Succession in a sentence | Use of the word succession examples

AutoNation said executive search firm Spencer Stuart would support its CEO succession process.

Over the past several years, I have responded to a succession of personal and health crises by drinking heavily.

A long succession of families who benefited from the DREAM Act talked about how it allowed them to stay together.

“There is no connection to make between these moves and Mr Naouri’s succession, which is not on the agenda,” a group spokeswoman said.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco, according to an internal Justice Department memo on succession from November 2016 that is still in effect.

The succession of internal shapes can be read vertically as well as horizontally, with the seams between the shapes conveying both disruption and sequencing.

Game of Thrones is ultimately just as concerned with succession rights and diplomatic marriages as it is with dragons and ice zombies.

This practice became so common that it had its own term: the “widow’s mandate” or “widow’s succession.”

The Eastern District post is the fourth most powerful position in the department’s line of succession.

It could be Croatia, shocked back to life by a succession of terrible penalties.

“A painting is flat, but you have to think of it as a continuous succession of events happening,” Franklin said.

Many politicians, from the lowly elected official to a succession of presidents, are being implicated, arrested, and tried.

But Arya, Tyrion and Jon will surely realize that killing her would only perpetuate the eternal cycle of succession wars.

He has been closely linked to Kim Jong Un’s succession and has been seen flanking the leader on several public visits.

In fact, a few of those faces appeared to be cycling through a sequence of all of these reactions in rapid succession.

It’s an unfair succession of events that plagues mankind, to be repeated ad infinitum.

In 2011 he resigned from the Allegiance Council, the body responsible for overseeing the royal succession in the world’s top oil exporter.

It also had concerns about the lack of a clear succession plan after Iger leaves.

He said however that a reorganization Disney announced on Wednesday had assuaged some succession concerns.

“For now, though, it looks like a nuclear test and several missile tests in close succession.”

In rapid succession, I soon receive several messages listing nearby bars and why they’re worth checking out.

She hugs us, then chugs both in rapid succession.

Following a succession of closures through a decade of declining advertising revenues, an increasing number of US cities have no alt-weekly at all.

“You had this wonderful situation of lots of small independent businesses in close proximity and quick succession,” says Ball.

His critics were further incensed when the mayor replaced the chief with a succession of white officials.

He is seventh in the line of succession.

In rapid succession, he mocks Olivia, calls her fat, makes her cry, then offers to have sex with her.

In both scenes, he employs a bait and switch on his victims, a classic abuse tactic of withholding, then offering love in rapid succession.

“I’m extremely pleased by the breadth of the leadership talent at the company,” Frazier said in response to a question about succession.

The amendment deals with presidential succession and disability and outlines how the Cabinet can decide whether a president can no longer do his job.

Horror, high school stories, infertility comedies, post-apocalyptic dramas, and more ensured that the festival was a succession of startling and sometimes unsettling delights.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fired its editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers following a succession of illustrations critical of President Trump that the paper refused to print.

Now, according to the Justice Department’s line of succession, Solicitor General Robert Bork was in charge.

That line of succession isn’t lost on any politician.

His stubbornness forestalls what was quickly becoming a succession crisis.

Herring, the attorney general, follows Northam and Fairfax in the Virginia line of succession.

Still, Redstone is concerned about succession planning, the people said.

The large-scale paintings would be rolled between two huge spools for an audience, revealing a narrative through a succession of images.

This starts with the matter of the succession.

There were a lot of excitement in Thailand before the tournament having qualified for their second World Cup in succession.

He’s about to have two more foreign trips in quick succession this month.

Defending champions Toyota will start on pole position on Saturday after sweeping the front row in qualifying for the third year in succession.

It accelerates the permafrost thaw, he explained, and “succession,” or one species being abruptly replaced by another.

Darktrace is valued at more than $300 million (£207 million) after raising two funding rounds in quick succession last year.

In rapid succession, Trudeau legalized abortion, funded the arts and promoted a race-blind immigration policy.

Which makes the line of succession of particular importance.

I’d have to have a really good succession plan because the likelihood of death is very high,” Musk said.

Farchione says that time commitment plus the cost of multiple flights in close succession is prohibitive for most people.

But then Kasey takes our attention for a little whirl with a rapid succession of fingers and shadows and toes.

Added during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, the amendment lays out procedures for succession of the office of the president.

Section 4 specifically contemplates the possibility of involuntary succession of the office, or “contested removal” of the president.

While the standard for impeachable offenses in the Constitution is not very specific, the standard for involuntary succession is even less specific.

Biles’s beam routine is considered world class because of the number of elements she does in succession.

Some of the messages appear to be spam, having been sent in quick succession and containing the exact same content.

From there, the trailer is off and running, giving glimpses of many ongoing storylines in rapid succession.

When Netflix releases a full season of episodes of a show, I tend to watch them all in fairly quick succession.

Then there was the second, and final, succession of shots—maybe another, like, 15 of them.

The company’s spokesperson had said in May that the Board has held internal discussions about succession planning for the chairman and CEO.

The succession of hills and valleys and green fields.

The succession of works in Human Instamatic underline just how inventive and ingenious his compositions are.

I just made the same mistake in quick succession, and that was devastating for them.

The ninth in the line of succession, the 28-year-old is also further than they are from assuming the throne.

