Sufficiently in a sentence | Use of the word sufficiently examples

Rather, the relatively smaller players in the NBA are those things because they had to be in order to stand out sufficiently.

Horowitz informed Mueller of what they said — and Mueller was sufficiently disturbed that he removed Strzok from his team immediately.

It was a win-win, until inflation failed to pick up sufficiently.

“The volume can be considered sufficiently high to be cause for concern for policy makers and law enforcement agencies” the report reads.

The environment ministry said Anyang’s decision-making processes were not up to scratch and law enforcement was not sufficiently strict.

A few months later he gave a speech echoing hawkish conventional wisdom, and was embraced by elites as sufficiently “boned up” on foreign policy.

This means they will hold firm on any bill that doesn’t sufficiently do this.

That is where I am not sufficiently familiar of the federal code to know what might fairly be charged.

But, much more than the shallow fare dubbed “feminist” today so long as it boasts a “strong,” sufficiently fetching female lead (Wonder Woman, anyone?

“If our concerns are not taken into account sufficiently, we stand ready to act appropriately within a matter of days.

In other instances, the report alleges that Wuerl failed to take accusations sufficiently seriously and allowed priests to return to ministry.

The argument has always been false on a sufficiently long time scale.

The issues prohibiting it from producing sufficiently good players for its men’s national team to properly compete at World Cups remain many.

Maybe some forms of BDSM could be banned if they were sufficiently dangerous, like attempts to choke people or something like that.

Once something becomes sufficiently severely harmful, then yes, assault and battery laws are in part aimed at preventing injury to people.

Kim Yong Chol is known to be difficult to work with, sarcastic and not sufficiently deferential to his superiors, Leadership Watch said.

Once the Clinton logo is sufficiently associated with the campaign it represents, it will likely fade out of the public consciousness, Davies said.

Level 2: Now that the phone is sufficiently submerged, it’s placed into a freezer overnight.

Of course you should be regulated, I’m saying you’re not sufficiently regulated.

“Perhaps they did not restrain themselves sufficiently,” she said of RBC’s current management.

Public opinion polls in Ukraine show that few citizens believe the new pro-Western government has sufficiently tackled bribery and graft.

It is sufficiently equal in that it has the capacity to destroy American cities (maybe).

Verdict: As if state museums weren’t sufficiently underfunded without having to worry about shady employees.

By the time Congress discovered that Nixon had conducted a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia, they got sufficiently fed up.

Some countries and green groups criticized the outcome for failing to urge increased ambitions on emissions cuts sufficiently to curb rising temperatures.

At the same time, the limit of 45% had not been met sufficiently during the last quarter of 2018.

Imagine further that President Sanders were sufficiently fortunate and skilled after that victory to enact a single-payer system.

But these simple correlations aren’t sufficiently explanatory and aren’t taken seriously by people who actually study these issues.

That was a huge step with implications to this day that most people do not appreciate sufficiently.

But it seems that you have be sufficiently I to be another, and depression erodes the I below the critical point.

Unlike the river drawings nearby, the Chesapeake Bay is sufficiently iconic to be recognized before the title claims it.

“We were not sufficiently doubtful of what we were told given everything we already knew from our experience at previous companies,” Moss said.

Sometimes these routines are sufficiently strong enough that they override deleterious effects of light exposure.”

“The potential for reducing CO2 emissions is not sufficiently strong in comparison to the growth rate of air transport.” What options are left?

That left only pertussis, about which my mom was still sufficiently freaked, since it had appeared as the star witness in Coulter’s book.

What I think happens with serial killers is they’re not properly socialized and so instincts are either overdeveloped or sufficiently inhibited.

The relationship is sufficiently young at the moment that it isn’t an issue.

“Support this.” Left groups never felt sufficiently consulted or heard by 732 leaders.

The Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith, said that security had not been sufficiently stepped up around churches.

But I still don’t think this description sufficiently captures how uncanny he is, how much he exceeds the templates I’ve suggested.

Unlike most of the rest of the cultural world as long as a music scene is sufficiently alive, credibility still can’t be bought.

“Are the candidates sufficiently nativist?

Are you sufficiently anti-transgender?

There are all kinds of confusion and delay and cost that have happened because the hiring freeze wasn’t thought through sufficiently.

But Clinton may not have had sufficiently sophisticated understanding to know the emails that passed through her personal server were classified, Comey said.

Supernovas happen when sufficiently large stars reach the end of their life.

The Voting Rights Act requires data about citizenship status of sufficiently fine local precision to accurately estimate the voting-eligible population of House districts.

“Yes, exactly,” she said, and I felt as sufficiently close to drinking kuchikamizake as I ever needed to be.

This is a sufficiently attractive offer that some states would probably go for it.

It’s unclear if this will be sufficiently secure to authenticate payments and confirm purchases on the App Store.

That is pretty close to the 92-mark, the level economists deem sufficiently weak to support growth and exports.

Still, the threatened measures also appear intended to be sufficiently ambiguous to hold back from fully repudiating the deal.

But he conceded that his contracts with NASA, Iridium and others won’t sufficiently pay for the company’s interplanetary ambitions.

This is not a sufficiently good reason to reject the possibility of superintelligence emerging from binary computers.

Unfortunately we ultimately were not able to find anything we could sufficiently exploit for profit.

Tracks such as “Rozes,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “All We Know” inhabit an established corporate style sufficiently, slickly, and anonymously.

The vest in the video is a 3A armor level, which is tested to sufficiently withstand 9mm rounds, .44 magnums, and most other handguns.

He has criticized Cordray during the campaign for not being sufficiently opposed to guns.

We find that granting this stay sufficiently protects that interest,” the commission said.

Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama had to loudly and immediately disavow to be deemed acceptable to a sufficiently large minority of white voters to win.

Under the unwritten rules, he’ll end up testifying, and if he changes the unwritten rules sufficiently, he might not testify.

“I never went bankrupt.” Trump also was drawn into a fight with Cruz over whether the real estate developer is sufficiently conservative.

