Stupid in a sentence | Use of the word stupid examples

“You’d have to be completely stupid to cause trouble,” he tells me.

Jayson Tatum, you poor, stupid, first-name-misspelled-ass Dukie bastard.

“When I see him, it makes me feel little and stupid and weak,” Argento said of Weinstein.

So what could our grandkids do that’s unsafe, stupid, and illegal all at the same time?

Or if they’re particularly stupid.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

Child, her eyes said, don’t be stupid.

“I realized instantly what a stupid thing I had done.

America’s partners aren’t stupid.

And I’m probably going to freak if you ask stupid ones.

It’s one of those stupid high-concept flicks where the one-sentence premise is actually better than the movie.

They’re pretty stupid and won’t know it’s the same thing.

“Let me say I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly,” Cruz responded before turning to Ben Carson.

“Let me say I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly,” Cruz responded before turning to Ben Carson.

It’s stupid.

They’re misogynistic and pompous and stupid.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

Photo by Ernesto Arias/EPA “Don’t be stupid.

‘Don’t be stupid.

“The Pack” (season 1, episode 6) This episode is so stupid, but in that early Buffy way where it all kinda works regardless.

“This is a stupid move,” said Moon.

This is stupid logic, and no way to live your life.

This angst, much like those stupid things in that Star Wars movie, can lead you down two paths, the light and the dark.

“I don’t want to end up in hospital with my kid cause of stupid politics.”

‘I don’t want to end up in hospital with my kid cause of stupid politics.’

It’s so stupid, in fact, that many observers predicted that Trump couldn’t possibly act on his anti-ally and pro-Russia rhetoric once in office.

The Labour Party said Corbyn used the words “stupid people”.

“Too stupid to Die” stars sure know how to get a kick outta slapping each other … blood, cuts and scars be damned.

And that’s stupid.

TRUMP: So, how stupid is that?

“I was stupid about it.

At first blush this might sound stupid.

That was an incredibly stupid idea, wasteful and unworkable in every way, and his critics said so.

Yes, they become stupid.

“I’m either brave or stupid,” the juror told VICE News.

A dis, not a mis, they’re not just saying something stupid.

Maybe there was a little one and it was a stupid comment, but they didn’t …

We’ve all made stupid mistakes when we were seventeen.

But there’s one thing that should never belong on any list of stupid teenage mistakes, and that is sexual assault.

If you’re sending a lot of stupid messages faster, that’s not great,” Peck said.

Day 268: “stupid Wild” feat.

“When I make my case to people, they seem fairly open to it and I don’t think I sound stupid.”

“Look there, son,” says an old man, sitting in the stadium with his stupid grandson.

They often collaborate on “stupid things” between gigs because, as Vernieuwe puts it, he gets bored really easily.

Burp Zine is their longest-running “stupid thing” so far, perhaps because it’s unabashedly dumb and playful.

for us, our faves were back to being stupid in no time, gearing up for a big showdown between Dany and Cersei.

I guess what I read in the guides is they think younger women are stupid.

It’s incredibly stupid, and Republicans like Crenshaw who know better need to talk to Trump about it, not their political enemies.

Yeah, I think those are stupid Or Clorox bleach wipes or whatever it is.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you can’t occasionally make a stupid joke, you can’t occasionally have fun at work.

It doesn’t mean you don’t do stupid things, because every company does stupid … Recode has been full of stupid things, a lot of them.

We both get choked up at the same time about stupid shit.

She: “It’s incredibly stupid and highly inappropriate,” Richard Painter, former White House ethics counsel for President George W. Bush, told the Post.

The white comedian gave orders, and Bobby stumbled around speaking in a low, stupid voice and generally acting like an overgrown child.

They were stupid?

Are they stupid or are they smart?

So I’m not reflexively negative on many things, although I do think a lot of things are stupid.

“Only in GB could they come up with something even more stupid than our trolls’ belief in global warming,” one scholar commented.

Instead, I had this stupid idea of making an electronic folk album.

It sounds stupid, but it’s also kind of true.

Why didn’t you have a license?Well it was really stupid in the beginning.

“Actually, I wish the bullies in high school were wearing that, they look so stupid.”

