Stronger in a sentence | Use of the word stronger examples

Strong growth in the price of U.S. shale oil has also contained stronger increases, the IEA’s Fatih Birol added on Monday.

The players are getting bigger and stronger, but they’re still just as agile and as quick and fast.

It is time to show the whole world that America is back, bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

She’s ready because she knows in America we are stronger together.

— but as a piece of television storytelling, as opposed to the fabled “eight-hour movie,” this is a much stronger feat than season one.

Other studies have found that people with higher genetic risk scores for atherosclerosis tend to receive a stronger benefit from statins.

Your intuition is stronger than usual now that Mercury is in Air sign Libra!

And is it growing stronger?

It is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine.

It is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine.

Thursday night made that sense stronger than ever.

A multiparty Congress would be a stronger Congress, because less of Congress would be oriented around two parties competing for narrow majorities.

A stronger Congress would make presidential elections a little less high stakes.

In these tests, conservatives sweat more (i.e., have a stronger gut reaction) in response to the disgusting stimulus.

The efforts to gerrymander with precision keep moving stronger.

Five seasons in, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still going strong; in fact, it may even be stronger than ever.

What memory from school stands out to you stronger than any other?

American Shale went head on with the OPEC Cartel, and emerged stronger, leaner and smarter.

And it’s stronger, leaner and smarter.

“I have found that sneakers are a much stronger point of contact with my younger students than most other topics.

If he does that, it makes Mueller’s obstruction of justice case much stronger.

“Nobody wants the allegations there, but if they’re not proven, it can make you a stronger candidate,” King told NPR on Wednesday.

But as we’ve seen before, the political pressures of voting for this tax bill appear to be much stronger than with past legislation.

… all of the research tells you that the stronger you believe that you are a meritocracy, the more biased you are.

“We expected a stronger year when we worked on our budget.

The investment comes as Uber’s hold on the ride-hail market in Latin America grows stronger.

I’m very lucky that my wisdom and intelligence were stronger than my disease.

I can assure you it will make you stronger in life and will help you become more creative.

We will come through them stronger than before.

And many thousands of indigenous people from around the world have prayed with us and made us stronger.”

The ninth overall pick in the 2012 draft, Drummond could no longer simply rely on being bigger and stronger than his opponents.

“There has been talk about the bill needing to be even stronger,” Kelly McBee, a policy analyst at the organization, tells MUNCHIES.

They are stronger, faster, and make fewer errors.

While the pipeline is getting stronger, there is still work to be done to have equal visibility in major films debuts as white men.

Don’t forget, the USD is a little stronger than the Canadian dollar so be sure to stock up.

“I hope I can walk out on that stage and be stronger than I am being right now… This is therapy for me.”

In some respects, it’s never been stronger, with innovations in safety, flavourings, and delivery methods.

Gates and Buffett themselves stand as an interesting challenge to, at least, the stronger versions of that critique.

“ We are a nation of immigrants, and are stronger for it.

Strategically, these advances have put Assad in a much stronger position.

Assad, Stewart said, is “in a much stronger negotiating position than he was just six months ago.

It will only harden us to grow stronger,” it said.

We need stronger accountability across our teams, to ensure each team is truly on the hook for its goals.

Jacky Rosen picked up a Senate seat in Nevada by running 2 points stronger than Clinton.

Kyrsten Sinema gained one in Arizona by running 5 points stronger than Clinton.

“Exploring these dark regions inspires us to build a better, stronger and more secure future for our armed forces.

Intent is often so much stronger than perfect execution.

“Not to mention ISIS is getting stronger.”

ISIS is getting weaker, not stronger.

We are stronger together.

As Rojas told Hyperallergic, “Entre mas somos mejor — numbers make us stronger.”

What do you think of some of these proposals, especially from President Trump to raise the gun age and have stronger background checks?

“I think we need to be stronger on assault weapons.

Critic Myles McNutt has a great explanation of why it would be a stronger story choice, but you do you, Susan Johnson!

Rick Snyder himself, who pushed for stronger emergency manager laws that some say enabled the crisis.

I hope that women emerge stronger.

“When they leave the festival, they feel stronger.

“When they leave the festival, they feel stronger.

To the contrary, if anything, it looks like he’d be a slightly stronger opponent for Toomey.

This connection made Jones literally feel electric, a sensation that would begin during sex and get stronger as she climaxed.

But what options do we have for men, the so-called “stronger sex” often depicted in commercials as adventurers and adrenaline junkies?

The Observer’s business is stronger than it’s ever been, by far.

He came out against an assault weapons ban but supports stronger background check laws.

Though these sorts of conversations and the interesting sound opportunities they offer arguably made the podcast much stronger, they don’t translate smoothly to TV.

In the short-term, this supports the case for a stronger dollar.

The prototype device had to be strong enough to withstand a frustrated gorilla, which can be seven times stronger than humans.

I’m also a striker, but I’m a stronger guy with better cardio and hopefully a harder head!

President Donald Trump has been criticized by U.S. lawmakers for not taking a stronger stand against Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi’s killing.