DeLong believes we could have had rapid snapback growth if the government had adopted sufficiently stimulative policies in 2009 or 2010.

With their mice cortices sufficiently buzzing, the researchers used G-CaMP7 to observe the subjects’ neurological activity both before and during tDCS.

There are important issues that are not sufficiently addressed – or addressed at all.

The raids were deemed sufficiently urgent to be carried out without a court order.

Can you build a machine that could be sufficiently complex?

But Alito and the conservatives disagree, concluding they haven’t sufficiently proved discrimination.

The conservatives find that this was in fact an “impermissible racial gerrymander,” and that the state didn’t sufficiently argue that it was narrowly tailored.

It’s at least theoretically possible that all these problems will be solved, or at least fudged sufficiently to get a bill passed.

It said a ban could be enforced only in individual cases of “sufficiently specific danger.” Reporting by Laura Dubois; Editing by Richard Balmforth

Lighthizer told reporters last week that the two leaders may not meet if the negotiations do not progress sufficiently.

Statins wouldn’t work if people didn’t get a sufficiently large dose.

Eventually, the machines will become sufficiently lifelike that the line between person and robot will be blurred.

We are a sufficiently punitive society that I conjecture this would be a powerful sway on popular opinion.

In the environmental context, we might imagine some smog sensor registered a sufficiently high reading to trigger escalating highway tolls.

“However, the average inebriated individual contemplating driving may not be sufficiently rational to substitute drinking and driving for a presumably safer Uber ride.”

Previous administrations didn’t recognize it sufficiently.

But ultimately, this Clips win came via defense, which is to say, they managed to sufficiently ugly up the game.

After I had recovered sufficiently, I was put in touch with Giles Hamilton-Fletcher, a researcher at Sussex University who specializes in synaesthesia and blindness.

“The monetary policy rate is sufficiently high given the leu currency developments,” Isarescu told a briefing.

“You can’t opt out because you don’t feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate.

The problem became sufficiently infamous that families eventually avoided the tainted water.

It all looks neat, and even neater if you’re sufficiently baked.

Relatedly, the public shouldn’t get to decide which cases sufficiently offend us to warrant a judge abandoning impartiality.

*An earlier version of this piece did not sufficiently detail the complicated machinations that led to the Chargers drafting of Philip Rivers.

All it takes is for a government motivated sufficiently to do that.

Fortunately the technology industry is a sufficiently large market to keep it going for quite a while.

China and South Korea, which suffered from Japan’s wartime aggression, often complain it has not atoned sufficiently.

Under Lambot’s and Lessard’s lead, the team managed to scrape together a 200-page pod proposal that sufficiently impressed SpaceX judges.

Katy’s gospel is basically “The Secret”: believe in yourself sufficiently, and nothing can keep you down.

Kim Yong Chol is known to be difficult to work with, sarcastic and not sufficiently deferential to his superiors, Leadership Watch said.

Nurses and technicians, she said, would be sufficiently well-equipped to carry out these fairly simple procedures, with only larger devices possibly requiring a surgeon.

And he also is asking the tech giant to explain whether it’s sufficiently trained Face ID to recognize different genders, races and ages.

It may be bargained down, so that it’s a sufficiently minor offense that they’re not barred from getting guns.

I took a shower afterward every time but still failed to clean it sufficiently.

The environment ministry said Anyang’s decision-making processes were not up to scratch and law enforcement was not sufficiently strict.

The question of how to implement California’s carbon price over a multi-state area has not been sufficiently answered.

Was he sufficiently athletic?

Four weeks later in the humid tropics, the brew is sufficiently alcoholic.

Clarke’s Inverse Law: Any sufficiently Documented Magic Is Indistinguishable From Science.

Wall Street analysts have expressed concern that the operation is not sufficiently attractive to convince bondholders to join a swap operation.

The FRC said it found cases in all seven firms where auditors failed to challenge management sufficiently, a “recurring finding” for several years.

Still, the threatened measures also appear intended to be sufficiently ambiguous to hold back from fully repudiating the deal.

[laughter] They feel they’re not being compensated sufficiently and want to increase the rate they get from capacity markets.

One of the two sources said Horowitz’s investigators appear to have found Steele’s information sufficiently credible to have to extend the investigation.

So have the Republicans sufficiently stifled the Democratic effort to turn Texas purple?

It was sufficiently hard enough anyway, she said.

The FRC said it found cases in all seven firms where auditors failed to challenge management sufficiently, a “recurring finding” for several years.

He is best known for his YouTube videos on a lightsabre and a fingerprint-enabled Thor hammer, which he displays on his channel “sufficiently Advanced.”

He added that his channel followed British sci fi writer Arthur C Clarke’s mantra that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Knowledge of the basic facts of Hitler’s murder of 6 million Jews is sufficiently thin that Spicer-level ignorance persists.

If the movement is sufficiently small, the phone registers a keypress rather than a swipe.

Here’s a refresher of where we stand: Now that we’re all sufficiently spooked again, let’s talk about costumes.

Those rates might be on the high side—Cooper points out that not all lightning patients are sufficiently injured that doctors write about their cases.

Was it Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”?

After some more research on going raw that sufficiently freaked me out, I began to wonder if there is some type of middle ground.

sufficiently advanced, technology is indistinguishable from magic, after all.

Simply put, Michelle wanted to confirm that the connective fibers had sufficiently attached themselves before people start poking around the recipient site.

For those clubs for whom monstrous animals are not sufficiently intimidating, the last resort is an actual monster.

He has criticized Cordray during the campaign for not being sufficiently opposed to guns.

At this point, a sufficiently resourced analyst could then map out all of the other keys that are implicated in Weaver’s communications.

For the record, you’ll probably be fine but it’s only fair to give you all the info while sufficiently freaking you out.

Torture and violence appear sufficiently peaceful, due to the overall aesthetic of the work.

Though there is bipartisan agreement that election infrastructure and campaigns aren’t sufficiently secure, no legislation is being seriously considered to shore it up.