Lindsay says the current legal position is senseless, politicians have been selfish, conceited, and generally stupid.

The classes themselves are stupid, and ridiculously fun—it’s twelve people in a room making each other laugh.

Kasher described most current political conversations as “someone’s grandfather coming onto his Facebook thread to call someone else a stupid gay cuck.”

Jende starts telling Neni she’s stupid; Neni starts to hide things from Jende.

And that’s just… stupid.

I can, I imagined she would like it and not because she’s stupid.

She’s not stupid.

Answers included: “This is a stupid and irresponsible survey,” Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the home affairs select committee, told the Times Monday in response.

We did stupid and dangerous things together.

He and I did stupid and dangerous things together.

They wisely overruled my stupid title.

We weren’t stupid people.

We’re ignorant, but we’re not stupid.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

It’s so stupid.

But, like I mentioned yesterday, this is the nature of the show, and it’s stupid, like I mentioned earlier.

The show has since evolved into something far more stupid, and much more spectacular, than its initial premise.

“Look, man, this is honestly stupid,” Noah said.

They said we’ll go win this stupid war, Hillary Clinton was right there with them.

All my friends who don’t have jobs were like, ‘That tattoo is stupid.

Trump allegedly railed that his press secretary was “stupid (and looks terrible too).” (p.122) Trump’s vitriol wasn’t reserved for Spicer.

I knew they were overpriced; I now realize they are stupid and unhealthy as well.

It’s not the U.S. economy, stupid.

Many found this move to be… stupid (his nips aren’t even visible through his lush chest pelt!)

I felt even more stupid, but happy.

Does that make me stupid?

Are the rest of us stupid for paying for the schools, the infrastructure and the military?

It’s the money, stupid,” Hood told me.

But he’s much too stupid and whiny to launch an effective anti-Daenerys plot so he’s just going to get caught and killed.

He’s also been a fierce Trump critic, calling him “blatantly stupid” during his presidential campaign.

And, as one local puts it, “It’s so stupid to drive drunk in the Hamptons.

When we were casting, I said, ‘Please don’t have anyone who looks stupid.

The “let’s try to get as much through reconciliation as we can” plan is stupid.

Instead, it was some of the best available evidence that heavy metal eventually makes you stupid.

You’ve got this stupid little mouse that requires one hand, and your eyes.

They don’t think he’s stupid, or suicidal.

“Because Red Hook is new and ‘taboo,’ it’s easier for people to say, ‘Oh, that’s so stupid.

I’m proud that we dared to be stupid.

How stupid is that?

For the record, these chaps were stupid.

Even it’s stupid logo irks you.

Not stupid, but incompetent.

How politics makes us stupid This is the second Reason Rally, the first since 2012.

It’s been destroyed by one lone man, who’s stupid but so powerful that he has the ability to ruin the entire world.

I think it’s totally stupid.

But they’re not that stupid.

This whole thing is so, so stupid.

In BlacKkKlansman, the KKK are depicted as so stupid, terrible, and dimwitted that they’re completely un-relatable.

It’s so hard.” They suddenly become stupid.

Stop, like if you say stupid things, you’re gonna get people attacking you.

For Dern, there’s that old, stupid, true cliché about losses as opportunities for learning.

The answer to this riddle is this: you just have a stupid vegetable again.

When I say stupid things on the web, people attack me.

If anything, he was a bit stupid.

“It’s really stupid,” Palmer recently told the Fayetteville Observer.

When we demonize large groups of people as being stupid, uneducated, ignorant, that doesn’t help the country.

What it actually is is stupid.

They never bring up standards with white men, and you know a lot of stupid white men.

Do I have to start really logging how much I drink on this stupid Fitbit I bought because I’m an idiot?

Right now we have this stupid national government in Poland, right-wing, and when I look at them, I’m a leftist.

There you go, stupid!

They see a kid like him as stupid.

“My parents are kind of stupid and don’t believe in vaccines.

Maybe she was just confused or stupid, but she was not boring at all.

Steele RIPPED 45, calling what he said about Dr. Ford … stupid, wrong and “disrespectful of the office.”

And I’m older and less stupid, which makes the process more fun.

“The money that the cops are putting together right now is just stupid, staggering,” he says, flipping through a set of stapled pages.