“I have never known a stronger person,” said his mother.

At the convention, it soon became clear that the “yes” position was far stronger than expected and would force a floor fight.

Adams plans to attend, and hopes that the community can “come together and be stronger.”

I think that’s part of why the Moira and Emily storyline feels so much stronger than the rest of the show does.

“I’ll be back better and stronger than ever,” Paige wrote on Instagram … “It’s all apart of the fight game.

Which memory from school stands out to you stronger than any other?

“And we’ll be adjusting a little bit over the next few weeks to make it even stronger.

If pension reform is approved, Copom could give a stronger signal at the next meeting,” she said.

However, he seemed confident that the company would survive and come out stronger on the other end.

“We’re weaker in some places, but hopefully we’re stronger in most of them.

And Morral agreed that the evidence is stronger on background checks and prohibitions associated with mental illness than other gun policies.

Australian’s perceptions of the economic outlook would have been bolstered by the stronger than expected GDP data released mid-week.

You might be ostracized, but by standing up for your beliefs, your faith would only grow stronger.

Baird analyst Brian Skorney said Pfizer fell way short on both safety and efficacy, making Sarepta’ position in the space even stronger.

This one mandates specific square footage for each animal, making it much stronger.

When they confront the terms of the agreement, they don’t see it as being much stronger than any other agreement.

But Iron Man supporters shouldn’t fret, because people view him as the stronger superhero.

European stocks added 0.2 percent to touch their highest since October, following stronger gains by their Asian peers.

I got stronger mentally.

It contains fentanyl, an opioid 100 times stronger than morphine.

What’s more, the Democratic Party in California was starting, in the 1990s, from a stronger position than the national Democratic Party today.

Chief among them, Greenberg noted, is that the American public still generally regards the Republican Party as stronger on the economy than the Democrats.

Superman is stronger.

The agents with whom we spoke say the Trump properties are top quality, and the brand is now stronger than ever.

We’ve been evolving the idea, but we’ve been making it stronger and wider,” Carla says.

“Maybe if I were stronger, I would have,” he said.

In fact, the effect on their expressed racial views was stronger than the effect on their expressed opinions on welfare.

But in the case of the Barbados bullfinch, they found that the city finches’ immunity was actually stronger than that of country finches.

A couple of songs could’ve been stronger.

In the short term, this made the NRA stronger, because its gamble paid off.

So here we agree on the outcome: a stronger committee process.

If your idea of value springs from an ethical void, it’s time to transplant it onto stronger soil.

The track shows just how much we’ve missed Kesha in our lives, her voice sounding stronger than ever.

Punishing levels are fondly remembered when gamers chat about their shared experiences–the more participants in these conversations, the stronger the common narrative.

“Will it be able to substitute stronger economic data for a rate cut?

But, like with running, the more you train, the stronger you become.

Aficionados say whale tastes somewhat like beef, but with a stronger flavor.

And I’m becoming mentally stronger every day.” Read This Next: Can Researchers Treat PTSD Without Using Triggers?

Males tend to be larger and stronger than females—thanks, hormones!—and that can confer a competitive advantage in many sports, particularly head-to-head ones.

Harder, better, faster, stronger, eh?

We have constantly reloaded and revolutionized, each time emerging better, stronger, more essential.

“Pets can really connect couples together and form stronger bonds as pet parents, which is very similar to parenting children.”

It is our firm belief that our nation will be stronger, more competitive and more innovative for it.

Boards making decisions are stronger when they have those diverse perspectives on them.” Reporting by Karolos Grohmann

Conversely, cleaning house with regard to Franken and Conyers would leave Democrats in a stronger position.

To catch the 2-degree trajectory, we need stronger government policies.

Maybe that means manufacturing tax breaks or higher tariffs or interest rate cuts or stronger “buy American” provisions for US procurement.

His street cred just got so much stronger.

Berners-Lee and his colleagues are urging open internet supporters to contact EU regulators and push for stronger net neutrality protections.

In other words, better, stronger candidates do better by doing better everywhere.

“Hillary will make us stronger together,” Clinton said, closing out his 42-minute speech.

It rose at the fastest pace since May 2015 and was much stronger than the median forecast for a 1.6% increase.

NBC said Sanders was polling better than Clinton mainly because of his “stronger performance with independent voters.”

Properties adjacent to bulkheads experience stronger wave impacts, like an innocent bystander being hit by a ricocheting bullet.

The British pound is stronger by 1.3% at 1.3163.

Happily, David is made of stronger stuff than I, and he managed to get us out of there with our vows intact.

We will build new partnerships and solidarities, challenge old and broken models, and make something better, stronger, and, yes, more diverse.

Last September, Kim tested a nuclear weapon seven times stronger than the one the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 at the site.

Until now, consumers have largely taken Brexit in their stride, helped by stable inflation and stronger growth in wages.

“The more spectacular the games are and the stronger a showing France makes, this makes [the final] a main attraction,” Maizière said.

That would have given United a stronger incentive to find a volunteer rather than dragging passengers off the plane kicking and screaming.

