Substantial in a sentence | Use of the word substantial examples

“[Clinton] has a substantial lead, a substantial delegate lead, and a great deal of momentum,” Kamarck said.

“He didn’t come close to the standard of ‘substantial assistance,’” prosecutor Andrew Goldstein told the judge at the sentencing hearing.

This editor will work with journalists, critics, and writers to produce substantial articles of interest to a general public.

But for the arrangement to be WTO compliant it also needed to secure agreement from “substantial” suppliers.

“It would be really fun to rent a place near [Paradinas] and try and make a more substantial record together.”

There’s a big fence there — call it a wall, I mean, it is pretty substantial.

Brian Sandoval, also a Republican, Heller announced his opposition to the legislation, highlighting the Better Care Act’s proposed substantial cuts to Medicaid.

Brian Sandoval, also a Republican, Heller announced his opposition to the legislation, highlighting the Better Care Act’s proposed substantial cuts to Medicaid.

Mitigating some substantial percentage of that population growth would be one way to better environmental conditions in 2050.

The Times reports that Nader has a substantial record of dealing with Russian elites going back at least half a decade.

Rainmaking Loft London, backed with a substantial amount of funding from Tesco, has been operational since June 2013.

State Street did not admit or deny wrongdoing, but self-reported its conduct and provided substantial cooperation, the SEC said.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Howard reportedly reshot a substantial portion of the film.

At least early in the process, there was a substantial portion of the party, including Fox News, that was opposed to his candidacy.

First, as Hans Noel reminded us, the geographic arrangement of the national political institutions has a substantial partisan bias built into it.

I respond to several of those points here: Do most experts think genes make a substantial contribution to the black-white difference in intelligence?

In the past 18 months, the Office of Congressional Ethics found “substantial reason to believe” several lawmakers could have violated ethics rules.

However, it plans to retain a substantial U.S. operation to service German corporate clients.

It does two big things that raise a substantial amount of money 10 or 20 years on.

And it’s a reason not to give notorious bullshitters such a substantial spotlight.

It resists narrative structure, even with death, and is stretched over years where the presence of the thing is more substantial than the activity.

Between its patents, copyrights and trademarks, LuMee has developed substantial intellectual property rights surrounding its product line.

For instance, if the government can show that a substantial national security threat is at stake, it will win.

“The Fed and the cutting of rates is something that will provide more substantial support,” he said.

While many senior citizens live in loneliness and poverty, baby boomers also wield substantial buying power, bolstered by home ownership, savings and social protection.

We don’t have any substantial proof of that either.

Cartoons, miniatures and make-believe—pastimes that Camryn had always enjoyed anyway—sanctioned more substantial quality time.

The speech signals a substantial shift in Trump’s campaign strategy.

The financially troubled Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has sold off “a substantial portion” of its permanent collection, the Salt Lake Tribune has reported.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Entertainment One will pay the estate a substantial 6-figure amount.

Prosecutors had asked a judge to impose a “substantial term of imprisonment” despite his cooperation.

Further west, the northern end of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has seen severe bleaching, with authorities reporting “substantial” coral deaths.

Either way, it’s a substantial impact on the deficit.

The letter included language that a settlement must include very substantial civil penalties.

Possessed of a quiet dignity, a deep earnestness, and the support of his entire country, Mignini spent years persecuting Knox without any substantial proof.

They said that Guillory’s threats during the negotiations were substantial enough to interfere with the GM deal, and thus warranted the initial lawsuit.

Poroshenko ultimately hailed his session with Trump as a “substantial visit,” and staged a triumphant news conference in front of the White House.

There is substantial uncertainty about how effective the individual mandate has been.

The White House wants substantial legal immigration cuts, through changes to family-based migration and the diversity visa program.

“What would really clear that obstacle, which is substantial, is for naloxone to be an over-the-counter drug.”

Still, within healthcare, big U.S. pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers have substantial sales coming from abroad, analysts say.

Delay and review tactics, Dudley says, may have already initiated a substantial slowdown in rulemaking.

“In order to balance the budget under his plan, aggressive spending cuts or substantial rates of economic growth would be necessary.

Cash for poor children: The stimulus package also included substantial boosts to both the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit.

Saxo points out that the industries currently have substantial tax benefits which could see them hit by a new Global Transportation Tax (GTT).

Their choice is a sort of contradiction — but one that is supported by free airfare and substantial cash incentives.

We’ve made some substantial moves forward.”

Maybe someone downloads it and re-uploads it, but no one’s making any substantial change to the content of it.

The assault caused the 68-year-old Titus to “suffer bruising and swelling to her right arm, as well as substantial pain,” a criminal complaint says.

Many chip equipment manufacturers are forecasting substantial profit drops this year as the China-U.S. trade war dampens demand for chips and chip equipment globally.

But they’ve struggled to wield substantial influence.

But what about the substantial outpouring of vitriolic Twitter responses?

According to the docs … the doctor’s failure played a substantial part in Prince’s death.

For a random tourist, that past duration is likely to be a substantial fraction of the wall’s past-and-future existence.

In Karachi, the security operation that ensued involved a substantial number of alleged extrajudicial killings by police.

Even as it reported a substantial rise in profits, its earnings per share missed estimates by a penny.

Trump, by contrast, takes office with a substantial deficit, which is set to gradually grow over the coming years.

Baruch College serves part- and full-time students, many with substantial work experience in cultural institutions.

As energy secretary, Perry, 66, would oversee a substantial chunk of Trump’s energy portfolio.