“Look at how stupid this is.”

WK: So why are you asking such stupid questions?

“I thought the people in the neighborhood would be against us, and think we were just stupid kids,” Omar remembered.

For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.

Oh God, your futile aspirations, your petty jealousies, your stupid, selfish dreams.

It has been an incredibly stupid time to be alive.

“We were teenagers and did really stupid, abusive, dangerous things,” King continued in the now-deleted post.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

“The problem isn’t that Harley is unpatriotic — it’s that tariffs are stupid,” he said in a statement.

They are all so stupid.

Basically, the alt-right tricked itself into believing even more stupid, wrong things.

He’s a stupid guy.”

KS: That’s stupid.

Little bumps and scrapes are always a bigger deal to my dumb stupid, fragile-ass, fabergé egg skin.

The entire thing is stupid and always has been, and it reveals a disturbing contempt for fans.

“You’re arriving later, you feel like you’re not actually present, when people ask you questions you give stupid answers.”

“The ‘stupid People’s Choice Awards’ is what they’re calling it,” Kimmel said.

It was so stupid but he did it, and that was the start of Counterparts.

It’s also kind of a stupid rule.)

“It’s really stupid,” he told a conference.

It’s stupid.

Being a fan sometimes means rolling your eyes at something stupid but powering through.

When we haven’t had sex in a while, we get annoyed at each other about stupid things.

It would be indescribably stupid of Democrats to fall for this.

With the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks.

It’s not just that praising Duncan as a sort of anti-basketball-player is stupid, it’s that it leaves out the most interesting stuff.

Rebecca is Emma Stone in Crazy stupid Love, and Paula is Liza Lapira.

“Obviously, a positivity is emerging…. Why should we pick up the bad collateral damage for a stupid decision taken in London?”

“Obviously, a positivity is emerging…. Why should we pick up the bad collateral damage for a stupid decision taken in London?”

I’m impressed that he managed to squeeze so many justifications into something so pointlessly stupid.”

I get nervous, say stupid things.” She cackled.

You’re going to say a lot of stupid things.

What are the dumbest questions you get?I find it particularly stupid when people ask me if glasses wouldn’t help me see better.

“When it’s time for crewmembers to leave.” “Young and stupid,” said the original voice.

We’re stupid, we like them doing dumb things.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

Lacy says he’s feels great … and he doesn’t need a stupid scale to prove it.

But first, a classic Super Bowl story—that is, a thoroughly unnecessary and stupid one.

But the common denominator across Trumpkins and establishmentarians is phenomenally stupid.

He said many things like that, pointless, stupid, hateful things, and still won.

And not because of Facebook’s stupid algorithm.

“We’re young men, but it’s not an excuse for making a really stupid decision,” Ball said.

He does not need to be extremely stupid.

I’m like, can we just record you talking about stupid Fortnite?

But I lost a lot of my thoughtless, stupid confidence, and it turned out that was a crucial part of my charm.

And now I am beating myself up again, because I am stupid and weak and bad.

He was named to the All-State team and flashed what baseball guru Tom House notes today is “stupid power.”

More Trump also called her stupid, claiming she has a low I.Q.

That’s a good, stupid product to fix, I agree, with the cords and everything else.

I said it’s a terrible and a stupid thing.

It was someone I loved telling me what I was doing was stupid.

I was looked down on for being stupid.

That’s not just stupid — it could very well be deadly.

I say that as someone that sits fine and even breath-ed during every gory, super stupid, forcefully disturbing moment thrown at me.

They get me heated; make me feel small and stupid.

He’s saying something really stupid.

Think about how stupid I am, right?

I just think it’s stupid.

That is stupid.

There’s no real point to Facebook unless you’re … KS: But is it uncool or is it just stupid to use or what?

Louie: It not stupid.

You’d have to be stupid.

And I think the NRA, say what you want about the NRA, they’re not stupid.

The rush to get to home and get to sleep was so great I ended up making stupid errors.

It is stupid not to talk about sex.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

It is stupid not to communicate with your spouse and your children.

It’s stupid, sure, but you’ve got to do it.

One night, I was with my friend Lily and we were going to one of his DJ nights—a big stupid hipster party.

