Stuffed in a sentence | Use of the word stuffed examples

It doesn’t help that the movie is a mess — confused and stuffed full of too many big effects sequences.

Didn’t we used to spend long hours talking to a stuffed animal or doll?

He is always found reclining miserably in a stuffed chair in front of a fire, situated inside of a dirty, damp, and empty barn.

I then ran into the bathroom where my clothes were, got changed, and stuffed the knife into my back pocket.

I put on my socks and shoes, stuffed the money in my pocket, and rushed home.

That cardboard box no bigger than a package of graph paper stuffed with chocolate, candy and little toys.

Now, their rooms are stuffed with multimedia installations, recycled plastic tsunamis, scalped stuffed animals, and an animatronic beating heart.

I even found fish and dirt stuffed into the air vents.”

In December, I returned to see if anything escaped the flooding or the mold only to take one stuffed teddy bear.

Each room was stuffed with Real Art, the collective value of which was probably enough to bail Detroit out of bankruptcy.

Today, the gas stations are the major hubs for locals, stuffed to the brim with junk food and sugary drinks.

For the sake of comprehensiveness, I had thought we might have to try one of those patties stuffed between two noodle “buns.”

And in Illinois and Indiana, some farmers are struggling to protect silo bags stuffed with crops from animals.

Now, it is stuffed with 75,000 bushels of corn.

Kids love to roughhouse, whether it’s with family, friends, pets, carnival-sized stuffed animals—anything that’s ready to rumble, really.

When they searched his home and car, they discovered more of the missing items stuffed into his trunk.

As you might imagine, that 90 seconds was stuffed with lies, distortions, and wildly exaggerated claims.

Or when Chief Hopper cut open that corpse and discovered it was effectively a stuffed animal, filled with soft, spongy material.

At least 51 women in Chicago have been murdered, strangled and stuffed in garbage cans or left in alleyways since 2001.

At least 51 women in Chicago have been murdered, strangled and stuffed in garbage cans or left in alleyways since 2001.

Their pink interiors are filled to the brim with dolls, stuffed toys, girls’ clothing, a frilly canopy bed, and girly tchotchkes.

In that moment, and against all expectation, I found myself glad to have stuffed myself with sausages.

That leads to at least one stunning fight scene, but also several scenes stuffed with little more than weightless CGI.

Stones had been stuffed down his throat to asphyxiate him.

They were all stuffed into small black boxes underneath the self-service registers, which are impossible to reach without security seeing.

And they did so without being stuffed with rich creams or topped with thick layers of icing.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, The Dining Room does xiaolongbao stuffed with a generous amount of truffle.

I’ve seen them stuffed in dumplings, stir-fried with bamboo, and—my favorite—blanched and then cooled, shaped into a heart, and topped with sesame seeds.

Tangyuan is a sweet dumpling, made with glutinous rice powder and stuffed with sweet sesame or crushed peanut powder.

The second story — about a tattered stuffed monkey toy propped up in a glass case — is a little less straightforward, and not especially convincing.

asks an artist named Lisa, petting a raccoon stuffed animal.

Then gives this line to applause:”I learned a fact; when your ears are stuffed with money, you can’t hear well.”

Ferguson’s takedown defence has proven very solid, having stuffed deep, well-timed shots from Rafael dos Anjos with little difficulty in that bout.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not these babies are bundles of joy or stuffed with snacks!

stuffed into an anorak and plonked, stoic, abreast a great hill.

For kids, there are coloring books and stuffed animals — which they cling to, desperately, like security blankets.

“This evening little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal.

And the life preservers were stuffed with newspapers.

For Grass Field, dancer Alex Hay donned a backpack stuffed with amplifiers and FM transmitters.

stuffed with two sausage patties, hash brown loaves, and too many eggs, this thing weighs as much as a toddler.

It moves at a steady clip, is stuffed with cheese, and remains compelling enough to fill an afternoon.

is a stuffed animal!

“We never eat to the point of being stuffed,” she says.

When we think of taxidermy, we think of stuffed animals sitting awkwardly among old antiques.

In the streets of Istanbul, meat is everywhere—from döner kebabs with stuffed vegetables to the thousands of kebab plates churned out daily.

Blankets, rivers, lens flares, stuffed animals, wide open night skies, cats purring, maybe a little facing traumas with LSD as an aid.

Cut to the same woman being stuffed into a suitcase and wheeled through the hotel and dumped onto the street.

It saw Kevin being stuffed into the back of an SUV.

An image of Lucas’ severed head sent to VICE News shows that it was stuffed into a plastic bag.

An image of Lucas’ severed head sent to VICE News shows that it was stuffed into a plastic bag.

It’s a pasta stuffed with mascarpone, parmesan, and ricotta but that won’t make you feel stuffed.

The world does not need another gaudy rock biopic stuffed full of stylized setpieces and awkward dance numbers.

…All of which suggests that stuffed pasta can evoke as much awe in humans as the infinite cosmos that surrounds us.

For his 1971 UCI thesis, which he titled Five Day Locker Piece, Burden had himself tied up and stuffed into a 2x2x3 locker.

Think of it like trying to grab a stuffed animal from a claw machine at an arcade.

At times, when black men were lynched in the US, their penises were cut off and stuffed down their own throats.

We would be so quiet in our house—a thick silence that felt stuffed into our mouths.

To make it even easier to carry when stuffed to the brim, the bag has handles at the top and on the side.

It’s everything I hoped it would be: shrouded with a glazed bap, specked with light chili, and stuffed with delicately fried crab meat.

And back in 828, thieves jacked Saint Mark’s body from Alexandria and stuffed it into a meat cart bound for Italy.

There are figurines (so many figurines) and several play sets and many, many, many stuffed toys, some of which talk.

Supermarket carts became medicine chests stuffed with water and medical supplies.