A baby needs total sun coverage, for example, while a four-year-old can be sufficiently protected using sunscreen and a hat.

The party’s representatives, however, had not sufficiently moved with its base, as the attempt to functionally coronate Hillary Clinton in 2016 proved.

But it would indeed suit a bistro exactly, or any sufficiently relaxed environment with space to notice details and hum along.

The idea that Wales and England have a sufficiently virulent football rivalry to go to war in the streets is far fetched.

In sufficiently complicated times, everything takes on a veneer of easy metaphor.

They haven’t made it sufficiently clear which side they’re on.

We might be willing to take a shot on a sufficiently interesting outside candidate, but we’d have our eyebrows raised.

The test is required to show whether both materials when used together were sufficiently resistant to combustion.

Which means sometimes, reluctantly, I have to put it back and wait until it’s sufficiently juiced to have another go.

Helix was founded in 2015 by three Wharton grads who developed the idea after being sufficiently annoyed by their own mattress shopping experiences.

That could mean lawmakers receive primary challenges in 2018 if they decide not to distinguish themselves sufficiently from Trump.

Stein says the archival images he uses are sufficiently transformative so that they don’t violate any copyright bylaws.

The committee does not believe the potential situation will be sufficiently problematic for athletes to want to avoid competition.

The answer may depend on how you answer this pressing question: Is seven jalapeños sufficiently “extra,” or not?

Still, “Measuring Poverty” is sufficiently complete to provide a good tour of the bewildering system which generates familiar statistics about the poor.

Most people acknowledge that Obamacare had its flaws, but do you think one of its problems was that it wasn’t sufficiently market-oriented?

He doesn’t have Iman Shumpert-esque emotional meltdowns, and he is sufficiently over himself not to indulge in a heat-check.

She was trying to find a way toward the compassion she needed and, short of concocting sufficiently traumatic stories, she didn’t know how.

“I regret that we had not sufficiently understood that others would see this event so differently.

But it’s not uncommon for an operator to make a mistake: Not tightening a screw sufficiently or shorting out a circuit.

One electronic product I was involved in had a screw that was not tightened sufficiently.

Governments need to boost spending by about $37 billion a year to sufficiently maintain and expand roads and bridges, according to the FHWA.

Still, the threatened measures also appear intended to be sufficiently ambiguous to hold back from fully repudiating the deal.

If they’re sufficiently motivated and interested in you, they should be happy to do it.

If they’re sufficiently smart, they’ll respect you asking.

If they’re sufficiently sketchy, you need to think about casting a wider net.

Theda Skocpol’s research also shows that climate advocates did not mobilize the public sufficiently to support the far-reaching climate reform.

Make sure the potatoes have cooled sufficiently so the residual heat doesn’t cook the yolks.

The FRC said it found cases in all seven firms where auditors failed to challenge management sufficiently, a “recurring finding” for several years.

Or at least sufficiently masked.

It’s a question that’s been asked for generations, and never sufficiently answered.

Yet the 49ers were sufficiently impressed to give Lynch the job now, a decade after his playing career ended with nine Pro Bowl appearances.

While the inflatable technology at the time worked sufficiently for satellites, available materials, like rubber, simply wouldn’t cut it for crewed missions.

He attacked the rehabilitation program and recovered sufficiently to re-join the Hawks.

When a sufficiently good opportunity arises, Johnson intends to take it.

“But those countries mistrust each other so much at the moment that they are not working together sufficiently.

You would normally want an algorithm that is sufficiently general to fit more than one data set.

(Though note: X-ray or camera film is not sufficiently dark to completely protect your eyes.)

But I don’t think the brutality of our past is taken sufficiently seriously in informing the analysis of our present.

Though bears are sufficiently ferocious, when humans get into conflicts with them, the humans win.

You need to be able to remove solvent sufficiently, you need to be able to do vacuum insulation.

It’s a sufficiently straightforward presentation that offers a quick and straightforward way for people to push themselves a little harder.

But, despite the embargo, fuel still makes it over — whether from Russia or from government-held Ukraine once border guards are sufficiently bribed.

The two-part trick for concluding the searcher’s journey is to: Go sufficiently in-depth to cover all the subtopics they could be looking for.

The Reapers prevent this cycle by “harvesting” all sufficiently advanced organic life before they can doom themselves.

Race stewards decided on the drop after Vettel had failed to slow sufficiently while red warning flags were waved in Friday’s wet practice.

Decolonizing museums is sufficiently obvious a step that it’s in the New York Times and the president of France is signed on.

I don’t think Facebook has thought through sufficiently other ways (than censorship) to mitigate against risks like that.”

But 35% were sufficiently disaffected to vote for transformational change, and many who supported Macron probably feel the same way.

We hear Trump has cooled on McMaster because he’s not sufficiently deferential.

“However we found that sufficiently deep networks can learn about perspective, occlusion and lighting, without any human engineering.

The first teaser trailer for Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival is here, and friends, I feel sufficiently pandered to.

That’s the challenge, and I’m not sufficiently confident to say I’ve avoided this fate.

The presumption is that force, sufficiently employed, can achieve desired political goals across the world.

Once the mask is sufficiently mixed, just distribute evenly on your face and let it sit for twenty minutes.

In its report, ISS wrote that Gracias, CEO of Valor Management Corp, is not sufficiently independent for key board committees.

You can’t opt out because you don’t feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate.

Worse, alerts are sufficiently variable that the analyst often has to repeatedly perform this cleanup work for every alert.

Today, the legal tools exist but the laws are not sufficiently enforced.

We find that granting this stay sufficiently protects that interest,” the commission said.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday that, after a “sufficiently rigorous” review, President Trump has decided on a strategy for the War in Afghanistan.

But he was sufficiently shaken by the returnees’ stories that he plans to heed their warning, he said.

In recent weeks there were blips of positive contribution, particularly on the glass, but never enough to move the needle sufficiently.