“More parents can work more hours if they choose to, producing stronger economic growth.

“It would require that he said stronger things, or gave stronger instructions, to other people….

(Biden, however, likely faces a stronger field of challengers than Romney did then.)

“There is good evidence that partisanship has become a stronger influence on how the public evaluates both the economy and the president.

It’s Us versus Them, forever jockeying for advantage, and we are stronger.

This is the vilest kind of hate… Union Temple is stronger than this.

There are signs that anti-Islamic sentiment is getting stronger.

Brooklyn is stronger than this.

This is the vilest kind of hate… Union Temple is stronger than this.

Brooklyn is stronger than this.

Finance Minister Berat Albayrak told investors on Thursday that Turkey would emerge stronger from the crisis, which Ankara has cast as an economic war.

The improved appetite for risk and the stronger dollar weighed on gold prices.

Gauland said the AfD needed to become stronger, but he expected it to be ready to take on a governing role in the medium-term.

If they want to maintain the trust of their constituents and become a better, stronger party, they can’t make the same mistake this time.

Drummer and Diallo are sticklers about controlling the amount, though they will make it stronger if requested.

If those don’t help, some women go on to use stronger hormonal therapies that stop monthly periods, or synthetic steroids.

A stronger economy would lead to more hiring, more job-to-job movement, and eventually stronger wage growth.

We really are stronger together.

Such a statement by Aoun might give some satisfaction to Saudi Arabia, but it would seem to leave Hariri no stronger than before.

The US dollar index is stronger on Fed day.

For one thing, Square’s core payment processing business is much stronger than many people predicted.

As stubborn as Ali was his desire to win was stronger.

stronger magnets with more reliability is our mantra.” For the past 20 years, the highest achievable direct-current magnetic field was 45 tesla.

The design of the new magnet is what makes it so much stronger.

Still, the schedule looks much stronger than the list of college football games Facebook streamed this fall.

Government officials say Baladna’s rapid expansion shows the embargo has made Qatar’s economy stronger.

While Foreman was considered the stronger fighter, Ali tied him up and wrestled him around throughout the bout.

Citizens are also likely to participate in these institutions through their involvement in community organizations, thus generating stronger social capital.

I am a changed, stronger, better man today.” No one can argue with that statement.

But Yelp has been lobbying for stronger antitrust enforcement against Google for about a decade, both in the United States and Europe.

stronger investor risk appetite slows any flight-to-quality into the yen,” Fukaya said.

[Johana Bhuiyan / Recode] YouTube updated its guidelines for advertisers, taking a stronger stance on hateful and demeaning content.

Thicker, stronger and longer-lasting toxic algae blooms have devastated this slice of Florida coast.

• In the 2016 general election, partisan identity was far stronger than candidate choice.

Then the the drinks got stronger and more frequent.

He works with lawyers to file lawsuits against the state to push for faster and stronger protections.

Paris had secured stronger job guarantees and terms including a cash payment to Renault shareholders, following public criticism that the bid undervalued Renault.

He is (literally) made stronger by the others around him, just as with the zombies.

By combining their forces, they become stronger.

The one thing we can say for certain though is: The boy becomes stronger when he is not alone.

“(Bolsonaro’s) win will surely herald a stronger bilateral relationship,” Garman said.

New Zealand already had much stronger gun laws than the US (as is true for developed nations in general).

By standing up to the FBI in this case, and emerging unscathed, Apple will be stronger in future confrontations.

“In the days ahead … the United States will announce even stronger sanctions on the regime’s corrupt financial networks,” Pence said.

During the 2015 network neutrality debate, Republicans in Congress called for a compromise in hopes of forestalling stronger regulations by the Obama administration.

“The change essentially requires six times stronger evidence,” Benjamin says.

It might be nice if they would take a stronger policy stance against some of these things, but they did take our report seriously.

and lose, Clinton will have a stronger mandate to govern.

Despite the unchanged reading, growth in consumer spending was revised lower and business investment in intellectual property products was stronger than previously estimated.

Shares in the company closed nearly 2% stronger at 134 rand prior to the announcement.

Blanket claims that any universal program is stronger politically than any means-tested program really is not supported by the historical evidence.

These circumstances led Dart to make stronger mental health policies his big cause.

We need stronger privacy protections enshrined in the law.

And in the meantime, the forces activating American authoritarians seem likely to only grow stronger.

“This year the intensity is going to be stronger,” said the manager, who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to talk to the media.

He was just saying it louder and stronger, and people liked it.

Board member Goushi Kataoka has consistently called on the central bank to take stronger steps to stimulate the economy.

W-18 drug is 100x stronger than fentanyl.

W-18 drug is 100x stronger than fentanyl.

Whether or not climate change will create stronger El Niño’s in the future, he said, remains uncertain.

stronger gun laws could help combat this.

Republican incumbents are going to be stronger than Republicans in an open seat like the Pennsylvania 18th.

It only made the maras stronger.”

The retailer on Wednesday reported earnings that were stronger than expected.

The populist, anti-establishment sentiments that fueled both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders could grow stronger. Kirby went on to say that transgender troops actually “make us stronger,” mentioning retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck as an example.