Supermarket carts became medicine chests stuffed with water and medical supplies.

“As for an attachment parent that takes drugs with their kids and stuffed needles in their sweet jar?”

About 200 people gathered in front of the family’s two-story home, where they created a makeshift memorial with flowers, stuffed animals and toys.

But YOLO, as they say, and living life to the fullest means eating the occasional foot-long sub stuffed with chicken fingers.

stuffed with shredded crab and pork, it tastes like it contains more sugar than pork broth.

Dessert came in the form of rice cakes, some stuffed with black sesame paste and red bean.

“I have boxes and boxes of his notebooks, envelopes stuffed with hotel pads and scribbled-on napkins.

He’s no fool, Cosgrove had some Aussie themed baby gifts … a pair of baby Ugg boots and a stuffed kangaroo.

Now, two months later, Spiral Toys, makers of the Internet of Things stuffed animal line CloudPets, is finally alerting the victims of the breach.

The man’s entire life is stuffed with lies and distortions and debaucheries.

The foot traffic has increased, and this side of the Alameda curtain is stuffed with stencils and street art.

More items are stuffed into bags, which in turn are stuffed into large white vans ready to cross into Mexico.

Mubarak stuffed the interior ministry with political loyalists rather than effective public servants, which allowed corruption and brutality to corrode public security.

The vehicle was stuffed full of frozen kebab meat and chicken.

I was so stuffed up, but now I feel so much more relaxed and, you know what?

He explained, “I am not fundamentally opposed to junk in the trunk, although my preference is a stuffed onion over an oozing pumpkin.”

Facebook’s main app is full of cruft, especially with products like Facebook Watch stuffed in the nav bar despite lukewarm user interest.

Our sources say the backpack was stuffed with stolen items, totaling $440, and the drugs.

From late May to early October this bloke lives out of a sleeping sheath stuffed into a rucksack.

To see such disturbing images depicted in colors and made with materials that evoke stuffed animals is disorienting.

A stuffed fish on a barbecue just looks awesome, but when we try the fish, we’re a bit disappointed.

It’s little Filo parcels stuffed with all manner of things.

There are now some 12,000 asylum seekers stuffed in line just for a chance to have their cases heard as refugees.

The pen comes in a super cool neon pizza box stuffed with nifty schwag, such as magnets and a loading tray.

Supermarket carts became medicine chests stuffed with water and medical supplies.

Samuel Esteban, using a breathing mask for the smoke, stuffed cardboard into a large sack.

He hands me some freshly made kubba halab, a fried croquette of yellow rice, stuffed with lamb and dipped in mango puree.

They wrote a note on some hotel stationary and stuffed it into the bottle, along with a small piece of cake.

Dessert was a 5-tier vanilla cake stuffed with salted caramel, chocolate and cookie filling.

A slow cooker—or Instant Pot—is great for making everything from soups and stuffed peppers to breakfast casseroles and oatmeal.

The Blazers stuffed three consecutive 30-point quarters in their collective face, all while managing to shoot a measly 26 percent from three.

Two of her other Furbys have bodies stuffed with craft store polyfill to make them rounder.

The claw always somehow loses its grip at the last possible moment and you must return home, dejected, with no stuffed critter in tow.

After asking for a cat for Christmas in 1983, Koko was given a stuffed animal, which just didn’t cut it.

The flu ravages your body, leaving you a shell of a human, stuffed with mucus, plagued with aches and pains.

“My best friend was like, ‘I would just need Patrón’ so there’s a pyramid stuffed with Patrón,” says the artist.

“My mother was like, ‘I just need hair products,’ so there’s a pyramid stuffed with hair rollers.

(The stuffed animals will eventually be donated to local community groups.)

We stuffed ballot boxes.

One inmate reportedly killed his cellmate and then stuffed his body under a bunk.

Moore, who was stuffed by nose tackle Cece Jefferson.

Feelings you’ve stuffed away could always bubble up to the surface—don’t ignore these emotions; do some journaling or speak to a counselor.

I don’t want my games padded, stuffed with pointless #content, meaningless collectibles, and irrelevant side-quests.

It’s the perfect vehicle for the meats and/or farm-fresh vegetables that get stuffed inside.

Dozens of multicolored balloons hang from the ceiling, along with stuffed animals here and there.

And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love fruit-filled crêpes, stuffed with hazelnut spread and topped with whipped cream?

But even as those right hands knocked him unsteady, Jung stuffed Bermudez’s takedown attempts.

Some things go out of style—sorry, sweater vests, but we don’t really miss you—but stuffed mushrooms?

Sarah and Wells hit up the Lakers game in the evening and stuffed their faces with pizza.

The projector is actually an Android 7.1 device stuffed into a case about as big as a Bluetooth speaker.

On Monday at 12:45 am ET, SpaceX launched its ninth Dragon capsule into space, stuffed with 4,900 lbs of cargo and science experiments.

In 2013, attendees dined on a guinea hen “mosaic,” turbot fish stuffed with lobster, and a “chocolate silhouette with nougat and sea buckthorn explosion.”

The animated stuffed animal sports an antenna that lights up when new content arrives on the app.

I stuffed away my feelings, my anger, the unfairness so that his feelings wouldn’t be hurt.

Down in the lobby, guests flocked to tables selling Spam Jam paraphernalia like T-shirts, tote bags, and stuffed animals shaped like Spam musubi.

My favorite were the stuffed shells, the manicotti.

People held up balloons and stuffed animals, as well as signs that said “Justice for Jazmine.”

Two of the heavy, pancake-shaped pupusas stuffed with meat and cheese fill most people up.

“You add a little roasted channa powder to bind and it is stuffed with hung curd,” he continues.

But my mission today is to learn more about the other local specialty: a stuffed pastry that, I’m told, is absolutely enormous.