Each gets one vote on substantial decisions and firms must invest at least $10 million to join.

There are over 65 cannabinoids found in cannabis, yet substantial data only exists on THC and CBD.

This was not a substantial connection; it was convenient.

Artists have a substantial presence at the camp, where water protectors and their allies are praying and engaging in nonviolent resistance.

Gibson stands at over six feet tall and of substantial girth and even these wearable artworks would exhaust him in the wearing.

“As a result, many (not most, but a substantial number) of former FNC viewers substitute into a relatively much less conservative option,” Martin explains.

Aside from that, there is no substantial difference.

Most of the existing research found no effects, but the studies were small enough that even substantial effects could have gone undetected.

The second study, from Uganda, found substantial gains to consumption and income — while recipients of cash spent it on reducing debt.

I’m talking about something more substantial.

But it doesn’t moderate the White House’s previously stated position that substantial cuts are needed to legal immigration, specifically family-based immigration.

But Facebook has now banned the Berkeley, California rapper for the next month, temporarily cutting down his substantial online presence.

“You can get a dab of almost anything you want in CompuServe, but it isn’t very substantial,” syndicated tech columnist Peter McWilliams wrote.

Republicans have commanded the lower chamber with substantial and unbroken majorities since 2010.

If so, it marks a substantial shift with enormous impact on global agriculture.

The team’s success has translated into substantial revenue generation and profits for the federation, the lawsuit said.

– Work to introduce substantial financial transaction tax.

Bow Wow was booked for Battery with substantial Physical Harm … despite the fact cops told us the injuries were “minor.”

Trump said last week the United States may leave tariffs on Chinese goods for a “substantial period” to ensure compliance.

By contrast, it offers substantial rebates for the purchase of an efficient natural gas furnace.

I have a friend, he’s a very, very substantial guy, he loves the city of lights.

[Organizer] Ms. [Alice] Butler-Short took the stage, her substantial, bejeweled gold lamé millinery bobbing.

Muir then engaged in a substantial back-and-forth, questioning Trump’s rationale and basis for pursuing such an investigation. This is a pretty substantial confession to essential knowledge elements of an obstruction of justice charge.

The biggest power consumers hope they will be granted more substantial help based on separate legislation that is being processed by the government.

The effects of the 2013 shutdown were pretty substantial: – Tax refunds totaling almost $4 billion were delayed.

And the US tax code provides a substantial break for investment income.

If the fraudulent posts had been contemporaneously written, there would have been substantial comments and blow back.” The problem is Reid’s blog (ca.

Constellation Brands, which has substantial brewery operations in Mexico, slid 5.79%.

A lot of these women are bloggers with substantial followings, but some of them aren’t.

The heavily forested state of Meghalaya has substantial reserves of minerals such as coal, limestone and uranium.

All of the shareholders listed above will still own substantial stakes in the company after the IPO.

Art — substantial, lasting art — is created in spades.

The equivalent phrase they used is if a statute places a “substantial obstacle” in a woman’s way, that’s an undue burden.

Indeed, one of the most surprising things here is the lack of substantial regional differentiation.

Until now, they also haven’t given anybody a substantial interview, instead preferring to troll fans and journalists with evasive maneuvers and outright misdirection.

Unlike in 2001, the federal government is facing substantial deficits.

Circuit Court of Appeals here, we have to have what’s called substantial evidence.

Recent polling shows Sanders with a substantial lead in that state.

They’ve said substantial evidence is the standard, so that’s the legal standard we’re going to apply going forward.

2 House Democrat, said Democrats also would discuss “substantial sums of additional money” for border security as part of a possible deal.

And at least the history of television advertising is that that’s where the substantial amount of commerce occurs.

It has three rectangles, with the top and bottom ones vaporous and the middle one even less substantial.

Issuance of debt securities by oil and other energy companies far outpaced the substantial overall issuance by other sectors.

Where a substantial portion of investment is debt-financed, higher costs and tighter lending conditions may accelerate the reduction in capital spending.

However, he expects substantial U.S. plantings of the seed in 2020.

This diminishes their ability to deliver substantial income for investors and savers.

“For their overall trade businesses, this is not that substantial.

That spells trouble for the hundreds of American companies with substantial revenue from Britain and the rest of Europe.

“You are knocking off a substantial part of U.S. yields when you buy from the UK perspective and hedge back that exposure.

“For the next round, we will still have substantial challenges to overcome.

In fact, it’s so substantial that it will require never-before-seen collaboration across governments, corporations and educational institutions.

Cops say the accident was the Honda driver’s fault … we don’t know her insurance policy limits, but it better be substantial.

Results are expected to start trickling in early on Monday with a “substantial number” likely on Tuesday, election commission official Festus Okoye said.

There are already substantial gaps between states in access to abortion.

In a January interview, Kalanick disputed that the alliance meant anything substantial.

Elite: Dangerous is an indie game, with no massive publisher taking a substantial cut of the profits.

So his death is probably not a substantial change for ISIS’s prospects.

Thus, the Reddit community provides substantial positive reinforcement when its users post offensive content.

He also supported moves to give Saudi women greater rights to work and allow them to drive, and limit Riyadh’s substantial military spending.

said the impact this had on his life has been substantial.

Overall, parents are making substantial progress when it comes to saving for college.

In mid-October, the Democratic National Committee made a substantial investment in several key House delegate races, Armitage said.

However, there would still be a substantial lag before most Mac software caught up.

According to law enforcement … Trippie was booked for aggravated assault and battery causing substantial physical harm.

Putting those broader disputes aside, there is one area where the company is making substantial and undeniable progress.