Have you seen the HBO show, succession?

Against Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez (2-1), Milwaukee’s Orlando Arcia, Manny Pina and Cain singled in succession to produce the winning run.

If he does, that would mean short-term stability for the elites of FLN, army and business tycoons to postpone a potentially controversial succession.

There’s no clear succession plan, even though Putin is officially in his final stint as president.

The last imperial succession in 1989 took place during mourning for Akihito’s father, Hirohito.

This frustration has led to Pearson taking on new opponents in quick succession to get over the disappointment of frustrating defeat.

“We’ve had tough days (or a crisis or two),” he joked in an internal memo viewed by Reuters announcing the succession plan.

While I don’t believe they were mistaken in letting Sam Bradford go, their succession plan was the NFL equivalent of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

We had a succession plan in place.

Lucknow was the capital of the wealthy Awadh region ruled by a succession of Muslim nawabs.

But I’ll do it until the day I can’t.” The question of succession is an urgent one in the skywriting business.

The new stores closed in swift succession, and pundits tried to explain the debacle.

Well, not monarchy specifically, but some kind of nondemocratic system with rule-driven succession.

In Rio, they held firm throughout, thanks to a succession of unreturnable 110 km serves by Lipe, as they won 25-21 25-20 25-17.

The bull market of the 1980s and the tech bubble of the 1990s saw several milestones in quick succession.

Names and categories are called out in rapid succession.

The episode of the week for July 15 through 21 is “Austerlitz,” the seventh episode of HBO’s succession.

Have you opened your heart to the gospel of succession?

It’s that sense of cognitive dissonance that has largely allowed for succession to fly under the radar.

The team’s popularity spiked during the 80s, with a succession of TV reports, news articles and bookings coming streaming in.

If you’re not a succession believer just yet, here are three reasons you should be, as explained by the episode.

Part of succession’s emotional turn also comes from the way it deploys laughs.

Of course, succession’s humor has become all the more precious as the series progresses.

succession airs Sundays at 10 pm on HBO.

Putin has received a succession of newly-minted regional governors in his Kremlin office live on state TV and hosted two groups of glum-looking ex-governors.

The venue’s notoriety led to a succession of tabloid stings and drug squad raids that forced Raquel’s—and its replacement, Club Uropa—to close.

It was four twelve-hour days in succession from studio load-in to load-out.

But conservatives are cautious about that too as they see it as a first step toward female succession.

The ceremony consists of four hammer strikes in quick succession, followed by a text-to-speech voicing of the Latin name of the species annihilated.

Highlighting Warren’s rapid succession of fusillades against Trump makes sense.

The line of succession from Daenerys’ father, the Mad Kind Aerys, would have gone: Rhaegar, Rhaegar’s trueborn son, Viserys, then Daenerys.

Anderson allowed two hits through six innings and three in succession in the seventh.

The Hell forum has gone through a succession of closures and subsequent relaunches, before eventually dying down.

Perhaps the biggest event will be three 24-hour vigils with patients and the elderly, held in succession.

Distilled down to its purest form, ‘music’ is a succession of vibrating airwaves picked up by our ears, and interpreted by our brains.

RHP Ken Giles converted his seventh consecutive save opportunity this season and ninth in succession dating back to last season.

The Strasbourg attack was the latest in a succession of attacks linked to Islamist militancy in France going back to March 2012.

We expect him to provide clarity on his succession by the time of the AGM in 2019,” the influential shareholder advisor said.

The state also claims the move likewise circumvented the DOJ’s chain of succession in a way that’s also illegal.

The quick succession of powerful storms makes the challenges even more daunting.

The problem starts when they ramp up in quick succession.

After a few pit stops and a succession of road atlas consultation sessions, we heard a faint thump in the distance.

She’s said they would happen in succession, on Wednesday and Thursday.

He has been closely linked to Kim Jong Un’s succession, and has been seen flanking the leader on several public visits.

As you play through the campaign, you’ll hit a bewildering succession of triumphs, disasters and moments of flat-out holy shit incredulity.

The carmakers need to be “better integrated” in order for their alliance to survive his eventual succession, the finance ministry source said on Monday.

And traditionally, the temporary replacement would be whoever’s next in line in the Justice Department’s line of succession.

Spieth has played nine tournament rounds at Augusta National and led after six of them – including the last five in succession.

While the details of intestate succession vary, they generally follow a hierarchy of survivors.

It would not be the first time that Congress has extended its authority in the area of presidential succession.

The damage to his tendon was extensive, and left him with a succession of niggling injuries in the aftermath.

Here is a video of death, or of Guy Fieri eating various foods in quick succession to the tune of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

Finally he caught his rival with a succession of good punches, shaking Watson for the first time.

The group said it would put in place a process for “smooth succession at an appropriate time”, but gave no details.

But unease about the succession can be felt at street level.

An Autodesk spokesperson told Business Insider that Bass and the board had a pre-existing succession plan that dates back 18 months.

Like a succession of storybook sequels, respectively imagining them as the main characters in a fairytale taking place on the Queen Street West.

After discussing other issues like lines of succession and mystery characters, he wrote [sic]: 4.

Following a succession of threat letters from attorneys general in five states, the websites were shut down.

“I assume the SPD will undergo a succession in short order without hindrance to the functioning of the grand coalition,” she said.