– Rachel, 29 “Can’t sleep without giant stuffed animal.”

The rustic décor features an up-to-the-ceiling shellacked tree, on which perch a trio of stuffed pheasants.

Any even remotely formal event of the 80s and 90s probably had stuffed mushroom caps being passed around on trays.

“They’re really cute,” Erickson said of the little dinosaurs “stuffed in” their fossilized eggs.

But they also made other things with them, such as oyster stew and stuffed pork.”

It was ready to be stuffed and sewn.

The stuffed pig, which took four days to prepare, was hugely popular.

At the butcher counter, patrons can grab a quick Italian sandwich stuffed with mortadella or a Cuban stacked with pig’s head terrine.

—Samuel 2, 22: 30 (KJV) I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed.

But the reality is that the in-studio audience was hand-picked by the state party and seemingly stuffed with Bush supporters.

Farrah Abraham’s beloved Pomeranian, Blue, died suddenly Wednesday — but her pooch will have an afterlife … stuffed on a shelf.

He spent a lot of time replacing microphones, all of which were too weak to cope with constantly being stuffed down the his pants.

He has gotten the tire around the stuffed angora goat, which he first saw in the window of a secondhand office furniture store.

Continue until all the pasta is stuffed and formed into tortelli.

Dirt, paint, at least one turd, dead insects, stuffed animals.

The smashed yolk is dressed up with mayo, mustard, and paprika, and stuffed back into the egg white shell.

“I got pictures of his dining room, and there were stuffed heads of animals that he had shot all over!”

On the fourth floor, the stuffed cadavers of Louise Bourgeois are suspended next to the Tolkien-esque metallic spiders that are her signature creation.

stuffed Stuff #BigGAN — Mario Klingemann (@quasimondo) November 27, 2018

If you [order a five-way], it’s done in less than one minute, and boom, you’re stuffed.

And while the incidental cast is stuffed with actors I like — Corey Hawkins and Toby Kebbell and Jing Tian and etc., etc., etc.

I awoke clutching a stuffed bear, which I wasn’t sure how I had gotten hold of.

Austin is full, crammed to gills, stuffed to the gullet.

Your purchase: stuffed animals.

I stuffed them and cooked them and they were delicious.

I stuffed my sport coat pockets with them, and he carried the rest in one of the clear plastic bags they give all delegates.

There were rows and rows of silver rolling racks stuffed with the clothes from his past collections.

Marvel’s films have their flaws, but they are stuffed, maybe even overstuffed, with ideas.

stuffed & Ready, her band’s fourth effort, is their most clear-eyed collection yet.

Non-living animals And the president of Tanzania gave him a stuffed leopard and lion.

In July, 10 people died after a truck stuffed with more than 100 Guatemalan and Mexican migrants was abandoned in a Texas parking lot.

While her guns look like stuffed toys for children, treating them as such would only serve to endear the image of a weapon.

She filled them with magazines, stuffed animals, fruit—anything that could go in a basket, really.

I also cursed with added satisfaction when Totuccio greeted me with massive cannoli that vaguely resembled forearms stuffed with ricotta.

Everything confusing, unpredictable, or puzzling about the world can, when stuffed inside a conspiracy, be ascribed to this single cause, says Schmid.

How about a hot dog stuffed with American cheese and a pickle spear, wrapped in bacon?

It’s stuffed with chicken (my choice), quinoa, cabbage, edamame, carrots, cilantro, and a spicy lemongrass sauce that is actually satisfyingly spicy.

Daylight saving happened, your Facebook feed is stuffed with photos of gently wilting daffodils, and somewhere a lamb is probably being born.

For me, it’s a stuffed cat with a missing eye from my teething phase.

The place was offering jiaozi, a classic variety of Chinese dumplings, stuffed with Western ingredients such as tomato sauce and cheese.

It read: “Ever wondered what a jiaozi stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella with a side of marinara sauce would taste like?”

The kind I always get are stuffed with—surprise—pork, but have bits of chopped bamboo shoot, too.

Scarves were stuffed into instruments.

And starting in 2017, an actual prize has been awarded to the winning team: the “Lombarky Trophy,” a large Petco-branded stuffed toy.

It’s stuffed with garbage, but PC gaming in general is big and healthy enough to withstand it—for now.

As a result, I stuffed it all down.

Those fries were the gateway drug that granted us entry to the rest of the menu—to the kefir and the stuffed grape leaves.

Mooch told the staff that for a week, he stuffed the drawer with extra money to prove the guy was stealing.

It’s stuffed to the brim with oodles of poodles and painted Pomeranians.

The galleries are stuffed to the brim with oodles of poodles and painted Pomeranians.

There was once a time when the Pizza Hut stuffed Crust pizza was enough to get people excited.

It looked like they’d been out from work, all in suits, ties presumably stuffed in a pocket.

“If past is prologue, Sinclair will fire sports reporters, replacing local talent with corporate stuffed shirts in Sinclair’s corporate headquarters.”

Paper records, written in questionable penmanship, get stuffed away in filing cabinets, out of the reach of researchers or other healthcare providers.

The Save Your Selves altar is grimy, loud, and defiant, featuring blaring music and bottles stuffed with cigarette butts.

You will be processing a lot of feelings that you’ve stuffed away for a while.

Transparency as disinfectant; not secret blackboxes stuffed with unknowable code.

What he didn’t know yet was that all nooks and crannies of my dad’s Volvo were stuffed with LSD.

In one indoor shot of a stuffed figure propped next to a plant, the S8 camera back-focused on the plant.

Their rotation consist of you, me, a stuffed panda, and a shiny clump of last week’s Chinese takeout.

The Catalans then skinned and stuffed it — and brought out what must have been frighteningly sublime taxidermy for festivities.