In December, Mueller’s team asked U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan not to sentence Flynn to prison, given his “substantial” cooperation.

State, provincial, and national governments are often captured by rural or corporate interests, creating substantial status quo bias.

That’s a substantial sum of money.

“That will need substantial capital – which may not be readily available,” Gupta added.

Michael Bloomberg reflects a strain of politics that achieves substantial success in state and local government, primarily in the northeastern United States.

He puts it this way: “Cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty free, but it’s a substantial improvement.”

Not coincidentally, Bloomberg himself achieved substantial success in state and local government in the northeastern United States.

Jason Lyall: There’s substantial evidence that the Taliban have grown stronger over the past several years.

Full poll results: A substantial majority of Americans generally support the citizenship question, the poll shows.

“The Fed and the cutting of rates is something that will provide more substantial support,” he said.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said Instex must include oil sales or provide substantial credit facilities for it to be beneficial.

“On the face of it, there would seem to be a substantial deficit remaining in the pension schemes,” said Field.

As long as the incentives are aligned in that direction, there will be no substantial movement to censure, restrain, or remove him from office.

Those impediments were substantial.

This substantial difference in range is because of the wireless chips that each drone uses to keep itself connected to its remote and camera.

Other refineries have taken years to restart after suffering substantial damage to processing capabilities.

Most of the Dothraki horde was decimated in the Battle of Winterfell, and the freed Unsullied slaves who formed her army suffered substantial losses.

“There are probably substantial numbers of little migrant [birds] that just get taken out during the storm,” he wrote.

Ford says Argo will remain headquartered in Pittsburgh and operate with substantial independence.

“Profitable growth prospects for M&GPrudential are substantial,” Prudential said in a statement ahead of M&GPrudential’s investor and analyst conference.

Retaining drivers is a substantial issue for Uber particularly given its current scale in the U.S.

If convicted, Stubblefield faces “a substantial prison sentence.”

But the numbers suggest they are falling far short of allocating enough resources to make substantial change.

The bulk of the money has gone to energy efficiency programs, with substantial chunks also going to community renewable energy and direct bill assistance.

Therefore, he was forced to lose a substantial amount of weight the day of the fight.

“There’s a very substantial chance … it won’t work out.

She could have pointed to policy proposals that would achieve substantial emission reductions by building on existing programs and authorities.

Nissan could back the FCA-Renault deal only with a “substantial reduction” in the French carmaker’s holding, they said.

“For justice to be done in cases with substantial evidence, a simple denial is not sufficient; the relinquishment of power becomes essential.

Payments from non-union members that go toward collective bargaining — known as “agency fees” — are a substantial source of funding for unions in those states.

Payments from non-union members that go toward collective bargaining — known as “agency fees” — are a substantial source of funding for unions in those states.

Legislation passed in June by U.S. President Donald Trump was a “substantial improvement” that closed loopholes that China had been exploiting, it said.

If you’re CBS boss Les Moonves, that track record may give you confidence to hold out for a substantial fee from Stephenson.

But Destiny 2 differentiates itself in a number of substantial ways.

A substantial portion of Americans continue to believe, every year, that crime is going up.

A new study investigates one radical solution: ‘geoengineering,’ or reshaping the planet in a substantial way.

Today we know that Mueller found substantial wrongdoing that would plague, and perhaps end, any other presidency in American history.

But some of those banks, such as Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, also have substantial overseas earnings.

Lighthizer said there was “substantial progress” on these issues, including verification mechanisms to “enforce” China’s follow-through on any reform commitments it makes.

You can make substantial gains in means-tested programs — think of things like EITC— for less cost than expansions in universal programs, often.

But defenders of the current structure of tuition say this argument fails to recognize the already substantial contribution Harvard makes toward tuition.

One would be a substantial subsidized jobs program.

It’s based on places where there are substantial evidence that people are sending terrorists into our country.

Amazon is getting $1.5 billion in incentives in Long Island City and $573 million in Northern Virginia, which is substantial.

It was a substantial amount of time to create it.”

Long story short: The difference is substantial and 2 degrees would be horrific.)

It was a substantial amount of time to create it.”

At this point, all I can say is there were substantial security measures in place.”

But unlike that Chase card, the American Express Gold Card has a substantial annual fee.

It’s hard to put a number on the trade effects of leaving the EU, but it will be substantial.

TPS holders make up a substantial portion (16 percent) of all Salvadorans in the US.

So, to be clear, we do have a display advertising business, and it’s a substantial one.

In other words, the industry has seen a substantial rise in regulatory uncertainty.

“The newer structures on the base that have survived the monster storm will need substantial repairs.”

“Congress faces substantial legal and procedural hurdles in any effort to get these materials,” Garber said.

But the judge said she believed Patten’s remorse was genuine and said she credited his substantial cooperation with the special counsel’s office.

He claimed his probe into the construction of new Yankee Stadium uncovered “substantial evidence of improprieties and possible fraud.”

That was a substantial support to the market and bigger than dividends,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors in Chicago.

May said the EU had made a substantial shift on the latter option.

But there’s actually nothing funny about tricking millions of people about matters with substantial concrete consequences for them and their families.

Several sources said that a substantial chunk of Quixey’s business has recently shifted to Alibaba and other Asian clients.

Most Spanish blue-chips posted substantial gains, notably Banco Sabadell (SABE.MC) and Banco Santander (SAN.MC), both up 3.2 percent.

“There will be a niche for gasoline cars, but our calculations show there are substantial benefits to electric vehicles in some places.”