I jump on stage enthusiastically, and start playing lots of notes quickly in succession, chromatically.

On screen, a view that extends only up to the women’s calves shows a succession of dancers executing presumably languorous choreographies.

Under scrutiny, the succession of numbers grows more grotesque than sultry, and our attention turns to other elements of the scene.

The House speaker is next in the line of presidential succession after the vice president.

But Trump used an obscure law to bypass the Justice Department’s line of succession and install Matt Whitaker in the post.

has been building up to the release of her new album, AIM, by releasing a succession of stunning tracks.

succession planning is a classic problem in Silicon Valley.

That leaves the line of succession an open question at Facebook, with Sandberg, Olivan and Mosseri as the most likely candidates.

“The only two paths to that office are regular succession, and advice (and) consent,” said a source close to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The succession struggle following that announcement in July 2015 resulted in the first fragmentation of the Taliban.

“Now is not the time to discuss his succession.

It was a really quick succession.

This was plainly treasonous, but Johnson felt it would be too dangerous to the Constitutional process of succession to charge Nixon publicly.

Withstanding a succession of even several subpar vintages is hard enough.

Future leaders: Blackstone has no plans to follow KKR’s recent lead in publicly announcing a succession plan.

She married a succession of IS militants there and gave birth to the son of an IS fighter, who has since died.

Why it matters: Generational change is a huge challenge for private equity firms, and this is KKR basically laying out its game-plan for succession.

So I don’t think we’ll get it back.” Myanmar was ruled for half a century by a succession of repressive military leaders.

Only the Mavericks pulled it off, taking them down in succession, and doing it without their second-best scorer, Caron Butler.

Saudi Arabia has succession well in hand.

The bottom line: Saudi Arabia has already had its succession and is forging ahead with needed reforms.

Then, silence — pierced by the clanging of a bell, a succession of whistles, and the raising of the shadowy flags.

The board will meet on Monday to discuss his succession, Chairman Nicholas Ng’ang’a said.

“The board was aware that sooner or later we needed to organize succession for Bob,” he told a news conference.

By the time the curtain falls on the first season of HBO’s succession, that adage has quite literally drawn blood.

The soldier returns with the rifle anyway, lays down in the sand and fires seven or eight shots at the hut in quick succession.

Alibaba confirmed he’ll remain a part of the company while the succession plan is carried out.

Watching several in succession is a disconcertingly familiar experience.

The problem with this approach is that each moment of succession becomes a crisis, with the various major stakeholders clashing for office.

To think he wrote three of them in succession in such a short time was immense, he was truly prolific.

The United States, Canada and a string of Latin American countries recognized the young leader in quick succession.

TC: Why did you start succession planning 18 months ago?

So we suspended succession planning.

Bob Iger (right) runs Disney, the largest media company in the world, which is also having a bit of a succession issue.

The whole film seems to be staged on a succession of extravagant Hollywood sets — overdone, incongruous, outlandish, excessive, pretentious, and creepy.

succession plan: Mercer and Peter Brown were named co-CEOs of Renaissance in 2010, following the retirement of firm founder James Simons.

After visiting both stores in succession, I found there was really only one major difference between them: the cost of membership.

He was Indiana’s fulcrum, the point around which Reggie’s wild succession of off-ball screens, feints and counter-feints revolved.

Both were rocked in the first round as they took turns delivering a succession of ferocious combinations.

He was able to use Grace as a pawn because she posed less of a succession threat that any of the alternative candidates.

Bottom line: OrbiMed says in a statement that the move is “pursuant to years-long succession planning discussions.”

BMW spokesman Maximilian Schoeberl said succession was “not a topic” being discussed.

With the succession still up in the air, Draghi had the leeway to act, ECB-watchers and policy-makers acknowledge.

The development could disrupt the company and throw succession plans into disarray.

One video contained a succession of users making Nazi salutes.

You need succession planning.

Will the succession open the way to much-needed reforms, or will it provoke destabilizing internal frictions?

The lack of clear consensus on succession means the political future of Africa’s fourth largest economy is largely a black box.

That’s super impressive and they do have a succession plan.

The whole scandal throws the line of succession into a chaotic mess.

And from what we can tell, Kelly hasn’t done a ton of succession planning.

The next in the line of succession after Herring are two Republicans.

Monday night, the comedian — who is currently touring in Japan — shared two full-frontal photos of himself in rapid succession.

I’ve never seen it, and had to Google it, and then I’m watching “succession,” which is another show about obscenely wealthy people.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s groundbreaking study Epistemology of the Closet (1990) opens with a succession of axioms.

Not by having people have unprotected sex with multiple partners in succession.

Rapid thoughts fired in succession, but I was too tired to grasp at them.

It was caught up in a succession of political crises, and stained with the gore of the Spanish Civil War.

From royalist to republican, socialist to fascist, the Copa has been forced to swear fealty to a strange and unlikely succession of masters.

The company’s spokesperson had said in May that the Board has held internal discussions about succession planning for the chairman and CEO.

The assailant shouted “traitor” before firing at least three shots in quick succession at Can Dundar, a Reuters eyewitness said.

The assailant shouted “traitor” before firing at least three shots in quick succession at Can Dundar, a Reuters eyewitness said.

At times, they say privately, it looks like a drunken gunslinger, firing off massive checks in quick succession.