FCA designers stuffed the new Ram 1500 with features including a 12-inch touch screen, betting customers would pay more for a fully loaded truck.

There’s about a third left and I’m stuffed.

Like, how exactly do these two stuffed animals know who Buzz Lightyear is?

The Kings avoided falling in overtime, when Ben Chiarot had a point-blank attempt stuffed by Quick just before the horn.

After La Brique closed, Essaie Pas stuffed their gear in lockers and headed out on tour.

Originating back in 2009, Black MIDI artists use software to create musical compositions stuffed with a seemingly impossible number of notes.

Rachel Jean, 16, carried a white stuffed bear with a heart to bring to a friend.

Giant sushi rolls, stuffed with everything from slow-cooked pork shoulder and kimchi to spicy tuna and avocado?

Dishes of single ravioli arrived, stuffed with locally foraged chanterelles and a chili foam, and topped with purslane.

Where white bread stuffed with fried and breaded chicken nuggets fits into that scheme, we may never know.

She was looking ahead at the road, and he noticed that the bag she had placed at her feet was stuffed with dirty laundry.

In fact, she showed Slaboszewski’s corpse—which she had stuffed into a bin—to a 14-year-old girl in the neighborhood.

stuffed with cabbage, bacon, shrimp, and spices, they’re smoky, savory, addictive little bites.

After getting off the bus, Al-Jizawi says the men covered her eyes, bound her hands, and stuffed her into a car.

It involves a businessman in a hotel, a bed of stuffed animals, and Aristophanes rapping from a TV screen.

One minute you’re free-falling through a serotonin high, arms aloft with two drinks stuffed into each hand.

I’ve spent my college years taking shallow, half-breaths (and trying to make that look normal), while stuffed into Spanx.

It also reminds any concerning viewers that no stuffed bunnies were harmed in the video’s shocking finale.

Then, I look back at my closet and find it’s somehow still stuffed.

Every year, in fact, it seems to be more stuffed — and not with an all-new, super-chic wardrobe.

While these stuffed savory pastries don’t really qualify as strange (no weird organ meat or anything like that), they’re darn tasty.

Did he want to be remembered by a box of chocolates or a stuffed teddy bear?

I drank my smoothie after it FINALLY defrosted and then had a stuffed pepper during a very civilized lunch with Elettra.

“And your stuffed pets too, because they are ‘dust sponges’?

)I didn’t eat until late (around 8 p.m.), but I managed to spare my last stuffed pepper for lunch today.

I am stuffed.

His chest is bare, save for a belt of peach-colored cloth with two gray stuffed fabric penises strapped across his chest.

We were playing a game where we gave all her stuffed animals silly names.

A stuffed animal walked one time.

Probably because it had everything we want from a plated breakfast stuffed inside a big cheese-filled shell.

Sara is a 23-year-old parachute packer with a total of seven stuffed animals in her berth sent from her mom back in West Virginia.

Giant furry gutted stuffed animal pelts with limber murderers lurking inside, doing stripteases to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”

He even steals a stuffed animal!

Odysseus, when faced with the sirens, stuffed his sailors’ ears with wax and lashed himself to the mast.

Chinese chicken and broccoli, ham and cheese sandwiches, baked salmon, rotisserie chicken, Thanksgiving stuffed turkey—different items, same result.

… In the last week some more shit was stuffed into every bit of naked wall or floor.

And we’re talking way more than just stuffed crust.

It’s a classic ’90’s outfit that many parents stuffed their children into during summer vacays.

It just looks like a cute stuffed animal, rather than a whacky techno doodad.

Feelings you’ve stuffed away will bubble to the surface.

This makes it challenging to get the quality of clams they like for dishes such as their signature stuffed quahogs.

Koh’s stuffed, vinyl monster sculptures have a Pop art immediacy while being creepy enough to unnerve.

Your must-eat list is long, but we suggest the raw oysters, the crudo, and the incomparable lobster roll, stuffed with a whole damn lobster.

Participants ranged from hardcore vegans to those who stuffed their face with meat every day.

It features him in aviator glasses posing next to a stuffed moose.

I recently obtained my own copy of Dom’s cookbook and, of course, tried the stuffed eggplant rollups right away.

“I can say that Marcel will be a stuffed animal.

Note Kylie’s little hands clutching a tiny stuffed dog!

Inside, the vast warehouse had been broken into curated party zones stuffed with furniture that looked plucked from a dead grandmother’s living room.

The deliriously happy stuffed animal sailed through the air, limbs akimbo, until it bounced off the mat and rested next to the two wrestlers.

“It’s hard to be stuffed into positions like that.

As it happens, stuffed animals are a common choice.

And I have a stuffed animal in my hands.”

This fall is a solid one for new shows, but it’s also positively stuffed with great returning series.

I made cartoons and elaborate stories about my stuffed animals or my life on a houseboat, or alley cats.

Trophy hunting—where large, rare animals like lions are killed simply to be stuffed and mounted—is a controversial sport.

For those who are uninitiated, gefilte is the Yiddish word for “stuffed.”

Tesla, she claimed, ultimately stuffed a piece of Styrofoam in the gap of the $100,000 car to fix it.

In “I Pledge Allegiance,” a big garbage can is stuffed full of children.

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It can also happen if, say, your nose is stuffed up, and you’re breathing through your mouth more.

They mostly include oysters, stuffed poultry, and foie gras.

Pan-fried spring rolls stuffed with bean sprouts, carrots and cabbage, the verdant crunch reminiscent of a classic Roman fried squash blossom.

A whole neighborhood watched As I was stuffed into the backseat Of a police car.

And then in Los Angeles I stuffed them in the closet.

Similarly, Jane the Virgin has had, like, 17 different rom-coms stuffed into its candy-colored confines, and that’s only a slight exaggeration.

