings, windows, tables, chairs, communities, playgrounds, what have you.

The party declined to go along with his suggestions, the source said.

So to generate sales retailers need to ensure they are making suggestions or giving prompts.

Displaying a whole rack of dresses is far less effective than displaying a dress with outfit suggestions like shows and a handbag.

I’ve got some suggestions.

But if you need a little fresh air and some time away from the slot machines, we’ve got suggestions.

My only suggestions: Go slow, and keep your ego in check.

Here you can submit requests and suggestions.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback on this, please email

Whether these were his comments and suggestions or Paul’s suggestions is not a question I can answer,” he said.

They include Treasury Department statements, appropriation suggestions, and email correspondences.

But Alexandre Covello, founder and CEO of investment-led accelerator AngelsCube, shrugged off these suggestions.

Highlights include: New watchfaces – From Toy Story to a smart Siri face that suggests personalized info on cards resembling the iOS lock screen suggestions.

(And because Facebook is a burning landfill, most of the suggestions are more problematic than the burger’s original moniker).

David Doyle, the future Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, drops in to give Alda a few suggestions on his next project.

But you don’t give suggestions?

Then, Eugene will perform the lyrics and often arrive at something quite different from my meticulous suggestions.

One thing you don’t do at all is give suggestions.

So you don’t give suggestions, it’s just the quotes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also dismissed suggestions anything in the conversation was classified.

They can also make suggestions for improvement this way, which in turn get up- or downvotes.

If you’re typing a sentence, it will offer suggestions for the next word.

Trump’s thirst for vengeance led him to override his aides’ suggestions that he focus his Oct. 22 speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on policy.

Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for her, please send them my way and we will pass them along.

That led to suggestions the two had fallen out over money.

Senator Elizabeth Warren dismissed suggestions Sloan could be an agent of change at the bank and called for his firing.

We spent hours and hours looking for a way, but she always rejected my suggestions.

We will not just take their ideas, but we will give them ideas and suggestions.

He dismissed suggestions he was drunk, blaming sciatica.

(Thanks to John Zaller and Lynn Vavreck for suggestions and feedback on this piece.)

His federal counterpart, Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, rejected suggestions his own performance had contributed to the election defeat.

(To give them their due, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has angrily rejected Dan Jarvis’s suggestions.)

I can’t think of any (though I welcome suggestions).

Both DaVonte’ and Luke dismissed any suggestions that DaVonte’ wanted to play elsewhere.

So, any suggestions?

If you already take advantage of Facebook tag suggestions, you’ll automatically be signed up for the three new facial recognition features.

And let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

It doesn’t look like Brooker took any of Motherboard’s suggestions for new episodes, but we’ll let that slide.

The book offers helpful cooking notes and suggestions on how to pair fresh produce with meat and other flavors.

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These Shazaam truthers were all riffing off one another, giving each other subtle suggestions to form a false narrative that exists in their minds.

Well, they kind of had an idea of what they wanted but were also open to suggestions.

Below, a sampling of the most specific and often poignant suggestions from juveniles on how to better run a jail.

Banks’s history of dramatic grudges sometimes leads to glib suggestions that she consider medication, a pattern Banks reacts against strongly.

Their suggestions included barring kids from YouTube and YouTube Kids until it complied with the anti-targeting law.

Malik’s offhand suggestions that maybe President Obama could have done more for his Kenyan family have hardened into full-blown animosity.

“These are suggestions subject to approval,” one of the sources said.

Labour Party supporters from 1924 would rise from their graves to agree with those suggestions.

We hope suggestions in a sentence examples were helpful.