This happens with stupid criminals,” he said.

All these people who are being humiliated and terrified by these stupid proposals.

Jay Z has previously said that he thinks rumors of his membership in the Illuminati are “stupid.”

Protector: For me, it is just a stupid kind of pseudo-rebellion.

Doing something stupid is falling for somebody and taking a pill and drinking?

I don’t entirely know how to explain just how silly and stupid this show is, while also being completely absorbing.

Donald Trump is not stupid.

“Many stupid,” posited my father.

stupid people watch stupid movie,” he mused.

The attacks on the female Doctor range from relatively dumb boycott demands to offensively stupid twitter essays.

Here is the story of the most gloriously stupid Internet beef of 2016.

And colossally stupid.

And he thinks remote controls are very, very stupid.

Things where I’m writing about an agency doing something stupid, and they are hostile to me and don’t want to help me.

I mean, I’m stupid, yo!”

If I don’t take action — because our stupid politicians won’t — more are going to die.

I’m like, “This was a stupid way of searching.” Right, which I think reporters do.

You guys are stupid!

“We’ll see your stupid and raise it, WBC.”

Also, and I feel like we’ve lost sight of this: He has really stupid hair.”

The North Koreans are not stupid: They know they’re militarily outclassed by the United States and South Korea.

Every time a silly and unnecessarily stupid story makes the NFL look bad, I invariably think man, this is the most NFL story.

For doing stupid, stupid shit.

We played cupid so you don’t look stupid.

Admittedly, this sounds a bit stupid.

Bulky, awkward, stupid, the pigeons, entirely without merriment, stay just out of reach.

If you’re picturing stupid dowdy little meat pies you have this thing all wrong.

Gilbert Osmond is neither stupid nor tasteless: he’s precisely the sort of person who’s been glorified as rakish in endless rom coms.

“We’ve been generally taking the stance that patents are stupid, and they’re not going to help anybody,” he remarked.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

“I grew up watching my mom and my stepdad fight,” Lewis says … “Fistfighting every day for stupid stuff.

I don’t want to see this garbage, these stupid exhibits and friendship fountains.

He has made some really stupid statements, which Hillary’s campaign has naturally made the most of.

“How stupid are the people of Iowa?

How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

I would like to see illustrated children’s books that are not just these stupid little cartoony scribbles.

And my favorite record is the one that wasn’t not cautious, but flagrantly stupid.

At numerous points throughout Collateral Beauty, I simply threw up my hands in exasperation at how stupid and lifeless it was.

It was so stupid.

In the video description of his campaign, a cartoon bird-creature mentions the “Economy of stupid.”

Unfortunately, the stupid behavior exhibited by the pair was occasionally replicated by the show’s viewers.

“I’m trying not to be a stupid male here even though I am genetically predisposed to such behavior.

How politics makes us stupid The trouble is that stupid hicks don’t know what’s good for them.

It’s only that he’s confused about who the hordes of stupid, hysterical people are voting for.

Hamilton Nolan isn’t stupid.

That the oligarchs are making fun of stupid poor people too.

Where the idiots are; where the hicks are too stupid to know where problems blossom.

We don’t really mean they’re all stupid — but hey, lay off.

It was popularly assumed, for a time, that George W. Bush was too stupid to be elected president.

Ridicule is especially effective when it’s personal and about expressing open disdain for stupid, bad people.

Okay, “girly” is a stupid word—but this paragraph goes deep.

Is that stupid?

One of these particularly low moments, I scared myself into anger — at my ex, at myself, at this entire stupid situation.

“It’s a stupid question.

And, while she admits she made a stupid decision … we’re told she’s blaming it on the a–a-a-a-a-alcohol, as they say.

And I think that it really is stupid to say it’s black or white.

I hate when people say they don’t see race because that’s stupid.

Perhaps you know her better as the woman who’s so stupid she brought a spoon to the Superbowl?

They are so stupid!”

And I now wonder how many times my fluent English has saved me from being called “Chinese,” stupid, and laughed at.

Until then I have to remember that I don’t look as Canadian as I sound and I can still seem Chinese and stupid.

The Mets are not the only team that makes stupid mistakes.

I did something stupid and googled Singapore drug laws, then walked through to my gate nervous.