At times, they say privately, it looks like a drunken gunslinger, firing off massive checks in quick succession.

But if they don’t pick anyone, the presidential line of succession kicks in, just as it would if the president were assassinated.

“If so many bosses are gone at the same time, what would the succession process be like?

LetGo’s large rounds of funding made in quick succession are collectively a sign of how competitive its area is at the moment.

“It’s a lesson that investors will no longer accept restructuring that only helps in succession,” said Professor Park Sang-in at Seoul National University.

The top three officials in the line of succession — all Democrats — are now embroiled in possibly career-ending controversies, two of them involving blackface.

The top three officials in the line of succession — all Democrats — are now embroiled in possibly career-ending controversies, two of them involving blackface.

Go deeper: How Duterte’s bloody drug war engulfed the Philippines; The world’s big succession questions ; A good time for strongmen.

Worse, warn several officials, there is little to no succession planning to quickly fill vacancies with top-flight talent.

The bottom line: The White House has not done succession planning for Cohn.

If anything, succession’s only flaw is that there isn’t more to watch right now.

Where to watch: succession is available on HBO’s streaming platforms.

They have all the potential to be next in a line of succession as music royalty.

“The Obama Administration bears the principal responsibility for Syria and Libya but not for Iraq and Afghanistan or the succession of failures elsewhere.

To my left was a huge billboard for a French Montana show, and to my right a succession of Cessnas.

But the succession of governments since Ben Ali’s overthrow has been unable to resolve deep-rooted economic problems.

This legal action against the National Gallery is the latest in a succession of recent cases relating to the gig economy.

He fondly recalls the heady days of the late ’80s and early ’90s — when Soviet totalitarianism and South African apartheid collapsed in rapid succession.

It would also cap the number of short-term loans made in quick succession.

Listening to them in quick succession is both uplifting and brutal.

BMW will address the issue of CEO succession on July 18, the carmaker further said.

Do you know who the next in succession to the Iron Throne is?

“I sing my song for all to hear,” they say in succession.

A series of SNAFUs happened in rapid succession in August: Many former subscribers discovered that their accounts had been un-canceled.

A shortage of male heirs has led to calls to change the succession rule but the reform is anathema to traditionalists.

The abrupt resignation of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has created what could be the first succession crisis in the company’s history.

Asdrubal Cabrera did a couple amazin’ things against the Nationals on Thursday, in pretty quick succession.

When I’ve been asked about succession in the past, it’s always been hard for me to imagine leaving.

Rhaegar’s child would be the true heir, again because of succession.

Not in the line of succession, Trump has also proposed Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration, Gov.

But even when succession works out well, it tends to do so more or less by accident.

I was looking at spatial succession, this idea of things turning over to something else, especially in terms of sacred spaces.

Then he sent three more angry messages in quick succession and I blocked him on Facebook.

“It is good that Daimler is providing clarity on the succession issue early on,” said Ingo Speich a fund manager at Union Investment.

Just like in a real street fight, Lorraine is hit repeatedly by the first assailant in quick succession.

Now, granted, if you look at any random comic book page you won’t see an endless succession of wide shots alternating with close-ups.

With several multibillion-dollar payouts in quick succession, reinsurers are facing greater pressure.

Then came the gunshots in quick succession, and panic in the audience.

** Thailand’s constitution in 1974 changed the rules of succession to allow the possibility for women to inherit the throne.

The family’s story is presented in a succession of sometimes tabloid-worthy snapshots, though it isn’t a cheap or scandalous read.

There’s no clear line of succession.

“The Vacancy Act has precedence [over the succession Act] when the president picks someone under that procedure,” another DOJ lawyer texted us.

“The Vacancy Act has precedence [over the succession Act] when the president picks someone under that procedure,” another DOJ lawyer texted us.

You can watch all three jumps in succession below.

Yes, it is the case that a seventh-century succession dispute led to Islam’s schism between Sunni and Shia.

Noticeably absent from Lynch’s list of factors: that Saudi Arabia hates the Shia due to theological disagreements or seventh-century succession disputes.

Interestingly, sources tell TechCrunch that YC has no succession plans.

The woman who was shot in the buttocks says she heard a “loud, rapid succession of gunshots from an unknown direction.”

The #DeleteCoinbaseTrustChain, on the other hand, comprises a chain of people passing their dust along in order to close their accounts in succession.

And as if that weren’t special enough, both events took place in rapid succession on a flight from Austria to Greece.

Infosys was also using law firm Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas to help with succession planning at board level, he said.

Rather than coming out in rapid succession from the same production company, they’ve been sporadically released from several different studios.

A possible succession battle may take place between three potential successors that are reported to be waiting for their own chance to gain power.

The intrigue: Next in the governorship’s line of succession would be Kirk Cox, the speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates — a Republican.

Six hours later, the first of the remaining boys emerged, followed in quick succession by the rest of the stranded party.

Six hours later, the first of the remaining boys emerged, followed in quick succession by the rest of the stranded party.

Why it matters: Herring is next in line of succession to become the state’s governor after Lt. Gov.

These tightly wound amalgams of drum-clicks and aqueous keyboards float by in relaxed succession.

Omar’s death was kept secret by the Taliban for up to two years, and the succession process was turbulent.

Omar’s death was kept secret by the Taliban for up to two years, and the succession process was turbulent.