Making sufficiently flattering work facilitated painters’ career survival and success.

But the media’s adoration of Sisi gradually began to wane as the economic situation failed to pick up sufficiently.

“Facebook failed to sufficiently protect the privacy of its users before, during and after the unlawful processing of this data.

Spare aircraft would be sufficiently abundant that mechanical problems wouldn’t lead to huge delays or cascading series of missed connections.

By the end of the season, the agency was sufficiently impressed with her technical abilities to put her before a crowd of 2,500.

If at that point the transatlantic community appears sufficiently divided, he will look for a way to test NATO.

In sufficiently high quantities, exposure to sulfur dioxide can kill.

“The penalties for wrong-doing have not been increased sufficiently,” he said.

Specifically, opponents of delisting are worried about a few key issues: Though grizzly bears are sufficiently ferocious, humans almost always win.

James was, indeed, sufficiently obscure that Rudy Giuliani mistakenly endorsed “Don James” in the final week of the campaign.

Are you sufficiently paranoid?

Archi Cianfrocco is almost sufficiently baroque, and Wiki Gonzalez is almost futuristic enough, and Rocco Baldelli is almost post-ethnic enough.

However, rules are useless if they are not sufficiently enforced.

For many of us, skipping breakfast is NBD, particularly when you’re sufficiently distracted and quaffing black coffee all morning.

Assuming a 50% stress on the risky assets it would therefore require between 1.5 and 2 years to reserve them sufficiently.

You can’t opt out because you don’t feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate.

In a letter to lawmakers, FCC officials asserted that the agency had “sufficiently addressed the disruption.”

Curtice said: “It would be sufficiently risky for the UK government that it would be wise to avoid a confrontation.

Tony La Russa sufficiently fetishized the role of manager-as-chessmaster so that the pitching mound turns into a revolving door come the fifth inning.

It seems Pryor was sufficiently rattled by D.J.

Let the binge-watching commence!If having Mischa Barton on Dancing with the Stars isn’t sufficiently sating your O.C.

We can’t depend on regulators to sufficiently protect us from tech giants right now.

But, but, but: The Venezuelan opposition remains hopelessly fractured, and didn’t even seem sufficiently organized to capitalize on the low turnout, Trinkunas says.

If they were sufficiently worried, he said, they could stop doing business in those places.

However, he said that it would target “duplicative programs and things we don’t think are necessary to operate the government sufficiently.”

That is not a sufficiently nuanced way to talk about the experiences of women.

These could only come about later, after the universe had sufficiently cooled.

But in February, Chhabria questioned whether that was a sufficiently substantial amount of money to be awarded to the plaintiffs.

Some conservative activists have questioned whether he would rule sufficiently aggressively as a justice.

It was a win-win, until inflation failed to pick up sufficiently.

Arthur C. Clarke’s oft-quoted law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” is aptly applied to Rosenkrantz’s Kinematic Petals Dress.

Through a spokesperson, Centerra did not respond to a specific question about the 30-day training period, but said the stand-in force is sufficiently trained.

Most of the following riffs are sufficiently hypnotic and chilling, but never repetitive or simplistic enough to seem route.

Partly for sufficiently powerful hardware to become ubiquitous.

Then afterwards they beat him, because he wasn’t sufficiently grateful to his captors.

At age 30, Messi is still amazing us with his brilliance on the ball, but this magical season has not been sufficiently praised.

We’re not doing that sufficiently.

(Evidently, that explanation is sufficiently convincing to the firm’s investors for now.)

I think that I’m sufficiently embarrassed by how much time I spend in certain things, but that has not changed my behavior yet.

The Walking Dead has sometimes struggled to make the killing of human beings feel sufficiently weighty, compared with the killing of zombies.

“What was not sufficiently articulated by us was that in many ways Bernie was running for FDR’s fifth term,” he writes.

That’s not a criminal offense, but the House and Senate considered it sufficiently serious to justify impeachment.

States passed laws making life without parole an option for certain aggravated murders, meaning there was a sufficiently harsh alternative to the death penalty.

“Some key measures were not sufficiently justified,” the report said.

Caught in a net, they would have been sufficiently immobilized and ended up asphyxiating.

sufficiently cheap, small, and flexible solar cells could be integrated into our building materials, streets, bridges, parking lots, vehicles, clothes, even our skin.

Sewing, who has been with Deutsche Bank since 1989, said Deutsche would pull back from areas where it was not sufficiently profitable.

And is public understanding of that definition sufficiently clear?

I had enough syringes of blood extracted to sufficiently cure my fear of needles for good, but still the doctors couldn’t pinpoint a problem.

There’s still more work to be done toward that end, but we’re glad Wonder Woman herself finds this one sufficiently badass.

If the risks can be sufficiently controlled, then it’s hard to envisage society choosing to forego the life-saving opportunities of this technology.

When it’s sufficiently dark out, she heads to the beach and waits for a nesting female to show up.

For orbital launches, a payload requires an arc-like trajectory and a sufficiently high velocity to complete an orbit around the Earth.

The reason for that is easy to intuit: The success for any early-stage tech business is too sufficiently complex to predict.

The incumbent creators weren’t creating content that was sufficiently lithe to speak to the constantly shifting consumer zeitgeist: face-swap filters, time-lapses and Chewbacca masks.

Someone on the elevator was sufficiently offended by that, you know, his invocation of sexual gender tropes, or whatever it was.

“We wanted to get this out sufficiently in advance of those meetings so that folks have a chance to review it,” Reidmiller said.

A seminal United Nations report released last month said nuclear power was a key part of sufficiently addressing climate change.

Sessions’ offense was that he wasn’t sufficiently loyal.

“We wanted to get this out sufficiently in advance of those meetings so that folks have a chance to review it,” Reidmiller said.

Sessions’ offense was that he wasn’t sufficiently loyal.

Today, amid those sufficiently middle class to aspire to such a thing as computerized insulation for the mind, water is insufficient.