However, while expressing support for market reform and private firms, Xi also called for stronger, bigger state firms.

The Taliban are now stronger than at any point since they were driven from power by US-backed forces in 2001.

But patients with these conditions in much of Asia, Africa, and Latin America often receive painkillers no stronger than acetaminophen.

We will heal and we will come stronger in the broken places,” Buttigieg said, pivoting back to a familiar speech about freedom.

Australia has trudged through an election campaign which the incumbent government was fighting on a promise of delivering a stronger economy.

One time, when I was visiting Juanita, I suggested that maybe she could use stronger materials.

Dogs also seem to have a stronger effect than cats when it comes to reducing allergies in children who grow up with them.

I think we can demonstrably make the case, and I say this without one second of hesitation, that I am the stronger candidate.

We know Neanderthals were likely stronger than us and had bigger, thicker bones.

As in many myths, Inanna comes back stronger and wiser, which Blickle could relate to as a new parent.

“We welcome stronger ties of trade and commerce as you grow your economies,” Trump said.

The knee-jerk reaction, among Jones and some parts of the conservative movement, is that banning Jones will only make him stronger.

The two also had their price targets upgraded by RBC on the basis of stronger base metal prices.

Orders for core capital goods were stronger in August than previously reported.

Then when I saw “stronger Together,” it felt like a glue commercial, to me.

In particular, Grove fought for strategic, high-skilled immigration reforms, more funding for federal research, and stronger enforcement of software antipiracy laws.

I was like, “Oh, okay, we’re stronger together.” Like, it didn’t, like, get you.

They can be stronger than you are,” she told The New Yorker.

Currency markets would probably react to the mere passage of a law like this by making the dollar stronger.

As Trump looks stronger than ever, his opposition continues to appear ineffectual and divided.

Versus the euro, the rouble was 0.3 percent stronger at 69.51.

In the end, the protagonists, Katniss and Peeta, don’t win because they’re stronger or more virtuous or more deserving than anyone else.

While the evidence for medical marijuana isn’t definitive, there is much, much stronger evidence for other interventions in the opioid crisis.

I do it because America is stronger politically, morally, and practically when we celebrate one of our most important values: diversity.

But those flaws somehow make the show stronger, not weaker.

That’s because there was a much stronger sense of resentment toward ethnic Russians in the other two Baltic states.

This faction has grown stronger in recent years as the EU has struggled with the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

None of this will necessarily be bad for the United States — Europe might muddle through and ultimately emerge stronger and more prosperous.

My mind became stronger and more able to focus, and I watched these stored images and traumas recede from my mind.

The US is significantly more powerful than Russia, boasting a much more impressive military and a much stronger economy.

“I always felt strongly that we need a stronger clinician presence on social media in order to really battle misinformation out there,” he says.

Both parties could’ve found stronger campaigners to send into this race.

That suggests that, for this population, alcohol abuse was a stronger predictor of crime than a previous history of crime or violence.

The brain works a lot like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

According to Brandon Miller, a meteorologist for CNN, Friday’s event was five times bigger and 11 times stronger than Thursday’s.

Companies may also add a “salt”—a random series of characters—to a user’s password to make the hash a bit stronger too.

It only makes Trump stronger.

At times, it can seem like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together.

But as Hezbollah’s capabilities grow stronger, Israeli leaders may find themselves forced to respond.

Baird analyst Brian Skorney said Pfizer fell way short on both safety and efficacy, making Sarepta’ position in the space even stronger.

7 compared to Toronto’s with a sharpshooting Paul George and a decent perimeter, made for a much stronger matchup.

The movement for Prohibition was closely linked to women’s suffrage, with Susan B. Anthony herself advocating for stronger alcohol laws and Prohibition.

Yes, part of me hated training, but a bigger, stronger part of me loved it.

After all, two people are still dead from gun violence — a type of violence that the research shows is preventable with stronger, better policies.

But whether you supported me or Sen. Sanders or one of the Republicans, we all need to keep working toward a better, stronger America.

The act of him becoming the president, though, will make them stronger still.

We’re stronger when our economy works for everyone, not just those at the top.

We’re stronger when every family and every community knows they’re not on their own.

And to build a stronger future for us all.

Because we are stronger together.

Either way, stronger growth means higher interest rates that will partially offset the improved budget outlook.

We will be there in bigger numbers, stronger, standing up for French people.

The CPP rests on something stronger.

“The song is clearly about longing for someone, needing someone to make you feel stronger,” Trillo tells The Creators Project.

For the past four years or so, I basically stopped stealing because I went on stronger medication.

Instead, the movies nominated tend to have a stronger correlation to how many people ultimately end up watching.

“The result was not expected, but I found myself even stronger than I thought I was.

But I learned from defeat, it gave me the courage to win, and I came back stronger, smarter and more mature.

While everyone is at a greater risk of dying by homicide if they have access to a gun, the connection is stronger for women.

With some assistance from James Madison and John Jay, he wrote the Federalist Papers, which helped secure the ratification of the new, stronger Constitution.