Keir Giles of Chatham House thinks Putin almost certainly has a succession plan in mind already and predicts that Putinism will long outlast Putin.

And then Kushner bought it and it went through a succession of editors.

The first wave of attacks occurred in quick succession, with churches in Kochchikade, Negombo and Batticaloa targeted during Easter services.

Did the Cisco CEO succession with Chuck Robbins.

In rapid succession add the snow peas, onion, peanuts, sliced garlic, dried chilies, chili paste, kung pao sauce, stock, Sichuan peppercorns, and chili flakes.

I just finished working with the board of MetLife, and we had a wonderful CEO succession there.

Talk a little about succession planning versus that, because several of the jobs have been succession.

1, boards did get much better at succession planning.

And so, that pendulum swung to succession planning and promotion from within.

They’re really doing succession planning.

When you’re thinking of succession, one of the things that’s hard is a lot of these, in tech, successors are founders.

Kirk Cox, Republican speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, is third in the constitutional line of succession.

A succession of glorious mountain ranges, imposing palm trees, exotically-named resorts and strip mall fast food joints.

In past telecom deals involving reviews by both the FCC and DOJ, the agencies often announce their decisions in quick succession.

What’s next: Khamenei will turn 80 in July, and predictions of his potential replacement and succession challenges have been plentiful.

He says he’s been thinking about his succession plan “since 2000,” when he took power.

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is likely to be named the new acting secretary, per the Pentagon’s succession order.

“Like any company, Chanel is preparing a succession plan in the long term.

As she spoke, she looked askance, blinking distinctly and in quick succession like a mouse.

As for Herring: Herring, the attorney general, follows Northam and Fairfax in the Virginia line of succession.

Entrusting the day-to-day running of the company to Isla was widely seen as removing any uncertainty about succession plans.

John Kitzhaber; as secretary of state, she was first in line of succession.

The apology video and everything related to it flows in the endless succession of auto-play; you could spend hours watching just apology video-related content.

(Justice Department lawyers have said the Vacancies Reform Act can be used in lieu of the succession order.)

The “Vacancies Reform Act did nothing to break Congress’s 150-year practice regarding the succession of the Attorney General,” the brief states.

In the second round a succession of jabs and hooks saw Romero’s eye close quickly.

This is devastating to a woman who desperately wants a child, but it is also a nail in the coffin of succession.

Datasploit is a command-line tool that runs many tasks, such as hunting company emails or querying Wikileaks’ databases in quick succession.

Specifically, Alves’ kicks—the ones in rapid succession with a single leg— were directly sourced from real-life footage.

The central bank has also not commented on the succession.

She’s the absolute last on her generation’s royal succession list—20th place.

To hell with the rules of succession, you shall be our king.

The board will meet on Monday to discuss his succession, Chairman Nicholas Ng’ang’a said.

But it fell through: a succession of Facebook messages from me (“Hello mate, you free for a call?”; “No?

“The board was aware that sooner or later we needed to organize succession for Bob,” he told a news conference.

The Weinstein revelations, and the cascading Hollywood fallout, represent the biggest and broadest in a succession of recent film community scandals.

The dispute over the succession led to the major Sunni-Shiite schism in Islam.

So, he decided to sum up eight epic years in a rapid succession of 18 perfect tweets.

She refines each image with a succession of pencil drawings, sometimes scanning and editing them digitally.

Vice presidents are important, in part, for being the second person in the line of succession.

In other words, Smith should’ve switched on to Crowder, and then back on to Bradley in quick succession.

“Beyond the succession [of] sensationalism and constitutional conundrums, the fact remains that President Trump will nominate the next CFPB Director.

They see signs of an exhausted president and see there could be some kind of succession that can protect their interests,” he said.

Randall has to call the paramedics and in rapid succession we see that William is much less healthy than he appeared the night before.

A few years later he headed to Capitol Hill, working in succession for Sens.


Definition: to watch multiple episodes of (a television program) in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

Gorky went through a succession of Cezannian and Picassoid styles as part of his famously long apprenticeship.

It was when Oprah and Ashton Kutcher and Obama sort of all in succession adopted the product.

The shirt reads, “Scarlett & Emma & Tilda & Matt,” in rapid succession.

And he’s sipping cocktails with a whole host of women, shown in rapid succession in the new trailer.

“Since April 17, they have lost 48 of 63 games, never winning twice in succession.”

“I’m extremely pleased by the breadth of the leadership talent at the company,” Frazier said in response to a question about succession.

You write automatically customized scripts, upload phone numbers and assign staffers to text swaths of them one at a time in rapid succession.

Why were the trailers for succession‘s first season so bad?

Here’s the full breakdown of the order of succession and who currently holds each position.

We’ve now seen four extremely strong storms in quick succession — Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria.

If Rosenstein resigned, that authority would have fallen to Brand under the department’s succession line.

And then Kushner bought it, and then went through a succession of editors.

Twice in quick succession Saki digs to the body then immediately turns the same hand upstairs.

is the executor of Barbara’s estate, but the doc also reveals a clear line of succession in the fam.

Uber must incentivize customers who are close to each other to pick the same restaurant in rapid succession, so it offers a discount.

Channeling the warbling grandiosity of Candlemass and the fist-pumping bravado of Manowar, Procession released multiple albums and tracks in rapid-fire succession.