I was self aware enough to know this was stupid, but I was also high enough to mentally prepare for the worst.

I own up to my mistake and realize it was a stupid decision.

“Are there any other stupid letters that were sent to you folks?”

For one thing, the comparison is deeply stupid.

My job was essentially to get Teddy Kennedy to say something stupid.

Not only was the alternative dangerous and stupid, it was bad for business.

Nothing is too stupid for us, let’s just keep that in mind.

Yeah, H-O-D-L. KS: I don’t care for their stupid acronyms, but go ahead.

And second, ISIS isn’t stupid, and the US hasn’t said anything publicly that the group didn’t already know.

We’re supposed to be stupid about this stuff.

“That’s a stupid and unserious proposal, & we know they don’t mean it because they haven’t introduced it as actual legislation.

In favor: So it’s stupid, irrational, and silly… Opposed: Yes.

Because they’re stupid.

“He was carrying on about how he was so stupid, that he’s divorced now and miserable,” she relayed.

That’s just stupid.

But then something wholly unexpected will happen, and the everything will come together in sublimely stupid ways.

But let’s not forget that the chaos of “Beyond the Wall” stems from a plan that is, at its heart, truly stupid.

He’s saying something really stupid, he’s playing for a laugh, he’s got a hot mic on, okay?

By the way, I have said so many stupid things in my life.

“We do worry about people doing stupid things without doing deeper research,” said Simon.

“We don’t need some stupid website from Equifax to tell us yes or no.

The year before that, John Oliver made mincemeat of the crowd, dropping a viral rant about just how stupid and insidery the Crunchies are.

He knew those things were stupid.

Since 2010, Google and Oracle, the corporate parent of the Java development ecosystem, have been locked in a fairly stupid legal battle.

You said recently in an interview that “the American people are stupid.”

We’re not stupid.

Everyone pounced on Palin for all the stupid things she’s said, but Trump’s no better.

And all this stuff that we used to get involved in, that’s stupid.

All those stupid people of the world, drinking wood?

People are stupid in Rioja and all over the world, but especially in Spain.”

It’s just stupid little things like that kind of all add up.

I just didn’t want to be their employee, and I thought they were stupid.

This began after Felipe Calderón, president from 2006-2012, said Mexico would not pay a “single cent for such a stupid wall.”

It’s a stupid game we play with them.

Although this is a decidedly stupid controversy, it is heartening that most people understand that it’s decidedly stupid.

I don’t like them when they watch the stupid ones.

And also, stupid pranks.

While some people can be stupid in a charming way, Brady’s idiocy is more dangerous.

And into the middle of that came this weird orange monster, and he made me laugh so much, sometimes for very stupid reasons.

(Fisher famously hated that stupid “outfit,” no matter how many adolescent fantasies it inspired.

The exhaustion I felt going out and having stupid conversation.

System 2 ought to jump in to tell us: Don’t be stupid; ratty old T-shirts don’t win games.

– Cows aren’t stupid.

Superstitions don’t make us stupid; they make us human.

Being stupid in a specific type of way is, mostly, what it is about, and what it is for.

The paper is called “It’s the prices, stupid!”

What Uwe Reinhardt taught me about American health care is exactly the title of his paper: It’s the prices, stupid.

I went to an NBCUniversal upfront and all I got were these stupid tweets.

“It’s a stupid and reckless decision — our nation’s dumbest act since launching the war in Iraq.

But it’s not stupid and reckless in the normal way.

“It goes back to the same stupid pressures on women,” Epstein said.

“Most forms of protectionism are pretty stupid,” Dan Drezner, a trade scholar at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, tells me.

His intrusions were sometimes effective; in other cases they were brutal and stupid.

It’s not just stupid funny — it’s formally inventive as well.

She can’t be too fat, she can’t be too thin, she can’t be too smart, she can’t be too stupid.

Imagine spending $200 and all you’ve got is that stupid water.

It was a stupid patent, and I guess its owner knew that because they let the patent expire in 2012.

SEPTEMBER: The EFF did not grace us with a stupid patent this month, so here’s a stupid patent for filming a yoga class.

Hopefully enough scary shit has happened within the last 100 days that people aren’t stupid enough to keep watching.