In a ranked-choice voting system, by contrast, there are much stronger incentives for non-zero compromises and coalition building.

One striking detail: The administration claims these increased resources are for the development for a stronger military, and not in preparation for war.

stronger gun laws could help combat this.

More intriguingly, the economic consensus seems to be stronger than the economic models policymakers look to for guidance.

Yen a touch stronger after breaking $/Y 116 overnight.

The family is meeting and they will unite stronger behind him,” said a senior Arab diplomat.

She says it has made her commitment to medicine stronger.

Steve Wonder, who performed “Rocket Love” and Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven,” talked about the need for stronger gun control laws.

Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction released a report in May saying that ecstasy on the continent is stronger than ever.

Considering all the vibes today, your ESP will be stronger than your Wi-Fi signal.

“We need a stronger presence of security forces and more protection for residents of the capital,” Lopez Obrador said in his daily news conference.

“I’m a lot stronger and it has changed my personality for the better.

Despite the unchanged reading, growth in consumer spending was revised lower and business investment in intellectual property products was stronger than previously estimated.

It was around this time that Trump’s desire to do business in Russia seemed to grow even stronger.

But rather in the realization that sometimes failed or incomplete projects can be stronger than the finished product you set out to create.

Last September, Kim tested a nuclear weapon seven times stronger than the one the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 at the site.

For this reason, the nominating committee employed a greater level of strategic thinking, coloring their artist recommendations with stronger overtones of global strategy.

With that in mind, here are the three candidates who left New Hampshire as stronger contenders, and three who lost ground.

The White House also says the ISDS provisions in the TPP will have stronger safeguards against abuse than those in previous treaties.

Moreover, such tribalism appears far stronger on the GOP side.

Now Xi stands on the brink of becoming even stronger.

The IPCC said it was likely that tropical cyclones would get stronger as the oceans heat up, with faster winds and heavier rainfall.

That was its highest reading since October and was stronger than the median forecast of -21 in a Reuters poll of economists.

After Trump was elected, my frustration and anger was stronger than ever.

stronger gun laws could help bring down the death toll.

The MCU’s longevity and continued success is a testament to its strength; there may be no stronger brand amongst studio blockbusters.

Broadband providers will have stronger incentives to build networks, especially in unserved areas, and to upgrade networks to gigabit speeds and 5G.

2005 they’re a lot stronger.

And because we did — because we saw opportunity where others saw only peril — we emerged stronger and better than before.

Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker.

But the fact that it is cheap and unloved means there is a risk we see a slightly stronger GBP.

We could potentially see a stronger reaction if more market-friendly news are delivered,” said Joseph Little, global chief strategist at HSBC Global Asset Management.

One caveat: The study also found the effect of slavery falling over time — it was much stronger in the early 20th century.

The book grows stronger — like Nina herself — as it builds.

In fact, the industry may emerge even stronger, with a larger market and reduced stigma thanks to its new, “non-addictive” products.

And it’s not just growing stronger in pain medicine.

The FTSE 100 rose 0.2%, while the FTSE 250 capitalised on a stronger pound to climb 0.8%.

The research also suggests that fake surgeries — where doctors make some incisions but don’t actually change anything — are an even stronger placebo than pills.

For 28-year-old Andie, who chooses not to identify as a specific gender (and uses the pronoun they), the choice stems from something stronger.

“A country’s politics, its culture and the mentality of the policymakers, can have a stronger impact on policy than religion.

Federal Reserve officials have found this measure is a stronger predictor of recession in the coming year.

Christie appeared confident that his debate performance over the weekend would catapult him into a stronger position in New Hampshire.

Moreover, this latest leadership spill is occurring against a stronger economic backdrop than in previous episodes.

“Our relationship has never been stronger.”

But I learned a lot about myself, and then came back bigger and better and stronger.

They want better luck with money, love, or just want to give their spirit a stronger presence.

Cover the whole bunch in magnetic sand, and they’ll be are stronger at attracting what you want.

This will yield an America that is larger, stronger, richer, more diverse, and more American than ever.

Mathew Shearman volunteered for Britain stronger in Europe during the UK referendum campaign.

Certainly in parts of the 19th century, it was much stronger than the spirit of revolution.

I like the contrast between the shy pink and the deep navy, it makes the illustration stronger.”

“We had to move things around to make the narrative clearer, so that the emotional throughline [was] stronger.

You’ll always be our only —and always stronger than any can ever hope to be or become.

Killing the bunny triggered much stronger feelings than it would have done in a regular movie.

stronger labor rules and upwards wage pressure may translate into more robust Mexican consumer demand in due course.

‘A strong spirit transcends rules,’ Prince once said — and nobody’s spirit was stronger, bolder, or more creative.

Do you think that Donald Trump was a stronger candidate than the other Republicans?

And if a woman carries multiple male fetuses, it only seems logical that an immune attack of this sort would become stronger each time.

As I walk downstairs, a sweet, earthy smell gets stronger and stronger.

My relationship with my hijab felt stronger

“That’s why it’s killing people, because it’s stronger,” the farmer said.