That question was answered in the new season three teaser, which explains: “Cocaine cartels are all about succession.”

“Once the nominations committee is up and running, it will start considering a succession plan,” Ihara said.

— Carter Sherman During its tumultuous first eight months, the Trump administration has been blighted by a succession of bombshell leaks to the media.

During Tyrion and Dany’s “Beyond” conversation, the Hand also brought up another big problem with the khaleesi’s prospective reign: succession.

And all of this lunacy occurred when a clear line of succession was in place.

Our first thought: Are there really that many friends who get married in such quick succession?

The succession plans come at a tricky time for Chinese tech firms.

Too many major events in rapid succession.

Liu is chairman and chief executive at, and the incident spooked investors as the company has no clear succession plan.

Interestingly enough, Tyrion brings up the succession, which is something almost everyone currently vying for the throne has been keen to ignore.

Dany shuts him down quickly, however, declaring that she won’t even think of the succession until she wears the crown.

The details of the brief interaction are chilling, especially when reading them in succession.

But Panuccio does not take Brand’s place in the department’s succession order, legal experts said.

When movie stars are sitting for dozens of interviews in rapid succession, getting a genuinely fun interview out of them is hard.

But since Daenerys has aspirations of being a queen, she can’t swat away questions of succession as easily as I can.

She’s said they would happen in succession, on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We will discuss my succession after I wear the crown,” she says, coldly.

That’s why it’s common to see numbers assigned to tweets that are meant to be read in succession, like 1/3, 2/3, etc.

To get color, each pixel needs to have its color channels sent in succession, but this too can be optimized.

The framers of the Constitution were farsighted about many things, but presidential succession was not among them.

“No,” he said as the question was still leaving the journalist’s lips, a succession of further ‘no’s following in close succession.

That’s the length of the ad that Dove posted on Friday, October 6, depicting three models removing their flesh-toned T-shirts in succession.

It was the latest in a succession of attacks in France since January 2015 in which more than 240 people have been killed.

“The succession could be dangerous, including for journalists and citizens,” Valdez said.

Sources tell TechCrunch YC has no succession plans.

In less than a month, powerful men are going down in domino-like succession.

As you play through the campaign, you’ll hit a bewildering succession of triumphs, disasters and moments of flat-out holy shit incredulity.

(Though lines of succession don’t seem to matter much in Westeros these days.)

So, all eyes in the media and entertainment world closely follow the Happiest-Place-on-Earth’s succession plan.

“Like any company, Chanel is preparing a succession plan in the long term.

CEO Polman will mark his 10th anniversary as CEO in January, and speculation about succession has swirled for the last year.

Northam, Fairfax, and Herring are Virginia’s top three politicians in the line of succession, respectively.

Contact investors at least three to four weeks out and schedule meetings in as rapid succession as possible.

Where to watch: succession is available on all HBO streaming platforms.

As a result, Jane and her mother were able to secure succession rights, and their landlord was ordered by the judge to make repairs.

In this way, Gfrörer builds extraordinarily subtle gestures and moments that gain significance as the reader absorbs each one in succession.

Patrik Laine, Jacob Trouba and Matt Hendricks scored in rapid succession and Connor Hellebuyck stopped 34 shots for his 11th win of the season.

The curious thing though is Aerys II wasn’t actually the first in line in succession.

You had the Paris climate change accord, all in rapid succession.

And when it comes to her hair evolution, it’s all laid out for you, in perfect succession, on her feed.

Both allow you to fire multiple bullets in rapid succession.

Much of the current protocol stems for the succession to the Crown Act of 2013.

Harry, who has dropped steadily down the line of succession with each new Cambridge baby, has a very slim chance of being crowned king.

Storonsky is aiming for 100 million customers by 2023 and a succession of new features.

Four hundred years ago, if we had a question on the succession of power, lots of people would’ve lost their lives.

I sipped my first shot of Fireball and then took two more in rapid succession.

Wilhelm said in May he would leave Airbus in 2019, dashing plans for a staggered succession after CEO Tom Enders steps down in April.

In 1714, Queen Anne died without an heir, leaving somewhat of a vacuum in the succession.

In his administration, Trump has frequently used a law called the Federal Vacancies Reform Act to circumvent the usual line of succession in agencies.

Next, we see Rihanna, Bonham Carter, Paulson, and Kaling in quick succession.

Then the phone rang and the nurse answered, listened and responded to multiple questions in quick succession: “Yes.

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a policy group representing tech and digital startups, released two reports in quick succession.

It’s impossible to untangle how each of those events affected Hiatt’s life, because they happened in such quick succession.

There are two things Reisman says to her in succession that stood out to me.

Defending champions Toyota will start on pole position on Saturday after sweeping the front row in qualifying for the third year in succession.

Despite the fact that many of her family members had died in close succession, these were not the ghosts that Winchester supposedly feared.

Art becomes a simple succession of styles and names with no connection to what is going on in the world.

These are not owners per se, but they’re in the line of succession basically and … And they do understand.

Last summer in quick succession  a slew of major enterprise players joined CNCF as AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and Pivotal all joined.

The Munich-based carmaker said it will address the issue of CEO succession on July 18.

BMW spokesman Maximilian Schoeberl at the time said succession was “not a topic” being discussed.