Before diving into the comparative benefits of each camp, it’s worth acknowledging that any kind of pet ownership can offer substantial health gains.

After his re-election Tuesday, Knowles will continue to steer the city through the substantial challenges ahead.

It would be interesting, wouldn’t it, for a film about a woman artist to spend a substantial amount of time on her creative output.

The public sphere is fragmented with partisan (or, at worst, intentionally deceptive) political outlets servicing a substantial proportion of the news content.

The course is a substantial time investment — 40 hours over 8 weeks.

But even then, a substantial number of healthy people might decide it’s not worth it — and still decide to leave.

It is still substantial.

The effort will also need substantial, sustained funding from both government sources and private companies, which could prove difficult to obtain.

What did happen was a substantial decline in the number of people able to file for bankruptcy in response to a medical emergency.

But eradication efforts on New Zealand’s mainland have been far less substantial.

All of these would have to overcome substantial investment and regulatory barriers.

London’s popular Saatchi Gallery is now operating as a non-profit following a substantial decline in visitors.

For one, the review confirms what previous studies have found: There is “substantial evidence” that marijuana is good for treating chronic pain.

And the report found “substantial evidence” that marijuana can improve patient-reported multiple sclerosis spasticity symptoms.

For one, the report finds “substantial evidence” of marijuana’s negative effects for a few conditions.

I see zero reasons to compound that by telling him that a substantial minority of this country is downright violent towards trans folks.

This distinction lays the groundwork for substantial differences in women’s emergence and success as candidates in the two parties.

The jury didn’t hear that and said there was no substantial similarity.

They never filed any charges, but the FBI devoted substantial resources to the inquiry in an effort to take the Wu down.

“The pregnancy cost money, the delivery cost money, and we were facing paying 20 percent co-insurance on his substantial hospital bills,” Saville said.

And, it places substantial demands on government at every level.”

We have since upgraded our systems and made substantial enhancements to our sanctions compliance program,” said Brian Marchiony, a bank spokesman.

The SFO said its latest DPA ensured accountability while recognizing SGL’s voluntary self-reporting, substantial cooperation, extensive corporate reform and other remediation.

“Kim received substantial help in driving public opinion the way he wanted,” the YTN broadcaster quoted the judge, Sung Chang-ho, as telling the court.

Turkey’s tourism industry will likely take a substantial blow — tens of thousands of US nationals have visited Turkey annually in recent years.

The SFO said its latest DPA ensured accountability while recognizing SGL’s voluntary self-reporting, substantial cooperation, extensive corporate reform and other remediation.

But the possibility of at least one previously unthinkable thing happening is substantial.

With China, the US has outlined its broad goals, which are a substantial remaking of the Chinese economy, but nothing more precise.

The healthiest settings in which news and politics content can be consumed need to have a substantial element to that.

Since the group started filming and uploading its controversial London-based pranks on YouTube, its channel has racked up a substantial 721k following.

That feeling of being considered interchangeable cuts deeper once a situation evolves past hooking up and into something more substantial.

“For example, could these supernovae have had substantial effects on Earth’s climate and organisms—and perhaps even a role in human evolution?”

(Senate Republicans made some substantial changes to the bill before rereleasing it on Thursday, but they didn’t walk back the restrictions on immigrant eligibility.)

But analysts predicted that Kim is unlikely to emerge from the summit with any substantial promises of sanctions relief.

But it will take substantial time and work to mend Mexico’s deeply corrupt system.

Both were substantial albums and a clear evolution of each artist.

The deal also provides substantial funding for Obamacare enrollment outreach, which the Trump administration has slashed, for the next two years.

If climate finance can get scaled up, this could be a tool to provide substantial funds into forest protection.

I think it’s mostly just if it’s something that might cause a substantial movement in the stock during trading hours.

But solving the provider payments issue is a substantial hurdle to doing something.

And the third is, there are — there are substantial nationalists, right-wing nationalists in Turkey that are violently opposed to such acknowledgment.

The proposal to levy companies 1 percent of annual revenue could lead to substantial fines.

One of the things that could be done is a substantial ramping up of experiments at the state level.

Reductions in carbon, a goal of the Paris accord, come with substantial immediate local benefits to the residents of Pittsburgh.

Maintaining this larger infrastructure costs money and limits how deeply provider payments can be cut to pay for the substantial coverage expansions.

And the party’s base — eager for congressional Democrats to take on Trump — is clamoring for substantial reform.

Moreover, after nearly two decades since substantial reform, it would have updated the wage provisions around the program.

They need to find a way for consequences to be substantial enough that they can’t be mitigated by a high stat.

Despite the growing discontentedness in the bill, it has failed to see substantial changes.

That’s a substantial 41 pounds heavier than Mo.

There is little hope for adding any substantial funding to the marketplace.

Paddock, a 64-year-old retired accountant, was a substantial high-stakes gambler and had no criminal history.

One big exception: In 2011, the company publicly offered Jersey Shore star Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino “a substantial payment” to stop wearing its clothes.

Protesters saw some victories over the weekend, though it’s not clear how substantial or deep they will be.

None of this would have been possible without Epstein’s substantial fortune.

We have “weak parties and strong partisanship,” as political scientist Julia Azari puts it, which makes substantial compromise more and more difficult.

Donald Trump talked about immigration, an overwhelming concern for the majority of the Republican Party and a substantial minority of the American population.

“I don’t think that the bill will pass without substantial changes.”

Math like this is what has driven a substantial recent shift in opinion among greens about the wisdom of keeping existing nuclear plants open.