A February 2018 CBS News poll found that 75 percent of respondents thought background check laws ought to be made stronger.

Against bigger, stronger, faster opponents, a player’s footwork and fundamental weaknesses are bound to be exposed.

Yeah, one of the stronger things so far was around street art.

The gig economy train is not slowing down Newly emerging business models will only get stronger in 2016.

Housing starts in March were also stronger than initially estimated.

Unless the Democratic Party becomes stronger and more effective, a radicalized Republican-conservative juggernaut is likely to take over for decades.

The two leaders agreed to accelerate trade talks and had agreed the alliance was stronger than ever, a Japanese government official told reporters.

stronger gun laws could help combat this.

Meanwhile, we’ve built a much stronger understanding of how and why childhood trauma could lead to repressed memories.

IPG, the fourth of the big four, has said it expects a stronger 2018 after a slow 2017.

You should be familiar with Jessica Andrade: she’s been a tiny bantamweight powerhouse, and now is a small, but even stronger strawweight powerhouse.

What memory from school stands out to you stronger than any other?It’s a musical memory, actually.

Somehow, in a world where Vine couldn’t make it, the “inferior” GIF is just growing stronger.

But Democrats also have their eyes on Lean Republican districts — which are even stronger Republican-leaning.

Problems like this will either tear the European Union apart or make it stronger in the long run.

What are some of the stronger claims?Well, there are a few.

Most people would do nothing; the stronger among us might knock on a door, or complain to a super.

Strong growth in the price of U.S. shale oil has also contained stronger increases, the IEA’s Fatih Birol added on Monday.

We will come through them stronger than before.

Whether it’s stronger laws, whether it’s — What kind of laws?

It also “increases the likelihood of flight, because it makes the government’s case and therefore the likelihood of conviction and incarceration stronger.”

But fortunately, almost everything in stronger works really well.

For all future iterations on the form, however, stronger offers one big lesson worth learning.

We learned they were possibly stronger than us, and maybe just as smart.

And early on in stronger, it feels like the same basic arc is being set up.

That could apply to so much in stronger, though.

stronger opens in theaters Friday, September 22.

He is in a stronger position than he was in June of last year” as a result of Russian support, Brennan said.

Whether artist or everyman, I believe we are stronger together.

“A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear,” he was once quoted as saying.

Ryan also authored a book on the benefits of mindfulness, and has advocated for stronger mental health support in the United States.

We got Cromwell on Brighton Way in Bev Hills Monday, and he could not be stronger.

Turn off the heat and let the mint steep for at least 15 minutes (or overnight if you want a stronger mint flavor).

Massive in scale, the new schedule would presumably give the organization more time to organize, fundraise, and create a stronger exhibition.

In a Medium post, Abrams opted for a much stronger condemnation.

“This attribution science is much stronger,” she said.

The idea is that all is pretty much on track for growth that will be stronger than in 2017.

My conservative record is stronger than hers,” Bright has said, according to the Associated Press.

Shares in Distillers Company of Sri Lanka rose 10.39%, while conglomerate John Keells Holdings Plc ended 1.54% stronger.

Of course, losing makes you weaker, not stronger.

When it comes to wine, I enjoy the heavier and stronger flavors nowadays.

A new bargain for a stronger America Time for a better bargain.

“Is it going to be an existential threat to have stronger privacy regulations?

Here’s a fact: mules are stronger, pound-for-pound, than horses and donkeys.

Because a weaker U.S. dollar, all else equal, means a stronger Australian dollar and we don’t need that at the moment.

But we all agree we need a stronger health care plan that covers everyone, universal coverage.

“My world was shattered, and I just thought, ‘I want to be stronger.

To be sure, more moderate leaders in Europe also favor stronger ties to Russia and have good relationships with President Putin.

The lower the millibars, the stronger the storm.

McKinnon’s Mueller said that he, instead, had to explore some other options for which he felt he had a stronger case.

And maybe one of the mainstream candidates — perhaps John Kasich, who often performed well in debates — would have made a stronger showing.

Legal experts said Trump would have a stronger defence if he could show he did not know he was breaking the law.

Digger’s 1986 stronger than Ever was the first career-killing album of its kind to be released by Noise.

The forecast also takes into account a higher tax bill and a 2 percentage point hit from a stronger dollar.

Coca-Cola also warned on Thursday that its earnings per share could fall in 2019, citing a stronger dollar.

Trump is only getting stronger.

“He was bigger, stronger, and five years older than me—it was impossible to fight back.

Fentanyl is no joke—it’s 50 times stronger than heroin, which is plenty deadly on its own.

There are ways that La La Land could probably be even stronger, but they’re few and far between.

#WhyIDidntReport He was the nephew of my father’s girlfriend at the time & was older & stronger than me.

Iwai said the new products were Japan Tobacco’s answer to user complaints as they are designed to give a stronger taste.

Most forecasts incorporate existing policies but are leery of projecting newer, stronger policies.

The Japanese yen is stronger by 0.5% at 106.34 per dollar.