So here’s to a new year, chock full of new stupid inventions.

“They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid,” his mother, Megan Trump Berto, told ABC affiliate WPVI.

“When someone says something like abolish ICE, my reaction is that’s a stupid idea,” Bredesen said.

Those stupid Farting Mufflers on Fast & the Furious-looking Cars Vin Diesel is rolling over in his grave.

But I have 10 people that are really stupid, too.

It’s not stupid to buy this but it’s expensive.

The answer totally depends on your feelings regarding Donald Trump, comedy, and stupid questions about whether Donald Trump has ruined comedy.

Let me state for the record, I do not think Peter Thiel is very stupid.

Craig is sorry for breaking your heart with this stupid video.

Or we spend our money on stupid things!

When the impossible-to-overrate comedy Clueless made Silverstone a star, the rush to commodify her was swift and fiercely stupid.

What Bill did was stupid!

In fact, they think voters are pretty damn stupid.

“I get the joke but why does having a summer shore house automatically make u stupid?” he tweeted.

“I get the joke but why does having a summer shore house automatically make u stupid?” he tweeted.

They think Americans are stupid and should do what they are told.” It seems that the disenchantment is mutual.

“Create content that makes what they’re saying sound stupid,” Rhimes said.

In fact, they think voters are pretty damn stupid.

They think Americans are stupid and should do what they are told.” It seems that the disenchantment is mutual.

Birds have such a great tradition in comics and cartoons it’s almost stupid to add another bird.

“They [the One Campaign] had two gorgeous objectives, one of which was to eliminate extreme poverty, stupid poverty,” Doerr recalled.

He made “every stupid decision in the book,” he said.

Ordering Eatsa Enough of those stupid humans, now the real action begins.

When you’re a player, stupid rules like this dominate every aspect of your life.

And auditions are insane and stupid and horrible and weird and make no sense.

We probably have seven — I mean, a stupid amount.

“There’s a lot of members of our caucus who think this shutdown is stupid,” Simpson said.

“There’s a lot of members of our caucus who think this shutdown is stupid,” Simpson said.

Jay Swingler is very good at navigating that hellscape, racking up more than 800,000 followers with videos of himself pulling bat-shit stupid stunts.

It’s clearly a stupid idea.

or “Why am I so stupid?”

It’s just like, “Oh yeah,” because you don’t want to look stupid.

“If you think Trump knows foreign policy issues then absolutely yes, you are stupid,” Grenell tweeted in March 2016.

Right and the stupid part about that, I overthought it, and I probably should have done it sooner.

They’re unrepentant, but they’re also, perpetually, too blinkered and too stupid to realize that’s what’s happened.

(Even at the time, an expert on executive compensation, Graef Crystal, told Clinton that the idea was “utterly stupid.”)

“It is about not doing something stupid,” he said.

More than wanting to be the center of attention, I really didn’t want to do anything that would make me look stupid.

To cast people as stupid or Luddites or racists or just out of touch or drug addicts or whatever.

In the first rehearsals I felt so stupid, I wanted to back out.

“We Americans have chosen, in our foolishness, to disunite the country through stupid immigration, economic, and foreign policies,” he admits at one point.

If Facebook is that stupid, then they can go ahead.

I think I saw them shooting a show called “Seriously stupid Sleepover.” I want to go watch that.

How stupid are we?

Feeling emotions deep in your heart is hardly an aesthetic advantage if the emotions are stupid.

Tell me, tell me, how stupid is that.

Please also consider having him put being stupid on the back burner, Cincinnati.

Again, there’s no way to receive forgiveness from Valve, even if it was over a stupid mistake from more than a decade ago.

No one is too “stupid” to complete high school.

Don’t do stupid shit, either.

Watters has a long record of creating segments for “Watters’ World” often aimed at making ordinary people look stupid.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

Shkreli was emotional in court, sobbing while he addressed the court and saying … “I’m here because of my gross, stupid negligent mistakes.”

This is generally a grouchy, impatient, stupid time of year in the discourse.

It makes all of the characters seem phenomenally hot-headed and stupid.

“I’ve been losing sleep over something stupid,” he announced.

Caffeinated alcohol is a distinctly American flavor of stupid.