“To be sure, the costs involved would be substantial,” they wrote.

However, many engagements involved substantial surface combat.

The power that could be conferred by a manager was real and substantial, while that which could be bestowed by residents was purely symbolic.

Over its 11 year history, Pitchfork Music Festival has always delegated a substantial portion of its lineup to local music.

That’s a substantial sum.

The thing pushing back against Democrats’ gains is a substantial population of white retirees that helped deliver Trump a win in 2016.

The first substantial piece of writing on Vermeer was published exactly 150 years ago.

That the actors all have story arcs to play makes their work all the more substantial.

#MeToo showed that these rules apply to people with substantial power and money, and that complicit silence is not something we’ll accept either.

There are a couple ways in which humans still have a substantial advantage over even the best AI.

That wouldn’t have happened, and unleashed both the FT brand and the Nikkei brand that we think can become quite a substantial business.

Metal contamination has turned the air and water toxic, and many locals suffer substantial digestive, neurological, respiratory, and bone problems.

Every piece of political rhetoric is endlessly and carefully scrutinized, so people engage in substantial and factual arguments.

Their fragile ego explains why narcissists experience frequent and substantial fluctuations in self-esteem.

After all, we haven’t seen a major party die since the 1850s, despite suffering substantial setbacks.

As Lupu notes, the death of a major party can lead to substantial instability in a political system.

Right now Sanders is losing the pledged delegates by a substantial margin.

And the differences are often really substantial in scale.

Susan Collins (R-ME) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) — because it drastically cuts a substantial benefit for many of their constituents.

And the erosion has been substantial enough that ESPN had begun to re-think its lets-buy-all-the-sports-all-the-time strategy.

This feels like a week of substantial, even shattering, revelations about the Trump White House.

The coach allegedly told Gatto that the rival clothing company had also offered the player a “substantial sum of money.”

“The actions undertaken so far by various levels of government, though substantial, will not be sufficient to achieve the target.”

“The actions undertaken so far by various levels of government, though substantial, will not be sufficient to achieve the target.”

The judge will make that decision based on whether there’s substantial overlap between the civil suit and the federal investigation.

Could a country unilaterally pursue climate solutions that, unlike ocean iron dumping, pose substantial risks?

But looking at whom he’s chosen to collaborate with adds a substantial wrinkle to his narrative surrounding the Academy’s attempts at progress.

Over their almost two-decades-long history, artists like Nick Cave, Isaac Julien and Glenn Kaino realized substantial projects without the constraints of a deadline.

Investment returns of 14.1% drove a substantial part of this improvement, coupled with $106.5 million of endowment gifts.

“The only change I’d say that’s been substantial has been where it’s fallen,” he said.

Tasty, as you know, is BuzzFeed’s breakout food brand, which thrives on Facebook and generates a substantial chunk of BuzzFeed’s revenue there.

(According to the gallery owner, Beck has made a substantial number of embroidered pieces.)

She plead guilty to child neglect or endangerment causing substantial mental harm and was sentenced to five to 12.5 years in prison.

It’s really difficult to get those characters to be anything substantial.

You have ferries that are traveling relatively short distances—aside from the Rockaway Ferry, which covers a substantial distance.

Roku had substantial sales when we went public.

It suggests that party leaders can’t get their way over the substantial objections of voters.

Winds of that magnitude can inflict substantial damage to roofs and walls of even well-constructed homes, according to the National Weather Service.

substantial price hikes occur and stick because only one company makes a drug, or because manufacturers raise prices in lockstep.

* Work to introduce substantial financial transaction tax.

Then on Monday, UPMC issued a substantial revision.

“The risks introduced by the growing number and variety of such devices are substantial,” it said.

At Dollar General Corp, a substantial amount of imported merchandise comes from China, according to a company filing dated March 23.

Thomas Middleditch: Well, you know, there’s been plenty of people who have made some substantial careers with casting their life.

There is substantial evidence that the raw number of children and families entering the US is higher than it’s ever been.

The heavier weight makes the glasses feel substantial in the hand.

This isn’t the first time avocados have stirred up controversy more substantial than whether or not peas belong in a batch of guacamole.

But election officials in counties that saw a substantial increase in voter withdrawals are hesitant to link the figures to Kobach’s request.

Taste and smell have been problems also and substantial money has been extended to work on those issues.

But Open Road and A24 both saw substantial success.

The most effective procedure has an 80 percent success rate, but the risks—infection and excessive bleeding, to name a few—are substantial.

If one is just talking cannabis, in my experience, you’d have to be talking a very substantial amount.

But the NAACP lifted the travel advisory in July 2018 and said the airline had made “substantial” progress.

It’s not substantial: 0.1 or 0.2 percentage points this year or next year.

The league says the investigation found “substantial and persuasive evidence” that Zeke engaged in physical violence against the accuser.

It’s unclear what he had to give up to keep her hands off any potential judgment, but you can bet it was substantial.

The room for different interpretations, even within a police station, is substantial.

New York has substantial opportunities for queer artists but not enough.

“CPI inflation rose to 1.6% in December and further substantial increases are very likely over the coming months.”

Have substantial attempts have been made to help Sébastien accept his sexuality?

The result is a substantial across-the-board tax increase for Americans not rich enough to own stock, financing large corporate cuts that benefit the rich.

There is substantial uncertainty baked into these estimates, of course.

And the fundraising, hires, and brand building that occur under the auspices of an exploratory committee can be substantial.

substantial Run-Rate Synergies: Both companies have a proven ability to integrate and meet or exceed synergy targets.