Now that I’m sufficiently baked, it’s time for me to enter the MRI scanner.

And yet even after all that, institutions like the Washington Post editorial board warned that immigration from Europe was not sufficiently restricted.

And I can further extrapolate that argument — the vast majority of technology companies have sufficiently strong tailwinds to overcome macro-related market forces.

We do this around five times, to sufficiently capture all angles.

“People were not sufficiently informed about the more alternative and underground genres of dance.”

The recent news reports conclusively show that states are not sufficiently protecting these systems.

Here’s what needs to happen to ensure the next network protocol results in sufficiently faster US mobile speeds.

He’s suing Uber because he thinks the company is prioritizing profits over rider safety by not sufficiently screening its drivers.

I don’t want to stress their silliness without sufficiently conveying their emotional power; their silliness creates the emotional power.

He has criticized Cordray during the campaign for not being sufficiently opposed to guns.

The only downfall is, now that season 1 has been sufficiently binged, we’re in withdrawal as we wait for news of season 2.

If you’re not sufficiently grossed out, try watching Dr. Pimple Popper remove a lipoma from someone’s arm.

He merely noted the existence of his Jewish relatives, as though their very presence spoke sufficiently to both of those points.

When the perceived cost of losing is sufficiently high, politicians will be tempted to abandon forbearance.

Top Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, spent years arguing that the Affordable Care Act wasn’t covering enough people with sufficiently generous health insurance.

You can judge me if I addressed it enough or sufficiently, fine.

‘Summersky Institute is committed to serving all sufficiently advanced children, without influence of race or gender.'”

The town is haunted by monsters from the woods, which come at night and take away anyone who is not sufficiently hidden away.

The disease is then spread in regions where there was not sufficiently high levels of immunization.

“We believe that the balance sheet is sufficiently robust to absorb the increase in cost and our capital allocation strategy is unchanged.

Of course, if “Skylar Diggins” seduces you sufficiently you might not notice.

In the course of two tournaments, the hierarchy of Dragon Ball FighterZ had been sufficiently shattered.

Now we have enough women that we have perspectives that are sufficiently diverse and sufficiently wide-ranging.”

As the climate warms, warm air will have to rise farther before it cools sufficiently to form clouds, thereby shrinking cloud forest habitat.

Once a new technology becomes sufficiently popular—or even just buzzworthy—someone, somewhere, will try to turn into into sex tech.

The disease is then spread in regions where there was not sufficiently high levels of immunization.”

“Gerald, Sam, you’re looking sufficiently intimidating today.” Lightning quick, Diana poked both bouncers in their bellies as she stepped between their bulky frames.

DACA was transformational, but not sufficiently so.

The buyout season is just all sufficiently abstract that it looks, in some strange way, almost sweet, or compassionate.

Once Punk was sufficiently softened up, Gall slapped on a rear-naked choke, forcing the tap at the 2:14 mark of round one.

And, for that matter, any effort sufficiently advanced of concept will certainly invite legal scrutiny and obstruction.

In Judge Corley’s ruling, she determined the plaintiff did not sufficiently argue Uber’s violation of the Wiretap Act via interception of communications.

Incomprehensibly, she was not deemed sufficiently attractive for the role of Veronica.

But he insists that when sexuality education is folded into other courses, it doesn’t sufficiently get addressed.

But Bostrom believes that we weren’t sufficiently careful, in advance of the first tests, to be totally certain of this.

So, if you’re only able to grab a single garment, you’ll be sufficiently Kenzo-ed out.

One of the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s three laws is that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Whereas it seems that almost any sufficiently advanced civilization could run virtual reality simulations.

They were sufficiently warmed up.

America was sufficiently shocked, again and again and again.

In this case, the sky looks black to a viewer on the ground because the sun is sufficiently far below the horizon.

“Until networks are sufficiently well established to ensure reliable supply, consumers typically (and rationally) prefer to refrain from switching.”

That denies Trump sufficiently for Democrats to declare a win, while giving the Republicans functionality and some cash for their broad priorities.

Noisey: Is this a sufficiently pretty but gothic spot?

(Presumably, the fact that ISIS has killed dozens in Turkey through a series of terrorist attacks isn’t sufficiently motivating.)

How do I make sure that’s sufficiently inclusive?

It was a win-win, until inflation failed to pick up sufficiently.

“We understand that this model was not sufficiently covered by Movistar,” Pedro Serrahima, director of Telefonica’s multi-brand strategy, told a news conference.

But, in picking out their outfits, they were faced with the conundrum of finding sufficiently celebratory looks.

The dogmatism of French academic painting is elucidated in the show’s catalogue, but isn’t sufficiently conveyed in the exhibition’s wall texts.

The battery sensors may not be sufficiently sealed against moisture intrusion, Honda said.

It was a win-win, until inflation failed to pick up sufficiently.

After a while, it started to feel like my professional profile had fallen sufficiently far behind his, as it has, for him to bother.

Curiously, this uniquely fractal pattern only appears over sufficiently long stretches of the number line—over shorter stretches, the pattern fails to emerge.

Consider us sufficiently wooed.

It also means Trump is probably going to have to go Android, since it’s not possible to sufficiently customize an iPhone.

“”It is impossible to sufficiently express the contribution she has made to Vogue, to Condé Nast, and to the British fashion industry,” he added.

And what injustice do I already tolerate, blindly, as a part of a status-quo I have not sufficiently questioned?

“At the end of the day, they have not made this point sufficiently strongly to their Hungarian partners,” he said.

Once the pie arrived, I was sufficiently hungry and a bit buzzed (so, really ready to dig in).

The European Commission warned Belgium on Wednesday for not sufficiently reducing its debt, but stopped short of launching a disciplinary procedure.

When done right (6DoF tracking, room-scale movement, sufficiently high-resolution/FOV/low latency, spatial audio), virtual reality helps a user feel like they are really there.

However, that contest was sufficiently divisive to doom the party to general election defeat.

And luckily, these planets are sufficiently large enough and far enough away from the star to be seen by our telescopes.