Young Black men were still getting killed, but the formulaic kidnapping, strangling, and stabbing of teenagers in quick succession came to a halt.

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution,” mentors keep telling a succession of startup clusters in acceleration programs.

Prince Harry, whose full title is Duke of Sussex, KCVO, is sixth in the line of succession to the British Royal Throne.

Given the short succession, it begs the question as to whether it is genuine.

This year has been a succession of rained-on parades for Huawei.

Still, a succession of smart decisions helps you stay on a methodical path.

In desperation, I took on two unpaid internships in succession, hoping to gain experience and land a job afterward.

He uses watercolor and crayon to carve the horizontal bands into a succession of rectangles.

It is almost unheard of for foreign leaders to visit China twice in such close succession.

succession is the HBO drama out June 3 poised to fill the Billions-shaped hole in my heart this summer.

Unlike those fictional works, succession takes place firmly within the contemporary American media landscape.

succession’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, confirmed as much during an interview with Variety.

Rather than basing succession‘s story on one particular family like he did in Murdoch, Armstrong created an amalgamation of various powerful families.

“We wanted to draw on all the good, rich stories there are about succession and about the high politics,” Armstrong said during TCA 2018.

Armstrong stated at TCA that his Murdoch script is only “deeply in the background” of succession.

For years, Sumner Redstone avoided discussing his succession plan by saying he wasn’t going to die.

succession, in particular, shows the consequences of consolidated power and, as McKay said, “congealed wealth” in one family.

I guess we’ll find out in succession, starts on Sunday, June 3 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

This practice became so common that it had its own term: the “widow’s mandate” or “widow’s succession.”

These offices traditionally managed investments and handled administrative items, like accounting and tax planning, property management, payroll activities, succession planning and legal affairs.

In March 2017, a scholar named Fiona Hill published a paper on “the question of succession” in modern Russia.

“Most observers have no idea how [his] succession is going to play out.

But the issues that complicate his succession aren’t small things.

These types of regimes have fewer issues with succession than personalist ones.

China would seem to be relatively immune from a succession crisis.

He lost his races in succession for freshman class president, president of the student senate, and president of the student council.

I was late to succession, but that’s because succession was late to succession.

The starting gun has fired on a new race for succession at Goldman Sachs.

But the media seemed to abandon succession after the premiere, in which each of the unsavory Roy family members were unveiled.

Though publications generally stopped covering succession after the June 3 premiere, people like me continued to watch at their own pace.

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At times, so many eggs were thrown in such quick succession that it sounded like the irregular beat of a drum.

Behold the convergence of the succession fans, as if gathered together by choreography.

By now, many publications have publicly changed their minds on succession.

On August 2, two full months after succession premiered, Slate published an invective titled, “Watch succession Now.”

In the age of streaming, slow awakenings like succession‘s are bound to occur.

While everyone came to succession on different days and in different ways, we’re all linked up now.

Think succession, but sparkly.

Somehow it’ll fill both the succession and Jane The Virgin-sized holes in your heart.

The de la Moras might be the only family messier than HBO’s media mogul Roys in succession.

(See: the new and beloved show succession.)

“The first scientific study was done 1948 and then there was a succession of scientific papers,” Norris said.

Many of these measures seek to overturn the wave of abortion restrictions that Republicans have passed in rapid succession in recent years.

Other royals down the line of succession lead much more normal lives.

The group, clad in quasi-fascist official uniforms and unsmilingly, perform a succession of surrealist dance moves.

Unfortunately, succession is not nominated for an Emmy this year due to its release date (hello, 2019 Emmys!)

I’m interested in the royals who are a little further down the line of succession.

Congress does not have a clear succession plan.

He doesn’t hold his tongue when he suggests that Cordelia is just trying to avoid succession.

For anyone keeping score, she is currently ninth in the line of succession to the British throne.

succession,” you’ll say.

succession is on HBO’s streaming platforms.

Then, Rieger’s mother and best friend died in close succession, and Rieger started receiving messages from the “other side.”

Rubio makes it clear there are a few caveats, mostly because you’d be 3rd in line of succession to the White House.

In addition to tweaking color and sharpness settings, Pix is also capturing bursts, or groups of photos shot in rapid succession.

“Oyamada’s resignation is affecting our succession plan, which needs to be redrawn,” he said.

So, as smoke filled the room and the rapid succession of loud pops came to a deafening silence, I blindly fired once.

When the Tories won power in 1710, they negotiated an end to the War for the Spanish succession.

After graduation, Randolph was hired as musical director for gospel duo Mary Mary, and BJ was hired in quick succession as a background vocalist.

Sarah used her position to advocate for her husband’s interests while he was leading Allied troops in the War of the Spanish succession.

In that sense, the game could easily become a war of attrition, with a succession of rearguard victories ultimately deciding the result.

Christmas came early in the form of this giant interview with the cast of succession in GQ.

You’ll love it, Bill: succession.'”

Before he knew it, Braun was talking with Clinton about corporate families, the politician’s experience with Rupert Murdoch, and, of course, succession.

The very alive old Nicky is played by longtime actor Griffin Dunne, who recently appeared on succession and The Romanoffs.

In order to maximize their time, women plunge backwards into the pit with manic grins plastered to their faces in rapid succession.

Whatever happens on the pitch, the Republic’s tournament will be remembered as a succession of Now That’s What I Call Music!