However, Clayton cautioned that there could be “substantial time” before those reviews are complete.

(Alpha also gave executives substantial performance bonuses last year, even as they were piloting the company into bankruptcy.

(Cuomo also maintains a substantial edge in general-election matchups versus the two Republican candidates.)

A defeat in a gubernatorial primary would probably quash those ambitions, but a substantial challenge could leave him vulnerable, too.

Indeed, achieving national reduction targets will require countries to identify opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint, a substantial portion of which belongs to corporations.

One in five Americans believe that winning the lottery is the only way they can accumulate substantial savings.

But it found substantial evidence that Trump sought to obstruct the Russia investigation.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said Instex must include oil sales or provide substantial credit facilities for it to beneficial.

Baruch College serves part- and full-time students, many with substantial work experience in cultural institutions.

In particular, there was a substantial drop around the cellular download limit (~100MB).

We have generated substantial revenues in selling apparel.

In many ways, we all probably need to realise our own substantial role in both the creation and sustaining of album exclusivity.

Decades of research show that disruptions to stable caregiving pose substantial risks to children’s well-being.

It makes for a more substantial fusion of abstraction and figuration.

After a months-long investigation, the organization found substantial evidence of discrimination and other violations of state and federal law.

After a months-long investigation, the organization found substantial evidence of discrimination and other violations of state and federal law.

Meanwhile, some of the more than 200 cities Amazon rejected for its HQ2 are making substantial changes based on the company’s feedback.

So insiders’ skepticism that allegations against Weinstein and similar figures would actually affect those men’s careers in substantial ways is perfectly warranted.

The event, which has been running since 1997, poses substantial challenges for roboticists.

Gun rights advocates doubt the renewed push for gun control after the Parkland shooting will have substantial impact on the firearms industry.

“A shift to Chinese dominance in 5G would have substantial negative national security consequences for the United States,” CFIUS said.

Airbnb, founded in 2008, was seeing substantial growth at that time and HomeAway had just introduced online booking.

Such tactics reap electoral gains regardless of how substantial the minority in question is.

And it’s a reason not to give notorious bullshitters such a substantial spotlight.

A substantial number of works held a great deal of possibility and promise at this year’s CalArts Graduate Open Studios.

“I have less conviction capex will take off markedly, but if we do see an improvement, that would be a substantial surprise,” said Donald.

The White House added, “Despite this substantial income figure and tax paid, it is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns.”

“The statements about his sincere beliefs are recognized in the reports, that there was substantial evidence for that,” Barr said.

Singh is offering a substantial discount on a medical service plagued by high costs.

SunTrust has more of a commercial focus and larger clients, while BB&T has a substantial insurance business.

Though there is substantial opposition from Democrats and most of corporate America, Trump is also under pressure from his base.

“We should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead,” he said.

They have more substantial audiences, but more recent releases like “Bullet Catcher” … What is “Bullet Catcher”?

Crowley said that “from our standpoint, there has been substantial damage” to national security.

“Nevertheless, the evidence we have found is clear and substantial,” Posner said.

Those frustrated with the lack of substantial debate in this year’s presidential election cycle would do well to revisit 1968.

Once that happens, we will read about substantial seven figure settlements with the FTC.”

“How can you have substantial talks when you have only news about bombing and shelling?

It even turns out that the federal alcohol tax has a substantial impact on crime rates.

This means that substantial Democratic votes will be needed for passage of the debt ceiling in both the Senate and House.

If that’s true, it puts DREAMers at substantial risk.

Can the right climate policy cut through hyperpolarization and garner substantial bipartisan support?

When single parenthood is given a story’s full attention, it often lacks substantial reckoning with the realities of that family structure.

Impeachment is not currently possible, and without substantial bipartisan support, it is not desirable.

“The trade issue is a substantial overhang for uncertainty.

But to listen to media coverage today, you might get the impression that 2016 was a substantial break from voting patterns of the past.

But we see more substantial variation within several states.

It might also be that some pneumonias are more inclined to lead to substantial sputum production and some aren’t.

“There’s a very substantial chance it won’t work out,” Trump told reporters.

Savings can be substantial for employers when accumulators coax patients to switch to a drug for which they receive the highest rebate.

The country’s religious restrictions make it nearly impossible for employers to hire women without a substantial drop in efficiency.

That’s a big deal, because it expands the already substantial list of things that could open Flynn up to criminal charges.

The Trump administration has rejected the idea that asking about citizenship is likely to create a substantial undercount that didn’t exist before.

Congress has delegated substantial statutory authority to the president to declare emergencies and move already appropriated funds to new military construction projects.

That’s a substantial step forward, but not enough to assure Democrats that the House would do the same.

This is a substantial increase from 62.5 percent in the original NAFTA.

Some changes are substantial, such as the provisions about automobiles, but the core of NAFTA remains intact.

Until then, these unconstitutional actions would create substantial chaos and impose high costs on social media providers to vindicate their rights.

“That will need substantial capital – which may not be readily available,” Gupta added.

“It would generate substantial revenue for every level of government,” Murkowski said.

A substantial number also came from Afghanistan, which has been a large producer of displaced people for 33 years.

This week, Waypoint is devoting a substantial portion of our publishing schedule to exploring this part of games culture.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said he may keep some tariffs on Chinese goods for a “substantial period”.

While there are fewer options when purchasing a refurbished phone (you typically pay all up front), the savings can be substantial.

“I don’t think it will be as substantial given the lifetime benefits to getting a graduate degree,” he said.