“Kulcha are always stuffed with something,” Dasgupta adds.

The first naan I sample is indeed stuffed porcini mushrooms and truffles, and also topped with pears, walnuts, and Roquefort cheese.

Being stuffed up and unable to smell when you have the flu or a cold can be pretty brutal.

Evening bag, stuffed.

They’re basically bird-Ewoks with abnormally large eyes and they’re definitely just there to inspire a line of stuffed animals.

Even if I’m not a kid anymore, some of these stuffed animals are just way too cute to pass up.

These furry friends are Japanese collectible stuffed toys of our favorite characters including Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel.

This spectacle is stuffed with meaning for the people who take part.

The record is stuffed to the gills with a particular strain of wonky, interrupted but completely characterful house.

That includes mattresses, pillows, and even your precious stuffed animals.

It’s late at night, and the boy can’t find his stuffed whale, so he’s having a hard time falling asleep.

In the photo, she’s holding the raccoon in her hand like a stuffed animal.

He explained, “I am not fundamentally opposed to junk in the trunk, although my preference is a stuffed onion over an oozing pumpkin.”

At the bottom of the market, there are Mr Chaudhry’s infamous stuffed naans, freshly cooked in a colossal rotating naan oven.

I was in and out in less then 20, obligatory totes stuffed with a literal harvest bounty.

Case’s most dominant spell in the first round came when he landed consecutive short elbows after stuffed a takedown from the young Aussie.

The Packers stuffed the Bears on 10 of 14 third-down conversion attempts.

This is not, it’s not note cards that are like stuffed in between … That is correct.

We heard the stuffed jalapeños were equally amazing, and we wanted to see for ourselves.

Health-wise, the stuffed jalapeños are a mess of nutrients and nitrates.

“When he’s not spending his time getting fit, Jack absolutely loves the flavorful stuffed jalapeños,” says Kennedy.

that the Jack in the Box stuffed jalapeños haven’t changed, and hopefully never will.

The most significant difference between the three sizes was the amount of peanut butter stuffed into the center.

He’s also put together a rollicking guest mix for us, stuffed with new and exclusive material from the label.

For example, if a book was deceptively stuffed with additional content, it will get removed from the store.

These “ethically sourced” stuffed animals are dressed in archetypal costumes inspired by historical folklore.

You know, the little black elastic that hangs out on your wrist or stuffed into your purse somewhere.

Towers of stuffed animals and assorted doodads stood proudly in the stage area, and dismembered mannequin heads littered the grounds.

“It had this hole in the top, where I guess there must have been a sign originally, that was stuffed up with tour t-shirts.

Their Peanut Butter stuffed Pretzels are a delight for peanut butter lovers.

When I was 18, my high school boyfriend gifted me a stuffed 16-inch Bengal tiger with a squishy bean bag stomach.

“You still sleep with your stuffed animal?”

I wondered how common it is for people with crow’s feet to still sleep with a stuffed animal.

There are “thousands” of reasons adults might choose to sleep with stuffed animals.

“If you’re alone in life and you have a big stuffed animal, there’s somebody in bed with you.

Frequent VICE contributor Sophie Saint Thomas sleeps with her two stuffed seals, Big Seal and Little Seal, every night.

The 29-year-old Brooklynite has been fortunate enough to have a supportive partner who doesn’t mind Thomas’s stuffed animal friends.

He’s had his stuffed companion for over five years.

As a child, he had two stuffed animal companions: a Teddy Bear named Big Ted, and a Popple named Puzzle.

But his shark isn’t a replacement for those long lost stuffed friends; he sees it as being more of a pillow.

He’s quick to brush off anyone’s concerns that grown men shouldn’t sleep with stuffed animals.

The brand polled 2,000 Americans and discovered 37.5 percent of respondents slept with a stuffed animal as a child.

Of those, 7 percent of adults said they still slept with their stuffed animals at night, citing comfort and habit as the main reasons.

Millennials are twice as likely to sleep with a stuffed animal as Gen Xers, according to the small brand-sponsored survey.

“When I came home with it, my mom said it would just collect dust, and I really didn’t need another stuffed animal.

I finally asked Ryan point blank: Is sleeping with a stuffed animal as an adult something to be concerned about?

Johnson calls the glass sphere a “venerable oceanographic flotation device,” stuffed full of scientific instruments.

We all don’t want to have private keys stuffed under our mattresses, so to speak.

With the jars stuffed to the brim, the lids are sealed.

That’s where my bitcoin is, stuffed under my mattress with that pot, that marijuana from the ’80s.

Meanwhile, American industry rallied behind Republican William McKinley and stuffed his campaign coffers with a then unheard-of $4 million.

I often caught people stealing, especially at the candy counter, where they stuffed their pockets with sweets.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing sexy about grownups that have stuffed animals on their bed.

I would lose the whole section about the stuffed animals.

The future, at least for a certain privileged class, will be stuffed with increasingly personalized gadgets and increasingly interminable feeds.

At first bite, the food felt fulfilling, but soon I’d be stuffed, feeling disgusted and ashamed with myself.

The strangest thing he ever signed was a stuffed alligator.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Bites There’s a half-cup of zucchini stuffed into these bites.

Like its others burritos, this one will be stuffed with rice, beef, and cheese sauce.

Much of the unrecyclable plastic was being dumped or stuffed into landfills.

If they weren’t painfully stuffed before, they might be now.

Without China, plastics are ending up dumped into the ocean, illegally incinerated (which produces highly toxic fumes), or stuffed into poorly maintained landfills.

The bombs were “PVC pipes stuffed with what appeared to be fireworks powder and glass,” per the Post.

Even Naomi’s sly boyfriend is a little silly, sharing stock tips via stuffed animals.

These are my stuffed animals in case I get lonely.

Two years ago, I gave someone a small stuffed witch that was so ugly it actually scared me.