“You’ll get an infection in your brain and die.” sufficiently spooked, I never did it again.

But it is difficult to gauge whether depositors are sufficiently confident in the banks or whether relaxation might trigger a new round of withdrawals.

Once our faces were sufficiently dusted, we dunked them in water for 30 seconds.

But if the party nominates a hard-right candidate like Ted Cruz who cannot move sufficiently to the center, they could easily lose.

Nobody wants an identity crisis, so I do what I can to stay sufficiently volumized.

“The guidelines which the FSA made last year have not sufficiently been followed by banks and other financial corporations.

Now, it seems, Kim feels satisfied his weapons are sufficiently powerful, but there is some mystery as to why.

For now, the committee is suggesting “principle-based recommendations” designed to be “sufficiently adaptive to deal with fast-moving technological developments”.

The line between compassion and foreplay sufficiently blurred, Dibs calls dibs on her patient’s forearm, bestowing a swift IV euthanasia.

[But] it was sufficiently dubious that he did end up resigning.

“Have they managed for them sufficiently?

AFA does not believe this regulation goes far enough or is sufficiently enforced.”

This way, the system will only ask for that second factor when the risk is sufficiently high (however the customer defines that).

The basic left-of-center case for a basic income is that a sufficiently large one eliminates poverty.

H. Auden There’s a fascination frantic In a ruin that’s romantic; Do you think you are sufficiently decayed?

To sufficiently address right-wing extremism, a similar pressure will be needed here.

(That’s why the military is virtually the only major US institution sufficiently attuned to climate risk.)

Both times, psychiatrists found him to be sufficiently sound to stand trial.

As a second-time founder and CEO of DocSend, I consider raising money and keeping my startup sufficiently funded a primary responsibility.

The tool suite is free for now and will be until it’s been sufficiently tested for bugs and has fully found its footing.

And bonus, the company even tapped action-score god Hans Zimmer to create a sufficiently tense piece of music.

Whether this matters, though, is a political question, which boils down to whether Republicans will be sufficiently disgusted with Trump to withdraw support.

But Trump also has angrily and repeatedly claimed Sessions’s Justice Department isn’t sufficiently investigating Hillary Clinton and Democrats.

“We believe this deal is sufficiently large to rescue the company,” analysts at ABN Amro wrote in a note to clients.

Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren have said Kraninger has not been sufficiently detailed in her answers.

“Making the warhead sufficiently small, light, and robust to survive an ICBM delivery is extremely challenging and still beyond North Korea’s reach.”

Still, the threatened measures also appear intended to be sufficiently ambiguous to hold back from fully repudiating the deal.

If you were not sufficiently bored by this near-Infinite Jest-length post, there are several other good reports digging into the prospects for solar+storage.

And I think we have not explored sufficiently solutions like that in the past, and that’s very much part of our strategy now.

“Good posture.” Having sufficiently sized him up, Colón asked him the big one.

The report concludes that Acosta “did not sufficiently supervise” Schlozman, despite red flags about Schlozman’s “conduct and judgment.”

Another misconception that I think is definitely not talked about sufficiently at VC is the role of luck.

It’s not that we do not know what to do; it’s that we need to do it at a sufficiently large scale.

But what if such weapons become sufficiently independent that they operate independently, without human direction?

The trainer later chastised me for supposedly not sufficiently explaining my conditions to him.

God forgives me!” and those they have abused may be pressured to show that they are sufficiently Christian by publicly forgiving their abusers.

But when the doctor examined the frozen body the family received they said it would take more than 72 hours to thaw sufficiently.

No surprise, Samsung had to ditch the S8’s most iconic feature, the Infinity Display, in order to make the Active sufficiently rugged.

No one had been able to sufficiently explain the roots of this crisis in food prices—until, perhaps, now.

Dot’s challenge is to make our offer sufficiently compelling that they won’t want to”.

However, there are no sequences sufficiently intact to even consider this with the ancient multicellular organisms.

First of all, the fans will need to be sufficiently dissatisfied, and not content for us to be a bottom-third-of-the-Championship type team.

Customer deposits are sufficiently granular, reflecting the prevalence of private depositors over SME and corporate deposits.

Yet some experts caution against taking medicines produced by DIY tech that hasn’t been sufficiently vetted.

Apparently this wasn’t sufficiently restrictive for conservative politicians, who found it necessary to police words as well.

It also believes the rights Facebook grants itself over the content users upload is not made sufficiently prominent to consumers when they sign up.

Though she knew it was irrational, she never believed that water had enough density to buoy her up sufficiently.

She actually had shin splints, but apparently that standard tennis ailment wasn’t a sufficiently cryptic excuse.

Election officials in one county in Georgia have proposed closing 7 of 9 polling places because they’re not sufficiently accessible for handicapped voters.

“Failure to tighten monetary policy sufficiently could lead to exchange rate and inflationary pressures and loss of reserves.

sufficiently educated, I place my order: Sashimi: Mackerel, bonito, red sea bream, yellowtail, and grunt fish—in the trash for assorted foibles.

It’s patented, but rivals (like iRobot, which recently introduced its own mower) could certainly build one if it was sufficiently different.

And will people be sufficiently “nice” to work for strangers for free?

The social media giant failed to make it sufficiently clear how people’s digital activity was being used, the court ruled.

“Don’t put expectations on the whole thing beyond just feeling sufficiently comfortable.

None of this will sufficiently distract us from wondering whether Justin Bieber will be watching his on-again girlfriend from the audience or backstage.

On Monday, three investor groups called for an independent inquiry, saying the company’s investigations may not be sufficiently far-reaching or transparent.

Over the past decade, the company made it sufficiently clear that mobile was not and would never be the right play for Nintendo.

If you’re not feeling sufficiently shaken up yet, by summer you will be.

While the site is fairly comical, it is sufficiently complete and would fool the casual observer.

Hempstead-Wright, for his part, seems sufficiently ashamed of Bran’s carelessness.