He swears it’s the law to wear them in Austin (“Willie Nelson wore ’em in the 70s!”), where his singer-songwriter cred is substantial.

Because disagreement among panel members on the DC Circuit is relatively rare, this substantial body of cases is noteworthy.”

He appears to be chewing on something, and takes a very substantial long yawn.

“The fact that the movie’s portrayal of modern witchcraft was recognizably true to life is what made it’s impact so substantial.”

If convicted on all counts, officials say Stubblefield faces “substantial prison time.”

But there are substantial doubts about whether this federalism vision will come to pass, as Professor Michael Dorf has pointed out.

“Facing all the challenges of a move (and the substantial budgetary shortfall that the move brought about) people began to get frustrated,” she said.

And that random guy tweeting might have a, not maybe the New York Times’ audience, but will have a very substantial audience.

A US District Judge blocked a North Dakota voter ID law because it imposed “substantial and disproportionate burdens” on Native American voters.

She commands a solo show in 1959 at Brata, an artist-run cooperative gallery, earning substantial critical praise from Donald Judd in ARTnews.

Democratic candidates made substantial gains in the legislature this midterm cycle — even without any major statewide elections on the ballot.

Democrats have a two-step path to winning the Senate and providing a substantial roadblock for the last two years of Trump’s first term.

Higher levels of alcohol consumption result in higher levels of alcohol-related harm and these present a substantial public health and economic cost to Scotland.”

“It’s a substantial set of facilities on a single property.

The results are that there’s a substantial number of white Americans who would support a nativist third party.

And he has already had a substantial policy impact.

The group’s resources — money, weapons, officers with experience planning military operations, veteran fighters with experience carrying them out — are substantial.

But a fair number, including a substantial group of senators, have spoken out and done so in a critical way.

The crowd was substantial enough that Cain had to ask her building manager if they could move the event to the lobby.

So much depends on where the case is tried and who tries it, although this one certainly feels more substantial than past lawsuits.

The final chapter in one of Danilova’s more substantial projects is currently at Temporary Storage Gallery in Bushwick.

In February, Russian investigative journalist Maxim Borodin published a series of bombshell reports about the secret, substantial presence of Russian mercenary forces in Syria.

In February, Russian investigative journalist Maxim Borodin published a series of bombshell reports about the secret, substantial presence of Russian mercenary forces in Syria.

“It was an audit on a $2.7 trillion dollar organization, so the fact that we did the audit is substantial,” Shanahan added.

This version was a “substantial improvement,” the Guardian reported, but still not good enough.

And there is a substantial portion of Sanders supporters who aren’t getting behind Clinton.

However, the costs could be substantial before income starts rolling in.

“There’s a substantial amount of information that they possessed that corroborates the fact that I am telling the truth.”

In the forthcoming paperback edition, she adds substantial research on how Russia uses news as a weapon.

The result is a substantial savings relative to the status quo baseline, in terms of energy costs, health costs, and climate costs alike.

“It is a substantial arrangement.

It also marked a substantial break from tradition, even if it didn’t seem like it.

He made a substantial part of his fortune over 50 years in medical research, medical advertising and trade publications.

Below is a compendium of last-minute gifts that offer more substantial comfort than the rush brought on by the swipe of a credit card.

It’s really accepted for the most part, having a pretty substantial drinking problem.

That question became more substantial as the wait grew; every passing year built increasing concern that listeners might never hear from Fleet Foxes again.

Unfortunately, not substantial.

They’ll say, “We don’t see a realistic solution to addressing climate change that doesn’t involve a substantial change in kind of dietary patterns.”

Unclear how much he actually kicked in for the cause … but sources tell TMZ Sports it was a substantial 6-figure check.

substantial policy uncertainty remains in Europe, including over Brexit.

“It’s quite a substantial underwater cave,” she said.

Medicare also makes substantial use of private insurance.

But there was still some substantial buzz for one of gaming’s oldest faces: Mario.

There are significant opportunities for two-way learning, for building out one’s own ability to contribute to movements and for contributing to substantial change.

They’re what pasties are to those in the West Country: practical, easy dinners that provide a substantial fill for cheap.

“Going forward, climate change is going to be a substantial problem,” Steve Killelea, executive chairman of the IEP, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

But the obstacles set up under the Senate’s budget reconciliation rules for a Medicare-for-all plan are substantial.

The current Medicare program has substantial out-of-pocket obligations for its beneficiaries.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Over the past decade, the Pistol Annies have assembled a substantial canon.

And it reports that the gap remains … substantial.

(Pursuing peace — substantially reducing the US military footprint — could generate substantial emission reductions, but that seems unlikely under either US political party.)

“Our results therefore suggest that the longevity gains from extending levels of schooling in these countries may be substantial,” the study authors write.

This is a substantial improvement for the company, which drove 424,000 miles in 2015 and had to disengage the system 341 times that year.

It seems like a small change, but it was a substantial change to the meaning of our message.

While there are substantial opportunities in retrofitting and upgrading existing urban infrastructure, the really big numbers come from smart design of new infrastructure.

Is filling out a form to comply with the administration’s religious accommodation a “substantial” burden on religion?

The plaintiffs essentially argue that a burden is “substantial” if they say it is.

BD’s other, larger robots use hydraulic power, but SpotMini doesn’t require the substantial energy that comes from liquid power.

— is a substantial public relations win for single-payer critics.

It does appear, though, that they’re substantial enough to merit the sustained attention of a six-agency task force.

A lot of people might be surprised to learn that China has any Muslims, let alone a substantial Muslim population.