Saint is looking content in his stroller, along with a colorful stuffed elephant.

The company is today announcing a series of bots to help keep your inbox stuffed full of more or less useful information.

$2.2212:30 p.m. — Mensa (cafeteria) lunch: potatoes, carrots, and a stuffed chicken (yum); chocolate pudding and orange soda.

Once nü-metal’s first wave got the ball rolling, the market got stuffed with cash-ins and posers.

She made a pillow and stuffed it with hypoallergenic material.

dolls and Fingerlings and Little Live Pets stuffed animals.

He bought her a stuffed shark doll that night, and now she’s paying him back by showing some permanent love.

Forget the era when the category would be stuffed to the gills with mediocre computer-animated films from big-name studios.

It’s a perpetual group hug that leaves you feeling full: stuffed not with food but human kindness.

For well over a century, the Zaltomeeh pastry has been stuffed with jibneh baladi, a Bedouin cheese produced in the West Bank.

I saw footage of a metal-jacketed cylinder, stuffed with TNT, blowing up in the test chamber.

You might find a fan tuan stuffed with cheese, and another designed for vegetarians.

The pork pieces are heated up on a grill, cut up, and stuffed in as the final ingredient.

Cops, Vietnamese immigrants, and Americorps volunteers lined up for the cream cheese turnovers coated in chocolate or stuffed with lemon filling.

The star of the meal is definitely the small, whole chicken that is usually stuffed with sticky rice, ginseng, garlic, and jujube.

When Homme holds up his own stuffed dragon, called Snoopbob Meatball, I fear for the plush animal’s neck.

They met in Takagai’s seventh-floor office in Tokyo, one decorated with stuffed animals and posters of healthy food groups.

Along the highest edge, stuffed birds of prey and masks stoically watch over the hall.

Pronounced po-vuh-tee-tsa, this sweet bread originated in Croatia and, when sliced, reveals thin, swirly layers stuffed with nuts, cinnamon, chocolate — whatever fits the bill.

I also like the Reuben and the stuffed cabbage.

You can spot rows of the stuff hanging from storefront windows or stuffed in boxes.

It’s stuffed with cucumbers and spring onions before getting brushed with hoisin sauce.

Yes, chunks of duck are actually stuffed in there and the broth that comes out is real duck soup.

Antoni also asserted agency, as when she stuffed the paper’s crumpled remnants into an overstretched shirt (somehow, the paper didn’t rip).

This croissant-donut hybrid is glazed, drizzled in caramel sauce, and stuffed with an apple filling.

The Paris team’s previous release, Beyond: Two Souls, featured an arresting performance from Ellen Page but a forgettable story stuffed with supernatural hokum.

The Texas-style izakaya offers a traditional lineup (yakitori, kushiyaki, sashimi), but the menu is also stuffed with delicious bastardizations of the small-plate Japanese gastropubs.

Its suction cup is good at grabbing smooth, flat objects like boxes, but bad at porous surfaces like on a stuffed animal.

Another user named Krittaya Parichayanan said “It’s a real cat isn’t it?” “This is likely a stuffed cat,” user Prapaporn Tongprasan said.

How valuable do those stuffed animals look to you now?

($800) Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a taxidermied squirrel stuffed with a bottle of beer.

Except for a $20k taxidermied squirrel stuffed with a 55 percent ABV bottle of beer.

It’s a stuffed animal that I guess is supposed to help ease the first-graders’ transition away from kindergarten.

There were plastic measuring syringes everywhere, and folders stuffed with recipes and research notes.

Actors were stuffed into a costume that was, at its lightest, 220 pounds.

They were fun and loved to party—which meant that to them, it was perfectly normal to have containers stuffed with cocaine onboard.

What if the stranger kidnapped him and stuffed him into the tiny trunk of the man’s red Mazda Miata?

The company has sold products from t-shirts and mugs, shoes and stuffed toys.

Swapping water for more caloric drinks like juice, smoothies, or lemonade can help you add carbs without feeling too stuffed.

It’s a world of novelty and strange combinations, of roads peopled with ghosts and demons stuffed in wardrobes.

You will undoubtedly leave stuffed, happy, and with plenty of leftovers.

A black sports car, its open trunk stuffed with soup cans and boxed wine, barreled down toward the intersection, pumping Ginuwine.

Some of the candy is stuffed with peanut butter.

Some of it is stuffed with flakes of coconut.

The first thing you see when you enter the center’s lobby is a large stuffed goat.

He tried to escape as soon as possible, obviously, but not before he pressed a harmonica—which was stuffed with Rizlas—into my clammy, 14-year-old hand.

Predictably, the two stuffed their faces while discussing his new book Watch the clip above.

As its title, Owl Movie, implies, the film will feature an owl — a stuffed one suggesting a mood of mystery and ominousness to come.

Inside, however, is a museum-worthy collection of more than 600 taxidermy pieces, ranging from full-size stuffed lions to spare legs, heads, and animal carcasses.

(They also do private custom orders for the occasional pet owner who wants their dead cat freeze-dried and stuffed.)

What Remains to be Seen also includes Pindell’s first soft sculpture — an Oldenburgian stuffed grid she made between 1968 and 1970.

His arms and legs are made of clothes stuffed with hay.

Mezger stuffed Suzuki’s shots, pushed him onto the ropes and pounded his body.

This summer, the original stuffed animals the literary characters are based upon (who reside in the New York Public Library) got a makeover.

And it looks exactly like a stuffed animal Drake bought Rihanna at Ripley’s Aquarium, Glamour reported.

For some of her Project 8 photos, Mosshart photographed a stuffed bear.

The Vietnamese Bánh mì is stuffed with meat and veggies.

There are more ideas stuffed into those ten minutes than most of us will have in the duration of our adult lives.