Because, you know, I believe we are stronger together and we will go forward together.

But these poorest people have much stronger moral claims to some of this wealth.

The economy will be stronger,” said Mehmet Engin, 52, a furniture wholesaler, attending Erdogan’s first rally.

I’m ready to see a much stronger fighter next time out, and a better fighter.”

“Not only will he be stronger, but he will have more stamina too.

We learned they were possibly stronger than us, and maybe just as smart.

They were built a bit stronger and stockier than us, and probably needed to eat more food than we do.

Then, I feel like he’s gotten a little stronger.

He looks like he’s stronger, bigger, and I think physically that has helped him.

Colleges and universities have struggled in recent years with slowing tuition growth, increased competition and a stronger focus on making education more affordable.

We’ll see you guys soon in 2019, stronger than ever.”

This is a stronger phrasing than we’ve heard from Romney previously, but not actually a new view.

They float in and out of relationships, have their hearts broken, and emerge stronger in the end.

As a collective, the female voice of The Chainsmokers is stronger than any frat boy personality.

But with stronger inter-regional solidarity, the scopes of governmental power have also expanded.

If Republicans withdraw Kavanaugh, that argument gets a whole lot stronger.

This stronger language, too, had been shot down by earlier meetings of the Democratic committee — and represents a clear win for Sanders’s allies.

It would be fascinating to see how Till can handle himself against some of the stronger pure wrestlers of the division.

It’s a stronger position for the states to be in, and generally, Republicans agree with that.

Was the sun really that much stronger than I realized?

I’ve lived under a single-payer system, and I think the bill would be stronger with that prohibition.

As we get stronger, so does our country.

So New Girl didn’t ignore it — and almost immediately became a stronger show.

The latest season, which starts stronger and more confidently than the last one, makes a key change: you aren’t Clementine anymore.

Over the past decade, two things seem to have brought Westfall’s desire to skew the grid into stronger focus.

Faury said jet demand remained stronger than Airbus – which has limited short-term spare capacity – could meet alone.

Against stronger disturbances, multiband radar watched altitudes above and below the balloon, ready to move up or down to catch a favorable flow.

He is stronger, smarter, faster, and more capable than any real human, and he’s a mythical embodiment of real political ideals.

The Earth of the near future will be warmer, with higher seas and stronger storms.

Ultimately, investing in stronger, deeper relationships helps us compete against far bigger teams with far bigger budgets.

That would normally seem like bad news for gun control advocates, given that Nelson is more supportive of stronger gun laws.

A stronger placebo effect means that drugs will need to demonstrate more of an effect before they can receive FDA approval.

Although it’s liberal in many other ways, Vermont, a rural state, has long been resistant to stronger gun laws.

Polls have long shown that a majority of American voters, even Republicans, support stronger gun policies, but there’s long been an intensity gap.

“It’s going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before.”

Doctors often prescribe nothing stronger than ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and other over-the-counter pain meds.

And that counterweight to China is much stronger if the US is part of the pack.

“We will come out of this stronger and better than ever before,” McIngvale said in a Facebook video.

Crowds gathered in Jammu, the Hindu-dominated part of Jammu and Kashmir state, to demand stronger action against Pakistan.

The underground in general will get stronger, and that’s good news for everyone.”

She’ll really be coming into a new kind of freedom, one that is stronger and better than the kind she had before.

), my colleague Matthew Yglesias wrote that “a whiff of obstruction of justice is in the air.” That whiff just became a much stronger scent.

They fought and clawed their way back, and became stronger than ever.

I’m confident that the second half of the season will be stronger for him.”

“We’re stronger on Android; that shouldn’t be a surprise,” Hsiao said.

This is stronger in pieces like “Synapse” and “Saline Notations (Echoes)” (2015), as opposed to the palpable and familiar irony of her hybrid creatures.

It might cause a shakeout, but this is a good thing and will leave the lenders that remain stronger, more confident and more credible.

We are getting Bigger and Richer and stronger.

In between, Republicans and Democrats alike saw the building code get stronger and stronger.

But the penalties, he said, shouldn’t be stronger than a warning for the first offense.

A gentle and buoyant whirl of vibrations was getting stronger and stronger as I approached the corrugated metal walls, drawing me in.

Again, his effectiveness against taller, stronger, more athletic NBA defenders is a concern.

And the business case for cutting greenhouse gases got stronger.

A declaration of genocide by the U.S. government could have legal implications of committing Washington to stronger punitive measures against Myanmar.

Attacking them as a group makes America weaker, not stronger.”

He believed shared wisdom was stronger and more valuable than being a wise loner.

Former British defense minister Michael Fallon called for a stronger response if it turned out that Russia had been involved in the Skripal affair.

After initially releasing a statement asking for Lewandowski to apologize if the allegations proved true, the website took an even stronger stand on Thursday.

OK, those are some stronger words.

They always want to stand in their position and pretend they’re stronger than they are.

“Many people have argued that Trump’s own personal style is one of inciting people to draw much stronger racial, religious, and anti-gay boundaries.