When it comes time to make money, the media guys haven’t been so stupid after all.

Even the most banal insights, like “Twitter is stupid,” you’ll believe it.

I think it’s like, yes, don’t do stupid stuff, obviously.

The judge would yell at them, pry apart their stupid, illogical arguments, and try to teach someone a valuable life lesson.

“The internet makes you stupid” has been the motto of since Richard Kyanka, 40, registered the domain in 1999.

It’s like, duh, stupid.

Never too smart, but never too stupid.

If that kind of stuff happened there it was pretty stupid and horrible and nobody was down with it.

“The threats and that [are] stupid,” Maddie told VICE News.

Sometimes, 21-year-olds aren’t as stupid when it comes to money as you’d think …

I’m not stupid.

We thought that was weird, but it also felt stupid to turn down a drink on a sailboat.

I want my ring back and reimbursed for the stupid coins I had made,” said @sandrafualkenb1.

Then getting over that and realizing how stupid that is.

Winfrey asked him about it, and Jackson, gasping and shaking his head, had this to say: That is so stupid.

Of course, if your dreams are honestly stupid and crazy, you can’t necessarily expect an outpouring of enthusiasm from your honey.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

The rise of the oft-mocked Royals and their bullpen means yesterday’s stupid is today’s smart.

Unlike the very stupid, highly incompetent people running our country into the ground, Mr. Trump knows when to walk away.

Most kids that age are driving cars a 150 miles an hour, doing stupid things, and testing their testosterone.

Again, I just want to reiterate for people who will read this just how stupid of a person I am.

After the dot-com bubble burst, for example, it seemed obviously stupid to bet the farm on

Gays are the odd ones out of Obama’s victory because they are pushing stupid issues like gay marriage.

People who drink the “work until you drop” Kool-Aid are stupid, and so are the CEOs who drive them to drink.

stupid answers to serious interview questions.

Every fan base is looking for some gimmick during the anthem and they are all stupid.

I am completely stuck on the stupid, pandering surface of Paperclips.

According to docs, the message ends … “If I saw you, I’d snuff your stupid f**king ass.

It’s often us chilling and smoking weed and drinking beer and talking shit, and then some stupid idea becomes something.

FEBRUARY: Personalized Computer Marketing February’s stupid patent award goes to Patent No.

JULY: Passwords This month’s stupid patent belongs to Solocron Education, a company which invented a “verification system for non-traditional learning operations.”

Pretending that none of this has any import, that fighting about this stuff is stupid, is a mug’s game.

The first “Super Troopers” pretty much set the bar for stupid cop movies.

People did very stupid things while playing it.

They’re not playing to win, they’re playing to not look stupid.

Other people, just as stupid, wondered if the mobile game would result in the death of civilization.

And I just don’t think men as a group are that stupid.

It was just stupid.

Hillary Clinton did a reset, remember, with the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks?

We’re never going to find these stupid old paintings, the boy said.

You are stupid.

stupid people are dangerous.

His girlfriend thought it was stupid and corny.

The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.

Life is organised in a bad and stupid way.

The libretto moves along economically, emphatically using colloquial speech (“He’s for real this time.” “stupid shit for brains .

We do a lot of stupid things, but can think deeply with our big brains and are able to learn from experience.

It’s the prices, stupid.

Grace: They think we’re just stupid.

I don’t want to be that stupid idiot.”

I went between so the guy wouldn’t do anything stupid and that was the end of it.”

Whenever I can, I try to push back against the cliché that waitresses are too stupid to do anything else.

I think they also did a three-legged race and other stupid games like that.

It’s like Minions, or, as a Minion would say, “Shhhh I’m hiding from stupid people.” Classic!

Here’s a particularly alarmist headline one researcher sent me, from the Daily Mail: “Are smartphones making us stupid?

A stupid truck,” Sharlene Bosma told reporters during the agonizing period in which he was missing.

But not the stupid parts, say, the Trump parts.

If someone offered you $15 and told you to do something stupid, ill-advised, and all-around life-threatening, your first question might be “Why?”

Only a stupid person would say it doesn’t work,” he said at a November campaign event.

So what makes NBC’s Olympics coverage so bad, so wedded to stupid narratives, so airless?