May I suggest one Brian Cox (succession‘s Logan Roy) to fill the role?

succession goes great with turkey.

This is the fourth such fight in relatively quick succession.

It’s not often that I find myself ranking and then reranking my favorite characters on a show, but I did with succession.

That’s the groundbreaking and bingable state of succession: every character counts.

In the great succession of swamis, it was Prabhavananda who inspired author Christopher Isherwood, philosopher Gerald Heard, and Huxley.

Parly also said the French government would keep a close eye on the succession plans at the Dassault company.

Olivier Dassault, one of Serge Dassault’s sons, also told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday that succession plans at the company would proceed smoothly.

Armie Hammer should appear in succession season 2.Have you seen succession?

I hope you’ve seen succession.

Thursday morning, HBO received 9 Golden Globe nominations for prestige offerings such as Sharp Objects, succession, and Barry.

A succession of screenshots show the changes, complete with before-and-after shots.

Best Television Series – Drama Where is the love for succession?

According to the preexisting succession plan, the throne was to go to Edward’s Protestant cousin Lady Jane Gray.

… With a succession of 90-degree days upcoming in Pittsburgh, the Pirates’ relievers shaved their heads.

succession processes are challenging for everyone involved and, unfortunately, it is rare that all of those involved stay with the company,” Witty said.

Lately, the examples of Ozark Noir have come in even closer succession.

“After Bouteflika the military command will organize the succession.

The Tartous explosions occurred in quick succession, a driver at the bus station said.

The big twist all starts with Kendall Roy from succession.

Recently USB facilitated its long-planned management succession plans, and even considering this, Fitch continues to view USB’s management team favorably.

Correction, January 19, 2018: This article previously stated that the Speaker of the House would be third in the line of succession.

succession doesn’t leave us much room for either emotion.

Any 1:1 comparison would cheapen what the succession team has achieved though, which is to create compelling stories centered around these characters.

succession gets this about the rich and powerful.

It’s weathered layoffs; a succession of natural disasters; and its co-founders stepping away from exec roles as CEO and president.

Here is a great example of Nasukawa drawing out the right hand and countering through the open side, twice in quick succession.

The main wingbeat detection method was visual: the chronophotographic method, which involved taking photographs in rapid succession.

Investors also had questions over the firm’s succession planning.

succession may also come up.

The appointment marks the formal beginning of CEO succession, wrote Jefferies analyst Brad Handler in a note.

In the discovery of 2014 UZ224, however, the pictures of the galaxy map weren’t from a straight succession of nights.

Throughout her discography, Cline was shattered, broken, exasperated and left neurotic by a never-ending succession of breakups.

The 25th Amendment provides for succession if “the President dies, resigns or is unfit to discharge her/his duties.”

Following the philosophy of quickly overwhelming opponents his answer to most attacks is simply to hit the square and triangle buttons in rapid succession.

With Westerosi politics comes questions of succession.

Imagine all the solos from Marquee Moon played in succession and as dance music.

This is what happened when there were a plethora of individuals to choose from for succession.

grow in a given location depends on local species, but some type of succession happens almost everywhere plants can grow).

Why all this talk of succession between Jon and Daenerys as the former lies recuperating in her cabin?

Mitie also said it had started a review of its CEO succession plan last year, at McGregor-Smith’s request.

“I have put a lot of thought and preparation into this succession plan for 10 years.

But even more pressing at this point is the matter of succession.

Against Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez (2-1), Milwaukee’s Orlando Arcia, Manny Pina and Cain singled in succession to produce the winning run.

The Marlins responded in their half of the third scoring all four runs in a succession of three batters.

Hopefully, the relationships around this complicated succession are all better than succession‘s.

I break my fast with three glasses of water in quick succession,.

In rapid succession, Clinton met briefly with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

I miss her a lot, and the quick succession of big transitions has been hard on me.

The 81-year-old designer, still actively involved in the business, has not yet disclosed any succession plan.

Upon reading the words,”succession Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer,” only one thought comes to mind: Hell yeah.

But then came a roadblock, or rather a succession of them, that I never quite got over.

While he’s definitely a selfish hedonist who probably belongs on succession, he also maintains this weird humanity.

Fairpointe joins Neuberger Berman and Ivory Investment Management in asking the company for more details on the succession process.

Can a bunch of DJs playing one after the other ever be anything other than a succession of DJs playing one after the other?

In rare comments about succession by a public official, Chan said whoever took over was unlikely to drastically change the government’s policy direction.

And what are the odds that the guy, the girl, and her two friends are all going to comment in quick succession?

“Our strongest licensing quarter in the company’s history helped to deliver a fifth record revenue quarter in succession,” Ceva CEO Gideon Wertheizer said.

This newer style, which remains common in France today, calls for serving dishes in a succession, rather than all at once.

Kirk Cox, Republican speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, is third in the constitutional line of succession.

The parachuting that opens every play session of Battlegrounds is always accompanied by ten or fifteen death messages that appear in quick succession.

He then led 5-3 in the tiebreak but a succession of loose strokes allowed Djokovic to snatch it.

He became next in line for the throne in June after the king, his father, removed a more senior prince from the succession.

Temasek said the board looks at succession on an annual basis.

It was all, simply, a succession of fun matches which simply were.

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