It’s why Employee Resource Groups like UpLyft Women are so important — they teach us how to be stronger, together.

With its LaserDisc format and Japanese roots, Pioneer was in a stronger position than most to take advantage of the growing interest in karaoke.

Eventually, a couple of stronger competitors showed themselves: The Video CD, a less-expensive variation on the LaserDisc, appeared in 1993.

On Twitter, Albayrak also said Turkey will emerge stronger from the current economic situation, with rational policies, strong strategies and with friends and cooperation.

What memory from school stands out to you stronger than any other?My first time falling in love.

In these tests, conservatives sweat more (i.e., have a stronger gut reaction) in response to the disgusting stimulus.

As attacks on our customers’ data become increasingly sophisticated, the tools we use to defend against them must get stronger too.

We might modify a pest only to find out that it emerges stronger than ever.

KS: Well, do you want those internet companies to be stronger voices in this one, as they were before?

This development shows a natural cooperation between cells for the purpose of creating stronger bundles of life.

At each step, authorities confronted the mystery man with stronger evidence, hoping he would give up the long con.

It moved with the momentum and confidence that made season one such a hit, with the stronger character development that had marked season two.

For a start, Jupiter is much bigger than Earth (and every other planet combined) and its magnetic field is magnitudes stronger.

What Trump’s campaign has done is allow the Democrats to replace that me-too-ism with something stronger.

The Syrian Civil Defense, better known as the White Helmets, claimed the attack was carried out using chlorine and a stronger, but unidentified, gas.

The Syrian Civil Defense, better known as the White Helmets, claimed the attack was carried out using chlorine and a stronger, but unidentified, gas.

And trying to debunk misinformation can often backfire and entrench that misinformation stronger.

However, while expressing support for market reform and private firms, Xi also called for stronger, bigger state firms.

“Thousands of civilians are being killed, and terrorist groups inside the country, like al Qaeda and ISIS, are getting stronger.

Economists, however, did not expect this to translate into stronger consumer spending as other confidence measures softened during the month.

“Newer data may find an even stronger downward trend in job satisfaction, resulting in additional deleterious health effects.”

He’s constantly upstaged in Justice League by his superpowered teammates, who are stronger, faster, and smarter than him.

Having a good set of genuinely funny characters to turn to makes for stronger joke writing, and Brockmire is a good case in point.

And I know that everything that has happened to me will only make me stronger.

Trump has stronger feelings about immigration and a stronger political profile on it than either Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.

In short, widening wealth inequality means Americans will need a stronger safety net than their parents.

Against a broadly stronger dollar, the euro fell 0.15% to $1.1351 and the Australian dollar declined 0.35% to $0.7001 .

We thought the material was stronger.

“In my opinion, he emerges from this stronger than ever,” Harrison said.

The US is not helpless in the face of these trends; the research consistently shows that stronger gun laws could prevent suicides.

The White House has said the changing climate evidenced by droughts, increased flooding and wildfires and stronger storms has put national parks at risk.

I feel like I can sing stronger that way.

The two polls diverged in October, however, with voters expressing stronger levels of approval than the general public.

The legal case against the Cosmopolitan just got stronger.”

One way to promote competition in big tech is through stronger merger enforcement.

stronger enforcement against anticompetitive conduct could also promote competition without having to resort to utility regulation.

The endorsement of that conclusion by a major Senate investigation only makes that claim look stronger.

Riske returned stronger to break her Dutch opponent in the final game to clinch her first title, five years after her first in Tianjin.

Some research shows that leaner people have a stronger thermoregulatory response than those who’re overweight or obese.

The dollar was stronger against a basket of currencies, while prices of U.S. Treasuries rose.

There was a lot of organizing going on, to pull isolated individuals, who were down at the bottom, together into a stronger coalition.

My setbacks in and out of the water have only made me stronger and better able to help people.

My sense of who I am is much stronger and less dependent on other people.

Still, in the aftermath of #MeToo, the clarion call for reform in church practices has gotten stronger.

We also discovered if the father helped carry the infant, 20 years later there is a stronger family bond and less separation.

I know women who are stronger than me, physically and mentally.

I know men who are stronger, too.

He kisses his teeth, thinking out loud about how playing with the boundaries of gender made him feel stronger.

Or will they merely help make the US stronger at defending against China and Russia?

Such evidence cannot support the stronger claim that Trump would have lost the state in 2016 but for criminal disenfranchisement.

Facebook is flying high Thursday morning after posting stronger than expected earnings.

The upshot is that you’ll gain better posture, a stronger core, and a healthier back.

“The reaction that I got from people was so much stronger than I expected.

Fuehrer said Branch’s method will make homes that are three to four times stronger than typical wood construction.

So by staying in, Kasich is likely preventing Rubio from winning a stronger second place in these states.

And a stronger dollar means that some countries now have to pay more for crude imports, which further limits consumption.

But it’s definitely something I can connect with and gives him a stronger backing so it stands out to me.

That could keep renewables stronger, and growing faster, than they otherwise might, which will help reduce emissions.

And I’m stronger and as fit as I’ve ever been.

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