Noonan concludes that Amazon’s actions have sufficiently addressed the problem with its ban.

But I think the economic system that we have now is sufficiently resilient to weather this reasonably well.

Good engineers are individually valuable, but, more importantly, a sufficiently large critical mass of them is spectacularly so.

Once your hair is sufficiently sleek, use a 1.5-inch iron to create curls through the bottom ends of your hair.

You just need a sufficiently large sample size to find the specific genetic causes,” she said.

But this assumes that Tentrr can convince enough families with sufficiently large properties that partnering with the company is worthwhile.

But Bryce has been sufficiently trained by his lawyers, and doesn’t miss a beat.

sufficiently sore, I come home and watch an episode of American Vandal.

After my dog is sufficiently worn out, we head home to start the day.

Many conservatives also don’t find the prime-time hosts other than Hannity to be sufficiently to the right.

However, the jury found GM didn’t sufficiently warn the public of the safety risks surrounding its faulty ignition switches.

The bank’s funding mix is sufficiently diversified and includes covered bonds issuance.

These channels and hosts arouse suspicion by failing to sufficiently flay establishment conservatives or mistreating favorite firebrands.

There is definitely a unique failure mode in which OAS companies go too open and fail to monetize sufficiently.

In the wake of his second-place finish in Iowa, Trump suggested that voters perhaps did not sufficiently appreciate his “self-funding.”

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a Domino’s flat-crust pizza when you’re sufficiently drunk.

Attackers have an inherent advantage over defenders, and a sufficiently skilled, funded and motivated attacker will always get in.

“It’s quite hard to make a robot that can do something sufficiently useful that a person would pay for it.

This economic case although well-documented has not been sufficiently compelling to cause big companies to diversify their boards.

By the end of the episode, Kim is feeling sufficiently hopeful about the future.

“[The strains] will be improved sufficiently and will be compelling and competitive from the commercial perspective,” she says.

Supply and demand is such that any sufficiently skilled developer could become a so-called digital nomad if they really wanted to.

$20.74 7:30 p.m. — After we feel sufficiently ill from stuffing our faces, we head over to the temple.

The company has never disclosed its total funding although Talmon Marco, the co-founder and CEO, has said that it is “sufficiently funded“.

But what her tutor suggested isn’t what Grande got, and now things are sufficiently embarrassing.

Extreme winter cold and summer heat can be fatal to people who aren’t sufficiently protected.

But the U.S. administration was skeptical that the Turkish-backed force was large enough or sufficiently trained.

Anyone looking for closure at the end of Alita: Battle Angel was left sufficiently wanting.

Given a sufficiently scary application for the data, the breach could finish the job of destroying Facebook’s brand.

It has not invested sufficiently in higher-margin long-haul routes to get back to profit.

Heather Meeker dropped some more legal knowledge on the group, which seemed to sufficiently address outstanding issues.

Of the capacity to do this kind of pattern recognition, translation, and generation for any sufficiently broad set of data, not just images?

To be clear, I believe in these things, but I do fear that we have failed to sufficiently make our case for these policies.

Lucky for Gypsy, it seems that Russ, aka Wolverine #1, has sufficiently distracted Dee Dee long after the convention too.

Even if she wins the primary, she has sufficiently angered voters with her comments on coal.

Our failure to sufficiently reform student aid is making universities less accessible for more students. ETF issuers said they had screening processes in place to ensure investors were sufficiently experienced to trade the products responsibly.

Intel’s been pretty open about its failure to sufficiently embrace mobile the first time around, losing significant market share to companies like Qualcomm.

Still, Sanders has been criticized throughout the campaign — especially by Clinton — for not being sufficiently supportive of the President himself.

They do not consider Turkey to be a sufficiently Muslim nation, abhor secularism, and despise Turkey’s ties to the United States.

When a business’ annual revenue exceeds $100 billion, it’s sufficiently difficult to find new avenues of meaningful growth.

To do so effectively, they must be sufficiently data literate.

In Fitch’s opinion, the IPIT assets would sufficiently cover its debt without any further liability to IBREL.

“Despite generic competition…we think that Xiidra is sufficiently differentiated,” Vontobel analyst Stefan Schneider said.

The GOP has criticized Democrats this week for not sufficiently emphasizing the need to battle terrorism.

Facebook is facing criticism across Washington over Libra, including complaints that it has not sufficiently explained its efforts.

Premier Li Keqiang openly criticised the financial regulators as not responding sufficiently.

Facebook is facing criticism across Washington over Libra, including complaints that it has not sufficiently explained its efforts.

“I can imagine him being sufficiently in charge to get those people out,” she said.

He decides if the candidate is “venerable” — if they’ve sufficiently lived a life full of heroic Catholic virtue.

A sufficiently advanced AI could pursue a goal that we hadn’t intended — a recipe for catastrophe.

Any bot that sufficiently confused the human evaluator could be said to pass the test.

This would free up space to sufficiently redevelop the concourses of New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road.

By avoiding disaster, Bush met the test of being sufficiently presidential.

It was awkward Once I was sufficiently thankful for my 20/20 vision, I was walked through all the hearing problems I might develop someday.

“We put out the movie when it’s sufficiently innovative,” Saatchi explains enigmatically.

A reading of Brinkley’s Wikipedia page would make for a sufficiently engaging film, so ambitiously did the doctor live his life.

“They are not equivalent but neither is sufficiently fiscally responsible.”

With a budget of just $100,000, Cuarón managed to make a hypnotic short that built on a story many already found sufficiently captivating.

But a sufficiently talented artist could manage it with Tilt Brush too.

“Only Congress can address these issues in a sufficiently comprehensive, uniform, and fair manner,” a company statement explains.

But it was never won: Hearts and minds were not sufficiently captured.

Indeed, as noted above, some state’s laws might automatically require a recount if the results are sufficiently close.

“Basically these were materials that were sufficiently robust to provide superior protection in the space environment, yet could be folded and manipulated.”