That’s stupid.

It’s really stupid to care, but I did.”).

That is a true and obvious and stupid thing you said.

I didn’t want to look stupid.

“It’s sort of funny to me that they actually think I’m that stupid.

I don’t know why I was so stupid.

Trump, ignorant, will say something stupid.

It’s so stupid and juvenile.

So it was really stupid.

@VanityFair, ur stupid article was a needless humorless insult to HRC, the most qualified candidate ever for POTUS.

He also said he would fire employees of the bank trading bitcoin for being stupid.

“Just how stupid it is that we don’t have universal healthcare.

“I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot.

“They left stupid things laying around my apartment like receipts, documents with their names on it.”

I was like, that’s a stupid excuse.

It is a stupid excuse, I agree.

I didn’t wanna hear that I sounded stupid when I said “um” every third word.

Considering the reason for today’s hearing, it was pretty bold (or stupid) of him to post this shot …

But it is not merely stupid.

“The billionaires are pushing out the millionaires.” “Write about what you know” is the most stupid thing I’ve heard.

Magikarp Jump is one such game, and it’s as profoundly stupid and weirdly loveable as its subject.

This year has seen smaller, smart films finding great success with American audiences—rather than stupid, big, loud films.

Lots of unequivocally stupid things have happened in 2016.

I’m so stupid.

Dazzler looks around and she’s like, “stupid Medusa.

I used to be into “weird Twitter” many years ago but I deleted my account, because Twitter was making me mad and stupid.

Because you’re coming in and telling them they’re stupid, really.

But as great as friends can be, they also do a lot of really stupid stuff.

To get caught laundering money, “you’d have to be either very stupid or very unlucky,” Cassara recently told NPR.

People will continue to kill each other over stupid shit.

Some stupid pictures???”

What a stupid picture, right?

I trained for it by running, which was a stupid idea.

Tuan launches his stupid, stupid plan!

Young Man: It’s gonna be way better than Shauna’s profile pic where she’s on that stupid beach in Hawaii.

This off-the-cuff policymaking is obviously stupid and troubling.

Maybe today that seems quaint and stupid, but something like that is fair when it comes to children and decency.

And yet we’re not stupid.

Canadians are still paying more for generic drugs than those in foreign markets thanks to a pricing model that one expert calls “uniquely stupid.”

DD: It’s sometimes stupid to do a print magazine, today, but I find that there’s still a real appetite.

Canadians are still paying more for generic drugs than those in foreign markets thanks to a pricing model that one expert calls “uniquely stupid.”

“When we make mistakes it’s because we’re stupid, not because we’re trying to mislead anyone,” Musk continued.

“This percentage targeting is plain stupid,” said Attaran.

Only stupid don’t change their minds?

I certainly could see that there was a stupid subset of Sanders’s supporters who, you know, were stupid little boys.

They’re so stupid on the face of it.

Even the stupid political hackery is bigger in Texas.

They’re sometimes considered stupid and liars and people of poor character.

When it comes time to make money, the media guys haven’t been so stupid after all.

Neither is Ryan Lochte being stupid at a gas station.

I felt stupid and ashamed that I’d allowed myself to be pushed around.

I said, “Nobody cares about a stupid Google executive who’s rich.” Yeah.

He has said some certifiably stupid things, but he deserves to be protected during what we can assume is a difficult set of circumstances.

Blackouts are stupid.

You may tweet something stupid and not realize it after an uproar or outrage for a day.

She sees plenty of patients who have eaten a fistful of pot brownies, done something supremely stupid, and ended up in her ER.

A new book titled Bored Lonely Angry stupid tries to answer this question by looking at the past.

“I never received a gift basket,” Davis says … “I’m really sad that anyone could believe such a stupid story.

If that felt emotionally satisfying but somewhat unrealistic, Arya’s turn toward exploring “west of Westeros” was just plain stupid.

Republicans must get rid of the stupid Filibuster Rule-it is killing you!

Obviously it was a stupid remark.”

“People start to get wild, people start to get stupid, people start talking over each other,” said Reed.

I don’t have kids but I’ve dated some genuinely stupid people.

We hope stupid in a sentence examples were helpful.