The bread resembles a French baguette but is stuffed with various meats like pork or chicken, veggies, cilantro, and daikon.

“Reclining Nude” (1969-70) is an abstracted stuffed figure made of pink cloth.

stuffed with thin-slice short rib.

Authorities said the pair had stuffed so many narcotics into their car that the trunk wouldn’t close.

It was a typical international conference, consisting of policy panels and friendly mixers, stuffed with American policymakers and scholars.

His work explores the presence of the sublime in everyday life and his website is stuffed full of these beautiful snippets.

That largely meant putting on sacks stuffed with straw over their shirts, wearing top hats stuffed with goose feathers, and badger-skins across their faces.

The Oki Dog features two hot dogs wieners served in a tortilla stuffed with chili, fried pastrami, American cheese, pickles, and mustard.

And the “brioche,” always stuffed with a thousand chemical things that make you want to vomit when it’s only breakfast time—why?

The wombats’ intestines were indeed packed to the brim like stuffed stockings.

Our sources say they hit Petit Tresor to scoop up 3 giant stuffed giraffes.

Several elderly residents were at the boardwalk gazing at hundreds of bags stuffed with radioactive waste.

Being a mix by DJ Harvey, it’s stuffed to the gills with tracks that immediately became incredibly sought after.

The main course was a beef bourguignon-esque cube with stuffed squash blossom.

The last evidence of his family—a shoe, a stuffed animal—pockmark the woods like the last artifact of human habitation.

This one is more like me with a hole cut out of my face with crystals stuffed in it.

Al’s PlaceWant to get your Michelin star on without feeling like a stuffed shirt?

They are $8 each, a little less than half a foot, and stuffed generously with meat.

Every cuisine has its own take on the carb-y pocket stuffed with sweet, savoury, crunchy, spicy, and soft fillings.

He beat Danton Heinen to a loose puck behind the net and stuffed a wraparound just inside the right post.

And when those bags are stuffed to the brim with new products, we’re on cloud nine.

Before I knew it, I had done it with every stuffed animal on my shelf.

It includes Tony Romo being stuffed into an overhead luggage bin during their team flight Sunday.

“You guys will be stuffed out of your minds!” Conlon exclaims giddily, wiping off his sweat-glazed forehead.

And stuffed into wire baskets.

The first section of the show is devoted to Williams’s early work, which includes his quilted paintings and stuffed sculptures.

Four stuffed hearts seem to grow out of plants unfurling from each of the corners.

What you need: A robe, stuffed cat toys, pajamas, slippers, and hair rollers.

What you need: A pink top, a pink or jean skirt, pink sunglasses, and a stuffed (or real) dog.

But this bag is stuffed with 700 fill-power down and rated to withstand temperatures as low as zero degrees.

He recalls being stuffed into an empty rice sack and submerged in the ocean, where he nearly drowned.

Instead, focus on selecting a snazzy pair of your finest stretchy pants to go out and getting stuffed in.

A matchbox stuffed with hair.

If a zucchini plant blossoms and the flower doesn’t get stuffed with cheese and fried, then is it even summer?

A mixture of rice, meat, vegetables, and spices is stuffed into a hollow bamboo stalk and roasted over an open fire.

It’s also said to be rich in antioxidents, high in iron, and stuffed to the gills with glutamic acid—a.k.a.

Each leg swaddled in thick, standard-issue American Apparel tights that cover every square inch of leg, black tubes unceremoniously stuffed into too-thick socks.

Al’s PlaceWant to get your Michelin star on without feeling like a stuffed shirt?

stuffed some pillows under the covers and ran out like the little rascals!!

Our next destination wasn’t connected to Everest Link, Bishnu warned me, as we stuffed our gear into our backpacks.

After an hour, I reached the end of my rope that was now stuffed with seaweed.

He’s not prepared to manipulate his own experience into one stuffed with struggle for the sake of tugging on heartstrings.

Then I stuffed some plastic nasal dilators from Mute Snore up my nostrils.

Around the back, more typical history museum fare awaits, including stuffed animals and the Norwegian constitution.

She was awaiting the birth of a Hatchimal, a stuffed animal that hatches out of an egg.

Our faces weren’t stuffed into cell phones, we weren’t checking Facebook and Instagram.

I bought a blue-and-white checkered dress and braided my hair, substituting Toto with my own stuffed animal named Puppy.

In the meantime, you can read about the time we gave Marilyn Manson a pink stuffed unicorn and he gave us sex tips here.

His dining room has stuffed crows and peacock feathers.

Fill up on tacos stuffed with carne asada (grilled meat), nopal (cactus), chapulines (grasshoppers!

No matter — after a counter run was stuffed, Mack punched it in three plays later on outside zone.

I placed a few Greek dolmades, made from grapevines found in her garden and stuffed with rice, on to my plate.

Perhaps surprisingly, pillows and stuffed animals were prominent features in many the Macgyvered-toy tales told.

But make no mistake: Bedroom pillows (and plushy stuffed animals) were the preferred sex toy of female adolescence.

Thankfully, she stuffed her face with $50’s worth of farm-to-table carbs and proteins in between drinks.

Most everyone was carrying food: chocolate eclairs stuffed with steak and provolone, and tortilla chips covered with bananas, Nutella, and icing sugar.

A stuffed ptarmigan toy, in bondage.

stuffed in the uncomfortable bed of his own making, the passed-out-partygoer gives us pause to reflect on our own merry misdoings.

In the future, if you find yourself eating a Crunchwrap Supreme stuffed with oats, you know who to blame.

The bill, which largely addresses the opioid overdose crisis, is stuffed with different measures—nearly 60 individual laws, all previously passed by the House.

), and scream-filled fitness sessions stuffed down your throat.