To make it happen, China needs the cooperation of a whole bunch of countries — including a substantial number of Muslim ones.

Instead, Barr said “substantial evidence” suggests Trump had a different motivation entirely: He was mad about being falsely accused.

“The incident is being treated as a high priority and with substantial resources,” said Johannes Dimroth, a ministry spokesman.

“The electoral bond scheme …. envisages total clean money and substantial transparency,” Jaitley said in a Facebook post.

The most recent polling suggests Hyde-Smith is building a substantial advantage over McDaniel, though.

Marine predators compete with fisheries for food, and inflict commercial losses that will become more substantial as conservation efforts gain traction.

We’ll have something more substantial on them soon but until then, watch this and pretend you were right there with them.

Each member gets one vote on substantial decisions regarding the cryptocurrency network and firms must invest at least $10 million to join.

But she doesn’t necessarily correct them in any substantial way on this record.

Also doable: You can finance substantial rate cuts by removing tax breaks from the corporate code.

That lacks a substantial effort of accountability.

While I admire the left’s concern regarding environmental issues, their approach has often fallen short in achieving real and substantial change.

The men, 22 and 23 years old, were taken to a hospital with what police described as “substantial” but not life-threatening injuries.

I have two kids who just got out of college with substantial student loan debt.

And the Audi’s performance and general impressive of luxury is more substantial the XC90’s.

In 2015, the average need-based scholarship at Yale was a generous $43,989, knocking off a substantial amount of that school’s sticker price.

The black vote in Nevada, the first state with a substantial black population, went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

Well, it might be because anti-aging medicine suffers from a substantial lack of oversight and scientific rigor.

Sewing announced plans to invest a “substantial amount” in the bank on Monday but the exact amount had been unclear.

He’s also a member of the Greek parliament, representing Golden Dawn — which has a substantial presence in Greece’s legislature.

“They have a lot of interest and have had a big presence, substantial investment, and excellent relations with the police force,” he said.

So we have substantial scale.

That can put former DACA-holders at substantial risk.

“I am concerned that the substantial price increase could limit access to a much-needed medication,” he wrote.

“It will be a substantial amount,” National Treasury Director-General Dondo Mogajane told Reuters.

“That will need substantial capital – which may not be readily available,” Gupta added.

There has been little to no substantial proof for any of those, bar some very dedicated scams.

Second, we have seen, since about 2000, a substantial shift of income away from labor toward capital.

It’s a small victory for Gawker, which might have otherwise had to pay out a substantial sum of money.

Republicans and conservative-allied groups heavily outspent the Democrats throughout the race, even though Lamb outraised Saccone by a substantial amount.

The argument is, there was a substantial interference with the right of the public.

But riots can and have led to substantial reforms in the past, indicating that they can be part of a coherent political movement.

“I believe that exterminating all mosquitoes could have severe ecological consequences, as mosquitoes make up a substantial biomass in aquatic ecosystems globally,” he said.

No, I think it’s mostly just if it’s something that might cause a substantial movement in the stock during trading hours.

Spokesman Larry Kamer released a statement that said, “The Search Committee worked with its search consultant to review a substantial number of diverse candidates.

But its longest and most substantial portion deals with the political speech of religious leaders and organizations.

The implications for both religious groups and political campaign speech and funding are substantial, and for now, still uncertain.

AiB reported that 400 spaces had registered this year, a substantial drop from the more than 600 registered in 2015.

Saudi Arabia will be quite substantial for us.

This is yet another example of the substantial manual effort required to capture training data that is the core input of deep learning.

At the very least, there will be no substantial climate or clean energy legislation, so House Dems shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

While the funding is substantial, it falls far short of the $88 billion Baghdad says it needs.

On the right, the Tea Party, which involved substantial citizen action, has altered the operation and policy priorities of the Republican Party.

These things didn’t just happen — they required substantial effort.

Other refineries have taken years to restart after suffering substantial damage to processing capabilities.

President Trump signed an executive order that could — emphasis on could — do substantial damage to the Obamacare marketplaces.

They featured substantial minority populations especially around the Caucasus Mountains and in Siberia.

It has added up to a substantial legacy.

There was bipartisan support for a substantial defense spending boost just last year.

In an emailed statement, H2O said its assets under management stood at 27 billion euros ($30.7 billion) on Wednesday after “substantial” inflows since Monday.

Of course, his family will still be stuck with substantial legal fees, and this sort of emotional trauma doesn’t just go away.

Most polls also show Sidie down by a substantial margin to his Republican rival.

You also have to deal with random meteorites that hurtle down from the sky, with no substantial atmosphere to stop them.

Schimmel made the point that ten years of painting is much too substantial a period of time to regard as transitional.

The issue launched Koko into stardom, and generated substantial academic research and debate over the nature of her capabilities.

And last week, the president gave Barr’s inquiry a substantial boost.

We’ve taken this planning process very seriously and we believe we’ve made substantial progress.

The 169 ”Olympic Athletes from Russia” that have been approved to compete so far is pretty substantial; the US is sending 244 athletes.

The 2016 presidential election featured a substantial reworking of the underlying demographic map of American politics.

There’s substantial disagreement on how badly it could go, and on how likely it is to go badly.

So, I support reform and growth in foster and adoption programs and substantial support for single mothers and those who choose to adopt.

Beyond violating our laws, Visa overstays pose — and they really are a big problem — pose a substantial threat to national security.

“Second, the potential financial market and confidence impact would be substantial.”

We hope substantial in a sentence examples were helpful.