Strainers in a sentence | Use of the word strainers examples

There are molds and pots and pans and tiny strainers and whisks, and an assortment of mysterious powders that turn into goo of the appropriate consistency for whatever food they are meant to resemble.

People could go out and buy strainers, stirring spoons, and ice tongs — and many did, especially after WWII, when couples were reunited and began entertaining at home once more.

“Usually people just bring beer and wine because it’s easy, but as soon as cocktails come along, I pack my ice, my shakers, my strainers, juice some lemons beforehand, and it just becomes this whole shebang that you don’t need to do if you can avoid it.”

It was not double-strained, because there were no double strainers back then,” Toby affirms.

It’s a plastic bucket, the framework of an umbrella hat, drain strainers, wire, art supplies, lipstick, and a bunch of other random stuff.

I wanted to make drain strainers, for example, almost glamorous.

So after we snipped enough fresh lemon verbena leaves from the garden, we went back inside and pulled out our homebrew kit, strainers, a bucket, a glass fermentation vessel, an airlock, a thermometer, and a chiller.

Having mesh strainers on hand in a variety of sizes is a good idea as it will allow you to work at any scale.

First, you need all the gear: the measuring cups, the shakers, the strainers, the muddlers, the jiggers, the mixing glasses, the special spoons.

Typically, a pack of two Original Tweak strainers would run you about $20, but if you buy them from the Mashable Shop today, you can snag them at almost 25% off for $14.99.

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There are no new stand mixers in the collaboration (boo), but other gorgeous cooking gear like utensils, strainers, bowls, and more can up the style factor in your kitchen.

The strainers worked well—four stars.

A little farther downstream, a stretch of fast water steered the boats toward a cut bank and some strainers (as midstream downed limbs and trees are called), and LeRoy pulled up on a gravel bar—Mexico—to supervise, while a vaquero in reflector shades and a backward ball cap sat sentry on a burro.

With an estimated cost of nearly $6 million per screen, a total of $360 million would be needed to operate 60 of the strainers for three years in the Pacific, the Ocean Cleanup project says.

“I feel like leaving some migrants like strainers,” one member of Citizen’s Blockade said in a voice note to the group while others suggested assembling Molotov cocktails and getting bats ready Wednesday night.

I’m kinda DIY.” A bulk lot of sink strainers caught his eye: “I don’t know what I’d do with this yet, but there’s just something about them.” Last on the docket is the newcomer nightlife hotspot C’mon Everybody.

Each room has been imagined by Ricki Kline of the local firm Design + Build as the home of an eccentric lodger — a gambler, a rocker and a yogi among them — and comes not only with a well-stocked mini-fridge (champagne, sherry, sweet and dry vermouth, plus various bitters and half bottles of bourbon, cognac and scotch), but also with a full bar set (from shaker and jigger to Hawthorne and julep strainers) and an in-room “entertaining guide” filled with cocktail recipes and tips.

The operation still has a mom-and-pop feel: Boarding passes are small metal cones, cream strainers from the Taits’ farming days.

“Until recently I didn’t know what mixing glasses were, or julep strainers,” he says, “but members of the general public visiting my shop have seen these, and they’re recognizing them for what they are, and they want them.” For the bartending community, Ivy emphasizes that function outshines form.

The tables in the basement of the Municipal Archives are covered with household staples: cotton swabs, tweezers, food strainers, measuring cups, ashtrays and other materials.

Double strain into an 8-ounce coupe using Hawthorne and mesh strainers.

One attendee wore a “Showgirls”-esque headdress made of shabu shabu strainers.

(strainers turned light fixtures, anyone?)

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer — If you’re looking for low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with the H101 model — with optimized and improved strainers, cleaning your juicer has never been easier.

We took a cocktail class together last year, so we have fancy shakers and strainers to play with.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) says you should also use that same bleach solution once each month to sanitize kitchen drains and disposals; kitchen sink strainers should be washed weekly in the dishwasher.

Mr. Maurer’s wonky fascination with technology led to lamps he made out of scribbled memos, tea strainers and incandescent bulbs with feathered wings.

Ingo Maurer, a German lighting designer who was Promethean in his delivery of illumination — fashioning lamps out of shattered crockery, scribbled memos, holograms, tea strainers and incandescent bulbs with feathered wings — died on Monday in Munich.

They’re not unique to this juicer, either.While cleaning the main nozzle (where the juice comes out) and the strainers is quite easy, the spout where the pulp is ejected takes a bit more effort to clean.

Jordi Puig Batlló is the photographer behind Jordi.Koalitic, a photography project and production company with over 1.7 million Instagram followers.He doesn&apost just post cool photos — he shares behind-the-scenes shots of how he creates them with everyday objects like strainers and plastic water bottles.Batlló told Insider that he feels it&aposs important to show the creative process behind the end results.Visit Insider&aposs homepage for more stories.A good magician never reveals their tricks.

He recently shared a popular compilation of behind-the-scenes photos that showed how he stages his photoshoots.Kai uses simple, everyday objects such as pasta strainers and bed sheets to create lighting and shadows in his photos.He also told Insider that the more simple the photo, the better.Here&aposs how to get the perfect shot without spending money, according to one of Instagram&aposs most popular photographers.Visit Insider&aposs homepage for more stories.

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