They’re also required to confirm whether a story appears sufficiently truthful.

By any sufficiently literate interpretation, this is cross-site scripting.

Fingerprints and iris prints can both be extracted from sufficiently high-resolution photographs.

(Yes, it was sufficiently upsetting — in the exact kind of roller-coaster way you’d expect from AHS).

They won because there were sufficiently popular on their own.

The line separating work and life has become sufficiently blurred over the years such that it’s now nearly invisible for some.

Also, if you’re sufficiently grateful, you’re less likely to compare yourself to others, which is often the enemy of happiness.

Trump will set broad parameters — no nation building; taking allies to task if they don’t reciprocate sufficiently; trying to engage Putin.

But domestically generated inflation pressures, namely wage growth, shows no sign of accelerating sufficiently to force the Bank to act.

What’s more, to reach their sufficiently notable position, they’ve been in the field a while, accumulating allies and enemies.

“If you cannot sleep sufficiently on workdays because of work or social obligations, try to sleep as much as possible on the weekend.

Piss off an ally sufficiently and they might not stick around to the end of your overarching mission.

Both Chicago police and airport officials have repeatedly said the airports are sufficiently staffed and defend the multilayered security system.

sufficiently intrigued, I reached out to the company in January and asked to borrow a bike.

“Well I think others have opined on that sufficiently, and I wouldn’t disagree with what they’ve said,” Tillerson responded.

However, the company does have the capacity to deleverage, as it has accumulated a sufficiently large landbank and has a modest growth target.

These weren’t animatronic animals; instead they just sat there by the waterline, looking sufficiently odd and Pandora-y.

I’m also reminded of Arthur C. Clarke’s adage that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The hacks delayed Verizon’s acquisition and an independent committee found Yahoo at fault for not sufficiently responding to the incidents.

I think the questions about finding answers, finding an explanation that is credible enough, sufficiently substantiated, remains very important.

The discriminatory terms are arbitrary and cannot be sufficiently justified by federal interest.”

Diapers designed to fit them aren’t snug enough to protect from leakage and sufficiently protect a very small newborn’s skin.

But we no longer live in conventional political times; the press failed to do it sufficiently.

– Political disruption sufficiently large and prolonged to disrupt Hong Kong’s economic growth or attractiveness as an international financial centre.

In its report, ISS wrote that Gracias, CEO of Valor Management Corp, is not sufficiently independent for key board committees.

But a tweet can technically reach as many people as The New York Times, if it goes sufficiently viral.

The rewarming process must be sufficiently uniform so that “we don’t crack the organ,” Bischof said.

“Child marriage is forced marriage, given that one or both parties are not sufficiently mature to give their full, free and informed consent.”

Earlier this year, the company took heat over whether it was sufficiently policing predatory comments on videos of children.

I’d even be into a sufficiently redesigned interface.

Poroshenko’s office declined comment when asked whether Groysman would be able to sufficiently distance himself from the president’s influence.

Kollar-Kotelly called Southwest’s settlement “sufficiently fair, reasonable and adequate” to justify preliminary approval.

Simply put, motion-capture puppetry allows the company to produce sufficiently high-quality, life-like characters “on the budget of kids’ animation.”

“No policy or safeguard can mitigate these risks sufficiently well for real-time face recognition ever to be marketable,” the letter reads.

Wall Street analysts have expressed concern that the operation is not sufficiently attractive to convince bondholders to join a swap operation.

Similarly, we know how difficult it is to make systems resistant to sufficiently motivated review bombers.

The investigation also found the department’s internal affairs unit did not sufficiently investigate force cases and thus did not provide accountability.

People do not sufficiently understand what we are doing to ourselves with this.

Howe has said the medical community is not sufficiently aware of rat lungworm disease and doesn’t know how to diagnose or treat it.

Still, it has not yet been evaluated sufficiently and more evidence is needed for doctors to confidently make the recommendation, he said.

But is it tight or is it sufficiently well supplied to absorb the loss of North Korean material?

Most of the time, products are cleared because they’re sufficiently similar to an existing medical device that the FDA already regulated.

“I just reiterated to @HouseGOP leaders that #AHCA in its current form fails to sufficiently protect Americans with pre-existing conditions,” Curbelo said.

So I would say I’m sufficiently in all the groups I should be in or that I want to be in.

Precisely one Republican in Congress — Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan — was sufficiently disturbed by the report to conclude Trump had committed impeachable offenses.

Featuring loud noises, big fonts and the infamous ghost, the clip will get you sufficiently pumped.

“Everybody would agree that that entire piece, which is over two hours, is sufficiently creative to be copyrightable,” she says.

“As such, we believe that plaintiff has sufficiently pled the elements of fraud with respect to Penn State and IFC.”

It’s also a largely untested and controversial one, since dance moves can only be copyrighted if they’re sufficiently complex.

But that demo was quickly overshadowed by concerns that Google didn’t sufficiently disclose that you were talking to a machine, not a human.

A rating downgrade could result from a significant increase in risk-taking and operating environment-related risks, unless sufficiently mitigated through capital and financial performance.

It was scrapped by the government in 2013, following criticism it did not allow customers to benefit sufficiently from lower interest rates.

With their sufficiently random rewards systems giving you unpredictable dopamine hits, they’re designed to be addictive.

“How do we make sure that all groups are sufficiently represented, not just white Westerners?

“In reality, these records were not sufficiently anonymized and put the patients’ privacy at grave risk,” it says.

We do not know whether the warship’s radars were operating sufficiently.

The bank now must convince the Fed it has sufficiently overhauled its policies before it is permitted to grow.

“(It’s) an ongoing concern about whether Hong Kong people are sufficiently patriotic, so rallying around an aircraft carrier, it can only help.”

A few of the comments have been sufficiently alarming that I’ve contacted law enforcement.

When he had composed himself sufficiently to meet the media, the 19-year-old made clear he was moving on.

“I was told that I’ll innovate sufficiently to save them hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.”

We hope sufficiently in a sentence examples were helpful.