Watch as Action brings back the chain’s stuffed spinach pie and gives away free, straight-out-of-the-oven pizza in between moan-inducing bites.

Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli stuffed Spaghetti Squash Stick a fork in one of these cheesy halves and call it a night.

And I prepared for the worst, in which I was stuffed into a jail cell.

At same time, the yields on money funds stuffed with all that safe-haven cash have trickled lower.

(Because, let’s face it, you’re still stuffed and possibly hungover from all your holiday festivities and feeling kind of lazy.)

You see, somewhere out there, a child is missing their beloved stuffed bear.

In that same vein, a cookbook now celebrates the gorgeous glutton, reimagining every dish he’s stuffed his beautiful face with.

They cuddle on the ferris wheel, and she wins them a stuffed animal.

Who wouldn’t be utterly blissed out while lounging around with their favorite stuffed sloth (shades of Kristen Bell) and a crossword puzzle?

The bodies had been stuffed with concrete, apparently to make them sink.

A Neiman Marcus manager told The Washington Post her store was “stuffed with beautiful gowns.”

I stuffed the dash cam right behind my rearview mirror.

As a mom, Shipley knows from experience how much kids can miss their stuffed animals.

“My [5-year-old] daughter Arya in particular is very attached to her stuffed animals,” she told Today.

Since 1987, the stuffed animals have been part of the New York Public Library (NYPL).

Then I laughed and stuffed a handful of potato chips into my mouth.

I became known as the Love Kitten after going out with my stuffed hearts, which I carry around with me a lot.

And yet, at the same time, next to such objects were also toys such as a bag of plastic insects and a stuffed snake.

He spent most nights on the street, stuffed into that same alleyway.

The movie mostly hand-waves away how the stuffed crew re-enters Christopher’s life — it appears to involve honey, which is appropriate.

Believe it or not, the pumpkins above were stuffed with two kilos of coke and actually seized on Halloween.

Potato Head wrapped in smoked bologna and stuffed with brain power pills.

All of Baba’s costumes are made by Koudounaris, who sometimes repurposes them from things like old stuffed animals.

They’re sipping luridly colored potions with names like “Unicorn Blood” or posing on piles of stuffed animals.

One snack you can easily eat way too much of are those peppadew peppers in oil stuffed with cream cheese.

Directly beneath her, on the bottom bunk, lies a stuffed animal.

“I was seized up like a stuffed animal the entire time.”


At nine, it made perfect sense, and she stumbled back to cuddling with her stuffed animals while I tried—unsuccessfully—to settle back to sleep.

FA also flaunted her fully stuffed stocking.

It also contained a stuffed koala—”Your Power Koala” he wrote in purple marker on top of a typed letter.

ET: After this story was published, a security researcher revealed that the stuffed animals themselves could easily be hacked and turned into spy devices.

Also visible was a stuffed dog toy chosen by Shkaplerov’s daughter to be the spacecraft’s zero-gravity indicator.

And while I doubt we will throw the toy away, it’s effectively been reduced to a way overpriced stuffed animal.”

My packs are stuffed with bandaids, gauze, blood stop, tape, alcohol wipes, and other medical items.

They shipped all over the country, often receiving payment in the form of cash stuffed into teddy bears.

Call it a parenting philosophy or call it neglect, but I haven’t stuffed music down their throats.

In The Witcher III, there’s a scene in which Yennefer hornily (pun intended) suggests a session on a stuffed unicorn.

“My wife is charmed by the stuffed rats.

Tributes in the shape of postcards and stuffed animals were left along the boulevard.

We ended up having an eight-course meal and, of course, I stuffed my face.

We were in the toy section alongside another family of three children who were roughhousing with the life-size stuffed animals.

More impressive is that he outstruck Uriah Hall, boxed up Rafael Natal, and stuffed all the takedowns of a wildly charging Derek Brunson.

So many emotions were stuffed into a few seconds.

After all, how often does the prospect of a completely gratis designer garbage bag stuffed with designer duds factor into your evening plans?

Countless exhibitions in the capital are stuffed full of art like a trussed turkey.

stuffed Buffalo Chicken Dip French Bread I think I speak for everyone here when I say, “…. Holy moley.”3.

There’s eight of us and we’re stuffed.

The pockets are each stuffed with polypropylene pellets and a sort of memory foam material.

He is surrounded by stuffed animals and even has binoculars.

On top of being an amazing singer, she is also amazing at being unimpressed by Christmas trees, giant stuffed lambs, and Elton John.

Aside from being gigantic, it’s got a big, adorable stuffed lion and an elephant rocker guarding the cradle.

Against the wall, shelves filled with stuffed animals and other toys surround a cozy white bed, which Kourtney uses herself.

There’s nothing like a stuffed beagle to get yourself into a new mom’s good graces.

Pechkeks has created a new black fortune cookie, to match the dark, crude humor messages stuffed inside.

They’re stuffed smack in the middle of the doughnut holes.

He thinks Annie is doing everything: that she dug up her mother’s body and stuffed it in the attic, let’s say.

Hollowed out jalapeño peppers stuffed tenderly with cheese and wrapped in bacon, breaded, or even fried.

It always pains us to hear about kids losing their stuffed animals, and it’s been in the news a lot lately.

At the Winter Olympics, athletes are being presented with stuffed tigers after they win medals.

The artist is well-versed in this level of endurance, having previously spent two weeks trapped inside a stuffed bear.

U.S. farmers probably stuffed the export channel (think soybeans to China) before the tariffs.

The stairs to the arena, where the team plays its home games, were covered with a memorial of flowers and stuffed toys.

Facebook is already so stuffed with features and probably isn’t opened as frequently as Messenger.

by Rani MollaIf it feels as though Amazon’s site is increasingly stuffed with ads, that’s because it is.

Instead, the room is stuffed with toys, dolls, and pink children’s items.

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